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Ch illicoth e, Braymer, Meadv ille, Wh eeling , Ch ula, Daw n, Ludlow , Mooresv ille, Utica, Hale, Gallatin, Lake V iking , J amesport, J ameson/ Coffey, Pattonsburg , Lock Spring s, Winston, Altamont, Hamilton, Kidder, King ston, Polo, Cowgill, Breckenridge, Nettleton, Mirabile, Trenton, Cameron, Lathrop, Brookfield

May 15, 2018


8 $ 10 $

• 2 Games • Shoe Rental • Large Drink

• 3 Games • Shoe Rental • Large Drink



• 90 minutes of bowling • Up to 6 shoe rentals • 6 soda drinks • 1 large pizza (any topping)

FIND GREAT AREA AUCTIONS ON Hwy 190 & Grand Dr., Chillicothe • 660.707.1700

v ecteez

may 8th WINNER Martha berry of chillicothe



CHILLICOTHE - 660- 7 07 - 18 2 0 | GALLATIN - 660- 663- 2 15 4 | o ida ed e: De 3 4 am 5pm D: De 5 Gallatin Publish ing Company | w w CLOSED w NOV 24-NOV 28. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

May 15 , 2 018





Must have Class A CDL Works Sunday-Thursday 6pm-3am Must have Class A or B CDL. Competitive Pay & Full Benefit Package Must be able to lift 80 lbs. Graves Foods Chillicothe, MO Competitive Pay, Home Evenings, Apply within or call 660-247-2135 Paid acation & Holidays

Must have Class A CDL Works Sunday-Thursday 6pm-3am Competitive Pay & Full Benefit Package Apply within or call 66 - 4 - 1 5

Apply within or call 66 - 4 - 1 5





Pricing good a 9 thru a

9 0


Bakery • Deli Bulk Foo s • Specialty Coffee Virginia Roast Colby Hot Pepper Ham Beef Cheese Cheese $4.29 $7.99 $3.99 $3.99 hile supplies last

We now carry Essential Oils

5 miles EAST of Maysville on Hwy 6 • 816-449-2285 7am - 5pm Tues-Fri • 8:30am to 2pm Saturday o



o 27 8 30-3

8 30-2

5 miles EAST of Maysville on Hwy 6 • 816-449-2285

Holiday Schedule: Dec 23-24 7am-5pm • CLOSED: Dec 25-29 We nowDecember carry Essential We will be closed 24-27 Oils for the holiday. Agriculture


For Rent

Equipment For Rent

J oh n Deere 318 Law nmow er/ g arden tractor. New er eng ine. Runs and operates g reat. Good paint. $ 15 00. Also, J oh n Deere D130 Riding law nmow er. Reconditioned. Runs and mow s g reat. $ 8 00. 660- 65 9- 2 5 37

1969 Ch ev y stepside pickup, V 8 , auto, h eaders, M5 0 tires and Eag le Alloy w h eels, old sh ow truck customiz ed. $ 5 ,5 00. 660- 7 49- 5 461

CHILLICOTHE: NEW 4- Plex MAINTENANCE- FREE LIV ING - 2 bedroom, 2 bath , larg e 2 car g arag e, kitch en appliances furnish ed. CALL TODAY 660- 2 47 - 7 7 12

CASE Skid Loader, 8 5 h p, by th e day, w eek or month . Contact Gallatin Truck & Tractor, Inc. 660- 663- 2 103 or 2 104.

PAYING $ 7 5 / ACRE FOR RENTAL PASTURE. Will consider any siz e and location. Can do any fence repair necessary. 8 16- 7 8 7 - 4006

ROOFING CONTRACTORS: Metal Roof Restoration and Flat Roof Products Manufacturer Looking for Qualified Individuals w illing to receiv e training and install roofing systems. 40 Years of Top Q uality Products and Dev eloping Successful Business Ow ners. Inv estment Req uired. Training Prov ided. 8 16- 42 5 - 115 5

FREE Red Raspberry plants to g iv e aw ay. 1 1/ 4 m. east of Sh erw ood in J amesport. 66068 4- 6319 Automotive 2 001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 6 cyl. auto, silv er in color, leath er, v ery g ood condition, 17 6,000 miles. $ 2 ,2 00.00 660- 7 49- 5 461. FROST AUTOMOTIV E: Auto and truck parts & accessories. See us for all your parts needs. We also make h ydraulic h oses. South side Gallatin sq uare. 660- 663- 2 15 2

Business Opportunities

For Rent KIDDER, MO 2 BR duplex , energy efficient, washer, dryer, stov e, dish w ash er, refrig erator included. Law n mow ed, snow remov al. $ 5 00 month $ 5 00 deposit. No pets. 8 16- 5 7 5 - 2 2 11 or 913- 5 5 8 - 2 8 19.

GALLATIN ESTATES APARTMENTS FOR RENT: 1 or 2 bdrm av ailable. HUD v ouch ers accepted. Rental assistance av ailable to th ose w h o q ualify. Eq ual h ousing opportunity. Call 660- 663- 3114. STORAGE UNITS: Outside lig h ting , surv eillance cameras, insulated to prev ent larg e temperature v ariances, different siz es av ailable. Located Hw y. O east of Gallatin. Critten Country Storag e, 660- 605 - 335 0.

Public water supply district #2 of Daviess County is accepting resumes for a permanent, full-time employee in the water distribution department. Applicant should be available to work after business hours and weekends as needed and may require certification for water distribution. Must have a valid drivers license. Resumes can be mailed to DCPWSD #2, PO Box 284, Gallatin, MO 64640 or submitted to the office South inat Al502A any MOMain is St., hiring Gallatin, MO.


for Johnson Controls Inc. Albany Plant in G


iess County Li r ry tin on Thurs y M y 1 th AM M

Can ates a e t e ab t to out a cat ons on-s te Con uct ng on-s te nter e s lectronic pplications nl

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o applications are ta en at the plant

For Sale BASE ROCK, BLACK DIRT AND fill dirt. Huston Trucking & Construction, 660- 663- 32 34 or 660- 334- 0997 . Carg o trailer, 12 ’ long , 6’ w ide, 5 ’ tall, all new lig h ts and w iring , tires are in g ood sh ape. $ 1,8 00 obo. Call 660- 97 3- 67 5 7 BOATS FOR SALE: New & used boats & pontoons, sev eral to ch oose from, j ust w atch our w ebsite, w w w .lakev iking marine. com or call 660- 663- 37 2 2 , Lake V iking Marine.

large variety of mixed baskets & planters, seeds, onion sets, seed potatoes, VEGETABLES. bedding plants, herbs, mint, shrubs fruit trees, blueberry bushes, perennials & annuals

28179 St. Hwy. M, Gallatin

Greenhouse Now Open

CLOSED SUNDAYS Daviess County Library in Gallatin on May 17th from 9am-6pm. Candidates will have the ability to fill out applications on-site, and we ll be conducting on-site interviews

05-01-18 Virginia H Roast bee Colby Che Hot Peppe 3.99 May9-19

ADZONE . . . May 15, 2018


Who needs genetic tests? b y F reida Marie C ru mp

Greetings from Poosey. I think it was the only social studies assignment I ever flunked. At least I think I flunked it. I know I at least bombed it royally. The assignment was to find a relative who could tell me something about my family. I was in third grade and assumed since my grandpa was the oldest member of the family that he would be able to remember the most so I pedaled my bike down to his house after school, my Big Chief writing tablet and pencil in hand, plopped myself down in front of Grandpa’s recliner and started asking questions. Grandpa took a draw of his Prince Albert-filled pipe, said, “Well, let’s see...” And then he began.

For Sale

For Sale

Help Wanted

2 005 5 th Wh eel Camper. Cedar Creek Silv erback by Forest Riv er. Fiberg lass ex terior. Rubber Roof g ood sh ape. 1 year old tires. V ery g ood condition. 8 16- 2 94- 95 2 8

Used Tires. Too much tread to th row aw ay. Tw o sets of R16 and 3 older tires ( 2 35 / 7 5 R15 ) for farm use. Take one or all, $ 10 apiece. Ask for Ben at Gallatin Publish ing Co., 660.663.2 15 4 w eekdays.

