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CASA & BOTTEGA, SuppOrTEd By MElBOurnE MuSiC WEEk, prESEnTS: CASA & BOTTEGA JAzz COllECTiVE from the 18th to 25th of november 2011 WiTH MuSiCiAnS frOM THE ViCTOriAn COllEGE Of THE ArTS, ArTiSTS BOOkinG SErViCE from 11:30am until 2:30pm daily

MuSiC iS frEE - Although bookings are essential 18th - 20th november 2011 -- All night Jazz 21st - 23rd november 2011 -- Milestones 24th - 25th november 2011 -- The Marcos Villalta Collective

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Duchess of Spotswood 87 Hudsons Road, Spotswood. Ph: 9391 6016 Words and photos by Bryan

ABOUT BRYAN I’m an inquisitive foodie with an Asian palate. I love how food brings


people together. There is a story behind every meal and I’m constantly trying to find it. Please join my Melbourne-based food journey and


let’s get fat together.

It’s almost inexplicable how a café in the middle of quiet suburbia can be so

thought that was such a cute way to put it. The menu is very English, and it’s

explosively popular. I remember a few months ago, Lachlan had asked me

also full of puns like “Breakfast Of Champignons” and “Coronation Chicken”.

whether I’d been to the Duchess. When I told him no, his eyes widened into

Willem had the house smoked salmon fillet with potato pancake, poached

large discs “OMG, you HAVE to go...!”

egg, and sourdough toast. It was a lot more interesting than we expected, I loved the presentation. Well seared salmon steak, perfect poached egg, still

A few weeks hence, I started a curious Sunday drive across muddy green

runny, and a pea-like purée at the bottom adding sweetness. The only let

industrial waste-scapes with Willem. We went under the West Gate Bridge,

down for him were the potato pancakes. They looked lovely but were quite

my little car twisting around factories and plants, and finally into Hudson

fragile with a loose texture and not much taste. I had some of the smoked

St. Waiting at the train tracks, I scanned Spotswood’s main street ahead.

salmon and thought it tasted exquisite.

All the shops seemed closed. You know those cowboy films where you get tumbleweeds rolling across the street? Yeah, it was that devoid of life. But as we inched closer, a twinkle of emerald green sparkled at the corner of our eyes... There it is! We found the place! Hello warmth and sustenance! Hello sweet reprieve from farawayness and quiet towns. Brunch is soon to happen, and I trust good coffees will be at hand shortly. I’m a happy man.

Hello warmth and sustenance! Hello sweet reprieve from farawayness and quiet towns. Brunch is soon to happen, and I trust good coffees will be at hand shortly. I’m a happy man.

It isn’t a big place. In fact, the coffee making, cooking and eating all happens in the same squished up room. On warmer days, you can also sit outside on a communal table. Service was warm, congenial and

Crumbed lamb brains with anchovy fillets, gentleman’s salad, poached

camera friendly. They use Candyman beans from Auction Rooms here,

egg, and sourdough toast was one of the day’s specials, as narrated

and they also have a guest blend through the week. I found the coffees

by the serving girl. Lachlan had warned me that they generally do quirky

here had rounded flavours and my flat white held a fleeting aftertaste of

must-have specials here, so I went ahead with it.

burning firewood. Personally, I loved it. Willem, on the other hand, found the coffees “inoffensive... it’s good, but they’re not taking any risks”.

Great choice, it’s difficult to make brains taste good, but the amazing

Ha ha ha! The coffee section is fronted by Talor Browne, who was

crumbed outsides pulled everything together for me. The brains sat on

the ex-head barista at Seven Seeds and De Clieu.

a wonderful relish of anchovy fillets, capers and shallots. I only baulked a little with a larger piece of brrraaaiinn, where I’d embarked on a lengthy

They use dulche sugar here. It’s a soft crumbly raw sugar made from dried

culinary expedition towards its centre and thought it’s just too much

unrefined sugar cane juice. Rare and gorgeous.

unctuous cranial creaminess.

I remember a bunch of bloggers discussing why the Duchess is so good.

Willem waited for me to finish my dish before pointing out how nice

One of them said it is like fine dining, only brunch-style and affordable! I

that you can distinguish between the grey and white matter.


I thought I’d become clever after eating brains, but I’d only become a

of the truffle? Again the dish was very rich, and like the Idle Tongues, I

bit more botanical palate-wise. Yes, the brains were lovely, but let’s steer

loved the way they seared the meat.

away from any more offal for perhaps a week or so... *blush* Asian fail. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the dish.

It’s a sad truth that a food blogger might choose an item on a menu

But just to stretch conversation a little longer, Willem grabbed another

that they didn’t exactly want because they don’t want to order the same

coffee while I had a chai. The chai had a good balance of milkiness

as their companions. The winter salad looked appealing, but I really

and spiced deliciousness, and I liked how the honey came in a runny

wanted what fakegf and fag stag had. But guess what? My dish was

easy pour consistency. It’s little details like this that makes a place so

again a smash hit.

seamlessly pleasurable. Visit 2 Just so I could discover more of the menu, I returned here with fakegf and fag stag a few Sundays later. Yes, there was quite a strong pull-back factor here. We were seated outside this time, it was a sunny but windy day. The wind blew apart my coffee’s foam art.

This cup of coffee was wonderful – strong and creamy, and yet also fruity, light and floral. At one sip, I thought I could even taste grape!

This cup of coffee was wonderful – strong and creamy, and yet also

Well... salad with walnuts, cheese, pear, it’s a common combination,

fruity, light and floral. At one sip, I thought I could even taste grape!

so why did it still come out so good? I thought it was the quality of ingredients and how it was put together. Everything looked like a

Oh my heavens, chef Andrew Gale really blew us off our feet with the

jumbled mess on my plate, but the flavours and textures that came

Idle Tongues – seared ox tongue with smoked semolina, crispy pork

together were amazing. Sticky, crunchy, caramelised walnuts, fragrant

neck, and fried duck egg. It was so yummy! Fatty, tender, melt-in-the-

pear, crispy bacon and fantastic Stilton cheese.

mouth tongue cooked to perfection. I had to excavate the candied walnuts from the bottom of my plate. The smoked semolina was creamy and you can actually taste the

Feeling like a culinary miner, I was really digging what I was doing for

smokiness. There was also some bacon in that stack of goodness and

my food. Oh dear, I’m full of puns today. Also, fakegf was amazed by the

Jo donated some of it to me. Luckybooo!

crumbed and deep fried poached egg, it was still soft and runny inside.

