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From the Editors Desk Praise the Lord! Thanking God for this opportunity to be able to publish another copy of Gospel 4 U Magazine. One thing that the Lord has shown me in this season is that it takes the influence of God to move to another dimension, the influence of God is what some call the favor of God, and as long as you have a open mind you shall be Blessed. According to TD Jakes, he quoted, “By submitting yourself to God’s will and recognizing your need to know more, you avail yourself of an open mind with endless opportunities. When you have an open mind, you are no longer bound by the opinions of others, and your success is inevitable. By learning to trust God, you will turn your fears into faith, and dispel all limitations!”

doing the will of the Father, and using the tools that He has equipped us with.

Gospel 4 U Magazine is not here to impress anyone but is set out to bring you resources and information on our Lord and Saviour

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The Bible says that everything should praise the Lord and I know that you are reading this right now but I dare you stop for 30 seconds and give him the highest praise, HALLELUJAH, GLORY TO GOD!! He is worthy.

There is great things in store on the horizon and we value all your feedbacks and support. Please be blessed by what you are about to partake in this issue and give us your feedback at God Bless!

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As we embark into our new venture we thank you for all your prayers and support and we are on the cutting edge of


Ingrid Rose


Ingrid Rose is a young lady who is destined for greatness, she always had a passion for fashion and beauty and she never stopped no matter obstacles... Read more on page 7



Lashaun A young language art teacher from Chicago, who is on the verge of taking her career to another level... Read more on page 17


Kharen Sterling A woman of virtue, she does things in excellence and honors the Lord in all that she does. Kharen always loved decorating and fashion since a young girl...... Read more on page 12


INGRID ROSE MODEL & MAKE UP ARTIST Ingrid Gray Rose is a Jamaican Born, Yet Born again Christian living her Dream, as she continues her Journey as a Model and is well on her way in this Industry. Ingrid Has been referred to as Direct, Outspoken Woman of Standard with an Exotic Style and Beautiful Soul. She is an Actress in her Most Memorable TV commercial " Philly Self Storage & Cherry Hill Triplex Commercial she has also been Extra on Law & Order, currently sought after for Fashion Shows, Hair Shows, Trade Shows, Promotions, Commercials, and Editorial Shoots. She has also masters the skills in Makeup Artistry and Currently Freelances for herself as well as collaborate working with other Cosmetic Companies. In her spare time Ingrid Enjoys Family time, Nature, Traveling, Networking and Volunteering her talents to other organizations in her industry and the other half Ingrid spends on mastering the field of Aesthetics. Ingrid plans to use her God given skills to pursue her purpose. Ingrid has dedicated half of her time and effort in her Modeling Career as well as volunteering her time to what ever calls for Beautifying a face. She's is a member of the American Cancer Society " Look Good Feel Better and Has participated in other Charities and is very driven and focused on her future in Modeling and Cosmetics Industry. Ingrid has ripped the Runway for many designers and has also worked New York 2012 Queens Fashion Week, She's also been featured in Plus Model Magazine. As quoted by Ingrid, “I'm a different person in front of the camera and I enjoy exploring that transformation.� If you have the talent to walk on the big stages of Broadway or Hollywood, you need the right foundation before you go. It's not the right coach or even the right agent. The right foundation must be dug deep and built on The Rock, 'And that Rock [is] Christ' (1 Corinthians 10:4): 'The Chief Cornerstone' (Matthew 21:42). Ingrid is a woman of purpose and substance striving to follow God's will for her life, and to live each day to its fullest. Actors, models, and talent for Christ are being called into active duty to the most influential mission field on earth: arts and entertainment. Did I mention the Name Ingrid means Beauty as well Rose.. Ingrid Has put many mistakes behind her and has put God first never again looking back but moving forward in Jesus. Remember You are God's communication task force sent to all the world on the airwaves of media--to present a true witness of Jesus Christ. Defeat is not an option for her....

Ingrid Rose, is in pursuit of her purpose and is doing it with the Lord by her side....

Fashion Hello Divas!!


Welcome to your first article of "Fashion Monthly" for Gospel 4 U Magazine! As CEO and Fashion Stylist of Divacoutoure, I am excited to help you unleash your "Inner Diva" through the art of exquisite fashion. I passionately believe that we as women are wonderfully and fearfully made in the excellence of our creator's image. It is my desire and ultimately my ministry to creatively transcend women's inner beauty to the outside for all to see and empower them to realize the beauty and brilliance that lies within. I look forward to bringing you designer updates, beauty tips, and fashion trends. So get ready for a roller coaster ride of fashion!

