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Recommended by The Age Good Food Guide. Just a 30 minute drive out of the city and you can be relaxing with a glass of our award winning Pinot Noir or indulging in produce picked from our gardens that morning. Experience Joseph’s dining during the day, with stunning views over Australia’s largest Parterre garden. Monday - Friday lunch, 2 courses $39.50, 3 course $49.50, Saturday & Sunday lunch, 2 courses $50.00, 3 course $60.00, includes a glass of wine.

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The Palace 505 City Road,
South Melbourne. Ph:
9699 6410 Words and photos by Allan Huynh

ABOUT ALLAN HUYNH A twenty something year old Melbourne-born food lover, with the perpetual struggle SCAN TAG TO COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLE

of juggling his life between a demanding day job, an insatiable appetite to eat and satisfy a fastidious palate, and still find time to write a culinary journal and lead a somewhat normal life. More often than not, the ravenous stomach prevails!


A forewarning: this will be a slightly epic two-part post, with two visits that

occasions I attended on a Monday night, it was a full house, with people

occurred almost back to back.

seated into the bar section.

I must really be on an exodus to being crazy, or going through an awesome


run of fabulous places that I just had to return to…

Oysters, natural with mignonette dressing Being half price on Mondays, there was no way I would pass up ordering a

So, why did I choose this place? It has been around for at least 2 years, without

dozen Coffin Bay Oysters. With a small dash of lemon, Indian Ocean freshness

any recent social media hype to spotlight particular interest. Although thinking

was absolutely apparent with each morsel. It didn’t really need the mignonette.

back, I may have tried something from The Palace at the Taste of Melbourne last year, but only ever so vague a memory. The actual reasons were in fact me stumbling upon the Monday and Tuesday half price fish and steak (respectively) on HungryCaterpillar, not to mention also enjoying a discount from the entertainment book. [Update: Luke Mangan has recently announced his departure from this Melbourne gastropub, debranding it to simply The Palace, at which the new head Chef John King will hold the reigns.]

The restaurant itself is actually cosily sectioned off at the rear through an archway. An open kitchen, muted walls and wall length mirrors enclose this small space.

This old hotel converted to the current gastro-pub, is quite literally in the middle of nowhere.

Crab omelette Crab? Omelette? Oh yes please! The broken threads of crab meat wrapped

Walking passed the pub-bar at the entrance for the first time, I found myself a

loosely in a parcel of fried eggs is moist, fragrant and beautifully dressed

little tentative as to where to go? Do I wait here? Do I keep going in?

with enoki, fried shallots, chilli and mint. This continues to deviate from its resemblance to Banh-Xeo with the broth of miso hinted with mustard,

The restaurant itself is actually cosily sectioned off at the rear through an

adding a bit of savoury depth. Dare I say a stunning omelette.

archway. An open kitchen, muted walls and wall length mirrors enclose this small space.

Salt and jalapeno pepper squid These golden brown goodies were well received, snapped up by all the

Luke Mangan’s self-branded products can be seen on every table. Both

hungry mouths around the table. They were crispy, juicy and packed


with lasting chilli heat on the tongue. It is simply dressed with caramelised

we ordered, the nominated fish of the day – silver-dory – had run out, but

eschalots, cucumber salad and miso mayo to dip. It reminds me a bit of

glad that it turned out quite well.

KFC, but definitely supercharged! Desserts

Small dumplings of springy, not at all doughy gnocchi, lightly seared with a slightly crispy bite and drizzled with truffle could easily have been my favourite entrée of the day, if not for the omelette. Crunchy cubes of white asparagus, broad beans and zucchini decorate the dish with a colourful green.

Hot chocolate fondant Picture this: amongst a sea of chocolate lies a warm chocolate fondant cake slathered in chocolate, within which contains a pocket of hot melted chocolate that flows out like lava the moment you put your spoon through. It sounds and looks like an excess of chocolate, but it is neither too sweet nor rich and is perfect alongside the ball of vanilla ice-cream rolled in cookies. Floating island Soft, warm meringue with a scattering of berries, orange and apple wedges, served with Frangelico crème anglaise is worlds apart from the previous dessert – sweet and refreshing.

Pan fried gnocchi Small dumplings of springy, not at all doughy gnocchi, lightly seared with

Crème brûlée

a slightly crispy bite and drizzled with truffle could easily have been my

It isn’t as vanilla-bean-perfect as the one at Fog (Prahran), but the perfect

favourite entrée of the day, if not for the omelette. Crunchy cubes of white

film of caramelised sugar and delicious custard still makes me salivate. And

asparagus, broad beans and zucchini decorate the dish with a colourful

an almond biscotti accompanies it.

green. Sticky date pudding Mains

A warm cube of moist, buttery sticky date pudding with a generous pour

Fish of the day – Pan fried barramundi

of thick butterscotch sauce with a tad of syrup was absolutely to die for.

Being half price and all, we (the 5 of us) all ordered the fish of the day

Anyone with any remote bias for butterscotch should try this.

($19). From the bottom up there was a generous smear of smooth pumpkin puree, wilted silverbeet, bursts of corn kernels and a small trail of

RATING: Yummy+1.5. A cosy gastro-pub well worth the trek to South

cajun spiced squid rings. The centrepiece barramundi is beautifully crisp –

Melbourne for – twice in two weeks for me in fact. Not to mention the value

almost lightly fried in quality – with moist white flesh. Apparently by the time

for money!

Machine problems? Machine problems? We’veWe’ve bean there. bean there. 9Bar Espresso Services. Coffee machine sales, service and repairs. 9Bar Espresso Services. Coffee machine sales, service and repairs.

1300 594 341

Scan tag to find out more.

1300 594 341

Scan tag to find out more.



