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t is hard to believe that we are already headed straight into summer. Trust me, I love the weather and change of seasons. This is an amazing time. The world comes back to life after the chilly winter. It is enjoyable, from the heat of the sun on your face to the open road changing its dynamic for the season. Amazing, sometimes, when you can really sit back and think about all the cycles of life...

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. That said, we have already seen a serious story reported on a group of day riders that were targeted and purposely run off the road. No one got hurt, which is amazing. They were able to catch the individual, who is being held for aggravated assault by a vehicle. I just do not get it. I don’t get it in general, not only this incident but anything of the like. Example: driving your car into the protest, just a few years back. Why? Seriously, why? So you throw your own life away just because you get butthurt over something said that has zero effect or impact on your life, not to mention hurting or killing others over, again, nothing. My mind wanders sometimes on these convictions people have. At the end of the day, it has no bearing on me, so why care... Well, I hope all riders are safe this year, and that’s the last incident we hear for the year. I know it won’t be, but I am gonna at least think that for the moment... The season is kicking off with some amazing festivals and events. From Viva Las Vegas in April to Rockin’ Route 66 in Tucumcari, New Mexico, in June, there are some great shows to attend. Now, how to get to them all?!? We enjoyed the season kick-off at Angel City this April with a tremendous line-up and are already planning the fall Hell on Wheels anniversary event scheduled for November 6th - 10th. Check out the announcement in this month’s Grease Inc. A bittersweet happy anniversary to the Smoke Out Rally at 20 years. Edge, the creator of the Smoke Out, will be retiring this year, so we are curious as to the life of the Smoke Out, but we have to say we have created some of the best memories there, far above any other show nationwide. Always a good time and always with great people... June is setting out to be one of the best road trips of the year. The entire crew will be cruising Route 66 this June and headed to Tucumcari, New Mexico, for Rockin’ Route 66. This four-day festival celebrates Route 66 in its glory days and creates a vibe that brings Hot Rods, Motorcycles, Music, Gearheads, Pin Ups, and families together worldwide. We plan to make our way through Memphis to get the King’s blessing before connecting to Route 66 via I-40 across the country. This is one of the best line-ups we have ever been able to culminate. We have talent coming in worldwide for this show, including some of the greats like Danny B. Harvey, Annie


Marie Lewis, one of the original outlaws Willie Heath Neal, the Rhythm Shakers, Kitty Rose and the Rattlers, Phil Rocker, and so many more. You can get the complete line-up, all the details, and there is still time to plan your trip to Rockin’ Route 66. All you need to do is go to and get your kicks on Route 66. Our featured rod of the month, Dehlia, will be on display at Rockin’ Route 66. Come out and take your picture with her and hundreds more... Well, you can keep up with us on social media and all of our outlets online to ensure you are getting up-to-the-minute reports from shows, events, rides, tributes, and more... Hit us up on Instagram: @greaseinc. Make sure you give us a tag if you want us to see what you’ve been up to. We love to hear back from you. Take your time flipping through this issue as we have some special features from New Mexico, and tons of local events like Vintage Fest in South Carolina at Timms H-D, and the Hellbilly Hodown at Hellbender H-D. These are two regional events you don’t want to miss... We will see you on the road and keep the rubber side down! | ISSUE 122: 2019

Photos by Brian “Big Boy” Whitcomb

8 | ISSUE 122: 2019



I picked up the Pontiac back in 2007 in Colorado. I lucked out, as the car pretty much had everything there, just a few missing pieces of trim. After a few years of searching, I was able to find any missing pieces. From there I changed the wiring system completely and did some minor motor maintenance with replacing the carb and changing the water pump. She started up and I just wanted to enjoy her as-is for the time being. After a few years, I knew it was time to finish her, so I brought her to Joez Shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We decided to paint and complete the entire interior of the Pontiac. From there, I decided to paint her two-tone candy red and black and reached out to my good friend Solvent 888. She was a slick-looking ride… In 2016, I knew she was ready for a slight change so I went to Sean Daily from Straight Street to repaint. We added amazing patterns and wild cherry candy. Since then I am back to enjoying her smooth good-looking ride. I never trailer her; I drive her. That’s what she likes….

10 | ISSUE 122: 2019

Owner: Knievel “Snake” Make: Pontiac Model: Streamliner Year: 1947 Built by: Snake, Solvent 888, Straight Street, Joez Shop Time: 10 years Body work: Straight Street, Joez Shop Engine Year: 1947 Model: Straight 8, Flat Head Rebuilder: Original Cyclinders: 8 cyl. 252 cu. in. Card: 2 Barrel Stromberg Exhaust: Straight Exhaust

12 | ISSUE 122: 2019

We are always looking for submissions. Simply email us with sample pics and a brief story. If it what we are looking for, we will connect with you on further details. We love to hear from our readers. Send your pics and story to, subject: Submission. *all pictures become property of Hot Pan Productions, Inc. upon receiving for any and all use for publications, promotions, and events.

Transmission: Year: 1947 Shifiting: 3 on the tree Suspension Front: 2 Pumps, 2 Batteries, CCE Rear: 4 link Suspension Paint Color: Kandy WIld Cherry 2 tone w/black Type: Patterns Accessories Tailight: OG Dash: Kandy Red Wood Grain Steering: 1941 Windows: OG Electrics: Pioneer DEH 80PRS w/Pioneer Amp Four 3.5 Kickers and Two 6.5 Kickers Wheels Front and Rear Size: 15x6 Chrome Artillery Tires: Coker Classic 5.60 Brakes: Front and Rear: Drums Car Club: Rollerz Only

14 | ISSUE 122: 2019

16 | ISSUE 122: 2019


s we all know May is motorcycle awareness month. If you ride a motorcycle, every day you ride is motorcycle awareness day. Distracted driving is the number one issue facing all motorists regardless of whether you are driving or riding. While we cannot completely eliminate the risk of riding, there are some tips that we can utilize which will make us considerably safer.

