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CN BLUE Concert In Jakarta


SMTOWN Concert Seoul ASTRO Concert Seoul SEVENTEEN Concert Seoul


JAY PARK: Making History TOP Crisis


ESport APEX Road To Semi Final Summer Bingsu Comfort Women Dark Historic Secret Seoul’s Biggest Cat Cafe “My Korea Experience”




BANG YONG GUK: YAMAZAKI ZICO: Television Album Highlight


DRAMA 2017 Movie Premiere: BATTLESHIP G-DRAGON World Tour Schedule 2017 Army Returns 2017 Army Enlistment


Fashion: Instagram Highlight Fashion Trends Summer Fashion Battle Of The Winks! Dance Like EXO!


NYC 2017 Written and Photographed by: Youa Lauj


ALLYU DOING HALLYU Magazine readers! As many you have known we were able to cover KCON NYC 2017 this year again. First off I want to thank CJ E&M Entertainment, Mnet, Toyota and Amazon Coins along with all other affiliations for making this event happen and for once again putting on a phenomenal events where fans can interact with each other and artist. This year the winter Olympics will be held in PyeongChang, South Korea and they were

there to show what the city had to offer. KCON NYC 2017 was filled with some much energy from all the fans and artists who attend the show. This year’s artist consisted of CNBLUE, GFriend, Highlight, KNK, NCT 127, SF9, TWICE, Up10TION and Zion T with special appearance by Kevin Woo former member of U-Kiss. Along with all these artist 1Million Dance Group was there and some pretty well known youtuber such as JunCurry Ahn, JRE, GOTOE, Edward Avila and Joan Kim to name off a few who also had panels of their own.

This year KCON NYC a slight change of booths where gamers were able to enjoy it too if they weren’t so into the kpop scene. It definitely open the doors to gamers as well as kpop fans, and did mention the tent was AC to keep fans cool from the hot NYC heat. This year’s panel kick off with Kevin Woo who talk about his kpop career and a mini meet&greet with his fans who has awaited for him for a long time . There were many different types of panels such as make-up tips, what type of kpop fan are you, aegyo battles, pain night kcon style, cooking tips with Edward Lee. 1Million Dance Group also held a dance workshop teaching all the fans the hottest dances steps to the top kpop groups. I spoke to many fans who were able to join the dance workshop

and they were ecstatic to learn these dance steps from one the best dance group in Seoul right now. As the day events for the first day comes to a close fans start to line for the concert where they get to see their favorite idols hit the stage and perform their top hits. Gfriend, Highlight, KNK, SF9, and Zion T took to the stage and left everyone in awe with their performance. Fans were screaming as each artist took to the stage and burn the stage down with their energetic performance. Two lucky winners were also gifted a trip to PyeongChang for the Winter Olympics. Day one festivities comes to a close and fans head off to get rested up for the last and final day of KCON.

Day two of KCON NYC rolls in as fans line up to the different workshops, testing out their dance moves, taste buds and etc. Some fans were able to test out their strengths at breaking wood boards, while others tried their lucks to win ramens. Walking the grounds of the event I saw so many fans dress up as some of their favorite idols or just cosplaying from music videos. Twice fan boys were all dressed up in TWICE jersey with their idol’s name on their jerseys. While many fans just roam the grounds other took to the dance floor at the Toyota booth to battle it out and show their moves to prove who has the kpop grooves. Dancing wasn’t made for everyone so some headed over InnisFree and took pictures with standee of Lee Min-Ho. Many fans were getting exhausted so they just lounge around at the State Farm booth and tested out the VR where you can escape reality for a moment. Day turns into night and another spectacular performances from NCT 127, TWICE, UP10TION and CNBLUE. Along with each artists performing their own songs, they were able to cover songs from their senior artist. Just as the first day concert the second day concert was also a success and each and every artist were able to show off their own colors and vibes and melt away the hearts of each fan. KCON NYC left all of us speechless and excited for more. If you missed out KCON NYC no worries KCON LA is just around the corner so make sure to not miss out on one of the hottest kpop event to be held here in North America. Make sure to check out our SNS accounts for the most up to date information on the kpop scenes, until we meet again have a Hallyu-Day!


