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April 2022

Published monthly by the Home Builders Association of Lincoln

Vol. 59 No. 4

HBAL’s Tribute to Youth with Guest Speaker Bennie Shobe

Tuesday, April 12 5:45 p.m. Social • 6:30 p.m. Dinner Country Club of Lincoln 3200 S. 24th Street Cost: $20 for HBAL Members or $25 for Guests Send your RSVP by April 4 to or call 402-423-4225. Cancelations must be received by April 8. No Shows will be billed.

Weekend of April 23 & 24 Noon to 5:00 p.m. Admission: $5 for all 9 homes See page 21 for a listing of homes on the Tour.

Looking for ways to participate?

We’d love to see you!

Here are some ways you can get involved! • Remodelers Council - April 6 • Tribute to Youth - April 12 • Construction Career Day - April 21

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2022 HBAL Corporate Partners


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Spring Parade of Homes


Cruisin' for the Trades Car Show


HBAL Golf Tournament


HBAL Family Fun Night


Annual Chili Cook-off


NESC Conference & Tradeshow 16 Nebraska Energy Code Trainings


Construction Career Day


Remodelers Council From lots to loans, we have you covered. We will ensure you understand every step of the way from lot purchase to permanent financing. As the developer of the Wilderness Hills and Stone Bridge Creek neighborhoods, we encourage you to visit for current lot availability.

Ryan Trausch

Construction/Commercial RE Loans 8400 Maddox Drive, Lincoln 402-325-4869 Member FDIC

2  Lincoln Business Builder


Tour of Remodeled Homes


March Board Report


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New Members Building Permits

26-27 28

President’s Message

April 2022, Vol. 59, No. 4

President’s Message Fred Hoppe, HBAL President

6100 S. 58th Street, Suite C Lincoln, NE 68516 (402) 423-4225 • The Lincoln Business Builder is published 12 times per year by the Home Builders Association of Lincoln. The Lincoln Business Builder is sent to all members of the HBAL. The Home Builders Association does not accept responsibility for or endorse any statements or claims made by advertisers or authors of any articles.

Executive Committee Ward Fred Hoppe, President Lori Wellman, CKD, CGR, CAPS, President Elect Beau Daffer, 1st Vice President Perry Haralson, 2nd Vice President Ryan Trausch, Secretary Bob Bryant, Treasurer Matt Kinning, Immediate Past President Michaela Schwarten, Executive Vice President

Board of Directors Megan Dreyer Matt Firestone Kenny German Kelly Krueger Dave Lakin Hayley Lane

Dan Loeck Jereme Montgomery Blake Pittack Tyler Reynolds Brett Sundberg Sam Swartz

Remodelers Council Tim Zeng

Past Presidents Jerry Boyce Jim Christo Steve Fulton John Hoppe, Jr. Justin Johnson Bo Jones Mike Kinning Dan Klein, Sr. Matt Kleinschmit Rick Krueger

Dan Kubr Sam Manzitto Mike May Herb Reese Roger Reynolds Mike Rezac Dick Robison J. Greg Schwinn Bob Stephens Denny Van Horn

Hey members! It is a great time to be a Home Builder, and we have 31 houses in our Parade of Homes to show off what we do. Hopefully the Feds won’t raise rates enough to hamper the market. It seems like there is a lot of activity to create lots going on in Lincoln. Unfortunately, the cost to produce a lot is not what we would call “affordable,” which adds to the struggle to build affordable housing in Lincoln. National data say the median price of a new house in Lincoln last year was $341,637. That means that there were as many homes sold for less than that price as more. Median income in Lincoln is $82,500 which under normal matrix makes $235,000 affordable. Now something doesn’t fit does it? I can tell you for sure if we Home Builders could control the cost of a house we would. April is here and that means it is time for HBAL’s Tribute to Youth. It has been three years since we have been able to honor the young people who won our high school Residential and Interior Design Contests and our annual scholarship recipients. April 12 will be a great evening with the opportunity to visit with five of the winners of the high school contests and six scholarship recipients. Make sure you attend and take advantage of the opportunity to visit with these young adults about why a career in our industry is so important! The Remodelers Council will be having their Tour of Remodeled Homes April 23 and 24. This public event hasn’t happened since 2019! Make time to visit these fine homes from 12-5 p.m. Just $5 gets you into all nine homes! Happy Spring!

HBAL Staff Michaela Schwarten, Jennie Korth, Laure Husmann, Taylor Wyatt 3  Lincoln Business Builder

Calendar of Events | 2022 HBAL Corporate Partners

Calendar of Events Apr. 6

Remodelers Council Meeting Reimers-Kaufman Concrete Products Co. 11:30 a.m. • See page 18 for more info.

Apr. 12

Tribute to Youth Country Club of Lincoln 5:45 p.m. - Social, 6:30 p.m. - Dinner Cost: $20 for HBAL Members

Apr. 14

HOMEPAC & HBAL Board of Directors Meetings HBAL • 6100 S. 58th Street, Ste. C 9:45 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.

Apr. 21

Construction Career Day Haymarket Park • Lot 19 (south lot) 403 Line Drive Circle See page 17 for more info.


Apr. 23-24 Tour of Remodeled Homes May 1

Cruisin' for the Trades Car Show SCC Lincoln • 88th & O Streets See page 10 for more info.



