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1965 CHEVY C-10


















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decade has come and gone. I cannot believe it has been 10 years since the official launch of Garage71 and Grease Inc. From the beginning, I have stayed true to myself and always believed that being real is who I am and what our brands stand for. Over time, I clearly see the kulture changing. Rallies are diminishing in size. Everyone is aging and habits are changing. What is the future of Kustom Kulture? No matter what direction the kulture takes us, I know that Grease Inc. and Garage71 will play a role in it. From the basement launch of a Rockabilly station with Rev. Andy and Stretch, to epic events including Hell on Wheels, Ink and Oil, and Vintage Festival, this is only the beginning. This coming year we are traveling to New Mexico to present a festival on the historic Route 66 in Tucumcari. We are working on other major projects soon to be announced that will grow the base of our brands and continue the tradition of a motorhead lifestyle. Grease Inc. is now consistently distributed nationwide, with an international audience. Garage71 is readily available on any listening device, including service in automobiles, home tv services, Amazon Alexa, TuneIn, and more! I remember all the smart-ass comments at the launch of the station, and not one of those comments have any merit to what I believed in a decade ago. There has been quite a lot of windshield time throughout 2018. We are excited just to be a little more local over the winter and get back to some of our own roots. There is a ton in the works. From local events to major national events, we plan on enticing all of you to get out and ride a hell of lot more, or cruise to that destination. As many of you have seen, though the destination is where the party is at, the trip a lot of times offers just as many great memories along the way to any great show.

November marks the month where we all should become a little more humble and respectful. Thanksgiving is included in this month and if we truly took a moment to sit back and reflect on the real value of what the holiday represents, we can get back to some of our foundations as people and civility. This is a good time to be thankful for all the blessings as a country we have. Even though there are always struggles, are choice here in America is having the luxury to better ourselves. It doesn’t mean that it is easy, but it does mean there is opportunity. If you haven’t already, make sure you follow us on all our social media platforms, including: Facebook and Instagram.

6 We will be sharing and showcasing more of our external outlets including Angel City, the Smoke Out, Rockin’ Route 66, and more... Look forward to 2019 as we will be revamping all of our websites providing more for you, as well as continuing to define our brands as stand-alone identities. Cheers to all of you who have supported us over the past 10 years. We look forward to serving you another 10 years with more excitement, more kulture, and more attitude! | NOVEMBER 2018

Owner: James Etherton Photo locations: Dirt Class Photography by Brian “Big Boy” Whitcomb

8 | NOVEMBER 2018



"The first generation of Chevy C/K trucks began in 1960 and ran through 1966. A “C” truck designated 2-wheel drive, rear of course, while “K” designated a 4-wheel drive. Two body styles were available: the Chevy “Fleetside” (known as the “Wideside” in GMC models) which offered a smooth panel down each side of the bed; and the Chevy “Stepside” (which GMC labeled “Fenderside”) which provided a contoured panel outlining the rear wheelwells and a “step” behind the driver and passenger side doors. These trucks rode very much like a long-wheelbase automobile due to the drop-center ladder frame and low-profile seats. There was no climbing up into the cab of one of these trucks unless you were under five feet tall.

10 | NOVEMBER 2018



1964 Chevy trucks revealed the elimination of the wraparound windshield and the addition of air conditioning. To this, on 1965 Chevy trucks, a 220 horsepower 327 inch V8 engine was available. The second generation of Chevy C/K trucks began in 1967 and ran until 1972 with the nickname “Action Line.� The half-ton (10) and three-quarter ton (20) models were tricked out with the new coil-spring trailing arm suspension which provided a far superior ride in comparison to the traditional leaf springs. All four-wheel drive models were equipped with leaf springs on both the front and rear axles. The standard drivetrain was the 3-speed manual tranny with two available engine options: The 250 inch straight 6 and the 283 cubic inch V8. Optional transmissions available were the 4-speed manual transmission; Powerglide; and Turbo-Hydramatic 350 or 400. Optional engines were the 292 inch and 327 inch V8." (provided by Muscle Cars)

