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advocate November | December 2019





SVPWR talks Venture Philanthropy Rose Greensides

14 New Ways To Give Back –

Art Sinclair Heather Hutchings design and production

Cover Story 16 Good for Community is Good for Business – Now and Forever Elizabeth Heald

Feature 23 Giving Back Helps Grow Healthy Communities Nick Heffner


Tim Sothern

Sponsor Profile

and Global Change Wendi Campbell

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Steve Lubczuk Feature

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26 Sparking Business Growth in Southwestern Ontario

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25 Giving Back To the Community: Corporate and Personal Giving

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31 Saving Fresh – Feeding Community – Local Action

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Message from the Board

4 The Chamber and our Partners Continue to Build Capacity Kelly McManus

Message from the President

5 Waterloo Region Charities Emerge as National Leaders Ian McLean Advocacy

7 The Ninety Billion Plus

Opportunity for Business Art Sinclair

Perspective on Health Care

8 Need for Family Physicians

Continues Jenna Petker

Heather Hutchings -

New Members

10 August 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019




12 Fall Networking Hi-lighting Members

19 Eat, Play, Shop ... Local Events

20 Mark Your Calendar

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33 Chamber Members Achieving Success

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advocate November | December 2019


message from the board

The Chamber and our Partners Continue to Build Capacity Waterloo Region is an excellent location for business and the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce provides an important role in supporting our members in their personal and organizational growth and success.

the unique role of the Greater KW Chamber of Commerce – an organization that is responsive, dynamic, and plays an integral role in the continued strength of our regional ecosystem.

I joined the Chamber Board in 2013, when I was brand new to the community and my role at the University of Waterloo. I was told that joining the Board was a great way for me to get to know Waterloo Region – a promise that certainly delivered! In my early experiences, from Point of View luncheons, the annual Chamber Business Excellence Awards, and even a visit from then Prime Minister Harper, I was immediately impressed by the way the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber is relevant, focused, and able to engage our business community, and beyond.

As we move forward, our greatest challenges will be to manage the population and economic growth that continues to define Waterloo Region. These challenges will include transit and transportation infrastructure, maintaining public services such as health care, and containing costs such as taxes for all business. However our success is the result of many committed and innovative individuals and organizations, and I look forward to the Chamber’s role in future community achievements.

As a sponsor of the Chamber in my role at UW, I’ve also been able to experience firsthand some of the Chamber’s important leadership in advocacy initiatives – from the Local Immigration Partnership, the Physician Recruitment initiative, Connect the Corridor, and the new Access Talent program that mobilizes student talent for small and medium sized business. As Board Chair for the next two years, I’m looking forward to working alongside the Board, CEO Ian McLean and his team, as we continue our track record as an exceptional leader in our community. Waterloo Region has built a global brand for innovation and in collaboration with local municipalities, Communitech, Waterloo Economic Development Corporation and postsecondary institutions the Chamber is keeping our business sector in a position of national and international leadership. The community supports small and large businesses across all economic sectors in ensuring they have the capacity to compete and succeed in highly challenging global markets. This fall, we embark on a renewed strategic plan for the Chamber. Following a comprehensive environmental scan and Board engagement process, we will launch our 20202023 strategic plan early in the new year. Our Board is confident that this plan will further establish a bold vision for





Kelly joined the University of Waterloo in May 2013 as Senior Director, Community Relations & Events. In her role, Kelly represents the University on a wide range of community initiatives, including the Region’s Immigration Partnership Council, the City of Waterloo’s Town & Gown Committee and the Board of the Waterloo Public Library. Kelly earned her Masters degree from the University of Guelph and is currently a part-time PhD student at the University of Waterloo

message from the president

Waterloo Region Charities Emerge as National Leaders The Greater KW Chamber’s tag line is, “Business Building Community.” Our members know that a healthy community will mean economic prosperity and that healthy business supports our community. As Waterloo Region’s population and economy continues to grow, fiscal and other pressures will increase on all levels of government to provide the necessary social and community services for supporting our most vulnerable residents.

maintain excellent patient care and the two local foundations have been strongly committed to ensuring our hospitals can deliver services for our expanding population and economic base.

There are many services in Waterloo Region and across Ontario and Canada that are often filled by the hundreds of not-for-profit organizations, charities and community groups who provide food, clothing and essential programs that assist people in both settling in, surviving and ultimately prospering within their communities.

Our Region is well known across Canada for the tremendous community services we provide to immigrants arriving from around the world, and I am proud to be on the counsel of Immigration Partnership of Waterloo Region. When the federal government required communities to assist with Syrian refugees, Waterloo Region through our commitment to collaboration and cooperation has been and will continue to be there for support.

Many of these organizations are highly visible and recognizable to local businesses. They deliver services in a range of ways such as in health, youth services and educational support and include providing support to newcomers in our community. One of the many factors that separates Waterloo Region from many other communities across Canada is the unique cooperation in the community of local charities and local business. As an example, staff and volunteers from not-forprofit organizations serve on the GKWCC board of directors, and Chamber committees. Our Chamber is an organization of employers of all sizes and in all sectors, public, private and non-profit across the Region and collectively our capacity to make a difference is immense. The relationship between Waterloo Region business and local post-secondary institutions has been well documented nationally and internationally. Through cooperation and collaboration, the local economy is well positioned for the emerging global economy both in terms of products and skilled employees. The same principles that have driven and guided Waterloo Region businesses towards forming Canada’s most prosperous regional economy have been translated to the non-profit sector through Capacity Canada. The local organization, lead by Cathy Brothers, was founded on the belief that social innovation should benefit from the same type of resources that have helped cultivate our for-profit sector‘s culture of innovation. By building an enabling environment that strengthens, connects and celebrates our social leaders, we can help them realize their full potential. The Chamber’s on-going efforts in family physician recruitment and local health care advocacy are greatly enhanced by the outstanding staff and boards of directors at the Grand River and St. Mary’s Hospital Foundations. Fiscal restraints at Queen’s Park over the past decade have required increasing financial support from the community to

We look forward to working for many years with Grand River CEO Ron Gagnon and St. Mary's CEO Lee Fairclough on ensuring optimal primary care through a period of provincial restructuring.

Looking forward to the future, a new group of leaders have emerged in the local not-for-profit sector. Elizabeth Heald, a regular contributor to the Advocate, is charting a course for the management of the Kitchener-Waterloo Community Foundation after many years of exemplary service by former Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce board Chair Rosemary Smith. Joan Fisk, a business leader in Waterloo Region and former President of the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce, is now leading the reorganized Waterloo Region United Way, an organization that delivers important programs locally and across North America. The success of our local not-for-profit sector is always and ultimately based on the response of committed employers and individuals so as Chamber members I ask you to support these vital organizations.