#1. Responsibility. This is my number one mantra in all of our TwowheelAdventures classes. Regardless of the circumstance, the person riding is responsible for what happens when they are riding. Yes, a motorist might be legally responsible in an accident, but who is going to be physically responsible? I was serving as an expert witness in a motorcycle case and I heard a classic statement from a rider who clearly was not a fault but could have avoided an accident if he had been properly trained. His statement: “Someone has to be responsible for my injuries.� Unfortunately, this attitude is commonplace today. Folks seem to have a need to blame someone other than themselves when unfortunate situations occur. Truth is, in his situation a trained rider would have avoided an accident. Ultimately the person responsible is indeed the rider. Circumstances present themselves constantly. How you respond to them is the determining factor in situations, and understanding that reacting is different than responding. A skilled rider who has made the effort to become a better rider oftentimes will not put themselves into compromising situations. If they do find themselves in an unfortunate dilemma they oftentimes have the skill and the mindset for surviving the situation. Be a responsible rider, get training, be focused, make good decisions, accept the results of your decisions.


By Chris Carr

#2. Nearly two-thirds of car /motorcycle crashes are caused by automobiles. We typically know this as riders but how often do we adjust for it? Intersections, intersections, intersections. Do you slow down when you approach an intersection? Do you cover your brake? Do you look for an escape path? Do you play the what-if game? Are you visible to other drivers?

to practice. Do it when you're driving your car. Work on your lane placement; have a strategy when you drive. Practice with your eye movement. Are you thinking about work? Dinner? If you are not focused on the task at hand you are technically distracted. The Navy Seals have a mantra: " Focus on the alligator closest to the boat." You can deal with the others later.

#3. Take a training class. Regardless of how good you think you are, there are always things to learn. Professional athletes have coaches even though they are the best in the world at their craft. Motorcycle skills are perishable. If you do not practice or if you do not challenge yourself you are not the best rider you can be. I take classes every year and often take away from the class something that I can work on to be better. Consider enrolling in a track school. You do not have to be an aspiring racer to reap the benefits of a track day. Truth is, when you work on your skills, how often do you practice them at speed? It is worth looking into. If track days are not your cup of tea, why not a police training course? Even something less formal; working on techniques with some friends is better than no training.

#5. Learn to control your emotions. Being upset, angry, or frustrated when you ride is mentally draining. Often mistakes can occur because you're not on your game. When you ride you have no choice but to be on your game not most of the time but all the time. If someone cuts you off or pulls in front of you, just let it go. Realistically that experience is now in the past and you cannot correct or redirect the past. Oftentimes my race students get frustrated when they blow a corner. If they carry that thought with them they tend to blow subsequent corners, too. It is better to be in the moment and learn to let it go.

#4. You can make better choices when you are riding. Always anticipate and pay attention to your surroundings when you ride. Here is an easy way

This is not your typical motorcycle awareness article. My intent is to direct us to accept our actions. We know we live in a dangerous world and folks are not paying attention. So instead of expecting them to behave the way we want, let's change the way we think about riding. Learn to control the things that you have control of and forget the things that you can't control.


18 | ISSUE 122: 2019

By Legendary ‘2 Gun’ Larry Smith


he Motel Safari in Tucumcari, New Mexico, has been making memories on Route 66 for 60 years. Help us celebrate this major milestone by making the Safari your home base for this year’s inaugural Rockin’ Route 66!



Opened in 1959 at the height of the Mother Road’s popularity, the Motel Safari is a mid-century modern gem with uniquely quirky architectural details, thanks to its innovative designer and builder, Chester Dohrer, a former St. Louis homebuilder turned independent motel developer who employed a style known today as ‘Googie’ or ‘Doo Wop.’ His original design elements are found throughout the property, including the oozing mortar and counter-stacking in the brickwork, the square holes in the cinder block structures, the large metal cylinders with perforations that allow tiny specks of light to shine through at night, and of course the geometrically eccentric sign. He added special touches in the rooms as well, with Zia-inspired woodwork bridging the half wall to the ceiling and custom-built nightstands and desks that are still used today. Mr. Dohrer built five motels in total along Highway 66, as he recognized the need for unique overnight accommodations with character along the popular road that connected Chicago to Los Angeles. He first built the El Rancho Motel (now apartments) in Sullivan, Missouri, around 1950 and sold it after two years of operation. He then moved his family westward to Flagstaff, Arizona, where he built, briefly operated, and then sold both the Amber Sky Motel and The Spur Motel (now a parking lot and a Knights Inn, respectively). With each property, Mr. Dohrer became more adventurous in stylistic flourishes and eye-catching designs. Towards the late ‘50s, the Dohrers made their way to Tucumcari, where he bought an empty lot along the city’s booming stretch of 66 from Mr. Geo Jenkins and proceeded to build the Motel Safari. His inspiration came from two Arizona properties – the Caravan Inn West in Phoenix and the Safari Hotel in Scottsdale – as well as motels he had seen among the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada. He took elements of each and created the Motel Safari. For a city with at least one motel on every block of 66, the Safari stood out for its unusual style elements and modern amenities. He and his wife, Mildred, who had grown up in the motel business, operated the Safari for a couple years, before moving about

20 | ISSUE 122: 2019

a mile east on the boulevard and building the Aruba Motel and Tiki Restaurant (most recently the Tucumcari Inn but now shuttered). This would be Mr. Dohrer’s fifth and final motel. Mr. and Mrs. Dohrer remained in the area, Chester passing away in 2005, with Mildred following a decade later. Both are buried in Tucumcari. Their only child, Gregory, born in 1947, is currently retired and lives in Texas. During its earliest days, the Motel Safari was affiliated with the Best Western chain. One postcard even shows their logo on top of the sign above ‘Motel Safari’ instead of the camel and its rider. Their logo soon moved down be-


low the main part of the sign, however, becoming smaller and then disappearing altogether. The camel on the sign soon became known as Clyde, likely taken from the Ray Stevens 1962 novelty hit, ‘Ahab the Arab.’ After the Dohrers moved on, the Motel Safari went through a succession of owner/operators, including Mr. & Mrs. George Strause, Bill & Deloris Hill, and Mr. & Mrs. Joe Portwood. Perhaps the most fondly remembered and longest-term owners were Ronald & Arlene Frey, who operated the Safari from 1970 to 1984, raising five children onsite. After the Freys, the property went through a series of good and

