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Rocky RiverResident Reference | 2023 Local businesses and horticulture enthusiasts bring beauty to our public spaces. Flower Power Inside: Discover the stories behind Rocky River’s memorials | Learn about the city’s dedication to environmental stewardship | Meet individuals making a difference




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From the Mayor

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Around Town A local resident is on a quest to preserve the stories behind the city’s many memorials. Transportation Rocky River is dedicated to providing transportation to seniors who hope to age in place. Schools A new cafe at Rocky River High School offers coffee and a multitude of opportunities for students. Library Teens now have a dedicated space to kick back with friends at the library. Faces of River Meet two difference makers creating positive change in Rocky River. Flower Power Local florists and horticulture enthusiasts keep River blooming. Love Our City Community organizations and local leaders are committed to environmental stewardship in Rocky River and beyond. 4 6 7 8 9 10 12 16 Map and Street Index Resident Reference Restaurant Guide 20 24 36 FEATURE STORIES
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On the Cover: Photo by Laura Watilo Blake, Floral Arrangement by Bennett Hickey

From the City of Rocky River

ocky River is a city brimming with pride — pride in homeownership, pride in our top-notch schools, our superb city services, parks, library and more. With this pride comes a strong sense of community, and residents all play an active role in ensuring that Rocky River stays clean, safe, accessible and welcoming.

In this publication, you’ll read about a variety of programs focusing on environmental stewardship — from infrastructure that ensures Rocky River remains a walkable community to the Chamber of Commerce’s efforts to keep parks clean.

We also highlight new spaces at the library that give tweens and teens a safe and fun place to connect, as well as a new cafe at Rocky River High School that teaches students important life skills. You’ll also learn about the city’s commitment to making sure its senior residents have access to transportation. And what would any city be without its strong business community? While Rocky River is home to many wonderful businesses, in this issue, we highlight florists and plant purveyors that are bringing smiles to people’s faces and beauty to our public spaces.

It’s important, too, to remember those who have come before us and left their mark on the city. Luckily, one local resident is on a mission to make sure the stories behind Rocky River’s many memorials are preserved. We spotlight her efforts in this issue.

There’s so much to love about Rocky River — and so much to look forward to. On behalf of the city, we offer a special thank you to the businesses and organizations that have made this publication possible. We appreciate everyone’s dedication and willingness to support the 2023 Rocky River Resident Reference.

With kindest regards,

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Executive Assistant to the Mayor Mary Ellen Umerley Mayor Pamela E. Bobst

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The Kraft Roethler Group

One person alone can have an enormous impact, but when we combine the talent, hard work and determination of a team, there's no limit to what we can accomplish.

The Kraft Roethler Group

One person alone can have an enormous impact, but when we combine the talent, hard work and determination of a team, there's no limit to what we can accomplish.

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River Remembers

Have you ever read the engraved plaque on a bench and wondered — what’s the story behind that? If so, you’re a lot like Joyce Waltz-Umerley, a long-time resident and former city employee researching memorials in Rocky River.

It all started when she attended the city’s 2022 Arbor Day program. “The ceremony reminded me of how many tree plantings and memorials I had observed over 30 years,” says Waltz-Umerley.

After chatting with Mayor Pamela Bobst, she decided to compile a written history of the people behind the names on benches, trees and plaques around town. Bob Holub, the city’s director of recreation, provided her with a list of 30 memorials. Waltz-Umerley thought she might spend a month or so on the project. Instead, it’s grown to include more than 500 memorials, including bricks, chairs and more. The memorials date as far back as 1954, with some individuals having more than one. Eventually, Waltz-Umerley plans to create compendiums that she will deliver to the city.

“This work is so important for the community and such a gift,” says Bobst. “We know now that we need to keep really good records and have people write up a little bit of history about the individual so we have that for future generations.”

The project was a natural fit for Waltz-Umerley, given her interest in history and genealogy. When she discovers new memorials, she researches them online or in old obituaries. Family members, friends or co-workers of those memorialized can often share insight. “Some I still have dead ends on,” she says. “I may never know the answer.”

During her research, Waltz-Umerley uncovered many heartwarming stories, like the story of a bench in Rocky River Park with the engraving, “Lorri and Laurie Sunset Therapy.” These two women have been friends for 35 years and love watching the sunset in the park. Instead of waiting until one of them passed away

to have a memorial bench, they decided to commemorate their favorite spot so they could enjoy it together.

There’s also the plaque mounted to the chair in council chambers with the inscription, “Reserved: William P. Welsh, ‘Thank you for your longstanding support of our community.’” It’s where Bill Welsh sat for more than 16 years while attending city council meetings. Before Welsh died in 2021, he was named honorary eighth member of city council. On Monday evenings, Mayor Bobst pats the back of Bill’s chair twice as she enters council chambers.

Some memorials honor well-known residents such as Alex Hamilton, who coached Olympic medalist Jenny Fish, or musician Michael Stanley. Others celebrate lesser-known heroes, like Jacqueline and Marilyn Jauch. The two sisters donated $10,000 toward the restoration of an antique fire truck for the Rocky River Fire Department.

“This project is so meaningful to the community, both for folks that have honored a loved one and our residents that enjoy our parks and spend time learning the special meaning they have to others,” Holub says.

Residents interested in memorial trees, benches and plaques can contact the recreation department at 440-895-2599 or by email at, or the Rocky River Senior Center at 440-333-6660.

Familiar with someone who has a memorial in their honor?

Please contact the mayor’s office so that information can be added to the compilation.

6 ROCKY RIVER | 2023
One resident shares her quest to uncover the meaning behind the city’s memorials.
By Lisa Galek
work is so important for the community and such a gift.” –Mayor Pamela Bobst COURTESY JOYCE WALTZ-UMERLEY

Curb to Curb Service

Transportation services help seniors age in place.

Most older adults want to live independently, but transportation can be a major challenge. To help seniors stay independent, Rocky River provides curb-tocurb service for residents 60 and older who no longer drive.

The city maintains a diverse fleet of vehicles. Each meets a unique need — from the sedan transporting a single rider to a doctor’s appointment to the 14-passenger van shuttling a group to a senior center event. “Most people want to age in place and stay in their home as long as possible,” says Deborah Huff, senior services director. “This is one service that allows them to do that.”

About 1,400 seniors depend on this program. They can schedule trips for groceries, banking or appointments five days a week while limiting their reliance on family members. “It is such a deeply valued service by our seniors and their families,” says Mayor Pamela Bobst.

The program is funded by grants from the Lakewood Rocky River Rotary Foundation and Giant Eagle Foundation. Huff says Rocky River recently applied for a new grant and hopes to add a transit vehicle in the future.

For more information, call 440-333-6665.

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A Cafe with Class

Coffee, anyone? Students at Rocky River High School no longer have to make an extra trip to grab a latte in the morning. The school opened a full-service cafe, a project funded through a $40,000 grant from the Rocky River Education Foundation, that gives back to students in many ways.

It’s an on-site opportunity for students to clock the required 250 hours of work time to earn the state’s Ohio Means Jobs seal (obtaining two seals is a graduation requirement).

“We don’t just want the kids to get coffee — we want a resource in place where they can earn community service hours — a place to work so they can graduate from high school,” says Principal Rob Winton.

The cafe is the brainchild of Kristen Kalinowski, who teaches family and consumer science. She grew up in restaurants and saw an opportunity to leverage an under-used commons area. The cafe is separate from the cafeteria and closed during lunch hours, but students can order a cup

of coffee before the morning bell rings and during free periods. The school sources coffee locally from Caruso’s — the same supplier for Erie Island Coffee. “We want to use really good-quality coffee so kids will buy it,” Kalinowski says, adding that the top seller is hot chocolate, with the cafe selling about 150 cups per day. The menu also includes chai, refreshers, matcha, hot cider and seasonal coffees.

Cashless payment keeps transactions simple, and all proceeds go back to purchasing supplies, with extra funds funneling into the junior and senior class funds to lower the price of extracurriculars like prom and formals. “With prom tickets typically $100 per person, we were able to get them down to $40 to $50 per person, and I’m hopeful we can get them down to $20 this year,” Winton says.

Sometimes the cafe runs charitable campaigns so students can add a donation to

their coffee tab and support efforts like Hurricane Ian relief.

As hoped, the cafe has proven to do far more than serve coffee, and Kalinowski sees potential to use it as a platform for personal finance lessons and budgeting. Already, students in the intervention program are learning transferable life skills like taking inventory, stocking shelves, recording orders and more.

Kalinowski adds, “The Education Foundation is very supportive of teachers and our schools’ projects, and we are thankful for the funding that made this happen.”

8 ROCKY RIVER | 2023 COURTESY GREG MURPHY SCHOOLS WEST 34970 Detroit Rd., Avon 440.899.1957 RIVER 19025 Old Lake Rd., Rocky River 440.333.7994 Life has never looked better! Lake Rd., Rocky River
Rocky River High School’s coffee shop offers a resource for logging service hours, learning life skills and building community.

Tween Scene

Dedicated space designed for tweens and teens offers after-school activities and time to connect with friends.

The tween and teen scene at Rocky River Public Library is bustling after school with games — virtual reality and old-school Connect Four — books, computers for homework and hang-out space to catch up with friends. “They can sit around and talk, and it provides a place where they can come in out of the weather,” says Kristine Lee, children’s service manager.

The tween space, located in the mezzanine, is designed for kids ages 10 through middle school. “And it’s a space where you can be a bit louder — it’s not a quiet area like other spaces in the library,” Lee points out, adding that the kids can just be themselves.

That’s especially important during these growing years, she adds. “It’s good for them to have a space where they can behave in age-appropriate ways at a time

when they are still figuring out who they are, their brains are still developing — so to have a good spot to nurture that is helpful,” she says.

Plenty of “regulars” visit the tween space, and some work with staff on various volunteer projects — impromptu tasks like shelving books or assisting with other library business, and more formal volunteering through the Volunteer Youth Crew for kids in fourth through sixth grades. “Kids like to come in and help out,” Lee says.

The teen room, located on the first floor, is designed for older students. It is outfitted with tables and a range of seating, including cozy spots to chill.

Aside from the open invite for teens and tweens to drop in after school, the library hosts a book club and a program called Pen-Pal, which is a partnership with Ipswich Libraries in Australia. Kids ages 12 to 17 can complete an Expression of

Interest form and connect with a pen pal who shares similar interests and hobbies.

Both library spaces foster a sense of community and bring together young people with a range of interests.

“They are great kids,” Lee says. “We have such wonderful teens and tweens in the community.”

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Faces of River

Meet two individuals creating positive change in the city.

Nick Barille

You probably don’t think much about where your wastewater goes. But that’s Nick Barille’s job. The Rocky River Wastewater Treatment Plant superintendent spends his days managing wastewater flow and treatment for Rocky River, Bay Village, Fairview Park and Westlake. Barille came to Rocky River with two master’s degrees and nine years of experience with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and recently acquired a Class IV Wastewater Treatment license. His passion for his work stems from his belief that we are a product of our environment, so it is important to continue to improve that environment.

Barille has always been fascinated by the ability of nature to purify and purge itself, if given the right support and time. “I have always believed in the power of preserving and admiring natural resources, as they build a sense of community by creating a common location for people to gather, interact and build relationships,” he says.

Barille and his staff operate a plant built in 1962 and updated in 1982, so the 60-year-old infrastructure provides challenges, which they meet on a daily basis. Barille credits the partnership of the plant management committee — which includes the mayors of the four cities served — with keeping everything flowing smoothly. “They have been extremely supportive in the decisions I’ve recommended,” he says. “They have trust in our staff and in the way we run the wastewater treatment plant.”

As a way of managing the stresses of his job, Barille enjoys activities such as basketball, softball, bocce and golf. He also likes spending quality time with family and friends. “I still live in the town where I grew up, and so do many of my friends, so I still get to see them all as our generation begins to start families of our own,” he says.

Barille often goes to the recreation center before work, after work or during lunch, so if you see him when you’re there, please say hello.

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Harlan Radford

When it comes to giving back, Harlan Radford proves experience matters. The 79-yearold Rocky River resident raises money for community causes through an annual Swima-Thon. For 12 years, this event has collected contributions for organizations such as Girls with Sole, Cleveland Clinic Children’s Center for Autism in Rocky River and local fire departments.

