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Touching the lives of those in our community in a positive and lasting way through the art of floral design, exemplary customer service and a unique shopping experience. - page 6 -

a clothing
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pollinator garden!
Bella’s Bumbas giving children mobility year-round Bring Spring Indoors with lindsay from aratari at home Upgrade your kitchen with Nhance! - BACK COVER -
tips by maggie elizabeth, raven moon revivaL & Christina San Filipo
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Tuesday, June 27th


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6 • Stacy K Floral

Bringing exquisite celebrations and green living to the Rochester community features

9 • From the Artists’ Desk

32 • Bella’s Bumbas

Giving children mobility year-round locally and across the globe

green living pg. 11

14 • Go Greener This Spring

Three local influencers share their approaches to sustainability, featuring tips on hosting a clothing swap party, revitalizing furniture and creating a pollinator garden

oh happy day pg. 35

38 • Eat Dessert First

Creative ideas for the dessert table at your next event, plus unique guestbook ideas spring home pg. 42

52 • Refresh your home

Lindsay from Aratari at Home shares ideas to inspire you to love where you live

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Summer bash . . .

i� ful� bl�� with


Spring brings joyful an�cipa�on to our hearts and homes as we await warmer weather, budding plants, and sunshine galore. Leadi ng the charge to help us incorporate fresh design elements this season – that are also sustainable – is the esteemed team at Stacy K Floral. From weddings and events to interior styling for local homes and businesses, there is nothing the team at Stacy K can’t do when it comes to refreshing design to bring joy to all who experience it.

As a success story in exquisite celebra�ons and green living, we turned to the experts at Stacy K Floral to share what we can expect to see this year and how they are doing it all with sustainability in mind.

A Resurgenc� o� Everlastin� Beauty

Over the last few months, there has been a trend of people turning away from live plants to favor everlas�ng pieces with a hand-selected mix of dried and preserved flowers designed in beau�ful arrangements. These may be small for tabletops or large faux wall displays. The team at Stacy K creates one-of-a-kind masterpieces that are unique and everlas�ng. Many can be found in local businesses! This is a more sustainable op�on as the arrangements do not get thrown away and instead are enjoyed for many years, while adding a unique flare customized to the home or business.

Colo� i� Everywhere

Thrilled that color is finally coming back, Stacy beams when talking about this trend. As someone who expresses herself through color, she is excited for all the bright shades making their way into homes and events this season. Design trends in every industry point towards rich, beau�ful colors such as bright shades of pink like fuchsia and magenta, rich reds and oranges, and unexpected greens. When it comes to incorpora�ng color into a space, she advises people to find small, simple ways such as through throw pillows or accessories. This gives you the opportunity to swap them out o�en and introduce color without pain�ng. You can also take a bolder step by using removable wallpaper or pain�ng just one wall in a room. These can be great ways to try new colors without feeling fully commi�ed.

Warmt� Throug� Seasonalit�

Incorpora�ng seasonal elements provides a fresh look that is also sustainable. Consider using a vessel with a few base elements that stay the same and swap out 3 or 4 flowers each �me it needs an update instead of buying a whole new arrangement. Stacy encourages people to add fresh plants and foliage into their space as it is great for your environment and even purifies the air in your home! Or, if you prefer faux, you can add seasonal touches such as li�le red anemone, greenery for the holidays, or branches in the spring. “You can really get crea�ve with it,” she shares, no�ng “with everlas�ng botanicals, you can bring color in but keep that feeling of having living materials with low maintenance, even if you don’t have a green thumb.” The team at Stacy K creates one-of-a-kind masterpieces that are unique and �meless. Many can be found in local businesses! This is a more sustainable op�on as the arrangements do not get thrown away and instead are enjoyed for many years, while adding a unique, custom flare.


Established in 2006, Stacy K Floral was born out of her desire to be creative and bring joy through design. Her love for creating beautiful and memorable experiences has impacted the lives of many – and she is just getting started. With new retail products, open space to design, and more design offerings on the way, Stacy K Floral redefines what it means to be a florist in the area, with no design challenge too big or small for the team to tackle.


Buil� t� Last

Although most people don’t typically think of a florist as a leader in sustainability, it’s only because they haven’t yet heard the story behind Stacy K. Located in the century-old Factory Building, the local Du�on family redeveloped the property with all green inten�ons. The 1910 brick warehouse was completely transformed, retrofi�ed with geothermal energy, and upgraded to include energy-efficient windows. It now houses retail shops, restaurants, workspaces, and housing. The flower display cooler Stacy K uses is even from the 1920s and has been restored to be much more efficient and effec�ve than those found on the market today.