Snow pony 95 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn. Ph: 9816 8911 Words and photos by Kat

About Spatula, Spoon and Saturday Kat started her ‘fabulous food porn blog’ while working in Singapore as a SAP consultant because ‘everyone has a food blog in Singapore’. Over time, it evolves into a blog about restaurant reviews, travelling and recipes from her homecooking experiments. Kat lives with her family in Melbourne where she finds it to be too cold but loves it anyway. She has no ambition other than to ensure her child is capable of eating ridiculously spicy food.



Strangely enough, Snow Pony’s website is the only website whose neverending

There is nothing imperfect about this dish – the eggs were perfectly poached,

autoplay music doesn’t piss me off. It’s such a great tune to get you in the

the bacon was smokey and crispy, the mushrooms were flavourful, and Mini

mood to visit this awesome little cafe in Balwyn for brunch.

Me happily munched on the Noisette thick cut toast.

Because I am your regular eastern suburb stay-at-home Mum, I find it really

We also ordered the French lentil salad with rocket, walnut and goat’s cheese.

hard to battle into the inner suburbs for the awesome cafés frequented by the

It was a lovely salad – everything was perfectly dressed and the flavours were

hip young crowd during brunch hours with a young baby, especially on the

well balanced. Unfortunately, it was tiny and I was starving.

weekends. Snow Pony is the perfect answer. It’s not too far from home and I can always get parking just out front.

So to make up for the small lunch, I decided that I would have their lemonade scones with jam and cream which I have had a few times. They are all kinds of

Snow Pony is brought to you by the same folks who bring you Friends of Mine

awesome except they weren’t available. So instead, we settled on sharing one

in Richmond and Porgie and Mr Jones in Hawthorn. They have similar menus

of their very popular breakfast dishes, toasted banana bread.

with the similar flair in their food. How supremely pretty is this dish? Thick chunks of toasted banana bread On this particular occasion, I took Mini Me and her grandma out for a lunch

with a generous amount of mascarpone, banana and berry filling drenched

treat. We both decided to share a couple of dishes. Lyn had opted for Giddy

in syrup and berry coulis and topped with green pistachio. It is such a good

Up, which is Snow Pony’s version of big breakfast. It consisted of two poached

looking dish. And very satisfying. You can probably tell by the gushing that I

eggs, bacon, roasted tomato, smashed avocadoes and herby mushrooms.

will be there, often.

Have a sweet Christmas with LuxBite’s Christmas hamper, macarons tower, desserts and cakes.

Scan tag to find out more

Limited time and limited stock. 38 Toorak Road South Yarra VIC 3141 Australia P: 9867 5888 | E: | Open 7 days, 8am - 8pm




SCAN TAG FOR MORE INFO ON Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird (DETAILS ON PG. 3)


Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird 124 Gardenvale Road, Gardenvale. Ph: 9596 4186 Words and photos by Brunch Addict

About Mr LB and Miss SL Two people in Melbourne who love food set about a journey to find the best brunch in


town. Scouting out new brunch places weekly for you to try is our quest. Don’t worry– coffee quality is just as important to us as the food.


Opening hours:

flavoured body with a pleasant crisp aftertaste. It’s well balanced with

Mon-Fri: 6am-4pm

subtle and soft mild flavours running throughout the front and back

Sat-Sun: 7am-4pm

taste. It could be described as a classic coffee taste with a crisp silk finish. What also impressed me was the ability to tailor the strength of

Coffee: Omar’s house blend

the coffee with hot water provided in a separate pot.

Mr LB:

The menu option at Omar’s consists of fresh food with sourdough

“There is a certain lifestyle that we all project in our heads of wanting it

featuring throughout. Eggs were hard to come by on this menu, which

all. We dream of the day it will all come together, but in the meantime we

is an interesting direction considering most people (including myself),

put up with the current situation and strive forward. While this concept

would naturally assume a coffee/brunch house would supply at least

has been dramatised on a number of occasions on television, you must

one egg dish.

think – what about café owners? Can they have complete control of their vision right down to the taste of their coffee? Well there are two young

However, boldness is an element I like to see within the Melbourne café

fellows who roast their own beans, chose a unique location and planned

scene and with no hesitation I went for the roast chicken salad served

a different menu. We welcome Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird.

with dressed rocket and toasted sourdough ($18).

Omar lies just a short turn off from the Nepean Highway in the hidden

When I think salad, I have always imagined it to be on the light side and

suburb of Gardenvale. Don’t be deterred by the cars buzzing past, as

not completely satisfying. This salad definitely removed my doubt. Man

inside is a stripped-out shop, fitted with a special café setting. There is

was it big. The salad itself was organically fresh and visually alluring

seating outside, however, it’s the inside that makes this place marvellous.

with consistent portions of salad leafs, tomato, avocado and generous

The space is narrow and long with seating on the right and the service

dashes of balsamic vinegar.

section to the left. The roast chicken, served with mayo, was well cooked and achieved a The decor has a strong industrial feel with chic shelving made of

nice moisture. The sourdough was baked to perfection and was infused

combined wood and metal with their humble coffee roaster down the

with various grains that were soft and tender. The bread was good as

back. What makes Omar‘s decor impressive is its table setting which

it allowed the eater to create little open sandwiches with the salad,

is mounted with wheels and aligned on tracks. Not only is it a novelty

however because of the large salad size you are left with just eating

to play with while waiting for coffee and food, but it gives flexibility to

salad at the end.

big brunch groups. Long gone are the days of a big group crowding around a small table, as brunch goers can ‘self help’ to acquire a free

Omar’s proves that you don’t need to be within the bounds of the inner city

neighbouring table to make the desired table size.

to provide greatness. I am a fan of Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird because of its quirky decor and the coffee. With a bit of improvement, I

As mentioned above, Omar selects and roasts its own coffee blend.

can easily see Omar’s becoming a regular known favourite of Melbourne.