Ian McLean Ian is President and CEO of the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce

advocate November | December 2019


The future of banking isn’t a bank at all.

Libro is coming to downtown Kitchener... it’s not a branch, it’s something better! Want to learn more? Follow us online as we share more details about the new location!

At Libro, we call our customers Owners because that's what you are. And that's a significant difference from the banking you're used to. As an Owner, you're rewarded for the business you do with Libro and you're part of a larger purpose, helping to grow prosperity in southwestern Ontario. Discover what it means to own the place where you bank. • 1-800-361-8222 @LibroCU

Libro Credit Union


Libro Credit Union


The Ninety Billion Plus Opportunity for Business Four years ago in June of 2015 Senator Murray Sinclair released 94 recommendations for reconciliation between Canadians and Indigenous peoples. As a brief background the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, the largest class-action settlement in Canadian history, commenced implementation in 2007. One of the elements of the agreement was the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. Recommendation or “call to action” 92 from the Commission’s report called upon the corporate sector to, among other activities, ensure that Aboriginal peoples have equitable access to jobs, training, and educational opportunities. The Canadian, Ontario and Waterloo Region business sectors have identified a skills shortage as a priority issue across all sectors and employers of all sizes in every region of Canada. In Waterloo Region, open and available jobs for skilled and educated technology workers are regularly estimated in the thousands. However, as the recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation report would confirm many Indigenous peoples cannot compete for these positions due to a lack of educational credentials, leading to the Commission’s recommendation for Canadian business to create more opportunities in education and employment. The two components are highly connected. The 2019 federal Budget tabled by Minister Morneau last March indicated that Indigenous peoples are among the youngest and fastest growing segments of the Canadian population, yet they continue to face significant barriers in pursuing post-secondary education and finding good, wellpaying work. A financial commitment made in this year’s Budget will, according to the government, help Indigenous students obtain the skills and experience required to succeed in a changing economy and contribute to stronger economic growth for all Canadians. Paul Davidson of Universities Canada (who I knew years ago when we both were political staffers at Queen’s Park) and former Ontario Ombudsman Roberta Jamieson wrote last year in the publication Policy Options that nearly 30 percent of non-Indigenous Canadians aged 25 to 64 possess university degrees, compared to ten percent of Indigenous people in that same age demographic. Indigenous students must also contend with a series of barriers, including the legacy of residential schools and socio-economic disadvantages that limit their opportunities for success in post-secondary education. The priority for the federal and provincial governments is to remove those barriers for full Indigenous participation.

Our colleagues at the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce have recently developed an Indigenous Engagement Charter aimed at helping First Nations people integrate into the workforce and for businesses to address cultural considerations within their workforce. Brad Smart of the Saskatchewan Chamber has estimated that Indigenous employment represents a $90 billion potential investment in that province alone. The Centre for the Study of Living Standards estimates that addressing the Indigenous education gap and related employment rates and income disparities could add $36.4 billion to Canada’s GDP by 2031. The Region of Waterloo has built over the past decade exceptional capabilities in networking, mentoring and collectively assisting our businesses to evolve into Canadian and global leaders. Our efforts must be expanded to fully support Canada’s emerging Indigenous business leaders and provide them with that same assistance which Finance Minister Bill Morneau has suggested is required to participate and succeed in the global economy. During the election campaign, shortly after photos surfaced of Prime Minister Trudeau from an event many years ago, CTV news anchor and Kitchener St. Mary’s High School graduate Lisa LaFlamme interviewed Senator Murray Sinclair for his perspectives on political leadership. I really don’t recall the exact answers to those questions but what was truly memorable were Ms. LaFlamme’s remarks about how Senator Sinclair responded and his obvious leadership skills during this difficult political crisis. Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples is a responsibility for all Canadians. We all must follow the leadership of Senator Sinclair and provide support, mentoring and above all opportunities for success.


Art Sinclair Art is Vice President Policy and Advocacy for the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce.

advocate November | December 2019


perspective on health care

Need for Family Physicians Continues Having access to health care professionals – specifically primary care is critical to the well-being of the residents living in our community. Unfortunately, many families, locally and across the province, do not have the benefit of being under the care of a family practitioner. The Chamber’s Family Physician Recruitment Program is a critical community initiative, not only for our residents’ welfare but for the health and prosperity of our business community who are looking to attract the best and the brightest talent to our Region. With the generous investment and support of our corporate and municipal partners, the Chamber’s Family Physician Recruitment Program is able to participate in a number of programs throughout the year to attract new family physicians to serve the health care needs of this community. Since this critical initiative was launched in 1998, the Chamber, working with community interests, has successfully attracted over 230 family practitioners. This year alone, we have had several physicians who have made practice commitments here in Kitchener Waterloo. We could not have achieved such great results without your support. Throughout the year we have been working with new to practice family physicians as well as established family practitioners from across Ontario. Personal community visits are arranged for these practitioners – meeting with local family physicians and several other practice opportunities within Kitchener-Waterloo. Our goal through these visits is to showcase Kitchener-Waterloo as a great place to live and work, hoping that they make a commitment to serve this community. We also continue to work with several physicians nearing retirement and beginning to think about transitioning out of practice. These physicians are starting the process of looking for prospective physicians to take over their practice. We encourage retiring physicians to start their search well in advance and provide them with the necessary resources to ensure a smooth transition.



It can take some time for a retiring physician to find a replacement. Many of the new to practice physicians start their practices out small (under 1000 patient roster) and gradually increase it over time. With many retiring doctors having a larger patient roster size of 2500 plus, we are in need of 2-2.5 doctors per retiring physicians’ practice to account for all of the patients. We also continue to assist the local hospitals in their efforts to recruit and retain emergency doctors. As emergency doctors do not hold a roster of patients, it is less complicated and simpler for them to move anywhere in the country and practice. It is crucial that we can retain these doctors and ensure that Kitchener-Waterloo is a desired place to live and work. We continue to include emergency medicine residents in our Annual Family/Emergency Medicine Resident Weekend. Our successes and efforts would not be possible if it wasn’t for our generous corporate, municipal and personal sponsors and supporters of this program. The Chamber Health Care Resources Council sincerely thanks our partners for their generous and continued support as we strive to eliminate the physician shortage in Kitchener-Waterloo.