12 | NOVEMBER 2018

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intage Chic for Top Vintage has really brought a stunner for this fall season! This is the 50’s Layla Floral Cross

over Dress in Forest Green. You can’t go wrong with it! The feminine wrap dress gives the perfect amount of style and sass! It will take you from day into night for any special occasion. The fitted bodice and v-neck hug your curves in all the right ways. There are two ties that you can wear loose or in a bow at the pretty ruched detail on the side. There are no zippers to mess with either! The Layla has cap sleeves and falls mid-calf on the length. The material has a lot of stretch. I am very partial to green and this color is just gorgeous! The gold and olive floral print on the forest background really stands out. I am going to wear this for many holiday festivities this year!

Hair Flower: Shazam Pin Up Hair Flowers Heels: Bettie Page Shoes Photos: Pinup Power Photography

14 | NOVEMBER 2018

The Suavecito men’s line is extremely popular too. There are different finishes and holds to get the look that you want. They have beard products and other cosmetics for women, as well! Speaking of the holidays, Christmas will be here before you know it and it’s time to start planning already! Can you believe it? Top Vintage is a great place to get many items for some special people on your list! You will find hundreds of dresses, skirts, sweaters, coats, bags, and more! They have a wide variety of vintage reproduction shoes, sure to make any lady happy. There is also a section for beauty books and products! You’ll be able to search brand, style, color, or size to find the perfect item. Their site is very easy to navigate. Make sure to check out! This look is complete with accessories from Bow and Crossbones fall collection. My bangles are Imogen, Hazel, and Corday Spiderweb styles. I love to mix and match colors! My earrings are Hazel fakelite hoop stud earrings in Chartreuse green. Bow and Crossbones would be another perfect shop to look for special gifts this year! You will find an amazing array of vintage reproduction items and authentic vintage too! Find them at Finally, to complete your vintage look, great hair is always a must! I achieved this large roll with the help of Suavecita Pomade! You’ll love styling your hair with it. The smell is so amazing, too! Victory rolls will be smoother and stay longer with this pomade. It’s highly recommended by the top vintage hair stylists around the world. The Suavecito men’s line is extremely popular too. There are different finishes and holds to get the look that you want. They have beard products and other cosmetics for women, as well! Any of these would be great stocking stuffers! is the place to go.



WINGS AND WHITEWALLS The inaugural year of Wings and Whitewalls was a complete hit. Created by Len Thompson, owner of Lenny’s Hair Salon in Marietta Square, with assistance of the Aviation Wing Museum of Marietta and Lockheed Martin. The Aviation Wing of Marietta features a variety of civilian and military aircraft from the latter half of the twentieth century. The 15+ acre park also features several examples of aircraft that were produced right here in Marietta. The first aircraft produced in Marietta were produced in the early 1940’s by Bell Aircraft. Aircraft production continued to grow with Lockheed Martin from the 1950’s to present. The day long festival included vintage military motorcycles, pin-ups, and a very large collection of automobiles of all makes and models. The day was spent relaxing in the sun with some amazing BBQ and a collection of Rockabilly acts, as well as World Famous Side Show Performers, Captain and Maybelle on the main stage. Wings and Whitewalls photos: Brooklyn Brat Photography

18 | NOVEMBER 2018

WALL OF DEATH Derived directly from United States motorcycle board track (motordrome) racing in the early 1900s, the very first carnival motordrome appeared at Coney Island amusement park (New York) in 1911. The following year portable tracks began to appear on traveling carnivals. By 1915 the first “silodromes” with vertical walls appeared and were soon dubbed the “Wall of Death,” the very first mention being Bridson Greene’s unit in Buffalo, New York. Although not a silo-drome, the large combination motordrome at the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition included a perfectly vertical section at the top that was used by both car and motorcycle riders. The Wall of Death performed during Hellbender’s Anniversary event at the end of August, beginning of September for weekend performance. Wall of Death photos: Ronnie Lowry