Its house blend is something out of the ordinary, consisting of a rich

You should beat the rush and give it a good go. Happy brunching!”


Miss SL: “It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I was feeling sorry for myself.

however, this might have been more due to the perfect weather that day.

The Thursday before I had fractured my arm attempting to bike ride down to Three Bags Full. Mr LB attempted to cheer me up by suggesting

When my roll came out, it looked somewhat underwhelming. While the

we make our way down to a café his friend had suggested. With a name

presentation was simple and the roll itself didn’t look that adventurous,

like Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird, I really couldn’t say no.

the first bite determined otherwise.

So why the eccentric name?

The preserved lemon in the mayonnaise gave the tuna a creamy, zingy flavour. I almost wouldn’t have known I was eating tuna if it wasn’t for

Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird stems from a tale about a man

the very slight lingering aftertaste of saltiness. The avocado was crushed

named Sheik Omar, who was banished into the mountain of Ousab after

and lost within the mayonnaise, tuna and rocket. The Kalamata olives

trying to ‘keep’ the king’s daughter. As starvation was near, a bird of

were also ground into the dressing as hints of olive popped into my

marvellous plumage appeared. As he tried to grab it, the bird got away,

mouth at varying intervals.

leaving him grasping coffee cherries instead. He found them delicious and when he added them to a herb soup, he accidentally created coffee.

Being greedy as we are, we couldn’t resist the gorgeous little gingerbread men by the counter on the way out. They were mildly overcooked, but

The first thing you notice when walking into Omar’s is how sophisticated

overall delicious. A beautiful hit of ginger spice without being over the

and yet understated this café is. It’s clean and chic and looks like it

top created a lovely dessert as we sauntered away from Omar‘s.

belongs more in the Armadale or Richmond space than the sleepy suburb of Gardenvale (near Brighton).

Overall Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird was a pleasant surprise, and somewhat of a local haven. The food was generous, healthy and

The painkillers had suppressed my appetite, so I decided to go for a

homely. The staff were attentive and friendly and the atmosphere was

lunchtime roll – tuna, Kalamata olives, capers, red onion, preserved

clean and relaxed. I’d definitely drop in for a fresh and healthy bite in the

lemon, avocado, mayonnaise and rocket ($10) with a vanilla milkshake


($5). My milkshake was quickly presented with some cinnamon sprinkled on top. It was lovely and light, but synthetic. Regardless I still enjoyed it,


Final Thought: “Healthy food and big portions”


La Petanque 1208 Mornington-Flinders Road, Main Ridge. Ph: 5931 0155 Words and photos by Agnes Hon






How did people decide on places to eat and activities to do before the internet? When I started planning our Mornington Peninsula weekend a couple of days before heading down there, I looked at blogs, websites, checked out menus, and I even made restaurant bookings online. One place I booked was La Petanque, located in Main Ridge, Mornington

we were served a little amuse bouche of a vibrant roasted cherry tomato. dark, salty star anise flavour – very intriguing and moreish.

Peninsula. It’s a casual, southern French style restaurant seating 60 that’s located in a rustic wooden building with rose and herb gardens

Before our entrees arrived, we were served a little amuse bouche of a

leading to the entrance. Inside, it’s all wooden floors, wooden ceiling

vibrant roasted cherry tomato filled with spring vegetables. A sweet and

beams, tables with white tablecloths and large windows.

flavourful bite, it certainly whet our appetite for the rest of the meal. My entrée was the pan-fried lamb sweetbreads, served with broad

It’s a casual, southern French style restaurant seating 60 that’s located in a rustic wooden building with rose and herb gardens leading to the entrance.

beans, fried capers, toasted hazelnuts and fried sage ($22) – almost too pretty to eat, and how often can you say that about offal? This was a rather spectacularly rich dish but I enjoyed every bit of it, from the sweetbreads to the crunchy hazelnuts, and the broad beans that helped cut through some of the richness. Alastair had the ravioles of Echuca fresh water yabbies with salmon roe and a chive and yabby bisque reduction ($25). Filled with identifiable

After ordering, we were brought out marinated olives, olive oil and fresh

yabby meat in a slightly spicy broth, he was very satisfied with his choice.

bread rolls from the oven. You know that I don’t really eat bread, but I couldn’t resist because it was still warm. The marinated olives made me

And funnily enough, he didn’t want to taste my entrée after I explained

think of soy sauce chicken… but without chicken obviously. They had a

what sweetbreads were.


For mains, Alastair had the honey glazed Otway pork belly with blue swimmer crab, tarragon, baby turnip, oyster mushroom and preserved lemon jus ($39). On one side of his interestingly shaped plate was a big slab of pork belly. He gave me some pork belly to try and it was superb – the thin skin was honey sweet and crispy, with only a minimal amount of fat underneath, and of course the flesh was tender and succulent. It was cooked really, really well.

He gave me some pork belly to try and it was superb – the thin skin was honey sweet and crispy, with only a minimal amount of fat underneath, and of course the flesh was tender and succulent. On the other side of his plate was a mound of crab meat and a couple of baby leeks. I was happy that I selected a lighter main after my rich entrée – mine was a snapper fillet with celeriac mousseline, baby carrots, Mount Martha’s mussels, chorizo and a light emulsion ($39). It was lighter, but it was still fantastic – the fish was perfectly cooked and flaked easily. I also loved the silky celeriac mousseline that went perfectly with it. And the carrots, mussels and chorizo on the side of the plate I ate separately. We skipped dessert, and had a couple of coffees instead ($5 each). The coffees came out with a couple of chocolate truffles – decadent and creamy and the perfect end to lunch.

The coffees came out with a couple of chocolate truffles – decadent and creamy and the perfect end to lunch.

