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We also offer a wide variety of non-credit community education classes. Current Resident or


1414 Griffin Avenue, Enumclaw The Enumclaw Campus office hours are Monday–Thursday, 8 a.m.– 8 p.m. When classes are not in session, the Campus closes at 6 p.m.



Credit Classes at Enumclaw Campus SUMMER CLASSES BASIC 032-076

Adult Basic Ed-GED Prep





MATH 062

Review Of Arithmetic





MATH 070






MATH 072

Elementary Algebra





MATH 097

Intermediate Algebra





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Minecraft Modders Bricks 4 Girlz LEGO Bead-Dazzling Math

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Babysitting Responsibly Stop Motion Animation Virtual Reality


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Non-credit classes are self-supported by class fees, not tuition. Online: Phone: 253-288-3400 Visit: Come to any of our locations and register in person by cash, check or credit card. Class fees for Continuing Education classes are not refundable unless student cancels 24 hours prior to the start of class. Full refunds will be made if the College cancels a class.




1414 Griffin Avenue Enumclaw, WA 98022

Enumclaw Campus

Credit classes begin June 26, 2017. Tuition is $102.75 per credit for Washington residents. Additional fees apply. Students may register in Enumclaw, at the main campus in Auburn, or by web registration. Math and English Assessment is required for placement in math or English classes.


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Green River’s Enumclaw Campus offers college level courses in math, English, science, and history, as well as computer classes for beginning and more advanced users.

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Enumclaw Campus

1414 Griffin Avenue Enumclaw, WA 98022

June 2 6 – A u g u s t 3 1


Photography: Lightroom 6

Career & Trade Skills Flagger Training

Training consists of classroom instruction and state certification in flagging, traffic control and safety. Upon successful completion participants receive a picture ID card with certification valid for three years. Fee includes textbook. Students must be at least 18 years of age. Bring lunch. Special arrangements can also be made for group training at your business location. CEUs: .8 • Fee $62 Y108 J. Gale Auburn Campus, ZWC Sa 8a-4:30p Class begins 6/24/17 and ends 6/24/17 Y110 J. Gale Kent Campus F 8a-4:30p Class begins 7/7/17 and ends 7/7/17 Y112 J. Gale Enumclaw W 8a-4:30p Class begins 7/19/17 and ends 7/19/17 Y114 J. Gale Auburn Campus, ZWC Sa 8a-4:30p Class begins 8/12/17 and ends 8/12/17 Y116 J. Gale Kent Campus F 8a-4:30p Class begins 8/25/17 and ends 8/25/17

Computers Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 1



Gain the foundational understanding of Microsoft Excel 2016 that’s necessary to create and work with spreadsheets. Topics include opening Excel; saving workbooks; creating, saving and sharing worksheets; entering, moving, copying and manipulating data; using formulas and functions; formatting text and numbers; applying formatting to cells; creating charts; data entry shortcuts; and printing and previewing workbooks. Prerequisite: basic computer skills including Microsoft Windows proficiency. Text included. CEUs: .7 • Fee $149 Y739 G. Larson Enumclaw W 8a-4p Class begins 7/26/17 and ends 7/26/17

Microsoft Windows 10

Topics include navigating Windows 10; customizing the desktop and Start Screen; downloading apps; managing files and folders; exploring web browsers and internet features; and personalizing the Windows environment. Some elements requiring a Microsoft account may be demonstrated but not practiced. Prerequisite: experience using a keyboard and mouse and accessing the Internet with a web browser. Text included. CEUs: .4 • Fee $89 Y738 G. Larson Enumclaw W 8a-12p Class begins 7/12/17 and ends 7/12/17

Creative Arts & Crafts

Lightroom is Adobe’s image management and enhancement program designed specifically for photographers. Lightroom makes managing, enhancing and sharing your photographs easy and efficient. Learn how to organize, back up, manage and enhance your images. Learn to integrate Lightroom and Photoshop or Elements. No prior experience with Lightroom is necessary; laptop computer recommended but not required. Free 30 day Lightroom trial available. CEUs: 1.0 • Fee $109 Y705 R. Young Enumclaw W 6:30-9p Class begins 6/28/17 and ends 7/19/17