Radford taught at Rocky River schools for 34 years before

retiring in 2000. He got the idea for the Swim-a-Thon as a way to help the high school swim team. It also helps that he has a competitive swimming background. “I continue to swim recreationally,” says Radford. “And I do things like swim Alcatraz out in San Francisco.”

On March 5, 2023, the 13th Annual Swim-a-Thon will raise funds to buy adaptive playground equipment for Elle’s Enchanted Forest. This inclusive play space is located behind Rocky River City Hall and is designed to be accessible for all children, including those with special needs and physical disabilities. It’s the only “playground for everyone” in the area.

To date, the Swim-a-Thon has raised more than $60,000 for Elle’s Enchanted Forest. But the effort is not yet complete, and Radford is committed to helping see the project through. “Children with special needs are really important to support,” he says. “I really believe that we’re all called to serve.”

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Fl wer P wer

Get to know some of the horticulture enthusiasts who keep Rocky River blooming.

Bennett Hickey Fl ral Design

Since 1985, customers have relied on Maison Maison interior design shop to furnish the home-decor look of their dreams. Those touches of elegance now include the fresh flower arrangements that Bennett Hickey Floral Design has quickly earned a reputation for.

“What we carry is very different from what most people are used to,” says Christy Bennett, who launched the business inside the store in July with co-owner Beth Hickey. “The quality and size of our blooms have resulted in customers coming back two weeks later to tell us the flowers they purchased here are still fresh.”

Friends since their kids were kindergarteners in the Rocky River School District, the duo painstakingly hand-select blooms to create personalized arrangements tailor-made for milestone family celebrations and corporate gifts. Customers can also purchase hand-tied bouquets and build their own arrangements at home in their favorite vase. Subscription packages are available for regularly scheduled delivery to Cleveland-area homes and offices.

The selection changes weekly and seasonally. Popular varieties include tulips imported from Holland, dahlias, ranunculus, anemones and hydrangeas.

“It’s important to us that quality be in every bloom we sell,” Bennett says. “Flowers are an expensive, luxury item. You don’t want to give the gift of flowers and have them not last in someone’s home.”

Bennett and Hickey also use their talents to beautify the city they love by installing what they call Belle Surprise floral arrangements on archways and benches throughout the community.

“Our shop is truly a garden-style floral shop,” Hickey says. “We love mixing colors — that’s our signature style.”

19126 Old Detroit Road, 216-399-7011,

12 ROCKY RIVER | 2023

A F nd Farewell

Jan Dell Flowers has been one of Rocky River’s most iconic and beloved businesses for as long as most people can remember.

“I love living and working in this community,” says owner Jim Lewis, whose parents, Jane and Bob, purchased the shop from the previous owner in 1945. “We’re very tightknit. Everything is always just right in Rocky River — right down to the city services.”

Generations of families have relied on Lewis and his team to create and deliver exquisite bouquets and arrangements for special occasions. Residents have also appreciated Jan Dell’s timely and thoughtful delivery to Lakewood Park Cemetery for placement of flowers on gravesites.

But in 2022, at age 74, Lewis made the difficult decision to retire and close Jan Dell Flowers at the end of December. It wasn’t a decision he took lightly.

“Over the years, we’ve gotten to know exactly what our customers are looking for,” he says. “We’ve been here so long, they’re like family to us.”

And customers will certainly miss that personal touch.

“Rocky River is lucky to have been home to Jan Dell Flowers for so many years,” says Mayor Pamela Bobst. “The business will be sorely missed, but we’d like to thank Jim and his team for their years of dedication to our community. We wish them all the best.”


River Plant C

“It’s never too late to start the day over.” For Jennifer Hihn, founder and CEO of River Plant Co., that personal belief is one that customers quickly embrace upon entering her emporium filled with what she calls “happy, local house plants” ready to head to good homes.

Hihn, a potter who opened the shop in August 2020, carries myriad varieties ranging from philodendron, snake and ZZ plants that are easy to maintain, to more exotic Bird of Paradise, dracaena, ficus and

Beach Cliff Garden Club

For almost a century, beauty has abounded in Rocky River, and the 55 members comprising Beach Cliff Garden Club are dedicated to ensuring that ambiance continues. They can be found planting seasonal flowers while sprucing up the garden that graces the base of the city’s iconic clock tower, and hosting

But, as club president Michelle Cox — who’s been a member since 1995 — explains, there’s so much more to the

“Of course, we like to follow in the footsteps of the women who founded the club in April 1929 and create beauty with flowers and gardens. But what we really cherish are the educational opportunities we sponsor that lead participants to develop earth-friendly habits.”

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String of Pearls. Selections change with the seasons and, during the holidays, include Christmas cacti and poinsettias.

“I’m an avid shopper who doesn’t want to go into a store and see the same sweater on the rack week after week,” she says. “So I take pride in finding new and different plants to feature so my customers will never be bored.”

River Plant Co. also doubles as a onestop gift shop, carrying items that include candles, tea towels and Hihn’s handmade pots. As a way to give back to the community she loves, the proprietor also hosts Small Business Saturday pop-ups, that highlight a different local business each week.

“People are amazed when they walk in the door,” Hihn says. “I’ve heard comments that range from ‘This is heaven’ to ‘This is so beautiful, I want to live here.’ That makes my day and the work I do all worthwhile.” 20161 Lake Road, 440-857-0707,

Happily Ever After

They include monthly meetings at Rocky River Memorial Hall focusing on ways to create environmentally friendly tablescapes and donating books about gardening and flowers to the library.

“Community outreach is a key component of what we do, too,” Cox says.

Members teach Rocky River students about horticulture by planting flowers with them at their school. The club also received an award from the Garden Club of Ohio for the butterfly garden that members created at the Rocky River Public Library in 2021.

“If you love flowers and gardening, the club is a wonderful community to be part of,” Cox says. “We like to say we sow the seeds of friendship around a common interest. Some of us love gardening, some of us are more analytical about the process, others are into flower arranging and landscaping. No matter the interest, we all learn from each other.”

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Love Our City (and Our Earth)

The city and its residents are committed to protecting our planet. Discover ways you can help.

It’s easy to see why Rocky River, with its assortment of exquisite shops, dining and recreational opportunities, attracts visitors from Northeast Ohio and beyond. But the city isn’t resting on its laurels. Instead, civic and community leaders are looking beyond the horizon, embracing a commitment to environmental stewardship that’s sure to be appreciated by generations to come.

“When I deliver the annual State of the City address, I talk about a variety of investments, including those involving the building department and commercial and residential projects,” says mayor Pamela Bobst, who’s beginning her 17th year at the helm. “But environmental stewardship is also a topic I highlight, because it’s incredibly important. Rocky River is located on the shores of Lake Erie, a beautiful lake that’s our greatest natural asset. We’re dedicated to taking care of it and the environment that surrounds it.”

For more than three decades, the Arbor Day Foundation has awarded the city a Tree City USA designation for its commitment to maintaining a tree board or department, instituting a community tree ordinance, spending at least $2 per capita on urban forestry and celebrating Arbor Day. Additionally, the foundation presented Rocky River with a Growth Award for the city’s fastidious attention to tree care administered by four arborists on staff and hosting community engagement events throughout the year.

The mayor points with pride to the infrastructure investments the city has made in a walkability program that keeps sidewalks in tip-top shape for walking and biking; revitalizing Bradstreet’s Landing, including refurbishing 300 feet of the pier overlooking Lake Erie to ensure it meets ADA standards, and restoring Spencer Creek to maintain its natural habitat; and installing permeable pavement and vaults that draw stormwater to nearby trees, thus keeping it out of the sewer system. Additionally, grant money has been allocated for traffic signalization and air-quality control along heavily traveled Center Ridge Road.

“And when it comes to recycling, we have a variety of different options for our residents,” Bobst says. “They can drop off clothing, sheets and towels in bins at the service department or donate items to Habitat for Humanity, which offers a pickup service several times a year. Those efforts create awareness that our trash can be someone else’s treasure.”

The Chamber Steps Up

Angela Barth, executive director of the 430-member Rocky River Chamber of Commerce, appreciates the ingenuity her city has demonstrated in protecting and preserving our environment. In 2018, the Chamber added to that resourcefulness by orchestrating Planting Day, an annual event where members of the organization’s Public Service Committee

voluntarily adopt one of the parks for a year. They do general cleanup in city parks, such as Rocky River Park or Elmwood Park, before spreading mulch and creating new landscaping.

“Chamber members are proud of all we’ve done in Rocky River over the years and wanted to add a community service component,” Barth says.

The Public Service Committee maintains the space throughout the summer, picking up litter and making sure the plants they’ve added are thriving.

“People are surprised to see us out there getting our hands dirty,” she says. “But we want to be active and give back to our community. We are proud to be hands-on volunteering and being physically present.”

Water Works

Let’s face it: Many of us don’t give a second thought to the dirty water we drain from our sinks and tubs — much less what we flush down our toilets. But Nick Barille does. As superintendent of the Rocky River Wastewater Treatment Plant, he oversees wastewater treatment for the communities of Rocky River, Westlake, Bay Village and Fairview Park — which amounts to a staggering 15 million gallons of water each


day. Over the course of a year that adds up to more than 5 billion gallons of wastewater — nearly enough to fill 8,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools (and that’s not counting the water the plant recycles from overflowing storm sewers during periods of heavy rain and melting snow).

Water is treated in small parameters at the plant and, when ready for reuse, discharged into Lake Erie. After that, it’s pulled from the lake by the Cleveland Water Department and made potable for use throughout Northeast Ohio.

“The EPA’s Clean Water Act of 1972 established the basic structure for regulating pollutant discharges in the waters of the United States,” Barille says. “Currently, we use sodium hypochlorite for disinfection and odor control, sodium bisulfite for chlorine removal and ferric chloride

for phosphorous removal. We continue to monitor our treatment plan to reduce the amount of nutrients that find their way into Lake Erie and cause algal blooms.”

Barille invites residents interested in water purification to tour the plant.

“It’s important to continue to raise public awareness about the ways they can make a positive environmental impact,” he says.

Investing in the Environment

When it comes to maintaining environmental stewardship, safety and security are also critical components of the equation. From ensuring sidewalks and crosswalks are easy to navigate to planting trees in public and private spaces to reduce energy costs and installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, Rich Snyder, Rocky River’s director of public safety service, takes it all in stride.

“As a community, we take pride in being proactive,” he says. “We’re always taking steps to promote initiatives that we can do as a city and as an administration to guide some of the stewardship we see nationally and bring it down to the local level.”

Planting trees is not simply an aesthetic move, he explains. They provide carbon sequestration that slows down global climate change. The shade they provide also reduces utility costs. Last year, the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission awarded the city a Healthy Urban Tree Canopy Grant for tree planting and maintenance. Rocky River also received an Urban Canopy Restoration Grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

“We leveraged the two grants to improve tree canopies in areas where they were lacking and worked with residents

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to identify the right trees for the right spots,” Snyder says. “Trees were planted on residential properties, and the city is maintaining them until December 2023 before turning them over to the homeowners to maintain. Funds were also available to plant trees on public property. You can feel the difference they make on hot summer days.”

Additionally, the city has received funding from the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency, NOPEC and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to install EV charging stations at Memorial Hall and City Hall.

“Having these charging stations in Rocky River is very important because of the city’s close proximity to I-90,” Snyder says. “Residents and visitors will be able to use the stations for a nominal fee that will only be used to cover the cost of the electricity.”

Snyder hasn’t forgotten those who love to walk. He’s working with property owners on a five-year comprehensive plan that includes repairing broken sidewalks and ensuring crossings are ADA compliant.

The Green Team

Zealous composters and gardeners, Andrea Mediate’s parents instilled in their daughter the importance of recycling and tending the land. So when the COVID lockdown kept her housebound, the Rocky River resident reflected on ways she could further the cause of preserving our planet. One of her initial steps: Offering to serve as president of the Rocky River Green Team. The volunteer organization comprises 195 members ranging in age from 14 to 80 who are devoted to making the city a more sustainable place to live.