DAILY ROUTE DRIV ER Grav es Menu Maker Foods. Must h av e Class A or B CDL & able to lift 8 0lbs. COMPETITIV E PAY, HOME EV ENINGS, PAID V ACATION & HOLIDAYS! Apply w ith in or call 660- 2 47 - 2 135

Core g as- less trimmer/ w eed eater w / battery, ch arg er and nylon spool, w orks g reat, 3 yrs. old.; J oh n Deere X 300 tractor w / 42 ” mow er deck and rear w h eel ch ains. Works g reat 5 years old. Serv iced annually by Glenn Fry. Both as a set for $ 8 00. Call Gav in 660- 97 3- 8 498

Cook, Ch illicoth e Head Start, 2 9 h ours/ w eek. V isit w w w .g reenh illsh for j ob description and application, or call 660- 35 9- 2 2 14. E.O.I.

OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE by Central Boiler Inc. FREE HEAT & h ot w ater. Eliminate month ly h eating bills. 660- 7 07 38 66. ( No Sunday calls, please) . FAST CASH. Guns, g old & silv er w anted. Larg est selection of used g uns in th e area. Cash buyer. Cash on paw n items. R& R Paw n, Cameron 8 16.632 .17 8 7

Dav iess/ Grundy Head Start Home V isitor. J ob description & application at w w w .g reenh illsh eadstart. org or call 660- 35 9- 2 2 14. E.O.I.

According to Grandpa, his side of the family was descended from German nobility and somewhere on the limbs of our family tree hung various princes, kings and potentates. I was amazed that Grandpa knew so much about the family, including the fact that we were descendants of Abraham Lincoln and there was a good chance that Moses himself lingered somewhere in our lineage. He went on to list various heroes of the Civil War, signers of the Declaration of Independence and then hinted that our clan would figure prominently in the Second Coming. Hey, a third grader will believe anything her grandfather tells her, okay? I sucked it up, swallowed it whole, and wrote it down. Then I said, “Grandpa ... what about Grandma’s side of the family?” Grandpa had the habit of swallowing hard then rolling his tongue around the inside of his cheeks before answering really pithy questions and on that autumn afternoon he did a good deal of swallowing and rolling before he began. “Your grandma’s side of the family didn’t turn out so well,” he said. I stopped my scribbling. Grandpa had that look on his face that hinted at something really terrible coming my way. “Most of her family are easy to trace,” he said, “since they keep pretty good records in prisons.” It was my turn to swallow hard. I’d known my dear sweet grandma ever since the day I was born. How could such a gentle soul be descended from scoundrels? He went on. “You’ll notice that Grandma doesn’t talk much about her relatives. Fact is, I don’t blame her. She’s spent a good deal of her life trying to cover up her family history.” As the room began to fill with a pipe tobacco cloud he went on to tell me the stories of Grandma’s sordid lineage going all the way back to Jesse James, John Wilkes Booth, and Attila the Hun. I asked him to stop for a moment as my number two pencil had by this time worn itself down to stub and was in need of sharpening, a job that Grandpa quickly dispatched with his pocketknife. I left his house that day with a notebook full of stories and a head full of wonder and couldn’t wait to get home and put the tale of our two families into essay form. There was no doubt that no other third grader was going to show up the next morning with a treasure trove of family history like mine. Social studies came right before lunch and I completely forgot my hunger that morning as I waited my turn to read my family’s genealogy. I proudly proclaimed the glorious story of Grandpa’s heritage then held my third grade classmates spellbound as I told them the wretched tales of Grandma’s ancestry. I ended my grandmother’s tale by reciting Grandpa’s final summation of his wife’s family. “We can trace her family back to two bachelor brothers in Ireland who were hung for horse stealing so her family line ended right there.” I looked up from my essay and saw that the class was awestruck. I was the hero of the third grade. Then I turned to my teacher and proudly handed her my paper. Did I mention that my third grade teacher was also my mother, the daughter of my grandmother? I went home hungry that day since lunch hour found me in my mom’s car on the way to Grandpa’s house for a bit of clarification. I recently sent off a dab of my DNA to to see where I came from. The results showed some English, a bit of German, and a touch of Irish. Boring, boring, boring. Forget about genetic testing, I’ll take the stories of a windy grandfather any day. You ever ‘round Poosey, stop by. We may not answer the door but you’ll enjoy the trip.







CHILLICOTHE - 660- 7 07 - 18 2 0 | GALLATIN - 660- 663- 2 15 4 | Gallatin Publish ing Company | w w w

May 15 , 2 018





gpc21022 gpc20445 gpc20903 Gallatin: Charming 4 bedroom, 1 and ½ bathroom 2 story home is located on a nice, shady corner lot with a pretty patio area and an oversized 2 car detached garage. $79,000 #2044581

Gallatin: BRAND NEW! Hardwood floors. Custom cabinets, stainless appliances including a gas range. Eating area walks out to deck. 9 ft ceilings, impressive wood trim, master suite w/master bath w/oversized shower and large closet. Huge yard, quiet neighborhood, 2 car attached garage. #2102295 $168,500

Gallatin: 8+ acres with electricity and natural gas in place. Great get away or

Breckenridge: Hunting paradise or secluded building site on 36 acres! IncludeS: awesome deer stand, 24 ac timber, 7 ac established food plots, pond; ideal for deer & turkey hunting. Located north of Breckenridge in Caldwell Co. $116,500 #2104235

building site with some timber and one pond. $33,500 #2090377


Amanda Riley 660-605-0575






660 6


400 N MAIN ST. STE 1 GALLATIN, MO. 64640

CELL: 660-868-1886

6010 660 6

Sales Parts Service

6012 Fa

Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm

Altamont - Th is lot is close to beach 3 and h as an amaz ing v iew of th e Lake. Perfect building lot. Enj oy Lake V iking amenities, boating, fishing, sw imming and so much more, com j oin th e fun. $ 12 ,000. #2 090660 ReeceNich ols Ide Capital Realty LLC,

Professional Land Surveyor



Daviess County Enjoy the Lake this summer!




Call us for all your surveying needs!

Office: (660) 542-3310 Cell: (660) 542-6227


Edwin Host tl r

munity Area w h ich g iv es you more room & priv acy . With in w alking distance to Community Area #11 on th e lake.Surv eyed $ 12 ,5 00. #132 38 5 Lake V iking Sales LLC, Gallatin, MO 660- 663- 2 134

to enjoy relaxing fishing or w h atev er you desire. Th is lot h as been surv eyed! $ 12 ,5 00. #1315 7 1 Lake V iking Sales LLC, 660- 663- 2 134 Altamont - Lake V iew tier lot ready to build. Tier lot w / lake v iew is ready for you to build on if you are looking to build. Oth erw ise, g iv es you lake priv ileg es. Great lot! $ 12 ,5 00. #132 417 Lake V iking Sales New istin 663- 2 134 LLC,L660g

Altamont - ExNcellent corner lot ew sting across fromLiCommunity Area # 11 on th e w ater. Perfect tier New lot location! Better g et th is one Listing w h ile it is still av ailable. Th is Altamont - Lot Backs up to CA NEW PRICE is a larg e corner Nlotewacross for ex tra space. Located on ICE from C.A. # 11 provPRiding you Altamont - Corner lot close to Fish erman on th e West side of w ith access across th e street Beach & CA #13. Nice corth e lake. It backs up to a Com-


ner bldg . lot close to Beach 3 w / boat docking , restroom facilities and cov ered eating area. C.A #13 is on th e w ater w ith in w alking distance and a fun place to fish and swim. $ 12 ,5 00. #132 68 9 Lake V iking Sales LLC, Gallatin, MO 660- 663- 2 134

Altamont - Larg e Corner Bldg . Lot in V ery nice LV neig h borh ood! Larg e corner lot on Faw n and LV T in a v ery nice neig h borh ood. Would make a really g ood building location. Located near Beach 3. $ 12 ,5 00. #132 67 3 Lake V iking Sales LLC, 660- 663- 2 134

121 Washington Street Chillicothe, MO 64601


Real Estate

660-646-1417 New Listing!

