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Ezjet blasts Govt, asks public for forgiveness - says Ramdeo has taken back control Thousands view Diwali motorcade

Govt. collects US$20M on …will use proceeds on GT&T’s shares sale Marriott Hotel - says AFC

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday November 13, 2012

EZjet blasts Govt, asks public for forgiveness Grounded low-cost charter, EZjet, has confirmed that its founder/former Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sonny Ramdeo, is being investigated by the US’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The troubled US-based company also accused the Guyana Government of not helping it and of seeming to have to a preference for the Trinidad’s Caribbean Airline. EZjet made the disclosures yesterday following reports by Kaieteur News that Ramdeo was being hunted by the FBI. The US’s criminal investigative body started making contact with Ramdeo, a Guyanese-born/Floridabased businessman, after revelations that he was alleged to have stolen US$5.4M from a US hospital chain and passing some of the proceeds through EZjet’s accounts, the company said. Ramdeo resigned one day after news broke that he was being sued. Yesterday, EZjet, in admitting that Ramdeo was being asked questions by the FBI, stressed that he is not being hunted. However, close family

- says Ramdeo has taken back control members of Ramdeo told Kaieteur News that he has not been heard from for several days. “First and foremost, the US FBI is not hunting EZjet’s CEO, Sonny Ramdeo. Following a civil suit filed against Mr. Ramdeo, the FBI asked Mr. Ramdeo to contact them, as soon as possible, regarding matters relating to Promise Healthcare’s diversion of over US$550M as well as the circumstances surrounding its affiliated company PayTax Serv Inc which was sold in August of 2011,” EZjet claimed yesterday. The EZjet statement said that upon receiving the FBI query, Ramdeo “promptly” responded that he would be pleased to discuss their concerns, once EZjet matters – which took precedence – had been attended to. “Mr. Ramdeo is voluntarily staying in regular contact with the FBI.” However, this is direct contradiction with what Khemraj Ramjattan, the Alliance For Change (AFC) Parliamentarian, is saying.

The AFC Leader has been in contact with the US’ Department of Transportation (DOT) and other US officials whom he said confirmed that Ramdeo is being sought for violations. These violations include persuading travel agencies not to deposit passengers’ monies into a specially established escrow account at Valley Trust, a US bank. Under the arrangement, all monies from passengers’ tickets are deposited to the escrow and are only released to EZjet after the charter would have delivered it passengers. EZjet denied charges by Ramjattan that it directed travel agencies to illegally divert the funds, said to be over US$4M, from the escrow to EZjet’s accounts. “EZjet did not direct travel agencies to deposit funds into any other account. Many US travel agents, due to poor experiences with previous charterers, particularly Travelspan, refused to deposit passenger ticket payments into EZjet’s escrow.

Rather than cancel the passenger tickets, EZjet instead deposited its own funds into escrow to protect the passengers’ flights. “All EZjet passenger payments are held in escrow or trust until the EZjet passenger reaches their destination, at which time, the passenger ’s funds are released by the escrow or trust for disbursement to EZjet, air carrier, government, airports, and airport vendors.” The Guyana Government had strongly defended EZjet’s entry into the local market with its low fares despite burning questions over its source of financing and investors. According to EZjet, since its sudden suspension, due to Swift Air cancelling flights, it has been making every effort to refund passenger tickets or return passengers to their origination. The New York office remained closed as angry passenger threatened staffers over the weekend and yesterday crowds gathered again but were met by the closed doors. Refund cheques are being written up for some passengers, staffers said. The telephone lines rang out there too. “Incidentally, US DOT suspended EZjet’s permit for not having an air carrier. DOT suspension had nothing to do with financial matters between EZjet and Swift Air, although Swift Air served a notice of cancellation to limit their liability for returning all US passengers.” RAMDEO IN CHARGE Meanwhile, EZjet said that Ramdeo is not missing in action but rather it is the Government of Guyana, who

EZjet has confirmed that the US’ FBI is investigating its founder, Sonny Ramdeo “faithfully supported EZjet with their right hand and, at the same time, supported Caribbean Airline with their left hand.” EZjet said that when it started, Caribbean Airline followed suit by getting permission from Guyana to utilize a Boeing 767 to fly non-stop between New York and Georgetown, rather than via Port of Spain… on the same days that EZjet was flying. “When EZjet began reducing fares, Caribbean Airline – taking advantage of its Trinidad subsidized fuel – reduced fares even further … below either airline’s cost, and while EZjet struggled, G u y a n a ’s g o v e r n m e n t offered no help to reduce EZjet’s costs.” According to EZjet, when it launched its Toronto services, Caribbean Airline applied for and immediately received authority from Guyana to fly its B767 nonstop between Toronto and

Georgetown. “Even while it is wellknown that Caribbean Airline’s survival relies on Guyana passengers, can it be that Guyana prefers this Trinidad carrier serve Guyana passengers, rather than its own Guyana airline?” EZjet insists also that it does not maintain a “veil of secrecy”… Instead, EZjet responds openly to requests about itself. “EZjet’s vendors are paid current, with the exception of one vendor who is partially paid pending reconciliation after overcharging for some of their (sic) services.” The company was positive that its cash problems would soon be over with Ramdeo directly in charge of EZjet activities. “To EZjet’s knowledge, no litigation is in-process or exists. Mr. Ramdeo is personally communicating with the relevant authorities in Guyana, Trinidad, Canada, and United States.”

Tuesday November 13, 2012

Kaieteur News

Billions being invested in bauxite mining More than US$300 million has been invested in bauxite mining in Guyana and another US$150 million is expected to be plugged into the operation, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Natural Resource and the Environment yesterday. The assertion comes on the heels of pronouncements made by officials of A Partnership of National Unity (APNU) at a recent press conference. APNU had contended that the nation is being robbed of the benefits of a US$6 billion deposit at Block 37 in Region Ten. According to the statement which attempts to rebut the claims of APNU, about the operations of BOSAI and RUSAL, not only are there plans for massive investment but no single entity is given full control of the local deposits and Region Ten and other areas are set to benefit in terms of employment. Among the entities included in the industry are Bosai, First Bauxite Corporation and Bauxite Corporation of Guyana Inc (BCGI). “Bauxite Corporation of Guyana Inc. is currently exploring deposits in the Berbice area, while First Bauxite Corporation is much more advance with the company’s exploration and mine development phases,” the statement added It was also revealed that there are application by a number of companies for Prospecting Licences for Bauxite ore deposits in Regions Three, Six and Ten, and decisions made will be done based on sound and technical evaluation taken into account the need to maximize benefits to Guyana. The statement adds, too, that “RUSAL, Omai and BOSAI stood all the financial uncertainties for reinvigorating the bauxite industry which was on the verge of collapse.” Speaking to massive investment plans, the statement said that “First Bauxite intends to invest in excess of US$180 M…this will see hundreds of new jobs in Region 10 and elsewhere and other spin off.” Bosai Mineral Guyana Inc. has already

- Natural Resources expressed its willingness to expand its operations creating over 400 new jobs for the residents of Linden and its environs, as well as investing in an apprenticeship programme set to commence in 2013, the statement added. It was disclosed too that Bosai Mineral Guyana Inc. currently will be expanding Linden operations with the intention of facilitating new products on the bauxite market. First Bauxite, on the other hand, controls a large area in Guyana’s historical coastal bauxite belt, including the Bonasika Mining License and the Essequibo PGGS Prospecting Permit. The Company’s Bankable Feasibility Study Update, according to the statement, defines and confirms the economic viability of an operation based on sequential mining of two bauxite deposits (Bonasika 6 and Bonasika 7) over a mine life of 36 years. According to APNU’s Executive Member Lance Carberry, in most countries the modern approach to the management of natural resources, particularly with mining resources, is that a company is asked to present its developmental programme for over a period of 20 years. On the basis of an agreed programme reserves are then made available, Carberry said. According to him, RUSAL had in fact made a number of promises which should have already seen it building an aluminium plant, an undertaking which has not yet been realised. But according to the statement, the vision is to ensure that there is much more value added activities to optimize the utilization of bauxite ore. In this regard the Natural Resources statement highlighted that the Government will in fact continue to engage investors on the establishment of an alumina plant in Guyana.

Berbice teen found guilty of murder, sentence deferred to Thursday The 17-year-old accused in the No. 54 Village Dam Corentyne murder was on Monday found guilty. The teen, Rayan Alli, called ‘Karran’ of No. 54 village Corentyne and formerly of Black Bush Polder is on trial for the murder of his relative Premchand Sugrim, 48, called ‘Copper’ and ‘Pluck’ on the 20th July 2011. Justice Roxanne George Wiltshire on Monday morning summed up the evidence for the jury and directed the panel on certain points of law. She pointed to the cause of death as described by Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh as a result of cerebral haemorrhage with Necrosis due to blunt cranial trauma. She also spoke on the evidence of police Corporal Police Corporal, Hasrat Mohamed, who took a caution statement from Alli in

which he admitted to lashing the deceased on the head on July 10, last year, but said that it was in self-defense. She also mentioned the caution statement of Alli. The jury took just under two hours to return the unanimous verdict of guilty of murder. However, his sentence was deferred to Thursday, because the accused who is said to be 17 years cannot be sentenced to death because he was a juvenile at the time of the commission of the crime. Justice George Wiltshire also requested to see his birth certificate to certify his age. His mother who has been present in court throughout the trial, promised to make the document available to the court on Thursday. The prosecution had given his date of birth as October 14, 1995.

State prosecutor Attorney at law Rhondel Weaver held for Attorney-atlaw Priteema Kissoon who was absent. Both defense Counsels, Attorney-at-law Kumar Doorasammy and prosecutor Priteema Kissoon had submitted their closing statements to the jury. The state’s case as presented by Kissoon is that on July 10, 2011 following a dispute between the two men, Alli who was 15 at the time used an iron pipe to hit Sugrim who was his relative in the head. Sugrim collapsed and was picked up and rushed to the Skeldon hospital, before being transferred to the New Amsterdam hospital. He was then transferred to the Georgetown Hospital where he died 10 days later. The state called nine witnesses.

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Kaieteur News

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A focus on people with special needs Guyana has long had a tradition of ignoring children who are not in mainstream. In short, if a child had a disability that child was largely ignored. The focus was on producing academics by way of the three 'Rs'. The result was that even slow learners were left to fall by the wayside. That has changed somewhat. There is a focus on children with special needs. The programme is funded through the Ministry of Education. However, it goes beyond the central education system; it incorporates nongovernmental organizations and these, until recently, were the people who drove this programme. But there have been special schools for some time now. There was a special school for the deaf and another for the blind. A medical practitioner had to certify these children before they could gain admission. Things have changed somewhat. The schools have grown in size and in number so that more children could be allowed to gain an education that would fit them for life. Every teacher attending the Cyril Potter College of Education is exposed to some training to cope with children with special needs. But there is one problem and that problem has to do with identifying those children with special needs. Generally, people tend to treat all physically developed children in the same way, ignoring the fact that disability can be much more than physical. Indeed, some parents do not recognize their children's disability to the extent that when eventually confronted with this fact, they do one of two things—they either begin to discriminate against the child or they then seek specialised assistance. One child was legally blind but his parent failed to detect this fact. It was an observant teacher who noticed and only because she was trained to look for certain signs. With increased training in this area, many of those who have reached adulthood and are now considered menaces to society would actually be caught early and fashioned into useful citizens. And we have seen people who had special needs become productive citizens. All they needed was guidance and they actually excelled to the point where they became teachers of others with special needs. Special needs children exist in every region. The focus must be on helping these children, many of whom want to be like their 'normal' peers. One young man with cerebral palsy spoke about learning to do everything from crawling to walking at age six. He spoke of being pushed by his mother, who simply could not afford the sophisticated training when he opted for school. Such training was only available in the city, and he lived in Kwakwani. But he was only one. He is making a contribution. However there is the sad case of many others who get lost to the system. Some are abused and many are discriminated against simply because they cannot cope with basic activities. We have the visually impaired who have been known to make an impact on society. Quite a few have become teachers, some have become community leaders, and others have worked in the media. But this was only possible because they enjoyed professional help. A small country like Guyana is now recognizing that its human resource does not allow it to discard anyone. The result is that even at the level of the basic teacher training there is some focus on children with special needs. Money is crucial to the development of people with special needs. Everyone agrees that enough money is not spent in this sector. Allocations have been increased, but they are never enough. And what about exchange programmes and seminars to make the nation more aware that people with special needs do exist? The authorities once held Special Olympics at which these children were allowed to feel like other children. This must continue and should this be the case, we might be pleasantly surprised at the spin-off.

Tuesday November 13, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

‘Big Brother’ is watching you DEAR EDITOR, It appears that opposition supporters are being stopped and mentally harassed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, both when they enter and leave Guyana. We have on occasions been stopped and our passports held for some time as the Immigration Officer sought permission from the senior officer on whether we can proceed. The last occasion this occurred was the night of Nov 6 when we were leaving

for the 44th Annual Monetary Studies Conference hosted this year by the Central Bank of Suriname on behalf of the UWI-based Caribbean Centre for Money and Finance, a research arm of The Committee of Central Bank Governors. We were both told that because of our political activities, our names are placed on a list. P r o f e s s o r Ta r r o n Khemraj has experienced these stops for at least two

years both when he enters and leaves Guyana. Dr. Maurice Odle has been experiencing similar situations since the middle of this year. It is well known that Professor Khemraj has been an active supporter of the AFC before and during the last election, while Dr. Odle was on the side of WPA/APNU. We are concerned and highly opposed to these acts of surveillance. We are aware that the Jagdeo

Regime established an intelligence unit in the grounds of Castellani House and are surprised that taxpayers’ monies are being used for such unnecessary reasons. It was bad enough under the Burnham Regime, which had produced a Recognition Handbook of WPA activists. Today we see similar perverse activities being repeated under the Ramotar Administration. Dr. Tarron Khemraj Dr. Maurice Odle

Tuesday November 13, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Why didn’t Mr. Kumar help the victims of the Agricola mayhem? DEAR EDITOR, Someone sent us a letter to the press written by one Mr. Neil Kumar, a PPP Member of Parliament, on his experience on the day of the Agricola mayhem. We want to reject this letter in its entirety; it is a travesty and a farce on reality. This is classic PPP propaganda, distortions and lies. These PPP propagandists have no shame with their bold-faced lies. Who do they think they are fooling? You have to be very scornful of the ordinary people to witness “sexual molestation” and run away like a classic chicken, especially when you are a licensed firearm carrier. To compound the situation, M r. K u m a r c h o s e t o publish his comments and expect people to believe him. What did he do as a Member of Parliament upon witnessing these transgressions of the law? There were police in the

theatre of action, why did he not do the right thing and seek help? Why did he not call his President and plead with him to call the Army out? It was Martin Luther King who said “… the greatest tragedy …..was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people?” We condemn in a severe manner the actions of the thugs who assaulted and robbed good people on that faithful day in Agricola. But we choose our harshest condemnation for the Neil Kumars of the land. The people look up to them for service and protection. But when the people are in dreadful situations like the Agricola mayhem, what did the Kumars and his kind from the PPP do? They ran away. These people are not ordinary because ordinary people will either intervene or seek help from the police. Why didn’t Mr. Kumar execute a citizen’s arrest to

protect the innocent victims or engage the Police for help? It is either he is telling a blatant untruth or is nothing but a coward who cares little for the well-being of the ordinary Guyanese. But we do not believe one word from Mr. Kumar and his writing is a dangerous attempt to stir up racial strife, something not unfamiliar to the PPP operatives. The ruling PPP leaders continually try to tell the people that what they say is the truth – no matter what the people saw, no matter what they experienced. Who does Mr. Kumar feel he is to use the newspapers to continually insult our intelligence and our capacity to pick sense from his nonsense? But what we found extremely interesting is Mr. Kumar’s third and fourth hand information came out of the PPP playbook of the 1960s. To what end? How relevant is that

information to putting bread on the tables of the poor and working class today? How relevant is that information in creating jobs for the youths? This is the diversionary scheme the Jagdeo/Ramotar cabal has and continues to use. But there is a grander PPP scheme unfolding since they lost the majority in 2011. They ha v e sunk to a new low. It is all-out racial strife. But again we must remind the likes of Mr. Kumar, when the poor and the working class “belly a bun, the brain does wake up.” Nobody is going into any PPP sheep pen. All the PPP operatives, including Mr. Kumar, who witnessed the transgression and chose to hide, have also committed a sin against those who were robbed, molested or beaten in their presence and should hide their faces in shame. Might we remind Mr. Kumar that it is the Government of the day that

is responsible for the domestic security of all its citizens; whether they hail from Enterprise or Agricola? We are informing the people of Guyana to be aware of the trap the PPP has and continues to set f o r t h e m . We a r e a l l Guyanese who are striving to do our best to survive

and to rid our country of corruption, crime, illegal narcotics, child prostitution and molestation. If Mr. Kumar and the PPP do not know, we as Guyanese are in this together. Stay strong people and stand up to the bullies at Freedom House. Shame on you Mr. Kumar! Dr Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday November 13, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

