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Ch illicoth e, Braymer, Meadv ille, Wh eeling , Ch ula, Daw n, Ludlow , Mooresv ille, Utica, Hale, Gallatin, Lake V iking , J amesport, J ameson/ Coffey, Pattonsburg , Lock Spring s, Winston, Altamont, Hamilton, Kidder, King ston, Polo, Cowgill, Breckenridge, Nettleton, Mirabile, Trenton, Cameron, Lathrop, Brookfield

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#2827 - $358,000

New kit & bar area between kitchenge ara /G op Sh m. roo ing din nd. 30X50. Cabin by the po

September 11, 2018

Call Joyce Eddy @ 660-247-0750

Providing prompt, professional service since 1973


915 S. Washington • Chillicothe, MO

daviess county chautauqua info inside!!! see page 10 Durable Siding Solutions • Stone, Vinyl, or Cement • Foam-back Vinyl Extreme Impact resistance

• Professional Installers Available

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august 28th winner dONNA cOLLINS OF cHILLICOTHE sEPT 4TH WINNER IS patty baker of jameson KEEP PLAYING

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bored? check out the event zone on page 15 CHula Street fair dawn days fish fry jc penney festival quinn memorial 5k


CHILLICOTHE - 660- 7 07 - 18 2 0 | GALLATIN - 660- 663- 2 15 4 | Gallatin Publish ing Company | w w w

September 11, 2018





e Cit of ame ort will be accepting sealed bids for the sale of 2 of their properties until 1st property is the city building located at 108 llen ane 2nd property is the old fire station located at 116 . roadway, Jamesport, . The ity of Jamesport reserves the right to accept or refuse any or all bids. end bids to

For Rent

Custom big baling , mow , rake and bale. Bale corn/ soybeans. Fall plow ing . Call Harry 660- 605 - 098 4.

Kidder Senior Housing accepting applications for 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment. Rent based on income $ 335 / month at most, w ater & electric prov ided. Security deposit $ 335 . Call Terri at 8 16- 2 8 4- 02 8 2 for application. Leav e messag e if no answ er. Must be 62 or disabled to q ualify. Rental assistance av ailable. Eq ual opportunity h ousing .

Automotive FROST AUTOMOTIV E: Auto and truck parts & accessories. See us for all your parts needs. We also make h ydraulic h oses. South side Gallatin sq uare. 660- 663- 2 15 2 Business Opportunities Get your messag e to more th an 18 ,000 h omes in Dav iess, Caldw ell, Liv ing ston & beyond for as little as $ 7 per w eek in th e ADZONE. 660- 7 07 18 2 0 or email AdZone@ to place your ad TODAY!

FOR RENT - Building w / aw ning , bath , off street parking , across th e street from th e Tri- County Weekly. Av ailable beg inning October 1. Call 48 0436- 38 46

For Rent MULTIPLE HOUSES & APARTMENTS FOR RENT IN HALE: Good tow n, low cost liv ing , starting w ith studio apt, $ 2 95 / month . No pets. 1st Month & Deposit req uired. 1 Year lease. Av ailable Sept 1st. 660645 - 2 316

For Rent

For Sale

STORAGE UNITS: Outside lig h ting , surv eillance cameras, insulated to prev ent larg e temperature v ariances, different siz es av ailable. Located Hw y. O east of Gallatin. Critten Country Storag e, 660- 605 - 335 0.

BASE ROCK, BLACK DIRT AND fill dirt. Huston Trucking & Construction, 660- 663- 32 34 or 660334- 0997 .

GALLATIN ESTATES APARTMENTS FOR RENT: 1 or 2 bdrm av ailable. HUD v ouch ers accepted. Rental assistance av ailable to th ose w h o q ualify. Eq ual h ousing opportunity. 660- 663- 3114.

CASE Skid Loader, 8 5 h p, by th e day, w eek or month . Contact Gallatin Truck & Tractor, Inc. 660- 663- 2 103 or 2 104.

For Sale OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE by Central Boiler Inc. FREE HEAT & h ot w ater. Eliminate month ly h eating bills. 660- 7 07 - 38 66 ( No Sunday calls, please)

Equipment For Rent

Now Renting in Hamilton 3- bedroom, 2 bath h ome. Please Call 8 16- 465 15 44 or 8 16- 465 - 108 0.

find us online @


ROOFING CONTRACTORS: Metal Roof Restoration and Flat Roof Products Manufacturer Looking for Qualified Indiv iduals w illing to receiv e training and install roofing systems. 40 Years of Top Q uality Products and Dev eloping Successful Business Ow ners. Inv estment Req uired. Training Prov ided. 8 16- 42 5 - 115 5

Johnson Controls Inc. ean p e enter ro ction per isor an ro ction. ro ction positions inc e we in an e ectrica as we as enera asse b .

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to get the


you deserve ? $



Exam & X-rays

(a $236 value)

Ends Sept. 27, 2018!

Conditions apply.




417 Northland Dr, Cameron, MO 64429

* For New Patients only. Limit 1 per patient. Cannot be combined with other offers. Expires 9/27/18.

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ADZONE . . . September 11, 2018

Searching for truth

The Annual Dawn Days atur a e tem er



by Freida Marie Crump

at Jenkins Community Center







For Sale

For Sale

Help Wanted

BOATS FOR SALE: New & used boats & pontoons, sev eral to ch oose from, j ust w atch our w ebsite, w w w .lakev iking or call 660663- 37 2 2 , Lake V iking Marine.

Black top soil, $ 100 a load; Also clay dirt free. 660- 68 4- 68 07

HELP WANTED: Dav iess/ Grundy County Early Ch ildh ood Head Start Home V isitor, full time. V isit w w w .g reenh illsh for j ob description and application or call 660- 35 92 2 14. E.O.I.

END ROLLS av ailable $ 5 each ! Use end rolls of new sprint to w rap items for mov ing or sh ipping , or to make some fun art proj ects. We support recycling . J oin us by using th is eco- friendly option. Av ailable 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Mon.- Fri. at Gallatin Publish ing Co., 609B S. Main, Gallatin. 2

bath room v anities, one 4’ & one 6’ . 13 cu. ft. uprig h t freez er, frost free. Cast iron kitch en sink. Kitch en table and 4 ch airs. Kelv inator self cleaning built in ov en. 8 06 Sh ona Dr., Gallatin. 663- 2 7 18 or 663- 5 306 Trav el Trailer: 1999 Coach man 34’ ex cellent condition. Good tires. Call 8 16- 98 5 - 5 2 66


MOV ING - Antiq ues for Sale - Coffee g rinders, kitch en collectibles, kraut cutters, trunk, h ig h ch airs, w ash stand, buffet, and much more. 660- 2 14- 02 06

Help Wanted NOW HIRING. Landmark Manufacturing is currently h iring for Maintenance Tech nician. Maintenance Tech nician maintains plant eq uipment and facility in optimum operating condition follow ing establish ed procedures and receiv ing direction from Maintenance Supervisor. Qualifications demonstrates know ledg e in mech anical repairs, minor electrical repairs, minor plumbing and repairs, forklift ex perience, prev entativ e maintenance, ability to w ork w ith moderate superv ision, problem solv ing skills, dependable and drug free. Call Landmark Manufacturing for any information 660- 663- 2 18 5 .

Hill Crest Manor in Hamilton is currently h iring for th e follow ing positions: tw o full- time cooks. Apply in person - 8 01 S. Colby, Hamilton EOE Dav iess County Public Water Supply District #2 currently h iring a parttime, possible full- time, District Clerk/Office Manag er. Looking for a mature, self- starter capable of w orking independently. Candidate must possess strong oral/ w ritten skills and org aniz ational skills. Know ledg e of Microsoft Office and Quickbooks a plus. Submit resume to PO Box 2 8 4, Gallatin, MO 64640 or apply at 5 02 A South Main St., Gallatin.