I was doubly envious to see fag stag’s dish come out just as amazing –

You probably won’t understand why the Duchess is so appealing for

tender, delicious, succulent and wonderfully flavoured cheekiness. Fag

brunch until you’ve been there. I like how it’s located at such a deserted

stag quite simply said, “yum, I can eat four more plates that.” At one

suburban village. Food’s great, coffees are good and service is warm.

point, I had another nibble and it somewhat reminded me of corned

And looking at the map, it’s actually really close to my home. OMG, I’m

beef. Fakegf queried whether the flesh was so deep flavoured because

so coming back again!

Machine problems? Machine problems? We’veWe’ve bean there. bean there. 9Bar Espresso Services. Coffee machine sales, service and repairs. 9Bar Espresso Services. Coffee machine sales, service and repairs.

1300 594 341

Scan tag to find out more.

1300 594 341

Scan tag to find out more.



Nabiha Café 10 Hall Street, Moonee Ponds Words and photos by Penny Cai


I am Singaporean born and raised but now happily settled in Melbourne with my partner. Both of us love eating and hence started this blog as an invaluable repository for our stories, triumphs and failures in the kitchen, as well as eating and travel experiences.


How well do you know your local and its surrounding cafés or restaurants?

Mum really enjoyed her pizza. She loved how pretty the pizza was and that

For me, it is a big fat failure. I only learnt about Nabiha Café on twitter as I

it wasn’t as heavy as she thought it would be. There were lots of cheesy

was whinging about an awful coffee that I had at another café. The coffee

and stretchy moments, but it definitely had very fresh flavours. The pizza

had a rancid taste and it was burnt! Life is too short for bad coffee. Anyway,

is a perfect size for one.

@NatStockley mentioned that their coffee is indeed sub standard but they serve pretty good sandwiches. I was in no mood for sandwiches after that

The Lahm bi Ajeen is grilled Middle Eastern spiced lamb on pizza. It is

sip of coffee. But he did offer a tip to check out Nabiha for their coffee.

topped with rocket, sprinkled with a nice dose of sumac and served with a side of light yoghurt – beautiful pizza flavours. This is a new one for me.

I was working from home that day so could quickly sneak out for lunch

The spiced lamb is so moorish and it smells divine. If you have to try one

with @mamajeroxie. I thought I knew Puckle Street well, but hardly venture

pizza here, this is the one.

to the street parallel to it. In this street are older restaurants and also new cafés that have popped up. Tucked away is the quirky Nahiba Café.

Mum really liked this place and has gone back a couple of times for lunch. I actually gave her some blogging work to do. She took some photos from

The interior is an elongated area with a tiny kitchen at the end with a very

her mobile phone for me. She tried the latte and liked it. Her exact words

handsome Synesso coffee machine. Five Senses coffee is used here. Both

– “It is very nice and creamy. And it smells good!”

the interior and exterior are covered with laser-cut murals by artist Rona Green and much of the furniture inside is made from recycled materials.

The first time we visited the place, she wanted to order the grilled eggs with roasted tomato, potato, mushrooms, cannellini beans, spinach and

On the first visit, both mum and I just had lunch and tea instead of trying its

fetta, but they had run out of eggs. So when she headed back the second

infamous coffee. We both went for the pizzas. Mum had the tomato, basil

time, that was what she ordered. She is very determined to get what she

and provolone pizza and I went for the Lahm bi Ajeen. The tea was served

wants isn’t she? She was definitely happy. Mum said that the portion is

with a timer and we were instructed to wait for the timer to go off before

just perfect. She actually went back again and ordered the same thing.

enjoying the tea. This place does take its tea seriously as well. Good on them.

I guess it must be pretty good.

Recommended by The Age Good Food Guide. Just a 30 minute drive out of the city and you can be relaxing with a glass of our award winning Pinot Noir or indulging in produce picked from our gardens that morning. Experience Joseph’s dining during the day, with stunning views over Australia’s largest Parterre garden. Monday - Friday lunch, 2 courses $39.50, 3 course $49.50, Saturday & Sunday lunch, 2 courses $50.00, 3 course $60.00, includes a glass of wine. Scan tag to find out more.

K Road Werribee Vic 3030 Australia Tel: +61 3 9731 4000 Email:



Basque Tapas and Wine 159 Chapel St, Windsor. Ph: 9533 7044 Words and photos by I’m so hungree

About I’m so hungree I am a Melbournite with a penchant for sweets, eating my way around Melbourne (and SCAN TAG TO COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLE

the world!). I love good food and photography. I also suffer from ‘Oooh Shiny Thing!’ syndrome. My blog is my pretty eating diary and focuses on eating out experiences. I


hope you all enjoy reading as much as I enjoy sharing!

I am really lucky to be brought up in a family full of love, although my dad

As the paella was still busy cooking, we decided to order some other dishes

travelled a lot throughout my childhood, our family as a unit has always been

in the mean time. Although I had originally been in the mood for eggs, and

quite tight.

they did have an all day breakfast, I thought trying out the tapas would be a much more suitable move.

Of course though, it’s easy to lose sight of this as a teenager, when you’re coming out on your own and trying to find your place in the world and

Although the Croquetas de Cocido (with jamon, beef and chicken, served

there was a period in my life where I did take my parents for granted and

with a romesco sauce) was a bit bigger than the absolutely delicious

neglected to acknowledge that they were there and that they wanted to

croquettes I had in Barcelona, these were as satisfying. The outside was a

help me.

lot crisper than it looked, which was a pleasant surprise and the inside just delicious and meaty.

As it is though, life is a thing that keeps going, people don’t fully forget, but they can always choose to forgive and rebuild connections. Over the past

And to lay off the carbs a tiny bit, some Calamares a la Andaluza – crispy

few years in particular, I feel I’ve become much closer to my mother than

salt and pepper squid served with aioli. Now, I know there’s a lot of salt and

I had ever been. We have perfected our friendly banter over the kitchen

pepper squid out there, but this really impressed me. It was ever so lightly

counter as I work and she cooks and have learnt how much we rely on and

battered, cooked well and just insanely delicious. The texture and the flavour

need each other’s fashion opinions.

was just so addictive.

