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"Our goal is to have everything in-house so that you can always count on us to take care of you here.” We are happy to announce that we can now offer crowns is just one visit!" ~ Dr. Bashi Proud New Sponsors of the Barrie Colts

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CHOICE Barrie Advance

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Dana Robbins Regional General Manager Simcoe - York - Muskoka Shaun Sauve

Welcome to the third-annual edition of the Barrie Advance Readers’ Choice Winners Magazine. For more than two decades, the Barrie Advance has hosted this contest and watched it grow bigger and better every year. We are pleased to announce a record-setting participation level this year with more than 140,000 individual nominations for over 5,000 local businesses and professionals. Our new platform allowed us to host categories from all sectors – automotive, entertainment, food and drink, health, wellness, beauty, professional services,

General Manager Simcoe Elise Allain Advertising Representatives Debbie Booth Carolyn Brayiannis Vic Dellamora Shannon Dunlop Renee Duthie Debbie Halikas Janet Lee-Holden Stacey MacDonald Mary March

restaurants and local shopping – enabling the public to vote as a way of saying thank you in support of these great local businesses. In this special edition, you will read some of the reasons why readers say these businesses and individuals are at the top of their game, and why you should consider them your first choice to do business with in the future.

Advertising Coordinators Nadine Kennedy Kate-Lynn Roberts Editorial Contributions Nikki Cole Laurie Wallace-Lynch

In addition, there is a complete, easy-to-use directory of all winners for you to reference throughout the year. A digital link to the winners is also hosted for the year at for easy reference when you are shopping for a new

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product or service. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our readers who nominated and voted in this local competition. At the Barrie Advance and, we are proud to support local businesses and celebrate their success. We’ll do it all over again in 2020 so watch for the call for nominations in the

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spring. And finally, congratulations to all of the winners!

For further information regarding all our products, we invite you to call us at 705-726-0573

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2019-10-28 11:46 AM

Bakery, Delicatessan and Sandwiches

Serving Barrie for over 40 years, this local business is a true success story.


e’ve been baking the freshest buns for over 40 years! It all started on February 8th 1978 Ross and Erma Fox opened up the doors to Buns Master Bakery only the third franchise in Canada at the time. Steve Fox purchased the family business toward the end of 1999 on December 24th and opened up in January 2000 as Fox’s Buns Master Bakery. Later it was changed to Fox’s Bakery in 2007. The newly renovated store uses over a thousand pounds of dough daily to create delicious baked goods on site ready to go. A great place to pick up lunch. We have over 50 types of breads and buns plus deli products. “I have an awesome staff who work early hours and through the heat of the summer. Our customers are second to none. We know many personally and have known their parents and grandparents.”

Fox’s Bakery and Deli

96 Victoria St. 705-737-4646 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 5


2019-10-28 12:41 PM

Lawn Care Service & Pest Control Services


oster Lawn and Garden Ltd. (FLG) Owner Ray Foster celebrated his big win as Favourite Lawn and Garden Company with his staff at a Staff Appreciation Night. “On November 1st we will celebrate our 28th year in business,” says Ray Foster, who was born and raised in Barrie. “Quality above all is our business philosophy. We are dedicated to 100% client satisfaction. We are proud to be one of the most recommended and recognized lawn, garden, landscaping and property maintenance companies serving Barrie and area.” From landscaping and lawn care to snow plowing and snow removal, FLG offers year -round service and peace of mind. Ray, his son Dalen and his experienced team can assist homeowners and businesses with fertilizing programs, grub and chinch bug control, slit seeding, dethatching, grass cutting, fall clean ups, property

maintenance, tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding and more. He has a secret, tried-and-true system for creating perfect lawns. “We create lawns and gardens that are the envy of the neighbourhood—expect the best, and we are greener than the rest!” says Ray. “Since the ban on pesticides, it has become harder for a homeowner to take care of the lawn themselves. Before the ban, a study showed that 67% of people did their own lawn, but today that number has flipped, and now it’s estimated about 70% of people are hiring professionals to look after their lawn. Many people we see, who have been trying to look after their own lawn, simply throw up their hands up and tell us ‘my lawn is a mess—I give up.’ Hiring the pros can save you both time and money, says Ray. “For instance, if you have a half acre or more, the do-ityourselfer would need their own retail product, have the equipment, and do it

6 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:41 PM

themselves, whereas I can do it for not much more and use professional grade products, professional equipment and my knowledgeable staff would complete the work. Creating new gardens or doing garden makeovers is something Ray cherishes. “I love the creativity of doing garden makeovers and creating a thing of beauty. I know my perennials, shrubs and trees and know what thrives in this area. I can look at a space and create a plan based on wants, needs and budget.” Weather patterns have changed over the decades and Ray has needed to adapt accordingly. “The effects of global warming are real,” he states. “The winters are not as cold and harsh now and some bugs are not dying off, so we have more issues with grubs and cinch bugs along with new bugs like the Japanese Beetle. We also have the Ash Borer and we were one of the first companies in the Barrie area to offer Ash Borer prevention treatment. You have to know what you are doing to contain these problems.”

Quality above all is our business philosophy. We are dedicated to 100% client satisfaction.

Ray is proud of his team and their commitment to offering the best service possible. “Many are long time staff members including Jesse Burrell and Billy Wilson, who have been with the company for over 20 years. We are very hands on and committed to be the best. It must have paid off—we won the Readers’ Choice Award!”

Landscape Design | Lawn & Garden Maintenance | Snow Plowing & Removal | Fertilizing & Weed Control & More... Visit our website for a full list of services

Foster Lawn and Garden

Barrie & Surrounding Areas

705-726-9189 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 7


2019-10-28 12:41 PM

Optometry Services


e are proud of our team, and proud to have won the award for Favourite Optometry Services,” says Optometrist Dr. David Bond. “We have a great team of the smartest, most talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. We take great pride in our work and are passionate about providing the best eye care for our patients. I believe in providing old-fashion customer service.” Dr. David Bond & Associates Optometrists offer a full-service optometry facility offering premier eye care for Barrie residents for over 15 years. Their new, state-of-the-art facility was custom designed by awardwinning Barrie interior designer Catherine Staples to better meet the needs of clients. On-site cutting-edge technology allows the staff to offer immediate test results for patients with retina problems, glaucoma, and other eye diseases. Even conditions such as sudden loss of sight in one eye can now be addressed immediately. “Our Optical Coherence Tomography or OCT machine scans the eye 50,000 times a second, allowing us to see things like high blood pressure, diabetes and nerve problems in the eye,” says Dr. Bond. The new in-house optical lab means that

Our new Optical Coherence Tomography machine scans the eye 50,000 times a second.

glasses can be made quickly and more cost effectively at the new facility. “If you lose your glasses or break them, we have prescriptions in stock and can make new glasses fairly quickly using your old frames or new frames.”

Dr. Bond has noticed an increase in issues with eye strain and eye fatigue, mainly due to long hours spent in front of a computer screen. Blue light coating can be added to glasses to help protect the eyes against damage from screen light. The Barrie Eye Care team also offer professional advice on how to help protect your eyes, such as following a healthy diet and wearing sunglasses year round to help protect the eyes from UVH exposure. Regular eye health exams/evaluations are recommended to preserve healthy eye sight. During an eye exam, vital information is gained by viewing the interior of the eye and adjacent cardiovascular tissue. In many cases, people may not even know a health issue exists. Some signs you may have an eye disorder include blurred vision, floaters, flashes, light sensitivity and more.

Barrie Eye Care Dr. Bond & Associates 680 Veterans Dr., Barrie

705-737-3141 |

8 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 4:24 PM

Favourite Real Estate Broker, Agent and Real Estate Office


t’s a triple win and a slam dunk for Realtor Peggy Hill! Peggy has won three Readers’ Choice awards, voted as Favourite Real Estate Broker, Favourite Real Estate Agent and Favourite Real Estate Office. Peggy is the Broker of Record and CEO of The Peggy Hill Team at Re/Max Hallmark Peggy Hill Group Realty. “It is awesome and so exciting for me and the team and means so much that our clients took the time to vote for us to win three awards!” says Peggy Hill. “Our clients are like family and it is very much a family atmosphere here. We host events just so we can re-connect with our clients. We love being part of their lives.” Peggy has lived in Barrie for 24 years after moving from Innisfil and Toronto prior to that. She began her real estate career in 2003 and quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the industry. She started her own brokerage in 2010 and several years later she joined forces with Keller Williams and became the #1 Team in Canada and #4 Team worldwide with KW! Over the years, the team has grown to 32 agents. In 2019, Peggy formed Re/ Max Hallmark Peggy Hill Group Realty and has continued her time tested system of handpicking a team of top-notch agents to

Our clients are like family and it is very much a family atmosphere here.

provide her clients with the highest level of customer service. The success behind the Peggy Hill group involves a strong work ethic, a passion for helping others, and teamwork. “We are a marketing company which specializes in real estate,” says Peggy. “Everything involves doing a plan based on the client’s needs and wishes. We truly care about putting our client’s needs first.” Part of that caring involves giving back to the community. “We are very involved with the Food bank and each year the Peggy Hill Team sponsors the grocery bags which go into the Barrie Advance,” says Peggy. “For the past five years we have purchased 1,500 boxes of stuffing for the Barrie Christmas Cheer program. Whether it be supporting our community or helping our clients, we are here for you. We have your backs!” adds Peggy.

Re/Max Hallmark Peggy Hill Group Realty

705-739-4455 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 9


2019-10-28 4:24 PM

Hot Tub


avourite Hot Tub Georgian Hot Tubs


“It is a privilege and an honour to win the Readers’ Choice Award for Favourite Hot Tub Company, because it is our customers telling us that we are getting it right,” says Hans Kissmann, Owner of Georgian Hot Tubs. “Do we get it right 100 per cent of the time? Probably not, but we aim for 100 per cent and we have won the title five years in a row! When it comes to hot tubs and pools, 70 per cent is about features and 30 per cent is about who is going to be here for you as you own this item. We will always be here for our customers. I’ve been known to answer emails at 11 p.m. and we help clients try to fix an issue on their own before having to send out a service person. We take great pride in taking care of our customers.” One of the hottest trends is the World’s

Only Self-Cleaning Hydropool Swim Spa, available at Georgian Hot Tubs. “Most pools push dirt to the floor of the pool and you have to vacuum it away, but the self-clean is a hands-free cleaning system that safeguards you and your family by providing crystal clear purified water for your Swim Spa. It requires minimal maintenance—about 20 minutes once a week. It basically takes care of itself, leaving you more time to enjoy the pool.” The Swim Spa business has overtaken the traditional swimming pool market, according to Hans. “As backyards are getting smaller, there is definitely a trend towards Swim Spas which take up about a quarter of the space of a traditional pool. Most are about 12 to 19 feet long by eight feet wide, and including the entire package with electrical, pad, the cost of a Swim Spa can be about two-thirds of the price of a

10 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:41 PM

swimming pool. They are self-contained acrylic units (no liner required) that are heated, so you get eight to 10 months of use. There are a lot of advantages to this pool.” Hot tubs are still big on people’s bucket lists, and they too are getting smaller in size. “It used to be that most hot tubs were 9 x 9 feet, but now they are 7 x 7 feet,” explains Hans. “The biggest desire for hot tubs is family togetherness. Twenty five years ago it was the social party place, but now people want a hot tub where they can spend quality time together as husband and wife or the whole family having great family discussions. They want to spend more together time doing what matters the most.” True backyard utopia is hopping into your Swim Spa while your dinner is cooking on your new Traegar pellet grill, also available

Our philosophy is simple. It’s to be the best hot tub and Swim Spa store in Barrie. We want people to know that we are here for them and this is what it’s all about. at Georgian Hot Tubs. “You can grill streaks, roast a chicken or a roast, bake an apple pie, make a wood-fired pizza, smoke meats and more on the Traegar pellet grill which offers the natural taste and aroma of a wood fire,” says Hans. “You set the temperature and walk away. No more trudging through snow to check on the BBQ. Set it and forget it!”

to know that we are here for them and this is what it’s all about.”

Offering hot tub and swim spa sales (new and used), service and water analysis, Georgian Hot Tubs will soon celebrate their 12th anniversary. “Our philosophy is simple. It’s to be the best hot tub and Swim Spa store in Barrie. We want people

Service or Products

Hot Tubs | Hydropool Swim Spa | Traegar Pellet Grills | ETC

Georgian Hot Tubs

34 Cedar Pointe Drive Unit 502 705-733-2400 •

Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 11


2019-10-28 12:41 PM

Fitness Instructor/Trainer Nutritionist Nutritional Services Personal Training


t is such an honour to be recognized for our Personal Training & Nutritional Services! We love what we do! Our passion for fitness is contagious and we want you to experience the fun, enjoyment and amazing benefits of making fitness training & good nutrition a regular part of your lifestyle. At Alexacise Fitness Studio we look for creative ways to engage all walks of life in a fun, dynamic environment. Our intent is to transform the concept of exercise from

being work to becoming an anticipated part of our client’s daily routines. We have been in the Fitness Business for over 22 years. What makes us unique is our most popular service, Group Personal Training. We especially love this because it allows us to cater all workouts to exactly what each individual needs and their specific goals, at a fraction of the cost of Private Personal Training. Ordinary People, EXTRAordinary RESULTS!

Alexacise 361 King St #5

Conference Centre


rofessional meeting & event space, keeping both your budget and the environment in mind”, is the motto of Suite Success at ESS Direct Inc, voted Barrie’s Favourite Conference Centre. “We started Suite Success seven years ago when we saw a need for an affordable meeting space for small to mid-size groups,” says owner, Sinda Simpson. “We have two event rooms that can

accommodate 6 – 60 people, available 7 days a week. Our facility has hosted a wide range of events, from business meetings to baby showers.” Suite Success has several qualities that are unique within their industry – their price point, allowing individuals to bring their own catering, as well as their strong environmental focus sets them apart from the rest.

Suite Success 411 Huronia Road, Suite 5, 705-730-1899 | 12 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 4:46 PM

Specialty Food Store


he Olive Oil Co. in Barrie is still the best place in the area to taste and purchase premium quality olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars. Experiencing continued growth, last year the company’s two Barrie shops were joined by a third location – Newmarket Olive Oil at Market & Co. located inside the Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket. And again this year we plan to have a holiday location at Georgian Mall. Olive Oil Co. Barrie and Newmarketl imports the very best olive oil from around the world and balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy. Our over 75 varieties of olive oils and balsamics are of the highest premium quality available. Our customer focus ensures that clients feel welcomed and valued, and go home with something they love and know how to use. We also offer online purchasing with FREE SHIPPING across Canada on orders over $100 and welcome clients for private tasting event experiences and cooking classes.

In addition to offering the highest quality and freshest extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) from around the world, we have introduced some new oils including Italian Cold Smoked EVOO and Pesto-Infused

We offer the highest quality and freshest extra virgin olive oil from around the world Olive Oil as well as new balsamic vinegars like Soy-Free Teriyaki and Bourbon Maple. Local and Canadian products include Heritage Lane Herbs, Bulbs of Fire garlic spreads from Tiny Township, Innisfil Creek Honey and Breedon’s Maple Syrup from Alliston. Momma Mari’s in Orillia makes gluten-free bbq and marinara sauces and the full line of Spice of Life Hot Sauces are made in nearby Vaughan! “We would like to invite customers to come in to explore some new local products that are now available, and thank our customers and the community for recognizing us again this 5th year in a row,” says owner Denise Tucker. “It’s important for us to work with local companies and support local initiatives.” At our shops’ tasting bars, you can sample freshly crushed extra virgin oils in savoury, sweet, hot and blended flavours, as well as a rainbow of true balsamic vinegars.

Barrie Olive Oil Co

Barrie Downtown, 45 Dunlop Street East 705.503.6457 Barrie South, 31 Commerce Park 705.792.0300 Newmarket, Upper Canada Mall Market & Co 905.235.7645 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 13


2019-10-28 12:42 PM

Hearing Care Professionals / Hearing Care Centre


t Sharpe Hearing Clinic, it is important that Hearing Health is accessible to everyone.

Located in Bayfield Mall, the family-run business has been offering hearing testing, hearing aid recommendations and hearing aid repairs, fittings and programming for the past four years.

“We wanted to open a family run business in our home town,” noted owner Tracy Sharpe, adding she and partner Andrew Sharpe chose the location for its accessibility and is open evenings and weekends in order to cater to everyone. Hearing Health is extremely important, noted Tracy Sharpe, adding they recommend every one gets a hearing test done. “Typically, our association and physicians say doing a hearing test at about ages 50 to 55 helps to give a good baseline for anything that could possibly affect hearing later in life,” she said, adding Sharpe Hearing Clinic offers

complimentary hearing tests. “It’s good to have a hearing test if you’re feeling you’re not hearing right at any age. When somebody comes here we are not just checking for whether they need a hearing aid. There’s so much that can be determined by an audiogram. If it’s a medical referral from a physician, we are looking at possible causes. Maybe it’s just a block of wax or maybe something else is going on with the middle ear drum. We are always ruling out a medical issue before we go in to a discussion about it being age related or noise induced hearing loss.” While adults do not require a physicians referral for a hearing test, Sharpe noted they do suggest a referral for children under the age of 10 to rule out any of the more common childhood conditions like ear infection or fluid in the ear. With all patients, they look at the overall health of the ear and how an individual is hearing. “When someone comes in, we do a case history for each client (and) those test results are always shared with the family doctor. If hearing aids


14 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:42 PM

are recommended then we talk about that,” she said, adding the difference with Sharpe Hearing Clinic is that it is fully independent and not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer. “We can look at any brand of hearing aid, the different styles and the different price points. They can be very expensive or not (so we) look at the persons lifestyle. Obviously if we have a senior that lives in a retirement or long term care that just needs minimal function and not all the bells and whistles, then they can have something very entry level which pulls the price right down.” Sharpe Hearing Clinic also provides free mobile testing in five retirement and long-term care facilities in the Barrie Area in an attempt to ensure everyone has access to proper hearing health on a regular basis. Randall Blaskievich - Anyone that knows me, knows that I have had hearing issues for a long time. Today I went to the Sharpe Hearing Clinic and had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful couple. It was the best experience in my history of my hearing challenge. Absolutely wonderful people. They made me feel at home and I left more informed then I have ever been. If you’re in Barrie and you or someone you know needs hearing help, 5 stars both for quality and for caring.

