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Aug. - Oct. 2012: Issue 9


The Back-to-School Issue


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Stay tuned for Homecoming Pictures in the next issue of the GoldenEagle.

District News

Exemplary Expansion for Early Childhood Campus AWB-FLA breaks ground on new early childhood campus in August

After the muchawaited AWB-FLA school auditorium, AWB has begun its next phase of the expansion project. After the new business offices magically appeared in what seemed like overnight, construction for the new Early Childhood building began in August. The new Early Childhood building is an extension of the current building where Pre-K and Kindergarten classes currently reside. This year, the Kindergarten team joined the Early Childhood campus filling all classroom portables and the enlarged cafeteria constructed to hold all 10 sections of each grade level at one time. Benjamin Solomon, Technology Director, said the new Early Childhood building will be equipped with school view which is the audio and video AWB system primarily used for dismissal. The 30 plus classrooms will have Promethean boards and students will have access to two outdoor playgrounds, a gym, music and art rooms and

Photo by: I’sha Gaines

By: I’sha Gaines The GoldenEagle Editor

The new early childhood building is pictured above

computer lab. The tentative movein date into the Early Childhood building is in the summer of 2013. “We’re thinking about the future. We can’t expand upper grade levels if we didn’t move Kinder out and where would we put 8th grade if we didn’t move 1st out,” Solomon said. Thankfully, in the future, AWB teachers will find a more permanent home between the North, South, and Duncanville campuses. The Early Childhood extension will later house PreKindergarten classrooms only. The Intermediate campus will become the Elementary building for grades K-2nd and middle school grade levels will move to the 105 acres of land that AW Brown owns for the middle school, high school, and performing arts center in Duncanville. In the meantime, “we’re working out the logistics and financial responsibility of expanding to the Duncanville property,” Solomon said. “There are strategic plans in place.”

Tammy Williams, Kindergarten teacher, said although the move was overwhelming she’s happy to get her Promethean board back once the new Early Childhood expansion is complete. “I really love technology!” Williams said. “I’m really looking forward to using it again.” Williams recognizes that expansion also means growth. “It’s a great opportunity for the students,” Williams said. “It’s awesome for them to experience it with us. We’re living through it. It’s awesome to just be a part of it. I have 2nd, 5th and 6th grade boys, so I don’t have to worry about them going to another [school in the future].” Another upside to the Early Childhood expansion project is the number of new parking spaces that will open for parent parking. There will be more than 170 parking spaces available. There will also be two entrances on both ends of the Expansion Continued on Pg.3

The ability to communicate to individuals and to speak well before small and large groups is one of the determinants of how successful one can be in life. Following the schoolwide Olympic theme of “Where Champions are Created”, this year’s oratorical contest will feature poems that are all about the “Heart of a Champion.” When told of the theme, teachers eagerly searched out poems that focused on the importance of having the heart of a champion in all you do in life. In-class competition for the Oratorical Contest is Thursday, October 25. The school-wide Oratorical Contest will be held on November 1. The Oratorical committee members are Ms. Arnold, Ms. Faison, Mr. Holmes, Ms. A. Smith and Ms. Waller.

Annual Oratorical Contest

Royal Flush

District News

The AWB-FLA staff team won the Homecoming football game Friday, October 19, 2012 at 7:30p.m. Final Score: 32-20. The team wore royal blue jerseys and welcomed new team members with open arms. Holmes middle school band and majorettes began the homecoming game festivities and jumped off the half-time show. The AWB Majorettes also made their twirling debut. The ladies twirled in glitzy red and gold uniforms smiling all the way through.

- Dorothy Gentry, News Editor

What’s INSIDE “Natural World 4 Natural Girls”

AWB staff member hosts first event for natural hair. By: I’sha Gaines


“Homecoming Honeys”

5th Grade teachers play on Parent vs. Staff Homecoming football team together. By: I’sha Gaines

Pg. 4

“Kids Fall Fashion Lookbook”

Check out the hottest Fall jackets of the season. By: Micaela Titus

Pg. 8

A.W. Brown - Fellowship Leadership Academy

GoldenEagle.... theCREW Editor:

AWB-FLA staff member creates company that hosts annual events for natural hair.