2022 HBAL Corporate Partners Gold



Bronze Celebrating 95 Years 1923—2018

member FDIC

4  Lincoln Business Builder

Member News

Interested in donating through our Member News Amazon Wish List? Scan the QR code below Sympathy HBAL Donation Spot for and it will take you right to the Wish List to the family and friends of Our sympathy Movers for Moms HBAL Past President John Kramer who and it will be delivered to Two Men and a HBAL is a participating location for passed away March 3, 2022. Two Men And A Truck’s Movers for to Kelly & Becky Krueger, Truck. They will make sure it getsOur to sympathy the Moms program. This program seeks to Rainwood Interiors, on the death of recognize moms in crisis on Mother’s Day Kelly's dad, Arlo Krueger, who passed Friendship Home! by arranging delivery of gifts to women away on March 1, 2022. living in local shelters on the holiday Our sympathy to Dan & Anne Kubr, weekend. You Vantage Pointe Homes, Inc. on the can drop off your death of Anne's mother, Phyllis Reiter, donations at who passed away on March 19, 2022. the HBAL office during our normal business hours (Monday-Friday, Primary Election May 10 8 am to 4 pm) Membership in the HBAL gives you a until May 2. voice in government on the state and Any questions? Feel free to reach out to Community Relations Specialist at local level through its political action committee called HOMEPAC.

Remember to vote!

Movers For mom’s Wis Lis

Two Men and a Truck Lincoln is proud to organize its annual Movers for Mom’s collection drive. Wednesday, April 13th - Wednesday, May 11th Movers for Mom’s will support Mothers and children getting out of domestic abuse by providing basic needs for the at-risk group. The following items are on the shelter’s wish list: NEW ITEMS ONLY Kitchen Items Canned Vegetables

Reusable Plates and Bowls

Dry Goods (egg noodles, spaghetti,

Reusable Cups

Cooking Utensils

Eating Utensils



Pots and Pans Bathroom

Shower Curtains

Shower Curtain Rings

Towels (bath and hand) (adult and kids)

Toothbrushes/paste (adult and kids)

Bath Mats/Toilet mats etc

Hair Brushes and other bathroom items Summer Items

Sunscreen/Bug Spray

Summer Toys (all ages and genders)

Sunglasses (adult and kids)

Sprinklers,Slip and Slides,Bubbles,Chalk

Beach towels (adult and kids)

Reusable Water bottles and more!

Financial contributions from our members ensure HOMEPAC has adequate funds to contribute to candidates who understand the true importance of housing in Lincoln and Nebraska. Members who contribute $100 or more are voting members of HOMEPAC. All members of HBAL are invited to attend the meetings. HOMEPAC is supporting the following candidate for County Commissioner: • Deb Shorr “Voting is not only our right, it is our power. When we vote, we take back our power to choose, to speak up and to stand with those who support us and each other.” - Loung Ung 5  Lincoln Business Builder

Building & Safety Information for Builders

Damage to Wastewater Manholes It has come to the attention of Lincoln Water and Wastewater Systems (LWWS) that several wastewater manholes have not been adjusted per the City of Lincoln Specifications or damaged during new housing construction. LWWS has identified the source as concrete prep work (sidewalks, driveway approaches), final grading prep work for seed/sod, and underground sprinkler installation. If this type of work is being performed in the city right of way, you are required to contact 811 (one-call) diggers hotline for locating those noted utilities. • Lincoln’s wastewater mains and manholes will be located when 811 (one-call) is requested. If a manhole is discovered to conflict with the contractor’s work, LWWS shall be notified. LWWS will complete the necessary manholes adjustment at no charge to the home builder. The contractor will be required to provide final grade prior to LWWS making the final manhole adjustment. LWWS Contact Information: Mike Mandery 402-441-7988 Darrin Duffy 402-441-6858

6  Lincoln Business Builder

• Manholes identified as not being adjusted per the City of Lincoln Specifications or damaged by new housing construction will be required to be corrected. If the removal and replacement of concrete sidewalks or driveways is required, the cost will be the responsibility of the homebuilder. • Below is an excerpt for adjusting manholes to grade from the City of Lincoln Specifications ADJUSTING RISERS 1. Reinforced concrete: ASTM C478, risers shall be free from cracks, voids, and other defects. a. Use manufacturer’s recommended adhesive. b. Use antimicrobial admixture as outlined in 22.01 H7a. if manhole contains the admixture. 2. Polypropylene: ASTM D3575 and ASTM D4819-13. a. Use manufacturer’s recommended adhesive. 3. Adjusting riser shall be approved by City’s Project manager prior to installation.

Building & Safety Information for Builders

ADJUSTING RINGS 1. Polypropylene: ASTM D3575 and ASTM D4819-13. a. Use manufacturer’s recommended adhesive. 2. Adjusting ring shall be approved by City’s Project Manager prior to installation. MANHOLE ADJUSTING RISERS AND RINGS (Installation) 1. On new and existing manholes, construct:

Driveway Width Deviation Requests Builders are no longer required to submit a deviation request for driveway widths 25’ or less. Building & Safety will give a general approval to plans marked 25’ or less.

a. Maximum 21 inch adjusting riser. b. Adjusting rings for the top 4 inches. 2. On manholes in paved areas, match the slope of the finished surface with sloped adjusting rings. 3. Bed each concrete adjusting riser with manufacturer’s approved product. 4. Bed each polypropylene riser or ring with manufacturer’s approved product and according to manufacturer’s recommended installation procedure. EXTERNAL FRAME SEAL 1. Flexible external rubber sleeve: ASTM C 923. 2. Stainless steel compression bands: ASTM F593 and F594, Type 304. 3. External frame seal shall be approved by City’s Project Manager prior to installation. EXTERNAL FRAME SEAL (Installation) 1. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. 2. All sealing surfaces shall be smooth, clean, and free of any form offsets. 3. Extend seal a minimum of 3 inches below the lowest adjustment riser. 4. Extend seal above the flange of the manhole frame.

