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ver the years, trends have continuously changed. Whether because of age, advancements, abilities, talent, or new styles, there is great opportunity when things progress. This thought applies to almost all applications.

Through ten years of progress of Garage71 radio and Grease Inc. magazine, we have seen market changes, an aging kulture, the social media explosion, as well as the descending curve of social media. We have seen the fat tire come and go. We see that old is the new "new.� The Big Wheel Bagger seems to be barely holding on these days, but only in some markets. Then, the LS conversion is the dream of many hot rod owners today who believe it's the best choice when building your hot rod. The fact is, we could discuss for hours the current trend changes, as well as argue with many over living in the "past" and what is reality. We have taken the time, while many are unaware, to go back to college and continue to improve our skills as well as knowledge. We see this growth mindset as a key to success. You can never learn enough. There is no wrong question, although there are many wrong answers, especially in the day of the opinionated social media influence. Over the last several years, we have worked on improvements with outreach and developing our on-line voice with Garage71 radio. Since the launch of Garage71, the argument was internet radio will never go anywhere. At that point, we laughed knowing that the day and age is coming, and it has. While AM/FM is still available, all stations, including those on the dial, are on internet radio. It is a mechanism to get your message heard. It is actually one of the most subtle changes within media outsourcing today. However, less than 15% of "radio" is listened to on traditional devices; other sources are more widely used, including radio applications, music services, self-created playlists, podcasting, and of course, radio. Today, you can flip on your television and tune to Garage71 radio if you have a SMART TV or the Alexa Fire Stick. With an easy request -- "Alexa, play Garage71 on the TuneIn app" -- in an instant you can listen to the "American Radio Revolution, Garage71", on any Alexa device. In addition, we have maintained a free listening base, as we have always been a firm believer that accessibility is key to long-term success and growth. We have grown our audience to a consistent nationwide listeners base, with a very large base in the Southeast. With the Garage71 base, we have been able to maintain distant relationships with larger brands, as well as our audience in markets such as the Midwest, West Coast, and international


markets including Australia and the UK. It has been the foundation of our platform since the launch over ten years ago with Rev. Andy and Psychobilly Freakout. Behind the scenes, we have continued to research, listen to influence in the market and kulture, observe people's habits, grow our intellectual knowledge, and then apply what we have learned to practical practices in the field with success. We have been working on the new revised version of the Grease Inc. website, separating our brands on stand-alone pages providing specific stories and updates to more specified markets, while also continuing cross-branding at all times. Grease Inc. has become a nationwide resource for the Kustom Kulture Lifestyle. As our content has grown over the years, we are looking at better ways to share that content and deliver stories people want to hear. From lifestyle articles, to news alerts, to updates on festivals and events, Grease Inc. has covered Kustom Kulture events coast to coast. Now, we are excited to share with you the new unveiling of the Grease Inc. website at the long-time address at The launch of the new website provides you with headings like: Entertainment, Featured Rides, Rag Doll Features, News Alerts, and People & Places. We have created links that, with a click of a mouse, one can read current or past issues of Grease Inc. in whole with several updated features, including links for many of our premium advertisers and endorsements. There is, of course, a link to the voice of our brands, Garage71 radio, with a pop-up screen that is completely under your listening control. We have added links to our YouTube channel where you will be able to see more of our live appearances, and new Dashboard Confessionals, planned for 2019. The new site was created following current updates and trends in the market. The site is linked to all of our social media platforms with our efforts to balance what is found in print and on-line. We will be sharing various ways to search the web or social media applications to provide a consistent resource when it comes to the Kustom Kulture. In addition, we are adapting our street marketing abilities and expanding on the content of Grease Inc. in print. Beginning in January 2019, Grease Inc. will be available on a bi-monthly basis. The decision comes after years of chasing deadlines and pounding clients for material to meet these stressful print schedules. That is not what | ISSUE 120: 2019


LETTER we are about. Over the years it has been clear that we do not follow a local pattern, but we do follow the nationwide influence in our market. We have always been inspired by the materials we have grown up reading and being fans of ourselves. With content being key, we feel as though it is best to maintain our high level of quality. With a longer base time, we believe we can prepare the highest-quality material, including more features and stories you have already been reading for a decade. This also evolves our online marketing strategy, providing our sponsors and advertisers a better use of our marketing capabilities. We will be supplementing all of our endorsements with additional on-line support, as well as planned announcements providing the best delivery in today's current market and trends. Our decision is based on an evolving market. We have heard over and over that print is dead, when in reality it is the complete opposite. Yes, when devices like the Kindle and iPads took the market, there was a very large surge and increase in on-line reading. Over the past ten years, data has been collected and analyzed showing that trend has balanced out. The reality of the current market is almost a near 50/50 split when it comes to receiving information from on-line vs. print. Long-time print icons like Popular Science disappeared from retail shelves, only finding themselves to reappear years later due to the fact that people still retain materials that are of interest, and want them at an arm’s reach. Think about it. Where are those special issues that everyone collects? Where are they on-line? They are lost in an ever-changing "web" of tangled chaos that is not always as easy to navigate as we sometimes want to believe. Also, it is amazing how so many businesses do not use the web or social media properly. We hear the same discussions everywhere. Here is a clear example. There is a pretty kool bar/restaurant about 2 miles from our house. The place is actually really good. We went there at their opening, but really have not had the time to return just because of scheduling. I met someone there a few months back and saw they had live entertainment (a decent line-up too) and were having a car show. Now, I know what takes place in my home town when it comes to shows, and this, less than two miles away, wasn't even on the radar. When discussing with the GM and bartender about all that is going on at this good little spot, they say that all of their marketing is done on-line. Great! But, obviously it is not working. They are most likely using a blanket company who has absolutely no connection to the Kustom Kulture or, worst yet, a very underpaid low level admin doing simple posts which receive no participation from viewers online. It is one of the biggest misuses of social media we see client to client. It is far from easy and far from simple posting. As a matter of fact, it is far from even routinely placing boosted posts as well. That is the fastest way to throw money to the wind, and in the long run is more costly.