La Petanque gets a big fat tick in my opinion. The food was fantastic, perfectly cooked and as you can see – gorgeously presented. On


Something exciting is afoot! You’ll just have to wait and see what’s coming, but rest assured we are aiming to change for the better. Ready yourself for more fun, a relaxed locals vibe, casual affordable dining, BAR & EATERY drinking and late night entertainment right in the heart of Brunswick East. Expect great offers on our exciting summer menu, eclectic events and a whole new atmosphere. Trust us, you’ll love it!


Baba Bar & Eatery Drinks, Food, Music and More. SCAN TO . FIND OUT MORE



weekdays they have a lunch special where you can get tasting size dishes of 2 courses for $35, 3 courses for $50 and 4 courses for $65 – superb value. I would love to go back to try out the rest of the menu and enjoy another lovely, leisurely meal.



Christmas Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School 22 Wilson Avenue, Brunswick Give the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas with a voucher to the internationally renowned Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School in Brunswick. Your loved one could be indulging you with delicate French macarons and handmade chocolates... it’s a win win! This Christmas season Savour is throwing a little something extra in your stocking, spend $100 on a gift voucher and receive an additional $15 value. Spend $200 and receive an additional $30, or spend $500 or more and receive an additional $100 value!


PHONE: 03 9380 9777 VISIT:

LuxBite 38 Toorak Road, South Yarra LuxBite is a pâtisserie café in Toorak Road, South Yarra, Melbourne: An edible jewellery box of colours, flavours and textures designed to delight the eyes, as well as the taste buds. Offering a new and unique concept of brunch designed to allow you to formulate your own personalised breakfast experience, as well as an array of Christmas themed sweet treats. Have a sweet Christmas, with LuxBite’s Christmas hampers, macaron towers, desserts and cakes. (*corporate rates available) PHONE: 03 9867 5888 EMAIL: VISIT: HOURS: Open 7 days, 8am - 8pm


MAP Coffee 2-4 Buckhurst Street, South Melbourne Map Coffee’s Bella Machine is a fail-safe Christmas gift idea. This sleek European designed machine uses capsules that contain freshly ground, aromatic Italian coffee. There are five blends, including a Belgian Hot Chocolate, the only one available in Australia. Sold alone or as a package deal which includes an Automatic Milk Frother for $349 at Harvey Norman and Good Guys stores. We’re pretty sure this gift will be highly appreciated both during and even following the Christmas and New Year’s festivities.


PHONE: 03 8685 1000 VISIT:

Special 5kg Nutella jar Casa & Bottega, 64 Sutton Street, North Melbourne

5kg e u q jar uni s ’ r o ct colle

Nutella’s origins date back to the 1940s when patisserie maker and founder of the Ferrero company, Mr Pietro Ferrero, developed the first version of the product. Cocoa was in short supply at the time due to rationing during World War II, so Mr Ferrero came up with the idea of mixing toasted hazelnuts with cocoa, cocoa butter and vegetable oils. In 1964, the product was renamed Nutella, it was later introduced in Australia in 1978 and is now available in an enormous 5kg jar.


PHONE: 03 9322 4700 VISIT:

Baci Christmas gifts Visit Often the hardest gifts to buy are those special somethings to fill the stockings of our nearest and dearest. The Baci Xmas Sleeved Boxes and Bags are a gift of quality with special meaning. Baci offers luscious milk chocolate, whipped and blended with fresh, chopped hazelnuts and topped with a whole hazelnut smothered with rich and velvety dark chocolate. Each Baci kiss is accompanied by a note of love to be revealed and shared. The range is available from David Jones and leading specialty retailers across Australia. PHONE: +61 8 9328 7455


gift guide Chokolait Shop 8, 318 Little Collins Street, Melbourne Chokolait is one of Melbourne’s most highly acclaimed chocolate salons and to help celebrate the festive season Chokolait has prepared a range of Belgian Chocolate “Little Jumpers”. A bit frivolous, a lot of fun and all prepared with genuine Belgian chocolate to keep everyone “Jumping” this season. So, if you are looking for distinctly delicious and unique gifts, a visit to Chokolait will have everyone “Jumping” with joy.


PHONE: 03 9639 6188 VISIT:

MacPhee’s, for the wine enthusiast 249 Coventry Street, South Melbourne Need to find that perfect Christmas gift for the wine enthusiast in your life? MacPhee’s sources wine accessories from some of the finest and most renowned brands in world. The store features varietal glassware, wine art and antiques, a huge range of decanters, stunning ice buckets as well as numerous gadgets for wine service and preservation. And you needn’t be a wine connoisseur to find the perfect wine accessory. MacPhee’s friendly staff has extensive product knowledge and is more than happy to assist - we’ll even gift wrap your selection for you.


PHONE: 03 9696 2300 VISIT:

Abla’s Patisserie. Two great locations: High Street, Preston & Prahran Market, South Yarra Satisfy your sweet tooth this christmas with an exquisitely decorated Ginger-bread house from Abla’s Patisserie. Using only premium ingredients and traditional recipes, Abla’s Patisserie is renowned for its quality handmade, middle-eastern baklava & pastries and frenchinspired cakes & desserts. Pop in a for a coffee and chat and sample the delights Abla’s has become famous for. Avoid the rush and order your gingerbread house now!


PHONE: Preston 03 9480 1700 South Yarra 03 9827 5881

Books for Cooks 233-235 Gertrude St, fitzroy Books for Cooks is Melbourne’s specialist culinary bookstore with thousands of gorgeous & desirable cookbooks ranging from the obscure to the latest, from the easiest to the extremely uberprofessional ‘Modernist Cuisine’. Imports, professional titles and hard to find books are a specialty. Open every day until Christmas – if you love food - shop where the chefs shop for your Christmas feast!


