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CROESO ONE YEAR OF BARRY MAGAZINE Can you believe it’s been a whole year since we started Barry Magazine? What began as a charity fundraiser has turned into a community magazine spreading positive news across Barry and we’re so glad it’s been so well received. It’s a bumper issue this month to say thank you for all your support. We hope you continue to enjoy it and we’ll be writing another message next year! Thank you, Hannah, Tom & Bernie

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kingin 4

Barry Magazine

Kinging-It is a travel movement started by Craig and Aimee, a young Welsh couple from Barry with an urge to show the world what real travelling is like.

HI GUYS. TELL US ABOUT YOU. C: We’re Craig and Aimee and we run the Youtube channel Kinging-It, we’re full time content creators and we like to do challenges and travel videos. In summer 2018 we did the Mongol Rally where we drove a 2L Fiat Panda from Barry to Russia. A: We came across some of the most incredible countries that we didn’t even know existed, like Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. That was one of our best challenges and we raised money for CLIC Sargent and Big Moose in Cardiff.

C: After that we did a challenge where we drove a rickshaw over 4000 miles from the north to the south of India over 6 weeks. A: If you think it sounds crazy, you just have to do it! It was mental. We risked our lives every single day. We said that’s it we’re done with India, it took everything we had, but now I just can’t wait to go back. I miss the excitement!




HOW DID YOU MEET? A: We’ve been together for 11 years now. We met on Craig’s leaving do, he was going on an around the world trip but we kept in contact on MSN. We met when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma and we always said when I got the all clear I would go out and meet him wherever in the world he was. When I was given the all clear I flew out with our mutual best friend and we travelled the East Coast of Australia for four weeks. It was amazing. C: That was our first time together travelling and I think that was the start of our addiction. I had an around the world ticket so after that I flew to New Zealand, but within a week I broke my neck. A: Can’t leave him anywhere! C: I miss timed a backflip on a trampoline and landed on the top of my head. I was a mm away from either being paraplegic or dying instantly. I had the surgery done in New Zealand by one of the best doctors,


so that was a lucky escape and we both had brushes with death, but after that first hint of travel we always knew we wanted to travel for a long time. There was a huge gap between then and us actually doing our first Kinging-It trip, about 6 years. We did America, Hawaii, Japan and then South East Asia and then we eventually went to New Zealand and we had working visas. WERE YOU DOING CONTENT BEFORE THEN? C: No, I was shooting music videos and weddings because I was a photographer to begin with and I honed my craft with video and did promos for gyms. While we were saving for this trip I came across travel vlogs. A few months later they brought out the first commercial drone that you can attach a GoPro to. We started the Youtube channel with the drone because no one had ever seen that content before. People said, ‘How did you get that shot’?!

Barry Magazine

I’ve travelled a bit and things definitely go wrong, people definitely get diarrhoea so our initial thing was ‘let’s make a travel vlog that’s real’. If we get sick or if we get robbed, we’ll film it.

A: They asked us if we threw our camera in the air! I didn’t really know what was going on, that wasn’t my area of expertise. Whenever he put the camera on me, I used to get really angry and say ‘get it out of my face!’ I didn’t know what to say and it was really uncomfortable. So we’ve worked at it for sure, I just went with it and it’s lucky we did! C: I knew that if we did it well it could eventually be a career but that’s not why I started making videos. There was a lot of travel vlogs which were quite cheesy and false. I’ve travelled a bit and things definitely go wrong, people definitely get diarrhoea so our initial thing was ‘let’s make a travel vlog that’s real’. If we get sick or if we get robbed, we’ll film it. That’s why people were magnetised to our channel, because of the authenticity. HOW DO YOU WORK WITH OTHER PEOPLE? C: There’s so many different avenues like Youtube ad revenue but our main one is collaborations with companies. What we tend

to do is come up with an idea, like India, and then pitch it to companies who we think it would fit. Our India series was sponsored by Marco Polo because they did an India guide. That’s our main income, then we have merchandise and patreon. A: It all first started going that way when we were in New Zealand but we never really thought of it as a career until the opportunity arose. We paired up with Queenstown.com and they gave us all of these activities to do for footage. It progressed from there and we started getting paid for things! 7


“ DID YOU DO LOTS OF THINGS FOR FREE AT THE BEGINNING? C: Loads. For us that was incredible because we were living in Queenstown and we could barely afford to live so having these activities was incredible. We were doing helicopter and bike rides and spa days, it was crazy. HOW HAS IT CHANGED SINCE THEN? C: It depends. We get so many emails now and some of it’s good and some of it isn’t. I think when you get to a certain point, time is money. Although we might get to do a trip and it’s free which is amazing we could be taking on paid work. This is our job. Now we take the paid collaborations to fund the adventures that we want to do. 8

We take for granted the beach in Barry and being so close to friends and family, it’s so up and coming and it’s an exciting time and a place to be at the moment.

IS THERE ANYWHERE THAT’S ON YOUR LIST TO GO TO? A: China! I really want to go to China, and back to Japan. We went on the first round the world trip but we were babies and the way we edit things now is completely different to how we did it back then and we’ve grown so much.

Barry Magazine

C: I’d love to see South America and Africa, I’d love to go there and do a mad challenge through there. There’s not many places we wouldn’t go! YOU’RE BOTH FROM BARRY ORIGINALLY?