So, what is the magic? Well, that is where we will work with you and show you as we head into a new decade at Grease Inc. As we rapidly speed towards 2020, we have created a dynamic approach providing all the key elements that both our endorsements seek, as well as what our readers and listeners want. We are excited about our current updates and know you will be as well! We have always prided ourselves on quality and consistency, and here you will clearly see more of our efforts in providing that for you. 2019 will be an extremely busy year. From festivals in the Midwest to chopper shows in the Southeast, Grease Inc. and Garage71 will be reaching new levels of performance and demands. Here, on our homepage and web-site, you can expect to see more from People & Places updates from weekly shows and events, interviews and articles on entertainment and artists, and coverage you can count on when it comes to Kustom Kulture. We are excited about the new year ahead, and we will see you soon at a show near you. Until then, you can always follow us and keep in contact through our social media on Facebook: and Instagram:


Monthly Readers

After years of collecting some great pics and stories from our readers, Grease Inc. will be sharing some of your stories in Reader Submissions. For considerations, send your story and pictures to with the Subject: Submissions. *all pictures become property of Hot Pan Productions, Inc. upon receiving for any and all use for publications, promotions, and events.

Maaaaan!!!! Grease Inc., we are having a Blast on the red mini bike! My son Jack has been riding it, and soon it will be street legal in N.C. Hope to see you again real soon in the Carolinas!" Scott Harte

"Thanks for the beers!" Don Connolly

8 | ISSUE 120: 2019

10 | ISSUE 120: 2019

Kru Photography by Brooklyn Brat Photography



Kru McKenzie 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Miss Kru Mackenzie Born January. 13th 1993 Kankakee, IL Single as hell Favorite color is YELLOW Hobbies include drawing and painting. Pinup modeling and burlesque dancing for fun! 7. School of life 8. Tattooer of two years! 9. 1 playful pitbull named Moose 10. Favorite food is anything VEGAN 11. I love to cook so I don’t really eat out that much 12. I am obsessed with music so I listen to everything however I my all time favorite is anything in the Motown era. I enjoy folk music a lot as well. 13. Favorite band is the Smiths for sure 14. Baltimore - Nina Simone 15. The original Fright Night (1985) 16. I love to hang out at the tattoo shop the most and be around any artistic culture (Museums, etc) 17. I’m a brown girl. I love whiskey and bourbon. 18. Major turn on is intellect and humor. I also have a big thing for individuals older than me ;) 19. Turn off is stupidity, small mindedness and poor taste in music 20. I have to the understanding but I pay for the convenience

“Well- Behaved women seldom make history” – Marilyn Monroe

12 | ISSUE 120: 2019

We are always looking for submissions. Simply email us with sample pics and a brief story. If it what we are looking for, we will connect with you on further details. We love to hear from our readers. Send your pics and story to, subject: Submission. *all pictures become property of Hot Pan Productions, Inc. upon receiving for any and all use for publications, promotions, and events.

14 | ISSUE 120: 2019

Exclusive interview by “Big Boy” of Garage71 Radio and Grease Inc.


ecently, we enjoyed sitting down after a great season with one of the founders of Atomic Boogie, guitarist and vocalist, John Barton.

Tell us a little on how Atomic Boogie was formed What's the inspiration of Atomic Boogie? John Barton of Atomic Boogie: Atomic Boogie was formed when Chad and I decided to just play in a band doing the music we like Rockabilly and Blues, after a 2 year run with drummer Pete Bennie we hooked up with Steve and he's been with us 14 of the 16 yrs we been a band. Our inspiration was to play the music like the old guys would have if they had come along 50 years later! We took the name Atomic Boogie from and old 1950's radio show from Memphis the Atomic Boogie Hour.

What role does Atomic Boogie lend to the Atlanta music scene? John Barton: I think Atomic Boogie are kind of rebels on the Atlanta Music scene, that's why we call ourselves Rockabilly Outlaws. We play a very Southern Style of roots music and we really don't have the Trendy Rockabilly look like most bands do but we are authentic as hell. What is your current favorite song of Atomic Boogie? Why? John Barton: My Favorite AB song is probably” I’ll Be Leaving Memphis”. I like it because it’s my answer to a Stray Cats song called “ I can’t go back to Memphis anymore”! I’m a huge Setzer fan. I’ve played Gretsch guitars for 35 years because I read he played one back in 1983! What has been so far your most memorable moment with Atomic Boogie? John Barton: The most memorable thing I think Atomic Boogie has done at least in the last few years was to play The Nashville Boogie this year it kind of made us feel like we were in the Rockabilly group so to speak. We are proud to be different but we definitely want to be in the current Rockabilly scene, we are fans of a lot of bands in that scene!