PHONE: +61 3 8415 1415 VISIT:

La Pavoni 149 Martin Street, Brighton After more than 100 years of experience in the manufacturing of espresso machines, La Pavoni has become an icon, recognised all over the world for its prestige and excellence. The design, the tradition, the quality and performance are all characteristics of La Pavoni’s Blue Brand Verobar series. Made In Italy, the Verobar includes a volumtetric programmable touch pad (V model), a 2-litre boiler, pump and boiler pressure gauges, stainless steel steam arms, separate hot water tap, 15 Bar Pump Pressure, E61 group head, all stainless steel body and 2.9-litre water tank. PHONE: 03 9596 2286 VISIT:



Auction Rooms 103-107 Errol Street, North Melbourne. Ph: 9326 7749 Words and photos by I-Hua Lim

A Food, Travel and Entertainment Blog Based in Melbourne A HR professional who enjoys living in Melbourne and spends a lot of her time trying not to let life get the better of her. This blog is mostly about food…with a bit of travelling, concerts, books, movies and occasional writing thrown in. Sub-heading of the blog:


Going once, going twice, and S-O-L-D to the wonderful team at Auction

The Boy had the Twice Cooked Pork Belly with Smoky Baked Beans and


Housemade Corn Bread which he said was rustic and good. The pork belly was definitely a winner for him. The smoky baked beans reminded

I did hear an entire internal auction process in my head whilst we were

him of the ones from Seven Seeds.

waiting to be seated one fine Sunday afternoon at Auction Rooms. It was our second time there, waiting.

I had the most amazing Salmon Pastrami served on Crumbed Potato & Fish Cake with Watercress Salad, Sauce Gribiche and Poached Egg –

The first time, the queue was too long and as I was getting crankier and

pretty much the best ever fish cake I’ve had. It made my day.

crankier, we ended up leaving and dining elsewhere. It wasn’t their fault. I just get cranky when I’m not fed. Regularly. At interval hours. Or I get

What did I think of it all despite my avid fear of falling and my second

cranky. “Capiche?”

time lucky? Absolutely loved it.

When we were finally seated in the ‘outdoors/indoors’ area, I hesitated

Food was good and comforting. Coffee was warm and inviting.

just a bit, as the wait staff indicated that I sit on a high stool at the bench table.

*Disclaimer: All food ratings are purely based on my own experiences and how I feel about the service, food and quality at the time of visit.

I have a great big fear of heights and falling off chairs when my feet don’t touch the ground. It scares me. A bit.

Food/Cuisine: Breakfast/Lunch & Coffee Dining style: Café

But I was hungry, and didn’t want to wait any longer for my coffee or

Overall food rating (Based on the dining style): 8/10

lunch, I had to suck it up.

(Seriously, best fish cakes ever!) Restaurant ambiance: 7/10

I forgot to take any notes or pictures of the coffee list or the menu.

Service/Attitude: 7/10 (Friendly staff who were quite happy to explain

Please don’t shoot me. That is business, and ‘we don’t discuss business

the coffees to us, pity I forgot to jot down notes)

at the table’. I’m not sure what to attribute this to. It was either my lapse

Value for money: 7/10 (I can’t really remember the price either, but it was

of memory or the fear of falling face down that did it.

pretty standard Melbourne café prices)

But I did take very nice pictures and even had action shots of the Boy

Opening Hours:

pouring out his Siphon Coffee.

Monday to Wednesday: 7am – 5pm Thursday to Friday: 7am – 10pm

My latte had the Coffee of the Day tag. I found the Kenyan Kongocho

Saturday: 7.30am – 10pm

“AA” to be quite robust.

Sunday: 7.30am – 5pm


Recipe: Frittata Recipe and photos by Mish Delish

About Mish Delish Mish Delish is a recipe blogger and food stylist, who cooks from scratch, using quality seasonal ingredients. She demystifies complicated cooking techniques and helps home cooks to create spectacular meals at home. And, makes them look pretty too.


Zucchini and Bacon Frittata

Serves 6


This is a family favourite and particularly lovely in spring when zucchini

Pre-heat oven to 180°C and grease and line a rectangle baking dish

is in abundant supply. If you have leftovers, it’s great for school lunches

(25cm x 15cm) with baking paper.

and freezes well too. Drain the grated zucchini in a sieve, sprinkle with salt and press with the back of a wooden spoon to squeeze out the excess moisture.

INGREDIENTS: Sauté the bacon on a medium heat until golden and set aside on a paper 500g zucchini, grated (about 4 small zucchini)

towel. Mix the zucchini and cheese together in a large bowl and add the

1 cup good quality parmesan, grated

bacon and onion. Stir well to combine.

1 onion, finely chopped 150g bacon, finely chopped

Lightly whisk together the eggs and add them to the zucchini mixture,

1 cup self-raising flour

followed by the flour. Mix well and season well with freshly cracked

3 eggs


Sea salt & pepper Pour the mixture into a baking dish and bake for 30 minutes or until set.

A world ClAss

Coffee sHow

Au s H Ch tral osti am ia’s ng pio B n s a ri s hip t a s

is coming to Australia

“coffee iS Not juSt a driNk, it’S a global trade. it haS afforded me the opportuNitY to eNgage with amaziNg people - producerS, traderS, roaSterS aNd equipmeNt maNufacturerS. it iS excitiNg to See aN eveNt that will briNg together all of theSe Stake holderS iN a world-claSS eNviroNmeNt, right here iN auStralia.”

8000 Square metreS Network with auStralaSia’S coffee elite buSiNeSS opportuNitieS

Scottie Callaghan World Latte Champion, Australian Barista Champion and Brand Ambassador Belaroma Coffee

maY 4th-6th, 2012 melbourNe ShowgrouNdS

2012 Melbourne International Coffee Expo promises to be a premium experience unlike any other. With 100 coffee industry exhibitors, the 2012 M.I.C.E is the largest dedicated coffee tradeshow ever to be staged in Australia. The event will engage all sectors of the coffee industry, including; green bean traders, wholesale roasters, commercial and domestic equipment, cafés and franchises, coffee equipment, accessories and education and training. The event will host the Australasian Specialty Coffee Association (AASCA) Australian Barista Championships, The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) international coffee awards and other competitions.