Damage to Water Main Valve Boxes It has come to the attention of Lincoln Water System (LWS) that several water main valve boxes have been damaged during new housing construction. Field crews are identifying the sources as concrete prep work (sidewalks, driveway approaches), final grading prep work for seed/sod, and underground sprinkler installation. If this type of work is being performed in the city right of way, you are required to make contact with 811 (one-call) diggers hotline for locating those noted utilities. Lincoln’s water main valve boxes are approximately 6” in diameter and would be located when a one-call is requested. If a valve box is discovered by a contractor performing work, and it needs some adjustment, we would like to be notified. There is no charge for this service and we would make the necessary adjustment without question. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at 402-441-5921. 7  Lincoln Business Builder

Directory Advertising

Membership Directory Advertising We will soon be working on the 2022-2023 HBAL Membership Directory! Advertising opportunities are available in the publication distributed to all HBAL members (over 650 people). Click the contract on the right for more information. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Pionee r Member Printing, Inc. Cyndy since 03/86 Har 3133 S. kins (Danny ) 7th Stre Lincoln et, NE 685 Ste. D Phone: 02 402-483 Fax: 402 -7575 E-mail: -483-7577 info Web Site @pioneerpr intinginc : www.pio .com neerprin tinginc. Plains com Equipm Member ent Gro up Deb Cap since 12/19 150 NW ecci Lincoln 40th Street NE 685 Phone: 28 402-438 Fax: 402 -6189 E-mail: -476-4598 dca Web Site pecci@plai : www.pla m m Poese’s Member Roots, LLC Brando since 03/19 n 4125 E Poese Street Lincoln NE 685 Phone: 10 402-840 E-mail: -358 1 brandon poese@ m

Deadline: Friday, May 6

Printing, Inc. AsPioneer socia Member since te 03/86 Membe rs

Cyndy Harkins (Danny) Premie r 3133 S. 7th Street, Ste. D Member Distrib uting Lincoln Bob Arm since 04/0 9 NE 68502 8310 S. brust Phone: 402-483-7575 137th Circ Fax: Omaha le 402-483-7577 Phone: NE 681E-mail: 38 800-976 Cellular Web Site: : 402-339-2121 Web Site -998 : www.pre 8 Plains mierdisEquipment Group Premie com Membertrib. since 12/19 r Member Stone CasDeb t Capecci Shawn since 01/18150 NW 40th Street Fick (Eri 14107 n) Lincoln NE 68528 St. Waverly Ronan CircPhone: 402-438-6189 le Phone: NE 68462-9Fax: 402-476-4598 646 402 Web Site -570-4181E-mail: : www.pre Site: mieWeb rstonec Premiu m Member Carpet Car Poese’s Roots, LLC e, LLC Nikki Thosince 01/14 Member since 03/19 3420 N. mpson (Travis)Brandon Poese 22nd Stre Lincoln E Street NE 685 et, Ste.4125 3 Phone: 21 Lincoln NE 68510 402-525 Fax: 402 -1580 Phone: 402-840-3581 E-mail: -470-6064 E-mail: info@p rem Web Site : www.preiumcarpetse miumcaPremier Distributing m rpetserv ice. Member since com04/09 Bob Armbrust 8310 S. 137th Circle Omaha NE 68138 Phone: 800-976-2121 Cellular: 402-339-9988 Web Site:


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DIRECTORY AD SPACE AVAILABLE 2022-2023 Membership Directory Associate Members

There is advertising space available in the 2022-2023 Membership Directory. This publication is distributed to all HBAL members (over 650 people). Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Please contact HBAL no later than Friday, May 6 if you are interested in advertising.


ory u


Pioneer Printing, Inc. Member since 03/86 Cyndy Harkins (Danny) Premier 3133 S. 7th Street, Ste. D Member Distribu ting since 04/09 Lincoln NE 68502 Bob Armbrus t Phone: 402-483-7575 8310 S. 137th Circle Fax: 402-483-7577 Omaha Phone: NE 68138 E-mail: 800-976 Cellular: Web Site: -2121 Web Site:402-339-9988 www.prePlains Equipment Group mierdistr Premier Member since 12/19 Member Stone Cast Deb Capecci Shawn since 01/18150 NW 40th Street Fick (Erin) 14107 Lincoln NE 68528 St. Waverly Ronan Circle Phone: 402-438-6189 Phone: NE 68462-9Fax: 402-476-4598 646 402-570 Web Site: -4181E-mail: www.pre Web Site: mierston Premium m Member Carpet Care,Poese’s Roots, LLC since 01/14 LLC Nikki Thomps Member since 03/19 on (Travis)Brandon Poese 3420 N. 22nd Street, Lincoln E Street NE 68521 Ste.4125 3 Phone: Lincoln NE 68510 402-525 Fax: 402-470 -1580 Phone: 402-840-3581 -6064 E-mail: E-mail: info@pr Web Site: emiumca rpetserv www.pre miumcarPremier Distributing petservic Member since e.com04/09 Bob Armbrust 8310 S. 137th Circle Omaha NE 68138 Phone: 800-976-2121 Cellular: 402-339-9988 Web Site:



Premier Stone Cast Member since 01/18 Shawn Fick (Erin) 14107 St. Ronan Circle Waverly NE 68462-9646 Phone: 402-570-4181 Web Site: Premium Carpet Care, LLC Member since 01/14 Nikki Thompson (Travis) 3420 N. 22nd Street, Ste. 3 Lincoln NE 68521 Phone: 402-525-1580 Fax: 402-470-6064 E-mail: Web Site:

Prestige Painting Member since 10/16 Bradley Jones (Kari) 645 Walnut Street Hickman NE 68372 Phone: 402-890-5494 E-mail: Web Site: Pro Rolloffs Member since 08/17 Greg Sanford 2040 N. 91st Street Lincoln NE 68505 Phone: 402-429-3364 ProSystems Member since 08/19 Chris Wobig 9515 NW 112th Street P.O. Box 87 Malcolm NE 68402 Phone: 402-796-2025 E-mail: Web Site:

