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Best Friends Forever

Everyone wonders why Alice and Andrea are best friends: one’s a blonde, the other’s a brunette; one is a rocker, the other loves fashion; Alice is a rebel and Andrea always tries to get along with everyone. But what people don’t know is that Alice and Andrea have been best friends almost since before they were born, and they won’t let anyone come between them and their friendship.

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d Rebellious, with a rock and roll soul Speaks bluntly and won’t stand for inju stice. Likes: All kind s of music. Dislikes: Her fr eckles. Guilty secret: She’s a huge fan of Hello Kitty.

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12 years old to her friends. Known as Andy a little shy. A dreamer and her own g in ak Likes: M ories. ss ce ac n io fash ing on tt Dislikes: Not ge . rs he with ot love with in e’s Sh : Guilty secret other, Jamie. Alice’s older br

A story about friendship, love and the adventures of growing up.

Or that’s what they thought until they started at Green Meadows High, which puts their friendship to the test. With new classes and uniforms, new classmates, new romance and new rivals, will they be able to stay together? Or will they stop being best friends forever?

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Leader of The Weasels The most popular girl in Alice and Andy’s class. Likes: Designer clothing, the more expensive the better. Dislikes: Not being the centre of attention. Guilty secret: She loves soppy films.

Set at an elite private school with uniforms, eccentric teachers and original subjects. Everyone wants to study at Green Meadows High!




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T he plot focuses on fashion, music and

trends: children can read about the things that interest them most.


L DATA Age: 10+. Format: 13 .7 × 20.3cm . Hard cover, approx. 300 pages. 30 black an d white illustration s by Laia Ló pez. Major marke ting campaign.


We’re Stronger Together! With illustrations by the artist Laia López, who has more than 470,000 followers on Instagram.


A Boy-Proof Friendship Friends From A to Z Drama Queens

BFF Best Friends Forever  
BFF Best Friends Forever