Copy Editors: Marc Morrow, ESL Director & HEROES Community Service Coordinator

ebonyKENNEDY, 6th grade Student marissaMOORE, Pre-K 4 Teacher

myrondaSOWELL, Kindergarten Teacher ardinaCOLBY, Kindergarten Teacher

micaelaTITUS, 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher Bailey, Jeda Harrison, Tierra Contributors: Makayla Derrick

Cartoonists: Jeremiah Bodwin Photographers: robertWHITE,, M.Moore, I.Gaines, D.Gentry, M.Titus

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By: I’sha Gaines, The GoldenEagle Editor

Staff Spotlight: Natural World for Natural Girls

Staff Writers:

BennyDunn, 4th Grade Student

Sometimes not finding what you’re looking for works in your favor. For Ms. Christale Thompson, searching did just that. What began as a quest for products to use on her natural hair ultimately became a business. Three years in the making, Thompson started A Natural World for Natural Girls and hosted her first event on September 15th. The event was held from 4p.m. to 7p.m., in the Dress Up Event Hall in Duncanville, TX, and hosted vendors like Oragno Gold, Natural Epiphany, Mocha Cosmetics and Deep in the Roots hair salon in Lancaster, TX. Guests were able to shop, socialize, participate in open forums, listen to a musical guest and learn new tricks for maintaining and taking care of their natural hair. Natural World for Natural

By: Ardina Colby, Staff Reporter & Columnist

Happy belated birthday to our most wonderful Principal, Mrs. Paula D. Brown.

There’s a celebrity in our midst! Our very own Mr. Winfred Dalcour (third grade) is appearing in the new movie Delivered. Released on October 5, 2012, Delivered is based on the true life story of Minister Bobby Ray Justice. No stranger to the stage or big screen, this is the third film role for Mr. Dalcour, and certainly not the last. Delivered

Campus Initiatives: Early Childhood Campus

Collecting Box Tops

Girls aims to host annual events that not only celebrate women and men who have natural hair, but also provide them with a resource to learn more about hair care products, services and the beauty and healthiness of their [natural] hair, Thompson said. Next year, Natural World for Natural Girls will host a 3-day triple threat event full of Natural Hair YouTube gurus, out-of-state speakers, poetry, hair shows, music, and professionals conducting How-To courses on make-up and hair. The event will conclude with an appreciation banquet. “[Businesses will] get awards for their services and things they do in the community,” Thompson said. “You know a lot of these natural hair care stylists give back to the community. I just want to give out awards for that – for [them] taking care of our children and taking care of our people.” Thompson advises future business owners to step out on faith to pursue their dreams. She said with the right timing, your business will flow. “My thing is if you’re out there and you want to start anything, ANYTHING, the best thing to do is to fast on it, pray about it, and God will let it happen,” Thompson said. “Just step out on faith and you’ll have no worries.”

Ms. Christale Thompson is the creative mind behind a Natural-World-for-Natural Girls. Mrs. Shimese Flowers, a supporter of Natural World for Natural Girls, said attending the event was exciting and refreshing. Flowers said she met many vendors who sold items not available in the general market. “It was definitely refreshing to be apart of something that I’m actually going through,” Flowers said. “Ms. Thompson did her thing, she was on point. She listened to God. We’re looking forward to the second annual event.”

Celebrity on Campus: Winfred Dalcour Makes 3rd Grade Teacher is featured in movie production.

Happy Birthday!


Natural World for Natural Girls Host Annual Event

i’shaGAINES, Pre-K 4 Teacher

dorothyGENTRY, 4th Grade Teacher

News Editor:

premiered to select audiences in early October and a national release announcement is expected soon. Movie set. Stage. Classroom. It doesn’t matter to Mr. Dalcour. He says he lives by this quote, “Happiness doesn’t depend on how much you have to enjoy, but how much you enjoy what you have.” Dalcour is happily married to Pre-K Teacher Kim Dalcour, and they have two lovely daughters. Dalcour’s next project will be a play called, “Papa was a Rolling Stone”. The production will premiere on October 27th. See Mr. Dalcour for ticket information.

Mr. Winfred Dalcour poses in front of his movie display

Parents and Students: Please cut out box tops from you favorite products. The products will be turned in for cold hard CASH. Let’s get to collecting!

Contact Carla Butler email: phone extension : 2143

Go online to for a complete list of participating box tops products.