C: Yep! A: I was born in Northern Ireland but I’m Barry and Wales through and through, I’ve always lived here. We love it! After working with Visit Wales and touring our country four times really well, it is INCREDIBLE. We’re so patriotic when we finish a Visit Wales campaign, we need to do more. We take for granted the beach in Barry and being so close to friends and family, it’s so up and coming and it’s an exciting time and a place to be at the moment. HAVE YOU BEEN INVOLVED MUCH WITH THE GOODSHEDS?

A: We’ve been involved with the filming, we’re still filming it now. It’s a progression really, we’ve loved to document it.

C: We’re filming everyone that’s going in there so that has been really cool to meet that community and everyone is so excited just to be in there as a group of independent people. It’s going to be amazing for Barry. DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO START UP A YOUTUBE CHANNEL?

C: If you’re going to do it, never start it to try and make money. If you do you’re definitely going to fail, money shouldn’t be the goal, you should have a positive message, something where you’re adding value to people. Our mantra has always been ‘rule your own world.’ A: And always be yourself. C: Authenticity is key A: Some people don’t care where we’re going travelling, they just watch it because it’s us. If you’re completely yourself people will buy into you as a person and not just your brand. You don’t have to put on this facade that you’re somebody else and the 9


If you’re going to do it, never start it to try and make money. If you do you’re definitely going to fail, money shouldn’t be the goal, you should have a positive message.

more truthful you are the more people can relate to you and love your channel. They might be going through something you’re going through. C: Also don’t fall at the first hurdle. We were planting the seed for our business for 2 years before we actually made some decent money from it. We have messages all the time from young kids asking ‘how do we make money’ but they’re asking the wrong questions. A: We’re so fussy with the people we work with and if there’s a video and it’s not good enough we’ll do it again. That’s when you know you’ve got the pure passion for it. People think influencing is such an easy ride but if you do it properly it’s one of the toughest jobs. You eat sleep and breathe social media while thinking ‘how are we going to film this, who are we going to work with’. SO WHAT ARE THE NEGATIVES? C: It’s very tiring. A: Trying to travel and edit and keep up this energy on video. Some people say ‘why don’t you film the arguments?!’ But we want you to tune in for happiness. We’re not trying to shy away from it but when we’re fighting we’re not going to film it.


C: I guess the tough part for us is when you travel and you have a sponsor you feel like you’ve got to keep up with the videos. Like in India, we got so ill and we went to the hospital. There’s times when you’re like, why am I doing this! A: We’re such perfectionists with our content. We say to ourselves we’ll film 5 days a week and take two off, but we work every single day. We want to put out the best content we can, there’s not a days rest. WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THIS YEAR? A: We haven’t got any firm plans for this year. We think we know what we want to do next year. C: We’ve got a few weddings and we’ll probably do a few trips in the bus but we’re both writing books at the moment. We’re putting a lot of time into writing these books so it’s good that we haven’t got major plans because we need a lot of time to write them. Whenever I tell people about it, it gets me excited again! FIND OUT MORE AT WWW.KINGING-IT.COM

Barry Magazine


What's Occurrin'?

WHAT’S OCCURRIN'? The latest good news and updates from around Barry!

COMMUNITY AWARDS Congratulations to everyone who has been nominated for the Bro Radio Awards! We are really excited that Pride has been nominated for Community Event of the Year, we’re looking forward to the ceremony on 21st March.

OUR 1ST BIRTHDAY It’s our first birthday! Can you believe Barry Magazine has been running for a whole year? What started off as a charity project has turned into a year of spreading good news about Barry, we couldn’t have done it without your support!


Barry Magazine

HANGFIRE ON SATURDAY KITCHEN Shauna and Sam from Hangfire in Barry were cooking up a storm on Saturday Kitchen this month with their classic shrimp and grits. We love hearing a Barry mention on TV!

BEST FISH AND CHIPS? Speaking of a mention on TV, did anyone catch Bradley Walsh on The Chase talking about how good our fish and chips are on Barry Island? We can’t argue with that!

BEACH HUTS Here comes the bride! What do you think about the news that the Barry Island beach huts might be used as wedding venues? The Vale of Glamorgan Council are looking into the possibility of hiring them out for your big day.

FIVER FEST Barry’s independent shops and businesses are joining in with the national ‘Fiver Fest’ campaign from 15-29 February to help promote our high streets! Find out more later on in the magazine.


What's Occurrin'?

SKY SPA There’s a new shop on the block! Sky Spa opened on Barry High Street last month and offers Aveda products, massage, reflexology, gym classes and personal training.

RNLI MAYDAY Get this date in your diary. The very popular RNLI Mayday is back for another year on Barry Island. On Sunday 31st May it will be taking over the promenade with stalls, makers, street food and of course a live sea rescue. We can’t wait!

WINNER WINNER Mint Room in Barry has been voted best Indian Restaurant in South Wales at the Welsh Asian Food Awards last year. Congratulations to the team!

WELL-BEAN CAFE We can't wait for the Cardiff and Vale Well-being 'Well-Bean Cafe' to open next month! If you're interested in volunteering visit their open day on 29th February at Golau Caredig.


