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FREE Webinar Friday, March 27th at 10:00 AM Join The Newport Daily News on Zoom to learn easy and practical steps you can and must take immediately to let your customers know how they can still do business with you. Get new and creative ideas from a team of Rhode Island’s top digital marketing strategists on how to: effectively update your google presence & social media accounts to reflect current realities use videoconferencing to generate unique virtual experiences with your customers suggest ways customers can “shop local” online with you generate positive customer reviews that demonstrate that you are a reliable business find the best marketing tools & platforms that are relevant today open up a new network of like-minded Chamber members who can provide mutual support & camaraderie

Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce | 513 Broadway Suite 218 Newport, RI |

WOW Media has a direct supply with the same air purifier that was used in Wuhan, and are recieving the first shipment to hit the US. Offering a 10% discount. Ultrafine 468- $999.99 | Special $899.99 Compact – 549.99 | Special 495  ß Click here for video


The RI Department of Employment and Training also has special unemployment benefits for employees affected by the public health crisis. For questions on temporary disability insurance (TDI), unemployment insurance (UI), and other benefits, please review the COVID-19 Workplace Fact Sheet. Requests for assistance can also be made by emailing or calling (401) 462-2020.

I hope this information makes it easier for you to weather the economic challenges we are facing. Please let us know what you else you might need so that we can continue to make government work for you. With warm regards and wishes of good health,

Nellie M. Gorbea Secretary of State

State House, Room 218, Providence, RI 02903 | Phone: 401-222-2357 | Fax: 401-222-1356 | |

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 3.24.20 CONTACT: Ashley Medeiros Connect Greater Newport Phone: 401.855.2214 Connect Greater Newport Provides a Local Point of Contact for Businesses Newport, RI: Business owners in Newport and Bristol Counties who have been impacted by COVID-19 can access support through Connect Greater Newport’s Business Retention & Expansion program. This free resource, created through the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce in partnership with municipal leaders, business owners, resources organizations and education institutions, is available to offer assistance, guidance and resources to help businesses overcome the challenges resulting from the Coronavirus. “Although there are other resource organizations available to support the business community, we felt that it was important to have a dedicated local point of contact. COVID-19 is impacting every resident and stretching our local government to the limit. Connect Greater Newport is able to coordinate resources and convey information to ensure the needs of the business community are top of mind.” Shawn Brown, Town Administrator, Town of Middletown Connect Greater Newport’s goal is to ensure every business owner or leader is able to easily find information and access available resources. Through an up to date and comprehensive website businesses can find government mandates, resources, free offers, best practices and industry information. With a number of websites and publications providing COVID-19 information, Connect Greater Newport is differentiating this resource by developing a comprehensive site solely dedicated to the needs of local businesses. “Our goal is to make accessing information as easy as possible. Small business owners are far too busy to dedicate hours searching multiple websites to find the information and resources they need. We want to alleviate some of the burden by streamlining this process and providing specific information.” Ashley Medeiros, Director Connect Greater Newport In addition to the information on the website, business owners can access free individualized one to one virtual, phone or email support. Connect Greater Newport Director Ashley Medeiris is available to provide guidance, answer questions and develop a customized list of resources. For more information or to schedule a virtual consultation go to

About Connect Greater Newport: Connect Greater Newport is a regional economic development initiative launched by the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce to serve the region’s business community. Connect Greater Newport’s mission is to support the growth of the region’s existing businesses and serve as a resource to attract new companies to the region. For more information about Connect Greater Newport visit About Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce: The Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce is one of the state’s largest business advocacy organizations, whose mission is to connect, innovate, enhance and advocate for the businesses of Greater Newport. As a trusted and reliable institution for nearly 100 years, the Greater Newport Chamber is a vibrant collective body of the greater Newport business community with nearly 1,100 members representing over 50,000 employees. We work to create valuable strategic partnerships, promote strong economic growth, diversity and prosperity to serve its members and the Greater Newport region. For more information about the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce visit

CALLING APPLICANTS for the Tinney Family Arts Scholarship

The Arts and Cultural Alliance of Newport County is offering the Tinney Family Arts Scholarship of $2,000 in memory of the Tinney Family.

This scholarship is to be awarded to a graduating High School Senior who lives in Newport County and who has demonstrated artistic talent and the ambition to strive for excellence. All areas of the Arts will be considered. It is the desire in giving this scholarship that the Tinney family’s protégé will cherish and perpetuate the Tinney legacy while making the most of his/her own inherent artistic abilities.