Where do you believe the creativity comes from within Atomic Boogie? John Barton: The creativity comes from mine and Chad's deranged sense of humor as far as songs go! Musicially we are inspired by a lot of the bands we share the stages with. Who have been your influences over the year? John Barton: Atomic Boogies biggest influences as a band are The Paladins, The Stray Cats, Rev Horton Heat, The Cramps, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash. Where is Atomic Boogie heading next? John Barton: We going to start working on a new CD called Rockabilly Outlaws in January and we are looking forward to the big show in Tucumcari, New Mexico at the the Rockin' Route 66 Festival the last weekend of June, 2019. I think our biggest goal as a band is to make it to the 20 year mark then see if we're still able to keep on going!



each for the stars this New Year! I have thought a lot about things I need to work on personally and financially, and hope to reach those goals of mine that I have set! Do you make goals or resolutions for New Year’s? One thing we can all get on board with is shining a little more, through your actions and even through your wardrobe! Yes, believe me and go that extra step each day to make yourself feel good! You may put a little extra makeup on or do your hair, but feeling better about yourself will make you a better person to others! I have to tell myself that more this year. Successful people get up, get ready, and get it done!

One designer that truly shines is Gatsbylady London! If you are looking for anything from a flapper dress to a maxi style and even casual day wear, you can find it here. These dresses are so gorgeous! I am wearing the Vegas Fringe Flapper Dress in Gold. It’s a dream come true adorned with thousands of glass beads and pearl sequins. It includes a matching slip, as well. You’ll love shimmying with the bead fringe along the bottom! Gatsbylady London dresses are available in a wide range of sizes 0-26. They are made with the highest quality and hand embellished designs. Designer Rojda Hoda has really brought her lifelong passion of designing to life with this gorgeous brand! Gatsbylady London was founded in 2010. I loved wearing this style and accessorizing with a matching headband. This one is the Eliza Flapper Headband in Gold. There is a great selection of headbands, turbans and shawls to add to your look. You can even find coordinating bags and heels at Gatsbylady! I have never tried the casual day wear line, but I definitely want to! Photos: Brooklyn Brat Images

18 | ISSUE 120: 2019

20 | ISSUE 120: 2019

Photography by Jim Tzivakis Jimmy Tee Photography in Melbourne, Australia Street 500 with 750 top end conversion Custom ground cams Custom titanium inlet and exhaust valves Ported heads Bored throttle body 82.4hp standard is about 35hp Genuine Springer front modified and raked to fit a longer neck on the 500 3 inch stretched swing arm Chain drive Internally wired handlebars Internal front brake line



Brooke Morgan DOB: 13 August Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria, AUS Single or Married: You’ll have to figure that one out yourself Favorite Colour: Fiery Red Hobbies: All things design, building and construction related, plus my family, friends and my pup Education: The same as everyone else’s but being polite and courteous is second nature Occupation: Architectural Building Designer Pets: Axel the Aussie Kelpie Favorite Food: anything breakfast related Where is your Favorite place to eat out? A hidden cafe What type of Music do you like? Almost everything, especially jazz What is your favorite Band? Little Billie Band Favorite Song? Cell Block Tango from Chicago What is your favorite Movie? Currently, Who Framed Rodger Rabbit What type of Hang Outs do you go to? Any car show and super cute cafes What is your Drink of Choice? All dark liquids What is a Turn On? Bulk tattoos What is a Turn Off? Eating noises Do you change your own oil? I might look squeaky clean but I’m all for doing things yourself!

“Good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught yet OR work hard in silence and let your success be the noise.”

22 | ISSUE 120: 2019

Ink-n-Oil awards returns with amazing excitement of new found talent, recognition of artists and locations earning acknowledgement for their efforts and skills. This is where we love to hear from our readers and are heavily influenced by your choices and your voice. Each year, we grow from once a local/regional footprint to now a nationwide influence. This has been exciting to see, and we look forward to sharing with you the 2018 Ink - n - Oil recipients.

26 | ISSUE 120: 2019


The Rusty Barrel is named as Ink-n-Oil's choice for Biker Bar. The is never a day where you roll by the Rusty Barrel without a motorcycle in the front of this local dive bar. The Rusty Barrel is known for supporting the local scene with playing host to many charity rides, bike nights, and a great local hang out where you have the feeling of Cheers when you walk in. Check them out on any Thursday night in season and you'll see just why they are Ink- n Oil's top choice for Biker Bar for 2018.


The Highlander is a rock'n'roll dive with amazing gastro'punk' food since 1992. "Serving booze and food as late as they'll let us and having a damn good time doing it." Located in Midtown Atlanta, the Highlander is close to a host of the city's main attractions. In business since 1992, The Highlander has been a fixture of Atlanta's late night party scene for over nineteen years. Open until 2:30 am most nights of the week, The Highlander features a full bar, great food, a fantastic patio and a full game room with pool tables, air hockey, pinball and video games for anyone's enjoyment. In addition, live music is featured in the Highland's game room about once per month - usually on Saturdays. The Highlander is most deserving of Ink-n-Oil's Local Bar choice as we ran through the stories and history, it was remembered how one Halloween, several Car Bombs later, the owner and publisher of Grease Inc. missed a flight to Denver, Co due to having such a great time at the Highlander. Good times....