An inevitable and quick demise of EZjet was predicted DEAR EDITOR, Before Sonny Ramdeo ever attempted his EZjet venture, history had already conclusively demonstrated that attempting to operate a profitable low-fare airline on the GEO-JFK route was like attempting to mine gold from a copper mine. So when Sonny announced his venture, many critics were rightly convinced that the money being invested was not Sonny’s, as no one would so exuberantly or foolishly invest his/her own money trying to mine gold from a

copper mine. Thus an inevitable and quick demise of EZjet was predicted. We now know that the critics were right, and that Sonny and his coterie of alchemists were wrong. So it is only a matter of time before EZjet’s management accepts that it has joined Travel Span, Universal Airlines, and others in their failed attempts at alchemy on the GEO-JFK route. I urge EZjet to face reality by immediately ending its practice of trying to obfuscate the issue with deceptive

press releases. I also urge the government of Guyana to end its spurious practice of blaming Kaieteur News and others for EZjet’s problems, as the stark and unmovable truth is that EZjet hewed the rod with which it is now being beaten: None of its critics did! Yes, not one of EZjet’s critics approached Sonny to launch his EZjet venture or urged him to violate the terms of EZjet’s charter agreement with the U.S. Department of Transportation. And not one of EZjet’s critics can be

seriously blamed for the operations mismanagement and ineffective cash collection that have been offered among reasons for EZjet’s financial woes. I offer my heartfelt sympathies to those who are enduring the heartrending experience of being stranded and wish to assure every Guyanese that, contrary to the devious and self-serving allegations made by others against me in Kaieteur News and the Chronicle, I sincerely hope for the day when Guyanese can access low

airfares with the concomitant guarantee that they will not be left stranded. In the meantime I offer no apologies, and I am glad my writings offer no comfort to those who want to confuse the uninformed and vulnerable by using bastardized, self-serving sloganeerin g a n d c h e s t thumping rhetoric about

how their supposed concern for the well-being of fellow Guyanese leads them to sacrifice their own money. Well, as we have learned once again, those supposedly interested in our well-being never end up being stranded when things fall apart. Lionel Lowe Queens, New York

Gridlock in Guyana - cooperation is urgently needed DEAR EDITOR, It seems that there is a gridlock in Guyana because of the lack of co-operation between the government and the combined opposition forces since the governmentproposed Bills cannot be passed because they are blocked by the combined opposition and successful opposition Bills cannot become law because the President refuses to assent. Guyana has a supreme parliament, the Higher Courts being the guardian of the Constitution, has an inherent power to look at the issues. However there are added difficulties vis-à-vis the President’s veto powers under Article 170, even though this can be overcome, after referral, with a two-thirds majority in Parliament, and then again, the President immunity under Article 182 of the Constitution. It seems as if the High Court has no jurisdiction, since matters of parliament are for the resolution by the law making body parliament- and not the courts, which can only interpret the laws made by Parliament. The big controversy now is that the combined opposition successfully passed a motion of no confidence against Minister Clement Rohee. The President refused to assent to the Motion, and as a result Rohee continues in office, but is not allowed by the Opposition to speak, forcing the Speaker to adjourn sitting on two occasions. Some political analysts feel that the matter should be referred to the Caribbean Court of Justice, but I am not sure if the CCJ in its inherent jurisdiction can play a role in resolving the issue since the Executive is an independent arm of Government and neither

the judiciary, another arm of government, or parliament, the third arm, can revoke a decision/ appointment by the executive. One way is an agreement between the government and the opposition, but this seems hardly unlikely at this time since both parties are holding out much to the detriment of the country. I wonder if an independent mediator, a high-profile person or group, respected in both camps, can bridge the gap. Both the government and the opposition realize that public relations are extremely poor in the country. There is need for a better working relationship and understanding, but it is regrettable that the government has identified a former minister and a former short term ambassador to head the public relation department. I am not sure if Mr. Kellawan Lall is qualified and has the experience and charisma to be an effective PR person. It also needs Race Relation personnel, because unfortunately, the Co-operative Republic is still affected by race politics. The other alternative is a snap election, but President Ramotar might be reluctant to have another poll, because it is likely that his party would fail to gain as many votes as they got in the last general elections. The PPP/C is not likely to regain the government if the President persists to retain three ministers of the government who have been accused of gross wrongdoing. On the other hand, it is felt that AFC stalwart Moses Nagamootoo would not be able to swing many votes if a snap election is called. Oscar Ramjeet

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tuesday November 13, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Picture Boy murder trial...

Judge admits confession statements High Court Judge Diana Insanally yesterday ruled that the three oral statements and one written caution statement reportedly given to the police by Cyon Collier, called “Picture Boy” following his arrest in 2006 were given freely and voluntarily. The statements were yesterday admitted and tendered as evidence in the murder trial. Collier is accused of murdering brothers Ray Walcott, called “Sugar”, and Carl Andrews, called “Alo”, on September 23, 2006. The ruling came after a two-week Voir Dire to determine whether the accused had given the police the information willingly. Defence Lawyer Lyndon Amsterdam had objected to the statements being admitted since he said that violence was used against his client by the police. The defence case was that subsequent to Collier’s arrest in 2006, the police had beaten the accused, specifically in his private area. According to Amsterdam, the police had kicked the accused to the genitals several times. State Prosecutor Judith

Gildharie-Mursalin however argued that the accused had given the police the statements willingly and that the swollen scrotum was a condition that Collier had since he was child. She put forward that the accused was teased as child because of his condition. She further said that two years after Collier was imprisoned it was only then that he brought the allegation that he was beaten by the police. The prosecution said that the accused at no time complained about his beatings while imprisoned. Following the court’s ruling, Assistant Superintendent of Police Alwin Wilson continued his evidence-inchief before the court. In the officer’s testimony he stated that when he questioned the accused in 2006, the man had related a story to him. He was subsequently asked if he would like to put the information in writing and Collier reportedly agreed. The statement was read in court. According to the officer, Collier narrated three hours after his arrest that he had brought a .38 gun from Suriname and had given it to

Woman chopped after sharing favours with father, son A 19- year-old Rose Hall Town woman who shared the affections of a father and son is now a patient in the Georgetown Public Hospital after she was brutally chopped by the younger man who found her in a compromising position with his father. Seerojnie Persaud had struck up a relationship with the younger man and would usually visit his home from time to time. She then struck up a relationship with the

elder man unknown to his son. On Saturday the son came home unexpectedly and found his lover and his father in a compromising position. In his rage he grabbed a cutlass and chopped her about her body, before escaping. The badly wounded woman was rushed to the New Amsterdam hospital before being transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital where she remains warded in a critical condition.

“Alo.” The statement alleged that on two occasions, Collier had asked the deceased to return the gun but on the last request the now deceased “Alo” told Collier that he had nothing to give him. The statement further alleges that Collier said that after the incident with Alo they became cold. The deceased, he claimed, started to “move” with his brother and a cousin and when he (Collier) was around they would throw hints

at him saying, “Nobody can’t try nothing or else people gun dead.” Collier reportedly told the officers that knowing he could not deal with the three persons together he went to “Kusum” ( Anthony Charles” the court had already heard, was killed in a police shoot out in 2006) to explain what was going on so that he could “manners” the man who had taken his gun. Collier said that Kusum had instead given him an AK

rifle that the police found at his house during his arrest. Collier reportedly said in the statement that he stashed the AK rifle and went to Bare Root, East Coast Demerara where he saw one “Fridge Man” at a party. He said he borrowed the man’s motorcycle and then went to Victoria. The statement continued that Collier reported that he met “Alo” and “Sugar” at the corner and he, “shoot dem up because they threatened me

and I feel they woulda kill me some time.” This information, the police witness said, was reportedly taken at the Cove and John Police Station in the Criminal Investigations Section. The police also stated that after putting the allegation to Collier, he responded, “They wrong me so they had to die.” The defense then commenced its crossexamination. The matter will continue on Wednesday.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday November 13, 2012

Stakeholders to help define Special Education Needs policy - Education Minister Although challenged in its quest to secure a venue for yet another consultation on special education needs, the Ministry of Education was able to persevere and hold a final session for the year at the Hadfield Street, Georgetown, Regency Hotel, yesterday. Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, said that her Ministry is currently on a mission to hear from all stakeholders inclusive of persons with disabilities as well as persons who work with those with disabilities. “We want to hear from you about how it is we can make our education system better to cater for persons living with disabilities,” the Minister said. “It is amazing that some of the things that we have heard; some very, very small things that could make a huge difference that I believe could have been done before but perhaps we didn’t have this kind of pull together...” With the information arising from the consultations, the Minister believes that the Ministry will from next year budget to support an Action Plan that will allow it to meet the needs

of the population. She added, too, “We are keenly aware that if we don’t involve everyone in Guyana then we are going to be denying ourselves a rate of development in our country and denying all our people that rate...” The Minister said that Guyana is fortunate that when it speaks of inclusive education it is not speaking any longer of merely including children from hinterland communities and gender since the education sector has already achieved this goal. “We are not speaking about including girls and boys because we have got there; we’ve struggled to get there but we have got there...” The Minister noted that efforts must be directed towards addressing the dropout rate among the nation’s boys. Even as this is being done, she noted that there is a similarly urgent need to include one group that is not yet fully included. Pointing to persons with disabilities, the Minister said that “we want to change that they are not included.” She noted that consultation is the

The section of the gathering at the Special Education Needs consultation yesterday. first step towards the much needed change. By the inclusion of special education needs in its five-year Strategic Plan, it is expected that partners from all over the world will render support to the Education Ministry to aid inclusive education at a national and more expanded level. Inclusive Education is one of the eight major strategic objectives in the current education plan. Even as she stressed the need for support, the Minister said that “this is not the first consultation and I have noticed that the press has been very lazy in reporting on

this particular issue...This does the community of disabled persons harm not the Ministry...” Several other consultations have been held in Georgetown, Linden and New Amsterdam, fora which were premised on an approach adopted by the Ministry to listen to the persons who are integrally involved, said Minister Manickchand. At the moment other consultations are being held with regards to the Automatic Promotion Policy, the Grade Retention Policy and the issue of Corporal Punishment. The latter issue is currently

before the National Assembly which is expected to pronounce on it. Tomorrow another consultation is slated for the Guyana International Conference Centre, Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown, where the establishment of a National Teaching Council will be discussed. This session, according to the Minister, will be held jointly with the Guyana Teachers’ Union with a view to defining what to expect of teachers in every respect including licensing and continuous education. “Everything we do in the Ministry we make sure that

we hear from the people who are using the system every day, particularly because we want to hear all those things that might not get told to us or might be covered up by even some of us...” said the Minister as she urged the participants to seek to be “very, very frank with us.” The aim of yesterday’s undertaking, which saw the attendance of a number of education experts, including Chief Education Officer, Olato Sam, was to allow the stakeholders drawn from the various regions to help to better define a special education needs policy for the education sector.

Tuesday November 13, 2012

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SOME INSTITUTIONS NEED TO BE RETIRED The strengthening of institutions is vital to the process of perfecting our democracy and ensuring that these institutions are effective and efficient. The strengthening of institutions of oversight and accountability is important in fighting corruption and improving good governance. As such priority has to be given to developing strong institutions because without them the rule of law will suffer and democracy will be undermined. But not all institutions that we have need to be improved upon; not all of them need to be reformed. Many of them have outlived their usefulness and need to be dumped. When it comes to these institutions that have become relics of the past, unsuited to modern government, it is no use carping on their absence and no use suggesting that this absence undermines constitutional rule. Some institutions have their origins in a colonial administration and created the façade of fairness and meritocracy. Others were of more recent vintage, illconceived and with the possibility of assuming the status of a Leviathan. Guyana has to undertake a serious assessment about some of these latter institutions and whether instead of wasting taxpayers’ money on them, decide if they should not be dumped in their entirety. The first of these is the Office of the Ombudsman. This office is said to be there to provide a resort to those who feel they have been wronged because of inefficiencies and

malfeasance in public office. But how effective in our history has been the Office of the Ombudsman? The number of complaints that have been filed is in many respects an estimate of public confidence in this office and the records will pronounce on just how confident the public has been in the years when there was an Ombudsman. A decision of the Ombudsman cannot be enforced. As such, public officials can ignore this office without peril. There is nothing that the Ombudsman can do other than to report his findings and while these findings carry moral weight,

Governments have been known to ignore such influences especially when there is no compulsion to act in accordance with the advice rendered. The Office of the Ombudsman is not needed. It did not make an impact when it existed and it is now no longer essential. New institutional mechanisms now exist within institutions and businesses to ensure that the public is not shortchanged by administrative delays, inefficiencies or malfeasance. The public service is no longer what it was in the past. In many countries the emphasis is less on a system of bureaucracy and more on

service providers. The nature of the public service is changing; the nature of employment in the public service is changing. Workers are not as interested as thirty or forty years ago on being on the permanent establishment. They are not putting down roots in the public service. They want to use the experience they gain in the public service to move on to other things, and they are doing so, hence the massive increase in the number of those opting for contract rather than tenured employment. All of this makes the need for a Public Service Appellate

Tribunal unnecessary. And since there has always been resort to the courts for judicial review of administrative actions, persons are more inclined to go that route rather than seek remedies through an administrative tribunal. The Public Service Appellate Tribunal should also be dumped. Other institutions that need to be replaced are the Integrity Commission and the Ethnic Relations Commission. These institutions since their formation have had a limited impact. Their continued existence is therefore questionable. As for the Public

Procurement Commission, there is a need for our legislators to seriously examine whether, as conceived in our laws, this body is not too powerful and can end up becoming an allpowerful Leviathan. Guyana needs new and strengthened institutions. But some need to be dumped because they are not living up to expectations, while others have outlived their usefulness.

Govt. collects US$20M on GT&T’s share sale …will use proceeds on Marriott Hotel – says AFC The sale of Government’s 20 per cent stakes in the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) is nearer to finalization with a significant sum paid over last week by the Chinese buyer, Datang Telecom Technology and Industry Group. The sum is said to be US$20M ($4B) and this was deposited to the accounts of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), the stateowned company which controls public assets. Around US$10M ($2B) more is outstanding. But it will not be all smooth sailing for the transaction which has been heavily criticized in some quarters. There have been questions whether government was doing the wise thing by selling the shares. It has been

Dem boys seh...