“Rocky River takes on a lot of responsibility in just completing day-to-day functions, including garbage collecting,” Mediate says. “We view ourselves as the connecting link between the administration and residents when it comes to sharing information about the most sustainable practices we can all engage in — and encouraging the city to launch more sustainable practices whenever possible.”

With assistance from Rocky River City Council members, the Green Team updated the spectrum of backyard composting to include kitchen scraps within prescribed guidelines. Additionally, through

a partnership with Rust Belt Riders, residents can now compost meat, bread and dairy products. Rust Belt Riders is an affordable composting service that offers curbside pickup.

Residents are invited to attend Green Team meetings at the Rocky River Public Library, where guest speakers discuss topics ranging from renewable energy and transportation to water and beach cleanliness.

Mediate is gratified by recent statistics released by the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District indicating that 32% of waste collected in Rocky River is being recycled.

“That’s pretty good,” she says. “But there’s always room for improvement.”

Residents interested in learning more can find the Rocky River Green Team on Facebook or visit

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A Garden for Everyone

Dave Gilronan finds serenity in gardening. His backyard is a bucolic hideaway filled with flowers and vegetables. When the Rocky River resident retired in 2014 from his job as systems administrator of the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute, he opted to kick his interest in horticulture up a notch.

Gilronan enrolled in classes at The Ohio State University Cooperative Extension Service, became a mentor to local community garden organizations and made presentations throughout northeast Ohio, including at Cleveland’s Great Big Home + Garden Show.

Closer to home, he decided to devote more time to the garden that’s become a gathering place in the city he loves — the Rocky River Community Garden.

Created in 2010 and located north of the Rocky River Senior Center on Wagar Road, the Community Garden comprises 74 plots filled with annual fruits, vegetables and flowers planted and tended to by 84 residents. Plots are available in three sizes, with prices ranging from $30 to $60, along with a limited number of raised planter boxes.

Current Community Garden President Sharlene Marty says the garden is open to all Rocky River residents, but there is a yearly wait list for plots. Participants are required to give at least four service hours each year to the garden, helping in areas such as composting and maintenance.

Gilronan, who previously served as president, says he enjoys sharing tips with participants and nurturing friendships among members he hopes will be long-lasting.

“There’s truly a sense of community here,” he says. “Produce from the store is fine. But there’s nothing like growing your own — it just tastes better.”

Little Things Mean a Lot

“Never flush pills and other pharmaceuticals down the toilet,” says Nick Barille, superintendent of the Rocky River Wastewater Treatment Plant. “The chemicals in them can end up in our drinking water because they’re hard to treat.”

“Instead of using paper plates and plastic cutlery, choose dinnerware that can be reused,” says Beach Cliff Garden Club president Michelle Cox. “We purchased a set of china and silverware that we use for our lunch meetings. When we adjourn, members take turns volunteering to take the plates, cutlery and tablecloths home to wash.”

“Before COVID, stores were encouraging shoppers to bring their own bags rather than getting new ones at the checkout counter,” says Andrea Mediate, president of the Rocky River Green Team. “It’s time to initiate that practice again.”


Rocky River CITY


Points of Interest



Population: 21,755 (2020 census)

Male: 45.3%

Female: 54.7%


Average household size: 2.2

Total housing units: 9,001

Median home value: $261,600


In labor force (16 and over): 63.7%

Median household income: $81,370


High school graduate or higher: 97.9%

Bachelor’s degree or higher: 63.1%


Only 20 minutes from downtown Cleveland via Interstate 90, approximately 9 miles from Public Square, Rocky River is a convenient location. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is only a 15-minute drive, and both Interstate 71 and the Ohio Turnpike can be reached in 20 minutes.

Bordered by Lake Erie on the north and the Rocky River and Cleveland Metroparks on the east, the city is unique. Residents can boat, fish and swim on Lake Erie and take advantage of nine city parks and the Metroparks for woods, playground equipment, picnicking, fishing and countless other activities.

Street Index

Beechnut Ln A3

Berry Dr A3

Beverly Hills Dr A6

Bidwell Ave D2

Blossom Dr A3

Bonnie Bank Blvd D5

Bradfords Gate B6

Brandon Pl A2

Breezevale Cove A2

Beachcliff Market Square E2 Bohlken Park C6 Bradstreet’s Landing A2 One Church CLE D5 Cabin B2 City Hall C4 City Hall Park C4 Cleveland Yachting Club E1 Cowan Pottery Museum D2 Don Kelly Field B2 Elmwood Park B2 First Church of Christ, Scientist C3 Fishing Pier A2 Goldwood Primary School B5 Indian Island E1 Kensington Intermediate School D1 Lakewood Park Cemetery B4 Lighthouse Alliance Church E2 Linden Park D5 Lutheran West High School C5 Magnificat High School C4 Martin Park .................................................................... B6 Morley Park D4 Our Savior’s Lutheran Church D4 Recreation Center .......................................................... C4 River Square Shopping Plaza D2 River Plaza Shopping Center B5 River Westlake Baptist Church ...................................... A3 Rockport Shopping Center D4 Rockport United Methodist Church E5 Rocky River High School C3 Rocky River Middle School D3 Rocky River Park D1 Rocky River Presbyterian Church B3 Rocky River Public Library 3D Rocky River Reservation (Cleveland MetroParks) E2–F4 Rocky River United Methodist Church E2 Senior Center C4 St. Christopher Catholic Church D2 St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church A6 St. Peregrine Catholic Chapel A3 St. Thomas Lutheran Church C3 Tri-City Park A6 Westgate Shopping Center C5 West Shore Unitarian-Universalist Church D4 Westwood Country Club A4 Westwood Town Center B5 11 River E2 Aberdeen Ct A6 Aberdeen Rd B2 Addington Blvd B6 Allen Ct D2 Apple Ct B3 Arbor Cliff Ln B2 Archwood Dr A6 Argyle Oval D1 Argyle Rd D1 Arundel Rd E1 Ashley Ct B3 Astor Pl D2 Avalon Dr B2–C2 Baldwin Ln A3 Bartlett Dr A3 Bates Rd B3 Battersea Blvd D1 Beach Cliff Blvd C1–D1 Beachcliff Row D2 Beachwood Dr C2 Beaconsfield Blvd C2 Bears Run A5

Briscoe Dr A6

Bristol Ln A5

Brook Ln B3

Buckingham Rd E1

Carmen Dr C4

Carol Blvd E5

Carolyn Ave D6

Center Ridge Road A5–E4

Chatham Pl B3

Cherry Way B3

Chippenham Ct B3

Chrisfield Dr A6

Cliffside Commons C3

Clifton Blvd F1

Colahan Dr E3

Collver Rd D1

Colonial Ct B6

Cornwall Rd D1

Cottonwood Dr B5

Country Club Blvd B4

Creek Ln B3

Creek Ridge A4

Crossbeam Ln B6

Dale Ave C4

Dellbank Dr E5

Delmar Dr A6

Depot St E2

Detour Ave C2

Detroit Rd A3–F2

Devon Hill Rd B4

Dorothy Ave E2

East Asplin Dr A5

East Shoreland Ave E3

East Surrey Ct E5

Eastlook Rd......................E2

Edgewood Dr...................F3

Eldora Rd.........................D2

Eldorado Dr......................E5

Elmwood Ct.....................C3

Elmwood Rd................C2-3

Endsley Ave.....................C3

Erie Rd.......................B3–C2

Eriewood Dr.....................C3

Erin Ct..............................C4

Fairhill Dr.........................E5

Falmouth Dr....................D1

Forestview Ave................C4

Francis Dr.........................E5

Frazier Dr...................D1–E1

Gasser Blvd.....................D4

Gate House Ln................B3

Gibson Dr........................A5

Glendale Dr.....................D4

Goldengate Ave..............D4

Goldwood Dr...................A5

Grand View Dr.................A5

Hampton Rd................D3-4

Harbor Village.................A2

Harwich Ct.......................B3

Hidden Valley..................B2

High Pkwy........................E3

Higley Rd...................... B6

Hilliard Blvd.............A4–F3

Homeland Dr B3

Idlewild Dr D6

Ingersoll Dr D2

Inglewood Ave E3

Jameston Dr D4

Kensington Oval D1

Kensington Rd D1

Kenwood Ave B2-C2

Kings Mill Run B6

Kings Post Pkwy A6

Kingsbury Dr

22 ROCKY RIVER | 2023
C4 Kramer Dr D3 Lake Rd A2–E1 Lakeview Ave D3–4 Lakeview Ct D3 Laramie Dr A5 Laurel Ave D3-E3 Laurel Dr D3 Laverne Ave D6 Leona Dr D6 Linda St D2 Linden Rd D5–6 Locust Ln A3 Lorain Rd E6 Macbeth Dr E4 Magnolia Dr D3 Malvern Ave E2 Maplewood Ave C2 Marian Ln D4 Mark Ave D6 Marlys Dr A6 Martins Way B6 Meadowhill Ln A3 Medfield Dr B3 Mercedes Ave D6 Middlepost Ln B6 Mitchell Ave E3 Morewood Court D2 Morewood Pkwy C3–D2 Morley Ave E4 Nantucket Row A5 Nelson Park Dr E5 Northcliff Dr D1 Northview Rd D3–4 Oak Rd D1 Old Detroit Rd E2 Orchard Grove Ave D4 Orchard Park Dr A3 Palmer Dr A6 Parklane Dr D5 Parklawn Dr B2 Parkside Dr D1 Parkview Ave D5 Parsons Ct E2 Peachtree Ln A3 Pease Dr B5 Plum Path B3 Plymouth Ave C5 Pocono Dr A5 MAP AND STREET INDEX Heating & Air Conditioning (216) 889-8800 - JOIN OUR ANNUAL MAINTENANCE PLAN FOR $13 A MONTH. 24/7 SERVICE CALL NOW TO UPGRADE YOUR HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEM. We have $2600 in Federal tax credits with 10 year Parts and Labor Warranty. Call today for fast 24 hr. service and to schedule a maintenance comfort plan. HERB’S TAVERN Established 1963. WE BUY LOCAL & EVERYTHING IS COOKED TO ORDER. Happy Hour (bar only) Wednesday-Saturday 4:30-6pm Lunch & Dinner Hours Wednesday-Friday 11:30-8pm Saturday 12:30-8pm Breakfast Hours Thursday & Friday 7:30-10:30am Saturday & Sunday 9am-Noon NEW MENU ITEMS Lobster B.L.T’s, Lobster Benedict’s, Lobster Louie’s, Tavern Tots, Salmon B.L.T’s, Avocado Toast, Berry Toast, Gluten Free Pancakes 19925 Detroit Road, Rocky River 440-331-9870 Voted best burger and best breakfast in Northeast Ohio

Scenic Rd E2

Schlather Ln E3

Shoreland Ave D3-E3

Smith Ct D2

Snowflower Dr B4-C4

Somerset Dr A5

South Bend Cir C3

South Bend Dr C3

South Falmouth Dr D2

South Hampton Ct B4

South Hampton Pkwy B4

South Island Dr E1

South Kensington Rd D2

Spencer Rd B5–6

Story Rd E5

Stratford Ave C2

Struhar Dr E4

Sunnyhill Dr A6

Telbir Ave D3-E3

Thomson Cir A6

Tiffany Ridge A5

Tonawanda Dr A5

Valley Pkwy F2

Valley View Dr F3

Vantage Point A4

Vine Ct A6

Wagar Rd C1-5

Walnut Ln B3

Warwick Ln B4

West 192nd St E2

West 210th St C5

West Asplin Dr A5

West Surrey Ct E5

West Wagar Cir C3

Westfield C3-D4

Westhampton Dr B3–4

Westhaven Ln D5

Westmoor Rd D4

Westover Ave D5–E5

Westway Dr C3-D3

Westwood Rd A6

Whittlesay Ln B3

Wildflower Dr C4

Windsor Ct B3

Winfield Ave F3

Woodside Dr C2

Wooster Pkwy D4

Wooster Rd D6–E2

Wren Ct B3

Wright Ave E2

Wynwood Dr A3-4

Yacht Club Dr E1

Parking Regulations

Parking on the hydrant side of the street is prohibited unless the street is more than 30 feet wide.

