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Grinnell Regional Medical Center

Composing a Better World

Neither of us professes to be great musicians, but we do enjoy great music. One of the wonderful things about music is that there is something for just about everyone. Regardless of the type of music, it seems that most forms have various components that all add to the quality of the arrangement. An orchestra, a marching band, even a three-piece combo, all have many different instruments often playing at the same time. The notes they play, the key of the music, and sometimes a conductor, all help to organize them into a composition. Each component adds something. We enjoyed the 2013 Shults & Company show that raised funds for laboratory equipment at GRMC. They performed many popular hits that featured a lead singer and back-up vocalists. Without the back-up vocalists, the song just wouldn’t be the same, and of course, without the lead singer, the back-up would not be enough. At GRMC, it takes all components of the organization to provide high-quality healthcare, just like it does with music. And while there are times when some parts take the lead, they can’t perform at their best without the entire ensemble to make it work. The illustration is that our medical staff members often take the lead, but they rely on nurses, physician assistants, radiology and laboratory technologists, and many others to provide equally important roles in patient care. But it doesn’t stop there. If surgical suites aren’t cleaned and sterilized, if healthy and nutritious meals aren’t served to patients, if supplies aren’t ready when needed, if health information isn’t available for clinicians, if equipment isn’t fully functioning, neither is the organization. Without volunteers providing helpful directions, making patients and visitors comfortable, or serving as couriers between our rural clinics, we aren’t fully functioning. We are equally grateful to the volunteers serving on our board, foundation and all the advisory committees. Truly all components of our healthcare delivery system are vital to its success. In the same way that a symphony doesn’t fully live up to its potential unless all performers are playing their part, neither does our community hospital. We all have a hand in this organization that enhances and enriches our lives. You are our partner in this work through your gifts of time and support. There’s a reason we are a “community” hospital. It’s because of each of you. In health,

Ed Hatcher 2012 Chair GRMC Board of Directors

Todd Linden President and CEO GRMC


210 Fourth Avenue • Grinnell, iA 50112 • 641-236-7511 •

The People New Faces, New Stanzas, New Movements The choir needs a full range of voices, as an orchestra needs a full spectrum of sections. GRMC has a full range of providers to meet patients’ needs and in 2012, we welcomed eight new medical providers, including full-time orthopedics and a new wound care/ ostomy clinic. 2012 GRMC Welcomed Family/Primary Care

Jacob Boyer, PA-C

Grinnell Regional Family Care

Emergency Medicine

Pascuala Reyes, DO Emergency Medicine

Jessie Collum, ARNP

Deer Creek Family Care

General Surgery

Mathew Severidt, DO Surgical Associates


Clifford Novak, MD

Joel Rand, PA-C

Grinnell Regional Orthopedics Grinnell Regional Orthopedics

4 • Composing a Better World

Corinne Fogle, PA-C

Lynnville Medical Clinic

Occupational Health & Wound Care

Jill Jensen, PA-C

Occupational Health & Wound Care

These providers join 34 physicians and 15 allied health professionals to meet the healthcare needs of area residents. Below is the GRMC Medical Staff, as of December 2012. Anesthesiology Kevin Emge, DO Alexzandra Anderson, CRNA Troy Anderson, CRNA Emergency Medicine John Bambara, MD, DC Patrick Cogley, MD Stephen Ellestad, DO Clayton Francis, MD Pascuala Reyes, DO Family/Primary Practice Brooklyn Clinic Brian J. Heineman, DO Kenna W. Willey, PA-C Deer Creek Health Center Michelle Rebelsky, MD, FAAFP Jessie Collum, ARNP Sherry L. Parks, PA-C Family Medicine Laura M. Ferguson, MD Ryan P. Dahlby Albright, MD Grinnell Family Care Jeffrey P. Knobloch, DO James R. Paulson, MD Jerome A. Wehr, MD Lisa R. James, ARNP Grinnell Regional Family Practice Roy A. Doorenbos, MD Michelle S. Rebelsky, MD, FAAFP Jacob Boyer, PA-C Kristin Phelps, PA-C

Lynnville Medical Clinic David Cranston, MD Cori Fogle, PA-C McCaw Family Medicine Guy M. McCaw, MD, FAAFP Montezuma Medical Clinic James B. Paulson, MD M. Michele Hansen, MPAS Jacqueline K. Harris, ARNP, FNP-C Melinda McNaul, ARNP Victor Health Center Roy A. Doorenbos, MD Wendi Beck, PA-C General Surgery Surgical Associates David D. Coster, MD Nicholas J. Kuiper, DO Mathew Severidt, DO Stefanie H. Noun, PA-C Internal Medicine Grinnell Regional Internal Medicine Ronald R. Collins, JR., MD Todd A. Janicki, MD, MBA Obstetrics/Gynecology Grinnell Regional Women’s Health Clinic Seanna Thompson, MD, FACOG Occupational Health Grinnell Regional Occupational Health Services John Bambara, MD, DC Jill Jensen, PA-C

5 • Composing a Better World

Orthopedics Grinnell Regional Orthopedics Clifford Novak, MD Joel Rand, PA-C Pain Management Grinnell Regional Pain Clinic Gene S. Gessner, MD Pathology Pathology Associates of Central Iowa Dale Andres, DO Soraya Rodriguez, MD Podiatry Foot & Ankle of Iowa Matthew C. McKnight, DPM Psychiatry/Psychology Mental Health Center of Tama County Laura M. Van Cleve, DO Davis Psychological Services Brandon Davis, PhD Radiology Iowa Radiology William Heggen, MD Stuart Lehr, MD Marvin Walker, MD Urology Surgical Associates Russell E. Bandstra, MD Aaron C. Smith, DO

Services Making the world a better place often begins with a few single voices singing out. GRMC listened to the voices of change and added services and resources to assure area residents receive quality healthcare.

In 2012, Grinnell Regional Hospice celebrated its 30th anniversary of providing compassionate care for those facing the

end of life. Like so much of what makes a great choir or composition, Grinnell Regional Hospice depends on many strong voices, and during the 30th anniversary we recognized many volunteers and long-time leaders for their vision. James R. Paulson, MD, received special acknowledgment for his 30-year commitment to this critical service.

GRMC also embraced the sounds of progress at the 10-year anniversary celebration for the Victor Health Center. The free breakfast for the community on a beautiful fall day rang out with a chorus of appreciation. Our commitment to

Victor as well as our rural health clinics in Lynnville and Tama/Toledo remains a strong focus for our mission to meet the healthcare needs of residents.

The sound of progress and change may include the sounds of

tearing down buildings. GRMC collaborated with Habitat for

Humanity of Mid-Iowa, the City of Grinnell, and Manatt’s, Inc., to raze five of six houses on Reed Street, between 3rd and 4th

Avenues. Habitat for Humanity salvaged a large portion of the

materials for use in other homes and projects. The sixth house was moved to Lynnville, allowing GRMC to be as “green” as possible with this project.

Changes that crescendo into lasting impact GRMC opened a full-time orthopedic clinic that greatly expanded services for individuals who are tired of joint pain. After several years without a full-time orthopedic provider, Dr. Novak brings exceptionally high standards for knee, shoulder, and hand surgeries to the area.

The Better Choices, Better Health program launched as part of the Community Transformation Grant. This training helps individuals with chronic health conditions take control of their health.

The Stork’s Nest changed its name to the Grinnell Regional Babies Room. This program helps parents learn parenting skills, child development and care techniques. In return, parents earn incentives/merchandise when making good parenting decisions.

The Leapfrog Group, a national nonprofit group focused on patient safety, graded 2,651 hospitals nationwide for their patient safety outcomes. The study looked at 26 measures such as hospital-acquired infections, injuries, falls, and

medication errors. In Iowa, 26 of the total 118 hospitals were graded and GRMC was one of five Iowa hospitals to earn an A by the Leapfrog Group in December 2012.

6 • Composing a Better World

7 • Composing a Better World

The Future When Elvis Presley hit the airwaves, he had more than

his share of critics as well as ardent followers. He paved a new path for music and dance that created a firestorm of controversy.

The Beatles were mocked for their “long hair” and were a

symbol of the growing youth culture that was not broadly supported by the elders of the time.

Today, Elvis and The Beatles are pop music legends,

considered classic and actually tame by today’s pop music

standards. As John W. Gardner said, “History never looks like history when you are living through it.”