She’s an amazing cook, a great shopper, stylist and more curious about

And that alioli? I haven’t come across alioli this garlicky in a long, long, long

the world than I sometimes expect. She’s one of those people who are

time, which wasn’t so great since I was about to do my food photography

unexpectedly adventurous, and we have been eating and cooking more

presentation. The squid and alioli is delicious, but it’s not a dish to have on a

than ever together, which is what led us to a lunch one afternoon on Chapel

first date!

Street at Basque. Mmm, how good does the paella look? After about 20 minutes of waiting, we I had first taken her to Dukes, but being a Saturday and it being cold outside,

were served up a plate to share. The paella was absolutely delicious. The rice

it was absolutely packed with a wait list for about 20 minutes. She quickly

was of a perfect consistency, piping hot, nice and fluffy, well flavoured, with

backtracked us to Basque, which we had walked by earlier, which, might I

lots of saffron and spices. And also the one little plate, was totally filled with

add, had a pan of paella, hidden under a tea towel, happily cooking away

succulent seafood – mussels, pipis, prawns… it was a small smorgasbord. I

on the sidewalk, luring those passing by (like my mother) to go in for some

was quite surprised at how generous they were!

yummies. Mum was tempted to get churros, but since I was not in the mood and had I’ve always walked by Basque, but again, it’s one of those places that never

to run off to my presentation, we decided to save it for another day and

pulled me in on my own accord. I blame Melbourne for having so many new

more conversations about the state of the world and fluoro green Dolce and

and interesting looking places.

Gabanna shoes.

Basque was quite quiet on this Saturday, but was certainly evoking something

We certainly do plan to be back, maybe with each other, maybe with some

bohemian, with it’s lavish, jewel tones on the walls, that had been stripped

other friends. I’d love to try some of their other tapas and maybe even their

back a bit, and ornate chairs and colourful art.

degustation tapas menu.


SCAN TAG FOR MORE INFO ON Dahon gourmet tea lounge (DETAILS ON PG. 3)

Dahon Gourmet Tea Lounge Shop 5, 111 Cecil Street, South Melbourne. Ph: 9696 5704 Words and photos by Michele Froidevaux

About Michele Froidevaux Half Malaysian, half Swiss girl in her twenties. A graphic designer by day, and a food blogger by meatballs and ribs. Also has an obsession with buying cookbooks. On weekends you’ll usually


find me stuffing my face with something delicious!


night. Loves baking, cooking and mostly eating. A real sweet tooth and a weakness for macarons,

Ask any Filipino person in Melbourne where you can get good Filipino

trying Dahon, you’ll love it and be back for more in no time!

food in Melbourne and they will either tell you nowhere, somewhere on

Whilst the food is not ‘in your face Filipino’, it offers something for

the other side of town, or their kitchen (or mother’s kitchen).

everyone. It is also open 7 days a week, so you have no excuse not to get down there and try the amazing food and teas. My absolute favourite

The newest place in town that has Filipino influenced food is the proud

dish was the BBQ pork baguette, with a close runner up the prawn

project of Cherrie and her brother Ed. Dahon Gourmet Tea Lounge is

baguette. They even have an all day breakfast baguette, which Hamsley

located within just a few steps from the South Melbourne Market and

is dying to try! These are also very addictive, must… have… more!!!

offers a delicious range of teas (hot and ice blends), as well as delicious options for breakfast, lunch and morning or afternoon tea. With a range

We also got a taste of some items that aren’t on the menu yet, but will

of ice blends, my favourite would have to be the mango and passionfruit

hopefully be on there soon! They are some of my favourite dishes too!

tea, with passionfruit pulp and fresh kiwi – refreshing and full of flavour.

With a Filipino pastry chef on board, you can get anything from light

I tip these will be a huge hit come summer time.There is also a range of

fluffy cupcakes (try the hummingbird or chai… amazing!) to calamansi

hot teas, with the impressive bloom tea, which has lovely flavours, and

meringue tarts, and Cherrie’s own leche flan. The leche flan is like a

looks very pretty.

crème caramel, and it’s just gorgeous!

I hadn’t tried Filipino food til a few months ago when Cherrie and Adrian

Cherrie and Ed have a great team working for them, and aren’t afraid

hosted a Filipino feast, which included an amazing array of flavours and

to tell you all about the teas or the food. Make sure you pop in and try

dishes I had been missing out on all my life. If you haven’t had Filipino

it out, and say hi to the gang. And if you like it, don’t forget to tell your

food before, don’t let the sound of an exotic new cuisine scare you off

friends and family.

New Spring/Summer 2011 ‘Bites’ to refresh your tastebuds

1O0F% F r rder you ou pre-o *When y as treats by Christm 2011. vember 30th No

Scan tag to find out more.

38 Toorak Road South Yarra VIC 3141 Australia P: 9867 5888 | E: | Open Wed - Mon, 8am - 8pm




RECIPE: THAI CRAB CAKES Recipe and photos by The Pink Leopard

ABOUT THE PINK LEOPARD The Pink Leopard is an heroic, moral cat with pink fur and the manners of an English aristocrat. She only becomes flustered or angry at obtuse or offensive humans who try to disrupt her existence, or at troublesome gadgets, rodents, or insects. In most of her life, she stumbles into a difficult situation and stoically endeavours to make the best of it. All the while cooking.



My taste buds are still missing. This cold has really got me by the you-

shop real close by, not one that sells fresh crab anyway. I could drive

know-whats and is taking its time to rid itself. Coughing has subsided,

to Richmond or maybe even Doncaster, where there is a tremendous

which is nice. But I still sound like I have been living in a swimming pool

fishmonger (more about them later) but I’m sick! So tinned it is. And it

and today I can’t hear a damn thing. Pardon?

works just swell.

This has led me to want to eat hot, spicy, salty, sugary things – so that

The other thing I have picked up that I am excited about is a metre of

would be everything really which isn’t too hot for the weight plan, but I

muslin. Tragically, this has been the highlight of my week and I just want

have managed to control myself. A bit.

to drain a bunch of stuff. I can finally make things where previously I have skipped the page when muslin is called for – nothing else works

I’ve mentioned before that I’m no gun at Asian cuisine, but I’ve been

quite like it. Keep your eyes peeled for some ‘labne’ coming this way

making these Thai crab cakes for years and sometimes, a girl just needs

soon. Muslin is cheap too ($3.00 a metre), so why has it taken me so

a crab cake when she is ill. The trouble with these little things is that

long to get some? The reason I am telling you this is that you need to

there is never enough. They are small and totally rich in flavour, but

drain your crab meat very well, and guess what does the trick!

they are totally rich in price too. Are crabs seasonal? I have no idea so I always use tinned crab meat – boo, I know, but there isn’t a fish



Thai crab cakes

Drain your crab meat well (muslin!) and put it into a mixing bowl. Chop up the prawns really small and add this to the crab. Now, dice onions,

Makes about eight, but as usual this recipe is easily doubled, tripled etc.

chilli, coriander and lemon grass and add this to the seafood and also

Great for canapes and is great with an icy cold beer.

add the sauces. Mix this all up well. Whisk your egg white until a little bit

Recipe modified from the ‘Avoca Cafe cookbook’

fluffy and then add your cornflour, mixing as you go. Fold this into your seafood mixture and shape into little balls, then flatten out slightly. Fry until golden. Yum.