Jenna Petker Jenna is Physician Recruitment Lead for the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce.

new members

August 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019 33webb


Airport Road Business Centre

Code Ninjas Waterloo

Website Design & Development Ronaldo Terra, CMO 22 King St S, Suite 300 Waterloo, ON N2J 1N8 Phone: (226) 476-3209 Real Estate - Commercial Geraldine Westerink, Marketing Coordinator 285795 Airport Rd, Unit A Norwich, ON N0J 1P0 info@airportroadbusinesscentre. Phone: (519) 709-7609

Big Steel Box Corporation

Moving & Storage Brett Benson, Regional Account Manager 2564 Cedar Creek Rd Ayr, ON N0B 1E0 Phone: (226) 583-1566

Caroline Topperman

Text Writing Services Caroline Topperman, Owner 144 Park St, Unit 1506 Waterloo, ON N2L 0B6 Phone: (519) 301-3600

Cassel Consulting

Marketing Consultants Courtney Cassel, Owner 30 Hugo Cr, Unit 207 Kitchener, ON N2M 3Z2 Phone: (519) 498-2742



Organizational Development Bill Smith, Workplace & Culture Facilitator 49 Queen St. N. Kitchener, ON N2H 2G9 Phone: (519) 744-6549 Education Naveed Ali, Owner 450 Columbia St W, Waterloo, ON N2T 2W1

Crystal-Lee Olson Transformational Coach

Generations Box

Gifts Holly Finnegan, 680 Trillium Dr Kitchener, ON N2R 1E6 Phone: (519) 748-1600 Fax: (519) 748-2206


Coaching Manita van de Wiel, Lifestyle Coach 285 Simeon St Kitchener, ON N2H 1T4 Phone: (519) 242-0852

Coaching Crystal-Lee Olson, Speaker, Teacher, Coach Phone: (519) 588-9385


First2Serve Marketing Ltd.

Management Consultants Nahla Kor, Owner 414 Havendale Cr Waterloo, ON N2T 2T3 Phone: (519) 886-2606

Digital Marketing Agency Patrick Yafali, Founder & CEO 759 Angler Way, Waterloo, ON N2K 4L7 Phone: (226) 338-4120

Frontline Forward

Wellness Centre Bryan Stevens, Pesident/Founder 45 Shirley Ave, Kitchener, ON N2B 2E1 Phone: (519) 742-5409

Health & Fitness Program Consultants Fran Garton, Owner Phone: (519) 502-5701

Kor Capabilities Consulting

KW-Cambridge Sport & Social Club Sports Associations & Organizations Trevor Shelly, General Manager 225 Harvard Pl, Unit 1409 Waterloo, ON N2J 4H4 Phone: (519) 279-4997 Fax: (416) 781-4162

new members

August 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019 LegalShield

Legal Services Sheryl Scott, Independant Associate Phone: (519) 590-1115

Merit Travel Waterloo

Travel Agencies Melanie Marsden, Travel Consultant 180 Northfield Dr W, Unit 4 1st Fl Regus Offices Waterloo, ON N2L 0C7 Phone: (519) 886-0400

Minuteman Press - Kitchener Printers JoAnn Fellows, Bookkeeper 21 Third Ave Kitchener, ON N2C 1N7 Phone: (519) 893-4755

Olive J Coke

Accountants, CPA-CA Olive Coke, Chartered Professional Accountant Phone: (519) 589-2893

On Track Safaris Canada

Travel Agencies Janet Jones, Owner/Operator 55 Green Valley Dr, Unit 901 Kitchener, ON N2P 1Z6 Phone: (519) 504-8254

PM Xcel Incorporated Business Consultants Doug Clarke, President Phone: (519) 897-3806

Queen of Hearts Coffee & Tea House Coffee Shops Alyshia Bestard, Owner 1151 Victoria St N, Unit 4 Kitchener, ON N2B 3C8 Phone: (226) 647-8969

Romin Optical Inc.

Optometrists Romin Agahzadeh, Owner 525 Saginaw Pkwy, Unit A1 Cambridge, ON N1T 2A6 Phone: (519) 620-1991

SR Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency Juan Duran, CEO & Founder 92 Essex Point Dr Cambridge, ON N1T 1W5 Phone: (437) 345-4370

Symplicated Inc.

Organizing Specialists Bethany Mazereeuw, Co-founder, CEO 354 Keewatin Ave Kitchener, ON N2B 3V2 Phone: (226) 505-5303

Taylor'd Ergonomics Incorporated Consultants Carrie Taylor, Principal Ergonomist Phone: (519) 623-7733


Computer Software Francois Le Roux, CEO 14 Erb St W Waterloo, ON N2L 1S5 Phone: (519) 504-9254

Uptown Beauty Lounge

Spas - Beauty & Health Jessica Haddon, General Manager/Owner 4 King St S Waterloo, ON N2J 1N8 Phone: (519) 954-5274

Waste Connections of Canada

Waste Management & Recycling Services Robert Strutt, District Sales Manager 139 Ardelt Ave Kitchener, ON N2C 2E1 Phone: (226) 750-8378

Waterloo Bike Shop

Bicycle Dealers, Sales & Service Corey Cota, Co-Owner 255 Toll Gate Blvd, Unit 6, Waterloo, ON N2L 4M3 Phone: (226) 336-7400

Wendy Black Interiors

Home Staging Wendy Black, Owner 50 Ottawa St S Kitchener, ON N2G 3S7 Phone: (519) 498-5509

Zebu Infrastructure Online

Information Technology Leonardo ThĂŠ, Business Manager Phone: (519) 746-5445

advocate November | December 2019



Fall Networking

Attendees snapping a picture at the Federal Leaders Speakers Series Event at the Cambridge Mill

Meridian greeting golfers out on the course at the Annual Golf Scramble

Serena Ryder on stage at the Inspiring Women Event

Photos by Adamski Photography


The Women’s Leadership Committee and Chamber Events team posing with Serena Ryder at the Inspiring Women Event

Ian McLean and Bill Morneau in a fireside chat at the Federal Leaders Speakers Series Lunch

get the answers you’ve always needed 12

A celebration on the golf course at the Annual Golf Scramble

Val Shah from DROM, showcasing her business at the Inspiring Women Event

An attendee dropping off her donation for the Dress For Success Campaign at the Inspiring Women Event


Piller’s Fine Foods serving up a delicious lunch for all the golfers at the Chamber Annual Golf Scramble

RBC and Token Creative Services out on the course at the Chamber Annual Golf Scramble

Panel discussion surrounding health and wellness in the workplace at the Inspiring Women Event

Berry Vrbanovic, Bill Morneau and Dave Jaworsky at the Federal Leaders Speakers Series at the Cambridge Mill

Sadly no one had a hole in one to win this amazing Rav4 from Heffner Lexus Toyota at the Chamber Annual Golf Scramble

Joan Fisk and Chief Bryan Larkin Federal Leaders Speakers Series at the Cambridge Mill

at the

Samantha Brookes waving to the audience at the Inspiring Women Event

Courtney Fonseca presenting at the 13th Annual Inspiring Women Event

Photos by Adamski Photography

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advocate November | December 2019



New Ways To Give Back – SVPWR talks Venture Philanthropy As you walk into Social Venture Partners Waterloo Region’s office in the Accelerator Centre, you’ll see a small sign that reads: together, we strengthen our Region’s not-for-profit sector by engaging a local community of active donors.

