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HOW ABOUT LIVING IN A HEMP HOUSE… One of the oldest plants, cultivated by man, was the cannabis sativa. Nowadays we call it ‘industrial hemp’. von Wolf Jordan

Nowadays we call it ‘industrial hemp’. Virtually every part of this fast growing plant can be used. The seeds, the leaves, the fibres from the stem and even the left-over parts of the wooden stem: the hemp shivs. This is what I will tell about, since this material has an enormous potential. If we mix the hempshivs with a binder, then we can use this for insulation of existing houses and for building completely new projects. This mix, usually referred to as ‘hempcrete’, gives a light weight material that in many ways will not obey the ‘normal’ physics and calculations, used in modern building … Now, this becomes challenging! First, there are aspects that fully correspond with normal physics. Like a cement-concrete essentially is composed of a binder and filler, the same works for this ‘hempcrete’. So, in order to obtain an optimal result, the granulometric composition of the fillers is crucial. You will need big particles, to give your mixture strength. But the cavities between those particles, have to be filled up by smaller particles, and room between those, need still smaller particles, and so on, until you have a maximum of filler, from big to very fine. The granulometric curve of hempcrete should be similar to that of a ‘normal’ concrete.


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