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Avonmore Primary School


Hammersmith & Fulham Council


Introduction As part of Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s Community Schools Programme we’re asking parents, pupils, local residents, the wider community and key stakeholders to help re-design and develop two schools to make them fit for the future. We’re aiming to find new, imaginative and sustainable solutions to create better school sites across the borough.

These first drop-in exhibitions are an opportunity to see our initial analysis of the sites, meet the architects and share your ideas about a new school, community facilities and housing. Avonmore Primary School will be one of the first to benefit from the programme. The Council and the school are working in partnership to maximise this unique opportunity to regenerate and improve the current school facilities for the benefit of the borough’s children.

Community Schools Programme As well as fixing their current building problems, the programme aims to: > Improve the flexibility of classroom space to meet new curriculum requirements > Make better use of play space to keep children healthier > Help schools recruit the best teachers > Improve inclusion, by designing sufficient space and facilities for learners requiring extra support > Make better use of schools to benefit the wider community, outside the school day and during holidays

New Homes > To fund the delivery of new schools, high-quality new homes are required to be built on each site alongside the school.

Avonmore Primary School


Hammersmith & Fulham Council

What’s happened so far? The Vision > To improve educational outcomes > Support thriving neighbourhoods > Help to meet the funding challenges facing our school community These images provide an example of how this vision could be achieved.

Landscape: Communal sitting area

Responds to the context: Residential facing a public park

Flexibility: Multi purpose learning spaces

Make the most for each site: Internal countryard for play and learning

Mixed use: Community centre / Residential

Responds to the context: School design fits amongst existing residential neighbours

The Brief To ensure the views of the entire school community were recorded from the beginning of the process, the Council appointed an independent design advisor, who has worked with the school leadership team, the governors, staff, parents and pupils over the last 6 months to prepare a comprehensive design brief for the new school.

Parent drop-in exhibition

This design brief has captured the school’s aspirations for its new facilities and has the support of the governing body and senior school leadership team. In relation to the residential element, a key part of the Council’s brief is for at least 50% of the new homes to be affordable to help address the borough’s housing need.

Parent drop-in exhibition

Pupil Council Workshop

Avonmore Primary School


Hammersmith & Fulham Council

Meet the team The Council have now appointed a design team to make the proposals contained within the design brief a reality. The challenge is to ensure that both the educational and housing elements are of the highest quality and for that reason the team consists of both a school specialist and a residential specialist.

School Architect

Walters & Cohen are education specialists, with over 50 completed education projects ranging from nurseries and primary schools to university buildings, we are passionate about building outstanding schools. Having received awards for how our schools look and work, we are considered experts in education design. Our approach is collaborative, friendly, strategic and professional.

Regent High School, Camden (Walters & Cohen)

Elm Park Primary School, Havering (Walters & Cohen)

Residential Architect

Reynard Mills, Hounslow (BPTW)

For over 30 years, BPTW has worked with local authorities to successfully design innovative and exemplary housing developments. We measure the success of our projects through the positive impact our buildings have on the local community. Our core values guide the way we work and are an intrinsic part our culture, namely:

Aperture Works, Harrow (BPTW)







Landscape Architect

As well as being experienced residential landscape designers, LUC have worked extensively in the education sector and have informed the landscape design for a number of recent school projects. Our design approach is to produce rich, thoughtful and locally distinctive landscape solutions which are of exceptional quality.

Acton Gardens, Ealing (LUC)

Camden Active Spaces, St Dominic’s School, Camden (LUC)

Avonmore Primary School


Hammersmith & Fulham Council

Mixed Use Concept

School + Housing + Community =


The Approach

Key: Residential School Community space

Vibrant Mixed use scheme where new homes fund our new school The housing is necessary to deliver a new school. These diagrams show how this mixed-use concept could be achieved.