In Marietta, a farm-to-retail chain of general stores was founded, lovingly nicknamed “Milk Jugs.” Quite a different concept from the actual restaurant, but their passion at Hoyle's is derived from the same energy and thinking: People deserve access to good food, good friends, and good times. Hoyle’s, the restaurant and bar, is partially a tribute to the Hoyle family, and partially their own notch in the family’s history of milestones. This year's Ink-n-Oil award goes to yet another family owned business. Creating a laid back environment with great food, Hoyle's is the spot whether meeting family of friends. "It started as a sparkle in the eye and a fire in the heart of our grandfather, Hoyle Ivey. He wasn’t one to back down on anything. Whether it was getting into political ballyhoo, or thumbing his nose at the naysayers, Hoyle wasn’t afraid to ruffle feathers."




Hands down, one of the hottest spots in the Southeast is the infamous Clermont Lounge in the basement of the Clermont Motel. ​The Clermont Lounge is Atlanta’s oldest strip club. Although the basement space began life in 1955 as an upscale supper club, it was reborn as the Clermont Lounge in 1965 and has become an Atlanta landmark. Located in the basement of the Clermont Motor Hotel on Ponce De Leon, the Clermont Lounge offers great entertainment, generous drinks and much, much more. A place where NO cameras are allowed, this allows for people to be a little more comfortable in this dive joint to be free of outside influence so you can be yourself!


One of the most fun categories we list in the Ink-n-Oil awards, the Man Cave is to us a prestigious recognition among friends. This year’s award is presented to Justin Roberts, a long time supporter of Grease Inc. and the local Kustom Kulture. This past year, Justin has built up his garage to include a car lift for the daily rides leaving enough space for the Eighty Eight Buick, motorcycles, and a few toys for the rest of the family. Not only is it a fun workspace to tool on his rides, there is a bunker in the back, packed full of some great guitars and music gear for entertainment. Lastly, we can not leave out that Justin is a veteran and has quite the armory to protect against the next zombie apocalypse.


The Micro Brewery is crushing the market when it comes to beer. The “mega” brands continue to struggle against the every growing interest for something new and variety. Reformation believes beer is a gift and should be free from fear, noise, and neglect, which are great reasons why it is the Ink-n-Oil choice for 2018. Based in downtown Woodstock, Georgia, Reformation believes in these core values: Acceptance, Story, Authenticity, Moderation, Humility, and Humor. Try any of their 7 annual flavors or always enjoy something new with the ever changing seasonals. Create your story while kicking back to enjoy a Reformation.

28 | ISSUE 120: 2019


Only one brand comes to mind when it comes to Kustom Kulture, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum is brewed out of respect for Norman Collins, aka Sailor Jerry. “If you don’t think you have [salty term for male anatomy] enough to wear a tattoo, don’t get one. But don’t try to make excuses for yourself by knocking the fellow who does!” Signed, “Thank you...Sailor Jerry,” this note was placed prominently in Jerry’s Hotel Street shop and it gives you some idea of the attitude that he brought to his work. He was aware that his clientele weren’t miscreants just out to paint the town red, they were men serving a higher cause. Or as he put it, “The tattooed barbarians that live and die on world battlegrounds.” Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum was developed after loads of historical research into maritime rums. The all-natural spices and flavors we chose give our rum a rich, smooth taste characterized by top notes of vanilla and cinnamon. More than anything else, it’s our spicing that’s responsible for the distinctive character, smoothness and versatility. It is an honor to present this year’s Ink-n-Oil liquor choice to Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum.


After returning from Milwaukee for the 115th Anniversary, it is great to see the loyalty one brand continues to receive. Hellbender Harley-Davidson for the third straight year receives it’s support from loyal customers even through times of change. Hellbender H-D is part of a great family of dealerships including Southern Devil H-D in Catersville and Tomahawk H-D, located at the Braves stadium. Originally Earl Small’s H-D, the Small’s name is as big as life itself. Hellbender Harley-Davidson has a staff that we are proud of. Our Sales staff is not only courteous and knowledgeable, they are proud Harley® bike owners able to guide you though the sales process. They have consistently been one of the largest volume parts, accessory, and MotorClothes Merchandise dealers in the country. If you need something and can’t get to the store, give them a call. It is no wonder that Hellbender Harley-Davidson is award the 2018 Ink-n-Oil award.


It’s always a pleasure of being able to travel nationwide and receiving invitations into shops of all levels and focus. Located in Amarillo, Texas, Bomb City Customs not only has earned the Ink-n-Oil recommendation, he has received the seal of approval from the current industry leaders. Originally from Southwest Kansas, Heath moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2005 to attend Motorcycle Mechanics Institue (MMI) where he completed Harley Davidson Early & Late model. It was in Phoenix, AZ where Heath began his career working for the industry leaders; Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation as a fabricator (7 yrs.), Azzkikr Customs doing complete builds (4 yrs.) and Trask Performance as a fabricator (1 yr.).