Technology and healthcare change so rapidly that “history” isn’t really very far in the past. The doctor’s handbag of

our childhood memories is now a Smartphone with an

application to calculate appropriate medication dosages and an online Physician’s Desk Reference. Healthcare providers are beginning to access electronic medical records from the palm of their hand. Technological advances that once were unimaginable are becoming commonplace.

At GRMC, we have embraced a surgical robotic tool that

allows surgeons to perform procedures on patients without the surgeon bending over the patient. The da Vinci

System is a sophisticated robotic platform designed to expand a surgeon’s capabilities and offers a minimally

invasive option for major surgery. Small incisions allow miniaturized instruments and a high-resolution 3D

camera to be introduced into the body. Seated comfortably at the da Vinci console, the surgeon views a magnified,

high-resolution 3D image of the surgical site. At the same time, state-of-the-art robotic and computer technologies scale, filter, and seamlessly translate the surgeon’s hand movements into precise micro-movements of the da Vinci instruments. 8 • Composing a Better World

In 2012, GRMC had the opportunity to upgrade its digital

to patients who do not have health insurance will

Tomosynthesis creates a three-dimensional view of the

will never turn away anyone in need of healthcare

mammography unit to include breast tomosynthesis.

image on a computer monitor. This allows radiologists to

view breast tissue and potential abnormalities at a very early stage. GRMC is one of the first hospitals in the state of Iowa to adopt this technology.

Leading technology, such as the da Vinci surgical system

benefit patients and hospital efficiency. GRMC because of their inability to pay. But, receiving

payment for care provided by GRMC to those who cannot pay for their care helps the fiscal health of our organization and ultimately, the health of

patients who may not otherwise seek healthcare.

and breast tomosynthesis or 3D mammography, do not

We, as healthcare providers, will also begin to pool

almost always in use in urban or teaching hospitals and may

of Iowa’s Mercy Health Network for three years. As

come to rural community hospitals first. This equipment is

come to community hospitals years later. GRMC invested

in the technology because we believe our capabilities match up to the urban facilities yet we have the exceptional compassion and care of a community hospital.

our resources in other ways. GRMC has been a part an affiliate, we are a part of a larger group of nearly 50 hospitals and more than 160 clinics. In 2012, Mercy Health Network entered a new alliance with Genesis Health System in Davenport,

Mercy Hospital of Cedar Rapids, and University

of Iowa Health Care. This new group is known as

the University of Iowa Health Alliance. At its core, the UIHA is about hospitals, physicians, and other

healthcare providers working together to share best practices, compare results, streamline and coordi-

nate care, and build information systems to do these things better and faster.

Just as Elvis created a revolution more than 50 years ago, we may also look back on this era of healthcare delivery and its controversy as something that had Healthcare Reform What the future holds for the delivery of healthcare in

our country is a little unknown these days. In 2010, the

Affordable Care Act was signed into law. Hospitals will

both ardent supporters and critics alike. Hopefully, it will not take as long for us to see the benefits or the weaknesses from this new system of healthcare delivery.

face many challenges to implement this legislation.

What we know for certain, however, is that

need to prove that the care provided is effective. Many

ensure high quality, affordable healthcare today and

Healthcare will be delivered more efficiently but will also without insurance do not seek healthcare because they do not have the resources to pay for it. Expanding coverage

GRMC continues to work toward our goal to for future generations.

Building Community Humans have been making and sharing music since the

locations like Guatemala and Bolivia. Our MRI unit had

beginning. It builds affinity for groups that are alike and

been permanently “parked” under our helicopter pad in the

diverse and allows us to share our culture and society. It’s

loading dock area until donors helped us create a new space

often called the universal language because it knows

within our radiology department for a brand-new unit.

no barriers.

Last year, the old MRI unit made its way to Guatemala to help provide diagnostic services through an organization

During 2012, we built community in similar ways. From

that relocates still functioning equipment to countries in

providing free care at the Community Care Clinic, to

need of medical equipment.

fitting area third graders with a new bike helmet, to providing new parents with education and infant items

A fund drive two years ago helped GRMC secure four

through the Grinnell Regional Babies Room, GRMC

new anesthesia machines for our surgery department. The

serves beyond the walls of the medical center itself.

retired machines were shipped, by a group called Solidarity Bridge, to Bolivia where the units are considered state-

The Women’s Health

of-the-art technology. GRMC’s leadership seeks ways to

Focus and Baby Fair

reuse older equipment in a way that brings real positive

brought hundreds of

support for patients and physicians in underdeveloped

women to Grinnell High


School to learn how to take care of themselves

Building community is more than just occasional

and to better care for

contributions to underdeveloped areas. It’s about everyday

those they love. This joint

things too, like donating cookies for after-prom parties

project between GRMC and the GRMC Auxiliary is a

and wellness gift certificates for silent auctions for many

great example of ensemble playing.

different causes.

None of these projects are done on our own. We work

Caring and compassion is a language everyone knows

in collaboration with other organizations and individuals

and appreciates. Like music, it is another way of

such as our medical staff, area schools, human service

communicating from the heart. As an organization,

agencies, and by donors, who make this all possible.

GRMC seeks new ways of carrying out its mission to

Building community extends beyond our nation’s borders.

serve and build community locally and around the world.

In 2012, GRMC diagnostic equipment that needed to be replaced was welcomed with open arms in faraway 10 • Composing a Better World

11 • Composing a Better World

Music Affects our Emotional State Think of the emotions invoked when we hear the national anthem during the Olympics, the school song at the game against our big rivals, or the soundtrack of a movie. Certain songs or music can

invoke a wide variety of emotions. Movie music can tap in to our psyche and create feelings of terror and suspense. Without the soundtrack playing behind the action, our emotions while viewing the movie would likely not be as great. A Good Night’s Sleep In 2012, GRMC raised $240,177 to purchase 22 new

patient beds. Like a lullaby or soothing music helps us to drift off to sleep, comfortable patient beds make a difference by allowing patients to have more restful sleep in the hospital.

Advances in the design and technology of hospital

beds offer many features for comfort and patient and

staff safety, including the ability to adjust the bed’s firmness, a built-in scale, and the capability for the bed to be adjusted to allow patients to sit fully upright, as if sitting in a chair. Grants and Donations Add the Extra In total, $307,926 was raised through the annual fund drive to support the ongoing needs of the

medical center. GRMC also received nine grants totaling $612,618. More than $567,000 from one grant was received toward the purchase of new digital mammography equipment.

“Back In Black”

GRMC administration, staff, and advocates worked hard for years to secure better Medicare

Rural Demonstration Program. GRMC was one of four Iowa hospitals approved for the

payment for the medical center. In 2012, we finally saw improvement through the Medicare program that pays for Medicare inpatient services on a cost basis. While this was not the same level of payment received by Critical Access Hospitals, it represented about $1.3 million in additional payment.

The medical center received large one-time payments for reaching a government incentive

digital mammography at GRMC. The grant and the government incentive for electronic

program for meaningful use of electronic health records and a sizable grant to upgrade

health records brought in an additional $1.8 million that helped GRMC end the year with a positive operating margin.

12 • Composing a Better World

Our Financial Composition of 2012 GRMC admitted 1,608 inpatients and 48,399 outpatients, including laboratory procedures, radiology procedures, chemotherapy procedures, sleep studies, and surgical procedures. This compares to 1,695 inpatients and 50,707 outpatients in 2011. Total Operating Revenue: $80,653,606 The medical center’s sources of revenue include patient charges, grants, and miscellaneous items. In 2012, this is the total from all sources. Total Deductions: $37,781,932 The medical center was not able to collect all of the patient revenue due to charity, bad debt, and allowable deductibles from Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance. • Charity care: $540,709 Uncollected revenue for care provided to those with little or no insurance who are unable to pay. • Bad debt: $1,540,936 The uncollected amount of charges, deductibles, and co-payment obligations due from individuals who chose not to pay but did not qualify for charity. • Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance deduction: $35,700,634 The difference between charges and the pre-determined rates paid by payers. This amount is not billed to patients. Total Net Revenue: $42,871,674 Net revenue is the amount remaining to operate the medical center after deductions are taken from revenue. Total Expenses: $41,919,934 In order to care for patients, the medical center must incur expenses consisting of: $25,914,796 staffing expenses of salaries, wages, and fringe benefits; $16,005,138 other expenses that include costs of supplies, interest, depreciation, and insurance. Total Operating Gain: $951,740 If we include non-operating sources of revenue (Contributions and Gain on Investments), GRMC had an overall gain of $1,949,927 for the year. 13 • Composing a Better World

