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Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution, Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs


ILLEGAL SCAMS DSAM President Datuk Tan Chong Guan







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/ Malaysia Direct Seller / Vol 1 no 1

First Edition 2019 Cover Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution, Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Photography V. Chanthiran


Forging ahead to greater heights

Direct selling industry remains an important contributor to the national economy, meeting various challenges head-on.


12 QNET Convention in Penang hosts 13,000 entrepreneurs 14 Introducing Ganoderma to the world 16 Direct selling industry performance 2018 20 How to apply for a direct sales licence 22 Differentiating direct selling from illegal scams 24 Innovative marketing for direct sales professionals 36 DSAM membership benefits


26 DSAM turns 40


30 CNY CEO Luncheon 2019 32 Asia Pacific Association Performance Seminar 33 Fostering bilateral ties with Myanmar 34 ASEAN DSAs Presidents Working Committee meetings 35 DSAM visits China


President’s message

38 Members directory

30 Vol 1 no 1 / Malaysia Direct Seller /


Dear esteemed DSAM members,

Datuk Tan Chong Guan, President of DSAM


President’s Message 4

/ Malaysia Direct Seller / First Edition

As you may know, the association has embarked on a project to increase awareness and education on the direct selling industry. It is our Direct Seller publication, highlighting issues important to our industry as well as DSAM activities. I hope our members will find this publication helpful and look at it as an informational tool for their companies too. For more information, please get in touch with the DSAM secretariat. For our first edition, we had an interview with Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, who shared his views and expectations for the industry. Currently, the government is forecasting direct selling revenue of RM20 billion by 2020. He is also eager to work closer with DSAM to address issues the industry faces, while providing assistance via the ministry’s Direct Selling Unit.

Other articles include steps to apply for a direct sales licence in Malaysia and DSAM membership benefits. We also spotlighted Gano Excel and QNET, both highly successful companies in their own right. I hope their success stories will spur and inspire others. We also shared some of the performance numbers collected last year. This offers a slice of information to member companies, allowing them to revise their forecast and make informed business decisions. The publication also highlighted several events such as DSAM’s 40th anniversary celebration, Myanmar and China visits, ASEAN DSA meetings and the 2019 CNY CEO Luncheon. One of the issues we, as an industry, need to take note of is the e-commerce impact. The rise of e-commerce has adversely affected the industry’s standing in terms of product authenticity, pricing, consumer protection, leaving customers open to fraud and substandard products. From research, many consumers have no way of knowing expiry dates, product approvals and guaranteed cooling-off period that licensed direct sellers have to honour. However, instead of fighting the online platform, licensed direct selling companies should be allowed to take part, which currently is not allowed under Malaysian law. Another issue, which is a rather long-standing one, is the continuous misconception about money and pyramid scams. The direct selling

“I hope our consumer education plans, and continuous government and regional engagement will help to shed light on steps we can take to counter fraud.” industry is frequently, and often wrongly, linked to these scams, something that we and DSAM have been advising consumers and the media about consistently. These scams are increasingly taking place in other countries, creating a cross-border problem for all. This has also caused a headache with enforcement as each country has its own laws on fraud. In some underdeveloped economies, they do not have laws for the direct selling industry. For a start, we have an article on differentiating direct selling from pyramid schemes. It details some points one should be aware of to avoid being scammed. I hope our consumer education plans, and continuous government and regional engagement will help to shed light on steps we can take to counter fraud. For example, DSAM is assisting the setting up of similar trade associations in other countries, introducing a code of ethics and conduct, and code administrators for them to adopt. Apart from legislation, I’m

happy to note many of our members are finding success in Malaysia and internationally. In my experience, the first 10 years is always the hardest for a direct selling company. Products have to be unique, finances have to be strong and marketing plans have to be fair for distributors and agents. As you can see in the industry report published, wellness products are by far the most popular. It has taken more than half of total products sold last year. In my opinion, the direct selling industry is also a cradle of entrepreneurship. It allows for people of all ages to venture into starting their own business. My personal experiences also tell me that those in their 30s to 50s often went on to have successful careers in the industry. Direct selling also helps with improving one’s financial standing, earning extra income in these challenging economic times. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to wish our Muslim members a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. May your celebrations be blessed and bountiful.

First Edition / Malaysia Direct Seller /







he direct selling industry continues to thrive amid the emergence of various new business models, including the growing presence of online retailers. This is evidenced by the industry’s contribution of RM15.9 billion sales revenue in 2018, showing that it is well on its way to achieving revenues of RM20 billion in 2020, a goal set by the Direct Selling Blue Print, launched in 2013.


/ Malaysia Direct Seller / First Edition

In an interview for the Direct Seller magazine by the Direct Selling Association Malaysia (DSAM), Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail spoke at length on the industry’s contribution to the growth of the country’s economy. “Based on the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, Malaysia is listed in the top 10 of global direct selling industry and ranked fourth in Asia behind China, South Korea and Japan,” he said

during the session at Parliament House, Kuala Lumpur. “As Malaysia is the leader in sales among ASEAN countries, I believe we have strong potential to become a regional hub for the direct sales industry. “The aim of the Blue Print was to guide the industry to greater heights in 2020, focusing on human capital, corporate governance and products and services,” he continued. “Emphasis was also given to local brands to penetrate

First Edition / Malaysia Direct Seller /



“As Malaysia is the leader in sales among ASEAN countries, I believe we have strong potential to become a regional hub for the direct sales industry.” international markets and to export its products,” he said, adding that some homegrown brands have a strong presence in more than 100 countries.

EMPHASIS ON ETHICAL PRACTICES To ensure that direct selling companies, members and consumers adhere to ethical practices in their business interactions, the ministry has collaborated with the Direct Selling Association to introduce the Direct Selling Code of Ethics 2012, and additionally, the ministry is planning on introducing a new outlook policy for the industry. “With regard to the Direct Sales and Anti-Pyramid Schemes Act, enacted in 1993, amendments are in the pipeline and the ministry is in the midst of compiling relevant updated information,” said Saifuddin. “Concurrently, the ministry has introduced a new renewal application checklist in 2018 which has been widely accepted. “Through my engagement with the industry players on this, what could go wrong is the perception among the people towards this business model, people always


/ Malaysia Direct Seller / First Edition

equate direct selling with pyramid schemes,” he added. While the ministry works closely with other agencies such as the Royal Malaysia Police, Bank Negara and the Securities Commission to investigate scams related to pyramid schemes, they welcome the DSAM to be their eyes and ears. The ministry would also put in measures to educate the public on illegal pyramid schemes through media exposure and roadshows.