YOUR AD HERE HBAL Directory u 51


Pro Rolloffs Member since 08/17 Greg Sanford 2040 N. 91st Street Lincoln NE 68505 Phone: 402-429-3364 ProSystems Member since 08/19 Chris Wobig 9515 NW 112th Street P.O. Box 87 Malcolm NE 68402 Phone: 402-796-2025 E-mail: Web Site:


ry u 51

Directory Pricing

Associate Members Prestige Painting Member since 10/16 Bradley Jones (Kari) 645 Walnut Street Hickman NE 68372 Phone: 402-890-5494 E-mail: Web Site:

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Check one

 Use last year’s ad  Ad enclosed

YOUR AD HERE HBAL Directory u 51


Pioneer Member Printing, Inc. Cyndy since 03/86 Harkins 3133 S. (Danny) 7th Street, Lincoln NE 68502 Ste. D Phone: 402-483 Fax: 402-483 -7575 -7577 E-mail: info@pio Web Site: neerprin tinginc.c www.pio om neerprin tinginc.c Plains om Equipm Member ent since 12/19Group Deb Capecci 150 NW Lincoln 40th Street NE 68528 Phone: 402-438 Fax: 402-476 -6189 -4598 E-mail: dcapecc Web Site: i@plains www.pla m Poese’s Member Roots, LLC Brandon since 03/19 Poese 4125 E Street Lincoln NE 68510 Phone: 402-840 E-mail: brandon -3581 poese@ m

Company: ________________________________ Name: __________________________________ Address: _________________________________ City, State, Zip: ___________________________ Phone: ___________________________________ E-mail: __________________________________

Please return to: Home Builders Association of Lincoln 6100 S. 58th Street, Suite C, Lincoln, NE 68516 402-423-4225


energy for now energy for the future Wouldn’t it be great to have clean, efficient, and affordable energy that was here and ready to go? Even better, what if it was an abundant source—enough to last another century? Well, thankfully, you don’t have to make a choice. It’s Natural Gas.


8  Lincoln Business Builder

Spring Parade of Homes ANAHEIM COURT 1. 3516 Anaheim Court Blake Builders

IRON RIDGE, ROCA 16. 10020 S. 31st Street Legacy Homes

WILDERNESS HILLS WANDERING CREEK 2. 8801 Buckley Creek Road 17. 2860 Sheila Lane Smetter Homes Avid Builders, LLC 18. 3413 Tree Line Drive WHITE HORSE Great Plains 3. 1201 S. 89th Street Custom Homes BCW Builders GRANDALE VILLAS HILLCREST Saturday & Sunday: 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. 19. 4021 Primrose Place COUNTRY CLUB Sampson Residential Weeknights: 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. 4. 1217 S. 93rd Street Properties Osborn Homes, LLC TERRACE VIEW, 5. 1228 S. 94th Street HICKMAN R & D Custom Homes 20. 1532 E. 12th Street 6. 9500 Hillcrest Trail 402 Customs 10 True North Custom Homes, Inc. THE WOODLANDS AT YANKEE HILL DOMINION AT 11 21. 7930 Maxine Drive STEVENS CREEK Richland Homes 8-9 7. 930 N. 106th Street 22. 8801 S. 81st Street HighRidge Builders 7 Peak Design Builders PRAIRIE VILLAGE NORTH 3-6 SOUTHLAKE 8. 2824 N. 86th Street 2 1 12 Prairie Home Builders, Inc. 23. 9622 Topher Blvd. Visionary Homes PRAIRIE VILLAGE 24. 8031 S. 97th Street 9. 2839 N. 90th Street 29-30 NuHAVEN Builders Prairie Home Builders, Inc. 27-28 31 13-14 25-26 BOULDER RIDGE HIGHLAND VIEW 23-24 15 10. 1640 W. Beartooth Drive 25. 8801 Grey Hawk Court Schwinn Homes, LLC 17-18 19 Bugbee Homes 21-22 COVENANT ADDITION 16 ACREAGE 26. 6035 S. 87thStreet 11. 5620 W. Adams Street Prairie Home 20 Destiny Homes, LLC Builders, Inc. HARTLAND HOMES GARDEN VIEW AT SOUTHWEST VINTAGE HEIGHTS 12. 2936 W. Washington 27. 9515 Duckhorn Drive The online Street Live Well Designs Hartland Homes Parade of 28. 5916 S. 94th Street SOUTHWEST Homes Live Well Designs VILLAGE HEIGHTS Guidebook will HIMARK ESTATES 13. 6016 Las Verdes Lane be available 29. 8873 Augusta Drive Avid Builders, LLC MK Builders, Inc. 14. 821 W. Panorama Road soon on 30. 8817 Bunker Court Remington Homes True North Custom THE BRIDGES Homes, Inc. 15. 3030 W. Gazebo Road HAWKSWOOD ESTATES MK Builders, Inc. 31. 6901 Stevens Ridge Road R & D Custom Homes Every Spring and Fall, the Home Builders Association of Lincoln

May 8-15, 2022

Arbor Rd

Alvo Rd

Normal Blvd

organizes the Parade of Homes for the public. The Parade of Homes offers potential home buyers a great opportunity to walk through brand new homes and meet the builders.

Current as of 3/9/22.

9  Lincoln Business Builder

Cruisin' for the Trades Car Show

PROMOTING CAREERS IN CONSTRUCTION with scholarships through the Lincoln Home Builders Care Foundation.

JOIN US MAY 1, 2022

SCC Lincoln | 88th & O Streets

Click here for the Cruisin' for the Trades Entry Form.

Sponsored by:

Zimmer insurance Group Insurance For Your Home-Auto-Life-Business

April Buffum, Nebraska Realty 10  Lincoln Business Builder

Union Bank & Trust

Cigarz Lounge

HBAL Golf Tournament



Highlands Golf Course 5501 NW 12th Street First tee-off at 6:45 a.m. Last tee-off at 4:00 p.m. “Texas Scramble” $70 per person Click the form below for sponsorship and registration information.