Originals are not your typical hot rod and motorcycle shop. They’re here because they love what they do and attitudes are checked at the door. RNO pride themselves on providing a comfortable environment for customers to ask questions and to get quality service done quickly at a reasonable price.


Andy is an MMI Graduate with Factory Harley Davidson Certification. He is truly one of the best Harley mechanics in the country. Aside from repairing or making your bike perform better, he has a deep passion for creating whatever you matter what it is. He is a very experience fabricator with a flare for the tastefully abnormal. When it comes to cars, he is also no slacker. In fact, he really enjoys figuring out how just about anything works and repairing or improving it. Outside the shop doors, his favorite activities include volunteering at his church, hunting and fishing (especially pigs), wheeling mini bikes, telling Zach how old he is and just about anything with his wife, Merri and daughter, Josie.


Nick’s initial experience stems from working in the automotive racing industry building and fabricating complete cars and replacement components. His favorite part of his job now is working with customers to build motors tailored to their needs and desires. Not much is more therapeutic to him than taking flat pieces of sheet metal or tubing and hammering, rolling, bending, gutting, welding and grinding it into just about anything. His favorite outside the shop activities include hunting big game, camping, driving our altered drag car, shooting, winning friendly mini bike races at all costs and, most of all, spending time with his wife Toni and son Tristan.


“I usually spend my spare time studying the work of other pinstripers and artists that I admire and discussing different techniques. I find myself constantly being inspired by other artists, one of which being one of my biggest inspirations, fellow pinstriper David Piatek. He has been a close friend of mine for many years and whether it’s painting together at a show or just talking shop in his driveway, he is always a pleasure to be around and definitely a major contributor to me doing what I do.” Check out the full complete interview coming up in the release of the next Grease Inc. issue, #121...

30 | ISSUE 120: 2019


The Smoke out is the epicenter of the Chopper World. It has everything that you want: the ride-in-bike show, music, drag racing, camping, minibike racing, beer, older-dudes-with-beer-guts- and-beards, more beer, beautiful women… and much more. The 20th Anniversary will be just what you would expect it to be. The best of everything ever… for two days of insanity… and the most memorable final hurrah that I can manage. Superstars from the past are already on board (more on that later). I also want to do a Smoke Out “Hall of Fame,” so start getting your suggestions ready. Please help me make this the best send-off party in the history of motorcycles.

Edge “First, let me just say this: the Smoke Out isn’t ending. However, I am going to retire from running it after the 20th Anniversary. Twenty and out. We have scoured the earth looking into all kinds of forsaken and unsavory places to find the right human to keep it going and take the reins. It is a good thing we were willing to look in unsavory places because we have found that person. More on that later. What is important now is that, even though I’m sure I will always be back… taking small roles… this this is my last at the helm. I have to make this THE blow out. THE best Smoke Out party in all of Smoke Out history. Help me bring back everything that was ever great. One more time… two epically crazy days, June 14-15, 2019.”

THIS IS THE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE SMOKE OUT 20: We are excited to announce that after attending and being a part of the iconic garage-built chopper show, the Smoke Out, the crew at Grease Inc. and Garage71 will be handed the reigns to continue the Smoke Out saga into a new era. After next June’s Smoke Out in 2019, which will be the epic 20th Anniversary, Greg "Edge" Scheuer will be semi-retiring. We will continue the legacy. We cannot nearly place into words what this means to us. I personally have been attending the Smoke Out for over a decade, both as a spectator and as hired help in various capacities. This is by far our favorite event of every year. It's real energy. It's real people. From garage-built bikes, to every form of entertainment through a two day event, the Smoke Out has always been to us at Grease Inc. and Garage71, the industry party of the year. This year, we will be working alongside Edge throughout the planning of 20-year anniversary. Edge has already begun to share a wealth of information, and will always be in attendance. He and the entire Smoke Out family have created one of the most unique and raw motorhead events coast to coast. The 20th Anniversary event will bring the biggest and best back from years past; everything from Roller Derby, to various builders including Billy Lane, to late night karaoke with RadioFox of Garage71, this will be THE party of 2019. We have a large role to play over the next decade in continuing this legacy in the motorcycle kulture. It has been a ride already, and we can't wait to see where we will take the Smoke Out for years to come. We


have grown fond of Edge and his ability to join builders from backyard garage shops with known professional names including Led Sled, Jeff Cochran, Bill Dodge, and so many more. We look forward to adding our Vagabond Side Show touch to the Smoke Out without ever diverting attention from the hand-built rides. There is a lot of work to be accomplished by the 2019 dates, June 14th and 15th. The Smoke Out will not waiver at any level from the koolest hand-built chopper show in the world! The Smoke Out has been and will always be about choppers, from professional builders to the bloody-knuckled garage-built mechanic. This show will always remain faithful to the decades of spectators and to the shops that have made the Smoke Out what it is today. Edge, may you always know the Smoke Out as your home. As you ride out to enjoy more time on two wheels, know that the respect and admiration from our crew over the years has grown to the highest level and it will be a blessing to continue your legacy. We are humbly honored with the opportunity to maintain the direction the Smoke Out as it has always been, and to ensure this annual gathering and tradition will be carried out for decades to come... I will close up with some direction on how to get to our pages as well and share more of Grease Inc. and Garage71. I plan to place this in print for the December issue. I will then release it on-line after your announcement. Please let me know when that will occur and if I may read it prior to the release date. I know you are extremely creative with wording, I just can not see words like final or ending, etc., as this will crush the event. I look forward talking more this week. Thank you again.



The Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender is the largest and most respected Rockabilly festival in the world and is now the longest-running music festival in Las Vegas, having just celebrated its 20th anniversary. The Weekender annually attracts over 20,000 attendees to The Orleans Hotel and Casino for four nonstop days of music, hot rods, dancing, burlesque, and partying. Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rockabilly aficionados from all over the world mark their calendars each year for the event, coming from Europe, South America, Japan and even as far as New Zealand! This festival features the best Rockabilly music from over 75 world-renowned bands and legends of Rockabilly as well as dozens of wild DJs, sure to keep you on your feet. Past headliners include: Jerry Lee Lewis, Wanda Jackson, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Brian Setzer, Brenda Lee, Dita Von Teese and so many more! The weekender also puts on North America’s biggest pre-1960’s era car show where you can find hundreds of hot rods and just as many vendors selling vintage clothing, home wares, music and vintage reproduction must-haves. It brings great pleasure to award the Ink-n-Oil to Viva Las Vegas!


We are honored and accept for the second year that Hell on Wheels has been the recipient of an Ink-n-Oil award by our supporters. This past year marked year number 10 with some major additions to the show including the Dirt Track Pre 71’ Hot Rod Challenges. We have been a part of Angel City for over 10 years now, and it seems to be the exact fit we’ve look for all this time. You can not even imagine what we have lined up headed into the next decade of our Vagabond Side Show Circus. Hell on Wheels is scheduled for the first weekend of October, 2019 with the Rhythm Shakers kicking it off with us! Thank you again as 2018 was a banner year. Let’s ride the Highway to Hell this year from Coast to Coast...


Downtown Showdown in Albuquerque, NM has been nominated and presented with the best Cruise-In for the Ink-n-Oil awards, 2018. This show is amazing. Traditional Rods coming in from all parts around the West Coast to Mi-Western States. This is a strict show from the stand point of what is allowed to enter the show, however, it is one of the best laid back vibes you can ever receive from attending. From the kink off party at Joez Shop, to Downtown Showdown presented by Cecilia’s Cafe, just off of Route 66 in the heart of Albuquerque, to the after party at US Kustoms, Downtown Showdown reflects what being a rodder is about. So many prestigious rods all hand built by the guys who drive them. Slammed. Clean. Sharp. Fast Driving. These rods are some of the best rides we see all year. The best part about this show, everyone cruises together. They go out and enjoy the town and the lifestyle. Of course there is a little show boating that goes on, but most of it is kicking back, talking family and cars, listening to awesome music, enjoying some of the best food in New Mexico by Cecilia, and cruising down Route 66. We look forward to the 2019 show!

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For the second year, the Dixie Tavern, “Home of the Zac Brown Band”, has come in as this year’s Ink-n-Oil awards recipient. Supporting the local southeastern music scene, the Dixie Tavern is a place where you are accustomed to hear and see many local and regional celebrities including: Zac Brown, Willie Heath Neal, Hot Rod Walt, Captain and Maybelle, and so many more. This little bar, just over a mile away from Suntrust Battery Park Braves Stadium, the Dixie Tavern is host to a very broad line up of creative genres of music 6 days a week (closed Sundays). • Great Food - Large Patio - 3 Pool Tables • 20 Beers On Tap - Full Service Bar • Fast & Friendly Service • Located 1/2 Mile Off I-75 (Exit 260) at the Corner of Cobb Pkwy (41) and Windy Hill Rd. • Plenty of free parking directly in front of the club.


This year’s Ink-n-Oil is awarded to the Georgia Satellites. Double platinum recording artists, The Georgia Satellites, brought us hits like “Keep your hands to yourself”, “The Hippy-Hippy Shake” and “Battleship Chains” helping shape country-rock across the nation and keeping audiences boogieing all night long!


This year’s Ink-n-Oil goes to a 20 year veteran group within the Kustom Kulture scene. Crossing boundaries at all levels these guys have played with some of the legends of Sun Records, to countless stand in appearances. They stand on their own as one of the most energetic Rockabilly bands of today, Atomic Boogie. Check out the exclusive sit down interview with John Barton of Atomic Boogie and Brian Whitcomb of Grease Inc.




Demented Are Go has been recognized for this years Ink-n-Oil awards. Insanity, insanity! Welcome back to DEMENTED ARE GO, “Welcome Back To Insanity Hall”! What is there to say about DEMENTED ARE GO that hasn’t already been said or invented? They are a band that has inflicted their twisted version of rock ‘n’ roll on the world for 3 decades, from the legendary Klub Foot via clubs, squats and festivals they have built up a loyal following of Psychobillies, Punks, Goths, Geeks and Freaks who just can’t get enough of DAG’s sound. Always a live act not to be missed, their catalogue of releases over the years is proof that the band is always evolving and never restricted to one scene. The reason for the bands longevity and popularity is down to one man, Sparky. A one man riot who sold his soul for Rock ‘n’ Roll! Uncompromising, unpredictable with a voice that sounds like he’s been gargling hot gravel he is instantly recognizable as one of rock ‘n’ rolls true leaders.