Local Independent Hearing Professionals. It was the best experience in my history of my hearing challenge! I can’t imagine a better experience. Thank you both for making what I find an uncomfortable experience normally, to be welcoming and nice and really informative. Beverley Dugard - I have had hearing aids for years but I was never really satisfied. My sister went to Sharpe Hearing and was very pleased with the service she received so she encouraged me to visit them. Marc, Andrew and Tracy were so patient and accommodating. I highly recommend them to anyone who has a hearing problem. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Not only do they provide great service they care about you. I felt they were as pleased as I was and that I was so excited I could hear so well. Beth Fellos - Andrew and Tracy Sharpe are truly amazing and as a family owned business, provide far superior service than any franchised clinic. It is very evident, that as a ‘home-grown boy’ Andrew cares deeply about his clients and the community he serves.



Sharpe Hearing Clinic

36A - 320 Bayfield St. | The Bayfield Mall | Barrie | 705-792-9494 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 15


2019-10-28 12:42 PM

Best New Restaurant/Buffet/Mexican & Overall Service


e are thrilled and honoured to be voted Barrie’s Favourite Best New Restaurant, Buffet, Mexican and Overall Service! “We just opened on January 19, 2019, and we can’t believe how busy we are,” confesses Ricardo Sierra, who owns and operates the cheerful eatery with his wife, Veronica Serrano, and business partner, Ulises Hernandez. Serving up fresh and authentic Mexican fare, Cocina Mexicana is Barrie’s first

all-you can eat Mexican restaurant. “We are definitely bringing something new to local diners.” It’s an authentic Mexican culinary experience. We think of it as a piece of Mexico that teaches the art of eating and the passion of cooking. Our goal is for every Mexican diner to love our food, and for every Canadian diner to enjoy a real Mexican food adventure.”

Cocina Mexicana Restaurante 144 Burton Ave., Barrie 705-252-7086 |

Financial Planning

oy A. Adams, Founder and CEO of Covenant JWealth Financial Services has a mission: “My

mission is to help clients manage and improve their day-to-day cash flow so that they can live their dreams today while planning for the future.” Since 2012, Covenant Wealth has been providing holistic financial planning advice for individuals, families, business owners and entrepreneurs. Joy is a Group Benefits Advisor and a Certified Cash Flow Specialist. She is also the Community Director of South Simcoe Community Startup, an entrepreneurial-led

community. “While some planners may focus on clients’ assets, we look at their debt load. We then restructure it to reduce inefficiencies and improve overall cash flow. They now have the money to protect the things and people they love and save and invest for the future. “ Covenant Wealth Financial Services was recently appointed by South Simcoe Community Startup Board of Directors as the marketing company to launch their association health and dental plan.

Covenant Wealth 2095 Thompson St. Innisfil 1-800-579-3950 | 16 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:42 PM

Spa & Esthetic Services / Facial Services / Manicure Pedicure / Esthetician / Make-Up



he team at Glow Day Spa are thrilled and honored to be named “Favourite Day Spa, Favourite Mani/Pedi; Favourite Facials; Favourite Esthetician - Claudia Mendez; Favourite Esthetician/Make-up in Barrie.” The Glow team is ever grateful to their amazing clients who have seen the spa grow over the years. “Without our great clients, many of whom have become dear friends, we would not be where we are today.” says Kimberly Crook owner of Glow Day Spa.

Winning the Barrie’s favourite awards couldn’t be any better timing for the famed Day Spa as they prepare to expand to their larger location. “We are so excited for the move to 178 Essa Road in Barrie. Plans are currently underway for a new location to enable us to continue to grow and serve our clients better,” says Kimberly. Anticipation is in the air for what the future looks like for Glow Day Spa and what this means for their clients and team! Kim continues, “My desire for the new location is for it to be a place guests can easily book, relax and enjoy services with their friends.” Glow is working hard to open it’s doors to the new location in November. Anyone driving by the new spa at 178 Essa Rd located opposite the Barrie Curling Club, can easily see all the trades working hard to make sure we open in time for Christmas. Being an older building and having lot’s of history in the city, it has had its challenges during the renovation process to bring it back

Glow Day Spa is moving to 178 Essa Rd. Double the space - double the love!

to life. The vision for this unique spa design and atmosphere will certainly be a treat for everyone who visits. The open concept will be new and inviting and will be a selfie haven for all the ladies getting services done. Their goal is to make Glow Day Spa a destination that is fun and relaxing for all who visit. “We love to bring the Glow out of everyone!” says Claudia Mendez, Spa Service Manager and this years Readers Choice Favourite Esthetician. Glow Day Spa welcomes locals and visitors alike to experience the new location and will continue to offer services clients have come to know and love. Located conveniently off Hwy 400 / Essa, Glow will be a destination that is easily accessible and lots of private free parking. In addition to amazing spa services, Kimberly specializes in the safe application of permanent make-up for eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and scar correction. As one of Canada’s most eminent technicians and Readers Choice Favourite Esthetician/ Makeup artist 2019, Kimberly has over 18 years experience in the industry and certified to work for a cosmetic surgeon, there is a tremendous trust level with Kim’s talent for doing permanent makeup. Permanent

Makeup will greatly improve the quality of life for women of all ages and skin types. Glow Day Spa offers complimentary consultations with Kimberly for permanent makeup and will continue to offer this highly popular service at the new location. The team at Glow have been dreaming of the new space and all the new services they will be able to offer there. “We plan to grow organically in our new home! This counts both for new staff that will join our team as well as the services we add. Making sure we stay true to our culture, embracing an environment that is savvy and pristine but also comfortable and down to earth.” Notes Kimberly. Stay tuned for the Grand Opening of the new location at 178 Essa Road, Barrie. It will be open in time for Christmas with more than double the space and new services to come! Glow Day Spa is open Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm and Saturday 8am to 3pm. Call for an appointment at 705-734-3800 or book online at

Glow Day Spa 178 Essa Road, Barrie 705-734-3800 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 17


2019-10-28 12:42 PM

Jewellery Store Custom Designs Remodeling Bridal



inning the award for Favourite Jeweller is a big deal for us!” says Michael Metzger, Co-owner of Metzger Studio. “I guess the word got out about our custom design work, and we’d like to thank our clients who voted for us.” Beverly Metzger-Noble and Michael Metzger are the dynamic brother and sister goldsmithing team behind Metzger Studio, Makers of Fine Jewellery. The siblings studied goldsmithing at George Brown College worked at individual studios prior to opening their studio in Barrie. “For many years before we opened the studio we sold our handcrafted jewellery at many of Ontario’s largest craft show circuit, including Kempenfest,” says Michael. The goldsmithing duo specialize in remodelling and custom jewellery design, turning unworn family jewels into one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces. If you can dream it, they can make it! “We are the only local jewellers to pour the metal cast and create the jewellery design from concept to completion, working in silver, gold or platinum,” says Michael. “We work mainly with gold. White gold has been super popular for the last two decades, and many people ask for rose gold. Over half our

We started this business 35 years ago

customers bring in their family jewels and want something new, fresh and exciting. We have made some extraordinary pieces over the years! We love working with customers and hearing the story behind each piece and then helping them create a new story. We can take an old-school ring and make it into something that is worthy of being passed down!

After consultation with a client, Beverly and Michael create a 3-D computer design of the custom piece. Michael explains, “We go from concept to the finished piece, one step at a time with the customer, the sky is the limit. Many of our clients love to go on cruises and bring back gemstones to be made into custom jewellery. Tanzanite and Morganite have become popular recently.” Metzger’s showcases an array of unique artisan jewellery from talented Canadian Jewellery designers. Come in and see us today!

Metzger Studio 76 Dunlop St E 705-722-3772 | 18 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:42 PM

Windows and Doors



empenfelt Windows & Doors is proud of their record for winning the Readers’ Choice Award for Favourite Windows and Doors, and Garage Doors, for over two decades! Keith Feuillatre of Utopia, Ontario writes: “Ken, Peter and Ken were here and changed most of our old windows. I still have a few more to replace next year. I have to tell you, please do not let these three men go. They were more than just workmen. We liked them immediately and they got to work as soon as they arrived. We chatted a few times throughout the day and found that they really knew what they were doing. I will certainly ask for them again to do any work needed here. Thank you very much. Last thing; never, ever, did I stand back and admire a set of windows, but these are really nice to look at!” “The best part is our customers get to decide and Kempenfelt Windows & Doors has been fortunate enough to be voted Number One for 21 years in a row!” exclaims Robert Maslen, Owner of Kempenfelt Windows & Doors. “Thank you to all of our customers for trusting and believing in us. Keith’s is just one of the many customer letters we receive every year.” Kempenfelt





Serving Barrie for over 25 years

founded over 25 years ago with a simple vision—to provide customers with the best possible products and premium service at a competitive price. It is a vision which proudly continues today.

their windows and doors; aesthetics, efficiency or their windows and doors just do not work properly. New windows and doors can bring new life to your home, along with peace of mind.”

“I realized there was a need in Barrie and area for quality window and door products, so I decided my business model would be to offer these products at a very competitive price,” says Robert. “We have used the same window manufacturer since I opened the business. I live and work in the community and in doing so, the company and my reputation mean a great deal. One of the things I am very proud of is almost all of our employees have been with us for many years, some over 20. This loyalty means a great deal to me.” There is a wide variety of quality, energy efficient windows and doors to choose from. “Over the years, tremendous changes have taken place—windows come in almost any colour you can image while doors and garage doors are designed to give your home the ultimate curb appeal while maintaining the highest levels of energy efficiency. There are basically three reasons customers upgrade


92 Commerce Park Dr., Barrie 705-737-1554

569 Steven Crt., Newmarket 905-893-1554 Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 19


2019-10-28 12:42 PM

Physiotherapist / Physiotherapy Clinic


his is the third consecutive win for Resolution Physiotherapy and IMS Clinic, winning this year’s Readers’ Choice Award for Favourite Physiotherapy Clinic and Favourite Physiotherapist/Owner Mandi Hayes. What is incredible about this year’s win is that every Physiotherapist in the clinic was nominated as one of Barrie’s Favourite Physiotherapists.

This is reflective of a decision that clinic owners Mandi & Cyril Hayes made when they opened their clinic almost 10 years ago. “Resolution Physiotherapy is unique in that we only hire highly qualified, experienced Physiotherapists. While we support new graduates as mentors and instructors outside of the clinic, we do not hire Physiotherapists until they have completed extensive post-graduate manual therapy training. We are now proud that we have numerous Physiotherapists who have Canada’s highest certification in Manual & Sports Physiotherapy. Having

highly educated Physiotherapists will always be our model, allowing us to ensure we are providing the highest quality of care to all of our clients.” As the company name suggests, Resolution Physiotherapy and IMS Clinic’s team of highly qualified Physiotherapists are committed to resolving your pain quickly and effectively. “Most pain in the body is related to muscles, joints or nerves which is where our team of Physiotherapists excel. We often see clients who have tried everything to resolve longstanding athletic related pain who, after seeing us, are finally able to recover and get back to the sports or activities they love.” explains Mandi Hayes. The team at Resolution are self professed ‘physio geeks’ and work incredibly well together as a team. “Our goal is that our clients tell us they “are feeling noticeably better” by their third appointment at the

20 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 4:25 PM

latest. If we are not seeing results at this point, we put our heads together, and work on a solution as a team. I feel really blessed to work with such incredible Physiotherapists and know that there are few things we cannot help resolve.” Mandi was so excited to be nominated in the “Giving Back to the Community Category” this year. “Although we didn’t win this category, it was such an honor to be nominated!” When not in the clinic, you are likely to find Mandi and other Resolution Physiotherapists on the field, at a court or on a mat with Barrie athletes. “We love working with a ton of local Barrie teams with the goal of maximizing their success and minimizing their injuries!” Mandi, who has worked with Olympic level athletes in the past, now enjoys working with the Barrie Rugby Club as their Director of Risk & Safety and as Head Trainer with K-Bay Wrestling. The team at Resolution also work closely with athletes from local wrestling, rugby, football and cycling teams. Working with so many contact sport athletes, concussions are something Mandi and her team help treat on a regular basis. “Our physiotherapists have post-graduate concussion training as well as advanced

training in upper neck dysfunction which allows us to effectively treat concussion and neck related symptoms, helping get athletes back to their sport as quickly as possible.”

Don’t wait! If you have pain, give Resolution Physiotherapy a call and someday you too might be sharing your Resolution success story!

Common complaints from athletes, weekend warriors and non-athletes alike, include headaches, TMJ (jaw) disorders, lower back pain, hip, knee, ankle and even foot pain. The team at Resolution uses a wide variety of techniques to resolve acute issues as well as long stanging athletic or chronic pain conditions. Mandi’s passion is apparent when she talks animatedly about the effectiveness of unique treatments such as IMS dry needling, active cupping, shockwave therapy and neuromodulation. “I absolutely love my job!! Everyday I get to help resolve someone’s pain and get them back doing what they love. It makes me so happy when our clients share their Resolution stories on our webpage or google as it reinforces to me that my entire team is making a difference in our clients’ lives!” If you have a chance to visit Resolution’s testimonial page on their website, you will find it is full of wonderful stories from their clients about how happy they are to have found the Resolution team!

Resolution Physiotherapy & IMS Clinic

11 Victoria Street, Suite 218 Barrie 705-252-5200 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 21


2019-10-28 4:25 PM

Cafe / Bistro / Coffee Shop


pecializing in artisan sourdough breads and baked goods, crafted by hand in small batches. The tradition of breaking bread with family and friends is ingrained in our history; we have deep roots in Barrie. Owners Cait Patrick and Lise Garden studied under world renowned Certified Master Baker Jeffrey Hamelman. We believe in supporting all things local. From the Barrie Farmers Market to the thriving downtown core,we

are investing in our community. We source ingredients from local suppliers and base our menu on seasonal availability of local products. We are open bright and early every day for your morning coffee; and have joined forces with our friends at EPIC NORTH ROASTERY to become the go to destination for both your baked goods and coffee in the region. We carry fresh roasted (in house) top-line single origin coffees, full espresso bar, breakfast and lunch service.

HOMESTEAD Artisan Bakery & Cafe

80 Dunlop St. E., Downtown Barrie 705-252-3680 |

Family Law


oing through a divorce or separation can be emotionally traumatic, but the team at Gelman & Associates are here to help find a better outcome. Gelman Family lawyers Cindy Scharff, Galia Amoils and law clerk Cristina Cannavo are the experienced team who advocate on behalf of their client’s needs. “Family law is a delicate area and our philosophy is to minimize animosity and work to preserve a relationship with your

partner that’s viable, especially when children are involved,” says Cindy. “I am a collaboratively trained lawyer which involves two collaborative lawyers meeting with a couple to try to work things out as a team. We’ve had great success with this approach in helping couples move on with their lives.”

Gelman and Associates 500 Mapleton Ave 705-797-2106 |

22 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:42 PM

Decks Fences Patios


shton Duthie, Owner of Duthie Construction is an outgoing ‘people person’ who loves to chat with his clients, but he’s also a good listener.

“The best thing I love about my job is communicating with my clients,” says Ashton. “Good communication is key to our success. I am proud of our top quality craftmanship and the integrity of the work.”

If you come to me with a photo, I can make it happen!

Duthie Construction is a full-service construction company specializing in fencing, decks, framing, custom home building, renovations and more. “We do it all start to finish,” says Ashton. “If you come to me with a photo, I can make it happen!” Ashton was born and raised in Barrie and recently moved to Muskoka with his “Supervisor” –his German Shepherd Bauer

Duthie Construction Inc | 705-737-7513 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 23


2019-10-28 12:42 PM

Interior Design/Decor & Interior Designer/Decorator

Michael Miller, Sue and Colin Springgay


boda Decor President/Owner Colin Springgay chose the name Aboda for several reasons; “To be first in the phone book and because it’s a play on the word ‘Abode’’, and, like on the Big Bang Theory when you are sitting in that sofa it is the perfect spot—Aboda means your comfort zone.”

Founded in 2001, Aboda Decor carries 80% Canadian name brand furniture for every room in the house in styles which include contemporary, traditional/transitional and mid-century modern. “We came to Barrie as a higher end, fun choice for furniture and have evolved the store to carry mostly top end Canadian furniture and decor, along with some European brands,” says Colin. “We are a custom furniture store for people who want something special and unique and offer a multitude of furniture styles, fabrics, leathers, colour choices, wood choices and more. We have a beautifully arranged 10,000 sq. ft. showroom which

is set up like a gallery. Our room vingettes showcase furniture, area rugs and flooring, lighting, artwork and decor elements. It’s a great place to visit to get ideas. I want people to know it’s free to visit our store and it’s a friendly, creative atmosphere with no pressure to buy.” Custom orders take approximately six to seven weeks and floor models are available for purchase. “We are proud to be a successful independent store and are proud of the relationships we have developed with our customers who come from far and wide to shop our store.” Favourite Designer When Interior Designer Michael Miller heard the news that he was voted as Favourite Designer in Barrie, he did a little happy dance. “It’s such wonderful news! I was elated and so grateful to our customers who voted for me and for Aboda Decor as Favourite Decor Store. We truly are a one-

24 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:42 PM

stop-shop for furniture, area rugs, lighting, artwork and decor and we offer free-in home consultations.” Michael travels across the province servicing clients from as far away as Sudbury and Kingston to the GTA. “I go to people’s homes and discuss their wants, needs, lifestyle, tastes and talk about how they use each space,” says Michael. “We talk about whether they like leather or fabric; wood or glass, etc. I then create a floor plan and give them one or two options.” Specializing in custom furniture design, there are endless design possibilities. “You can completely customize a piece—you can change the height, depth, foam density, colour, fabric and even the type of arms. Our store is unique in that we carry almost all of the top Canadian furniture brands and we have opened a Pallister Gallery Studio. Very few stores are at that level.”