Click here for Eligibility Guidelines and Application Requirements

Application Deadline is May 1.

Rich with love, talent, and ambition the Tinneys used limited monetary wealth to create beauty for all to enjoy. The family is best known for saving Belcourt Castle from mid-twentieth century wreckers, restoring, and maintaining the building and exhibiting an impressive collection of antiques. The Gold Coronation Coach that was designed by Donald Tinney in 1966 was featured in the historic Bristol, Rhode Island Fourth of July Parade and the Fall River, Massachusetts Children’s Christmas Parade in 2019.

Donald Tinney can best be described as a “Renaissance” man. From the time he was twelve he sang in a boys’ choir, studied music, played the piano and the pipe organ. Before he was twenty he transformed a colonial farm into a stunning estate with beautiful landscaping and stone paths. The Tinneys were accomplished artists and artisans and dedicated to hard work. They bought the oldest stained glass studio in Rhode Island to preserve the art. Creating and restoring windows the family inspired students to learn many skills. They taught “lost arts” such as woodcarving, gold leafing and wrought iron work.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to with “Tinney Scholarship” in the subject line.

Suggested Address:

The SBA is Now Offering Disaster Assistance Loans to Small Businesses Impacted by the Coronavirus The federal government is moving swiftly to help small businesses mitigate the financial impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Low interest (e.g., 3.75%) long-term loans are now already available in Connecticut and Rhode Island and certain counties in Massachusetts (Check here for the latest list of Massachusetts counties in the program).

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is offering low-interest disaster loans to small businesses suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). These Economic Injury Disaster Loans offer up to $2 million in assistance and economic relief to small businesses to help overcome the temporary loss of revenue. The loans may be used to cover fixed debts, payroll, accounts payable and other bills that can’t be paid because of the disaster’s impact.

Eligibility - Small businesses and private non-profit organizations that have been financially impacted as a result of the Coronavirus may qualify. The loans are available to those organizations either directly affected by the disaster or those harmed by losses in their community. The SBA offers examples such as hotels, recreational facilities, charter boats, manufacturers, rental property owners, restaurants, retailers and wholesalers. Ineligible organizations include religious and charitable organizations, gambling concerns, casinos, and racetracks.

Financial Impact - Eligibility is also based on the financial impact of the Coronavirus. The loans are designed to help meet financial obligations and operating expenses which otherwise could have been met had the disaster not occurred. So the applicant has to establish that the claimed economic injury is substantial and a direct result of the declared disaster. Typically this would be a decrease in income from operations or working capital resulting in the business being unable to meet its obligations and pay ordinary and necessary operating expenses in the normal course of business. So the funds cannot be used to expand the business or fund new product development.

Location – In this area, loans are available in Connecticut and Rhode Island and certain counties in Massachusetts. The applicant must have a tangible physical presence in the area. An economic presence alone or a PO box does not suffice.

Interest Rate and Terms - The interest rate is 3.75 percent for small businesses and 2.75 percent for private non-profit organizations. To keep payments affordable, the SBA is offering long-term repayments of up to a maximum of 30 years. Additionally, the SBA says that first payment of disaster is not due until 5 months from the date of the note. “This allows small businesses time to weather the storm, get their footing again, and start making money before they need to start worrying about repayment,” according to Mark Hayward, deputy director of the US SBA’s Rhode Island District office. Collateral - The maximum unsecured loan amount is $25,000. Loans over $25,000 require collateral such as real estate. The SBA says it will not decline a loan for lack of collateral, but requires borrowers to pledge what is available. To qualify, applicants must have a credit history acceptable to the SBA and the SBA must determine that the applicant’s business can repay the loan. Applying - Unlike most other SBA loans, applicants do not apply through a bank, but instead directly from the SBA at There is no cost to apply and if approved there is no obligation to take the loan. Paper applications are available, but the SBA says that filing electronically is easier and faster.

Business Interruption Policies and Coronavirus Civil Authority Coverage In some cases, policies may extend business interruption coverage for losses that arise from civil authority orders. This essentially means that, if a business is unable to access its property due to government-mandated closures, coverage may be available. However, in most cases, a direct physical loss to an adjacent or nearby property is required in order for civil authority coverage to kick in. As such, businesses need to review their policies alongside their insurance professional to determine if civil authority coverage is available. For most insureds, civil authority clauses will not apply for losses stemming from COVID-19.