2012 Annual Giving Anonymous (125) Dave and Billee Abarr Gerald and Sara Adams Ed and Esther Adkins Dan and Nancy Agnew Jim and Sue Ahrens Mrs. John L. Ahrens Gordon Alexander Aleya Salon Norma Allen Roger and Nancy Allen Alliant Energy American Legion Post 53 Jonathan Andelson and Karin Stein Alex Anderson, CRNA Juniece Anderson Lucille R. Anderson Ruth F. Anderson Mirriam L. Andes Dick and Lea Arendt Phyllis Armstrong Ronald and Irma Arnaman Arnold Motor Artie and Patti Craver Ronald and Shirley Arvidson Gordon and Karen Ashby ASI Signage Innovations - Tom and Dianne Latimer Associated Computer Systems, Ltd. Roberta Atwell Awards Unlimited - Andrew and Stephanie Hoopes Sheryl Baarda Butch Backen Richard and Mary Bailey Chris Bair and Meg Jones Bair Baird Holm LLP Rex and Barb Baker Sarah Joan Baker Darlene Baltisberger Sig and Judi Barber Robert and Marilyn Barnes Frank and Shirley Barr Cindy Barrera Gene and Shirley Bartachek Dennis and Cindy Bates Miriam and Bob Baumann Marilyn and Magee Baustian Dorothea Bazyn Beauti Control Ken and Jennifer Beck

Melvin and Donna Beck Russ Behrens and Nicole Brua-Behrens Phyllis R. Bellis Lee and Pam Benishek Stephen and Judith Bennett William C. and Arlene Bennett Steve and Doris Benson Bernie Lowe & Associates Randall and Kay Betz Bill’s Jewelry Shop Thomas and Linda Birkenholtz Marvin and Darlene Blaess Duane and Pam Blagden Chris L. Bloethe Leroy Blom Rachel Bly and Bob Hamilton Clem and Leona Bodensteiner Gladys Booth Gordon and Alicemary Borthwick Dr. Warren and Sue Bower Lisa Boyes Madolyn Braley Darrell and Sherma Brand Duane and Donna Brand Donald Brannian Jeff and Deb Breeden Max and Delores Breniman Robert and Betty Brobst Robin and Betty Broders Gene* and Shirley Broders Brooklyn Bear Creek Community Fund Brookwood Inc. David Lopatto and Barbara Brown Larry and Judy Brown Ed and Joyce Brown Brownell Family Foundation Brown’s Medical Imaging Brown’s Shoe Fit Rachel and Daniel Bru Dr. Lynn and Jeanette Budding Joanne M. Bunge Greg and Bonnie Buntz Carmelita and Allan Burch Robert and Mary Spooner Buresh Harlan and Sherry Burke Don and Terry Burkhead Velma I. Burnham Ray and Judy Bush Joyce Byers

14 • Composing a Better World

C & K Transfer Mrs. Leroy Calvin Doug and Ginny Cameron Capitol Resources, Inc. Meda Carey Cargill Inc. - Corn Milling Maggie Carlton Charles and Jean Carnahan Paul and Verna Carnahan Danny and Joy Carroll Gary and Roberta Carter Casa Margaritas Deane Casey Casey’s General Store Doug and Lorna Caulkins Leona Cecak Dr. Robert and Annette Cech Arva Cheney China Sea Junior and Joyce Christensen Kenneth and Phyllis Christiansen Marjorie and Paul Christinson Lloyd Sr. and Myona Chyma Cirks Financial Services Cisco Systems Joseph F. Clark Claude W. Ahrens Charitable Trust Ted and Helen Clausen Gloria Clay James and Kay Clements Ferne Cline Natalie and Roger Cline Beryl and Mary Lou Clotfelter JoAnn Cogley Hunter Mildred Cogley Dr. Patrick and Jennifer Cogley Dr. Ronald and Jennifer Collins Edward O. Colliton Community 1st Credit Union Kenneth and Shirley Conner Mary L. Cook Russell and Suzanne Cooner Arthur Cooper Robert and Florence Cooper Nadine C. Coots Aaron C. Corbin Cory Hall Photography Don Cox Larry and Karen Crady

Bernice Crandon David and Linda Cranston Steve and Francene Cranston Crazy Cutups Mike and Connie Creary Dr. David and Francesca Cunningham Jane Currier Doug Cutchins and Anne Geissinger Kenneth and Ruth Dalldorf Diane Davidson Gary and Susan Davis Brooks and Janet Davis Wayne and Donna Davis Edith and John Dawson Carolyn Dayton Mary C. Dean Jack and Vicki DeAngelo Marie E. DeBoef De Jong Mfg., Inc. - Bonnie De Jong David and Crystal DeNeve B.J. and Mary Denton Erma DePauw Laird and Marilyn Deppe Mindy and Eric Deppe Ron and Cindy Deppe John and Alice DeRooi Judy Dillon James and Dana Dimit Michelle Dixon Sylvia L. Dixon Elizabeth A. Dobbs Lesley Wright and Donald Doe Mark and Melissa Doll Vernon and Jane Dostal Mike and Vanessa Doty Dale and Joy Douglas Jaremy and Jeannette Douglas William and Virginia Douglass Mike and Jolene Doyle Sue and George Drake Levi and Julie Dressler Charles and Mari Duke Mary and James Duke George and Darlene Durand David and Laura Durr Marcell F. Dvorak* Daryl S. and Margaret L. Dyer Len and Diane Eberhart Irene Edgeton 15 • Composing a Better World

2012 Annual Giving Karen Edgington Edward Jones Investments - Kolpin/Kolpin Kenneth and Verleen Eggman Electronic Engineering Gary Elliott Ellis Home Interiors - Ron and Kelly Ellis Emanon Club Rev. Dr. Kevin and Mary Emge Irene Engelmann Cam Ent Jacquelyn Erickson Karla Erickson and Matthew Karjalahti Jenny and Luther Erickson Sandra Evans Tom* and Sandy Everist Expressions Salon & Day Spa - Mary Beth Fenske Dee Fairchild and Patricia Cushing Family Dentistry (Drs. Smith, Cunningham, Roudabush, Miller, Millet) Family Medicine James Jr. and Janet Ferguson Bill and Colleen Ferguson First Impressions Craig and Donna Fish Ted Fisk Maureen A. Fitzgibbon Roger and Barb Flander Carol A. Flater Stella Fleener Flower Connections Tracy Fort Rose Fowler Arlene G. Fox Dennis and Debra Fraker Dr. Clayton Francis and Dr. Ann E. Ellis Fremont Farms of Iowa, LLP Margaret Frimml Ray and Susan Frimml Jack and Linda Fritts Full Circle Wellness Center Richard Fyffe and Ida Casey Dennis and Rita Gallagher Garwin Ambulance Service Jay and Chris Gaunt Don and Dianna Gepner Naomie Gerard German Plumbing & Heating Everett and Verna Gerrish Dr. Gene Gessner

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16 • Composing a Better World

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2012 Annual Giving Colleen Keenan Darrell and Wanda Keenan Joel and Carla Kelling Avis M. Kelm Franklin and Patricia Kester KGRN AM 1410 Stereo Kevin and Tricia Kincaid Lee and Beverly King Vivian King Harry and Linda Kingsley Robert and Delores Kinseth Bethany Kirton Seth and Jessica Kite KJWW Engineering Carl and Donna Klenk Esther Kline Dr. Jeffrey and Heidi Knobloch Rev. Herb and Anne Knudten Scott and Tammy Kolash Kevin and Susan Kolbe Loren and Peggy Kolpin Mark and Chelsey Kolpin Paul Kolpin Tony and Jane Kriegel Deane and Helen Kriegel Julia Kriegel Susan Kriegel Carlene A. Krumm John and Sharon Krumm Doug and Maralee Kruse Ted and Marna Kudart David* and Mary Lou Kudej Lyle and Judy Kuehl Dr. Nicholas and Stacy Kuiper Jack and Joan Kyle Marvin Lacaeyse Janet and Ken Lacey Sharon Lahn Lake Ponderosa Quilting Jerry and Dorrie Lalonde Darrel E. and Connie S. Lamb Merle and Ruth Lamb Denise Lamphier and Charlie Clements Calvin and Cindy Landuyt Craig and Mary Lang Eugene* and Deloris Lang Norma Lang Ron and Sally Lang Scott Latham

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19 • Composing a Better World