Beyond the walls and mechanics, the team at Stacy K Floral does its part as well, limi�ng the use of floral foam products, using green mechanics, purchasing supplies from local vendors, consolida�ng driver delivery routes, and encouraging customers to bring in their own containers to refill with new floral arrangements.

As icons in sustainability, florals, and design, the team at Stacy K Floral is ready to take on a wide array of crea�ve projects.

Expandin� i� Spac� & Capabilitie�

While they are most known for their breathtaking floral arrangements and eyecatching installa�ons, the team at Stacy K blooms in even more areas of design with a new expansion that transforms the defini�on of what a flower shop is. This spring, the brand has expanded its physical footprint by acquiring 4500 sq. �. of addi�onal space in the studio on Russell Street. Here, they can do even more of what they love – design beau�ful things and bring the community together.

With more space to create, there are no limits to what design challenges the Stacy K team can help with – going beyond just florals and even entering the design and décor space. The expansion helps their event produc�on be more efficient, showcase stunning everlas�ng installa�ons, feature an expanded line-up of home décor products, provide a comfortable place for friends to gather over a cup of coffee, and even serve as a working studio to create new designs alongside customers.

Inspirin� Creativit�

In addi�on to featuring a handful of small, local businesses in the shop, the new space serves as an incubator for local creators and entrepreneurs to share their cra� with the community. “It was terrifying to open a store; that first leap is a really hard one. I want to give someone the opportunity to take that leap without the fear of a long-term lease,” shares Stacy.

This isn’t just her vision for collabora�ng with others, but her mantra within her own business as well. Recently she shi�ed her full-�me employees to a four-day work week, giving them �me and space to focus on their own cra� or small businesses, which many have. “Most crea�ves have mul�ple forms of showing their crea�vity. This allows them to do their cra� and execute their personal art while s�ll contribu�ng here in a big way,” she explains.

43 Russell Street, Rochester | 585.244.1414

C�� visi� u� a� �� st��!
People love to visit our shop just to walk around. We wanted to give them a space to come and gather with their friends and feel inspired.
1501 Pittsford Victor Road Victor, NY 14564

- from the artists’ deskSpring is back and it’s perfect for plans and projects! Whether that’s spending time in the sun after a dreary winter or tackling your spring cleaning list, at Home we have you covered.

Nothing says spring like fresh flowers! Blooms abound as Stacy K Floral offers (sustainable!) flowers and greenery for every occasion, whether that’s a wedding or simply bringing a bouquet of color into your home.

Dip your toes in the proverbial water with some green projects under the leadership of local influencers! Maggie Elizabeth suggests clothing swaps for pieces you no longer wear, Christina San Filipo has tips for creating a pollinator garden, and Raven Moon Revival showcases a few tricks when it comes to furniture restoration.

Get to know your city! Our Rochester Faces goes behind the scenes with locals, giving you a glimpse into some of the businesses that keep our community thriving. Other noteworthy residents include the team behind Bella’s Bumbas, who are giving children mobility year-round.

Oh Happy Day indeed – why not eat dessert first? Create a donut wall or offer dessert cocktails, both of which are sure to delight. Or put a creative spin on the traditional guestbook with signed records or individualize Jenga blocks!

Could your home use a little refresh? Lindsay Aratari is all about bringing spring indoors and turning your home into not just the place you live, but the place you love. Now is the time for projects, but what good are they if you don’t have fun with them?

This is the season to refresh and revitalize with some green grass and greener living. Here at Home, we wish you the best of everything spring has to offer!

We love green living too! When you’re done reading, pass this along to a friend to read or recycle!

585.226.8111 |
Guide to Sustainable Companies // 3 Ways to Go Greener At Home

Sequels features stylish and unusual furniture and home accessories from quality brands like Stickley, Ethan Allen, Arhaus, MacKenzie-Childsand more. Find quality consignment home décor and gifts at surprisingly reasonable prices. Or, consign with us and we’ll sell your gently used furnishings for you.

local, woman-owned company curating swoon worthy vintage rugs, accessories and apparel that are timeless & sustainable pieces. nicolette Use code “Rochester10” for 10% OFF your first purchase with The Knotted Fox We design. You install. Save thousands. Every landscape design comes with a scaled blueprin t, photorealistic rendering, illustrated plant shoppin g list, and instructions for installation & maintenance. On-site and virtual services available. 716.508.0852 �� WWW.MYGARDENETTE.COM instruct On-sit 716.508.08 52 CREATE A GARDEN YOU LOVE! GREEN LIVING

go greener this spring

local influencers share their approaches to sustainability

With the season quickly turning and trees blooming, we can’t wait to get outside and enjoy all that our region has to offer! With so much natural beauty in Upstate New York such as ample parks, budding flowers, vast waterways, and more, it’s no surprise that we want to preserve the beauty and sustainability of the region. Three local influencers have found creative outlets to live a little greener – and have some fun while doing it!


hosting a clothing swap party tips from local stylist,Maggie

How did you get started as a stylist?