Ingredients 200gm crab meat (fresh, great! Tinned, just fine) 8 raw king prawns 2 sticks of lemongrass, peeled back so there is no woody bits 1 red or green chilli (I used red)

...I’ve been making these Thai crab cakes for years and sometimes, a girl just needs a crab cake when she is ill.

1 small bunch of coriander 3 spring onions


1 teaspoon light soy

• These are quite delicate as there isn’t much binding them together.

half a teaspoon of fish sauce

Try and add an extra egg white and tell me how it goes. Otherwise, just

1 egg white

treat them gently.

1 teaspoon cornflour

• Because they are pretty much all crab, prawn and fragrants, the flavour

Enough peanut oil to shallow fry

is intensely amazing and they are quite rich.

mornington eat, DrinK, Be merrY! DOC Mornington 22 Main St, Mornington, 3931 DOC Mornington is an expansion to the DOC brand. It is a true Italian Pizzeria, delicatessen and picture postcard produce store, offering exceptional quality. Unashamedly Italian and contemporarily refreshing, the hospitality will leave you wanting more. The delicatessen showcases the best of Italy. Excellent imported produce is coupled with some of the finest locally sourced fresh fruit and vegetables. Get in early to grab a table and dream you are in Italy.


PHONE: 03 5977 0988. VISIT:

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm 244 Shands Road, Main Ridge 3928 ViC Australia Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm is nestled in the beautiful hinterland of the Mornington Peninsula at the heart of its thriving wine and fresh produce region. During the season (November to April), pick your own luscious strawberries, enjoy heavenly desserts in the Sunny Ridge café, taste farm made ice cream and sorbets made from fresh Sunny Ridge strawberries, or sample our range of boutique strawberry wines, liqueurs and ciders. VISIT:


PHONE: 03 5989 4500 (main)

Lindenderry at Red Hill 142 Arthurs Seat Rd, Red Hill (Mel Ref: 190 K4) If you don’t have much on your plate this weekend we’ve got the perfect way to fill it. Our Cellar Door is open all weekend. Drop in and experience the wines the critics are raving about. Jancis Robinson – 17/20. James Halliday – 4.5 Star winery. James Halliday – 94 points wine state magazine – 4 stars. International cool climate wine show – Gold. We also think our wood fired pizza and light lunches deserve an award so why not come in and taste for yourself.


PHONE: 03 5989 2933. VISIT:

Peppers Moonah Links Resort Peppers Moonah Links Resort Lovers of indulgence relax within the stylish and picturesque setting of Peppers Moonah Links Resort. Known as the home of Australian golf, it is one of Australia’s most unique leisure resorts, with two 18 hole championship golf courses, an endota spa, luxury accommodation and the casual elegance of Pebbles Restaurant, which is open 7 days for breakfast and dinner. Private dining facilities are also available.


PHONE: 03 5988 2000 VISIT:

Two Buoys 209 Point Nepean Rd, Dromana, 3936 Two Buoys is a multi award winning café/restaurant specialising in tapas, share plates and breakfast. Our sommeliers can help you choose from a wine list of over 300 wines or you can relax on the deck and take in the spectacular views over Port Phillip Bay while enjoying the best cocktails or coffee on the Mornington Peninsula. PHONE: 03 5981 8488 VISIT:


peninsula summer guiDe to mornington peninsula 2011/12 McCrae Pavilion 671-673 Point Nepean Road, McCrae, Australia 3983 Located opposite the historic McCrae lighthouse and beach, the Pavilion is like nothing else on the Mornington Peninsula. A unique concept designed for indulging in fine & casual food, exotic & classic drinks, socialising and relaxing. The Pavilion is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, breakfast on weekends and public holidays.


PHONE: 03 5981 1202 VISIT:

Peninsula Hot Springs Springs Lane, Fingal (Rye), Mornington Peninsula Natural hot mineral waters flow from deep under ground into the pools and private baths at Peninsula Hot Springs. Enjoy over 20 thermal mineral pools, sauna, Turkish steam bath, massaging thermal showers and reflexology walk. The Spa Dreaming Centre offers massages, spa treatments, private hot spring pools and a café.


PHONE: 03 5950 8777

Blue Mini Cafe & Catering 1455 Point Nepean Road Rosebud Mel Ref: 170 A1 Award Winning Café! Breakfast-Lunch-Catering-7 Days Fantastic Beachside location meet, eat, laugh and relax. Handmade, full of flavor and fresh- that’s BMC Open 7.30am -4.30pm


PHONE: 03 5982 1455 VISIT: FIND US : Facebook, twitter and tumblr

Max’s at Red Hill Estate 53 Shoreham Road, Red Hill South 3937 Perched high on the hill overlooking precision planted vines to Westernport Bay and Phillip Island, national award winning Max’s Restaurant produces local seasonal dishes matched to wines from Red Hill Estate. Open daily for lunch, dinner on Friday and Saturday.


PHONE: 03 5931 0177

Red Hill Cheese 81 William Rd, Red Hill 3937, Melway 190 C4 Divine artisan cheeses handmade at this factory in the forest. This cellar door for serious cheese lovers promises a high end flavour experience with sheep, goat & cow cheeses. Treat yourself to a tasting plate of the cheesemaker’s daily selection. 12noon-5pm weekends & public holidays. Daily 27 December to end January. NO BUSES. Groups of 10 or more MUST book. PHONE: 03 5989 2035 VISIT:



L’atelier de Monsieur Truffe 351 Lygon Street, East Brunswick. Ph:
9380 4915 Words and photos by Allan Huynh

ABOUT ALLAN HUYNH A twenty something year old Melbourne-born food lover, with the perpetual struggle of juggling his life between a demanding day job, an insatiable appetite to eat and satisfy a fastidious palate, and still find time to write a culinary journal and lead a somewhat normal life. More often than not, the ravenous stomach prevails!


