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March - May 2012: Issue 8

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The Graduation Issue

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Campus Initiatives

Renew, Reuse, Recycle - Girl Scouts Recycling Challenge Students trashed the AWB-FLA parking lot with more than 16,000 bottles on Friday April 20th. On purpose, as a part of the AWB Girl Scouts recycling initiative. Ms. Sherrie Thurmon and the AWB Girls Scouts, rallied the entire elementary grade levels to collect bottles for the month of April. The contest ended on Earth Day, with students chunking the bottles into a trash truck provided by the “Once-A-Week Dallas” recycling program. Graduations

Today I Smile By: i’shaGAINES, The GoldenEagle Editor

Kindergarten graduation takes place in Leadership Auditorium

Kindergartners graced the stage in golden robes in the Leadership Auditorium on May 10, 2012 at 7p.m. Singing two selections lead by teachers Tammy Williams and William Holmes, the program ended with the “Smile Remix” by William Holmes. Parents and family members eagerly watched in celebration of the Kindergartner’s accomplishments. Kinder Parent, Verna James, said she’s proud of her daughter.

“I am happy she made it to graduation,” she said. “It’s a big accomplishment for her.” James learned that for a child to be successful in school, parents should form a partnership with their teacher “to help teach the student!” James was happy to say that she has a good repor with Leah’s teacher Ms. Melinda Morrow. “She’s good at letting you the progress of your child,” James said. Leah, her daughter, said she’s progressed in learning her ABC’s, 123’s and reading. The now 1st grader proudly greeted her friends as they arrived to the graduation in their golden gowns. “I want to be their friends for weeks and years,” Leah said. Leah said she loved Ms. Morrow as her Kindergarten teacher because she taught her to learn and that “she is pretty today and everyday.”

“Everybody was on board.” Thurmon’s goal for next year is to have the recycling initiative all year long by having bins on both campuses. She “ultimately” wants to replace the recycled items with something students can use more than once like “sports bottles or reusable bags.” So until then, the Girl Scouts will continue to give “recycling” a run for the money.

Plastic Bottle Recycling Challenge Totals: Grade 6: 4,271 Grade 5: 2, 426 Grade 4: 1, 224 Grade 3: 1, 949 Grade 2: 1, 085 Grade 1: 3, 103 Kindergarten: 728

Photo by I’sha Gaines

The AWB Girl Scouts host recycling challenge.

James Gulley, Supervisor from the Dallas sanitation department, said it was good to see students participating in the recycling initiative. Gulley said Ms. Thurmon was the first teacher from District 2 to request that a trash truck come out to their school to pick up trash. “It helps a lot when anyone recycles,” he said. “It helps our landfill. It goes to the green star recycling plant in North Dallas.” Thurmon was happy that she had 100 percent participation from the elementary campus. Thurmon also updated participants weekly about how many bottles they collected for the plastic bottle recycling challenge. “The custodians just brought me two bottles today!” she said.

Girl Scouts throw plastic bottles into Dallas trash truck from the Plastic Bottle Recycling Challenge.

GRAND TOTAL: 16, 870

The Graduation Issue

What’s INSIDE “Zumbalation Sensation”

AWB teachers take Zumba classes together at a Bob Knight Rec. Center By: Dorothy Gentry

Kindergartner Leah James, stands smiling in her graduation gown, while mother Verna James watches from behind.

Photo by I’sha Gaines

By: i’shaGAINES, The GoldenEagle Editor

Congratulations to all the AWB-FLA Kindergartners & 6th grade graduates (pg.11)!


“Bullying Campaign”

AWB begins district wide bullying campaign & program By: Dorothy Gentry

Pg. 6


Dallas Children’s Adventure Garden to Open in 2013! By: Marissa Moore

Pg. 8

A.W. Brown - Fellowship Leadership Academy

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Copy Editors: Marc Morrow, ESL Director & HEROES Community Service Coordinator

Staff Writers:

BennyDunn, 4th Grade Student

ShimeseFLOWERS, TA Pre-k 3 ebonyKENNEDY, 6th grade Student marissaMOORE, Pre-k 4 Teacher myrondaSOWELL, Pre-k 3 Teacher

philanMORGAN, 6th grade Student

Contributors: Iyonia Smith, Francheska Johnson, Kierston Griffin


AWB teachers go to Zumba classes together.

dorothyGENTRY, 4th Grade Teacher

Devonte Moore, Billy Thomas, Jeremiah Bodwin

Photographers: robertWHITE,, Moore, Gaines, Gentry, Flowers





Oops! We apologize: We made a few mistakes in our last issue, here are the correctios... On the student files page, Philan Morgan’s last name was incorrect.

