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Campus Information

1414 Griffin Avenue, Enumclaw The Enumclaw Campus office hours are Monday–Thursday, 8 a.m.– 8 p.m. When classes are not in session, the Campus closes at 6 p.m. (253) 288-3400

Registration for Credit Classes

Current Resident or

Credit classes begin January 3, 2017. Tuition is $102.75 per credit for Washington residents. Additional fees apply. Students may register in Enumclaw, at the main campus in Auburn, or by web registration. Math and English Assessment is required for placement in math or English classes.

Registration for Non-Credit Classes - 3 Easy Ways to Register Non-credit classes are self-supported by class fees, not tuition.

Online: Phone: 253-288-3400 Visit: Come to any of our locations and register in person by cash, check or credit card. 1414 Griffin Ave. Enumclaw, WA 98022

Enumclaw Campus

Class fees for Continuing Education classes are not refundable unless student cancels 24 hours prior to the start of class. Full refunds will be made if the College cancels a class.

Academic Advising

Please call for available dates and times or to make an appointment.

Credit Classes at Enumclaw Campus

Green River College does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, gender, gender orientation, age, marital status, religion, disability, genetic information or on any other unlawful basis. The college is committed to preventing and stopping discrimination, including harassment of any kind and any associated retaliatory behavior. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Vice President of Human Resources, 12401 SE 320th Street, Auburn, WA 98092-3622, (253) 288-3320. To receive this information in an alternate format, please contact Disability Support Services at (253) 833-9111, ext. 2631; TTY (253) 288-3359. Green River College has made reasonable efforts to provide information that is accurate at the time of publication. However, the college reserves the right to make appropriate changes in procedures, policies, calendars, requirements, programs, courses, and fees. When feasible, changes will be announced prior to their effective dates, but the college assumes no responsibility for giving any particular notice of such changes. Nothing herein shall be construed to create any offer to contract or contractual rights.

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*MWF-Friday Class Meets: 01/06, 01/20, 01/27, 02/10, 02/24 and 03/10/17. **TThF-Friday Class Meets: 01/13, 02/03, 02/17 and 03/03/17.


Item Credits 1191 (6) 3597 (5) 3599 (5) 3603 (5) 3383 (5) 4653 (5) 5823 (5) 5847 (5) 5875 (5) 5903 (5) 5947 (5) 5971 (5) 6031 (5) 6059 (5) 6171 (5) 7727 (5) 7773 (5) 8113 (5)

Credit and Non-Credit Classes

Days Time TTh 5:30-8:20p *MWF 7:30-9:30a MW 9:40a-12p TTh 7-9:20p MW 6:30-8:50p TTh 4-6:20p TTh 9:30-11:50a MW 4:30-6:50p TTh 9:30-11:50a MW 4:30-6:50p TTh 9:30-11:50a MW 4:30-6:50p TTh 9:30-11:50a MW 4:30-6:50p W 2:30-4:30p MW 4-6:20p **TThF 7:30-9:30a MW 6:30-8:50p

Enumclaw Campus

Class Adult Basic Ed-Test Prep English Composition I English Composition I English Composition I Writing: Humanities US History II Review Of Arithmetic Review Of Arithmetic Pre-Algebra Pre-Algebra Elementary Algebra Elementary Algebra Intermediate Algebra Intermediate Algebra Math In Society American Government General Psychology Spanish I


Division BASIC 032-076 ENGL& 101 ENGL& 101 ENGL& 101 ENGL 126 HIST& 137 MATH 062 MATH 062 MATH 070 MATH 070 MATH 072 MATH 072 MATH 097 MATH 097 MATH& 107 POLS& 202 PSYC& 100 SPAN& 121

• Beginning Yoga • Posture & Movement • Breathing & Balance • Self-Massage



Permit No. 184


Auburn, WA

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Green River’s Enumclaw Campus offers college level courses in math, English, science, and history, as well as computer classes for beginning and more advanced users. We also offer a wide variety of non-credit community education classes.

