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CONNECTED COMMUNITY Collaborative efforts between the city and school district help North Ridgeville become an even more desirable destination in which to live, work, play and raise a family.








THE CITY OF NORTH RIDGEVILLE AND NORTH RIDGEVILLE CITY SCHOOLS ARE COLLABORATING TO ADDRESS LONG-STANDING NEEDS IN OUR COMMUNITY. TWO ISSUES WILL APPEAR ON THE NOVEMBER BALLOT: THESE TWO ISSUES MUST BOTH PASS TO REALIZE THIS PLAN. VOTE YES ON NOVEMBER 8! ISSUE 6 This 8.65 mill bond issue funds: • A new high school • A new elementary school • A dedicated space for Ranger High-Tech Academy • A performing arts center • A transportation and maintenance facility ISSUE 28 This 0.2% income tax levy funds: • A community center attached to the high school containing recreation facilities that include: • A field house with indoor track • Aquatic center • Fitness center • A senior center VOTE YES! Design Concept for Community and Senior Centers Design Concept for High School Entrance THE CITY OF NORTH RIDGEVILLE AND NORTH RIDGEVILLE CITY SCHOOLS ARE COLLABORATING TO ADDRESS LONG-STANDING NEEDS IN OUR COMMUNITY. TWO ISSUES WILL APPEAR ON THE NOVEMBER BALLOT: THESE TWO ISSUES MUST BOTH PASS TO REALIZE THIS PLAN. VOTE YES ON NOVEMBER 8! ISSUE 6 This 8.65 mill bond issue funds: • A new high school • A new elementary school • A dedicated space for Ranger High-Tech Academy • A performing arts center • A transportation and maintenance facility ISSUE 28 This 0.2% income tax levy funds: • A community center attached to the high school containing recreation facilities that include: • A field house with indoor track • Aquatic center • Fitness center • A senior center WHY NOW? WHY THIS PLAN? PAID FOR BY CITIZENS FOR BETTER SCHOOLS VOTE YES!
GROWTH • Our city’s population has quadrupled since 1960. • Our 1967 High School and 1976 Elementary School buildings are at full capacity while enrollment continues to grow. • Based on capacity and condition, our current facilities are no longer meeting our students’ educational needs.
= COST SAVINGS • The partnership saves taxpayers $18 million in construction costs and continuing costs through shared operations. • The schools will be refunded $31 million from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, used for debt service, decreasing the cost to taxpayers. PROVIDE
EVERYONE • Residents want improved recreational amenities in the city. A recreation and community center has consistently been listed as a top priority. • A new senior center will expand activities and access to health and wellness programs, as well as provide a multi-generational connection between students and seniors. Design Concept for Community and Senior Centers Design Concept for High School Entrance THE CITY OF NORTH RIDGEVILLE AND NORTH RIDGEVILLE CITY SCHOOLS ARE COLLABORATING TO ADDRESS LONG-STANDING NEEDS IN OUR COMMUNITY. TWO ISSUES WILL APPEAR ON THE NOVEMBER BALLOT: THESE TWO ISSUES MUST BOTH PASS TO REALIZE THIS PLAN. VOTE YES ON NOVEMBER 8! ISSUE 6 This 8.65 mill bond issue funds: • A new high school • A new elementary school • A dedicated space for Ranger High-Tech Academy • A performing arts center • A transportation and maintenance facility ISSUE 28 This 0.2% income tax levy funds: • A community center attached to the high school containing recreation facilities that include: • A field house with indoor track • Aquatic center • Fitness center • A senior center WHY NOW? WHY THIS PLAN? PAID FOR BY CITIZENS FOR BETTER SCHOOLS VOTE YES! RESPOND
GROWTH • Our city’s population has quadrupled since 1960. • Our 1967 High School and 1976 Elementary School buildings are at full capacity while enrollment continues to grow. • Based on capacity and condition, our current facilities are no longer meeting our students’ educational needs.
• The partnership saves taxpayers $18 million in construction costs and continuing costs through shared operations. • The schools will be refunded $31 million from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, used for debt service, decreasing the cost to taxpayers. PROVIDE
• Residents want improved recreational amenities in the city. A recreation and community center has consistently been listed as a top priority. • A new senior center will expand activities and access to health and wellness programs, as well as provide a multi-generational connection between students and seniors. Design Concept for Community and Senior Centers
Concept for High School Entrance

On the Cover

Students and alumni of North Ridgeville City School District showcase their hometown pride.

Photo by Ken Blaze


From the City of North Ridgeville

Marjorie Snyder

Chamber of Commerce President & CEO

City of North Ridgeville

7307 Avon Belden Road North Ridgeville, OH 44039

North Ridgeville

Chamber of Commerce

36097 Westminister Ave. North Ridgeville, OH 44039

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4 From the Mayor

5 RidgeLines

Get a closer look at collaborative efforts between the city and school district, plans for the new police station and infrastructure and road improvements.

9 Room to Grow

Six local businesses highlight their support and success in North Ridgeville.

12 Map & Street Index

16 Faces of North Ridgeville

Discover how three residents are making a difference.

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North Ridgeville Chamber of Commerce Directory


Dear Residents, Businesses and Visitors,

On behalf of the City of North Ridgeville and North Ridgeville Chamber of Commerce, I’m pleased to present this edition of North Ridgeville Magazine, produced by Great Lakes Publishing and made possible by the generous financial support of our local businesses and advertisers.

In addition to our annual communi ty map, Chamber of Commerce direc tory and city resource guide, we are de lighted to shine the spotlight on those people and places that make North Ridgeville special. Read about three residents making a difference, as well as a host of new businesses that recent ly opened their doors in our town.

As you browse through the magazine, you’ll also learn more about exciting plans for the growth and development of our community. From the improve ments underway to our safety facilities and transportation network to bold new ideas for educational and recreational facilities, North Ridgeville is a commu nity investing in its future.

There is much work ahead of us!

As we embrace the opportunities that come with growth, we are also mindful of our history and heritage. Whether new or long established in our city, we are all One North Ridgeville, and our vision can only be achieved through a communitywide effort. This is our mo ment, and there’s so much for which to be excited!

If you have questions, comments or would like to get involved and be part of our progress, please reach out to my office at 440-353-0811.

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Sincerely, Mayor Kevin Corcoran

Synergy Success

Collaborative conversations and sharing resources between the city and school district makes for a stronger community.

Acollaborative partner ship between the city and school district is the key to a thriving community.

“People move to cit ies with solid school systems, and one of the things we’ve worked hard to do during the last five years is build that relationship with the city,” says Super intendent Roxann Ramsey-Caserio, relating that ongoing conversations and community engagement have been integral to future planning.

Mayor Kevin Corcoran points out, “It’s of paramount importance for the schools and city to work together because noth ing holds your property value better than a great school district. It’s important to all of our residents, and whenever possible, we work together to make the communi ty stronger and better.”

From infrastructure to program ming, aligning resources benefits everyone. There are ongoing exam ples of how a unified vision and sup portive alliance have helped shape North Ridgeville.

“We’ve had multiple opportunities to look at projects across the city that benefit the residents and our schools, and Mayor Corcoran has made it extremely easy to have those conver sations,” Caserio says.

Case in point: the Heart & Soul Fit ness trail installation and construction of Ranger Way, which now links Bain bridge and Center Ridge roads.

“Those are great examples of the city and schools working together and com ing to an agreement on what is best for the entire community,” Caserio says.

Now, dialogue is focused on a series of new school buildings and city ame nities, such as a fieldhouse with indoor track, aquatic facility with exercise space and a senior center. A bond issue on the upcoming November ballot will propose a new high school with per forming arts center, new kindergarten through third grade elementary school, dedicated space for Ranger High-Tech Academy and transportation mainte nance facilities.