124 Parkview Circle Chillicothe Corner Lot! New carpets, tile flooring, all appliances, large finished family room in basement. 3 beds, 2.5 baths

718 St Louis St Chillicothe Quiet Neighborhood! 10 x 14 shed w/concrete floor- Newer flooring in kitchen & utility room.

#7020 • $214,500

#4557 • $54,500

Call Amy Sisson 660-525-9133

660-247-0750 Call Martha Berry 660-707-3067



wner ro er

Open House 5/19!

1610 Rosewood Chillicothe Public Open House Sat. May 19, 2018 10AM-12PM 2 car attached garage, 5 beds 2 baths w/many updates #3121 • $182,500

Call Joyce Eddy

Call Lindy Lile 660-247-2294




You Design it. We Build it. 30525 285th St. Gallatin, Mo 64640


i n , a

in a am on, a anna

an o n on, a


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i iam , a

New AC - Coffeyg Parkview Circle5.5 #7020124 Reduced ! Listin

G I L M A N C I T Y- 1 2 0 Red uced ACRES-68.5 acres of P r oListing perty is #4557 - 718 St Louis St - New , tiled and terraced, hay19,CRP #3121- Public Open House currently - Saturday May 2018 from 10 a.m. to 12 2 3 acres bottom ground and p.m. ( In description box please) some timber, but tillable ground and i s l e v e l a n d remaining in timber. would make a Ponds, creek, blacktop beautiful building spot, or just a place to and gravel frontage. camp for the weekend. This is country living Excellent hunting! #1181 $324,000 with the comforts of small town wrapped into one. Don't let this opportunity pass you by! #1207 $18,000

N E W L Y RENOVATED - Ranch 3 bed, 2 bath loaded with q u a l i t y finishes and updates. Full unfinished basement, 2 car attached garage on a corner shaded lot. # 1119 $142,900

Custom Home on 23 A c r e s - T h i s 5613sq.ft. 5 BR 4.5 BA home will impress with style, design, and efficiency. Open floor plan w/gourmet kitchen w/granite counter tops, maple wood island, hardwood floors and walk-in pantry. Spacious din/liv rm with travertine fireplace and vaulted beam ceilings. Full walk out basement features lg. family rm, 2 BR 1BA, and storm rm. Property is complete with pond, pasture w/18x25 livestock bldg, and timber. #1200 $542,500

Gallatin Lumber Company

285th St

Residential Land & Farms Lake Commercial CUSTOM CABINETS Visit our website at 3


Visit our website at

Gallatin SHADY LANE See US For All Your Real Estate Needs WOODCRAFT Shady Lane Woodcraft

Altamont, MO - - Nice Bldg . lot on Fish erman. 1.00 Acres.33 Lot: Th is lot w ill make a g reat building lot, it is easily accessed from th e south entrance. Property h as been surv eyed. $ 12 ,5 00. #132 440 Lake V iking Sales LLC, Gallatin, MO 660- 663- 2 134

21020 Hwy 6 Gallatin, MO 64640 660.663.3294 an

4 33

Landmark Realty


New Listing

arro ton M


Hounsea ,



ome see s or a o r onstr tion needs 116 South Market, Gallatin, Mo.

Phone: 660-663-2522

Ne Listinw g

Ne List

ADZONE . . . May 15, 2018

Finch rilling Construction LLC

Specializing In Farm Insurance

eothermal Loo Fields Large Small iameter ater ells Foundation oles ell Cleaning ater Lines wne

erate by Mar

601 S Davis St., Hamilton, MO 64644

Let me put my years of experience to work for you!

Shaun el inch for nearly 2 years


Daviess County Enjoy the Lake this summer! Altamont - Fantastic priced w .f. lot w / dock and bldg . Hard to find a w.f. lot with a 240K

Bossville 6

h Dr

Wholesalers, Inc. #2 and BTR SPF Lumber Pre-cut Studs Blandex/Plywood

d MLS I-Joists OLI - Broker ust, Chillicothe, Mo LVL Beams 7 1700 ents ack Blank, Don oxanne Rickey Call for Pricing!!!

Altamont - Inex pensiv e Lake Altamont, MO - - NICE AFLiv ing ! Looking for a nice, FORDABLE WATERFRONT clean inex pensiv e lake h ome, LOT! Nice lev el lot w ith a g reat th is is it! 2 bdrm, plus sitting v iew ! Was perc tested about rm. w / sleeping area, 2 bath , ten years ag o and passed. larg e master bath w / 2 sinks, Water & pow er av ailable. soaking tub, separate sh ow er $ 8 0,000. #107 30 Lake V iking area. Guest bath & bedroom Sales LLC, 660- 663- 2 134 on opposite end of th e h ome, w ith liv ing area, kitch en and Altamont, MO - - NICE COV E EQUITY MISSOURI REALTY dining in th e middle. Larg e LOT WITH A COV ERED entertaining deck, w / step DOCK W/ LIFT. Nice q uiet LAND & HOME/AUCTION Nationwide ads in GPC, KCMO MLS,, Zillow, Trulia dow n to patio area, larg e law n cov e lot w ith g ood deep w ater, 621 Locust, Chillicothe, Mo area, 2 car detach ed g arag e, GREAT FISHING, a cov ered C ILLICOT E EAL ESTATE O SALE dock w / lift, concrete patio and circular entry driv e w / plenty 250K ne of hillicothe largest 3stor asement 0 ne of hillicothe largest ric 3 stor asement on the downtown s uare office retail uildings on uare w 600 lease- ac for 0of room : eautiful ountr lu ome lots of nice trees. Reduced: for parking . $ 64,5 00. one floor 3 a estic ictorian wal -out asement aulted ceilings solid oa woodwor pla ground fireplace 250K : eautiful ountr lu ome 0 #10 3 new MHroof garages 09 illiams tV iking 15 8 Lake $ 8 5 ,000. #102 45 Lake V iking 235K a estic home wal -out asement aulted 0 arge shop reno ated apartment ample par ing ceilings pla ground solid oa woodwor fireplace 660-out6632 134 30 Sales 3 acres LLC, farmhouse uildings Sales LLC, 660- 663- 2 134 dec new roof

garages 09

illiams t

40K arge shop reno ated apartment ample par ing 30K 3 acres farmhouse out uildings

30K arge

co ered porch remodeled itchen

20K 3 D famil room asement garage lots 19K railer nestled in trees large dec lighted path goldfish pond countr st le li ing in town lots of par ing

364 500

240K 190K






D orgeous 3 D shop garage

ute little


1 00 ac lan

a er o anne ic e Don hite Dana o


ent to own

ro er owner

wner ro er


ent to own


0 0 90 0





otel renta le rooms 60 mostl tilla le acres pond D orgeous 3 D shop garage P ed rea fast ute little ungalo greenhouse dec garage uge ric home orton uilding w wor shop in-law setup pond

CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI Spray Foam, Cellulose and Fiberglass

Scott Boley

Stabilized Cellulose • Insulation Gallatin, MO Construction - - Lakefront • Remodels Gallatin, MO•- - Commerical Th is lot is close New Home V iew w ith out th e Price! 1.00 to Beach 2 and h as an amaz Acres.33 Lot: Partially cleared ing v iew of th e Lake w h ich h as lot w / w .f. access th roug h com- a g reat sand beach and playmunity area on th e lake. Th is g round eq uipment and picnic is a g reat opportunity to h av e tables for th e summer outing : lake v iew from a lot w / com- Perfect building lot. Trees munity area land in front of it, h av e been remov ed th at so you don’ t h av e to pay th e w ere blocking th e v iew of th is larg e price of w ater frontag e beautiful lake lot. Property h as properties. It is a v ery uniq ue been surv eyed ad perk tested lot w ith lots of trees and some for the soil also certified state clearing . Easy access from I- plans w ill sell w ith property. 35 Ex cellent price! Reduced: Th e lake is w aiting . $ 10,5 00. #2 093412 ReeceNich ols Ide $ 10,000. #13X - 2 Lake V iking Sales LLC, Gallatin, MO 660- Capital Realty LLC, 663- 2 134 Gallatin - Tw o building lots in a h ot spot on th e lake: Tw o lots tog eth er! Ow ner asking Pr. $ 12 ,5 00. #132 405 & 2 406 Lake V iking Sales LLC, 660663- 2 134

ro er owner

FREE ESTIMATES Reuben Wagler Trenton, MO

metal works

Rick Boley

660-973-3567 660-247-2969

greenhouse dec garage

Jeff Foli - Broker

02 gents: ic

30 arge co ered porch remodeled itchen 0 3 D famil room asement garage lots 9 railer nestled in trees large dec lighted path goldfish pond countr st le li ing in town lots of par ing

renta le rooms

60 mostl tilla le acres pond ed rea fast

200K uge ric ictorian home large orton s tle uilding w wor shop in-law setup pond