2017 CNBLUE LIVE [BETWEEN US] IN JAKARTA CONCERT Written by: Frisanty Marissa Photographed by: Yasmine Febrina


fter four years since Blue Moon Tour back in 2013, CNBLUE has successfully cured Indonesian Boice (CNBLUE fans; name) longing for their live performance with the concert titled “2017 CNBLUE LIVE [BETWEEN US] IN JAKARTA” at International Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City on Saturday, July 15th 2017. All dressed in casual style, CNBLUE opened the concert at 6.30 PM with ‘Radio” causing all the fans went crazy. During ‘Radio’ performance, CNBLUE vocalist Yonghwa showed great enthusiasm to Indonesian Boices with his energetic movements even managed to slip on his bottom in the middle of the song. After the first song, the fans got spoiled by the members with ‘When I Was Young’, ‘Domino’ and ‘I’m Sorry’ in consecutive. After the first four songs,

Yonghwa greeted the fans with fluent English by saying “Hi Everyone! What’s up Jakarta, do you miss us?” which got answered by the fans’ screaming. During the introduction, the members trying to impress the Indonesian Boice with their skills in Bahasa Indonesia. Yonghwa keep saying “Apa kalian kangen kami?” (Do you guys miss us?) and proudly announce “I’m genius, right?”. Jungshin, Jonghyun and Minhyuk proceed to introduce themselves with a sprinkle of Bahasa Indonesia by saying, “Hi Semua! (Hi everyone!) Are you guys having fun?”. CNBLUE very own vocalist surprised the fans with an impromptu song accompanied by the melody of the piano about Jakarta, “Jakarta apa kalian kangen kami? (Jakarta do you miss us? Jakarta long time no see~ Jakarta long time no see~ Jakarta my Jakarta”

which successfully made the fans go crazy. The concert proceed with their songs from the previous album, ‘Can’t Stop’, ‘ It’s You’, ‘Love Girl’, ‘Sweet Holiday’ and ‘LOVE’. During ‘LOVE’ performance, Yonghwa can’t stop showing his “aegyo” (an act of sweet and cute) to the fans, making the crowd went crazy. Not stopping with the surprise, Yonghwa makes the crowd gone crazy with him trying to sing Despacito despite keeps forgetting the lyrics. He also said “This is my favorite song but the lyric is hard. I’ll sing to you again I promise” and keep teasing the fans with humming the melody.

‘In My Head’ is all about energetic movements form the members with gaeat combination of great lightning and music.

CNBLUE cannot stop showing their gratitude during their talk session with fluent English. Minhyuk keep saying “I can feel the energy from here” and cannot stop showing off his Indoensian skill by saying “Kami rindu kalian!” (We miss you guys!). The members continue to spice up Hall 6 with ‘You’re So Fine’ and “Face to Face’. ‘Wake Up’ performance is probably the special stage of the night with all the members going all out. Yonghwa showing off with guitar performance in the middle of CNBLUE continue spoiling the fans with ‘Lie’, the song and ‘Wake Up’ ended energetically ‘Blind Love’ even their latest single from by Minhyuk’s drum performance. During 7˚ CN album ‘Royal Rumble’. During ‘In My ‘Cinderella’, Yonghwa did not stop surprising Head’ performance the members showed the fans by going down the stage and even different vibes than any other performance, sing in front of the fans for a while making if during ‘Love Girl’ is all about “aegyo” then the crowd went crazy.

For more than two hours and twenty songs worth of performance, ‘Between Us’ declared as the last song of the night. The crowd could not stop doing the fanchant and sing along with the members, ‘Between Us’ ended beautifully by another Minhyuk’s drum performance. After the stage went dark, the fans keep screaming for the encore and the members went back on stage not long enough wearing the official t-shirt of CNBLUE BETWEEN US to performed ‘Catch Me’. CNBLUE keep spoiling Indonesian Boice for the night with an acoustic performance of ‘Manito’, a sweet slow love song from their seventh ‘7˚ CN’ album. Combined with great lightning and great sound system, CNBLUE delivered their gratitude to Indonesian Boices by saying “Kami cinta kalian! (We Love You). We will come back again again forever and we stay young forever”. With that final goodbye, CNBLUE closed the night with an amazing performance of ‘Young Forever’ and officialy ended 2017 CNBLUE LIVE [BETWEEN US] IN JAKARTA.


World Tour VI in Seoul Concert Review Written by: Angela Pham


M Entertainment is one of the three larges and most popular entertainment agency in South Korea. After 3 years, they finally kick off the family concert ‘SMTOWN Live World Tour VI’ in Seoul on July 8th at World Cup Stadium. It was hard to get tickets as it was all sold out and over 45,000 fans attended the concert. The concert line-up was amazing as EXO, SHINee, Kangta, BoA, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet, NCT 127,

NCT Dream, f(x) Luna, TRAX, Sunday, J-Min, Zhoumi, Henry, and the return of the king Yunho performed so many songs this night. Many fans came super early to line-up for the concert. Merchandises were sold out as fast as lightning. The seas of rainbow light from each fandom made the stadium like a beautiful wonderland. The fanchant and cheer shake the stadium as it gets further into the night and the energy

got higher. There were many special stages and collaboration from many artists such as Chanyeol & Wendy, Xiumin & Mark, Baekhyun & Heechul, and many more. Even though it was raining, that never bother anyone as both the fans and artists were all hype up had fun together. All the performances were spectacular

and added in the special effects it was like a dream. There was a moment as the crowded went crazy when Leeteuk jumped the fence and sat next to fans during his performance. Many special guests like Lee Soo Man, S.E.S Bada, and more. The concert was successful with over 52 performances from the artists leaving fans smiling as they leave the venue.

