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Four Reasons Why Businesses Need Cloud PBX Systems Cloud-based private branch exchanges (PBX) are gaining in popularity as companies of all sizes realize how this type of technology can cater to evolving business communications needs. Cloud PBX—an Internet-powered telephone system hosted by a third party that stores and maintains its infrastructure offsite—provides the elasticity businesses need to thrive and survive, while enabling seamless enterprise collaboration. According to a recent global survey conducted by TNS and CSC, 80 percent of businesses that adopted the technology experienced an improvement in their IT performance within six months of making the switch. Overall, of the more than 3,000 respondents, 93 percent saw an increase in IT performance since migrating to the cloud. While saving money is something any wise business owner should try to do—and 82 percent of companies surveyed reported saving money on their most recent cloud adoption project—33 percent of survey respondents reported choosing the cloud primarily because it encouraged mobility. The cost savings came as an added benefit. If you’re a business owner thinking about upgrading to a new telephone system, here are five reasons to adopt cloud technology today: 1.

It saves money: Businesses can power their data and phone needs through one system,

saving the company from having to pay for separate network connections. Since phone calls are sent over the Internet, paying for long distance or international calls will have a much lessened impact on your monthly bill, which is an advantage that even SIP Trunking users making a phased transition to a fully-hosted solution can enjoy. 2. It’s requires less equipment. Plus, the equipment for the system is stored and maintained by a third party, eliminating the need to invest in and maintain expensive on-site equipment and freeing up space and money to be allocated elsewhere. Aside from the phones themselves, you won’t have to invest in any infrastructure which would otherwise depreciate over time. 3.

It’s professional: Your employees are constantly on the go. Cloud technology allows network

users to make calls using their business line ID regardless of where they are located at the moment. The system can be configured to make calls made from an employee’s mobile device look as though they are being made from the office. 4.

Its secure: The flexibility the cloud also protects your company’s communication systems.

Even in the event of unfavorable weather conditions that lead to power outages or prevent workers from getting to the office, your business will maintain continuity as employees can still access your data and your phones.


It saves time: Leave the IT work to the IT professionals. Rather than wasting time

maintaining an in-house system or calling and then waiting for the help of an outsourced technician when your system goes down, a cloud PBX service is monitored by trained professionals who will keep an eye out for problems before they arise. Hosted PBX gives you one less thing about which to worry. 6.

It’s scalable: Sure, you want your business to grow continually. But where will you be one

year from now? What about five years from now? Cloud-based platforms are scalable, meaning you can add or subtract lines quickly and easily. Give your employees the service and equipment they need when they need it, and don’t worry about having to scale back if you need to for any reason in the future. Author Box: Momentum is one of the best hosted VoIP solutions providers that offer a wide range of services for residential, small business, and enterprise level use. Along with other services like unified communications, hosted contact center, SIP trunking and virtual fax service.

Four Reasons Why Businesses Need Cloud PBX Systems  

Cloud-based private branch exchanges (PBX) are gaining in popularity as companies of all sizes realize how this type of technology can cater...

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