Isolated School Building PROS: Generous amount of external space; Avoids potential conflicts between different user groups

Example 1

CONS: Inefficient use of land that carries a high maintenance charge; Restricted community interaction; Limited self-funding opportunities

Free-standing School, Residential & Community Building PROS: Encourages community interaction; Minimises potential conflicts between new user groups

Example 2

CONS: Potential for inefficient land use

Integrated School Building PROS: Encourages community interaction; Minimises the building size CON: Careful consideration required to ensure the different uses complement one another

Avonmore Primary School Hammersmith & Fulham Council

Design Principles There are a number of elements to consider to ensure the co-location of a school and housing is successful.

> Noise mitigation: the buildings will be designed with input from a specialist acoustician so noise generated separately from both the school and the residential will not impact one another.

> Security and access: the security of the school and safeguarding of pupils is paramount. The school will have clear and controlled dedicated entrance points.

> Privacy control: overlooking of the school will be an important consideration when designing the direction and placement of windows.

> Equal emphasis on schools and homes: the residential and school elements will be designed with the same care and attention as one another to ensure the mix of uses work in harmony.

Educational Continuity Your child’s education is important and we will look to minimise disruption as the new school is being built. The intention is to keep the school operating on site but if this is not possible the school will be moved to suitable alternative premises nearby.


Avonmore Primary School


Hammersmith & Fulham Council

The Site There has been a school on the site since the late 19th Century. There are separate buildings on site for Nursery, Reception and Year 1 classes. There is also a detached house, Gordon Cottage, which is used for ancillary school facilities, including a science lab and sensory room.

t e e r t S h g i H n o t g n i Kens

Kensington Olympia

on Av et

e Str

ad Ro re


y rsb Ea

The site is located within the Olympia and Avonmore Conservation Area.

St James School

Marcus Garvey Park Key


rth No


Primary Vehicular Route

d En

Secondary Vehicular Route

rT err ace

a Ro d

Main School Entrance Alternative School Entrance Marcus Garvey Park St James School Kensington Olympia

Site context

04 05 06 01 - Mansion Block on Avonmore Rd


02 - Terraced Houses on Lisgar Terrace



03 - Avonmore School entrance on Avonmore Rd

05 Secondary School access

02 08

04 - Mansion Block on Avonmore Rd

06 - St James School on Earsby St

07 - Marcus Garvey Park

08 - Pedestrian link through the Park

Avonmore Primary School


Hammersmith & Fulham Council

The Opportunity Strategic Opportunities

CREATE new key frontages

ENABLE shared community space while maintaining privacy for individual uses

Potential Site Zoning

The site offers the opportunity to provide separate buildings for the school and new homes.

RESPOND to the architectural language

PRESERVE as many of the existing trees as possible

Avonmore Primary School


Hammersmith & Fulham Council

What happens next? Local Benefits

New homes in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

A new mixed-use development fitting within the local character

Potential for school renewal to enhance Marcus Garvey Park

Financial contributions towards local and strategic infrastructure

50% affordable housing target

Provides a shared community space while allowing independence between the school use and the residents on site

Residential accommodation within 5 mins walking distance from main bus and tube lines

The residential element finances a new school

Target Programme

Jan 2020

Mar 2020 Stage 1 Site Analysis

June 2020 Stage 3 Final Design Review

Stage 2 Developing the Design

> Strategic Design Approach > First Public Consultation

Summer 2021

> Pre-application meeting with the Local Planning Authority > Second Public Consultation

> Pre-application meeting with the Local Planning Authority > Preparation of all documents required for a planning application

Planning Application Submitted

Stage 2 Refining the Design

Stage 1 Complete

Construction anticipated to start

Development completed

> Residents can comment on the application

> Pre-application meeting with the Local Planning Authority > Third Public Consultation

Feb 2020

Apr-May 2020

Summer 2020

Have your say We need your help to design this much needed new school and new homes so please complete our feedback form. This is the first exhibition and there will be further opportunities to view and comment on the emerging design in exhibitions over the coming months. A copy of the exhibition boards is available on the Council’s website by searching Avonmore Primary.

Summer 2023

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Avonmore Primary School exhibition boards  

As part of Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s Community Schools Programme we’re asking parents, pupils, local residents, the wider community and...

Avonmore Primary School exhibition boards  

As part of Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s Community Schools Programme we’re asking parents, pupils, local residents, the wider community and...