At Budding Designs Flower Studio, we offer a wide variety of gorgeous blooms to pick and mix. We have eco wrapped plastic free bouquets, houseplants big and small and a shop full of lovely homeware and gifts.

• Online shop • Wedding flowers • Sympathy flowers • Workshops • Home, gifts and garden

You don’t have to travel far to get something a little bit different, just pop into 1 High Street, Barry for a browse or a chat about all things floral.

BUDDING DESIGNS FLOWER STUDIO 1 High Street, Barry, CF62 7DZ 01446 404660

www.buddingdesigns.co.uk 15

Fiver Fest

#FIVERFEST Have you seen the posters around town? Barry Shop Local is taking part in #FiverFest! Fiver Fest is a national campaign organised by Totally Locally to encourage more people to shop locally in their town.

We’d love as many businesses as possible across Barry to take part in Fiver Fest until 29th February this year.

If every adult in Barry spent just £5 per week in their local independent shops and businesses it would mean an extra £10.7 million per year going into our local economy.

All you need to do is create a brilliant £5 offer, tell us what it is and post it on your social media pages tagging @BarryShopLocal. It’s as easy as that!


Barry Magazine

If every adult in Barry spent just ÂŁ5 per week in their local independent shops and businesses it would mean an extra ÂŁ10.7 million per year going into our local economy. There are plenty of amazing offers already happening around Barry, but the only way this can be a success is if you, our customers, take part too. So get your fiver out, find a bargain and get spending! Anthony from Vic Hopkins Butchers

Dan & Hollie from Sky Spa

Nicola from Budding Designs


What's On In Barry


Find out what’s on in Barry over the next few months! Click the links to visit their pages.





Barry Shop Local Fiver Fest At Independent Shops across Barry


Save Dinas Powys Woods Meeting Dinas Powys Parish Hall 7pm


The Well-Bean Café Open Day Golau Caredig 10am-9pm


Dewi Sant Festival Holton Road and Central Park 12pm-5pm


Barry Business Club Awesome Wales 6-8pm / £5


Become a Youtuber Workshop Margaret Alexander Community centre / £10 early bird - 1-4pm


The Hot House Combo The Butterfly Collector 7-10pm / £5


The Tiger Who Came to Tea Dyffryn Gardens 10am-4pm

Barry Magazine


Wales vs England LIVE The Mount Rooms 4.45pm / £5 entry with free pint


Fundraiser for Welsh Women’s Aid Beyonce themed day! Academy Espresso Bar / 12-2pm


Happy Plant Company Pop-Up Annie & Lolo / 10am-5pm


The Clwb: Embroidery Workshop with Byrd Crescent Annie & Lolo / 7pm / £15


Wedding Venue Showcase Fonmon Castle / 11am-3pm


Bro Radio Community Awards Memo Arts Centre / £37.50


Social Media Workshop RNLI Visitor’s Centre £45 / 10am-2pm


VOG Coastal Trail Race Porthkerry Park 10.30am


Barry Clothes Swap Sky Spa Free Entry


Charity Evening in Aid of Breast Cancer Hosted by On 10 Barry Island Sports and Social Club 7.30pm / £10


Sully Car Boot Sale Buyers 7.30am


Barry Town FC v Bala Town FC 14.30 / Jenner Park


The Clwb: Clay Jewellery Workshop Annie & Lolo 7pm / £15


HEB Spring Fair Margaret Alexandra Community Centre 11.30am - 4pm / Free


Save Dinas Powys Woods Charity Concert w/ Barry Male Voice Choir Parish Hall, Dinas Powys 7.30pm


Upholstery Workshop Palmerston Adult Centre 10-4pm / £35 19


Cocoa Therapy 95 High St, Barry CF62 7DY

Big Bad Vegan: Pancakes


Forget lemon and sugar, we’re taking pancakes seriously this year. Take a look at these recipes from Scott at The Big Bad Vegan and enjoy delicious vegan pancakes all year round!

jalapeño corn bread pancakes Makes 4-6 pancakes. Designed to be mildly sweet with a hint of spice, feel free to leave out the diced jalapeños if you’re not ready for the heat. Cornmeal and corn flour are vital to the texture of the pancake, but switch out the oat flour to make it gluten free. 22


3/4 cup plant milk 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon agave syrup 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence 2 finely diced jalapeño peppers 3/4 cup corn kernels

Barry Magazine

vego, hazelnut & banana buttermilk pancakes dry

1/2 cup cornmeal 1/4 cup corn flour 1/4 cup oat flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon baking soda

syrup topping

1/3 cup agave syrup 1 tablespoon rapeseed oil 1 tablespoon sweet paprika 1/4 teaspoon chilli flakes (ancho/red/ smoked - whatever’s in your cupboard!) Vegan butter for pan frying (optional)

Makes 10-12 pancakes.