Sonny ducking and hiding Sonny playing ketcha wid de Feds. Of course the Feds use the English term, ‘Hide and Seek’. Now people talking how Easy Jet hard to find and de boss more hard to find. He office claim how he talking wid de Feds by Internet. Well it hard fuh dem boys understand how de Feds gun spend whole day sitting down and chatting wid Sonny. Then Sonny decide fuh play de blame game. What got dem boys worried is how everybody get blame fuh wha happen. Sonny blame Swift Air. He claim how Swift Air tek way de plane and lef passengers stranded. Dem boys know that dem same passengers didn’t complain. Then Sonny claim how de same Swift Air owe he nuff money. Now people want to know if Swift Air was actually keeping money that some people pay in de dark. Dem couldn’t give Sonny because de Feds would zero in pun it and Sonny couldn’t explain. Now that de airline collapse people finding out wheh de money deh. Then Sonny blame de government. He claim how de government sabotage him. And he might be right. De Bees want de plane and Uncle Donald decide to put a spike in dem wheel. He blame de Waterfalls paper too. Then he tun and blame Caribbean Airlines. He blame everybody but heself. Dem boys seh that if he didn’t mek he hand fast he wouldn’t have to blame anybody. Talk half and wait fuh more blame.

earning them on average around $500M annually. Up until the sale, the government was receiving from GT&T, an annual dividend of US$2.5M, making it the most successful investment ever undertaken by any administration in this country. Initially, when the shares were placed on the market almost three years ago, employees had offered to buy them but this was rejected by Government who wanted them to be purchased en bloc. Then there was the issue of the price. Government agreed to sell Datang the 20 per cent share for US$30M. Accountant, Christopher Ram, earlier this year said that Guyana could have got at least US$40M. According to Leader of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan, yesterday, Government is planning to use the US$20M for the Marriott Hotel in Kingston. Government has said that it had problems finding investors for that project. But the construction has already started with the contractor, Shanghai Construction Group, being advanced US$10M. The 197room hotel, casino, nightclub and restaurant will cost around US$60M. The foundation is currently being laid and camp has been built at the Kingston site without much clarity about the mysterious investors. Guyana is plugging at least US$20M into the venture which has been criticized by other hoteliers who are saying that the market is already saturated with too many rooms. DATANG PRESSURED! NICIL’s head, Winston Brassington, yesterday admitted that monies were paid but declined to give details. He would only say

that he has to consult. He asked that Kaieteur news submit a list of the questions. “I understand that Government officials bore down heavily on the Chinese to make the payment, although the company wanted to smoothly settle in with ATN, the owner of 80 per cent shares of GT&T,” Ramjattan said. The Parliamentarian said that the government’s heavy push for the monies was to avoid any public perception that it cannot go through with the Marriott project and to avert any impression that the works were in any way being held back by the nonparticipation of investors. “Indeed, there is a severe hesitation by private investors into this project because of low levels of occupancy rates in hotels across Guyana. This can shatter confidence in the project and scuttle it. But to shore up such confidence, the government has persuaded Datang to pay in US$20M to NICIL.” According to the AFC Leader, during the recent graduation ceremony at the University of Guyana,

NICIL’s head, Winston Brassington

AFC’s Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan

President Donald Ramotar indicated the country’s coffers is not with unlimited funds and so there is a limit on what can be spent on education. He urged the private sector to help. “This $4B (US$20M for Marriott) would have gone a far way to enhance the education sector, especially UG, rather than being spent on a project the feasibility of which is held top-secret. It is Marriott for which the President should seek private sector help, and transfer this $4B for education.” WILD GOVERNMENT Government’s chief spokesman, Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon, had told

media workers earlier this year that Datang Telecoms conducted its due diligence before it arrived at the US$30M price which would include US$25M cash up front and the remainder with a stipulated period. Government had made it clear that its decision to sell the 20 per cent share was driven mainly by the profits that were coming into the coffers of government and the fact that the telecoms sector was on the verge of being liberalized and opened to new companies. The majority shares in GT&T are owned by the US company, Atlantic TeleNetwork (ATN) under a 1991 agreement.

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Tuesday November 13, 2012


Diwali, FITUG and Guyana’s permanent circus When I was small my mom took me to see the circus. I can’t remember if it was called “Circo Romano,” I think so. I have to be careful because if I make a mistake with my dates, I see long letters in the papers analysing my psychology. Remember I wrote I saw a movie, “Jesus Christ Superstar” at Astor Cinema and got the year wrong. This guy wrote a long letter showing that my intention to

put the incorrect year was deliberate because I was up to some political mischief. Of course the gentleman didn’t put his real name to his correspondence because most of the people who know him would have asked why cannot a human being make a genuine mistake. And last week Neil Kumar, Director of Sports said something is mentally wrong with me because I confused a date I wrote about in the

seventies. He was referring to the same movie. Can you imagine, a columnist’s psychology is called into question because he typed in a wrong date? This is the permanent circus I referred to in my caption above. Anyway, to make a long story short, I think it was “Circo-Romano” but I could be wrong. I saw that circus when I was very small and still remember that priceless moment with my mom. Didn’t

go many places with her after then because of my parents’ necessity to work to maintain a large family (why do poor people get so many children?) The circus was great but the jokers stood out. Little did I know that after that day the circus would take up permanent occupation in my country. Whenever Diwali comes around, the circus comes into in my head, when I am about to do a column on this

particular holiday. One old Hindu priest becomes the joker. A notorious pursuer of underage girls throughout his religious career, he makes sure he tells the Diwali revelers that their religion is Hinduism and their god is the PPP. Last year he even used the occasion to urge the celebrating Hindus to vote for the PPP. But it didn’t work. This old, jaded, faded womanizer was rejected by Berbicians (he’s not from Berbice and doesn’t live in Berbice so I am not referring to a Berbician Hindu priest). He must have known that his religious influence is dead. First seven percent of the Berbice electorate didn’t vote and of the fifty three percent that did, they chose Moses Nagamotoo over this moribund, Hindu priest who was responsible for the suicide of an innocent young girl. Every year when Diwali comes around I wonder how Hindus can have this priest around them. Is it because birds of feather flock together or they just could be bothered with his useless presence? Where is the light in their hearts when they see this man preaching to them? Isn’t this a circus? The circus is indeed a permanent fixture on our political landscape. Last week the circus went to the Princess Hotel. There gathered for the feast was an ironic group called FITUG. It is indeed an amazing paradox. FITUG was born as a trade union umbrella to fight Statesponsored attacks on trade union rights and to confront a government that was not supportive of workers’

Frederick Kissoon pockets. Now a group of trade unions has taken up a supporting role to an antiworking class government and has adopted the same name. So yesterday FITUG was anti dictatorship. Today, FITUG is pro-dictatorship. You want to hear more of the circus in Guyana? Well the man who gave the feature address to the FITUG congress at the Princess Hotel is ninety year old Ashton Chase who authored the first book on a history of trade unions in this country. That was when the colonials were in charge of us and Mr. Chase was an “anti-colonial fighter.” Now he is a strong supporter of a government that by no stretch of the imagination can be called a friend of the working class. It just goes to show you what type of people we had fighting for our independence. Did they really care about the rights of workers or did they want to kick the colonials out so they could have had his power and his mansion? Chase appears as a funny man to me. He tried a few months ago, through his client Juan Edghill, to commit me to prison for contempt of court. It was an ignominious failure for this so-called trade unionist. The judge threw out his motion

Man, 52, charged with sexual molestation Baliram Buchoon, 52, formerly of Lima Sands, Essequibo Coast, was on Monday refused bail by Magistrate Sunil Scarce, on an allegation of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old. The case was held in camera at the Charity Magistrate’s court. Buchoon was not required to enter a plea when he appeared in dock. Police prosecutor, Ramana told the magistrate that sexual misconducts continue to be increasingly prevalent, especially on the Coast. Ramana reminded Magistrate Scarce that the time has come for the courts

to put a stop to those offenses. He contended that should Buchoon be released on bail, the possibility of him tampering with the witness is possible, since violence was used against the teenager. Buchoon’s attorney, Latchmie Dindyal, said that his client usually sells beef to poultry farmers. Dindyal also indicated his client is mobile and he would attend his trial. Magistrate Sunil Scarce denied bail to Buchoon. A police report stated that on November 9, at Bush Lot Back dam, Buchoon took a 13year-old boy, then proceeded to molest the teen. An alarm was raised and Buchoon was arrested by the police.

Tuesday November 13, 2012

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Guyanese confidence in police force among the lowest in the Caribbean By Dale Andrews Guyanese have little confidence in their police to control crime. This is according to the 2012 Caribbean Human Development Report, which shows that in terms of confidence in their police forces Guyanese are rated behind Trinidad and Tobago among the seven Caribbean territories surveyed. The report shows that 53 percent of persons polled in Guyana indicate that they have some amount of confidence in the police to control crime while only six percent said they have a great deal of confidence. In Trinidad and Tobago, 52 percent said they had some amount of confidence while a mere 4.6 per cent said they had a great deal of confidence in their police force to control crime. Significantly, Jamaicans who have been experiencing one of the highest murder rates in the region, have a high level of confidence in their lawmen, coming second only to Barbadians. Suriname, St. Lucia and Antigua were the other countries that were part of the survey. The inaugural Caribbean Human Development Report , which was launched earlier this year, was the subject of a three-day discussion among regional journalists and representatives from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Barbados and resource personnel among them the report’s main author, Professor Anthony Harriott. The ground breaking report, which was commissioned by the UNDP, focused on the shift to better citizen security. It was observed that citizen security is not just a police and judicial matter; it also has a strong development component. According to prominent regional media practitioner

Participants in discussion during last week’s 2012 Human Development and Citizen Security Workshop in Barbados.

Wesley Gibbings

Professor Anthony Harriot

Wesley Gibbings, who has been a journalist for the past 31 years, never before has there been a report that deals with citizen security the way the HDR 2012 has. “It looks at the impact of insecurity and violence on human development, relevant to the Caribbean…The report focuses on the need of security based on a human development approach whereby citizen security is paramount rather than state security,” said Gibbings, who is also the President of the Association of Caribbean Media Workers (ACM). Utilising statistics from seven countries, the authors of the report found that there is a great need for active citizen involvement in the security sector. This initiative is being actively pursued by the Guyana government with its citizen security programme

which seeks to target groups that are vulnerable to criminal activity, such as gang violence. Within the last 10 years, violent crime has grown into a regional problem, with crime rates reaching a peak a few years ago before showing a marked decline as the various territories which have a heavy dependence on tourism, implemented strategies to deal with the scourge. Robust community cohesion is one of the ways that regional governments used to combat the runaway crime situation. However during recent discussions in Barbados, much consideration needs to be given to the low confidence regional citizens have in their security and judicial systems, said Jamaican Professor Anthony Harriott. This was also supported

by Gibbings who noted that “declining confidence in the criminal justice system results in declining confidence in other state systems.” But while both Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago lead per capita in terms of investment in their security sectors, the lack of confidence in their respective security forces is the highest in the Region. According to the report, the human development approach to crime and violence in the Caribbean is hampered by the lack of institutional capacity of public institutions. “Despite progress being made in some countries, the predominant model of policing in the Caribbean still focuses on state security rather than on citizen security,” the report noted. It speaks to the fact that

the police system in the Caribbean faces several challenges to complete a transition to citizen security. These include the promotion of legitimacy which comes from integrity and improved accountability, and eradicating corruption, which weakens public confidence. Another challenge is for regional police forces to reduce abuses of power and fully recognize the human rights. “Overcoming these problems will allow community policing and citizens’ cooperation to prevent crime and control criminality,” the report stated. Guyana has embraced the concept of community policing with several groups established throughout the country. However, the lack of trust between the community

policing establishment and the traditional police is serving to undermine the effective cohesion of the two entities. But there are some grounds for optimism, according to the HDR. Citizens perceive their police forces as moderately legitimate and competent, and show willingness to become co-producers of their own security, since Caribbean citizens want safer societies. “The challenge is how to respond more effectively to broaden the results for the society as a whole with respect to citizens’ rights and inclusion of the most vulnerable,” the HDR noted. In Guyana the opposite is happening with society growing much more suspicious of the police as a result of recent events, so much so that the Guyana Defence Force has been called upon to diffuse rising tensions between the citizenry and the civilian law enforcement agency.

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Tuesday November 13, 2012

Tuesday November 13, 2012

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NRSC advocates 25-year jail term for causing ...says cameras will help fatal accidents under the influence police ticket defaulters NRSC Executive Member, Hilbert Archer

A minimum sentence of 25 years is being touted for persons causing fatal road accidents while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This advocacy was vocalised yesterday by Executive Member of the National Road Safety Council (NRSC), Hilbert Archer. He was at the time addressing a sensitisation session for teachers at the Regency Hotel as part of the Council’s effort to raise road safety awareness among educators. The event which was organised by the NRSC saw

the attendance of two police officers who were representing the Guyana Police Force on matters of concern raised by the participating teachers. “We always have to remember that a vehicle is a very lethal weapon and persons have to understand they have a very serious responsibility when behind the wheel...When you become a driver it is a responsibility; you are responsible for people’s lives,” Archer stated. There are currently a number of people who are

afraid to travel on the roadways, particularly in minibuses, because of the spate of accidents, he said. “When we look at what is happening on our roads today some people think it hard to travel in minibuses and would pray sincerely before boarding a bus. “What we have been recommending and I have always been advocating for is that the laws be changed,” said Archer even as he expressed his conviction that “if you are going to drink and drive or smoke weed or take cocaine and then take a bus or a car and cause an accident and 10 people or five people are killed and you are the only survivor you should face (the requisite) counts of manslaughter.” The NRSC Executive recommended that “your minimum sentence should start around 25 years. That is one of the things I have been advocating; so the drafters, I believe, need to look at the draft again based on the Police recommendations because they know whether the charge for manslaughter or dangerous driving is needful.”

The sensitisation session in progress yesterday In the interim though, Archer opined that functioning cameras (Closedcircuit television (CCTV)) positioned at the city’s traffic light intersections will seek to help the Police Force in its efforts to capture perpetrators. He disclosed, yesterday, that “functioning cameras at traffic lights were the reason why the police were able to identify and

apprehend criminals who had robbed people...” He said that the Road Safety Council is currently advocating a system whereby persons who fail to adhere to traffic lights could in fact be served with a ticket at their homes. This approach is utilised abroad. “I think what we have been advocating for and what will happen shortly is that as

soon as you jump a red light the camera will pick up your number plate and the ticket will meet you at home,” Archer disclosed. Yesterday’s forum also saw teachers venting their concerns about congested traffic on the East Bank Demerara at peak hours and whether it is necessary for mobile police officers to adhere to traffic lights.

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Tuesday November 13, 2012

Missing vouchers, overpayment for fuel Diwali: a time of celebration and a time for reflection all cited in Auditor General’s report By Latoya Giles The Guyana Police Force overpaid a supplier some $5.601M for fuel and lubricants in 2010. This revelation was made by the Auditor General in his 2011 report. The Auditor General report also highlighted the instance of missing cash amounting to $3.547M which occurred at Eve Leary F i n a n c e O ff i c e , w h e n persons unknown accessed a strong box within the cashier cage and removed the components of payroll kept in the same strong box. The Auditor General has recommended that the force diligently follow up this matter and bring closure to it. In the case of the fuel it was recommended that the police force take action to introduce measures for stricter control over acquisitions of fuel. In the report the force is criticized by the AG when he says that the force is still to reach a consensus with the Ministry of Finance on provisions for the purchase of uniforms and other items

of military kit such as boots, shoes, socks, belting and name tags. The report explained that the force made purchases for uniform and related accessories amounting to $155.439M during the year 2011. In 2010, 2009 and 2008 the respective purchases amounted to $245.698M; $280.210M; and $378.692M. The AG noted that these purchases should not happen. They should be included under benefits and allowances. It was explained that if it is done, the benefits and allowances as an accounting concept connotes the receipt of cash or kind by a payee for his or her use or consumption. Further the GPF stockpiles uniform material and other associated components which are not utilized specifically in the period but over a number of years. The Auditor General recommended that the police force take affirmative follow up actions to resolve this matter given the protracted period over which it was referred to the Ministry of Finance.

Like the Guyana Defence Force, the Police Force is also yet to take the necessary steps to secure and retain all vouchers in support of expenditure. As such the AG said that one payment voucher totaling $116,700 was not presented for 2011. There were similar situations in 2008 and 2009 with the result that for those years there are 167 outstanding vouchers for expenditure amounting to $83.739M. The force through its finance officer explained that efforts are ongoing to have these vouchers located and then have them presented for audit inspection. The finance officer noted that the amount for 2009 has since been reduced to 34 missing vouchers for audit examination. On the matter of fuel and lubricants, the GPF acquired quantities valued at $206.769M from Guyoil for the period under review. However it was noted that in 2011, the police force owed the supplier amounts totaling $1.647M.