Look for the ‘red-door’, I was advised. Sure enough the bright red

On my first visit I went straight for the 85% African blend. For some

aberrancy against the muted cement walls was the only thing that

that may seem insane, but I am such a fan of really dark chocolate, so

shouts: I am here. There was no signage and no ‘we’re-open’ chalkboard

go figure. It was wickedly dark, creamy, and indulgently intense with

when we arrived. Talk about being obscure… One of the first things you’ll notice when you push the door ajar, are the bicycle stands and sparse screen of green bamboo, then the huge airy warehouse conversion with weathered bricks, then the bright blue wallpaper shouting out to be seen at the rear, and not to mention the huge chocolate-making-machinery behind the glass walls. Chocolate for sale!

The most important part of a trip to L’atelier is to have their hot chocolate. On my first visit I went straight for the 85% African blend.

I fall head over heels for a good French toast, and this is definitely one I like a lot. The bread is buttery, soft in the middle with a crispy film of moreish caramelisation. A small cut out holds a baby apple. the aromas of cocoa, with the tiniest hint of acidity. It was unbelievably good! I ordered it again on my return trip – very much in conflict with my do-not-order-the-same-thing policy. The 70% house blend is, by comparison, mellower but similarly smooth and wonderfully creamy – suitable for the less intense chocolate drinkers. They also make a decent latte.

Just a quick note before I begin on the food: to make life easier for me, I’ve amalgamated a breakfast and post-lunch nibble into one post. So

Apple and rosemary pancakes, smoked duck breast & scrambled eggs:

don’t fret, I didn’t eat all of the following in one go.

Mini potato pancakes containing wedges of apple provide a nice starchy company for the smoky intensity and slightly gelatinous texture of duck

The most important part of a trip to L’atelier is to have their hot chocolate.

breast. Eggs are scrambled well with a fluffy texture and buttery aroma.


French toast, sous vide baby apple, muesli foam and mandarin puree: I fall head over heels for a good French toast, and this is definitely one I like a lot. The bread is buttery, soft in the middle with a crispy film of moreish caramelisation. A small cut out holds a baby apple that is a little tart, a little sweet, and surprise-surprise it is filled with ice cream, and a sprinkle of crispy bits and muesli foam to finish (not sure I could make out the foam though). Rhubarb and pink lady crumble:

L’atelier’s house-made chocolate scattered haphazardly, softens and melts onto the buttered toast right before your eyes. The waitress instructs: “add a small pinch of salt, it makes it taste even better”.

The scalding hot bowl of golden crumble wafts an irresistible butterypastry aroma. Beneath the surface were short strands of juicy rhubarb

Tartine au chocolate:

that provides a balance of tartness alongside the buttery crumble. I

L’atelier’s house-made chocolate scattered haphazardly, softens and

suggest you order this to share, as it is quite filling.

melts onto the buttered toast right before your eyes. The waitress instructs: “add a small pinch of salt, it makes it taste even better”.

Queensland strawberries, coconut tuile, orange tapioca and syrup:

Smooth melted chocolate, light smear of butter, salt and bread: simply

Okay, so the strawberries are vibrantly red, the syrup is not-too-sweet

heaven! Did you know that this is meant to be eaten with a pinch of salt?

and the coconut tuile is tasty. But I can’t get over my preconceived

I certainly didn’t.

ideas of what texture tapioca should have. So when met with something chewy and somewhat al dente I am displeased that it isn’t Asian-style

Rating: Yummy+1, and an honourable +2 for the hot chocolate! Don’t

soft but a little bouncy. This dish is probably just not my thing.

forget to check out their chocolate stands. Service is efficient and friendly.


ARE PIGEONS RUNNING THE WORLD? Tuesdays are simple; sit back and reflect on the state of our times. ‘‘Is Masterchef killing the food industry? McDonald’s is launching a Television channel, coincidence?’ Come in Wednesday and dissect the heavier stuff. ‘Are pigeons running the world?’,‘WTF is Missoni and why is Target selling it?’ Thursday, almost as good as Friday. Time to consider whether or not the solution to ‘The Docklands’ is to increase our refugee intake and give it to them... Thank fuck it’s Friday, update your status, settle in to review the week that was. Will putting an expiry date on your pillow be enough? Between Julia’s lobes and Tony’s ears, you’ll take KRudd one way or another. Ahhhh the Saturday lie in, Heirloom tomatoes at CERES. No more weekly shops. ‘Why isn’t a Cloud a Cloud?’ Sunday already, thank the lord! One less car; bike racks at Baba, carbon tax won’t apply? Lies make baby Jesus cry. Times they are a changing... Hungry?

Baba’s new Tuesday – Sunday plates. Just another seriously important thing to discuss over dinner.








The Baba parma, char grilled spiced chicken breast, deep fried karsali, smoked tomatoes

Endless bowl of Mt Martha Mussels, smoked tomato, couscous & parsley w/ glass of house beer or wine



Pork belly kebab, apple jam & minted slaw









Char grilled 250gm Porterhouse w/ slow roasted tomatoes & crunchy onion rings

Chermoula King Salmon & sweet potato salad

Iskender kebab, smoked braised lamb, deep fried potatoes, yogurt & pickled chili

Jugs of Thunder Road Full steam pale lager

Exclusive offer of a speciality menu item, available until sold out. Discount cards, vouchers or Entertainment cards, cannot be used in conjuction with this special offer.

Commercial Food Machinery

leading supplier to the hospitality industry REnt – tRy – Buy FinancE SolutionS availaBlE 1148a Centre Road, Clayton VIC 3168 P: 03 9543 1611 E: 180-184 McIntyre Road, Sunshine VIC 3020 P: 03 8312 1600 E:


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Trunk Diner 275 Exhibition St, Melbourne. Ph: 9663 7994 Words and photos by Libby Margo

About Libby Margo “Libby is a lover of all things nice (foie gras, truffles and Dr Loosen Riesling) and all things downright nasty (chicken-flavoured potato chips, Costco hot dogs and Stella Artois). When she is not thinking of, blogging about and eating food, she is working as an office clerk, studying law, wasting time on Supercoach and dreaming about sojourns to Echo Beach (Daylesford is usually fine by her though).


