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1414 Griffin Avenue, Enumclaw The Enumclaw Campus office hours are Monday–Thursday, 8 a.m.– 8 p.m. When classes are not in session, the Campus closes at 6 p.m. (253) 288-3400

Registration for Credit Classes

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Credit classes begin April 3, 2017. Tuition is $102.75 per credit for Washington residents. Additional fees apply. Students may register in Enumclaw, at the main campus in Auburn, or by web registration. Math and English Assessment is required for placement in math or English classes.

Registration for Non-Credit Classes — 3 Easy Ways to Register Non-credit classes are self-supported by class fees, not tuition.

Online: Phone: 253-288-3400 Visit: Come to any of our locations and register in person by cash, check or credit card. Class fees for Continuing Education classes are not refundable unless student cancels 24 hours prior to the start of class. Full refunds will be made if the College cancels a class.

Green River College does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, gender, gender orientation, age, marital status, religion, disability, genetic information or on any other unlawful basis. The college is committed to preventing and stopping discrimination, including harassment of any kind and any associated retaliatory behavior. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Vice President of Human Resources, 12401 SE 320th Street, Auburn, WA 98092-3622, (253) 288-3320. To receive this information in an alternate format, please contact Disability Support Services at (253) 833-9111, ext. 2631; TTY (253) 288-3359. Green River College has made reasonable efforts to provide information that is accurate at the time of publication. However, the college reserves the right to make appropriate changes in procedures, policies, calendars, requirements, programs, courses, and fees. When feasible, changes will be announced prior to their effective dates, but the college assumes no responsibility for giving any particular notice of such changes. Nothing herein shall be construed to create any offer to contract or contractual rights.

• Spring Fly Casting Tune-Up

• Introduction to Trout Fly Fishing

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• Introduction to Fly Casting

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5:30-8:20p 7:20-9:40a 9:30-11:50a 6:30-8:50p 7:30-9:30a 6:30-8:50p 9:30-11:50a 4:30-6:50p 9:30-11:50a 4:30-6:50p 9:30-11:50a 4:30-6:50p 9:30-11:50a 4:30-6:50p 5-6:30p 5-6:30p 6:30-8:50p

Fly Fishing


w Ne• Gearing UP For Spring

Adult Basic Educ-GED® Prep Northwest Ecology English Composition I English Composition I Writing: Humanities Writing: Humanities Review Of Arithmetic Review Of Arithmetic Pre-Algebra Pre-Algebra Elementary Algebra Elementary Algebra Intermediate Algebra Intermediate Algebra Yoga 1 Yoga 2 Spanish Ii


BASIC 032-076 BIOL 110 ENGL& 101 ENGL& 101 ENGL 126 ENGL 126 MATH 062 MATH 062 MATH 070 MATH 070 MATH 072 MATH 072 MATH 097 MATH 097 P E 136 P E 236 SPAN& 122

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Credit Classes at Enumclaw Campus

w Ne• Fly Fishing

Please call for available dates and times or to make an appointment.

• Fly Fishing for Summer Steelhead

1414 Griffin Avenue Enumclaw, WA 98022

Enumclaw Campus

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Green River’s Enumclaw Campus offers college level courses in math, English, science, and history, as well as computer classes for beginning and more advanced users. We also offer a wide variety of non-credit community education classes.

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Enumclaw Campus

1414 Griffin Avenue Enumclaw, WA 98022

Ap ril 3 – J u n e 1 6


Business & Vocation

Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

Team Skills in the Workplace

4 Class Series

Start A Successful Business

Learn the essential components for starting a profitable small business. Series includes four classes at a discounted price. CEUs: 1.2 • Fee $169 Y788 D. Burnett-Keener Enumclaw Tu 6−9p Class begins 5/2/17 and ends 5/23/17

Business Start-Up & Management

This class will help you plan the start-up of a new business. Learn strategic and tactical keys to success such as assessing your resources, identifying your business personality, developing your concept, protecting your assets through proper business structure and understanding the necessary licenses and taxes. The entire process is built into a start-up map that you can follow step-by-step. CEUs: .3 • Fee $59 Y790 D. Burnett-Keener Enumclaw Tu 6−9p Class begins 5/2/17 and ends 5/2/17