Greetings from Poosey. Herb and I are always looking for a new adventure, an excursion to some place we’ve never been and although I’ve usually got to do most of the planning, this time Herb himself was the inspiration for our trip. “Herb! I have chosen our destination! It’s a place you’ve been talking about for two years but we’ve never actually visited!” Herb selected an expression from his vast catalog of dumbfounded looks and I laid it on him. “Honey, we’re going to The Deep State!” Ever since the last presidential election Herb and his ilk have proclaimed the existence of The Deep State, a nefarious underground organization of liberals in government and the media who secretly control everything from who runs for office to the price supports for cabbage farmers. These Deep Staters are supposedly all around us, but like Buffalo Gnats we aren’t aware of their presence until they sting us. Herb was stunned. This is not an unusual state of mind for him, but this time he was truly flummoxed. “We’re ...uh ...I mean, where are we gonna find it?” I told him that according to the news networks that he watches, The Deep State is everywhere so it shouldn’t be hard to locate. Sure enough, when I Googled it I found the place marked Deep State so I packed a couple days’ worth of underwear and denture cleanser and off we took into the wild blue conspiracy. Turns out the local office of The Deep State was just a short drive from our house and it was easy to find with the sign, “You are now entering The Deep State” in deep blue neon ...flashing bold print. Herb said, “I had no idea it was this easy to find.” I reminded him that those who talk about the Deep State all the time claim that it’s everywhere and omnipresent so it was no trick to discover its whereabouts. “This is the place, Herb. The place where all the dark liberal plots are hatched ... you know, the real seat of government.” And our investigation was made even easier when we saw the notice, “Guided Tours Given Every Hour.” It was just our luck that the next tour was about to depart, so Herbie and I climbed onto the little Dark State Trolley as our guide picked up his microphone. “Welcome aboard, folks! I’m Donnie! I’ll be your tour guide through the deepest secrets of the Deep State. Any questions, feel free to shout them out.” We’d not gone but maybe a hundred yards when Donnie pulled to the curb and pointed to a glass-walled building on our right. “This is the department of elections. They’re the folks who determine who’ll get the most votes in all 50 states. You can vote all you like, but the Deep State makes the decisions. Is that just grand or what?” The guide told us that we had so many stops to make that we wouldn’t have time to get out and take pictures. “The Deep State is really deep,” he said as he let out the clutch and Mr. Trolley trollied onward. “Now look at the tall building on your left!” I peered out from the trolley’s little blue canopy and spotted a 12-story building with thousands of wires coming from each floor. “This is our legislative tower,” he said. “In this tower we have a direct line from the Deep State to every progressive legislator in every state and Washington. Then the yellow lines are connected to the pentagon, the silver to the FBI, the red to the CIA as every branch of government gets its orders from this one building. We cover the world. Sort of like Wal-Mart.” I was totally impressed and Herb’s upper plate dropped into his lap. “I’ll have to slow down a bit now,” he said. “We’re driving over an underground bunker. It’s the Dark State Media Cave ... the place where we control most of the mainstream media. Just one word from deep inside the cavern and we can tell every network, newspaper, and website what to say. Is that efficiency or what?” Then he grinned, “We have every sort of media critter under our control ... that is except for the Fox.” Then just as we turned a corner we came face to face with a huge round globe resembling the Epcot Center. “Is that supposed to be the Earth?” I asked. “You mean the Dark State goes to other countries, too?” Donnie gave me what I thought a bit of a condescending grin and said, “Ma’am, we control the entire planet. This is our international headquarters.” The tour was nearing its end and I couldn’t help myself, I had to ask. “Uh... excuse me, but why in the history of the world hasn’t even a shred of proof been found of the Dark State’s existence?” Our guide looked at me, checked his watch, and said, “I hope you’ve enjoyed your tour. Now hang onto your seats. We’re going through a swamp.” You ever ‘round Poosey, stop by. We may not answer the door but you’ll enjoy the trip.



CHILLICOTHE - 660- 7 07 - 18 2 0 | H - 660-S663- 2 15 4 | GALLATIN Gallatin Publish ing Company w LOSED NO 2 | w w NO 2 A

Fall2018 classes Begin September 18th September 11,


E ro i

allet a a om i o itne

BALLET ARTS enter for Dance 61 ocust HI I TH

for C a Come it

e a ce

Call to reserve your s ot A es 3 - Adult



The Open House and registration is Sat. e& Tues. Sept. 4 Sept. 1 from 10am-2pm 5-7pm.


Coo sto e

Hip Hop & Pom to the kind of classes• and it should also say ages•3 to adult.

Fall Session Begins September 17th email us at balletartscenterfordance or call us at



Lightning Turkey Pepperoni Jack Breast Cheese $5.29 $4.99 $3.99 oo

ept 1 thr




hi e s pp ies ast.

Green Onion Cheese $3.99

08-31 Turke 4.99, 5.29, Jack onion Sept 1


5 miles EAST of Maysville on Hwy 6 • 816-449-2285 7am - 5pm Tues-Fri • 8:30am to 2pm Saturday Closed T anks ivin

o en riday Nov 27t 8 30-3 m Sat 8 30-2 m

5 miles EAST of Maysville on Hwy 6 • 816-449-2285

Holiday Schedule: Dec 23-24 7am-5pm • CLOSED: Dec 25-29 Livingston County Residential (Inside city limits) Ch illicoth e - Well kept h ouse w ith nice big g arag e close to dow ntow n: V ery w ell maintained h ome only a block from Hy V ee. Steel siding , beautiful yard with flowers, Nice big g arag e w ith a w orkbench for th e h andyman. Perfect for new lyw eds, a retired couple, or for a rental to g enerate income. $ 60,000. #1002 Eq uity Missouri Realty Land & Home and Auction, 660.2 47 .17 00 Ch illicoth e - Great Starter Home! 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath h ome w ould make a g reat starter h ome. New h eat & air in 2 017 . In th e last 5 years new siding , w indow s, roof & sew er. $ 62 ,5 00. #7 043/ 2 4014 Gaslig h t Real Estate Ch illicoth e - Ch arming 2 Story Home! 0.15 Acres: Step into th is ch arming 2 story h ome w ith many updates! Th e interior features larg e rooms, formal dining , larg e kitch en, 3 larg e bedrooms, updated bathrooms, office and 2 full bath s. Th e outside features a beautiful w raparound porch and sh ed. Brand new furnace and air conditioner installed Summer 2 017 . Call Kristy Lauh off for your sh ow ing today 660- 2 47 - 12 08 . $ 65 ,000. #2 3917 CENTURY 2 1 Smith & Associates

Ch illicoth e - Updated 1 Story Ranch ! Lots Of Updates! 2 018 - New V inyl Flooring , 2 017 - New Furnace, Walk In Sh ow er, Storm Door & Tankless Hot Water Heater, 2 016New AC, 2 013- New Deck. $ 7 0,000. #7 044/ 2 4113 Gaslig h t Real Estate Ch illicoth e - Ranch Home With 4 Bdrms. 0.2 5 Acres: Larg e liv ing room, combo kitch en and dining room, w ith dining room opening to a deck ov erlooking th e backyard. Bedroom ov er g arag e with half bath. Full unfinished basement. Cov ered front porch . Mostly fenced in backyard w ith storag e sh ed. Call Lisa Sch oonov er at 660- 7 45 3018 for more information. $ 8 0,000. #108 6 CENTURY 2 1 Smith & Associates,

Ch illicoth e, MO - - Lots Of Updates! 0.2 1 Acres: Lots of updates h av e been done to th is mov e- in ready bung alow ! Located close to tow n th is h ome offers 240K 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath 1 h2 1/ 2r bath s. Formal room and liv ing room, dining room, eatin kitch en w ith custom built cabinets, stov e, and refrig erator, main floor laundry room ec ti e Cho illicoth PRICED TO w ith built in h utch . Th is h ome ho se e SELL! Affordable and updat- h as all new w iring , sh eet rock, ed is what you will find with all new w ater lines w ith copth is 3 bedroom ranch h ome per tubing , and plastic drain w ith a detach ed g arag e on pipes. Th e g as furnace is 8 a corner lot w ith a larg e yard years old, roof is 5 years old, and a priv ate patio. Th e re- and new er insulation added. A model Heartland started in 2 004 w ith new er 1 car detach ed g arag e and carport adds ex tra parkv inyl siding J , th ermalI -paneroker ing and storag w indow 621 s, furnace and central ocust, hillicothe, o e. Full basement and nice deck are adair, stainless steel refrig erator, 660 24 1 00 ditional features. Call Glenda stov e andew microw av e. Oth er agents Jack lank, Don updates w ere th e carpet and J oh nson at 660- 2 47 - 2 034 for hite, o anne ickey paint in 2 013, a priv acy fence more information! ! $ 8 9,000. 2 CENTURY 2 1 Smith in 2 014, th e back splash and #108 Remodeled! New Listing! stainless steel dish w ash er & Associates, Ch illicoth e, MO


121 Washington Street Chillicothe, MO 64601


in 2 015 , and th e roof w as replaced in 2 016. Th ere is a nice utility room w ith lots of cabinets off th e kitch en. Th e detach ed g arag e h as a g arag e door opener, sh op, and a g reat storag e area along w ith plenty of off th e street parking . Th is property is priced to sell. Call Tammy Dye at 660- 7 07 3105 for your priv ate sh ow ing today. $ 8 6,5 00. #107 8 CENTURY 2 1 Smith & Associates, Ch illicoth e, MO

E 24-27 O We will be closed December for the holiday.

Ch illicoth e, MO - - Corner Lot - Larg e Home or Inv estment Property! 2 Lots each 5 6x 12 0 Lot: Th is 4 bedroom, 2 bath h ome is located on a larg e corner lot w ith a 3 car attach ed, ov ersiz ed g arag e. Th is h ome could a sing le family residence or th e upstairs could be an apartment. $ 93,000. #3131/ 2 3969 Gaslig h t Real Estate, Ch illicoth e, MO Ch illicoth e, MO - - Ch aracter Th roug h tout! 102 x 112 Lot: Ch arming 3 bedroom, 2 bath h ome w ith ch aracter th roug h out! Sits on a double lot w ith 2 car detach ed g arag e. $ 93,000. #3132 / 2 398 0 Gaslig h t Real Estate, Ch illicoth e, MO


Move-In Ready

1721 Derringer Chillicothe 3 bed, 2 ½ bath, raised Ranch w/2 car attached garage. This 4 bedroom, 2 3/4 bath Updated bathrooms, home is located on a large lot newkitchen & livingroom with a great yard. Move-in flooring. Ready! 602 East 2nd St Trenton



Owner ro er


723 W. 11th Trenton 3 bed 1 3/4 bath. Corner lot w/fenced yard. One car attached garage w/extra storage. This is an all electric home!