not-so-good owners until, by the 2000s, like others on the once-vibrant boulevard, its condition had fallen into substantial neglect and disrepair. In 2007, Richard and Gail Talley were looking to purchase a Route 66 motel in New Mexico and saw great potential in the underappreciated Motel Safari. They bought the property and immediately began an extensive restoration and update. With hotel management and interior design backgrounds respectively, Richard and Gail gave the motel an incredible transformation by updating the rooms with amenities rarely found in mom-n-pops,


while still embracing and accentuating its mid-century modern design elements. They completed 11 standard rooms as well as two luxury suites, the Rawhide Suite and the Rockabilly Suite. For the exterior, the Talleys chose a period-appropriate color palette that showed off the unique brickwork. They hired local artist Doug Quarles to create eye-catching retro murals around the building, including a road-tripping Elvis, several vintage advertisement reproductions, and a boomerang pattern for the doors and drive-up. The unsalvageable pool was filled in to create an inviting patio. With attention to detail, clever marketing, and strong word-of-mouth, the Motel Safari rose in stature over the next ten years and became one of the premiere motels on Route 66. When the Talleys decided to retire in 2017, it happened to time precisely with Larry Smith’s decision to leave a corporate job of 17 years in Knoxville, Tennessee, and seek out a business to own and preserve on the Mother Road. A veteran of several Route 66 trips, he had realized on a 2015 excursion that enthusiasts were needed not only to travel the road, but also to own its businesses, particularly those that had found a way to survive to this point. He was especially happy to find this cool little motel in Tucumcari, always one of his favorite stops on 66. He proudly, and somewhat nervously, took ownership in July 2017. Going all in, he was eager to pick up where the Talleys had left off, seeing even more potential for what the Motel Safari


could be. Over his first year and a half, he gave the living quarters a much overdue, full renovation: added a custom brick fire pit to the patio; enlisted Doug Quarles to add more visually striking murals; flipped another standard king room; and updated the exterior lighting. Plans for 2019 include creating a

often requested ‘guest services’ room with vintage soda machine and laundry facilities, replacing the roof, and relighting the camel and lamps above the ‘Motel Safari’ on the sign. This last project is very important, as it will be a great way to celebrate the motel’s 60th anniversary this year. | ISSUE 122: 2019

Larry is a firm believer in the future of Route 66 and Tucumcari. Through his role on the lodgers’ tax advisory board and as a local business owner, he was a major force in bringing Rockin’ Route 66 to town, touting its potential to not only replace but improve upon a very popular music event


that had ended prior to his purchase of the motel in 2017. The Motel Safari is the Main Stage Sponsor of Rockin’ Route 66, proudly supporting the event and the top-caliber musicians that Brian Whitcomb and his team have lined up for the weekend. The Safari is also home to

‘Martini Time on the Deck,’ both Friday and Saturday at 5:00, so come join the fun. Larry – along with his trusty sidekick, Sam the Boxer – is excited to be part of this can’tmiss event, and invites everyone to “come get your kicks on 66!” | ISSUE 122: 2019

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estival season is here and we couldn’t be more excited to be headed out west for the Rockin Route 66 Festival in Tucumcari, New Mexico. It will be held the last weekend in June and is packed full of amazing bands, rods and motorcycle shows, cruise ins, taste of New Mexico and the pinup contest hosted by yours truly! It’s going to be a rockin’ time for sure! This month I just wanted to put out a few pointers for the ladies as they plan to look their best in the middle of summer and try to stay somewhat comfortable. These are just a few things that I have noticed for myself throughout the years and I’m sure there’s going to be more that I pick up on for this trip too! I started thinking when these adorable parasols came in, what else could help? Well, here’s a short checklist that I plan to use and I hope it will help someone else too! > Rockin’ Route 66 Parasol > Sunscreen, I prefer dry so it’s not greasy > Sunhat > Waterproof eyeliner and mascara > Drink plenty of water > Pace your alcohol if you drink > Comfortable shoes, I usually wear flats until it’s time for pictures. You don’t want blisters on your first day! > Band-aids > Spanx shorts if you need them for thigh rub, it’s awful if you get it! > Extra bobby pins for hair and safety pins for wardrobe malfunction > Needle and thread > Steamer for dresses if you’re traveling > Props for the contest if you are entering > Car show etiquette, ask if you can touch! > Most important, a great smile and have fun! * Remember, many of these listed items may be purchased at Lowe’s in town directly on Route 66, just a minute away from the festival. Lowe’s is a proud supporting sponsor of Rockin’ Route 66.

Wardrobe Details: Dress: Top Vintage & Retro Boutique Heels: Lola Ramona Jewelry: Bow and Crossbones Turban: Jazzafine. pieces full of verve Photographer: Brooklyn Brat Images

26 | ISSUE 122: 2019

28 | ISSUE 122: 2019

Photography by Brooklyn Brat Photography



Name: Ms. LaBelle Age: “Let’s just say I’m old enough to know better, but still too young to care.” Hometown: Is it weird to say that I do not have one? Married: Yes and very happy... Favorite Color: Black, but technically that is lack of color Hobbies: modeling, painting, and playing the ukulele Education: Masters degree and pursuing a Doctoral degree Occupation: I am an educator Pets: Sadly, no pets at this moment Favorite Food: It might be easier to tell you want foods i don’t like Where is your Favorite place to eat out? Any hole in the wall restaurant or food truck, they have the best food What type of Music do you like? I listen to everything, really! My playlist has classical, to Mexican, to Rancheras, to Rap. What is your favorite Band? If I had to pick a favorite genre it would be the 80’s. Favorite Song? I can’t. That’s like asking who’s your favorite child. What is your favorite Movie? Though choice, but I can answer this. Children of Men What type of Hang Outs do you go to? Any place where I can find my friends. Usually our house, the movies, or restaurants. What is your Drink of Choice? A really cold Mexicon Coke in a bottle What is a Turn On? Being confident in yourself and not caring about what people think. What is a Turn Off? Being rude and disrespectful Do you change your own oil? No, I am perfectly happy to support the mechanics at my car dealership

30 | ISSUE 122: 2019

“If not me, who? If not now, when?”