This opportunity also strengthens our role in the community, and we look forward to not only the financial support… but also the deep expertise, creativity, and wisdom that the investors make available to us.

It’s our mission – but what does it mean?

Philanthropy is not just for folks who are established in their career. Over 65 students are part of the SVP Teens program, which meets monthly to learn about community challenges, volunteer at local organizations, and fundraise for their yearly grant, which they evaluate and award to a charity which supports children and youth in our Region. The SVP Teens range in age from 12 to 18, and are from 16 different schools, showing that the desire to help our community thrive is universal.

We work with a network of ninety SVP Partners, who pool their time, money, and talent, strategically investing in local charities and providing skilled support to build our community. By connecting their business expertise with the charities we work with – a key tenet of venture philanthropy – we have guided organizations through everything from re-branding campaigns to physical relocation. Partnership is flexible; some Partners volunteer to help charities like Carizon and Strong Start update their HR systems or marketing strategies. Others coach teams during our Perfect Pitch communications workshops. We believe our impact is stronger when we work together: since 2011, SVPWR has turned $500,000 of cash awards into $3.5M+ of support for carefully selected Waterloo Region charities (our Investees), and connected over 100 skilled professionals and community builders through our projects and events. Because the money we give is unrestricted – not limited to specific programs – we demonstrate trust that our Investees know best where to allocate the funds, and assess our work together yearly to highlight achievements and areas for growth. SVPWR provides support to each charity it works with for up to three years. This longer interval gives us time to dig in to some of the thorny challenges charities face – and to see remarkable change. So far, SVPWR has partnered with nine charities; in June 2019, we announced Reception House as our newest Investee. Reception House’s vision is simple: that all refugees to Waterloo Region have a successful settlement experience, fully integrate into the region, and become an accepted and welcomed member of the community. Carl Cadogan, Reception House’s CEO, notes: Working alongside SVPWR over the next three years will help us ensure our role in the refugee journey continues to be transformative and not just transactional, while ensuring our approach is relevant and responsive to community needs.



So, where can you fit in? If you’re looking for a way to give back which allows you to see the impact of your support, I encourage you to contact me about becoming a Partner. If someone in your life is a young leader, share the SVP Teens program with them. If you’re at the start of your giving journey, or looking for a way to learn more, I invite you to join us at Perfect Pitch in November, where charities present a short pitch to an audience of community builders, and each ticket-holder directs the cost of their ticket to their favorite pitch at the end of the night – it’s a great first step. Our goal is to see the collaboration of engaged donors and strong not-for-profit organizations in a vibrant Waterloo Region. We hope you’ll join us.


Rose Greensides Rose Greensides is the Executive Director of Social Venture Partners Waterloo Region (

Take a bite out of your holiday to-do list...

let us handle the catering. CATERING





cover story

Good for Community is Good for Business – Now and Forever We’ve all read the article. You know, the one that states that businesses – whether they are small, medium or large – do better financially if they are socially responsible and give back. The article usually elaborates further to state that attraction and retention of high performing employees who are willing and able to adapt to the constantly changing marketplace is directly linked to a business’ focus on positive social impact. Then, the article provides you with a few tips, but stops before it gets to “how” you implement a giving strategy that aligns with both the company’s and the employees’ goals, while not requiring too much time or effort. Over the past year, Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation (KWCF) has been conducting research and testing ways to assist businesses in maximizing the impact of their support to community. At the same time, we wanted to ensure that where we landed aligned with our goal of “Making it Easy for People (including companies) to Do More Good.” It became clear that companies in Waterloo Region are very aware of the multiple stakeholders whose needs they must address. Owners and managers are actively focusing on the products or services they are offering. If they have HR staff (and many don’t), they are busy hiring and supporting their teams, and don’t have the time to navigate all of the charitable and philanthropic options in Waterloo Region. They want straightforward assistance. Here are 4 things we’ve learned that every company should reflect on as they consider their role in our community, and the corresponding benefits for you, and your employees: 1. Employees want to work for companies that do “good” in the community. This translates into developing and maintaining a company culture of positive community engagement. It also means supporting employee volunteering in the community along with their philanthropic wishes. Employees want to give back in ways they can see make an impact. What is the cultural backdrop at your company? How do you support your employees’ interests in giving back? What reputation do you want to have in Waterloo Region and in your target markets?



2. Each company is unique. Your philanthropic program needs to make sense for your business and align with your goals and interests. Your employees and your other stakeholders will know if it is authentic. What business are you in? What societal issues intersect with your products or services? What issues do you and your employees care about? Some employers are interested in linkages with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or the 3 focus areas of Wellbeing Waterloo Region so we are having conversations to help employers understand current needs at the community level and beyond. 3. Y  our employees want to feel a sense of empowerment. Many companies engage their employees in our community to help them develop both personally and professionally, while getting their input on company charitable activities. What role do you want your employees to play in your company giving back? What support or guidance will you provide to assist your employees in developing their personal giving strategies? 4. H  ow your company does more good is up to you. How will your support to the community change as your company grows or your employee base alters? Do you want to focus on today’s issues or preventative work to impact tomorrow? Do you want to donate to charities now or in combination with leaving a legacy for your company through forever grants? KWCF has further responded to our research by developing a new Company Endowment Program to respond to the interest expressed by businesses in establishing a permanent endowment fund in their company’s name, donating now, with the ability to grant forever. The program creates a lasting legacy for the company and the opportunity to make a different level of impact in Waterloo Region. Companies select how donations are made to their fund and whether they want to supplement their giving with “flow through donations”.

cover story

Fundholders have lots of flexibility in the decision-making attached to their funds; including having employee committees make the selections or opening granting decisions to all employees to “vote” on the charities to support. Employees are given the choice to participate in the fund, providing flexibility to easily contribute when they are able, and stop when they need or want to. KWCF knows the community incredibly well, and offers educational opportunities for companies and their employees to help them learn about causes and needs across Waterloo Region. Want to learn more, contact KWCF. Let’s “Do More Good, Forever, Together”.

Q&A with Eric de la Chevrotiere | Software Development Manager, Kiite and Manager of Kiite’s Community Fund What does Kiite value about having the Company Endowment Program with KWCF? The opportunity to participate in a fund has been a huge culture add at Kiite. It provides a tangible way for our company to give back to our community, even as an early start-up. As our fund matures and we start to think about where to direct the charitable dollars, it will help bring our team together and become a meaningful team bonding experience. Additionally, being champions of the initiative can give our company a sense of pride in what we are doing. While our charitable dollars will be generating donations forever, inspiring other early start-ups to do the same will bring our team closer as well. Companies that give back are companies that move forward! How have you built the Kiite Community Fund easily into onboarding, and how do employees feel about being part of the program?