Overnight parking is prohibited on city streets between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Residents may call police at 440-331-1234 for short-term overnight parking permission for a bona fide reason, e.g., driveway construction, overnight guests without enough room in the driveway, etc. Please have the make, model and license plate number of the car needing parking permission available at the time of the call.

23 RRCITY.COM Seasoned Experience, Solid Reputation. New face, same systems in place. We look forward to serving your needs! Aileen FitzGerald (440) 227-5878 Elizabeth Gleim (216) 926-5352 Rocky River Office | 19204 Detroit Road, Rocky River, OH 44116 | (440) 333-6500 We would like to extend a big “Thank You” to Rocky River and surrounding communities. We are grateful for your continued business and look forward to meeting and welcoming residents to our wonderful community. Celebrating 100 years together, the Rocky River Chamber is the largest and strongest it has ever beentruly a community of opportunity. Learn more about all the Chamber offers the business community in Northeastern Ohio, connect by Phone :: 440-331-4410 Email :: Visit to apply for membership! Pond Dr A2 Prospect Ave E2 Purnell Ave D3-E3 River Dale Dr E1 River Ln B6 River Oaks Dr B5 River Parke A3 River Pl D4 River Pointe E4 River Walk A5 Riverbank C4 Rivergate Dr A6 Riverside Rd A5 Riverview Ave D2-E3 Riverwood Ave D3-E3 Robert Ave B6 Rockcliff Dr E3 Rockland Ave E2-3 Rocky River Oval F3 Roslyn Dr D1


Emergency Phone Numbers


Emergency Assistance.................................................911

Police........................................................(440) 331-1234

Fire........................................................... (440) 331-1212

Rocky River Marine Patrol........................ (440) 331-1234

EMS/Paramedics.......................................(440) 331-1212


Child Abuse Hotline (216) 696-5437

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center (216) 619-6192

Coast Guard Search and Rescue (216) 937-0140

Cleveland Illuminating Company (800) 589-3101

East Ohio Gas (Emergency Service) (877) 542-2630

Poison Control Center (800) 222-1222

Suicide Prevention (216) 623-6888

Water Department (Emergency Service) (216) 664-3060

*All emergency telephone numbers are operational 24/7.

Get Questions

Ice rink fees (440) 356-5656, Press 2

Lawn-cutting hours (440) 331-0600

Life Force (800) 770-4767

NOPEC (855) 667-3201

Property complaints, residential (440) 331-0600, ext. 2028

Property complaints, commercial (440) 331-0600, ext. 2584

Recreation programs (440) 895-2599

Recycling (440) 331-0600

Senior citizen activities (440) 333-6660

Senior citizen transportation (440) 333-6665

Sewer charges (440) 331-0600, ext. 2022

Sewer blockage (440) 356-5630

Speed limits (440) 331-1234

Street signs/traffic signals (440) 356-5633

Swimming pool fees (440) 356-5660, Press 2

Taxes (440) 895-2582

Tree lawn trees (440) 331-0600

Voter registration (440) 331-0600

Zoning regulations (440) 895-2584

*The answers to many questions may be found by doing a search in the codified ordinances at

Elected City Officials

Council meetings (440) 331-0600

Civic Center room rental (440) 895-2594

Civil service tests

(440) 331-0600

Community bulletin board (440) 331-0600

Construction hours

(440) 331-0600

Curfew hours (440) 331-1234

D.A.R.E. (440) 331-1234

Dog licenses (440) 331-1234

Elmwood cabin, City Hall gazebo or Rocky River Park shelter rental (440) 356-5657

Employment (440) 331-0600, ext. 3371

False security alarms (440) 331-1234, ext. 0

Fences (440) 331-0600

Fire prevention/code

Garage sales

(440) 895-2589

(440) 331-0600

Garbage pickup (440) 356-5630

Hazardous waste (440) 356-5630

Hydrant flushing (discolored laundry) (440) 331-0600, ext. 2285

The city charter, passed in 1960, provides for the election of a mayor, a law director and seven members of council, one elected from each of the four wards in the city and three elected at large. The terms of these offices are two years in length, and all expire on Dec. 31, 2023. Legislative meetings are held every second and fourth Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in council chambers at City Hall. Committee-of-the-whole meetings are held the first and third Mondays at 7 p.m. Council members can be reached by phone, email or through the clerk of council, Susan Pease, at (440) 331-0600, ext. 2156.


Pamela E. Bobst

Office: (440) 331-0600

21285 Avalon Drive, (440) 331-6961,


Michael J. O’Shea

(216) 470-8098,


David W. Furry

22246 RiverWalk, (440) 336-5112,

Christina Morris

20934 Lake Road, (440) 941-0555,

Brian J. Sindelar

2309 Valley View Drive, (216) 409-2352,


Ward 1: Thomas J. Hunt, president pro tem

1087 Whittlesay Lane, (440) 871-8111,

Ward 2: James W. Moran, president

3340 Chrisfield Drive, (440) 356-6233,

Ward 3: Jeanne P. Gallagher

20863 Stratford Ave., (216) 352-3615,

Ward 4: John B. Shepherd

3280 Nelson Park Drive, (440) 333-0675,


Buildings, Equipment and Technology: Brian Sindelar

Contracts - Governmental/Judicial:

John Shepherd

Environmental: Christina Morris

Finance: James Moran

Parks, Recreation and Health: David Furry

Planning, Zoning and Economic

Development: Jeanne Gallagher

Safety: Thomas Hunt

Federal, State and County Officials



Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D) Term expires January 19, 2025

Washington, D.C. 20500, (202) 456-1414

White House comment line: (202) 456-1111

Comments on a specific issue:


Sherrod Brown (D) Term expires January 2024

455 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20510, (202) 224-2315

Fax: (202) 224-6519

Cleveland: 1301 E. Ninth St., Suite 1710

Cleveland, Ohio 44114, (216) 522-7272

Fax: (216) 522-2239

J.D. Vance (R) Term expires January 2029

B40-C Dirksen Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20510, (202) 224-3353

Local: 1240 E. 9th St., Room 3061, Cleveland, Ohio 44199

Accident reports (440) 331-1234 Ambulance billing (440) 331-0600, ext. 2285 Animal control (440) 356-5636 Appliance pick up/other special items (440) 356-5630 Bicycle licenses (440) 331-1234 Block parties (440) 331-0600 Boards, commissions and committees (440) 331-0600 Building code (440) 331-0600 Building permits (440) 331-0600 City charter questions (440) 331-0600 City
Answered ROCKY RIVER CITY HALL MAIN NUMBER ............................(440) 331-0600


Marcy Kaptur (D) Term expires January 2025

2186 Rayburn Building, Washington, D.C. 20515, (202) 225-4146

Local: 1 Maritime Plaza, Toledo, Ohio 43604, (419) 259-7500


Max Miller (R) Term expires January 2025

143 Cannon House Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20515, (202) 225-3876

Local: 7335 Ridge Road, Parma, Ohio 44129


Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

Senate officials:

House officials:



Mike DeWine (R) Term expires January 2027

77 S. High St., 30th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215-6108, (614) 466-3555

Fax: (614) 466-9354


Matt Dolan (R) Term expires January 2025

Ohio Senate Building, 1 Capitol Square, Columbus, Ohio 43215, (614) 466-8056


Thomas F. Patton (R) Term expires January 2025

Family-owned and

District 17 Representative, Ohio House of Representatives

77 S. High St., 11th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215

*To inquire about the status of bills in the State Senate or State General Assembly, call the Legislative Public Information Office at 800-282-0253. It is helpful if you have the bill number or revised code number available when you call.



Chris Ronayne (D) Term expires January 2027

Cuyahoga County Administration Building

1219 Ontario St.

Cleveland, Ohio 44113, (216) 443-7000


Patrick Kelly (D) Term expires January 2027

Cuyahoga County Administration Building

1219 Ontario St., Fourth Floor

Cleveland, Ohio 44113, (216) 698-2047


Get Rocky River updates pertaining to emergency events, county news and building closures and safety, as well as police communications regarding traffic, road closures and more through Nixle and Ready Notify. To register, log on and click on the Ready Notify and Nixle icons to provide your desired contact information.


Thomas P. Gilson, M.D.

11001 Cedar Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44106, (216) 698-3690


5550 Venture Drive, Parma, Ohio 44130, (216) 201-2000


Michael C. O’Malley Term expires January 2025

Justice Center, 1200 Ontario St., 9th Floor

Cleveland, Ohio 44113, (216) 443-7800

City Departments


21012 Hilliard Blvd. (440) 331-0600

Mayor Pamela E. Bobst (440) 331-0600

Mary Ellen Umerley, Executive Assistant to the Mayor ext. 2002

Susan Pease, Clerk of Counc il (440) 331-0600, ext. 2156

Mike Balla, Facilities and Maintenance Manager (440) 331-0600, ext. 3384

Chris Grau, IT Supp ort (440) 331-0600, ext. 2031

Ricky Bycoski, Technology Assistant (440) 331-0600, ext. 2033


Rich Snyder, Director (440) 331-0600, ext. 2581

Maureen Nakonek, Safety-Service Coordinator ext. 2011

Mark Filipic, Public Works Coordinator ext. 2025

operated since 1984


Chief George Lichman (440) 331-1234, ext. 2150

Lieutenant David Wagner, Executive Staff Assistant ext. 2152

Julie Morron, Police Manager/Youth Services ext. 2165

Detective Tracey Hill, Juvenile Detective ext. 2561

Detective Michael Asbury ext. 2164

Detective Craig Witalis, Detective Bureau ext. 2162

Police Reports ext. 2100/2102

Mike Jarvis, Animal Control Officer (440) 356-5636

*All emergency calls, please dial 911.


Aaron Lenart, Chief (440) 356-5642

*In an emergency, dial 911.

Joe Williams, Fire prevention officer (440) 895-2589

Shelley Sollars, Administrative Assistant (440) 331-0600, ext. 2285

Your address must be visible from the street so the fire department can find your home. The Fire Code requires smoke alarms on each level of the home, outside each sleeping area and in each sleeping room. Replace smoke detectors that are 10 years or older. Carbon monoxide detectors on each floor are a requirement in all dwelling units furnished with fossil fuel-burning appliances.

Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.): C.E.R.T. training promotes a partnering effort between emergency services and the people they serve. The goal is for emergency personnel to train members of neighborhoods, community organizations or workplaces in basic response skills. C.E.R.T. members are then integrated into the emergency response capability for their area. Consult the city’s website for current information about the C.E.R.T. program and its classes. Contact Julie Morron for details at (440) 331-1234.


Michael A. Thomas, CPA, Director and Tax Administrator (440) 331-0600, ext. 2582

Jennifer Peters, Finance Manager ext. 2021

Kim Waltz, Sewer Charge Administrator ext. 2022

Franca Reale, Accounts Payable ext. 2024

Becky Taylor, Finance Clerk/Secretary ext. 2038


For current tax rates, consult the city’s website under the Finance Department tab. Tax revenue provides the resources for the breadth of city functions described herein. Rocky River residents are responsible for paying the following local taxes:


The current income tax rate in Rocky River is 2 percent and is imposed on earned income consisting of wages, salaries and net profits of business attributable to activities in the city. Credit up to 1.5 percent is allowed for tax paid to other cities. As with the federal and state income tax, much of the local income tax is collected through employer payroll withholding. Annually, all residents over 18 years old are required to file either 1) an income tax return, or 2) a valid exemption certificate. Effective, Jan. 1, 2016, Rocky River joined

the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) to administer and collect the income tax on behalf of the city. For further information, you may contact RITA at (800) 860-7482, or the city tax administrator at (440) 331-0600.


The projected full property tax rate for Rocky River (134.45 mills for 2022 to be paid in 2023) is levied on the tax value of land, buildings and certain public utility property. The total tax value of all property in Rocky River, as of 12/02/2021, is $1,045,111,090. The full rate may be reduced by a House Bill 920 reduction, a non-business credit, an owner occupancy credit and a homestead credit. Therefore, the effective tax rate is less than the full tax rate. Real estate property taxes are billed to property owners and collected by Cuyahoga County with payments due semiannually in January and July.