@ MelbCoffeeexpo

Scan tag to visit our website


The Premises 202 Bellair Street, Kensington. Ph: 9376 7565 Words and photos by Bryan

ABOUT BRYAN I’m an inquisitive foodie with an Asian palate. I love how food brings people together. There is a story behind every meal and I’m constantly trying to find it. Please join my Melbourne-based food journey and let’s get fat together.


Fakegf has well and truly earned her namesake, we’re hanging out

The Premises has a homely warehouse-slash-apothecary feel, with

soo often now! Our visits to The Premises revolved around my work

communal tables, glass cabinets and old school desks and chairs. I

lunch hour and fakegf would come to my workplace just so we can

actually really liked the space, it was edgy but not intimidating. In fact,

brunch! Yes, we both have been totally bitten by the brunch bug. And

it felt warm. And it’s got two street entrances coming in at right angles,

it is surprising how much relaxation, coffee and food enjoyment can be

allowing for lots of natural light.

squeezed into an hour. I really should do this more. I’d only heard of this place through Lauren, who really enjoyed her caffé latte and good ol’ egg and bacon roll here. Once I found out that they use Seven Seeds coffees, I had to visit. The most memorable cup of coffee I’ve ever had in Melbourne was drunk at Seven Seeds, although my most recent visit wasn’t as amazing. But the beans can only do so much, if the barista is good, we can go walk the heavens together. OMG, I wish I could marry a barista, imagine orgasmic coffees every morning!

I’d only heard of this place through Lauren, who really enjoyed her caffé latte and good ol’ egg and bacon roll here. Once I found out that they use Seven Seeds coffees, I had to visit.

On first sip, I tasted very summery floral notes, and yet it also felt rich bodied with an interesting astringency. Really nice, and for a fleeting moment, I was taken to another place...

The house blend coffee here has a distinctive woody dimension to it. With sugar added, it tasted like a delicious milk chocolate with hints of caramel, almost like a mocha. Quite nice, and very Seven Seeds... smooth, light, mellow and chocolatey. Fakegf’s skinny magic tasted stronger, assertive and yet there was something floral in the air around it. She liked it. Loved the colours in fakegf’s dish – yummy beef, tart pickled cabbage, head-clearing mustard and good melted cheese. The strong flavours

I’d also like to announce that I now have a mini baristabooo set-up

here were balanced nicely and fakegf pretty much enjoyed it. Speaking

at home. A good conical burr grinder, correct sized frothing jug, milk

of our fakegf / fakebf relationship, I made a horrid booboo that visit. I

thermometer, heavy tamper, good fresh beans and a mediocre-but-

was so caught up taking pictures that I absentmindedly poured water

good-enough espresso machine. While I still can’t for the life of me froth

for myself and forgot to pour water for her! Bad bad fakebf!

milk correctly to be able to weave foam art, nor can I mimic the strength of a magic, my homemade coffees are now delicious enough to not put

So... *koff* all I’d written down for this dish was “my breakfast was nice”.

me in a bad mood. This means if a café makes a cup of coffee that I can

That was about two months ago and I now can’t remember how it tasted.

do better at home, they F.A.I.L.

But I remember it’s a simple, easily assembled can-be-made-at-home


type of dish. But still, it was a well thought-out dish and the component

really understood what it meant. But I think it’s basically a meat that’s slow

ingredients were good. Actually, once a dish has a zesty or pickly facet to

cooked until it’s fork tender and then pulled apart into luscious pieces.

it, I’d normally enjoy it. On visit two, I had a Single Origin Ethiopian Sidamo OCR (small batch) Magic. That’s a lot of gobbledegook for just a cup of coffee and you must think I’m such a snob. But I’m really trying to see if there’s any difference between a single origin cup and a house blend cup. I’ve learnt to ask the waitress or the barista whether their single origin works well with milk. While all house blends are shaped to work well with and without milk, single origin coffees have a more specific character profile and may sometimes

I Loved the colours in fakegf’s dish – yummy beef, tart pickled cabbage, head-clearing mustard and good melted cheese. The strong flavours here were balanced nicely and fakegf pretty much enjoyed it.

only taste good without milk, as an espresso, which I won’t order. With this cup, the barista told me the beans were naturally processed

This pulled pork dish was very nice and resonates very well with me

and that the flavours can go quite wild. On first sip, I tasted very summery

as a brunch dish. Light, bright and refreshing. There was a truly zesty

floral notes, and yet it also felt rich bodied with an interesting astringency.

pickled fennel salad that’s cleverly spiced with coriander seeds and red

Really nice, and for a fleeting moment, I was taken to another place...

peppercorns. Even the spiced baked apple was slightly pickly. I didn’t

I could almost taste arid/native desert plants, and caught the slightest

find it too difficult assembling everything onto my piece of bread.

whiff of wattle flowers and jasmine. Wow. No sugars needed. Methinks it’s time to explore single origins more in the future...

I’m always a lot more congenial towards a brunch place if the coffees are good, and here, they’re great. There’s a zesty, spicy slant to the menu

On a side note, the barista suggested there may be strawberry hints in that

and they don’t seem to go heavy with any creamy and rich sauces, I like

Ethiopian blend. Sadly, I still can never taste that elusive strawberry note.

that. Some of the dishes may be quite simple, but they’re made well,

I love the culinary use of the word ‘pulled’ with meat dishes but never

unpretentious and priced reasonably. I will be coming back.