Contingent Business Interruption Insurance Business interruption insurance is a crucial component of risk management programs, but it does not extend to disruptions to a third party. That’s where contingent business interruption insurance (CBI) comes in. Unlike traditional business interruption insurance that compensates the policyholder for a loss resulting from damage to its own property, CBI lets businesses transfer the risk of certain losses to the property of a third party. CBI reimburses policyholders for lost profits and extra expenses resulting from an interruption of business at the premises of a customer, vendor, supplier or other third party. This type of coverage is increasingly important as COVID19 continues to affect the global economy. Even if a business is not located in an area where COVID-19 has been detected, aspects of their supply chain might be, leading to potential disruptions. In fact, in China—where COVID-19 originated—many workers have been ordered to stay home, forcing some manufacturers to halt operations. Without access to the products or components they need, businesses that partner with these manufactures also have to stop distribution.

While CBI could provide coverage in this scenario, there are caveats. With CBI, the covered third-party property may be specifically named, or the coverage may simply blanket all customers and suppliers. Insureds will have to review policy language to ensure their suppliers are included in the policy. Additionally, similar to traditional business interruption policies, some form of property damage will need to occur before coverage is triggered. Again, contamination will likely not constitute property damage.

Moving Forward As the COVID-19 situation evolves, more organizations are looking to business interruption insurance, hoping it will respond to losses and help them weather the outbreak. However, COVID-19 is uncharted territory, and a number of factors come into play when it comes to insurability. In the vast majority of cases, business interruption policies will not apply to COVID-19 losses. Moving forward, businesses should review their insurance programs to: •

Ensure the policies they have in place provide sufficient protection.

Avoid overlooking unique exposures COVID-19 brings.

Determine how COVID-19 could impact their various lines of insurance beyond business interruption coverage.

To continue the discussion, contact The Hilb Group of New England today.

COVID 19 Medical Supply Donations RIDOH State Health Laboratories have been testing RI patients for COVID-19 since February 29, 2020, when we had the first positive test result. We have significantly ramped up our capacity to test but are now severely limited because of the nationwide shortage of critical supplies and reagents. We appreciate all offers of supplies we have received so far and are encouraged by the outpouring of support from the research community and the public. There is also a nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). Listed below are specific items most urgently needed as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as well as the items needed to complete the laboratory test for COVID 19 virus using the following protocol https://www. under the FDA-approved Emergency Use Authorization. If you are a researcher, supplier, or manufacturer in possession of these items and willing to donate or sell them to us, please provide all required information so that we can quickly assess if it will meet our needs. Please note we will not be able to use expired reagents or items that might perform similarly but have not been specifically approved for use with this test. PPE Needs: N95 Respirator Masks, Procedure Masks, Surgical Face Masks, Face Shields, Gloves, Gowns Other Medical Needs: Hand Sanitizer, Sanitizing Wipes, Ventilators, Temporal Thermometers Lab Supply Needs: QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kit (50 count): Qiagen: Cat # 52904 QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kit (250 count): Qiagen: Cat # 52906 DSP RNA Viral Mini Kit (50 count): Qiagen: Cat # 61904 MagNA Pure 96 External Lysis Buffer: Roche: Cat # 06374913001 SPECIMEN COLLECTION KIT COMPONENTS: ITEM # 1 - NASOPHARYNGEAL SWABS Swab Shaft (Handle) - Sterile (or able to be sterilized) - Flexible (needs to be very flexible to reach the nasopharynx) - Approximately 6 inches in length - Plastic or wire shaft (handle), plastic preferred - Plastic handle needs to have the ability to be snapped (broken) at a breakpoint score mark so that the end of the shaft with the swab tip remains in the liquid Viral Transport Media. Viral Transport Media can be purchased in an assortment of tube sizes so there is a need for the score mark to be at either 100mm or 80mm. Swab tip: - Mini Tip - Synthetic (ex: polyester, rayon, Dacron) - Cannot be cotton or calcium alginate - Can be “flocked” EXAMPLES: BD 220531 Flocked Sterile Swab Applicator ITEM #2 UNIVERSAL VIRAL TRANSPORT MEDIA - Liquid medium commonly used for specimens that are too be tested for viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasmas - There are many similar formulations that would fit our needs - Volume in each tube can be between 1.0ml -3.0ml EXAMPLES: BD 2203114 Universal Viral Transport Vials 3ml

Gannett Launches ‘Support Local’ To Help Small Businesses

Platform Enables Local Communities to Provide Their Favorite Businesses With Much Needed Resources

March 23, 2020 (McLean, VA) – Gannett (NYSE: GCI) today announced the launch of Support Local, a platform to help communities support and access small businesses all across the nation that are facing significant economic challenges due to the spreading coronavirus pandemic.