HELL ON WHEELS The 10th anniversary of Hell on Wheels was celebrated at the infamous Angel City Ghost Town in Unadilla, GA the weekend of October 13th, 2018. Though, hurricane Michael came ripping into town to kick off the event, the celebration never stopped for a moment. From pre 71’ Hot Rod racing on the Dirt Track to costume mini bike racing, to our annual Rag Doll search, and four days of entertainment, Hell on Wheels X took it to a whole new level of what the celebration is all about, Kustom Kulture. Grease Inc. and Garage71’s founder, Brian “Big Boy” Whitcomb hosted the entire festival with several crew members including, Rev. Andy, Stretch, Rammin’ Rob, Buttercream Bettie, Ms. Ava Fairlane, and all the Angel City Saloon Girls... This is just the start on another decade of festivities lined up at Angel City as the crew is already working on Spring’s line-up including Willie Heath Neal and Hillbilly Casino, April 17th-20th, 2019. Hell on Wheels photos: Brooklyn Brat Photography

20 | NOVEMBER 2018



Photography credits: Vintage Photos By Joe Hair credits: Hair Artistry By Benson Dress: Cowcow Petticoat: Sweetdress

22 | NOVEMBER 2018

DOB - December 27th 1995 Hometown - City of Orange in Orange County California. I Grew up as a Disney nerd beach bum in Southern California. I frequently visited Balboa peninsula, Knotts Berry Farm, and Disneyland on a regular basis. Disneyland is basically my second home. Single or Married - I am currently single, but I sure as hell can’t wait to be a wife one day! I know I’ll make a great one. Favorite color - My favorite color definitely has to be Royal blue. It is an outstanding color on just about anything. Hobbies - Where do I start? On my spare time I enjoy to go antique shopping, explore in nature, play guitar or ukulele, Sing, go to the range and shoot firearms, MMA fight, attend classic car shows, and listen to music while cleaning in my under garments. I am also OBSESSED with cooking and baking. I have to say it is a specialty of mine. I cook Italian, Louisiana Cajun, Mexican, Salvadorian, Mediterranean, Hungarian, Thai, Chinese, and good ole American southern foods. I love to create new dishes, but most of my recipes come from my family and family friends. Education - I am currently a student going to school to become a Naturopathic Doctor. I have always been into natural healing remedies for as long as I could remember. I believe that the best way of taking care of our human bodies, is through the awesome things that nature has to offer us, and not through pharmaceutical drugs. I still have tons of schooling to do, but I know for sure that this is what I was meant to do. Occupation - I am currently serving as a waitress at an Italian restaurant. I honestly love serving because I get to meet and talk to all different types of people every week! Aside from serving, I also make a living by picking up modeling gigs every couple weeks. I have had some reasonably great paid gigs in the industry so far. I have modeled for pinup and swimwear clothing advertisements, Dental smile ads, accessories, and many other cool things! Pets - I currently own a grey little kitty and his name is Knubby. I love him to death, but I am mostly a dog person for sure. I hope to one day own a French Bulldog or a Shiba Inu.


Favorite food- Honestly, Pizza is amazing and I don’t know what I’d do without it. I also have a thing for Vietnamese chicken Pho soup. Favorite place to eat out- Round Table Pizza, without a doubt. I love to order their Barbeque chicken pizza. What type of music do you like- I have a taste for a lot of music. I believe music heals the soul, so I have a deep appreciation for all music. If I were to pick a specific type, it would have to be oldies. I grew up loving 1940s through 1960s rock and roll or blues, and 1970s through 1980s classic rock. I was born with an old soul, so I mostly appreciate the classics. What is your favorite band- I have multiple favorite bands. Ones worth mentioning are Def Leppard, Van Halen, ACDC, Journey, Bon Jovi, Kansas, Scorpions, Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, The Doobie Brothers, Kiss, Bill Haley and the Comets, The Platters, and The Crickets. Favorite song- “Good Times Roll” by The Cars. Something about that song makes me feel alive. I also really love “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison, “Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’” by Journey, and “Life’s Been Good” by Joe Walsh. Favorite Movie- Sweet Home Alabama and Practical Magic. What type of hang outs do you go to- It really depends what I am in the mood for, but I do love small party bonfires at night. What is your drink of choice- Jameson Irish Whiskey. On the rocks by itself, or sometimes with a splash of Ginger Ale. What is a turn on- Good grammar, a happy smiling face, and positive attitudes. Enough said. What is a turn off- Bad attitudes, gossiping, animals haters, negative outlooks, normal people who don’t know how to be silly and have fun, and California drivers because they literally don’t know how to drive for the life of me haha. Do you change your own oil- Absolutely! I was a teenager when I asked my father to show me how. I wanted to learn how to change my own tires and oil, so that way I didn’t have to depend on anyone to have to do it for me. I have always been an independent type of person, even as a kid.