34 | ISSUE 122: 2019



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770-529-2736 or 678-458-4745

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Many of our readers and followers often ask, “what are we doing next?” Well, each month we will now give you a little tease and flash of what is coming your way from events, happenings, articles and more. Thank you for all your support and if you have any suggestions, submissions or requests, email us at

Photo by Jimmy Tee Photography

44 | ISSUE 122: 2019

Rockin Rockin Route Route 66 66 Welcome to Rockin’ Route 6 Rockin Route 66 is a festival celebrating the history and nostalgic persona of America's "Mother Road”: Route 66 in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Rockin Route 66 will take place annually during the last weekend of June each year, celebrated throughout the City of Tucumcari. Local establishments up and down historic Route 66 will showcase smaller portions of the festival. The featured concerts, car show, bike show, vendors markette, and other scheduled events will take place at the Route 66 Museum at the City of Tucumcari Convention Center on both Friday and Saturday. Rockin Route 66 was inspired by the rich history while traveling on Route 66. The highlights of the festival create a family environment showcasing hot rods, tradition-

al rods, classics, rat rods, vintage motorcycles, hand-built bikes, and special appearances by many several celebrity builders. We will model fashions of the past with current spins on style at Rockin Route 66's Pin Up contest and Fashion Show. Throughout the day, local venues – and then featured national acts in the evening at the Museum of Route 66 – will feature music acts including Rockabilly, Ska, Swing, Blues, and Americana; all of which were genres that gave Route 66 a very distinct vibe in the ‘50s. From Chicago Blues to the Big Bands of the West Coast, Rockin Route 66 will create a very diverse blend of music and musicians from local to our national favorites. We will include a markette of vintage collectibles, fashion, artists, and unique gifts. We will be featuring a Taste of New Mexico, sourcing local and regional restaurants in the New Mexico area to highlight specific flavors of the region. Included in the festivities will be our sideshow carnie twist and theme to our event, while over time


we’ll add on to the festival with stunt shows, visiting guest artists, celebrities, and more! Rockin Route 66 is about the local community of Tucumcari, New Mexico. Rockin Route 66 is a City of Tucumcari endorsed festival. We have worked hard to provide the city with a long-term plan while celebrating their rich lifestyle of Route 66. The City of Tucumcari was recently named in the top 50 destinations nationwide for anyone to visit in USA Today. "It’s easy to miss the small city of Tucumcari when you’re speeding down Interstate 40 through the New Mexico desert. But put on your blinker, get off the highway and discover why it deserves a reputation as a bucket list destination. Tucumcari’s downtown, along Old Route 66, boasts building-sized murals that depict the city’s history as a ranching town and Route 66 destination. At night, neon lights blaze to life along the famous highway. Stop by Watson’s BBQ ($6 and up) at Tucumcari Ranch Supply to taste local delights from baked goods to beef. Get a selfie with a skeletal Torvosaurus, T-Rex’s cousin, at Mesalands Community College’s Dinosaur Museum, or explore oddities and antiques at Tucumcari Historical Museum for free." We have created life-long friendships in the City of Tucumcari, as well as many other Route 66 locations, including: Amarillo, Texas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Shamrock, Texas, and so many more off the beaten path. We have named this festival the Great American Road Trip, hoping that everyone who travels here shares their stories about the road trip along the way. We have spent hours at abandoned gas stations talking, taking pictures, and walking the fields. We have met countless true Americans in local restaurants and bars across the highway. We have crashed in motels to hotels, from roach to coach, and have had a blast each and every time. Rockin Route 66 is about celebrating. It's a celebration of history. It's a celebration of kulture. It's a celebration of tradition. It's a celebration of life on the road, where one may believe is the "capital" of Route 66. Come and celebrate with us the last weekend of June every year. Come ride the foothills of Mount Tucumcari. Come and get your "Kix on Route 66" every morning at America's Main Street Eatery. Tune in to KQAY-FM 92.7 as you cruise down Route 66 while soaking in the most amazing sunsets. Rockin Route 66 is about the destination, just as much as the road trip. Roll into town where you will see iconic neon light up the night sky. Stop by infamous stops like the Tee-Pee and stay at one of many nostalgic motels like the Road Runner Lodge, originally built in the ‘60s. You can see why so many people have come to fall in love with this great city... From the Producer of Rockin’ Route 66 | ISSUE 122: 2019



Rockin Rockin Route Route 66 66 Festival Schedule THURSDAY - JUNE 27TH

9AM - 2PM Welcome to Tucumcari - Ticket Purchase and Wristband Pick-up at the Rockin' Route 66 Garage on Route 66 across from Motel Safari 4PM - 8PM Kick-Off Party at the Tucumcari Convention Center, Home of Rockin’ Route 66 Festival - the Kick-Off Welcome Party is a free event and open to the general public. 4PM - 10PM Black Collar Vendor Markette opens at the Tucumcari Convention Center 5PM Rockabilly Music by Garage71 radio & live broadcast by radio station KQAY 92.7 6:30PM 8PM 9:30PM 10PM

Jem Crossland, Charlotte, NC Mozzy Dee, Albuquerque, NM The Despots, Albuquerque, NM Felix y Los Gatos, Duke City, NM

12PM - 6PM Tradtional Rod and Kustom & Vintage Motorcycle Show n' Shine at the Route 66 Museum (Get Pre-Registered for Saturday's Show) 1:30PM

St. Range, Santa Fe, NM

3PM - 6PM Happy Hour Hootenanny at the Beer Garden/ Tucumcari Convention Center 3:15PM

Atomic Boogie, Rome, GA


DK and the Affordables, Los Alamos, NM


elcome the "Great American Road Trip" W Travelers at the Tucumcari Convention Center