National CHAMPS!

Congrats to the Golden Sigma Eagles Step Team for winning Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia!! Wanna see the video?? Visit us at

The Zumba fitness craze hitting the nation has landed at A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy. After hard days teaching, running around with students during rotation and recess and any number of endless school-related tasks on a day-to-day basis, several A.W. Brown staff members lace up their sneakers, put on their exercise wear and head over to the Bob Knight Facility in Duncanville to salsa and aerobicize their stress away. “Zumba is SO awesome,” said fourth-grade teacher Ardina Rogers. “It doesn’t quite FEEL like exercise . . . .just feels like I’m hanging out and dancing with some of my coworkers and friends. “The camaraderie is probably the best part,” Rogers continued. “The whole calorie burning and weight loss thing is like a nice side effect.” Rogers is joined most week-nights by several A.W. Brown staffers including Delecia Key, Brown office manager; Lori Slaughter, ISS teacher; Christiana Crawford of the cafeteria staff; Dr. Tammy Benson, Pre-K Dean; Torina Johnson and Chastity Armstead, first-grade teachers and, the only male of the group, Benny Dunn of the rotation team. “I ended up going because I promised I would,” said Dunn on how he got involved in the Zumba craze. “Then I ended up actually liking it and decided to keep going. It’s something different from all the sports I usually do to stay in shape.” “A voice Within” by Stephanie Hill”


The First Lady

By: dorothyGENTRY, News Editor

i’shaGAINES, Pre-k 4 Teacher

Mrs. Lori and Ms. T. Johnson at Zumba Class.

Dr. Tammy Benson, Pre-K Dean is pictured after her commencement ceremony Saturday May 12.

Photo by Dorothy Gentry

News Editor:

It’s a ZUMBAlation Sensation

Staff Spotlight: It’s a ZUMBAlation Sensation


Zumba is a Latin danceinspired fitness program created by dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez in Colombia during the 1990s. It involves dance and aerobic elements. Zumba’s choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, martial arts, and some Bollywood and belly dance moves. Squats and lunges are also included. Ms. Johnson said Zumba works for her, “because I am working out and having fun at the same time. “I like the fact that while doing Zumba I am targeting certain areas of the body but still working the whole body and burning calories.” And what about working out with co-workers? Any embarrassment there? Ms. Johnson says no, quite the opposite. “Working out with my coworkers is great because we motivate each other,’ she said. “On the days we don’t want to go or we are tired we push each other at work and the next thing you know, we show up at Zumba, cheering each other on!” Ms. Slaughter agrees. “It is spreading across the A.W. Brown family. We just encourage each other,” said Ms. Slaughter who joined the group in March and hasn’t looked back. “I love to dance and this combines my love of dancing with exercise. People usually don’t like to work out because it feels like it,” she said. “Zumba doesn’t feel like exercise.”

If you believe anything is possible then it will be.... And sometimes that belief produces extraordinary results. So you can imagine - that if you were the first African American to graduate from Tarelton State University with a doctorate degree how you would celebrate right?! yes, In STYLE! So here’s to an articulate, diligent, writer & visionary - who believes anything is truly possible. Congratulations Dr. Benson for not only being first, but for defying all odds! - I. Gaines

Wedding Bliss

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Kellen Buffington on tieing the knot May 4, 2012 in Las Colinas, TX

Mrs. Venita Ellingberg and son dance at her wedding reception.


Mrs. Ellingberg’s 5th grade Class

AWB Staff Member, Stephanie Hill, writes a personal memoir called “The Voice Within A Woman” The price is $13.00 if purchased from Mrs. Hill. The book can also be purchased from

Mrs. Venita Ellingberg’s 5th grade class plants flowers for Earth Day 2012.