“Nothing is i mpossible. The word itsel f says I’M-POSSIBLE ” – Audrey H


26 | NOVEMBER 2018

Photography by Mailman and Mailbox

Tell us a little about how Illconduct was formed Illconduct started in 1998 with a group of friends looking to have a good time on one wheel. Founding members Wildman Wayne Strickland, Jody Leonard (showtime JD) and Shane Brag they continued the team until a bad accident in 2005 the team was then sold to Jeff Schnieder and he kept the team alive until I came along in 2010 it’s been a wild ride and we are still here 20 years later being the longest running Harley thrill team!



What's the inspiration behind your stunt riding? It all started in 2007 when I saw a friend of mine Kaz do a spreader wheelie for miles. From there I started to try and learn and now I have put together a pretty impressive resume in the motorcycle world! From jumping a road glide to performing at all the major rally’s across the USA What role does your stunt team lend the motorcycle scene? We are pushing the limits of motorcycles every time we throw a leg over. We provide some of the best entertainment in the industry and now that I’m jumping Harley’s my goal is to keep Evel KNIEVEL’s legacy alive while building my own! What has been so far your most memorable moment performing? Most definitely the pre sturgis party jump with Klockworks

28 | NOVEMBER 2018

Where do you believe your drive and passion comes from? It definitely comes from wrestling my entire life. I’ve learned to set goals and smash them Who have been your influences over the years? Evel Knievel first and foremost! My parents and my brothers and sisters they all work so hard and it’s amazing to see what we as a family have accomplished! We don’t give up ever we push so hard for what we love and want out of life. Also so many other riders like Doug Domokos, Doug Danger, Teach McNeil, Bill Dixon and so many more... Where is the Illconduct Thrill Team heading next? We are in Florida bouncing around for the winter then we go west to the Lonestar Rally to sign a jump contract for next year. Then off to Vegas for a possible jump on Fremont. I can’t wait to see what the future holds be sure to tag along and follow our journey on Instagram and Facebook @colefreeman



American Pomade Review

By Chris ‘Psychoholic’ DiGanci



here was a running joke about the quality of my pompadour that started when I made the comment "The 2 things I'm asked most often are 'sir, can you come with us' and 'how did you get the best hair in radio?'". A few of my friends jumped on that latter bit (not unlike the TSA agents who caused the first comment - but that's another story) and after a while I was endorsed as having the 'Best Hair In Radio' by a few groups of either major accord or 'who??' depending on who you ask. For the purposes of this review let's just assume I have the best hair at Grease Magazine and move on. As with a lot of people in our beloved Rockabilly community I have always been a car person and a devout metal head, and of course being a metal head I had hair down to my belt for a very very long time. A few changes with my work schedule made it entirely too much effort to deal with having a 30" long ponytail (not to mention the impromptu dreadlock that would come from riding a motorcycle) so I sought the best barber in Atlanta | NOVEMBER 2018