UNAUTHORISED ONLINE SALES Apart from the challenges to do with the public’s perception of direct selling, the unauthorised sales of direct selling products on e-commerce platforms pose a different set of problems for industry players. The Direct Sales & AntiPyramid Schemes Act 1993 states that the sales of these products must comply with a set of guidelines, however, identifying unauthorised sellers and curbing these practices is proving challenging given the near-anonymous nature of vendors on these platforms.

Problems arise not only in the form of loss of income for direct sellers, but also the occurrence of online cheating. “The ministry is in the midst of preparing a guideline in operating business,” said Saifuddin. “One of the main focuses of the guideline will be – products and services of direct selling companies are not allowed to be sold on third-party e-commerce platforms without consent from licensed direct selling companies, and e-commerce platforms must have an agreement or contract with direct selling companies prior to listing products and services. “This is to establish a standard operating procedure that could protect companies and consumers effectively. Our position as the government, from the consumers’ point of view, is as regulators. Much needs to be done to tighten the laws that we have. While unregulated e-commerce practices may pose problems for direct sellers, Saifuddin encourages practitioners to embrace the business model as it could enhance their business. “Direct selling is an old model of selling goods, but it needs to adapt, transform, and be properly managed as a marketing tool.”

ECONOMIC GROWTH According to Saifuddin, the government is committed to supporting the business of direct sellers as it contributes a lot to economic growth. “People talk about the consumer sentiment, and the retail industry. People go window shopping, they don’t buy anything, but in the

FACTS & FIGURES Direct selling industry has sales revenue of RM15.9 billion in 2018. By 2020, it is targeted to achieve revenue of RM20 billion.

Malaysia’s direct selling industry is in the world’s top 10.

sectors of franchising and direct selling, you plot the graph and the numbers keep increasing, that means people haven’t stopped spending,” he explained. “Looking at the micro perspective – i.e. what types of goods people normally buy. In direct selling, it’s cosmetics, food supplements, health products. There is a market for that.” With encouraging numbers coming out of the direct selling industry, the minister believes that it can assist not only in the country’s economic growth, but also in empowering the rakyat. “It is an empowering tool for those who want to supplement the

Malaysia’s direct selling industry is fourth in Asia, behind China, South Korea and Japan.

Common issue: Direct selling is not a pyramid scheme.

family income or single parents who need to be flexible with their schedules, or even for retirees who want to stay connected to the working environment while topping up their retirement income,” said Saifuddin. “I believe we were able to surpass the target set because there were more direct sellers making direct selling their main source of income rather than just doing it on a part-time basis. “This shift in mindset has encouraged more people to join the industry. Exclusive and quality products offered by direct companies as well as aggressive marketing and sales programs also

Popular goods: cosmetics, food supplements, health products.

Regulated by the Direct Sales & Anti-Pyramid Schemes Act 1993.

contributed to the rise in revenue,” he added. Saifuddin expressed his satisfaction on the relationship between the ministry and the direct selling industry, noting that he would be open to sitting down more often with DSAM to brainstorm on ways the industry can exceed its current standards. “I hope that we can continue to have this kind of relationship,” he said. “I feel very pleased not only to get reports from DSAM but I can see whenever I have the opportunity to engage with them, be it formal or informal, I’m extremely happy with this relationship.”

First Edition / Malaysia Direct Seller /






/ Malaysia Direct Seller / First Edition


rom April 23-27, prominent Asian direct selling company QNET hosted a fiveday global convention, bringing together around 13,000 entrepreneurs from around the world to Penang. Around 8,000 aspiring entrepreneurs from Asia participated this year. The V-Convention, held twice a year, is a unique event which brings together customers and distributors of QNET from around the world, its business partners, and also government officials to experience QNET’s products and services and understand its business better. The opening ceremony was graced by Dr P. Ramasamy, Deputy Chief Minister II of Penang, Executive Chairman of QI Group, Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran and Deputy Chairman Joseph Bismark. Also present were QI Malaysia Chairman Tan Sri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas and several other prominent international business partners of QNET. The convention included a series of training programs, motivational speeches, unveiling of brand-new lifestyle products of QNET, and entertainment events. A key attraction this year was the QNET Carnival which showcased over 30 brands of QNET products in one of the biggest exhibitions ever held by the company. This year’s new product launches included a limited-edition luxury watch to commemorate the five-year partnership between QNET and Manchester City Football Club, and Airpure Zayn, the state-of-the-art indoor purifier. One of the more emotional highlights was the graduation ceremony for customers who had completed their online courses through qLearn, an education

product by QNET, popular among customers in Southeast Asia. Participants also had the chance to hear and be motivated by guest speakers who had overcome incredible odds to achieve their dreams. Favourite among them were Farouk Saad Hamad Al-Zuman, the first Saudi to scale Mount Everest, and Sparsh Shah, a 15-year-old Indian-American boy born with brittle bones, who was given two days to live by the doctors upon birth, and is today a YouTube star for his unique musical form blending classical music with rap. QNET’s newly appointed Chief

Executive Officer, Malou Caluza said: “Events like the V-Convention give us an opportunity to serve our distributors and allow them to experience and witness Absolute Living which guides our business. “It is also a great platform to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship that direct selling companies like QNET spark in millions of people across the globe, enabling them to improve their lives and contribute to their communities.” Adding to this, Pushpalatha Balan, QNET Regional General Manager for Southeast Asia said: “The V-Convention 2019 has been an amazingly successful event. Our

customers engaged with us, up close and personal and were able to experience first-hand, the dynamism of QNET and what makes us one of the leading direct selling companies globally. The five days has proven to be a game-changer for us all, in many ways.” QNET retails a variety of products for wellness, personal care and beauty, holidays, home care and e-learning courses among others, that enhance the everyday lives of its customers around the world. It was ranked as one of the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies for 2018 by direct selling news portal, Business for Home.