#3118 • $112,000

#7041 • $134,750

#3129 • $87,000

Call Lindy Lile 660-247-2294


Call Lindy Lile 660-247-2294

Call Joyce Eddy 660-247-0750 Call Amy Sisson

Ch illicoth e, MO - - One Ow ner Home! 7 0 x 130 Lot: Built in 1968 , th is all brick Ranch style h ome h as h ad tender lov ing care. Featured on th e main lev el th is h ome are 3 bedrooms, liv ing room, family room with gas fireplace, laundry room w ith 1/ 2 , full bath , and eat in kitch en w ith appliances. A full finished basement w ith 3/ 4 bath and g reat family area for entertaining . One car attach ed g arag e and back patio for bar- beq ues and g ath ering of friends or family. Great location, close to park and pool! Call Glenda J oh nson at 660- 2 47 2 034 for your sh ow ing today! $ 105 ,000. #1035 CENTURY 2 1 Smith & Associates,


Nationwide ads in GPC, KCMO MLS,, Zillow, Trulia

621 Locust, Chillicothe, Mo


299K a estic ictorian a te cei in s so i oa woo wor be ow appraise a e 270K n estors enta ropert O 250K New o ntr b o e 11 i ecrest 240 000 New istin arrfie 190K O e rea fast 160K OO a e o e o ntr b 150K New est si e bea t 60K Nice ho e ara e 50K ranch i ia s t 50K ar e shop i in arters par in 48K ho es si e b si e 40K New be roo ho e 20K ar e stor new f rnace

Jeff Foli - Broker ents ic a er ac an on hite o anne ic e ana o n rew er ins


ent to own

ro er owner

eal state

Ch illicoth e, MO - - Well Maintained Home: Come see th is w ell maintained 3 bedroom ranch style h ome located in th e q uiet, Atkins Sh ady Acres Addition, near Grand Riv er Tech nical Sch ool. Th is h ome boasts a larg e deck ov erlooking a spacious back yard. It offers a cute eat in kitch en, 2 updated bath rooms, w alk out basement w ith bonus room, new er furnace and h ot w ater h eater, central air and a main floor office with separate entrance, perfect for th e h ome business! Call Sh ari Williams at 8 16- 5 06- 65 67 today to sch edule your appointment to see th is h ome today! $ 97 ,900. #107 6 CENTURY 2 1 Smith & Associates, Ch illicoth e, MO

2827 3118 7041 3129 No

Owner bro er

ent to own

ro er owner

a estic ictorian a te cei in s so i oa woo wor be ow appraise a e n estors enta ropert O before e penses New hi icothe o ntr b o e New istin ea tif spacio s 1 O e rea fast 1 OO a e o e o ntr b 1 New est si e bea t Nice ho e ara e ranch i ia s t ar e shop i in arters par in ho es si e b si e New be roo ho e ar e stor new f rnace

$2 ajestic ictorian, vaulted ceilings, solid oak woodwork, below appraised value $2 0 Investors ental roperty, 44 I $250 ew ountry lub Home, 2110 idgecrest $240,000 ew isting 220 arrfield $1 0 J T ed reakfast $160 I D ake Home - ountry lub $150 ew est-side beauty $60 ice home garage $50 3 ranch, 50 illiams t $50 arge shop living quarters parking $48 2homes, side-by-side $40 ew 3 bedroom home $20 arge 2story, new furnace/

ADZONE . . . September 11, 2018

Ch illicoth e - Ranch Home, Great Neig h borh ood! Beautiful Yard! 6 Lots Th is Ranch Home On Th e Eastside Of Tow n Has 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath , 2 Car Garag e, Full Basement, New Lennox System And A Beautiful Yard With 6 Lots And In A Great Neig h borh ood! All Kitch en & Laundry Appliances Stay! $ 110,000. #2 8 32 / 2 412 0 Gaslig h t Real Estate, Ch illicoth e, MO

Ch illicoth e - BRING LOAN PACKAGES! Remodeled/ Updated Ranch mov e in ready! Updated kitchen, new flooring th roug h out, remodeled bath room, kitch en/ dining room opened up, and h allw ay w idened. Full unfinished basement ready for your w inter proj ect, larg e brand new patio off g arag e. $ 110,000. #1011 CENTURY 2 1 Smith & Associates

Ch illicoth e - Great Neig h borh ood. Fenced yard, fresh paint, new appliances, new carpet w ith h ardw ood underneath . Reduced: $ 116,000. #3109/ 2 3096 Gaslig h t Real Estate, Ch illicoth e - Lots of ch aracter! Custom concrete counter tops, kitch en island, stainless steel appliances. $ 117 ,7 00. #312 3/ 2 368 3 Gaslig h t Real Estate, Ch illicoth e, MO

Ch illicoth e - Ch arming older h ome w ith g reat curb appeal. 0.2 2 Acres: 17 8 2 sq ft of family living is what you’ll find in th is ranch h ome th at needs your imag ination! ! ! Offering 3 g ood siz e bedrooms, 2 full baths, living room with fireplace, formal dining room, eatin kitch en,plus additional h alf bath and main floor laundry. A full w alk up basement offers a family room, g ame room,

fireplace, & lots of storage. Rounds off w ith a cov ered patio, a g az ebo, a one car g arag e, ex tra parking spaces, and a storag e sh ed. Call Glenda J oh nson at 660- 2 47 2 034 for your sh ow ing today! $ 119,900. #105 5 CENTURY 2 1 Smith & Associates, Ch illicoth e - Raised ranch home with finished basement. Home offers hardwood floors, nice floor plan, great location


w ith affordable price! 2 BED w ith non- conforming bedroom dow nstairs. Master bedroom on main lev el w ith master bath room and w alk- in closet. Nice kitch en furnish ed w ith appliances. Uniq ue dow nstairs w ith custom bar, additional liv ing room, bed & bath ! New er furnace, roof, & interior paint. Fenced in backyard. $ 12 0,000. #g pc2 12 8 98 3 RE/ MAX Tow n & Country,

Yetter Pest Control rai

.O. o a eron O riffin Owner ert. o ercia pp icator

800 530-5944 or 816 632-6766

o p ete er ice o pan for o r esi entia an o ercia est ontro Nee s ia i in in mi on o erving o r rea ince

Yetter Is Better!


Gallatin Lumber Company

rofessional Land S r e or

CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI Spray Foam, Cellulose and Fiberglass

Scott Boley

Rick Boley

660-973-3567 660-247-2969

Call s for all o r s r e in needs

Offi e: 660 4 - 10 Cell: 660 4 -6

Email: ms r e ll @s

116 South Market, Gallatin, Mo.


Phone: 660-663-2522

, MO

Stabilized Cellulose • Insulation New Home Construction • Remodels • Commerical

THANK YOU! From EAA Chapter 944

Thanks for you sponsorship and all volunteers who made our Fly-In/Drive-In a great success on August 25, 2018. It would not be possible without you Aa Cyclewear & Muffler Shop A & B Auto Sales – Bill Graham Adzone Anderson Aviation Service Anderson Monumentsanderson TBA Anytime Fitness Bank Midwest BTC Bank Of Brookfield, Purdin, N.A. Blackwater Restaurant -Steve Waits Blue Mound Soap Company Boji Stone Botts & Tye, Corp Brotherton Trucking & Trailer Sales Butterfield & Associates, Grain, Inc Caldwell County News Bill & Peggy Cameron Busy Bee Florist & Gifts Car Quest Chemically Dependant – Holly Davis Chemically Dependant – Whitney Miles Chillicothe Animal Hospital, Dr. Ross Chillicothe Area Arts Council Chillicothe Bootery & Shoe Repair Chillicothe Chamber Of Commerce Chillicothe Chropractic Center, Roger O. Brick, D.C. Chillicothe Comfort Inn & Suites Chillicothe Family Pharmacy Chillicothe Ambulance & Fire Dept Chillicothe Police Department

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Farmers Mutual Ins. Of Linn Co Farmers Mutual Ins.Co. Of Liv. Co Farmers Printing, Gene Newkirk Fast Lane Fastenal Company Fellhoelter Electric Forsight Eyecare Foster Heating & Cooling Refrigeration Rozanne Frampton, City Clerk Gabrielson Truck Repair & Towing Gallatin Publishing Co Gaslight Real Estate Gates Digging L R (Larry) Gatson, Llc Gibson Family Of Gallatin Bill & Linda Gilliland Golden Corral Goody’s Department Store Grand River Entertainment Hacker Floor Covering Installation Hairport Hamilton’s Dancing Bears Embroidery Hand Full Of Blessings Hedrick Medical Center Larry Hinnen Trucking Hinnen Hauling & Construction Steve Holt Hometown Pharmacy Horton Brothers Robert & Dean Ann Howe Esther Houston Hy-Vee Food Store – Chillicothe Investors National Bank Jersey’s Sport Bar & Grill Jim’s Lawn Service – Jim Suddith

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Midwest Glove & Gear Milbank Mills, Inc Minnick Supply Co. Shirley Minnis Mo Farm Bureau Ins. Joe Neptune, Mo Department Of Transportation Moore Mounment Nico’z Catering & Eatery N. V. Nails & Spa O’reilly’sOrscheln Farm & Home Supply Papa Charlie’s Pumpkin Patch Paps Primitives & Floral Sherry Parks, Livingston County Sherry Parks, Livingston Couty Public Administrator Treasurer Pat Thorne Lumber P.C.’S Elkhorn Steakhouse Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co Perry’s Tow & Repair Phillips 66 Pepper Family Potter Farms Pioneer Seed, Doug Leppin Pizza Hut Plowman’s Garge Posey Portlets Praxair Premier Eyecare Associates Prenger’s Quick Lube & Laser Wash Price & Johnson Insurance Agency Amy Prokop Pro NailsResor Seeds Robert’s Automotive Robertson Insurance Services Rogers Pawn & Gun Royal Inn Pizza Sargent’s Glass Co., Inc