A.W. Brown - Fellowship Leadership Academy

The Student Files:


This year I’ve been lucky to have received assistance by the many students at A.W. Brown that have contributed to the GoldenEagle. The student reporters offer a child’s perspective on events and concerns from the student body - that teachers may sometimes miss. I’m happy to have had their participation and submissions! The student files are continued on Pg. 4

Different, but Equal

By: Kiersten Griffin, Student Reporter Student reporter covers the Special Olympics event where students from the H.E.R.O.E.S project volunteered.

On Saturday, April 28th The A.W. Brown H.E.R.O.E.S. volunteered at the Special Olympics Spring games hosted at Cedar Hill High School by participating in track and field events and cheering on athletes. Athletes from around the metroplex came together to compete in activities such as long jump, 100-meter hurdles, javelin throw, and 200-meter dash. 5th and 6th graders at AWBFLA volunteered for the Special Olympics as a part of the H.E.R.O.E.S community service program. Students earn 100 points each 6th weeks for participating. The program is headed by Marc Morrow, H.E.R.O.E.S coordinator and ESL Director. The Special Olympics ceremony was kicked off by the lighting of the Torch of Hope, an actual running event, in which local law enforcement officers and Special Olympics athletes run with the Flame of Hope around the track to signify the games are about to begin. As the athletes, accompanied by a law enforcement athlete jogged around the track, the crowded stands filled with family, friends, supporters, and volunteers cheered wildly, waving flags, whistling loudly, in support of athletes. The energetic welcome extended by the crowd to these athletes resembled cheers for popular raps stars in concert and royalty making a public appearance. A memory in the limelight to last a lifetime or at least to the next Olympic competition, the Special Olympics provides athletes and their families an opportunity to escape the stares, glares, of being pointed out in the crowd, or in the classroom for

being different. On this day, students were not mocked, ridiculed, or made fun of for having a disability. They were not judged by their disabilities, but by their athletic performance and their desire to work hard. Some athletes were treated like track and field kings and queens before, during, and after the Special Olympic competitions. The Dallas Bisons of Sunset High School, competitors in the Olympics, were so excited about the competition that they could barely stand still. As they participated in each event, every member of the team joined in by cheering and encouraging their teammates to do their best - whether they won or lost the race. For teams like the Bisons of Sunset, the Special Olympics provides a safe place where people with intellectual disabilities are given the opportunity to become a part of their communities and gain acceptance through sports. No wonder the H.E.R.O.E.S project would opt to support the Special Olympics organization that strives “to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community,” the special Olympics website stated.

6th Grade Prom in 2012??? By: Philan Morgan, Student Reporter Student reporter answers 6th grade prom rumor - She reports that 6th graders will have a prom in May 2012

Is it an election? A play? A petition? Or is it an actual sixth-grade prom? No one knows, but everyone cares... Recently signs have been put up announcing a Prom! No further details were given. The sign included a sign-up sheet for students. The students signed like crazy - at lunch, during class, and even during rotation. Very few of the students knew what they were signing. A few had details but no one knew for sure. A few days later, a final sheet was passed around the classes and the rest of the signs were taken down. Students have been excited ever since Sa’Miyah Kennedy, a sixth grade student, says she and another student, Eryn Sterling, went to Ms. Brown asking for a prom. Kennedy says that she had never been to a prom before and was looking forward to high school prom. “I knew that kindergarten had a prom and I thought it would be cool for us to have one too”, Kennedy said.”I think it will be great because it Ads sponsored by the H.E.R.O.E.S Project, Marc Morrow

will be our first time having one.” Ms. A. Smith, a sixth grade teacher and member of the prom committee says, “I think it is a good idea to have the prom/dance for the sixth graders because there are some students who will not be returning next year for our seventh grade program.” The prom will be exclusive to sixth graders, held at the Hilton Garden Inn of Duncanville on May 16, 2012. Smith plans to attend the prom and says that she never missed any of her proms, either. “I attended my middle school, junior, and senior proms. I enjoyed each of them but mainly my senior prom because we were getting ready to graduate.” When asked why she thinks it is important to give students fundamental options like a prom, Smith replies, “I think it’s a great incentive ... something for students to look forward to at the end of the school year.”