• It absolutely positively must make my hair painful to see in direct sunlight because of the shine • It has to be able to be washed out every day • Can't smell like old gasoline or bad chicken • And it must harden to at least a 1k on the Vickers Hardness scale Well after 3 president's worth of time I am now ready to give 2 thumbs up to a pomade - American Pomade 'Mortal Sin'. Buying: I find their website is a good place to start talking about American Pomade. It's simple and looks solid with a few fun catch phrases that I couldn't help but smile at - specifically 'Dude, your hair. Fix that shit' and their slogan of 'Classic American Cool'. As of the time of this writing the Mortal Sin is just $13 (normally $16) and shipping is fast. It's not hard to hit their $35 minimum threshold for free shipping so it's worth saving a few bucks and buying 3 at a time (Ganci's Pro Tip: you can use the 'Deal With The Devil' and get 2 jars for $25 and add a 3rd to get free shipping). Packaging: It comes in a pretty standard 4oz jar and well packaged. I do wish they would offer a big 32oz tub (I have curly hair and I have to use a pretty fair bit of pomade every day to tame wave into submission) because I keep having to buy more. The Smell: This is probably more important than it should be but I have smelled some pomades that literally smelled like a mix of a beauty supply store and the gas tank of an '84 Lebaron convertible (don't ask). This was utterly pleasant. It has a light smell that is so unobtrusive that it's barely noticeable and dare I say 'fresh'?

(go see John at Rutabaga, seriously) that could craft the perfectly coifed greasy pomp that I had always wanted. You learn a few things when you have had the same hairstyle for 10+ years and if you're kind of a picky bastard like I am you very quickly develop a few requirements when shopping for 'product' (I do hate writing that word unironically but it's the right word for this context). I have a drawer that looks like the Las Vegas neon sign graveyard of various pomades I've tried over the years and these are the conclusions/requirements I've come up with: • I don't like actual oil based pomade. Some might consider it sacrilege but having to have specific pillowcases that end up looking like my driveway where my power steering pump is leaking and waking up with a sheen on my face that will eventually turn into zits isn't cool.


The Hold: This is one of the 2 most important criteria (the other being shine) and it is a solid 10/10 for hold. I put it in after toweling off my hair as dry as a towel can get your hair, scoop out about as much as I'd grab for packing wheel bearings,, rub it between my hands for a few seconds (another trick from John the Barber) and rub it through my hair. Once I have a nice even distribution throughout I'll run the comb through to finish the distribution and I can start the piling process. It holds well enough while pomping that by the time I'm finished getting ready I don't even have to adjust anything and it hardens enough where the DOT would probably approve it as a helmet. The Shine: A nice greasy shiny pomp is one of those pleasures of life that is hard to explain to people who don't have one or appreciate them. Some people try and avoid too much but I'm absolutely about that 'fresh changed oil' and 'don't let that man near the pool' kind of gleam. I did try a tub of their 'Devil's Clay' and while the medium hold was pretty good it gave me politician hair without the shine. Conclusion: This is good stuff. It meets all of my criteria for a good pomade, it's affordable, well packaged, and a good value. I have no problems washing it out in the morning or if I'm feeling lazy just some quick water in the morning and I can re-pomp the next day with the same general level of hold as the day prior.


32 | NOVEMBER 2018

Brian "Big Boy" Whitcomb Photography by Lindsay Garrett and Star Cravin Photos

Tell us a little about how Willie Heath Neal and Kira Annalise met. KA:We were in a big ensemble group together. This was forever ago. I loved him the second time I met him but it took him a few years to realize how awesome I am. We still played separately for ages after the ensemble split and then we went on a TX run together and just never stopped. We've been doing The Waymores thing for about 5 years now. WHN: Yeah, the ensemble was this opry style thing and we just eventually outgrew it but she and I have been pretty constant since. Eventually the inevitable happened and we became The Waymores. What's the inspiration behind your music? WHN: I have always had to write in reflection, I can't ever write in the moment. I've written about heartaches and drinkin' and just things that I could relate to. I've written a couple of songs about people I knew but most of my stuff is autobiographical. KA: I've had lots of people say I need to write a song about this or that, a train, a murder, whatever... I just write about what I know. I can add flare here and there but when I try to write about something I haven't experienced, you can totally tell. I write about heartaches, burning bridges and being a bitch. I'm well versed in those. Right now, we're trying to write one about the time we ran out of gas in a really scary town in TX in the middle of the night. It was totally Willie's fault. (We made it to a gas station in the nick of time but I still need someone to blame). What role does your music lend to the Southeast music scene? WHN: I think we, and a handful of others in the area, are fighting to bring back a scene that was once here but for some reason dissipated. We have a handful of peers that we respect greatly because they work just as hard as we do. We, and a few others, are bringing that relentless work ethic to the scene and representing the Southeast in that way.