By Rabindra Rooplall Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time of celebration and a time for reflection. Diwali is a celebratory ritual for Hindus worldwide, and the lighting of diyas, fairy lights, lanterns and fireworks plays an essential part of the event. It also coincides with the heart-warming practice of exchanging sweetmeats with neighbours, friends and extended family. This kind act is to strengthen bonds with neighbours, friends and relatives. It brings the community together. It also inculcates in participants the

sense of joy associated with giving. And by doing it in times of joy, such as Diwali, it strengthens our inclination to give others in times of need. It brings together people of all religion to enjoy the celebration. The Hindu philosophy places great emphasis on cultivating strong bonds with one’s community, through a host of traditions. Diwali is not just about illuminating houses and paths. Persons must ignite the divine light within and let its radiate outward, so that it touches all those we come across. The exact day

Thousands view Diwali motorcade Diwali celebrations last evening saw thousands lining the seawalls to catch a glimpse of the Diwali Motorcade on its way to La Bonne Intention Community Centre Ground. The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha organized the motorcade. Deepavali or Diwali, called The “Festival of Lights”, saw families on the grass mound in the vicinity of Sheriff Street and the East Demerara Highway. The Rupert Craig Highway was congested. Most floats sat atop decorated Canter trucks, larger trucks and motorcars, all brightly lit. Some floats were supported by dancers ,singers or tassa drums. Deepavali or Diwali is the homecoming of Lord Rama after a 14-year exile in the forest and his victory over Ravana. In the legend, the people of Ayodhya (the capital of his kingdom) welcomed Rama by lighting rows of lamps. The motorcades commenced in 1974, after the Sabha’s president, Reepu Daman Persaud, thought that the festival of Deepavali was too significant an occasion to just be restricted to the lighting of diyas on Deepavali night.

of the festival is decided by the position of the moon. According to the Hindu calendar, Amavasya or ‘no moon day’ is considered as the perfect day to celebrate Diwali. This dark night comes after every fortnight and in the month of Kartik, it marks this festival of lights and diyas. According to the English calendar, the festival generally comes in the month of November or December. Diwali is celebrated for many reasons; but the most commonly known reason is to celebrate the day Sri Rama, Sitaji, and Lakshman returned from their exile of 14 years in the forest – symbolizing a win of goodness over evil. By Hindu calendar, it also marks the start of the New Year calendar. In fact, Diwali is considered so auspicious that it is celebrated with families and friends over five days. Many Hindus would have already cleaned their place of abode which according to tradition welcomes the goddess of wealth which is also associated with the festival. Hinduism is the world’s third largest religion with over a billion followers worldwide. Historically, the origin of Diwali can be traced back to ancient India, when it was probably an important harvest festival.

Two held in Corriverton taxi driver shooting; car recovered - VICTIM IN ICU The Springlands, Corriverton taxi driver who was shot several times about his body Sunday evening is currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital. Police at Fort Wellington in Region Five on Sunday evening, too, during a road block detained two of the men suspected of being involved in the shooting. The shooter is on the run. Police also recovered the hire car HB 3172 as well as several items in the vehicle. Yesterday, 31-year-old Jermaine Rover of Number 78 Village, Corriverton was in pain. He said that around 6:25pm Sunday, “three guys—all of them who I knew because I was fetching them every week—hired me to take them to Moleson Creek to pick up some Heineken”. He added that after exiting the vehicle at a lonely spot in the Moleson Creek area , “one of them came and shot me and when me come out the car, he shot me again in my shoulder and they took the car and drove away.” The men joined the vehicle at Number 76 Village, something that Rover described as a usual routine pick- up which he had done ever so often. He said that they were in their teens. He did not see them armed when they entered the vehicle but he eventually was shot by “a long gun.” “The one who shot me come out and came around and gave me one shot and I was dizzy and I fell on the ground and he shot me in the back”. “If I had answered them, they would have killed me,” the man said. He was shot in his head and shoulder. Rover was

rushed to the Skeldon Hospital. Two hours later he was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit of the New Amsterdam Hospital. The bullet is still lodged in his left shoulder. Rover recalled transporting the same group of youngsters the previous night, “and now they called me back on Sunday”. “When me wife go and checked the car, over $100,000 was gone”, money he had left in the car. Fiona Niles, the man’s sister, said that the men probably tried to kill him because they knew him. “They shot him to the head—his temple—and the bullet exited and they shot him to his mouth and after they shot him on this back, they drove away. “He was there lying helpless and he tried to get up and seek help—he had to walk for a mile until something stopped and the person took him to Skeldon Hospital. It took them about three hours before they could have brought him to the New Amsterdam Hospital.“He is stable but the left shoulder, the bullet shattered it and it is lodged there”. Niles believed it was a carefully orchestrated act and “all the boys are young boys—teenagers, right from that area”. She added that the shooter is on the run and police arrested two persons “as well as some of their belongings in the car, such as a haversack—I don’t know what the contents are”. Additionally, a digital camera, license and phone were also recovered by police. Rover is a father of three— Mark, Burchelle and Martha. His wife is Pearl- Anne Rover.

Tuesday November 13, 2012

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President and First Lady Diwali is a special and happy time for Hindus, marked by acts of inner and outer purification, kindness, amity, appreciation for others and care and respect for elders. This important festival is a source of hope, strength, enlightenment, revitalization and togetherness. It reminds us that ultimately evil does not have the final say; truth and righteousness always prevail.

With confidence in this conviction, Diwali allows us to build moral fortitude in resisting hatred, spitefulness, vindictiveness in all aspects of our lives and in our society. The festival of lights, so vibrantly observed in Guyana, renews our conviction for a better future. Through its many timeless rituals it fosters togetherness and unity amongst

our people and communities. It is our hope that the true meaning of Diwali- the sureness that good will always overcome evil- will challenge us to be open towards hope, thereby allowing for the building of greater trust and confidence which can only pave the way for continued success and development. Happy Diwali to all Guyana!

THE PPP The People’s Progressive Party extends best wishes to all Guyanese and to the Hindu Community in particular, on the occasion of Diwali. The story of Diwali has universal appeal of the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. In our country the PPP members and supporters

AFC As we prepare to celebrate Diwali – the Festival of Lights, the Alliance For Change sends special Diwali greetings to our Hindu brothers and sisters and to all Guyanese. The Festival of Diwali, or the Festival of Light as it is also known is of special religious significance to Hindus as it marks the return of Lord Rama after 14 years of exile. This year, as we enjoy and

participate in the various activities marking Diwali, let us reflect on the religious significance of this time; the triumph of good over evil and light replacing darkness. Diwali is a celebration of life itself and the lights and diyas represent hope for all humankind regardless of faith or ethnicity. The AFC encourages Guyanese of all faiths to assist in removing all darkness and evil

early Indian origins of Diwali, the exploits of both the wicked and the evil – Dasharatha and Ravana – and the purveyors of all that is good – Rama and Lakshmi. The Federation easily discerns the moral and lessons from these meaningful myths and legends – and understands how effective they can be in inspiring Guyanese to demonstrate the latent good residing in all of us. Diwali’s lights symbolize triumph over the darkness of evil – evil from wretched

that plague some of our communities and to work towards strengthening family and social relationships in the spirit of Diwali. Let us be the light we want to see in others and let our little light fill the world around us. Let us be the example that good will always triumph over evil. Happy Diwali to all Guyanese

politics, engineered violence from one group to another, mis-management or discriminatory distribution of national resources. FITUG urges Hindus to use the celebration to enlighten their own believers and share the virtues of all that is right and just with all Guyanese. We see this now national occasion as yet another opportunity for national spiritual renewal – so necessary for national survival and progress. FITUG wishes all a joyous Diwali 2012.

GAWU Like all other religions and faiths, Hinduism is replete with its myths, deities and symbolism. Many observances and festivals evolve as believers re-enact, periodically, the various activities associated with praise, worship and divine guidance. Against those thoughts the Guyana Agricultural and

General Workers Union (GAWU), a workers bargaining agent whose membership is comprising of hundreds of Hindus, among others, is pleased to be associated with this year’s Diwali celebrations. May this celebration signal improved harvests of all crops which benefit the

national economy. May this year ’s Diwali produce a harvest of fertile minds to heal any national or sectional wounds inflicted by selfish or stubborn leaders amongst us. And may this Diwali teach those elected and appointed how to manage our affairs to the benefit of all. Happy Diwali 2012

ARYA SAMAJ As Deepavali, commonly known as Diwali, the festival of lights is celebrated in the Hindu world today, an urgent call is being made for Hindu brothers and sisters in Guyana and across the globe to renew their commitment to themselves and to think of less fortunate individuals, especially their parents and those that are sick, lonely and abused in our community. This notion was emphasized

by Pandit Suresh Sugrim of the Humanitarian Mission of New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir, Incorporated. The Humanitarian Mission also has a Guyana Chapter which has been rendering regular assistance to various local individuals and organizations through the benevolence of our Guyanese/Americas and other donors. According to him, the occasion symbolizes the triumph of light over

fought gallantly to end the darkness of undemocratic rule. The light of freedom and democracy was shown from October 1992, at the first free and fair elections since independence. Today we see the forces of retrogression are once again making an attempt to drive us backward. The behaviour of the joint

opposition in Parliament and the organized thuggery at Agricola point to the dangers our country face. All democratic law abiding and decent minded Guyanese must work to ensure that the light of democracy and freedom continues to shine brightly on our country. A happy Diwali to all!


FITUG The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) joins Guyana’s Hindu community in celebrating the Festival of Diwali. Celebratory, but religious in nature, the physical, visual and material element of Diwali – the appropriate bhajans, telling of the Festival’s various origins and characters, the beautiful illumination of the earthen diyas and powerful motorcades – are complementary to the deeply spiritual and mental significance of this celebration. FITUG is aware of the

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darkness and is a time when people are brought together to strengthen the hand of goodwill across religions, races and creed. The Diwali Festival therefore brings a message of oneness and it is a time for families and communities to come together, engaging in meaningful dialogue and a demonstration of shared respect, regardless of the difference in faith and beliefs.

The People’s National Congress Reform extends friendly greetings to all of the Guyanese people, but, on the celebration of the festive occasion of Deepavali, particularly the members of our Hindu Community. Our Party recognizes that Deepavali, the Festival of Lights, should enliven all, young and old, men and women, rich and poor, in towns and communities throughout Guyana. It should be a unifying and integrating force which encourages goodwill, joy and friendship that bring all the people of Guyana together.

In the religious context, the Goddess Maha Lakshmi, the Goddess of Light, is worshipped for wealth and spiritual enlightenment. On this occasion, because the PPP/C Administration has accelerated its confrontational approach towards the National Assembly, while continuing to violate the fundamental tenets of our parliamentary democracy, particularly their refusal to govern in accordance with the rule of law, and to recognize the lawmaking and oversight role of the National Assembly vis-àvis the executive branch, the

people of Guyana are seeing the light disappearing while a gathering storm looms on the horizon. The symbolism of the triumph of light over darkness now carries a powerful message for the Guyanese nation. In the circumstances, the PNCR invokes the blessings of Mother Lakshmi to end this darkness so that our dear land can once again experience peace, prosperity, good governance, equity, security, a culture of civility, and good order. A happy and joyous Deepavali to all Guyanese

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Tuesday November 13, 2012

Tuesday November 13, 2012

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Tuesday November 13, 2012

BEI student ignites explosive during Diwali Programme

Chaos yesterday afternoon at BEI

...Home-Economics teacher injured Chaos ensued yesterday afternoon at the Berbice Educational Institute in New Amsterdam and a Diwali Programme halted after a Home Economics teacher at the school was badly injured in her leg after a Fifth Form male student threw a Thunder King bomb while the programme was ongoing. The teacher reportedly “ran” after she realised that the device was thrown too close to her. The incident happened during the afternoon session

of school just after the annual Diwali programme had started in the school’s auditorium. According to reports, a male teacher immediately apprehended the student who threw the device and handed him over to the Central Police Station in New Amsterdam, for questioning. The injured teacher had to be helped into a taxi and was taken to the healthcare facility in the town. Students reported seeing blood running down her feet.

No official from the Welfare Division of the Department of Education or the Head teacher at the school was prepared to comment on the matter. Instances of students lighting explosives and throwing them in classrooms and other populated areas on the school complex have been prevalent over the past weeks. Some schools have resorted to calling in the police. In many cases the perpetrators are not known.

AUDITOR GENERAL IDENTIFIES SEVERAL DISCREPANCIES AT GDF - cites overpayment for contract, among others By Latoya Giles The Auditor General in his 2011 yearly report noted that the Guyana Defence Force was still unable to reconcile and clear the difference of $1.929M which is reflected in the bank reconciliation statements for the salaries bank account, thus making the balance of $1.929 M not transferred to the consolidated fund during the period of review. In response to this the Guyana Defence Force, said that the head of the budget agency said the sum ($1.929M) is expected to be transferred to the consolidated fund by the Ministry of Finance and the account is to be closed. The Auditor General recommended that the Guyana Defence Force take immediate action with the view of having the differences resolved. The Auditor General also noted that the GDF is required to clear up cheque orders within 16 days after their issue. This must be done through the submission of bills, receipts and other supporting documents. However the AG reported that this was not the case, he noted that the cheques were being cleared on an average four months later than required. The AG further noted that 1,259 cheque orders totaling $1.792 billion remained outstanding to date. It was noted that in 2008, a total of 64 cheque orders

which totaled $798,017 M were outstanding. In 2010 the number increased to 234, which totaled $6,464M and in 2011, some $987,524M. In response to this revelation, the force said that the head of the budget agency explained that a continuous process is being undertaken to clear all outstanding cheque orders. The Auditor General has since recommended that the force adhere to circularized instructions in relation to the clearing of cheque orders. OVERPAYMENT FOR CONTRACTS The auditor noted that a contract awarded to NPTAB for the rehabilitation for Base Camp Ayanganna resulted in overpayments amounting to $ 809,650. The contract included remedial works to the floor, roof, stairs and kitchen. The Auditor General in his report said that based on physical measurements taken on site, the quantities for items were over measured and this resulted in the overpayment. In response to this discrepancy, the head of the budget agency explained that the windows and doors were not grilled. The head noted that it was recognized that the grilling work to the cashier cage was not taken into consideration as part of the original estimates and therefore had to be done as a result of the security (Continued on page 19)

Tuesday November 13, 2012

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New measures to monitor contractors, building material quality New housing codes…

Government has started discussions on a National Housing Policy which will, among other things, seek to regulate the way contractors operate, and the quality of building materials. On Friday, a draft document of the proposed guidelines was the centre of discussions during a session at the Guyana International Conference Centre (GICC), Liliendaal, which saw representatives of Government Ministries, agencies, and the private and banking sectors among others, putting forward suggestions and ideas. Chief Executive Officer of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) Myrna Pitt and Dr. Coby Frimpong, had assisted with drafting the policy. Housing Minister Irfaan Ali noted that the policy is not an assessment that will be done but an implementation tool that will overtime be monitored. The intention, he said, is to “implement the policy and all its recommendations so that the housing sector can be protected and sustained and continue to grow.” A copy was presented to the stakeholders a few weeks prior to the hosting of the session to ensure their full appraisal and participation. Minister Ali explained that this was in line with the CPHA principle of allowing for “transparency, openness and consultative mechanism through which to advance the housing programme in Guyana.”

The draft document contains proposals for application for areas of constraints in the housing development in Guyana. “Macro economics and housing, demographic and housing trends, land management and marketing in Guyana, housing subsidies and the construction sector with emphasis on standards, building codes and quality of building materials are central among the issues the document seeks to provide guidelines for addressing.” According to Ali, housing has a significant impact on the economy. He alluded to the US situation. As the most powerful economy in the world, the US economy was driven by the housing sector and was destroyed by the housing sector. That is an important lesson for developing countries like Guyana, Ali said. Guyana’s housing programme has been having much success and more and more investors are seeking to get involved in the programme. He cautioned, however, “We have to be very guarded, as to how we continue the growth and development of this sector, the areas in which we focus and the various macro economics and fiscal policies that govern the development of this sector.” The CHPA has over the years, in a major way, pushed Guyana’s housing programmes

AUDITOR GENERAL IDENTIFIES SEVERAL DISCREPANCIES... From page 18 regulations specified by the Ministry of Finance. It was further noted that no variation order was secured in this instance and the agency will recover from the contract the amount overpaid. The head of the budget agency said that the contract is being pursued in an effort to recover all overpayment. The Auditor General has since recommended that the Guyana Defence Force make every effort to recover the sum overpaid, while implementing stricter control over the supervision and certification of works. MISSING VOUCHERS The Auditor General also found that the Guyana Defence Force did not take the necessary steps to secure vouchers in support of

expenditure. It was noted that at the time of the audit, 2,054 payment vouchers totaling $1.668 billion for expenditure under the current appropriations were not presented for audit examination. This resulted in the failure of determining the completeness and accuracy of the appropriated expenditure together with whether value received for amounts expended. However the head of the budget agency for the army said that the GDF has taken note of this, but it is the subtreasury who is the custodian of all vouchers and therefore should be in a position to make them available to state auditors for inspection. It was noted that efforts are underway to locate the missing vouchers.

with unprecedented successes. The National Housing Policy is part of the CHPA’s aim of giving clear policy directions to future development of the housing in Guyana,

Government has said. In recent years, housing has been playing a major role with large swaths of land becoming available on the coastlands and even in the

hinterlands. There has been an adjustment for lower mortgage rates which has also allowed to hundreds thousands of new home

owners to benefit. Spinoffs like hardware supplies, transportation and a demand for contractors and labourers have been but a part of the benefits. (Leonard Gildarie)

Major rehabilitation ends on NBS’ dorms at Turkeyen

The rehabilitated NBS’ dorms at the Turkeyen campus. The New Building Society Limited (NBS) has recently completed major rehabilitation works to its Hall of Residence on the grounds of the University of Guyana, Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara. According to NBS, this is the third time that the Society would have done substantial works to the Hall of Residence since its completion and

handing over to the University of Guyana in 1994. “The New Building Society, in keeping with its social responsibility, undertook and completed rehabilitation works of the Hall of Residence, before the commencement of the University’s new semester, at a cost of approximately $5M. The rehabilitation works included repairs and painting

of the roof as well as the interior and exterior of the entire building.” From the inception, NBS said it had recognized the need of students who live in far flung areas, particularly those from the hinterland region, and who would have gained acceptance to attend the University of Guyana, and as such decided to construct the dormitory to provide

these students with costeffective and on-campus accommodation. The $5M rehabilitation works of the Hall of Residence is in addition to t h e $ 8 M , t h e s o c i e t y ’s membership approved at its Annual General Meeting held in April of this year, to be disbursed for charitable and educational purposes during 2012.