Sensenich Jeweler Sew Of Much – Maysville Everett Shipp Siemer’s Barber Shop Mark & Teresa Sykes Sliced Bread/”The Grand”Floral & Gifts Smitty’s Restaurant Sonic Drive-In Sophisticuts Bob Staton Jim & Karen Kay Summerville Subway Sugar Glow Face Art Sydenstricker Taylor Family Of Maysville Terry Implement/Kubota T. P. ‘S Barber Shop T & R Soil Service The Clipper Thermo Seal Vinyl Products Alvin Thompson, Commissioner Western District Triple J Embroidery/Screen Printing Trager Limestone Travel Tyme Trenton Republican Times Ultimate Cloth, Bronna Wilson U.S.Army Jim & Nancy Valbracht Wabash Bbq Westlake Ace Hardware Woody’s Auto Dodge Jeep Chrysler Woody’s Outdoor Power Equipment & Body Shop Brenda Wright, Livingston County Circuit Clerk Young Veterinary Clinic Zito Media


CHILLICOTHE - 660- 7 07 - 18 2 0 | GALLATIN - 660- 663- 2 15 4 | Gallatin Publish ing Company | w w w

September 11, 2018


NEW LISTING Gallatin: Cape Cod style 3 bed, 2 bath home. Updated home on the east side of town w/a country view. Nice large kitchen, beautiful woodwork, master bedroom & laundry on the main level. Upstairs offers a full bath & 2 beds. Full unfinished basement. $109,500 #2128640

Hamilton: Great Starter Home! Small, efficient and conveniently located near downtown is this clean and move-in ready 2 bed/1 bath ranch with attached garage and nice shady yard! $59,900 #2125682


REDUCED Gallatin: 2 bedroom, 2 bath homew/stone fireplace, large dining room w/hardwood floors& large unfinished basement. 1 acre lot . New HVAC 2018! Newer appliances, ceiling fans, carpet and solid pine interior doors. $154,900 #2116805

REDUCED Gallatin: 3 bed (possibly 4), 2 bath home. Updated solid surface countertops & new flooring in the kitchen, sunroom, partially finished basement w/4th non-conforming bedroom or den, 2 car attached garage, stamped concrete patio & covered front porch! $134,900 #2119488

Amanda Riley 660-605-0575 Daviess County Residential (Inside city limits) Gallatin - Great family h ome, ideal location in a nice neig h borh ood! 109x 8 5 Lot: Mov e in ready, 3 bedroom 2 bath h ome. Th is h ome offers main floor living with a living/recreation room in th e basement. Attach ed one car g arag e. New er roof, fresh ly painted interior along w ith painted country kitch en cabinets, new er carpet and a new ly stained deck. Full basement, partially finished with ample storage. $ 8 2 ,000. #g pc2 102 7 07 RE/ MAX Tow n & Country

Gallatin - Impressiv e Q ueen Anne style V ictorian h ome w ith a larg e porch , orig inal w oodw ork, pocket doors and lead g lass: Impressiv e Q ueen Anne style V ictorian w ith a larg e porch , orig inal w oodw ork, pocket doors and lead g lass. Main lev el liv ing room, dining room & parlor to accomodate larg e g roups. Would make a stunning h ome or B& B. Detach ed g arag e. A truly uniq ue h ome j ust off th e h istoric courth ouse sq uare. Some w ork needed. Reduced: $ 8 9,000. #g pc19402 38 RE/ MAX Tow n & Country

Gallatin - Make Your Mov e to th is Mov e In Ready Ranch Home! Well maintained 3 bed 1 bath ranch located on a corner lot close to g olf course. Liv ing room w ith lots of natural lig h ting , g alley kitch en w ith painted cabinets & patio doors to back patio. Many updates including HV AC in 2 017 , w ater h eater in 2 018 & some flooring. Full basement, w ork sh op/ g arag e & area ready for ex tra liv ing space, family room or w h atev er your needs. Back yard, utility sh ed & dog pen. $ 97 ,5 00. #12 14 Landmark Realty

Pasture on


Cover Crop Seed • Triticale • Cereal Rye • Grazing Wheat • Turnip Seed • Radish Seed

Government Forage Program CRP, CSP

Lick Skillet Seeds, Inc. 660-663-3095 22324 St. Hwy. HH - Gallatin, MO 64640

gpc212 gpc212 gpc211 gpc211

ADZONE . . . September 11, 2018

Daviess County Residential (Inside city limits) Gallatin - Cape Cod style 3 bed, 2 bath h ome ready to mov e rig h t in! Updated h ome on east side of tow n w ith country v iew from th e back deck. Larg e kitch en, beautiful w oodw ork, master bedroom

& laundry on th e main lev el. Upstairs offers full bath room and 2 additional bedrooms. Lots of storage in unfinished full basement. Nice yard w ith fruit trees, g arden spot, & detach ed sh ed. $ 109,5 00. #g pc2 12 8 640 RE/ MAX Tow n & Country

Gallatin - Looking for a nice split lev el one ow ner h ome? Look no furth er! 3 bed w / non- conforming bedroom & 2 full bath s. 1600 sq ft h ome h as much to offer w ith new flooring upstairs, nice living/ dining combo w ith master





blbeerert’s EElb rt’ts’sAuAguSept. 14-15 .g5. 5-6

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am n



Gallatin - Ch arming Ranch h ome w ith many updates. 3 bedroom 2 bath h ome loaded with quality finishes & upgrades. Master bedroom and bath w ith updated tile sh ow er v anity and fixtures. Two bedrooms with hardwood floors & double closets. Full main lev el bath completely updated- including tiled floor, double vanity & faucets. Low er lev el h as larg e open area that could be finished for more liv ing space plus so much more. Corner sh aded lot at th e edg e of tow n. $ 142 ,900. #1119 Landmark Realty, Gallatin, MO


Two layer performance thermal for extreme cold.Silver Ion odor control. Hydro pur fiber 70% polyester, 30% merino wool.

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Gallatin - Spotless 3 bdrm ( possibly 4) , 2 bath room h ome on a nice corner lot across from th e elementary sch ool: Great landscaping w ith new rock w alls and steps leading to th e h ouse. Updated solid surface countertops and new flooring in the kitchen, sunroom, partially finished basement w / 4th non- conforming bedroom or den, 2 car attach ed g arag e, stamped concrete patio and w elcoming cov ered front porch ! $ 134,900. #g pc2 11948 8 RE/ MAX Tow n & Country

Men’s Indera

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Friday & Saturday, September 14-15

en suite dow nstairs. Kitch en appliances stay, new er roof, siding and g utters, g arag e doors, and more! Come take a look at th is w ell kept smoke free h ome on a q uiet street. $ 12 9,5 00. #g pc2 1197 34 RE/ MAX Tow n & Country



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Established May, 1931

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CHILLICOTHE - 660- 7 07 - 18 2 0 | GALLATIN - 660- 663- 2 15 4 | Gallatin Publish ing Company | w w w

September 11, 2018

AUCTIONS Hamilton, IL, on Sept 11: REAL ESTATE. See Hancock County ( IL) Land on GPCink. com by Sulliv an Auctioneers, LLC, Ph : 2 17 .8 47 .2 160. Ch illicoth e, MO, Sept 13: HOUSEHOLD ITEMS AND FURNITURE, COINS/ CURRENCY, ANTIQ UES AND COLLECTIBLES, FIREARMS AND BAYONETS, GOLF CART AND OUTDOOR. See Bill and Eileen Ev erett on by Keenan Auction, 641.990.8 046. Albany, MO, on Sept 15 : HOUSEHOLD & MISC. See Estate on by Dollars Messner Auction, 660- 7 2 6- 32 5 2 . Winston, MO, on September 15 : Tractors, Mach inery, Trav el Trailer & Boat, Generator, Farm Trailers & Wag ons, Salv ag e & Parts Tractors, Older Plow s.. See G.H. & Doroth y Olsen Estate Farm on by Pickett Auction Serv ice, Ph : 8 16- 669- 3433. Pattonsburg , Sept 17 : ANTIQUES COLLECTIBLES PRIMITIVES MODERN & V INTAGE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE TRAILER

SHOP & HAND TOOLS LUMBER & USED BARBWIRE & HEAV Y METAL SIDING. See Pope Retirement & Mov ing on by Ropp Auctions, 660.2 47 .1914


COLLECTIBLES & OTHER ITEMS.. See Plain J ane Th eater & Restaurant on GPCink. com presented by Pickett Auction Serv ice, Ph : 8 16- 6693433.

Kathleen Albertson Trust Adam L. Warren Successor Trustee Auction

“Let Bob Do It”

Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018 11:00 am

Due to the death of Ruth Trager, the following real estate and personal property will sell at absolute auction, located at

311 Fifteenth Street in Chillicothe, Mo.

Saturday, October 13th • 10 AM

Watch for Auction Signs.


Location: 100 West Crandall Street, Meadville, MO

irections to sale he o nit enter where the sa e wi be con cte is st est of i hwa 1 in ea i e O. irections to t e farm o North of ea i e on i hwa 1 to r sh oa . o west on r sh oa to ow ri e. o North on ow ri e to to oa then est on to oa to the far .

n , we will offer for sale at auction 36 acres / of inn ounty farm ground located on the outh side of uto oad, on behalf of the athleen lbertson Trust. The farm is currently in use as hay ground, but may be used for all agricultural purposes. ery gently rolling, this is a prime piece of farm real estate.