Elizabeth Heald Elizabeth Heald is the President & CEO of Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation (KWCF), an organization focused on “Making it Easy for People to Do More Good.”

At Kiite we have added an onboarding video as part of a package which new employees watch when they are first hired. Giving to the fund helps new employees feel like a part of the culture quickly! Many new employees now have commented on how fast they feel like a member of the team, and I believe this is partly due to being involved in the community fund!

How Your Company “Does More Good” is Up to You Let us help you and your employees make a difference in our community. Establish a Company Endowment Program with KWCF. It’s easy, impactful...and forever. Contact or 519-725-1806 x 205 to learn more. Do More Good. Forever. Together. advocate November | December 2019






growth % average in export sales

participants % ofhave entered

after 1 year

new markets


themselves % declared better prepared for

international business

“There’s nowhere else that you can go, for that small an investment of time, that you’ll make as many useful and worthwhile connections and have access to that knowledge base and experience.” – VIRYL TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION


Contact Saba Shafiq | 519.576.5000 x6034

hi-lighting members

Eat, Play, Shop ... Local Ariss Valley Golf

and Country Club 5700 Highway 86, RR1Ariss (519) 824-1551

Ariss Valley Golf and Country Club Ariss Valley is a full service golf and special event facility with 27 holes that are a pleasure for golfers of all skill levels. A must see for weddings, tournaments, corporate and social events! Enjoy a casual, from scratch prepared meal and cold beverage inside or on the patio.

Borealis Grille & Bar Borealis Grille & Bar

4336 King Street East Kitchener (519) 219-9007

Generations Box

Simply, Borealis Grille & Bar is a restaurant that serves the very best of locally crafted foods and beverages. Our 'Borealis Cuisine' is based upon the rhythms of our northern climate and geography. We are continually inspired by local ingredients harvested from the fields, forests and waters of Canada. Each year our menu follows the seasons of the north, celebrating the uniqueness of this distinctive northern bounty. This, combined with a deep respect for local heritage and craftsmanship and an unwavering dedication for sustainability has allowed us to be the first restaurant group in Canada to become a Certified B Corporation.

Generations Box

680 Trillium Drive Kitchener, ON

Looking for a gift for your loved ones for the holidays or to treat yourself? Generations Box offers monthly or quarterly packages that can be personalized. Our original box is for the elder generation and allows for the option to send letters and photos. It’s built around the idea that when you can’t be with your loved ones, you can still show them they are in your thoughts.

Paul Puncher

Paul Puncher

20 Regina Street South Waterloo, ON in the historic train station uptown Waterloo (519) 888.7999

At Paul Puncher, we take pride in providing a tailored experience to each customer, helping each man build a wardrobe to reflect his personality and complement his confidence. From the moment you enter our store, the Paul Puncher experience begins. Our knowledgeable clothiers are ready to get to know you, assist you with fabrics, style selection and precise measurements to ensure your personal style is reflected with comfort and ease.


10 Manitou Drive (at Fairway Road) Kitchener, ON (519) 895.2200

Vivo Pizza & Pasta 655 Parkside Drive Waterloo (519) 781-8486

Restaurant and Catering Company A place where flavour takes a universal approach to activating your senses all at once, full blast. From the flavour of our restaurant's bold and distinctive decor, to the employees that make us who we are, right down to the food itself. We believe in flavour without compromise, the ability to add guac and queso, at no extra charge. Our promise is an experience that delivers on new creations, old classics, and the ability to create your own masterpiece.

Vivo Pizza & Pasta Vivo prides itself on the food we serve. We work with numerous chefs from all across the world who have a passionate love for food, cooking, and the Italian cuisine. We are constantly looking to provide our guests with an experience that is extensive, and second to none. An experience like no other when it comes to Italian cuisine.

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Mark Your Calendar November 13th

November 26th

Immigration Partnership - Immigration and the Economy

Heffner Lexus Toyota Women’s Leadership Fall Luncheon

11:30am-2:00pm Location: Delta Waterloo The Greater KW Chamber of Commerce and Immigration Partnership invite you to a forum on immigration and the economy in Waterloo Region. We’ll talk about the importance of immigration to local economies and issues that affect local businesses, hold crucial conversations and gather input. The Hon. Perrin Beatty, President & CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, will be joining us as the keynote speaker.

11:30-1:30pm Location: DoubleTree by Hilton Kitchener Member Ticket: $50 ∙ Future Member Ticket: $60 This event series strives to promote the development of leadership skills, knowledge, and personal confidence for women with careers in both the private and public sectors. The Fall luncheon will focus on how travel can fuel your success. Full details available online. Title Sponsor:

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November 14th

Marketing Design Sponsor:

MNP Networking Breakfast presents Local Success Stories 7:00-9:00am Location: Inn of Waterloo Member Ticket ∙ $35 Future Member Ticket $45 ∙ Table of 6 $205 Two local entrepreneurs will share their stories of bringing their vision to Waterloo Region. Brian Bazely, Driverseat and Stephanie Soulis, Little Mushroom Catering have had their share of challenges, but you can hear firsthand what they’ve done to get to their level of success.

November 27th Libro Chamber Young Professionals Holiday Edition

Title Sponsor:

5:30-7:30pm Location: Libro Credit Union (Downtown Kitchener) Member Ticket ∙ $10 Future Member Ticket $15 Before all your Holiday parties begin, join us at Libro Credit Union’s new Downtown location! There will be one-onone sessions with a Libro Coach, a group of fantastic young professionals and a brand-new downtown location.

Event Sponsor:

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Visit us online at and

· Integrity · Expertise · Commitment ·




Mark Your Calendar December 5th Jay Fencing Business After 5 Holiday Edition 5:00-7:00pm Location: Waterloo Regional Police Service Headquarters Member Ticket ∙ Complimentary ∙ Future Member Ticket $10 ∙ Exhibitor Booth $60 Waterloo Regional Police Service, in partnership with Special Olympics Ontario would like to celebrate the holidays with you! This event will give you an inside look at the Police Headquarters and some upcoming initiatives of theirs, while you network with some fantastic new connections.

SAVE THE DATE! Don’t forget to add these key dates to your calendar. Thursday, February 20, 2020 Business Excellence Awards Gala

Friday, March 6, 2020 International Women’s Day Breakfast

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Title Sponsor:

Energy & Environment Forum

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020 Innovation Corridor Summit

Media Sponsor:

Thursday, May 7, 2020 Leadercast Print Sponsor: G

Thursday, May 21, 2020





Manufacturing Summit

December 12th Holiday Open House 4:00-6:00pm Location: Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce The Chamber would like to open our doors and raise a glass of cheer! Our annual Holiday Open House will be our last event of 2019, so drop on in to mingle with fellow Chamber members and enjoy some refreshments. Please remember that the Chamber will be collecting non-perishable food items and unwrapped toys.