The committee reviews and reports on internal control over financial reporting and on compliance and other matters based on an audit of financial statements performed in accordance with government auditing standards.

Members: Brent R. Leslie, Chairman

Yvette M. Ittu

Thomas G. Stafford

*Meetings are held as needed in the committee room at City Hall.

Secretary: Jennifer Peters, ext. 2021


The board hears appeals by residents with regard to city income tax. The board consists of three members; two appointed by City Council (serving a two-year term) and one appointed by the Mayor (serving at the Mayor’s discretion).

Members: Gary Previts

Brian Kolonick

John Urban


21018 Hilliard Blvd., (440) 895-2599

Bob Holub, Director (440) 356-5657

Krissie Miller, Assistant Director (440) 895-3362

Ryan Schuhler, Fitness & Community Programs Manager

Jason Frolo, Sports & Leagues Manager

Michelle Eibel, Aquatics & Safety Manager

Daniel Conway, Recreation Program Coordinator

Erica Garland, Administrative Coordinator

Jane Reich, Marketing and Membership Coordinator

George Corrado, Recreation Facilities Coordinator

Chris Cogan, Recreation Facilities Coordinator


Bates Road Tot Lot, 711 Bates Road, Fenced park, play structure for 2- to 5-year-olds with two slides, three climbing areas, a tunnel, “steering wheel” and two elevated platforms.

Bradstreet’s Landing, 22400 Lake Road

Picnic tables, restrooms, beach, fishing pier, observation deck. Ohio fishing license is required.

City Hall Park, 21012 Hilliard Blvd.

Playground, gazebo, picnic shelter, Rocky River Water Zone outdoor pool, Hamilton Ice Arena and the Don

Umerley Civic Center gym and track. Sunset concerts in the summer. Gazebo can be reserved March through October. ADA accessible equipment and surfacing throughout.

Elmwood Park, 600 Elmwood Road

Playground, cabin and picnic shelter (fee charged), restrooms, grassy play area, two baseball fields, natural areas. The cabin can comfortably hold 80 people. Folding chairs (50) and tables are provided for use inside cabin. There are six large picnic tables outside the covered pavilion. The 8-by-12-foot kitchen area has a microwave, refrigerator, stove and double sink. There are two fireplaces (inside and outside), and residents must supply their own firewood. Cable TV connection and free Wi-Fi is available. ADA accessible.

Linden Park, 3600 Linden Road

Playground, picnic shelter, restrooms, basketball court, three tennis courts, six pickleball courts, sand volleyball, baseball, softball, football, soccer fields and sledding hill. ADA accessible.

Martin Park, 3900 Kings Mill Run

Playground, picnic shelter, restrooms, basketball court, football and soccer field and kickball field.

Morley Park, South end of Jameston Road Playground, picnic shelter, basketball court, sledding hill.

Rocky River Park, 20250 Beach Cliff Blvd.

Playground, pavilion with fireplace (fee charged), restrooms, sledding hill, observation decks, beach (no swimming), sunset concerts in the summer on announced dates. ADA accessible.

Tri-City Park, 3640 Delmar Drive

Playground, picnic shelter, restrooms, basketball court, football and soccer field, softball field, six tennis courts, six pickleball courts. ADA accessible.


Recreation Center, (440) 895-2599

Located at the Don Umerley Civic Center, this year-round facility includes a three-lane indoor walking track and two full-size basketball courts. There is a 19,000-squarefoot indoor aquatic facility complete with three-lane instructional/exercise/lap pool, leisure pool with four lanes, 25-yard lap pool, spa, lazy river with inner tubes, 94-foot water/loop slide, 1-meter diving board, three in-water play features, water vortex, easy-access beach entry with shallow water play area and tot slide. Also included is a tot pool, spray ground, viewing area, men’s, women’s and two family locker rooms.

The 5,000-square-foot fitness center includes cardio machines, strength-training equipment, stretching area, two group exercise studios, an indoor cycling room, a babysitting room, an indoor playground and a multipurpose room used for classes and birthday parties. Memberships and daily fee admissions are available for residents and for adults 18 and over who are employed in Rocky River. A limited number of non-resident memberships also are available annually. Free Wi-Fi. Program registration and membership information can be found at

Hamilton Ice Arena, (440) 356-5656

Ice skating lessons, hockey and open/adult skates from September through March. Converted into


a multipurpose facility in the warmer months for summer camp, sports programs and more. Check the city’s website at for current Recreation Department information on classes and fees. Free Wi-Fi.

The Water Zone (outdoor pool), (440) 356-5660 14,000-square-foot swim space with zero-depth entry; a lily pad walk, vortex pool and “spray ground,” three slides, lap lanes and shade structures.


21016 Hilliard Blvd (440) 895-2594

Mary Sawyer,

Rocky River’s Don Umerley Civic Center consists of several meeting and event rooms available for rental. These rooms are all accessible at ground level with no stairs or ramps. There is a large prep kitchen shared by all of the rooms. Located in the main lobby, the Veterans Memorial area features a place for reflection on those who have given the ultimate sacrifice serving our nation. Request availability using the online portal at


The commission establishes policies to provide recreation and leisure-time programs for residents and makes recommendations regarding the use and maintenance of the city parks. The commission consists

of five members: One is a member of and appointed by the Rocky River Board of Education for a term of five years; one is a member of and appointed by City Council for a term of five years; three members have terms of five years, with one appointed by the Board of Education, one appointed by the mayor and the third appointed by the other four commission members.


Dr. James Ulchaker, Chairman

Joseph Roszak

David Furry

Amy Massad

Rocky River City School Board Appointee

Bob Holub, Director of Recreation, nonvoting member *Meets the second Thursday of each month at 7:45 a.m.

Secretary: Erica Garland, ext. 5666



21014 Hilliard Blvd (440) 333-6660

Deborah Huff, Director (440) 333-6660

Cindi Williams, Administrative Assistant. (440) 333-6662

Laurie Schaefer, Programs (440) 331-1114

Mary Hildebrandt, MSSA, LISW-S Social Services. (440) 333-6664

Transportation (440) 333-6665


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Alzheimer’s Association (800) 272-3900 Board of Elections, Cuyahoga County (216) 443-8683 Benefits Checkup (216) 420-6750 City of Rocky River Senior Center (440) 333-6660 Cleveland Sight Center (216) 791-8118 Elder Abuse Hotline, Cuyahoga County (216) 420-6700 Homestead Exemption, Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office ........... (216) 443-7010 Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program (800) 686-1578 Options, Cuyahoga County In-Home Health Care Program (216) 420-6700 Senior Deferred Housing Rehabilitation Loan, Cuyahoga County Department of Development (216) 348-4066 Social Security Admin (800) 772-1213 TTY. (800) 325-0778 EMPLOYMENT AARP Senior Employment (216) 881-1155 Employment Connection (216) 939-2599 Senior Employment Center (216) 731-4664 SENIOR HOUSING FACILITIES IN ROCKY RIVER Bickford of Rocky River (440) 356-9797 Embassy of Rockport (440) 356-5444 Normandy Manor (440) 333-5401 Pinzone Tower (440) 356-0007 Rocky River Village (440) 356-3282 Welsh Home (440) 331-0420
(866) 389-5653


Michael Mackay, P.E., Consultant ext. 2581


Ray Reich, Building Commissioner (440) 331-0600, ext. 2584

Megan Moran, Administrative Assistant ext. 2032

Kate Straub, Planning and Zoning Coordinator ext. 2037

Aaron Hare, ESI Inspector: ext. 2034

John Peters, Rental Inspections ext. 2036


Interior or exterior house alterations or additions require a permit from the Building Department. Check with the Building Department at (440) 331-0600 or the city’s website at for a comprehensive list of permits required. Building permit applications and rental property license applications are available on the city’s website.

Call the Building Department with any questions and to schedule inspections. Construction is permitted Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m.

Construction is not permitted on Sundays or holidays.


The Planning Commission is composed of five members and one or two alternates to act as substitutes when a regular member is absent. One member shall be the mayor or a resident appointed by her for a one-year term, and the other four members serve terms of four years. The commission is responsible for long-term planning of the city and reports and makes recommendations on the construction of public buildings, streets or parks, the widening, narrowing or relocation of public streets, and zoning.

Members: William T. Bishop, Chairman

Michael DeMarco

David Allen

Paul Capka

Trevor McAleer

*Meets the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in council chambers. Secretary: Kate Straub, ext. 2037


The board is composed of five members and one or two alternate members to act as substitutes when a regular member is absent, three of whom are architects or professional engineers, for five-year terms. The board hears requests for variances from the city’s existing codes pertaining to building height, lot size, fences, air conditioners and signs. The board also hears appeals when plans have been rejected by the Planning Commission or building commissioner.

Members: Patrick Farrell, Chairman

Richard Christ

Christopher Wolf

Craig Wright

Herb Harpster, alternate

Heather Summers, alternate

*Meets the second Thursday of each month at 7 council chambers. Secretary: Kate Straub, ext. 2037


The board consists of three residents who are architects and engineers and one alternate member to act as a substitute when a regular member is absent. Members serve for three-year terms. The board reviews plans and drawings filed with the Building Department to maintain high standards of development in the community by encouraging appropriate design and engineering.

Members: Jim Larsen, Chairman

Tom Evans

*Meets the first and third Mondays of each month at 5 p.m. in council chambers. Secretary: Kate Straub, ext. 2037


Mike Greco, Director (440) 331-0600


Available positions are posted at under Departmental/Human Resources/Employment.


The commission administers tests to prepare eligibility lists for positions in the classified service of the city, which are the police and fire divisions, and protects the interests of those classified employees in matters of appointment, promotion or removal.

Members: Michael Harvey, Chairman James W. Riedl

Anjanette A. Whitman

*Meetings are held as needed. Secretary: Mike Greco, (440) 331-0600


(440) 895-3374

Michael O’Shea, Director

A. Steven Dever, Assistant Director/Prosecutor

Mary Ellen Umerley, Legal Assistant


The commission provides rules for retention and disposal of records of the city and reviews applications for one-time records disposal and schedules of records retention and disposition submitted by various city offices.

Members: Pamela E. Bobst, Mayor Michael Thomas, Finance Director

Michael O’Shea, Law Director

Jeremy Feador, resident

*Meetings are held as needed in the mayor’s office.

Secretary: Mary Ellen Umerley, ext. 2002


David Arendec, Commissioner (440) 895-2585


Charles Wyatt, Administrative Coordinator (440) 356-5630

22401 Lake Road,


Dan Gibson, Lead Supervisor - Traffic (440) 356-5633 22401 Lake Road,


Section 521.06 of the city’s Codified Ordinances requires residents to keep their sidewalks free of ice and snow. The Service Department does not plow aprons or nondedicated, private streets. The city also has a policy for snow removal from the aprons of senior citizens who are 70 years of age or older that live alone, qualify financially and are medically disabled and can provide proof of the disability. Senior residents who qualify must send in their applications annually prior to Dec. 1. Contact the Senior Center at (440) 333-6660 for details. The removal of snow from these aprons is done after the city streets have been plowed.

Rocky River has a snow ban requirement that prohibits parking on city streets when snow is in excess of two inches of accumulation. Once snow has accumulated over two inches, no parking will be permitted on city streets. The no parking snow ban requirements are defined in the Rocky River Codified Ordinance Section 351.19 titled, “Snow Emergency and Parking Ban.”


Refuse picked up from your driveways must be properly contained in 32 gallon cans with detached lids, tied plastic bags and separate, blue bags for recyclables. All refuse must be freely accessible and not in a bin, storage area or fenced-in area. The city of Rocky River is divided into five sections, and each section has a regular refuse collection day each week. If you are interested in knowing the pick-up day in your area, contact the Service Department at (440) 356-5630.

The following items must be placed on your tree lawn on your scheduled refuse collection day for pickup to avoid confusion about what is or is not a discarded item: children’s toys, grills, wheelbarrows, white goods (sinks, toilets, appliances, etc.), carpet, and old garbage cans (labeled “take can.”) With regard to items placed on the tree lawn for pickup, Rocky River Codified Ordinance Sec. 941.03(b) specifies that these items are not to be placed on the tree lawn before 7 p.m. on the evening before your pickup day.