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Find your interest at Green River College in Enumclaw

Enumclaw Campus

1414 Griffin Ave. Enumclaw, WA 98022

January 3 – March 1 7


Flagger Training

Business & Vocational Advanced Body Language Analysis

w Ne

While most of us know the basic meanings associated with certain body language, understanding the complexities behind the nonverbal cues people give off is an area most have not had the opportunity to study. This short interactive training offers cues on how to read people more effectively. Learn how to turn the focus to the other person, how to read them effectively and, most importantly, to direct the conversation the intended outcome. CEUs: .2 • Fee $35 Y726 L. Voso Enumclaw Th 9a–11a Class begins 3/23/17 and ends 3/23/17

Budgeting For Business

Learn budgeting fundamentals that will provide you with a solid understanding of budgeting and prepare you to make sound financial decisions. Topics include cash and master budgets; reviewing and analyzing budgets; justification and approval; operating budgets; manufacturing budgets; variances, forecasts and action plans; and capital budgets. You will also devise an action plan to solve a problem identified during a variance analysis. Course examples apply to all businesses. Text included. CEUs: .9 • Fee $199 Y720 T. Sauvageau Enumclaw M, W 9a–12p Class begins 1/23/17 and ends 1/30/17

Listening For Disclosure



Nonverbal body language makes up to 80% of our actual meaning, so we often miss the key messages because we are listening for content or to respond. Active listening doesn’t come naturally which is why this class is ideal for everyone who wants to improve their personal or professional interactions. When a person actively listens, they pay full attention, listen between the lines, notice nonverbal cues and ask the right questions, leading to more rewarding and meaningful communication. CEUs: .2 • Fee $35 Y724 L. Voso Enumclaw W 9a–11a Class begins 2/1/17 and ends 2/1/17

Training consists of classroom instruction and state certification in flagging, traffic control and safety. Upon successful completion participants receive a picture ID card with certification valid for three years. Students must be at least 18 years of age. CEUs: .8 • Fee $62 Y100 J. Gale Kent Campus F 8a–4:30p Class begins 1/6/17 and ends 1/6/17 • Fee $62 Y797 J. Gale Enumclaw W 8a–4:30p Class begins 1/18/17 and ends 1/18/17 • Fee $62 Y108 J. Gale Auburn, ZWC-105 Sa 8a–4:30p Class begins 2/4/17 and ends 2/4/17 • Fee $62 Y112 J. Gale Kent Campus F 8a–4:30p Class begins 2/17/17 and ends 2/17/17 • Fee $62 Y116 J. Gale Aubur, ZWC-105 Sa 8a–4:30p Class begins 3/4/17 and ends 3/4/17 • Fee $62 Y798 J. Gale Enumclaw W 8a–4:30p Class begins 3/15/17 and ends 3/15/17

Computers Microsoft Windows 10

Topics include navigating and customizing the Windows 10 environment; using Windows and desktop apps like Cortana; working with files and folders with File Explorer and OneDrive; browsing the Internet with Microsoft Edge. Some internet features may be demonstration only.Text included. CEUs: .4 • Fee $89 Y735 G. Larson Enumclaw W 8a–12p Class begins 2/15/17 and ends 2/15/17

Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 1

Topics include navigating a worksheet; entering and editing data, including formulas; entering functions; and modifying and formatting worksheets. You will also learn how to create and format charts, add graphics, work with conditional formatting, create templates and print worksheets. CEUs: .7 • Fee $149 Y730 G. Larson Enumclaw M 8a–4p Class begins 3/6/17 and ends 3/6/17

Microsoft Word 2013 Level 1

Moving Your Business to the Cloud

Cloud services are rapidly becoming a more efficient and less costly way to manage data, applications and websites and can offer huge benefits to large or small businesses. Cloud services can provide a reduction in IT overhead while encouraging flexibility for users to access data from just about anywhere. Learn how this impacts security, what contract terms are essential to a successful transition and what the most common mistakes are and how to avoid them. CEUs: .3 • Fee $45 Y728 Staff Enumclaw Th 9a–12p Class begins 3/2/17 and ends 3/2/17