11  Lincoln Business Builder

BRING YOUR VISION TO US The experts at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery are here to help create a home that’s as extraordinary as you are. Any project, any style, any dream—bring your inspiration to Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery. Visit to schedule your personalized showroom experience today.

12  Lincoln Business Builder


©2022 Ferguson Enterprises LLC 0222 3529859

Abode Collection

HBAL Family Fun Night

HBAL Family Aug 5

Fun Night 2022 Sun Valley Lanes & Games

Event Sponsor

Friday, August 5, 2022 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Join us for unlimited bowling, miniature golf, laser tag and arcade games! There is a large outdoor area to play bean bags, Connect 4 and other yard games! Free for members and their families for the first 500 RSVPs. Food and drinks will be available for purchase. Mini Golf Sponsors

Bowling Sponsors

Laser Tag Sponsors

Arcade Sponsors

Bar & Patio Sponsor Other Sponsors

Sponsorships are still available! Contact Michaela Schwarten at 402-423-4225 for more information! 13  Lincoln Business Builder

Annual Chili Cook-off

Winners First Place Traditional Zeng Granite


Annu s ' L A B



Second Place Traditional Kuhlman Construction First Place Other Window Option Specialists


1st PLACE Traditional


2nd PLACE Traditional




14  Lincoln Business Builder

Second Place Other Stephens & Smith Construction Co.









Annual Chili Cook-off

Thank you to all our contestants!


1. Two Men & A Truck 2. Stephens & Smith Construction Co. 3. Black Hills Energy 4. Lincoln Federal Savings Bank 5. Habitat for Humanity 6. Window Option Specialists 7. Zeng Granite 8. Taylor Wyatt 9. Kuhlman Construction 10. Avid Realty



And our Sponsors! Event Sponsor: Black Hills Energy


Keg Beer provided by: Lincoln Federal Savings Bank Bottled Water provided by: Culligan Water Conditioning Door Prizes provided by:



Lost in Fun Lincoln Children's Museum Lincoln Children's Zoo Lincoln Community Playhouse Nebraska Furniture Mart Raising Canes Click here to view the list of raffle winners and more photos! 15  Lincoln Business Builder

NESC Conference & Tradeshow | Nebraska Energy Code Trainings

Nebraska Safety Council Conference and Tradeshow After a two-year hiatus, the NESC Conference and Tradeshow is back! On April 21 at the Graduate Hotel in Lincoln, you are invited to join other safety and wellness professionals from across the Midwest! Registration is open to members and non-members of NESC. Register here. Click here for a preview of the sessions and highlights of the conference.

Upcoming Energy Code Trainings Residential Energy Code Compliance Pathways and Approaches Tuesday, April 5, 2022 (11:30AM-1:00PM) - Register here Commercial Lighting Systems and Controls Thursday, April 21, 2022 (11:30AM-1:00PM) - Register here

Biggest S Oldest S Best

EcoWater invented the science of water softening. Buzz Stutzman 1818 Yolande Ave. 16  Lincoln Business Builder

Softeners S Refiners Filters S Reverse Osmosis S Salt

Bob Wiedemeyer

EcoWater Systems of Lincoln


Construction Career Day This Construction Career Day has been organized to introduce local students who have shown interest in construction to the exciting opportunities in our industry. By participating in the Career Day event, companies will be able to access potential new hires, tell students the real story of working in the industry and impact their career paths and futures.



EXHIBITOR/SPONSOR REGISTRATION FORM (PLEASE PRINT) The event will be held on Thursday, April 21, 2022 from 10am to 2pm at Haymarket Park, 403 Line Drive Cr, Lot 19 (south parking lot) in Lincoln, Nebraska. Please submit this form no later than April 15, 2022. Company: Contact: Address: City:





Trade: Note: We will not provide any electricity. Please plan accordingly. For more information on the Construction Career Day, please contact Jereme Montgomery at (402) 525-5535 or email

SPONSOR LEVELS Platinum Partner Package. . . .


Package includes: • Company name and logo on platinum sponsor banner • Individual sponsor recognition in Construction Career Day “Post event” newsletter • 20ft x 20ft booth space in the parking lot. (If more space is needed, please notify us)

Gold Partner Package. . . . . . . .


Package includes: • Company name and logo on gold sponsor banner • Individual sponsor recognition in Construction Career Day “Post event” newsletter

PAYMENT INFORMATION (DUE BY APRIL 15, 2022) Please choose your method of payment:

Complete this form and return to:

Please email an invoice and link for online payment* to

Home Builders Association of Lincoln 6100 S. 58th Street, Suite C Lincoln, NE 68516

*Credit card payments will result in a non-refundable processing fee of 3%

Enclosed is a check for $

Hosted by:

Make Checks payable to HBAL

In cooperation with: We are the construction industry dedicated to inform parents, teachers, and students about careers and opportunities in the construction industry.

The goal of this event is to lead new potential construction industry candidates and incumbent workers to opportunities for training, job placement and rewarding careers in the construction industry.

BUILD YOUR FUTURE, BUILD OUR NEBRASKA | | 17  Lincoln Business Builder

Remodelers Council

Publication of the Remodelers Council of Lincoln April 2022 • Vol. 25, No. 4

March Meeting Tour of ReimersKaufman Plant 6200 Cornhusker Hwy.

Wednesday, April 6 11:30 a.m. RSVP to or call 402-423-4225 by April 1. Thank you to Reimers-Kaufman Concrete Products Co. for providing lunch!