Founded in 2001, Aboda Decor carries 80% Canadian name brand furniture for every room in your house.

to bottom (floor to lighting and even the art). “I’m in my 12th year here and have developed many close friendships with my clients and have worked with them on their first, second and third home, condo or cottage,” says Michael. “I get to know their families and often work for their kids or other family members. I just helped design a condo from scratch including everything from the counter stools to the guest towels. I am proud of my connection with my clients and that they trust me to help their vision come true.” Come and visit the showroom today!

Many of Michael’s clients love his designs so much, they buy the whole package top

31 Commerce Pk Dr., Barrie 705-735-1825 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 25


2019-10-28 12:42 PM

Favourite Dessert


oted for “The Best Butter Tarts in Canada” by Canadian Living, The Sweet Oven can now also display their Readers’ Choice award for Favourite Dessert. Thanks for voting for us! “It’s my grandmother’s recipe,” says Owner Becky Howard. “We make fresh, homemade Plain, Pecan and Raisin Butter Tarts daily and different flavours depending on the day of the week. It never ceases to amaze the team when

there is a huge line up of eager customers waiting for us to open up our doors in the morning. Our top sellers are Pecan, Raspberry and Skor Bits. If you have a flavour you like, call ahead and we’ll set a few aside for you. We love to hear customers tell us that our tarts remind them of the ones their mom or grandmother used to make. We also make homemade Cheesecakes at our three locations; Barrie, Orillia and Toronto.

The Sweet Oven 90 Park Pl Blvd #2, Barrie 705-733-9494 |

Lawncare Equipment


e are proud to be Barrie’s premier lawn and garden equipment store.” “Our customer’s needs always have and will continue to be our top priority. We strive to keep providing top quality workmanship and friendly customer service.” Jamie and his wife Tara founded Mercer Equipment 12 years ago servicing the golf and landscape industry. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 3 years since

we opened our first retail store and have recently expanded to a second location in south Barrie. The north location looks after parts, service and warranty on most makes and models. Fully stocked showrooms at both locations have the complete line of Stihl, Husqvarna and Echo lawn and garden equipment! “If we don’t have it, chances are we can order it”

Mercer Equipment South 431 Bayview Drive 705-734-0202 North 28 Currie St 705-503-3535 26 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:39 PM

Advertising Agency


he dynamic brother and sister team of Jim and Barbara Lowe of Assisting You Social have claimed the award for Favourite Advertising Agency by doing what they do best—connecting clients to their customers through targeted and timely social media campaigns. “We specialize in creating content and managing digital social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google for our clients,” says Jim.

Small business owners often do not have the time or manpower to manage their own social media. “We take care of everything which is a huge time saver for companies. We also post current and relevant information which helps increase your company’s profile and sales efforts,”. With a team of social media specialists in two Simcoe County offices, Assisting You Social offers a full suite of digital marketing tools.

Assisting You Social 18 Alliance Blvd., Unit 15, Barrie 705-300-5565 |

Thank You


Celebrating 70 years! 20% OFF CASH & CARRY CLEANING • Wall To Wall Carpet Cleaning

• Commercial Maintenance Program

• Loose Rug In Plant Cleaning

• Scotchgarding

• Furniture Cleaning

• Deodorizing

• Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

• Free Estimates And Advice

“A job worth doing, is worth doing right!” SIMCOE CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANERS LTD. 705-721-7555 90 ARDAGH ROAD, BARRIE

Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 27


2019-10-28 12:39 PM


stronger communities


reating strong communities is what Barrie and area service clubs have been doing for decades - and thanks to the commitment of their members - is something they are still dedicated to doing today. The Kiwanis Club of Barrie, which will be turning 100 in 2022, is currently leading the way in a Canada-wide fundraiser to help families that lost everything due to Hurricane Dorian. The club, noted president Chuck McIlravey, has raised upwards of $35,000 to date. Their generosity starts at home though,

with the approximately 60 members all being regularly involved in numerous fundraising and hands-on projects in the community. “We make 100 sandwiches every two weeks after the club meeting that are then distributed to the David Busby Centre,” he said, estimating over the last three years members have made close to 8,000 sandwiches. In 2018, the club also provided the centre with $100,000 towards the cost of a new building. The club was also involved with a project with the Women and Children’s Centre of Barrie.

28 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 11:47 AM

“There are a lot of things where if we didn’t have service clubs ...things just wouldn’t get done. It’s part of what makes a community a community and the people who are members are all of like minds that way,”

Over the past five years, the club has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to assist the city with several major projects including the Downtown Sam Cancillia Park Gazebo restoration, Meridian Centre as well as the Barrie Food Bank. In addition to offering funding to local charitable organization or projects, Kiwanis Club members are involved in many projects. One such project is the club’s Literacy Program, where members go to local schools and work with students each week to help them in learning to read. “The people in our club want to do something. Not everybody does everything but they pick something they’re interested in,” he said. “A lot of people retire and want to do something and I think they find it very fulfilling.” The same can be said about the members of pretty much all local service clubs, acknowledged Ian Ashton, club secretary with the Springwater-Vespra Lions Club. “We conduct fundraisers so that we can give back to the community in various forms

- whether it’s supporting local causes such as Christmas Cheer, Women’s Shelters, or the Barrie Literacy Council.” In addition to fundraising for those causes, his club also spearheads events dubbed Community Connections - which include events like the annual Pumpkinpalooza. “We host this the first weekend in November so people have a place to dispose of their pumpkins. We have a trebuchet that launches them in to a farm field... it’s a lot of fun,” he said of the event. Club members can also be found at the annual Soap Box Derby, as well as running the concession at the annual Midhurst Autumnfest. A fun part of that event is the Duck Race, he noted, which is a registered lotterylicensed event. “We print about 1,500 tickets and involve local businesses in developing prize packages. We choose charities each year as 100 per cent of the net proceeds has to go to charity organizations.” This year,. proceeds from the Duck Race were donated to the Junior Diabetes Association of

Canada, The Barrie Literacy Council as well as a centre for teenagers in need. “Last year all of the proceeds were donated to Samaritan House. We saw them really needing the help. It varies each year depending on who brings forward the need and we try to respond to that,” he said. “For our non-lottery fundraising we have raised money for the washroom renovations at Doran Park and we are currently doing trail improvements on the Hunter Russel Trail. We purchase the materials and with the guidance of the township we fix the things that most need to be fixed.” The club also runs an effective speaking contest for students of area elementary schools. “There are a lot of things where if we didn’t have service clubs ...things just wouldn’t get done. It’s part of what makes a community a community and the people who are members are all of like minds that way,” said Ashton. “They want to give back, they want the community to be strong and they want people to be here for the benefits beyond just new streets and things the (municipalities can) provide.” Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 29


2019-10-28 11:47 AM

Used Car Dealership Automotive Financing


ello Neighbours!

Bayfield Ford Lincoln has been a proud member of the Barrie community for over 40 years. While we certainly like to celebrate our storied past, it is the future and our wonderful neighbours that excite and inspire us most. Many of you may remember us as Douglas Ford Lincoln and while we have undergone a huge transformation in the last few years, our foundations in this great community remain the same.

As a proud member of the Humberview Group, we celebrate and hold ourselves accountable to our core values of Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, Teamwork and Respect. To that end we are honoured to be a part of the community that has

supported our dealership for over four decades. We are privileged to have a world class facility, to sell, maintain and repair nearly any make or model vehicle, but more importantly we are incredibly blessed to have a team of nearly 100 amazing people working to “serve you better, each and every day”. These people; some of whom have served our guests for 40 years are the most important thing we have. Luckily it is great team members like Avery Delaney (Favourite Auto Service Advisor) and Michael Bone (Favourite Auto Finance Advisor) that also form a part of the community that we continue to serve, day in day out. Because of their hard work and dedication the team at Bayfield Ford Lincoln is also honoured to recieve Barrie’s favourite

30 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 5:29 PM

Oil/Lube Change Auto Service Advisor Tire Sales & Service Oil/Lube Location, Favourite Tire Sales and Service facility along with Favourite Used Car Dealer.

given the opportunity, we truly hope we can earn your business for years to come.

While our name changed a few years ago, so too did our philosophy and our goal to get back to the only true thing that really matters; building relationships. This new direction has led us down many new paths and as we strive to redefine our brand, we are finding new ways to give back to those that have supported us for so many years. Our main purpose has not changed and we remain a full service dealership, carrying a full line of Ford and Lincoln vehicles that will meet the needs of almost any individual, family or business, large or small. Our Service, Parts and Body Shop are here to provide service, repairs, parts, or a touch-up at your convenience, so

Equally important is our effort to support the community that continues to support us. Be it the variety of sports teams that we sponsor; the various charities we support, or the way in which we open our doors to host various events, we really just want to get back to the heart of what makes communities work. It is the people from all walks of life, that we appreciate, and long to build lasting relationships with. So next time you are in the Barrie area and find yourself on the “Golden Mile”, stop in and say hello, the coffee is always on, and we would love to see you. Until then, may all your roads lead you on pleasant journeys, and may all of your travels be safe!

New & Pre Owned Vehicle Sales | Full Automotive Service | Body Shop | Tire Sales & Service

Bayfield Ford Lincoln 379 Bayfield Street, Barrie, ON L4M 3C5 Tel:1-800-249-0667 | Fax: 705-728-4619 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 31


2019-10-28 5:29 PM

Radio Station


t’s pretty “Kool” that 107.5 KOOL FM was voted Favourite Radio Station for the 4th year in a row. We got a rare “behind the scenes” look at what really goes on during the top-rated morning show with a Q&A with beloved hosts Dale and Charlie. Q: How are you so cheery so early in the morning? D: Charlie is a ray of sunshine anytime of the day. Me, not so much that early, but while the commercials are playing, we are talking and laughing and still laughing when we get back on air, and that perks me up. Is there an annoying habit that bugs you about the other person? C: Dale has this annoying habit of drumming during every song. I try to resist throwing pens at him. D: She smells her hair. There must be a support group for that! What song best reflects your personality or attitude about life? C: Hold on for One More Day by Wilson Phillips.D: Chumbawomba, I Get Knocked Down, I Get Up Again Favourite on-air bit? C: Going to Costco together to buy a six-


foot Teddy bear to donate and stuffing it into the car. D: we did a video which went viral and got 11 million hits! Biggest blooper? C: Mispronouncing really big words. D: Giving the wrong time—I have trouble reading the digital clock. Charlie is always correcting me. Marital status: C: Married for 13 years with 2 boys aged 9 and 11. C: Married 27 years, no kids. What is a trait that would surprise readers about you? C: I wear my heart on my sleeve and would do anything for my family, despite what I say about them on air. D: People think I am a smart aleck, but I have my melancholy moments and like to listen to melancholy music. I’m really a big sap. Best quality about each other? (Laughter) D: that—Charlie’s laugh. It’s endearing and sassy at the same time. C: His ability to be my protector and right hand to pick up whatever I say and run with it. Which superhero, cartoon or TV character reminds you of each other? D: Claire from Modern Family. She’s that young mom who wants to have fun.

C: Belkie from Perfect Strangers; you never know what he is going to say or do next, but he’s always fun to be around. Favourite part of the job? C and D: Being part of a really great team here; getting out and meeting people at events, doing bits that people can relate to and getting positive feedback like winning the Readers’ Choice Award! 107.5 Kool FM is a locally owned and operated radio station that takes great pride in supporting as many local and charity events as possible. Tune in for the best, most up-to-date local news, weather, school and bus information, the latest in entertainment, commercial free mornings and the most music for your workday.

107.5 KOOL FM 431 Huronia Rd. Barrie

Studio Line: 705-727-1075, Reception: 705-725-7304 |

32 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 4:35 PM

Brokerage #10294







387 Mapleview Drive West Barrie ON L4N 9G4

Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 33


2019-10-28 4:35 PM


Jack and Renee Sourlis, Owners of Jack’s Pancake Factory, have a favourite saying: “Life is too short to eat ordinary food.” “Our mission is to provide an elevated dining experience with top quality products, big portions and great service,” says Renee Sourlis. “Being voted as Barrie’s Best Breakfast is such a nice surprise and a great honour, considering that we have only been running the

business for a year.” Jack’s signature items include Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes and Eggs Benedict. The $5.99 Weekday Breakfast Special is a big hit, featuring three eggs any style, homefries, bacon or sausage and toast. “You won’t leave hungry!” exclaims Renee. Jake’s Pancake Factory is open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week.

Jack’s Pancake Factory 222 Mapleview Dr W #7 705-733-3773 |


Your Choice for honest, quality auto service for over 25 20 years.


We offer:

• Seasonal Maintenance Packages • All Season and Summer Tire Sales and Installation • Air Conditioning Services • Oil changes • Brake Service and Repairs • Safety Inspections ..... and more

With the personalized attention and advice given at Waterfront Fitness and Pilates, you will see positive changes in your physical form, energy and mentality



Steve Peacock


81 ESSA RD. BARRIE • • 705-734-3427

17 Gowan Street, Unit #1, Barrie, ON L4N 2N9


34 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:45 PM

TIM L. WALKER | Mortgage Agent Anthem Mortgage Group Brokerage #10294 / license #M11000308

Thank you for naming me Barrie’s favourite Mortgage Broker P: 705.721.4509 Ext 400 | C: 705.321.9542 | F: 705.721.5112 | Head Office: 387 Mapleview Dr W, Barrie, ON L4N 9G4 / Faris Team: 431 Bayview Dr, Barrie, ON L4N 8Y2

Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 35


2019-10-28 12:45 PM

Cleaning Services


his is the first Readers’ Choice Award for CareMore Cleaning Services and Owner Yvonne Munshaw couldn’t be happier. “Our slogan is ‘We Care More So You Don’t Have To’ and we care deeply about our clients and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for voting for us for our firstever Readers’ Choice Award,” says Yvonne Munshaw. “We are so proud to provide quality cleaning services, with honesty and integrity, at an affordable price. We supply all of the cleaning products—and peace of mind for our customers!”

Yvonne established CareMore Cleaning Services in 2014 after spending several years working for a commercial cleaning service. She and her team have a stellar reputation for putting customers first, specializing in commercial, residential and post-construction cleaning services. “We work for Bradley Homes and clean new homes before they go on the market so

they are shiny clean and ready for the new home buyer to move in,” explains Yvonne. “We also work with local Realtors, shipping companies, dance studios, sports medicine clinics, as well as many other companies in the Barrie area.” In terms of residential clients, CareMore Cleaning Services clients range from busy working millennials to senior citizens who need a little help caring for the family home. Services can be booked on a one-time basis to prepare for a big event, or on a regular basis. “We dust everything high and low including the baseboards; vacuum, mop, clean everything in the kitchen and bathroom and other rooms as required,” states Yvonne. “The huge benefit of using our services is convenience and peace of mind.” These client testimonials speak volumes about the quality of the work.

36 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:45 PM

Amy Matthews: “Yvonne and her team have cleaned our home bi-weekly for many years. They feel like family. They are wonderful people and they clean thoroughly. They are always consistent, on time, offer reasonable pricing and have been flexible with us when our schedule changed. We couldn’t ask for more.” Ashley Robson: “Yvonne and her team have been making my life easier for four years. As a single working mom, the last thing I want to do in my free time is clean the house. Walking into a spotless house that smells clean and fresh, is amazing. They are always reliable, dependable and affordable. I recommend Yvonne and her team any chance I get.” Kat Ennis: “Yvonne and her team have been caring for our home for years. Having their services gives me peace of mind and allows me to focus on my family and growing my business. I know when they come that our house gets a deep clean and with two young boys, that’s important. The service they provide is friendly, detailed and efficient. I

We Care More So You Don’t Have To recommend them to everyone I know.” Yvonne adds: “What I am most proud of is how far we have come. One of my biggest challenges is that as I grew it became difficult to get it all done myself, but now I have a highly qualified and trusted team.” Yvonne’s favourite part of the job is working with seniors. “I love working with seniors and feel we can be a big help in making it possible for them to stay in their home longer. We do the heavy chores and cleaning, offering them peace of mind. It is a big trust thing and we take the time to sit and talk and get to know our clients. We are not just an in-and-out cleaning service. Our slogan says it—we are a company who cares more!”

Call CareMore Cleaning for a free estimate at 705-331-0786, or use the handy form on their website at or email

CareMore Cleaning Services Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 37


2019-10-28 12:45 PM

Skating Club/ Lessons


ational Training Rinks (NTR) is “Not Just Another Arena” and this is precisely why this unique facility won the Readers’ Choice Award for Favourite Skating Club and Lessons. “We offer a wide variety of specialized hockey training programs for kids and adults from Learn to Skate to Elite Hockey Development, along with lessons and ice rentals,” says David McCullough, Partner/ Owner.

NTR training and instruction programs have been developed with the expertise of over 50 years of NHL Hockey and high-level coaching and instructional experience, created by Co-Partners and former NHL players Wes Jarvis and Mike Gartner (NHL Hall of Famer). “Our smaller ice surface enables a higher degree of learning and more puck time for players, backed by our team of top quality instructors.”

120 Big Bay Point Road Barrie 705-722-5752 |

Travel Agency and Travel Agent

“We have provided travel services to the Barrie area for over 17 years. We are a locally owned and operated, full-service travel agency with the power of the Expedia brand. We have a proper store front where we meet clients face-to-face,” says Chris Ashton, Franchise Owner of Expedia® CruiseShipCenters®.“We are travel advocates for our clients; forging long term relationships. People should know that booking with a travel agent can save you valuable time and provide

additional hidden savings and extras.” The cruise industry in booming. Thirty million people are expected to cruise this year, up 6% from 2018, while 24 new cruise ships made their debut. Favourite Travel Agent, Sue Hammond adds: “We specialize in complex, multi-destination trips including cruises, land packages, excursions and more. I just escorted a group on an African Safari and will have another one next year, plus an expedition to Peru.”