I’ve always had a passion for fashion. Over the years I’ve loved to go shopping with friends, which then became, “Maggie, I need help finding an outfit for a wedding.” One day a friend encouraged me to take the next step and become a professional stylist and I’ve been enjoying helping people see their beauty ever since.

What is a clothing swap party?

And why did you start doing them?

Sustainability is very important to me. A clothing swap party is where all the guests bring gently used items they no longer wear and get to swap for items other people brought! What better way to get together with some friends, go shopping for FREE, and feel good about it?!

When I threw my first clothing swap, I truly didn’t know how it was going to go. Some people said they didn’t have anything people would want, their size was too big or too small, or didn’t even know what a clothing swap was. At the event, every single person had fun, walked away feeling good about themselves, and had a huge bag FULL of amazing new items.

What is the impact to the environment?

The U. S. throws away up to 11.3 million tons of textile waste each year, which is around 2,150 pieces of clothing each second! Fast fashion contributes to not only this waste (only 15% is donated or recycled), but also water pollution, carbon emissions, toxic dyes, and exploitation of underpaid workers. We can help by being more purposeful with our purchases, buying less, and choosing quality over quantity.

What are some of your favorite finds?

I’ve gotten some great pieces from these parties. One I can think of is this gorgeous cream wrap blouse with balloon sleeves and blue flowers that just looks like a million bucks.

What tips do you have for hosting a clothing swap party?

Start simple and small. Find 5-10 people, have them each bring 5-10 items, lay it all out, and have people draw numbers for the order in which they pick items.

Have fun with it! Pair snacks or drinks with it. If hosting in the morning, have mimosas and fruit. If in the evening, have wine and a charcuterie board.

Be prepared. Make sure to have bags for people or ask them to bring their own. Have a mirror available as people try things on.

Encourage browsing. Give time for everyone to look at what everyone brought before letting people shop.

Get creative! When shopping, be sure to look at everything and don’t worry about size. Everyone’s style varies so you can make pieces your own and get creative.


create a pollinator garden with Christina San Filipo


Tell me a little bit about yourself and your interest in gardening.

From a young age, I knew I wanted to own a home someday surrounded by gardens. Luckily, I grew up (and still reside) in Rochester, NY, known as the Flower City, and garden inspiration around here does not disappoint. I spent a good amount of quality time with my grandfather in his vegetable patch, helping my mom plant her favorite annuals amongst her perennials, and visiting historical gardens throughout my formative years.

Gardening has become a mindful practice, a space for reflection, and a place to remain connected with those I’ve lost. As a registered nurse, it became my healing center for the unspeakable experiences I’ve had and gives me a creative outlet that brings joy to myself and others.

What is a pollinator garden and how did you get started with yours?

A pollinator garden is planted mostly with flowers that provide nectar or pollen for a wide range of pollinating insects. While some vegetable crops do not need pollinators to help them grow the parts we love to eat, many rely on pollinators to visit them to produce fruit.

In the spring of 2020, the transformation of our yard to a garden (a yarden) began. I delved deep into resources such as Monroe County’s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), the U.S. Forest Service, the Department of Agriculture, Pollinator Partnership, Beesponsible, and many books. I continue to learn more about bees and the pollination process and gain further understanding of the differences between native, nativar, cultivar, and hybrid plants.

Why is this so important for our environment?

Bees are vital to our ecosystem. With a desire to surround my home with flowers and grow food outside my door paired with the knowledge that bees are essential to creating food for humans and wildlife to survive, I intended to support pollinators in my garden and share what I learn along the way.

What should we look for when shopping for our garden?

It is essential to know differences in plant classification when shopping for plants or seeds to grow in a space supportive of pollinators. While it is nice to have different colors, you want to ensure you are not saturating the garden with plants that suboptimally support our pollinating friends, who are critical to making flowers, fruits, and vegetables possible.

Flower seed mixes are an excellent way to mass plant when purposefully used with respect for the landscape. Carefully read the list of plants included in flower seed mixes and ensure none are invasive to your region. More often than not, these mixes contain natives, nativars, and non-natives. If you harvest nativars and nonnative flowers from seed mix frequently, you limit the spread of plants and increase the potential area for natives to grow.


What advice do you have for those just starting out?

1 – Wait to see what comes up. Growing up in upstate NY, you gain an appreciation for the short growing seasons, the fleeting days of fall, and how special sunny winter days are. I reached my goal of owning a home in the summer of 2018 and listened to my grandfather’s advice: Do not plant anything your first year; wait and see what comes up. The lesson he taught me is the first lesson I tell anyone looking to live a life of less grass and more flowers.