Digital Photography 2

Learn to work with RAW images, advanced camera controls, when to use manual controls, shooting for HDR, retouching images and composition. Three outdoor shooting labs included. CEUs: 1.4 • Fee $135 Y703 R. Young Enumclaw M 6:30-8:50p Class begins 7/17/17 and ends 8/21/17

Digital Photography: Advanced Topics

Each week the class will focus on a single project: photographic illusions and perspectives, HDR (both taking and processing photos), sports photography, time lapse photography and using special lenses and filters. CEUs: 1.4 • Fee $129 Y716 R. Young Enumclaw Th 6:30-8:50p Class begins 7/6/17 and ends 8/17/17 - No class 7/27

Photography: Basic Portrait Lighting

Learn how light works and how to work with studio lighting equipment, backdrops, and models to take professional-looking portraits. Class includes two hours of instruction and three hours of hands-on work. CEUs: .5 • Fee $105 Y718 R. Young Enumclaw Sa 9a-2p Class begins 8/12/17 and ends 8/12/17


Join us in historical downtown Enumclaw and draw or paint the perfect cityscape! The city at the base of Mt. Rainier has endless locations with beautiful views. Plan to draw historical buildings or places at specially chosen locations. Learn to edit street scenes and compose the cityscape with correct perspective and create a beautiful painting. Plein Aire is a French expression meaning “in the open air” and describes the act of drawing or painting outside on location and with a city like Enumclaw it might become one of your favorite subjects. Students may work in any medium (oil, acrylic, watercolor, pencil, pastels). Materials list provided upon registration.CEUs: 1.4 • Fee $115 Y701 E. Lynest Enumclaw Tu 10a-12p Class begins 6/27/17 and ends 8/15/17 - No class 7/4

Dry Fly Strategies for Trout

One of the most exciting moments in fly fishing is seeing a trout come up to take your well-presented dry fly. Learn how to fish dry flies upstream, downstream, and cross-stream in this hands-on crash course held on a local river. Rods, reels and lines are available for use from instructor. Directions will be sent upon registration. Held at Cedar River CEUs: .3 • Fee $49 Y753 J. Fiskum Arranged W 6-9p Class begins 7/19/17 and ends 7/19/17

Fly-Fishing For Pink Salmon

Youth & Kids

Sharpen your tasting skills and train your palate to identify the fundamental building blocks in wine. Sample a variety of wines and learn to correctly identify levels of acid, tannin, sweetness, body, alcohol and complexity. CEUs: .2 • Fee $45 Y743 N. Lane Enumclaw W 6:30-8:30p Class begins 6/28/17 and ends 6/28/17

This ONLINE program meets the HIV/AIDS education requirement mandated for certification by the Washington State Department of Health. Reference notebook available to check out at time of registration. Please call (253) 833-9111 ext. 2535 to register in order to receive log-in and important course information. CEUs: .7 • Fee $59 Y158 Arranged Class begins 6/26/17 and ends 6/26/17

Create a great-looking landscape or garden that’s healthier for you, your family, your pets, and the environment while saving you time and money! Topics include using a sustainable and economical approach to planning and managing a landscape or garden based on five components: soil, water, plants, materials and health. CEUs: .25 • Fee $35 Y764 A. Haywood Enumclaw Tu 6:30-9p Class begins 6/27/17 and ends 6/27/17 w


You put a lot of work into your yard and garden – don’t let bugs ruin it! From your lawn to landscape plants to vegetables, the wise gardener will be alert for possible disaster. Insects, disease, and animals all can be destructive. Learn about the most common yard and garden pests and how to get rid of them. Bring samples of your problems for the instructor to identify. CEU’s .25 • Fee $35 Y746 A. Haywood Enumclaw Th 6-8:30p Class begins 7/27/17 and ends 7/27/17

Nymph Fishing Strategies For Trout


N The underwater stage of an aquatic inset or “nymph” makes up over 80% of the trout’s diet. Anglers who learn to master nymph fishing strategies will consistently catch trout in all seasons. This one evening crash course in nymph fishing will be held on the Cedar River; several different indicator nymphing techniques will be covered. CEUs: 0.3 • Fee $49 Y751 J. Fiskum Arranged W 6-9p Class begins 7/12/17 and ends 6/29/17