Martini Time on the Deck at Motel Safari

6:30PM - 7PM Intermission at the Convention Center


8AM - 10AM Breakfast at Kix on Route 66 with Garage71's Rev. Andy

7PM S'Mores by the Fire at the Blue Swallow Motel with Jem Crossland

10AM - 10PM Black Collar Vendor Markette opens at the Tucumcari Convention Center

7PM Tucumcari Tonite! at the Tucumcari Convention Center, doors reopen for Rockin' Route 66 Featured Headliners on the Motel Safari Main Stage

10AM - 10PM Ticket Purchase and Wristband Pick-up at the Tucumcari Convention Center and visit Route 66 Museum


Phil Rocker, Columbia South American


The 'Outlaw Legend' Willie Heath Neal, Atlanta, GA


Danny B Harvey & Annie Marie Lewis, Austin, TX

12PM - 2PM Psychobilly Freakout's Radio Lunch Hour at Rockin' Roue 66 Festival at the Tucumcari Convention with Rev. Andy of Garage71 radio on the Patio 12PM - 2PM Lunch Wagon at the "Infamous" Watson's BBQ and Tucumcari Ranch Supply with live entertainment by The Waymores, Atlanta, GA 12PM - 2PM Retro Lunch Hour at Cornerstone First Edition with Jem Crossland, Charlotte, NC


11PM The V8 Lounge After Party with Garage71 and Grease Inc. at the VFW 11PM

Hillbilly Homicide, Oklahoma City, OK


Hellfire Revival, Nashville, TN | ISSUE 122: 2019


8AM - 10AM Breakfast at Kix on Route 66 with Garage71's Rev. Andy 10AM - 10PM Black Collar Vendor Markette opens at the Tucumcari Convention Center 10AM - 10PM Ticket Purchase and Wristband Pick-up at the Tucumcari Convention Center and visit Route 66 Museum 10AM-5PM Tradtional Rod and Kustom & Vintage Motorcycle Show at the Route 66 Museum 12PM - 2PM Lunch Wagon at the "Infamous" Watson's BBQ and Tucumcari Ranch Supply with live entertainment by - Jem Crossland, Charlotte, NC 12PM - 2PM Music on the Patio at the Convention Center with KQAY 92.7 12PM Silverscreen & Gasoline Cruise-In to the historic Odeon Movie Theater for special viewing of American Graffiti • Cruise-In with cars lining up the streets in front of the movie theater • Food Truck outside of theater from 12PM-2PM • 2PM special viewing of American Graffiti 1PM Mommy and Me Contest presented by the Roadrunner Lodge at the Tucumcari Convention Center with Ms. Buttercream Bettie on the Motel Safari Main Stage 2PM Ms. Rockin Route 66 Pin-Up Contest presented by the Roadrunner Lodge at the Tucumcari Convention Center with Ms. Buttercream Bettie on the Motel Safari Main Stage 3PM - 6PM Happy Hour Hootenanny at the Beer Garden/ Tucumcari Convention Center


Arrowhead, Del Rio, TX


Mozzy Dee, Albuquerque, NM


Martini Time on the Deck at Motel Safari

5:15PM Car and Bike Show Awards 5:30PM

Jem Crossland, Charlotte, NC

6:30PM - 7PM Intermission at the Convention Center 7PM Tucumcari Tonite! at the Tucumcari Convention Center, doors reopen for Rockin' Route 66 Featured Headliners on the Motel Safari Main Stage 7:30PM

Slim and the Gems, Griffin, GA


Kitty Rose and the Rattlers, Atlanta, GA


Rhythm Shakers, Los Angeles, CA

11PM The V8 Lounge After Party with Garage71 and Grease Inc. at the VFW 11PM

The Despots, Albuquerque, NM


Atomic Boogie, Rome, GA


Breakfast at Kix on Route 66

1PM - 5PM The Original Freaky Tiki Pool Party and Cookout at the Elks Lodge • Thank you party for Sponsors, Vendors, Entertainment, and the City of Tucumcari • Music provided by Garage71 - featuring some of the best Surf, Tiki Ultra Lounge, Rockabilly, and Americana • Wear your best Pool attire and bring the floaties

* Schedule is subject to change without notice at anytime, this includes additions to the schedule, time changes, or any other schedule delay due for reasons out of control of Rockin' Route 66 ** Follow us on Instagram for up to the minute updates, scheduled time releases, and Rockin' Route 66 special announcements at:



Rockin Rockin Route Route 66 66 Jem Crossland and the Hypertonics

Mozzy Dee

Bringing a rockabilly style out of North Carolina for the past twenty years with his band the Hypertonics. Singing many of his own compositions along side interpretations of classics to get everyone dancing or at least toe tapping. Performing in a traditional style that echoes the greats of the past. Feeling old as a performer for the past forty years of entertaining folks world wide,in Europe and America, yet never feeling the music has passed it’s sell by date. This music transcends time and is timeless sounding as fresh as it did back when.

Mozzy Dee is a female-led rockabilly and rhythm & blues band out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, influenced by the 1960s era of rock and roll. Influences of the band include Laveryn Baker, Joyce Green, Jo Ann Campbell, Anita Baker, and more! Their music captivates the groove and soul of the 1960s, really making crowds dance and shake till they drop!

The Despots The roots rock wild men of the southwest. The Despots sound is a result of their broad palette of influences including jazz, blues, rock and roll, country, rockabilly, psychobilly, surf, punk, metal, and often employs dark, or satirical lyrical themes. Pounding beats, solid rhythms, and searing guitar leads, surround the vocals of manic front man Eddie Brewer. From the dark jazz tainted “Howl” to twisted outlaw country of “Angels”, The Despots never fail to entertain and audience. The Despots appeared multiple times at The Rockabilly on the Route Festival in Tucumcari, New Mexico, Rockabillique in Charlston, South Carolina and have shared the stage with international touring acts Nekromantix, Koffin Kats, Reno Divorce, The Krank Daddies and the Living Deads. The Despots dominated the 2018, Weekly Alibi, Readers Choice, Best of ‘Burque Music Showcase Awards. Winning: Best Band of 2017 – Best Rock Band – Best Punk Band – Best Performance of 2017 – Best Stage Presence/Live Act – Best Musician: Eddie Brewer – Best Guitarist: Danny Pohl Felix y Los Gatos Felix Y Los Gatos is one of the best party bands in New Mexico. Nationally Touring. Americana, Blues, Cumbia, 30sJazz, Ranchera, Swing, Tex Mex and Zydeco!