Dell Scott

Mauris purus. Donec est nunc

Just like we transition between change in seasons in the spiritual, we also transition in the natural. As you know, we are slowly coming to the end of the summer season and moving forward into fall. With new seasons, come new opportunities, desires, and fashion outlooks.

This upcoming fall season is very distinctive and bold! The power colors this season: Oxblood, Pink, Colbalt Blue, Green, White, and Red. Combo colors: White/Black, and Black/Blue.

The summer season brought power colors mint green, blue, purple, and tropical punch colors including coral, orange, and pinks. Maxi print dresses/skirts played a big part this season, Tribal and floral prints made a large impact. Colored skinny High neck lines drape us, along with jeans were a favorite and neon color provided contrasting collars. Baroque, excitement. bohemian and plaid prints ripped the runways. Jumpsuits, pantsuits and The rage for summer was the "colorblock military themed jackets are here trend" Beauty trends for summer called for bold to suit our fancy! red or pink lips, metallic eye colors, along with winged eyeliner. Bold and pastel nail colors were a hit. Accessories provided the needed refreshment for all of our outfits! Trendy totes, transparent styles, and micro clutches were a treat. Shoe lovers had metallic designs, wedges, pointy toe, and studded styles to look forward to. Last but not least, every girl's desire.... Jewelry !! Sea-inspired designs made a splash this summer, while multi-layer necklaces and large bangles/cuffs brought out the bold in us. Chandelier earrings and tribal jewelry also made a statement.

Glitter, sequins and leather will let your presence be known along with oversized patterned coats and sweaters. Accessories call for deliciously colored satchel bags in bold colors. Mini back packs add to casual looks and clutches make a nice catch. Your jewelry selections for fall are just as delectable! Brooches, statement jewelry, chunky cuffs, and neon colors add pop. Iridescent and metallic colored shoes grace the runway this season. Studded designs and Mary Jane’s are still going strong. Equestrian and fringe style boots allow you to stop traffic! Rosy cheeks and Dark stained lips are a beauty fave for fall. Jewel-tone eyecolors, such as blues, purples and greens draw attention. Take your pick, between glam or natural looks, they are both in. Paint the town with dark nail colors or colored french manicures! Remember just as seasons change and new things take form, don't be afraid to break the norm and add a new fashion trend into your wardrobe. Incorporate a new style of clothing, or a different color eye shadow. As you transition between seasons, remember you are not changing who you are but merely enhancing who you are. In order to know what positively enhances your beauty, you have to truly know the vessel you possess. Beauty is not defined by one particular look, but by many creative looks that display the essence of who the woman really is. Model, Lauren Hutton once said "Fashion is what you are offered four times a year by designers and style is what you choose". So choose trends that reflect your own unique individuality and show the world the style you

Fashion Consultation, Personal Shopper, Fashion Design Services Jewelry, Shoes, Accessories, Clothing



Mr. & Mrs Lawrence & Ayanna Moore (The Power Couple) Married August 25, 2012 and it as a Joyous occasion. God is doing a new thing in this season of their lives and they are getting ready to launch their new Church, Empowerment Life Changing Worship Center-NJ 1501 Oakland Avenue Millville, NJ Bible Study starting every Thursday at 7:00 PM The first service kicks off on October 7, 2012 at 11:00 AM

Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. (Psalm 127:1, NKJ) This was the scripture I lived and made my decisions by, The House of Kasin has everything to do with my creativity in the fashion world, and it covers fashion and interior decorating. I love what I do, I knew from an early age what I wanted to do, always sketching, wrapping dolls in scraps of cloth or rearranging my mom’s dresser, only to discover one can get paid for it, I guess this what the scripture means “A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men" (Prov. 18:16). And it did, I had the privilege to work for designers I saw in magazines as a child, Bob Mackie, Hugo Boss to name a few, over the years. As a trained Visual Merchandiser/Stylist and Wedding Decorator for the past 18 years, I have come to realize that God gives us ways to spread His Word and to show Himself mightily in our lives. Make sure you represent Christ in your work, never forget who gave you the gift/s. I assure you as silly as it sounds, before decorating or styling, I pray before I begin tackling a job and the ideas that come my way are “divine”. There are a lot of business out there that are owned by Christians and He is nowhere near running the ship. So I thank the Lord for His divine intervention and the gift of creativity that He has given me.