2 – Know your hardiness zone. You can ask at your local nursery or find the USDA hardiness zone webpage and input your zip code. Using the USDA hardiness zone online tool, you find the most specific information about what hardiness zone you plant in, which then informs you which plants to select that will work best for your zone.

3 – Use a mixture of annuals and perennials. When landscaping for cut flowers, edibles, and supporting pollinators, select a mix of annuals and perennials that bloom from early spring to fall and companion plants for your vegetables. This is just as important as considering the classification of plants and a commitment to being pesticide free. Spend time in the off-season learning which flowering plants are native to your region. Research shows that native plants provide superior support and are the preferred source of nectar by native bees.

4 – Go slow and be intentional. When designing your space, tackle one garden bed at a time. If you need to create beds where you have grass, do not rip the grass out unless it is a substantial portion. Add rocks or another edging around the border to retain the soil and add 4-5 inches of compost or soil. Place plants in your new garden bed and think carefully about the heights each plant will reach when mature. You may also want to add hard structures to your garden bed that support pollinators such as a bird bath or bug house. Be sure to include a water source and safe places to sleep, which are also essential features to create a pollinator paradise.

5 – Know your soil. Know and amend your soil as needed before planting, helping ensure your plants have what they need to thrive. Your soil type can help further specify your garden design. When it comes to planting edibles in my yard, most are in raised beds because our soil is so sandy and well-draining that it will not hold the moisture the plants need to produce. Moisture-loving perennials are strictly in full shade or carefully placed near raised beds that I routinely deeply water.

6 – A garden is a work in progress. All gardeners (novice to expert) learn and grow along the way. Apply lessons learned each season to a new bed or existing garden in your plot. No matter the level of expertise, we are all subject to the whims of nature, and sometimes things don’t work. A garden will always be a work in progress and perfectly imperfect. Be intentional with choices and build and maintain your garden with purpose.

How can we best care for our garden once it is created?

Caring for your garden is a year-round affair. Edibles and many flowers prefer frequent harvesting. Picking your fruits and flowers often leads to more blooms and opportunities for pollination! Regular harvesting also gets you out in the garden often to check for pests or diseases, especially when committed to being pesticide free. In the fall, minimally prune to leave seeds for wildlife to forage and safe places for pollinators to wait out the winter months. In winter, resist the urge to clean up too early. Many ground insects sleep in leaves and plant skeletons. Disturbing the leaves and cleaning up brush could be fatal to the very thing we worked so hard to support through spring, summer, and fall. Try your best to wait until the ground has warmed and temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

Where can people go to see local gardens for ideas and plants for their own gardens?

The kitchen garden, greenhouses, and rock garden at the historic Sonnenberg Estate in Canandaigua are among my favorites. In the spring, the Ellwanger Garden is a must-see before heading to Highland Park to admire the lilacs and tropical plants in the Lamberton Conservatory. The StoneTolan house is the oldest building in Monroe County, built in 1792, and has never moved. The surrounding apple orchard, herb and kitchen gardens inspire those aspiring to focus on portagers (French for vegetable gardens).

If local to Rochester, Amanda’s Native Garden in Dansville and the Monroe County Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener plant sale are your best sources for straight native species.


How did you start restoring furniture?

My husband and I both always had an appreciation for old things and love incorporating them into our home. Our first home was a farmhouse that needed a lot of work. My first project was making a kitchen island out of an old dresser, and after that I knew this was something I wanted to do for others. I wanted to show my community how we can take discarded furniture and make it beautiful, affordable, and better quality than box store furniture. I started my business, Raven Moon Revival, in March of 2020, and since then we’ve sold over 300 pieces of secondhand refinished furniture.

furniture restoration with Raven Moon Revival

What are some of your favorite projects?

Over the summer I found an antique dresser while thrifting that I knew was special when I saw the drawers had Pin & Cove joints (also known as Knapp joints after its creator Charles Knapp). This type of joint was a huge advancement in furniture and was used from 1870 until about 1900. I was so excited to work on something that was not only functional but a part of history.

Another was when I recently found a desk in almost perfect condition at the thrift store for $35. It had been there for a while, but I saw the potential! After cleaning, repairing scratches, and sanding it down, I painted it a beautiful muted, mustard color and added new hardware. I also refinished the legs and sealed the entire desk so it could survive everyday wear and tear. It sold almost immediately after I posted it on social media!


This yellow desk was in great shape, just a little outdated. I bought it for $35 and just modernized the look. I sell these pieces but my goal is to keep them affordable for the community so we can continue the cycle of reuse in a beautiful way.

What are your favorite types of pieces to restore?

Pieces I have found on the side of the road are my favorite because they are my most drastic makeovers. It could be a dresser, desk, buffet, end tables – as long as it’s solid wood!