In the United States, small businesses with less than 20 employees make up almost 90% of all U.S. business enterprises in the country, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. As a news organization operating in hundreds of communities across the nation, Gannett’s 260 daily local news brands have strong relationships with their small business communities. A joint op-ed from Gannett executives Maribel Perez Wadsworth, President of News and Publisher of USA TODAY, and Kevin Gentzel, Chief Revenue Officer, published in USA TODAY and across all of Gannett’s local news sites on March 18th encouraged communities to show strong support for local businesses in creative ways such as the purchase of gift cards and restaurant delivery and announced the company would be launching tools to support small businesses.

Gannett created Support Local to provide communities with an easy way to discover opportunities to help their favorite local businesses and access special services they may be providing during these times. The site, which provides free business listings, allows readers to search by city, and filter by categories such as restaurants, bars, cafes, and bakeries. It currently promotes the purchase of restaurant gift cards and will be adding additional features like special hours, remote access, delivery services, and special offers as alternative means to provide support.

Support Local is leveraging Gannett’s network of local news brands and USA TODAY to quickly scale up its presence in communities across the nation. Businesses and readers alike can add new listings and all businesses are verified using Google Places API to ensure proper and accurate business information. Launching with more than 1,000 restaurants, the platform will soon expand to include additional categories of businesses such as spas, salons and retail stores.

“We believe local businesses are the heartbeat of America,” said Kevin Gentzel, Chief Revenue Officer, Gannett. “We proudly support businesses in all of our communities and that is exactly why we launched LOCALiQ in 2017 – to help business owners thrive and grow. Support Local will give our readers and local communities the opportunity to ensure sustainability for their favorite businesses as we all strive to make it through COVID-19 together.”

To find or add a local business in your community to the new Support Local site, please visit

About Gannett Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI) is an innovative, digitally focused media and marketing solutions company committed to strengthening communities across our network. With an unmatched reach at the national and local level, Gannett touches the lives of nearly 140 million people monthly with our Pulitzer-Prize winning content, consumer experiences and benefits, and advertiser products and services. Gannett brands include the USA TODAY and more than 260 daily local newspaper brands, digital marketing services companies ReachLocal, WordStream, and ThriveHive and U.K. media company

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Maher Center Day Program Closing for Two Weeks Starting Monday, March 16 The health and safety of the Maher Center community is our top priority.

To protect our community from the COVID-19 coronavirus, we have made the difficult decision to close the Day Program at the Maher Center (located at 906 Aquidneck Avenue) for two weeks – from March 16 through March 27.

We will continue to monitor the situation and confirm our re-opening date with our participants and their families during the week of March 23.

The suspension of activity in our Day Program does not affect any other Maher Center services. Our residential locations continue to operate, and our administrative offices on Aquidneck Avenue will continue to be staffed. Please call us at (401) 846-4600 if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance!

Sparkles & Spirits Celebrate the Holiday Season We provide extraordinary service, value, and location! Complimentary room rental & parking* One complimentary overnight guestroom for the group planner* Guestrooms starting at $59.00 for all guests* $100 gift certiďŹ cate to The Newport Menus starting at $24/person *Based upon availability

Experience the Difference

401-848-3304 | | 49 America’s Cup Ave, Newport, RI

RIBBON CUTTINGS! G R E A T ER NEWPOR T C HA M BE R O F COM M E RC E Ribbon Cuttings are a fantastic way to promote your new business or new location! The Chamber will help you to generate buzz and arrange the perfect ceremony.

CHAMBER Coordinate date & time Targeted invitations to Board Directors, Chamber Committee Members, city/town hall & neighboring Chamber Members.

HOST Invite other non-member guests/VIPs Provide a tour of facility Provide lite refreshments Be ready for your photoop

Include invitation in Member Exchange (if applicable) Provide ceremonial scissors & ribbon For more information please email Kate at

Charles Herndon The Red Shirt Guy Your Real Estate Professional

Buying or selling a home should not be complicated.