First Edition / Malaysia Direct Seller /


Success Story

Gano Discovery Centre, the world’s largest organic Ganoderma plantation.



t all started with Leow Soon Seng in the early 1980s, who found that Malaysia’s tropical climate is suited for cultivating Ganoderma lucidum (lingzhi mushroom). Ganoderma has long been associated with promoting health and longevity in China, Japan, and other Asian countries. From his research, he found that six types of Ganoderma to be used in his products. He then established Gano Excel in 1995, with an intention to change the lives of people around the world. Leow started company operations in a rented shophouse in Alor Setar, Kedah with three products – Ganoderma, Excellium dan Gano Café 3 in 1. Now, it is producing items that range from nutrition, health, self-care and home care. The company now has its own office building with seven departments working towards


/ Malaysia Direct Seller / First Edition

achieving its common goals. In 2005, Gano Excel was awarded the ISO 9001-2000 certification. In addition, Gano Excel runs an industrial complex worth more than RM20 million, implementing international standards of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). To ensure quality control on the raw ingredient, Gano Excel has the world’s largest organic Ganoderma plantation. It also received recognition from the Malaysian Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry. At the plantation, there are 100 greenhouses, each with 30,000 Ganoderma plants. Although founded in Malaysia, Gano Excel has won international recognition as a global leader in the research, cultivation, production, distribution and marketing of innovative world-class Ganoderma immunology products. With a humble beginning and

a simple philosophy of “Bringing Health and Wealth into Every Family”, Gano Excel has today grown up to be an internationally renowned direct selling company, where thousands of families have pursued their dreams of gaining better financial incomes and millions of people have experienced and benefited the goodness of Ganoderma. The multi-million-dollar company has an international network of more than 60 countries, making Gano Excel the largest Ganoderma company in the world.

Gano Excel’s Board of Executives.

Gano Excel Industries has implemented international HACCP and GMP standards.



ddin Datuk Seri Saifu er of ist in Nasution, M and e ad Tr tic Domes irs fa Af er um ns Co


ILLEGAL SCAMS DSAM President an Datuk Tan Chong Gu








Direct Seller Malaysia is the official bi-annual publication of the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM) which was founded in 1978. The national trade association promotes the direct selling industry on a national and international level. With a membership of 114 companies in the country, DSAM is the official voice of the industry, and contributes to the industry’s professional image and presence on both the local and global levels. It works closely with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumerism Affairs and other government bodies and trade associations to achieve the common goals. Malaysia is among the largest direct selling markets in the world and fourth in Asia Pacific, according to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA). According to the Direct Selling Unit of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumerism Affairs, the total industry sales for direct selling in Dec 2015 was RM15 billion. Direct Seller Malaysia magazine is mainly to serve the needs of the dynamic direct selling industry in the country and to voice the concerns and needs of the industry.


• All members of the DSAM • Top management of companies • Relevant Ministries and Government Agencies • Distributed at DSAM events • Individual direct sellers/agents • Individual consumers • Sold in all leading bookshops nationwide

For further information and enquiries Harini Management Services Sdn Bhd (609031-W) W-9-12, Menara Melawangi, Amcorp Trade Centre, 18, Persiaran Barat, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel: +603-7932 3259






he direct selling industry has been expected to contribute RM20 billion to the growth of the Malaysian economy in 2020, as outlined by Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail late last year. So, for 2018, DSAM’s 112 members as of 31 December 2018 has a 17.74% increase from 2017 in sales turnover, totalling RM7.3 billion. Numbers show that member companies’ revenues have been on the increase since 2014, from RM4.26 billion.


Sales contribution by product type Wellness 52% Home Care 1%

Foodstuff & Beverages 5% Household Goods Home & Durables Improvement 16% 1%


/ Malaysia Direct Seller / First Edition

Clothing & Accessories 5%

Books, Toys & Stationery 3% Cosmetics & Personal Care 17%

Figure 1

DSAM’s 116 Members (as at 31st December 2018) has a 17.74% increase in sales turnover, totalling RM7.3 billion.

RM (in Billion)

Meanwhile, in 2017, the industry, in general, contributed more than RM16 billion in sales revenue in Malaysia, with DSAM member companies scoring RM6.2 billion. According to statistics gathered by DSAM, wellness products are still bestsellers in Malaysia. It makes up 52% of total direct selling products sold by member companies last year. A distant second are cosmetics and personal care products at 17% while a close third is the household goods and durables at 16%. It is followed by foodstuff & beverage, and clothing & accessories at 5% each. Books, toys and stationeries are at 3%. Lastly, at 1% each are home care and home improvement products. Part of DSAM’s aim is also to have 130 member companies by end of 2019. Currently, the Association is 116-members strong.

8 7.5 7 6.5 6 5.5 5 4.5 4 3.5 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0

4.26 (-2.52%)

4.48 (5.16%)



5.09 (13.62%)

7.30 (17.74%)

6.20 (21.80%)




Figure 3

DSAM membership has increased to 112 companies at the end of 2018.

13 0 (Projected) 112 Number of Members





















First Edition / Malaysia Direct Seller /



Years Establishment 19 Years in Malaysia

Over 40

international markets where Mary KayÂŽ products are sold


Products in the Mary KayÂŽ line consisting of premium skin care, color cosmetics, body care, sun protection and fragrances




Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants worldwide



Patents Mary products tec packagin



Collaborated Malaysia thro Pink Changing

More than

e than

4 00

y Kay holds for hnologies and n g designs


n ity Impact

d with NASOM o ugh Mary Kay Lives™ initiatives


Over 200 Pink and Career Cars in Malaysia. * To date

Tests Mary Kay conducts each year to ensure every individual ingredient and finished product meets the highest standards of quality, safety and performance

90 Days Satisfaction Guarantee

beauty is our PASSION www.marykay.com.my





/ Malaysia Direct Seller / First Edition

Set up a company with Companies Commission Malaysia. The nature of business must include ‘Direct Selling’.

http://www.ssm.com.my/Pages/ Home.aspx

Product requirements under Direct Selling Guidelines • Products possess own strength • Requires explanation during sales • Non-virtual / tangible products • Product Registration for Traditional and Health Supplements • Notification for Cosmetics • Food Label Certification for Food Products • PDA License for Petroleum-based products • Energy Commission approval for electrical products


The new AJL holder must; • Start their business within 6 months from the approval date • Use the approved plan • Sell the approved products • The licence is non-transferable


Download the Direct Selling Licence (AJL) application form from the website of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (MDTCA)

https://www.kpdnhep.gov.my/ download-forms/?lang=en

5 7 RM500

Applicant should have at least five products.

Submit an application to Direct Selling Unit Domestic Trade Division, Level 4 (Tower), Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, No. 13, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 2, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, 62623 Putrajaya, Malaysia. Tel. No.: 03-8882 5500


When approved, an AJL under the company’s name will be issued. The new AJL holders will need to pay a licence fee of RM500 per year.