The 1st ASTROAD to Seoul

Concert Review Written by: Angela Pham


ust one year after their official debut, ASTRO held their first ever concert title ‘2017 The 1st ASTROAD to Seoul’ on July 15-16 at Olympic Park Olympic Hall. They are a six members boy band formed by Fantagio Entertainment and consist of Eunwoo, Moonbin, Sanha, Rocky, JinJin, and MJ. The group rose to popularity fast after debut with their fresh and cute concept. Even though it rain the whole day, that did not stop Arohas from coming early to the venue to support the group. More than 6,000 fans attended the concert. The venue was not that big, so it feel very cozy and

fans get to interact and get many fan services from the members. They even throw out candies and other gifts to the fans. All the performances was so beautiful and breathtaking that have fans squeal in happiness. The members get to show different sides to them that has never been seen before. From innocent to mature look, the boys can rock it all. The newly released official lightstick added moer fun to the concert as the members get to control the color change function. 21 songs and seeing the members in person leave fans wondering if they had seen angels before their eyes.

Seventeen 1st World Tour

Diamond Edge’ in Seoul Concert Review Written by: Angela Pham


fter being on their live streaming broadcast show called ‘Seventeen TV’in 2013, the 13 members of Seventeen made their debut in 2015. Finally,after 2 years, they kicked off their 1st World Tour ‘Diamond Edge’ with three consecutive concerts in Seoul from July 14-16 at Jamsil Auxiliary Stadium. Each day of concert was a bit different with the special performances from Day 1 being the Performance Team, Day 2 from HipHop Team, and Day 3 from Vocal Team. With the concert theme being Water and Fire, there was breathtaking water stage, beautiful fireworks,and even a surprise vampire theme that make carats go crazy.

The members have fun and interact a lot with fans as they run or go around the stage with scooters during the opening song ‘Pretty U’. There was many special stages and performances that had not been release before,and with a ‘Middle School Skit’ that the members acted out. The 3 days concert was super successful with over 30,000 fans that came to watch the boys. On the last day of the concert on the 16th, the members and carats had a surprise birthday party for Wonwoo’s with cake, singing, and many banners. Closing the concert off with a special video messages from the members and videos since their debut until now leave fans tears up remembering the days that we all spent together. The concert leavefans with memories that they will never forget.

On July 21st it was officially announced that Jay Park was signed with Jay Z’s label Roc Nation. It has been a while since he was hinting at some big news and this was sure a great surprise for all his fans. This is a big step for all Asian Americans and proves that talent has no boundaries.


i s MA KIN G

HISTORY Written by Dina P

TOP Crisis Written by Dina Piven Most of you have probably already heard the news about Big Bang member T.O.P. Let us break it down in more detail.

After few months serving in the army T.O.P was found guilty of smoking marijuana, and later it was discovered that it happened on more then one occasion. This resulting in him being let go from the army and to await his trial and the results of it. When staying at home he was found unconscious because of his overdose on benzodiazepine, which was prescribed to him as an antidepressant. This resulting in him being hospitalized for several days. Thankfully he was able to fight it and was sent home to await his trail. During the trail he did plead guilty and asked for forgiveness from everyone. The verdict came on June 29th which stated that he is sentenced to 2 years of probation and he is to serve a 10 months in jail if broken.

On July 28th it was reported that T.O.P will taking a break from the military service in light of his heightened social anxiety. Also he will be taking an exam to see if he is still eligible to serve as a member of the police devision, if failed he will be finishing his military service in a different place. In Korea any type of drug related offense is a serious crime, however from a western point of view marijuana is not a serious crime, or not a crime at lot for some. Maybe serving time for smoking it might seem like a too much of punishment, but it is still the law. Every country has different laws and although some do not understand them they still have to respect them or at least keep them in mind. Not everyone thinks the same or has similar values. The sentence might seem too harsh, but it is still something that he need to do for breaking the rules.