“When you talk about joint-use, multi generational joint facilities, it doesn’t get any better than North Ridgeville right now,” Caserio says.

A Growing Community

When North Ridgeville High School was constructed in 1967, the city’s pop ulation was about 10,000 residents. Today, it’s 36,000.

“For us to work with a school build ing that was built more than 50 years ago with the current population, it

creates a lot of stress because there is not enough space for the students,” Corcoran says.

Caserio adds that the high school was designed for 900 students and now houses 1,400. Additionally, high school students enrolled in Ranger High-Tech Academy have expressed a level of dis connect with extracurriculars and ac tivities because of its location at the lo cal Lorain County Community College (LCCC) branch.

“It was difficult for them to transition back and forth,” Caserio says. “Moving forward, it’s important for us to think about the STEM designation we cur rently hold — how to maintain that and also provide space that a project-based learning environment requires.”

A proposed new collaborative space designated for Ranger High-Tech en rollees in grades nine to 12, along with other students, would open up STEM opportunities to a larger audience.

The city, school district and residents have already experienced what a mod ern facility can do for learning, evi denced by the adaptable, studio spac es and collaborative areas at the North Ridgeville Academic Center for grades three to eight that opened during the 2017-18 school year.



In December, the city’s facilities planning committee met to move for ward and make some changes.

“We included a broader scope of North Ridgeville community mem bers,” Caserio says of engaging busi ness owners, parents of preschoolers, homeowners’ association representa tives and senior citizens. As a whole, 20% of the population has children at tending the schools, and 20% are older adults who are at least 55 years old.

“We talked about how we can ap peal to everyone even if they do not have children in school,” Caserio says, pointing to another example of city collaboration with the proposed senior center and recreation facili ties that can be shared by all. With proposed designated community resources — the recreation facilities and senior center — the city and schools can further collaborate.

“Right now, the senior center works with schools on intergenerational activities, whether it’s reading to chil dren or an intergenerational Olympics activities, and one of the great things about our seniors is they have so many experiences to share,” Corcoran says. “If we can bring the younger and older

generations together, it makes the com munity stronger.”

Joining Forces

The bond issue “came out of a need,” Caserio emphasizes, explain ing that it’s different than a levy that is used for operating expenses. “This is actual construction, and we have been talking about our schools and the space constraints for some time now. Our brand-new building is in ex cellent shape to handle the growth we are seeing in the community, but the other buildings are not.”

The overall estimated cost of con struction is approximately $227 mil lion, and the school district’s portion is roughly $190 million. Combining forc es with the city will save the district about $18 million. The city income tax increase for the recreation and senior centers is 0.2%.

“Currently, the city has a 1% income tax, which is the lowest that exists in the entire state,” Corcoran says. “We are just asking that to be 1.2%, which is still one of the lowest rates.”

North Ridgeville is the fastest grow ing city in Northeast Ohio. Because of the partnership between the city and school district, it has wisely leveraged shared resources throughout the years. For example, the city service depart ment helps maintain and manage re pairs to pipes and other school build ing infrastructure. The fire and police departments not only perform annual building checks, “they give us tips and thoughts on what we need to address with regard to school safety,” Caser io says. “They work hand in hand to be sure our staff and students are prepared for any emergency, and the school re sources in our building are a shared agreement between the two entities.”

This collaboration and others are what triggered a larger discussion

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about how to deliver necessary new school buildings and long-desired recreation facilities while saving cost for residents.

“It’s an extremely exciting time,” Caserio says. “There are only a hand ful of growing districts like this in the state, and we are working together to find the best approach.”


Plans for the new police station are complete with an eye on breaking ground soon.

A new police station for North Rid geville is on the horizon following the successful 2021 0.81-mill bond issue for the $12.5-million new facility that will in clude a 21,326-square-foot station and 7,800-square-foot evidence storage building. Police Chief Mike Freeman says the building’s location is ideal.

“We are close to the schools, and our children are the most important asset this community has,” he says.

Two school resource officers are staffed on the school campus daily. With the new police station a couple min utes away, “We could easily have eight officers on campus within a very short period of time,” Freeman says.

The new police station was a neces sity for fast-growing North Ridgeville, Freeman adds. “We’re no longer a sleepy small-town community, and when I leave [this position], my guess is we’ll have 50,000 residents — and the build ing of this police station gives us an opportunity to accommodate that future growth,” he says.

The pre-engineered metal storage building, which saves cost, will include spaces for cars, a kennel for lost dogs and an evidence processing and drying room along with storage. Architectural Vision Group (AVG) drew up the plans for this and the police station facility.

“Now, we are in the construction bid ding stage,” Freeman says.

Groundbreaking and construction will follow for an expected 18 months to two years. “People are proud of it, and as a stakeholder in this community, we want people to be proud of their community.”

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Your North Ridgeville Library has programming for all ages; including story times, enriching STEM activities for school-age students, tweens and teens, craft and maker programs, book discussions, writing groups, tech programs and much more. Using our Charlie Cart, a rolling kitchen, the library offers culinary programs and cooking demos. We also offer passport services, multiple meeting spaces for the public, free wi-fi, convenient curbside services at our drive-up window, 24/7 holds lockers, fishing poles and adult bicycles for loan and a StoryWalk®

South Central Park.

35700 Bainbridge Road • North Ridgeville, OH 44039 Phone: (440) 327-8326 •
— KH

Excellence in Senior Care

Providing Excellence in Senior Care

Safer Streets

The O’Neill family has been providing quality skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and long-term care for more than 60 years in Cleveland’s west side communities.

The O’Neill family has been providing quality skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and long-term care for more than 55 years in Cleveland’s west side communities.

Atypical four-way intersection has 32 conflict points — that’s nearly three dozen “accident zones” at any given time.

On the other hand, roundabouts have eight conflict points, which is 75% less, shares Daniel Rodriguez, city engineer for North Ridgeville.

within a 70-acre area to Lorain Road so it will have more access to Interstate 480 and State Route 10,” Rodriguez says. “We are hoping that will bring more business into the city of North Ridgeville, which would be an asset to the community.”

Our goal is achieving the highest level of function during a therapy stay and returning home as soon as safely able. We also offer Assisted Living suites allowing seniors to live in a community with services and amenities, with our exceptional medical team close at hand. Additionally, for added comfort and convenience, a dialysis center is attached to O’Neill Healthcare North Ridgeville.

Our goal is achieving the highest level of function during a therapy stay and returning home as soon as safely able. We also offer Assisted Living suites allowing seniors to live in a community with services and amenities, with our exceptional medical team close at hand. Additionally, for added comfort and convenience, a dialysis center is attached to O’Neill Healthcare North Ridgeville.

“By their nature, roundabouts slow down traffic. Not only does that re duce vehicle accidents, but the conflict points are also usually property dam age type crashes with typically no inju ries,” he adds, explaining why the city has two operating roundabouts and one ready for construction at Stoney Ridge, Mills and Avalon roads.

The city acquired property to com plete the project and developed road way plans. It will soon go to bid, and depending on the results, the project could begin late fall.

The Stoney Ridge Road watermain project is before council and is a con tinuation of the road’s watermain im provements. Already, the city has re moved and replaced the old watermain on the road beginning at Center Ridge Road to Schaefer Drive.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing

The new roundabout will be peanut shaped — essentially two back-to-back roundabouts because of the offset in tersections. “It will allow traffic to flow much better,” Rodriguez says, relating that the existing roundabouts at Mills Road and State Route 83, and Chestnut Ridge Road and Alternate State Route 83, have proven to be highly effective in decreasing crashes and promoting overall driving safety.