Click here Simplify the process

Marketing Opportunities Member Benefits Include: Member Exchange

Email all ads, press releases and business announcements, in the form of a one page (8.5x11) Word Doc or PDF. This is a monthly exchange between members (3k+ emails)

Social Media Exposure

Send a link with what you would like us to share via Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin and we will disseminate accordingly.

Networking Events

Visit for a full schedule of events

Business of the Week on WADK Email: to reserve your spot.

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FREE ONLINE JOB BANK POSTING Take advantage of this digital marketing opportunity included with your Chamber membership to promote the available positions at your business. Visit Log in to your Member Profile Click on the 'Job' option in the menu Add a new job posting

NEWPORT DAFFODIL FESTIVAL WON’T BLOOM THIS YEAR Newport, RI: 3/16/20 – Although 1,200,000 daffodils are starting to pop up all over town, the 7th Annual Newport Daffodil Days Festival, originally scheduled for April 24-May 3, has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak. “We’d like to thank all our sponsors and volunteers who were preparing for and anticipating the Festival. We’ll be back next year, bigger and daffier than ever. And due to the ongoing support of the community and our many sponsors, the free daffodil bulb giveaways this October will continue, said John Hirschboeck, Daffodillion Project Director.

Alzheimer’s Association Registration is now available for our virtual education program: Legal and Financial Considerations When Planning the Care of People Living with Alzheimer's and All Dementias This virtual education program can be accessed over the phone or by computer. Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2020 Time: 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. Register for call-in number/online link by calling our Helpline: 800.272.3900 or at CommunityResourceFinder. org

Can't make it for this date? Here are some upcoming dates for Legal and Financial Considerations When Planning the Care of People Living with Alzheimer's and All Dementias: Wednesday, April 8, 2020 at 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 22, 2020 at 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 29, 2020 at 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Please call our Helpline at 800.272.3900 or visit to register for any of our educational programs.

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Member to Member communication Exclusive social network for active Chamber members Post to the community calendar Pay your bill online Register for events & more VISIT WWW.NEWPORTCHAMBER.COM

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First-ever scheduled service from the “Big Apple” to the “Sailing Capital of the World” to transport travelers on Tradewind-operated Pilatus PC-12 fleet up to 10 times weekly, starting Memorial Day Weekend 2020 From touring Gilded Age mansions to enjoying fresh lobster rolls to strolling above the shoreline along the Cliff Walk, there is no end to delights in Newport, Rhode Island. Now travelers from the New York metropolitan area can access Newport with ease via new shared charter service from Tradewind Aviation, a premium operator of both scheduled shuttle service and on-demand private charter flights throughout the U.S. and Caribbean. This summer, flight service between New York and Newport will be available Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays and Mondays between Westchester County Airport (HPN) and Newport State Airport (NPT) in Middletown, Rhode Island which is just 10 minutes from downtown Newport. Flights from New York will depart from the Million Air Private Jet terminal, with complimentary valet service and streamlined security ensuring that guests can arrive just 30 minutes before flight time. Guests can also look forward to flying in style and comfort in Tradewind Aviation’s fleet of modern Pilatus PC-12 aircraft, with complimentary refreshments, snacks, and the latest issue of Goodspeed, the airline’s inflight magazine, to enjoy onboard. Flight time in either direction is approximately 35 minutes and rates will start from $245 plus tax each way. Known for developing the shared charter concept in 2002 with service to Nantucket and subsequently to other leisure destinations such as Martha's Vineyard and Stowe as well as to St. Barths and Anguilla in the Caribbean, Tradewind Aviation’s introduction of a new dedicated route to Newport capitalizes on the increasing buzz that the destination has seen over recent years. With a host of new hotels, maritime activities, stunning natural landscape, year-round festivals and culinary attractions, Newport has something for everyone. “We are thrilled to launch new flights to one of New England's most iconic towns,” says David Zipkin, Co-Owner and Vice President at Tradewind Aviation. “Newport has been an increasingly popular private charter destination for Tradewind, so the time is right to launch our signature shared charter service. Our unique fleet of Pilatus PC-12 aircraft is perfectly suited for the relatively small runway at Newport which allows our guests to beat the traffic and arrive in style directly into Newport.” Booking for the New York-Newport shared charter shuttle service is now open at or contact 800-376-7922.