Transfer Station Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8 a.m.-2:30 p.m.; Saturday 8 a.m.-noon (must arrive before 11:45 a.m.); closed Wednesday, Sunday and holidays. On a Monday holiday when refuse is being collected, the transfer station is open from 8 a.m.-noon. Residents only with picture I.D. No commercial waste. No landscapers.


Rocky River uses the blue bag method of recycling. Loose cardboard put out with refuse cannot be collected. Collapse cardboard into a blue bag or take collapsed cardboard to bins (see the following section for more details).


• Glass: bottles and jars of all colors, food and beverage containers only. Rinse containers and replace lids. Labels do not have to be removed.

• Aluminum and steel: food and beverage cans only (soda, soup, pet, etc.). Rinse containers. Labels do not have to be removed.


• Plastic: beverage and soap jugs. Rinse containers and replace lids. Labels do not have to be removed.

• Newspapers: the entire newspaper, including inserts.

• Comingled (mixed) Paper: office paper, magazines, junk mail, cardboard, phone books.

• Cartons: food and beverage (milk, juice).

• Cardboard: must be in a blue bag to be collected with weekly recycling. For useful information regarding Rocky River recycling and recycling in general, consult:


Residents can schedule free front door pick-up by going online to Once the information has been entered, the website will provide a date for front door pick-up.


Residents interested in composting are encouraged to review the city website for complete information regarding RRCO Section 521.11, highlights include:

• Must consist of yard waste or fruit and vegetable waste and be stored in back yards, at least 15 feet from property lines.

• Must be enclosed by a barrier not exceeding 4 feet in height.

• Not be in excess of 1% of the square footage of the lot or 75 square feet, whichever is less.

• Not create a public nuisance, foul odor or health or fire hazard.

• Not impede any natural water course or drainage runoff from the property.


All grass clippings and other vegetation must be placed in natural, 30-gallon brown paper bags (available at hardware, home and grocery stores). Yard waste in plastic bags will not be accepted. The bags should be placed on the tree lawn on collection day. A special Service Department truck will pick up brush, grass clippings and other yard waste, which will be mulched and composted. Brush must be cut in 4-foot lengths, tied in bundles and taken to the tree lawn. If a contractor removes brush or a tree, they are responsible for removal of all debris. In the fall, leaves should be raked to the tree lawn for pickup. They should never be raked into the street, because they plug storm-water catch basins, create an obstacle should a snow storm occur and may be a fire hazard if a car with a warm engine is parked over dry leaves.


Residents may drop off at the transfer station, or the Service Department will collect weekly from your tree lawn, on your regular collection day, the following items:

• Household appliances (refrigerator doors must be removed)

• Computers/electronics

• Motor oil (in a properly marked, unbreakable container)

• Asphalt (noncommercial)

• Concrete (noncommercial)

• Lead acid (automobile batteries)

• Latex paint (in dried form). To speed the drying process, mix into the paint either kitty litter, sawdust, vermiculite or a product called Oil Dry in an amount equal to the quantity of paint.

• Oil-based paint (in wet form)


• Contractors are responsible for disposal of discarded building materials

• Arrangements can be made for special pickups such as washers, dryers or hot water tanks by calling (440) 356-5630.

• Mattresses and box springs must be placed in a mattress bag when being discarded. Bags are available at no charge at the Service Garage on Lake Road.


A holiday refuse and recycling collection calendar will be mailed to every household in early 2023. For your convenience, the schedule will be posted on the city’s website once it is available. Visit to review the 2023 schedule. For questions, please call the Service


Department at (440) 356-5630, open 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily. You may leave a message at any other time, which will be addressed as soon as possible by the night crew.


At various times of the year, the county administers a collection program for paint and computers. They also collect pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. Leave the Special Collection items on your tree lawn (labeled and in a sealed container) on the following dates:

• April 10-14: Recycle Your Computer Week

• May 1-5: Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

• Aug. 14-18: Recycle Your Computer Week

• Sept. 18-22: Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

• Sept. 11-15: Scrap Tire Roundup

In November, political signs may be dropped off at the Service Garage on Lake Road for recycling. In December, holiday lights may be dropped off at the Service Garage.


April 1 and Oct. 7 from 9 -11 a.m., or until the truck is full. Rocky River City Hall Parking Lot (Enter from Wagar Road). Picture ID as proof of Rocky River residency required. Two (2) standard size boxes per household. No business material will be accepted. Bring your paper recyclables and witness

the shredding process on-site. No need to remove staples. For safety reasons, please remain in your vehicle. Shredding documents will be removed and placed into containers for you. Boxes must be placed in trunk or back seat to limit contact.


21012 Hilliard Blvd., (440) 333-0066

Judge Donna Congeni Fitzsimmons

(six-year term expires Dec. 31, 2023)

Judge Brian F. Hagan

(six-year term expires Dec. 31, 2025)

Deborah F. Comery, Clerk of Court

(six-year term expires Dec. 31, 2025)

The court’s jurisdiction includes the cities of Bay Village, Fairview Park, North Olmsted, Rocky River and Westlake, as well as contiguous sections of the Cleveland Metroparks. Court costs are disbursed monthly to a number of state and county agencies, as well as the city of Rocky River. Fines are disbursed to the originating city, Cuyahoga County or state of Ohio as directed by law.

Open Mon.- Fri., 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.


22303 Lake Road

Nick Barille, Plant Superintendent.........(440) 356-5640

The wastewater treatment plant handles sewage from homes and businesses in Bay Village, Rocky River, Westlake and most of Fairview Park. It is jointly owned by the four cities, and costs are shared based upon samples of flow and strength into the plant.


The committee is responsible for administering the city’s storm water management program and is composed of the mayor, the director of public safetyservice, the city’s engineer, a resident appointed by City Council and a resident appointed by the mayor.

Members: Pamela E. Bobst, Mayor

Rich Snyder, Director of Public Safety-Service

Nick Barille, WWTP Superintendent

Mike Mackay, City Engineer

George Remias

*Meetings are held as needed in the mayor’s office.

Secretary: Nick Barille, ext. 2593



The Rocky River School District consists of the territory within the city limits plus a small contiguous section of Fairview Park.

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Board of Education

1101 Morewood Parkway, (440) 333-6000,

Dr. Michael G. Shoaf, Superintendent of Schools (440) 356-6715

Elizabeth Anderson, Assistant Superintendent (440) 356-6001

Samuel Gifford, Executive Director, Human Resources/ Support Services, Facilities (440) 356-6003

Jennifer Norman, Executive Director, Pupil Services (440) 356-6006

Greg Markus, Treasurer (440) 356-6004

Dr. Bryan Drost, Director, Technology (440) 356-6002

Greg Murphy, Communications Specialist (440) 356-1473


Under Ohio law, the Board of Education is a distinct unit of government with its own taxing authority.

Membership: Five residents, elected at large, serving four-year staggered terms.

Meetings: Open to residents, in accordance with the Ohio Sunshine Law, held monthly on the third Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Board of Education Office. Committeeof-the-whole meetings are held during the week prior to the regular board meeting at 5 p.m.


Peter Corrigan (term ends Dec. 31, 2025)

3933 Kings Mill Run (216) 333-2028

Diana Leitch (term ends Dec. 31, 2023)

7 Westfield Lane (440) 759-5980

Lauren Negrey (term ends Dec. 31, 2025)

3499 Thomson Circle (440) 552-5540

Addie Olander (term ends Dec. 31, 2023)

21432 Kenwood Ave. (440) 333-8459

Jessica Wilson (term ends Dec. 31, 2025)

4111 Leona Drive. (412) 867-8470

State Board of Education – Fifth District

Lisa Woods ...............


Rocky River Early Childhood Center at Beach School

1101 Morewood Parkway (440) 356-6000 ext. 6006

Tara Zbin, Administrator

Special Needs Preschool ages 3-6

Goldwood Primary School

21600 Center Ridge Road (440) 356-6720

Dr. Carol Rosiak, Principal

Megan Rin, PTA President

Kensington Intermediate School

20140 Lake Road (440) 356-6770

Heath Horton, Principal

Christina Mueller and Amy Oatey, PTA Co-Presidents

Rocky River Middle School

1631 Lakeview Ave. (440) 356-6870

Megan Rose, Principal

Angela Worgull, PTA President

Rocky River High School

20951 Detroit Road (440) 356-6801

Rob Winton, Principal

Stacey Robinson, PTA Council President

Gretchen Heil, Early Childhood PTA President


Dave Westerfield, President


Lutheran High School West

3870 Linden Road, (440) 333-1660

Mike Waugh, Principal

Magnificat High School

20770 Hilliard Blvd, (440) 331-1572

Moira Clark, President

Ruffing Montessori School

1285 Orchard Park Drive, (440) 333-2250

Anne Lashutka, Principal

St. Christopher School

1610 Lakeview Ave., (440) 331-3075

Scott Raiff, Principal


Rocky River Presbyterian Nursery School

21750 Detroit Road, (440) 895-5437

2 1/2-year-olds to pre-K

Rocky River United Methodist Church Nursery School

19414 Detroit Road, (440) 331-7676

3- to 5-year-olds


Be a guestatyoureventnext !

Suburban Cooperative Nursery School

Located at Our Savior’s Lutheran

20300 Hilliard Blvd., (440) 331-9929

3 year olds to Pre-K

St. Thomas Lutheran Early Childhood Center

21211 Detroit Road, (440) 331-4426

Courtney Cipollo, Director

3-year-olds to kindergarten


Cleveland State University

Main Campus: 2121 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH, (216) 687-2000

Cuyahoga Community College

Westshore Campus: 31001 Clemens Road, Westlake, OH 44145, (216) 987-6000

Rocky River Public Library

1600 Hampton Road, (440) 333-7610, Fax: (440) 333-4184,

Trent Ross, Interim Director

The Rocky River Public Library is an independent library system administered by a seven-member Board of Trustees appointed by the Rocky River School Board. Operating funds come from voter-approved levies and the state.

The library provides many sources and services, including but not limited to: books, e-books, audiobooks, magazines and newspapers; DVDs, Blu-rays and music CDs; 24/7 access to streaming services and online books, videos, movies, or music; more than 56 internet-enabled computers for public use; computer classes; passport services; homebound delivery services; fine free checkouts, public photocopiers; free faxing; free notary service; programs and special events for all ages; reserve and renew items via the library’s website; driveup window for pick-up and drop-off; 24-hour book returns; ongoing book sale; free Wi-Fi; wireless printing; meeting rooms available for community and nonprofit groups.

The library also is home to the Cowan Pottery Museum.

Check out the library’s website for further information about programs, services and the museum.

Places of Worship

Beth Israel - The West Temple (Reform Jewish)

Rabbi Enid C. Lader

14308 Triskett Rd., Cleveland (216) 941-8882

First Church of Christ, Scientist

1460 Wagar Road (440) 331-3194

Good Soil Lutheran Ministries

The Reverend Marissa Harrison

20300 Hilliard Blvd. (440) 331-1773

Greek Orthodox Community of St. Demetrios

The Reverend Father Andrew Lentz

22909 Center Ridge Road (440) 331-2246

One Church CLE

3300 Wooster Road

Resurrection Church on the Rock

Lead Pastor Marcus A. Taylor

3850 Linden Road (216) 630-0988

River Westlake Baptist Church

Pastor James Mileti

22953 Detroit Road (216) 526-5103

Rockport United Methodist Church

The Reverend Dr. Gordon Myers, Pastor 3301 Wooster Road (440) 331-9433

Rocky River Presbyterian Church

The Reverend Dr. Jon M. Fancher, Pastor 21750 Detroit Road, (440) 333-4888

Rocky River United Methodist Church

The Reverend Daniel F. Bogre, Senior Pastor

The Reverend Paul A. Bennett, Associate Pastor 19414 Detroit Road (440) 331-7676

St. Christopher Catholic Church

The Reverend John C. Chlebo, Pastor

The Reverend Timothy Daw, Associate Pastor 20141 Detroit Road (440) 331-4255

St. Thomas Lutheran Church

The Reverend David Luecke, Interim Pastor 21211 Detroit Road (440) 331-2680

The Shepherd’s Church - Nondenominational

Peter O. Pritchard, Lead Pastor

19555 Center Ridge Road

West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church

The Reverend Anthony Makar, Senior Minister 20401 Hilliard Blvd. (440) 333-2255

Good Citizenship


Citizens are qualified to vote in Cuyahoga County if:

• U.S. citizen

• 18 or older on election day. If one is 17 on a primary election day and will be 18 by the November general election day, he/she may vote in a primary election only for candidates, not issues.