St. Range St. Range is the culmination of many lives who have influenced what would become one of The Southwest’s most creative and hard-working acts. They have come to represent a tangible rediscovery of 60’s psurfedelic and classic rock. This group of “desert rock outlaws” takes everything you loved about The Greats, and folds it into their own refreshing new brand of Rock N Roll. Justin Lindsey’s honest songwriting accented by the powerful and soulful sound that Mitchell Lacasagne, Andy Diekmann and Braden Anderson provide create a familiar, yet exciting new experience. St.Rrange has shared stages with Meat Puppets, The Wallflowers, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Dr. Dog, Deer Tick, The Features, The Melodians, Ozomatli, Los Lonely Boys, Calexico, James McMurtry, John Kurzweg, Larry Mitchell, The Ton Tons, The Handsome Family, Junior Brown, Hundred Year Flood, Boris Mcutchon & The Saltlicks, Tree Motel and many more talented musicians from around the world. Atomic Boogie Take a vintage Sun Rockabilly 45 RPM record and a classic Chess Blues 45 RPM record; apply enough musical heat to fuse them together into a toe tapping, body gyrating boogie explosion; and then you’ve got a band like Atomic Boogie! Taking their name from an eclectic 1950s radio show called The Atomic Boogie Hour, this rockin’ three piece band has been tearing up the Georgia club circuit for the past six years. | ISSUE 122: 2019

DK and the Affordables

Hellfire Revival

Hailing from Los Alamos, NM, DK & The Affordables kick out a jiving, jumping variety of roots music that is intended to get you moving and inspire good will amongst the sexes. Gyrating, swinging bodies topped by smiling faces have accompanied many an Affordables show. Couple all of that with twangy guitar, a ripping rhythm section, greasy hair, and some pointy boots and you’ve got yourself a hootenanny of a good time!“One thing is for sure, the band gets you on your feet whether you brought your dancing shoes or not. Drummer, upright bass player, guitarist, former hair band member turned hillbilly greaser. An eclectic blend would be the best way to describe D.K.’s musical history. Crossing paths with many musicians and fans of music over the years has provided him with a rather varied repertoire. Limited time in music school during his college years did little to provide him with the background that he was seeking. The biggest musical direction and influence truly came from Jim Bowie, a Buddhist banjo master originally from Oklahoma. Impromptu musical gatherings in a collection of antiquated mobile homes in the hills of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains were in some form classroom sessions for the master and student. D.K has played with many artists and groups over the years but this is his first opportunity to front a band which has been a goal of his since coming to the realization that the front man hauls less gear.

Hellfire Revival is a unique blend of good ol’ Rock, Psychobilly, Punk, and some Metal thrown in for good measure. With a pulse thriving live show and songs that’ll make you thrash about until your senses erupt, Hellfire is a group on the rise in the south. Nashville’s Original Psychobilly band, Hellfire Revival. Headed by Chris Saint Clark on Guitar/Vox, Jason LaIacona on Drums and Gary Burney on Stand Up Bass. Originally formed in 2008 as a three piece Hellfire has lost and gained member throughout the years until the current line up. Playing hyper charged Psycho Rock n Roll, Hellfire delivers an amazing live performance with anthematic songs guaranteed to make you sing along.

Hellbilly Homicide Not your Grandma’s Rockabilly! 100% High Octane Rockabilly Music ! Johnny SinGuitar n’ Sangin’ Hellbilly RandalDoghouse Bass Vic Smytie- Skins


The Waymores The Waymores is a romantic honky tonk love story of two musicians sharing their love of music and each other. The ‘imfamous’ honky tonk legend, Willie Heath Neal and Kira Annalise get together to share some fun stories of the road together as they kick back and share some originals to covers at the Angel City Saloon. Winners of Ink-n-Oil’s choice for Honky Tonk bands in Grease Inc., this duo kicks everything off Wednesday night. Arrowhead Arrowhead is Southwest Texas newest Classic Country, Rockabilly, Southern Rock and Blues act bringing our high energy to Rockin Route 66! Arrowhead is a four piece Classic Country, Cowpunk and Rockabilly act from Del Rio, Texas we bring a high energy show and guarantee a great time every time you come to one of our shows. Our Bakersfield influenced music with a taste of Texas Blues and Roots Rockabilly is sure to please!


Rockin Rockin Route Route 66 66 PHIL ROCKER


Phil Rocker (Felipe Ossa) is a musician from the city of Medellin. Colombia where he was born and still lives and performs. Phil first began playing the guitar 17 years ago. His musical style includes influences from American Rock-N-Roll mixed with his academic study of music at Colombia’s lnstituto de Bellas Artes (Institute of the Beautiful Arts) where he studied for four years. Other influences are from the more traditional musical heritage heard on the streets of Medellin. Colombia ranging from Tangos. Boleros. Tropical Music. Salsa. Pasillos and more. Phil admires and emulates a wide variety musical artists from classics and contemporary to 195O’s Rock-N-Roll. Jump Blues. Rockabilly. Hillbilly and more. Artists he regularly listens to and looks up to include Carlos Santana. Nick Curran. Mike Ness of Social Distortion, Ronnie Dawson and many more. Phil has single handedly grown the rockabilly genre in Colombia while also representing Colombian Rockabilly on tour internationally. including several large festivals such as Rock Calavera in Mexico and Rockabilly on the Route in the United States. Phil’s work has been reviewed by local Colombian media as well as all over Latin America and the United States (including a profile by MTV Iggy). Phil’s debut solo album VIVA-BOP!!! is the first step in the search for a unique sound that identifies Phil as a Latino Rock·N·Roller with a unique and important perspective. The Rockabilly Hall of Fame in Nashville. Tennessee announced that Phil Rocker of Medellin. Colombia will be honored with a place on their wall. The Rockabilly Hall of Fame has honored such Rock & Roll pioneers as Elvis presley.jhony cash.jerry lee lewis. Carl perkins and recognizes the work of Phil Rocker as a member of the second generation carrying the fire of Rockabilly to Latin America. Phil Rocker is the first non U.S. Latino on their wall.