Mon-Fri 12-4pm Sun-Thu 7-11pm Saturday 7-9pm

ree n f ow e t Glu tion n le. op ailab $2 av tra Ex


Mon-Fri Mon-Thu Fri & Sat Sun till

376 Smith St. Collingwood 3066 Phone: +61 3 9417 2233

12-4pm 7-11pm 7-9pm 11pm

Gram maGazine Facebook Giveaway To celebrate christmas, we will be giving away a fantastic prize pack, courtesy of coffee. One lucky winner will receive their very own MAP Nautilus coffee machine as well as four packs of MAP coffee capsules. The MAP Nautilus coffee machine offers: • An adjustable and removable dispensing spout • Steam and hot water functions • Easy insertion of coffee capsules as well as automatic ejection

To enTer, simply ‘like’ The Gram maGazine Facebook paGe beFore 20 December 2012. On behalf of the team at Gram, we wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

WINE REVIEWS Words and photo by Krystina Menegazzo

ABOUT KRYSTINA MENEGAZZO La Donna del Vino is the pseudonym of this young lady from Melbourne who completed her winemaking degree whilst being a gypsy working in vintages throughout Australia and Italy. Finally she decided to return home and sell wine instead. In her spare time she cooks, eats, drinks buon vino and is a self-confessed Neb Head (someone really into Nebbiolo).

CASTAGNA Allegro Rosé 2009

In the case of Crudo (Italian for ‘raw’), it has been fittingly crafted in a

Beechworth, Victoria. RRP $34

very easy drinking style using no oak, wild yeast and a fair whack of whole bunches in the ferment. Ultimately, it promotes a gluggable red under the

“They’ve done studies, you know. 60% of the time…it works every time.”

$25 price bracket that did not go amiss for myself and a friend on a carefree

That may be a quote that I stole from the movie Anchorman – The Legend

mid-week dinner.

of Ron Burgundy [2004], but such a highly intelligent saying could also

Dark berry fruited with spices of clove and a touch of pepper, this is cool

be applied to the wine style rosé. We are in the midst of a Rosé Revolution

climate Shiraz fruit at its most approachable. And it even gives a little at

that hosts events through the month of November. However according to

the finish. A lack of fining and filtration means you will discover a nice

my standards of rosé appreciation and ridiculously good mathematical

bit of sediment in the bottom of your bottle, which is just another less

calculations, it is actually a beverage that has the capacity to be consumed

interventionist direction taken by this quality-focused lad. Forget the raw

during two thirds of the year, if not more. Melbourne weather permitting, I

food eating fad. Any stomach would find it more inviting to jump on board

am referring to the period from the end of October to the start of May. “60%

the raw wine drinking bandwagon instead.

of the time…it works every time.” On November 10th, I celebrated the beginning of the revolution with this

PROTERO Gumeracha Nebbiolo 2006

rosé from Castagna called Allegro, which easily confirmed its position as

Adelaide Hills, South Australia. RRP $63

one of Australia’s top rosé wines. What can I say? It is difficult to dislike such a pretty peach, salmon, blush hued wine. Well actually no. That was a blatant

Here is the ol’ chap that deservedly won the Best Wine trophy at the Australian

lie because if the wine did not perform and do wondrous things in my mouth

Alternative Varieties Wine Show held at the beginning of November. For

then I would not speak of it so highly. Fear not, Julian Castagna has created

an event that highlights and champions the planting of less known native

a wicked rosé mistress of layered complexity like no other.

European and other world varieties on Australian soil, it was wonderful to

She beckons you forth by opening with a perfume of sweet pink musk

see such a poised, aged wine take the limelight and at the same time pay

followed by a gentle puff of smoke. Soft and playful on the palate, she kisses

testament to the long-standing efforts as it was drinking so perfectly.

you with sugared almond lips dusted with vanilla icing. Texturally, Madame

Being 2006 and a Nebbiolo, you expect that characteristic brick red tint

rosé has got curves in all the right places and in the right proportions

when it is poured into the glass. There are still hints of those youthful fruits

with that final flavoured flush of rose water pinning you down for another

that would have been more prevalent a number of years back. Developing in

glass. She brings an impressive 14.00% alcohol to the table, but with such a

their place however, there are flushes of dark chocolate, touches of delicate,

vivacious personality, it is no wonder that we are more than tempted to have

black cherries and an aromatic lift of candied lemon on the finish that is

a bit of a play with the alluring rosé.

reminiscent of some Piemontese Nebbiolo wines when they are in that cross-over phase from an adolescent into its more mature adult stage.

LUKE LAMBERT Crudo Shiraz 2010

With age, the tannins have become more like soft Egyptian cotton sheets

Yarra Valley, Victoria. RRP $22

in mouth-feel compared to a more muscular sheet of linen that they would have been like in their youth. The delicateness of this mid-weighted wine is

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have a little too much of a

balanced in fruit flavours of red cherries and violets and earthen tones like

good thing. In winemaking, having too many grapes, or ample wine in barrel

truffles. This would match perfectly with home made Italian tajarin pasta

is not necessarily a good thing, especially if not all these sources reach the

and fresh shavings of truffle on top, even though those delectable, ugly

level of quality that you are striving for in your premium label. This is where

balls of fungus will leave a perpetually distracting aroma.

an alternative label becomes useful. This Crudo Shiraz is part of a second tier

The wine was crafted by Stephen Pannell who makes his own award-

within the range made by the laconic Luke Lambert in the Yarra Valley, who

winning Nebbiolo in the Adelaide Hills under his S.C Pannell label. I

sure as hell makes up for his quiet demeanour with a roaring offering under

unfortunately do not personally have a trophy to give the Protero, but

his premium self-titled label using Syrah and Nebbiolo.

would a gold star suffice?