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Tuesday November 13, 2012

New Syria opposition seeks recognition; Israel fires from Golan (Reuters) - Syria’s newly named opposition leader, a soft-spoken cleric backed by Washington and the Gulf Arab states, launched his quest on Monday for international recognition of a government-in-waiting to topple President Bashar alAssad. In a sign of the danger that the 20-month civil war could spread across Syria’s borders, Israeli forces said they fired “direct hits” on Syrian artillery in response to a mortar strike into the Israelioccupied Golan Heights. Western and Arab enemies of Assad hope the creation of a new Syrian Revolutionary Forces can finally unify a fractious and ineffective opposition. Mouaz Alkhatib, a former imam of a Damascus mosque, flew to Cairo to seek the Arab League’s blessing for the new assembly, the day after he was unanimously elected to lead it. He made a concerted effort to address the sectarian and ethnic acrimony

underlying 20 months of civil war that has killed 38,000 people. “We demand freedom for every Sunni, Alawi, Ismaili, Christian, Druze, Assyrian ... and rights for all parts of the harmonious Syrian people,” he said, calling on Syrian soldiers to desert and all sects to unite. His assembly was recognised by the six Sunni Muslim-ruled kingdoms of the Gulf Cooperation Council as the “legitimate representative of the Syrian people”. Washington said it would back it “as it charts a course toward the end of Assad’s bloody rule and the start of the peaceful, just, democratic future”. Shooting across the line that divides Syria from the Israeli-occupied Golan was just the latest spillover of violence that has alarmed neighbors including Turkey and Lebanon. Israeli military sources said Israel hit Syrian army mobile artillery on Monday,

the second straight day it fired back in retaliation for what it said were stray mortars hitting Golan. “We will not allow our borders to be breached or our citizens to be fired at,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. Israel seized the Golan Heights from Syria in 1967. Although the two countries have not fought over the territory since 1973, they are still officially at war. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon called on Israel and Syria to halt firing. In the north, where fighting has sent thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing into Turkey, a Reuters correspondent saw Syrian jets and helicopters bomb Ras alAin, a border town taken by rebels last week. Bombs landed just meters from the frontier, sending up plumes of black smoke. Opposition groups said 12-16 people died in the air strikes. Turkey said it did not appear that the planes had entered its air space. It is discussing with

Residents and Free Syrian Army fighters walk near damaged buildings during a protest against Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad at Douma near Damascus. REUTERS/Ahmed Taqi Eddin/Shaam News Network/Handout NATO allies deploying Patriot air defense missiles on the border. WRANGLING Rebels and opposition politicians formed Alkhatib’s new opposition coalition after days of wrangling in Qatar under intense U.S. and Qatari pressure.

Backers hope the new body will give rebels inside Syria more clout and reassure religious and ethnic minorities, after a Syrian National Council (SNC) made up mainly of exiled Islamists proved ineffective as the main opposition voice. Western and Arab

opponents of Assad want the coalition to attract support from minority sects who had been alienated from the opposition by the prominence of well-organized Sunnis from the Muslim Brotherhood. They also hope to rein in Islamist fighters, (Continued on page 24)

New Yorkers’ easier commute is welcome post-storm progress

Commuters pass through Grand Central Terminal in New York, November 12, 2012. For hundreds of thousands of workers in New York City, the commuter chaos wrought by superstorm Sandy nearly two weeks ago transformed the trip to and from work into a grueling adventure. REUTERS/Andrew Burton (Reuters) - The dreaded Monday morning commute into New York City two weeks after Superstorm Sandy was eased slightly by lighter holiday traffic, restoration of some train lines and a longawaited opening of the final tunnel shut by historic flooding. Tens of thousands of homes and businesses in the hardest hit sections of New York and New Jersey

remained without electricity, but most residents affected elsewhere were powered up by Monday morning. Even with the lights on, some homes remained without phone, Internet and TV service due to damaged equipment and wires brought down by the deadly storm. At least 121 people perished in the storm, which caused an estimated $50

billion in property damage and economic losses and ranks as one of the most destructive natural disasters to hit the U.S. Northeast. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo plans to ask the federal government for $30 billion in disaster aid to help with the recovery in New York City, Long Island and other devastated parts of the state. President Barack (Continued on page 21)

Tuesday November 13, 2012

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U.S. to overtake Saudi as top oil producer: IEA (Reuters) - The United States will overtake Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world’s top oil producer by 2017, the West’s energy agency said on Monday, predicting Washington will come very close to achieving a previously unthinkable energy self-sufficiency. The International Energy Agency (IEA) said it saw a continued fall in U.S. oil imports with North America becoming a net oil exporter by around 2030 and the United States becoming almost selfsufficient in energy by 2035. “The United States, which currently imports around 20 percent of its total energy needs, becomes all but selfsufficient in net terms - a dramatic reversal of the trend seen in most other energy importing countries,” it said. The forecasts by the IEA, which advises large industrialized nations on energy policy, were in sharp contrast to its previous reports, which saw Saudi Arabia remaining the top producer until 2035. “Energy developments in the United States are profound and their effect will be felt well beyond North America - and the energy sector,” the IEA said in the annual long-term report, giving one of the most optimistic forecasts for U.S. energy production growth to date. “The recent rebound in U.S. oil and gas production, driven by upstream technologies that are unlocking light tight oil and

shale gas resources, is spurring economic activity with less expensive gas and electricity prices giving industry a competitive edge,” it added. IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol told a news conference in London he believed the United States would overtake Russia as the biggest gas producer by a significant margin by 2015. By 2017, it would become the world’s largest oil producer, he said. This could have significant geopolitical implications, if Washington feels its strategic interests are no longer as embedded in the Middle East and other volatile oil producing regions. Analysts ask whether an energy independent United States would still be prepared to safeguard major trade routes around the world, such as the Strait of Hormuz in the Middle East. The United States will rely more on natural gas than either oil or coal by 2035 as cheap domestic supply boosts demand among industry and power generators, the IEA said. LIMITED KNOWLEDGE Birol said he realized how optimistic the IEA forecasts were given that the shale oil boom was a relatively new phenomenon. “Light, tight oil resources are poorly known ... If no new resources are discovered (after 2020) and plus, if the prices are not as high as today, then we may see Saudi Arabia coming back and being the first producer again,” he said. The IEA said it saw U.S.

oil production rising to 10 million barrels per day (bpd) by 2015 and 11.1 million bpd in 2020 before slipping to 9.2 million bpd by 2035. Saudi Arabian oil output would be 10.9 million bpd by 2015, the IEA said, 10.6 million bpd in 2020 but would rise to 12.3 million bpd by 2035. That would see the world relying increasingly on OPEC after 2020 as, in addition to increases from Saudi Arabia, Iraq will account for 45 percent of the growth in global oil production to 2035 and become the second-largest exporter, overtaking Russia. OPEC’s share of world oil production will rise to 48 percent from 42 percent now. Russian oil output, which over the past decade has been steadily above Saudi Arabia, is predicted to stay flat at over 10 million bpd until 2020, when it will start to decline to reach just above 9 million bpd by

New Yorkers’ easier commute... From page 20 Obama is to visit the city’s disaster areas on Thursday. Because of the size of the potential insurance payout, argument was underway over Sandy’s classification as a “post-tropical cyclone” when it made landfall in New Jersey on October 29 after blasting through the Caribbean as a hurricane. U.S. Senator Charles Schumer of New York said changing it from a cyclone to a hurricane would “increase deductibles for homeowners by tens of thousands of dollars” and urged the National Weather Service to resist any insurance company pressure to do so. At the start of the work week, commuter stress was ratcheted down a notch by the opening of the Hugh Carey-Brooklyn Battery tunnel to buses only, the return of all Metro North and Long Island Railroad Lines but one and restoration of

limited service on a New Jersey Transit train line into New York’s Penn Station. “I was really afraid of overcrowding today but the train was half full,” said Anne O’Malley, 46, a marketer who rides NJ Transit from Maplewood, New Jersey, to New York. Since Sandy struck two weeks ago, O’Malley has endured four hours of daily commuting - double her usual travel time - but it got closer to normal on Monday. The railroad is concentrating on repairing all damaged trains, restoring damaged overhead wires and washed out tracks and aligning rails, said NJ Transit spokeswoman Nancy Snyder. Two major train lines from New Jersey into New York remain suspended. Commuters were urged to use alternatives provided by NJ Transit, including free bus trips to free or low-cost ferries

across the Hudson, some docking at 39th Street, others headed for lower Manhattan. “Things take time,” Snyder said. “Much like New Jerseyans sustained personal loss, the transit system suffered too.” For the most part, the federal holiday Veterans Day - meant a less congested commute. It was hit and miss for many, with some bus riders reporting being stuck for more than two hours outside the Lincoln Tunnel where, Snyder said, two buses collided, injuring about 20 people. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Monday tweeted that gas rationing in his state would end at 6 a.m. on Tuesday, although rationing continued in New York City under a system in which cars with odd- and even-numbered license plates can fill up only on alternate days.

2035. “Russia, which remains the largest individual energy exporter throughout the period, sees its revenues from oil, natural gas and coal exports rise from $380 billion in 2011 to $410 billion in 2035,” the IEA said. The U.S. oil boom would accelerate a switch in the direction of international oil trade, the IEA said, predicting that by 2035 almost 90 percent of oil from the Middle East would be drawn to Asia. ENERGY DEMAND

GROWS BY THIRD The report assumes a huge expansion in the Chinese economy, which it saw overtaking the United States in purchasing power parity soon after 2015 and by 2020 using market exchange rates. Chinese real gross domestic product is expected to increase by 5.7 percent annually between 2011 and 2035. A rise of 1.8 billion in the world’s population to 8.6billion would lead to a spike

in global oil demand by more than a 10th to over 99 million bpd by 2035, keeping pressure on oil prices, the IEA said. The agency’s central “New Policies” scenario, which assumes a range of measures are taken to curb oil consumption in Europe, the United States, China and elsewhere, sees the average import cost of oil rise to just over $215 per barrel by 2035 in nominal terms, or $125 in 2011 terms. If fewer steps are taken to promote renewable energy and curb carbon dioxide emissions, oil was likely to exceed $250 per barrel in nominal terms by 2035 and reach $145 in real terms — almost level with the record highs seen four years ago. The share of coal in primary energy demand will fall only slightly by 2035. Fossil fuels in general will remain dominant in the global energy mix, supported by subsidies that, in 2011, jumped by almost 30 percent to $523 billion, due mainly to increases in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Tuesday November 13, 2012

Identity of second woman emerges in Petraeus’s downfall (Reuters) - New details emerged on Sunday about the extramarital affair that abruptly ended the career of CIA chief David Petraeus, including the identity of a second woman whose complaints about harassing emails from the woman with whom he had the relationship, Paula Broadwell, prompted an FBI investigation. A person familiar with the investigation identified the second woman as Jill Kelley, a long-time friend of the Petraeus family and a Tampa, Florida volunteer social liaison with military families at MacDill Air Force Base. Kelley went to the FBI after receiving threatening emails that eventually were traced to Broadwell, law enforcement and security officials have said, prompting an investigation that turned up evidence that Petraeus and Broadwell were having an extramarital affair. “We and our family have been friends with General Petraeus and his family for over five years. We

respect his and his family’s privacy and want the same for us and our three children,” Kelley said in a statement obtained by ABC News. Broadwell has not been available for comment and both the FBI and CIA have declined public comment on the matter. Petraeus has made no public comment since he announced his resignation on Friday. The affair has raised questions about whether U.S. national security was ever at risk and the timing of law enforcement and intelligence officials’ revelation of the matter to the White House, as well as who knew about the investigation before last week’s presidential election. Meanwhile, a former spokesman for Petraeus during his time as an Army general has said the affair with Broadwell, an Army reserve officer who coauthored a glowing biography of him, began after Petraeus retired from the Army in August 2011 to lead

the spy agency and ended four months ago by mutual consent. Retired Colonel Steven Boylan, who was Petraeus’ spokesman in Iraq and has spoken to the general since he resigned at the CIA, downplayed the question of whether U.S. security had been at risk. He said Petraeus never gave Broadwell classified information or communicated with her via his government email. “My understanding is that she was only at the CIA twice. And at no time, based on conversations with him, did he provide her classified information, nor did she receive anything from him in that manner,” Boylan said in an interview. “My understanding is that they mutually determined that it was time to end it,” he said, adding that Petraeus “knows he made a huge mistake” and is now trying to focus on his family. “It wasn’t right. And it was done. That was about four months ago.”

Ex-CIA chief David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell A law enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Petraeus was first interviewed in connection with the FBI investigation during the week of October 28, about a week after Broadwell was questioned. The FBI informed Petraeus’ boss, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, in the early evening of Election Day, November 6. Senior U.S. officials said Clapper then informed the White House’s National Security Council staff of the issue and Petraeus’ intention to resign on Wednesday, the morning after President Barack Obama was re-elected to a second four-year term. Obama was informed later that day, they said. “EXTREMELY POOR JUDGMENT” Petraeus, a widely admired soldier-scholar credited with turning around the U.S. war in Iraq and who led NATO and U.S. troops in Afghanistan, announced his resignation in a letter to the CIA workforce on Friday, acknowledging “extremely poor judgment” in having an extramarital affair. The person familiar with the investigation said Kelley initially approached a Florida field office of the FBI - not FBI headquarters - with a complaint of cyberharassment. She had received numerous intimidating emails from a handful of different, opaque pseudonymous addresses. The nature of the emails, according to the source, who was briefed on their contents, was “I know what you’re doing” and similar suggestions that someone

was onto Kelley. There was no explicit threat of violence. Upon tracing them, the FBI found out that Paula Broadwell was behind them, this source said. They also found correspondence between Broadwell and Petraeus leading to the revelation of an affair between them. High-level Justice Department officials were informed in late summer 2012 of an ongoing investigation involving Petraeus, according to a law enforcement official. This source would not name the Justice officials or say whether Attorney General Eric Holder was among them. The Justice Department followed long-standing policy by not revealing the investigation to anyone outside the department, such as White House or congressional aides, this official said. It would be inappropriate and unfair to do so, and it might jeopardize any potential prosecution, the official added. As the investigation moved into the fall, the focus was potential cyberharassment by one woman against another woman. Petraeus was thought of by investigators as a potential witness or party to the investigation, but he was never a target of investigators. Prosecutors considered whether the conduct in question constituted a crime of cyberharassment under the law. During their interviews with investigators, Broadwell and Petraeus both admitted to the affair, the official said. After the interviews,

prosecutors decided they likely would not bring charges, based on the available evidence. Another U.S. government official said the FBI investigation into the emails was fairly straightforward and did not require obtaining court orders to monitor the email accounts of those involved, including the personal email account of Petraeus. Rather, the official said, investigators reviewed the emails that Kelley had brought to their attention. “There wasn’t a court order,” the government official said, adding that that action would have been a last resort when other avenues had been exhausted. A source close to the Petraeus family confirmed that Kelley, who is 37 according to published reports, and her husband, Scott Kelley, a Tampa cancer surgeon, became friends with Petraeus when he was stationed at MacDill from 2008 until 2010 as commander of the U.S. military’s Central Command, which runs operations in the Middle East and South Asia. The Kelleys later visited the Petraeuses in Washington while on a trip to visit relatives. The Kelleys did not answer phone calls to the number listed for the family’s mansion-style home on Tampa’s exclusive Bayshore Boulevard, close to the military base. The Kelleys made the VIP guest list at military functions at MacDill and also hosted Petraeus and his wife at their home in 2010, for the city’s annual Gasparilla pirate parade, according to a report at the time in the Tampa Bay Times.

