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Original Fables by young authors By 4th form Green 2013

The city cat and the country cat By valentina

Once upon a time there was a country cat and a city cat. The city cat had a pet whose name was Tino. The country cat had an other one but the name was Tucho. One day the country cat came to the dog. The dog was very bad. But the city cat heped the country cat . The country cat thanked him because he helped the city cat. He liked living there and he liked living in the country and the country cat loved his place . MORAL : NEVER GO TO A PLACE THAT YOU DON¨T KNOW AND CAN BE DAN GEROUS .


THE LIE WHO CHANGED By: Bruno C. and Marco Once upon a time a generous dog wanted to solve the problems and eliminate lies that are dangerous. But one day, a cat came. His lies were very dangerous and the dog Couldn’t change them. The cat do liked bad tricks. He put a bed in the ceiling of the bedroom of a man. The cat walked under the bed that fell on him. The dog came and he said “That is what you deserved” the cat changed and promised not to tell lies and not to play bad jokes on people again. MORAL: Don’t be a dangerous liar and never tell lies because the “HURT” can be you.


THE WOLF AND THE FOX By Juliana fayad y Lara urquizu

Once upon a time there was a Wolf and a fox. The wolf lived in the Zoo and the fox in the mountains in a dark cave. One day the fox went hunting with his pack of foxes. The wolf invited the fox to visit the zoo. The fox saw another beautiful fox. Then he saw a dangerous snake and the snake was going around the fox. The fox didn’t have air to breathe but he resisted. The snake had made a plan with the wolf to kill the fox. The fox escaped form the zoo with the other fox. The wolf insulted the place where the fox lived. Then the wolf had bad luck MORAL:DON´T INSULT OTHERS BECAUSE THEN YOU HAVE BAD LUCK.



The giraffe and the lion BY: JUAN PI AND BRUNO GATTI. Once upon a time there was a lion that that lived in a cave .A giraffe lived in the forest .The giraffe liked living in the forest .The lion in the cave .One day the giraffe invited the lion to visit the forest. That day the lion went to the forest and said ‘’the trees are very tall like the sky scrapers!!’’ ‘’Don’t exaggerate’’ said the giraffe .The lion didn’t like it so much. Another day the lion invited the giraffe and she accepted. That day the giraffe went but she couldn’t enter the cave because it was very short and she was tall. She didn’t like it so much. Appreciate w here you live because maybe you don’t like others place.


THE COUNTRY DOG AND THE CITY RACOON By: Felix and Franco Once upon a time a dog helped people all the time but raccoons provoked disasters with bad jokes. Until the dog discovered the place were the raccoons hid. The dog and raccoons fought and fought. Not for away there was a fire. The dog defeated the raccoons and there push them to the fire. They escape and promised to return but having better attitudes. Moral: Don’t play bad jokes on others.


The city cat and the country cow By :Julia and Mili There, in the city ,was a cat whose name was Tutti. He loved his home. One day his friend , the cow, invited the city cat to his cabin. The cow fished a fish and brought a piece of grass toeat .The cow said to the bad cat “It’s a good day to eat in the country and it’s very hot”. The city cat didn’t like the food that the cow brought to eat. The cat said to the cow “You are a stupid cow my place is much better that the country”. They were friends all the same. But city cat loved the city and country cow loved the country . MORAL: be happy where you live.


The frog, the dinosaur and the giraffe

There was a time when a dinosaur and a frog were best friends. They loved to play the two of them. They loved to play hide-seek. One day the giraffe said “You can’t be best friends you are short and you are tall and you are weak and you are strong”. The frog said “ Okey,we are not best friends any more” . The dinosaur answered “But I love you so much”. Then the dinosaur returned to his house without hope. One day the dinosaur was bored. Then the frog asked “Can we be best friends again?” The dinosaur said “yes!!!” . And they were best friends forever. Moral of this tale: Love your friends like they are. It doesn’t matter what others think about them.


The Lion and Tiger by Ro & Lu Once there was a tiger called Felipe and a lion called Pedro. Pedro played jokes on all the animals. One day Felipe went to the lake to drink water and he saw Pedro. Pedro said to Felipe: “Go back to your home because here lives a big dinosaur” When Felipe returned to his home Pedro laughed. “Ja ja ja what a stupid tiger! Then Pedro wanted to invite friends but no one wanted to go with him because everybody knew that he lied all the time. Moral: Don’t lie because you will be alone.

The liar cats By Iñaki &Bruno Once upon a time there was a good dog. One day a group of cats were bored and decided to tell a lie .They shouted “A kitten is on tree and we can’t bring him from there”. They said that he was hungry and in danger. The dog wanted to help. But when he arrived, the cats were laughing. Then they did again and the dog went to help. 10

The cats were laughing again. Then the cats did it again but this time the dog didn’t go because he thought it was a lie. Then the dog got to know that it was true, that the kitten really needed help. But the dog didn’t regret because the cats told lots of lies and the dog thought it was another lie MORAL: You don’t have to lie because something dangerous can happen. Then, you are not going to get


The fox and the pigeon Once upon a time there was a pigeon and a fox. The pigeon helped all the people and the fox told lies to them. One day when the pigeon was helping a cow, the Cow gave to the pigeon a piece of cheese .Then the Fox saw the piece of cheese and he said “ I will take the piece of cheese from the pigeon”. Then the fox fought with the Pigeon for the piece of cheese. While they were fighting, the cheese fell into the water and finally nobody could eat it. Moral: Don t fight because it can finish in a bad way. .


The cat and the dog By Nacho and Guadalupe. Once upon a time there was a cat. The neighbors had a dog that was very bad with the cat. One day the cat invited the dog. But the dog did not accept the invitation. The cat was angry because the dog rejected the invitation. The years passed and the dog invited the cat. But the cat didn’t accept his invitation. The dog said sorry because he had not accepted the invitation of the cat. Also apologized and finally they visited each other.

Moral: be friendly with others.



Original fables by young authors  
Original fables by young authors  

Alumnos de 4º escriben fábulas inventadas como cierre de proyecto.