Real Estate: One owner, 4 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, ranch style

orthwest uarter 1/4 of the outhwest uarter 1/4 of ection 26 26 , Township 5 T5 , ange 22 est 22 . Terms of t e sale en percent nonref n ab e eposit e the a of the sa e ba ance e in a s at c osin . osin to be con cte at inn o nt it e ocate in roo fie O

Sale Conducted by:

CLEVENGER AUCTION SERVICE Bruce & Greg Clevenger, Auctioneers

816/718-9549 • 816/718-5023 •

Sammy Watson, Cashier

Jeremy Clevenger, Agent 660/973-9883

Judy Clevenger, Clerk

home with full unfinished open layout basement and attached two car garage with insulated 7’ x 16’ single garage door with electric opener. This home consists of a nice kitchen with breakfast bar, appliances that include refrigerator, dishwasher, built-in smooth electric cooktop with hood; built-in electric oven and a stainless double bowl sink. Home has living room with buck stove fireplace, dining room, utility or mud room with laundry care and rear entrance. The home also has central heat and air conditioning, rear 14’ x 16’ deck, concrete driveway and sidewalks, nice landscaping and nice size shaded corner lot all in a great neighborhood. Terms on Real Estate: Ten (10%) earnest money down (nonrefundable) day of auction with balance due at closing, within 30 days, upon delivery of clear title. Taxes for 2017 and all prior years are paid in full. 2018 taxes will be prorated to closing date. Buyer will be required to sign real estate contract the day of auction, so come with financing in order and prepared to buy! This property sells regardless of price with NO RESERVE! ABSOLUTE! For more information or to view real estate, contact auction firm. Brokers Representing Buyers: Licensed Real Estate Brokers may earn up to 2.5% of the selling price if their properly registered client purchases this property from Bob Peniston Auction. Contact Auctioneer for further details. Inspection: All inspections (electrical, plumbing, wiring, lead, etc.) must be made prior to auction time. Property sells AS IS with neither warranty nor guarantee implied or expressed. ANTIQUES, FURNITURE, HOUSEHOLD, EXERCISE EQUIPMENT, POOL TABLE AND LAWN & GARDEN

nice oak dining room set w/ 6 matching chairs; old school bench; china hutch; old desk; old fireplace mantle; very nice old china & hutch; 2 older matching chairs; foot stool; utility cabinet; queen size bedroom set w/ matching desk and dresser; 2 matching twin beds w/ night stands; big dresser w/ mirror; several twin mattresses; several night stands; 2 recliner chairs; 2 entertainment centers; cuddle couch; 2 matching sofa & loveseats; massage table; nice maytag washer and dryer; large snooker pool table; several rugs; several televisions; several lamps; several microwaves; pots & pans; cookware; lots of dishes; beauty shop hair dryer; Christmas decorations; Horizon elliptical trainer exercise machine; Powerhouse home gym fitness machine; Gold gym stepper machine; Schuman bike exerciser; lots more...too numerous to list. Auctioneers Note: nice offering with nice antique and modern furniture. Real estate will sell at 12:00 PM noon. Lunch and restrooms on ground.

Estate of Ruth Trager

Terms: cash and check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover & American Express. Drivers License or proper ID for buyer’s number required. Statements made day of sale take precedence over all printed material. Not responsible for accidents, theft or errors in advertising.

Mrs. William “Mac” (June) McKenzie-Owner

Auction arranged & conducted by


n s es.

eat e

ha a





ADZONE . . . September 11, 2018

Lath rop, Sept 2 1: ANTIQ UES & COLLECTIBLES, TRAILERS, WOOD SPLITTER, SHOP ITEMS, CHAIN SAWS, GUNS. See Maples Estate on by Pickett Auction, 8 16- 669- 3433.

Cainsv ille, MO, September 2 2 : 5 Bedroom Home & 4 Acres. See Parsons Mov ing on presented by Ropp Auctions, Ph : 660.2 47 .1914.

i & Ei ee E erett ctio


2003 Tim erlane rive C illicot e Missouri 64601 ro

ashin ton treet hea to r an treet o th of ee rn an hea west on r an for b oc s to air treet. ea north on air treet to a bert ri e. ontin e on a bert ri e to i ber ane ri e. a e si ns poste a of sa e. A CTIONEERS NOTE his sa e inc es an er c ean pieces of f rnit re an an assort ent of interestin anti es co ectib es ns coins an a o f cart s we are o in fro the area we wi se the fo owin at o r ho e. HO SEHOL ITEMS & RNIT RE ast a e st e e en tab e r sta assware oa resser ap e wic er chair chest of rawers w irror oa tr n e be oa wash stan co o e oa en tab e isc. a ps chi ren s roc in chair in a ases er Nice piece een si e e roo set inc in ni ht stan s rawer resser an ar e war robe erson . . c oth o e seat re settin roo chairs ar e 1 area r Nice oa en tab e c hea fire p ace set can e stic en tab e se era isc. paintin s p es a es an boo s a n t sofa tab e ron ass top tab e ron wine cart o p ter es an chair a n t rop eaf tab e wine asses reen atchin settin chairs w otto an piece stac ab e en tab es ar e wic er bas et isc. bas ets een si e be nee ho e es o in er e ectric sewin achine boo she f rawer fi e cabinet fo in tab e O isher rice p a sets o to s on a eep ench press w wei hts ori on itness trea i ar e oa entertain ent center a e oi a ecorations craftin ateria s i t pa in snac set c ps ori ina c e an onopo a es otisserie broi er achine te a fo r strin itar batter powere ante c oc sports e orabi ia baseba car s etc. COINS C RRENC a co ection of coins inc in si er o ars si er ha es arters erc r i es n ian hea cents wheat pennies si er certificates ANTI ES AN COLLECTIBLES nti e woo en t rn top tab e ter in si er can e ho ers an ishes se era pieces an t anti e b ffet si eboar nsonia oc o. New or ante c oc 1 i htnin ro w ass ba anti e oa sewin cabinet anti e copper broi er pan po itica b tton co ection ent i re rewin orp. ort a ne n iana crate bo anti e tr n iew aster w se era s i es t as ow er o. na ite bo es i in ton e aware IREARMS & BA ONETS ba onets 1 er an rit a ff a it o e o b e barre 1 a e e i a e thaca e er action . on short on rif e te ens 1 a e sin e shot n entra r s o b e barre 1 a e OL CART & O T OOR O ectric o cart in reat shape concrete awn orna ents s n ia ar isher i e woo en step a ers isc. ar too s woo en stora e bo o whee barrow Nice ro ht iron atio rnit re Nice ic er s nroo f rnit re Terms of Sale sa es are as is where is with no arantees. sa es are fina . ash or chec with a i a of sa e. Nothin re o e nti sett e for. Not responsib e for acci ents thefts or errors in a ertisin . a e on cte b

er eenan

ee a a e a

ctio Ser ice





aul erry ierce, wners 1 W ackson Street, allatin, issouri


on Fri

Kidder, MO, September 2 2 : PERSONAL PROPERTY. See V irg il & Dottie Carroll Mov ing on presented by Public Auction

Hamilton, IL, September 2 6: PERSONAL PROPERTY. See Ernst on presented by Sulliv an Auctioneers, LLC, Ph : 2 17 .8 47 .2 160.

Plattsburg , Sept 2 2 : See Home on 7 .12 acres on by Stev e Ritter Auctioneering , 8 16- 630- 12 5 2

Hale, MO, September 2 8 : ANTIQ UES, PRIMITIV ES, COLLECTIBLES, & HOUSEHOLD, COINS AND CURRENCY, COLLECTIONS. See Ellis and Carolyn Raw lins Estate on presented by Keenan Auction Serv ice, Ph : 641.990.8 046.

am pm • Sat

am 1 pm

Hamilton, IL, on October 1: FIREARMS & COLLECTOR ITEMS. See Online Only Gun on presented by Sulliv an Auctioneers, LLC, Ph : 2 17 .8 47 .2 160. Maysv ille, MO, on October 6: 48 Guns + Ammunition- Accessories- Reloading Supplies and Eq uip.. See Outstanding Gun Collection on GPCink. com presented by Ch arlie Golden Auction Company, Ph : 8 16- 390- 2 5 5 7 .

h rs a epte ber 1 th a. . ctioneer s Note O O N N Cameron, MO, Sept 2 9: See Trenton, MO, on October 6: ast a e st e e en tab e r sta assware oa resser Ermit Wiedmaier - Incredible TRACTOR- IMPLEMENTSap e wic er chair chest of rawers w irror oa tr n e be oa wash stan co o e oa en tab e isc. a ps chi ren s Primitiv es, Antiq ues & Col- S A D D L E S - A N T I Q U E S roc in chair in a ases er Nice piece een si e lectibles - 5 0 Year Accumu- FURNITURE- TOOLS. See e roo set inc in ni ht stan s rawer resser an lation on th e Farm - Tremen- Earl and Melissa Robinson ar e war robe erson . . c oth o e seat re settin roo dous Lifetime Collection! ! ! on Mov ing Sale on chairs ar e 1 area r Nice oa en tab e c hea fire by Stev e Ritter presented by Mullenix Auction p ace set can e stic en tab e se era isc. paintin s p es Auctioneering , 8 16- 630- 12 5 2 . Serv ice, Ph : 660- 65 4- 08 68 . a es an boo s a n t sofa tab e ron ass top tab e ron wine cart o p ter es an chair a n t rop eaf tab e wine asses reen atchin settin chairs w otto an piece stac ab e en tab es ar e wic er bas et isc. bas ets een si e be nee ho e es o in er e ectric sewin achine boo she f rawer fi e cabinet fo in tab e O isher rice p a sets o to s on a eep ench press w wei hts ori on itness trea i ar e oa entertain ent center a e o i a ecorations craftin ateria s i t pa in snac set c ps ori ina c e an onopo a es otisserie broi er achine te a fo r strin itar batter powere ante c oc sports e orabi ia baseba car s etc. ON N a co ection of coins inc in si er o ars si er ha es arters erc r i es n ian hea cents wheat pennies si er certificates N N O nti e woo en t rn top tab e ter in si er can e ho ers an ctio ocatio So t a i to St C i icot e ishes se era pieces a n t anti e b ffet si eboar nsonia oc o. New or ante cdoc 1r c i e htnin ro w iass di ext to Cric et ire e ba anti e oa sewin cabinet anti e copper broi er pan roco ert i C i icot e po itica b tton ection ent ocatio i re rewin orp. ddre ort a ne n iana crate bo anti i eetr n e iew aster w se era s i es t of ao c r eo H So t of C i icot e t as ow er o. na ite bo es i in ton e aware N ON ba onets 1 er an rit a ff a it o e o be barre 1 a e e i a e thaca e er action . R C 9 Acres in Sect 21-T56-R23 bea tif on short on rif e te ens 1 a e sin e shot n entra bric ho e b i t in 1 that sits on acres or . he ho se feat res r s o b e barre 1 a e appro . s ft ain f oor e ippe with i in roo inin roo O N O OO itchen inin area aster be roo with f bath office f bathroo O ectric o cart in reat shape concrete awn sto cabinets orna ents s n ia ar isher i e woo en step aanersa n r roo . eat res of the ain f oor inc e isc. ar too s woo en stora e bo o whee barrow Nice with b i t in b ffet as ran e ishwasher arba e isposa an cei in ro ht iron atio rnit re Nice ic er s nroo f rnit refan in the itchen irep ace an cei in fans in the i in roo b i t in