Bricks 4 Girlz Essential Oils 101: Nature’s Extractions

w Ne

Essential Oils are a delightful way to relieve stress, calm the mind, and lift the spirits. Learn about the benefits of essential oils and how to incorporate them into your everyday life. We’ll discuss what essential oils are, how you can safely use them, and which ones are good for different health issues, natural cleaning, and supporting your emotional health. Samples and resources will be available so you can explore these natural solutions on your own. CEUs: .25 • Fee $29 Y744 J. Joneschiet Enumclaw W 6:30-9p Class begins 7/12/17 and ends 7/12/17 Come and taste the flavor that only the purest essential oils can bring! Find easy and convenient ways to bring new flavor to your favorite dishes. We’ll be creating delicious recipes that you can savor and enjoy serving to your family. Learn how essential oils can save you money and time in the kitchen while bringing health and wellness to your life. Join us for hors d’oeuvres to start your culinary experience. Also included is a 25-recipe cookbook that you can use at home! CEUs: .25 • Fee $29 Y745 J. Joneschiet Enumclaw Th 6:30-9p Class begins 8/17/17 and ends 8/17/17

If your idea of fly-fishing means beautiful places, New solitude, and wild trout, you’ll want to explore “Secret Creeks.” In this classroom session, you will receive information about how to find these lesser fished watersheds and what tackle, equipment, and flies will lead you to success. After the classroom session there will be an optional outing to a creek on the East slope of the Cascades. Classroom session is a prerequisite for the outing. Y748 J. Fiskum Enumclaw W 6:30-8:30p Classroom session 7/5/17 • Fee $29 Y749 J. Fiskum Arranged Sa 9a-3p Creek session 7/8/17 • Fee $89

Learn the basics of how to care for and entertain children while babysitting. Topics include home and child safety, what to do in an emergency getting babysitting jobs and ideas for keeping the kids busy! Ages 11-16. • Fee $39 C991 Staff Enumclaw Th 9a-1p Class begins 6/29/17 and ends 6/29/17 Young jewelry designers will delight in this awesome week of math fun! Girls will explore mathematical patterns and concepts while designing jewelry using a variety of beads and other materials. Activities include exploring infinity, pi, computer programming, algebraic concepts and computation practice- all while making beaded jewelry to take home! In this Girls Rock Math camp, girls will play math games, do puzzles, sing songs and have a blast! GIRLS ONLY (Ages: 8-11) • Fee $319 C953 Staff Enumclaw M-Th 9a-4p Class begins 7/31/17 and ends 8/3/17


Fly-Fishing Secret Creeks

Babysitting Responsibly

Bead-Dazzling Math Camp


2017 is a Pink Salmon year! Don’t miss out on this phenomenal local fishery as millions of pink salmon pour in to Puget Sound in late summer. The classroom session will include a resource notebook loaded with information to help you plan our outing to local beaches and rivers. After the classroom session, there will be two optional outings for hands on instruction and fishing. Sign up for just the classroom, or classroom plus either or both outings. The classroom session is a prerequisite for the outings. Y758 J. Fiskum ZWC-105 W 6:30-8:30p Classroom session 7/26/17 • Fee $29 Y759 J. Fiskum Arranged Sa 5-9a Beach session 8/12/17 • Fee $59 Y763 J. Fiskum Arranged Sa 5:30-9:30a River session 8/26/17 • Fee $59

HIV/AIDS Certification

What’s Bugging Your Yard?