3 4 8 9

Paid Up Capital requirements can be found here:

https://www.kpdnhep.gov.my/ methods/?lang=en

Applicant must have a marketing plan. This plan must not contain any elements of pyramid schemes as stated in Section 27A – Schedule: Features of Pyramid Scheme or Arrangement, of the Direct Sales and Anti-Pyramid Schemes Act 1993.

Application for an AJL is free. FREE

MDTCA will process the application.

First Edition / Malaysia Direct Seller /









/ Malaysia Direct Seller / First Edition


any fall prey to these illegal schemes while others greedily participate in hopes of making quick profits from their

“investments”. Unwittingly, these willing participants have created a false image and credibility for these illegal schemes after being enticed by being paid a small sum in return for their “investments”. Eventually, these returns will cease, resulting in loss of their entire “investments”. Illegal schemes often use the method of multilevel marketing (MLM) to promote their scams and recruitment. Some even masquerade in hopes of passing off as legitimate direct selling schemes during their recruitment process.

So, how does one differentiate a legitimate direct selling business from Illegal schemes?


All direct selling businesses in Malaysia must be approved by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (MDTCA). The approval is in the form of the direct sales licence that carries a number with a prefix “AJL” followed by five or six numbers. For example, AJL10001. Before joining any direct selling business, ask for their AJL number.


MLM does not equate to direct selling. MLM is just one of the three marketing plans used by the direct selling industry in Malaysia (the other two being single-level marketing and mail order). Illegal schemes will tap on the successes of MLM used in direct selling for the furtherance of their illicit businesses, often generalising that their illegal schemes are MLM, hence equating it to direct selling.


Illegal schemes pay bonuses or commissions for recruitment. In comparison, direct selling does not reward or pay primarily for recruitment or introduction of participants. Independent distributors in direct selling can only earn rewards or bonus through the sale of goods and services. For example, if A recruits B to join a direct selling business, A will not be rewarded until B makes a sale. The reward that A earns is derived from the sales profit generated by B in the latter’s sale transaction. If B does not make any sale, A will not be rewarded.


There is usually a lack of detailed contracts, and terms and conditions in illegal schemes. In comparison, participants

joining a direct selling business are known as independent distributors and must be provided with a clear written contract and a set of terms and conditions. This document clearly describes the terms of their agreement with the direct selling company.


Illegal schemes will require a mandatory purchase or “investment” in order to participate. In direct selling, it is not mandatory to purchase products or services or impose a minimum payment or sale requirement as a condition to start your direct selling business. One can join a direct selling business by paying a very small joining fee where the independent distributors will most likely be given a starter kit to assist in starting up the business. Investments are strictly forbidden and illegal under direct selling regulations.


In illegal schemes, there is a requirement that the participants purchase goods in unreasonable amounts to acquire or maintain their positions. On the other hand, this is not required in direct selling. Independent distributors are only expected to purchase products or services that they can sell or consume within a reasonable time.


Buying up of positions or investing in positions in order to obtain better returns are often practiced in illegal schemes. For direct selling, positions are earned through sales efforts.


Illegal schemes normally do not offer any consumer protection for products or services that are sold. Often, these products and services merely provide a façade for their illegal activities. In direct selling,

SIMPLE STEPS TO IDENTIFY SCAMS • Check for direct selling operating licence • Illegal schemes pay bonuses/ commissions for recruitment • Scams lack detailed contracts • Scams require mandatory purchase/investment • No consumer protection for products/services • Scams forfeit “investments” when participants withdraw

consumers are protected by a 10-day cooling off period. Should consumers be unhappy with their purchase for whatever reason, they have the right to return the product or service in a marketable condition within the time specified in the cooling off period.


Once enrolled in an illegal scheme, participants are normally not allowed to withdraw. Should participants insist on withdrawing, their “investments” may be forfeited. In direct selling, independent distributors can withdraw from the business at any time. However, if the independent distributors have excess stock in hand, they have the right to return the unsold goods to the direct selling company if they were purchased within the last 180 days. The direct selling industry in Malaysia is regulated under the Direct Sales and Anti-Pyramid 1993. To view a copy of this Act, please refer to www.dsam.org.my.

First Edition / Malaysia Direct Seller /




he concept of marketing can best be captured by the process of attracting attention, generating interest, eliciting a desire from customers to purchase your products or services. In my view, the key role of marketing is to identify the special requirements and suggest products and/or services to meet customer needs and follow through with all the supporting services to achieve customer satisfaction. Innovative marketing, on the other hand, is about creative ideas and strategies for winning customers. It is about positioning your firm with a strategic advantage to increase your market share. It explores what makes your products, services, sales team, management and company different. Innovative marketing addresses the needs of customers and provides special services or solutions that the customers value more than others. I believe innovative marketing cannot be taught from a textbook. A lot of innovative strategies have to come from experience and an in-depth understanding of your products, services, customers, competitors, customers and the industry as a whole. Innovative marketing can only happen if one has the patience and determination to observe,


/ Malaysia Direct Seller / First Edition



Jane Bee has over 20 years of marketing and selling experience. For details, please contact her at bzarkspace@gmail.com or WhatsApp her at 012-268 5212.


analyse and capitalise on untapped opportunities in the market place. Over the years working in the marketing and selling line, I have developed some insights on innovative marketing that has proven to bring positive results in terms of increased sales and market share. The following are seven innovative marketing insights that I trust can also help you improve your sales performance.

UNDERSTAND THE UNIQUE NEEDS OF YOUR CUSTOMERS Understanding your normal customer needs does not win you the attention and interest of your customers more than your competitors. To have the edge, you need to move up the next level of competition where you are seen by your customers to understand their unique needs which others fail to see or meet. For example, there was this one client I met recently whom we found out needed more than just a venue for her product launch. She needs an event space that has an ambience that inspires and triggers creative imagination to bring about possibilities and opportunities. After spending some time discussing and focusing on her unique requirements, I provided here some creative suggestions and specific recommendations to meet her needs for her product launch venue.

FIND OUT WHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS VALUE MOST One of the greatest blind spots in marketing is the assumption of what our customers value most. Very often, we make our own assumptions.

The best way is to ask your customers outright what they value most of the products or services that they are currently purchasing or intend to purchase. To some, time is of the essence while for others, it is convenience. For example, most customers want better quality, lower prices, convenience and faster delivery. However, by understanding what attributes of the products or services that they value most and positioning your products or services to meet them will provide you the edge if they have to make a trade-off between these attributes.

HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS REDUCE THE RISK OF BUYING YOUR PRODUCTS/SERVICES Nobody likes to make mistakes. In many large organisations, people are afraid to take risks. The way to make it easy for people to choose your product or services is to make it less risky for people to do so. Providing endorsements of existing customers who are satisfied with your products or services is one way. Providing guarantees and assurance of your products or services is a sure way to reduce the risk of buying. Another way is to provide good after-sales support. Offering good training and information on using your products to ensure proper usage is another way to reduce the risk of buying.

HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS ACHIEVE HIS OR HER GOALS There are three levels of customers, namely; the users, the decision influencers and the decision makers. Each of these individuals has many goals. If you could just identify one of the goals of your customers

and help them achieve them, they will be glad to help you achieve yours.

UNDERSTAND THE TOTAL NEEDS OF YOUR CUSTOMERS Customers do not behave or think in a discrete manner. To just understand your customer on his product needs is falling short of understanding your customer. Customers make decisions against the background of all the needs they have. Innovative marketing is linking your products or services to address his other needs besides his immediate needs of the products. By finding ways to address his other needs (even just one of them), will put you on a higher pedestal in terms of competitors who ignore this. For some, a predominant need may be the sense of respect and for another may be a sense of security. So, your products or services must also serve these special needs of your client.

DIFFERENTIATE YOUR PRODUCTS/SERVICES IN A SUPERIOR FASHION In an environment of cut-throat competition, the marketing wisdom of the day is: differentiate or deteriorate. The significance of differentiation lies in having a unique product features, attributes or service that competitors do not have and that customers value. The best way to achieve maximum results from differentiation is to understand the needs of your customers thoroughly and try to match the unique attributes of your products or services to the needs of your customers.

INCREASE YOUR TOTAL SELLING ABILITY When a customer buys your products, he is buying more than that. He is buying your credibility, your personality, your track record, your company’s background, your after-sales support team and a host other factors which he deems important. Increasing one’s total selling ability will thus encircle a wider influence on the customer to make a purchase decision of your products or services. If you cannot compete with your competitors on some features or attributes of your products, you can always highlight your other facets that the potential customer is assessing prior to making his purchase decision. The way for companies to win over the competition in future is to invest in resources that will provide them a long-term sustainable competitive edge. And the way to do this is to invest more time and resources into gaining a more indepth understanding of customers. Companies need to listen to customers more intensively and get to know them more intimately. They need to conduct more frequent surveys to capture the views of their customers. And they need to constantly ask themselves on what else can they provide and how else can they do it better to improve customer service and achieve customer satisfaction. In conclusion, I would like to quote the well-known marketing guru, Philip Kotler who has this valuable marketing wisdom to share: “Companies pay too much attention to the cost of doing something. They should worry more about the cost of not doing it.”

First Edition / Malaysia Direct Seller /



40 40

DSAM Turns

The two-day celebration included a humanitarian project and a gala dinner as well as a joint celebration with WFDSA.


/ Malaysia Direct Seller / First Edition


he Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM) was founded in 1978 with the aim of promoting the direct selling industry as well as act as the de facto voice of the industry. Last year, the DSAM celebrated its 40th anniversary on 25 and 26 September in a meaningful way. To start things off, more than 160 volunteers from the member companies gathered on 25 September at the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur. In collaboration with a charity organisation called Rise Against Hunger Malaysia, the volunteers successfully packed some 80,000 meals that would be distributed to poverty-stricken areas and victims of natural disasters. The funds for this humanitarian project were donated by DSAM members as well. It was followed by a convention and a gala dinner with more than 700 attendees. In the morning, they attended the convention themed “40 years of Ethical Direct Selling”. DSAM President Datuk Tan Chong Guan gave his opening address, welcoming and thanking the delegates for their support as the association continued its momentum forward. Then, World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) Chairman Magnus

Brannstrom presented his keynote address titled “Direct Selling in a technologically enhanced future”. It was followed by a presentation by WFDSA Executive Director and COO Tamuna Gabilaia on “Global Direct Selling updates”. Lastly, there was a panel discussion on “40 years of Ethical Direct Selling” with founders and leaders from four DSAM member companies. To end the afternoon’s events, a cake-cutting ceremony was held by WFDSA and DSAM to commemorate the two associations’ 40th anniversaries. In the evening, the celebration continued with the Ruby Red Gala Dinner with a keynote address

First Edition / Malaysia Direct Seller /





/ Malaysia Direct Seller / First Edition

DSAM WOULD LIKE TO RECORD A SPECIAL THANKS TO • Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuala Lumpur for being the venue sponsor for the humanitarian project; • Platinum Sponsors BE International Marketing Sdn Bhd, Coway (M) Sdn Bhd, QNet (M) Sdn Bhd, Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd; • Gold Sponsors Elken Sdn Bhd, Forever Living Products (M) Sdn Bhd, Isagenix (Asia Pacific) Malaysia Sdn Bhd, K-Link International Sdn Bhd, Mary Kay (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Nu Skin (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Perfect Pentagon Sdn Bhd, Sunrider International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, UHS Essential Health (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. by Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs. He later received a RM50,000 donation on behalf of Tabung Harapan Malaysia. The night also honoured 42 DSAM member companies who joined 10 to 40 years ago. There were lucky draw prizes given out to attendees as well as top-notch entertainment provided by Guinness record holder Mark & Pinky, and a special appearance by Malaysian superstar Ning Baizura.

First Edition / Malaysia Direct Seller /



CNY CEO Luncheon 2019

The annual event saw talks and networking opportunities among heads of member companies. The annual CEO Luncheon was held on 21 February, 2019 in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration. It was attended by more than 70 heads of DSAM member companies. During the luncheon, Associate Professors Dr Ng Swee Chin and Dr Lee Wah Pheng of Tunku Abdul Rahman University College shared their views on Industry 4.0 and how it would affect the direct selling industry and beyond. The two speakers have in-depth knowledge on the topic as well as studies and implementation processes with the government and private sectors. The presentations were insightful while providing a general perspective on the progress and application of Industry 4.0. Dubai Tourism then presented the city’s facilities and benefits as an incentive destination. The organisation was also the event sponsor.