FRIDAY | Oct 19th, 2018 10:00 AM

no reserve real estate auction er

cre i

ract i

i i


to Co t

i o ri

cabinets an cei in fan in the office ra cei in an cei in fans an a wa in c oset in the aster be roo an o b e sin ette t b with separate shower in the aster bathroo . he secon stor appro . 1 s ft is e ippe with be roo s with cei in fans bon s roo with cei in fan f bathroo an attic space. he base ent appro . s are ft feat res a wa o t patio secon a n r roo partia R C finishe f bathroo an secon firep ace. er eenan an a e a ctioneers 1 he e terior of the ho e feat res co ere front porch partia co ere bac ec aboeenana t 1 ctionser s ft si pane woo en oors. he entire ho se has copper p bin www. an a heat p p with propane bac p was insta e in 1 . Out uildin s Include barn with eta si in an s i in oors. Ot er eatures Include i estoc pens boar fence an nice pon a e on cte b eenan ction er ice er eenan an a e a ctioneers 1 www. eenana ctionser


SUNday •





157 Acres in Sect 21-T56-R23 1 acres or of pri e catt e past re an ha ro n inc in e ce ent fence pon s so e with waterers. ar e portion of this far was in crop pro ction when the och s p rchase it appro i ate ears a o. ch of the fence was rep ace when the p rchase the propert . his wo a e an e ce ent catt e far or co row crop ch of it. rrent n er past re ease for 1 an 1 at per acre.

ctioneers 641-990-8046


Kidder, Sept 2 2 : Real Estate, Classic Cars, Tractors & Mach inery, Boats, Law n Tractors & Tools, Grav ely Antiq ue Garden Tractor, Househ old & Antiq ues, Saddles & Tack, Guns & Oth er Items of V alue. See MRS. BARBARA G. SMITH on i by Pickett an i een erett ction Auction, 8 16- 669- 3433.



RE LAR TERMS OR A CTION 37.6 Acres in Sect 20-T56-R23 Terms of Sale sa es are as is where is with no arantees. sa es are fina . ash or chec with a i a of sa e. Nothin re o e nti sett e for. . acres or of ost open past re ha ro n with nice Not responsib e for acci ents thefts or errors in a ertisin . pon s an fence a aro n . so feat res a ar e concrete pit REAL ESTATE INCL E TERMS OR A CTION si o that oo s to be in oo con ition. ce ent i estoc far . Terms of Sale ea state ter s inc e 1 own pa ent a of sa e with n er past re ease for 1 an 1 at per acre. re ain er e at c osin ow a s for c osin . ash or chec with rrent ai a of sa e. sa es are as is where is with no arantees. sa es are fina . Nothin re o e nti sett e for. Not responsib e for acci ents thefts or or viewin call errors in a ertisin . R C

Bill & P yllis Koc Owners at 660-247-0232 or Auctioneer Lonnie Sewell at 660-646-8630

Terms ossession i en at si nin of the ea state ontract. n scrow eposit for 1 of the bi price wi be co ecte . ose in a s. e er wi f rnish a oo it e in the for of it e ns rance. e er wi pa a of 1 ta es.

To view full sale ill visit


CHILLICOTHE - 660- 7 07 - 18 2 0 | GALLATIN - 660- 663- 2 15 4 | Gallatin Publish ing Company | w w w

September 11, 2018

CHAUTAUQUA 33rd Annual

G a l l a t i n, M i s s o u r i Vendors on the square Friday & Saturday! Featured Saturday Night Entertainment! onnie Curtis the Point Blank Band features s and s country ith erle aggard and ohnny Cash thro n in onnie has shared the stage ith such artists as Chuck Wicks, estless eart, eorge Strait, oe Bandy, ohn Anderson, icheal artin urphy, arie Osmond, erman s ermits, Pat reen, erry eff Walker and adney Foster, ust to name a fe Band members are onnie Curtis, acoustic guitar/bass/vocals ave Trabue, lead guitar/bass guitar/vocals ike Boguske, drums and Buddy artin, lead guitar/vocals They ll be on the stage at p m Saturday night

Friday, Sept. 14, 2018 Charity Pool Marathon begins . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 pm (24-hour billiards benefit event at Moon Mullins Pool Hall)

Pedal Tractor Race by Bright Futures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 pm Outdoor Movie E.T.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 pm • Beer Garden by Daviess County Country Club SW Corner of Square • Music by Bent Nickel 9pm-12am

Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018 • Charity Pool marathon continues until 6 p.m. (to benefit CASA)

Lions Club Biscuits/Gravy Breakfast . . . . . . 7-10 am

ri a C airs

Kids’ Carnival Parade 5K Walk/Run Baby Show

Chili Cookoff Pet Show Car Show Pedal Tractor Race



Hammertoe & the Fun Guys 1:00-4:00 p.m. Saturday

Wine Tasting Garden Tractor Pull Touch-a-Truck for kids

Lions Building west of square on Grand

5K Walk/Run (sign-up begins @ 7am). . . . . . . 8 am

armers Insurance

Adkison Electric

Contact: Damon Hennen, 660-605-2043


Baby Show (registration 8:30 am) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 am


American amily Ins. an ar enc N. ain. a atin

Car Show (registration 9 am). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 am



Garden Tractor Pull @ high school. . . . . . . . . 11 am (Check-in 10 am)

B&S E ui ment Auction

Kids Games & Inflatable Carnival . . . . . 11 am-7 pm (Obstacle Course Sponsored by BTC Bank)

Pet Show. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 am

. ran

Wine Tasting & Chalk Art . . . . . . . . . 12 noon - 4 pm


Mic-O-Say Dancers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 pm Parade (line-up 4 pm) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 pm


Additional information and registration forms available on the website for vendors and contests

Schedule subject to change. (Revised 8/27/18) For information, call Kate Chrisman, 660-663-7912

Facebook: Daviess County Chautauqua ic ca c




. ohnson


. ain



. ran

a atin


1 . ac son t. or

1 . ain

itch i e






i a oc ent N. ar et a atin

s. w . 1


i e




Su way

N. ain

a atin

a atin

Wall Street Station 1st t.


a atin

tate w . 1

a atin

a atin



Terry Im lement Co.

ta ont

Will Salmon E cavatin LLC

en er



Eu ene Story VM

a atin

Landmark Realty tate w


State arm Insurance

Landmark Mf . Cor . 1

a atin

Riley Plum in



a atin

RE MA Town & Country

eanna an O 111 Nept ne o rt a e i in 1

a atin

si esses r

Pierce Auto Su ly & un Works


Lake Vikin Sales LLC

a atin

o sin

Perkins Im rints

a atin



er ins

a atin

a e i in

1 1 . ac son a atin 1 1 a

a atin

Lake Vikin Marine

armers Bank of Nort ern Missouri e ber



Nort Missourian

rey ental rou

o eb rt sbec

a atin


Nata ie a on N. ain a atin

Kurt Es eck Construction

El ert s e t. Store Inc. 1

Natalie s Hair Loft

a atin

. ain

a atin


a atin

11 N ar et

Eileine s Beauty S o


. ran

a atin

Nail E cavatin

a atin

Jack s Muffler & Tire

a atin

1 N. ap e 1



rand River Title

Eic ler s Ta Service 11

t. w . 1

rand & Market

1 N. ain

un y s Market 1 N. ain


te. 1

M A A ri Services


a atin

a atin

Larry ickinson

N. ain

rand River Heatin and Coolin LLC

a atin

. ran 1

Lonnie Curtis & the Point Blank Band . . . . . . 6-9 pm

Vendors on the square Friday & Saturday!


aviess County Livestock Market

Car Show Awards Presentation . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 pm

a atin

a atin

Midwest loors LLC


allatin Truck & Tractor


N. ar et 1

Mi Me ico

a atin

. ain

aviess Co. Land Title 1

a atin

. ar et


. ran a atin 11

N. ain t.

allatin Pu lis in Co.

a atin

a as . oc ri e 1


allatin Lum er Co.

allas Lockrid e Ins. LLC

Hammertoe & the Fun Guys . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-4 pm

i cle e ea er all e e s e ill e el a e alla i


haron oc ri e ara . orrine a atin 1

McWilliams amily uneral Homes

a atin

a atin

. ran


Barton s Hardware

a atin

Storytelling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 noon

case easi l e


ban attonsb r hi icothe a oni arro ton oon i e ea an e ber a o sin en er



rost Automotive Inc.