12 Miles North of Salisbury on Hwy 129


Mar Hill 16. 3. 333 or 16.262.3 6

bldg . w / cov ered deck, a cov ered boat dock w / lift for th is price! Nice, maintained yard, elec. and w ater. Easily accessed from South entrance, Better hurry! Great fishing! $ 49,5 00. #10301 Lake V iking Sales LLC, 660- 663- 2 134

50K 3

Advantech Subfloor



Gallatin - Great lake v iew ! Lev el bldg . lot directly across th e street from lake. Really nice, lev el lot, close to Beach 2 & C.A. #11 on th e lake. Surv eyed! $ 12 ,5 00. #1315 7 8 Lake V iking Sales LLC, 660- 663- 2 134


CHILLICOTHE - 660- 7 07 - 18 2 0 | GALLATIN - 660- 663- 2 15 4 | Gallatin Publish ing Company | w w w

May 15 , 2 018

Daviess County Enjoy the Lake this summer! Gallatin - Nice lev el lot close to th e main entrance! 0.60 Acres: Lot 2 7 h as approx 108 ’ of sh oreline in a conv enient location. It is w ith in w alking distance to th e clubh ouse, pool, office and beach. $51,000. #g pc2 03942 9 RE/ MAX Tow n & Country, Gallatin, MO

Gallatin - Nice ranch manufactured h ome on 2 larg e lots at Lake V iking : Gallatin sch ool district, w alking distance to clubh ouse, pool & beach ! Affordable, & clean 3 bedroom, 2 bath h ome. Well taken care of. Located on secluded deadend road close to main entrance. $ 7 5 ,000. #g pc2 08 6060 RE/ MAX Tow n & Country

ADZONE . . . May 15, 2018

AUCTIONS Albany, May 19: Hug e Long aberg er by Dollars Messner Auction, 660- 7 2 6- 32 5 2 . Beth any, May 19: Lots of cag es of small animals Also misc items. See Beth any Community Small Animal & Poultry on by Fox Auction, LLC, 660.341.145 3.

Gow er, May 19: Larg e assortment of tools. See Waymann Grig g s on by Kimble Auction, 8 16- 669- 35 67

Trenton, MO, May 19: See Critten Public on by Allen Auction Serv ice, 66095 3- 0346.

Gow er, MO, on May 19: Larg e Assortment of Tools. See Waymann Grig g s on GPCink. com presented by Arnaman Real Estate & Auction, Ph : 8 16- 2 8 4- 05 7 0.

Ch illicoth e, MO, on May 2 3: See Real Estate on GPCink. com by Rog er’ s Auction Serv ice, LLC, Ph : 660- 2 47 - 5 5 04. Brookfield, May 24: Guns & Winch ester Safe, Kubota

Tractor, Zero- Turn Mow er, Implements, Law n & Garden, Sh op Eq uip, Furniture, Househ old, Collectibles. See Absolute No Reserv e Mov ing Action on by Teter Auction, 660- 7 34- 2 111. Brow ning , MO, on May 2 5 : See Wayne Ludw ig Estate on by Keenan Auction, Ph : 641.990.8 046.

Barbra Salisbury Real Estate & Household 203 Macon Street


Plattsburg , MO, on May 2 6: Farm and Sh op Eq uipment, Househ old & Collectibles 3 collector trucks 2 006 NEW HOLLAND DIESEL TRACTOR. See Wh itt Family Mov ing on by Pickett Auction, 8 16- 669- 3433. Stew artsv ille, May 2 8 : Collectors Tractors, Contents of former Rag don Rebuilding Electrical Sh op, Larg e Assortment of Tools, Antiq ues, Collectables; Toys Oth er Items. See Kyle & Karla Nelson on by Kimble Auction Serv ice, 8 16- 669- 35 67 .


Trenton, MO, on May 2 8 : See Bill Bain & Anne Harv ey on by Keenan Auction, 641.990.8 046. Lath rop, J une 2 : McGinness Farm on by Pickett Auction, 8 16- 669- 3433. Stew artsv ille, J une 8 : See Rinard Special on by Pickett Auction Serv ice, Ph : 8 16- 669- 3433. Cameron, J une 9: Special Furniture, Collectible Guns, Glass, Ch ina. See Ch uck & Patti Bow man by Pickett Auction, 8 16- 669- 3433.


SAT, MAY 19th | 11AM Q uestions, please contact Danny Zulig 660-745-3397 REAL ESTATE: 2 0 3 M acon Street, M ead vil l e INV ESTMENT OPPORTUNITY - 2 bedroom natural g as h ouse. House h as been unoccupied for + 10 years. Liv ing room, Dining room, kitch en, & appliance room. Property also includes; separate 2 room apt 16x 2 4 along w ith a g arag e 16x 32 . New roof on both liv ing q uarters in 2 004.

Custom, Professional Class Entry Doors

Househ ol d items start at 1 1 A M R eal Estate sel l s at 1 2 NOON.

• Beautiful Wood Look

VEHICLE & HOUSEHOLD: Sale w ill include 197 7 Ford LTD w ith NO TITLE. Coffee table, Dressers, Computer Desk, Deep freez e, Fridg e, Antiq ue Pottery, and Cabinets!

• Many Styles to Choose From

Sale Conducted by Sew ell Auction Serv ice Ex press

K y ler & C olt en Sewell | 660- 973- 9236 SewellA u c t ionE x p ress@ gmail. c om TE RMS OF SA L E : $ 1000 dow n day of sale, non- refundable. Allow 30 days from auction sale for closing . All items are sold as is. Cash or g ood ch eck acceptable.

• Lifetime Warranty

ce ifferenable D l a e ledge mo-S

now he r e the T Professional • K c n e i r Expe ndly • t • Frie Hones

Manufactured By:

(660) 258-4747 |


The Way Out

660-367-4407 888-669-5765

Yetter Pest Control P o 369 ameron 6 9 raig riffin wner ert ommercial pplicator


Rob & Tricia Bozarth, Sales #1 Polaris Drive Pattonsburg, MO 64670

800/530-5944 or 816/632-6766

omplete er ice ompan for our esidential and ommercial Pest ontrol eeds ia i in in mi on o erving o r rea ince

Yetter Is Better!

Protect Assets

for your Family! See me about Long-Term Care Insurance

Dallas Lockridge Insurance LLC Dallas Lockri ge, Agent • 66 -66 -5414

allasLockrid eInsurance@ www. allasLockrid


May 15, 2018 . . . ADZONE

Beery’s Fencing eds r fencing ne


g in all yo in li ia c e p S

Micha l B r 660-973-3161 AUCTIONS Princeton, MO, May 12 : . See Hoov er Family Public on by Allen Auction Serv ice, 660- 95 3- 0346. Sh eridan, MO, on May 12 : Featuring : J oh n Deere 6410 Tractor w / Loader, Kubota B 3030 HSD Tractor w / Loader, 2 011 SLT 15 00 GMC 4x 4 Pickup Truck and 2 010 Kubota RTV 11 – Loaded, Sh op Eq uipment and Miscellaneous Mach inery.. See Runyon Retirement Farm on by YAC LLC d.b.a. Young er Auction Company, Ph : 8 16.5 8 2 .5 360.