I am currently working on another aspect of the business which is making and distributing dĂŠcor to bridal and executive suites in resort hotels. Still in the infancy stage, the kinks are still being worked out for MKS Designs (a division of The House of Kasin). Be encouraged that when God is in your business, you are not laboring in vain, use the opportunity to minister and let your light shine. Check out some of our designs below and my Polyvore and contact us for your next event or Fashion makeover.


And excelled, she has. Known as the "The Millionaire Mom," Lenika Scott has mastered the task of what some would deem as impossible to most. She is A multi-level marketing guru, life coach, entrepreneur, successful business woman, mentor, minister and intercessor managing an immaculate household of 6daughters and being a submissive wife to a wonderful husband all while keeping herself healthy, fit, beautiful and lovely. Her talents and gifts are many. She humbly refers to herself as a stay-at-home mom. Lenika is a prophetess, intercessor, worshipper and true child of God. She has a strong Christian background and gives all the credit, glory and honor for her success to God. Lenika extremely loves the Lord and has great compassion for his people.

Breakthrough: How A 21 Day Fast Can Change Your Life". This book is set to be released in the fall of 2012 in paperback.

In 2009, Lenika achieved the top-ranking position rank of Platinum President in Ardyss International. Leading a team of 10,000 after 7 months of being partnered with them, she broke record of becoming the first in the state of North Carolina to achieve this rank. To this date, no one has broken her record. She joined the company in May 2009 with a small investment of $250.00. Because of her determination and perseverance she became a Presidential leader in 90 days and earned first 5 Figure Check of $15,000. 3 months later she reached the Top Position of the company with monthly earnings reaching up to almost $60,000.

Lenika developed her technique and niche for creating recordbreaking revenue through her approach in internet marketing. Simultaneously, she also discovered her ability to coach masses of people and replicate herself through developing and delegating leaders. Lenika produced 9 Presidential leaders with some producing six-figures in revenue. She and her team produced millions of dollars for the company, being top earners. She taught many people to go from literally no income to making 4 and 5 figure monthly checks.

With her nurturing spirit & caring heart she exemplified the Fruit of the Spirit while interacting with others. It is her belief that everyone was created in God's image and that ALL are a beautiful in His sight. While staying at home, she realized that many women were able to pursue their dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs while at the same time being at home with their children. She helped many people, men and women start on their very own journey to becoming successful entrepreneurs. Her success went to another level when God lead her to do a 21 day fast. At the end of that fast a major release occurred and the Scott’s finances sky-rocketed and triple virtually overnight! For this reason she started writing her first book, “Fasting for


Lenika is married to Gregg Scott, her rock, and most importantly her best friend. They have been married 17 years and have 6 precious daughters together. The couple’s ultimate desire is to leave their children an inheritance and not a bill. Today the Scott’s portfolio continues to grow. Together, they own real estate and several companies including their latest, Destiny Builders Design, a web design business that services others with personal branding, Social Media Branding, Business or Ministry Websites. Lenika also has produced several products, including a DVD titled “How to Explode your business on Facebook.” Being highly sought after in the Network Marketing Industry, Lenika is scheduled to launch Network Marketing Coaching, teaching others how to excel and make millions like herself in the Network Marketing field and also how to brand and build successful teams. It is her prayer that the Holy Spirit will touch those that will read this portion of her bio and that talents, gifts, visions, dreams and destiny’s will either be unlocked, birthed or excel to higher heights and deeper depths. She firmly believes that everyone has such a great level of greatness within and in this life we can be our own enemy "The Inner Me.” It is for that reason that Lenika Scott is raising the bar and causing others to dream again.





LASHAUN STALLINGS LaShaun Stallings, a young and gifted young lady, who holds a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education with endorsements in Social Science/ Language Arts and Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. In her spare time she enjoys going to movies, shopping with friends, doing outdoors activities and watching basketball (GO BULLS and LAKERS), According to LaShaun, whenever she is in Pennsylvania she enjoys playing with her adorable nieces, she has appeared in 3 television shows and 11 various movies and independent films, also starred in a reoccurring role for Organic Root Stimulator hair product commercial. She attended college at University of St Francis in Joliet, Illinois where she preformed in 12 theatrical productions. She modeled for companies and businesses, such as Barbara Brietmeter photography and Levi jeans as well as appearances as Disney Princess Tiana, which has been a dream come true within itself. She has been touching lives and shaping the future for middle school students in Plainfield Illinois where she teaches 6th grade, she has dedicated herself educating students and the commitment in organizing the schools Drama Club and Musical productions. Even after all the Pageants and teaching she volunteers at The Ronald McDonald house and the local community, spending time with children as well as hosting various events. "I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I pray every night for Strength and my I know I'm Blessed and if it wasn't for GOD standing beside me everyday, I wouldn't have made it this far, I would like to encourage someone reading this that you should never give up on your dreams, trust in the Lord and always put him first.