Burton Heatin & Plum in

Professor Farquar & Polecat Annie

For more information!

.Oi e

BTC Bank


a atin

oster s S oe Store

1 1 . ac son a atin 1 1

Bags Tournament (Singles & Doubles). . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 am at the beer garden, sign-up at 10:15 am


a atin e ip enta


Daviess Co. Business Women - (drop off chili at 10:30 am)

a atin

. ran

a atin

Lockrid e Ins. A ency


lowers & More

Andrew s Auto & Tire

Chili Cookoff (& Raffle) . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 a.m.-2 pm

N. ar et


. ain

t. w .

Attorney Julia R. illey


Touch-A-Truck for Kids . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 am-noon

Lick Skillet Seeds

cott rose ent N. ain a atin 1



a iess C

C a a


ADZONE . . . September 11, 2018

Meadv ille, October 13: Real Estate. See Albertson Trust, on by Clev eng er Real Estate & Auction, 8 167 18 - 95 49.

Ch illicoth e, on October 19: See NO RESERV E Real Estate Auction on presented by Rafter C Online Auctions, Ph : 660- 646- 195 7 .

Maysv ille, Nov 3: Art, Antiq ues & Collectibles. On by Ch arlie Golden Auction, 8 16- 390- 2 5 5 7 .

Independence, Sept 13: REAL ESTATE. No Reserv e Real Estate on by Cates Auction & Realty Co. Inc., 8 7 7 - 7 8 1- 1134.

Daviess County Chautauqua Parade 2018 Parade Entry Form Saturday, September 15, 2018, at 5 p.m. (rain or shine). Register Now to save time and avoid confusion on parade day. Line up at 4 p.m. on West Richardson starting at the First Baptist Church. For more info, call Dan Lockridge at Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri, 660.663.2161. Farmers Bank employees will be at the Baptist Church on Saturday at 3 p.m. We will be assigning your number and placement in the parade line-up at that time. Anyone wanting to participate in the parade must be registered by 3:30 pm.

New This Year!

Ugly Truc Contest!

Also register online at

Independence, Sept 13: PERSONAL PROPERTY. Dow nsiz ing Estate on by Cates Auction & Realty Co. Inc., 8 7 7 - 7 8 1- 1134



Parkv ille, MO, September 14: REAL ESTATE. See Lux ury V illa Real Estate on GPCink. com by Cates Auction & Realty Co. Inc., 8 7 7 - 7 8 1- 1134.



wain & Amy Ireland Owners 660-973-0097 HW WW Tina MO 64682 Market 660-622-4214 Mailin Address PO Bo 704 C illicot e MO 64601 E-mail dwain@ ease ca wain for f rther etai s on the pco in sa e



Name * Organization * Address 1 *

Dan Dedrick: 660-646-8103 Pam Dedrick, Office Manager: 660-646-8119 Kurt Kleeman: 816-284-0611 Clark Allen: 660-973-6826 Wes Gorham: 816- 853-7359 L J Cahill: 660-322-1193

City * State * Zip / Post Code * Email * Phone #

Cell * Entry Type * (Please Circle) Band • Float • Car/Truck • Antique • Walkers • Other If other, please describe Category * (Please Circle) Commercial • Civic • Youth • Senior

Sponsored by:

Early registrations may be sent to: Dan Lockridge 121 W. Jackson St., Gallatin, MO 64640


Member FDIC



September 11, 2018

Corydon, Ia, on September 15 : Golf Cart, Househ old, Antiq ues, tools. See Allen Krome on presented by Prunty Auctions & Realty, LLC, Ph : 641.8 7 3.42 62 .

Paola, KS, on September 15 : Tractor, Trailers, Eq uipment & Mow er. See Donald Hermann on presented by Dennis Wendt Auction Serv ices, Ph : 913.8 98 .3337 .

CHILLICOTHE - 660- 7 07 - 18 2 0 | GALLATIN - 660- 663- 2 15 4 | Gallatin Publish ing Company | w w w

CARROLLTON, Sept 15 : Antiq ues, Collectibles, Tools, Househ old, Real Estate & more. See Mann Estate on by Adkins Auction, 660- 2 5 9- 2 409.

Ex celsior Spring s, Sept 15 : See Lifetime Collection of Dennis Fox - Classic Lincoln Cars, Dodg e Dakota, Golf Cart, J D Law n Tractor, Primitiv e and Antiq ue Furniture, Primitiv es,

Antiq ues and Collectibles, Tools, Law n & Garden, Pfaltz g raff Dish es, Ch ina, Depression Glassw are & more on by Stev e Ritter Auctioneering , 8 16- 630- 12 5 2

St. J oseph , September 15 : Househ old & Law n items. See Rich ard Smith Estate on presented by Ch arlie Golden Auction Company, Ph : 8 16- 390- 2 5 5 7 .

ADZONE . . . September 11, 2018



Ex celsior Spring s, Sept 16: train, train collection, collectible. See Fantastic Train Sale on by Mac’ s Auction, 8 16- 630- 7 990.

Kansas City, Sept 16: PERSONAL PROPERTY. See Claycomo Estate on GPCink. com by Cates Auction & Realty Co. Inc., 8 7 7 - 7 8 1- 1134.



Located 7 miles West of Cameron on


r Ph e: 1

ransportation an or er b in a ai ab e


on e

Weigh Ups 10AM, Feeders at 11:30AM BRED COWS 12:30PM Deerfield, Ks, on SeptemRich mond, Sept 2 1: Winber 17 : ESTATE AUCTION ch ester Tools , Adv ertising & Memorabilia, scads of h ard - - 400 COLLECTOR V EHICLES & MORE. See to find items,Colt, Remington, Walters 2 - Day Estate on Keen Kutter & Sh apleig h items, presented by 1100 Lots. On by Sulliv an Auctioneers, LLC, Simmons & Company Auctioneers, Inc., 8 16- 7 7 6- 2 936 Ph : 2 17 .8 47 .2 160. Farming ton, IA, Sept 2 2 : Real St. J oseph , MO, on SeptemEstate - Restaurant & Bar ber 19: COMMERCIAL REAL Eq uipment, Tables, Ch airs, ESTATE. See Commercial O a 1 Stools, a e V arious Eq uipment Real Estate on & Supplies - Small portable op tcher ow . presented by Cates Auction ch icken or dog h ouse - Sound op . 1 & Realty Co. Inc., Ph : 8 7 7 tcher owssystem. o . On by 7 8 NO 1- 1134. Fett Auction, 641.6830TH 0.7 8 2 8 . AUCTION: THURSDAY, AUG


ns re

NEXT SALE RIDAY Sept 1 th 11:30AM

Buying Butcher Cows & Horses Daily We currently have 5 butcher cow buyers. RECEIVING HOURS: Daily until sale time. ann 1 or 1 an an er ooi ie an 1 an ana ie an 1 1 a e a er 1

Lamoni, Iowa

Lamoni SALE Livestock Auction Inc.


Thurs, Sept 13th

SPECIAL SALES AS ADVERTISED New Ownership as of October 1st. Office 641-784-3323

Jason Allen 641-782-0790 | Jared Miller 515-608-0953 View live auctions @

LAMONILIVESTOCK.COM Office 641-784-3323

Jason Allen 641-782-0790 | Jared Miller 515-608-0953 View live auctions @


Sep 14 — Special Yearling & Weaned Calf. Sale w / reg Sale. Eastern Mo. Commission Co., Bow ling Green, MO Sep 2 0 — Horse Sale. Horse sale starting at 6: 30pm on Gallatin, MO. Dav iess County Liv estock Market, Gallatin, MO Sep 2 4 — Special Yearling & Weaned Calf Sale. Sale w / reg sale. Eastern Mo. Commission Co., Bow ling Green,

Also featuring...

Sep 2 4 — Special Cattle Sale. Kirksv ille Liv estock, LLC, Kirksv ille, MO Oct 01 — Special Sh eep & Goat Sale. Kirksv ille Liv estock, LLC, Kirksv ille,

Oct 05 — Special Bred Cow Sale. Kirksv ille Liv estock, LLC, Kirksv ille Oct 08 — Special Cattle Sale. Kirksv ille Liv estock, LLC, Kirksv ille, MO Oct 12 — Special Yearling & Weaned Calf Sale. Sale w / reg Sale. Eastern Mo. Commission Co., Bow ling Green Oct 18 — Fall Horse Sale. Th ursday at 6: 30 PM. Dav iess County Liv estock Market, Gallatin, MO

NEW OCT Jaso Jare


CHILLICOTHE - 660- 7 07 - 18 2 0 | GALLATIN - 660- 663- 2 15 4 | Gallatin Publish ing Company | w w w

September 11, 2018

OPEN HOUSE WEEKEND Jamesport Sales & Surplus


Jamesport Country Store

Fri. S ept 21 st & Sat. S ept 22 nd DE



FREE Homemade Ice Cream Coffee & Cream Stix

West edge of Jamesport at the Intersection of 6 & NN


Cash Prizes $500 • $250 • $100 & in store specials!!!