Tuesday November 13, 2012

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- Former CLICO director broke and facing eviction in Canada (Trinidad Express) Facing eviction from his home in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada as Christmas approaches, former consultant and director of Colonial Life Insurance Ltd (CLICO), Gene Dziadyk, is willing to tell all to the police, in the wake of a criminal investigation into key executives of the former insurance giant. “I absolutely stand ready to give information to the police or to anyone else. I have nothing to hide,” he said in an interview with the Express. Last Thursday Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard stated via a press release that a full criminal investigation had been started by the police into the conduct of CLICO and CL Financial executives and others involved in the collapse of the financial institution. Dziadyk said, “I had written voluminous documents in my seven years at CLICO commenting on inappropriate and unlawful behaviour, including complicity by the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, removing funds from the CLICO statutory fund, and warning of the impending disaster of operating CLICO in accordance with the ‘capital appreciation” business model’ that I had consistently claimed was inappropriate for a financial institution, and the authorities have these documents.” Dziadyk said after he was invited to join CLICO in 2001 as CEO he sold all his assets in Canada and together with his wife handed over their life savings, reportedly over $35million into the Executive Flexible Premium Account (EFPA). After six months as CEO he was fired by executive chairman Lawrence Duprey but was retained as a consultant until 2008. Upon joining the company, Dziadyk said he tried to effect sustainable changes but these changes were rejected by the board and he was subsequently fired. He said he presented to the CLICO board June 17, 2002 : “ESTABLISHING THE CURRENT POSITION” which stated: “If we cannot agree on the depth and severity of Colonial Life’s problems, we will never agree on how to fix CLICO and BA (British American); they owe their

existence to ineffective government. How long will that be so, and where will they be when the government wakes up? Saving these companies has to be job #1: This is not ‘tweaking,’ but an enormous paradigm shift.” Dziadyk, who was fired by Duprey for the second time in April 2008, claimed that his signed contract was ripped up and he was long gone by the time of the January 2009 collapse. He said he had requested his policy funds before the Memorandum of Understanding and claimed he was assured by CLICO that those amounts would be paid. As to his current destitute position, the former CLICO consultant said, “I have a October 31, 2012 statement of claim from the bank that due to the indebtedness and default, the bank is moving to possess the property. I have about 60 days to sell before my family is evicted.” He added that the indebtedness is almost exactly equal to the accrued value of the confiscated EFPA. Dziadyk said he is prepared to appear before the Commissioner of Enquiry when it resumes on December 3, but he lacks the resources to do so. “I have been corresponding with the Commission of Enquiry, and I would love to testify before it, but I lost my life savings. My family is impoverished. I have no money to travel, pay hotel fees, and to hire a lawyer to come to Trinidad,” he said. The commission of enquiry into CLICO was appointed in November 2010 by the Government and Sir Anthony Colman named as the lone commissioner. Dziadyk added, “ I am losing all of my properties, my family is distraught, my reputation as an actuary is destroyed. I am planning to sell my properties at half the price.” Having lost everything that he has worked for, the former CLICO consultant had harsh words for the Central Bank, the government and former finance minister Karen Nunez Tesheira. It’s ironic, he said, that “some people say Trinidad is a lawless c o u n t r y, c r i m e i n t h e streets, but I have never been robbed in the streets, but by the governing elites….” “The government is not giving us information to

understand what is happening, we are just left out in the cold,” he said. Asked why he did not remove his money following his firing, Dziadyk said it was a difficult time, and he was forced to stay in the country since he had uprooted his family from their Canadian

home, and his daughter was enrolled in school here. “All of a sudden I was fired, not employed. I did not want Duprey to know that I was in the country as I was on a work permit but without work and my daughter had to finish school in June. I started taking out my money in bits

to stay under the radar screen. I felt threatened and the bottom line was I was royally screwed,” he said. As to action he took to recover his funds, Dziadyk said, “in my desperation as a principal casualty of the CLICO fiasco, I have made an absolute fool of myself

writing documents nobody cares about because they paint a picture nobody wants to see, or admit to”.. He surmised that had the government wound up the company, the liquidator would have sold the assets for their true value and the people would have been paid in cash. According to him, “I may be the only one who read the Insurance Act. I have unique skills and knowledge and would love to tell the people of Trinidad, a country that we absolutely loved, what I know.”

Page 24

Kaieteur News

Tuesday November 13, 2012

Top aide to Brazil’s Lula gets 10 years for corruption BRASILIA, (Reuters) – A chief of staff to former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and fellow founder of Brazil’s ruling Workers’ Party was sentenced yesterday to over 10 years in prison for running a congressional vote-buying scheme almost a decade ago. Culminating the biggest political corruption trial in modern Brazilian history, the once-powerful Jose Dirceu, 66, received a 10-year and 10month sentence for heading a bribery scheme in which Workers’ Party officials and associates paid lawmakers a monthly retainer in exchange for support of their initiatives during the early years of Lula’s first term. The high-profile case, heard by Brazil’s Supreme Court, has gripped Brazil for more than a month, bringing an unprecedented level of accountability to a country long-accustomed to widespread corruption. For many Brazilians, the convictions show that their country’s democratic institutions while not perfect have matured, especially a judicial system that

historically was unable and often unwilling to tackle corrupt politicians. The trial has been all the more surprising because the Workers’ Party is still in power and most of the justices were appointed by Lula or his chosen successor, President Dilma Rousseff. The court sentenced Jose Genoino, the president of the Worker’s Party when the

scandal broke in 2005, to six years and 11 months in prison, and its then-Treasurer Delubio Soares got eight years and 11 months. Dirceu was also ordered to pay a 676,000 reais ($329,700) fine. Last month, the court convicted 25 people, including Dirceu, for diverting at least $35 million in public money to bribe legislators to support Lula’s minority

government during his first two years in office. Lula’s first term, from 2003 through 2006, was crippled by the scandal though the former president, amid an economic boom, was easily re-elected for a second fouryear term. Lula, who was not charged in the scandal, has denied any knowledge of the scheme and has even suggested it never existed.

Though Lula remains Brazil’s most popular politician, the convictions have tarnished the memory of his time in office and marred his legacy. Dirceu, who helped Lula found the Workers’ Party in 1980, was found guilty of corruption and conspiring with others to break the law by running the scheme. Known as the (Continued on page 25)

José Dirceu

From page 20 some of whom they believe are linked to al Qaeda. “Alkhatib is a dynamic, progressive Islamist, popular in Damascus and the rest of Syria,” said Mazen Adi, a prominent Syrian human rights defender who worked with Alkhatib before the revolt. “He is not a triggerhappy Jihadist, and he can play a role in containing the extremist groups.” Alkhatib met Arab League chief Nabil Elaraby before the gathering of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo. European foreign ministers are due to join them on Tuesday.

“The most important thing that could come out from (Monday’s) meeting is a form of recognition for the new Syrian council alliance that was established in Doha,” said one Arab diplomat, speaking before the talks on condition of anonymity. A League official said any recognition of the opposition would probably avoid describing it as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people, because some Arab states were still reluctant to jettison Assad. “There are still Arab states like Iraq and Lebanon

that are not fully supportive of the Syrian revolt,” the official said, also on condition he not be identified. Alkhatib, in his early 50s, was jailed several times for criticizing Assad before fleeing into exile this year. He has long promoted a liberal Islam tolerant of Syria’s Christian, Alawite and other minorities, activists say. Hassan Hassan, a Syrian commentator based in the United Arab Emirates, said Alkhatib, as a n i n d e p e n d e n t cleric, would be a counterweight to growing influence of the

Muslim Brotherhood. “He’s been active for a long time, campaigning against the idea of retribution and extremism. He talks about liberty and freedom for the masses. So he is perceived as a credible figure,” Hassan said. Russia, which with China has foiled U.N. action on Syria and views Assad’s opponents as pawns of the West, urged the new body to negotiate and to reject outside meddling. Asked if China recognised the new coalition, Foreign Ministry spokesman H o n g L e i called on all

parties to initiate “a political transition process guided by the Syrian people”. It remains to be seen whether the Coalition can succeed where the exiled SNC failed in overcoming mutual suspicion and in-fighting that weakened the opposition. “This is a significant step forward, because they finally seem to be forging a more broadly-based platform that includes the SNC but without the SNC taking the lion’s share,” said Salman Shaikh, director of the Doha Brookings Center think tank.

New Syria opposition seeks recognition...

Tuesday November 13, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 25

PJ Patterson to receive top South African honour

(From left) Rob Davies, South Africa’s minister of trade and industry; Anthony Hylton, Jamaica’s industry, investment and commerce minister; and former Prime Minister PJ Patterson (Jamaica Observer) MONTEGO BAY, St James — The South African Government will next year confer one of its highest national honours on former Jamaican Prime Minister PJ Patterson. Patterson will receive the “Order of the

Companions of O R Tambo”, reserved for citizens outside of South Africa who have contributed to the struggle against racism and the fight for justice, equality and democracy. Patterson, who served as prime minister of Jamaica continuously

between 1992 and 2006 before he retired from public life, will become the second Jamaican politician to be presented with the award, the first being Michael Manley, who was awarded posthumously in 2004. The award is named after the late Oliver Tambo,

one of the founding leaders of the African National Congress (ANC) and one of the most influential international mobilisers against the apartheid system in South Africa. The announcement of Patterson’s award was made by Rob Davies, South Africa’s minister of trade and industry, during Friday’s staging of the prestigious 17th Annual Caribbean Multinational Business Conference, put on by New York Carib News at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Montego Bay. “The Companion of Oliver Tambo order, which is one of our national honours, is conferred on persons outside of South Africa who contributed in the struggle against racism, struggle for justice, equality democracy,” Davies said during his presentation at the conference. Patterson expressed his appreciation for the award. “I am very honoured to have received the Order of Oliver Tambo. We should remember that he was the person who led the

movement in exile during the days of apartheid, while Nelson Mandela and others were in prison.” Patterson recalled his efforts to drum up international support for the ANC in those years. “I was privileged to have been able to play a part in that regard. Firstly, during my period of foreign minister, and then as prime minister subsequently to that, in working with the new government of South Africa. I regard it as an honour and not extended purely to me in a personal sense, but to all those who have worked with me and who worked with my predecessor in office Prime

Minister Michael Manley, who was conferred with the award posthumously a few years ago.” The former prime minister reflected on his role in Kingston establishing diplomatic relations with Pretoria after Nelson Mandela became the first black president of the African state in 1994. “I was the prime minister who signed the letter to Nelson Mandela establishing diplomatic relations between South Africa and Jamaica which had not existed, and could not have existed during the days of apartheid,” Patterson reminded the audience.

Top aide to Brazil’s... From page 24 mensalo, or “big monthly payment,” the plot diverted public funds through front companies to pay the lawmakers. It remains unclear when Dirceu and the others convicted will be arrested or how much time they will

actually serve because the sentences could still be subject to legal challenges. House arrest remains a possibility for at least part of their terms, though their passports have already been confiscated to reduce the possibility that they could flee.

Page 26

Kaieteur News

Letter to the Sports Editor DEAREDITOR, It is clear as day that the notorious ‘Letter Factory’ which has firmly implanted its tentacles in our nation’s newspapers, via relentless operatives, has begun to whip up what would soon be revealed as a bold-faced attempt by a concealing outfit to recapture support for the Kashif & Shanghai Football Tournament. Yes, they’re now tackling (no pun intended) sporting activities. Letters published in the Sport section of the Kaieteur News on Monday, November 5, and curiously printed side by side, are clear evidence that those associated with the event are in panic mode and somehow unable to break free of the arrogant techniques that typified their iron-fisted grip of the yearend football activities for so long – supported by their high level connections. Their accustomed ‘our way or no way’ approach was not only challenged last year, but brought to an humiliating end by the birth of the Banks Beer Knockout Cup, a delivery that

Tuesday November 13, 2012

A desperate attempt at recapturing support for Kashif and Shanghai was justly embraced and supported by thousands of football fans countrywide. It was as if a new Saviour had come to salvage the local game from the clutches of those who for twenty-plus years felt no obligation to tangibly put back into the sport a fraction of what they had earned during that shamelessly self-serving period. One of the aforementioned letters under the caption “What is Banks DIH Interest”, in my humble opinion, ought not to have been published, even though contributors to the newspaper in whatever form have a right to offer their views. However, at the same time, Editors have a right to pay particular attention to what is rational content that will be satisfactorily digested by readers, and not give space to letters that are baseless and only serve to highlight the deficiency within the specific structure of the news organisation. Just to give an example of the abject nonsense that was written and I quote, “I am quite amazed that Banks DIH Ltd is

into promoting football, who will benefit.” If that is not absurd, then what is? The leading local beverage company is not into the promotion of football, but rather a sponsor and outstanding patron of the sport. The writer then mentions in the following paragraph that he or she is not against them sponsoring such activities (Banks Beer KO Cup) since it is good for business and public relations, but not of that magnitude. The fact of the matter is that the writer has to make up his or her mind as to whether the Company is a sponsor or a promoter of the event, while there are many more instances of absolute unfairness. It was the same Banks DIH that supported the same duo (Kashif and Shanghai) throughout the years, before they decided to switch allegiance to a foreign company, a development that many felt was the beginning of the end for them, coupled with the perceived audacity to display alliance to a

Tuesday November 13, 2012 ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Having your own business is a good idea. You can elaborate on your creative ideas and get involved in groups that relate to the arts. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Talk to someone with experience about budgets or consolidating debts. You can make money through your own creative efforts.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Travel for business or pleasure will be enlightening. Your efforts will be rewarded handsomely. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Secret affairs may be brought out in the open. Stop telling others about your problems. Don't let your friends talk you into taking time off.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Rewards for past good deeds will be yours. Organize your house and be sure to include the whole family in the projects you have set out to do.

SAGIT (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) If they're too demanding, reconsider this union. Spend time by yourself to avoid any conflicts with family members. Catch up on overdue paperwork.

CANCER (June 22-July 22) You have to let go of your past if you wish to get out of any sentimental mood that might be hanging over your head. Short trips will be educational.

CAPRI (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) You will easily charm members of the opposite sex. It may not be the best day to confront employers or to present your ideas.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Job changes are in order. Go for interviews or send out resumes. You may find a rare antique today.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Children's needs could be more costly than you anticipated. Try to deal with it quickly; don't dwell on past regrets. Do not get involved in joint financial ventures.

VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Look before you leap. Risky financial ventures will result in unrecoverable losses. Family outings that aren't expensive will be enjoyable and help strengthen ties.

PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You are going through a period of questioning. You are best to do your research before taking on such a venture.

particular political party at a very sensitive time in a deeply polarized society. All the rambling - about how convenient it is to transport beverages in cans as against the bottles that Banks DIH offer, and the Company’s attempt to get back at an organisation that received unmitigated support from them for two decades, not to mention it was them who gave the K&S outfit more and more each year in terms of finance and logistical support - are conspicuous diversionary tactics that will not derail the tournament nor deter fans from embracing the Banks Beer KO Cup once again. The other article - published on the same day (so much for inside connections) - captioned, ‘GFA executive overstepping its boundary’ sees the writer asking about the suitability of the facilities in Georgetown to host matches, citing lack of or inadequate seating accommodation, and matches being played at grounds where fans could be mugged. First, let me admit that much more needs to be done to encourage more fans to come out to see football, but when preference is given to a “chosen few” to use a facility (National Stadium) that taxpayers’ money has built, then there is little alternative left but to use what is available. Last year supplied

ample evidence that fans were not prepared to be daunted or denied the opportunity to offer their support for the Banks Beer tournament which concluded with little if any hiccups. For the record, the K&S Organisation, as well as the governing body, has also been known to organize matches at the same venues that the letter writer so ill-advisedly attempts to berate. It is another dramatic manifestation of the ‘Letter Factory’ being full of writers, but lacking the necessary wisdom to argue constructively to sway fans on behalf of their masters. The arguments are simply not compulsive enough to instigate an iota of consideration as to which tournament should enjoy the loyalty of football fans. Year after year, during the latter quarter, we are bombarded by daily doses of meaningless presentations to the K&S organizers. Everyone remained silent until last year. The newspapers, especially Kaieteur, are warming up again. This must stop. I have often harnessed a long held suspicion that internal forces at Kaieteur News, with close ties to the K&S Organisation, may have sufficient influence to get such articles published, many of which deviate from the real issues, but

are given prominence in the newspaper. The absurd articles on November 5th have gone past the limit. Shawn Collins Editor’s Note: Mr Shawn Collins has argued a case for Banks’ involvement in the GFA Cup while chastising articles written supporting the Kashif and Shanghai Football tourney. Kaieteur News welcomes anyone to share their view on any matter, in this case sports (football), without being libelous or defamatory. It is our right, position and service to give everyone a fair say. Banks and the GFA too have had their fair share of publicity from sponsorship events. But for Mr Collins to accuse members of the KN Sports department of being in allegiance with and treating K&S favourably, then to suggest that we carry baseless letters and insinuating it borders around intellectual deficiency, is extremely distasteful. You Sir, is being afforded space in this newspaper, why shouldn’t anyone else air their views, however baseless you may feel. One famous quote I remember from the Desiderata is; “Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.”

From page 30 Action on Friday the final playing day Sunday commences from 7:00pm at the GFC. The winner of the tournament collects $200,000 and runner-up $100,000. The games are 20 minutes duration, 10 minute halves, and there will be no offside in this format. Three substitutions will be allowed during the match. If a match is tied after fulltime then sudden death penalties will be used to determine the winner. These are some of the rules governing this mode of the game ensuring entertainment for the fans. Coordinator Lennox Arthur indicated that Star Party Rentals, owned by cricketer Lennox Cush, has supplied the lighting for the venue, which is already installed for this evening’s

action. He also noted assistance from Businessmen Stanford Solomon and Nigel Pyle. Among the other sponsors lending assistance to the tournament this year are: MACORP, New Thriving, Busta,

Nazar Mohamed, Eddie Grant, Chris Fernandes, Patrick ‘Labba’ Barton, Dr. Colin Watson, Col. Larry London, Tent City, Courtney Benn, BK International, General Equipment and Muneshwar’s.

Westside teams battle City rivals...

Tuesday November 13, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 27

BCCDA Presents Prizes to winners

The winning Guysuco team collects their winning from BCCDA president Imran Sacoor Prize winners and outstanding individuals who participate in the recently held Berbice Chamber of Commerce and Development Association (BCCDA) Cooperate Business in Sports (CBIS), 2012 Inter Agency 10/ 10 Softball Cricket competition, Fund Day and Exhibition cricket games were presented with their winnings at a specially arranged ceremony held recently at the Republic Bank Lawn Tennis Court in New Amsterdam. At the ceremony president of the BCCDA, Banker Imran Sacoor, stated the BCCDA is moving into a different direction. They are

From page 30 whelming in favour of Trinidad, their set-pieces accounted for 4 of the 5. He noted that the team needed to do a better job defending the penalty corners if they are to be successful in the tournament as they defended well in open play. Guyana was scheduled to

play Canada, ranked 23 in the world, next in what is likely to be their most challenging game of the tournament yesterday afternoon. Canada is coming off a 120 opening victory against Venezuela while in the third match of the day, Uruguay dished out an 8-0 whipping to Barbados.

that came on board with sponsorship especially Universal DVD Univer s a l Solutions, which plugged in $300,000 and sponsored the 20/20 exhibition game between Universal Berbice Titans and Hits and Jams Superstars, Digicel with sponsorship of over $ 1 8 0 , 0 00 and trophies, Beverage companies Banks DIH Limited and Ansa Mc AL Guyana Limited with sponsorship of over $100,000 each. Guysuco, who won the tournament for the second time in its three years when the defeated surprise finalist Neal and Massy in the final by 21 runs, received $50,000 and a Digicel trophy, while Neal and Massy took away $25,000 and trophy. Guyana Power and Light (GPL) received $10,000 and trophy for placing third. In the individual awards, Vishal Philips of Guysuco copped the man of the match award in the finals for taking 2 for 11 and scoring 21. He was

From back page Group 2A CMRC- 1st Mark Thompson, 2nd Kenrick Husbands, 3rd Edward Corbin; Group 2B- 1st Kurt Thompson, 2nd Oliver Tjin-Liep-Shie, 3rd Syed Hassan; Superbike 'B' Class- 1st Stephen Vieira, 2nd Kevin Graham, 3rd Kwame Ridley; Group 4- 1st Irfaan Kalamadeen, 2nd Ryan Rahaman, 3rd Danny Persaud; Group 4 CMRC- 1st Mark Vieira, 2nd Kevin Jeffrey, 3rd Andrew King; Group 2A- 1st John Joseph, 2nd Chet Singh, 3rd Jad Rahaman; Group 2A-

1st M. Thompson, 2nd E. Corbin, 3rd K. Husbands; Group 2B- 1st S. Hassan, 2nd Afraz Allie, 3rd O. Tjin-LiepShie; Group 4- 1st I. Kalamadeen, 2nd R. Rahaman, 3rd Rupie Shewjattan; Superbike 'B' Class- 1st S. Vieira, 2nd K. Graham, 3rd K. Ridley; Group 4 CMRC- 1st K. Jeffrey, 2nd M.Vieira, 3rd A. King; Group 1- 1st M. Ali, 2nd R. Ali, 3rd Pierre Singh; 125cc motorcycles- 1st H. Boodhram, 2nd R. Singh, 3rd H. Boodhram; Shifter Gokarts- 1st S. Ming

Jr., Marcus Fiedtkou, 3rd Wayne Elliot Vieira; Group 2A- 1st C. Singh, 2nd R. Singh, 3rd Joseph Mohan; Group 2A CMRC- 1st M. Thompson, 2nd E. Corbin, 3rd K. Husbands; Group 2B- 1st A. Allie, 2nd O. TjinLiep-Shie, 3rd S. Hassan; Superbike CMRC-1st N. Seereeram, 2nd Joel Neblett, 3rd S. Vieira; Group 4- 1st Vishok Persaud, 2nd R. Rahaman, 3rd R. Shewjattan and Group 4CMRC- 1st M. Vieira, 2nd Peter Rae, 3rd David Summerbell.

no longer sitting back and just looking after business interest, although that is one of their main goals, they are going out and doing things differently. Engaging the government, different organisations, assisting schools, and generally be a community leader in fostering relations between the business community and civil society, he stated. Saccoor also said that the CBIS, which started in 2010, has been able to bring companies together. Chamber member, Anil Beharry in congratulating all the teams for participating, thanked all the companies

Guyana loses 5-0 to T&T in...

Huge fan turnout...

presented with the Republic Bank Limited (RBL) trophy and $8,000. Kishan Gangaram of Neal and Massy received the NBS trophy and $5,000 for scoring the highest individual score in the tournament. He blasted

97 runs in one of the preliminary games. Milton Khan who took 4-10 was awarded he Ansa Mc Al trophy and $5,000 for the best bowling figures in a match. Universal Berbice Titans, who won t h e s p e c i a l l y

arranged 15/15exhibition game between against Hits and Jams Superstars by four-wickets, collected $200,000 and the Universal company trophy from sponsor Vickram Seubarran, while Hits and Jams Superstars received $50,000 and trophy. According to the organisers all the proceeds from the event will go towards community development and charity. Among those earmarked to benefit are Guysuco, Albion Community Centre, which will be provided with lights around the perimeter of the ground, Vryman’s Ervin Secondary School will receive garbage bins. The Berbice Cricket Board will be presented with 20 First Aid Kits, while a substantial amount will go towards the commencement of a Health Foundation and Disaster Fund. A sign directing members to the Chamber office will also be erected among other projects. The activity this year was held under the theme – Unity and Better Relationships.

Page 28

Kaieteur News

Tuesday November 13, 2012

One arm wonder wins Table Tennis competition in Berbice

After a hard fought day of Table Tennis action, Safraz and Joseph emerged as the last men standing as they contested the finals. Safraz kept his composure to emerge winner 3-1 in four hard fought games 11-9, 7-11-, 11-7, and 11-9 to take the Souvenir Ramdyal trophy and cash incentive. Earlier in semifinal play, Safraz had defeated Stephen Sankar (3-0) 13-11, 12-10, 11-5, while Joseph had fought his way back to edge past junior nation player Briton Murray 3-2 in a hard fought tussle. The scores were 5-11, 11-9, 7-11, 11-0 and11-4. In the quarterfinal rounds Safraz had won from Julian Haniff 3-1, Joseph also had a torrid time in his quarterfinal against another national junior player, Joshua Lalbachan, eventually winning (3-2) as he was stretched all the way, the scores 2-11, 11-3, 11-9, 7-11 and 11-8. Murray had defeated Nicolas Lawrence 3-0, while Stephen Sankar had upstaged veteran Brentnol Richards 3-2. There was no third place playoff as both Murray and Sankar were declared joint third. In the 18 and under division, Lalbachan won from Murray (3-0) in the final with the scores being 11-7,119, 11-9. Lalbachan had earlier defeated Marlon Daniels (3-0), while Murray had won from Julian Haniff (3-1) in the semifinals.

Haniff copped third place after defeating Daniels (3-0). In the 15 and under division, Lalbachan was again in winner’s row after defeating Nicolas Lawrence (3-0) in the finals 11-7, 13-11 and 11-7. In the semifinals Lalbachan won from Jadon Conway 3-0, while Lawrence, who had earlier upset top player Briton Murray 3-2 in quarterfinals play, won from Stephen Sankar 3-0. Sankar then defeated Conway 3-0 to take the third place play off. In the 13 and under division, Joshua Butts upset Jadon Conway 3-2 in a keenly contested battle winning 13-11, 4-11, 11-4, 5-11 and 11-8. Butts had won from John Andrews, while Conway had defeated Jonathan Green in the semifinals. Andrews then won from Green 2-0 to cop third place. In the Girls 15 years and under division the top place went to Joylyn Conway with Angeli Persaud second. The presentation ceremony that followed saw the top three players in each division receiving trophies and cash incentives, while fourth place was presented with a medal. Special prizes were also presented to the most outstanding player Joshua Lalbachan, the most improved player was Stephen Sankar, most promising player male was Nicolas Lawrence, while Angeli Persaud was the most promising female, most disciplined players Denzil Fraser and Levi Nedd Jr. The youngest player on show was eight years old John Andrews. Former national Junior Caribbean Girls doubles champion Petal Bennet received a special prize from Mr Ramdyal for being the only female participant in the open division. Speaking at the opening and closing ceremony, President of the GTTA two times former national champion, Godfrey Munroe, stated how encouraged and impressed he was with what he saw. The

From page 32 instance. In a keen battle, Linden’s Amelia’s Ward United were able to share the points with Western Tigers, Travis Waterton securing a draw from them with his 82nd minute goal. Jerome Richardson had given the Tigers the lead in the 71st minute. In the feature game, West Demerara’s Den Amstel continued their impressive

form at this level when they drew with Pele after taking the early lead compliments of a Gideon Payne’s goal five (5) minutes into the game. Pele worked hard and long for the neutralizing goal which finally came four (4) minutes into the second half, veteran Travis ‘Zorro’ Grant hitting the back of the nets. Competition will continue today at four venues. At the Blairmont Community Centre

Players’ official and organisers pose for a picture after the conclusion of the tournament. By Samuel Whyte It was action non-stop when the inaugural Berbice Table Tennis Championship, which was held on Saturday last at the Berbice High School, Auditorium Queenstown New Amsterdam Berbice, came off with a bang. The tournament, which had the blessing of the Guyana Table Tennis Association,

was organized by the Berbice Table Tennis Sub Association and sponsored by the by overseas based G u y a n e s e , Berbician Souvenir Ramdyal, of 2009 Hall of Fame Realtor of Queens NY. The day’s action saw over 90 players participating, with players’ age ranging from 8 years to over 55 years. The

competition was open to persons living and working in Berbice for the last three years. In the end it was Gibran ‘Gibby’ Hussein Safraz, the one arm wonder that remained unconquered as he defeated another top Player, Rono Joseph, in the final to continue his winning ways in the Table Tennis circle in Berbice.

turnout and the talent displayed were very encouraging. He spoke about the GTTA’s drive to spread and improve the game in Guyana and lauded the Berbice Association for the excellent work they have been doing. He said that the GTTA aims to be more proactive and visit the sub associations more often to assist with coaching, training and other administrative matters. He promised to make more equipment available, especially to rural areas. Sponsor, former Berbice player, Souvenir Ramdyal, stated how overwhelmed he was. He said, “When I taught about and planned the tournament I did not know what to expect. I was taken by surprise by the turnout and the immense talent. I hope it could be harnessed.” He said, as a Berbician his aim is to give back to the community. He remembers fondly his day as a young player when he hadn’t much. “I want to make sure that the present crop of players benefit from what I hadn’t, the opportunity to have in my young days.” He was so encouraged by what he saw he promised to make the tournament an annual affair and bigger and better activity. Mr Ramdyal was also thankful to former Berbice player Patrick Narine now overseas who also assisted with sponsorship. Munroe, who helped to coordinate the activity, was accompanied by national player and Coach Edi Lewis. The Berbice sub association is leading the way in the GTTA expansion drive and persons interested in being a part of table tennis activities in Berbice can contact - Floyd Conway No 623-8481, Gibran Hussein 6284248, Richard Bacchus 673-9112, Johnny Persaud 333-2869, Stanley Lawrence 686-6431, Levi Nedd 641-9592 and Mrs. Jacqueline Murray on 6192107.

Uitvlugt record only weekend win, beat ... Ground, Rosignol United will host Western Tigers; the Uitvlugt Community Centre will accommodate a big clash between Uitvlugt and Den Amstel; BV Triumph United and Buxton United will square off at the BV Ground in matches that will kick off at 15:30hrs. The lone encounter at the GFC Ground features Pele against Milerock from 19:00hrs.

Tuesday November 13, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 29

Ryan Crawford Memorial Turf Club and Sports Facility host Caricom day of Racing

Zenzie Goring (right) gratefully accepts the sponsorship cheque from Donette Sullivan at Sankar’s Auto Works, Durey Lane, Campbellville, business place.

Eight exciting races are carded for the day when the Ryan Crawford Memorial Turf Club and Sports Facility (RCMTC&SF), in collaboration with Banks DIH Ltd stages an event dubbed ‘Caricom day of Racing’ at the club’s facility, Alness Village Corentyne Berbice on Sunday November 18 next. Indeed amidst all of the planning, the event could not have been staged devoid of corporate intervention and yesterday afternoon, Sankar’s Auto Works, Durey Lane, Campbellville, acquiesced to a request from the organizers and donated a tangible sum towards the successful staging of the event. Internal Accountant of Sankar’s Auto Works, Donette Sullivan, handed over the requisite cheque to representative of RCMTC&SF, Zenzie Goring at her organization’s office while committing to support of this and other sports ventures. The latter individual expressed

profound gratitude while assuring her benefactor that the gift would indeed offset expenses. Meanwhile, the B & Lower event over a distance of one mile will be the feature attraction and carries a grand prize of one million dollars. The second place finisher will receive half that amount, while the third and fourth places receive $250,000 and $125,000 respectively. There will also be several other clashes including the E

& Lower, H & Lower, 12 & Lower, G & Lower, 2 yrs old open, 3 yrs old open and the J&K (Div 1&2). Activities are conducted under the aegis of the Guyana Horse Racing Association and all rules will be employed. Already entries have been closed since on Sunday 11th November last and all systems are in place for a day of fun and frolic. Enquires can be made at Mrs. Loresa Mohabir (333-0301 / 333 0290) or F. Chichester (2332984 /690-1943).