Liberty, May 13: Adv ertising Sig ns, Tobacco Tins, Oak Hardw are Store Cabinet, Oak Furniture, Doctor’ s Stacking Cabinet, Country Store Antiq ues, Unusual Antiq ues & Collectibles, Primitiv es, J ew el Tea, Cast Iron, Clocks, Serv ice Pins, 100’ s Long aberg er Baskets, Pottery on GPCink. com by Stev e Ritter Auctioneering , Ph : 8 16- 630- 12 5 2 . Kearney, MO, on May 17 : Indoor Riding Arena on 41 Acres w ith 4 Bedroom Home & Outbuilding | Offered in Tw o Tracts & Combined. See Horse Property on GPCink. com by Cates Auction & Realty Co. Inc., 8 7 7 - 7 8 1- 1134.

Liberty, MO, on May 13: .. See Harv ey Carr Marble Collection Lew istow n, MO, May 17 : ITINn,GReal Estate on on presented by ELew XCistow Stev e Ritter Auctioneering , ’S LLECTORby Sulliv an AucCOtioneers, Ph : 8 16- 630- 12 5 2 . LLC, 2 17 .8 47 .2 160.


Critten Public


2701 Chicago St., • Trenton, MO 64683 Property of Deward & Marilyn Critten

Saturday, May 19, 2018

10 A.M.

REAL ESTATE AND CAR 2001 Wick manufactured home 28' x 56' on full basement, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, nice deck with car port, 1 car garage, new roof in 2014, fridge, stove and microwave stay, home sits on full city block with very nice yard and a 50' x 42' shop with wood heat and fan, 2 garage doors, good concrete floor, small garden shed; 2014 Toyota Prius, color is sea glass, 21,213 miles, pw, pl, auto; GPS, back up camera. HOUSEHOLD 2 wooden rockers; dishes; wooden TV trays; exercise bike; foot stool; couch; knick-knack shelves; imitation stained glass pics; kitchen table & chairs; Fiesta dishes; Pyrex; mixing bowls; metal cannister set; Haier 24" TV; Sanyo 32" TV; Spectre 40"; miscellaneous kitchen ware; radio; lamps; Lowery organ (works); bedroom set; 2 full size beds; desk; 4 drawer filing cabinet; sleeping bags; Maytag side by side washer/dryer; apartment fridge; metal stand; homemade light and turn table; canning supplies; 3 card tables; walkers; canes; Christmas stuff; Waterfall table w/leaf and 5 legs. ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES Dresser; painting on a slate from Grundy County Courthouse; desk; small table; child’s rocker; wooden crate; corner cabinet; oil lamps; 1948 Allis Chalmer 6" 1:16 scale; Air Chief record player console; bell; Rock Island lines ruler; 3 jewelry boxes; Radio Shack TRS-80 pocket computer; Radio Shack TRS-80 model 100 portable computer; Accu GPS; night stand; metal cabinet; children’s table & chairs; Handy Andy tool set case; metal tool chest; bathroom scales; typewriter; cross country skies; baby bottles; tire balancer; ice cream freezer; motorcycles & trucks; runner sled; bicycle. TRACTOR, LAWN MOWER, SHOP TOOLS 1948 Allis Chalmer G with belly mower, blade, cultivator, sickle mower; wood work bench with small vise; Bel-saw planer molder; Shopsmith with all attachments and vacuum; Du-er tools band saw; creeper; sprayers; motorcycle helmet and boots; garden and yard tools; shop vac; Homelite weedeater; work lights; snow blower electric start; utility cart; white outdoor LT1850 hydro 42" riding mower 20hours V-twin; garden hose and cart; small snow blower; push mower; garden tender; patio chairs; metal shelving; leaf blower; log chain; saw horses; grease gun; miscellaneous screws, bolts, nuts; drills; screw drivers; wrenches and sockets; char-broil; Lincoln welder; small tiller; Cyclone seeder; boxfan on wheels; small generator; Murray 6hp tiller; oil cans; work bench; aluminum ext. ladder; lawn mower lift; steel post driver; dolly cart; wheel barrow; garden stool; squirrel cage fan; patio heater.

Full listing for this auction can be found on ID #38454 or

Terms: Cash, check with proper ID. Nothin removed ntil settled for. Not responsible for theft, accident or inadvertent error in advertisin . tatements made da of sale take precedence over printed material. e have the ri ht to ref se bids and or bidder.


Jerry Allen, Owner/Auctioneer • Cell (660) 953-0346

Platte City, MO, on May 18 : All Brick 4 Bedroom Ranch Home & Outbuilding in Unincorporated Platte County | Platte City, MO | For Sale at NO RESERV E Auction. See Priv ate & Picturesq ue 65 Acre Country Estate on presented by Cates Auction & Realty Co. Inc., Ph : 8 7 7 - 7 8 1- 1134. Knox City, MO, on May 19: . See Larg e No- Reserv e Estate on presented by Sulliv an Auctioneers, LLC, Ph : 2 17 .8 47 .2 160.


Corral Fencing Woven Wire Barbed Wire Excavating Fence Row Removal

Law son, MO, on May 19: Make plans to attend th is auction of q uality tools, h ouseh old and collectibles. Ow ners h av e been g ood care takers of th ese items.. See Albers Q uality on presented by Pickett Auction Serv ice, Ph : 8 16- 669- 3433.



Virgil Carroll 816-228-0677 7199 NW Kidder Road, Kidder, MO 64649 Maryv ille, MO, on May 19: See Day- 6 Protz man Antiq ue on presented by Kermit Goslee Auction Serv ice, Ph : 660- 5 8 2 - 07 7 6 or 660- 5 8 2 - 2 8 7 4.

New tow n, MO, May 19: Tractors, g uns, antiq ues, tools, ch ainsaw s, lumber, car, scrap, misc.. See Kurt Kinsey Estate on by Reed Auction Serv ice, 660- 7 94- 2 7 95 .

Lex ing ton, May 19: Full Estate. Furniture * Car *Antiq ues & Collectibles and more. See Estate of Mitch Landucci on presented by Adkins Auction Serv ice, Ph : 660- 2 5 9- 2 409.