by Sarah Wade b.a ll.b

Double JeoparDy Double Jeopardy laws – Good, bad or indifferent? If a person is acquitted or convicted for a criminal offence, should there be laws allowing that person to be retried for the same crime? Currently, in Victoria the law of double jeopardy exists which prevents a person being tried twice for the same offence, however if the Coalition government is committed to its pre-election promises, reform to this 800 year old law is on the way. There are compelling arguments as to why changes would benefit society. Many of us have seen or heard reports discussing the benefits of opening old cases, which have been before the courts. It is arguable that no reasonable person would want to see a murderer or serious offender walk away from a guilty verdict, if new and compelling evidence is produced. Many Australian states have already embraced these reforms, but does such a reform breach a person’s basic human rights? The answer may be found in

We’ll keep you informed about Italian food, wine and cultural events going on around Australia and in Italy.

what constitutes new and compelling evidence, and how far should it go? On what evidence do we as a society consider it fair to retry a person? Most of society would agree if a person commits perjury at the time of the initial trial

Packed with authentic regional recipes, wine reviews and features on Italian restaurants and chefs both in Italy and Australia.

or bribery this could open the way for a re-trial, but what about new developments in forensic evidence or technology, or evidence that has not yet been tested or invented? Any changes would need to be clear and unambiguous from the outset, in order to protect society’s rights. There are also pragmatic reasons to consider. If

noW onlIne

cases are re-opened, who makes the final decision as to why? Would it be the Crown Prosecutor, the police, or is there a political influence, which may blur the edges of the separation of powers doctrine, Italianicious Magazine


that defines the differences between the law makers and the law enforcers. If an accused person has SCAN TAG To fiNd ouT MoRE

been acquitted or convicted, should their rights to one trial be denied, does changing the law open the flood gates to ongoing and prolonged re-trials at the cost to the state and society. There are many questions, and at this time very few answers. In a court system already overburdened, should we open the way for further cases to be added to the load. There is no right or wrong answer, either way the rights of the accused or the victim/and or their family will be tested when or if the change to these laws come about. Why not open the forum to public debate, and open discussion. Please send your comments or questions on this or any other legal topic to PO Box 1213, Fitzroy North or

T 1800 655 346



The Leaders in Business Sales 9485 4488 | | 181 – 187 Plenty Rd Preston Vic 3072


BRUMBY’S - CBD - Massive turnover


Tkg $11,000 pw, 7 days, 7am - 4pm daily, 18kg coffee/choc pw, Simple Operation, Seats 65, Rent $550 pw, Huge potential, High profits, Must Inspect, $328,000

Tkg $25,000pw, 2 CBD outlets, brilliant setup & exposure, fully staffed, Secure franchise, massive potential for owner/operator, full training provided, POA, enquire now

Main road location, licenced, seats 32, as new fit out, rent $734 includes 2 bedroom flat, lease 11 years, sells 25kg coffee/ choc, highly recommended for inspection $299,000

Call Fred 0417 319 873

Call Fred 0417 319 873



CAFÉ – ABBOTTSFORD – Commercial Estate

Taking $8,500-$9,000, City, busy office area, 5 days, seats 42 in/out, no kitchen, rent $847 includes outgoings, simple menu selling pastries, sandwiches, cakes etc $220,000 ONO

Tkg $22,000 pw, Brilliant Main Rd. Location, huge passing traffic, 5pm close, No Nights, Secure Lease, Massive profits, Simple Operation, Potential, $549,000

Tkg $10,000+ pw, 5 days only - trades 7-4 Mon-Fri, licensed, 18kg coffee/choc, excellent location, fantastic setup,$269,000

Call Mino 0414 886 364

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HAIR SALON - Heidelberg area



Taking $9,000, trades 5 days & 3 nights, fully licensed til 11pm, seats 80 in/out, 16-20kg coffee, prime South Market location, must see $320,000

Gluten free deserts, all hard work done, brilliant setup with coolroom trailer, wholesale & retail, as new equipment, can ad on to existing business, full training prov POA

T/O $ 1.75 Million pa, Vic Market precinct, 6 days, established 30 years, simple to operate high profit operation $628,000 plus stock

Call Mino 0414 886 364

Call Lindsay 0418 125 510

CAFÉ “ THORNBURY “ $295,000



Tkg $10,000, busy High St, 7 days close at 3.30, rent $320, 12 yr lease, seats 42, coffee 16 kilos, simple café menu, room to grow, ideal for a couple, high profit, must inspect

Tkg $8,000 pw, Excellent location, seats 70, 6 days, spread over two levels, licenced 11pm, full commercial kitchen, simple operation, well established, high profit, ideal family business, $118,000 Call Jimmy 0432 148 337

Tkg $7,000, Sunbury, 7 Days, Main rd. exposure, huge premises, rent $550 pw, huge profit, simple operation, excellent equipment, ideal for H & W, must inspect

Call Mino 0414 886 364

Call Lindsay 0418 125 510

Call Fred 0417 319 873

Call Mino 0414 886 364

Call Fred 0417 319 873


Don’t lose your tamper. 9Bar Espresso Services. Coffee machine sales, service and repairs. 1300 594 341

Scan tag to find out more.

Family-owned manufacturers of premium quality antipasti including dried, char-grilled and marinated vegetables and olives, pestos and marinated cheese

“From our kitchen to your table” Ask for our products at your favourite deli/supermarket and for additional hand made specialty products come and see us at our shop located at: 11 Norwich Ave Thomastown Vic Ph: 9462 2207 Fax: 9469 3787 Wed-Fri 9am-3pm and Sat 8.30am-12.30pm



a u

e ial

chr stm s l nch sp c 3 Course set Menu

$70 per person includes a complimentary glass of house White or red wine

saturday 25th deCeMber

Bookings Essential 9826 2277

299 toorak road, south Yarra

rEstAUrAnt BAr

Where Australasian coffee lovers get their fix... BeanSceneEd



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Getting into the festive spirit.

We take coffee seriously. Not ourselves.

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