Reds win latest action in F &H Printing dominoes tourney Reds totaled 82 games to win Zone 7 when play in the Georgetown leg of the F and H Printing nationwide Dominoes competition continued last Friday. Wi l d B u n c h p l a c e d second with 77 games and Renegade came third with 46. The Georgetown leg is being divided into ten zones and the top two teams

from each will qualify for the nationa l p l a y o ff s . Tw o zones are yet to be completed. The teams that are already through are Wild Bunch, F and H, Blue Birds, T N T, Rage, Assassin, Mix-Up, Providence, Sea-7, Exodus, LR and B, Lions, Ministry of Health, Transport C, GPL and Reds.

Page 30

Kaieteur News

Tuesday November 13, 2012

Guyana loses 5-0 to T&T in hockey World League In their opening match of the World League, Guyana suffered a 5-0 beating from CAC champions Trinidad and Tobago on the first day of the tournament at the National Hockey Centre in Tacarigua Trinidad. Guyana sporting their BK International all-white uniforms had a strong start for the opening ten minutes of the match and seemed to match the Caribbean powerhouse stride for stride in what seemed to be a competitive affair.

A penalty corner earning by Trinidad in the 1 8 th m i n u t e , h o w e v e r, changed the complexion of the game. A well struck ball by star Trinidadian midfielder Blair Wynne just skimmed the edge of the leg guard of the outstretched goalkeeper Alysa Xavier to give the hosts a 1-0 lead. Trinidad brimming with confidence extended their lead to 2 when Wynne sent home a second in similar fashion, this time past the outstretched stick of post

player Ulrica Sutherland. With a 2-0 deficit at the half the Guyanese still seemed intent to get on the score sheet, but Trinidad was able to quell any budding forays before the Guyanese could get a good shot in the striking circle. Trinidad made good on two more penalty corners in the second half by converting one into a rebound goal by Ye s e n y a L u c e s a n d t h e other into a penalty stroke which was converted by Wy n n e f o r h e r t h i r d . Trinidad Captain Allana

Lewis scored their sole run-of-play goal 9 minutes from full time when the Guyanese defenders were caught in a momentary lapse in concentration allowing her to penetrate deeply into the circle to slip her flick past Xavier. Despite the 5-0 defeat, Head Coach Philip Fernandes indicated that the team had their best showing against Trindiad in recent times. Fernandes indicated that although the score was overContinued on page 25

Westside teams battle City rivals as Mayor’s birthday Inter Ward football kickoffs today

The Mayor Hamilton Green Birthday 7-a-side Inter Ward football tournament starts today, November 13, Diwali Night, at the Den Amstel ground at 5:00pm and will serve up a battle among Westside teams and their counterparts from the City and other areas. The action promises to be intense and West Demerara fans are expected out in their numbers for the holiday treat and to cheer their teams on. The tournament runs for three days, continuing on Friday and concluding on Sunday at the Georgetown Football Club ground with the playoff games, quarterfinals, semifinals and final. Today’s action will see 16 potentially exciting matchups with: Bourda vs Lima Dam, Kuru Kururu vs East

Ruimveldt, Wales vs Eve Leary, Werk-en-Rust vs West Ruimveldt, Bagotville vs Thomas Lands, Tucville vs Mocha Champs, Goed Fortuin (Beavers) vs North East La Penitence, Sara Lodge (Eagles) vs Tiger Bay, West Ruimveldt Estate vs North Ruimveldt, Plastic City (Jetty) vs Mocha, Crane (Seawall) vs Kingston, Pouderoyen (Young Achievers) vs Kitty, Stewartville vs Alberttown, Uitvlugt vs Sophia and Den Amstel vs Newtown Kitty. A number of Georgetown and West Demerara leading players will be on show representing their respective villages and or wards. Travis Grant, Solomon Austin of the City, while Gideon Payne, Ike Garraway and Keith Blackman will turn out for Westside teams. Continued on page 24

Road race on in Berbice today Athletes in the Ancient County, especial those preparing for the National Schools Championship slated for next week in Georgetown, will have a chance to show off their mettle today when the Rose Hall Town Anniversary and Development Organisation (RHTADO) stage a four miles road race along the Corentyne high way. The race, which is the first of a monthly activity planned by the organisation, will begin at University Berbice campus

at Tain and proceed to the Arch at Rose Hall Town, beginning at 07:00 hrs. Prizes will be awarded to the first 10 finishers. Female finishers will be specially acknowledged. The event is sponsored by Digicel, Fiesta Guinness Bar and Fish Shop, First Choice Establishment, Archway Snackette, Allicock Wild meat and Jermaine Barber Shop. A presentation ceremony will be held immediately after the race.

Tuesday November 13, 2012

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Auto Fashion/ Star Party Rentals pitch in towards successful K&S tournament Another motorcycle for another lucky patron

Francine Chase (2nd l) hands over the cheque to Mr. Major in the company of her colleague, Pheona Jones (extreme R) in the presence of Mr. Muhammad (extreme L) Aubrey ‘Shanghai’ Major and Kashif Muhammad, the two Directors of the Kashif and Shanghai organization have set out to make the 23rd edition of the tournament, starting on December 16 next, the best ever, with meaningful interaction among patrons at the games. Towards this end, they have solicited lucrative prizes so that several attendees leave the venue with nostalgic reminders of their attendances. The K&S principals have earlier secured a 110CC motorcycle from Cell Phone Shack and a lucky patron will win it after a draw at the Buxton fixture. While other administrators would have felt satisfied, the K&S organizers are not, and yesterday afternoon, managed to secure the requisite sponsorship and will stage another draw at a fixture to be announced later so that another fan rides off with a similar prize. Yesterday afternoon, the proprietor of Auto Fashion, 34 Seaforth Street Campbellville, Noel Shewjattan, handed over the second machine to Mr. Major at his office even as he wished the group well in their endeavours. Auto Fashion has been a regular feature on the list of sponsors of the tournament and Mr. Shewjattan said that he is always delighted to be associated with the tournament. He pointed out that the returns are lucrative, not necessarily in terms of the monetary gains but in the pleasurable feeling that he experiences knowing that he is supporting the development of local ball weavers. The Auto Fashion boss said that he is satisfied with the support rendered by the public to his business place and is contemplating a

larger contribution for the 24th edition of the tournament. Shortly after leaving Auto Fashion, the K&S duo visited the Craig Street location of Star Party Rentals where the proprietor, former first class cricketer, Lennox Cush, acquiesced to a sizeable sum towards the tournament’s success. Office Manager (Star Party Rentals), Pheona Jones, accompanied by her assistant, Francine Chase, handed over the gift even as she expressed delight in performing the gesture. Both Mr. Major and Mr. Muhammad expressed deep gratitude to their benefactors saying that the gifts would contribute to a qualitative tournament that local football fans are accustomed to. Mr. Muhammad further intimated

that he is working fervently to acquire similar gate prizes for most or all of the other fixtures. Sixteen teams comprising the nation’s best footballers will face the starting lineup, all optimistic of adding their name to the ‘Holy Grail.’ Team will be vying for a top prize of four million dollars while the team finishing second receives one million dollars. The third and fourth places will cart off $750,000 and $500,000 respectively. Additionally, the Most Valuable Player will win a luxury motor car while coaches will be compensated for their hard work when the best among the lot receives one motorcycle. Activities conclude with the grand finals on January 1 next.

Mr. Major receives the keys to the motorcycle from Auto Fashion boss Noel Shewjattan

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Tuesday November 13, 2012

GFF Super League

Uitvlugt record only weekend win, beat Milerock 4-3; four matches on today West Demerara’s Uitvlugt Warriors continued their fairy tale run in the 2012/13 edition of the Guyana Football Federation Super League on Sunday last when they erased a 2-0 deficit to record a breathtaking and exciting 43 win over Upper Demerara’s Milerock at the Uitvlugt Community Centre Ground, West Coast Demerara. Having recorded a record breaking 2-1 win over defending champions Alpha ‘The Hammer’ United the week before, Uitvlugt, with home advantage again on their side produced another upset of some sorts with an impressive win over Milerock. The Bauxite Mining Town based Milerock wasted no time in cantering into the lead and by the 28th minute were up by two through goals from Ron Fiedtkou (28) and Beneakaman Smartt who opened proceedings in the 7th minute. By now the home fans were left to wonder how their countrymen would respond, led by veteran Orville Bobb.

The half time came with Milerock securing their advantage. Uitvlugt regrouped at the break and came out firing. Jamaal Harvey got into goal scoring mode with the first of his brace in the 53rd minute to reduce the lead. Three minutes later Delon Lanferman rocked the nets with the equalizing goal for Uitvlugt. This fruitful period continued for the West Side team as they took the lead for the first time in the 60th minute through a Charles Stoby finish. Milerock were by now exhausted, letting in three unanswered goals; but the action was far from over. The Linden side responded in like manner when Clarence Huggins found the back of the nets in the 72nd minute to bring back some ease into the Milerock side. While Milerock would have been contented to share the spoils at that point, the home team were far from satisfied and showed that they have firepower and the

will until the end of full time. With two minutes to go, Harvey fired home the winner to secure Uitvlugt’s second win in as many matches. Uitvlugt made one substitution as opposed to Milerock which utilized all theirs. Up at the Buxton Community Centre Ground, the home team, Buxton United Sports Club was able to salvage some pride by sharing the points with Rosignol United of Berbice in a 1-1 stalemate. While Buxton dominated play for the most part, Rosignol United took the lead when Cornel Taylor tucked one in the back of the nets capitalizing on some poor defensive work by the home team. But one minute later, Buxton was able to equalize when a Jamaal Booker shot sent the keeper the wrong way. Like the Buxton game, the double header at the GFC Ground did not produce a win but a similar score line in each Continued on page 28

Action in the Buxton United / Rosignol United game on Sunday at the Buxton Ground.

GCA\Hadi’s 1st Division 2 day tourney

GCC, Police grab first innings points in drawn matches Georgetown Cricket Club and Police grabbed first innings points when play in the Georgetown Cricket Association Hadi’s 1 st division 2-day competition continued on Sunday. At Bourda, Malteenoes, in reply to the host first innings score of 252, resumed on their overnight score of 19 without loss were dismissed for 153 with Deon Ferrier top scoring with 49 which came off 62 balls and contained seven fours. Kwame Crosse made 17 as

Chidanand Shivram grabbed 4-42 and Raj Nanan 3-25. GCC in their second innings reached 43 without loss at the close on the final day. Wasim Haslim was unbeaten on 27(5x4, 1x6). Scores: GCC 252-5 dec. and 43-0, MSC 153. At Eve Leary, Gandhi Youth Organization were bowled out for 160 in their first innings after resuming on their overnight score of 29-2, this was in reply to the home team total of 375. Wazeer

Mohamed was their leading batsman with 37 not out, while Pravindralall Persaud made 31. Vishal Jaigobin snared 441, while Parnell London took 3-37. At stumps on the final day Police were 174-7 batting a second time. Ryan Rajmangal continued his fine form with a top score of 61 and Shameer Fazal contributed 28. Persaud picked up 3-48. Scores: Police 375 and 174-7, GYO 174 all out.

Tuesday November 13, 2012

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National Schools’ Championships loom - Upper Dem has eyes set on title defence

Flashback! Upper Demerara, District 10 officials and athletes prepare to celebrate last year as word on winning their 12th overall National Schools’ Cycling, Swimming and Track and Field Championships title permeated the National Stadium By Edison Jefford Upper Demerara and Kwakwani, District 10, has their eyes fixed on defending the overall title at the upcoming Ministry of Education and Guyana Teachers’ Union Digicelsponsored National Schools’ Cycling, Swimming and Track and Field Championships that is to be held next week at the National Aquatics Centre and National Stadium. The defending champions, and most successful team in the history of the Championships believe that they will retain the title overall despite their preparation challenges that was as a result of the unavailability of their training ground, the Mackenzie Sport Club in Linden, which is undergoing extensive field upgrade works.

Speaking to Kaieteur Sport yesterday, an official of the Upper Demerara and Kwakwani unit that has won 14 of the 46 titles that were decided so far with the other years resulting in abandonment in the 52-year history of the competition, Mayfield Taylor-Trim said that the team is expected to do well again this year. “We are coming with the same competitive spirit. We did not have a ground to prepare and could not get the amount of preparation we wanted but we have a reasonable and competitive team that will be going out there to do their best,” Taylor-Trim indicated. With a week to go, the team is in the 2012 mêlée having registered its team among the 16 Districts. Only Georgetown as a

single team and North Georgetown comes close to Upper Demerara when it comes to the overall title; Georgetown stopped competing as a single unit in 1979, after it had claimed its 12 th title, which is an astonishing record. Thereafter, Georgetown was broken up into three Districts: North, South and East Georgetown. Of the three City Districts, North Georgetown continued the domination of Georgetown through the years and also has 12 overall titles to its name. North Georgetown won in 2009 and 2010 and remains the sole nemesis of Upper Demerara and Kwakwani. Taylor-Trim, who has moulded the Linden-based District, along with Wanda Richmond and their coach,

Johnny Gravesande, for several years now, remains adamant that they will repeat this year since completing the 2004-2006 three-peat at Enmore, Albion and Georgetown respectively.

“We got it covered. As you know, we have never lost the track and field competition and we are going with the same amount of enthusiasm,” the Upper Dem Management Team Official said, as she hinted that the same winning ideas were injected into their preparations despite an absence of the usual venue. The overall champion is decided based on the team that amass the most points from performance in the cycling, swimming, athletics, and teachers competitions of the championships. Upper Dem usually post strong performances in all four competitions of the event. Asked about their perceived strength in the age groups that are under 14 years old, and weakness thereafter, Taylor-Trim posited that every team go through that transition phase because student-athletes usually graduate out of the schools’ system. As a result, she said that

any District would be in a constant mode to rebuild their team. “Our top (age groups 1420) was shaky, but every District was in that phase at some point or the other. What is important is that we got a new team to build on now, and even though we were in transition, we still managed to be competitive and win athletics and win overall,” Taylor-Trim boasted. The long-standing Upper Demerara Official said that the team has the support of the stakeholders in the community, who she expects the usual support from throughout the event, as the team look for its 15 th title overall during November 20-23 at the National Aquatics Centre at Liliendaal, and the National Stadium at Providence. Other sponsors of the National Schools’ Championships are Gatorade, Asics, Banks Malta Supreme, Courts and Starr Party Rentals.

t r o Sp

Huge fan turnout emphatically establishes motor racing as No.1 sport here Group 4 winner Vishok Persaud passes Ryan Rahaman (centre) and Rupie Shewjattan en route to victory. The thousands of motor racing fans that decended at the South Dakota Circuit on Sunday to witness the final leg of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) emphatically established that motor racing is now the No.1 sport here in Guyana. The sport which has grown steadily over the past four years because of astute leadership has sensibly taken advantage of the current chaos present within the football and cricket fraternities. The recently created VIP Pavilion is a feature that has been embraced by those looking to watch the races in comfort and style, while being pampered at the same time in addition to having one of the best views at the track. The new addition of the pit girls decked out in eyecatching outfits have definitely formed a new dimension to the sport and clearly shows that the Organisers are aiming to duplicate what obtains in other countries that host motor racing. Meanwhile, on the track, Guyana though not winning

the overall country title fought back courageously to displace Barbados from the second spot, while local drivers Mark Vieira, Kevin Jeffrey and Andrew King kept home pride alive by their dominance. Other impressive performances came from young Nikhil Seereeram, who claimed two victories in his first outing in the Superbike category, while Mohamed Ali, Stanley Ming J r. , B a r b a d i a n M a r k Thompson, Irfaan Kalamadeen, Heeranand Boodhram, Oliver-TjinLiep-Shie, Rupie Shewjattan and Vishok Persaud, also displayed remarkable skills. The full results are as folows: Group 1- 1st- Mohamed Ali, 2nd Roshan Ali; 125cc- 1st nd Heeranand Boodhram, 2 rd Ravi Singh, 3 Heemand Boodhram; Shifter Go-karts1st Stanley Ming jr., 2nd S t a n l e y M i n g S r. , 3 r d Raymond Seebarran; Superbike 'A' Class- 1 st Nikhil Seereeram, 2nd Ricardo Fagundes, 3rd Carey Griffith; Group 2A- 1st Raj Singh, 2nd Chet Singh, 3rd Edward Corbin; Continued on page 27

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