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Discover the superpower of friendship!


The heroines with animal superpowers!

Olivia Animal: Panda Superpower: Super strength and the ability to sleep in any place or position!

Adventure, mysteries, fun, superpowers and fantastic animals. Discover the wonderful world of


Supermask! Animal: Cheetah

Like pandas, Olivia is strong and has a sweet tooth. But she is also funny, a bit clumsy and a sleepy-head!

Fly like a dragonfly, run like a cheetah, or swim like a dolphin. Anything is possible in the world of SUPERMASK, where everyone is a superhero with animal superpowers. But where there are superheroes there are always supervillains. Sophia, Olivia, Kat, Lily and Emma attend a special academy to learn to master their powers because controlling one’s powers is not always as easy as it seems. Will wicked Bifida get in their way before they are ready?

Superpower: Super speed and super leaps! Emma is the sporty one in the group and that’s why she’s always in movement, and whether it’s leaping, swimming, dancing or running, Emma is always ready for action.

Kat Animal: Dragonfly Superpower: Super vision and flight!

Sophia Animal: Chameleon Superpower: Super camouflage and super style! Sophia is the shyest in the group, but she tries to be more outgoing because her dream is to become a famous fashion designer.

Kat has the powers of a dragonfly, and all the energy of one, as well! Wherever she goes, she gets into trouble because of her limitless curiosity and her thirst for adventure.

Lily Animal: Dolphin Superpower: Super diving and can communicate with aquatic creatures! Graceful as a dolphin and just as clever, Lily is the group’s brainbox. She can’t stand being interrupted, but she’s always willing to do anything to help her friends!

Titles in the series

Technical data Age: 6 years + Format: 13.7 x 20.3 cm Binding: Hardcover Page length: Approx. 150 pages 24 full-color illustrations by Lidia Fernรกndez Abril


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