“This would pick up from there and go to Sandy Ridge Drive,” Rodriguez says, adding that the deteriorating watermain prompts breaks and needs replacement.

Meanwhile, realigning Barres Road and Ravenna Drive will correct an off set intersection and improve safety.

Center Ridge Road

Center Ridge Road

Beyond roundabouts, the city is in the midst of several other engineering and infrastructure projects that will make navigating the roadways safer and easier. One is the Cypress Avenue extension, which is expected to spur development in an area of the city that affords highway access.

“The street was built a number of years ago and dead-ended at a point, so we are going to extend that roadway

“Right now, there are a couple of leftturn lanes that are offset, and it would make that entire area safer to bring it to one location so all turn lanes are facing the same direction,” Rodriguez explains.

Roadway and infrastructure projects are paving the way for residents to seamlessly navigate the city.
Assisted Living Rehabilitative Therapies Memory Support Hospice Care Dialysis 38600
(440) 327-1295
Assisted Living Rehabilitative Therapies Memory Support Hospice Care Dialysis 38600
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Devotees of tennis, pickleball and indoor golf find everything they need to perfect their technique at North Ridge Sports Complex.

Following a devastating fire in 2020, new owner Michael Boukzam pur chased and rebuilt the complex to cre ate a family-friendly environment for athletes of all ages and skill levels. It in cludes indoor golf simulators, five in door tennis courts and 10 indoor pick leball courts. A staff of 20 welcomes members and guests to ensure they’ll have a good time on and off the court.

“One of our biggest luxuries is our comfortable lounges,” Boukzam says. “Court cameras display the action on five large TV monitors in the upper lounge so you don’t miss a play. In ad dition to our three lounges, we have an outdoor covered patio featuring more entertainment, as well as a We ber grill that our guests can use after they play. It’s the ideal spot to social ize with team mates and loved ones.”

NR Racket & Paddle, 5475 Mills Creek Lane, 440-327-2114,; NR Indoor Golf, 5495 Mills Creek Lane, 440-327-8860,


“My heart lies in wanting to make special moments even more special.”

The shop itself is a labor of love. De termined to create an old-fashioned am biance, the couple acquired and restored antique display cases that once graced a bakery in Sandusky. They also installed cozy booths for intimate seating.

Imagine a place where your sweet est wish is fulfilled. That’s the irresist ible world Lisa Uhrina and her hus band, Mark, have created at The Treat Shoppe & Bakery, the luscious emporium that opened in April. Uhrina credits her grandmother with perfecting the recipe for the scones her customers love, and her mother for teaching her the fine art of chocolate making. A third-generation chocolatier and proud owner of 4,000 chocolate molds, Uhrina readily shares her artistry with customers — especially when it comes to creating personalized orders to mark life’s milestones.

“I love working with people to help make their vision come true, whether it’s designing a dessert table for a baby show er, or helping a bride choose a cookie as a favor for wedding guests that’s iced in colors to match her big day,” she says.

“As Mark and I were looking at places to open our business, we were immedi ately drawn to North Ridgeville,” Uhrina says. “The city is making great economic development strides, and we want to be a part of it. Best of all, the town is so wel coming to small businesses.”

35522 Center Ridge Road, 440-732-1391,



In her role as CEO of A Christmas Story House & Museum, Angela Brooks spent 11 years spreading tidings of comfort and joy to fans who made the pilgrimage to the beloved Cleveland landmark. When it came to choose a new career path, Brooks, a North Rid geville High School alum, knew she wanted to continue sharing happiness in a business that would be all her own and located in a place she loves.

In 2017, Brooks purchased Mootown Creamery in Berea from its previous owner. When it came time to expand, North Ridgeville beckoned. In July, Mootown Creamery opened its doors in North Ridgeville.

“My landlord in Berea mentioned that a spot near Giant Eagle had opened up, and it would be an ideal location,” she says. “He was right. It’s perfect.”

Along with 24 mouthwatering fla vors, including dairy-free and vegan options that can be enjoyed in custom sundaes, ice cream cakes, milkshakes and malts, Mootown also offers an ar ray of 75 mix-ins and toppings.

Brooks is dedicated to making her creamery a place where everyone is welcome. She serves as a mentor to the teens who work at the store and is com mitted to making their jobs enjoyable and judgment-free.

“For many of these kids, this is their first work experience, and I want to make it a positive one,” she says. “It’s re ally important to me that I create an en vironment conducive to learning, where

they can try new things and make mis takes without fear.”

34259 Center Ridge Road, 440-353-1673,


Divya Singh and her husband, Jai, have three daughters between 6 and 12 years old. They understand the anxiety that can occur when it comes to finding quality day care for children.

“It’s important to choose a place where loved ones know their children are happy, safe, secure and — more than anything — enjoying their day,” says Singh, an occupational therapist and owner of Primrose School of North Ridgeville. She handles the day-today operations and works closely with parents, children and staff. Her hus band plays an active role in supporting the new school, while continuing his career in technology sales.

Offering a Balanced Learning curric ulum for kids 6 weeks to 6 years of age, Primrose centers on children’s cogni tive, social and emotional well-being, ac companied by purposeful play and char acter development. The school, which

opened in February, offers part-time and full-time day care, as well as beforeand after-school activities for children ages 12 and under. A private kindergar ten program will begin in fall 2023.

Currently, 18 staff members are based at Primrose North Ridgeville to care for the 60 children registered there. The waiting list has grown to 120, and Singh expects staff size to increase as well.

“North Ridgeville is booming with new families, young families and working parents who embrace all the city offers,” she says. “We’re looking forward to providing and sharing the quality of care we’ve made sure our own children experience.”

32121 Cook Road, 440-941-2567,


Will and Rita Scott are helping to day’s children chart their own course at Young Explorers Montessori of North Ridgeville. The couple, who launched their first Young Explorers school in Aurora 20 years ago, opened their fifth location in North Ridgeville in June.

“We started noticing that dozens of families from North Ridgeville were com ing to our Avon location,” Scott says. “We wanted to do all we could to help resi dents find the child care they were look ing for right in their own hometown.”

In addition to infant day care and pre school offerings, the school also hosts an after-school club filled with lan guage, math and science activities tailormade to participants’ ages and interests. STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, art and math) curriculum includes music and dance classes that culminate in performances for family members and friends. The Scotts em brace the Montessori philosophy that makes Young Explorers a place where children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old are “happy to learn and feel the love.”



“We build the classroom communi ty through grace and courtesy to all, a key Montessori value,” she says, add ing that at Young Explorers, “chil dren build confidence, leadership and eagles to soar.”

The North Ridgeville school’s staff of 24 are devoted to the individualized attention they give each of the 40 chil dren in attendance. Scott expects that enrollment to increase this school year.

“The world’s creative elites use the Montessori method for their children,” she says. “It’s absolutely the best way to foster a love of lifelong learning.”

36516 Center Ridge Road, 440-309-1782,



Family-owned Hop Brothers Brewing was founded in October 2021 with one mission in mind: “To bring great craft brews and tasty eats to North Ridgeville.”

Their talented group of more than 30 teammates does not disappoint and feels fortunate that the community has welcomed them so warmly.

Amid a rustic, industrial vibe, Hop Brothers brews on-site and always has a dozen beers on tap. Flights are popu lar among patrons who want to sample a variety of brews, and customers can purchase growlers and howlers to go. And unlike many others, this micro brewery also offers a full bar and a vari ety of popular national beer brands.