What do you look for in thrift store furniture finds?

I look for functionality first and ask, is this something I think would be useful in someone’s home? Then I look at the material it’s made of and the quality of construction. I want to make sure if this is going to go into the home it’s going to last for many years. I typically don’t buy anything but solid wood. Most vintage and antique furniture was built to last, so I try to keep that in mind when looking at the quality of its construction.

How does restoring furniture help with sustainability?

Americans produce over 12.2 million tons of furniture waste and about 80% of it goes straight to the landfill while only 0.3% gets recycled. A big contributor to this is “fast furniture” or box store furniture; it just does not last for everyday consumers, and they end up throwing it away. If someone can modernize an older piece’s look and make needed repairs, it will outlive any piece of fast furniture ten times over. Creating a circular economy by buying secondhand instead of buying fast furniture could vastly improve our furniture waste. Even if I find a piece of furniture that is too far gone, I salvage as much as I can from it. I take the hardware, parts, feet, and even cut up the wood. Not only does this cut costs of future repairs, but I continue the cycle of reuse.

What tips do you have for someone who wants to try this?

It’s okay if you don’t have experience with furniture repair. I started with only a paint brush, sandpaper, and cleaning supplies. As your hobby grows you can build your toolbox.

Just start. Don’t worry about messing up; you can always start over.

Don’t skip the prep work! You can’t build a house without starting with the foundation first, and the same goes for furniture. If you want your furniture’s finish to stand the test of time, you need to make sure you thoroughly clean and prep the furniture.

Create what you love and don’t let others’ opinions stop your creative flow. Some of my best and most loved pieces have been when I’ve stuck with my creative vision.

How can someone learn more about refinishing furniture?

I share a lot about refinishing furniture with my followers on social media. I also learned a lot from my dad, the internet, and old furniture repair books I thrifted.

Where to find Raven Moon Revival:

The Estate Marketplace in Spencerport, NY Modern Mercantile in Medina, NY



Serving thousands of households and businesses in Rochester & Western NY for 20 years.

GreenSpark Solar, the region's #1 solar installer, takes pride in and is trusted for its highest quality of work, industry-best equipment, and expert customer service.

Solar with
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THE HOME MAGAZINE: Helping our neighbors thrive We highlight local artisans and inspire the transformation of the places we live to the spaces we love. Home. In HOME, your business will get its own place to shine. To get the recognition you desire, contact me today! We can't wait to meet you! LAURIE ABBOTT Advertising Consultant, Home Publications
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f aces SPECIAL SECTION Meet the people behind the businesses that help our community thrive featuring: STACY K FLORAL | TOWN & COUNTRY PEST SOLUTIONS 84 LUMBER | CURATED. BY JUSTINTERIORS

floral design

Stacy K Ercan

Stacy K Floral

Stacy Ercan, the mastermind behind Stacy K Floral, is as unique as her flower arrangements. An introvert by nature, she is layered in personality and interests. From her philosophy on life to her many hobbies and business endeavors, she brings creativity to everything she touches.

Growing up in Hammondsport on Keuka Lake, Stacy moved to Rochester after college and in 2006 launched her floral business as a way to bring joy to the community. This purpose still holds true more than 17 years later as it has grown and expanded to be a popular destination for all occasions.

As a wife and mom of two young children, Stacy manages everything with elegance and grace, diving into the details and pouring her heart and soul into each person, passion, and project she takes on. Once she gets into something, she immerses herself and goes all in with excitement and enthusiasm until it is complete. From managing and designing her Airbnb properties to coding the redesign of her website, she finds unique and innovative ways to use her skillset and has fun doing it.

As a business, Stacy K Floral works with several organizations throughout the community, including Autism Up and the Rochester City Ballet. As an individual, she often serves as a mentor for other women locally to help guide, support, and influence them in finding their passion and carving out a path to succeed.

Like Stacy, her floral business is continuing to grow with exciting new expansions on the horizon. As a fairytale girl at heart, she believes in leading your life every day with color and joy which she is committed to spreading to others through her work.

“To me, flowers are bookmarks in our memories. They signify special moments that we hold onto, and in that way, they last a lifetime.”
43 Russell Street, Rochester | 585.244.1414 |
photography by TAMMY SWALES article by TRISH PINO
2018 Latta Road, Rochester | 585.426.5024 | pest solutions
Fabry Town & Country Pest Solutions
us, when leading with faith and Christian values, everything seems to have fallen into place. I believe our faith is a huge reason we’ve a�racted a solid team and without them Town and Country would not have seen the growth we have been blessed with today.”
photography by photograp JAMIE PANKOW article by TRISH PINO

building materials

Tom Gilbert 84 Lumber

For the last 27 years, Tom Gilbert has been with 84 Lumber Company, the nation’s largest privately held supplier of building materials. He currently serves as the General Manager of the Scottsville Road location where he is empowered with the autonomy to operate the store as his own business. A resident of Fairport, he loves to read, travel, and, most of all, spend time with his wife and three children, who are 17, 18, and 24 years old.