Expedia® CruiseShipCenters®, 181 Livingstone Street East, 705-727-7681 38 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:45 PM

Laser Skin Rejuvenation / Electrolysis / Laser Hair Removal


HE ONE Face & Body Bar takes care of you from head to toe! With a variety of top of the line medical grade aesthetic treatments, THE ONE Face & Body Bar is Barrie’s onestop destination for highly professional non-invasive beauty services, where skin is radiantly reborn. Offering a full spectrum of Laser Skin Rejuvenation and medical grade cosmetic procedures, high-end products and a host of other exquisite spa services, the highly skilled staff are dedicated to providing clients with the ultimate experience in beauty care. “Our number one priority is to help our clients achieve their skincare goals whilst providing a calming and tranquil atmosphere,” said owner and Spa Director Minjung Lee. “We offer a full range of laser skin care treatments, high end medical grade skin care products and strive to assist clients with wellness in a healthy way.” Among the many services offered is Micro-Pigmentation (otherwise known as permanent makeup). “This is different from Microblading in technique and also lasts approximately a

couple of years longer depending on how you care for your skin,” she explained, noting they offer Micro Pigmentation for the brows, eyes and lips. THE ONE Face & Body Bar also offers Skin Rejuvenation Services, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Vein Treatment, Neuromodulators and Dermal Filler Injections. The spa also offers numerous relaxing body treatments such as a Coconut Sugar Body Scrub, Blueberry Soy Slimming Body Wrap, Herbal Cellulite Treatment, Relaxation Massage as well as RMT services. ‘We are thrilled and honoured to have been recognized in the Readers’ Choice Awards having just been opened a year ago.” The spa offers clients complimentary consultations prior to beginning a treatment. Specialized skin care, hand and foot care, waxing and Electrolysis is also available at THE ONE Face & Body Bar. Minjung’s number one priority is to address the issue that is impacting the individuals’ self-esteem and to formulate the best plan for each client that comes through her doors.“We want to find the right treatment for each customer to enhance their natural

beauty,” said Minjung. “I have over 20 years of experience in the skincare industry. We are all so hard on ourselves, so I want to work with you to determine what would be the best treatment, providing you with more confidence.”

The One Face & Body Bar

393 Yonge Street, Unit 1, Barrie 705-503-0311 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 39


2019-10-28 12:45 PM

Discover Downtown


By Nikki Cole

40 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 11:59 AM


owntown Barrie has seen a lot of change over the last few years, and 2019 is no exception. With the completion of Meridian Place & Memorial Square, 2019 has seen the focus shift to creating and providing programming for visitors to both the space and to the downtown core, noted Craig Stevens, Managing Director, Downtown Barrie Business Improvement Area (BIA). “We have been working at activating the space with small, medium and large scale activities. Everything from the Jenga tables, access to books on a permanent book rack, Wednesday night movies and Friday night music series throughout the summer - to full-scale celebrations like Canada Day or our Craft Beer & BBQ Festival,” said Stevens, who estimates between 30,000 and 40,000 people have been through the space as a result of the various programming over the last 12 months. “There are still tons of opportunities to build out the programming which we are looking forward to.” The organization has also been setting its sights on a few smaller capital improvements to the space, such as the addition of free moving chairs and tables. “At some point we would love to get a digital screen for the space so visitors can come down and watch large events like the Toronto Raptors winning the championship or watch the World Juniors Hockey tournament ... that’s definitely on our wish list.” Downtown Barrie is also undergoing a major reconstruction, a project that is currently in its first phase - and will eventually see Dunlop Street (from Poyntz Street to Toronto Street) resurfaced and redesigned. “It is very exciting. It’s obviously a bit of a mess right now, as construction always is, but the new streetscape will make the downtown’s main street more of a pedestrian focused area,” he explained. Although Dunlop Street will continue to see vehicle traffic, the redesign will focus on making Barrie’s downtown core a place that can seamlessly transition from a road to a venue where the city can host a variety of different events.

“Now, when you think about Meridian Place, an event from there can just naturally flow in to the main street and still have that same feeling that you’re in a venue and not in the middle of a roadway.” The biggest change, he explained, will be the design of the curbs. “Instead of being hard cut there will be soft set curbs and they will just gradually slope to the road surface in a manner that is accessible too. And, the patio participants will no longer need to use those boardwalks for jut outs,” he said, adding there will be moveable safety bollards to help delineate between the roadway and the curbs. This change, he estimates, will likely double the number of local patio participants. “Right now there are about 20 to 25 participating patios and this will give us the opportunity to almost double that,” he said. “The main street is just going to be all about people, which is fantastic.” The first phase of the reconstruction project Poyntz Street to Owen Street - is expected to be complete November 8, with Phase 1B (Owen Street to Bayfield Street) slated to begin in the spring of 2020. Once that is complete, Phase 2 will begin and will see Bayfield Street to Toronto Street get its facelift. “It’s being done block by block and by this time next year it will all be done,” he said. “It’s a large undertaking but the transformation will be fantastic.” Stevens acknowledges such a transformation definitely has an impact on the businesses in the area, but said overall the response from owners has been positive. “There has been a great partnership with the city and with us to put together a promotional campaign to let their customers know that downtown is still open. There is minimal business interruption - if it’s closed it’s maybe for a few hours but never for an extended period of time,” he said. “We also have safety ambassadors on site to walk people across if needed or to help people get to an entrance. All of that, along with our general marketing and promotional initiatives, has actually made it an attraction rather than a hinderance.”

Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 41


2019-10-28 11:59 AM

Denturist / Denture Clinic

DianneSkinner,DD DENTURIST


Since 1991

ianne Skinner is a multi-year winner of the Readers’ Choice Award for Favourite Denturist and also this year was voted Favourite Denture Clinic. She has been practicing for over 28 years and offers a full-service denture clinic specializing in complete, partial and implant dentures as well as same day relines and repairs. In addition, the clinic includes an on-site lab and electronic claims submission.

“As a Denturist, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a new denture wearer marvel at how their smile has been restored” says Dianne. Patients will often comment: “I can’t believe they look so real!” Our mission is to deliver uncompromising patient care to ensure your denture fits properly and meets your full expectations to achieve that very important goal of “…a natural looking smile.”

Dianne Skinner, DD Denturist 11 Ferris Lane, Suite 304, Barrie 705-725-1220 |

Thank you

Barrie for taking the Time to Vote for Us Favourite Watch Repair for 12 years in a row 400 Bayfield St in the Kozlov Centre


42 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 4:48 PM

Medical Aesthetician


ENU U is a modern, upscale spa located not far from downtown Barrie. They take pride in pampering you as you relax, renew and revitalize. “We focus on offering quality treatments and services, allowing our clients to take a step back from their busy lives and take time for themselves.” Nicole founded RENU U Aesthetics in 2007 as a home based business and has grown it to the full-service day spa that it is today to help others look and feel their best. Treatments include skin care, body treatments, IPL laser hair removal, waxing, manicures, pedicures and more. Nicole specializes in skin care. “I take pride in offering skin treatments that help my clients to not only look their best, but more importantly, feel their best. Our most popular treatment is our Heart of the Ocean Facial. This is a one-hour treatment that is customized for the client’s individual skin type. This marine-inspired facial concentrates the vital force and benefits of the ocean to help restore perfect skin quality, delivering intense and lasting hydration. This facial contains a double mask to correct skin concerns whilst leaving the skins texture improved and complexion smooth, plump and radiant.”

Skin treatment that triggers the body’s natural healing process, stimulating cellular regeneration.

An exciting new treatment to our spa is Micro-needling Collagen Induction Therapy. It is a skin treatment that triggers the body’s natural healing process, stimulating cellular regeneration and causing the formation of new collagen within the skin, says Nicole. “We are seeing great results with treating acne, scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and more. It is suitable for all ages and skin types with little to no downtime.” Another great skin treatment that we offer are M-Ceutic Peels. They are an all-in-one solution that targets surface irregularities, dullness, blemishes and scars, pore size, skin texture, ageing concerns and even acne. A visit to RENU U Aesthetics spa will “renew you”. “It’s like a mini getawaylet us pamper and treat you with our expert knowledge, quality products and restorative treatments.”

Renu U Aesthetics 140 Burton Ave., Barrie 705-725-8558 Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 43


2019-10-28 12:02 PM

Cakes / Cupcakes


here’s a reason—and it’s a tasty one—why Cakes by Design has won the Readers’ Choice Award for Best Cakes/Cupcakes several years running. “I’m in the shop looking at our awards and we have won at least for the past nine years!” says Jennifer Mayrl, who co-owns the shop with Michelle Doo. Cakes by Design is a custom cake shop specializing in cakes for all occasions, including weddings, showers,

anniversaries, corporate events, parties and more. They also make cupcakes and cookies. “We make a huge Canada Cake every year for the City of Barrie and we just created a cake that looks like a book cover for a book signing by a local author. We have about 40 different flavours of cakes and fillings.” In January, Cakes by Design celebrated their 15th anniversary. “We are a nut-free shop which is unique to us.”

Cakes by Design

89 Toronto Street, Barrie, 705-739-6886 |

Children’s Entertainment & Day Trip Destinations

Favourite Children’s Entertainment, Day Trip Destination and Family Activities If there’s one thing that will get kid’s attention, it’s the words “Let’s go to Elmvale Jungle Zoo!” The Persi family have owned and operated the exotic zoo since 1972. “We sell animal feed where our guests are able to feed many of the animals including giraffes and baby lemurs,” says Michel Persi. It is quite an experience to have a

giraffe or Lemur eating out of your hand!” The Daily Animal Presentations provide close and personal educational experience for all ages. “My dad (Sam Persi) is like an animal whisperer, when he calls out to them they respond with excitement.” Elmvale Jungle Zoo is very proud of their breeding programs and was the first zoo in Canada to have white lion cubs born at their facility.

Elmvale Jungle Zoo

14191 Simcoe County Rd 27, Phelpston, ON 705-322-1112 |

44 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:02 PM

Motorcyles / ATV / Snowmobiles


arrie voted for us and we won! We are just completely overwhelmed and truly humbled to have been nominated for the past 4 years alongside some big dealer names, and to have finally won this year is an absolute dream come true... WOW.” said Cory Wickham and Mike Warn, Owners of MC’s Speed N’ Chrome. “We opened MC’s Speed N’ Chrome four years ago. We’d like to think we’ve become a trusted and reliable name within the power-sports industry. It’s about the relationships we have with our customers. You’re treated as a friend and in doing so feel secure enough to leave us with your prized possessions knowing it’s in good hands.” Working on all makes and models of motorcycles, A/UTV’s, dirt bikes and snowmobiles, MC’s Speed N’Chrome has to tip their hat to the resident mechanic Dr..J Flear. “Jeremy is a licensed mechanic and a master on gas powered engines. Riding since the age of 3, Jeremy shares the same passion that we have when it comes to riding. A perfect fit, the three amigos!” laughs Cory.

We worked on the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build Off World Champion, a million dollar V-Lux bike.

Discovery Channel’s, Biker Build Off World Champion, V-Lux. This incredible bike sold for a million dollars, try sleeping at night with that responsibility on your mind!” “They say that doing something you love is not a job. It’s true. We have fun, we laugh and we enjoy making customers happy and getting to know not only their motorcycles and riding habits but getting to know them. We are so fortunate to have such amazing, loyal customers. We appreciate you all and can’t thank you enough for taking the time to vote. You made our year!”

“I would have to say a shop highlight was when we worked on the well known

MC’s Speed N’ Chrome 110 Saunders Rd., Unit 16, Barrie 705-721-RIDE (7433) |

Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 45


2019-10-28 12:02 PM

Farm Equipment & Supply


e at McLaren Equipment are proud to call North Simcoe home--this is where we work and play!” says Pamela McLaren. “Our dealership is not corporately owned; nor are we part of a dealer group. What sets us apart is that we are totally family owned and operated.” The McLaren family (Don, Jaret and Pamela) will celebrate the 40th anniversary of McLaren Equipment Ltd. in 2021. “Come and see our huge inventory of John Deere, Stihl and BOSS Plows” says Pamela – “We work with each and every client to meet their needs and budget.” McLaren Equipment offers top quality on-site and mobile service, 24-hour parts delivery, float services along with name brand turf and worksite equipment. The friendly welcome begins the minute you step into the showroom and are greeted by Hendrick, the McLaren’s family’s beloved German Shepherd. “Mighty machines—all the equipment you want or need; small town fairness and personal attention is what we offer,” says Pamela. “As a result, our loyal customers consider us their “go to” for all their outdoor power equipment needs! We are large enough to offer you everything you

Mighty machines—all the equipment you want or need; small town fairness and personal attention is what we offer.

would expect from a big conglomerate, yet small enough to care and react quickly when you need us. The other day I heard Mr. Armstrong (a client) say, ‘wow, you’re really making me feel like a somebody— you nailed it!’ This is exactly how we expect all of our clients to feel.” McLaren Equipment generously supports the local community. “We are proud to support local causes we believe in, such as our hospitals, local sports teams, food banks, toy drives and more,” says Pamela. “From our family to yours, thank you for making us your John Deere, BOSS & Stihl dealer of choice. Great Products, Family Supported—that’s us!” McLaren Equipment Ltd., 3464 Horseshoe Valley Road W, Phelpston, 705-734-2424,

McLaren Equipment Ltd.

3464 Horseshoe Valley Rd W, Phelpston, ON 705-734-2424 | 46 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:03 PM

Psychic Medium / Spiritual Advisor


eborah Hooper has a rare gift. As an evidential psychic medium and spiritual advisor with over 40 years of experience, Deborah has been able to use her innate ability to help hundreds of clients find closure or choose a different life path.

“An evidential medium is a person who talks to souls on the other side and through messages sent to me, I am able to give them evidence this is real,” says Deborah. “The three main reasons people come to me are family, relationships and careers. Many just want validation they are making the right choices. Others want to know that loved ones who have passed are okay.” Deborah was 10 years old when she first became aware of her psychic ability. Now at age 60, she has finely honed her gift. “When someone books an appointment, all I want to know is their first name (and email for booking purposes). When I begin a reading, I tell the client not to give me any personal information. I say a mantra and get a certain vibration when I connect their loved ones and they tell me why the person is there. Readings are determined by guidance from spirit. Spirit tells me what the person needs to hear; things that will

Over 40 years of experience

be helpful in having them move forward in their lives.”

“It was a great experience. Deborah really is the real deal” Lisa S.

Such was the case of a mother who had lost her teenage son to suicide. “A mother figure appeared first, and I said the name Mary, and it was the client’s deceased mother. Then I saw the figure of a teenage boy with Mary. I told the woman her son was with his grandmother. As a medium, I am able to deliver messages which brings closure to the living. The mom knew that her son was safe. I pray spirits will give me the information the client wants and needs—they don’t let me down.” Another client came to see Deborah after saying that a friend had given her Deborah’s card. “The client said three days in a row she had come home from work and found my card on the floor—not where she had left it. After the session, I asked her who her friend was, and she said Carmela. Carmela was a former client who had come to see me when she was gravely ill and had since passed, and whom I asked to give me a sign from the other side. Indeed, she did! “

Barrie | 416-891-0415 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 47


2019-10-28 12:03 PM

Matt Weeks Favourite Auto Salesperson


offatt’s Mazda would like to say how honored we are to have our sales consultant, Matt Weeks win the 2019 Award as favourite Auto Salesperson. Matt has been with Moffatt’s Mazda for 5 ½ years as a Sales Consultant and has exceeded our expectations and strived in the industry. We pride ourselves on customer service and it shows through our valued customers, professional sales team and many employees. “To all of my clients, friends and family that took the time to vote for me as Favourite Auto

Salesperson, I can’t thank everyone enough and I’m so grateful to have won this award. It’s a privilege having you put your trust in me.” says Matt Weeks. Matt Weeks and the Moffatt’s Mazda Team welcome you to drop by for a coffee, gather vehicle information and experience the joy of driving a Mazda. We also have over 150 makes and models of pre-owned vehicles to choose from. If you need service or parts, our expert technicians will help you with any vehicle needs. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Moffatt’s Mazda 261 Mapleview Drive West Barrie 705-737-3440

Vacuum Cleaner Sales & Service


wners Marc and Corinna Marengere of Barrie Vacuums Plus have serviced and repaired most types of vacuum cleaners and sold high quality brands since 1985. They would both like to sincerely thank their customers for recognizing them for this award. “Our customers are the biggest part of our business,” says Marc. “I would also like to thank our dedicated staff, manager Frank Marengere and installers Paul and Craig.”

Barrie Vacuums Plus is best known for its central vacuum system sales and installation. However, they also specialize in repairing most canister, portable and upright vacuums. The company gives free estimates and multiple options for broken vacuum cleaners, and sells brands such as Electrolux and German-made Miele. Stop by Barrie Vacuums Plus for small town atmosphere with big city selection and pricing.

Barrie Vacuums Plus

215 Mapleview Dr E, Barrie 705-728-3004 |

48 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:03 PM

Investment Company



ime flies when you’re having fun.” Such is the case for Christopher Rovert, Founder of Ravens Rock Wealth and Estate Planning Limited, a niche market, yet unique full service independent financial advisory firm. “I’ve been in the financial planning business for just over 16 years and founded Ravens Rock four year ago. I remember it like yesterday when I found myself sitting with a young couple in their dining room years ago who just had their first born, they were so excited; a boy, and not too soon later a baby girl arrived. I’m blessed to be in a profession that has the unique privilege of watching them grow; today I sponsor this young little man playing for his AAA Atom hockey team! I’m really proud to have that sort of connection and long-term relationship with my clients.” Chris talks about how his company is unique: “What makes us unique from most other firms is that we are more a lifestyle-driven financial advisory firm. We work with clients who are going through life-changing events, such as getting married, loss of employment, retiring, business succession, estate planning and so on. Ravens Rock encompass’ all aspects of the financial planning process including but not limited to life, disability, critical illness insurance, tax focused

Ravens Rock Wealth was founded on Principles, Commitment and Integrity. strategic investing, estate planning— the soup to nuts of what makes up a comprehensive financial plan. We create an individualized financial roadmap that incorporates everything from simple elementary plans to the most complex tax focused advanced planning concepts helping our clients get to where they want to go financially while protecting them from life’s curve balls.” As an innovative and specialized advisory firm, Chris will soon introduce a new ‘Road to Retirement’ solution geared towards Millennials. “I’m putting together a ‘Millennial Advisory Focus Group’ to launch in 2020 with a focus on financial planning for young professionals, helping them become more financially savvy as they navigate the next 30 years of their life’s journey,” says Chris. “It’s very exciting working with the Millennial generation and something that will have a positive impact in our community.