The accompanying menu offers a generous selection of appetizers, in cluding beer cheese fries, pickle chips and Bavarian pretzels, as well as burg ers, dinner entrees, salads, soups, wings, pizza and daily specials.

With a dog-friendly outdoor patio and expansive indoor and outdoor bars, Hop Brothers has become a gather ing place for locals, out-of-towners and well-mannered four-legged friends. Lo cally owned and family-friendly, Hop Brothers is a much-needed addition to a rapidly growing community with few sit-down dining options.

32650 Lorain Road, 440-281-9353,



Tankless Water Heaters

Ductless Heat



Root Rd., Ste.


North Ridgeville, OH 44039

11 COURTESY HOP BROTHERS BREWING • Preventative Maintenance Agreements • NATE Certified Technician • Natural Gas or Propane Furnaces • Air Conditioners • Heat Pumps / Hybrid Systems • Hot
Tanks •
Pumps • Arzel
Systems • Wi-Fi Thermostats • Indoor Air Quality Enhancements Visit our website at Like us on FACEBOOK, to receive monthly updates please send us your email address at: Climate-Tech,
A •

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Elmer Ave ....... A4

Elva Ln ............ B7-C7

Elyria St ...........G2

Emerald St .......F3

Englewood Ct H2

Essex Pl B8

Euclid Dr .........D7

Evergreen Blvd C5

Fairacres Rd .....F4

Fairfield Ln ..... C8

Fallen Timber Trl H7

Falcon Ct C4

Fallhaven Cir .G7

Fawn Ln ..........D3

Fern Tree Ln ..G1


Fieldstone Cir H3

Firecrest Cir ....H2

Fledgling Ct C4

Floraline Ave ..G3

Forest Glen Way F6

Forest Park Dr E3

Forest St ..........F2

Forest Wood Dr F3

Fortune Ct .......F7

Fortunato Dr D2

Fountain Cir .... A1

Fowlers Run ....B5

Fox Hollow .....H2

Foxboro Dr B8

Frances St .......G2

Franklin Dr ..... B7

Freedom Ave . C3

Gail Dr .......F4–G4

Garden St ........F3

Garrett Dr .......G1

Gate Moss Oval G1

Gatestone Rd G7

Gatewood Dr G7

Gem Cir ...........F2

Gilbert Ct ........G8

Gina Dr ............F3

Ginger Dr H6

Gladstone Mill Dr ............... C1

Glen Dr ..........H4

Glendale Rd ..................... ...G4

Glenmoor Ln C6

Glenwood Ct ..................... ..G7

Gloria Ave .......G3

Golden Eagle Dr ................. C3

Grace Cir .........E1

Granite Ln .................... ...... C2

Grant Dr ...........F5

Greenlawn Dr D4

Greenview Trl C2

Greenwich Ave E1

Gregory Ave ...G8

Grist Mill Dr ... B8

Hadaway St .....E3

Halle Cir ..........F6

Hamker Ct .......E7

Handyside Rd . A7

Harbor Dr .......D2

Harding Ave ...G3

Hardwood Dr ..F7

Harris Ct ...........F7

Harris Dr .........F7

Harvard Dr ..... B8

Harvest Pointe Dr G7

Hatching Way C4

Harvest Ridge Way H7

Havencrest Ct D2

Hawks Nest Ct G8

Hawthorne Hollow H2

Hazelwood Run H6

Hedgerow Park Dr D8

Helen St ....... E3

Heron Cir .....G7

Hersey Cir ....G4

Hickory Trl H2–3

Hidden Hollow Ct ............... G7

Hidden Tree Cir H3

Hiddenview Ct .................... B1

High Perch Dr .C3–4

Highland Dr ....................... F1

Highview Ln .G1

Hollow Tree Oval ................. G1

Homecrest Dr D7

Honeycut Dr ........................ F7

Honeysuckle Ln G2

Hummingbird Ln H8

Humphrey Cir B7

Hunter Lake Dr C3

Ichabod Dr .. B7

Independence Blvd C4

Ira Dr H6

Island Rd ...... F8

Jade Cir ....... F1

James Rd ..... F3

Jannie Ln D3

Jasmine Dr H6

Jason Dr ...... E1

Jaycox Rd . F1–3

Jefferson Ave G3

Jewell Cir ...... F1

Joanne Ct .... F2

Jordan Ct .... B7

Joseph Ct .... F2

Katherine St .G8

Kenmore Way F8

Kenssington Dr E4

Kenyon Mill Dr C1

Kingsbury Dr B8

Kingston Dr B1

Krueger Dr ... E5

Lakeside Dr .D7

Lands End Dr D3

Laurel Cir ........................ .... E3

Lavender Ct . B2

Leafy Mill Ln ....................... G1

Lear Nagle Rd G1–3

Lee Ave ................................ E3

Leslie Ave F2

Levi Ct .................................. C7

Lewis St F1

Lexington Way ................... .C6 Liberty Pkwy G3

Lila Dr D3

Lilac Ln H7

Lincoln Ave ..G3

Line Dr .........C6

Lisa Way E1

Littlebrook Way H7

Little Flower Cir F7

Loman Ct B7

Longbrook Dr G7

Lorain Rd E8–H4

Luanne Dr G2

Lucia Ln H6

Lydia Cir B7

Lyman Ct B7

Maddock Rd C5

Madison Ave G3

Main Ave G1–2

Majestic Dr ..C4

Mallard Cir ...H7

Manchester Cir E1

Manning Cir E1

Manning St . E1

Maple Dr .D4

Marigold Blvd G8

Mark Ct F3

Marsh Pl H3

May St G1

McArthur Dr ........................ E5

McKinley Ave G2

Meadow Lakes Blvd. ... B2–C4

Meadow Moss Ln H1

Meadow Creek Oval .......... H1

Meadows Edge Ln H8

Mildred St ........................ ... E3

Millenium Ct B1

Miller Dr ......................... ......G4

Mills Creek Ln G1–H3

Mills Industrial Pkwy F1

Mills Rd .D1–H1

Millwood Cir H1

Minott Ct C7

Miskovic Dr G8

Misty Meadow Trl A2

Mitchell Dr ...G4

Monica Dr ....G2

Monroe Ln ...G3

Montgomery Dr B8

Morgan Cir .. B7

Morning Glory Ln G3

Mosswood Cir H7

Mulberry Chase H6

Nash Ln C7-8

Nations Cir ..H4

Navona Ln D1

Nesthaven Way G8

Nicoll Dr G4

Nikki Ave E1

Noah Ln B7

Noll Dr D4

Northview Cir. F3

Northwood Ct H1

Norwich Pl .. B8

O Henry Cir .G4

Oak St ... E2

Oakhurst Dr ....................... H1

Oakwood Cir H3

Olive Ave ........................ ..F2–3

Oliver Ct ......C7

Opal St ......................... ........G2

Orchard Grove Ct G7

Orchard Ln ........................ ..G1

Otten Rd . B1–2

Overlook Ct ....................... . B1

Overlook Way C2

Family-owned and operated since 1984

Oxford Ct E2

Paradise Way D4

Park Trl ......... B1

Patricia Ave ..D8

Patton Dr .....G5

Paula Blvd .... F3

Pearl Ave ..... F2

Pebble Brook Dr G8

Pebble Ct C3

Pebble Lake Trl B1

Pelican Lake Dr B1

Pennsylvania Dr G6

Pepper Ridge Run H6

Peregrine Way C4

Performance Ln A5

Pilgrim Ct B8

Pine Branch Cir H2

Pineview Cir .G7

Pitts Blvd ...... F4

Plantation Pl F7

Pleasant Ave G2

Pleasant Ridge Cir H7

Plymouth Trace B8

Poplar St ..... E2

Prairie Moon B8

Princeton Dr B8

Quail Ct ......H8

Quails Nest Ln .................... B4

Race Rd B5

Rachel Ln ............................ F6

Rain Tree Cir A1

Ranger Way ......................... F4

Ravenna Dr C2

Ravenway Dr ...................... B1

Reading Way G6

Red Pine Way ...................... G1

Redington Dr B8

Redwood Ct F7

Reed Rd G8