Melburnians don’t normally speak Americano. Thankfully, though, places

The standard burger starts at $10 and comes with a thick pattie made

such as FOG and the Newmarket Hotel are starting to dispel the theory that

out of 175g of fresh ground wagyu beef squeezed between two slices of

American and Tex-Mex food in Melbourne are rubbish. Closer to home (and

grilled brioche halves. Baby cos lettuce leaves, slices of red onion, thick-

by home, I mean the CBD), there is Trunk Diner.

cut tomatoes and a lovely house-made zucchini pickle are placed on the side for you to add to your burger, or omit entirely. You also have the

Located literally right next to Trunk proper, the diner is essentially a

option of adding other ingredients at an extra cost. I chose to include some

marquee-like structure that houses a simple layout of concrete floors,

caramelised onions ($2), crispy bacon ($2) and Monterey Jack cheese

outdoor furniture and a kitchen. It is open for breakfast and lunch every day

($1.50) for a full-on American experience. Oh, and fries. You couldn’t give

(except Sundays), and gets extremely busy during the weekday lunch rush,

the fries a miss. I ordered a $3 serve, though $6 will give you a larger serve.

with workers from nearby Exhibition Street offices and Casselden Place flocking to the diner for their burger fix. In the past, Trunk was only open

The wagyu pattie was cooked beautifully – medium-rare, with the fat-

for business on weekdays, but thankfully for us, they’ve decided to open on

infused meat meshing beautifully with the melted cheese and caramelised

Saturdays for weekend brunchers.

onions. I also liked the contrasting flavours of the salty bacon and the sweet brioche. It was definitely one of the better ‘gourmet’ burgers I’ve ever had.

My first visit to the diner was almost two months ago, with Martin in tow. With a St Ali coffee ($3) and a Presha apple juice ($4) in hand, we chose

I couldn’t get over how freaking delicious Trunk Diner’s home-style tomato

several items off the breakfast menu to share.

and capsicum ketchup was. It was so tangy, so sweet and so rustic. Once you’ve had the stuff, you’ll never go back to liking bottled stuff again. Ever.

First up, the Mexican scrambled eggs ($12). A yummy free-range scrambled egg omelette, bacon, cheddar and spring onion were all enveloped by a

They also do take-away. After my Bodypump class on Saturday morning, I

soft tortilla wrap which then spent a bit of time on the grill to give it a lovely

walked down to Trunk Diner to pick up a Cuban baguette ($9.50) as I had

crunchy exterior. Coriander leaves and tomatoes gave the dish a fresh edge

a massive craving for pulled pork (which is funny, given I’ve never actually

while the sliced jalapeno peppers added some heat.

had pulled pork before). The lunch time trade had just started so the dining room was reasonably busy, however I got my Cuban baguette in a matter of

The Mexican scrambled eggs dish was nice, but I liked the shredded

minutes. The so-crunchy-it-could-have-come-from-a-Vietnamese-bakery

poached chicken quesadilla ($10) a bit better. The crispy tortilla made a

baguette consisted of sliced Gypsy gam, gruyere and the lovely zucchini

second appearance, this time with bit of lovely chicken breast, cheddar,

pickle that made its way to every burger ordered at Trunk Diner. The star of

roasted red peppers, tomato, and coriander. A bit of lime juice was also

the baguette, however, were the shreds of pulled pork that were tender and

on added a bit of zest to the wrap. I could eat this for breakfast every day.

sweet, with slight hints of lovely smokiness.

Oh, and if the jalapenos didn’t do it for you, then a bottle of super hot green chilli sauce was on hand for extra heat.

And of course, you can’t leave the place without trying something sweet. I’ve yet to try any of the dessert pies on offer but I can’t normally leave

Finally, we had the much-lauded Breakfast Burger ($7). It was a meagre

without taking home a small plastic cup of sinfully sweet and sticky caramel

little thing – two toasted brioche bun halves sandwiched crispy slices of

popcorn ($4), good enough for those lonely nights spent studying and

bacon, melted cheddar cheese and a free-range egg cooked sunny-side up.

good enough to post to Queensland where my other half, Marty, devoured his cup in a matter of seconds.

I’ve also been here a couple of times for lunch. The first time I went, I dragged Dave out of his Lonsdale Street office to join me for lunch. The

All in all, good experiences at Trunk Diner. I now want to try the other items

poor bugger had to go to a blood test later that afternoon so he couldn’t

on the menu (such as the many salad items they have on offer), but I know

eat anything. Consequently, he spent his entire lunch time sipping on his

that I’ll be back just for the burgers and/or the Cuban baguette. Oh, and

water while watching me devour my burger.

more caramel popcorn.


WINE REVIEWS Words and photo by Krystina Menegazzo

ABOUT KRYSTINA MENEGAZZO La Donna del Vino is the pseudonym of this young lady from Melbourne who completed her winemaking degree whilst being a gypsy working in vintages throughout Australia and Italy. Finally she decided to return home and sell wine instead. In her spare time she cooks, eats, drinks buon vino and is a self-confessed Neb Head (someone really into Nebbiolo).

NARKOOJEE Pinot Noir 2009

pushed forward to the candy department of the cinemas surrounded by

Gippsland, Victoria. RRP $24

scents of boysenberry ice-cream and red currant lollies. As you enter the theatre, everything becomes a little sinister and darker

I sat there gazing at the Pinot Noir before me, which at first glance had the

where the palate speaks from more of a blackcurrant and sassafras base.

appearance and hue of a deep, unfiltered Burgundy.

Lucky that you’re not here to see a horror movie, finding that the black-

“Won’t you take me to funkytown!” I sung to myself.

fruited goodness on entry mellows into savouriness and works well with a

This steers away from the more ubiquitous style of primary fruit-driven

tannic structure boasting the perfect amount of grip.

Pinot Noir that you tend to find at this price range. In fact, I’d almost dare

The protagonist of the film is a Shiraz from the Eden Valley, who on

to say that it’s a little naughty to be offering such chompy, boastfully-

appearance, operates incognito as a wine much bigger than it actually

flavoured savoury goodness so cheaply.

is. But all that gentleness on the palate, combined with those deeply

How very Mrs Robinson!

flavoured components, work to highlight the subregion of the Barossa

What a pretty, feminine, magenta hue this presented. It was also

Valley as one that produces drops that are really worth supporting.

coincidentally similar to the new Dior Rose lipstick I had purchased the day earlier.