Andrea Colburn and Mud Moseley are recognized again this year for an Ink-n-Oil as they have returned from a coast to coast tour this past year. Andrea and Mud have dug deep into the scene with their latest release and sat down with us to talk travel stories back in September, 2017. That’s when we knew this year’s recognition had to go back back to this hillbilly duo.


Grown from the Southside of town, the Aggravated have been recognized for this year’s Ink-n-Oil awards. “2018 wasn’t too bad. The Aggravated played some cool shows & gained some new fans which is always a plus. We recorded a new album which will be out soon in 2019. I think the best compliment in you can have in the punk/hardcore scene is having people come up to you and say that “Your music brings me back to the sound i discovered when i was young.” It’s really a great feeling. THANKS TO YOU ALL & WE WILL SEE YOU FEBRUARY 13th 2019 at THE EARL for OUR 1ST SHOW OF THE YEAR!!! Thanks again from JW, Dane, Mike T, and Burnout Barnett.”

34 | ISSUE 120: 2019


The Squirrel Nut Zippers came back with a frosty flair last year on a Christmas tour and haven’t stopped since! Whoever said sequels are never as good as the original clearly didn’t see this tour coming… For the second year in a row the Squirrel Nut Zippers are embarking on a holiday tour! The Holiday Caravan will hit ten cities on the west coast this November & December for eleven shows. “Zipsters! Round up the kids, grandparents, friends, enemies, acquaintances and maybe even your family; this year we’ll be spreading our holiday cheer on the west coast!” band leader Jimbo Mathus remarked. “We’ll be playing selections from our old Christmas Caravan album, holiday hits and of course the finest new and old Squirrel Nut Zippers music for you all.” This past March the Squirrel Nut Zippers released their first new studio album in eighteen years titled Beasts Of Burgundy. The album debuted at #3 on the Billboard Jazz Albums Chart upon it’s release. It was back in 1998 when the Squirrel Nut Zippers released their first and only Holiday album titled Christmas Caravan which went on to sell a quarter of a million copies and reached #12 on the Billboard Holiday Albums chart. Since reactivating in mid-2016 the Squirrel Nut Zippers have been performing to packed houses across the country and around the world. As Jimbo Mathus has said since the band’s re-launch, ‘it’s not a reunion, it’s a revival.’


Lee Mathis out of Henderson, Texas is part of the line up for the Ink-n-Oil awards in 2018. “I’ve been playing guitar and performing for well over 20 years now, and I still have that same fire and love for playing as I did from the beginning!! Currently, my band and I are playing all over east Texas as well as Louisiana, and I’m also playing solo and duo acoustic shows also...sometimes involving some of my band or musical friends from the area where needed... As a solo artist, my tastes are a little more eclectic, but all meshing into my own sound! You’ll hear some Waylon Jennings, Whitey Morgan, Hank Williams JR, Keith Whitley, Eric Clapton, Cody Jinks, Jamey Johnson, and a whole lot more of my musical heroes, but at the end of the day, it’s all me! Solo gigs at restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and other venues are really cool because it is just me and the guitar, a more intimate atmosphere that helps me truly stay in touch with the audience! I truly love what I do!”




We are proud to recognize this class act of a duo and welcome to the Ink-nOil Awards as this year’s Honky Tonk Band choice, the Waymores. Comprised of the legendary Willie Heath Neal and Kira Annalise, this couple has traveled the world together performing. With influences by some of music greats; Waylon, Conway Twitty, Wayne “the Train” Hancock, these two whether on stage performing with their own projects or together as the Waymores, you are in for a show. The Waymores are the epitome of Acoustic Country Music: He was born in a cop car, lived in and out of foster care, and served in the Navy. She used to get stage fright until she was swept up by his charm and grit, started singing country songs, and never looked back. Now they’re writing songs from the road and bringing their intimate, fun, and quirky one-liner-jabs to venues across the country. The Waymores take what’s real about life and relationships and add music, jokes, and whiskey; it can be beautiful, it can be painful, it can get inappropriate, and it’s completely unrehearsed, unexpected, and dangerously wonderful. Their debut album, Weeds, is scheduled to be released in February, 2019 on Chicken Ranch Records out of Austin, TX.


This year’s our Ink-n-Oil is presented to Whitney Rain of Maggie Murphy’s, located in the Larkin on Memorial inside the My Salon Suites building, specializing in men and women’s hairdressing. “I am so proud of you Whitney, you own your own business and you are KILLING IT!!!! You’ve worked so hard to get where you are today and you deserve every stitch of recognition! You are a BOSS!!! Congratulations, Love and thank you for keeping my blonde streak on point for the past 9 years!!” - Christina Montagnino


This is quite an honor to award both this barber and his shop an award that means a lot to us, as our hoodlum scene takes on the gentleman’s world. This year’s Ink-nOil award is presented to Len Thompson and Lenny’s Hair Salon in Marietta Square. Lenny’s Hair Salon is a vintage modern hair salon for both ladies and gents, located on historic Marietta Square. We offer a warm and inviting atmosphere for you to relax, enjoy some great tunes and greater conversation while pampering yourself. Ladies can enjoy a wide range of services including high quality hair cuts and styles and color services that can bring your imagination to life. For the gents, we offer the unique experience of the traditional barber cut as well as the hot lather shave. Lenny has been an active supporter in the kustom kulture as well as now a producer too with an amazing summer festival, Wings and Whitewalls. You can always tell when Lenny is in the shop as he cruises up in his 55’ Chevy.