/ Malaysia Direct Seller / First Edition

First Edition / Malaysia Direct Seller /



Asia Pacific Association Performance Seminar

Held in Seoul, the WFDSA shares the final draft of the Messaging Guidebook. A delegation of DSAM representatives attended the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) APP Seminar for Asia Pacific Direct Selling Associations in Seoul, South Korea on 10 and 11 May, 2018. Other attendees included regional DSA representatives from the region and WFDSA executives. One of the highlights was the presentation of WFDSA’s final draft of the Messaging Guidebook – a guide for all DSAs to present the industry in a standard, consistent description and inline with the definitions of WFDSA. There were also brainstorming sessions on addressing issues relating to member companies, current developments faced by each DSA,


/ Malaysia Direct Seller / First Edition

exchange of best practices, DSA performance standards, new initiatives, company presentations by Atomy and Amway Korea and more. DSAM also presented in South Korea DSA’s 30th Anniversary Seminar titled “Meet the Future”.


Fostering Bilateral Ties With Myanmar DSAM joins Myanmar Direct Selling Association’s first meeting. The collaboration between Myanmar and DSAM started when in October 2016, a delegation flew to the country to meet its Ministry of Commerce. Apart from sharing of industry knowledge, the DSAM delegation fostered a close working relationship, with the Myanmar government expressing strong interests to build its own direct selling industry and association. In that year, it was reported that some 40 direct selling companies were already doing business in Myanmar. In late November 2016, a study trip to Myanmar was organised by DSAM. The purpose of the trip was to gather information on the Myanmar direct selling industry as well as the entry procedures and regulations. Meanwhile, the delegation had an audience with senior officials from more than 14 government agencies, including the Ministry of Commerce, Department of Food & Drug Administration, Customs Department, Internal Revenue Department, Directorate of Investment & Company Administration, and the Federation Chambers of Commerce & Industry. DSAM and the Ministry of Commer organised in a two-day workshop on direct

selling that facilitated the exchange of vital information. Fast forward to 2019, DSAM was invited to the first official meeting of the new Myanmar Direct Selling Association (MDSA) in Yangon on 29 January. DSAM has worked with several companies operating in Myanmar for the last few years, culminating with the formation of the MDSA. MDSA’s Constitution and Code of Conduct were adopted from DSAM, with some amendments to suit regulatory conditions in Myanmar. The highlight of the January meeting was the election of the candidates for the first MDSA Board, followed by a discussion on formalising the association and appointment of an independent code administrator. DSAM also made a courtesy visit to Zaw Min Win, President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI). UMFCCI has continuously been supportive of the direct selling industry in Myanmar and is confident that the new Direct Selling Act will be enacted soon. All trade associations in Myanmar are under the purview of UMFCCI, which

then provide updates to the Myanmar government. UMFCCI’s approval is required to form MDSA. DSAM and MDSA later met with Ye Htut Naing, Director, Ministry of Commerce and his team in Nay Pyi Taw. Among the topics of discussion was the drafting of the first Direct Selling Act for Myanmar. This Act is eagerly awaited by the industry in Myanmar as it is expected to rescind the ban on multi-level marketing imposed last September. Meanwhile, in March, on the invitation of DSAM, Ye and his team visited Malaysia with the purpose of having an insight into the direct selling industry here as well as to assist in the drafting of a Direct Selling Act for Myanmar. During the visit, the delegation as briefed by DSAM on the industry’s performance, the close collaboration between DSAM and the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, as well as the association’s selfregulation via the Code of Conduct. A meeting was also arranged between Myanmar’s Ministry of Commerce and MDTCA where the former was briefed on direct selling practices and compliance in Malaysia.

First Edition / Malaysia Direct Seller /



ASEAN DSAs Presidents Working Committee Meetings The working committee met three times in the past 12 months to discuss industry issues in the region. The ASEAN DSAs Presidents Working Committee (ADPWC) was set up to discuss current issues and shared valuable information on direct selling practices in the region. The 11th ADPWC meeting was held in Hanoi, Vietnam last July. One of the main agendas for this meeting was the briefing by AmCham Vietnam Direct Selling Committee on the recent enactment of Decree 40, replacing Decree 42. Decree 40 regulates the direct selling industry in Vietnam. ADPWC representatives later


/ Malaysia Direct Seller / First Edition

participated in a round table discussion organised by the Vietnam Competition and Consumer Protection Authority (VCCPA), Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT), and AmCham Vietnam Direct Selling Committee. Chairing this discussion was Trinh Anh Tuan, Deputy Director General of MoIT. Also present were the heads of Department of Industry and Trade (DoIT) from 28 northern districts of Vietnam. It concluded with an interesting discussion on Decree 40 by MoIT, DoIT and ASEAN DSAs Presidents.

Meanwhile, the 12th meeting was held in Kuala Lumpur last September. ASEAN DSAs Presidents and representatives were joined by World Federation of Direct Selling Associations’ (WFDSA) Executive Director and COO Tamuna Gabilaia and GRAC Committee Head Pontus Andreasson, India DSA president and its code administrator. Among the topics discussed were the effects of online e-commerce platforms and update by Asosiasi Penjualan Langsung Indonesia (APLI) on the newly implemented online application procedure for direct selling licence in Indonesia. Lastly, the 13th meeting was held in Kuala Lumpur in March 2019. It was attended by Director of Myanmar’s Ministry of Commerce Ye Htut Naing and his delegation. Respective DSA Presidents presented a summary of direct selling activities and laws of their countries, followed by a question session. Myanmar DSA President also shared the direct selling industry updates in Myanmar and the on-going ban on multi-level marketing. The Thai DSA, who is the host of WFDSA World Congress XVI, shared details of the event. It will be held from 30 September to 2 October, 2020 in Bangkok. Currently, the ADPWC has its permanent secretariat in Kuala Lumpur. Members of ADPWC comprised DSAM, Thai DSA, DSA Philippines, DSA Singapore, APLI, AmCham Direct Selling Committee Vietnam, Myanmar DSA and India DSA.


DSAM Visits China

The study trip to China in April 2018 allowed members to gain insights into its direct selling industry. With the help from CNI (China) Co Ltd, a DSAM delegation visited China in April 2018 for the second time. It was meant to be an opportunity to explore the direct selling industry and to obtain the latest information from the relevant Chinese authorities. The delegation met with Yang Hongcan, Director General of the AntiMonopoly and Anti-Unfair Competition Enforcement Bureau, State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) and his team; as well as Ye Wei, Deputy Director General of the Foreign Investment


Administration, Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and his team. The Bureau and the Ministry are directly involved with direct selling regulation in China. Topics of discussion included the consolidation of various administrations to improve the efficiency of regulating the direct selling industry in China and shared updates of the industry in Malaysia. Meanwhile, CNI (China) Co Ltd hosted a welcome dinner and was attended by Chinese President Hu Jintao, who was also the former president of MOFCOM’s Foreigner Direct Selling Association.