A.W. Brown - Fellowship Leadership Academy Texas Law and Politics


District News

In March, the 81st Texas Legislative Session brought forth many new laws that can effect schools, kids, and parents. We’ve compiled some of the important ones to keep you informed. ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS, VACCINATIONS, AND SAFETY

Two bills related to child vaccination passed. SB 347 by Senator Jane Nelson, which was signed into law by the Governor, allows for immunization information to be released to emergency providers in the case of a disaster. HB 1409 by Representative Chuck Hopson was signed by the Governor. It increases access to influenza vaccinations for children older than age 7 by allowing pharmacists to administer them. Since this is the first year that the Center for Disease Control has recommended that vaccination for influenza be included for all children in the regular vaccination schedule, some policy makers have suggested using schools as a site for administering these vaccinations.

SB 61 by Senator Judith Zaffirini takes effect September 1, 2009. It requires that children under eight years old be secured in a safety seat while in an automobile; the current law applies to children under five years old. Two bills related to child vaccination passed. SB 347 by Senator Jane Nelson, which was signed into law by the Governor, allows for immunization information to be released to emergency providers in the case of a disaster. HB 1409 by Representative Chuck Hopson was signed by the Governor. It increases access to influenza vaccinations for children older than age 7 by allowing pharmacists to administer them. Since this is the first year that the Center for Disease Control has recommended that vaccination for influenza be included for all children in the regular vaccination schedule, some policy makers have suggested using schools as a site for administering these vaccinations.


Three bills passed and were signed by the Governor regarding newborn screenings. HB 1795 “Greyson’s Law” by Representative Paula Pierson expands the scope of genetic disorders screened for at birth. HB 1672 by Representative Myra Crownover, requires DSHS to add sickle cell newborn screening to existing requirements. It also requires DSHS to disclose its usage of genetic material collected during newborn screenings and allows parents the option of having genetic material destroyed. Funding for 10 cystic fibrosis screening was also appropriated in the budget. HB 1671, also by Representative Myra Crownover, authorizes DSHS to enter into contracts with other states to ensure continuity of newborn screening services in the event that a disaster affects the state laboratory.

By: I’sha Gaines The GoldenEagle Editor AWB-FLA has begun a new district-wide reading initiative. During dismissal students will drop everything and read. Dubbed D.E.A.R time, students will be provided with books to read together as they wait for their parents to pick them up. D.E.A.R time is a special reading celebration to remind and encourage families to make reading together on a daily basis a family priority, the national website said. National D.E.A.R day is on April 12th, which is the birthday of

renowned author Beverly Cleary. For AWB-FLA, D.E.A.R time will provide students with additional time to tackle classroom reading assignments and requirements for daily reading logs. Teachers will have carts full of books for students to choose from. Dean Michelle Briscoe introduced the reading initiative at a September staff meeting.

building. One spot will be utilized for parents and the other for AWB-FLA staff members, Solomon said. Autrelle Scott, an AWB-FLA parent who walks his daughter into school daily from the Toys-R-Us parking lot, said more parking spaces will be more convenient for parents who park and walk. Scott said he’s okay with the changes AWB-FLA

is making and feels most parents will enjoy parking closer. He said he personally doesn’t mind walking from across the street. “[I don’t mind walking], I’m on the move anyway,” Scott said. “[More parking spaces] would be much easier and faster.”

Expansion continued from Pg.1

By: Marissa Moore, Staff Writer VOTE: Have Your Voice Heard! Any registered voter may vote early, beginning October 22, 2012, by appearing in person. Early voting ends

on November 2, 2012. You may vote at any early voting location in your county of registration. You will be able to find Election Day voting locations by searching the site Also, many newspapers publish Election Day polling locations. The hours of voting on Election Day are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Only specific reasons entitle a registered voter to vote early by mail (no longer called absentee voting). You may request a ballot by mail if you: 1. will be away from your county on Election Day and during early voting. 2. are sick or disabled;

3. are 65 years of age or older on Election Day; or 4. are confined in jail.

Pre-Kindergarten students sit in the hallway of the Early Childhood campus reading books during DEAR time.

Many elections are very close, and every vote counts. Just think, your vote could be the tie-breaking vote in a close election. Now that you have the information on when, where, and how; Get out there and vote!