The initial entry on this wine from Bruno Porro is one of softness. As it

Loire Valley, France. RRP $26

meanders through, an emergence of flavours rings true of sour plum and cranberry that are coiled in ivy.

I can’t help it. Every time I think of the Chenin Blanc wines from the

It boasts an honest level of liquid power, whereby the lack of structuring

appellation of Vouvray, I think of Buble. Yes. Michael Buble. Vouvray Buble.

tannins (a trait of the Dolcetto grape) means that the wine coats the

It all started when I was talking with my local wine purveyor, Bottega

mouth from the tip of your tongue to the back of your throat in one fell

Tasca, about what to have with an asparagus, sapphire blue cheese and

swoop. A pleasant sensation, if I do say so myself.

porcini risotto I was preparing for myself that evening. We headed to their

There is that typical Italian element of blanched almonds to the finish

French section. Amongst all the Rieslings and the Chablis, there stood the

with a not-so-characteristic hint of cinnamon. How dandy. If you are keen

wine I would take away. The Vouvray.

to test the more serious side of Dolcetto, then this drop will do it for you

As soon as he suggested it, Michael Buble came soaring into my

quite easily. From Boccaccio Cellars.

conscience, sashaying and singing ‘Moondance’, ‘Sway’ and unashamedly, my favourite, ‘Just The Way You Look Tonight’.

TORZI MATTHEWS Frost Dodger Shiraz 2008

Thank goodness that as soon as I got home and cracked the bottle (French

Eden Valley, South Australia. RRP $30

white under screw cap – you beauty!), I was able to rid my mind of a crooning Mr Buble and instead focus on the swanking wine before me.

I adore the way that grandparents recall their memories of a trip to ‘the

A perfume of Royal Gala apples and yellow wintersweet florals enticed me

pictures’ (Gen Y readers, that’s ‘the movies’ to you). Turns out, it provides

to take the first sip, which had a rounded cotton candy creaminess to the

a fitting metaphor for the descriptive journey of this Eden Valley Shiraz.

finish but with a characteristic wired acidity to balance that big boy out.

Breathing in the wine puts you next to your grandmother whom you’re

I must thank the lads for their suggestion the next time I see them, as it

standing next to in line for your tickets. Oh yes, she smells like peppermint

was fragrant enough to challenge the heavy aroma of blue cheese and

and sage (fortunately not like mothballs). Giving the wine some air, you’re

with a cutting acidity, it wiped my palate clean too.


A world ClAss

Coffee sHow

Au s H Ch tral osti am ia’s ng pio B n s a ri s hip t a s

is coming to Australia

“coffee iS Not juSt a driNk, it’S a global trade. it haS afforded me the opportuNitY to eNgage with amaziNg people - producerS, traderS, roaSterS aNd equipmeNt maNufacturerS. it iS excitiNg to See aN eveNt that will briNg together all of theSe Stake holderS iN a world-claSS eNviroNmeNt, right here iN auStralia.”

8000 Square metreS Network with auStralaSia’S coffee elite buSiNeSS opportuNitieS

Scottie Callaghan World Latte Champion, Australian Barista Champion and Brand Ambassador Belaroma Coffee

maY 4th-6th, 2012 melbourNe ShowgrouNdS

2012 Melbourne International Coffee Expo promises to be a premium experience unlike any other. With 100 coffee industry exhibitors, the 2012 M.I.C.E is the largest dedicated coffee tradeshow ever to be staged in Australia. The event will engage all sectors of the coffee industry, including; green bean traders, wholesale roasters, commercial and domestic equipment, cafés and franchises, coffee equipment, accessories and education and training. The event will host the Australasian Specialty Coffee Association (AASCA) Australian Barista Championships, The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) international coffee awards and other competitions.

@ MelbCoffeeexpo

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LegaL insight

A hamper for Christmas

By Sarah Wade B.a ll.B

EldEr law Like us on Facebook at Palomba Antipasti and write “Hamper for Christmas” on our wall to go in the running to win this hamper!

A growing law in our community?

SCAN TAG To view our fACebook pAGe

Lawyers are often asked to create a document that allows a person to appoint another person to look after their financial and/or legal needs. This is a straight forward request and normally a very sensible decision on the part of the person, usually an older person, who fears if they become ill or suffer from

Family-owned manufacturers of premium quality antipasti including dried, char-grilled and marinated vegetables and olives, pestos and marinated cheese

some form of disability they have someone who will assist them. This document is known as an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) (Financial). In most cases preparing an EPA (Financial) is not a problem... or is it? This is the question that is becoming more and more critical for older people and the community to consider. In law there are four types of Powers of Attorney, general, financial, medical treatment, and Guardianship, generally older people request an EPA (Financial). What this means is that

“From our kitchen to your table”

they appoint a person, usually someone close to them, such as a family member or friend that they have known and trusted for some years to be their Attorney. The EPA (Financial) is a written document which gives the Attorney, after they sign the document, authority to make financial and legal decisions on behalf of the person who appointed them. It is for this reason when appointing an Attorney that a person must think long and hard about who they will appoint to be their Attorney, as they must have absolute trust and confidence in that person. Fortunately in most cases problems do not arise however, one the fastest growing areas of law today is Elder Law which is concerned, amongst other things, with financial abuse and discrimination of elderly people in our society. What is more alarming is this type of abuse can be found near the home or by

Winner will be notified by 5th December 2011 via Facebook.

people close to the older person. An EPA (Financial) can be a classic example of this. A close or old friend

Ask for our products at your favourite deli/supermarket and for additional hand made specialty products come and see us at our shop located at:

may ask for money, and if refused could suggest or influence their friend to have and EPA (Financial) prepared giving him/her power of attorney. What this means is that the close friend now has access to all

11 Norwich Ave Thomastown Vic Ph: 9462 2207 Fax: 9469 3787 Wed-Fri 9am-3pm and Sat 8.30am-12.30pm

financials including banking. Unfortunately in life and in the law there are never any simple answers to problems that arise in our community. What we can suggest is that any person, whether elderly, or 18 before you appoint the Attorney

Books for Cooks new & old books about wine, food & the culinary arts bought & sold Australia’s specialist independent cookery book store with over 30,000 new, out-of-print & antiquarian cookery & food & wine related books in stockright in the heart of Melbourne! 233-235 Gertrude St Fitzroy Victoria 3065 Tel +613 8415 1415 Fax +613 8415 1418

Mon-Sat 10-6 Sun 11-5

ensure that you understand all your rights and the law relating to your EPA (Financial) and most importantly don’t agree to or sign an EPA before you do. At SCAN TAG To fiNd ouT MoRE

Wade Lawyers we are interested to know what your views are in respect to Elder Law and the growing concerns of financial abuse against older people in our community. Please call our 1800 with your comments or any other legal issue you would like to discuss.