• Resident of Ohio, Cuyahoga County and precinct at least 30 days before the election.

• Registered


For information regarding voter registration, polling locations, early voting, and vote by mail applications, contact the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections at (216) 443-8683 or


Regular municipal elections are held in odd-numbered years. Primary elections for partisan candidates for city office are held on the second Tuesday of September in a regular municipal election year. According to city charter, a party primary election shall be held only in the following events:

• When more than two persons file as candidates for nomination of the same political party, and either at least one candidate from any other political party or

32 ROCKY RIVER | 2023
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at least one independent candidate files for nomination to the office of mayor, director of law or ward councilman. The two candidates receiving the highest number of votes cast in the party primary election run for office in the general election.

• When more than four persons file as candidates for nomination of the same political party, and either at least one candidate from any other political party or at least one independent candidate files for nomination to the offices of councilman at large. The four candidates receiving the highest number of votes cast in the party primary election run for office in the general election. The nominating petitions for both partisan and independent candidates must be filed with the Board of Elections no later than 90 days prior to the primary election day.

Useful Contact Numbers



AT&T (800) 288-2020

Cleveland Division of Water: Report a problem (216) 664-3060

Customer service (216) 664-3130

Cox Utilities (216) 712-4300

Dominion East Ohio Gas (877) 542-2630

Illuminating Company/First Energy (800) 589-3101

Rocky River post office (440) 356-2465

Rocky River sewer division

Billing (440) 331-0600

Repairs (440) 356-5630


Avon Hospital (440) 695-5000

(Cleveland Clinic Health System)

33300 Cleveland Clinic Blvd., Avon, Ohio 44011

Fairview Hospital (216) 476-7000

(Cleveland Clinic Health System)

18101 Lorain Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44111

Pediatric Emergency (216) 476-7081

Emergency Department ..................(216) 476-7080

*For satellite offices, call the main number.

Fairview Hospital Wellness and Health Education Center (440) 356-0670

3035 Wooster Road, Rocky River, Ohio 44116

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TRANSPORTATION Driver’s licenses and license plates Warren Village Shopping Center (216) 941-8008 3345 Edgecliff Terrace Title registration and driver’s licenses Top’s Plaza (440) 779-0830 26642 Brookpark Ext., North Olmsted Greyhound bus line (800) 231-2222 Regional Transit Authority (216) 621-9500 Rocky River senior transportation (440)
Make Friends. Make a Difference. Rocky River Presbyterian Church 21750 Detroit Rd. | 440-333-4888 |

Cleveland Clinic Lakewood Family Health Center (216) 237-5500

14601 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 44107

*For satellite offices, call the main number above.

MetroHealth (216) 778-7800

2500 Metrohealth Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44109

Rocky River Medical Office (216) 957-3200

20575 Center Ridge Road, Suite 500

St. John Medical Center (440) 835-8000

29000 Center Ridge Road, Westlake, Ohio 44145


Employment and Family Services (216) 987-7000

Fairview Hospital

Wellness Center (440) 356-0670

Community Outreach (216) 476-7324

First Call for Help: United Way Information Service 211 or (216) 436-2000

Golden Buckeye Card (800) 422-1976

Greater Cleveland Volunteers (216) 391-9500

Homestead Exemption (216) 443-7050

Lakewood Community Service Center (216) 226-6466

Legal Aid Society (216) 687-1900

Legal Hotline for Older Ohioans (800) 488-6070

Meals on Wheels . (440) 333-6298

Medicare (800) 633-4227

Northcoast Health Ministry...................... (216) 228-7878

(Medical services for low-income individuals)

Nursing Home Ombudsman and Options for Living (800) 365-3112

Ohio Consumers’ Counsel (877) 742-5622

Ohio Department of Insurance (800) 686-1578

Rocky River Assistance Program (216) 556-5887

Rocky River Public Library Outreach Service (440) 333-7610

Rocky River Senior Center (440) 333-6660

Rocky River Senior Center Social Worker (440) 333-6664

Rocky River Senior Transportation (440) 333-6665

RTA Community Paratransit Service (216) 621-9500

Social Security Administration

17513 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, OH 44107, Local. (800) 722-1213

National telephone number. (800) 772-1213

T-Mobile IP Relay

Phone service for the hearing-impaired Information (800) 676-3777

To place a call (800) 750-0750

Veterans Service Commission (216) 698-2600


AT&T Lifeline Ohio (888) 256-5378

Dominion East Ohio (HEAP) (800) 282-0880

First Energy/CEI (HEAP) ........................... (800) 282-0880

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) (800) 282-0880

Homestead Water Assistance (216) 664-3130

Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) (800) 282-0880

Clubs and Organizations

AFS International/Intercultural Programs, Rocky River Chapter

Representative: Sandy Arancibia (440) 356-3725,

American Legion, Rocky River Post No. 451 19911 Lake Road

Commander: Art Stone (440) 734-8144

American Legion, Hellenic Post 453 22909 Center Ridge Road - St. Demetrios

Commander: Spyridon Farmakidis (440) 799-8190 Beach Cliff Garden Club

President: Michelle Cox (440) 331-6507

Boy Scouts of America

Greater Cleveland Council (216) 861-6060 College Club West

Friends of the Rocky River Public Library

President: Kate Leslie

Girl Scouts of NE Ohio (800) 852-4474

Kiwanis Club of Rocky River

President: Catherine Mathews

League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland/ Rocky River Chapter

Chairman: Judith Weiss (440) 308-5670

River Chapter #517 Order of the Eastern Star (OES)

Secretary: Donna Miller (440) 356-3224

Rocky River Assistance Program

Operations Manager (216) 556-5887 P.O. Box 16724

Rocky River Chamber Music Society

President: Carol Jacobs (440) 471-7471

Rocky River Chamber of Commerce 1236 Smith Court

Executive Director: Angela M. Barth (440) 331-1140

Rocky River Community Challenge

Coordinator: Jenny Hess (440) 376-3263

Marketing/Promotions: Chris Slomka (216) 905-6277

Visit Facebook: Community Challenge — Rocky River

Rocky River Community Garden

President: Sharlene

Rocky River Democratic Club

President: Michael O’Neil

Rocky River Green Team

Chair: Andrea Mediate

Rocky River High School Alumni Association

Rocky River Historical Society

President: Ginni Goings.......................(440) 331-4616

34 ROCKY RIVER | 2023 We are a locally owned title insurance agency offering full title and settlement services. Buying? Selling? Refinancing? Contact our office for an instant price quote. A River Company Serving River for 20 years! 440-333-8118 19545 Center Ridge Road Rocky River, OH 44116 A River company serving River for over 25 years! NEW TO ROCKY RIVER! EVERYONE WELCOME Sunday Worship – 10:30 AM Non-denominational Church At Wilhelm Dance Studio 19555 Center Ridge Road

Rocky River Lakewood Kitchen of West Shore

Meals on Wheels

Chair: Laurie Rokakis

Volunteer and Administrative Coordinator:

Kathy Blackwell (440) 333-6298

Rocky River Music Study Group

President: Birgit Ihms (440) 356-6533

Rocky River Parks & Recreation Foundation

Jackie York

Rocky River Public Library Foundation

Interim Director: Trent Ross (440) 333-7610

Rocky River Seniors Council Inc.

Senior Center (440) 333-6660

Rocky River Toastmasters

President: Christy Howley (630) 310-0653

Rocky River Women’s Club

Rocky River Assistance Program

Operations Manager (216) 556-5887

P.O. Box 16724

Rotary Club of Lakewood/Rocky River

President: Steve Clark

Rotary Club of Lakewood/Rocky River Sunrise

President: Jason Pickering

Village Project

Meredith LaVecchia (440) 348-9401

West Shore Orchid Society

Wayne Roberts (440) 236-5571

West Shore Coterie Club

President: Mary Horvath (440) 333-2873

West Shore Republican Club

Robert Bodi (440) 250-9446,

Women’s Association of Beach Cliff, No. 1

Women’s Committee of the Great Lakes Theater

Chair: Barbara Cercone (440) 333-8351

Women’s Committee of Rocky River Public Library

Director: Jamie Mason (440) 333-7610

Lakewood YMCA

Branch Director: Virgil Wahome (216) 521-8400

16915 Detroit Ave., Lakewood

YMCA – Westshore Branch

Branch Director: Ben Altemus (440) 871-6885

1575 Columbia Road, Westlake


Cleveland Yachting Club Inc.

General Manager: Marc Dallas (440) 333-1155

200 Yacht Club Drive

Westwood Country Club

General Manager: Dan Denihan (440) 331-2120

22625 Detroit Road

RESIDENT REFERENCE MAGNIFICAT Educating Faith-Filled Women Leaders Since 1955 Quality Painting. THAT’S ALL WE DO! Rocky River’ s House Painter Serving Northeast Ohio Homeowners since 1975 Call us at 216-529-0360 for a Free Consultation! NEUBERTPAINTING COM “THE NEUBERT PAINTINGADVAN T A G ”E Daniel J. Chavayda, AIF®, CPFA Registered Principal Wealth Consultant 2932 Wooster Rd., Suite 101 Rocky River, OH 44146-2922 440.333.1980 Office • 440.815.2272 Fax •

Dining Guide

Al Pita

Mediterranean • $$-$$$ • A,DS,M,V •

Includes a variety of appetizers, salads, gyros, pitas and entrees filled with fresh ingredients.

(216) 603-9300, 19310 Detroit Road,


American • $ • A,DS,M,V •

Slow-roasted and freshly sliced roast beef sandwiches.

(440) 331-9176, 21412 Center Ridge Road,


American • $$ • A,DS,M,V • •

Family-oriented home of famous battered onion rings and great burgers.

(440) 331-7850, 19985 Lake Road,

Big Mouth Donut Co.

Craft Donut Shop • $ • A,DS,M,V •

Specializes in scratch-made donuts with unique flavors.

(216) 282-8228, 19265 Detroit Road,


Tacos and Rum • $$ • A,DS,M,V • •

Specializing in tacos and rum with a Latin flavor.

(440) 409-0210, 19890 Detroit Road,

Brown Sugar Thai Cuisine

Thai • $$-$$$$ • A,DS,M,V •

Features a variety of eye-catching, healthy dishes, including vegetarian options.

(440) 331-4110, 20130 Center Ridge Road,


Italian • $$-$$$ • A,DS,M,V •

Casual, family-oriented Italian restaurant operating for more than 40 years. Specializes in pizzas. Closed Mondays.

(440) 331-5157, 19373 Hilliard Road,

Burger King

American • $ • A,DS,M,V • American-style food, famous for Whoppers.

(440) 331-9279, 20333 Center Ridge Road,

Burntwood Tavern

American • $$$ • A,DS,M,V • • Features a warm atmosphere and savory food as well as a bar and outdoor terrace.

(440) 333-6700, 19304 Detroit Road,

Char Whiskey Bar & Grille

American • $$$ • A,DS,M,V • • Locally sourced meats and fresh burgers, mac-n-cheese and vegan options.

(216) 712-4591, 19337 Detroit Road,

Cravings Cafe

American • $ • N/A •

Serves breakfast and lunch, sandwiches, wraps and freshly brewed coffee.

(440) 895-0098, 19701 Lake Road

Dairy Queen/Orange Julius

American • $ • A,DS,M,V • •

Serves hamburgers and chicken fingers along with frozen treats such as its famous Blizzards.

(440) 333-7763, 21665 Center Ridge Road,

Danny Boy’s Italian Eatery

Italian • $$ • A,DS,M,V • •

Award-winning pizza, specialty pizzas and pasta pies. Family-friendly with big portions. Great Italian-American food presented in a perfectly Frank (Sinatra) atmosphere.