Ads sponsored by the H.E.R.O.E.S Project, Marc Morrow

Failed, failed, failed. And then... PERSISTENCE


2012 Parent vs. Staff Football Homecoming Game brings us the love from two 5th Grade Teachers and their ‘hubbies’


Boy Scouts #5701 enjoyed a fun-filled day at Mavstoberfest, in the American Airlines Center. Shout out to Spud Webb for coming to our section.

Photo by: I’sha Gaines

Boy Scouts

Kellen and Venita Buffington

The Ingrams

Photo by: Micaela Titus

there, playing together because really it’s either I’m playing something or she’s playing something,” Ingram said. “So it’s kind of different this year playing together. Ever since we’ve been together, she’s either playing softball or I’m doing something, so it’s like the first time we’re seeing each other, as far as sports. “Other than baseball,” Regina Ingram adds. Right other than baseball, this is totally different,” Cedric Ingram says. Cedric Ingram admits that the pair is very competitive – even if it’s a board game match – but in particularly with sports. “Anything I do dealing with sports, I’m competitive,” Ingram said, “It’s not gonna be hard to lose focus [during the game]. She’s the same way. We hate to lose.” Regina Ingram said, the camarade rie of the AWB-FLA staff team motivated her hubby to play. The pair met her freshman year at University of Houston and are both coaches. Regina Ingram coaches the AWB-FLA volleyball teams, while Cedric Ingram coaches lil’ league baseball for

their son. More debates for the pair to have, Regina Ingram said the pair often debate the rules of sports. “We don’t really argue much about playing sports,” Regina Ingram said. “We argue about how sports are supposed to be played.” Specifically why a team

Volley Ball

DUNCANVILLE - Homecoming brings us a lot of things: alumni, silly dress downs days, heightened school spirit and more, but this year it’s bringing something extra - love. These lovebirds, noticeably together, were on one accord, and not just any old accord – they were all married. The Ingram’s and the Buffington’s geared up for the Homecoming game – married style. Their “Good Job, baby’s” and flirtatious mannerisms on the field didn’t go unnoticed. Not to mention, they can really play. The pairs played together on Oct. 19, 2012 in the Parent vs. Staff Homecoming Football game. The Buffington’s together practiced as defensive lineman while Mrs. Regina Ingram intercepted the football on defense and her husband Cedric Ingram gained a heap of yards while practicing in the receiver position. This was the first year; either family play together. Cedric Ingram played with parent football team last year, while his wife, Regina Ingram carried their third child – Leila Ingram. “It kind of feels good being

Photo by: I’sha Gaines

By: I’sha Gaines, The GoldenEagle Editor

Pg. 4 Cedric and Regina Ingram

Homecoming Honeys

The Buffingtons

A.W. Brown - Fellowship Leadership Academy

Coach Regina Ingram motivates volleyball team during a time out.

At Left: The Buffingtons appear pointing at their football jerseys on the field. Mrs. “Buff CincoCinco” and Mr. “Buff DA Stuff” married on 5.05.12. Their sons all wear #55 on the backs of their football jerseys in remembrance of that day.

chooses to blitz when they do. And as for flirting, we’ll be in for a treat. Regina Ingram confirms, “Yes, absolutely!” there will be more. “If I’m going to flirt with anyone it should be my husband – so why not.” “We’ve been at this thing for 11 years, we know how to keep it game ready.”


Eaglettes Dance Troupe

The dancers had the opportunity to participate in the Cedar Hill High School 3 day dance camp in September. After completing in the dance camp, the Eaglettes also had an opportunity to perform at the Cedar Hill High school football game pregame and halftime show with the Cedar Hill High Steppers Friday, September 28th.

A.W. Brown - Fellowship Leadership Academy Early Childhood


Stop, Drop and Tie

Pg. 5

Bully Be Gone: Campaign Kicks off with Rally

Pre-K Teachers hosts first annual shoe-tying campaign.

Photo by: Myronda Sowell

Mr. Jackie Ransom AKA Mr. Shoetie performs “Tie Your Shoes Jack”

Photo by: Myronda Sowell

Bullying Program kicks off campaign with pep rally.