Tom, who grew up in Livonia, first started with the company at its Geneva lumber yard. He has succeeded in opening many locations for the company, both in and out of the Rochester area. Those who know him would describe him as a humble and honest man, one who puts his family first and has created a strong culture among his 30 associates.

His family, work, and values are all foundational to his character, making it impossible to separate one from the other. In fact, two of his three children also work for the company, and he is committed to creating a family-style atmosphere at work. The associates of 84 Lumber Rochester are known for their high energy, strong work ethic and excellent teamwork, all fostered by Tom’s leadership. Due to his keen ability to cultivate relationships, many of Tom’s customers and associates from over 20 years ago have returned time and time again.

Tom has expanded his business to include a door and stair manufacturing shop, rail service, commercial division and newly remodeled showroom for customers to visit and experience the product. He knows that in a commodity business, it is all about the experience people have and getting the project done right – both of which he has excelled at to create a strong reputation in the Rochester community.

1505 Scottsville Rd., Rochester | 585.436.5001 |
“I like to treat people well and do the right thing for our customers and associates. We have a family-type culture here and it makes it much more enjoyable to come to work when you like what you do and the people you work with.”

Justin Brown curated. byJUSTINTERIORS

Justin Brown, interior designer and owner of curated., a local home boutique, always had a passion for décor and is inspired by the things that make a house a home. With a great eye for mixing vintage items with new, Justin has quickly carved out a niche for himself in the community.

As a D&C top 3 finalist highlighting the area’s top furniture stores, he is very grateful for how welcoming the community has been. Focused on giving back, Brown has hosted special events to benefit local charities and has worked with Ryan Callahan Foundation and Webster Comfort Care, to name a few.

Growing up he learned from and admired his parents who created a welcoming home that he and his sisters enjoyed coming back to throughout their lives. Originally from Athens, PA, a small town outside of Elmira, Justin built his career as a visual merchandiser for a variety of well-known brands including American Eagle, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, and MacKenzie-Childs.

After spending many years in New York City, he and his husband moved to Rochester in 2018, where he began working for Peggy Growney at Windsor Cottage. When she closed her doors during the pandemic, it was the catalyst for Justin to start his own business. He first displayed items at The Shops at West Ridge and immediately built a following of people who supported him and hoped he would expand. From there, it wasn’t long until he established curated., which opened in the Spring of 2022.

At curated. guests will find a collection of old and new home furnishings and décor such as kitchen and dining wares, lighting, pillows, gifts, accessories, and more. As a visionary who is constantly bursting with new ideas, his goal is to provide products to the Rochester community that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to find locally.

He is drawn to the Village of Webster because of the charming, quintessential Main Street feel and incorporates all the special touches that customers appreciate about small business. His passion and enthusiasm are evident whether you are physically in his shop or following him on social media, where he gives you a glimpse into the store and his own home, with the hope to inspire creativity and help people build a collection of unique items for their homes.

44 East Main Street, Webster | 585.545.4314 |
ROCHESTER photography by PAM SMITH article by TRISH PINO
“Home has always been important to me. As we reflect on what is most important to us, we all come back to our home, our safety net. I wanted to be able to make a unique offering to the Rochester community that would make our homes feel warmer and more inviting.”
home décor

Bella was born with Spina Bifida and has no feeling below her knees. After seeing how limited she was when it came to mobility, Bella’s aunt and uncle began looking for ways to help. They saw plans for the Bumbo wheelchair online, and after seeing the cost of the comparable commercial version, they decided to make one for her.

This decision was spurred on by the fact that Bella’s family’s insurance, like in many families, only covers products deemed medically necessary. Insurance companies typically only cover a wheelchair once every five years, a timeframe that results in a child quickly outgrowing the covered wheelchair. Insurance also generally does not cover tiny wheelchairs until the child needs transportation such as a school bus. Imagine all the missed adventures and opportunities of not being independent and mobile between birth and school age.

After building the first chair and seeing just how much joy it brought Bella, simply being able to interact with her siblings and friends and get herself around, the family decided to make more chairs for other children facing mobility challenges. Each chair is hand-built in their Webster workshop with the assistance of many volunteers. Families are not charged for the chairs, but the organization asks families to cover the shipping costs. In the United States, shipping ranges from $62.40 to $74 depending on the seat style chosen. This, however, is only possible with the support of generous donors who help fund Bella’s Bumbas.