Did You Know? We also offer the following products Backyard Customization

Waterloo Garage Doors Inc. 255 Bathurst Drive Waterloo ON N2V 2E4


• Screens for Patios and Pool Cabanas • Security Shutters Garage Customization • Hoists • Flooring • Cabinets Commercial and Industrial • Sales and Service

We can help you customize your living space. advocate November | December 2019


a strong foundation for a sustainable future. building science + condominium services | environmental + geotechnical engineering

let’s explore the possibilities. exp com

+1.519.650.4918 Cambridge office

Canada's Innovation Corridor Business Council Three years ago Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade between Waterloo Region and Toronto formed the Canada's Innovation Corridor Business Council with representation from Brampton, Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Halton Hills, Hamilton, Milton and Mississauga. The original mandate was to optimize economic opportunities within the growing Innovation Corridor and lobby for appropriate infrastructure support most notably improved passenger rail service. The group was also active in the establishment of Next Generation Manufacturing Canada, the recipient of funding under the Super Cluster Innovation Fund to support the integration of Canadian advanced manufacturing and IT resources. The work of the Business Council is strongly supported by many business and institutional partners and we thank them for making the Waterloo Region-Toronto Corridor a premier location for investment, research, and job creation. Thanks to the Greater KW Chamber partners that sponsor our efforts on this important initiative.




Giving Back Helps Grow Healthy Communities The history of Waterloo Region is rich with stories of barn raising, of helping our neighbours, of working together to achieve a common goal. This is the foundation of who we are as a community. These days most of us don’t need help raising a barn, but there are always ways to give of yourself to help your neighbour. At Heffner’s, we value that originating spirit of community and focus on having that theme flavour much of what we do as a business.

At Heffner’s we support over 150 charities and community organizations throughout Waterloo Region with the goal to help better the community that we live in. In addition, we award one local student annually with the John Heffner Sr. Legacy Scholarship. This is a person who exemplifies the qualities of being a leader in their field, who pays tribute to others and enjoys fellowship with other members of the community.

We are an organization founded by an immigrant who was helped by the Red Cross to come to Canada. After the support that my grandfather, John Heffner Sr. received, he felt that he wanted to give back in his own way, or as we say today, “pay it forward.”

We try and focus on core areas that are of particular interest to us and to help make sure that our giving has a theme. This enables us to make a more meaningful impact and direct our support to maximum effect.

Next year Heffner Motors will be celebrating our 60th anniversary. We feel that being in business that long does not happen by chance, it is a testament to the support of our community here in Waterloo Region. Its that kind of support that fuels our desire to return the generosity and patronage of our neighbours. We do this through many varied opportunities including supporting local business whenever we can. For all of us at Heffner’s, it’s not just about selling and servicing vehicles, but much more. Its about being responsible corporate citizens who support our community we live in and work in. As businesses we are all members of this community; we are part of it just as much as anyone else and we feel it is a responsibility of all of us to do what we can to grow it, help those less fortunate, and do anything we can to be an active participant in the vibrant community we are proud to call home. Corporate philanthropy is the backbone of any strong, healthy community. It is up to each of us, individually, as well as collectively/corporately to give back, help out and bring people, organizations, charities, religious groups, community groups, arts groups and all, forward.

However, this is only what we do. The beautiful thing about giving back is that it’s so personal, its what YOU are passionate about! This diversity in giving is what leads to our common goal of growth and a prosperous future for all. There is room for everyone and we all can play a part in growing our community. We realize that what works for us will not necessarily work for everyone, but it is this difference that is our strength. We believe diversity leads to a vibrant local culture of corporate engagement. We encourage all to get involved in whatever way they can. Reach out to a group that they feel passionately about and simply ask; “What can I do to help?”.


Nick Heffner Nick Heffner is a member of the third generation of the Heffner Family to be involved in managing Heffner Motors. He is a graduate of Georgian College’s Bachelor of Applied Business – Automotive Management program.

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RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

RBC Dominion Securities Waterloo is hiring new Investment Advisors RBC Dominion Securities in Waterloo is seeking motivated individuals for a fulfilling career in the wealth management industry. If you’re looking for the support you need to build a successful career, RBC Dominion Securities offers several advantages:

● ● ● ●

Strength and stability Independence with support Powerful tools and technology Top-calibre training

With an independent focus that encourages and rewards initiative, industry-leading investment and

wealth management support, and the backing of Canada’s largest financial institution, RBC Dominion Securities is the premier choice for investment professionals who want to build a successful wealth management practice.

For more details, please contact Vice-President and Branch Manager Mark Hodson at 519-747-7790 or We value diversity in the workplace, are committed to Employment Equity and will provide reasonable workplace accommodation to applicants with disabilities. RBC Dominion Securities Inc.* and Royal Bank of Canada are separate corporate entities which are affiliated. *Member-Canadian Investor Protection Fund. RBC Dominion Securities Inc. is a member company of RBC Wealth Management, a business segment of Royal Bank of Canada. ®Registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. Used under licence. ©2017 RBC Dominion Securities Inc. All rights reserved. 17_90561_001

Is your organization leaking money? Could you use simple cost-cutting ideas? Would you like to be environmentally responsible at the same time? Let us help you reduce your water consumption. From simple tweaks to larger projects, we’ll help you shave your bill. It starts with a FREE no strings attached water use review, leading to optional 50/50 cost sharing of audits or of consulting fees, rebates and more.

Program for Business Region of Waterloo, Water Services 519-575-4400 TTY: 519-575-4608 Email:

Our service is free, so call now to see what we can do for you while funds last. 24



Giving Back To the Community: Corporate and Personal Giving For many businesses in the Waterloo Region, corporate responsibility and giving are an important part of their values. There are many ways for businesses to give back to the broader community to keep up with these responsibilities. In this article, we will discuss the ways to achieve this along with the corresponding benefits.

eligible for an inclusion rate of zero on any capital gain realized on such gifts. For in-kind donations greater than $1,000, the property should be appraised by a qualified third party.

