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1414 GRIFFIN AVENUE, ENUMCLAW • 253-288-3400 The Enumclaw Campus office hours are Monday–Thursday, 8 a.m.– 8 p.m. When classes are not in session, the Campus closes at 6 p.m.


Credit classes begin September 25, 2017. Tuition is $102.75 per credit for Washington residents. Additional fees apply. Students may register in Enumclaw, at the main campus in Auburn, or by web registration. Math and English Assessment is required for placement in math or English classes.


Class Adult Basic Ed-GED® Prep Northwest Ecology Introduction To Business English Composition I English Composition I Review Of Arithmetic Review Of Arithmetic Pre-Algebra Pre-Algebra Elementary Algebra Elementary Algebra Intermediate Algebra Intermediate Algebra Precalculus I Aerobic Walking Yoga 1 Yoga 2 Adv Aerobic Walking American Government General Psychology Spanish I College Survival

Days TTh MW TTh T MW TTh MW TTh MW TTh MW TTh MW MW Daily TTh TTh Daily MWF MW MW Daily

Time Item Credits 5:30-8:20p 1219 (6) 4-6:45p 1411 (5) 7:30-9:30a 2041 (5) 9:40a-12p 3663 (5) 6:30-8:50p 3683 (5) 9:30-11:50a 6331 (5) 4:30-6:50p 6363 (5) 9:30-11:50a 6395 (5) 4:30-6:50p 6423 (5) 9:30-11:50a 6459 (5) 4:30-6:50p 6487 (5) 9:30-11:50a 6559 (5) 4:30-6:50p 6587 (5) 9:40a-12p 6739 (5) 7:30-9:35a 7575 (2) 5-6p 7687 (1) 5-6p 7855 (1) 7:30-9:35a 7795 (2) 7:30-9:30a 8401 (5) 7-9:20p 8447 (5) 6:30-8:50p 8847 (5) 8-9:30a 8899 (2)

This document is available in alternative formats to individuals with disabilities by contacting Disability Support Services at 253-833-9111, ext. 2631; TTY 253-288-3359; or by email at Green River College is an equal opportunity educator and employer. Learn more at www. Green River College has made reasonable efforts to provide information that is accurate at the time of publication. However, the college reserves the right to make appropriate changes in procedures, policies, calendars, requirements, program, courses and fees. When feasible, changes will be announced prior to their effective dates, but the college assumes no responsibility for giving any particular notice of such changes. Nothing herein shall be construed to create any offer to contract or contractual rights.

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Division BASIC 032-076 BIOL 110 BUS& 101 ENGL& 101 ENGL& 101 MATH 062 MATH 062 MATH 070 MATH 070 MATH 072 MATH 072 MATH 097 MATH 097 MATH& 141 P E 111 P E 136 P E 136 P E 215 POLS& 202 PSYC& 100 SPAN& 121 ST SK 106

FALL 2017


Credit and Non-Credit Classes

Credit Classes at Enumclaw Campus

• 10 weeks to better posture • Tying Jigs for Pacific NW Salmon & Steelhead • Yakima River Fly Fishing • Essential Oils 101: Nature’s Extractions

Please call for available dates and times or to make an appointment.

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Non-credit classes are self-supported by class fees, not tuition. Online: Phone: 253-288-3400 Visit: Come to any of our locations and register in person by cash, check or credit card. Class fees for Continuing Education classes are not refundable unless student cancels 24 hours prior to the start of class. Full refunds will be made if the College cancels a class.


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Green River’s Enumclaw Campus offers college level courses in math, English, science, and history, as well as computer classes for beginning and more advanced users. We also offer a wide variety of non-credit community education classes.