2012 Annual Giving Prairie Knolls, Inc. Premier Printing Betty M. Price Lanna and Mike Princer Priority Plastics Project Linus Rebecca and Morgan Pryor Carl and Milly Purvis Doyle and Marie Raber Don and Carlene Rairdin Jim and Wendy Ramsey Richard and Susan Ramsey Ramsey-Weeks, Inc. Charles and Ruth Ranfeld Kathy Ranfeld Rich and Diane Ranfeld Angela Raue Perah Read Drs. Michelle and Samuel Rebelsky Montie and Suzanne Redenius Marvin and Deb Reding Veda A. Reedy Rees Vinyl Signs & Designs Warren and Nancy Reinecke William and Marjorie Rempp Alice Renaud Robert and Helen Renaud Mary Retter Robert and Virginia Ricketts Gwen Rieck Ronald Riley and Katie Fillmore Keith and Doris Rindels Robert and Shirley Rinehart Richard and Carolyn Ritter Melvin and Merleta Roberts Severin Roberts Larry and Ruth Robertson Will Rogers Linda Romero Gary and Janice Roorda Gorden and Sherry Roorda Chad and Kelly Rose Larry and Twila Rosenow Bert and Mary Ross Robert and Kathryn Roys Diane Ruchotzke John and Madge Ruchotzke David and Jane Runner John and Karen Rupe

Vickie and Mark Rutherford Richard and Betty Rutledge Sheryl and Mark Rutledge Rev. Philip V. Ryan Bob and Janet Ryan Clara L. Ryan* John and Carole Sampson Robert and Ruth Samson Tom and Carol Sandholm Richard and Sandy Elliott Ken and Miriam Saunders John and Pat* Saxton Daniel Scandridge Rod and Lori Schafbuch Family Don and Jeananne Schild Patty Schipani Harold and Lois Schlatter Freddie and Helen Schmidt Harold L. Schmidt Sonny and Joann Schneekloth Dale and Roberta Schnell Harold and Susan Schoen Schoon Construction, Inc. Gary and Karen Schroeder Norman J. Schroeder Malcom Lumber - Roger and Judy Schroeder Kenneth D. Schultz Jeffrey and Lynn Schwarck James and Barbara Schwiebert Denise and Dennis Scott Seaton Construction Dr. Leonard and Collette Seda Dale and Doris Selix Duane and Darlus Selken Jean Septer Shear Expressions Gary and Connie Shebeck Rich and Barb Shell Jack and Cynthia Sherman Kayla Sherwood Jenny and Jason Shirk Monique and Craig Shore Don Simpson Larry Skala and Marlene Eernisse Lenore Sleeuwenhoek Smith Barney Smith Funeral Homes Barbara A. Smith Dr. David and Carol Smith 20 • Composing a Better World

Don A. Smith Dorothy J. Smith James and Paula Smith Bill and Dottie Smith Southard Implement Co. - Diane and Dave Gibbs Spacelabs Anesthesia Rick and Valerie Hammond Ray and Dorothy Spriggs St. John’s Lutheran Church - Grinnell St. Mary’s Catholic Church Terry and Kathy Stanek Barry and Tracy Stanford Elaine Stanley State Bank of Toledo Steel Erectors of Iowa, LLC June and Ken Steffen Glenn A. and Ginger L. Sterk Leroy and Florence Sterk Dave and Jackie Stoakes Melvin and Shirley* Stoker Russell and Dorothy Stoker Ron and Judy Stonebraker Nancy and Gary Stoner Michelle and Michael Storbeck The Straub Corporation Arthur Strawser Joyce T. Strom Daniel Strong Studio 802 Jim* and Mary Sunday Don and Doris Sundell Pat and Marna Supple Richard and Joan Svendsen Jim Swartz and Cynthea Mosier Sysco Tom and Kathy Szary Tama Paperboard Fern Taylor Lily Taylor Bob Terlouw Al Terpstra Les and Kay Tharp Heidi and Dan Thompson J. Alex Thompson and Andrea Conner Barbara Thomson Dennis and Kathy Thurston Tom and Jean Thys Harold C. Tindall Verlan and Iva Tinkle

Jeanette Tisdale Vladimir and Marina Titarenko Robert and Marlene Toney Total Choice Shipping & Printing Dianna Townsend Russell and Mary Tuttle Robert and Penny Tyynismaa Uhlmann Furniture United Church of Christ - Congregational United Way of Central Iowa University of Iowa Community Credit Union John and Mary Jo Upah Paul A. and Beulah Upah Jim* and Molly Urfer Jim and Gina Urfer V.F.W. Post 3932 Val’s Ventures James Van Arkel Laura M. Van Cleve, DO and Rick Van Cleve, PharmD Gerald and Karen VandeKamp Robert and Doris Vander Leest David and Susan Vander Linden Richard and Mary Lou VanDeWalle Lucille Van Dyke Sharon Van Dyke Jim and Janet Van Ersvelde Robert and Connie Van Ersvelde Dennis Van Hamme Dorothy Van Maanen Stacia Vansice Gayla and Scott Van Soelen Troy and Josey Van Weelden Mark and Julie Vavroch Brian and Jan Veach Doug and Debra Ver Meer Victor and Sallie Verrette Roger and Val Vetter Victor Health Center Board William and Linda Vileta Village Decorating Studio Richard and Sis Vogel A. Faye Vogt Robert and Marilyn Vogt Glenn and Diane Volkman Bill and Pam Vosburg Wilma Vosburg Joseph and Charolette Vymetal Henry and Terry Walker Dr. Marvin and Marie Walker

21 • Composing a Better World

2012 Annual Giving Waldo and Rita Walker Mark and Kim Wallace Jimolene Walston Ralph and Lottie* Wambsgans Joe and Ellen Waterbury Freddy and Mary Lu Watson Raymond and Mary Jo Watson Dale and Patricia Watts Theresa and Curtis Wayman Drs. Soraya Rodriguez and Jerry Wehr Ron Weir Laverne and Nancy Weisskopf Peggy and Dan Weisskopf Ronald and Gilda Weisskopf Joann Wells Kim S. Wemer Robert C. Wemer Charlie and Cathy Wendel Wes Finch Auto Plaza Larry and Dixie Wheeler Kevin White Elsie Whitsell Kaitlin and Kyle Wilcox Frank and Helene Wilder Colleen M. Wiley Karen Willett Anne Williams and Tony Farmer Bob and Jan Williams David and Corey Wilson Dennis and Becky Wilson Dr. Vic and Diane Wilson Wilma Wilson James and Harriett Wisecarver Jean and Bill Wissmiller Michael and Susan Witt Foundation Joan Wittrup Bonnie Wold Ashley Wolfe Larry and Jo Wray Sara and Chris Wray Barbara J. Wyatt Clarence and Sharon Yuska - Nikken Wellness Consultants Joanne Yuska Ron Yuska Charles E. Ziegenmeyer M.J. Zimmerman Merle Zirkle

Honorariums In honor of Diane Hawkins Diane Hawkins and Grinnell College In honor of Beth Halloran Grinnell College Development and Alumni Relations In honor of Communications and Development Elaine Noe In honor of Susie Buffum Harry and Linda Kingsley In memory of Eunice Allen Mary Ann Kjergaard Memorials In memory of Betty Allgood Richard and Carolyn Gustafson In memory of Duane Arment Clarence and Janice Arment Dennis and Pamela* Arment Mike and Brenda Arment Keith and Charlotte Bailey Alice Beck Jerry and Shirley Carter Eleanor Ceaser Rev. Melinda R. Cree-Anthony Family and Friends Evelyn Garwood Tom and Betty Harris Jean Morrison Greg and Janet Muckler Kyle and Patti Pedersen Vickie and Mark Rutherford Phyllis Smith Larry and Jo Wray In memory of Harry Ashby Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Ashby Virginia Ashby Grinnell College Jerry and Carolyn Grosenbach Lance and Deb Longman Donna M. Miller Duane and Janet Neff Sue Rojohn Jim and Jane Simbro

22 • Composing a Better World

Lynnette Simbro Garold ‘Bud’ and Carole Smothers

Ned Postels Rev. Philip and Lucille Ramstad Tammy Shockley Dr. Vic and Diane Wilson Michael and Susan Witt Foundation Bonnie Wold

In memory of Bernice Audas Steven Bailey Sheila Campbell In memory of I. Wilbur Baltisberger Joanne Ferenczi Paul Flores and Karen Wilson Flores Neil and Mary Ann Fosbenner Jeffrey Hampton Leo and Laurie Jackson Meredith Corporation Marvin and Jean Rozenboom

In memory of Bill Boss John and Vivian Link Patricia F. Taylor Margaret Van Der Kamp