An update: We at the JPT value the comfort, health, and safety of our patrons above all else. We are doing what we can to keep our patrons, staff and the broader community safe during the challenging global Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. As we continue to monitor and respond to the rapidly changing situation, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily cancel all films at The Jane Pickens Theater & Event Center beginning Monday, March 16 through at least April 2nd.  At that time we will reevaluate the situation and determine whether or not it is appropriate to re-open or remain closed.   Despite having recently implemented caps on attendance, increased sanitation and other precautionary measures, The JPT believes that, based on guidance from public officials to help deter the spread of COVID-19, the best course of action is to temporarily close.    Please know that during this temporary closure we will find ways to support our JPT employees.   If you purchased a ticket in advance, these are the options we offer. 

You may use your tickets for a future screening when things settle down. Just print your Paypal receipt and we will honor it for a future screening, 

Consider your ticket purchase a donation to your hometown theater.

We will issue a refund.  

Notify us at and just let us know what you would like to do. If you would like to help: • • •

You can become at JPT member: To find out about the benefits You can purchase gift cards: Good for future admission and concession You can make a donation here

We recognize this is an extremely challenging time for members of our community and, indeed, for people throughout the globe, Our thoughts are with all those who have been affected by COVID-19. We look forward to welcoming you back to The JPT for screenings and other events as soon as it becomes possible  We’ve been showing film in this space on Washington Square for 100 years and our building has been sitting right where it is for 186 years. Together we will get through this.  Please take care of yourself and your family.  The JPT - Kathy, Linda, Alex, Rebecca, Alexandra, Chris, Danielle, Jonathan & Anne Marie

To our IYRS Friends and Supporters,

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has created extraordinary challenges for all of humanity. Our normal patterns of life and interactions are swiftly changing. I am reaching out to update you on the latest steps we are taking to protect the health and well-being of the entire IYRS community.

As of Monday, March 16th we have closed our campus, canceled in-person instruction for students until further notice, and have instructed most of our staff and faculty to work from home. All members of our community have been asked to limit their social interactions while at home. We are also working with our Aquidneck Mill Building tenants to ensure they follow recommended state and federal protocols for sanitizing their offices and working from home whenever possible. We continue to monitor the ongoing situation extremely closely. 

Our faculty are using this week to prepare for the online delivery of our educational programs to our students. As a hands-on educational institution, we have unique challenges in terms of delivering our programs online. Fortunately, we have dedicated and creative faculty who are making every effort to meet our students’ needs. Developing online content delivery will only enhance our capabilities going forward.

Our relationship with every member of our IYRS community is important to us and we wish you and your loved ones good health. Together we will get through this challenging time. 

I thank you for your support of IYRS. Sincerely,   Jay Coogan President

Local Medical Business Using UV-C To Fight Coronavirus COVID-19 As we continue to hear about the increased prevalence of COVID-19, the Coronavirus, many people are looking for solutions to combat the spread. COVID-19 is now a global pandemic that is affecting everybody’s lives. In this time of crisis, we have a duty to our consumers to provide them with helpful and accurate information on how they can use our products to better prevent the spread of the virus and avoid being infected. The CDC recommends social distancing, good hand hygiene, reduced facial touching, as well as surface disinfection in order to help prevent the spread of this disease. One of the most alarming facts about the Coronavirus is how long it can persist on surfaces that haven’t been disinfected. According to a recent study by the Journal of Hospital Infection, “human coronaviruses can remain infectious on inanimate surfaces for up to 9 days” (Kampf et al., 2020). Surface disinfection is one of the best ways to significantly reduce Coronavirus infectivity on surfaces and has been recommended by the CDC and WHO. Both major public health agencies, the CDC and WHO, are recommending a multifaceted approach to helping prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus. To the extent possible, a combination of sanitizers, regular washings with soap and water, and the use of Ultraviolet Light Technology (UV-C) are recommended to help stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Using UV-C this technology can significantly help reduce the spread of viruses, bacteria, and fungus by denaturing their DNA. This prevents the pathogen from replicating and infecting others. Even with excellent room-cleaning techniques, areas are missed and infection can spread. Using UV-C after cleaning the room can further prevent the transmission of diseases like COVID-19. Our infection prevention solutions are perfectly suited to help individuals and organizations utilize an appropriate disinfection routine against the highly transmissible Coronavirus. If a healthcare, education, professional, government or any other type of facility has a confirmed case of COVID-19 or is looking to prevent potential infection, UV-C is a vital choice to have in your infection prevention tool kit. UV-C offers whole-roomdisinfection capabilities as well as mobile device disinfection for your phone and/or tablet. Ryan Medical Equipment Inc., a local medical equipment distributor in Portsmouth, RI, offers UV-C Disinfection equipment and services for everything from mobile devices to full-room applications. The ElectroClave is the most comprehensive mobile device disinfection solution on the market today. It utilizes UV-C LEDs to disinfect multiple mobile devices in one cycle. The ElectroClave achieves a six-log kill rate, effectively eliminating 99.9999% of pathogens on phones, tablets and mobile technology in just minutes. SARS and MERS, both of which are genetically similar to the novel Coronavirus, have shown sensitivity to exposure to UV-C, and thus there is substantial evidence that it is highly effective against the novel Coronavirus (Bedell et al., 2016). The Skytron UV-C Robot delivers an effective, single-cycle, whole-room disinfection through SmartDosage UV ™. This technology delivers a lethal germ-killing dose to all surfaces, including shadowed areas. Skytron UV-C Disinfection Robots automatically sense room side and characteristics to calibrate the appropriate runtime to successfully disinfect the room by denaturing their DNA and preventing the pathogen from replicating. For further information on UV-C Disinfection and services available please contact Ryan Medical Equipment Inc. in Portsmouth, RI at (401) 846-1335.