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Enumclaw Campus 1414 GRIFFIN AVENUE ENUMCLAW, WA 98022

S e pte mbe r 2 5 – D ecember 1 4


Business & Vocational Flagger Training

Training consists of classroom instruction and state certification in flagging, traffic control and safety. Upon successful completion participants receive an ID card with certification valid for three years. Fee includes textbook. Students must be at least 18 years of age. Bring lunch. Special arrangements can also be made for group training at your business location. • Fee $65 Y208 J. Gale ZWC-104 Sa 8a-4:30p Class begins 9/2/2017 and ends 9/2/2017 Y210 J. Gale Kent F 8a-4:30p Class begins 9/22/2017 and ends 9/22/2017 Y212 J. Gale ZWC-104 Sa 8a-4:30p Class begins 10/14/2017 and ends 10/14/2017 Y214 J. Gale Enumclaw W 8a-4:30p Class begins 10/25/2017 and ends 10/25/2017 Y216 J. Gale ZWC-104 Sa 8a-4:30p Class begins 11/18/2017 and ends 11/18/2017 Y218 J. Gale Kent F 8a-4:30p Class begins 12/8/2017 and ends 12/8/2017

Finding the Root of Conflict

Effective communication is essential to the success of any organization, but conflict arises when people have different goals and needs. Knowing the source of conflict is one of the first steps to developing successful solutions. Learn key concepts regarding motivation, learning habits and perceptions. Leave with skills to manage difficult and emotional conversations and maintain productive discussions during challenging situations. CEUs: .2. • Fee $35 Y712 L. Voso Enumclaw Th 6:30-8:30p Class begins 10/5/2017 and ends 10/5/2017

Computers Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 1

Creative Arts & Crafts w Ne

Learn to create strong and accurate drawings through the four elemental shapes. Materials list provided upon registration. CEUs: 1.4 • Fee $115 Y708 E. Lynest Enumclaw T 10a-12p Class begins 9/26/2017 and ends 11/7/2017

Microsoft Word 2016 Level 1

Art of Photography

Make professional-looking documents with Microsoft Word’s rich features and powerful tools. Topics include creating and saving documents; cutting, pasting and formatting text; formatting paragraphs; using different document views; using Quick Styles and themes; creating bulleted and numbered lists; inserting and formatting pictures and tables; proofing; inserting headers and footers; printing; and creating templates. Prerequisite: basic computer skills, including Microsoft Windows proficiency. Text included. CEUs: .7 • Fee $139 Y717 W. Berkley Enumclaw Th 8a-4p Class begins 11/2/2017 and ends 11/2/2017

Grant Writing Basics Level 1

This introduction to grant writing will help you identify your need, research the best potential funders, make pre-proposal contact with funders, and write the application. Topics also include locating potential funding sources, writing a need statement and evaluating proposals. CEUs: .6 • Fee $119 Y711 J. Mork-O’Brien Enumclaw Sa 9a-3:30p Class begins 10/14/2017 and ends 10/14/2017

Communicating Across Generations

As people live and work longer, the modern office now houses up to four wildly different generations who grew up in vastly different times, have wide-ranging value sets and often employ conflicting communication styles. Workplace communication has become increasingly complex as each group brings a different set of experiences and expectations to the table. Being aware of generational differences can help you anticipate miscommunications and tailor your message for maximum effect whether you’re applying for a job, pitching a new idea to your boss or leading a team. CEUs: .2 • Fee $35 Y713 L. Voso Enumclaw Th 9-11a Class begins 10/26/2017 and ends 10/26/2017


Class will concentrate on materials, techniques and design components. Materials list provided upon registration. CEUs: 1.4 • Fee $115 Y709 E. Lynest Enumclaw W 10a-12p Class begins 9/27/2017 and ends 11/8/2017 Learn the art of photographic composition. Train your eye to find the beauty around you and capture it in a compelling artistic way. Class will cover portrait, macro, and landscape styles with weekly photo assignments and detailed critiques. CEUs: 1.25 • Fee $125 Y707 R. Young Enumclaw T 6:30-9p Class begins 9/26/2017 and ends 10/24/2017