Ravens Rock Wealth and Estate Planning 705-722-6878 |

Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 49


2019-10-28 12:03 PM

The Barrie Chamber of Commerce

helping make the city a better place to live and do business By Nikki Cole

Since1926, The Barrie Chamber of Commerce has served the local business community by helping make the city a better place to live and do business. A not-for-profit, member-run organization, the chamber is there to fulfill the business community’s vision, foster a vibrant and economically sustainable region that is driven by an innovative, successful and ever-expanding business community, explained Executive Director Richard Brooks. “Our role is to champion economic growth and quality of life by advocating business priorities, promoting collaboration and helping members grow,” he said. “Our tag line is basically ‘Take your business to the next level’ ... so whatever stage you’re at in your business we want to help you to move to the next level.” The chamber runs on three key pillars, Brooks continued - the first being advocacy. “If anybody has a problem at any government level they can bring that to us ... and if it meets specific standards the board will then we will go ahead and advocate on behalf of the whole business community for them,” he said. “Potentially, there could be a regulation that is causing issues for somebody - or a regulation that’s missing - then we assist with that.”. The Barrie Chamber of Commerce has had a

few big wins in the last year, Brooks noted, adding the the first resolution they brought forward was to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) involved creating a highway connector between the 404 and the 400 in South Simcoe County. The goal of that is to bring in alternate routes to connect the highways in order to increase the economic activity. “We were very successful with that. Just recently, the Minister of Transportation noted that it’s her priority and that she is funding it. That’s something that’s been on the books with the government for something like 25 years. That was a great win for us,” he said. “Another one where we have had some good traction is on the Development Charges.” Every business ends up paying taxes based on development charges, he explained, adding all businesses are required to pay these taxes whether or not they need infrastructure. “We have this huge goal to bring all these jobs to Barrie but how are we going to do that if we have these development charges that are so much higher than everybody else,” noted Brooks. “It’s a competitive environment and people can go wherever they want. They can go just across the border and pay nothing in Orillia. We spearheaded that and we were able to get an incentive of $12 million to help the business community and try to bring down the rents.”

The organization’s second pillar is collaboration, which is why the chamber provides members with a plethora of different events held throughout the year. “We have heard from quite a few people that the best event in Barrie is the Barrie Business Awards Gala - a black tie dinner where we celebrate the best businesses in Barrie. The second most popular right now is the Women in Business Awards in March. It’s also extremely successful and sells out right away.” Along with those key events, the chamber also host the annual Mayor’s Luncheon, monthly Chamber Breakfasts, numerous networking events, conferences - as well as the city’s popular Santa Claus Parade. A definite feather in their cap getting to host the DEX Tabletop Advance Manufacturing Trade Show slated for June 2020. “This is a real coup for Barrie. Manufacturers from all over Ontario are going to be coming here for this event. It’s a great opportunity for InvestBarrie to showcase the city.” Another “coup” for Barrie, he noted, is the mini MBA program the chamber now offers through the Schulich School of Business. Rated the number 1 MBA in Canada by Forbes, getting this degree would normally come at a significant cost, he noted cost you a huge amount of money and time to complete. “Over three weekends you get to take part in the program locally and it’s delivered here at the chamber office. You still get the best professors, (but) you get it in nine days. We are working with the government to get grants for the people who are taking the course so that they can get the price down to effectively $1,500,” said Brooks. “There is really no better deal for value for this kind of education ... and Barrie is really leading the pack.”

50 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:04 PM

It’s been 92 years since the Barrie Chamber of Commerce was first incorporated, and it’s come a long way over the years. The vision of the organization - which serves as the primary local resource for business excellence, advocacy and growth - is to foster a vibrant and economically sustainable region that is driven by an innovative, successful and ever-expanding business community. The chamber, and its members work to champion economic growth and quality of life by advocating for business priorities, promoting collaboration, and helping members grow. Recent years has seen exponential grown for the organization, selling out its signature events like the Barrie Business Awards Gala, the Women in Business Awards, the Mayor’s Luncheon and its New Years Gala . The Chamber has also incorporated a variety of new online programs and events, including economic roundtables and councils, and trade missions. The Gala is the Chamber’s signature event and recognizes outstanding achievements in the business community, which he noted translates into better economic growth for the region and a higher quality of life, be noted.

On November 8, 2019, The Barrie Chamber of Commerce and the City of Barrie were honoured to announce the 2018 Barrie Business Awards recipients at a sold-out gala. The energy in the room was high, with positive growth and ambitious goals identified by high-caliber businesses that are proud to call Barrie home.

Bank of Montreal Manufacturing Sector Business Excellence Award ALL SOURCE SECURITY CONTAINER MFG. CORP Barriston Law Hospitality & Tourism Business Excellence Award SPLASH ON WATER PARK Invest Barrie & Barrie Chamber of Commerce New Business Award CHEETAH FUSION CREATIVE AGENCY Michael Enterprise Audio & Visual Marketing & Promotions Award PIE MEDIA GROUP Alectra Innovation & Technology Award DECAST LTD. City of Barrie Mayor’s Employer of the Year Award INNOVATIVE AUTOMATION INC. ESS Direct Placement Service Employee of the Year Award KARA THOMSON, BULLDOG KIDS

RBC Royal Bank Service Business Excellence Award THEE PLACE FOR PAWS Grant Thornton LLP Not-For-Profit or Charitable Organization Award CHILD ADVOCACY CENTRE SIMCOE/MUSKOKA Scotiabank Business Growth Award DRIVEWISE Bell Pay It Forward Award EVOKE REALTY GROUP Georgian College Small Business of the Year Award POP-A-LOCK SIMCOE COUNTY TD Canada Trust Young Professional of the Year Award DANIEL STEFFENS, STEPUP Busch Group of Companies Arch Brown Entrepreneur Award of Excellence ANGIE RICCI, ANGEL TOURS & ENTERTAINMENT INC.

Pool Company


t is such an honour to win this award, as Brad Besser and I founded the company in 2017 and are only in our third season,” says Jesse Schulz, Co-Founder of Prime Pools & Landscaping Ltd.” Jesse and Brad have over 20 years of combined pool building experience. “We focus on custom pools. Most people want extras like water features, swim jets, raised walls and spill-over spas. We

prepare a plan to scale, including the deck, plantings, lighting and more. We also do pool renovations and liner and equipment replacement. What makes our day is the end result. Watching kids jump into their new pool for the first time makes it all worthwhile!” We look forward to discussing how we can turn your dream backyard into a reality.

Prime Pools & Landscaping Ltd. 705-984-7665 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 51


2019-10-28 12:04 PM

BBQ Centre


apoleon Home Comfort is synonymous with everything in your home that keeps you warm, happy, comfortable and even well fed. Napoleon Home Comfort is a grill/BBQ nirvana with a great selection of grills and grilling accessories. Steve Gauci, Director of Retail Operations says, “People want grills with the most for the least, so we took the best of what everyone wants and positioned our grills

at a starting price point of $399 and ranging up to $7000. There’s something for everyone, from beginner to professional chef. Our Napoleon Home Comfort store is 15,000 sq. ft. of wow! We even have a coffee bar with fresh cookies to enhance the customer experience. What adds to our uniqueness is that the Napoleon brand is made right here in Barrie!” Come in and ‘Experience The Difference Experience Makes’.

Visit the showroom at 24 Napoleon Road, Barrie, 705-721-1214

Antique Store


uality, price, presentation and a vast variety of unique antiques and collectibles is what you will discover at the famous tourist-designated Roadshow’s 400 Antiques Mall. “Our knowledgeable staff are here to help you find that one-of-a-kind antique or collectible in our 32,000 sq/ft showroom,” says Henry Jones, Owner. “We have been in business for over 25 years in Canada

and the UK, so we have the experience and trust. We have so many local followers that come back to see the next variety of daily additions that are presented by our excellent vendors. There’s something for everyone, ranging in price from $5 to $10,000. We also supply props for movies and theatre productions.” Roadshow’s 400 Antiques Mall is open 7 days a week and also offers an online store and a monthly online auction.

Roadshow’s 400 Antiques Mall

2207 Industrial Park Rd., Innisfil 705-436-6222 | 52 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:19 PM

Landscape Company, Tree Service, Overall Customer Service


rad’s Tree Service has once again climbed to the top of the Readers’ Choice Awards with three big wins! The company has been voted as Favourite Tree Service, Favourite Landscape Company and Best Overall Customer Service.

We are committed to doing the job right the first time.

“We would like to thank our clients, family and friends for voting for us for the Barrie Advance Readers’ Choice Awards 2019,” says Brad Brooker, Owner. “We are proud to offer the very best customer service and try to do same day estimates.”

Tree Climbers are up to date on the latest techniques to ensure we chose the best options for your tree’s health,” says Brad. “Our crew cleans up after themselves so you would hardly even know they were there!”

Brad’s Tree Service is owned and operated by Brad and Eden Brooker who have owned the family business for five years, offering experienced tree removal and pruning services plus 24/7 emergency tree service in storm situations. Brad, as well as his team, are Certified Arborist’s®, certified with The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA®) and combined, the team has over 20 years of experience, dedicated to using only ISA® Standards.

The bulk of their calls are for tree removal and tree care which includes removing trees that may be leaning over people’s homes or swimming pools. “We specialize in removal of dangerous and undesirable trees and offer 24 hour emergency services, so we are there when you need us the most in urban or rural settings,” says Brad. “We also provide services such as pruning hedges and other tree maintenance. No job is too small or too big, so give us a call for a free same-day estimate. We are committed to doing the job right the first time.”

Brad’s Tree Services has the latest tree climbing and rigging gear and come prepared with commercial wood chippers, a stump grinder and dump trucks for easy cleanup. “Our Certified Arborists/

Brad’s Tree Service 705- 607-2684 Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 53


2019-10-28 12:19 PM

Favourite Ribs


he sweet, tangy aroma of wood smoke and BBQ goodness fills the air even before you see Big Bone BBQ. It’s coming from the in-house smoker at Big Bone BBQ, voted as having the best ribs in town!

“It’s a secret recipe!” says Owner Adrien Rehmund. “I can tell you that it’s LOVE that makes our ribs special. Everything is topnotch. We use a dry rub and after the

ribs are smoked for about six hours, we finish them on the BBQ. We make our own BBQ sauce.” The family owned and operated restaurant has a team of 10 who make the magic happen. “I want to thank my team for their outstanding work. We focus on making the very best possible ribs, wings, pulled pork and brisket.”

Big Bone BBQ 190 Minets Point Rd., Barrie 705-733-2663

Marine Equipment


othing makes Dan Doig, Designer/ President of DockinaBox® happier than receiving a text from a satisfied customer with a photo attached of their new dock, installed in about an hour or two after they’ve picked it up at his superstore in Innisfil! If you were to see a photo of the same cottage several decades later, that same DockinaBox® would still look almost brand new, says Dan. “We are innovators and creators of the highest quality Floating Docks, Pipe


Docks and Boat Lifts and in 2020 we’ll be celebrating our 20th Anniversary,” says Dan. “Our docks are lightweight, yet sturdy, long lasting, modular and require almost zero maintenance. We have the right product for any size craft and any size lake. Be sure to take advantage of our “THANK YOU” Sale. Up to 10% off dock frames and approximately $1,100 off Boat Lift accessories plus free Storage. Sales Ends November 30th, 2019 so call before prices go up and get the best prices of the year!”

2100 Industrial Park Rd, Innisfil 705-431-5881 |

54 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:19 PM

Fireplace Centre, Heating & Air Conditioning


ir Source Home Comfort Inc. have only been in business a year and a half and have already won a Readers’ Choice Award in two categories, one for Favourite Home Heating & Air Conditioning Company, and the other for Favourite Fireplace Center. Stephen Ernst and Josh Middaugh, two home heating and cooling experts, with several years experience, recently joined forces to create a home comfort company with a difference. “For us, it all comes down to customer service and we established an HVAC company which excels in customer service covering Barrie, Collingwood and cottage country,” says Stephen Ernst, Co-Owner/ Operator. “We give every homeowner the red-carpet treatment, literally. We roll out a red carpet where we take off our boots and put on floor savers (those white booties), as we are respectful of every home we work in. We show up on time, we are reliable and we discuss everything we are doing in detail so our customers are aware of the whole process. We believe we got to where we are today and won those awards because our customers became our fans, because we treat them like family. We are very thankful for everyone who made it possible for us.” Josh Middaugh, Co-Owner/Operator adds; “We take pride in our work and go over and above to ensure we do the job right. After

We established an HVAC company which excels in customer service covering Barrie, Collingwood and cottage country.

the installation is done, we invite them to call or text us with any questions or concerns. We also offer 24-hour emergency service during the heating season.” Air Source Home Comfort sells and installs Rheem gas furnaces along with brand name gas fireplaces, water heaters, air conditions and more. “Technology is so advanced that only a few years ago some furnaces were 90% efficient and now they are 98.7% efficient with quieter blowers and variable speeds for more even heat,” says Stephen. “The Rheem Econet thermostat will email us right away if there’s something is wrong with the furnace, making us often aware of it even before the homeowner. That way we can source parts locally, then notify the owner and have it fixed in no time. We want our customers to know that we are not just there for the day; we are with them for a lifetime.”

Air Source Home Comfort

Barrie & Surrounding Areas 705-606-4328 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 55


2019-10-28 12:19 PM




Celebrating of serving you the Freshest Seafood in Barrie!

THANK YOU Barrie for

VOTING US #1 once again!

516 Bryne Dr., Unit C, Barrie | (705) 730-0769 |

Tues.: 12 - 6 Fri.: 10 - 7 Wed.: 10 - 6 Sat.: 10 - 6 Thur.: 10 - 7 Sun.: 12 - 5

Like Us On

Animal Hospital, Veterinary Clinic, Veterinary Services and Veterinary Technician


llandale Veterinary Hospital has the distinct honour of being quadruple award winners in this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards! “It’s great to see that our clients appreciate and recognize our work—we’ve seen many pets from the puppy stage to the adult stage and get to know our clients as friends,” says Lisa Chamberlain was voted Favourite Veterinary Technician. “I just celebrated my 25th Anniversary here!

We are a very friendly, patient-focused clinic and many of the staff are Fear Free Certified. Our team of nine veterinarians and staff of over 60 provide personalized healthcare for family pets, ranging from pocket pets to fish, cats, dogs and yes even pigs.”

Allandale Veterinary Hospital 66 Caplan Avenue 705-733-1422 |

56 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 4:57 PM

Barber Shop Hair/ Barber Services/Mens Grooming


ow many places do you know where you can get a hot towel shave, a great haircut, a few jokes, and you can order a locally made craft beer? “We give new meaning to the word ‘traditional,” says Michael McIntaggart, President of History Barbershop Co. “We’ve attained the knowledge and combined the old ways with a new age. We use time-tested techniques, providing

our signature touch to popular trends. It is the conquest of reviving an old-fashioned standard of etiquette with attention to detail. I’m proud to admit that I founded History Barbershop, but it was truly created by all the wonderful people who enjoy what we have to offer and keep coming back for more, and by our quintessential, amazing team whose customer service is just as great as their haircuts.”

History Barbershop 39 Dunlop St. 705-526-2887

Pawn Shop


ock Shop Canada is a treasure trove of finds! And now you can even search for treasures online with the new store.

“ has hundred of items uploaded by all our locations so you click on the item you like, add it to your shopping cart, and we get a notice to get it ready to ship to the client for a regular delivery fee,” says Jeff Maguire, Operations Manager. “Our grand reopening celebrated our

massive renovation and expansion to add a section for estate jewellery, handbags and collectibles.”

No matter what you are looking for, you will likely find it--gaming systems, cell phones, musical instruments, rings, highend watches…even gold bars! “We go above and beyond to treat customers with dignity, honesty and respect. There are such great deals here!”

Hock Shop Kozlov Centre 705-728-2274,

66 Maple Ave 705-728-2286 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 57


2019-10-28 12:19 PM



ravity owner & Master Colourist and Stylist, Ivo Tiberio, wants to thank our amazing community for voting Gravity as Barrie’s Favourite Hair Salon for the third year in a row. “Having a successful and thriving team and business in Barrie is a dream come true! Receiving this award and being recognized by my community is an absolute honour that I take so much pride in,” says Ivo. Gravity Salon is located in a stunning


century home in the heart of downtown Barrie, and houses an elite team of stylists, many of them also working as national and international Guest Artists and Educators for Goldwell and KMS. “Each of the 7 stylists encompasses their own individual flare and expertise and we believe that there is a little something to suit everyone’s style here. We have a small-town feel with nothing short of a big-city talent, and this is exactly the vibe we want, “ says Ivo.

206 Bradford St., Barrie |

Lunch / Salad Bar


t fresh-a-fare you can enjoy “Fresh, home style food from scratch” says Ester Sattler, Owner of Fresh-a-Fare. “We cook our own soups, & bake our own breads. Our customers love our Ciabatta buns, Bretzel buns and Multigrain bread the most. You can create your own sandwich or choose from favourites; some even created by our customers. Named Favourite Lunch and Favourite Salad

Bar, choices for Meal Salads are endless, but always delicious and filling. Made In-house, fresh dressings make for a unique experience. No additives here, even the mayo and spreads are made naturally from scratch. Some top sellers are the Schnitzel Caesar Salad, Cheeseburger Soup and Sweet Potato Coconut Soup. Carrot Cake is truly “the best ever”.” Fresh a-Fare also caters.