OUR MISSION The Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce is one of the state’s largest business advocacy organizations, whose mission is to connect, innovate, enhance and advocate for the businesses of Greater Newport.

148 New Members

in the last 12 months Professional Development: Valuable enrichment opportunities in collaboration with organizations such as SBA, SBDC, CWE. Emerging Leaders of Newport (ELNPT) events, credited workshops, HR and Nonprofit roundtables, Ask the Expert, Retail Industry Resource meetings & more.

Legislative Advocacy The Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce is working on behalf of its members to improve the overall business climate in the state through a number of specific priorities, including, advocating for specific small business issues, supporting industry sector projects that will enhance the vitality of the entire region, supporting education and workforce development initiatives, and working with local municipal government leaders to identify ways of improving the local economy. Tracked over 400 state bills impacting businesses Submitted testimony on 245 bills in 2019 session Member of the RI Chamber Coalition and RI Business Coalition Met with statewide officials state legislative leaders and municipal leaders on issues impacting the business community Share weekly legislative updates in Under the Dome blog Call for legislative action to members on important bills

Chamber Connections: Approximately $2 million exchanged throughout the year between 40 members.


1,062 Member Businesses & Organizations

Events Over 60 events and programs yearly, offering networking and educational opportunities to various industries, age groups and career levels.

Community Engagement Ton of Love Food Drive Holidays by the Sea - Shop Local Campaign Chamber's Ambassador Volunteers Excellence in Business Awards Greater Newport WORKS Job Fair Annual Business EXPO

Economic Development First Annual Business Walk

Policy Initiatives: Workforce Housing Regional Stragetic Plan

Broadband Talent Pipeline

Women in Business Series Spring and Fall After Hours welcoming over 100 and Women in Business Luncheon welcoming over 200 guests annually. The ALVA Experience: A full day event on 10.16.20.

As a trusted and reliable institution for nearly 100 years, the Greater Newport Chamber is a vibrant collective body of the Greater Newport business community with nearly 1,100 members representing over 50,000 employees. We work to create valuable strategic partnerships, promote strong economic growth, diversity and prosperity to serve its members and the Greater Newport region.

r Ou s ' It e! Tim

Calling all THE



0 2 . 6 10.1




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CALLING ALL SPEAKERS, EXPERTS, PERFORMERS, TEACHERS, LEADERS, AND CREATIVES! Are you an expert in your field with something to share? Do you have an experience or story you'd like to tell? We are looking for workshop facilitators, speakers, seminar leaders, and women from all industries to participate in this inaugural event on October 16th. It's time to submit your ideas for The ALVA Experience! Gather up your pitch and bio and follow this link to submit:Â More details at





Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Company: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Position: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________ City:__________________________________ State:________________________________ Zip:__________________ Phone: (_____)________-_______________ Email: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ WHAT IS A CHAMBER AMBASSADOR? Ambassadors actively advocate for the Chamber, communicating the benefits, programs and privileges of becoming a Chamber member. Through enthusiastic Chamber representation, Ambassadors seek opportunities to educate, promote and share the benefits of Chamber membership with the business community. It is an honor and privilege to be selected as an Ambassador for the Chamber. Serving as an Ambassador offers a great deal of visibility and builds credibility for your own business, while generating stronger relationships for the Chamber within the business community. This Committee will be limited to 40 Ambassadors as this is an exclusive position with the Chamber. Once the Committee has been established, all other applicants will be wait listed and added as positions become available in the future. Our Ambassadors play an essential role in member recruitment, communication and retention, assisting with monthly meetings and community initiatives, as well as attending ribbon cuttings and other events as needed. Ambassadors can gain business exposure by being the first to meet Chamber members and put their company's name in the forefront. By volunteering for the Chamber and attending Ambassador meetings, they are kept current on what is happening within the Chamber and our community. The Ambassador Program provides opportunities for you to meet local business people and build lasting relationships. Additional benefits include: • Increased name and face recognition for you and your business or organization • Excellent networking opportunities • Potential media coverage from attendance at Chamber events • An insider's perspective of the local business community • Introductions to local business and community leaders • Training on professional skills Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce | 513 Broadway Suite 218 Newport, RI |

How Coronavirus Could Impact Your Business’s Insurance been detected, aspects of their supply chain might be, leading to potential disruptions. In fact, in China—where COVID-19 originated—many workers have been ordered to stay home, forcing some manufacturers to halt operations. Without access to the products or components they need, businesses that partner with these manufactures too have to stop distribution.

claims. It should be noted that, in order for a claim to be valid, the claimant would have to allege the virus was contracted due to the insured’s negligence and detail how, when and where they got sick—all of which could be difficult to pin down. 

While CBI could provide coverage in this scenario, there are caveats. With CBI, the covered third-party property may be specifically named, or the coverage may simply blanket all customers and suppliers. Insureds will have to review policy language to ensure their suppliers are included in the policy. Additionally, similar to traditional business interruption policies, some form of property damage will need to occur before coverage is triggered. Again, contamination may constitute as property damage depending on the policy language and insurer.

Liability Concerns COVID-19 raises a number of liability concerns, particularly if guests, customers or employees allege they became sick due to a business’s negligence. When it comes to these concerns, it’s important to take the following insurance considerations into account: 

General liability insurance—General liability insurance, sometimes referred to as commercial liability insurance, protects your business from financial loss should you be liable for property damage or personal and advertising injury caused by your services, business operations or employees. It can protect you from costs associated with bodily injuries, damage to thirdparty property, personal injuries, medical expenses, litigation and more. When it comes to COVID-19, general liability policies should provide coverage and allow you to defend

Directors and officers (D&O) insurance— Shareholders and other stakeholders could sue a business should they fail to respond appropriately to COVID-19 concerns. Specifically, stakeholders may contend that management failed to develop adequate contingency plans or detail how COVID-19 could impact the company's financial performance. It should be noted that most D&O policies exclude coverage for bodily injuries, but may offer some protection depending on the specific allegations. As such, it’s important for businesses to review the scope of their D&O policies to confirm they are covered in the event of an incident.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance In instances where an employee believes they contracted COVID-19 at work, a number of workers’ compensation considerations come into play. Notably, when it comes to workplace illnesses, most state statues only pay out benefits if the disease in question is occupational in nature. That is to say that communicable and contagious diseases are generally excluded from workers’ compensation policies. However, coverage may be triggered if the illness arose due to or in the course of the worker’s employment. In general, these scenarios are examined on a case-by-case basis, but could include instances when: 

A health care worker contracts COVID-19 at the hospital at which they work.

How Coronavirus Could Impact Your Business’s Insurance 

An airline employee contracts COVID-19 from a passenger.

A hospitality worker contracts COVID-19, which is later linked to a large event at which they worked.

Preparing for a Claim While COVID-19 introduces a level of uncertainty when it comes to available insurance protection, there are a number of precautions organizations can take to prepare for a claim. To control potential losses, policyholders should: 

Audit existing insurance policies and their provisions to identify potential gaps in coverage.

Review and modify existing contingency plans, estimating the potential impact of a long-term closure.

Identify equipment, services, and third parties critical for continued operation.

Have a process in place for responding to a loss, which could include: o

Detailing how the loss occurred and the impact the loss had on your operations


Tracking all losses and expenses associated with the claim


Highlighting how the claim could impact third parties, like suppliers and consumers

For additional protection, it’s important for businesses to seek the help of a qualified insurance professional. These professionals can help you review your insurance programs and recommend potential solutions to address your exposures. For more information, contact The Hilb Group of New England today.

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March 2020 Member Exchange