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Red Stage 2 Drift Trike Custom Frame, Front and Rear Brake, Fat Front Tire: 26”x3”, 212cc Preditor Motor, 3 Sets Tire Sleeves – $2500

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Dixie Motorcycle Service & Restoration Facebook page = Dixie motorcycle service

706 334 0182


Events Calendar

Caffeine & Octane

Dunwoody, GA Time: January 5, February 3, & March 3, 2019 from 7am to 11am Location: Perimeter Mall Street: 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Road City/Town: Dunwoody, GA Website: Phone: 404-713-9225 / 770-883-0160 Event Type: Cruise-In, Car & Motorcycle Show Organized By: Caffeine and Octane

Gibtown Bike Fest

Riverview, FL Time: January 10, 2019 to January 13, 2019 Location: International Independent Showmen’s Association Street: 6915 Riverview Drive City/Town: Riverview, Florida Website: Phone: 813-677-3590 Event Type: Motorcycle Show, Festival Organized By: International Independent Showmen’s Association



Wheels Events Calendar Annual O’Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels

Sumter Swap Meets 26th Winter Extravaganza

“Carolina-in-January” Indoor Swap Meet, Car/Bike Corral & Auction

Galveston County Motorcycle & Car Swap Meet

Chattanooga, TN Time: January 11, 2019 at 6pm to January 13, 2019 at 9pm Location: Chattanooga Convention Center, Street: 1150 Carter St, City/Town: Chattanooga, TN Website or Map: Phone: 205-655-4950 Event Type: car, show, cruise, in Organized By: World of Wheels

Charlotte, NC Time: January 11, 2019 at 6pm to January 12, 2019 at 9pm Location: Cabarrus County Arena, Street: Highway 49 North, City/Town: Charlotte, NC Website: Phone: 803-364-3322; 704-400-1127 Event Type: Car & Bike Show, Cruise-in Organized By: Tom Mack Productions

Annual Nashville Auto Fest

Nashville, Tn Time: January 19, 2019 at 6pm to January 20, 2019 at 9pm Location: Nashville Tennesee State Fairgrounds, Street: 625 Smith Avenue, City/Town: Nashville, Tn Website: Phone: 502-345-7717, 502-893-6731 Event Type: Car & Bike Show, Cruise-in Organized By: Keith Blandford

North American International Auto Show

Detroit, MI Time: January 19, 2019 at 9am to January 27, 2019 at 6pm Location: Cobo Center Street: One Washington Blvd. City/Town: Detroit, MI Website: Phone: 248-643-0250 Event Type: The Original Auto Show Organized By: NAIAS

Easyriders Bike Show Tour

Charlotte, NC Time: January 26, 2019 at 10am to January 27, 2019 at 5pm Location: Park Expo Center Street: 800 Briar Creek Rd. City/Town: Charlotte, NC 28205 Website: Phone: 800-962-9857 Email: Event Type: Motorcycle Show & Tour Organized By: Paisano Publications LLC

Bushnell, FL Time: February 8, 2019 to February 10, 2019 Location: Sumter County Fairgrounds Street: 7620 S.R. 471 City/Town: Bushnell, FL Website: Phone: 727-848-7171 Event Type: swap, meet, car, motorcycle, show, festival Organized By: Craig Pearson Hitchcock, TX Time: February 9, 2019 to February 10, 2019 Location: Galveston County Fairgrounds Street: 10 Jack Brooks Rd City/Town: Hitchcock, TX Website: Phone: 832-768-4345 Event Type: motorcycle, car, swap, meet, expo Organized By: Galveston County

Zephyrhills Auto Events

Zephyrhills, FL Time: February 14, 2019 at 8am to February 17, 2019 at 3pm Location: Zephyrhills Festival Park Street: 2738 Gall Blvd Hwy 301 City/Town: Zephyrhills, FL Website: Phone: 727-846-8922 Event Type: Car & Bike Swap, Meet Organized By: Craig Pearson

World of Customs Auto Show 2019

Belden, MS Time: February 22, 2019 to February 24, 2019 Location: Tupelo Furniture Market Street: 1879 Coley Rd City/Town: Belden, MS Website: Phone: 313-717-9216, 205-451-8076, 662-538-8426 Event Type: Auto & Motorcycle Show Organized By: World of Customs LLC

Spring Rally at the Gap

Georgiana, AL Time: February 28, 2019 to March 3, 2019 Location: 9100 S. Shackleville Rd City/Town: Georgiana, AL Website: Phone: 334-525-0409 Email: Event Type: Motorcycle Festival, Show, and Rally Organized By: Stock Law Gap Rally

For a complete Calendar of Vehicle Events go to published by Mike Thies 770-883-0160 42 2019 2016 | ISSUE 120: | JULY



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