531 Bayfield Street N., Barrie 705-728-8474 530 Welham Road, Barrie 705-722-3787 |

58 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:19 PM

Paving Company & Home Improvement Contractor


beautifully paved driveway can help enhance your property value by adding to the curb appeal of your home or business, says Niki Pickett, President of Ital Paving (1985) Ltd. A well- kept driveway or entranceway shows customers you care about them, their safety, and their business. A wellmaintained exterior can also inspire customers to deal with your company.

“Whether you own a store, business or a warehouse, the state of your parking lot and entranceway is a reflection of your company,” says Niki. “If you own a spa, flower shop or medical office, you want the exterior of your business to reflect the cleanliness and beauty of the interior.” Then there is the issue of safety. Cracked or crumbling pavement can be a safety hazard and a liability for business owners, but the good news is, it’s something that can be repaired, renewed or made over from scratch with the help of the Ital Paving team. Since 1985, Ital Paving has been providing residential, commercial and industrial clients with top quality construction and paving services in Barrie, Central Ontario and Cottage Country. Voted as Favourite Paving Company, The Ital Paving team

Not all things are created equal and the same can be said about your driveway.

can evaluate the condition of your asphalt and recommend the best solution and provide a cost estimate for repair, removal or replacement of asphalt surfaces. Having Your driveway sealed can also help protect your asphalt from the effects of rain, snow and sun, while helping to preserve the appearance and extend the life of your driveway. Ital Paving is proud to use the best materials from trusted manufacturers, along with state-of-the-art equipment and modern techniques which ensures their experienced team finishes each project on time and budget. “Having large and small equipment means we can adapt to any space and offer superior results.” says Niki. Contact us for a free estimate and noobligation consultation about your asphalt paving needs in Barrie, Central Ontario, and Cottage Country.

Ital Paving

Barrie & Surrounding Areas 705-722-0765 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 59


2019-10-28 12:19 PM

Flooring/Carpet Hardwood/Laminate Tile


nd the winner of four Readers’ Choice awards goes to...Irvine Carpet One Floor and Home! “We are a second-generation family owned business and will soon celebrate our 60th anniversary!” says Jackie Glacer. “The company was founded by Ernie Irvine and is now run by his son Chris, with 45 employees.” Irvine Carpet One is a full-service decorating store offering paint, wallpaper,

Irvine Carpet One

blinds, as well as a vast selection of hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, ceramics, carpet and area rugs. “What makes us unique is we have decorators and designers on staff. As a cooperative, we have the enormous buying power of the Carpet One brand. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations with great service, great products and great savings. That is the Carpet One Floor & Home Difference.”

514 Bayfield St., Barrie 705-728-5566 494 Veterans Dr., Unit 18 705-315-0052

Domestic Car Dealership

1 B #



arrie’s Favourite Domestic Car Dealership—Georgian Chevrolet Buick GM, is also the #1 GM Retail Dealer in Ontario! “Winning the Readers’ Choice Award is a validation of the things we strive to offer, such as superior customer service, and the ways we are working to improve the customer experience, including having the right product at the right price,” says Ralph Murphy, General Manager. The dealership offers new and pre-owned

truck and car sales, leasing and service. “Georgian’s President and Owner James Massie is proud of his involvement and philanthropic work in the community including helping to raise funds for Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie Molson Centre, his legacy project with Borden and his contribution to the Canadian Automotive Institute at Georgian College. We are proud of our team of 140 staff who strive for customer satisfaction as a happy customer is likely to be a customer for life.”

65 Barrie View Drive, Barrie, 705-733-2222 |

60 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:19 PM

Acupuncture Acupuncturist Holistic Health/Healing


e have only been here in Barrie since September 2018, so it is such a great surprise and delight for us to have won in three categories!” says Mai Pham, Registered Acupuncturist, Registered Traditional Chinese Practitioner, and Founder of Mai Medical Health Centre in Barrie and Vaughan/Woodbridge. The experienced team includes a Registered Massage Therapist, Registered Dietitian, a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, a Registered Homeopath, and Mai is a well-known professional in Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner with The College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario and a member of the Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Mai has over 10 years of experience in the field of medicine. “We work to get to the root of your health issues and as you are treated by leading licensed practitioners,” says Mai. “Traditional Chinese Medicine can help treat a myriad of illnesses such as chronic pain, headaches, anxiety and depression, skin problems, digestive disorders, gynecological disorders, fibromyalgia, menopause, fertility and infertility,” says Mai. “Acupuncture works to clear

Our vision is to provide customized, client-centered health care with a holistic approach

blockages and open the Meridian flow which helps the pain subside. These are not like regular doctor’s needles—they are tiny needles that are like strands of hair and combined the techniques of highly skilled practitioners, patients tell us they feel very relaxed.” A love for healing and helping others runs in her family. Mai found her love for medicine watching her grandfather, a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vietnam, and wanted to follow in his footsteps. Mai earner her Doctor of Medicine Degree from The Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy and worked as a medical doctor in Vietnam and assisted her grandfather in his TCM clinic. “Our vision is to provide customized, client-centered health care with a holistic approach that takes your total well-being into account,” says Mai. “We strive to educate and motivate patients along their journey towards achieving better health and well-being.”

Mai Medical Health Centre 566 Bryne Dr #1C Barrie 705-721-7979 |

Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 61


2019-10-28 12:19 PM

Tanning Studio


he Sun Emporium is Barrie’s favourite salon, not only because it offers advanced tanning and spray tanning services, but because it’s also coupled with wellness therapy making it an Emporium of overall health and wellbeing. The Sun Emporium incorporates a flawless glow amid countless of physical and psychological benefits. Owner Christian Linkert says, “Wellness is an intricate part of my life. I strive to share that with each of my clients. Feeling well

both inside and out serves a healthy mind, body, and spirit.” Enjoy the glowing results of Airbrush spray tanning, Mystic/Versa spray tanning, and UV tanning. Turn back time with Red Light Therapy and the Cocoon Wellness Pod. Drop in and see our fully certified staff to customize any of our services for your specific needs. T H E

The Sun Emporium

181 Livingstone St., East | 705-733-2227 350 Big Bay Point Rd. | 705-739-5151 |


lthough SignEdge is a relative newcomer to the Barrie marketplace, they have made a great impression on the businesses and residents of Barrie. “We are honoured and humbled by the outpouring of support and acknowledgement that we have received.” says co-owner and President, Elayne Whitfield. SignEdge is a full-service, family run sign shop that services Barrie and the surrounding area. Sign fabrication and

production is done in-house, and they take pride in using only top-quality parts and products. “Our customers love our communication style. They always know where we are in their sign making process. We know how important signs are to our customers’ marketing strategies and we make sure they know that it’s important to us too.” Adds, Tim Parr, co-owner. Quality, Workmanship, Service…SignEdge offers it all!

Sign Edge

140 Vespra St #3 705-999-5332

62 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:19 PM

Hardware Store, Building Material & Supplies


rothers Jim and John Robinson say it feels like just yesterday when, as teens, they first started working at their family’s hardware store, Robinson Home Hardware. The Robinson family has owned and operated the store since 1923 when it was owned by their grandfather Charlie, followed by their dad Alvin. “My brother John and I and now my daughter Kate Bromenshenkel and her husband Marcus are proud to carry on the family legacy as now a fourth generation

of owners,” says Jim Robinson. “My wife Karen also worked here for many years. We think of ourselves as a neighbourhood store. We are proud of the personal service we offer our customers. Our staff has over 250 years of combined service and four of our employees have over 30 years of service!” From paint to hardware, lawn and garden supplies and marine supplies, Robinson Home Hardware is your one-stop shop for almost anything on your to-do list.

Robinson Home Hardware

138 Penetanguishene Rd, Barrie 705-728-2431 |

Fish & Chips / Seafood


Limoza & Ben Demiri

t is very gratifying that people have gone out of their way to recognize us for what we love to do! We are passionate about our Mom and Pop family business, and are moved by the incredible support of our long time clients and excited by the new ones that have found out about us.” Danny’s Fish and Chips takes pride in the quality of their product that’s second to none. “We treat it like it’s our baby and deliver it with the service you’d expect from a family run business.” Danny’s Fish and Chips offers variety of

dishes other than fish and chips. “But our fish and chips is what we’re known for and we feel such a sense of responsibility to my dad “Danny” who founded Danny’s Fish and Chips,” Ben said. “He strived for perfection in himself and in all of us. He was the inspiration to have something that tasted amazing and then strive to make it even better!” “We take great family pride in hand cutting our fresh fish daily along with our hand cut fresh fries! You can trust that we happily serve you the freshest fish and chips!”

Danny’s Fish & Chips 411 Huronia Rd. Barrie 705-721-8998áshandchips Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 63


2019-10-28 12:19 PM

Kennel, Pet Grooming, Pet Boarding & Daycare


anines are treated like “Top Dogs” at Top Dog K9 Services. This awardwinning premium doggie training and enrichment center offers Doggy Day Care, training programs and traditional or in-home overnight care. Some lucky dogs get to go home with a staff member for a sleepover! “Our Doggy Day Care pets are outside playing together and having fun,” says Owner Kathy Currie-Eyers. “Our trainers

work with the dogs and it’s quite a sight to see about 30 or 40 dogs all practicing sit and stay!” Top Dog recently introduced a Membership Program for dog training. “It’s like a gym membership where you can come to as many classes as you want in a certain time frame. My best advice is to start training your puppy young—right after they have had their first immunizations.”

Top Dog K9 Services

366 Huronia Rd, Barrie, ON 705-812-7529 |




We offer not just Interior and Exterior painting but also Epoxy Coating for your floors and counter tops! You can contact us at

705-818-3702 FOR PAINTING

705-229-7771 FOR EPOXY

64 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:19 PM

Optometrist and Optician


r. Adam McLeod is excited to be voted as Favourite optometrist and Amber-Lynn Kaufman for favourite Optician

“I would like to thank all of our patients and customers who nominated and voted for us,” says Adam, who opened his combined clinic and store six years ago. “There’s an old adage that you should treat people the way you want to be treated. We tell people the truth with kindness and give them the right recommendations. Being honest lets people know that even if they hear something they didn’t expect, something can be done.” “We are known for treating everyone like family,” says Adam. “We always try to create a welcoming and open environment that makes people feel at ease and able to ask or say anything that is concerning them about their eyesight.”

“Children should at the very least have their eyes checked before they start school,” says Adam. “Kids assume that how they see is how they are supposed to see because they don’t know any differently. Children who have learning issues or struggle with reading may have good vision but issues with the way their

Children’s vision care is an important part of the services at McLeod Vision, and a passion of Dr. McLeod’s. eyes work together. Having your child’s eyes checked at the start of schooling can rule out any potential vision issues.”

For adults, eye diseases often occur without symptoms. Through regular exams, these diseases can be caught early before any concerns or issues appear. Some health conditions in the body can be discovered through an examination of the eyes’ blood vessels. “From the blood vessels in the eyes, we can tell if someone has high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes,” explains Adam. “There are a lot of signs we see inside the eye that can be indicative of one of those things happening. Also, the eyes monitor improvements in health. Eye exams are important for more than just eye health.”

Dr Adam McLeod Optometrist

130 Bell Farm Road Unit 7 705-792-6116 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 65


2019-10-28 12:19 PM

Record Store


hen people in Barrie want the best and latest music, they think of Sunrise Records. Barrie store manager, Gillian Dorella, is excited to showcase a new and improved shopping experience. She is also very thankful for the hardworking staff and committed customers that make it all come together. “We pride ourselves on staying very current with the hottest albums and Soundtracks. Popular right now is PUP – MORBID

STUFF and most popular Soundtrack is ‘A Star is Born. Turntables are still in demand and make a great Christmas gift, says Gillian. “Supporting our local musicians is very important to Sunrise Records. We host an ‘In-store” show 3 to 4 times a year where we feature a local musician. Coming up Nov. 9th at 1:30 p.m. is Scott Murray from The Highdives. Come on in and check us out.”

320 Bayfield St., Bayfield Mall, Barrie 705-730-5680 |

Thank you for voting us Barrie’s #1 Rust Protection 12 years in a row!

TO CELEBRATE drop your vehicle off for the day and receive:

$15 + OFF


or book an appointment and receive $10 off. *Discount applies to regular retail price only. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer expires December 31st, 2019.

Thank you

to our valued customers for voting us your Favourite Asian, Takeout and Thai Restaurant 9 years in a row! As a token of our appreciation, every order placed from Nov 15th to Nov 30th, 2019, will receive 2 pieces of crispy veggie spring rolls FREE Thank you again from the Staff and Management, Thai Bamboo

Book Your Appointment Today

KROWN BARRIE 10 Cross St. (705) 739-5152

Canada’s #1 Rust Protection.

61 King Street West Barrie • 705-739-6777

66 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:19 PM

Yoga Instructor / Yoga Studio


odo Yoga Barrie (previously Moksha Yoga) has been sharing our love of yoga for over eight years and are so grateful to win our eighth Readers Choice Award. Thank you! We’ve built some fantastic community memories, not only at the studio, but also with numerous local charities.

With your help, we’ve been able to raise over $73,000 through our karma classes on Friday nights at 6:30pm. These classes are a $10 donation and each month we select a new

charity to support. We would love for you to come experience the studio and meet our friendly team. We offer an introductory month of unlimited yoga for just $60!

“We are so grateful to be recognized as Barrie’s award winning studio again this year. We couldn’t be more proud of our entire team who were all nominated and our inspiring studio manager and yoga teacher, Ali Egger who was voted Barrie’s favourite yoga instructor 2019” says owner Rosanna Marouelli.

Modo Yoga 411 Huronia Road, Barrie 705-790-8280

Optical Store


inning the Reader’s Choice Award for Favourite Optical Store is a big honour for the team at South Barrie Eye Clinic. “We are very happy to be recognized in this way, and so grateful to our patients for voting for us. We have many loyal, long time patients, and we appreciate their support.” They are a full service, multi doctor optometry clinic boasting state-of-the-art equipment backed by a stellar reputation for providing friendly, personalized service. They even offer services in seven languages, English, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean, Swedish and Polish! They provide comprehensive eye exams using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment including auto-phoropters, topographer and OCT scans. They also treat a host of eye diseases and walk-in eye emergency

care is provided. “What we are most proud of is the quality of service we are able to provide for our patients; we like to make everyone feel at home.” says the team. “We provide one-hour service—sometimes less, for glasses, thanks to our on-site lens lab.” Their showroom also displays all the top brands and styles as well as discounted frames with all budgets in mind.

An important part of the practice is that they specialize in the treatment of Keratoconus;

“something that is not treatable with glasses, in most cases. We are the only clinic in the area which offers custom scleral contact lenses for Keratoconus,

with hundreds of patients having been diagnosed and treated at our clinic.”

South Barrie Eye Clinic 431 Bayview Dr #10, Barrie 705-725-8228 |

Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 67


2019-10-28 12:19 PM

Foot Care Clinic Chiropodist Foot Care Specialist

F Brittney Wirtz

ootprint Health and Wellness Centre was founded to affect positive change in the world through improving the health and wellness of its’ individuals. Our mission of improving health and wellness is accomplished through our multi-disciplinary team of practitioners, who specialize in Chiropody (foot and ankle medicine), Physiotherapy and Registered Massage therapy. Our team works together to provide patients

with a holistic treatment plan that focuses on strengthening weaknesses so that they can live their best life Footprint, in only its first year of operation, was nominated for five Readers Choice Award categories and was voted favorite in three of them! We are honored to have our efforts recognized by our community and we look forward to continuing to be a part of Barrie’s health and wellness journey.

Footprint Health & Wellness

222 Mapleview Dr W #10 705-733-9990 |

Billiard/Pool Lounge


hile some people play pool and snooker at Dunlop Billiards, others come for the delicious homemade meals made daily in its full kitchen. Owner Stephanie Purcell and her staff welcome everyone to the friendly pool hall. “I thank all my customers and my two pool league operators Craig Misener for CPA and Bruno Giuliano for CCS for this award,” says Stephanie. “I also thank Craig

and Bruno for their help in building the success of the leagues over the past three years.” Live bands will entertain every second Saturday during the winter. Stephanie, Jamie and staff welcome everyone to come and try one of our delicious homemade daily specials, great Jumbo Wings and well maintained Pool Tables.

Dunlop Billiards 445 Dunlop St W Barrie 705-733-0200 | 68 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:19 PM

Water Delivery and Supply

“As a small family business in a category with much bigger companies, we are excited and so grateful to have won the award for Favourite Water Delivery and Supply”, says Kathy Van Every, co-owner of Great Lakes Water Solutions. Solving water problems has been co-owner Steve Agnew’s passion for nearly 30 years. GLWS treats a whole host of concerns for residential, commercial and industrial applications and is 100%

committed to their mission statement: Research, design and installation of water solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs, using the latest and best water treatment technology, by people who know our most valuable product by far is a happy customer. Kathy adds, “Concerned about your water? Please give us a call!”

Great Lakes Water Solutions

551 Bryne Drive, Barrie 705-726-7972 |


Barrie for voting us favourite Rubbish Removal!

Thank you

for voting us favourite Italian Restaurant! Favourite Casual Fine Dining and Favourite Dinner!