First Edition / Malaysia Direct Seller /






Operated by an independent secretariat. Strict confidentiality is assured.

Entitled to carry the registered DSAM logo, the standard bearer for the direct selling industry.


Practice a Code of Conduct recognized by the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) and Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (MDTCA). Members will be benchmarked against global standards.


DSAM’s Code of Conduct offers protection for consumers, member companies and independent distributors. Code compliance is overseen by our independent code administrator. The code also includes a structured complaint procedure.

Advisory assistance on a wide range of areas.


Exclusive access to “Members Only” WFDSA and DSAM websites.


/ Malaysia Direct Seller / First Edition


Personalised assistance when expanding to ASEAN affiliated markets.


Assistance and referral to more than 60 affiliated direct selling associations in the world when expanding globally.


Platform to raise issues pertaining to the industry to various ministries including MDTCA, Ministry of Health, Personal Data Protection Board, Human Resource Development Fund, Royal Malaysian Customs Department and others.


Monthly meetings with MDTCA to raise specific member-related issues to the Direct Selling Unit.


Collaboration with the top international legal firms and tax consultants, providing the highest level of service to our members in these areas.


Regular CEO luncheons and meetings to discuss issues, exchange views, knowledge and experiences at the highest management level.


Monthly e-bulletin updates on all matters pertaining to the industry plus circulars for instant updates on urgent matters.


DSAM conducts annual surveys and produces an annual industry report, including market size, product segment contribution, and many others. This is to assist our members in planning and forecasting.


And more.

First Edition / Malaysia Direct Seller /



Members Directory

1. Agape Superior Living Sdn Bhd T: 03 2732 5716 2. AMC Allied Metalcraft Corporation Sdn Bhd T: 03 8081 7223 F: 03 8081 0277

17. CenGreen Global Sdn Bhd T: 03 9056 2005 F: 03 9056 2516 18. Chini Enterprise (M) Sdn Bhd T: 03 4048 1268 F: 03 4041 9918 19. CNI Enterprise (M) Sdn Bhd T: 03 5569 4000 F: 03 5569 1078 20. Conforer Global Sdn Bhd T: 03 9283 5289 F: 03 9285 3449 21. Cosway (M) Sdn Bhd T: 03 2116 1188 F: 03 2148 5444 22. Coway (M) Sdn Bhd T: 03 2059 1000 F: 03 2181 1929

F I 36. Flantech Asia Sdn Bhd T: 04 537 2200 F: 04 537 0099

49. I-Linkage Sdn Bhd T: 03 2713 1288 F: 03 2713 1822

37. Fitline (M) Sdn Bhd T: 03 8081 6680 F: 03 8081 6102

50. Immeri Sdn Bhd T: 03 7972 8033 F: 03 7972 7233

D G J B E H K L C 3. Americ Corporation Sdn Bhd T: 04 229 3470 F: 04 229 3480

4. Am Life International Sdn Bhd T: 03 8070 7616 F: 03-8070 4616

23. Creative Dreams International Sdn Bhd T: 03 7954 9196 F: 03 7954 9197 24. Cuckoo International (Mal) Sdn Bhd T: 1800 88 8181 F: 03 9078 2538

38. Forever Living Products (M) Sdn Bhd T: 03 9282 0033 F: 03 9283 5055

51. Infinitus International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd T: 03 8079 1828 F: 03 8079 1829

39. Forlife Research Sdn Bhd T: 03 7629 6800 F: 03 7629 6888

52. Isagenix (Asia Pacific) Malaysia Sdn Bhd T: 03 2243 1878 F: 03 2243 1933

5. Amway (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd T: 03 7946 2288 F: 03 7946 2399 6. Annkang Wellness Sdn Bhd T: 03 7733 8873

7. Aphrozone (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd T: 04 646 9028 F: 04 646 7153

8. Asia Herbal Biotech Sdn Bhd T: 03 5622 2600 F: 03 5622 2900 9. Atomy Malaysia Sdn Bhd T: 03 2718 8989 F: 03 2718 8988

25. Decho Bio International Sdn Bhd T: 03 8066 2788 F: 03 8066 3132

10. Avon Cosmetics (M) Sdn Bhd T: 03 5033 2800 F: 03 5033 2900

26. Diamond Interest Sdn Bhd T: 04 397 4675 F: 04 397 9230 27. Doterra Malaysia Sdn Bhd T: 03 2633 7888

40. Gano Excel Enterprise Sdn Bhd T: 04 734 6828 F: 04 732 3828

41. Goodarch Technology Sdn Bhd T: 03 5525 8189 F: 03 5525 8789

53. Jeunesse Global Sdn Bhd T: 03 7960 6005 F: 03 7960 9005 54. Just Essentials Sdn Bhd T: 03 6143 9008

42. Grolier (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd T: 03 2688 1688 F: 03 2070 5708

28. DXN Marketing Sdn Bhd T: 03 7809 3388 F: 03 7809 3200

55. Kyani (M) Sdn Bhd T: 03 5022 0833 F: 03 5022 0836

11. BE International Marketing Sdn Bhd T: 03 5561 8500 F: 03 5561 8501

43. HDI Network (M) Sdn Bhd T: 03 5633 0906 F: 03 5633 3129

12. Best World Lifestyle Sdn Bhd T: 03 9057 1133 F: 03 9057 2158

13. Bing Han Enterprise Sdn Bhd T: 03 2144 1081 F: 03 2144 7443

29. Edmark (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd T: 03 8070 2488 F: 03 8075 3366

14. Blondal Sales & Service Sdn Bhd T: 03 5569 1888 F: 03 5569 1558

30. Edutex Trading Sdn Bhd T: 05 313 9988 F: 05 312 8068

15. Brilliant Point Sdn Bhd T: 03 4142 0411 F: 03 4142 0415

31. Elken Sdn Bhd T: 03 7985 8888 F: 03 7785 9284 32. Elowater Malaysia Sdn Bhd T: 03 9212 8500

33. Enagic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd T: 03 2282 2332 F: 03 2282 2335

34. Excellent Household Resources Malaysia Sdn Bhd T: 03 5892 1962 35. Extend My Network Sdn Bhd T: 07 5588 276 F: 07 558 8278