T 1800 655 346



The Leaders in Business Sales 9485 4488 | | 181 – 187 Plenty Rd Preston Vic 3072


BRUMBY’S - CBD - Massive turnover


Potential tkgs of $5,000-$10,000, currently trading 2 nights, busy city location near Crown Casino, 15yr lease, good rent, ideal for any food use, only 6 months old $108,000

Tkg $25,000pw, 2 CBD outlets, brilliant setup & exposure, fully staffed, secure franchise, massive potential for owner/operator, full training provided, POA, enquire now

Taking $8,500-$9,000, city, busy office area, 5 days, seats 42 in/out, no kitchen, rent $847 includes outgoings, simple menu selling pastries, sandwiches, cakes etc $220,000 ONO

Call Ray Farah 0425 861 467

Call Fred 0417 319 873

Call Mino 0414 886 364



Café – Abbottsford – Commercial Estate

Tkg $7,000, new café, months young, 5 days, seats 86 in/out, excellent location part of 15 level office complex, 13 yr lease, cheap rent, straight café, no takeaway $178,000

Tkg $9,000-$10,000, 5 nights/2 lunches, closed Sunday/Monday, seats 60 in + 30 outdoor, lic 1am, low overheads, owner retiring after 14 yrs, ideal for chef $178,000

Tkg $10,000+ pw, 5 days only - trades 7-4 Mon-Fri, licensed, 18kg coffee/choc, excellent location, fantastic setup,$269,000

Call Mino 0414 886 364

Call Fred 0417 319 873

Call Mino 0414 886 364



CAFÉ “ThORNBURY” $295,000

Taking $9,000, trades 5 days & 3 nights, fully licensed til 11pm, seats 80 in/out, 16-20kg coffee, prime South Market location, must see $320,000

Tkg $12,000-$14,000, Hume Hwy Caltex petrol station, rent $625 includes all outgoings & utilities, seats 70, well equipped, 7 days semi managed, 25kg coffee, high profits

Call Mino 0414 886 364

Call Mino 0414 886 364

Tkg $10,000, busy High St, 7 days close at 3.30, rent $320, 12 yr lease, seats 42, coffee 16 kilos, simple café menu, room to grow, ideal for a couple, high profit, must inspect




Tkgs $20,000+ pw, 6 days/nights, lease 12 yrs, seats 110 (licensed for 80 till 1am Fri/Sat), excellent fitout, full commercial equipment, ideal for functions, value for money, ideal for partners/family $ 478,000

Tkg $13,000 - $14,000 pw, 35kg coffee pw, simple operation, fully staffed, Main Road location, excellent exposure, quality food & coffee, POA

S/E Subs industrial estate, 5 days short hours, rent $481, simple menu / operation, seats 34, well equipped, established solid business, high profits, make an offer

Call Mino 0414 886 364

Call Fred 0417 319 873

Call Mino 0414 886 364

Call Allan Salha 0412 208 485


Don’t lose your tamper. 9Bar Espresso Services. Coffee machine sales, service and repairs. 1300 594 341

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A CULTURAL LOVE AFFAIR we’ll keep you informed about italian food, wine and cultural events going on around Australia and in italy. Packed with authentic regional recipes, wine reviews and features on italian restaurants and chefs both in italy and Australia.

now online Italianicious Magazine



Gram is available at 1000 venues around Melbourne CBD DISTRIBUTOR LIST BLOCK PLACE

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Rare Steakhouse Saki Sushi Bar Stellini Bar Tengo Sushi Terrace Deli Un Caffe Bar LITTLE LONSDALE STREET 1000 Pound Bend 166 Espresso Bar Angliss Restaurant Café 111 Café 18 Don Too Equinox Gianni Luncheon Giraffe Café Horse Bazaar Il Vicoletto Koukos Café Match Modo Mio Café Oddfellows Hotel Rue Bebelons Seamstress Shop 7 Espresso Strike Troika Bar York Café LONSDALE STREET


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Live Bait

GiGi Sushi Bar

Mecca Bar

Gogo Sushi

The Lounge room

Hi Fi Bar and Ballroom

Vic Harbour Kitchen

Melbourne Town Hall

Waterside Oriental Bistro

Nando’s Nelayan Indonesian


Old Town

Manchester Press

Oxford Scholar Riverland Bar


Soul Café

A1 Café Restaurant


Bean Room

Sushi Sushi

Blu Point Café

The Lounge

Café 294

The Order

Chill On Café

The Wine Bar

Chilli Café

Three Below

China Bar

Time Out Café

Hawkers Café


Infinity Café Bar

Your Thai Rice Noodle

Ishikai Japanese café


Izakaya Den (Basement) James Squire Brewhouse


King of Kings

Illia Café and Bar

Postal Hall

La Stradda Café

Red Hummingbird (doorway next to Baraki)

Metropolitan Hotel

Seoul House

The Mint

Aspro Ble

Syn Bar



Baguette Club

Two Fingers


Won Ton House

Club Retro

Zmeg’s Café

Colonial Hotel Degani’s Demi Tasse El Gran

SPENCER STREET Carron Tavern Pensione Hotel

Emerald Peacock Encore Café Bar Golden Monkey

SPRING STREET Appitizer Kubklam

Hikari Sushi

Café 201

J Walk Café

City Wine Shop

Japanese Pub Shogun

Elms Family Hotel

Kenny’s Bakery

Federici Café

LatteLove Café


Le Traiteur

Lime Café Bar

Legals Café Bar

The European


QUEEN STREET Bellini (ANZ Building) Chaise Lounge Degani Mercat Cross Hotel Michaelangelo Muleta’s Nashi Nourish Romano’s Segafredo Speck




Madame Kay’s Urban Deli Wheat Restaurant Bar MEYERS PLACE

SWANSTON STREET 3 Below Beer Deluxe Café Chinotto

Lily Blacks

Café L’Incontro


Café Mimo

Waiters Restaurant

Citi Espresso

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GRAM Magazine: October 2011 // Edition 9  

GRAM is food and drink culture. Compiled.

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