Danny B Harvey is best known as the Guitarist for the super group HeadCat, a band he formed with Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead, and Slim Jim Phantom from The Stray Cats, Danny B was also a founding member of the The Original Neo-Rockabily band The Rockats and his dynamic “Whitestripes of Country” duo THE LONESOME SPURS. Danny has also produced, recorded and performed with Wanda Jackson, Nancy Sinatra, Johnny Ramone, The Rockats, Levi Dexter and The 69 Cats. Annie Marie Lewis is the niece of Jerry Lee Lewis, Daughter of Linda Gail Lewis and cousin of Mickey Gilley. Annie Marie Lewis has the genealogy, the roots, and is a direct blood connection to the first family of Rock’n’Roll. Annie Marie has been opening shows for Jerry Lee with her mama since she was a teenager as well as singing backups with her uncle Jerry and touring the world with mama Linda Gail and Van Morrison. Now she has hooked up with the Texas Rockabilly Vampire Danny B. Harvey and has been touring and recording with him even since. Pure Rock’n’Roll Royalty! Danny ‘n’ Annie have been touring the USA and Europe as a duo extensively since hooking up in 2014 and releasing their first critically acclaimed CD “Barbwire Heart” on Lanark records in 2015. As a musical husband & wife team couple Danny ‘n’ Annie have been called the rock’n’Roll version of Johnny Cash & June Carter and fans love seeing them onstage together and follow their career with great interest. Shortly after playing the “Winter Dance Party” in 2017 Danny ‘n’ Annie released a second CD, “Reckless, Wild & Crazy”, which features a duet with the late great Lemmy Kilmister on the Elvis Sun Records Classic “Trying To Get To You”. This CD has received great press and rave reviews from the mainstream Americana & Roots music print and online press as well as mainstream rock and press because of Lemmy’s involvement. They just released a CD, recorded live in Crappone France, called “A Family Affair – Live in Concert”, with Annie Marie’s mama, Linda Gail Lewis. So, we will let the “cat out of the bag”, Danny B. Harvey will be returning next year to Rockin’ Route 66, 2020 with his headlining project Headcat 13!!!

SLIM AND THE GEMS Known in the east as a high energy Rockabilly, Americana, and good ol Rock and Roll band, Slim and the Gems head west to Rockin Route 66. Featuring Monroe Slim on Vocals and guitar, Slim is an accomplished musician with 35 plus years experience, most of it being on bass. It’s only recently after a struggle trying to find the right person that he moved over to play guitar. Zen Ford, on Drums and vocals, and Rocking Rob Russo on the upright bass. With over 40 years experience they bring their own brand of non traditional Rockabilly originals as well as a wide variety of covers. Check out their new album release, just in time for Rockin’ Route 66, “Feeling Cocky” available at the festival.

52 | ISSUE 122: 2019

WILLIE HEATH NEAL In the era when the “Outlaws” – Wille Nelson, Billy Joe Shaver, Waylon Jennings etc. – ruled the radio, another little outlaw was born in the back of a cop car somewhere in Gwinnett County Georgia. It took him many years and many roads (including stays in foster homes, a stint in the Navy and a run with a punk band) but eventually Willie Heath Neal returned to his roots and began bashing out the kind of outlaw country that used to be so famous but now is in short supply. Back then, “Outlaw” was more than a marketing ploy, it was a way of life. The myths mixed with the music. Neal remembers that time, and he delivers his trashed up take on honky tonk with that same sense of honesty on his latest Chicken Ranch release Out of Highway.

KITTY ROSE AND THE RATTLERS “Rockabilly” Kitty Rose has been performing across the United States since her first release “Greatest Hits!” in 2005. Beginning as a West Coast high-energy country western artist, her band garnered rave reviews for its live shows appearing at South by Southwest, North by Northwest, Midwest Music Festival, Nashville’s Americana Fest and many notable venues. By 2007, she released her “Live at the Ryman” album, which received solid national airplay on country music stations and college indie stations alike. She openedfor Kris Kristofferson, Aaron Tippen, Southern Culture on the Skids, Hootie & The Blowfish & Cake, to name a few. Relocating to Atlanta in 2013, she turned her sights on her secret passion, rockabilly. After assembling a top line up of Atlanta musicians, including David Olsen on lead guitar, Matt “The Crawfish” Smith on tenor sax, and YV Boyd on drums, Kitty recorded the vinyl single “Bourbon Bound” along with the video by Thrillmedia which propelled the band to regional standing in the rockabilly scene. The full-length follow up “Gotta Wind Down” was released in early 2016 on Crackerjill Music. Invitations to perform at rockabilly festivals poured in from New York City to Tucumcari, Charleston to Myrtle Beach, for the newly-renamed “Kitty Rose & The Rattlers”. Kitty Rose & The Rattlers have just finished recording the 2nd vinyl release for Crackerjill Music “Up Side Down”, featuring the title track as well as “Junkin’ Jimmy’s Car” for release in early 2018. Make sure to pick up their brand new release, “Kitty Rose and the Rattlers”, just released... You can read all about the new album on-line at