Topics include identifying components of the Word interface; creating new documents; finding, selecting and modifying text; formatting text and paragraphs; adding tables; managing lists; inserting graphic objects; applying design and layout options to pages; using proofreading tools; and customizing the Word environment. Text included. CEUs: .7 • Fee $139 Y732 W. Berkley Enumclaw W 8a–4p Class begins 2/22/17 and ends 2/22/17

HR Essentials for Managers, Business Owners and HR Staff

Basic Beading



This course will provide an overview of essential workplace laws. Learn to confidently apply FMLA, wage and hour laws and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Learn the legal thinking on employment-at-will, hiring, disciplining and firing and to keep you out of the courtroom. Stay current on legal hot spots such as high-tech privacy and records retention. CEUs: .7 • Fee $129 Y722 K. Walker Enumclaw Th 8a–4p Class begins 2/9/17 and ends 2/9/17

Creative Arts & Crafts w


In this perfect beginner beading class learn the basics of stringing, design and tool use—everything you need to know to create a stunning piece of jewelry. Your necklace or bracelet design will be completed and able to be worn home at the end of class! $10 materials fee payable to instructor day of class for a necklace or a bracelet. CEUs: .2 • Fee $35 Y702 J. Erickson Enumclaw Sa 1–3p Class begins 1/28/17 and ends 1/28/17

Earrings and More Earrings



Classic hoops, funky dangles, mixed metal and more. Learn to wrap beads, make ear wires, wrap metal, and use a jig. A $10 materials fee is to be paid to the instructor on the day of class for a set of earrings. CEUs: .2 • Fee $35 Y704 J. Erickson Enumclaw Sa 1–3p Class begins 3/4/17 and ends 3/4/17

Digital Photography 1

Move beyond the “auto” mode of your digital camera and take great photos in any situation! Learn about exposure, shutter speed, focus, flash, aperture, depth of field, ISO, and much more. Class requirements include a digital camera with user guide that is capable of full manual control. CEUs: 1.4 • Fee $129 Y710 R. Young Enumclaw Tu 6:30–8:50p Class begins 1/10/17 and ends 2/14/17

Photography: Lightroom 6

Lightroom is Adobe’s image management and enhancement program designed specifically for photographers. Lightroom makes managing, enhancing and sharing your photographs easy and efficient. Learn how to organize, back up, manage and enhance your images. Learn to integrate Lightroom and Photoshop or Elements. No prior experience with Lightroom is necessary; laptop computer recommended but not required. Free 30 day Lightroom trial available. CEUs: 1.0 • Fee $109 Y712 R. Young Enumclaw Th 6:30–9p Class begins 1/12/17 and ends 2/9/17. No class 1/26

Digital Photography: Advanced Topics

Each week the class will focus on a single project: photographic illusions and perspectives, HDR (both taking and processing photos), sports photography, time lapse photography and using special lenses and filters. CEUs: 1.4 • Fee $129 Y709 R. Young Enumclaw M 6:30–8:50p Class begins 1/30/17 and ends 3/13/17. No class 2/20

Drawing, Beginning/Continued

Learn to create strong and accurate drawings through the four elemental shapes. Materials list provided upon registration. CEUs: 1.4 • Fee $115 Y700 E. Lynest Enumclaw Tu 10a–12p Class begins 1/24/17 and ends 3/7/17


Class will concentrate on materials, techniques and design components. Materials list provided upon registration. CEUs: 1.4 • Fee $115 Y707 E. Lynest Enumclaw W 10a–12p Class begins 1/25/17 and ends 3/8/17

Pastel Art Techniques

Pastels are convenient and easy to use. The purity and intensity of dry color produce an extraordinary range of effects on a variety of surfaces. Materials list provided upon registration. CEUs: 1.4 • Fee $115 Y714 E. Lynest Enumclaw Th 10a–12p Class begins 1/26/17 and ends 3/9/17