18  Lincoln Business Builder

Happy Spring! At our latest meeting, we toured the new facilities for CEDARS. “CEDARS is here to ensure all kids have a safe environment where they can grow Tim Zeng and thrive.” The Remodelers Council Chairperson new facilities will be adding to CEDAR’s mission and helping children and families. CEDARS was gracious enough to let us host our meeting, as well as show off their new conference/office rooms, kitchen, dining area and basketball courts. Coming in April are some exciting events! At the beginning of the month, HBAL is holding the annual Tribute to Youth dinner, where we recognize outstanding students. In the middle of the month is Construction Career Day, which everyone in this organization can relate to! Construction careers deserve to be promoted because they are the jobs that help build facilities, bring people together, take care of people and support people. At the end of the month, be sure to attend the Tour of Remodeled homes! In order to prepare and support this event, Zeng Granite blocks out two weeks in our calendar to fit remodel projects into our installation schedule. During this time, our remodelers/builders are our top priority. As a remodeler, what can you do to support the Tour and show off your own work?

Tour of Remodeled Homes

April 23 & 24 Noon to 5:00 p.m.

Admission: $5 for all 9 homes

1. 1309 N. 68th Street Addition | Kitchen | Siding GoodeGuy Construction, Inc./ 3 Day Kitchen & Bath 2. 7420 Brentwood Circle Kitchen GoodeGuy Construction, Inc./ 3 Day Kitchen & Bath 3. 7910 Brookfield Drive Kitchen Reynolds Design & Remodeling

4. 8008 Prescott Circle Addition | Kitchen | Master Bath Robison Design Build, LLC 5. 4244 S. 39th Street Basement Personal Touch Designs


5200 S. Bennington Place Kitchen Willet Construction, Inc., Remodeling Specialists

8. 1710 Saybrook Lane Main Floor Lincoln Cabinet

6. 4021 S. 35th Street Kitchen Willet Construction, Inc., Remodeling Specialists

9. 8033 McBride Ave. Kitchen & Fireplace Lincoln Cabinet


1 2 6 8

5 7

3 4


19  Lincoln Business Builder

Remodelers Council

Any Brick You Use Can Last for Hundreds of Years. So Be Particular.

Tour of CEDARS March 2, 2022 View photos and a summary of this Remodelers Council meeting here. Dear Friends of the Food Bank, Thanks for your gift of 2,658 pounds of food and $451 to the Food Bank of Lincoln. We are grateful. Your gift will have a positive impact on the lives of neighbors in Southeast Nebraska. As rising food prices are putting a pinch in already tight budgets, your support will help provide nourishing meals to neighbors in need. For the last two years, we have set food distribution records, connecting neighbors to 11.5 million meals in fiscal year 2020 and 13.3 million meals in fiscal year 2021. As we reflect on the past and prepare for the challenges of the year ahead, we remain committed to getting more meals and more healthy food to children, families, seniors and individuals. Friends like you help make that possible. We are grateful for your kindness and support and promise to put your gifts to good use. With gratitude, Michaella Kumke President & CEO, Food Bank of Lincoln 20  Lincoln Business Builder


ANKEE HILL BRICK manufactures the highest quality FBX brick in a color palette ranging from the traditional reds and buffs to the innovative pinks, maroons, and lavenders. Standard and custom color ranges, sizes, and shapes are our specialty. Brick murals and ornamentation are brought to a new level of sophistication at Yankee Hill Brick. Rely on Yankee Hill to supply your project with the finest of materials.    

Face brick Paving brick Thin brick veneer Pool Coping

   

Keystones Stone Brick mural & ornamentation Crushed landscape brick

3705 S. Coddington Lincoln, NE 68522

(402) 477-6663

3259 Potter Street | $800/month

Shops for lease. Great location for a trim shop or garage-great workspace or storage. Includes large shop and a separate single stall garage. Please call Andrew McNeely BancWise Realty for more information at 402-540-1689.

1101 N. 30th Street | $800/month

21  Lincoln Business Builder

“Our Hosted VoIP Phone System solution can grow with your business.” Kathy Carstenson Business Sales Director ALLO

Experience the power of ALLO Hosted VoIP Phone and Data – the complete business phone and high-speed internet solution that provides everything your business needs.

Switch to ALLO and receive a professionally installed, complete communications system that’s fully maintained and automatically updated by our local support team. Hosted VoIP Phone and Data is the easy and affordable answer for businesses that need to replace out-of-date systems or businesses with new office sites. • Convergence: Offers your business a combination of reliable, feature-rich voice,

Fiber Voice

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Fiber Data

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Contact your ALLO representative and switch today. 402.480.6500 |

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Fiber TV

March Board Report

March Board Report Remodelers Council:

Habitat ReStore:

22 members of the Remodelers Council toured the $3.5 million expansion at CEDARS in March. The next meeting is April 6 at Reimers Kaufman. The Remodelers Council Food Bank House was successful: collected 2,658 pounds of food and $451. This will provide over 3,500 meals for Lincoln families. The Tour of Remodeled Homes will take place April 23 & 24 with nine entries.

Habitat Restore is moving from 46th & Y Street to 56th & Hwy. 2. The 25,000 squarefoot building has easier entry and donation points at the new building. Looking for help in assembling shelving. Sat (3/5) from 9am1pm, Wed (3/9) & Thurs (3/10) 8am-12pm & 1pm-5pm (serving lunch). They are looking for donations to stock the business (any new or used building materials). HBAL Members helped with shelf assembly at ReStore's new location.

HOMEPAC: HOMEPAC is financially supporting Deb Schorr for County Commissioner. Lincoln Transportation and Utilities (LTU): LTU has implemented privatizing curb cuts. Any curb cut permit pulled and paid for before March 1 will go through LTU as has been done in the past. LTU is working on a brochure and updated information to be given out at Building & Safety when any new curb cut is issued stating that the permittee will contact 402-4417711 for the inspection. LTU will inform the builder they can contact their own contractor or Diamond Concrete Cutting at 402-2397087. Curbs must be sawed. They cannot be ground with a milling head. Building & Safety and LTU are not requiring deviation requests for anyone who has a driveway width up to 25’.