Revere Dr B8

Rhonda Dr .. E2

Ridge Plaza Dr E3

Ridgeview Blvd E3

Riverwood Dr G7

Robert Ct F2

Rock Creek Cir G7

Rock Point Cir H2

Rocky Run Ct B1

Ronald Dr .... F3

Roosevelt Ave G1

Roosting Ln C3

Root Industrial Pkwy F6

Root Rd E5–G8

Rose St .........G2

Rosebelle Ave E3

Rummel Mill Dr C1

Rustic Ridge H7

Sandelwood Ave E2

Sandpiper Ct G7

Sandstone Ln G2

Sandy Ridge Dr C3–D3

Santa Maria Cir D1

Savannah Dr D4

Saw Mill Dr . B8

Saw Mill Trace ................... . B8

Saybrook Dr C8

Schaefer Dr ........................ .D4

Schoolhouse Ln E1

Scotch Pine Way ................. G1

Shady Dr C6

Shady Moss Ln .................. H1

Shaker Dr .....D7

Shaw Dr ........................ .......D7

Shawn Dr ..... F2

Shelly Ave ....G8

Sicily Ct ........G8

Simon St ......A5

Sinta Run F3

Soaring Ct C4

Somerset Ct A1

Songbird Ln A4

Sophia Ln D1

Sourbrook Ln H1

Spencer Ct .. F7

Sprague Rd .H8

Springdale Dr B1

Springwood Ct B1

Spruce St E2

Spruce Pine Way G1

Steinbeck Ct.............. G4

Stockport Mill Dr C1

Stone Creek Dr C3

Stonebriar Ln E7

Stonegate Cir C8

Stoney Lake Dr B2

Stoney Meadow Dr B1

Stoney Ridge Rd C2

Stradford Ct H1

Stratton Mill St C1

Sugar Creek Ln C2

Sugar Ridge Rd A7–C6

Sullivan Dr ........................... E1

Sun Meadow Ct A2

Suncrest Cir ....................... H7

Sunflower Ln G3

Swan Cir .............................. C3

Sweetbriar Ct H1

Sycamore St ........................ E3

Tail Feather Dr C3–D3

Talon Way ............................ C3

Tanager Ct G8

Taylor Pkwy A6

Terrell Ct B7

Terrell Dr .B7–C7

Thelma St G2

Theresa St G1

Thornbury St D2

Timber Edge Dr H7

Timothy Dr .. F5

Topaz Ct F1

Tree Moss Ln H3

Tree Top Pl C3

Trevi Ct D1

Tucker Dr H6

Unionville Dr B8

Venezia Ln D2

Vernon Hill B8

Victoria Ln C8

Victory Ln H5

Vista Lake Way B1

Wainwright Dr F5

Wakefield Run B7

Walker Dr H6

Wallace Blvd F2–3

Walnut Ct F7

Warblers Ln B4

Washington Blvd G3

Waterbury Blvd C6-7

Waterscape ......................... D2

Watson Ave A4

Weatherstone Dr ................ B1

Welesly Dr B8

Wescott Way ....................... B8

West Breezeway Dr C2

West Fenwick Dr ................. C6

West Shore Pkwy C1-D1

West Point Dr ...................... F5

Westfield Dr D6

Westminister Ave E1

Westwood Dr E5

Wheaton Pl C7

White Feather Ave C4

White Oak Way H2

White Pine Way G1

Wildflower Dr G3

Wildlife Trl C3

Wil-Lou Ln F4

Willowbrook Ln H2

Windermere Pl D2

Windsford Cir B1

Windsor Dr B1

Winfield Ln C7-8

Winson Cir B7

Wood St E2

Woodbine St E2

Woodbridge Ct G6

Woodhaven Cir G7

Woodland Dr H2

Woodland Way D8

Woodlawn Ave F4

Woodridge Ct H1

Woodsledge Dr B1

Woodspring Cir G7

Woodstone Cir G7

Wren Haven Cir G8

Wyllys Dr ............................. B7

Xavier Ct F5

Yale Ct .................................. D2

Yellow Beak Ln C4

Yellow Tail Ln ...................... C3 York Crescent E4

Diverse care solutions, tailored just for you. At Northridge Health Center, our goal is to provide you or your loved one with quality comprehensive care to ensure the best clinical outcomes in a warm, loving, home-like environment. We genuinely care about our residents and each other and are willing to go above and beyond every single day. • Five Star CMS Quality Measures • 36 Years in the Community • Proud member of the North Ridgeville Community NORTH RIDGEVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 35990 Westminister Ave. North Ridgeville, OH 44039 440.327.8511 Like Us On Facebook Please contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour.


Optometrist, North Ridgeville Eye Care

Dr. Carol Novak may be semiretired, but she is still keeping an eye on the families she has looked after since opening North Ridgeville Eye Care in 1979. She sees patients one day a week and as a substitute.

“I’m now taking care of the kids of the kids I got to know when I launched my practice,” she says. “It’s really nice.”

Novak, who grew up on Cleveland’s West Side, was attracted to all North Ridgeville offered and knew it would be the perfect fit for her business. “The city has everything I look for in a community,” she says. “I’m a real people-person, and I love the fact that North Ridgeville is comprised of a mix of residents — from farmers to whitecollar executives.”

Novak is dedicated to North Ridgeville. She’s served on the board of directors for the North Ridgeville Chamber of Commerce; chaired the scholarship committee that presents $1,000 awards to graduating high school seniors; sponsored T-ball, baseball and basketball teams throughout the city; and spearheaded donations of no-longer used eyeglasses for the Lions Club. In addition to receiving a Key to the City from Floyd Peaco, former North Ridgeville mayor, Novak also was awarded the North Ridgeville Chamber Pride Award twice for renovating existing buildings for use as her office space.


Garden Manager, North Ridgeville Community Garden

For 12 years, North Ridgeville residents have gratefully partaken of the bounty that Leo Hill’s green thumb has helped yield.

Proud to Support Our Community for Over 45 Years! FACES OF NORTH RIDGEVILLE

The co-founder of the North Ridgeville Community Garden, Hill admits he was never passionate about horticulture. But when a friend told him about the project, Hill offered to lend a hand.

Located on Chestnut Ridge Road across from Alternate State Route 83, the garden covers 2 acres and is comprised of 100 plots measuring 20 feet by 15 feet. For an annual $20 fee, any North Ridgeville resident can grow their own fruits, vegetables and flowers on their individual tracts. Excess produce is donated to North Ridgeville Community Care.

One of three garden managers, Hill volunteers his time rototilling, mowing, watering the plots and getting to know the 100 community gardeners who tend them.

The Vietnam veteran, who served as an Army paratrooper with the 173rd Airborne Brigade, received North Ridgeville’s Golden Kernel Award last year. The annual accolade is presented to residents who have made the city a better place to live.

“The garden means so much to me,” Hill says. “I enjoy seeing moms and dads and their children out there.


Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Northridge Health Center

Since moving to North Ridgeville five years ago, Heather Johnson

has made sure her commitment to the city encompasses all ages and stages of life. As the licensed nursing home administrator at Northridge Health Center, Johnson ensures those receiving rehabilitation, nursing and respite care are treated like family. Her personal touch also extends to the businesses and school communities at large. She is on the Chamber of Commerce board of directors, a member of local civic groups and involved in many school endeavors, including the One Vision, One North Ridgeville initiative.

A member of the city’s branding committee, Johnson offers input about the signage depicting the ambiance the community is known for that will soon be unveiled around town.

“When my husband and I were looking for a new home, we scouted locations and specifically chose North Ridgeville,” Johnson says. “It’s a great small town with a wonderful school system, low tax rates and easy accessibility to highways. I want to be proactive and positive in all that I do to make sure our city remains that way.”

17 KEN BLAZE Call Today! NORTH RIDGEVILLE • 440-326-0330 37693 Center Ridge Road OUR F U N IS SECOND TO NONE. We use fun learning activities to help your child become school-ready , career-ready and life-ready . Our wide range of programs promote a lifelong love of learning in literacy, science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. The Goddard Schools are operated by independent franchisees under a license agreement with Goddard Systems, Inc. Programs and ages may vary. Goddard Systems, Inc. program is AdvancED accredited. License #300654 .© Goddard Systems, Inc. 2022 The Goddard Schools are operated by independent franchises under a licenses agreement with Goddard Systems, Inc. Programs and ages may vary Goddard Systems, Inc. program is AdvancED accredited License #300654. © Goddard Systems, Inc. 2022. FACES OF NORTH RIDGEVILLE
Learning about nature is a wonderful family activity, and a fantastic social event for seniors.”


City Hall

7307 Avon Belden Road 440-353-0819,

Kevin Corcoran, Mayor 440-353-0811

Jeffry Armbruster, Safety-Service Director 440-353-0812

City Council

Meets at 7:00 p.m. on the first and third Monday of the month at City Hall Council Chambers, 7307 Avon Belden Road

Jason Jacobs, President/At-Large 440-452-5851

Georgia Awig, At-Large 440-724-7246

Martin E. DeVries, At-Large 440-387-3895

Holly A. Swenk, Ward 1 440-310-4129

Dennis J. Boose, Ward 2 440-327-8528

Bruce F. Abens, Ward 3 and President Pro-Tem 440-316-7091

Clifford Winkel, Ward 4 440-253-9474

Nicholas Ciofani, Clerk of Council 440-353-1508

Fijabi Gallam, MMC

Assistant Clerk of Council 440-353-1508


North Ridgeville City Schools

34620 Bainbridge Road 440-327-4444,

Roxann Ramsey-Caserio, Superintendent

David Pritt, Assistant Superintendent


Frank Vacha, President 440-213-1021

Marci Saxon, Vice President 440-353-3928

Jeff Grigsby, Member 440-212-7577

Kelly S. McCarthy, Member 440-731-8165

JoAnna Timura, Member 440-353-6536


Christian Life Academy

Catherine Falk, Principal 8877 Avon Belden Road 440-353-0758

Lake Ridge Academy

Mitch White, Head of School 37501 Center Ridge Road 440-327-1175,

St. Peter School Roger Brooks, Principal 35749 Center Ridge Road 440-327-3212,


Childtime Learning Center 33169 Center Ridge Road 440-327-5435

The Goddard School 37693 Center Ridge Road 440-326-0330,

Harvest Ridge Preschool 35600 Lorain Road 440-327-0024

KinderCare Learning Centers 7171 Lear Nagle Road 440-327-2706

The Learning Journey Playschool 34960 Center Ridge Road 440-412-3039

Primrose School of North Ridgeville 32121 Cook Road, 440-941-2567

St. Peter School (Pre-K) 35749 Center Ridge Road 440-327-3212

Shepherd of the Ridge Preschool 34555 Center Ridge Road 440-327-1032

YMCA Before & After School Care (Ages 5-12) 34620 Bainbridge Road 216-263-6860

Young Explorers Montessori of North Ridgeville 36516 Center Ridge Road 440-309-1782


American Legion Post #717 440-731-1722

Boy Scouts of America

IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS Competitive benefits Profit sharing plan On-the-job training Career growth opportunities | 440.327.4522 7887 Bliss Parkway, North Ridgeville, OH 44039 Apply today at As an industry-leading flexible materials converter, we serve clients nationwide, from midsize industrial manufacturers to large OEMs and Tier 1 automotive suppliers. More specifically, we make cool stuff that goes into other cool stuff— things like light-weight aluminum heat shields and noise reduction patches for automobiles, test strips for medical diagnostic kits, and gaskets for any number of applications. GROWING TEAM!COME JOIN OUR

Girl Scouts

Kiwanis Club of North Ridgeville 440-327-0111,

Lorain County Auditor

226 Middle Ave., Elyria, 44035 440-329-5212

Lorain County Board of Elections

1985 North Ridge Road E., Lorain, 44055, 440-326-5900

Lorain County Collection Center (Hazardous waste/shredding)

540 S. Abbe Road, Elyria, 44035 440-329-5440

Lorain County Community Action Agency

936 Broadway Ave., Lorain, 44052 440-245-2009

Lorain County Convention & Visitors Bureau

226 Middle Ave., 5th Floor, Elyria, 44035, 440-406-3119

Lorain County Historical Society 440-322-3341,

Lorain County Job & Family Services

42485 N. Ridge Road, Elyria, 44035 440-323-5726

Lorain County Office on Aging

320 Gateway Blvd., Elyria, 44035 440-326-4800

Lorain County Public Health

9880 South Murray Ridge Road, Elyria, 44035, 440-322-6367

Lorain County Treasurer (Property taxes)

226 Middle Ave., Elyria, 44035 440-329-5787

Lorain County Veterans Service Commission

1230 N. Abbe Road, Elyria, 44035, 440-284-4625

Mental Health, Addiction & Recovery Services Board of Lorain County

1173 N. Ridge Road E, Lorain, 44055, 440-233-2020; 440-240-7025

North Ridgeville Amateur Soccer League

North Ridgeville Arts Council 440-327-9751

North Ridgeville Baseball League (Hot Stove)

North Ridgeville Branch Library

35700 Bainbridge Road 440-327-8326,

North Ridgeville

Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau

36097 Westminister Ave. 440-327-3737,

North Ridgeville Community Care 34015 Center Ridge Road 440-353-9716

North Ridgeville Corn Festival 440-218-9802,

North Ridgeville Garden Club 440-365-8522

North Ridgeville Historical Society 440-327-7452

North Ridgeville Lions Club

North Ridgeville Office for Older Adults

(Meals on Wheels, Transportation, Activities, etc.)

7327 Avon Belden Road 440-353-0828

North Ridgeville Parks and Recreation (city sports and other programs) 440-353-0860

North Ridgeville Post Office 34760 Center Ridge Road 440-327-8806, 800-275-8777

North Ridgeville VFW Post #9871

6805 Lear Nagle Road 440-327-4068

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles

605 Chestnut Commons, Elyria, 44035, 440-322-0723

Olde Towne Hall Theatre

36119 Center Ridge Road 440-327-2909

Rotary Club of North Ridgeville


Allied Waste/Republic Services 440-458-5191

Breezeline 888-536-9600

Columbia Gas 800-344-4077

Frontier Communication 877-361-0588

NOPEC 855-667-3201

Ohio Edison 800-633-4766

Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) 800-686-7826

Spectrum 877-772-2253

Windstream 800-347-1991

The goal of a senior living community is to give you the freedom to enjoy your senior years while making sure that all of your needs are met. That freedom may look different to each resident, but luckily at Danbury Senior Living we’ll put together a plan for you according to your wants and needs! Call 440.596.3797 to schedule a tour!

IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS EXPERIENCE THE Danbury Difference! 33770 Bagley Road, North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039
Ask about touring our Villas | Independent Living | Assisted Living | Memory Care Villas


North Ridgeville Public Utilities Department 440-353-0841


Assisted Living (A), Independent Living (I), Nursing Home (N) Avenue at North Ridgeville (N) 6200 Lear Nagle Road 440-412-7100

Danbury Senior Living (A) (I) 33770 Bagley Road, 440-596-3797

Northridge Apartments (I) 35900 Westminister Ave. 440-327-1155

O’Neill Healthcare (A) (N) 38600 Center Ridge Road 440-327-1295

The Northridge Health Center (N) 35990 Westminister Ave. 440-327-8511


Shady Drive

37077 Shady Drive 30-acre park; 13 baseball/softball diamonds; multi-purpose field; 2 concession stands; indoor batting cage; walking trails; outdoor fitness equipment; picnic area; and playground

South Central Park 7565 Avon Belden Road 30-acre park; 3-acre fishing lake; 1.2-mile trail and outdoor fitness equipment; splash pad; tennis, pickleball, basketball courts; gagaball; 9-hole disc golf course; gazebo; pavilions; grills; playground

Frontier Park

5463 Mills Creek Lane 13-acre park; open green space; restrooms; concessions; pavilion

Soccer Complex

8949 Root Road

12-acre complex; playground; concession stand; pavilion; restrooms; home to North Ridgeville Amateur Soccer League

Palmer Field

Multidiamond Hot Stove Baseball complex on Fairacres Drive

Lorain County Metro Parks Sandy Ridge Reservation 6195 Otten Road, 440-327-3626 310-acre wetland & wildlife preserve


Cathedral of Life 5375 Jaycox Road, 440-327-7774

Church of Christ 36350 Chestnut Ridge Road 440-327-2777

Cornerstone Bible Fellowship 36300 Center Ridge Road 440-353-3530

Faith Baptist Temple

34361 Lorain Road, 440-327-8563

Fields United Methodist Church

34077 Lorain Road, 440-327-8753

First Congregational Church 36363 Center Ridge Road 440-327-2921

Gateway Church 5400 Lear Nagle Road 440-327-0228

Grace Baptist Church 38079 Center Ridge Road 440-396-7000

Harvest Ridge Church 35600 Lorain Road 440-327-0024

Hope for the Soul 34881 Center Ridge Road 440-452-7376

Journey of Faith Lutheran Church 33406 Liberty Pkwy. 440-327-0147

New Community Baptist Church 37501 Center Ridge Road 440-933-8230

Northridge Christian Life Church 8877 Avon Belden Road 440-353-0758

River Church 6000 Lear Nagle Road 440-327-4761

St. Julie Billiart

Catholic Church 5500 Lear Nagle Road 440-327-1978

St. Peter Catholic Church 35777 Center Ridge Road 440-327-2201

Shepherd of the Ridge Lutheran Church 34555 Center Ridge Road 440-327-7321

Sugar Ridge Baptist Church 36600 Sugar Ridge Road 440-327-9465

IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS MORE! Benefits + MORE! Opportunities = MORE! Business for YOU! That’s the Join Us for a FREE! Business After Hours Networking Event & Experience how the Power of MORE! Can Help You Grow Your Business Visit:


Costin & Kendall

& Company



LLC, 440-353-1998


Achieve Credit Union, 440-797-1896

Citizens Bank, 440-327-9000

Fifth Third Bank, 440-327-4000

First Federal Lakewood, 440-327-1311

Northwest Bank, 440-327-2265

PNC Bank, 440-327-4400

Third Federal, 440-734-8188

Northridge Apartments

35900 Westminister Ave. 440-327-1155

The Northridge is one of Northeast Ohio’s retirement communities that makes you feel the warmth and comfort of home. The Northridge has a very caring staff committed to creating an environment of comfort and friendliness. The apartment building allows for private, independent living while providing many extras.

Hajduk LLC, 440-327-7360

Redwood Living North Ridgeville 833-424-1014


Manning & Manning Attorneys 440-327-2700


Conrad’s, 216-407-1077

J C Auto, 440-353-0323

Van’s Tire Pro’s, 440-327-7010

Xtreme Performance, 440-327-0016

Your Home Financial, 440-281-4608


Fields United Methodist Church 440-327-8753

First Congregational United Church 440-327-2921

Harvest Ridge Church, 440-327-0024

Holy Love Ministries, 440-327-8016

Journey of Faith Lutheran, 440-714-6522

St. Peter Catholic Church, 440-327-2201


City of North Ridgeville 440-353-0819


LCCC University Partnership 440-366-4317


Dennis Boose, 440-327-8528

Martin DeVries, 440-387-3895

Jason Jacobs, 440-452-5851

Representative Gayle Manning, Ohio House District 55 , 614-644-5076

Climate-Tech 7900 Root Road, Suite A 440-327-1833

Climate-Tech Inc. provides topquality heating, air conditioning and ventilation services focused on your comfort. Our goal is to provide Western Cuyahoga and Lorain counties with the best resolution and a complete repair on our first visit. Our certified technicians help take care of the little stuff, so that big problems never happen.

Discount Cement Construction


Finishing Touch Concrete, 440-353-3728

Kitchen Works, 440-353-0939

Metro Home Inspections, 440-777-5171

Modern Poured Walls, 440-647-6661

Rudolph Libbe Group, 216-717-2499


Casey O’Conor DDS, 440-327-9036

Doerschuk Dental, 440-327-1021


iN Education Inc., 330-329-4784


Bruce Abens, 440-316-7091

Georgia Awig, 440-724-7246

Senator Nathan Manning, Ohio Senate District 13, 614-644-7613

Holly Swenk, 440-310-4129

Clifford Winkel, 440-253-9474

Lorain County Commissioners

226 Middle Ave., 4th floor

Elyria, OH 44035 440-329-5111, Fax: 440-323-3357

Matt Lundy

President 440-329-5112

Michelle Hung Vice President 440-329-5101

David J. Moore, Member 440-329-5301

21 NORTH RIDGEVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DIRECTORY SCAN TO LEARN MORE Ely Enterprises Inc. 3809 Broadway Ave ▪ Lorain, OH 44052 216-252-8090 ▪ COME JOIN OUR GROWING TEAM WE ARE HIRING FIELD SERVICE TECHNICIANS Email resume to and include Field Service Technician in the subject line or call 216-252-8090 and ask for Tanya Ford.
Susan Rager CPA

Bogner Family Funeral

Home & Cremation Services

36625 Center Ridge Road 440-327-2955

The Bogner family has proudly served the community for nearly 60 years with personal and compassionate care. Always striving to provide the finest services, an on-site crematory was added in 2013, enhancing our ability to serve the ever-changing needs of our community. To learn about funeral pre-planning, please call or visit online.

Liston Funeral Home, 440-327-7422


Don Mould’s Garden Center 440-327-3407


Danbury Senior Living, 440-596-3797

Health Express Urgent Care, 440-269-9934

Home Instead, 440-353-3080

The Northridge Health Center

35990 Westminister Ave. 440-327-8511

The Northridge Health Center is a newly remodeled short-term rehab and long-term care facility. We are proud of our nursing and therapy teams and our high-quality measures from CMS. After the hospital and before you go home, let the Northridge Health Center take care of you.