By: I’sha Gaines, The GoldenEagle Editor If you’ve never experienced the time and patience it takes to teach a Pre-K and Kinder student to tie their shoes, then you have no idea what patience is! AWB-FLA Kindergarten and Pre-K4 teachers hosted the first annual shoe-tying campaign in the month of September. For 10 minutes each day,

The Stringettes: Ms. Gaines, Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Gardner

shoe-tying was implemented into the students’ daily routine. Teachers took time out to teach their students how to tie their shoes. Students were taught the bunny-ear shoe tying method and celebrated their efforts at the shoe-tying assembly. At the assembly, students competed in a shoe-tying relay race, learned about shoe-tying safety and sung along to “Tie Your Shoes Jack” a song written for the Shoe-tying campaign. The song was presented by Pre-K Teachers Mr. Shoetie (Mr. Jackie Ransom) and the Stringettes (Ms. Marissa Moore , Ms. Karea Gardner, and Ms. I’sha Gaines). Congratulations to every participant and teacher who taught shoe-tying with amazing patience.

Student Opinon: Back to School

Back-2-School Thoughts - 4th Grade Contributors

Makayla Bailey, 4F

Coming back to school this year has been so much fun! I have made new friends and have great and exciting new teachers. I am also learning new things and having new experiences. Coming back to school has been better than I expected. Fourth grade is a little tough but it promises to be a fun year! -Makayla Bailey, 4F

Jeda Harrison, 4B

Going back to school is my favorite time of year. When I get back to school, I find some of my friends and catch up with them. I also like school because you get to see your new and old teachers. This year I have some great teachers and have already experienced some new things. In writing, I am learning how to write “fourth-grade sentences”. This is going to be a great year! -Jeda Harrison, 4B

By: Dorothy Gentry, News Editor The second full year of A.W. Brown’s Anti-Bullying Prevention program – ‘Stop the Bullying – We are Family’ was kicked-off with an energy and excitement-filled rally in the school’s auditorium last month. During the rally, students and audience members were treated to music, singing and performances from groups such as the Honor Choir, cheerleaders, Lovely Ladiz and the Speech and Debate team, and lively bantering from MC Mr. Dalcour and DJ BenSolo (Mr. Solomon). Speech and Debate team members performed skits and read speeches related to bullying and Mr. Morrow led the students in a fun game that centered on the importance of synergy and working together. At the end of the game student representatives put their hands in washable paint and left their handprints on paper. This gesture was a symbol of “just squashing” bullying. “We are determined to stop bullying before it starts,” said Dr. George Banks, sponsor of the AntiBullying Program. Dr. Banks reviewed the definition of bullying and an outline of the schools’ Anti-Bullying Discipline Plan. Students were also educated on how to report bullying incidents, how to assist others and strategies to prevent bullying. AWB-FLA’s Anti-Bullying Program was conceived by students and is led by a core student leadership team. Last year, a group of 5th graders came to Brown Principal Ms. Paula Brown with a proposal to try

to help stop the spread of bullying on campus. This group of now 6th graders is now honorary members of the program. They are: D’aheja Gillis, Diamond Durham, Bryson Green, Ashleigh Ekwenugo, Ariyana Cooper, Chynna Crawford, Darius Durham, Dominique Labbe, Faith Taylor and Donovon Curtis. From that single meeting in Ms. Brown’s office, the anti-bullying program began to take shape. Dr. was added as the sponsor, joined later by co-sponsors and staff leadership team members, Ms. Colleen Robinson, Mr. Dwain Thompson, Ms. Chavalla Arnold, Ms. Anika Maiden and Ms. Dorothy Gentry. The purpose of the “Stop the Bullying” program is to initiate awareness of the seriousness of bullying and its effects on its victims as well as the bully. It designed to prevent bullying and protect students and staff from the abuse of negative behavior, inclusive of the physical and verbal acts. Students will be positively engaged through peer mediation sessions that help them learn to resolve conflicts without violence. AWB-FLA offers mentoring as a resource for students who might need more individual support. In addition, the anti-bullying program features character education with a focus on teaching respect, responsibility, integrity, initiative and commitment. Student Cartoonist: Back to School

A.W. Brown is a wonderful school and this year is already turning out to be my best! The teachers are nice and are teaching us a lot of good information. I love school. Fourth grade is very important. You take a lot of tests and you have to really work hard! But it is worth it. -Tierra Derrick – 4F

Photo by: Dorothy Gentry

Tierra Derrick – 4F

Dr. Banks appears on-stage with students during the bullying campaign assembly.

