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Brand: MajorBrands.In Case Study: Xmas Treat From 21st – 31st December 2012

About Xmas Treat

Christmas & New Year is season of joy where people celebrate it by exchanging gifts & sending out wishes to spread the happiness. Xmas Treat was designed on same lines to fulfill the wishes of our Fans/Followers by giving them a chance to share their wish list & spreading the joys of the fall


Xmas Treat took on its voyage 4 days before the Christmas Eve spreading the

warmth all the way till the New Year’s Eve.


 Online promotions of the Xmas Treat were designed on the lines of Christmas/New Year celebrations.  An application was designed considering that Christmas/New Year is a time when people spread their happiness by sharing gifts and celebrating it together. (Timeframe – 10 Days)  The Posts were designed in order to communicate the contest and share the wishes of the festival amongst the fans & followers  The Facebook App was also integrated with Twitter allowing people to communicate via their tweets to share it amongst their friends & followers.

Flow of the Application Fan Gate

Flow of the Application Process & Rules ďƒź This page laid out the instructions &

the process of participation. The text MajorBrands.In was hyperlinked to divert traffic on the website allowing

people to browse through the range of products.

Flow of the Application Main App Page ďƒź The gifts were laid across randomly in the layout. Each participant had 10 seconds to find as many gifts as possible in that given time frame. To begin the game the participants were required to click on the

countdown pop up at the center of the page. Once the countdown began the participants had to start collecting the gifts by clicking on them, the countdown timer and the gift tally icons at the side of

the layout helped the participants keep check of the time & gifts collected. Each gift selected represented a wish box where the participants were required to enter products from their wish list.

Flow of the Application Timeout Page ďƒź Once the countdown stopped, the user was directed to the timeout page wherein

they were required to enter the link of their favorite product/products from The number of gifts found by the participants in the given period of time was directly proportionate to the number of products they could add to their wish list. Thus the more number of gifts found allowed them to add more items in their wish list.

Flow of the Application Thank You Page ďƒź After all the links were submitted

by the participants a pop up appeared, thanking them for their participation and allowing them to

Tweet & Invite their friends to the Application.

Online Platforms involved for promotions:-

 Facebook  Twitter  MajorBrands.In website

Concept: Share your wish list this Christmas/New Year & we will treat you with it.

Online Concepts’ Details:-

 Facebook Contest: To draw analysis of all the brands & products through the wish list shared by participants, diverting fans to the website making them browse through the complete site and celebrate the festive season with them by giving away gifts from their wish list.  Reason for this : Being an E-Commerce brand, this was an initiative to have our fans & followers browse through our complete collection, know the categories & our range of products available. Thus allowing them to discover all the offerings on the site  Twitter: Integrating Twitter with the Facebook app to allow people to reach out to their friends and create a buzz on other social media platform as well.  Online Communication strategy: Online promotions were themed around the festive season of joy& happiness spread through sharing gifts and wishing. All the communications carried the message on the same lines

Plan of action:-

1. Online Teaser Post

2. Online branding/customization as per the festival’s theme. 3. Announcement post 4. Online promotion of the Facebook contest 5. Integration of platforms for multiplied effect.

Posting Strategy

Each day a post was updated on the facebook page to communicate the contest.

These posts were based on the theme of Gifting and celebration owing to the festive season.

The comments received where exciting & joyful.

Posting Strategy

Facebook Contest Application:-

The application was designed to promote:  MajorBrands Xmas Treat contest for its fans/followers and pass the gesture of appreciation for being a part of our community.  The website and its offering by inducing them to paste links of the products in their wish list.  Total complete game plays: 906  Total Number of Unique Visitors: 490

 Total URLs submitted: 4856  Organic Fan Increase: 360 fans

Twitter Contest Application:-

The application was designed to promote:  MajorBrands Xmas Treat.  A standard tweet was designed with the @MajorBrandsIn handle letting the participants communicate it with friends and followers with a bitlyed link attached directing them to the App.

 Total Clicks via Twitter on the app: 92 Clicks  Followers Increase in the period: 24 followers

Campaign Results:-

 4500+ URLs were submitted.  The insights received from the wish list shared were very helpful to strategize our future actions.  It helped us build a personal connect with people by allowing us to be their Santa and expressing their desires  A Staggering number of visits on the website were recorded.

 The Contest was communicated using the Facebook & twitter assets and the Website interface

Website Statistics:-

21st – 31st December, 2012.

Website visits: 103,613 Unique visits: 92,321 Page views: 646,707 Pages/Visit: 11.02  _____ New visitors: 70.08%

Top 3 cities were: New Delhi, Bangalore & Mumbai

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Gozoop - Major Brands Study on XMas Treat  
Gozoop - Major Brands Study on XMas Treat  

Gozoop - Major Brands Study on XMas Treat