Photography: Basic Portrait Lighting

Learn how light works and how to work with studio lighting equipment, backdrops, and models to take professional-looking portraits. Class includes two hours of instruction and three hours of hands-on work. CEUs: .5 • Fee $105 Y706 R. Young Enumclaw Sa 9a-2p Class begins 10/7/2017 and ends 10/7/2017

Digital Photography 1

Move beyond the “auto” mode of your digital camera and take great photos in any situation! Learn about exposure, shutter speed, focus, flash, aperture, depth of field, ISO, and much more. Class requirements include a digital camera with user guide that is capable of full manual control. CEUs: 1.4 • Fee $135 Y702 R. Young Enumclaw M 6:30-8:50p Class begins 10/23/2017 and ends 12/4/2017 No class 11/06/17

HR Essentials for Managers, Business Owners and HR Staff

This course will provide an overview of essential workplace laws. Learn to confidently apply FMLA, wage and hour laws and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Learn the legal thinking on employment-at-will, hiring, disciplining and firing and do’s and don’ts that keep you out of the courtroom. Stay current on legal hot spots such as high-tech privacy and records retention. CEUs: .7 • Fee $129 Y714 K. Walker Enumclaw T 8a-4p Class begins 10/10/2017 and ends 10/10/2017

Drawing, Beginning/Continued

Gain the foundational understanding of Microsoft Excel 2016 that’s necessary to create and work with spreadsheets. Topics include opening Excel; saving workbooks; creating, saving and sharing worksheets; entering, moving, copying and manipulating data; using formulas and functions; formatting text and numbers; applying formatting to cells; creating charts; data entry shortcuts; and printing and previewing workbooks. Prerequisite: basic computer skills including Microsoft Windows proficiency. Text included. CEUs: .7 • Fee $149 Y720 W. Berkley Enumclaw W 8a-4p Class begins 10/25/2017 and ends 10/25/2017

Digital Photography 2

QuickBooks for Small Business Level 1

Learn about the tasks necessary for mastering the essentials of QuickBooks. Topics include setting up a company and chart of accounts; differences between balance sheets and profit and loss statements; creating customer invoices, credit card transactions and sales tax; exploring vendor bill payment methods; QuickBooks banking, transaction types and reports. Prerequisite: Students should know basic business practices and have Microsoft Windows proficiency. Text included. CEUs: 1.2 • Fee $249 Y715 Bagocius Peterson Enumclaw Sa 9a-3:30p Class begins 10/7/2017 and ends 10/14/2017

Microsoft Windows 10

Topics include navigating Windows 10; customizing the desktop and Start Screen; downloading apps; managing files and folders; exploring web browsers and internet features; and personalizing the Windows environment. Some elements requiring a Microsoft account may be demonstrated but not practiced. Prerequisite: experience using a keyboard and mouse and accessing the Internet with a web browser. Text included. CEUs: .4 • Fee $89 Y721 G. Larson Enumclaw M 8a-12p Class begins 12/11/2017 and ends 12/11/2017

Learn to work with RAW images, advanced camera controls, when to use manual controls, shooting for HDR, retouching images and composition. Three outdoor shooting labs included. CEUs: 1.4 • Fee $135 Y704 R. Young Enumclaw W 6:30-8:50p Class begins 9/27/2017 and ends 11/8/2017 No class 11/1/17

Health, Dance and Fitness HIV/AIDS Certification

This online program meets the 7 hour HIV/AIDS education requirement of the Washington State Department of Health. A reference notebook is available for you to check out at time of registration. This is an online-only course. Please call the Continuing Education Office at (253) 833-9111 ext. 2535 prior to registering for important course information and system requirements. • Fee $59 Y206 Online

Level I Yoga

Explore yoga in a question-friendly environment. Learn practices and yogic philosophy that helps increase your self-care and well-being. From core stability to tension release, students will learn the fundamentals of an intelligent yoga practice. You will get individual feedback and encouragement while learning a functional and therapeutically sequenced practice that includes breathing, meditation and asana. Suitable for all ages and abilities. CEUs: 1.2 • Fee $119 Y725 J. Hoiland Enumclaw Th 7-8:30p Class begins 9/28/2017 and ends 11/16/2017