The road to the Semi Finals Written by Marcus Powell

Season 3 is set for a epic conclusion as the final 4 have been decided


wo great seasons of Apex are behind us but their presence is very much felt with this seasons final 4 teams. We have 2 previous winners and a runner up among the final 4, all battling each other for the right to meet in Busan. While the quarter finals ended up being slightly lackluster, we were still privileged to some great action and now we have the top 4 teams ready to go head to head. S.F 1 Afreeca Freecs Blue Vs Lunatic Hai Afreeca Freecs Blue are a team that has yet to be challenged during season 3. Their roster changes adding both IDK and Lucid before the start of season 3 has really boosted their support class. Now having a solid all round team with good players in all rolls across the board, the Freecs have been totally

dominant. As one of the premier dive teams in the competition they will be looking to go a step further than their season 1 runner up placing. However they have yet to face another top tier dive team like themselves and could come undone with over confidence moving forward. They haven’t lost a map yet this season and this could work either for or against them. Surprisingly enough, regardless of their form, other Korean teams still want a piece of the Freecs. It seems Korean teams still view them as week, which is surprising given the likes of Arhan and his insane Genji, charging ults almost as fast as Sombra or the mechanical skills of Recry. With Conbox out, the chance still remains for Kongdoo to get their wish, but seriously, would you really want to take them on? With their current form, we could very well see a repeat of that season 1 Final match up.

Lunatic Hai have had an up and down season but they are still one of the strongest teams in the comp and they know it. Miro’s trash talk has been a fun highlight during pregame interviews. However a lot of their problems seem to stem from their massive fan base, which has really turned into a double edge sword. Their fans have become so vocal that the team has even had to reverse their decisions on early team signings because their fans did not improve. And now they have the added drama of WhoRU being sidelined for unknown reasons except that he breached the teams conduct policy. (I am glad that they have kept this in-house, they need to reclaim some of the power their fans have over them) This has meant Gido has been bought into their DPS slot and some reshuffling in their hero pools. While he is by no means a bad player, his inexperience on LAN really cost Lunatic Hai at first going down 1–3 to Kongdoo. Their second game against Conbox was slightly better taking the win 3–1 against a lower team. However they really came into their own again facing off against an albeit weakened LWB. Gido played much better alongside the team destroying LWB 3–0. It now seems Lunatic Hai has found their cohesion again and is more than ready to move forward in attempt to be back to back winners.

The verdict: This is a really tough one, Lunatic Hai seems to have settled in now to their roster change and Gido looks extremely comfortable now with the team, they will be firing on all cylinders whilst Afreeca has been unstoppable. This should be an epic encounter, the unstoppable force verses the immovable object. I am going to give the slight edge to the Afreeca here 4–3, I don’t think Lunatic Hai can get away having to reverse sweep all the time and the promise of Korean BBQ is an even greater motivator than you might think! S.F 2: Kongdoo Panthera Vs EnVyUs Kongdoo came into the quarter finals as a team out of sorts in places. Their final round game was a surprising loss and while it had no bearing on their placements, it was still a worrying sign in their lack of effective communication. They have managed to address this somewhat during the quarters picking up some very good wins over the 2 teams everyone wanted nothing to do with. Picking up 3–1 victories over both LWB and Lunatic Hai is no small feat. As their communication improves, so does their game play and they are a team already well known for the ability to flex and have good depth in their hero pool.

They are comfortable running outside of the standard 2–2–2 dive, switching up with either triple DPS single support with Luffy on Soldier or running triple Support with Rascal flexing to Ana. Void has been great on D.Va and his timing with Fissure was deadly in their Lunatic Hai match. Add Rascal into the mix and you have a very strong team moving forward. Envyus as season 1 champions have been rather downplayed this season. However they have shown they are a force to be reckoned with. The addition of Effect to their roster has really balanced out their team to suit the current Apex meta. Their problems off screen seemed to take their toll at the start of the Quarter finals with their surprise loss to X6 even after choosing them as opponents. The burnout issue and being on the road for most of the year coupled with team and personal matters seemed to boil over before and during that game. However it seems that the team has addressed those issues and turned themselves around taking down Meta Athena 3–1 and routing X6 in their

rematch 3–0. Effect has been on fire throughout most of the series. Teams have been trying to focus more on him, but in doing so they leave themselves open to Taimou, this 1–2 dps combo from EnVyUs has been working really well and even better now that Mickey has stopped over extending and is hanging back more to look after his supports and dps. With Coco’s Winston improving and Chips and Harryhook all playing extremely well, EnVyUs could very well book their spot in the finals. The verdict: Even thou Envyus has struggled finding scrims and dealing with the psychological pressures in previous matches, their mental state now seems much more solid and those struggles are far behind them. Both teams have expansive hero pools but I feel as thou EnVyUs is technically better at those heroes across the board than Kongdoo is. But as the match goes on and fatigue kicks in, the mental state of both teams will could be a big turning point. However I still give EnVyUs the edge here, taking this out 4–2.

A moment for those who didn’t make it Luxury Watch Blue is great team with some bad luck. Losing Janus was a sad and terrible blow to the team. While it is a 6 man game, losing a front line tank of his caliber is near impossible to recover from in such a short space of time let alone less than a day. What was once a contending team, is now taking their seats on the stands watching on. Their 1–3 loss to Kongdoo was unfortunate timing and even with Janus back against Lunatic Hai he was still far far from 100% and the team itself just couldn’t get any cohesion together with other roster changes and character shifts. They still have a lot of top tier players and will no doubt be back in season 4 looking for redemption.