Personal giving

One of the most effective ways for the corporate sector to give back to the community is through the contribution of expertise and time by members of their workforce. This can be done a few different ways: • Membership on Boards of Directors -A  t BDO, we encourage our employees and partners to get involved in organizations that they’re passionate about, where they can make a difference. Many organizations struggle to find expertise in finance and accounting, making this a harmonious match. We find that that this type of contribution also helps to develop the skills and experience of our people by exposing them to the issues and opportunities within our own community. This helps them be better professionals. • Community Contribution Days -M  any companies, including BDO, grant their employees community contribution days. This type of program provides employees with a day off to provide their time and talents to organizations in a variety of volunteer capacities. Some examples include sorting food at the Food Bank of Waterloo Region or delivering food hampers for the House of Friendship. • Mentorship -T  he corporate sector can also provide employees for secondments to charitable organizations for specific projects. In addition, organizations such as Social Venture Partners of Waterloo Region help to provide expertise and guidance to charitable organizations using employees of the business community as mentors. Corporate responsibility should be an important part of any organization’s strategic plans. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this that fit within the goals of the organization. These methods of giving can help both community organizations and businesses achieve their corporate vision and feel good about it.

Businesses can encourage their employees to make individual donations through payroll deductions. United Way has been doing this over the years to raise their funds. For individuals, the following tax rules apply: • In order to claim a tax credit for a charitable donation, the organizations receiving the funds must be registered charities and issue official tax receipts. • In any one year, you may claim: - donations made by December 31 of the applicable tax year; - any unclaimed donations made in the previous five years; - any unclaimed donations made by your spouse or common-law partner in the year or in the previous five years; and - the above amounts are generally limited to 75% of your net income for the year. • This tax credit is a non-refundable tax credit. As such, it can only be used to reduce tax owed; if the credit fully offsets tax payable and a credit remains, a refund cannot be created from the tax credit. Generally, your tax savings will be equal to the amount of the charitable tax credit calculated. • If you donate certain types of capital property to a registered charity or other qualified donee, you may be eligible for an inclusion rate of zero on any capital gain realized on such gifts. There are exceptions to these rules that should be discussed with your accountant.

Corporate giving Businesses can also make financial donations to organizations in the community. These donations are deductible up to 75% of the corporate net income in a given year. The donations are considered a direct deductible expense against corporate earnings. Businesses can also provide sponsorships to various events or publications. The businesses may claim a deduction based on advertising or marketing benefits obtained. In this case, a charitable receipt is not issued to the corporation or business. The corporate sector can also provide in kind donations to charitable causes, which can include donations of goods and services. A charitable receipt can be issued if the fair market value of the gift can be determined. It should be noted the business will have an income inclusion, or a capital gain, if the donated item is capital property, based on the fair market value of the goods or services donated. If the corporation donates certain types of capital property to a registered charity or other qualified done, the corporation may be

Donation of time and energy


Tim Sothern, FCPA, FCA, MBA Tim is a Partner at BDO Canada and has over 25 years of public accounting experience with BDO in Waterloo Region. Tim works with a variety of entrepreneurs and business owners to help them grow and manage their businesses. However, he has a particular affinity for not-for-profit organizations. In fact, Tim is BDO’s Notfor-Profit Industry Team Leader for Central Canada. advocate November | December 2019


sponsor profile

Sparking Business Growth in Southwestern Ontario With 12 offices across the country, including 3 offices in Southwestern Ontario, Miller Thomson LLP is one of Canada’s leading business law firms, providing the highest quality advisory and advocacy skills and expertise. We cover Canada better than any other national business law firm, with deep roots in the communities where we work and live. That reach remains an important aspect of our commitment to allow our lawyers to provide legal advice that is informed by an in-depth knowledge of local markets and the commercial drivers that affect them.

Our History Miller Thomson was founded on Canada’s 90th birthday – July 1, 1957 – by six lawyers who decided to leave an established large firm and embark on their own adventure. Today, their namesake has grown and evolved into one of the largest law firms in Canada. Through a series of mergers with other well-respected firms, Miller Thomson has expanded to offices in 5 provinces and over 550 lawyers. Miller Thomson’s roots in the Kitchener-Waterloo region extend even earlier than this date, and go back more than 160 years. In 1858, Bowlby, Barrister and Solicitor opened on King Street, in what would become Kitchener-Waterloo. This founding firm, through a series of mergers, eventually evolved into Sims, Clement and Eastman, which merged with Miller Thomson in 2002. Today, Miller Thomson has locations in Kitchener-Waterloo, London and Guelph and is the only national law firm to have such an extensive presence in the Southwestern Ontario region.

How we can help Southwestern Ontario Businesses With 65 lawyers in our Southwestern Ontario offices, Miller Thomson provides a full range of legal services to advise local businesses on all aspects of their strategy and operations. Our lawyers have been recognized for their expertise in leading Canadian legal publications, including the 2020 edition of The Best Lawyers in Canada, where 13 Miller Thomson lawyers from Southwestern Ontario were



recognized for their expertise in 12 areas of law, and the 2019 edition of the Canadian Legal Lexpert® Directory, where 11 Miller Thomson lawyers in Southwestern Ontario were recognized for their industry-leading advisory experience across 7 areas of law. The firm has also distinguished itself as a leader among Canadian law firms for the number of M&A transactions as reported by Bloomberg over the past 10 consecutive quarters. Recognizing the global success of Southwestern Ontario’s local industries, Miller Thomson has also developed legal “centres of excellence” in each of our offices in the region, advising London’s insurance, health sciences and clean energy markets, the agri-business sector in Guelph, and Kitchener-Waterloo’s technology and entrepreneurial/ emerging business hubs.

Community Involvement A cornerstone of Miller Thomson’s legal services approach is our commitment to establishing local offices that allow our lawyers and staff to be engaged in the communities in which they work and live.

sponsor profile

We’re Here to Help Our lawyers would welcome the opportunity to speak with members of our local business community. Please feel to reach out to the Managing Partners of our Southwestern Ontario offices: Patricia J. Forte Office Managing Partner, Kitchener-Waterloo 519.593.3219 John Downing Office Managing Partner, London 519.931.3506 As the successor firm of one of the oldest established law firms in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, Miller Thomson has been a member of the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce for over 45 years. This relationship has been integral to keeping our lawyers informed of the business community in general, and has provided us with ongoing opportunities to speak to members about their current and future business plans. Our Southwestern Ontario lawyers and staff are actively involved in the community, both at a professional and personal level. Some of the organizations with which we have been involved include the United Way, Habitat for Humanity, Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest, Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre and Canada Outdoor Farm Show, among others.