O’Neill Healthcare North Ridgeville 440-327-1295

Vitality Health, 440-250-0822


University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center 440-329-7559


John Kapelka, 440-759-1109


American Family Insurance 440-387-5703

Hovey Kaiser Insurance, 440-366-4653 Insurance Partners, 440-352-8908

Kelly Business Services, 440-785-4094

K L T Insurance, 440-584-0558

Pro Medica Employer Services 216-591-0599

State Farm Insurance, 440-327-6969


Edward Jones, 440-327-0347


Bulk-N-Bushel, 440-327-9728

ForeverGreen Lawn Care, 440-327-8987 Worcester’s Inc., 440-327-2196


Lorain Public Library System

North Ridgeville Branch

35700 Bainbridge Road 440-327-8326

Lorain Public Library System (LPLS) is the largest library system in Lorain County. Services are provided from six branches in Lorain, Avon, Columbia, North Ridgeville and Sheffield Lake. We also have Outreach Services, including a Books by Mail program for seniors and an extensive array of e-Library resources at


Alanod Westlake Metal Industries 440-327-8184

Biothane, 440-327-0485

Habco Inc., 440-988-9094

Impact Industries, 440-327-2360

Jaglifting Solutions, 844-240-0803

JBC Technologies, Inc., 440-527-6065

Kalt Manufacturing, 440-327-2102

Lear Manufacturing Co., 440-327-4545

Metal Marker Manufacturing, 440-327-2300

North American Cronite, 440-353-6594

Pioneer Products, 440-366-6304

Poppee’s Popcorn, 440-327-0775

Riddell, 440-353-8611


North Coast Eye Care, 440-327-2747

North Ridgeville Eye Care, 440-327-2020


North Ridgeville Chamber of Commerce 440-327-3737

North Ridgeville Community Care 440-353-9716

North Ridgeville Corn Festival, 440-218-9802

North Ridgeville Kiwanis Club, 440-327-0111

North Ridgeville Lions Club, 440-567-5116

Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce 216-447-9900

North Ridgeville Rotary, 440-327-8127

Olde Towne Hall Theatre, 440-865-8700

VFW Post #9871, 440-327-4068


Elite K-911 Dog Training, 440-666-0749

NORTH RIDGEVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DIRECTORY CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS Call us at: 440-327-0720 Email: 36591 Center Ridge Road #105 SOLUTIONS, FOR THE FINANCIAL EDGE NRASL OFFERS A VARIETY OF PROGRAMS: • Fall and Spring; Tots & Recreational U05-U14 • Fall and Spring; Travel U09-HS Prep • Winter Travel Training & Games are Optional but Highly Encouraged Check out our website for more information:


Great Lakes Publishing, 216-377-3693

Irwin Engraving & Printing 216-391-7300

Maximum Graphix, 440-353-3301


Bob Schmitt Homes, 440-327-9495

Brooker Mortgage Corp., 440-224-5269

Coldwell Banker Hunter Realty 440-327-2123

Cross Country Mortgage, 440-346-1707

Doerschuk Properties, 216-551-6419

Drees Homes, 440-746-6452

First Source Title, 216-986-0970

Howard Hanna Realty, 440-315-5761

Keller Williams Realty, 330-714-2758

Key Realty, 440-225-7508

Russell Realty/James Cain, 440-864-3705


Aut-O-Rama Twin Drive In, 440-327-9595

Glow Fitness Studio, 440-406-8002

Hoop Tech, 440-499-7808

JAM Dance Academy, 440-327-0255

Method Sports & Fitness, 440-353-0131

North Ridge Indoor Golf, 440-327-8860

North Ridgeville Amateur Soccer League 440-915-1609

Pope Fitness, 440-731-3199

Ten Point 0 Gymnastics, 440-353-0101

The 8820, 440-327-8987

Triple Play Batting, 440-219-4021


Angelina’s Pizza, 440-412-4124

Arby’s Restaurant, 440-353-0885

Bistro 83 & Wine Bar, 440-327-2283

Burger King, 440-328-4614

Hop Brothers Brewing, 440-281-9353

Lone Tree Tavern, 440-309-4978

Master Pizza, 440-219-0900

Mr. Hero-North Ridgeville, 440-353-3145

Nino’s Italian Restaurant, 440-353-9580

Smoothie King, 440-657-5054

Tom’s Country Place, 440-934-4553

Dunkin’, 216-759-7053

83 & Chestnut Pub and Eatery 216-326-6791


North Ridgeville City Schools 440-327-1992


Agon Leadership, 440-967-9679

AT&T, 330-523-9250

Big Frog Tee Shirts, 440-723-3393

Bomb Image, 216-759-5700

Breezeline, 216-466-4636

Carat Coin Collectables, 440-734-8175 440-327-5099 440-734-4540

Crafters R Us, 440-309-4002

Distallata, 216-771-2900

Fitz’s Trash Bin Cleaning, 440-752-1533

Giant Eagle, 440-353-3311

Grateful Dog Bakery, 440-353-1990

Image Builders, 440-263-2263

KLM Home Decor, 440-654-3332

Kool Maids, 440-506-7109

Laser Pics and Gifts, 440-650-2962

Lorain County Metro Parks 440-458-5121

Middle Mile Express, 216-314-4679

Mike’s Hauling Service, 440-371-3319

Mosquito Hunters of Avon Lake 440-785-3381

My Wood Loft, 440-322-1342

Patton’s 5 Star Towing, 440-777-4070

Phoenix Counseling Center 440-732-5252

Premier Glass and Door, 440-221-7528

R D M, 216-632-2255

Richard’s Tree & Crane Service 440-323-6855

Service Master Janitorial Service 216-859-9090

Sherwin Williams, 440-327-1030

Travel Leaders, 440-779-4060

Lorain County Visitors Bureau

Garry Gibbs, Director 226 Middle Ave., #532

Elyria, OH 44035 440-406-3119

Lorain County Visitors Bureau is the county department that is responsible for marketing and promoting travel and tourism within Lorain County, Ohio.

Putting heads in beds, cheeks in seats, torsos through turnstiles, feet on the streets, fans in the stands and more in the stores since 1983.

Mary Kay, 440-724-7246

Maximum Value Partners, 440-554-1417

Valley Storage, 440-327-1590

Virteom, 216-306-0044

WEOL Radio, 440-233-5161

Windstream/Kinetic, 440-342-1111

Wink Electric, 440-346-4125

Wisdom Blake, 440-777-5171


Bailey Communication, 440-353-0323

R&K Technologies, 440-327-1530

NORTH RIDGEVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DIRECTORY Bistro 83 was just announced as Cleveland Magazine's 2022 Best Of The winners for Restaurant Best Barten Jeff Gresk 30633 Westminister Ave. North Ridgeville, OH 44039 440.353.2828 J. CRAIG SNODGRASS, CPA, CGFM Lorain County Auditor 226 Middle Avenue, 2nd Floor • Elyria, OH 44035 General: (440) 329-5207 Auditor Snodgrass: (440) 329-5170 Appraisal: (440) 329-5488 Board of Revision: (440) 329-5269 CAUV: (440) 329-5485 Homestead: (440) 329-5222 Licenses: Dog, Vendor, Junk Yard and Cigarette (440) 329-5717 Real Estate: (440) 329-5212 Special Assessments: (440) 329-5210 Tax Exemption: (440) 329-5739 Tax Map: (440) 329-5757 Owner Occupancy: (440) 329-5203 Weights and Measures: (440) 329-5151 • 5657 5272 5374 Your Kitchen ©2022 HFC KTU LLC. All Rights Reserved. Kitchen Tune-Up is a trademark of HFC KTU LLC and a Home Franchise Concepts Brand. Each franchise independently owned and operated. Restore •   Redoor • Reface • Replace (440) 491-2580 Contact us for a FREE Consultation



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