Meta Athena is a team that showed us so much in season 2 yet has really come up painfully short during season 3. Without their triple tank Zarya comp, they look lost. Arhan really called it when talking about Meta Athena, season 2 is gone, you need to wake up to the season 3 meta. They aren’t practiced enough on dive and have really struggled to gain any consistency, they have some top players but have not being able to string things together to make any headway during the quarter final series, loosing 0–3 to the Freecs and 1–3 to EnVyUs. They have tried to avoid it but it seems they are now use to losing and will now have a long break to reflect on things.

X-6 Gaming is a team that has had a really mixed bag this season. From the infamous run it left strategy to upsetting EnVyUs in the first round of the QF’s 3–2, X6 has proven they can learn from their mistakes but has failed to adapt from those mistakes and move away from their set strategies and have been punished for it, getting destroyed by Afreeca 0–3 and again 0–3 in the EnVyUs rematch by their rematch, seeing them drop out of the finals. Conbox Spirit was by far the under dog team in the quarters and they knew not much was expected of them. Also having to face off against 2 of the top dive teams in the comp, their job was never going to be easy, falling prey 1–3 to both Lunatic Hai and LWB. While they failed to pull of any upsets, they sure as hell put up a fight, Gamsu played great despite tough opposition but the team as a whole was just not up to the task in a difficult group.

Marcus Powell has been living and working in South Korea since 2010. Aside from writing for Gangnam Gamers, he is also a popular club DJ, English Teacher, gamer, sports and esports fan and anime enthusiast.

Photo credits: OGN Global, follow them on their twitch stream for live games


: T HI



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aH zhd

tt Wri

Photo from:

Apple Mango Bingsu at Shilla Seoul

Sweet Pumpkin Bingsu at Park Hyatt Seoul

A hot sizzling summer is a perfect excuse to grab your friends and head to your favorite café to enjoy a frozen flakes dessert known as Bingsu! Bingu is a Korean invention of shaved ice dessert topped originally with sweet beans. This iconic savory dessert is a hit during the summer. Even looking back to Joseon Dynasty (1392–1910) there is a record of Government officials enjoying a crushed used with fruits. The Bingsu everyone knows now is a bit different. From the time of the war other toppings where introduced which all led to crazy, over the top creations you can enjoy today. The original patbingsu is made from shaved ice, misutkaru powder, condensed milk, bingsu rice cakes and a good scoop of red beans on top. Other standard variations include Green Tea Bingsu, Choco Bingsu, and Strawberry Bingsu. Now, every café has its own version of each and in addition plenty more to pick from. If you haven’t tried it yet quickly get yourself to a Korean café shop! If unfortunately, you are not near one you could order from global gmarket website an ice shaving machine for less than 20 dollars and get started making your own!

Mango Rosa Sparkling Bingsu at Intercontinental Seoul Coex Green Tea Bingsu at Westin Chosun

Photos from:


Injeolmi Bingsu

Real Green Tea Bingsu

cafe BeNe

Coffee Bingsu

Red Beans Bingsu



Written by: Elizabeth Rodriguez | Photos and Interview by: Sophia Mannaerts, Ha Joo-young and Jo Yong-joo


omfort women not a term people really know about, that is what Ha Joo-young and Jo Yong-joo (accompanied by a US bicyclist Sophia Mannaerts till they reach Chicago) are trying to change. On June 23rd they began their journey to cycle across the US from Los Angeles to New York a distance of 6,000km all to bring awareness to the western states about comfort women. I had a chance to sit down with Jo and Ha to talk about the campaign their cycling for under the name 3A Project. What does 3A stand for Admit, Apologize, and Accompany. This is what comfort women are asking Japan to do. 1. Admit Japan has to admit to doing these crimes. 2. Apologize a sincere apology to comfort women victims for this human rights crimes.

3. Accompany the comfort women victims. So, who are comfort women you might ask comfort women are women taken by the Japanese military during WWII as sexual slaves losing all their human rights. Jo add that many of these women were between the ages of 10-20 when they were taken by the Japanese government and forced into brothels. “This isn’t just an issue in Korean there are comfort women in more the 10 countries.” Jo pointed out to me. That is why more people need to be aware of this issue.It’s a matter of bringing awareness to people in the US. “This is about human rights and it affects everyone” said Ha. “Also, the US is one of the center’s of social media and has an affect on the Japanese government.” Jo add.

