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5Be respectful of what other students write. Write and let others write. This is an example of collaborative writing is to say that we do it all. what I know Santi & Sofi: We know that Arthur was poor at the beginning and rich in the end. Lauti V. & Cami: King arthur war. King Arthur have a sword. Night has a armour,a helmet,a sword and a war-horse. Lauti R. & Viole: we know that Arthur was a boy that was poor and worked in a biiiiiig house. Octi & Facu:King Arthur was poor. King Arthur took out the sword. Before him local kings tried to take it out. Manu B. & Luka: Knights protect kings. They have war-horses, armours,spears and helmets.

What I want to know? We want to know if King Arthur´s legend is real or not.

Manu F. & Fran: king arthur went to the stone take out the sword. King arthur was a boy that is poor and one day he was king. The king Arthur was a little boy with 15 years old. And he use king clothes the clothes color red and white. Mateo & Emi: I know that the knight has a sword , he fights with dragons and he hasan armour

i want to know the king arthur is. And in witch year you are king.

Rocco & Aylen I know that King Arthur

What I learned?

We want to know if King Arthur was real or not.

We want to know if Arthur was born, if it is a legend or not. We want to know how old he was when he took the sword out. In what day was he born. I want to know if after he had 11 years he become rich.

I want to know that the king a Arthur is handsome or strong? I want to know if he has a horse? I want to know how old he was?.


went to take out the sword of the stone became king. Merln helped Arthur to become a King. King Arthur didn’t know how to write and read. And In the beginning was poor Abril & Agus:The knigt has a armour ,a sword and a horse. They protec the king . they are very strong .

Joaco & Cele: King Arthur took out the sword of the rock,Merlin is his friend and helped him,when he are little was poor and then was king. Gaston y Luli: the knights have armour, swords, helmets and lances and horses. They work for the kings. There are some knights that are bad. And the king Arthur is like a legend. The king Arthur is of a story to.

What was his favorite food? What was his favorite animal? What was his favorite toy? What like to play? He has pets? I want to know if they like to be a knigt ? the people want to be a knigt? they recive many? they was inteligent? the story of knigt ,is real? I want to know how merlin met with arthur.Who was in love with him.

I want to now if the legend of the sword in the stone is real


Documento colaborativo editado por alumnos de 4 to grado de la Escuela primaria.

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