750 ml plant milk 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon vanilla extract


2.5 cups plain flour 1/2 cup organic white caster sugar 2 tablespoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt


1/4 cup vego spread 1 tablespoon vegan butter 1/2 cup chopped hazelnuts 1 chopped banana 23

Big Bad Vegan: Pancakes


Barry Magazine

method Add apple cider vinegar to your plant milk and whisk together, then allow to sit for 5 minutes to create a buttermilk consistency. Add in the agave syrup and the vanilla essence and whisk. For the chocolate pancakes add in the vanilla essence. In a separate bowl mix together the dry ingredients using a fork. Make a well in the centre and slowly pour in the wet mixture, constantly stirring until fully incorporated. Fold in the corn kernels and finely diced jalapeño peppers for the cornbread pancakes and allow the batter to rest in the fridge for at least 30 mins. Prepare your syrup topping by adding together the syrup and spices. Heat a nonstick frying pan on low to medium heat and use a ladle to pour a small pancake into the pan. Once the outside rim of the pancake starts lifting from the pan it’s time for a flip. The cornbread pancakes are designed to be a bit “firmer” than standard pancakes and sometimes take a bit longer to cook. Use a nonstick spatula to flip and brown them evenly on both sides. Pop onto a plate and start your next one!

jalapeño cornbread pancakes Once the batter is used up, top with something savoury such as my gluten free chorizo recipe, chives, and extra fresh jalapeño for a spicy kick!

vego, hazelnut & banana buttermilk pancakes Make the topping sauce by popping the Vego spread and butter into the microwave for 20 seconds or melt in a saucepan until fully incorporated. Serve with chopped banana and crushed hazelnuts.



Barry Magazine

Happy Plant Happy Home Join us for our first plant pop-up shop at Annie & Lolo with local plant nerd Dan Spain and his company The Happy Plant Co.

Dan has recently turned his love of all things green into a business and on March 12 -21 he can be found with his plants in our beautiful shop. The Happy Plant Co. and Annie and Lolo share the same ethos; we couldn't find what we loved locally, so we sourced and sold them ourselves. The Happy Plant Co. will be stocked with interesting and on trend plants, from ferns to ficus, succulents and snake plants as well as some rare beauties. With The Happy Plant Co’s huge display of plants and our broad collection of all things pots….this will make for a very ‘Happy’ collaboration. Dan’s top tip for looking after plants is: ‘Find out where they originate from, it could be a rainforest or a desert, and try to replicate those surroundings’

Happy Plant Pop-up MARCH / 10am-5pm Thu 12th Fri 13th Sat 14th Tue 17th Wed 18th Thu 19th Fri 20th Sat 21st


Looking to get on the property ladder in 2020? Then preparation will be key to your success...


• Contact me to make sure you are able to obtain a mortgage • Obtain your credit reports • Make sure you have a 5% deposit • Have evidence of income, expenditure and deposit

Arrange a FREE no obligation meeting with your local mortage adviser in Barry, Lucy Gulwell. 07791786265 lucy.gulwell@charlesderbymb.com charlesderbymortagebureau.com Your home may be reposessed if you do not keep up with mortgage repayments.


Barry Magazine

commercial property agency

Finding the right business premises? DTR Surveyors can help you.

Need help finding a suitable business premises to lease or purchase?

Need assistance negotiating improved lease terms

Searching for a shop, office or warehouse unit across Wales?

Starting a business and seeking your first commercial premises?

Making offers on units but losing out to strong competition

Seeking a pop-up shop or short trial letting?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, then we can help you. Please contact us to discuss your specific property requirements.

www.dtrsurveyors.com info@dtrsurveyors.com


The Elephant in the Room There’s a new kid on the block on Atlantic Trading Estate. Barry’s newest entertainment space is now open!

Teitr, which stands for ‘The Elephant in the Room’, has opened its doors above the popular Sausage Revolution restaurant which is tucked away down by the coast. Walk up the stairs to find this hidden gem which has been created to be the perfect space for anything from corporate events, weddings, parties and even meetings. Featuring the biggest TV in Barry (we think!), the room seats 40 which makes it the perfect intimate entertaining space.


Barry Magazine

They’ve been busy organising their rugby events so if you need somewhere to watch the game look no further! Tickets are £10 which includes a drink, halftime tapas and of course your comfy seat with a bird’s eye view of the game. Seating is limited to 30 people so make sure you book in advance.

There’s a huge selection of gins to try and weekly themes for their delicious meals. friday tea and treats / 9:30am-12pm Freshly made treats and hot and cold drinks curry club / 12pm-3pm £12.99 for 2 people saturday tapas / 2pm-6pm sunday brunch / 10am-2pm

Find them on Facebook or call 01446 508588 to book.



GOODSHEDS Goodsheds is coming to town! The eagerly awaited Goodsheds development is on its way to Barry.

We were recently treated to a tour of the buildings and containers, to take in the changes that have happened so far and find out more about what the developers have in store for the space. This is the first new urban high street in Britain and the team is collaborating with


There’s big plans for Goodsheds as it’s set to include a shopping area, hair salon, street food and other businesses, all featured inside the shipping container village.

Barry Magazine

Welsh Government and the local authority on an unprecedented scale. Goodsheds is the creation of Loft Co, the developers behind the Pumphouse across the road, Windsor Lofts and Platform in Cardiff. There’s big plans for Goodsheds as it’s set to include a shopping area, hair salon, street food and other businesses, all featured inside the shipping container village. The space will also contain a farmers market, outdoor gym and cinema screens, so there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained. The old railway buildings are being updated to make way for a brewery, restaurant and other businesses, with the upstairs being transformed into an apartment hotel, perfect for visitors to Barry. The development is set to open later this year in June, so until then we’ll keep walking past for our daily dose of Academy and to check out the progress!