Difficult conversations in the workplace are like N the flu: They are unwanted, they cause discomfort, and they are unavoidable. In this course, you will prepare for difficult communication with your boss, coworkers and customers by understanding the root of communication conflicts; recognizing your own emotional triggers and habitual communication patterns; identifying high conflict words; modifying existing communication habits; and practicing breathing techniques and vocal tips discussed in prior courses. CEUs: .6 • Fee $139 Y721 L. Voso Enumclaw W 8a–3p Class begins 4/12/17 and ends 4/12/17 ew

N Want to showcase your strengths and make a positive impact on your company’s bottom line? Your ability to actively listen, question, participate, collaborate, and resolve issues will set you apart as a “go-to” person in any organization. In this interactive course, you will utilize listening and questioning skills to develop group understanding; evaluate team roles; develop methods for resolving underlying conflict within a team; and use assertion skills to collaborate with team members to achieve workplace objectives. CEUs: .6 • Fee $139 Y723 S. Johnson Enumclaw W 8a–3p Class begins 4/19/17 and ends 4/19/17

Microsoft Windows 10

Topics include navigating Windows 10; customizing the desktop and Start Screen; downloading apps; managing files and folders; exploring web browsers and internet features; and personalizing the Windows environment. Some elements requiring a Microsoft account may be demonstrated but not practiced. Prerequisite: experience using a keyboard and mouse and accessing the Internet with a web browser. Text included. CEUs: .4 • Fee $89 Y733 G. Larson Enumclaw W 8a–12p Class begins 6/7/17 and ends 6/7/17

Class will concentrate on materials, techniques and design components. Materials list provided upon registration. CEUs: 1.4 • Fee $115 Y706 E. Lynest Enumclaw W 10a–12p Class begins 4/5/17 and ends 5/17/17

Drawing, Beginning/Continued

Learn to create strong and accurate drawings through the four elemental shapes. Materials list provided upon registration. CEUs: 1.4 • Fee $115 Y708 E. Lynest Enumclaw Tu 10a–12p Class begins 4/4/17 and ends 5/16/17

Pastel Art Techniques

Pastels are convenient and easy to use. The purity and intensity of dry color produce an extraordinary range of effects on a variety of surfaces. Materials list provided upon registration. CEUs: 1.4 • Fee $115 Y710 E. Lynest Enumclaw Th 10a–12p Class begins 4/6/17 and ends 5/18/17

Business Financial Management

Developing a Business Plan


Gain the foundational understanding of Microsoft N Excel 2016 that’s necessary to create and work with spreadsheets. Topics include opening Excel; saving workbooks; creating, saving and sharing worksheets; entering, moving, copying and manipulating data; using formulas and functions; formatting text and numbers; applying formatting to cells; creating charts; data entry shortcuts; and printing and previewing workbooks. Prerequisite: basic computer skills including Microsoft Windows proficiency. Text included. CEUs: .7 • Fee $149 Y731 W. Berkley Enumclaw M 8a–4p Class begins 5/8/17 and ends 5/8/17


Learn the basics of making strategic marketing decisions and building an integrated marketing plan. Utilizing a practical and repeatable process, you will learn about important concepts such as pricing, distribution, messaging, message delivery and how to base all of those decisions on your customer profile, product advantages and competition. CEUs: .3 • Fee $59 Y792 D. Burnett-Keener Enumclaw Tu 6−9p Class begins 5/9/17 and ends 5/9/17

This hands-on session is designed to help you create a working business plan for starting or managing your business. Through engaging writing exercises and group brainstorming, you will take your business ideas further than you thought possible. While traditional business plan formats will be discussed, the focus of this class is to help you develop and sharpen your own business ideas to give you the greatest chance of success. CEUs: .3 • Fee $59 Y796 D. Burnett-Keener Enumclaw Tu 6−9p Class begins 5/23/17 and ends 5/23/17

Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 1

Creative Arts & Crafts

Business Marketing

Effective financial management is your key to small business success. Learn to read basic financial statements and concentrate on your key financial priorities. Understand how to use the cash-flow cycle to your business’s advantage and utilize important benchmarks for maximizing your daily results. This class is crucial to your small business education. CEUs: .3 • Fee $59 Y794 D. Burnett-Keener Enumclaw Tu 6−9p Class begins 5/16/17 and ends 5/16/17