16. Cadware Pioneer Sdn Bhd T: 03 9171 6952 F: 03 9171 6951


/ Malaysia Direct Seller / First Edition

44. Healthy Futures Sdn Bhd T: 03 7661 0812 F: 03 7661 0820

56. KZ1 Global Sdn Bhd T: 03 7960 1877 F: 03 7960 2877 57. K-Link International Sdn Bhd T: 03 7948 2333 F: 03 7948 2338

45. Healthy Homes Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd T: 03 9221 2828 F: 03 9221 1868 46. Healthy Way (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd T: 03 8656 9999 F: 03 8656 1232

47. Herbalife Products Malaysia Sdn Bhd T: 03 2687 6300 F: 03 2687 6262 48. Home Direct Shopping Sdn Bhd T: 03 2282 1233 F: 03 2282 1833

58. Lanfar (M) Sdn Bhd T: 03 4296 0649 F: 03 4296 0650 59. LeRoy International Sdn Bjd T: 03-8925 9999 F: 03-8922 2280 60. Longrich Bioscience (M) Bhd T: 03 2289 0888 F: 03 2289 0828 61. Luxor Network Sdn Bhd T: 03 7681 2233 F: 7681 2266


77. Optimo International Sdn Bhd T: 03 5192 1989 F: 03 5192 1978

88. Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd T: 03 3348 8588 F: 03 3348 8133 89. Sami Direct Sdn Bhd T: 03 7932 3301 F: 03 7932 3341

108. UHS Essential Health (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd T: 03 2246 0800 F: 03 2246 0901

V Q T W N R Y Z O S U 62. Manamana International Sdn Bhd T: 03 7788 7791 F: 03 7788 7792 63. Market Malaysia Shop Sdn Bhd T: 03 2289 3388 F: 03 2289 3300 64. Mary Kay (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd T: 03 7711 7555 F: 03 7711 7556

65. Max Health & Living Worldwide (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd T: 03 7494 1270 F: 03 7931 5018

90. Shaklee Products (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd T: 03 5622 3188 F: 03 5622 3199 91. Shuang Hor Enterprise (M) Sdn Bhd T: 03 6275 8818 F: 03 6276 6822

110. Unilever Malaysia Aviance Sdn Bhd T: 03 7951 9888 F: 03 7960 3660

92. Siang Hin Network Sdn Bhd T: 03 7960 7322 F: 03 7960 7323

78. Perfect Pentagon (M) Sdn Bhd T: 03 7620 3800 F: 03 7620 8282

93. Singer (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd T: 03 7985 9090 F: 03 7985 9199

79. PHHP Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd T: 07 861 9889 F: 07 861 5023

94. Stemtech Malaysia Sdn Bhd T: 03 7980 2007 F: 03 7980 9700

80. P-Life Marketing Sdn Bhd T: 03 9057 4559 F: 03 9058 2911

95. Sunrider International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd T: 03 4253 3266 F: 03 4251 4986 96. Superlife World Sdn Bhd T: 03 9202 6566

66. Max Pine International Holdings Sdn Bhd T: 04 506 0185 F: 04 506 0187

109. Unicity Marketing Sdn Bhd T: 03 7968 9911 F: 03 7968 0888

111. VIVA Life Science Sdn Bhd T: 03 7859 8248 F: 03 7859 8249

97. Synergy Worldwide Marketing Sdn Bhd T: 03 7710 8228 F: 03 7710 9229

67. MOI Worldwide Sdn Bhd T: 03 9221 0586 F: 03 9221 0586

68. Morinda (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd T: 03 6205 5988 F: 03 6205 2180

69. MPI Multi-Pure International Sdn Bhd T: 03 2242 4188 F: 03 2242 4886

81. Q Beaute Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd T: 03 5879 8544 F: 03 5879 8544

112. Wealthy Pentagon Sdn Bhd T: 03 2280 0068 F: 03 2280 0568

82. QNet (M) Sdn Bhd T: 03 7967 9888 F: 03 7957 5142

98. Tasly (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd T: 03 9222 3811 F: 03 9222 6811

113. Worldwellness Network Sdn Bhd T: 03 7788 7791 F: 03 7788 0949

99. Thanks Ai Sales & Marketing Sdn Bhd T: 03 7932 1613 F: 03 7932 1619

70. Natural Health Farm Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd T: 03 5569 3721 F: 03 5569 0139

100. Theta Mobile Sdn Bhd T: 03 7839 3439 F: 03 7666 6995

101. Tiens Health Development Sdn Bhd T: 03 9284 7999 F: 03 9284 8999

71. Nefful (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd T: 03 2031 1177 F: 03 2031 1155

72. NHTC Wellness Products Malaysia Sdn Bhd T: 03 8605 0072 73. Norwex Malaysia Sdn Bhd T: 03 5031 2688

74. Nu Skin (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd T: 03 2170 7700 F: 03 2170 7799

75. N.Z. New Image Sdn Bhd T: 03 7940 3688 F: 03 7940 3600

83. RBN Global Bhd T: 03 6257 0088 F: 03 6242 7088

84. Richnergy International Sdn Bhd T: 03 7490 5760 F: 03 7496 6266 85. Reliv International Sdn Bhd T: 03 6038 7388

86. Revell Sdn Bhd T: 03 7931 9601 F: 03 7931 9609

102. Totalife (M) Sdn Bhd T: 03 6144 0528

103. Total Reach Marketing Sdn Bhd T: 03 7877 6500 F: 03 7874 4294

114. YMR International Marketing Sdn Bhd T: 09 844 2775 F: 03 848 4775

104. Tri Wonder International Sdn Bhd T: 03 6206 1630

115. Young Living (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd T: 03 2280 1000 F: 03 2280 1002

105. True Mix Sdn Bhd T: 03 7804 9326 F: 03 7806 2463

106. Tupperware Brands Malaysia Sdn Bhd T: 03 5636 5500 F: 03 5631 1832

116. Zhulian Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd T: 04 616 2020 F: 04 641 3020

76. OMX Nutrition Sdn Bhd T: 03 8025 9103 F: 03 8025 9110

87. Sachaway Sdn Bhd T: 07 558 2188

107. UGS Network Service (M) Sdn Bhd T: 03 8060 6989 F: 03 8060 6989

First Edition / Malaysia Direct Seller /


Profile for Harini Management Services Sdn Bhd

DIRECT SELLER Malaysia ENG|Vol 1|No 1|2019|Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution  

DIRECT SELLER MALAYSIA is published twice a year for the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM) — founded in 1978 to represent its 11...

DIRECT SELLER Malaysia ENG|Vol 1|No 1|2019|Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution  

DIRECT SELLER MALAYSIA is published twice a year for the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM) — founded in 1978 to represent its 11...