Barry Magazine


Sky Spa





• NE W

• OP


This month is all about showing that special person in your life how much you love them. But when was the last time you showed yourself some love? Recently I was invited to the beautiful Sky Spa Wellness Centre on Barry High Street to try out their new Sky Spa Package. Obviously, I said yes, you'd be crazy not to. Hollie and Dan opened Sky Spa Wellness Centre in January at 6 High Street and they offer everything from fitness classes and personal training, to massage, reflexology and facials. 36

It is an Aveda salon which is a cruelty free brand made from natural ingredients, they are now fully stocked with products so you can treat yourself from there too! I’ve been going to Dan’s early morning classes for a few weeks now but after a hectic January a spa day was well and truly needed. We all know the benefits of massage, but how many of us make the time to fit it in our busy schedules?

Barry Magazine

My treatments were with Hollie who gave me a big fluffy robe and slippers before I made my way into the room which was warm, cosy and smelt amazing. The package was brilliant from start to finish and I felt totally at ease with Hollie. 75 minutes of relaxing just for me with no barking dog, no ping of emails and no thinking about work. Firstly I had a back and shoulder massage which was completely tailored to my back. Sometimes a massage can feel like a routine but this targeted the areas for me that ache from sitting in front of a computer all day. This was followed by a facial and while the mask got to work I had reflexology and a head massage too.

The spa packages are perfect as a treat for you or a gift to share with someone else (start dropping the hints now for Mother’s Day!)

Reflexology is something I’d like to try again and now they have Alex from Touch Healing working with the team too it’s the perfect excuse. The treatments left my skin soft, my shoulders relaxed and I walked out of there on a cloud! The spa packages are perfect as a treat for you or a gift to share with someone else (start dropping the hints now for Mother’s Day!) and the prices are all really reasonable if you want to start making that investment on yourself. See you at the 6:30am class! If you want to find out more about Sky Spa visit www.skyspawellnesscentre.com


The Well-Bean Cafe






The Well-Bean Cafe They’ve got the kettle on! We paid a visit to the new Well-Bean Cafe coming soon to Barry to find out more and see how we can get involved.

The Well-Bean Cafe is run by Pierre and Helen at Cardiff and Vale Well-being and has a unique focus on well-being and mental health to help everyone in the local community. It’s going to be Barry’s very own selfsustaining and ethical community and arts space that is going to well and truly feed souls and feed bellies. You can find the cafe in Golau Caredig, near Barry Memo, where it will be the perfect spot to grab a delicious coffee or tea, with hearty dishes such as paninis and seasonal soups too. They are hoping to bring new flavours and food from our community such as Syrian dishes and other treats.


Barry Magazine

The cafe has been refurbished with second hand sofas, tables and chairs which have been lovingly restored. It feels like walking into a living room, there's even a chair which belonged to Helen’s dad! There’s plenty of space to meet up and chat and they are planning a ‘no phone zone’ to increase connection and encourage people to talk. They’ll be opening the doors for a volunteer day on 29th February, so if you’re interested in finding out more or you’d like to give your time and energy to help support the cafe please head down and say hello from 129pm. The official opening date will be later on in March.

There’s space to meet up and chat and they are planning a ‘no phone zone’ to increase connection and encourage people to talk.



LOVE NOT LANDFILL Who else wonders ‘where did my money go?’ only to look in the wardrobe and find brand new clothes with the tags still on waiting to be worn.

According to WRAP the value of unused clothing hanging up in our wardrobes is around £30 billion and we’re sending £140 million worth of clothing to landfill each year. But it’s not just the cost to us, it’s the cost to the environment too. When you’re finding a bargain in Primark or raiding the sale at Topshop it’s easy to forget the carbon, water and waste footprint all of these clothes are leaving on the world.


Before you load up the car with your unwanted things, why not see if anyone else can make use of them? They might not be perfect to you but they could be perfect for someone else.

Barry Magazine

So is there a way of reducing this? There are lots of campaigns out there for not buying new, or if you do then buy well, but what can we do on a more local level? Here’s a few ideas. CHARITY SHOPS We have a huge number of charity shops on our doorstep in Barry and there’s lots of bargains to be had! City Hospice on Holton Road regularly has massive sales where you can pick up jumpers for £1 and coats for as little as £2. We’ve also got 3 great charity shops on the High Street where there’s plenty of quality items and some great homeware too. CLOTHES SWAP There’s been a few clothes swaps popping up around Cardiff so we thought, why not bring one to Barry? On 1st April we’re holding a Barry Clothes Swap at Sky Spa on Barry High Street. Bring along 3 quality items that you no longer want and swap them for a whole new wardrobe! They’ll also be stalls

and taster treatments at Sky Spa and it’s a chance to meet some new people who happen to love clothes as much as you do. FACEBOOK GROUPS Before you load up the car with your unwanted things, why not see if anyone else can make use of them? They might not be perfect to you but they could be perfect for someone else. There are lots of Facebook groups for swapping items for free, just search Barry Reuse Project or Barry Freebies to have a look. TOO GOOD TO GO Another great app which doesn’t seem to be getting much action in Barry is Too Good To Go. People and businesses can share food and other items they no longer want which might be close or past their sell by date but still fine to eat. The more people that use the app the better it is!