In memory of Adele Barnes Vicki Brand Ron and Cindy Deppe Family and Friends Warren and Terese Grant Grinnell Middle School - Hearts & Flowers Frank and Sherry Shults

In memory of Miles Clayton Terry and Rochelle Brannian Margaret Clayton Mary Ellen Clayton Mary C. Dean Family and Friends Brownlie Graham John and Conna Graham

In memory of Vera Beason Family and Friends In memory of Charlie Bethel Arnold and Harriet Adelberg Julie Augustine Rick and Audrey Bierman Michael and Jennifer Boohar Dr. Warren and Sue Bower Ted and Helen Clausen Charles and Mari Duke Sue Graham Sue Gray Richard and Carolyn Gustafson Chris and Jill Harris Patrick and Kimberly Hatting Dr. Clark and Annie Jensen Douglas Kintzinger Burtwin Day and Jewel Kintzinger Day Denise Lamphier and Charlie Clements Dr. H.R. and Rhea Light Mary Loucks John and Dorothy Martinek H. Phillip and Dorothy Palmer Thomas and Elaine Palmer

In memory of Mabel Brown Family and Friends Arnie and Joanie Heimsoth

In memory of Bill Collett Dr. Vic and Diane Wilson In memory of Joe Cooney Verle and Helen Kooistra In memory of Lois Cooney Ajinomoto Heartland Inc. Carmelita and Allan Burch Gregg and Diane Hawkins Lucille O. Reavis Jean Utech In memory of Betty Cooper Alice Beck JoAnn Cogley Hunter Larry and Sandra Cooper James and Natalie Dunn Family and Friends Vernadine Kaisand Kenneth and Phyllis Saunders Lorna Silvers Patsy Smith Clark and Karen Weaver 23 • Composing a Better World

2012 Annual Giving In memory of Leona Coppock Ann Buchmeier Richard Coppock In memory of Jean Cousins R.K. and P.H. Osgood In memory of Betty Dale Janet May Dunham Family and Friends Lyle and Diana Parson John and Linda Payton Greg and Ruth Piesinger The family of Lu Scribner In memory of Juanita Davis Lucille R. Anderson Glen and Sheri Berry Richard and Norma Brignon Church Women United of Grinnell Olive Davis Dale and Dona Emmert Karen and Jerry Ford Grinnell Lady Elks Jerry and Carolyn Grosenbach Jason and Tammie Hall Rick and Valerie Hammond Brad and Ruth Jones Steven and Bev Koger Lucille Nikkel Marjorie Putney Steven and Teresa Small Pat and Wanda White In memory of Dr. John C. DeMeulenaere Danny and Therese Anderson Philip and Lynn Armstrong Phyllis Armstrong Virginia and Larry Austin Rick and Ellen Ayers Esther Bethel Duane and Pam Blagden Clem and Leona Bodensteiner Dr. Warren and Sue Bower Edward Jones Investments Jenny and Luther Erickson Family and Friends Hugh German John and Lynn Hamill

Montie and Betty Hammond William and Suzanne Hansen Addy Hanson Arnie and Joanie Heimsoth Bradley and Debra Herrold Dr. Clark and Annie Jensen Kirk and Susan Keenan Burtwin Day and Jewel Kintzinger Day Edward Kotz Dr. H.R. and Rhea Light Todd Linden Eugene and Mary Lou Mann Leila N. Maring Elaine Noe Mrs. Duane O’Halloran Les and Linda Ollinger Donald Pederson John* and Emily Pfitsch James R. Phelps Lowell and Susie Pickhardt Ned Postels Richard and Beverley Postels George and Doris Rainbolt Alice Renaud John and Madge Ruchotzke Mrs. G.R. Schmidt Michael and Becky Sedrel Reca Snook Cliff and Marilyn Strovers Rose Sullivan Harry Taylor Gary and Linda TerWee Les and Kay Tharp Jim* and Molly Urfer Waldo and Rita Walker Bob and Louise Wilkins Joan Wittrup Bonnie Wold In memory of Charlotte Devereux Paula Devereux In memory of Lloyd Durr Lyle and Wanda Askelson Rick and Audrey Bierman Wayne Cox Tracy Fort Evelyn Garwood Bill and Joyce Gilbreaith

24 • Composing a Better World

Dennis and Betty Harris Walt and Sandra Harris Jim and Tia Heishman Ronald and Marcia Iverson Paulette Knoll Greg and Janet Muckler Rex and Shirlee Murphy Carol J. Osborn Keith and Doris Rindels Russ’ Ag & Pet Supply, Inc. Smith Funeral Home Ted and Nancy Urfer Gerald and Karen VandeKamp In memory of Doris Edgington Dan and Susie Sondag In memory of Paul Elliott Earl and Geraldine Beyer Steve Chedester Ron and Cindy Deppe Family and Friends Ramon Gruhn Jacqueline and David Harris Tom and Betty Harris Judy Huff Carl and Wilma Vinall and Girls In memory of Willard Emmert Joseph and Charolette Vymetal In memory of Reatha Evans Harold Brown Community of Christ Carl Evans Jerry and Carolyn Grosenbach Harry and Kathryn Jones John and Joan Schultz Jim and Betty Webb Russell and Donna Winburn In memory of Sarah Felton Mary Ellen Clayton In memory of Kathy Fleener Cindy Barrera William C. and Arlene Bennett Richard and Norma Brignon Dorothy Mae Christinson

Marjorie and Paul Christinson Len and Diane Eberhart Dennis and Betty Harris Tom and Betty Harris Walt and Sandra Harris Janet Holcomb Scott and Rita Jack Gaylen and Kathleen Johnson Richard B. Jones, Sr. Cathlene Keene Keith and Sharon Koger Joe and Julie Kriegel Jerry and Margie Laehn Mark and Dottie McLaughlin Greg and Janet Muckler Daniel and Korinna Naranjo Diane Ruchotzke Vickie and Mark Rutherford Schild Law Office Marvin and Janna Stoker Helen M. Turner Jerry and Pamela Vander Beek Martha Palmer Bob and Louise Wilkins In memory of Lawrence Fleming Susan Cline Allene Fleming Priscilla Fulton Ed and Bev Hatcher James and Nancy Nervig Phyllis Sheetz Karen Simses Kenneth Slothouber and Judith Johnston-Slothouber In memory of Linda Folkerds Ernest and Jean Bills Tom and Lisa Cirks The Claude W. and Dolly Ahrens Foundation Edwin and Karen Cochran Jo and Phil Gibbons Grinnell College Grinnell College Co-Workers Drs. Otto and Effie Hall Ron and Joyce Hauser Stan Heidemann The Manlys Kelly and DeNeil Moes Earl and Mary Richardson 25 • Composing a Better World

2012 Annual Giving In memory of Linda Folkerds (continued) Stanley and Terry Sprung Deb Yellick Manly In memory of Julia Ford Family and Friends Bill and Joyce Gilbreaith Kris and Mary Jo Hardiman Jon and Leslie Hembree Joe Raffety Larry and Jo Wray

Roger and Mary Osborn Sue Rojohn John and Madge Ruchotzke Jim and Barb Saunders and Family Dick and Molly Saunders Scott and Kristi Saunders and Family Terry and Julie Saunders and Family Larry Sedrel In memory of Mary Henderson Ralph and Darlene Day Deb Eyestone Grinnell College Grinnell Lady Elks Denise Harms and Family Mary Henderson Gene and Diane Irwin and Family James and Jane Isebrand Jean Kelly Doug and Joani King Bill and Karen McNally Greg and Janet Muckler Patricia Probasco Donna Puls and Family Francis Robbins John and Carole Sampson Michael and Cathy Shutts Karen Strovers Bob and Louise Wilkins

In memory of Pat Ford Peter and Diane Boeke Hugh German Gregg and Diane Hawkins Burtwin Day and Jewel Kintzinger Day Schild Law Office Connie and Kim Schmitt In memory of Marlin Galloway Bob and Eunice Boyd Judy and Denton Galloway In memory of Melvin Gauley Family and Friends Kenneth and LaNeva Gauley Leslie and Teresa Iverson Vivian King Dale Klink Dean Miller Ken and Darla Pearce Jeanette Tisdale Ted and Nancy Urfer Jarl and Marcia Walters Harold and Dorothy Zwicker In memory of Mary G. Grosenbach Jerry and Janet Baker Dean and Fran Conn Roger and Emma Edgington Stella Fleener Jerry and Carolyn Grosenbach and Family A.J. and Marcia Grosenbach Velma Heinselman James and Traci Kapple Barb Kline and Family Larry and Lisa Kline and Family Carol J. Osborn

