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Hjo Waterfront

By: Johan H채ggqvist


Location: Sweden scale

Location: County scale




trea S o j H

Tow l a v ie


Private Seashore

Intended area for development




Scale: 1:2000

“Prärien” (prairie). Large area, close to the waterfront with, perfectly suited for housing. Preferable cohousing or combined with daycare. Park. A great public park which serves the inhabitants of Hjo with nature and recreation

Optimal areas for housing New market hall

Beach. Beautiful beach which will become public this summer

Swimming Pool. An outdoor swimming pool which hopefully will become public this year. “Konsum-tomten”. A lot which today is occupied by the supermarket konsum. An exellent plot which offers great connection with the water.

Green area. Harbour. New square. New market hall building. The new symbol for hjo. Located in the new heart of hjo, connecting hjo with the water. Public sauna.


Scale: 1:1000

Site + volume analysis Existing harbour area A major part of the southern harbour is today covered by a large parking lot. Just above it there´s a green area that follows the hjo river to its outlet.

Green area Parking lot

Site + volume analysis Square By turning the parking lot into a square it attractspeopleandeventuallyitalsobecomes a new meeting point. A path is drawn to highlight possible connections.

Square Path

Site + volume analysis Inspiration Existing traditional boathouses was the the first source of inspiration.

Site + volume analysis Location Without interfering with the built surrounding the inspirational boathouse gets a new location. The new setting gives new relation conditions.

Site + volume analysis Increased volume By adding the programme to the building it´s necessary for an expansion of the extents.

Site + volume analysis Additional piers The building is already docked to the southern pier. To extend the existing pier and to create an interesting approach to the building two additional piers are connected.

Site + volume analysis Changing geometry By transforming the volume the roof gets available from two points along one of the diagonals.

Site + volume analysis Extension of the public livingroom Connecting the building to the new square it becomes part of the new.

Site + building The building will be part in a bigger restoration over the southern harbour area. The square will still be able to accommodate with a great number of cars and buses, yet now it´s on the pedestrians conditions. The square should be seen as a new public livingroom, an inviting open atmosphere where people in all ages could dwell. It´s able to populate during events and it´s possible to extend the market hall onto the square creating an urban bazaar. The delicate position of the building may interfere with the view from some angles but it´s compromised by having the building itself accessable and the area around it increased.

Green area

Hjo river outlet

Public stairs with direct contact with the water

New Square

Additional pier that becomes part of the roof

Accessible roof

Outdoor café

Additional pier

building (assembly)

Accessible roof

Inner core. Loadbearing walls

Slab. pontoon fixed to the bottom

building (sectioning)

The building is strictly divided into a private and a public section. The inner core is occupied by the private section including the market booths. The public space is divided into a larger changeable space and an area dedicated for cafĂŠ and restaurant. The cafĂŠ area extends and creates an outdoor space, erasing the borders between in- and outside.

Public area

Private area

Public area

Plan view Scale: 1:100


Water mirror

Market hall


Service hallway

technical room

Changing room/ staff

Recreation staff/ office

Kitchen/ storage/ loading/ trash

Restaurant/ CafĂŠ/ Outdoor cafĂŠ

building (flow)

Perspective market hall

Perspective The Bar

building (Zones)

Entrance zone

open zone

Bar/dining zone

Outdoor zone


Elevation south

Elevation east


Elevation north

Elevation west

Perspective From Hjo river

Perspective From the pier

Hjo Waterfront  

My bachelor project from 2010. Hjo Waterfront is a new addition to a small city located right next to the Vättern lake. It´s a hybrid buildi...

Hjo Waterfront  

My bachelor project from 2010. Hjo Waterfront is a new addition to a small city located right next to the Vättern lake. It´s a hybrid buildi...