Participants at the Ty Hafan New Years Day Dip • 1st Jan 2020


To My Mum-mates

TO MY M U M - MATES the Charlotte Archibald discusses you’re en wh ps inevitable bond that develo ms mu in the trenches together as new

It seems crazy that a group of women you’ve only known for a few months can be the people you end up confiding in and exposing your rawest emotions to. As we approach International Women’s Day 2020, I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of female friendships, and how thankful I am for my mum-mates. 44

As a new mum, it can be a terrifying prospect to leave the house with a newborn. In my case, I wouldn’t even open the curtains for the first three days. The outside world seemed like a terrifying place. It wasn’t until I saw how worried my family were about me that I finally took the plunge and ventured out into the big bad world,

Barry Magazine

Mum-mates just get it. They’re going through it too, and they’re just as scared and lost as you are. There is no greater feeling as a new mum than to be able to come to the realisation that you aren’t alone. more specifically, to a local breastfeeding clinic. I looked and felt like a zombie. But the moment I opened the door, a wave of relief hit me. We all look like crap! Hurray! We’re all terrified out of our wits! Woohoo! We’re all intermittently laughing and crying! Bring it on!

I would urge anyone who’s a new mum to take that daunting first step outside and visit a local mother and toddler session / clinic / baby class. Odds-on however scared and rubbish you’re feeling, someone near you is feeling exactly the same way.

A few cups of tea in, and I felt more like my old self than I had in weeks. Maybe it’s an extension of the maternal instinct but they all went out of their way to make me feel human again.

And for those about to have a baby, make sure you join at least one pre-natal class. I was able to meet a group of women that I love so dearly, I will forever be in their debt for the support and love they have shown me, and trite as it might sound, I know we’ll be friends forever.

Mum-mates just get it. They’re going through it too, and they’re just as scared and lost as you are. There is no greater feeling as a new mum than to be able to come to the realisation that you aren’t alone. From that day on, my mum-mates and I saw each other nearly every day of maternity leave. We have laughed together, we have cried together, we have talked about our ‘battle-scars’ and birthing horror-stories and after a few months of getting used to being mums we finally solidified our friendship by getting drunk together too!

Charlotte is hosting an event at Academy to fundraise for Welsh Women’s Aid on Sunday 8th March, International Women’s Day. Get your tickets here.

These women are warriors. I adore them. Having known them through our first, second and for some of us, third pregnancies, they still manage to inspire me every day. They juggle jobs, babies, older children, sleep deprivation, chronic illnesses, marriages, separation – all with such strength and determination. They are a constant source of comfort and support to me and I honestly wouldn’t have made it through early-years parenting without them. 45

Making Friends as an Adult

Making friends as an adult Yeah, it kinda sucks.. It’s time consuming and can be straight up difficult. Here are a few tips from Chloe at The Clwb that can hopefully take the edge off what could be considered the worst part of adulting. JOIN A CLUB/START A HOBBY This is probably the easiest way to meet like-minded people who have similar interests to you. Making the time to do an extracurricular activity can seem a lot of effort compared to cozying up on the sofa with your virtual bestie Netflix, but believe me when I say it’s worth it. An organised activity is a ready46

made platter of potential friendship material and although it can be very daunting showing up to something solo, you could always drop the organiser a message over social media to introduce yourself beforehand. That brings me to my next point, sliding into DM’s. It’s not just for the dating world. Social media connections are a great way

Barry Magazine

If you’re new to Barry and would like to meet some new chums, or if you’ve been here a while and fancy expanding your friendship circle, there are some great events and activities that you can get involved with.

of finding out who is in your local area and you’ve got nothing to lose! After a quick stalk of someone’s Instagram you can get a good sense of their personality and whether you could hang with them. Chances are your potential new friend will love to see that DM pop up. START YOUR OWN CLUB. A book club is always a great one. There’s a topic of conversation ready to go so no awkward silences and it gives you the excuse you need to start upping your reading habits, win win! You could even start an online club by creating a Facebook group and before you know it, bam! You’ve got yourself a whole new friendship group. If you’re new to Barry and would like to meet some new chums, or if you’ve been here a while and fancy expanding your friendship circle, there are some great events and activities that you can get involved with, to name a few:

The Clwb’s Social Skills workshops. This series of workshops was set up with the aim of taking out the difficulty of making friends as an adult with the added bonus of learning a skill/craft. They take place once a month at Annie and Lolo and the next few include: creating personalised leather accessories, silver jewellery making, watercolour basics, and embroidery workshops. Check out @the_clwb on instagram for more info. The masses of exercise classes in Barry. Sky Spa Wellness, Mt Fitness, Hydro Fitness Ladies Gym, Strong Women Squad, Turn'd Up Fitness are just a few of the independent local businesses that run classes for all abilities. You’re bound to find something that interests you and gets you closer to that pesky New Year’s goal of being more active.

Barry Business Club. A great way to network if you have a local business, or just fancy meeting some local people. It takes place at Awesome Wales and the date will be on the Barry Magazine Facebook page. Go along for a cuppa, chat and good company. 47

Barry Magazine

Dog Day Out Mothering Sunday is just around the corner, on Sunday 22nd March to be exact. Didn’t that come around quickly?!