In memory of Jean Henry Terry and Rochelle Brannian Mary Ellen Clayton Duane and Julie Cline Jane and George Cline James and Ilene Connealy Elsie Kalinay In memory of Earlene M. Hentzel Richard and Joan Anderson Henry and Coleen Burgher Robert and Karen Clark Kirk and Cassie Downing Family and Friends Sue Graham Jack and Walda Gustafson John and Mary Hines Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Jury

26 • Composing a Better World

In memory of Earlene M. Hentzel (continued) Gloria Keller Marian Lamm Don and Cheryl Lang Harold and Carolyn Pundt Warren and Nancy Reinecke Bernard and Victoria Stephenson Raymond and Barbara Tull D. K. Weber David and Pamela Weiss Norman and Betty Weiss In memory of Tom Hotchkin Keith and Charlotte Bailey Alice Beck William C. and Arlene Bennett Peter and Diane Boeke Meda Carey Charles and Jean Carnahan John and Alice DeRooi David and Laura Durr Ron and Carol Emerson Romaine Fenner Wes and Marilyn Finch Stella Fleener Evelyn Garwood Hugh German Bill and Joyce Gilbreaith Jerry and Carolyn Grosenbach Ranae and Mike Hamor William and Suzanne Hansen Tom and Betty Harris Dean and Vicki Heeren Marie Hotchkin Judy Huff Kirk and Susan Keenan Paulette Knoll Ed and Connie Locker Bill and Sheryl Mason Lee and Phyllis Meredith Donna M. Miller Steve Mintle Dennis and Judy Mitchell Mickey Munley and Nancy Owens-Munley Rex and Shirlee Murphy Lois Ogan Carol J. Osborn James and Melissa Owens Bob Peak

Roger L. and Mitzi Pederson Daniel and Jeralene Roland John and Carole Sampson Larry and Nancy Sears Michael and Orvella Shipman Betty M. Skaggs Maridean Tharp Robert and Marilyn Vogt Virginia Walters Paul and Merlene Whisenand Pat and Wanda White Larry and Jo Wray Sara and Chris Wray In memory of Robert Jacobsen, Jr. Family and Friends In memory of Dick Johnson Health Information Management Department Mrs. G.R. Schmidt In memory of Warren Johnson Virginia and Larry Austin JoAnn Cogley Hunter James and Ilene Connealy Robert and Florence Cooper Ron and Shirley DeBondt Bill and Julie Doud Family and Friends Bonnie Graunkaupt Family Jason and Tammie Hall Family Barbara Hanssen Steve and Cheryl Hanssen Shirley Ann Hanssen Ron and Joyce Hauser Dale and Jan Hoffman Lee and Cindy Horbach Leslie and Teresa Iverson Ronald and Marcia Iverson Jeld-Wen Friends Wendell and Jean Kinnaird Steven and Bev Koger Beverly A. Kriegel Ellen Ladely Randy and Sarah Latcham Dan and Teresa Liegeneir Duane and Jo Loftin Esther Loftin Family Dan Mauss Family

27 • Composing a Better World

2012 Annual Giving In memory of Warren Johnson (continued) Georgia C. May Robert and Irene Morrison Keith and Rose Ann Osland Robert and Linda Overturf Family Keith and Shirley Paulson Mark and Lynnda Risting John and Madge Ruchotzke Ken and Miriam Saunders Sue Schilder Jim and Jane Simbro Reca Snook Mike Spooner Betty Taylor Ken and Karen Thompson Katie Versendaal In memory of Lewis Jolly Grinnell Middle School - Hearts & Flowers Nancy S. Hendrickson Elaine Marzluff Laura Sinnett and Joyce Stern Robert and Patricia Trachimowicz In memory of Marion Jones Tom and Susan Gallo In memory of Austin Kilmer Curt Manatt In memory of Phillip L. Kintner Karen Bucky Lynn and Michael Cavanagh June Conine Pam Conine Andrea Frantz Elizabeth Hays Patty and Mark Kelbley Russelle Jones Leggett Nancy Levine John and Dorothy Martinek Daniel and Joyce Stoogenke In memory of Rex Kirby Charles and Jean Carnahan James and Ilene Connealy David and Kathy Dayton Grinnell College Mary Ann Kirby Ruth Palmer

Roger and Dorothy Peterson Clark and Karen Weaver Doyle Weaver In memory of Lawrence and Cora Kriegel Family and Friends In memory of David Kudej John and Madge Ruchotzke In memory of Doris Large Family and Friends In memory of Grace Leinen James Jr. and Janet Ferguson In memory of Julie Link John and Dorothy Martinek In memory of Floyd Little Ronald and Irma Arnaman Steve and Judy Audas John and Joetta Bates Richard and Norma Brignon Gayle and Jerilyn Creswell Gary and Cindy De Goey James and Donna Fisk Kenneth and LaNeva Gauley Kevin and Teresa Glesener Ed and Bev Hatcher Richard and Shirley Hayes Dean and Beverly Heishman William and Leila Henkle Merlin and Carol Hite Samantha Hudson Dennis and Vera Latcham Grady and Anna Lewis Eugene and Mary Lou Mann John and Robin Mann Bob and Janet Ryan James M. and Beverly Smothers Edward and Betty Snook James and Elizabeth Tarvin Raymond and Connie Thompson James Van Arkel Jim and Barbara Vander Beek Oran and Barbara Watson Larry and Dixie Wheeler Steve and Jo Wiley Russell and Donna Winburn

28 • Composing a Better World

Harry Young In memory of Doris Ann Manatt John and Marlene Manatt Steven and Melia Rhoads In memory of Gene Manatt Curt Manatt In memory of Homer McDonough Mary Lou Brown Meda Carey Chief Alfa, Inc. A. Carol Duske Terry and Nancy Haren Healthy Heartland Darrell and Wanda Keenan Leila N. Maring Diane L. McAlister Howard and Susan McDonough John and Dorothy Peak Roger and Dorothy Peterson Greg and Ruth Piesinger Fern Raleigh Thomas G. and Joan L. Reagan Tim and Karla Renda Gary A. and Carol S. Scott Reca Snook Jeffrey A. and Susan C. Stroud In memory of R. Jean McDonough Jim and Joann Andersen Mary Lou Brown Meda Carey A. Carol Duske Edward Jones Investments Healthy Heartland Thomas and Carolyn Hildreth Darrell and Wanda Keenan Leila N. Maring Diane L. McAlister Howard and Susan McDonough Bill and Debi Olson Ray and Marlene Peak Roger and Dorothy Peterson Greg and Ruth Piesinger Tim and Karla Renda Earl and Mary Richardson Gerald and Mary Alice Sheller Barbara A. Smith Clark and Karen Weaver Colleen M. Wiley

In Memory of Joseph McGarry Curt Manatt In memory of Marlan McWilliams Delmar and Rose Bayer Orville Bloethe K.R.* and Esther Brannian Family and Friends Loren and Sharon Ford Matthew and Kristine Harms Harlan and Sue Kluber Larry and Elizabeth Manatt Bradley and Monica McWilliams Marlan and Bonnie McWilliams Kelly and Nancy Montgomery Willis and Delores Montgomery Sam and Irene Ritchie Charles and Sally Rohrer Herbert and Jane Ann Schrader Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schultz In memory of Jerry Milbrett Byron and Gleamon Cansler In memory of Jim Mitchell Linda Bacon In memory of Khloe Nicole Nath Chad and Terri Nath In memory of William Noel John Dowd and Linda George-Dowd Mary and James Duke Ron and Carol Emerson Family and Friends Hugh German Jack and Carolyn Heddinger Robert* and Patty Lust Martin and Patricia O’Boyle Dennis Roehlk and Nancy Kelley Maridean Tharp John and Nancy Thomas In memory of Mel Nuzum Allen and Sheila Latcham Bob and Louise Wilkins In memory of Rachel Obermiller Marie J. Eisenman 29 • Composing a Better World