By: Jeremiah Bodwin

A.W. Brown - Fellowship Leadership Academy

100% Attend College at Urban School Chicago Charter School With 100% College Acceptance Rate

By: Marissa Moore, Staff Writer It would be a dream come true if all students graduating from A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy were able to attend college. A school with a one hundred percent college acceptance rate is unheard of …until now. Urban Prep Charter School, located in Chicago, has announced that all 107 boys in its first graduating class have been accepted to a four-year college. What is their secret to success? The odds seemed stacked against them as the school, which is composed entirely of AfricanAmerican male students, had only 4 percent of their first incoming class reading at grade level. But by the time they became seniors they had all been molded into what A.W. Brown calls “S.E.E.D.S”; Smart, Effective, Efficient, Disciplined Students. In Chicago, where only about 40% of African-American boys even graduate at all, and out of those 40% only about half go on to college, how did this new charter school manage to train such champions? The answer lies in several domains, but one that stands out is the requirement that students show LEADERSHIP. All students are required to participate in extracurricular activities as well as public service. They are also taught the 4R’s: ritual, respect, responsibility, and relationships. Founder and CEO Tim King states, “I say we give (the students) shields and swords.

The swords are hopefully this great education. They know how to read and write and add. Equally important, and perhaps more important, are the shields: resiliency, self-confidence, and self-awareness. Hopefully we have instilled these things, really woven them throughout the curriculum.” Another contributing factor to their success is the wonderful and dedicated faculty. Teachers make themselves available outside of class hours to counsel students on issues ranging from homelessness, family dynamics, and money troubles. The number one criterion used to make hiring decisions is that teachers believe in the mission, says King. This is another similarity to A.W. Brown where our mission statement is always kept at the forefront of teachers’ minds. Part of the mission of Urban Prep is to make students feel safe at school. The neighborhoods surrounding the school are gang territory, but the school grounds themselves are a safe oasis. All students are required to wear a uniform including a blazer and tie. They are addressed by their last names. The atmosphere is allbusiness and very professional. The most unique feature of Urban Prep’s culture is its focus on college, an emphasis that infuses every aspect of the school – from an achievement-oriented mission statement that students recite daily to the framed acceptance letters that decorate the walls. The young men take pride in swapping their red ties for red and gold striped ones after they are accepted into a college program. During this exciting period of growth for A.W. Brown, as new grade levels are being added and new buildings being constructed, it is a crucial time to reflect on the importance of a focus on college for our students. Hopefully our school will be the one in the news for a 100% college acceptance rate in the near future!

On the 10,000th try therewas light. OPTIMISM

Thomas Edison Ads sponsored by the H.E.R.O.E.S Project, Marc Morrow

Random Relevance with Ardina Colby

Pg. 6

...Things with which we all deal.


The word alone can wreak havoc on one’s nerves. Well, maybe it’s just my nerves. I am not, however, ashamed to admit it. My name is Ardina and I struggle with deadlines. Sometimes it feels like I’m the only person in the whole wide world who’s THIS discombobulated and unorganized. In addition to my dayto-day duties, I’m actually supposed to remember when 100 other things are due? Turn receipts in. Send email by Tuesday. Reply by Next Monday. Submit order form by Friday at noon. Write down every-single-positive parent contact AND remember to turn them in. Send attendance. Don’t send it too early though. Get those grades in. Sigh! Maybe there’s a support group for people like me . . . procrastinators anonymous? Overworked anonymous? Spread too thin anonymous? But I’m an educator. Aren’t I (Am I not) supposed to be uberorganized? I mean, I plan my lessons a week, sometimes WEEKS, ahead of schedule for crying out loud. I hang my clothes in order by color and type. My socks are folded and

At-Home Projects

Sowell’s Sizzling Science By: Myronda Sowell, Staff Writer

Making It Rain: A Weather Experiment

Materials: glass jar, plate, water, and ice cubes

Experiment: 1. Heat your water until it is steaming. 2. Pour the hot water into a jar until it is about 1/3 filled. Put a plate on the top of the jar. Wait a minute or two before the next step. 3. Put the ice cubes on top of the plate and watch closely to see what happens inside the jar. 4. Streaks of water will run down the side of the jar, making rain! What happens? The cold plate causes the moisture in

stacked from lightest to darkest. Wait a minute! Maybe I AM organized . . .sort of . . .kind of . . . in certain areas. Well, then why do I still struggle with deadlines? Does anyone else have this condition?

