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Expanding Hemp Within Limits von Steve Allin

It is 30 years since the famous book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes� by Herer was first published and in the intervening years there has grown a worldwide desire to make the promises of the information contained in this groundbreaking work to be made a reality. Industrial production of many thousands of hectares is currently being realized in countries such as Canada with food production, China with textiles and in France and Holland with fibres for bio-composites for the automotive industry but elsewhere production is on a smaller scale although the aim is for large scale production and markets in the future. As many will know we can obtain many materials from this one plant and indeed it is this aspect which has helped the potential of hemp to be broadcast far and wide. With any Hemp production, industrial or not, there will be 3 or 4 products to


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sell if all the processing is put in place and indeed this is the only way to make the activity profitable in an economic sense. However modern farming crop systems usually only cope with one product or material and this is usually food for mankind or the animals that supply a part of our diet. Or a crop may have a single product such as logs of timber or fibres in the case of cotton or flax. The many possibilities of a hemp crop complicates the choices farmers or entrepreneurs have to make to invest in the different equipment to capitalise on the potential of the materials they produce. We, as a society, have become used to obtaining many of the materials used to produce our clothing, transportation or other domestic products from mineral sources. The extraction or manufacture of metals or plastics does not rely on good weather for growth or harvest, as long as the supply is there in the ground it is only a case of digging or