(440) 333-9595, 20251 Lake Road,



Duet Fine Catered & Prepared Foods

Catering • N/A • DS,V,M

Fine catering with more than 50 years’ collective experience.

(440) 333-2220, 2252 Wooster Road,

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Bakery • $ • A,DS,M,V • •

Fresh-baked bagels, sandwiches, soups, gourmet salads, sweets and snacks, offering healthy, smart choices.

(216) 239-5384, 19115 Detroit Road,

Erie Island Coffee Co.

Deli • $ • A,DS,M,V • •

A coffee house that offers a genuine northern Italian blend that’s never bitter. It serves cold and hot deli sandwiches, paninis, salads and soups.

(440) 333-3333, 19292 Detroit Road,

Ferris Steak House

American • $$ • A,DS,M,V • •

Serving high-quality steaks, chops, salads, seafood and other delicious options.

(216) 281-1437, 2589 Wooster Road,

Firehouse Subs

American • $ • A,DS,M,V •

Highlights made-to-order hot and cold subs and a variety of hot sauces.

(216) 772-2300, 21860 Center Ridge Road,

36 ROCKY RIVER | 2023
Accessible -
SYMBOLS: A – American Express DS – Discover Card M – MasterCard V – Visa Average Entree: $ – Under $8 $$ – $8-$16 $$$ – $17-$24 $$$$ – Over $24 DINING GUIDE

First Watch

American • $ • A,M,V,DS •

Trans fat-free menu has health food but is not a restricted menu — serves omelets, oatmeal, pancakes, burgers and club sandwiches. Closes at 2:30 p.m. daily.

(440) 333-3529, 19340 Detroit Road,

Flip Side

American • $$-$$$ • A,DS,M,V • •

Chef-driven burgers, shakes and beer.

(440) 799-8888, 19071 Old Detroit Road,

Giant Eagle

Ready-made • $$-$$$$ • A,DS,M,V • •

Chicken and pizza, etc.

(440) 333-2733, 22160 Center Ridge Road,

Gourmet Guy Cafe

American • $$ •

Customizable sandwiches, wraps, salads and bowls. 20253 Lake Road,

Gourmet Java Bistro

Bistro • $$ • A,DS,M,V • •

Breakfast, lunch and early dinner; healthy eating seven days a week.

(440) 444-8827, 19056 Old Detroit Road

The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill

Contemporary Greek Cuisine • $$-$$$$ • A,DS,M,V • •

Offers classic flavors of the Mediterranean using family recipes and authentic ingredients.

(216) 712-4350, 21605 Center Ridge Road,

Gunselman’s To Go

American • $$ • DS,M,V • •

Classic American tavern fare.

(440) 589-7828, 21800 Center Ridge Road,

Heinen’s Grocery • $-$$$$ • A,DS,M,V • •

Provides world-class customer service while offering the freshest, highest-quality foods.

(440) 331-3830, 19219 Detroit Road,

Herb’s Tavern

American • $$ • DS,M,V • •

Old-style tavern serving beer, sandwiches and burgers.

(440) 331-9870, 19925 Detroit Road

HoneyBaked Ham

American • $ • A,DS,M,V •

Deli sandwiches with smoked ham and roasted turkey.

(440) 356-0440, 21943 Center Ridge Road,

Joe’s A Fine Deli & Restaurant

Deli • $$ • A,DS,M,V • •

Full delicatessen in a family atmosphere, with pastas, seafood, gourmet salads, burgers and chophouse fare.

(440) 333-7890, 19215 Hilliard Blvd.

King Wah Restaurant and Lounge

Asian • $$ • A,DS,M,V • • Cuisine in a relaxed, contemporary ambiance since 1973. (440) 331-0330, 20668 Center Ridge Road

Lake Road Market

Grocery • $-$$ • A,DS,M,V • Large variety including fine wines, meats and cheeses. (440) 331-9326, 20267 Lake Road


American Bistro • $$$ • A,DS,M,V • •

An upscale craft beer bar with 24 craft beers on tap, and an additional 80 beers by the bottle.

(440) 799-4292, 1137 Linda St.,

Martin’s Corner

Deli • $ • M,V • •

Providing fine cooked foods, wine and beer for more than 33 years.

(440) 331-4410, 20505 Detroit Road,


American • $ • A,DS,M,V •

Family-friendly fast food, home of the Big Mac.

(440) 333-7020, 21675 Center Ridge Road,

Mellow Mushroom

Italian • •

Originators of classic southern pizza; also serves craft beer. (440) 356-7171, 19333 Detroit Road,

Mitchell’s Ice Cream

Dessert • $ • A,DS,M,V • •

A clean, inviting atmosphere with lots of indoor seating. (440) 333-4563, 19700 Detroit Road,

Ohio Pie Co. Rocky River

Home of the original Ohio-style pizza.

(216) 353-7777, 19565 Detroit Road,

Old Carolina Barbecue Co.

American • $$-$$$ • A,DS,M,V • •

Carolina-style barbecue featuring pulled pork, ribs and southern sides.

(216) 273-7608, 21613 Center Ridge Road,

Old River Tap and Social

Pub Food • $$-$$$ • A,DS,M,V • •

A clean, inviting atmosphere with lots of indoor seating. (440) 857-0399, 19245 Detroit Road,

Panera Bread

Cafe • $ • A,DS,M,V • •

Famous for soups, sandwiches and salads. (440) 331-0555, 19705 Center Ridge Road,


Pelicano’s Pizza

Pizza • $$ • M,V •

Carryout and delivery subs, pizzas, pastas and catering.

(440) 333-0558, 2218 Wooster Road

Penn Station

Sub shop • $$ • A,DS,M,V • •

Casual, sports-themed atmosphere; famous for subs and fresh-cut fries.

(440) 333-7366, 19565 Detroit Road,

Piada Italian Street Food

Italian • $$ • A,DS,M,V •

Casual dining concept featuring fresh, high-quality Italian food.

(440) 333-1530, 19925 Center Ridge Road,

Pier Beverage and Deli

Deli • $ • A,DS,M,V • •

Carryout deli sandwiches.

(440) 356-6915, 22474 Lake Road

Pita Way

Mediterranean • $-$$ • A,DS,M,V • •

Fast casual Mediterranean concept that is family owned and dedicated to serving the community delicious food.

19815 Center Ridge Road,

Raising Cane’s

Chicken Fingers • $-$$ • A,DS,M,V

Quality meals served quickly and conveniently.

(440) 236-0271, 21350 Center Ridge Road,

Rocky River Brewing Co.

Brewpub/Microbrewery • $$-$$$ • A,DS,M,V • •

Specializing in beers handcrafted from the finest ingredients. Fresh seafood and pastas.

(440) 895-2739, 21290 Center Ridge Road,

Sakana Sushi Bar and Lounge

Asian-Fusion • $$-$$$$ • A, DS, M,V • • Serving lunch, dinner and takeout.

(440) 857-0700, 19300 Detroit Road

Salmon Dave’s Pacific Grille

Seafood • $$$ • A,DS,M,V

Huge crab legs and fresh seafood on a diverse menu of traditional and seasonal specialties. Award-winning wine list. Reservations recommended.

(440) 331-2739, 19015 Old Lake Road,


Coffee • $ • A,DS,M,V •

Casual cafe offering a wide variety of coffee products.

(440) 356-1760, 19555 Detroit Road,

Stino da Napoli

Italian • $$ • Cash only • •

Authentic Italian food from the Naples region. Dine-in and carryout.

(440) 331-3944, 19070 Old Detroit Road,


Deli • $ • A,DS,M,V •

Subway is the world’s largest sub sandwich chain. (440) 333-2089, 21625 Center Ridge Road; (440) 333-0074, 19595 Detroit Road,

Swinging Door Bar and Grill

American • $-$$ • A,DS,M,V • Serving lunch, dinner, drinks and take-out. (216) 801-4800, 20130 Center Ridge Road

Tartine Bistro

French • $$ • A,DS,M,V • •

A European-style bistro famous for tartine sandwiches. Full wine and liquor bar; no reservations required. (440) 331-0800, 19110 Old Detroit Road,

Vitality Bowls

Superfood Cafe • $$ • A,DS,M,V • •

Acai bowls, smoothies, salads and paninis. (216) 712-6999, 19511 Center Ridge Road


American • $ • A,DS,M,V •

Old-fashioned hamburgers served fresh and delicious. (440) 333-4377, 21250 Center Ridge Road,

Whole Foods

Grocery • $-$$ • • 19607 Detroit Road, (440) 596-3440,

Wine Bar - Rocky River

Flavorful American • $$-$$$ • A,DS,M,V • •

Wine bar with a comfortable, laid-back atmosphere, featuring an eclectic selection of 100 wines from Italy, California, Spain, South America, Australia and France. (440)-799-4300, 1313 Linda St.,

The Woods Restaurant & Lounge

Italian • $$ • A,DS,M,V •

A casual local landmark for 40 years, primarily serving Italian fare with daily chef’s specials. Deck, party center and catering.

(440) 333-4522, (440) 333-9663, 21919 Center Ridge Road,


Soup, Salad and Sandwiches • $ • A,DS,M,V • (440) 657-3200, 21619 Center Ridge Road,

38 ROCKY RIVER | 2023
DINING GUIDE Restaurant • Party Center • Catering 440-333-WOOD • FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS EAT AT CHAINS! If you're thinking about buying or selling a house or condo, let's connect! Liz Manning - Planning your next move 440-715-0888
I'd appreciate the opportunity to work for you!
Laskey Costello Certified Public Accountants Tax Preparation and Accounting Services Phone: (216) 521-2100 Fax: (216) 521-3258 15514 Detroit Avenue Lakewood, OH 44107 Individual • Small Business • Corporate • Estate Floors 2 u Too Busy to Shop for Floorcovering? We Bring the Store into Your Living Room. 21190 Center Ridge Rd. Rocky River, Ohio 44116 Carpet • Ceramic • Laminate • Wood Call Today 440-331-2316 Terry Hach
"Liz Manning is a Realtor you can trust. Her organizational skills, drive, energy, strong work ethic and unparalleled commitment to personal service are a few of the many qualities that contribute to her success. She genuinely cares about her clients."



Rocky River Chamber of Commerce is proud to endorse Spooner Incorporated as their preferred Third Party Administrator (TPA) for Ohio Workers’ Compensation. The Rocky River chamber has partnered with Spooner Incorporated to offer members group rating discounts on workers’ compensation. As an added member benefit, any Rocky River Chamber member that selects Spooner to manage their workers’ compensation also gets unemployment claim administration FOR FREE !


Your company can save up to 53% on workers’ compensation with the Rocky River Chamber of Commerce and Spooner! The Grow Ohio Incentive Program allows new companies to apply for group rating for workers’ compensation instead of having to wait until the next policy year. Contact Spooner today for a no-cost review and see what the savings could mean for your business.

Workers’ Compensation Savings

If you are not in a group, you should be. Group rating allows companies like yours to save money on the amount of premium paid to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). All groups are not the same and choosing the right group for your business is an important step in keeping your BWC rates down.

For a Free, No Obligation analysis of your policy, reach out to Mike Kowalski, Regional Sales Manager at Spooner Inc. today!

Office: 440.249.5205 • Cell: 216.469.2936

Fax: 440.249.5200 •

Workers’ Comp Services

• Group Rating 53% discount

• Grow Ohio

• Self-Insurance

• Group Retrospective Rating

• Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

HR Services

• Handbook Revision / Creation

• Harassment Training

• Workers’ Compensation Administration

• Job Descriptions

• Employee Benefits Evaluations

• Payroll Services

• Personnel File Compliance

• FMLA – FLSA Compliance

• Recruiting Services

• Unemployment Administration

• I-9 Compliance

Helping our Residents Return Home

Experience the Not-For-Profit Difference

The mission of the Welsh Home is a “Legacy of the Heart” following the traditions of the Women’s Welsh Clubs of America to respect the spirit of each resident.

After a hospital stay, our number one goal at the Welsh House is for you to return home safely. Recover in our Private Rehab Suites with:

· Physical Therapy

· Speech Therapy

· Occupational Therapy

· Skilled Nursing

Center Ridge Road, Rocky
River 440-331-0420

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