2012 Annual Giving In memory of Duane O’Halloran Ronald and Shirley Arvidson Darlene Baltisberger Robert and Marilyn Barnes Denise Baustian Richard C. Brown Charles and Jean Carnahan Robert and Judith Cizek Mary Ellen Clayton Mrs. John DeMeulenaere Erma DePauw Aaron and Lillian Dusheck Eagles Auxiliary Jim and Sue Eichhorn Barbara J. Wilson Roger and Debra Gassman Edward and Judith Graham John and Kathie Hall Tom and Betty Harris Virgil Heishman* David Hendrickson Farm Inc. Connie L. Hodges Alan and Barbara Jamison Craig and Janyce Johnstone Zona Jones Eldon and Janet Kephart Marvin and Martina Korns Donald and Christy Kriegel Joe and Julie Kriegel Craig and Mary Lang Jack and Marilyn Lang Maynard Lang Barbara Lewis Lavern and Colleen Lidtka Larry and Elizabeth Manatt Malcom Mayo Duane and Janet Neff Mrs. Duane O’Halloran Leland and Kathleen O’Halloran Ruth Palmer Scott and Kathy Petersen Roger and Dorothy Peterson Vickie and Mark Rutherford Kenneth and Phyllis Saunders Sue Schilder Paul and Margie Sears Mary Shutts Tim and Dianne Siemens Dan and Susie Sondag

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Upah Eugene and Marilyn Van De Voorde Jarl and Marcia Walters In memory of Frances Peak Patsy Boyd Gloria Clay Harold and Jolene McIlrath In memory of Mark Pedersen Russ and Brenda Crawford Ronald and Sharon Johnston Roger L. and Mitzi Pederson In memory of John Pfitsch Marie J. Eisenman In memory of Al Pinder Elizabeth Hays John and Dorothy Martinek David and Kris Ness John* and Emily Pfitsch John and Madge Ruchotzke In memory of Lavern Ranfeld Kathy Ranfeld In memory of Paul Robinson Doug and Ginny Cameron Grinnell Family Care John* and Emily Pfitsch Brian Tremain In memory of Mary Russell Harold Brown Joanne Dimit Family and Friends Marjory Kaloupek Doris E. Lowry Calvin and Rosemary Lyle Rosie Schrack Lyn Spriggs* Karen Voecks In memory of Clara Ryan Cindy Barrera Marcia Batiste Karen Beck DW* and Velda Boss 30 • Composing a Better World

Larry and Glenda Bradshaw Gene* and Shirley Broders Jim and Linda Buck JoAnn Cogley Hunter Cogley Cousins Louise Crews Merle and Gloria Doty Faith Drake Arthur and Wanda Duske John and Jan Epperson David and Diedre Fleener Frazer, Ryan, Goldberg & Arnold, LLP John and Lucy Green John and Kathie Hall Linda Hatch Lee and Bernice Hauser Timothy and Rita Heuss Jolene Jones Vernadine Kaisand Avis M. Kelm Vivian King Robert and Cathy Knapp James and Marvel LaCasse Delmar and Evelyn Larsen Marlene and Dale Larsen Raymond and Shirley Larsen Gretchen Locker Doris E. Lowry Leila N. Maring Harvey* and Suanne Martindale Jean Morrison Nedra Neville Lucille Nikkel Ray and Marlene Peak Suzanne Pearson Greg and Ruth Piesinger Gary and Laurie Ringel Jim and Pat Rourke John and Linda Ryal James and Pamela Ryan Bob and Janet Ryan Raymond and Alice Schnur Larry and Nancy Sears Virginia Seeley Tim and Dianne Siemens Robert and Mary Slagle Mike and Kathryn Stark Olive Strand* Jennie Terlouw

Bob Terlouw Les and Kay Tharp Robert and Marlene Toney Margaret Van Der Kamp Verlan and Lori Vos Bob and Louise Wilkins Larry and Sandra Willemsen In memory of Mildred Sampson Dan and Susie Sondag In memory of Kraig Schilder Kraig Schilder Family In memory of Clarence Sears Ed and Esther Adkins Steve and Gloria Allnutt Larry and Rosemary Ashing Mark and Deb Baldwin Richard and Norma Brignon Ann Buchmeier Charles and Jean Carnahan Sue Gray Chris and Jill Harris Marie Hotchkin Wendell and Jean Kinnaird Tom and Dianne Latimer Stephen and Janice Lovig Teresa McCall Newburg Chester Congregational Church Carol J. Osborn Donald and Sally Wogen In memory of Deb Sears David and Dena Amo Orrin and Vickie Armiger JR and Linda Lee Art, Beth Sears Wilma H Ronnie and Teresa Beal Duane and Diane Beeler Kathryn Bicking Don and Terry Burkhead Dan Chapman Kimberly Chapman and Derrick Sears Nancie Coomes Carol and Allen Dean Trudy Delk Jeff and Robin Derlein Paula Devereux Thomas and Jacqueline Donnelly 31 • Composing a Better World

2012 Annual Giving In memory of Deb Sears (continued) Mary and James Duke Len and Diane Eberhart Dana E (Gene) Elliott Sheri and Alan Fenner Dennis Gauley Jo and Phil Gibbons Mike and Betty Grell A.J. and Marcia Grosenbach Growmark, Inc. Henry and Shirley Harris Ron and Joyce Hauser Velma Heinselman Jack and Dona Hendrickson Janea and John Hillier Norman and Wilma Holub Dan and Bev Huebner Richard Humphrey Colleen Keenan Darlo and Dianna Kelting Doug and Maralee Kruse James and Shelly Kruse Lavern and Colleen Lidtka Leila N. Maring Harvey* and Suanne Martindale Bob and Marsha Maschmann Mayflower Dining Services Employees Steve Mintle Melody Montgomery Mickey Munley and Nancy Owens-Munley New Century Farm Service Scott Noeller Les and Linda Ollinger Fritz and Lori Oltrogge Jim and Lois Onthank Karl and Denise O’Polka Dennis and Mikalynn Pickens Marvin and Deb Reding Lloyce and Mary Saltzman Sue Schilder Mrs. G.R. Schmidt Gary and Michelle Schoening Craig and Emily Schultz Chris and Shannon Sears Family of Debra K. Sears Devin and Haley Sears Larry and Nancy Sears Second Mile Thomas and Jill Severson

Michael and Cathy Shutts Brenda Smith Pat and Mary Jo Smith Jim and Pat Sonka Doyle and Jody Stern Betty Stevenson Jim and Lori Stevenson Rick and Elaine Stevenson Bob Terlouw Mark and Patricia Tinnermeier Steven and Ruth Vance John and Vicki Van Renterghem Wes Finch Auto Plaza Richard and Sharon Wilson In memory of Norma Jean Sharp Cargill Inc. - Corn Milling Tracy Fort In memory of Mary Edna Sherman Phyllis Armstrong In memory of Lola Simmons Dr. Harry and Linda Schumacher In memory of Mary Anne Smith Mary Ellen Clayton In memory of Dorothy Snook Esther Bethel Warren and Terese Grant Jolene Jones Jack Mithelman and Rachel Thorson Mithelman Carol Molison John* and Emily Pfitsch Jeanette Tisdale Jim and Betty Webb In memory of Frank Spooner James and Carol Ahrens Gregg and Diane Hawkins Gary and Lisa Spooner Larry and Jo Wray In memory of Shirley Stoker Joanne Dimit Brad and Ruth Jones

32 • Composing a Better World

In memory of Phyllis Story Randy and Patricia Abel Corey and Heather Barloon Doug and Ginny Cameron Linda Collett Robert and Florence Cooper Laird and Marilyn Deppe Margaret Eurom Kathy Goecke David and Linda Hotger Jamie S. Hughet Robert and Elaine Hunerdosse Jill Hunerdosse Jeld-Wen Window Division Ronald and Sharon Johnston Janice Kriegel and Chad Reimers Donald and Shirley Latham Dale Lenz Dwight and Sue Lenz Gary L. Longerbone and Barbara Whitehead Longerbone Todd and Marylin MacVey James and Sharon McKibbin James and Melissa Owens Winona Perkins Art and Mary Ellen Picard John and Marytha Pitt Alan and Eleanor Robinson Edward and Mary Rozendaal Jim and Marcia Shults Gordon and Beverly Stepp Terry and Michele Stone Family and Friends Robert and Chris Townsend Ted and Nancy Urfer Dan and Lori Walker Kenneth and Joyce Walston C. Ilean Whitehead

Calvin and Diane Brown JoAnn Cogley Hunter Kenneth and Shirley Conner Mark and Janet Dimit Family and Friends Rosalie H. Hartzell Ron and Joyce Hauser Arnie and Joanie Heimsoth John Deere PEC Group Vernadine Kaisand Larry and Janet Lock Doris E. Lowry Barbara Lynch Helen Lynch Gregg Reisinger Ronald and Jean* Steuhm Robert and Marilyn Vogt

In memory of Katherine Sturtz Betty M. Skaggs Kim S. Wemer Jean and Bill Wissmiller