Digital Photography 1


Flagger Training

Training consists of classroom instruction and state certification in flagging, traffic control and safety. Upon successful completion participants receive a picture ID card with certification valid for three years. Fee includes textbook. Students must be at least 18 old. Bring lunch. Special arrangements can also be made for group training at your business location. CEUs: .8 • Fee $62 Y200 J. Gale Kent Campus F 8a–4:30p Class begins 3/24/17 and ends 3/24/17 Y701 J. Gale Enumclaw Tu 8a–4:30p Class begins 4/4/17 and ends 4/4/17 Y206 J. Gale Kent Campus F 8a–4:30p Class begins 4/21/17 and ends 4/21/17 Y203 J. Gale Auburn Center Sa 8a–4:30p Class begins 5/6/17 and ends 5/6/17 Y702 J. Gale Enumclaw Tu 8a–4:30p Class begins 5/16/17 and ends 5/16/17 Y209 J. Gale Auburn Center Sa 8a–4:30p Class begins 6/3/17 and ends 6/3/17

Digital Photography 2

Learn to work with RAW images, advanced camera controls, when to use manual controls, shooting for HDR, retouching images and composition. Three outdoor shooting labs included. CEUs: 1.4 • Fee $135 Y720 R. Young Enumclaw W 6:30–8:50p Class begins 4/5/17 and ends 5/10/17

Art of Photography

Learn the art of photographic composition. Train your eye to find the beauty around you and capture it in a compelling artistic way. Class will cover portrait, macro, and landscape styles with weekly photo assignments and detailed critiques. CEUs: 1.25 • Fee $125 Y730 R. Young Enumclaw Th 6:30–9p Class begins 5/11/17 and ends 6/15/17

Move beyond the “auto” mode of your digital camera and take great photos in any situation! Learn about exposure, shutter speed, focus, flash, aperture, depth of field, ISO, and much more. Class requirements include a digital camera with user guide that is capable of full manual control. CEUs: 1.4 • Fee $135 Y715 R. Young Enumclaw M 6:30–8:50p Class begins 5/1/17 and ends 6/12/17

Introduction To Fly Casting

Money Matters

Fly casting is the foundational skill to becoming a successful fly fisher. In this 2 session hands-on course, you will get all the fundamentals you need to become a good fly caster. This class is designed for new casters or those with just a little experience. Class includes use of rods, reels and lines. Class will be held at Lake Meridian Park in Kent. CEUs: .4 • Fee $59 Y713 J. Fiskum Su, Sa 10a–12p Class begins 4/8/17 and ends 4/9/17


Introduction To Trout Fly Fishing

Level I Yoga

Explore yoga in a question-friendly environment. Learn practices and yogic philosophy that helps increase your self-care and well-being. From core stability to tension release, students will learn the fundamentals of an intelligent yoga practice. You will get individual feedback and encouragement while learning a functional and therapeutically sequenced practice that includes breathing, meditation and asana. Suitable for all ages and abilities. CEUs: 1 • Fee $99 Y728 J. Hoiland Enumclaw Tu 9:30-10:45a Class begins 4/25/17 and ends 6/13/17

Level II Yoga

This course is for those who have taken Level I Yoga or an introductory series elsewhere. More intermediate postures will be explored as well as Surya Namaskara. Focus on understanding alignment principles, how postures effect the nervous system and practicing foundational postures of hatha yoga. Question friendly environment. CEUs: 1 • Fee $99 Y732 J. Hoiland Enumclaw Tu 8–9:15a Class begins 4/25/17 and ends 6/13/17

In A Class By Itself Essential Oils 101: Nature’s Extractions


N Essential Oils are a delightful way to relieve stress, calm the mind, and lift the spirits. Learn about the benefits of essential oils and how to incorporate them into your everyday life. We’ll discuss what essential oils are, how you can safely use them, and which ones are good for different health issues, natural cleaning, and supporting your emotional health. Samples and resources will be available so you can explore these natural solutions on your own. CEUs: .25 • Fee $29 Y750 J. Joneschiet Enumclaw Th 6:30–9p Class begins 5/4/17 and ends 5/4/17

2 Class Series

Selling Online

Take both classes and save $19. Register for Y740. Fee $59. CEUs: .4 • Fee $59 Y740 D. McIntosh Enumclaw Tu, Th 6–8p Class begins 5/16/17 and ends 5/18/17