THE RHYTHM SHAKERS The Rhythm Shakers are a band of today and of the future; not a band living in the past. This record is a meeting of late 1950’s rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Early 1960’s blues and a mix of guitar driven Rock and Roll!! As red hair is flailing and double bass pounding, Marlene Perez of the Rhythm Shakers closes out another show in Los Angeles. Ripping wails and howling vocals are rocketed from her torso more reminiscent of Tina Turner and Amy Winehouse than the echo dripped hiccups of the 1950’s rock and roll genre the band exists within. The Rhythm Shakers are a late 50’s rock and roll band except for one major difference; they are very comfortable with living in 2016. They have travelled the world fueled by supremely creative vocal lines with masterful backing tracks. Bassist Victor Mendez and Drummer Brook Emelio weave a spider web of rhythm both straight forward and head bobbing yet technical and algorithmic. Kevin O’Leary the guitar player and also front man of The Reckless Ones, embodies the genre while firing creative and precise guitar lines in the middle of the rhythm and vocals. The band has traveled the world on this eclectic style of rock and roll playing such festivals as Sjock Festival (Belgium), High Rockabilly (Spain), The Rockabilly Rave (U.K.) and Viva Las Vegas (To name a couple). They’ve also worked with billboard pop artists such as Sam Sparro while at the same time writing and releasing genre defining albums such as “Flipsville”, “Voodoo” and their latest “Panic”. The Rhythm Shakers at their core have the look and sound of a late 50’s / early 60’s rock and roll band while at the same time keeping their eyes widely up aimed at the most interesting sounds of 60’s soul, blues and modern music. They’re highly sought after on festivals around the world because they aren’t afraid of making music that seeks to travel to new heights while still respecting the past. One must witness live the high temperature magic that exudes from L.A. clubs and European venues all the same to truly understand that The Rhythm Shakers are at the top of their game.


Rockin Rockin Route Route 66 66 Tribute to Robert Lumpkin


ucumcari's Rockabilly Mayor was better known as Mayor Lumpkin or Robert Lumpkin. We met several years back while we were "hired guns" for another great festival, Rockabilly on the Route. Over the course of years, Robert and I shared many stories surrounding music, what my crew does for shows, and a lot about Tucumcari. We enjoyed year after year coming to town and always getting caught up with everything going on in each other's lives, and over a few glasses of whiskey, I might add. We laughed and joked about so many good things, and also talked openly about challenges. Robert was always intrigued by our connection to music and people. We shared so many tales of the road that I am sure we would bore most folks listening in, if not put them to sleep.

After the retirement of a festival, Robert came to me and asked if we would like to continue to support Tucumcari and create a new festival here in town that would fill a void. Of course, by that time, I had a true fondness over Robert's passion. He always placed Tucumcari at the top of the list when it came to items of importance. We discussed several matters, and by all means we were in. This is our passion and Robert knew it. We came up with Rockin' Route 66, a celebration of Route 66. Now, neither of us knew all the obstacles and "roadblocks" we were about to face, but again, there was not one day or one discussion that Robert ever gave up. He believed in Tucumcari. He believed in Rockin' Route 66. My crew worked hard on developing long-term goals, answering hard questions, providing professional insight, creating a brand that both represents a festival as well as Tucumcari. Robert stood by our side the entire way. We spent over a year "fighting" for the city Robert believed in so much to create a dream in the heart of Route 66. We finally got word, and Robert shared that we received the blessing and

54 | ISSUE 122: 2019

support to create Rockin' Route 66. This was great! After a year of traveling to and from Tucumcari, we used basically any excuse to come back to town, spend time with Robert, and continue to enjoy everything the city had to offer, not to mention the pure enjoyment of the road trip from the east to the west... Shortly after, things changed, and changed quickly. I called one day without an answer or callback, which was never the case over the years. I knew Robert was always busy. He was always involved and "fighting" for something or someone. Well, a

short period went by and I got a call from Robert. He explained to me that he was sick. We took our time on that call together, and I knew we were saying our goodbyes. He shared so many positive words, even then. I always knew Robert was a teacher, and you could see why he has left such a positive influence on so many. He genuinely cared. We agreed to touch base weekly from that point on, and I think it was just to keep his spirits alive. You see, Robert was part of our inspiration, and I think the role changed at that point so we could be his inspiration. Soon after, during one of our calling / texting sessions, I received a text back from Robert's daughter, Bobbi. She explained to me that Robert's health has declined but he is comfortable. Her words were just as comforting as if it were Robert talking to me that day. Now, many do not know our daily routine, and that is understood. Well, during a major road trip and festival, through social media we received the news of Robert's passing. Since that sad day, I have turned to my crew and said this first year of Rockin' Route 66 will be dedicated to Mayor Lump-


kin. His selfless acts, including working with us to provide facts over passion, to create a dream that carries the voice of Tucumcari worldwide, to create a family festival in the heart of Route66, this was a shared goal and dream that goes out to the "Rockabilly Mayor" of Tucumcari. Robert, you have seen the world in good times and in bad. You fought for our country as a Marine. You have always come home to support your fellow neighbors, even at times when you fully didn't agree with them. You spent countless decades raising a family, and for that matter, raising many other children through your teaching and influence. You dedicated a large portion of your life to publicly serving your community, which is often a thankless position. You stood by our side and supported us in the creation of Rockin' Route 66, which we hope will be a part of Tucumcari for decades to come. You not only shared in our dream but helped so many others achieve their dreams. Robert, this year's Rockin' Route 66 is dedicated to you. Rest in Peace, good friend. May we "rock this town" so you can enjoy the music in heaven above! Some may have referred to you as a "politician" in life, but not us. We will always reference you as the "Rockabilly Mayor" and a friend... "Hoorah" Your Friend in life, Brian


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(575) (575)461-3326 461-3326

711 711EERte Rte66 66Blvd, Blvd,Tucumcari, Tucumcari,NM NM88401 88401

3716 E. Tucumcari Blvd, Rte 66, Tucumcari, NM

Tee Pee Curios 924 Rte 66,Tucumcari (575) 461-3773


SPONSORS OF THE 2019 ROCKIN’ ROUTE 66 PIN-UP CONTEST JUNE 27-29, TUCUMCARI, NM A night’s stay at the Roadrunner Lodge is a step back to the 1960s. This refurbished Route 66 motel is a classic piece of Americana, built in 1964. Call ahead or reserve a room online for an experience you won’t forget.

1023 East Route 66 Boulevard Tucumcari New Mexico 88401 (575) 282-RT66 (575-282-7866)

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