10 Weeks to Better Posture



Yoga is great for a healthy spine and better posture! Learn how to move joints in a manner that creates space and stability to experience more freedom of movement. Decrease risk of future injury and improve the symptoms that lead to joint degeneration and pain. Practice healthy movement patterns that help retrain the brain and nervous system. CEUs: 1.5 • Fee $149 Y726 J. Hoiland Enumclaw T 7-8:30p Class begins 9/26/2017 and ends 11/28/2017

Home, Garden & Outdoors Fish Smoking

Learn how to make delectable smoked fish! We’ll focus on Pacific NW favorites like salmon, steelhead and trout. You’ll be a hit at all your parties and events with your own custom-made smoked appetizers. Class will include step-by-step instruction, demonstration, recipes and sample tasting. • Fee $39 Y728 J. Fiskum ZWC-107 W 6:30-8:30p Class begins 11/15/2017 and ends 11/15/2017

Introduction to Trout Spey

Two-handed fly rods are all the rage in the NW! With the development of shorter, lighter Spey and Switch rods, trout are now targeted with two-handed rods. In the classroom session, we will discuss effective set ups, “hot” fly patterns, and strategies to make them produce. There will be an optional outing to the Yakima River for hands-on instruction in casting and fishing. Rod, reel, and line package available to rent for $15 from instructor for outing. Classroom session a prerequisite for the optional outing. CEUs: .2 Y756 J. Fiskum Enumclaw W 6:30-8:30p Classroom session 10/18/2017 • Fee $29 Y757 J. Fiskum Arranged Sa 10a-3p River session 10/21/2017 • Fee $79

Introduction to Winter Steelhead Fishing

Learn about the tackle, equipment, lures and baits you need to successfully fish for winter steelhead in the Pacific Northwest. We’ll discuss the 3 most productive methods for the wading angler: drift fishing, float fishing, and spoon fishing. After the classroom session, there is an optional outing to a local river (Green, Snoqualmie, or Skykomish) to try to catch a steelhead by applying the techniques we learned in class. Rods, reels, and line are available to rent from instructor for $10. Classroom session is a prerequisite for the optional outing. Y729 J. Fiskum Enumclaw W 6:30-8:30p Classroom session 12/6/2017 • Fee $29 Y730 J. Fiskum Arranged Sa 7-11a River session 12/9/2017 • Fee $59

River Fishing Strategies for Fall Salmon

Learn where, when and how to use the most modern, innovative tactics to entice fall river salmon. We will cover tackle, equipment, lures and strategies including Twitching Jigs, Casting Plugs, Floats and Bait, plus spinners and spoons. Class will include a resource guide. After the classroom session, there is an optional outing to either the Green or Skykomish River. Rod, reel and line package can be rented from instructor for $10. Classroom session is a prerequisite for the optional outing. CEUs: .6 Y734 J. Fiskum Enumclaw W 6:30-8:30p Classroom session 11/8/2017. Fee $29 Y735 J. Fiskum Arranged Sa 7-11a River session 11/11/2017. Fee $59

Tying Jigs for Pacific NW Salmon and Steelhead

Essential Oils 101: Nature’s Extractions



Jigs are a deadly lure/fly for Pacific Salmon and Steelhead. You will learn to tie 3 different jig styles in this 2 session crash course. From these basic styles you will be able to create hundreds of different color combinations and sizes to meet a wide variety of angling situations including Fly Fishing. No prior tying experience necessary. All tying equipment is provided. $10 Materials fee to instructor first night of class. • Fee $59 Y727 J. Fiskum ZWC-107 MW 6:30-8:30p Class begins 10/2/2017 and ends 10/4/2017

Essential Oils are a delightful way to relieve stress, calm the mind, and lift the spirits. Learn about the benefits of essential oils and how to incorporate them into your everyday life. We’ll discuss what essential oils are, how you can safely use them, and which ones are good for different health issues, natural cleaning, and supporting your emotional health. Samples and resources will be available so you can explore these natural solutions on your own. CEUs: .25 • Fee $29 Y737 J. Joneschiet Enumclaw T 6:30-9p Class begins 10/3/2017 and ends 10/3/2017

Yakima River Fly Fishing New!