Why the campaign has chosen to use bicycles Ha said “there’s a saying easy come easy go.” In other words they put there all into it so that their effects will pay off. Cycling also gives them a chance to stop at major cities and host events. They have already stopped at major cities like California and Albuquerque but they still have St. Luis,Chicago, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, and New York to stop at. They will be holding peaceful events in front of Japanese embassies. Some next to the comfort women statue. If you’ve never had a chance to see the comfort women statue it’s a statue of a girl sitting on a chair wearing a hanbok(Korean traditional wear) with her hands on her lap. Next to her is an empty chair represent those comfort women that have passed away and those who sit and accompany her. Jo brought up that, that isn’t all the statute

has it shows how a comfort women was treated. “If you look at the hair it’s ripped not cut. Then she is also not wearing shoes.” We are here to accompany the comfort women and to fight with these victims of an act so inhuman that should not repeat itself. Jo and Ha ask that you help them by bringing awareness of comfort women to others and educate the public that do not know of comfort women. They will continue to fight till Japan issues out a sincere apology, admit, and accompany. 3A Project. If you would like to follow their journey:

BIGGEST CAT CAFE Written by Nadezhda Hope

Cats, cats and even more cats. Seoul’s biggest cat café has over 80 cats and in constant grow with income of kittens and new members. What is this heavenly place called? It’s called

Cat Lover Garden!

Many cats enjoy simply lounging all day on the chairs and tables. Others love to climb into your lap and snooze for as long as you are willing not to move. Kittens roam around and play all day. It is impossible to not fall in love with these cats. Some of the café’s star highlights are ChanHee a large chubby Amarican short hair, Chino (short for cappuccino) the fattest underhorse of the group, Dori the orange boy who is a lap hugger, Sarangie the pretty girl who also loves to snuggle in your lap, Ako, Boni the two Balinese pair and ABOUT CATS Lulu a short hair Siamese who is popular with All the cats are very lovely. There are long ladies for his calm nature. One of the trouble hair, short hair, cats with cute haircuts, fancy makers is Yeon, who can easily knock something breeds, mixes, street cats and cats with physical down and meow loudly. disabilities who are given equal chance at life. It is located by the three subway stations Gimpo Airport(Airport Line, Line 5, Line9) or Gaehwa station(Line 9) or Gaehwasan station (Line5). This location has large indoor sitting with tables and play area for cats, as well as, large garden area that has a small hill with a Gaehwa mountain’s backdrop from which a waterfall splashes. There is also a lovely barbeque zone which you can reserve ahead of time.

OVERALL This café is the best of all in Seoul which are usually small inside facilities of one room. This place is huge, cats are well taken care of, no smell, clean location, price is same as any other pet café, beautiful garden, and sweet cats!

CAT CARE Staff and owner’s family provide well good care of all the cats throughout the day. The cat café has five sections that are off limits to customers in which kittens and sick or overstressed cats are placed. In particular, the ‘sick room’ is where any cat with a problem is treated. Staff are always on look out for any issues and inform customers if there’s some special care is being done to particular cat.

OPENING HOURS: Mon-Fri 12:30-22:00 Weekend 10:30-22:00

ADDRESS: Seoul, Gangseo-gu, Gaehwa-dong 559-49


Photo by Michael Kazemi

MY KOREA EXPERIENCE by Cassie Clifford

I arrived in Busan, South Korea on February 15th, 2017. After 25 hours of restless travel from Canada, I arrived in the country I have dreamed of visiting for so long. During my travel time, many thoughts were going through my mind. How will I react arriving? What will be awaiting me? Will I be able to handle it? Should I just forget all this and go home? Of course, I was not going to go home. I was here to teach, which has been a longtime dream of mine. I worked extremely hard to get to this point and I was not going to waste this probably once-in-a-lifetime experience because of my concerns. The feelings I had felt were very normal for a person coming to teach for the first time.

Education (NIIED). It helps place English native speakers in public schools in South Korea. I had 10 days of orientation back in February before being let out into the real world, out of that comfortable bubble where I was surrounded by other teachers in the same position as me. I was frightened, obviously. Who wouldn’t be? I felt slightly prepared with all the research I had done before coming. I also felt confident in my Korean language skills, as I know how to read hangul and hold simple conversations. Nevertheless, this is my first time living abroad. Alone.

My first day of school was back in March. I had zero time to prepare. I work at an elementary school in Busan, teaching 3rd-6th grade. On I am an EPIK teacher. EPIK stands for English that day, I showed an introduction powerpoint Program in Korea. It is a program affiliated about myself and played mini games with the to the National Institute for International students.

It went better than expected. I had the support of my two co-teachers. Co-teachers are Korean English teachers who are there to help you in class by managing the students and translation. I am extremely happy to have lovely people working with me; they are very kind. During the five months I have been here, I have experienced many things as a foreigner. The main thing is the staring. I am used to it, but it is really odd how Koreans stare at you. It is not a creepy stare, though. They stare because they are curious, I believe. At the beginning, I was really intimidated by it. I felt so many eyes on me and I became uncomfortable. I ignore it now and life is a lot easier. On a similar note, I have met many kind people who have helped me when I need it.