Bella’s Bumbas Giving Children Mobility Year-Round

Bella’s Bumbas began in Webster, NY with the intention of providing one little girl, Bella, with a means to become mobile and navigate the world on her own. That initial intention blossomed into the non-profit, Bella’s Bumbas LTD, who have provided over 2,600 chairs to children in every US state and 65 countries across the globe!

Each of the four chair designs have been rigorously tested by children using them in real-world conditions, such as on grass, carpet, and any other surface a child might find themselves on. Each chair includes a push handle mount and can be customized to the child’s needs, with add-ons such as a basket, foot extension, and Kris Kart for a portable ventilator, as well as a one-hand drive that can be independently rolled by a child with limited to no ability to use one hand or arm.

These chairs provide more than just mobility. They provide a way for a child to be more social and participate in life situations they may not otherwise be able to. They can be used without worry at splash pads, playgrounds, or just outside playing with friends. Another benefit of the chair is that it provides children with exercise. The chairs help improve both upper body and core strength, and have even helped some children reduce the time they spend on breathing devices. Brain & Life Magazine discusses doctors’ studies on how early mobility also affects a child neurologically.

Bella’s Bumbas is a family run 501(c)3 non-profit managed and run by Rebecca Orr (President), Jeffrey Shorr (Vice President), Marty Parzynski (Managing Director), Laurel Fletcher (Secretary), and Joshua Orr (Director), along with the help of many volunteers locally, nationally, and internationally. It’s difficult to count all the volunteers as so many people around the world help even by simply sharing their stories of their “Bumbaleers.” Some build chairs while others help obtain packing


materials. Their common purpose ensures every child needing a chair receives one.

It takes around 90 minutes to assemble a chair from the receipt of the request to packing for shipment. It is a process, involving parts ordering, staging, and assembly using some specialized jigs. Want to volunteer? Orr says all you need is “A BIG heart, willingness to learn, and a sense of humor.” Send an email to with the subject line “How can I help?”

President Rebecca Orr says what the organization needs right now is “AWARENESS and sharing our story. Donations are always welcome, and NO donation is ever too small. During the pandemic, donation funds definitely hit a low point, but we kept rolling purely based on faith and Matthew 17:20. We received the most heartfelt donations during that time. The one most special to us was a donation from a grandmother in Poland who saw our story on the internet; she sent us $2.00. THAT is what keeps Bella’s Bumba ‘rolling’ … a ‘seed’ of faith.”

Orr says, “When you donate, volunteer or share awareness about Bella’s Bumbas, you will indeed be helping more than JUST our organization, but

To learn more about Bella’s Bumbas or to donate, visit their website at

No more wasted weekends mowing the lawn, shoveling the drive or maintaining my home. Now I spend my free time hiking, running, visiting with friends, working out in the fitness center, etc. No regrets, only relief!”


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eat dessert first.

Throwing a celebration like a wedding or a birthday party is a great way to show your guests who you truly are. So why not make the little details unique and special to you? There are so many different aspects that go into these events and sometimes the details fall through the cracks. Putting a bit of thought and care into your party planning will give your guests something special to remember, especially if it’s something they’ve never seen before!

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that everyone loves a good dessert! While a traditional cake or cupcakes are always a hit, out-of-the-box ideas are becoming more and more popular. The dessert table at your gathering can be such a nice way to get creative and satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth at the end of an unforgettable celebration. If you’re having an outdoor get-together, a fun idea is to set up a build-your-own s’mores bar. Not only does everyone love a good s’more, but the act of grabbing all your favorite toppings and standing around the fire together is a great way for guests to commune and enjoy the desserts together! There’s also something incredibly nostalgic about roasting s’mores that warms the heart and the tummy.

Create a donut wall! Sometimes dessert tables can blend in with the traditional layout of a wedding reception or party, but a standing wall with donuts hanging from it? That will surely catch the eye! If you’re looking to keep your sweets more traditional but want to make it unique, display the desserts in a different way to make them a masterpiece on their own. Using different colors and textures that complement your big event ties everything together in a beautifully artistic way. Instead of having everything set out on cake trays all the same height, use objects that give your dessert table more depth, like wooden crates, cutting boards, or boxes propped open to showcase your sweets!

If you think your guests are more interested in sticking to a liquid diet, why not offer dessert cocktails?

Shop antique furniture stores to find rustic or vintage-looking bar carts. Have your bartender make a batch of espresso martinis or Irish coffees to set out on the carts for guests to grab. Another creative option would be a spin on the classic milk and cookies. Set out some shot glasses filled with Baileys and place a miniature chocolate chip cookie on top. This is the perfect quick little pick-me-up that guests may need before running back out to the dance floor.

Customize Your Guestbook!