Selling Your Stuff Online

Learn the basics of what sells best on which sites, how to write keyword rich descriptions and how to add photos that get your items sold! CEUs: .2 • Fee $39 Y741 D. McIntosh Enumclaw Tu 6–8p Class begins 5/16/17 and ends 5/16/17

Selling Online, The Next Step

Take your online selling to the next level! Learn the specifics of shipping items, accepting online payments and playing with the big-boys like eBay, Amazon and Etsy. CEUs: .2 • Fee $39 Y742 D. McIntosh Enumclaw Th 6–8p Class begins 5/18/17 and ends 5/18/17

Life Planning Solutions for Retirement


Today’s retirees are living longer and facing new N financial threats from medical and long-term care costs. Rajiv Nagaich, elder law attorney and host of the popular radio show “Aging Options,” will share how planning today for retirement can help you with protecting your assets from estate taxes and medical costs; housing solutions to avoid unwanted institutional care; and how to avoid burdening your loved ones during retirement! Spouse attends for $5! Call CE to register. CEUs: .2 • Fee $15 Y780 G. Staff Enumclaw W 6:30-8:30p Class begins 4/26/17 and ends 4/26/17

Outdoors Fly Fishing for Summer Steelhead

Steelhead are considered the Northwest’s premier sport fish. “Traditional Wet Fly Swing” method and “Indicator Nymphing” tactics will be covered. Local and regional fisheries, their seasonal significance, and how to fish them are also covered. Learn about the latest tackle, equipment, and fly patterns. After the required classroom session there will be an optional outing to a local river for hands on instruction and fishing. Rod, Reel and lines can be rented for the outing from instructor for $10. CEUs: .2 Y724 J. Fiskum ZWC-107 Tu 6:30-8:30p Classroom session 6/6/17 • Fee $29 Y727 J. Fiskum Arranged Su 7–11a River session 6/11/17 • Fee $59

Fly Fishing Washington



Learn where, when, and how to successfully fly fish in Washington. We will give seasonal overviews and forecasts, helping you set up a season of successful fly fishing. Class will include a resource guide with information about specific destinations, fish plants, hatch charts, fly pattern suggestions, guide referrals, plus lots of DIY information. CEUs: .2 • Fee $29 Y717 J. Fiskum Enumclaw Tu 6:30-8:30p Class begins 4/18/17 and ends 4/18/17

Gearing Up For Spring Fly Fishing


N In this informative classroom session, learn about the tackle and equipment you will need to be successful in Pacific Northwest fly fishing. Class will include a resource notebook with information on how to select rods, reels, lines and leaders, plus hot fly patterns and the necessary knots to put it all together. Get straight forward non-biased reviews of tackle and help wading through the maze of information available! CEUs: .2 • Fee $29 Y771 J. Fiskum ZWC-107 Tu 6:30-8:30p Class begins 4/4/17 and ends 4/4/17

Join us for a 3 session hands-on course introducing you to the great sport of fly fishing. In session 1 you’ll learn about rods, reels, lines and leaders and how to select and set-up your equipment. Session 2 will be held at a local lake and will be an introduction to fly casting. Session 3 will be an outing to Rattlesnake Lake near North Bend, where you will have a second session of fly casting plus learn how to present flies while actually fishing. CEUs: .8 • Fee $99 Y714 J. Fiskum ZWC-107 Tu 6:30-8:30p J. Fiskum Arranged Tu 6-8p J. Fiskum Arranged Sa 7-11a Class begins 5/2/17 and ends 5/13/17

Spring Fly Casting Tune-Up

Designed for the caster with some experience. We will evaluate your casting stroke and make recommendations to improve your efficiency, accuracy and distance. This is also a great refresher course if it’s been awhile since you have a class. Class will be held at Lake Meridian Park in Kent. CEUs: .2 • Fee $29 Y712 J. Fiskum Arranged Sa 8-10a Class begins 4/22/17 and ends 4/22/17


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(253) 833-9111, ext 2535

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AUBURN CENTER (253) 288-3455

ENUMCLAW CAMPUS (253) 288-3400

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Enumclaw Schedule - Spring 2017  

Schedule of classes held at Green River College's Enumclaw campus for Spring 2017.

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