Dance Country Partner Dancing



Learn the most popular country partner dance steps and the little things that will make you a great partner to dance with! Dances will include two-step, waltz and cha cha! CEUs: .5 • Fee $59 Y742 J. Wilson Thunder MS W 7:30–8:30p Class begins 1/18/17 and ends 2/15/17

West Coast Swing

This smooth or funky, partnered dance can be danced to almost any type of Blues, Rock & Roll, Country, Jazz or Pop music. Learn basic 6-count patterns and compression technique of partner connection. Singles and couples welcome. CEUs: .5 • Fee $59 Y740 J. Wilson Thunder MS W 6:30–7:30p Class begins 1/18/17 and ends 2/15/17

Health 10 Weeks to Better Posture

Home & Garden w Ne

Yoga is great for a healthy spine and better posture! Learn how to move joints in a manner that creates space and stability to experience more freedom of movement. Decrease risk of future injury and improve the symptoms that lead to joint degeneration and pain. Practice healthy movement patterns that help retrain the brain and nervous system. CEUs: 1.5 • Fee $149 Y711 J. Hoiland Enumclaw Th 9:30–11a Class begins 1/12/17 and ends 3/16/17

Breathing, Bhandas & Balance



The breath affects all aspects of our life, from our conscious mind, to psychic and spiritual development as well as physical vitality. You can even bring about states of higher consciousness through breathing well. In this workshop explore breathing disfunction and how to correct it as well as how proper breathing and awareness of bandhas (energy locks) effect our balance and core stability. CEUs: .2 • Fee $29 Y755 J. Hoiland Enumclaw W 6:30–8:30p Class begins 3/8/17 and ends 3/8/17

Jump Start Your Nutrition for the New Year



With the New Year comes the opportunity for a fresh start and for many, this means leading a healthier lifestyle. Learn the basics about supporting your digestive system and eating a healthy diet of whole foods so your body works better, feels better and looks better. Instructor Susan Blake is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. CEUs: .3 • Fee $39 Y752 S. Blake Enumclaw W 9a–12p Class begins 1/11/17 and ends 1/11/17

Self Massage



Ever wonder about that pain you get behind your knee when trying to stretch your hamstrings, or maybe you find it hard to take a deep breath due to tightness through your ribs? Is your lower back constantly giving you trouble? You don’t have to suffer with those aches and pains. Learn to use tennis balls to safely and effectively release muscular tension. We’ll work systematically from feet to head developing self-care skills that will jumpstart your yoga and barre practice. CEUs: .2 • Fee $29 Y754 J. Hoiland Enumclaw W 6:30–8:30p Class begins 2/8/17 and ends 2/8/17

Yoga — Beginning

This course offers week by week instruction where students will progressively learn the fundamentals upon which a successful yoga practice is based. This course is suitable for all ages and abilities. Yoga improves your flexibility, strength and stamina while providing techniques and a greater awareness of balancing mind and body. Bring water, towel and a yoga mat. CEUs: 1.2 • Fee $89 Y715 J. Hoiland Enumclaw Tu 9:30–11a Class begins 1/24/17 and ends 3/14/17

HIV/AIDS Certification

This online program meets the HIV/AIDS education requirement mandated for certification by the WA State Department of Health. CEUs: .7 • Fee $59 Y780 Staff Enumclaw ONLINE Class begins 3/16/17 and ends 3/16/17


Basic Pruning

Prune everything from roses to fruit trees and keep overgrown rhododendrons and trees under control. CEUs: .25 • Fee $35 Y756 A. Haywood Enumclaw Tu 6:30–9p Class begins 2/7/17 and ends 2/7/17

Introduction to Sustainable Gardening and Landscaping



Create a great-looking landscape or garden that’s healthier for you, your family, your pets, and the environment while saving you time and money! Topics include using a sustainable and economical approach to planning and managing a landscape or garden based on five components: soil, water, plants, materials and health. CEUs: .25 • Fee $35 Y757 A. Haywood Enumclaw Tu 6:30–9p Class begins 3/7/17 and ends 3/7/17