Maybe I work better under pressure? Maybe the right-brained artist inside of me just can’t stand the structure? Maybe, just maybe, the life of an educator is just so stuffed and full that racing to meet and beat deadlines is just a way of life?

Hmmmm. Maybe I’m onto something. But deadlines are a part of life aren’t they? I guess I can either figure out how to get it all done . . .by the deadline, or deal with the consequences. The truth is, I am learning. Writing everything down in the same calendar helps a lot. I just have to remember to actually write it all down. And sometimes, I just have to force myself to sit down, tune everything out and just get it done. Occasionally I set reminders on my cell phone. Now, if only I can remember where I wrote it all, where I put it, and where my phone is. Next column. Forgetfulness.

the warm air, which is inside the jar, to condense and form water droplets. This is the same thing that happens in the atmosphere. Warm, moist air rises and meets colder air high in the atmosphere. The water vapor condenses and forms precipitation that falls to the ground.

Literature Connection: Rain by Robert Kalan & Donald Crews Little Cloud by Eric Carle The Rain Came Down by David Shannon

Photo by: Myronda Sowell

In Our World

Myronda Sowell’s Kindergarten class looks on during their “Make it Rain” science activity.

Campus Transportation

Shuttle Bus Service

By: I’sha Gaines, The GoldenEagle Editor

If the little engine could, then so can we. AWB-FLA has begun its morning transportation/bus service for the 2012 – 2013 academic school year. The bus service provides continuous morning transportation to any AWB-FLA students dropped off between the times of 7:05 a.m. and 7:50 a.m. The bus service provides parents with an alternative to the morning car lines and FEP services. Parents who have multiple children that attend both campuses can also utilize this service to make dropping off easier. Shelter is provided to students in case of inclement weather days. There are National Celebrations

Hispanic Heritage Month AWB-FLA Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

By: Micaela Titus, Staff Writer

Joyful laughter and Mariachi music could be heard down the halls of the intermediate campus as students learned about different cultures during Hispanic Heritage Month. Hispanic Heritage Month officially started in 1968 as a week-long event, but was increased to 30 days by President Ronald Reagan. The observation begins on September 15 and concludes on October 15. Our own awareness program started with morning announcements that were administered by numerous 7th grade students. Even though some students are still not keenly aware of Hispanic Heritage Month, many are aware of some of the traditions involved in the culture. Sixth grade Bryson Green said, “I do not know much about Hispanic Heritage Month, but I do know about their music and clothing. I really like the bright colors they

also two licensed adults on the bus at all times. Students riding the AWBFLA buses can be dropped off at the Southeast corner of Red Bird Lane and Westmoreland Road. Jayson Walton, Intermediate School Dean and Athletic Director, said the bus route is a needed service that was presented by AWB-FLA Principal Ms. Brown. He said many parents are pleased with the new system, the day-to-day operations of the transportation team and effectiveness of the program. The bus service can also be used for field trips and athletic events. “Expansion of the transportation services will be decided by our school board in the future, but as for now, we’re grateful for what we have,” Walton said. “Anytime a component can be added to better serve the organization, it is always a great thing.”

wear in traditional dances and they have great Mariachi music.” Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month teachers find different ways to incorporate cultural assignments in their classrooms to help increase cultural awareness for students. Sixth grade math and science teacher Dwain Thompson said, “Increasing cultural awareness through all subjects, even math and science, are important to the overall mission and goal of the school.” Hispanics have made major contributions to American culture through various arenas such as sports and food. Third grader Kynnedi Smith said, “I love Hispanic food, but especially Mexican food. Tacos and nachos are my favorite.” Hispanics have also made strides in politics and entertainment. In 2009, Sonia Sotomayor became the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice. Desi Arnaz is best known for his music and his famous role as Ricky Ricardo in I Love Lucy. Whether it is through TV shows or music, Hispanic culture is part of our own American culture and history.