Flavorful Cooking With Essential Oils





Learn the Yakima River’s secrets and do well on this blue ribbon trout fishery. We’ll discuss wade fishing and rowing your own pontoon boat to access the Yakima’s prime water. Get a resource guide loaded with details on water flows, hatches, access, hot fly patterns and strategies for success! Two optional outings for hands on instruction and fishing. Classroom session is a prerequisite for the optional outings. CEUs: .2 • Fee $29 Y731 J. Fiskum Enumclaw W 6:30-8:30p Classroom session 9/27/2017 • Fee $29 Y732 J. Fiskum Arranged Sa 9a-1p Wade session 9/30/2017 • Fee $79 Y733 J. Fiskum Arranged Sa 9a-3p Pontoon session 10/7/2017 • Fee $99

Other Courses Genealogy & Family History: Getting Started

The class is designed for those just beginning their genealogy research. You will learn how to stay organized as you research your family by keeping a research notebook. Learn about sources to use, spending extra time on how to search, examine and order copies of vital records. Discussion of how to use the Genealogist’s Research Cycle to stay focused on your search will be included. CEU’s: .2 • Fee $29 Y754 W. Laird Enumclaw Sa 10a-12p Class begins 10/7/2017 and ends 10/7/2017

Genealogy & Family History: Searching the Census

The federal population census records (1790- 1940) are basic resources for genealogists to learn more about their ancestors. Learn how to search by name and/or location at and FamilySearch and what microfilm rolls are available at the National Archives. Discover family members, neighbors, occupations, education levels and much more. CEUS: .2 • Fee $29 Y755 W. Laird Enumclaw Sa 10a-12p Class begins 10/14/2017 and ends 10/14/2017

Selling Online Series Take both classes and save $19. Register for Y750. CEUs: .4 • Fee $59 Y750 D. McIntosh Enumclaw TTh 6-8p Class begins 10/17/2017 and ends 10/19/2017

Selling Your Stuff Online

Learn the basics of what sells best on which sites, how to write keyword rich descriptions and how to add photos that get your items sold! CEUs: .2 • Fee $39 Y751 D. McIntosh Enumclaw T 6-8p Class begins 10/17/2017 and ends 10/17/2017

Selling Online, The Next Step

Take your online selling to the next level! Learn the specifics of shipping items, accepting online payments and playing with the big-boys like eBay, Amazon and Etsy. CEUs: .2 • Fee $39 Y752 D. McIntosh Enumclaw Th 6-8p Class begins 10/19/2017 and ends 10/19/2017

Come and taste the flavor that only the purest essential oils can bring! Find easy and convenient ways to bring new flavor to your favorite dishes. We’ll be creating delicious recipes that you can savor and enjoy serving to your family. Learn how essential oils can save you money and time in the kitchen while bringing health and wellness to your life. Join us for hors d’oeuvres to start your culinary experience. Also included is a 25-recipe cookbook that you can use at home! • Fee $29 Y740 J. Joneschiet Enumclaw T 6:30-9p Class begins 11/7/2017 and ends 11/7/2017

Language Spanish, Beginning

Course is geared toward the adult student seeking control of a language for practical applications like traveling. CEUs: 1.6 • Fee $139 Y760 L. Daniels Enumclaw W 6:30-8:30p Class begins 10/25/2017 and ends 12/13/2017


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the Continuing Education Office on any campus We accept Mastercard, Visa, AmEx and Discover. Check or exact cash is accepted in person or by mail.

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