KA: I think we both try to tell all of our peers how important and great touring is. Work ethic is where it's at. We never stop booking and moving and playing. Any of our friends who are working know that they have a helping hand in us, if they need it. It can be hard at first but that's just part of the job. A big part. So, I'd like to think that we're bringing some camaraderie to the scene. What is each of your's current favorite song to play? Why? KA: Mine is Weeds, the title track to our album that comes out in Feb 2019. Its about such a tough time in our lives together, with people that really just weren't the greatest, but we came out bigger and better like we always do. To put that to paper while we wrote it was a really great experience and each time we play it live, we have people


come tell us how much they love it and that's just fun to hear. It's a great song. I'm very proud of it. WHN: My favorite song changes with each show. I'll look back on the performance and think "we really did this one great tonight..." but I still love playing In Spite of Ourselves. It's the song that really got things started for us as The Waymores and I get a little nostalgic every time we play it. What has been so far your most memorable moment performing? WHN: Marty's PM in Birmingham AL. We were playing with our friends Zach and Cheyloe and we set up on the ground and it was just a wall of people. The place was at capacity. They were all singing along so hard and so loudly that we could barely hear ourselves. Then there was this one | NOVEMBER 2018

woman who sang every song and didn't get a single word right. She was right in front and it awesome. KA: Odessa TX at The Hemingway. It started out kind of awkward, but by set two we had everyone laughing and singing and at the end of the night we had this huge line at the merch table. Everyone was so nice and fun and just wanted to be friends. I love when we win them over like that. We can't wait to go back. Where do you believe the creativity comes from? WHN: I don't believe you write songs, I've always believed you receive them. I believe that artists are just antenna's. The life I've lived and things I've been through conditioned my antennae to receive the songs that I write... KA: Well I'm not quite sure how to top that prolific shit so I'll just say that being willing to be self analytical and really in your own head helps. and of course drinkin' and hard livin'. Who have been your influences over the years? WHN: Of course, the legends, Hank, Cash, Elvis and Waylon but as far as writing, I've always been drawn to John Prine and Steve Earle and I've always tried to emulate them in my writing. I've always loved how Steve Earle told a story and how John Prine said the deepest things with the most tongue-and-cheek lines. KA: I didn't grow up in this genre. Willie really introduced me to all of it. I heard him play a Junior Brown song in a dive bar in Marietta GA all those years ago and was blown away. I wanted to know everything about him and the genre. He's my biggest influence. But of course, there's also Junior Brown, Buck Owens, Dwight Yoakam, Merle Haggard and the true end all be all, Waylon GD Jennings.


Where is the duo heading next? KA: We're out West again in November. To Arizona and back then next year really kinda gets crazy. We go up North a little, out West again, to Europe, we're just getting started. WHN: We'll see y'all on the road somewhere. | NOVEMBER 2018




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Tell people you saw it for sale in “Grease Inc. Magazine” 38 2018 | NOVEMBER | JUNE 2016

Red Stage 2 Drift Trike Custom Frame, Front and Rear Brake, Fat Front Tire: 26”x3”, 212cc Preditor Motor, 3 Sets Tire Sleeves – $2500

1985 Cadillac Hearse, Fleetwood Has been showcased in Dragon Con Parade Active hearse in Cartersville for 25 years 678-525-6650 $500 FIRM


Custom Green Drift Trike Custom Frame, Front and Rear Brake, Fat Front Tire: 26”x3”, 400cc Preditor Motor, 3 Sets Tire Sleeves, Call for Pricing



Dixie Motorcycle Service & Restoration Facebook page = Dixie motorcycle service

706 334 0182


Events Calendar Phone: 727-846-8922 Event Type: Swap Meet, Car Show, Motorcycles Welcome Organized By: Craig Pearson

Braselton Bash Cruise In Braselton, GA

Time: November 17, 2018 from 1pm to 5pm Location: Year One Street: 1001 Cherry Drive #1 City/Town: Braselton, GA Website: Phone: (800) 932-7663 Event Type: Car Show, Vendors Organized By: Year One

Field of Dreams Car Show Brooksville, Fl.