Words: Emma / Oh Doggo

Now we know that Mother’s Day is a great chance to get the family together and with a bit of luck the weather should be improving, who’s had enough of wind, rain and storms with silly names? We thought we’d share our fave places to take family, friends and the puppers, because who wants to leave their dog at home on a Sunday when all the family are getting together? Sunday Mornings are great opportunities to get outside and take a stroll and it’s even better when the whole family are together! The Island is a great place to stop off and there are so many local 48

businesses to take a break at, that are also dog friendly — bonus! A handful of our favourites are: marcos — The place has a lush outlook right on the beach front. Perfect for morning walks or if you fancy a stop off for a cuppa. They also have a great range of homemade treats, ice creams and baguettes if you’re passing later in the day. Sitting outside on a sunny day is best to watch the world go by. whitmore and jackson — Perfect for brunch (our favourite is the avocado and poached egg on sourdough), but this fantastic cafe caters for anytime of day and whatever mood you’re in. There’s plenty

Dog Day Out

I have fond memories of Romilly park. It was my stomping ground as a kid — me and Fudge, my wonderful pup spent many an afternoon hanging out here.

the vintage vibes and tea served in tea pots with cups and saucers (I’m an 80-year-old at heart). Romilly’s also offer an afternoon tea menu - just book in advance. of outdoor seating for nice days and always cake on offer. We highly recommend a couple of slices with a pot of tea, a mothering Sunday MUST if you fancy a pit stop and a cheeky treat. cadwaladers — Fancy an ice cream but don’t want to leave your pooch outside? No problem! Not only can your dog come in and cool off, there are treats for all indoors! Cadwaladers also have lots of dairy free options, so vegan and dairy-free friends and fam can have a treat too! If green parks are more your scene, Barry’s got plenty. Our favourites are Romilly Park and Parade Gardens. I have fond memories of Romilly park. It was my stomping ground as a kid — me and Fudge, my wonderful pup spent many an afternoon hanging out here. The great thing about these two parks is they are a short walk away from Romilly’s, a lovely place for breakfast or tea and cake. It has an undercover outdoor area so you can stop off rain or shine. It’s one of my faves because of

Now we know – after all that walking the best treat (especially for Mother’s Day) is a pub lunch in cosy surroundings. We’re lucky enough to live in the Vale, a place that has an abundance of dog friendly pubs. Our favourites are not very far from Ogmore, because who doesn’t want to explore on the beach before settling down to a roast dinner? The Pelican pub and Cobbles Kitchen are a short drive from the beach and serve up pretty amazing roasts. Other favourites in the Vale that are pup friendly are the Blue Anchor Inn and Hare and Hounds. But you don’t need to take our word for it – Paws in the Vale have a whole list of dog friendly cafes and restaurants for you to explore. Click here to take a look. We hope you all have a fantastic Mothering Sunday whatever you get up to! If you see us on the beach, come and say Hi!


Barry on the Gram

barry on the gram

Search for Barry under 'places' on instagram and you’ll find out how lucky we are to live in such a vibrant and diverse town. Here are a few of the pictures we love this month. Want to be featured? Tag @BarryMagazine in a post!






Barry Magazine






@barbaras_pixels 51

Refill Revolution

Refill Revolution We’ve spoken a lot in Barry Magazine about the ways that you can reduce plastic and cutting out bottles is a simple way to help.


Barry Magazine

Did you know that the average adult buys more than 3 plastic water bottles every week? That adds up to 175 bottles each year per person!

You might have noticed over the last year that lots of our favourite Barry businesses have been displaying some blue Refill stickers in their windows. We caught up with Hannah Osman, Refill Wales Coordinator and Local Champion Rachel McSheehy to find out what they mean and how we can all get involved. Did you know that the average adult buys more than 3 plastic water bottles every week? That adds up to 175 bottles each year per person and a lot of that single-use plastic waste is ending up in our much loved oceans. The Refill scheme was launched in 2015 by City to Sea, a not-for-profit organisation headed by entrepreneur Natalie Fee. With full support of Welsh Government and water companies Dŵr Cymru and Hafren Dyfrdwy, Refill helps us reduce plastic waste and lead a healthier lifestyle by making drinking water easy to reach and accessible.

The scheme helps to get rid of the awkwardness many of us face when wondering if there’s free tap water available and also stops the need to buy more plastic bottles, saving you money too. Refill Barry started last year and Local Champion Rachel has been one of the members of the group who have helped it to grow. Rachel says ‘I’ve really taken Refill to heart because I believe in it myself.’ If you are a business in Barry and you would like to sign up, it’s easy to add yourself to the Refill app. You can even log your refills too so we can see how many bottles Barry has saved!

Don’t forget to download the app today or visit www.refill.org.uk!

If you’re spending the day down the Island or out and about shopping and you need to fill up your reusable water bottle, just look for the blue Refill window stickers for locations that you can top up for free. 53

Bro Radio Community Awards

Bro Radio Community Awards Following the success of Bro Radio's Community Awards in 2019, we’re excited to see the event return this March!

The event aims to bring people together to recognise those who do good in the third sector, sport, business and the local community. Bro Radio's Community Awards is the only event to celebrate everything great about living and working in the Vale of Glamorgan and we’re thrilled that Barry Pride has been nominated for an award. Don’t forget. you can vote for your favourite Community Event of the Year here!