Dump that Junk - Call Jeff’s Junk BIN RENTAL - YOU LOAD! JUNK REMOVAL - WE LOAD! Locally Owned & Operated Serving Barrie, Alliston, Wasaga Beach, Innisfil, Shanty Bay, Oro, Stroud, Essa, Springwater, Collingwood, Penetang, Angus, Midland

705-333-7767 • #supportlocal

Capturing the Essence of Old World Authenticity made with Freshest Ingredients Spectacular year round view of the lake!! Open for Lunch & Dinner Tuesday to Friday Open for Dinner only Saturday & Sunday 31 Dunlop St. E. or enter from the lakeside 735-9595 • Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 69


2019-10-28 12:19 PM

Occupational Therapist

Lyndsey (Owner/Occupational Therapist) and “Lennon” (Facility Dog)


hildren’s Occupational Therapist Lyndsey Stevenato has a message for parents. “I urge parents to trust their instincts—if you are walking on eggshells and feel your child may be struggling, don’t be afraid to get help. We are here and are happy to help. Our tagline is Together, Transforming the Lives of Children and we can help children overcome a diverse range of issues.”

Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Pathology, Social Work, Psychotherapy and PsychologicalEducational Assessment for children from birth to age 18. “Through assessment, consultation and treatment sessions, we can help children who are having difficulties with motor skills, sensory processing, speech, social skills, behavioural issues and mental health.”

Founded in 2001, Lyndsey Stevenato Children’s Therapy Services provides

115 Bell Farm Rd., Suite 114 Barrie 705-792-5272 |

Thank You Nur and Yar thank their loyal customers for their support. We are very grateful for maintaining our status as “Barrie’s Favourite Indian Cuisine” for 22 years in a row!

Thank you

Barrie for voting us your Favourite Funeral Home, Services and Doug Adams as your Favourite Funeral Director.

“Most Delicious Butter Chicken” Star Week TV Guide’s Peter Tammeru,

All You Can Eat Luncheon Buffet includes dessert







128 Dunlop St. E., Downtown Barrie 705.737.1821

Independently Family Owned and Operated 445 St. Vincent Street Barrie, Ontario • (705) 728-4344

Available 24 Hours

70 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:22 PM

Computer Service Repair



imcoe IT Solutions is a local business who assesses, advises and implements IT for small business. Rob Newman and his technicians have solutions for all your needs from networking, to security and disaster recovery. With over 30 years of experience Rob Newman created Simcoe IT Solutions Inc so that businesses could feel confident in their IT choices. Now, with the everchanging landscape of technology, small businesses

need to be on top of the daily cyber threats they face. His motto, “We take care of your IT so you don’t have to,” is a promise to his customers that their companies will be cared for with honesty and integrity. Simcoe IT Solutions can ensure your business is running smoothly with the right products designed specifically for your company’s needs.


Simcoe IT Solutions INC

85 Ellis Dr Barrie 705-999-6999 |

Naturopathic Clinic/Service Naturopath


ooted Naturopathic Clinic & IV Lounge has been a pillar of the Barrie naturopathic community since 2004, and our name speaks to our grounded approach to natural health—we use the best of natural medicine to help people get better faster with a commitment to finding the root cause of people’s health issues,” says Dr. Whitney Young, ND who co-owns the clinic with Dr. Katie Rothwell ND. “We use diagnostic testing to assess what’s

going on and create individualized treatment plans for people of all ages.” The Naturopathic Doctors at Rooted have a special interest in fertility and pregnancy support, thyroid health, skin care, and cancer care. Rooted also created a brand new IV Lounge in 2018 specifically for vitamin and nutrient treatments. “Ours is a unique approach and we want people to know there are options when it comes to taking care of your health.”

Rooted Naturopathic Clinic & IV Lounge

93 Bell Farm Rd #103, Barrie 705-792-6717 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 71


2019-10-28 12:22 PM

Greek / Mediterranean Restaurant


asa Mia means “it’s my house, or home”, which is perfectly fitting for a restaurant that has become a beloved home-away-from-home for lovers of good food. Founded 27 years ago, Casa Mia has become a landmark in Barrie, known for their great food and hospitality. The family-friendly restaurant has relaxing Mediterranean vibe and with an expansive lunch and dinner menu. “Our top sellers are our Souvlaki Dinner,

Chicken Parmesan and our new Prime Rib Dinner offered on Friday and Saturday nights,” state owners Nick and Michelle Liakos. “We are most proud of our staff who offer wonderful service and hospitality.” The fully licensed restaurant is now taking bookings for holiday parties for up to 100 or more people with set or individual menu options.

Casa Mia Restaurant

88 Dunlop St W, Barrie 705-737-3663 |

Plumbing, Kitchen/ Bath Accessory Store, Home Improvement Centre/ Services & Bathroom Design/ Renovation

Our Expert Services:

• Professional Repairs & Upgrades • Water Softeners & Treatment • Drain Cleaning & Video Inspection • Sump Pumps & Battery Back-ups • Faucets, Toilets, Showers, Tubs • Hot Water-Tanks & Tankless • Water & Sewage Pumps • Galvanized Pipe Replacement • Cottage & Seasonal Plumbing • Well Contractor Licensed • Backflow Prevention Licensed Ask us about the many benefits of our VIP Membership plan... For peace-of-mind, join today.


Steve Harris, owner of Harris Plumbing Inc. has extensive experience in plumbing and customer service; trained by his Master Plumber dad Ray in York Region from the age of 18. A Master Plumber himself, in 2002 Steve left the family business to establish his own “Harris Plumbing North” in Barrie, serving Simcoe County and Muskoka. In 2013 Ray retired and Steve bought the original family business.

Today, Steve has solidly established a premier plumbing services business with 14 hand-picked plumbers and apprentices and a highly trained customer service team. “We are proud of our team and proud to still be growing to meet the demand for high quality plumbing and renovation services for homes, cottages and commercial clients,” says Steve. We are: “The Plumbers YOU Can Count On!”

Harris Plumbing Inc.

18 Alliance Blvd, Barrie 1-866-786-1801 |

72 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:22 PM



ndrew Schonbe is a Pharmacist with a Cause. Well, several causes actually. Andrew is a health advocate, and as owner of Express Aid Pharmacy, it is his passion and big heart for helping those he serves which has earned Andrew the title of Favourite Pharmacist. At his two Barrie pharmacies, Andrew offers sexual health sessions, addiction services, LGBTQ2+ health services as well as general pharmacy services. “It has been an honour to form this connection and really get involved in the community,” says Andrew. “The LGBTQ2+ community, as well as those facing substance use do not have a lot of pharmacy-related resources in the region. I feel it is important to be a leader and to use my own platform to help break down stigma, offer important services and information, and get the important messages out there.” If Andrew’s name seems familiar, that’s because you may have seen him on various media outlets such as CTV Barrie, CBC News, Global News and Rogers TV discussing health issues and concerns on topics such as National HIV Testing Day to the introduction of sexual health sessions at Express Aid Pharmacy. Andrew created a sexual health program

It has been an honour to form this connection and really get involved in the community,

called #JustAsk to support youth and parents by giving them access to information on sexual health, in collaboration with experts in the field. Addiction services are also offered three times weekly at the pharmacy, with a physician on site. “Our services are offered to help improve the quality of life of others.” Andrew is a much sought-after public speaker. “I am also out in the community giving talks about addiction, overdose management, medications related to HIV & stigma, hormone medications, as well as LGBTQ2+ engagement for other health care workers.,” he says. “I am involved in local LGBTQ2+ events and we were the first pharmacy team to march in Barrie’s Pride Parade. He is proud to educate on undetectable=untranmsittable (U=U). “People living with HIV can be on ongoing medication that is so effective it makes the virus literally undetectable and they can not transmit the virus to a partner or through pregnancy.”

Andrew also teaches pharmacology & physiology at Georgian College. He recently launched The Prep Clinic ( “This is an important initiative,” says Andrew. “It breaks down barriers across the province by providing access to HIV prevention. It offers online prescribers, free shipping across Ontario, as well as supportive services to those already on HIV treatment.” Open 365 days a year, Express Aid Pharmacy provides free prescription delivery. Walk-in clinics are coming soon!

Express Aid Pharmacy 420 Leacock 705-725-6033, 477 Grove St E. 705-720-2262 |

Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 73


2019-10-28 12:22 PM

Providing Your Loved Ones with Support & Companionship in the comfort of their home!


he name says it all, Touch A Heart. More than a business, more than a service. Not only the owner but also a fully certified PSW who works directly with her clients, Holly Martin says “I always enjoyed caring for others, volunteering with special needs and just wanting to make a difference, so I left my career of 25 years and at 58 years old went back to College. What was supposed to be a part time job grew into a full time home care agency with a team of 15.”

Touch A Heart Homecare

Holly Martin

Home Health Care Services

Some of the special services include, companionship, healthy meal preparation, respite, overnight care, personal care, accompaniment to family events and appointments. Safety assessments are also provided. “We design programs specifically for the client in mind. I love every minute of every day. I want to help all of our clients feel that we are one of the family. Our team motto is: ‘Our Family caring for Yours.’ ”

Let’s Talk.....705-896-6332 | Available 24/7

Thank You for Voting Us Barrie's Best

Public Relations Agency

74 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 5:11 PM


Barrie has

And the winners are….

We are proud to offer you – our readers – the opportunity to choose your favourite businesses throughout Barrie and surrounding area. Earlier this year, we hosted a new format for voting on, and allowing businesses to request nominations through social media. Thousands of readers participated and the response was overwhelming! Each one of these businesses have been chosen based on their dedication to customer satisfaction, name recognition or community involvement.

Readers’ Readers’Choice Choice Barrie Barrie 2019 2019 || 75 75


2019-10-28 12:29 PM

AUTOMOTIVE Auto Detailing Georgian Detailing 705-730-5800 Auto Glass Services/ Repair Crystal’s Auto Tinting 705-721-0368 Auto Parts & Accessories Part Source 705-735-4115 Auto Rental Enterprise 705-728-1212 Auto Rustproofing Krown Rust Control 705-739-5152 Auto Service Centre Peacock Auto 705-734-3427 Car Audio Tom’s Car Radio 705-726-9167 Car Wash Klassic Car Wash 705-739-0381 Domestic Car Dealership Georgian Chevrolet 705-733-2222 Gas Station Costco 705-728-2350 Imported Car Dealership Barrie Honda 705-733-2100 Motorcycle/Atv/ Snowmobiles MC’s Speed n Chrome 705-721-7433

Ski Resort Snow Valley Ski Resort 705-721-7669

Muffler & Exhaust Services Peacock Auto 705-734-3427

Bus Charter Landmark Bus Lines 705-722-6666

Karaoke Bar Bourbon 705-252-7744

New Car Dealership Barrie Honda 705-733-2100

Casino/Slots Casino Rama 800-832-7529

Oil/Lube Change Bayfield Ford Lincoln 705-728-5558

Children’s Entertainment Elmvale Jungle Zoo 705-322-1112

Tire Sales & Service Bayfield Ford Lincoln 705-728-5558

Concert Venue The Foxx Lounge Rock Bar and Hotdoggery 705-722-5065

Kids Activities/Camps Summer Camps Barrie Dance Conservatory South Simcoe Hockey School 705-737-7800 705-252-3858 Live Entertainment Facility FOOD/DRINK/GROCERY Malones Pint House 705-739-9070 Bakery Fox’s Bakery & Deli Live Jazz Club 705-737-4646 British Arms Pub 705-728-1111 Brew Your Own Beer/ Cider Live Music Bar/Lounge Winescape Malones Pint House 705-734-9349 705-739-9070

Towing Service CAA 705-726-1803 Transmission Service & Repair Hwy 400 Transmission 705-733-0011 Used Car Dealership Bayfield Ford Lincoln 705-728-5558 ENTERTAINMENT

Curling Club Barrie Curling Club 705-726-1351 Day Trip Destinations Elmvale Jungle Zoo 705-322-1112 Dinner Theatre Kempenfelt Community Players 705-739-4228

Live Theatre Theatre By The Bay 705-735-9243

Butcher/Meat Shop Fox’s Bakery & Deli 705-737-4646

Local Festival Kempenfest 705-739-4216

Cakes/Cupcakes Cakes by Design 705-739-6886

Local Sports Team Barrie Colts 705-722-6587

Escape Rooms/Laser Tag Local Tourist Attraction Escape Room Barrie Simcoe County Museum 705-985-2528 705-728-3721 Family Activities Banquet Facility Movie Theatre Tangle Creek Golf & Country Elmvale Jungle Zoo Cineplex Cinemas North 705-322-1112 Club Barrie 705-720-2150 705-302-0159 Golf Course Tangle Creek Golf & Country Paintball Billiard/Pool Lounge Club Dunlop Billiards Barrie Paintball 705-720-2150 705-733-0200 705-733-3393 Golf Driving Range Bingo Hall Racquet/Tennis Club Cedar Links Golf Centre Delta Bingo & Gaming YMCA 705-727-4653 705- 737-3604 705-726-6421 Indoor Play Centre Bowling Recreation Facility X-Play Bowlerama Barrie Holly Community Center 705-792-7925 705-725-1111 705-739-2269 Art Gallery MacLaren Art Centre 705-721-9696

Catering Company Cravings Fine Foods 705-734-2272 Craft Brewery Redline Brewhouse 705-881-9988 Farm Market Barrie Farmers Market Fish & Seafood Store Johnny’s Fish Market 705-730-0769 Find us on Facebook Frozen Food Store M & M Food Market 705-725-9954 Grocery Store Zehrs

76 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:29 PM

Health Food Store Goodness Me! 705-730-7689

Dental Services White Cedar Dental 705-737-1151

Make Your Own Wine Vin Bon 705-737-9463

Laser Hair Removal The One Face and Body Bar 705-503-0311

Denture Clinic Dianne Skinner, DD 705-725-1220

Laser Skin Rejuvenation The One Face and Body Bar 705-503-0311

Orchard/Fruit Picking Barrie Hill Farms 705-728-0571 Organic Food Store Goodness Me! 705-730-7689 Specialty Food Store Barrie Olive Oil Co. 705-503-6457 Winery Heritage Estate Winery and Cidery 705-797-1919 HEALTH/WELLNESS/ FITNESS/BEAUTY Acupuncture Mai Medical Health Centre 705-721-7979 Aromatherapy Two Sisters Naturals 705-818-3734 Boot Camp The Babe Cave Becky Overbeck Fitness 705-434-9538 Chiropractic Clinic Impact Healthcare 705-725-9777

Electrolysis The One Face and Body Bar 705-503-0311 Facial Services Glow Day Spa 705-734-3800 Fitness Club Iolite Studio 705-890-1435 Fitness Club Women’s Only The Babe Cave - Becky Overbeck Fitness 705-434-9538 Foot Care Clinic Footprint Health & Wellness Centre 705-733-9990 Hair/Barber Services History Barbershop 705-526-2887 Hearing Centre Sharpe Hearing Clinic 705-792-9494 Holistic Health/Healing Mai Medical Health Centre 705-721-7979

Home Health Care Cosmetic Surgery Services Touch A Heart Homecare 705-896-6332 Lakeview Surgery Centre Find us on Facebook 705-737-3933 Hypnosis Your Inner Essence Cross Fit Gym Louise Buckley CrossFit Insight 705-309-1366 705-427-1973 Find us on Facebook

Manicure/Pedicure Glow Day Spa 705-734-3800 Massage Therapy Lotus Organic Day Spa 705-726-2004 Naturopathic Clinic Rooted Naturopath Clinic & IV Lounge 705-792-6717 Nutritional Services Alexacise 705-795-3488 Optical Store South Barrie Eye Clinic 705-725-8228

Pilates Waterfront Fitness & Pilates 705-503-3488

Building Material Supplies Robinson Home Hardware 705-728-2431

Reflexology Lotus Organic Day Spa 705-726-2004

Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning Simcoe Carpet & Upholstery 705-721-7555

Smoking Cessation Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit 705-721-7520 Spas/Esthetic Services Glow Day Spa 705-734-3800 Teeth Whitening Clinic White Cedar Dental 705-737-1151 Weight Control Services The Babe Cave - Becky Overbeck Fitness 705-434-9538 Yoga Centre Modo Yoga Barrie 705-790-8280 Zumba Morgan’s Zumba Fitness 705-725-4056

Optometry Services Barrie Eye Care - Dr. Bond & HOME/HOME Associates IMPROVEMENT 705-737-3141 Appliance Repair Zig’s Appliance Service Ostepath Clinic 705-722-9030 Natural Balance Osteopathy & Wellness Bath & Bedding Store 705-719-5656 HomeSense 705-792-1737 Personal Training Bathroom Design/ Alexacise Renovation 705-795-3488 Harris Plumbing 866-786-1801 Physiotherapy Clinic/ Services BBQ Centre Resolution Physiotherapy Napoleon Home Comfort 705-252-5200 705-721-1214

Concrete Services Thompson Enterprises 705-321-6802 Decks Duthie Construction Inc 705-737-7513 Driveway Paving/Sealing Ital Paving 705-722-0765 Fireplace Centre/Store Air Source Home Comfort 705-606-4328 Flooring Irvine Carpet One 705-728-5566 Flooring - Carpet Irvine Carpet One 705-728-5566 Flooring - Hardwood Irvine Carpet One 705-728-5566 Flooring - Tile Irvine Carpet One 705-728-5566 Furniture Upholstery/ Repair Cover Me Up Re-Upholstery 705-721-4451 Garage Door Service Kempenfelt Windows & Doors 705-737-1554 Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 77


2019-10-28 12:29 PM

Garden Centre-Nursery Bradford Greenhouse Garden Gallery 705-725-9913 Glass & Mirror Glass Doctor 705-721-4527 Handyman Services Plumbtech Plumbing 705-722-7209 Hardware Store Robinson Home Hardware 705-728-2431 Heating & Air Conditioning Air Source Home Comfort 705-606-4328 Home Improvement Centre/Sevices Harris Plumbing 866-786-1801 Home Renovation Company Renovation Doctor 705-719-8472 Insulation Services Empire Insulators 705-796-4411 Interior Design/Decor Aboda Decor 705-735-1825 Kitchen Design/ Renovations KAS Kitchens 705-726-1711 Kitchen/Bath Accessory Store Harris Plumbing 866-786-1801 Landscape Company Brad’s Tree Service Ltd. 705-607-2684