Other Courses Wine 101: A Primer on Tasting Wine

Flavorful Cooking With Essential Oils

Home, Garden & Outdoors


Improve distance, accuracy, and your ability to cast in the wind. The “Double Haul” is your next step to becoming a great fly caster! Prior fly casting experience required. This is an intermediate level course. Held at lake Meridian Park in Kent. CEUs: .2 • Fee $29 Y747 J. Fiskum Arranged W 6:30-8:30p Class begins 6/28/17 and ends 6/28/17

Health, Dance & Fitness

Introduction to Sustainable Gardening and Landscaping

Draw Enumclaw - Plein Aire Drawing

Double Haul Fly Casting Clinic

Genealogy & Family History: Getting Started

The class is designed for those just beginning their genealogy research. You will learn how to stay organized as you research your family by keeping a research notebook. Learn about sources to use, spending extra time on how to search, examine and order copies of vital records. Discussion of how to use the Genealogist’s Research Cycle to stay focused on your search will be included. CEUs: .2 • Fee $29 Y765 W. Laird Enumclaw Tu 6-8p Class begins 8/1/17 and ends 8/1/17

Genealogy & Family History: Searching the Census

The federal population census records (1790- 1940) are basic resources for genealogists to learn more about their ancestors. Learn how to search by name and/or location at and FamilySearch and what microfilm rolls are available at the National Archives. Discover family members, neighbors, occupations, education levels and much more. CEUs: .2 • Fee $29 Y767 W. Laird Enumclaw Tu 6-8p Class begins 8/8/17 and ends 8/8/17

Grab your friends and come hang out with us for a girls-only week of crafting and creating with LEGO® bricks. Build adorable houses, cafes and fun motorized girl-oriented models. We’ll do lots of other unique things with bricks, from jewelry making to brick art and origami, with a take-home project each day. And don’t worry, there are NO BOYS ALLOWED! Because this camp is all about girls! Ages 8-14. • Fee $160 C967 Staff Enumclaw M-Th 9a-12p Class begins 7/24/17 and ends 7/27/17 C995 Staff Kent Campus M-Th 1-4p Class begins 8/7/17 and ends 8/10/17

Virtual Reality: The Future is Now


Minecraft Modders

Use your favorite game to learn the basics of modding and foundations of programming. Learn scripting and logic statements as you create your first mod! Introductory coding will also be taught through a simulated environment inspired by Minecraft. Projects will be available on a password protected website. To access your project at home, you must own a PC/ MAC version of Minecraft. Not compatible with other versions. Ages 8 - 14. • Fee $179 C997 Staff Enumclaw M-Th 1-4p Class begins 7/17/17 and ends 7/20/17

Stop Motion Animation: Movie Making Camp


Light, cameras, LEGO® action! Use LEGO® bricks to Ne tell YOUR story, complete with music, special effects and all your favorite LEGO® mini- figure characters! In this unique and creative camp, students will plan, script, stage, shoot, and produce their own mini-movie using stop-motion Animation. Working as a team, students will use LEGO® components to build the set and props, then shoot their movie using a camera. Teams will use movie-making software to add special effects, titles, credits and more. When the movie is complete, campers will impress friends and family with a screening party on the last day of camp. Don’t miss your chance to be a movie producer! Ages 9-14 • Fee $200 C909 Staff Enumclaw M-Th 1-4p Class begins 7/17/17 and ends 7/20/17 C901 Staff Kent Campus M-Th 1-4p Class begins 8/14/17 and ends 8/17/17


N Embark on an EPIC adventure in virtual reality! In this cutting edge class, you will learn the foundations of VR design by creating your own virtual worlds, exploring simulated environments, and crafting memorable 3D experiences. At the end of the week, take home your first cardboard VR headset to show friends and family the new worlds you created. VR projects can be viewed on a website or a mobile device. Students do not need a mobile device to take the class, but to use the VR headset at home a camper will need access to an Android or Apple mobile device. Students will work in pairs or teams and VR Games will be available on a password protected, Black Rocket website to share with friends and family. The increased fee covers the VR headset that is yours to keep! Ages 10-14 • Fee $199 C981 Staff Enumclaw M-Th 9a-12p Class begins 7/17/17 and ends 7/20/17 C979 Staff Auburn Campus M-Th 9a-12p Class begins 7/24/17 and ends 7/27/17 C977 Staff Kent Campus M-Th 9a-12p Class begins 8/7/17 and ends 8/10/17

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Enumclaw Schedule - Summer 2017  

Schedule of classes held at Green River College's Enumclaw campus for Summer 2017.

Enumclaw Schedule - Summer 2017  

Schedule of classes held at Green River College's Enumclaw campus for Summer 2017.