Carol VandenHoek Office Managing Partner, Guelph 519.780.4632


Steve Lubczuk Steve Lubczuk is the Office Managing Partner for Miller Thomson’s Southwestern Ontario offices, including Kitchener-Waterloo, London and Guelph. He can be reached at 519.593.2434 or

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Benjamin Moore

Header 428 Gage Ave. KITCHENER

(519) 578-5330

583 King St. N. WATERLOO (519) 772-1127

245 Edinburgh Rd. S. GUELPH (519) 836-4731

Benjamin Moore Paint Wallcoverings Blinds & Draperies Décor Accessories In Home Consultations

We Print Flyers... ... manuals, price lists, engineering drawings, coupons, golf score cards, magazines, data

bases, forms, tickets, admail, stationary pads, tags, business cards, banners, stickers, programs, tabs, name plates, name badges, invites, stamps, post cards, invoices, sales kits, menus, posters, tent cards, canvas wraps, static clings, float mounts, bookmarks, binders, folders, certificates, cutouts, yearbooks, greeting cards, carbonless forms, cheques, receipts, admail, direct mail, labels, portable signage, photobooks, rack cards, calendars, rink boards, exhibitor signs, window clings, resumes, reports, magnets, car signs, lawn signs, schedules, wind flags, shirts, books, envelopes ...

GO BEYOND 21-23 May 2020

Waterloo 519-804-0017

Kitchener 519-571-0101

Cambridge 519-621-6611

Guelph 519-836-4441

Offices also in London, Brantford, Welland and Goderich

Condos, towns, semis + singles available in Kitchener - Waterloo


DESIGNED + BUILT BY for more information visit : Activa - Advocate / 1/8 page 3.6” x 2.25” .125” Bleed

TH E M U S EU M... making holiday parties (less) awkward and (more) fun since 2003



The perfect venue for your unique: corporate event holiday function fundraising party Book your experience! 519 749 9387 Ext. 228 or 233



Saving Fresh – Feeding Community – Local Action and Global Change It’s no secret hunger exists in all parts of the world. But despite more than enough food being produced to feed everyone, people are still going hungry. Globally 1.3 billion tons of edible food is lost or wasted each year. My friend Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, Professor in Food Distribution and Policy at Dalhousie University once told me, food banks exist because of market failures and are as much a part of the food economy as restaurants, retailers and manufacturers. The work of food banks to move edible food from markets – where it no longer results in revenue – to the tables of people in need is not only our moral imperative but a testament to our role in the food chain that would leave a significant gap if we didn’t exist. Earlier this year, I attended the Global FoodBanking Network® conference, an annual event that brings together food banks from all over the world to learn, share and discuss the challenges and solutions to managing national food chains, food recovery and ensuring those in our communities – who need food assistance – have access to safe, healthy and nutritious food. While at the conference, I shared how we, at The Food Bank of Waterloo Region, have been building program capacity and providing high-quality, nutritious food to neighbours in need. To reduce food waste and extend the lifespan and freshness of food, we created the Fresh Approaches Food program – a seamless approach to food recovery. The Fresh Approaches Food program has two important pillars: • Saving Fresh. Feeding Community is our food recovery program. The program prevents edible, healthy food from restaurants, local farmers and food industry partners from being thrown away, significantly reducing food waste in our community. • Fresh Approaches Food Centre is our on-site food processing facility that allows us to increase the variety, quality and quantity of fresh food available to the 34,552 people in Waterloo Region accessing food assistance. To minimize the environmental impact of food waste and ensure no one in our community goes hungry, it is critical we work together. Food donations represent local action for global change. Last year, food donations from farmers, retailers and food manufacturers helped provide 1,104,281 meals to the 1 in 20

households across the region accessing food assistance. This was food that may otherwise have been lost in the supply chain and wasted. There are many opportunities to give back to The Food Bank and make a difference locally. For food industry partners, using our fleet of refrigerated vehicles, we are able to pick up and store fresh and frozen food donations at the appropriate temperatures, adhering to the food safety guidelines and maintaining the cold chain. We also manage the distribution of the food donations and allocate the product between the 100+ community programs and agency partners we work with. Financial support is an excellent way to support The Food Bank’s mission of ensuring no one goes hungry and may include: one-time donations, legacy gifts or monthly donations. Corporate and community groups and individuals are essential to building meaningful change in our community. We offer a number of unique volunteer and team building experiences to event support to participate in. Across the region, people, businesses and community groups are taking a more organized and thoughtful approach to giving back. This helps create more awareness about food insecurity in our community, inspires people to get involved and provides first-hand opportunities to better understand how hunger can impact anyone, anywhere at any time. Learn more about how you can make a difference at


Wendi Campbell Wendi Campbell, CEO The Food Bank of Waterloo Region brings 25+ years’ experience and expertise to the non-profit sector. A passionate community leader and strategic connector, Wendi takes a progressive approach to ensure those in need of food support receive assistance.

advocate November | December 2019


Helping Us Make Our Vision Possible A special Thank You to each of these Chamber Sponsors.

12@12 Chamber

Academy Pantone 2151 C RGB: 0 / 64 / 114 CMYK: 100 / 81 / 30 / 15 HEX: #004072



Member Notables

Member Notables Leadership Change at CBRE Southwestern Ontario After 40 years in the real estate industry, Peter Whatmore will be passing the leadership of CBRE Southwestern Ontario to Ted Overbaugh who will become Managing Director by the end of 2019. Peter has been a business and community leader, assisting many philanthropic efforts in many municipalities during his distinguished career. Mr. Overbaugh will be assuming the management of CBRE’s Kitchener, London and Windsor offices. The Chamber extends thanks to Mr. Whatmore for his support of our organization and the promotion of Waterloo Region as an excellent location for business and employment.

Junior Achievement announces Hall of Fame Inductees Junior Achievement Waterloo Region has announced this year’s inductees into the Waterloo Region Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. The group includes Carinne Chambers-Saini and Frances Chambers of Diva International, Paul Maxwell of Maxwell’s Concerts and Events, John Stix and Jody Schnarr of Fibernetics, and Kurtis McBride of Miovision.

JA Waterloo Region A Member of JA Canada

All six inductees will be honoured at the 10th Annual Junior Achievement Waterloo Region Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Gala on November 21, 2019 at Bingemans Conference Centre.

Iain Klugman to depart from Communitech In early October, Iain Klugman announced that he will be stepping down as Communitech CEO in early 2021. Mr. Klugman has been in his current position since 2004 and will continue until his term expires on January 31, 2021. A search for his successor will commence in early 2020. Our Chamber and Communitech have been partners on many projects in support of Waterloo Region business and we are extremely appreciative of his leadership, passion and commitment to community building through innovation and collaboration.

New President Appointed at Excellence in Manufacturing Owen Sound-based Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) has announced that Jean-Pierre Giroux, National Director, Skills and Talent Development, will be transitioning into the role of President. Mr. Giroux assumes the position from Shawn Casemore who has acted as interim President for the past two years. Mr. Casemore remains with the organization and will assist with the transition and future projects.

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34 | 519-585-2200 WWW.GREATERKWCHAMBER.COM Cushman & Wakefield Waterloo Region Ltd., Brokerage

Profile for Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce

November/December 2019 Advocate  

November/December 2019 Edition of the Advocate Publication

November/December 2019 Advocate  

November/December 2019 Edition of the Advocate Publication

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