The dessert table isn’t the only display people will turn to at your celebration. Having a guest book is such a sweet way to have loved ones leave their mark on your gathering, but having a traditional book to sign their name in becomes more like a chore to accomplish rather than a fun way to share memories with you. Instead, perhaps make it a bit more interesting with a table set up with polaroid cameras and a scrapbook. That way, guests can take photos throughout the night and jot down memories you’ve made together or moments from the party that they’ll never forget.

for the music lovers.

If you’re searching to get a bit more creative, how about having guests sign a personalized record?

If you and your loved ones bond over music, this is a very sweet and simple nod to that. There are so many cool ways to set up a record player display table that will surely encourage your guests to partake. Having a vinyl autographed by all your favorite people is something you’ll want to display for years instead of leaving it sitting in a storage bin after the big day is over. Find the one above on Etsy from WeddingShoppeCo.

Love a good game night? Then incorporate some sort of game into the festivity!

Have partygoers sign individual Jenga blocks to create your own custom Jenga set with notes that you’ll be able to see every time you play the game! If you’re a corn hole lover, you could have guests sign the corn hole boxes so you discover a fun new memory every time you pull the game out to play.

There are numerous ways to make your celebration special and unforgettable. The most important thing is that you focus on things that you love and that make you happy. Guests will appreciate that so much thought went into the little details of your big day because those are the things that make it uniquely yours (even if that unique thing is eating dessert first!

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with Aratari At Home

Inspiring you to love where you live. Initially serving as a hobby for nights on the weekends from her corporate job, Lindsay Aratari first started her blog Aratari At Home when she and her husband, John Paul, bought their first home.

While her blog was begun as a creative outlet, it wasn’t until their son, Dominic, was born that she decided to take it full-time to stay home with her son and build her brand instead of returning to her sales job.

Having studied fashion merchandising and interior design, Lindsay’s blog is full of tips for motherhood, style ideas, recipes, and more, though her main focus remains on home décor. Now the mother of three (having welcomed two daughters, Giuletta and Serafina), Lindsay is steadily turning their house into a home, one project at a time.

What better time for a household refresh than with spring coming up around the corner?

Lindsay’s biggest décor suggestion? Color!

The winter months are so gloomy that spring just brings so much joy with all of the fresh flowers, the light and bright colors, and soft textures. I love seeing all the new life outside and try to emulate that in my home with flowers, new plants, and swapping out the heavy blankets and pillows for lighter options and simplifying the décor.

Bring green into the home!

I’ve loved green for a while now, and it’s something you can bring into your home through both paint and plants! I painted our kitchen cabinets a shade almost two years ago and I still love it.

If you opt for plants, try something easy first to give you the confidence to take care of them. Some easy starters are a snake plant, pathos, ZZ plant, or spider plant. All of these tolerate a little less light and can handle a little bit of over- or under-watering.

Refresh your décor too! Try a few green accents such as a pillow or throw blanket. A nice vase or artwork can add color. Seasonal kitchenware can be an easy way to change things up for the season with new plates, mugs, glasses, or trays with spring touches.

Do you get the family involved with any projects you have?

My kids have basically grown up seeing my husband and I work on projects around the house, so I try to include them as much as possible because I want them to feel comfortable and love the space as much as we do. It’s their home too. They love to help me decorate and take photos for my blog, and any time we have a project they can help with, we let them. It’s more fun to involve them and see their little faces get excited when they see the outcome.


Beginner projects to spruce up a space!

Start in the most used space in your home. By doing so, you’ll start enjoying it more and it will inspire you to start working on other areas.

Paint is the easiest and most affordable way to change a space. Even if all you want to do is an accent wall, paint will make the room look totally different.

A new rug can be huge since they pull a space together and anchor the whole room. This can also be refreshing, and I suggest either bringing in the colors of spring or going for a different texture than your old rug.

Lindsay’s Tips& Tricks

Love where you live. No matter the season of life you are in, having a space where you feel comfortable, happy, and at peace is important. A home should be filled with things that make you happy and things that you love.

Take into consideration who is using the space and how it will function.

Knowing what you need to get out of your home right now rather than what you want it to be like in the future will make you love your home that much more.

Do what makes you happy and what you love! No one else has to live in your home but you, so why not make it exactly how you want?

Clear out a space, look at it all clean and empty, and then dream what you want it to be like. Looking at a blank space is helpful when creating a new look.

Home décor is an art form, so there is no right or wrong way to decorate a space. Do what feels good and what feels right, and it will be just that!

Lastly, don’t get so lost in inspiration that you get overwhelmed! Limit your time to finding something that inspires you and jump in. I think you’ll be surprised at how much you can actually do when you get started. It’s empowering to take on a project, and when you start seeing your home transform, it makes you want to keep going!

Follow along for Lindsay’s style designs and tips online! ig: @aratariathome | |
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