Codes Committee: A committee was created to focus on current and past building codes and the costs associated with them. The committee will be funded to work with an engineer on codes. Cruisin' for the Trades Car Show: The Cruisin' for the Trades Car Show will be May 1. Entries are $15 in advance and $20 day of the show. Gana Trucking and Hamilton will bring out large and small equipment. 23  Lincoln Business Builder

Directory Changes | Cancelations

Directory Changes  Brenda Donner is a new affiliate member with Provision Realty Group at RE/MAX Concepts. Phone: 402-430-5526. Email:

 Carla Waldbaum is a new affiliate member with Home Real Estate. Phone: 402-430-3033. Email:

 Connie Reddish is a new affiliate member with Provision Realty Group at RE/MAX Concepts. Phone: 402-430-2136. Email:

 Trish Mueller is the new principal member for Bath & Kitchen Idea Center by Lincoln Winnelson. Email:

 Ariana Munro is a new affiliate member with Provision Realty Group at RE/MAX Concepts. Phone: 402-989-4090. Email:  Eddie Brown is a new affiliate member with Provision Realty Group at RE/MAX Concepts. Phone: 402-570-7209. Email:  Nicki Behmer Popp is a new affiliate member with Provision Realty Group at RE/MAX Concepts. Phone: 402-730-8142. Email:  New email address for Axe & Abe Builders is  Holly Buss is a new affiliate member with Woods Bros. Realty. Phone: 402-217-0692. Email:  Katti Suter is the new principal member for Legacy Homes. Cell: 402-415-8272. Email:  New address for Weber Home Inspections, LLC is 3832 S. 76th Street, Lincoln, NE 68506. 24  Lincoln Business Builder

 Lincoln First Realty is now NP Dodge Real Estate. Web:  Kelli Fleek is the new principal member for Action Plumbing & Heating, Inc.  Jacob Hiatt, Raynor Doors of Nebraska, is no longer an affiliate member.  Demari Monico, RE/MAX Concepts, is no longer an affiliate member.

Sorry to See You Go! If you see your company listed below, contact HBAL at 402-423-4225 to renew your membership TODAY! A-1 Linoleum & Carpet, Inc. Corey Grading, Inc. Country Truss Creative Builders Gray Contracting Mosquito Authority Nebraska Nursery Pinnacle Realty Group Reinke Shakes Rosenow Landscapes Plus, LLC


Thanks for Renewing!

(Please allow 60 days for names to appear on this list.) 54 Years • Lincoln Laminating dba LL Countertops 49 Years • Athey Painting, Inc. • Harley's Heating & A/C, Inc. 41 Years • Manzitto Construction 40 Years • Bath and Kitchen Idea Center by Lincoln Winnelson 38 Years • Rainwood Interiors 37 Years • Wellmann Plumbing, Inc. 35 Years • Reese Construction, Inc. 33 Years • Campbell's Kitchen Cabinets, Inc. 31 Years • Rezac Construction, Inc. 28 Years • Pinnacle Bank 26 Years • EcoWater Systems of Lincoln

25 Years • Window Option Specialists 20 Years • 84 Lumber • Nebraska Printing Center • Union Title Company 19 Years • Cattle Bank & Trust • Fireplace Stone and Patio • Sherwin-Williams Co. 13 Years • BK Restoration & Remodeling • Buckley & Sitzman, LLP • Cline, Williams, Wright, Johnson & Oldfather • Great Plains Custom Homes, LLC • Hoos & Suing • Huenink Construction, Inc. • Infinity Excavating • Judson Irrigation • Nickell Construction • 'O' Street Carpet • Tru-Built Construction 12 Years • Design Associates

8 Years • Robison Design Build, LLC 6 Years • Change House Design & Construction, Inc. • RFD Sales Co., LLC 3 Years • Johnson Hardware Co. • Nebraska Bank of Commerce • Organize by Design, LLC • Predmore Designs • Renew Crew of Lincoln 2 Years • Avid Builders • Wasser Builders • Woodland Homes 1 Year • Axe & Abe Builders • BCW Builders • Concorde Management & Development, LLC • Guardian Window Well Covers, LLC • Heartland Red Construction, LLC • Novo Chiropractic • NuHAVEN Builders

9 Years • Legacy Homes • The Hoppe Law Firm 25  Lincoln Business Builder

New Members

Welcome New Members Water Treatment Pros, LLC

Spelts Schultz Components

SueAnn Vice

Jan Badura

5740 Old Cheney Road, Ste. 10, Lincoln, NE 68516 Phone: 402-560-2901 Email: Web: Sponsor: Denny Van Horn, Van Horn Custom Homes At Water Treatment Pros, we work tirelessly to provide our customers with knowledge, education, resources, solutions and choices to help identify and resolve or reduce water problems and improve water quality through affordable and available water treatment options for all who desire it. We install and repair water softeners, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, chemical free iron filtration systems and other specialty systems including UV, combination whole house systems and POU filters. We offer rental, purchase and finance options. In addition, we can perform repairs, 10-point equipment inspections and annual filter changes on most brands as well as salt delivery or local pick-up. We have a licensed master plumber on staff with over 20 years of experience and a Grade VI water operator for your backflow testing needs. Free water hardness testing and quotes are always available and we provide specialized lab reports for more complex water issues at our cost. We are a Hydrotech/ Canature Dealer with all certified technicians and available 24/7/365. We KNOW how to take care of your water treatment needs!