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Out And About

State Fair of Texas By: Marissa Moore, Staff Writer

DALLAS - The theme of the 126th annual State Fair of Texas was “Big and Bright” and featured an illuminated Chinese Lantern Festival. These aren’t your typical Chinese paper lanterns. Fairgoers enjoyed unique sights such as a 110-yard long dragon, panda bears, and other colorful structures. In addition to the new displays, visitors also enjoyed old favorites such as the 52-foot high Big Tex shouting his classic greeting of “Howdy Folks!” If your favorite part of the fair were the fried goodies, then you had a treat! I hope you tried this year’s Big Tex Choice Award for “Best Taste” which was deepfried jambalaya. It’s the fifth time Chef Abel Gonzales has wowed the judges with his mouth-watering concoctions. If sweet treats are what you craved, I hope you tried Christi Erpillo’s deep-fried Girl Scout cookies. Or perhaps a few pieces of Sutter’s salt water taffy. Sutter’s is the oldest of the 200 food vendors at the fair and churns out over 8,000 pounds of taffy a day! If that didn’t impress you, maybe Brett Enright’s 80,000 pound grill truck did the trick. He says it’s the “biggest, baddest, awesomest cooking machine on the road.” The State Fair opened Friday, September 28, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. and ran through October 21, 2012. School was closed for Fair Day on Friday, October 5, 2012.

Women’s Health

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Breast Cancer Awareness By: Marissa Moore, Staff Writer October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are many events going on in our community as well as at our school. Below is a brief calendar of these events:

Booting Out Cancer Drive: Ongoing Drop a donation in the pink boots found in the front office of both campuses.

Community Mammography Outreach: Ongoing. Schedule a screening with the mobile mammography unit by calling 214266-1694. Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure: Saturday, October 20, 2012 “Breast Cancer Reception for Women’s Health” Wednesday, October 24, 2012 10:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Think Pink Day: Friday, October 26, 2012 EC Campus (Students will participate in events like the Pink Walk, Pink Jump, Pink Musical Chairs, and more!) Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk: FridaySunday, November 2-4, 2012

The 3-Day Walk is a 60-mile walk over the course of 3 days. Walkers are asked to raise over $2,000 each in donations for breast cancer research and community programs. Please keep Ms. Marissa Moore (Pre-K teacher) in your thoughts, as she will be walking on a team for the first time this year in memory of her aunt.

During production time, we received sad news that the 60-year-old Big Tex memorial suffered severe injuries from an electrical fire. Pictured to the right is a memorial laid out for him - including flowers, cards, fair tickets, corndog and hamburger bouquets. Keep him in your prayers during this time.

Photo by: Marissa Moore

A.W. Brown - Fellowship Leadership Academy

Campus Initiatives

Student Council Annual Food Drive Dear Parents:

Each year millions of people, including children, are without nutritious food and have no means of getting it. In the effort to combat this growing problem, - A.W. BrownFellowship Leadership Academy participates in the annual city-wide food drive hosted by Senator Royce West. We will be hosting the food drive until November 13, 2012. This year’s goal is to collect 4,500 pounds. In order to do so, we would like to petition your help by asking you to donate non-perishable food items to your child’s class. The most charitable class will win a pizza party, so please collaborate with your child’s teacher by donating any extra food items you may have. The smallest amount does make a difference. The collected items will be donated to the North Texas Food Bank. Thank you in advance for your support and commitment to making our school a wonderful educational institution and a community entity that gives back. - A.W.B.F.L.A. Student Council

A.W. Brown - Fellowship Leadership Academy

Fall Fashions with Micaela Titus

Girl’s Fall Fashion

Crowd Pleaser (Faux Leopard Vest, Forever 21, $29.90)

SuDoku with the Eagles

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The object is to insert the numbers in the boxes to satisfy only one condition: each row, column and 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 through 9 exactly once. What could be simpler?

Beautiful Bombshell (Hooded Puffer Jacket, H&M, $29.95) Varsity Chic (Fleece Jacket, Karma Loop, $72)

Raise you hand if you peeked at the answers?

Boy’s Fall Fashion Mr. Swag (Hooded Fleece Jacket, 77 Kids by American Eagle, $49.95)

It’s OK, that’s what they’re here for, but next time try not to look! Student Athlete (N98 Track Jacket, Nike, $70)

Prep Student (Knit Fabric with Elbow Patches, H&M, $24.95)

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