Roscoe’s Chili Challenge Bike Show Lakeland, FL Time: November 1, 2018 to November 4, 2018 Location: Roscoes Campgrounds Street: 5320 Shady Oak Dr N City/Town: Lakeland, FL Website: Phone: Event Type: Cooking Competition, Motorcycle Show, Festival Organized By: Roscoe’s Chili Challenge

Warehouse of Hope Poker Run Dallas, GA Time: November 3, 2018 from 9:30am to 4pm Location: Rodney’s BBQ Street: 4724 Dallas Acworth Hwy City/Town: Dallas, GA Phone: Don @ 770-652-4733 Event Type: Motorcycle Poker Run, Bike Show Organized By: Warehouse of Hope

Lanier Church of God Fall Car Show Buford, GA Time: November 10, 2018 from 9am to 3pm Location: Lanier Church of God Street: 2093 Buford Dam Rd City/Town: Buford, GA 30518 Phone: 770-634-8978 Event Type: Car Show, Fundraiser Organized By: Kenny Stephens

Veterans Day Open Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show Plains, GA

Time: November 10, 2018 from 9am to 3pm Location: Downtown City/Town: Plains, GA Website: Phone: (727) 321-1211 Event Type: Car Truck & Motorcycle Show, Festival

Zephyrhills Auto Events Zephyrhills, FL Time: November 8, 2018 at 8am to November 11, 2018 at 4pm Location: Zephyrhills Festival Park Street: 2738 Gall Blvd Hwy 301 City/Town: Zephyrhills, FL Website:

Time: November 17, 2018 to November 18, 2018 Location: Florida Classic Park Street: 5360 Lockhart Rd. City/Town: Brooksville, FL Website: www.FieldOfDreamsc\ Phone: John Romanyak 813-956-3503 Event Type: Car Show, Swap Meet, Festival. Motorcycles Welcome Organized By: Field of Dreams

The Varsity Gwinnett Cruise-In Norcross, GA

Time: November 18, from 3pm to 6pm Location: The Varsity Gwinnett Street: 6045 Dawson Blvd City/Town: Norcross, GA Website: Phone: 404-732-6842 Event Type: Cruise In, MCs Welcome Organized By: Rick Ellis

Cars and Coffee Cruise In Alpharetta, GA Time: November 17, 2018 from 9am to 12pm Location: Gateway Classic Cars Street: 1870 McFarland Parkway, Suite 300 City/Town: Alpharetta, GA Website: Phone: (618) 589-9952 Event Type: Cruise In, MCs Welcome Organized By: Gateway Classic Cars

Knights of Columbus Fall Car & Bike Show Aiken, SC

Time: November 24, 2018 from 8am to 3pm Location: In Front of St Marys Catholic Church Street: 150 Fairfield St. SE City/Town: Aiken, SC, 29803 Website: Phone: John Shea 803-663-1777 Event Type: Car & Bike Show Organized By: Knights of Columbus

No-Love-4-Atlanta Toys4Tots Car & Bike Show Marietta, GA

Time: November 25, 2018 from 11am to 5pm Location: Marietta NDT Street: 530 Commerce Park Dr SE City/Town: Marietta. GA Website: Phone: Rickey Dailey 678-765-9095 Event Type: Charity Car & Bike Show Organized By: No Love 4 ATL

For a complete Calendar of Vehicle Events go to published by Mike Thies 770-883-0160 GREASE INC. MAGAZINE


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