La'Shaun Stallings (center), a language arts and social studies teacher at Indian Trail Middle School, A very quiet and humble person, destined for greatness.....

A young and gifted young lady who has a desire to one day become a great actress...

Evangelist Carol Johnson CEO of Will You Be Made Whole? Prayer Ministry

Evangelist Carol Johnson is a global business leader whose life passion is to fulfill the call of evangelism by ministering the unadulterated word of God to affect change in the lives of people by allowing the Lord to use her as a vessel unto honor. Whereby God anoints Evangelist by pouring out His revelation knowledge as she teaches and preaches Jesus Christ and Him crucified, resurrected, and ascended to the Father to be our great high priest who is touched with the feelings of our infirmities. As the leader for Will You Be Made Whole? Prayer ministry, Evangelist gives herself over to the study, mediation and praying God’s Word. In doing so, the Lord gives her the will to do His work as a strategic prayer warrior. Missionary Johnson is licensed as an Evangelist with the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) which is the fourth largest Pentecostal reformation in the United States. Evangelist serves with distinction the national church, the jurisdiction and local ministry under the tutelage of Senior Bishop Frank Otha White who is one of the 12 Apostles and Bishop Frank Anthone White who is the National Financial Secretary for the Church of God in Christ worldwide. At an early age, the Lord chose Evangelist Johnson to be an anointed vessel of honor to be used in the ministry of world evangelism. As a native New Yorker, Carol’s ministry training began under the Pentecostal Holiness ministry of the late Apostle Johnnie Washington at the Tabernacle of Prayer for all People, Incorporated in New York. With the help of the Lord, Evangelist lives a God-fearing and consecrated life. She is a devout prayer warrior who exemplifies the will of God being manifest through her life according to Luke 22:24, “. . . . nevertheless, not my will but thine be done.” Evangelist Johnson’s life passion is to worship the Lord in the beauty of Holiness. She believes Lord, let my life be a thank you; one that exemplifies the gospel of Jesus Christ, to enable someone to cry –“what must I do to be saved?”

God anoints Evangelist Johnson to serve as: 1. A strategist according to Habakkuk 2:2 who enables Pastors to write the vision and make it plain so they that read it will run to it. 2. The Chief Development Officer for the COGIC National Financial Secretary 3. An officer at her local church and in the Eastern New York Third Jurisdiction a) Prayer Warrior & Exalter who intercedes for the ministry b) A Teacher of Prayer & Bible Band c) Former member of the Michigan Evangelism & Inner-City outreach ministry d) One who exegetes the word of God via Radio, Cable TV and Internet Broadcasts.

Education: • • • • • • •

License Evangelist, Church of God in Christ Tabernacle of Prayer Bible School accredited by Moody’s Bible College Harvard University graduate studies in Government & Strategy Harvard Business School - Strategy, Leadership & Governance University of California Los Angeles, Anderson School of Business Nyack College, Bachelor of Science in Management Fortune 500 Executive Training: Global Program Management

Contact Information:

• Email • Phone (516) 589-0555 • Facebook

BLUE blurb… Blue is the story of a woman’s journey to inner freedom as she faces the secrets of her past. Maddie is a middle aged maid, who grew up in Mobile, Alabama. She relocated to Baltimore, Maryland, where she is sent to work for her childhood friend, Nancy. Upon the death of her mother, Maddie is forced to face, Lola, the daughter whom she abandoned years before. When Lola arrives, everyone is taken a back by this beautiful young colored girl with blue eyes. This story speaks to the heart issues of self-love, racial tensions and boundaries, and the importance of TRUTH, on the road to ultimate freedom. Set in the mid 1950′s, Blue embodies the sounds of the 1950′s blues/rock and roll infused with the era’s vibrant, sophisticated fashions.... All proceeds will benefit the Dr. Shawn D. Bartley Scholarship Fund.