Help Wanted J oh nson Controls Inc. in Albany, MO is h iring ! Open positions include: Lean Implementer, Production Superv isor, and Production. Production positions include w elding , electrical and g eneral assembly. Offering excellent benefits, (medical, dental, v ision, life insurance, 401- k, h ealth sav ing s account and paid h olidays) . Interested candidates apply online at w w w .j oh nsoncontrols. com. Go to careers th en search Albany Missouri and find appropriate job. No applications taken at plant. EEO/ AA employer. Real Estate 17 08 Fairch ild, Ch illicoth e ( NEWLY REMODELED! ! ! ) 3BR, 1 Full Bath , 2 Half Bath . Hardwood floors, Kitchen w/ q uartz countertop, new stainless appliances & Deck. $ 12 9,000( By ow ner) 660- 97 3- 4490




Garage Sales

Grand Riv er Tire & Automotiv e. 2 12 W Grand St, Gallatin. 660- 663- 2 147 , Grandriv ertire2 018 @ g

R.Huston Trucking & Construction. All kinds of dirt w ork, clean out ponds, demolition clearing , pulling trees, site prep, dig basements and tree remov al. J .D. Tractor w ith Hyd ditch mow er, brush cutter, track h oe, track loader, back h oe, doz er, scaper, mini h oe, skid louder, dump trucks. Insured! Call Rick 660- 334- 0997 or Ron 660- 663- 32 34, cell 8 16390- 5 161

Wanted: Liv e- in h ousekeeper th at can driv e a v eh icle. Call 660- 7 45 3363. Daw n, MO area.

CHILLICOTHE SALE: 112 9 Arcadia Road. SATURDAY, September 15 th 9AM- 1PM. Business Women’ s cloth ing , tools, baby & h ouseh old items.

YOUR DIRT IS our bread and butter. Carpet and uph olstery cleaning . Dav id Baldw in, 8 16- 632 2 62 7 or toll- free 1- 8 8 8 8 5 4- 2 949. THE HAMILTON BANK ch ecking / sav ing s accounts, loans, IRA’ s and C.O.D.’ s. V isit w w w .h or call 8 165 8 3- 2 143. New branch at Lath rop, MO. Member FDIC & Eq ual Housing Member. J ULIA R. FILLEY, Attorney at Law . General Practice, Criminal Defense, Family Law , & Probate. Free Initial Consultation. West side of Gallatin Sq uare. 660663- 2 044 STUMP GRINDING. 8 16- 8 04- 7 948 .


SUN | SEPT 16th

Hamilton Penney High School Commons DINNER | 11AM TO 2PM LIVE AUCTION | 1PM AUCTION ITEMS INCLUDE: 4 KC T-Bone Tickets, Restaurant Certificates, 1 Load of gravel, Rental Equipment at Cameron Lumber, Fire Pits, Zip KC, Braymer Season Sports Pass, and much much more.


Wanted Wanting to buy standing timber: Cottonw ood, maple, oak, w alnut. Call 660- 646- 5 08 2 after 6: 00 p.m. M000Ldtf Farm g round w anted. Competitiv e rates. Aaron Landes 660- 35 8 - 2 68 2

Garage Sales ADV ENTIST CHURCH THRIFT Sh op, 12 07 S. Clay, Gallatin, Mo. Open: Ev ery Wednesday from 8 am- 4pm. Open during th e noon h our. Free cloth ing at 12 06 S. Willow entrance. Open 8 am3pm ev ery Wednesday. 660- 663- 2 47 8 SAV E THE DATE: Gallatin City Wide Garag e Sale, Saturday October 6. Sig n up by Oct. 2 at Gallatin Publish ing Company,609B S. Main, Gallatin. Ph . 660- 6632 15 4. $ 10 fee to defray map and adv ertising ex pense.

ATTENTION Ch illicoth e, Gallatin & Hamilton. Get your g arag e sale adv ertised HERE in th e AdZone - $ 7 for 2 5 w ords or less. Call us at 6607 07 - 18 2 0 or email us at by Th ursday September 13th to g et in th e September 18 th edition. Hav e a g reat w eek and THANK YOU for reading th e AdZone : )



Let us help you find a Medicare Supplement that can help.

Can you AFFORD to be without


Dinner/auction. I know I am to late for this week's ad zone but would like to run it the week of the 10th. You have billing info on file. If you Without adequate protection, could stay within our $40 to $50 budget that you could lose your life’s savings would be great. If you can just put the important info in that is fine whatever space you have..toIfthe HIGH costs of Long Term Care. you have any questions you can call me on my CALL OR STOP BY cellphone 816-465-0232. Thanks, RICE OHNSON Julie Hill

PJ &



INSURANCE Serving You Since 1983

Kathy Price, CLU ChFC & Kasey Johnson

1101 W. Bus. 36, Chillicothe, MO

September 2018


SERVING YOU SINCE 1941 835 S. Washington • Chillicothe, MO 660-646-5525


1 2





















23 30





28 29

Get your event in the AdZone FREE. Email us at

S ept ember 1 6

Chillicothe Eagles Club Aerie 2428

CCFCA Fundraising Dinner & Auction 11:00AM-2:00PM Penney High School Hamilton



S ept ember 2 5 Square Dance Lessons 7:00-9:00PM Every Tuesday Night Grand River Multi-Purpose Center (former Aldi’s building) Chillicothe

St. Columban Fall Festival Chillicothe

Every Wednesday 6PM


S ept ember 1 5 Chula Street Fair 7:00AM-10:00PM

Dawn Days Fish Fry 5:00-7:00PM Jenkins Community Center


S ept ember 2 8 - 2 9 S ept ember 1 6 Life Center Food Pantry 2:00 - 4:00PM 810 Elm Chillicothe

Heritage Days Jamesport

S ept ember 2 8 Line Dancing & Karaoke 7:00-10:00PM Grand River Multi-Purpose Center (former Aldi’s building) Chillicothe

Good Times Dance 7:30PM Grand River Multi-Purpose Center (former Aldi’s building) Chillicothe

O c t o ber 5 Downtown Wine Walk 4:00-8:00PM

page # _______________ Business or Organization

page # _______________ Business or Organization



page # _______________ Business or Organization

page # _______________ Business or Organization

FREE concert featuring Members Only 7:30PM Downtown Chillicothe

S ept ember 2 1

S ept ember 2 2 S ept ember 1 5


S ept ember 1 5 Chillicothe Farmer’s Market 8:00AM


Entries due Fridays by 3PM. Entries accepted by USPS, drop off at one of our locations or Email to

S ept ember 1 4

Dec 20th


S ept ember 3 0

200 East Jackson, Chillicothe

Line Dancing & Karaoke Canned Food Drive 7:00-10:00PM Grand River Multi-Purpose Center (former Aldi’s building) Chillicothe


S ept ember 2 9 Quinn Memorial 5k Walk/ Run 8:00AM Bishop Hogan Memorial School Chillicothe

_________________ _________________ Find the BONUS CODE on Facebook


to win an additional $5!


Chillicothe Farmer’s Market 8:00AM

S ept ember 1 6 Mooresville Christian Church Outdoor Harvest Service Biscuits/gray, campfire coffee & cross-making 8:30-9:30AM Service 9:30AM Butch Thomas shed across from church Mooresville

NAME ____________________________ S ept ember 2 9 S ept ember 2 2 JC Penney Festival Hamilton

Chillicothe Lions Pancake Day 8:00-10:00AM Applebee’s Chillicothe

ADDRESS _________________________ _________________________________ PHONE ___________________________ EMAIL ____________________________


CHILLICOTHE - 660- 7 07 - 18 2 0 | GALLATIN - 660- 663- 2 15 4 | Gallatin Publish ing Company | w w w

September 11, 2018

** Selected Varieties

1 /lb

WED 12




FRI 14

SAT 15

MON 17


Pork Steak

Fresh Family Pack Bone-In

1 /lb

9 $ 29

Red or Green Seedless Grapes Fresh

7 /lb

$ 99

KC Strip Steak

Country Style Pork Ribs

Fresh Family Pack Boneless Beef


Washington Gala Apples


Dole Salad Blends


$ 99

Rump Roast Fresh Boneless Beef

Fresh Family Pack Bone-In




2 /lb

1 /lb

$ 99


1lb Fresh



$ 99 Farmland Whole Ham 4lb Boneless Water Product



$ 99

$ 99

$ 99

Nature Sweet Cherub Tomatoes

Highline Whole White Mushrooms

Best Choice Russet Potatoes


New Crop Premium


10lb bag



PIllsbury Crescent Rolls or Sweet Rolls 8-13.9oz **



$ 49

$ 59

Best Choice Hiland Cottage Cheese 24oz ** Granulated Sugar



$ 49

$ 99

Kraft Cheese

Ore Ida Potatoes

Totino’s PIzza Rolls

24oz **

4lb bag

5 2/$ 5 2/$

Lay’s, Kettle, Baked or Rold Gold 6.25-16 Oz, **


12 oz cans, 12 pack



$ 59


Best Choice Flour

Best Choice Coffee K-Cups 12ct **

$ 49

$ 99

Best Choice Mayonnaise or Salad Dressing

Best Choice Oil

Best Choice Apple Juice or Cider


48oz **

Coca-Cola Products 12 oz cans, 12 pack,**


$ 99

Best Choice Honey Bear

Best Choice Pickles 16oz **



Best Choice Popcorn 3ct **


$ 99 Best Choice Cat Food 16lb **


18oz **



$ 99 12oz **


$ 99


44.5oz **

14-32oz **

5lb **

Best Choice Soda


$ 99



Coca-Cola Products .5 Liter Bottles, 6 Pack, **

79¢ Powerade 32oz, **


$ 99 7•UP Products

.5 liter bottles 6 pk, **

AdZone 9-11-2018  
AdZone 9-11-2018