Lawn Care Equipment Mercer Equipment 705-503-3535 Lawncare Service Foster Lawn & Garden 705-726-9189 Lighting Centre Glass Lighting Gallery 705-722-7772 Mattress Store Mike The Mattress Guy 705-735-2337 Paint & Wallpaper Store Dulux 705-726-5396 Plumbing Harris Plumbing 866-786-1801 Pool Company Prime Pools 705-984-7665 Roofing Company GoldHill Roofing 705-733-5595 Rubbish Removal Jeff’s Junk 705-333-7767 Siding Contractors/ Materials Fralick Aluminum 705-733-0001

Vacuum Cleaner Sales/ Service Barrie Vacuums Plus 705-728-3004 Window Coverings & Drapery Gotcha Covered 705-990-1656 Windows & Doors Kempenfelt Windows & Doors 705-737-1554 PEOPLE/ PROFESSIONALS Accountant Ryan Cardwell R.C. Bookkeeping 705-305-3700 Acupuncturist Mai Pham Mai Medical Health Centre 705-721-7979 Arborist Ryan Downey Downey Tree Service 705-309-7926 Auto Mechanic Steve Peacock Peacock Auto 705-734-3427

Auto Salesperson Matt Weeks Moffatt’s Mazda 705-737-3440 Solar Energy Services Diamond Renewable Energy 705-718-3888 Auto Service Advisor Avery Delaney Bayfield Ford Lincoln Storage 705-728-5558 Container’s 4U 855-767-3949 Automotive Financing Michael Bone Tree Service Bayfield Ford Lincoln Brad’s Tree Service Ltd. 705-728-5558 705-607-2685

Bartender Melissa Hart Donaleigh’s Irish Public House 705-252-7733 Building Contractor/ Consultant Jon MacNeil MacNeil Construction 705-718-0387 Find us on Facebook Chiropodist Brittney Wirtz Footprint Health & Wellness Centre 705-733-9990 Chiropractor Avik Sarkar Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation 705-734-3340

Denturist Dianne Skinner, DD 705-725-1220 Dermatologist Dr. Deborah Martin Martin’s Rejuvenation Centre 705-735-0639 Doctor Dr. Jan Scheeres 705-739-7611 Dog Walker Jennifer Dupree Dupey’s Pets 705-220-2652 Find us on Facebook Dressmaker Laura Poirier In Stitches Personal Sewing 705-698-1636 Find us on Facebook

Clown Mabel Moon 705-984-7711

Electrician Graham Johnston Johnston Electric 705-828-2205 Find us on Facebook

Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Kenneth Dickie Royal Center Of Plastic Surgery 705-726-2800

Employment Lawyer Josh Valler Barriston Law 705-792-9200

Criminal Lawyer Tom Bryson 705-728-2232

Esthetician Claudia Mendez Glow Day Spa 705-734-3800

Dance Instructor Chelsea King Chelsea’s Dance Pac 705-456-5299

Esthetician/Make-Up Kim Crook Glow Day Spa 705-734-3800

Dental Hygienist Janet Jones (White Cedar Dental) White Cedar Dental 705-737-1151

Family Law Lawyer Cindy Scharff Gelman & Associates 844-769-0737

Dentist White Cedar Dental 705-737-1151

Financial Advisor Ravella Wiles Freedom 55 Financial 647-886-2498

78 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:29 PM

Fitness Instructor/Trainer Alexa Georgas Alexacise 705-795-3488 Floral Designer Katelyn Collie Astilbe Floral Boutique 416-566-8015 Foot Care Specialist Brittney Wirtz Footprint Health & Wellness Centre 705-733-9990 Funeral Director Doug Adams Adams Funeral Home 705-728-4344 Graphic/Web Designer Sean Alten Fly Graphics

705-722-0765 Homeopath Eryn Atton Barrie Homeopathy and Wellness Centre 705-790-0132 Insurance Agent/Broker Adam Murday Freedom 55 Financial 705-305-2946 Interior Designer/ Decorator Michael Miller Aboda Decor 705-735-1825 Kinesiologist Meagan Davis Concept of Movement 705-728-9333

Local Politician Jeff Lehman 705-792-7900 Local Visual Artist Katie Green Green By Hand 705-305-2415 Martial Arts Instructor Ryan Lem Empire Mixed Martial Arts 705-728-8885 Massage Therapist Tanya Thompson, RMT Impact Healthcare 705-725-9777 Medical Aesthetician Nicole Pilger RENU U Aesthetics 705-321-9542

Optician Amber-Lynn Kaufman Dr. Adam McLeod 705-792-6116 Optometrist Dr. Adam McLeod 705-792-6116 Orthodontist Dr. Scott MacGregor 705-728-1261 Osteopath Byron Curtis Health Partners Professionals 705-730-1533 Painter Crista Winterkorn L.C.D.C. Painting 705-818-3702 Find us on Facebook

Personal Trainer Geoff MacGillivray Guitar Teacher Mortgage Broker/Advisor World Gym Nate Douglas 705-718-4399 Tim L. Walker Barrie Music School Anthem Mortgage Group 705-726-5051 Pet Groomer Local Artist 705-721-4509 Delaney Brown Brock Bassels Hair Colour Technician Top Dog K9 Services Steel N Ink Music Instructor Robynn Graham 705-812-7529 705-728-6295 Renee Cingolani Suzette’s 705-331-9115 705-436-1947 Pharmacist Local Author Naturopath Andrew Schonbe Michelle Main Hairstylist/Barber Express Aid Pharmacy 705-794-6246 Dr. Whitney Young Nadine Bastien 705-725-6033 Rooted In Health Curls, By Nadine 705-792-6717 Local Chef 416-729-7409 Photographer Kevin Isherwood Handyman Christina Stirpe Common Good Cafe & Social Nutrionist Shannon Tucker Christina Stirpe Photography House Alexa Georgas Tucker’s Home 705-801-8122 705-734-2227 Alexacise Improvements 705-795-3488 705-305-5412 Physiotherapist Local Entertainment Find us on Facebook Mandi Hayes Gillian Dorella Hearing Care Professional The Foxx Lounge Rock Bar Occupational Therapist Resolution Physiotherapy Lyndsey Stevenato Sharpe Hearing Clinic 705-252-5200 and Hotdoggery Lyndsey Stevenato’s Office 705-792-9494 705-722-5065 705-792-5272 Piano Teacher Home Improvement Tiana Struthmann Local Musician or Band Ophthalmologist Contractor Studio Tiana The Highdives Dr. Steve Emon Niki Pickett 705-733-6208 705-790-4791 Ital Paving Find us on Facebook 705-727-1500 Life Coach Danielle Reaume, NLP 416-899-9829

Psychic Deborah Hooper 416-891-0415 Psychologist Lindsay Tsang Lindsay Tsang & Associates 705-300-0077 Real Estate Agent Peggy Hill The Peggy Hill Team 705-739-4455 Real Estate Broker Peggy Hill The Peggy Hill Team 705-739-4455 Real Estate Lawyer Janice Mumberson Barriston Law 705-242-5635 Reflexologist Mandy Green Skinsational Day Spa 705-721-5800 Theatre Instructor Iain Moggach Theatre By The Bay 705-735-9243 Tire Dealer Mike Tire Depot 705-722-7266 Travel Agent Sue Hammond Expedia CruiseShipCenters 705-984-9124 Veterinarian Allandale Veterinary Hospital 705-733-1422 Veterinary Technician Lisa Chamberlain Allandale Veterinary Hospital 705-733-1422 Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 79


2019-10-28 12:29 PM

Wedding/Event Planner Candice Cole Pearl Decor & Events 705-434-8364 Yoga Instructor Ali Egger Modo Yoga Barrie 705-790-8280 Zumba Instructor Emily Abbott World Gym 705-718-4399 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Accounting R.C. Bookkeeping 705-305-3700 Adult Education At Your Speed Computer Training 705-791-2370 Advertising Agency Assisting You Social 705-300-5565 Airline WestJet 888-937-8538 Alterations Bewitchin’ Stitchin’ 705-881-4181 Animal Hospital Allandale Veterinary Hospital 705-733-1422

Barber Shop History Barbershop 705-526-2887 Bed & Breakfast The Farmhouse 705-737-0522 Bereavement Counselling Seasons Centre for Grieving Children 705-721-5437 Boat Charters Happy Go Fishing Charters 905-806-0443 Boat Dealer St. Onge Recreation 705-733-2280 Bookkeeping Services Admindesk 705-305-8881 nextgenhubsimcoe. com/admindesk

Cleaning Services Caremore Cleaning Services 705-331-0786 Computer Service/ Repair Simcoe IT Solutions Inc. 705-999-6999 Conference Centre Suite Success 705-730-1899 Dance Studios Kreative Dance Company 705-725-1103 Daycare My Pre Academy 705-733-0123 Dj Services Big Event Entertainment - DJ Ken Lindsay 705-627-1655 bigevent

Business Consulting Service Laura Essentially Dog Training Inspired Red Barn Event Centre 705-812-3467 Business That Gives to Community Driving Instruction Faris Team Drive Wise 705-797-8485 705-730-1130 Car Insurance Dry Cleaning Services Company Wrights Cleaners Desjardins Insurance 705-737-9097 877-659-1570

Cemetery Barrie Union Cemetery Art School/Instruction 705-728-2810 The Drawing House 705-503-2996 Church/Temple Mapleview Community Bank/Trust Company Church 705-735-6423 TD Canada Trust

Electrical Services Electricall 226-201-0039

Employment Agency Georgian Career and Employment Community Services 705-722-1505

Environmental Products/Services Eco-Bee: Friends Of Nature 705-331-9115 Equestrian/ Riding Lessons Destiny Equestrian Complex 705-566-3741 Find us on Facebook Family Law Firm Gelman & Associates 844-769-0737 Farm Equipment/ Supply McLaren Equipment 705-734-2424 Financial Planning Services Covenant Wealth 705-719-7125 French Lessons Scholarly Elite Tutoring & Hybrid School 705-229-6284 Funeral Home/ Services Adams Funeral Home 705-728-4344 Gift Baskets Edible Arrangements 705-733-7775 Gymnastics Club Barrie Kempettes Gymnastics Club 705-726-0370 Hair Salon Gravity Salon Professionals 705-252-3992 Home Inspection Services Home Advantage Inspections 705-725-4815

Home Insurance Company Desjardins Insurance 877-659-1570 Home Staging Services Art of Staging and Design 705-331-6018 artofstaginganddesign. com Hospital Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre 705-728-9802 Hotel/Motel Hampton Inn & Suites 705-719-9666 Income Tax Preparation R.C. Bookkeeping 705-305-3700 Insurance Company Sun Life 877-786-5433 Internet Service Provider Bell Canada 866-310-BELL Investment Company Ravens Rock Wealth and Estate Planning 705-722-6878 Kennel Top Dog K9 Services 705-812-7529 Laundromat Mapleview Laundromat 705-794-3360 Law Firm Barriston Law 705-792-9200

Learning Centre Scholarly Elite Tutoring & Hybrid School 705-229-6284 Legal Services Barriston Law 705-792-9200 Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Credit & Debt Counselling 4pillars Consulting 705-812-0578 Life Insurance Company Michael Suter Freedom 55 Financial 705-728-5551 Find us on Facebook Maid Service Wishes Concierge 705-812-1719 Marina Lake Simcoe Marina 705-456-3131 Marine Equipment Dock in a Box 705-431-5881 Marriage, Family & Individual Counselling Family TLC 705-737-3513 Martial Arts Empire Mixed Martial Arts 705-728-8885 Mens Grooming History Barbershop 705-526-2887 Mobile Communications Bell Mobility 866-310-BELL

80 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:29 PM

Mortgage Company/ Services Anthem Mortgage Group 705-721-4509

Pet Grooming Top Dog K9 Services 705-812-7529

Senior Services Senior Helpers South Simcoe 705-300-2424 Photography Studio/ Sewing Machine Services Moving Company/ Hipnotik Photography Sales/Services/ Supplies Services By Holly Bodkin Rockbrune Movers In Stitches Personal Sewing 705-728-0811 Picture Framing 705-698-1636 Artistic Frameworks Find us on Facebook barrie-movers 705-737-1278 Shoe Repair Music Instruction Fix-em Up Shoe Repair Studio Tiana Print/Imaging 705-722-0926 705-733-6208 Services Find us on Facebook Instant Imprints Signs New Business 705-503-7652 SignEdge Rebel Tattoo Company 705-999-5332 705-252-1222 centers/barrie barrie-on Private School New Home Building Kempenfelt Bay School Skating Club/Lessons SanDiego Homes 705-739-4731 National Training Rink 705-436-5445 705-722-5752 Public Relations Nursery School Taylor Media Tailors/Alterations My Pre Academy Promotions Bewitchin’ Stitchin’ 705-733-0123 Renee Duthie 705-881-4181 Radio Station Nursing Home/Long 107.5 Kool FM Tanning Studio Term Care Centre 705-896-1055 Sun Emporium Grove Park Home 705-733-2227 705-726-1003 Real Estate Law Firm Barriston Law Tattoo/Piercing Overall Customer Studio 705-792-9200 Service Rebel Tattoo Company Brad’s Tree Service Ltd. 705-252-1222 Real Estate Office 705-607-2686 The Peggy Hill Team Taxi Company 705-739-4455 Personal Injury Law Deluxe Taxi Services 705-728-4444 Recording Studio Chapman Law One Star Studio 705-719-2200 Travel Agency Find us on Facebook Expedia Pest Control Services Retirement/Adult CruiseShipCenters Foster Lawn & Garden Lifesyle Community 705-727-7681 Roberta Place 705-726-9189 705-728-2900 Barrie Security Services Pet Boarding/ Veterinary Services Investigative Risk Daycare Allandale Veterinary Management Hospital Top Dog K9 Services 705-503-5544 705-733-1422 705-812-7529

Video Game Store EB Games 705-719-6219 Videography Services Colin Steingard Photo + Video 705-817-4700 Watch Repair Voldi’s Time Centre 705-730-6661 Water Delivery/ Supply Great Lakes Water Solutions 705-726-7972 Web Design Think Forward Media 705-302-1869 Wedding Facility/ Venue Tangle Creek Golf & Country Club 705-720-2150

Best New Restaurant Cocina Mexicana 705-503-4476

Dinner Il Buco Ristorante 705-735-9595

Breakfast Jack’s Pancake Factory 705-733-3773

Doughnut Zehrs

Brunch Lazy Tulip Café 705-252-0910 Buffet Cocina Mexicana 705-503-4476 Cafe/Bistro Homestead Artisan Bakery 705-252-3680 Casual Fine Dining Il Buco Ristorante 705-735-9595

Wedding Planning Chicken All Things Love Events Mary Brown’s 705-818-5878 705-792-1111 Wedding Services Chinese 2 Girls & Your Bar Mandarin 705-718-8604 705-727-1000 RESTAURANTS Coffee Shop Asian Homestead Artisan Thai Bamboo Bakery 705-739-6777 705-252-3680 Atmosphere Donaleigh’s Irish Public Delicatessan House Fox’s Bakery & Deli 705-252-7733 705-737-4646 Bar Donaleigh’s Irish Public Dessert The Sweet Oven House 705-733-9494 705-252-7733

Family Pie Wood Fired Pizza 705-725-9663 Fast Food AvocoBar 705-733-5050 Fine Dining Urban Dish 705-797-8909 Fish & Chips Danny’s Fish & Chips 705-721-8998 Food Truck Jonesy’s 705-817-2517 French Fries Malones Pint House 705-739-9070 Greek Casa Mia Restaurant 705-737-3663 Hamburger Kenzington’s Burger Bar 705-725-1667 Hot Dog Costco 705-728-2350 Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt Kawartha Dairy 705-726-0355 Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019 | 81


2019-10-28 12:29 PM

Ribs Big Bone BBQ 705-733-2663

Vegetarian Lazy Tulip Café 705-252-0910

Italian Il Buco Ristorante 705-735-9595

Roadhouse Kenzington’s Burger Bar 705-725-1667

Wine List Painters Hall 705-797-8844

Lunch Fresh-A-Fare 705-722-3787

Salad Bar Fresh-A-Fare 705-722-3787

Indian Tara Authentic Indian Cuisine 705-737-1821

Mediterranean Casa Mia Restaurant 705-737-3663 Mexican Cocina Mexicana 705-503-4476 Outdoor Patio The Farmhouse 705-737-0522

Sandwiches Fox’s Bakery & Deli 705-737-4646 Sausage Costco 705-728-2350 Seafood Danny’s Fish & Chips 705-721-8998

Overall Service Cocina Mexicana 705-503-4476

Sports Bar The Lockeroom 705-720-9060

Pita/Wraps Pita Pit

Steak The Keg 705-720-7333

Pizza Pie Wood Fired Pizza 705-725-9663 Poutine Smoke’s Poutinerie 705-733-2873

Sub Shop Firehouse Subs 705-721-8881 Sushi Sakana House 705-721-0888

Pub Donaleigh’s Irish Public Take Out House Thai Bamboo 705-252-7733 705-739-6777 Restaurant With a Thai View Thai Bamboo The Farmhouse 705-737-0522 705-739-6777

Wings The Lockeroom 705-720-9060 SHOPPING

Children’s Clothing/ Footwear Once Upon a Child 705-726-7577 Children’s Store Toys R Us 705-408-0297 China/Gift Shop Concession Road Mercantile 705-530-9633

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82 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:29 PM






CAR WASH & AUTO DETAILING Our newest Barrie location at 560 Yonge St. provides state of the art options and convenience for customers. OPEN 24 Hours for the 8-Bay Coin Wash and 2 Touch Free Tunnels! Get the CLEAN You Want 24 Hrs a day! 129 Anne St. S. 705-739-0381


560 Yonge St. NOW OPEN

153 Burton Ave. SELF SERVE

416 Dunlop St. 705-726-9865

2019-10-28 12:33 PM

84 | Readers’ Choice Barrie 2019


2019-10-28 12:33 PM

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