Two auction lines will run part of the day




May 25th,

2018 | 9:30AM


52798 Wizard Road Browning, MO 64630 From Brow ning , MO h ead north out of tow n on Hig h w ay 5 for about .7 of a mile. Turn and h ead east on Denv er for 2 .3 miles to h omestead. AUCTIONEERS NOTE: Great assortment of items in th is sale. Farm eq uipment, a v eh icle, loads of tools and h ouseh old items. Th is is a sale for ev eryone! Auction sig ns posted sale day. TRACTOR, V EHICLE, TRAILER, FARM EQ UIP: 1962 Allis- Ch almer D17 , w / 16.9- 2 8 tires fluid filled, new back rims, v ery nice sh ape; 1995 Mercury Grand Marq uis LS, under 100,000 miles, new er tires, tan/ leath er interior, roug h sh ape; utility tractor 3 pt. receiv er h itch ; 8 ’ truck bed trailer, no title; 2 006 Load Pro Flatbed utility trailer; tong ues for h orse draw n eq uipment; old g alv aniz ed tin, old barn doors; 3 pt. bale spear; AC 3 pt. 3 bottom plow ; AC Style h itch 6’ blade; 3 pt. Ford Dirt Scoop; lots of scrap metal; 3Pt. 5 ’ Brush h og ; sev eral larg e corner posts TOOLS, LAWN & GARDEN: Troy Bilt 2 7 ton log splitter w / Honda GCV 160 eng ine; New Craftsman 42 ” rider Law n mow er; Poulan Pro 42 ” rider law n mow er; Trot bilt 42 ” rider law n mow er; Earth q uake badg er tiller Brig g s& Stratton 65 0 Series; 2 4’ Aluminum Ex tension ladder; w h eel barrow ; 6” bench g rinder w / stand; Farm and Ranch battery ch arg er; 14” Dew alt Ch op saw ( like new ) ; MV P 2 ton floor j ack; 5 g al 1.5 h p sh op v ac; larg e metal bolt org aniz er; Werner 6’ step ladder; misc. h ardw are; stih l ch ain saw parts; 3& 4’ bar clamps; assortment of h atch ets; Lincoln 18 0 arc w elder w / h elmet; sev eral log ch ains; Dew alt 4.5 ” ang le g rinder; Dew alt ½ ” drill; Larg e brand new tap and die set; 48 ” farm j ack; portable air tank; Larg e propane tank; new rolls of ch icken w ire and barbed w ire; Nursery pig feeders; New er Skil 3” X 18 ” belt sander; Incubators; 1 ton ch ain h oist; GUNS, ANTIQ UES, ARROWHEADS, COLLECTIBLES: Marlin Model 100 Sing le sh ot .2 2 ; Western Field Model 5 2 Double barrel 12 g aug e; Winch ester Rang er 30- 30; A- C WD 1/ 16 scale tractor; Old w ag on w h eels; old barn pulleys; antiq ue lanterns; Cast Iron Dog ( Pointer) ; Tw o Samurai Sw ords; Old w ooden box es; PD Beckw ith w ood burner; iron bench seat; h ug e collection of arrow h eads, many different siz es and types HOUSEHOLD, FURNITURE, APPLIANCES: Like new Wh irlpool Gas Stov e; Grandfath er clock needs w ork; Window air conditioners; Sing er sew ing mach ine; Nice 2 Section law yer book sh elf; Star- trek 8 0 V HS tapes; 32 ” Sanyo HDTV ; DV D/ V HS combo player; misc. end tables; Western Book Collection; Nice Sentry Fire box ; Royal Iron Stone Ch ina; Nice Q ueen siz e bed and h ead board; Opal Ludw ig Hand Made q uilts; 2 full siz e bedroom sets; Folding ch airs; medal detector; old w ooden ice cream maker; w ooden org aniz er bin; Nice 2 person w ooden rocker; Kenmore Ch est freez er; Frig idaire w ash er and dryer ( w orks) ; w ood stov e furnace;

Sale conducted by Keenan Auction Serv ice Tyler Keenan & Dav e May, Auctioneers | 641- 990- 8 046

Whitt Moving Auction As we are moving to Alaska, we have our home and land for sale and will hold an auction. DIRECTIONS: South of Plattsburg, Mo. on route C approx. 3 miles, then west on 240th Street to Hanks Family Cemetery, then north to auction.

SATURDAY, MAY 26 @ 10AM 2727 Springtown Rd, • Plattsburg MO

For full list & many photos *See Website*

3 COLLECTOR'S TRUCKS TO RESTORE Ford F-4 flat head 6 truck Ford F-5 flat head 8 truck 1949 Ford F-6 truck Full set of truck windows TRACTOR, MACHINERY & FARM SUPPLIES -2006 New Holland TT 60-A diesel tractor with 769 hrs. equipped with 14.9x28 rear tires, 7.50x16 front tires, 6 weights, ROPS, 8 speed transmission. 55 hp, nice 2nd owner tractor New Holland 352 grinder-mixer with 3 screens JD 205 3 pt. 5' rotary cutter Ford 2x14 plow Rhino 7' 3 pt. cutter Rhino 7' 3 pt. blade New Holland 275 wire tie square

arm saw Simco sickle grinder on stand Porter Cable 6 gal. 2 hp pancake air compressor Craftsman 12” band saw APPLIANCES & HOUSEHOLD Large offering due to moving. Washer - dryer Dining suite Living room sets Bedroom suites MANY COLLECTIBLE 3 GUN SAFES & AMMUNITION 42-unit Browning like new gun safe, see to appreciate 22-unit Red Head gun safe, nice Glass-front gun safe Various ammunition EXERCISE EQUIPMENT Good selection including treadmill, elliptical, bow flex, rower Random exercise items & weights

Vance & Jenny Whitt

CHECK OUT FULL LISTING @ Terms of Sale: Cash or ch eck w ith v alid ID day of sale. Noth ing remov ed until settled for. Not responsible for accidents; th efts; or errors in adv ertising . All items and property are sold as is, w h ere is w ith no g urantees.

baler New Holland 489 mower conditioner New Holland 56 rake Bumper hitch 5x10' single axle trailer Vertical combination hay & grain horse feeder LAWN TRACTOR, GENERATOR, SAWS, PRESS, WOOD SPLITTER & MORE JD X300 gas lawn tractor with 48” deck & double bagger, 443 hours NorthStar 5500 generator, like new 2 Chainsaws Garden tiller & weed trimmer 20-ton press, new Parts washer Country Line 30 ton horizontal/vertical wood splitter, pulltype, 1 yr. Old Good offering of hand tools OTHER GOOD TOOLS Craftsman 10” radial

Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association


"We Want To Be YOUR Auctioneer!"

816-632-0700 Professional Licensed Auction Service Since 1959. Members of National, Missouri & Iowa Auctioneer Associations.

Terms: Cash or valid check with proper ID. Not responsible for accidents, thefts or errors in ads.

ADZONE . . . May 15, 2018 AUCTIONS

May 1 7 K earney H orse P rop ert y Cates Auction & Realty Co. Inc. May 1 8 P lat t e C it y Private & Picturesque 65-Acre C ou nt ry E st at e Cates Auction & Realty Co. Inc. May 1 9 L ex ingt on Landucci Estate Adkins Auction

Blairstow n, MO, May 2 0: Antiq ue/ Primitiv es, Antiq ue Furniture, Tools, Trailers, Law n & Outdoor items, Househ old & Appliances. See Kerch er Collectable & Tool Auction on presented by Anstine Auction LLC, Ph : 8 16.5 97 .3331. Maryv ille, MO, on May 2 0: See Day- 7 Protz man Antiq ue on presented by Kermit Goslee Auction Serv ice, 660- 5 8 2 - 07 7 6 or 6605 8 2 - 2 8 7 4.

Rayv ille, MO, May 2 0: farm, tools, h ouseh old, restaurant eq uipment. See J oh n Friesen Auction on by Mac’ s Auction, 8 16- 630- 7 990. Denmark, IA, May 2 4: See Lee County, Iow a Real Estate on by Sulliv an Auctioneers, LLC, 2 17 .8 47 .2 160. Grah am, MO, on May 2 5 : 3- bedroom Home. See Absolute Real Estate on by YAC LLC d.b.a. Young er Auction Company, 8 16.5 8 2 .5 360.

May 19 Trenton Critten Public Allen Auction May 1 9 G ower Way mann G riggs Arnaman Real Estate & Auction

May 1 9 Mary v ille D ay - 6 P rot zman Antique K ermit G oslee Auction Service

May 1 9 G ower Way nt of seating good foodmann G riggs Kimble will e a aila le through Pro i Auction id com May 1 9 L awson Albers Quality Pickett Auction May 20 Mary v ille D ay - 7 P rot zman Antique K ermit G oslee

3pt Farm Eq uipment, Like New Law n Garden, Guns, Nice Modern Furniture, Appliances, Electronics, Househ old, Tools, Sh op Eq uipment on presented by Stev e Ritter Auctioneering , Ph : 8 16- 630- 12 5 2 . Rich mond, MO, on J une 16: . See J D Lee Estate on GPLivestock Auction presented by Simmons & Company Auctioneers, Inc., Ph : 8 16- 7 7 6- 2 936. Mt. Sterling , IL, on J une 2 2 : 85 Acres± • 2 Tracts. See Brow n County, IL Land on presented by Sulliv an Auctioneers, LLC, Ph : 2 17 .8 47 .2 160. MCBEE ANGUS


Lamoni, Iowa

Lamoni Livestock Auction Inc.