As for the country itself, it is absolutely beautiful. I have already been to a couple places. As I mentioned, I am living in Busan, a port city famous for its beaches, mountains, and temples. It has so much to offer. I am so happy to be living here. It was my main choice for where I wanted to be placed to teach. I have also been to Seoul a few times to experience K-POP events, something that is dear to my heart. As for traveling, I have been to Namhae Island, have seen a German Village, and did day trips to Daegu and Ulsan. In August I’ll be going to Japan for the first time. It’s so close! For Chuseok, Korean thanksgiving, I’ll be heading to the lovely island of Jeju-do! My life here is truly a dream come true. I love South Korea.


LACKPINK is a South Korean girl group under YG Entertainment. The group consists of four members: Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé. Their debut single album called Square One was released on August 8, 2016.

Black Pink’s first music show performance was aired on August 14, 2016 on SBS’s Inkigayo.

On November 1, 2016, they released their second single album Square Two with the lead singles “Playing with Fire“ and “Stay“ - produced by Teddy Park with R.Tee and Seo Won Jin. The first title track, “Whistle” was produced by Wherein they performed their comeback Teddy Park and Future Bounce and written stage on Inkigayo on November 6 and on by Teddy Park, iKon’s B.I, and Bekuh BOOM. Mnet’s M Countdown on November 10, 2016. The second title track, “Boombayah”, was produced by Teddy Park and co-written by Last June 22, Black Pink released a new digital single titled “As If It’s Your Last”. Bekuh BOOM.



Birthname: Roseanne Park Birthdate: February 11, 1997 “Rosé was born in Auckland, New Zealand and moved to Australia when she was seven.”

Birthname: Kim Jisoo Birthdate: January 3, 1995 “Jisoo joined YG Entertainment as a trainee in July 2011.”

Jennie Lisa

Birthname: Lalisa Manoban Birthdate: March 27, 1997 “Lisa is YG’s first non-Korean artist.”

Birthname: Jennie Kim Birthdate: January 16, 1996 “Jennie studied abroad in New Zealand, and joined YG in August 2010.”



YAMAZ AK I Written by: Dina P

t has been a rough time for B.A.P but it didn’t bring them down especially Bang Yong Guk. The leader of the group B.A.P came charging full force with an MV at the beginning of July. The song YAMAZAKI was written and produced by Bang Yong Guk himself and shows where his hearts truly lies. The idol is a big fan of hip hop and warrior spirit which really showed in this music video. Not only that, but you also get

to enjoy him being covered in tattoos, and it is a sight to behold. Bang Yong Guk showed his admiration for Japanese culture which was a perfect touch for this project. Bang Yong Guk is proudly displaying a lot of potential and that he can pull off being a solo artist and slowly gaining a fanbase for his work. This makes us anticipate more similar productions in the future.

TELEVISION “I’m not a genius, there’s no difference I’m not a genius, there’s no diffenerce, That’s for sure” ZICO - Behind the scene It’s been two years since Block B’s Zico released Gallery, his first solo collection. And on Wednesday (Jul. 12), the artist finally released his second mini-album, titled Television. The six-track album showcases the singer, rapper and producer getting candid with his audience while collaborating with some favorite familiar faces from the Korean underground scene.


“You can’t deceive me. I’ve seen your face off the screen before I’m gonna shed your make-up And let everyone know that it was all an act Why do I hate I don’t understand The eyes that focus on you I don’t understand The things you possess at that age Your passionate fans, the TV programs that host you The musicians that form around you, yo There’s no real incentive, no reason for my hate But my guilty conscience gets buried by the crowd No matter what efforts you made What sufferings you went through

Your success gave you the right to be insulted again I’m gonna pluck the roots of your arrogance And make your life sway Why is she dating That unclassy delinquent? Celebrities are blinded by the spotlights Deafened by the applause So they see and hear but they can’t do anything You can’t deceive me I’ve seen your face off the screen before I’m gonna shed your make-up And let everyone know that it was all an act Why do I hate you

Track List 1. Behind the Scenes 2. Artist 3. Anti (Feat. G.Soul) 4. Fanxy Child (Feat. Fanxy Child) 4. She’s a Baby Bermuda Triangle (Crush & Dean) You need to pay a bigger price That’s all I wanna tell you about I’m not your anti anti anti baby I don’t understand your hit songs The awards you receive every year Your luxurious surroundings All the profits you make is a disadvantage to me But if I cause some trouble right now, that’ll be nice timing”

ZICO - Artist MV

Details Artist: Zico of (Block B) Album: Television Released: July 12, 2017 Genre: K-pop Label/Distributor: Seven Seasons Entertainment

DRAMA 2017

Written by Dina P

First half of 2017 of already over but it did not disappoint us with the choice of dramas that come out. We laughed, we cried, and when we finally realized that we cannot imagine coming home to another episode of your new favorite drama, it ends.

after few months when they find a sole surviver. Where is everyone else and what really happened? This drama will keep you on your toes as when you finally start to see the ending new details will be thrown at you.