In memory of Hazel Williams Family and Friends Irma Boatman and Barbi Stapleton

In memory of Vivian Stubbs Merle and Mary Stubbs

In memory of Robert N. Thompson Dr. Warren and Sue Bower In memory of Cloyd Thompson Dennis and Lorrie Adams Jack and Mary-Margaret Collier Maxine Thompson In memory of Mary Tomfeld Sue Graham In memory of Dean Van Tomme Dona Hoover Lee and Phyllis Meredith Evelyn Van Tomme In memory of Janice Wang Lavern and Colleen Lidtka Norman J. Schroeder

In memory of Leon Wilson Raymond and Betty Romick Larry and Nancy Sears

In memory of Frances Thompson Daniel and Susan Anderson James and Robin Bazyn 33 • Composing a Better World

2012 Annual Giving In memory of Gordon Wold Rev. and Mrs. R. F. Andrews Phyllis Armstrong Roberta Atwell Dr. Warren and Sue Bower Len and Diane Eberhart Family and Friends Grinnell State Bank Rollin and Sharon Harder W.G. and Nancy Hughes Dr. Clark and Annie Jensen F. Addison Jones Douglas Kintzinger Burtwin Day and Jewel Kintzinger Day David R. and Marian Martin Donnabelle R. Miller Michael and Becky Sedrel R. E. and M. P. Short Bob and Louise Wilkins Dr. Vic and Diane Wilson

Planned Giving Arnold and Harriet Adelberg Jonathan Andelson and Karin Stein Miriam and Bob Baumann Clem and Leona Bodensteiner George and JoAnn Britton Joanne M. Bunge Art Heimann Nancy S. Hendrickson Elsie M. Johnston F. Austin and Kim M. Jones Denise Lamphier and Charlie Clements Russelle Jones Leggett Jean Libbey Doug and Rhonda Lockin Thomas K. Marshall Tom and Emily Moore Eleanor Altemeier Osland Michele Parslow Bruce and Martha Voyles Waldo and Rita Walker M.J. Zimmerman

In memory of Joey Yearian Lyle and Wanda Askelson Doug and Ginny Cameron Rick and Val Hammond Ronald and Sharon Johnston Stanley and Rosalyn Lorenz Pat and Wanda White Larry and Connie Yearian In memory of Donald Zoll Richard and Norma Brignon Grinnell College James R. Phelps Joe Zoll John Zoll Grants Anonymous Grinnell College Student Government Association Iowa Department of Public Health Lincoln Savings Bank Poweshiek County Alliance Poweshiek County Empowerment SHIP – State Hospital Improvement Programs Estate Giving Myrtle Cass* Helen Clayton Mayo* Frances Sammon*

34 • Composing a Better World

Legacy Club Claude and Dolly Ahrens* Paul Ahrens* Dr. Robert and Miriam Bauman Gerald Bell* Kenneth and Lucille Benda* Frank R. and Lois M. Brownell II* Frank R. and Nancy E.* Brownell III Dale and Eylene Brush* Joanne M. Bunge Ruth Carmichael* Myrtle Cass* Beryl and Mary Lou Clotfelter S. Mabel Coats* Russell and Suzanne Cooner William Crosby Luther and Jenny Erickson George and Elizabeth Ernst* Char Ewan Grace Gustafson* Jack and Walda Gustafson Montie and Betty Hammond James and Janice Hansen Helen Hargrave* Edward and Beverly Hatcher Arthur M. Heimann Arnie and Joanie Heimsoth Velma Hiser* Barbara Bates Howell* Dwight* and Elsie Johnston David A. Jones F. Addison and Marion* Jones F. Austin and Kim Jones Zoe Jordan* Wendy Kadner Robert* and Marjory Kaloupek Marvin E. Kelley Bette Kersey* John* and Jewel Kintzinger Donald W. and Candace Packard Lambie* Ron and Sally Lang Raymond and Shirley Larsen Rena J. Leeper* Dr. H. R. and Rhea Light Todd Linden Stan and Bev Lubben

Ralph* and Janell Luebben Harriet Macy* Leila N. Maring Mabel Maulik* Ralph Owen McDonald* Homer L. and R. Jean McDonough* Rex and Bette* Miskimins Jack and Jan Mutti Todd Nelson Chris and Jean Nolte Carl* and Joann Orr Dr. John and Elizabeth Parish* Dr. J. B. and Jan Paulson Dr. J. R. and Linda Paulson Janis S. Peak Dori B. Pearce Rev. and Mrs. Homer F. Perry* Dick Postels Lucille M. Potts* Raymond and Doris Powell* Jane R. Poynter* Melvin* and Ruth Price LaVerne Raffety* Maynard* and Eloise Raffety Rick and Sue Ramsey Todd L. and Shannon R. Reding John and Nadine Runyan Kenneth Sr. and Phyllis Saunders Irene Schmitt* Merideth McDonald Settje LaForest and Mary Sherman* Helen B. Shipley* Janet Stewart* Corinne Switzer* Dave and Sue Vander Linden Bruce and Martha Voyles Waldo S. and Rita K. Walker Everett G. and Alice M. Williamson* Dr. Vic and Diane Wilson Michael and Susan Witt Netia B. Worley Merle W. Zirkle

35 • Composing a Better World

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GRMC Board of Directors

GRMC Auxiliary Board

Dan Agnew

Sheri Berry

Ryan Dahlby Albright, MD

Bonnie Buntz

Frank Brownell

Judy Brown

Karla Erickson

Jennifer Cogley

Laura Ferguson, MD

Jen Collins

Stanley Greenwald, MD

Deb Collum-Calderwood

Ed Hatcher

Fran Davis

Wendy Kadner

Vanessa Doty

Nick Kuiper, DO

Mary Emge

Sally Lang

Donna German

Todd Linden

Tammie Hall

JoAnn Manatt

Jesse Johnson

Bill Menner

Carol Jordan

Todd Reding

Carol Klein

Susan Witt

Janet Lacey

Joanne Yuska

Sheila Latcham

GRMC Art Advisory Committee Nancy Agnew Mary Emge

Ashley Grundler Kim Hatting

Jennifer Hawkins

Linda Lowe

Laura Nelson-Lof Kerri Olson

Shannon Reding Kama Small

Sarah Smith

Barb Lease

GRMC Community Care Clinic

Kathy Szary

Rachel Bly

Dorothy Spriggs

Advisory Board

Sue Vander Linden

Suzanne Cooner

Ryan Dahlby Albright, MD Patty Hinrichs

Doris Hotchkin Rick Magstradt

Mary Maschmann Rebecca Petig

Kristen Phelps, PA-C Linda Romero Corey Wilson

36 • Composing a Better World

GRMC Foundation Board

GRMC Hospice Advisory Board

Sig Barber

Karla Erickson

Warren Bower, MD

Brent Holland

Suzi Hansen

Orville Bloethe

Dianne Latimer

Pete Brownell

Dale Lenz

George Drake

Bill McNally

Jenny Erickson

Jean Oswood

Julie Gosselink

JR Paulson, MD

Jan Hansen

Becky Pryor

Joanie Heimsoth

Marian Rhinehart

Clark Jensen, OD

Judy Schroeder

Carol Jordan

Mary Jo Seaton

Mark Kennett

Cynthia Sherman

Sally Lang

John Smith

Todd Linden

Leila Maring

Debby Pohlson

GRMC Patient/Family

Nancy Walters Smith

Virginia Davis

Pat Supple

Roberta Kahler

Leonard Seda, DVM

Care Council

Sally Smith

Gretchen Isenberg Janet Lacey

Dave Vander Linden

Leila Maring

Dr. Vic Wilson

Denise O’Polka

Susan Witt

Jack Templeton

Board of Health/GRMC Public Health


Home Care/Public Health Advisory Board

Steering Committee

Dennis Dorsheimer

Linda Eichhorn

Robert Clower

Jim Ahrens

Brian Heineman, MD

Barbara Hansen

Sue Hopwood

Donna Muntz

Rev. John Reynolds Darlene Roush

Pastor Kathryn Roys

Mike Hotchkin Betty Ludden

Mary Lou Mann Leila Maring

Laura Nelson-Lof Lanna Princer

Nancy Walters Smith Frank Wilder

37 • Composing a Better World

210 4th Avenue • Grinnell, IA 50112 • 641-236-7511 •

GRMC 2012 Annual Report  

Grinnell Regional Medical Center's 2012 Annual Report - featuring a note from our president and board chair, new doctors, financials, and do...

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