Personal Touch Designs Craig Cook 1205 N. 33rd Street, Lincoln, NE 68503 Phone: 402-499-0024 Email: Web: Sponsor: Megan Dreyer, CS Kitchen & Bath Studio 26  Lincoln Business Builder

3522 W. 2nd Street, Grand Island, NE 68803 Phone: 402-631-3125 Email: Web: Sponsor: Bryce Bornemeier, The Window & Door Store

THI Builders, Inc. Kevin Nordhues 21866 Williams Circle, Gretna, NE 68028 Phone: 402-506-6691 Email: Web: Sponsor: Bryce Bornemeier, The Window & Door Store THI Builders has grown to be recognized as one of Nebraska’s most trusted builders. Thompson’s presence in the Omaha Metro market is growing and our staff aims to set industry standards in safety, innovation and quality. We are excited to grow into the Lincoln market. We strive to build the trust of our clients through collaborative decision-making, quality results and the recognition of issues that are most important to clients.

Provision Realty Group at RE/MAX Concepts Josh Popp 4141 Pioneer Woods Drive, Ste. 114, Lincoln, NE 68506 Phone: 402-984-0544 Email: Web: Sponsor: Larry Holmes, RE/MAX Concepts

New Members

Welcome New Members Local service for the life of your mortgage loan.*

Builders Supply Co., Inc. Dan Wellendorf 5701 S. 72nd Street, Omaha, NE 68127 Phone: 402-331-4500 Email: Web: Sponsor: Fred Hoppe, The Hoppe Law Firm Builders Supply is the Midwest’s largest single location lumber and building materials dealer. It is 100% employee owned. For over 70 years, Builders Supply has been providing quality service and products in Omaha, Lincoln and the surrounding areas. The continued success of Builders Supply is centered on the notion of providing quality material at affordable prices. This is achieved by building strong and long-lasting partnerships with contractors, builders and homeowners.


At Cornhusker Bank, we believe when you come to us for a mortgage loan, you expect to continue to work with us well beyond closing. This is why we offer to service your mortgage right here in Lincoln.*

Andrew Essay Matt Gutschenritter Luke Mitchell VP/Mortgage Lending Officer VP/Mortgage Lending Officer VP/Private Mortgage Banking NMLS #732679 NMLS #422494 NMLS #422482 402-434-2224 402-434-8496 402-434-2267


With a construction loan from Cornhusker Bank, our team will work with you and your builder to make everything as seamless and efficient as possible, from start to finish.

Mike Barrett VP/Manager, Mortgage Lending NMLS #732657 402-434-2258

Tyler Rains Mortgage Loan Officer/ Construction NMLS #831907 402-434-2257

Jim Essay VP/ Construction Lending NMLS #1295990 402-434-2208

Call 402-434-2265 or apply online at *Not all mortgage loans qualify for the local servicing program. Please contact a mortgage lender for details.

Cornhusker Bank Center - 8310 0 St. NMLS #458257

Member FDIC

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Building Permits A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 11 2 12 3 13 4 14 5 15 6 16 7 8 17 9 18 10 19 11 20 12 21 13 22 14 23 15 24 16 25 17 18 26 19 27 20 28 21 29 22 30 23 24 25 26 27 28 29


Building Permits

City of Lincoln - 11 -Year Table

Jan. Feb. YTD

SF 27 31 58


2012 2013 TH MF SF TH MF 4 0 24 2 0 13 144 34 4 0 17 144 58 6 0



Jan. Feb. Total Avg. Cost A



SF 34 40 74


2014 Cost 3 59,336 3 64,000 6 123,336 20,556



2014 TH MF 6 51 18 5 24 56


SF=detached single family - TH=townhouses - MF=multi-family (including duplexes) 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 SF TH MF SF TH MF SF TH MF SF TH MF SF TH MF 36 2 0 29 19 0 28 3 0 26 0 2 29 28 96 33 44 201 42 6 0 54 9 6 46 29 0 29 6 6 69 46 201 71 25 0 82 12 6 72 29 2 58 34 102




2015 2016 Cost # Cost 4 114,877 6 288,700 2 18,650 2 392,168 6 133,527 8 680,868 22,255 85,109










2015 # Cost 71 1,254,169 71 949,830 142 2,203,999 15,521







2016 Cost 60 743,166 64 392,168 124 1,135,334 9,156

2017 Cost 77 1,001,282 87 1,282,094 164 2,283,376 13,923


2018 Cost 75 1,539,597 67 1,338,692 142 2,878,289 20,270


2019 Cost 74 1,431,083 65 1,115,382 139 2,546,465 18,320




3,000,000 500,000 2,500,000






500,000 #



2014 Jan.































Cost 2016


28  Lincoln Business Builder


2017 #REF!





2019 2020 2021 2022


2015 #REF!




2020 Cost 56 1,170,240 74 1,488,505 130 2,658,745 20,452


Alteration / 101 Record Count Valuation Total




Enlarge/Addition / 101

Remodeling Permits: AlterationsRecord Count


2020 TH 5 8 13

2021 MF SF TH MF 153 66 39 4 24 58 25 52 177 124 64 56



2022 SF TH 52 30 70 26 122 56


MF 108 473 581


2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 Cost # Cost # Cost # Cost # Cost # Cost 1,255,950 5 216,225 5 144,061 5 262,400 6 684,600 9 306,813 686,575 6 225,962 4 280,000 8 625,500 4 370,408 8 985,000 1,942,525 11 442,187 9 424,061 13 887,900 10 1,055,008 17 1,291,813 121,408 40,199 47,118 68,300 105,501 75,989

# 13 3 16

Table Total Chart Title City of Lincoln - Detached Single Family - 9 YearValuation

2014 2,500,000# Cost Jan. 90 1,279,205 Feb. 87 811,667 2,000,000 Total 177 2,090,872 Avg. Cost 11,813 1,500,000



Remodeling Permits: Additions City of Lincoln - Detached Single Family - 9 Year Table

SF 28 54 82

Cost 2018
















2021 Cost 73 1,450,897 45 770,035 118 2,220,932 18,821




2022 Cost 63 1,767,264 66 1,539,331 129 3,306,594 25,633