For those who love suspense and tension that makes you grab your pillow every time there is a new plot twist, cannot pass by ‘Missing Nine’. The main story revolves around a group of after a plane crush. The first news they get is idols and the company stuff that went missing only

‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ is the best drama when you want to watch something lighthearted yet serious, but most of the time will make you cry from laughing or going ‘aww’ as some moment are just too cute to handle.

The main characters will make fall in love with them from the first episode and it will be hard to let go, yet it will be absolutely worth it. For drama fans that enjoy some ‘magic’ in their stories might want to check out ‘Chicago Typewriter’. A little supernatural twist always spices things up. How much of past life has an impact on your current one and what will you do to change it? There were plenty more dramas that made every week more exciting. Both ‘Lookout’ and ‘Suspicious Partner’ are crime dramas with really good looking leading actors that if anything else will make the crime solving attractive. Another currently finished drama ‘Fight My Way’ shows us what it is like to be around athletes and how hard it is for their close ones. ‘Man To Man’ will give you some tips on how to show off your bromance, and also be a real man. For sci-fi lovers this was also a good one with the release of ‘Circle: Two Worlds Connected’ Of course we cannot leave out a few dramas that you want to check out to fill that empty spot that the recently finished ones left. ‘Bride Of The Water God’ staring Nam Joo Hyuk is already promising to be a good one, and water means more chances to catch glances of his gorgeous body. Another drama that all of us are looking forward to, which had it first episode aired on July 26th is ‘Criminal Mind’ with Lee Jun Ki, and he never lets us down.




All images &Article credited to CJ Entertainment.

From “Veteran” Director Ryoo Seung-wan, and Starring Hwang Jung-min from “Ode to My Father” and Song Joong-ki from “Descendants of the Sun”


J Entertainment’s highly anticipated summer blockbuster, The Battleship Island, a historical war film, is set to release on July 26 in Korea and on August 4 in over 40 cities across the U.S. and Canada. The title was featured at the Cannes Film Festival last month and was pre-sold to 113 territories worldwide.

found that workers are forced into slave labor. As the U.S. launches a massive counterattack on Japan, the Japanese decide to blow up the island in order to bury the truth about their awful treatment of the Korean slave labors. A Korean independence activist discovers the plan and works with others on the island for a mass escape.

The Battleship Island is based on a true story during WWII when Korea was under the colonial rule of Japan. In 1944, 400 conscripted Korean civilians head out to Hashima Island. Nicknamed “The Battleship Island” after its resemblance to a war vessel, many were lured by false promises of high wages. Upon arrival, they

The film is directed by Ryoo Seung-wan (Veteran, The Berlin File), and stars Hwang Jung-min (Ode to My Father, The Himalayas), So Ji-sub (Always, Sophie’s Revenge), Song Joong-ki (Descendants of the Sun, A Werewolf Boy), and Lee Jung-hyun (Alice in Earnestland, Roaring Currents).

military 2017 return For some fans the words military service can darken their world as one of the idols they like leaves to serve his mandatory 21 month minimum requited service. Every year male celebrities leave to complete their duty and white they leave, others return. This year brings about the return of the following idols that have fulfilled their service to their country. To those returning this year, welcome back, your fans have eagerly been awaiting you.

discharged on july

Lee HyukJae discharged on january

Lee SungMin

discharged on august

discharged on april

Choi SiWon

Jung YunHo

discharged on july

discharged on august

Lee DongHae

Shim ChangMin

who will be enlist in the military in 2017 Don’t leave us, oppas! Several Korean actors and singers have already confirmed their enlist dates in 2017. In 2017, any Korean men born in 1997 that is, who turn 20 can join the army. They have until their 38th birthday to enlist.


zi Been


nS Geu



gHe Kwa


k Woo g n a Ch




y SooH



Su Jung

yeon Taec

on JooW

y Kyuh


InGu Seo


ang Taey

MinH Lee

ag G Dr



Kim Seong Wook


style report:








- GO


Sporty or Casual? What’s your favorite look? A fashionable sporty suit or goodboy style?


ago r D G


B - Big



FASHIONGIRLs Glam like Jeongyeong, cute like Solar or swag like Lisa? What is your favorite fashion style?

Glam VS Swag


gy Jeon

- Twice




nk lackpi


- Mama

moo -

BATTLE OF THE WINKS Do you like a cute or a sexy wink? Pick your favorite!

Lisa (Blackpink)

Sana (Twice)

Eunji ( APink)

Yerin (Gfriend)

Sejeong (IOI)

Mijoo (Lovelyz)
















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