In A Class By Itself 2 Class Series

Selling Online

Take both classes and save $19. Register for Y762. Fee $59. CEUs: .4 • Fee $59 Y760 D. McIntosh Enumclaw Th 6:30–8:30p Class begins 1/19/17 and ends 1/26/17


Bring your acoustic or electric guitar and learn to play! Required workbook ($25) and can be purchased from instructor on first night of class. CEUs: .9 • Fee $99 Y775 P. Hansen Thunder MS Th 7:30–8:30p Class begins 1/12/17 and ends 3/16/17. No class 2/23

Outdoors Alaska Sport Fishing on a Budget

Learn to research, plan, organize and experience the fishing trip of a lifetime in the “Last Frontier.” The instructor has 25 years of Alaska travel experience and shares valuable tips on experiencing Alaska’s remarkable fishing without running your bank account dry. Includes a resource notebook with tackle and equipment lists, fly pattern lists, Alaska fish run timing charts, packing for Alaska travel, 25 questions to ask every guide or lodge owner, plus sample itineraries for do-it-yourself Alaska adventures. CEUs: .2 • Fee $29 Y793 J. Fiskum Enumclaw W 6:30–8:30p Class begins 1/25/17 and ends 1/25/17

Bucket List Fly Fishing Adventures in the West



Selling Your Stuff Online

Come and learn about 20 of the top fly fishing destinations in the west. You will get information about when to visit, lodging and camping options, guides and outfitters, DIY options, hatch charts and fly pattern lists, plus tackle and equipment information. Instructor has been a guide in the Pacific Northwest for over 25 years! CEUs: .2 • Fee $29 Y794 J. Fiskum Auburn, ZWC-105 W 6:30–8:30p Class begins 2/15/17 and ends 2/15/17

Selling Online, The Next Step

Fly Fishing Washington’s Early Season Trout Lakes

Learn the basics of what sells best on which sites, how to write keyword rich descriptions and how to add photos that get your items sold! CEUs: .2 • Fee $39 Y761 D. McIntosh Enumclaw Th 6:30–8:30p Class begins 1/19/17 and ends 1/19/17 Take your online selling to the next level! Learn the specifics of shipping items, accepting online payments and playing with the big-boys like eBay, Amazon and Etsy. CEUs: .2 • Fee $39 Y762 D. McIntosh Enumclaw Th 6:30–8:30p Class begins 1/26/17 and ends 1/26/17

Language Spanish, Beginning

Course is geared toward the adult student seeking control of a language for practical applications like traveling. CEUs: 1.6 • Fee $139 Y766 L. Daniels Enumclaw Tu 6:30–8:30p Class begins 1/17/17 and ends 3/14/17. No class 2/21



Shake off “winter fever” and get geared up for some great early season trout fly fishing! Many of the Pacific Northwest lakes open on March 1st. Learn where, when and how to find the seasons best fly fishing options. Get a resource guide with suggested lake destinations and strategies for success. After the classroom session there will be an optional outing to an early season trout lake. Y795 J. Fiskum Enumclaw W 6:30–8:30p Classroom session • Fee $29 • 3/1/17 Y796 J. Fiskum Arranged Outing session • Fee $89 • 3/4/17



Introduction to Fly Tying

Creating your own flies is a satisfying, lifelong passion and enhances your fly fishing experience. Tie beautiful fish- catching flies your first evening, and progress through a series of exercises that will teach you the techniques to tie hundreds of different patterns. Get hands-on experience tying dry flies, wet flies and streamers. CEUs: .5 • Fee $59 Y792 J. Fiskum Auburn, ZWC-105 W 6:30–9p Class begins 1/11/17 and ends 1/18/17

Youth & Kids Babysitting Responsibly

Learn the basics of how to care for and entertain children in a babysitting situation. Topics include home and child safety, what to do in an emergency getting babysitting jobs and ideas for keeping the kids busy! Ages 11–16. • Fee $35 Y790 J. Erickson Enumclaw Sa 8:30a–12:30p Class begins 3/4/17 and ends 3/4/17

Enumclaw Schedule - Winter 2017  

Schedule of classes held at Green River College's Enumclaw campus for Winter 2017.

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