Divine Diamonds Ministries’ “Wisdom Speaks” LIVE! 2012 National Tour Makes its Grande Finale stop in The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA! Wisdom Speaks Live! is hosted by none other than, Prophetess Lougenia “Trailblazer” Rucker of Divine Diamonds Ministries. This is the 2nd Annual ApostolicProphetic gathering for men and women for divine inspiration, edification and personal prophetic ministry. (Psalm 73:24). This LIVE 1-day Tour launched and advanced out of Atlanta in July, moved northbound through Wilmington, DE in August, and is scheduled to make the GRAND FINALE stop in Philadelphia, PA on September 29th with divine momentum for a SPECTACULAR, MASSIVE manifestation of God's glory. Testimony: ....."For all of you who did not come out to this awesome service; let me tell you that you missed an awesome move of God!!! There are not enough words in my vocabulary to tell you of the way God moved and the miracles that were wrought in this service. I came in looking for God to move on His Own and He did above and beyond what I could have ever thought that He would do. Souls were delivered, people found the answers to questions that have gone for great periods of time without answers; people were restored and I was personally ushered into the birthing of the huge baby that God impregnated me with. With the help of the bodacious Diamond Midwives, I was able to birth forth what God has had laying within me, awaiting the right time for delivery. God Himself pulled me forward, out of the dark depths of the cave that was there to protect me from the elements but also served as a place of imprisonment and stagnation. The Lord placed angels in place to adorn me as only a King can adorn His children. Please do not miss the move of God on September 29th. Come out with expectation and allow God to bless you as only He can. WALK INTO YOUR DESTINY with the confidence of God!!!! God bless each of the Diamonds who allowed God to divinely use you to minister to me".......Apostle Brenda

While at the Crystal Center in Wilmington, Delaware, the atmosphere was shifted, strong prophetic winds blew, the portals of heaven were opened releasing hidden treasures revealing mysteries of the kingdom and hidden riches in secret places. This divine event lead attendees into the presence and glory of the Lord with a prophetic word of wisdom, knowledge, and a right now "Word" of the Lord to guide them into the next season of their destinies. Women from Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and various parts of Delaware came out to this event for a light lunch, special musical guests

and a major shift and massive move of divine healing and bodacious breakthroughs. Every guest in attendance was personally ministered to by Divine Diamonds Ministries Apostolic-Prophetic Presbytery Team consisting of Prophetess Lougenia “Trailblazer” Rucker, Dr. Apostle Zipporah R. Brown, Apostle DeShawne M. Coles and Prophetess Victoria Blount. Special musical artists were Gospel recording artist Prophet Ernest D. Wilson and International Gospel Psalmist, Tracy Shy. The final stop on the “Wisdom Speaks” LIVE! 2012 National Tour is the Grand Finale in Philadelphia on Saturday, September 29, 2012 at Ever Abundant Life Banquet Hall located at 121 Ridge Avenue, Darby, PA 19023 from 1:00pm – 6:00pm. The Finale will feature Pastor Jason Nelson, performing his #1 hit Gospel song of worship “Shifting The Atmosphere”. For tickets and more details visit

The ministry’s passion and purpose is to encourage, empower and equip women and young girls (ages 13-18) through tele-mentoring, tele-coaching, teleconference calls and the use of powerful multi-media communication tools including live events. Join the FREE community today

Women Of Worth (W.O.W) Ministry

Pastor Larry Birchett Jr and Lady Joanna Birchett


1 Day Conference


Conference Host Evangelist Joanna Birchett

Key Note Speaker Evangelist Carol Johnson

Praise & Worship Minister Susan Harris

Praise Dance from Brand New Life Women of Virtue & True United Interpretation of the Word Dance Ministry

Prayer at 10:00 AM with Minister Carlitha Dulin

Minister Joan Marlowe

Pastor Arlene P. Birchett

Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10 Pastor Rebecca Cooper Minister Cala Allison

Pastor Maria Palmer

Harvest House Restoration Center 450 East North Street Carlisle PA 17013 717-218-7631

Pastor Ayanna Moore

PLEASE REGISTER FOR FREE AT ON SATURDAY OCTOBER 13, 2012 Conference begins from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM with Lunch @ 1:00 PM THIS IS A FREEWILL OFFERING EVENT

Limited affordable space for Vendors or Authors - This event is open to everyone

Gospel 4 U Magazine  

This was a very interesting issue featuring Lenika Scott, be blessed

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