May 19 Albany L ongab erger, D ollars Messner Auction May 1 9 Bet h any Bethany Com. Sm Animal & Poultry Fox Auction, LLC

Keosauq ua, IA, on May 2 6: Liberty, MO, on J une 3: .. See Real Estate, Automobile, Rare Gas/ Oil Sig ns, 2 00+p c Personal property. See Helen Red 1st Wing @and Adv ertising SATURDAY, APRIL NOON BalmerWeigh Estate Ups on GPCink. Stonew are Collection, 10AM, Feeders at 11:30AM AnCOWStiq 12:30PM com presented byBRED Fett Auction ue Furniture, Hoosier CabiServ ice, Ph : 641.68 0.7 8 2 8 . nets, Country Store Antiq ues, Smith v ille, MO, on J une 1: Tobacco Tins, Ov er 40 Guns, . See Dean & Dav is on GP- Military, Ammo, Antiq ues & presented by Pick- Collectibles, Primitiv es, and ett Auction Serv ice, Ph : 8 16- Much More! ! ! on presented by Stev e Ritter 669- 3433. Auctioneering , Ph : 8 16- 630Kirksv ille, MO, on J une 2 : 12 5 2 . . See Larg e Estate on presented by Sul- DeWitt, IA, on J une 8 : . See liv an Auctioneers, LLC, Ph : 2 Day Estate on GPCink. com presented by Sulli2 17 .8 47 .2 160. v an Auctioneers, LLC, Ph : Raytow n, MO, on J une 2 : . 2 17 .8 47 .2 160. See Flaug h er Public on presented by Sim- Sibley, MO, on J une 9: .. See mons & Company Auction- 4BR, 3BA Home on 15 Acres, eers, Inc., Ph : 8 16- 7 7 6- 2 936. J D 7 5 0 Diesel 4x 4 Tractor,



Jason McBee


Jason Allen 641-782-0790 | Jared Miller 515-608-0953 View live auctions @




Office 641-784-3323


Jason Allen 641-782-0790 | Jared Miller 515-608-0953 GUN & RELATED AUCTION View live auctions @LARGE Sunday May 20, 11 AM LAMONILIVESTOCK.COM Preview 8 Am-11 Am an great guns ammo and related items including a er lot of fishing e uipment and etc North Country Community Center, 18765 Nort Countr Communit Center 18765 w 69 Lawson MO Hwy wain 69, Lawson, Mo. Am Ireland Owners 660-973-0097 4.5 Miles northTina of Excelsior MO on 4.5 miles North of Excelsior Springs, MO on Hwy 69 • Watch for signs. MO 64682 Springs, Market 660-622-4214 69 Watch for Signs Mailin Address O o 704 C illicot e MO 64601 Large lot of guns including 50 quality preowned guns and 96 new in box, Large lot of guns including 50 quality including 47 rifles, (Henry, Ruger, Marlin, Winchester, Thompson Center, preownedE-mail guns dwain@ and 96 new in box, Savage, Taurus, Weatherby, Leader Arms, Chappa and Howa); 12 Please47 call Dwain for further details onRuger, the upcoming sale: 660-973-0097 including rifles,( Henry, Marlin, shotguns (Benelli, Winchester, Remington); 29 hand guns (Walther, Winchester, Thompson Center, Savage, Ruger, Springfield Armory, Taurus, Stoeger Arms & others); also selling FEEDER CATTLE Taurus, Weatherby, Leader Arms,SALE Chappa ammo, 3 Leopold scopes and other related items and Howa); 12 shotguns (Benelli, AM Preview 8AM-11AM Winchester, Remington); 29 hand guns Biscuits & gravy served 8AM-11AM (Walther, Ruger, (HAY,Springfield Armory, Taurus, POSTS, ETC) CAGED ANIMALS, HOGS MISC Stoeger Arms and others); also selling ii i n a ion an o o a ammo, 3 Leopold scopes and other related CATTLE, GOATS & SHEEP or a complete listings items terms and conditions ST &listing, 3rd Saturdays the Month 10AM For a 1full photos, termsofand chec our e site conditions, check Website t era Dan our Dedrick: 660-646-8103 No miss this large quality auction in our air Gary Ryther, Auctioneer/Broker • • Lawson, MO Pam Dedrick, Office Manager: 660-646-8119 conditioned, smoke free auction gallery with Kurt Kleeman: 816-284-0611 Clark Allen: 660-973-6826 plenty of seats and good food. Wes Gorham: 816853-7359 L J Cahill: 660-322-1193 Biscuit & Gravy served from 8 am -11am Randy Vanderkooi Ivan Kanak Fieldman Fieldman 816-632-0694 TERMS, CONDITIONS & 816-724-1043

SUN • MAY 20 • 11AM




Located 7 miles West of Cameron on


HWY. 36, OSBORN, MO Barn Phone: (816) 675-2424 Transportation and Order Buying Available Bonded - Insured

MARKET REPORT: Sale from May 11 STEERS May 1 5 — Special Grass Cattle Calf & Yearling Sale. Lolli Broth ers Liv estock Market, Inc., Macon, MO May 1 7 — Pig , Sh eep, Goat, Small Animal Auction. Sale beg ins at 5 pm Anstine Auction LLC, King sv ille, MO May 1 7 — Horse Sale. Sale beg ins at 6: 30pm. *No Tack* *Current Neg Cog g ins Test req uired~ onsite V et av ailable day of sale. Dav iess County Liv estock Market, Gallatin, MO

May 1 8 — Cow sale Eastern Mo. Commission Co., Bow ling Green, MO May 1 8 — Special Cow Sale Sale beg ins at 6pm Kirksv ille Liv estock, LLC, Kirksv ille, MO May 1 9 — Special Cow / Bull Cow / Calf Auction Sale beg ins at 11am Anstine Auction LLC, King sv ille, MO

May 22 — Special Bred Cow , Cow / Calf & Bull Sale Lolli Broth ers Liv estock Market, Inc., Macon, MO May 23 — Special Calf & Yearling Sale. Green City Liv estock Marketing , LLC, Green City, MO May 25 — Special Yearling & Weaned Calf Sale Eastern Mo. Commission Co., Bow ling Green, MO

416# 502# 590# 680# 710# 806#

$1.83 $1.75 $1.62 $1.49 $1.46 $1.31

Top Butcher Cow - $0.59 Top Bull - $0.74 Turnout Cows - $0.75 - $0.94 Heifers - $16 back Buying Butcher Cows and Horses Daily We currently have 5 butcher cow buyers


FRIDAY, MAY 18TH • 11:30 AM Danny • 816-675-2424 • 816-695-0504 RECEIVING HOURS: Daily until sale time Jayme Walker • 816-665-4277


CHILLICOTHE - 660- 7 07 - 18 2 0 | GALLATIN - 660- 663- 2 15 4 | Gallatin Publish ing Company | w w w

May 15 , 2 018

Help Wanted




Kitch en Assistant, Ch illicoth e Head Start, 2 9 h ours/ w eek. V isit w w w .g reenh illsh eadstart. org for j ob description and application, or call 660- 35 9- 2 2 14. E.O.I.

Stow ell’ s Handyman Serv ices, Todd Stow ell ( 417 ) 2 98 - 17 18 , Electrical and Plumbing serv ice calls, Small Remodel w ork

SEAMLESS GUTTERING, A- 1 Leaf Guard, CHI Ov erh ead Door, LiftMaster- Ch amberlain Operator Sales, Installation & Serv ice. Call for free estimate. Serv ing you since 2 006! Miller Construction, J amesport, MO 660- 68 4- 695 0.

Wanting to buy standing timber: Cottonw ood, maple, oak, w alnut. Call 660- 646- 5 08 2 after 6: 00 p.m. M000Ldtf

NIGHT SHUTTLE DRIV ER: Must h av e Class A CDL. Works Sunday- Th ursday 6pm- 3am. Competitive Pay & Full Benefit Packag e. Grav es Foods Ch illicoth e, MO. Apply w ith in or call 660- 2 47 - 2 135 Looking for someone to h elp w ith yard w ork in J amesport. 1 1/ 4 miles east of Sh erw ood. 660- 68 4- 6319 Flex ible part time positions av ailable in Ch illicoth e & Brookfield for commercial and industrial j anitorial serv ices. Reliable transportation preferred. Call 660- 97 3- 602 3 for more info. Crestv iew Home seeking RN full- time day sh ift and nig h t sh ift. LPN full- time day and nig h t sh ift. CMT’ s ev ening sh ift. CNA’ s nig h t sh ift. Dietary cook and aids. Housekeeping FT. Please stop by 1313 S. 2 5 th St., Beth any or submit application online w w w .v isitcrestv iew . com. 660- 42 5 - 312 8 . Services YOUR DIRT IS our bread and butter. Carpet and uph olstery cleaning . Dav id Baldw in, 8 16632 - 2 62 7 or toll- free 1- 8 8 8 8 5 4- 2 949. THE HAMILTON BANK ch ecking / sav ing s accounts, loans, IRA’ s and C.O.D.’ s. V isit w w w . h or call 8 165 8 3- 2 143. New branch at Lath rop, MO. Member FDIC & Eq ual Housing Member.