Community Event of the Year Barry Pride GlastonBarry Sully Fest

Business of the Year Awesome Wales Fryer Tuck GRABit

Sports Club of the Year Barry Beavers Barry Town United Barry Kyokushin

Barry Magazine

Bro Radio’s Good Egg Award Abby Germon Kath Thomas Zoe Selby

Triumph Over Adversity Samantha Hinton Haydn Canter Josh Llewellyn-Jones

The Charity Award

Barry Round Table

Barry Round Table Barry Buddies of Tenovus Valeways

Sports Star of the Year Pat Finch Glanmor Williams George Evans

Teacher of the Year Sian Gimblett Laura McCarthy Nathan Bousie

Awesome Wales

Volunteer of the Year Better Simm Hannah Bevan-Mohaffel Lewis May

Young Person of the Year Bailey Sloan Joshua Hancock Sam Cockrell

Barry Pride


Vale Plus

A Stich in Time ValePlus have teamed up with Barry Hospital to work on an exciting textile project to celebrate 25 years of the Hospital.

The charity will be creating a quilt of 25 squares with iconic images of Barry and the Vale of Glamorgan, and they need your help! The project will involve many community groups, charities, organisations, individuals, local schools and businesses and they need your help for this exciting opportunity. Whether you’re handy with a needle and thread or just want to get involved, they need crafters to create 25 brilliant embroidered squares to make up the quit. You don’t have to be a sewing expert; the aim of the project is to bring people together, enjoy some art and celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of the area. 56

The deadline for the work is mid August so you’ve got plenty of time. They have already put together a list of suggested ideas and themes that will be needle-worked (either by hand or machine) and then brought together as a large hanging textile that will be displayed at Barry hospital. ValePlus will supply you with a seven-inch textile square for your organisation to complete and they will then incorporate it as part of the finished piece. If you are interested in completing a square please e-mail hooda@valeplus. co.uk or call 01446 746691.




Watersports, stalls, makers, street food, live sea rescue, fast boat rib rides, a children’s treasure hunt & much more!


The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea Royal National Lifeboat Institution, a charity registered in England and Wales (209603) and Scotland (SC037736). Registered charity number 20003326 in the Republic of Ireland.


Craft Corner

Craft Corner with Byrd Crescent We’re excited to introduce a new column in Barry Magazine, craft corner with Laura from Byrd Crescent!

This simple craft is perfect for Mother’s Day or for a rainy Sunday activity with the kids, and they can be filled with all kinds of treats. Head to Awesome Wales on Holton Road for some plastic free chocolates or make your own truffles, fudge or anything you fancy! All you’ll need is… • Clean jam jars with the labels removed • Small toys, shells or anything that can be stuck to the top • A glue gun • Spray paint in your choice of colour Start by cleaning out the jars and removing any labels on the outside. Make sure they are completely dry before you begin.


Barry Magazine

Get a selection of trinkets you can stick to the top. You could use shells, raid the children’s toy box for little animals, or use some Easter rabbits to make it seasonal. Use your glue gun to stick them to the top of the jam jar lid. Once they are dry you can spray paint the lid and the toy in one colour, we love metallic paint!

Fill them up with treats and you’ve got an easy Sunday afternoon craft which makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Get some more inspiration on Pinterest www.pinterest.co.uk


Barry Noticeboard

Barry Noticeboard It’s so easy to get caught up in negative news, so we’ve created a community noticeboard so you can share your positive words about people, businesses, places and more!

SKY SPA Hollie & Dan at the new Sky Spa Wellness are so friendly and welcoming for all their fitness classes and spa treatments. All abilities are welcome in their classes and they spend time with everyone ensuring they are progressing with their fitness goals. If fitness isn’t your thing, get yourselves there for a spa treatment and some “me” time! - Hannah W


LUCY GULWELL We have just finalised our mortgage renewal & insurances with Lucy Gulwell. Lucy will go to the back & beyond to help you and get you the best deal. Lucy makes herself available at any time of the day for you & is always on the end of the phone if you need her. We felt that we could trust Lucy with anything. We will definitely be back when the time comes again. Good luck with everything Lucy you're doing fab xxx - Leanne D

Barry Magazine

ACADEMY ESPRESSO Huge thank you to Academy for letting us host our Galentines gathering! Always super friendly staff and 2 for £10 cocktails which are not only a bargain but absolutely lush :) - Chloe

VALE WALKING CLUB Walking for well-being is a great way for ladies to meet new people, make friends, explore our beautiful coastline, get close to nature, have some gentle exercise and lots of fresh air. We meet on a Tuesday morning 9.20 am at the bandstand opposite Teddy T’s Diner, Barry Island. All ages welcome and well behaved dogs! - Pam

MY FAVOURITE PET SHOP We love shopping in My Favourite Petshop on Park Crescent. The staff are so knowledgeable and they carry a much wider selection of healthy pet treats than the big stores. Alison and her team care about finding the right food for your pets and the prices are really competitive. - Amy

HI COMMUNICATIONS I attended Hannah’s course today and would highly recommend it to everyone. I’ve learnt so much from it & If you're thinking of booking then please do so as it will definitely help your business grow. - Debbie

If you’d like to acknowledge someone in our next issue just send us an email to info@barrymagazine.co.uk to be featured here!


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