Beery’ s Custom Farm Serv ice. Disking , cultiv ating , and more. Call J osh at 660- 97 3- 65 47 Custom Bobcat w ork by J oe Buckner. Call for pricing 6607 34- 2 8 2 6 J ULIA R. FILLEY, Attorney at Law . General Practice, Criminal Defense, Family Law , & Probate. Free Initial Consultation. West side of Gallatin Sq uare. 660- 663- 2 044 STUMP GRINDING. 660- 7 495 7 13 or 8 16- 8 04- 7 948 .

FOR YOUR ASPHALT & SEALING NEEDS CALL: Griffin Asph alt and Construction LLC, out of Trenton Mo. Larry 660- 35 9118 2 or Brad 660- 65 4- 17 46. 46 years of ex perience! ! Wanted Farm g round w anted. Competitiv e rates. Aaron Landes 66035 8 - 2 68 2

38th Annual

Alumni Reunion Gallatin High School

Saturday, May 26, 2018 Gallatin High School Gym Doors open at 4 pm

Dinner served at 5:30PM

Please send reservations $15 per alumnus & $14 per guest to:

SILV ER & GOLD COINS, dental g old, g old mounting s, sterling silv er, old w atch es & diamonds. Hig h est cash price paid. J unior Sandy 8 16- 390- 2 02 7 .

Open: Ev ery Wednesday from 8 am- 4pm. Open during th e noon h our. Free cloth ing at

12 06 S. Willow entrance. Open 8 am- 3pm ev ery Wednesday. 660- 663- 2 47 8



Garage Sales

Let us help you find a Medicare Supplement that can help.

ADV ENTIST CHURCH THRIFT Sh op, 12 07 S. Clay, Gallatin,

Can you AFFORD to be without


1605 Webster Chillicothe Friday, May 18th 3-7pm Saturday, May 19th 8-5pm Sunday, May 20th 8-1pm

Furniture, solid wood bedroom sets, G.H.S. Alumniarmoire, Banquet gun cabinet, Saturday,china May 26 at hutch,GHS Gym. Doors open at 4 p.m. kitchen tables, Reservations are $15 alumni, bookshelves, $14 guest. Send desks, to Sharon leather furniture, Bird Lockridge, P Owasher, Box 72, Gallatin, MOdeep 64640 or call 660dryer, freezer, 663-9171 for large more fountain, information. patio sets, holiday decor & much more!

NURSING HOME INSURANCE? Without adequate protection, you could lose your life’s savings to the HIGH costs of Long Term Care.

PJ &


PRICE & JOHNSON INSURANCE Serving You Since 1983

Kathy Price, CLU ChFC & Kasey Johnson

1101 W. Bus. 36, Chillicothe, MO

Gallatin Alumni • Sharon Bird Lockridge PO Box 72 • Gallatin, MO 64640 or call 660-663-9171 for more information. Please RSVP as soon as possible.

800-556-4082 OR 660-646-6245 Visit us Online:

1101 W. Bus. 36, Chillicothe, MO


May 2018


SERVING YOU SINCE 1941 835 S. Washington • Chillicothe, MO 660-646-5525


































Get your event in the AdZone FREE. Email us at

J u ne 7

May 1 8 Main Street Chillicothe Downtown Wine Walk & Concert 4:00PM Chillicothe Square

May 22

May 30

Toddler Stay & Play 9:00-11:00AM Livingston Co. Library Chillicothe

Lego Lab 4:00-4:50PM Livingston Co. Library Chillicothe

May 1 9





Entries due Fridays by 4PM. Entries accepted by USPS, drop off at one of our locations or Email to

May 26 Brock Kerr Fundraiser 11:00AM-3:00PM 50/50Raffle Hotdogs/hamburgers Free Will Donation Simpson Park (by tennis courts) Chillicothe

May 1 8 Good Times Dance 7:30PM Grand River Multi-Purpose Center (former Aldi’s building) Chillicothe

St. Ann Altar Society Annual Salad Luncheon 11:00AM-1:00PM Bishop Hogan School Chillicothe 660.646.6612


J u ne 8 J u ne 2 Cops ‘n Bobbers Fishing Event 9:00AM-12:00PM North Central MO College Bartan Farm Campus Trenton

May 28

J u ne 6

Darin Bryan 5K Walk/10K un 7:30AM Simpson Park Chillicothe 660.247.1674

Livingston Co. Library Summer Reading Kickoff 10:00AM Simpson Park Chillicothe

First Christian Church Garage Sale Roof Fundraiser 3:33-7:33PM 900 Jackson St Chillicothe

J u ne 9 First Christian Church Garage Sale Roof Fundraiser 8:33-2:33PM 900 Jackson St Chillicothe


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Chillicothe Farmer’s Market 8:00AM Liv. Co. Courthouse Chillicothe

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May 1 9

to win an additional $5!

Braymer Car Show 9:00AM Braymer High School



NAME ____________________________ ADDRESS _________________________ May 20 Life Center Food Pantry 2:00 - 4:00PM 810 Elm Chillicothe

_________________________________ PHONE ___________________________ EMAIL ____________________________


CHILLICOTHE - 660- 7 07 - 18 2 0 | GALLATIN - 660- 663- 2 15 4 | Gallatin Publish ing Company | w w w

May 15 , 2 018

** Selected Varieties

WED 16


FRI 18

SAT 19

MON 21





Split Chicken Breast


Ground Beef


Previously Frozen Family Pack Bone-In

449/lb $499/lb


Red Seedless Watermelons


$ 99


Aqua Star Raw Shrimp 16 Oz, 31/40 CT





Large Cantaloupes Fresh


Kool-Aid Jammers 10 pack **




Hiland Dips or Sour Cream

Best Choice Sundae Cones

Marie Callender’s Pies 28-42 Oz, **

16 Oz, **

6 Ct, **







$ 29

$ 99

Best Choice Graham Crackers

Lipton Family Size Tea Bags

KC Masterpiece Marinades

Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

24 Ct, **


12 oz cans, 12 pack,**

Extra Large Red Peppers

Banquet Meals



Coca-Cola Products .5 Liter Bottles, 6 Pack, **



Powerade 32oz, **

20-24 Oz, **

Dole Chopped Salads 10.3-14.4 Oz, **






Nabisco Chips Ahoy! Cookies

Wish Bone Salad Dressing

Heinz BBQ Sauce

7-13 Oz, **

5-8 Oz, **


Best Choice Apple Juice 96 Oz, **


Lay’s, Munchies or Sunchips

11.1-13 Oz, **

16 Oz, **

Best Choice Peanut Butter 16 Oz, **


General Mills Cereal



$ 99

8.5-11.25 Oz, **

Coca-Cola Products


12-16 Oz, **

$ 99

4/$ 3/$


Farmland Bacon

$ 99

Doritos or Ruffles Chips



Bunch Broccoli






14.4 Oz,**





24-28 Oz, **


8-12 Oz, **



Tomatoes on the Vine


Farmland Sausage


1 /lb



Swai Fillets

Fresh Family Pack Boneless Beef

Fresh Family Pack 80% Lean



Chuck Steak

Chuck Roast

Fresh Boneless Beef




15 Oz, **


18.6-21.4 Oz, **


$ 99


Gold Peak Tea or Dasani Water

7•Up Products

.5 liter bottles, 6 pack,, **

2 liter bottles **

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