A.W. Brown - Fellowship Leadership Academy

The Student Files Continued from Pg.3

Photo by I’sha Gaines

Several in the AWB community are happy to have their families back together. On Monday, May 1st, 2012 at 6:30p.m., President Barack Obama stated that approximately 20,000 soldiers will be returning from Afghanistan. At the end of the summer, President Obama said “we will send 32,000 back to Afghanistan, and keep a steady pace until 2014 when we will stop sending soldiers to Afghanistan. We will be training Afghanistan police officers to “protect their own country,” stated Mr. Obama. Watching the broadcast, Frank Johnson, 4E said that life was hard without a daddy around for eight years. “When I was three, my dad went off to Iraq,” Frank said sobbing. Frank said he had no one to teach him the rights and wrongs of a boy. “When my dad was gone I had no one to tell me to let the seat up when I was little,” Frank said. Frank also complained about how there was little to no connection when he would talk to his dad on the phone. When there was just enough connection, the call would go through, he said. “I am happy to have my daddy back!” Frank said. Edward Johnson, an active solider in the U.S. Military said you never know if you are going to make it back safely after being deployed. It’s hard going through war by yourself because you can lose fellow soldiers at any time. Cleaning his weapon was also a dangerous part of war because putting the slightest pressure on the trigger could cause an accident, he said. “I am thankful that Barack Obama made that statement [to bring the troops home]; it means the world to me!” he said.

By: Benny Dunn Jr.

Junior reporter writes about AWB Talent Showcase.

Some parents and students learned to play scrabble at the AWB 2nd Annual Talent Showcase. AWB students sung and danced to old school songs from the popular music show Soul Train. Students also performed popular music selections and expressed themselves through instrument and spoken word. Mrs. Antoinece Granville, music teacher, coordinated the show that was held on Friday May 4th at 7:00p.m. AWB Student Elijah Compton,

4B played “On Broadway” on the acoustic guitar along with Miles Johnson, KD, on the drums. “He was the best drummer ever,” Elijah said. “He made it look complicated, but it sounded easy.” The duet played music as Arnethia Rhodes and Madison Shaw sung the lyrics to “On Broadway” Like many of the groups who performed; the “On Broadway” group memorized the song and its part well.

Pre-K students prepare for their dance routine to “Song of the Heart” sung by Prince from the Happy Feet sound track.

AWB student sings “Love on Top” by Beyonce at the 2nd Annual Talent Showcase.

Journalism 101

Junior and Student reporters 2012

Ready-4-our-CloseUP: Newspaper students prepare for yearbook photo. Pictured from left to right: Kiersten Griffin, Philan Morgan, Ebony Kennedy, Francheska Johnson.


Newspaper students learn how to use direct quotes in a newspaper meeting. Pictured from left to right: Ebony Kennedy, Philan Morgan, Kiersten Griffin, Benny Dunn Jr., and Francheska Johnson.

Photo by I’sha Gaines

Mrs. Prieston, teaches Majorettes their tryout routine to “Pretty Girl Rock” by Keri Hilson.

AWB Community excited about soldiers returning home

BJ Knows about the 2nd Annual Talent Showcase

Photo by Robert White

Soon AWB will sparkle. Ms. Crystal Prieston and the Y-Teen Sparkle: AWB Majorettes began clinicals on May 8th. This will be the first ever Majorettes team at AWB, for grades 5th – 7th. Ms. Prieston chose 5 to 10 girls who tried out on Monday May 14th. The team will officially start practicing during the 2013 - 2014 school year on Mondays and Fridays from 4p.m. to 6p.m. The Y-Teen Sparkles have three sponsors, Christale Thompson, Shatethia Harris and Ms. Prieston. Prieston expects her team to do well. She said the team is something new they can enjoy. “I expect them to build strong bonds and sisterly relationships,” she said. Prieston wanted to try something different other than cheerleading while in high school. Prieston, started twirling at 14 and was the captain of her team. “I was afraid for the first time,” she said. “but I’m glad I did because I’m still friends with my teammates today.” Alona Shaw said she feels excited about trying out and auditioning ever since she heard about the majorettes. She said she feels like this is something she will exceed and succeed at. Kiana Moore said since she has experience with majorettes. Moore felt like she should join another sport, aside from basketball. She said she is nervous about her first performance, but is motivated because she has friends around her.

By: Francheska Johnson

Photo by I’sha Gaines

AWB begins majorette team with clinicals

Home Sweet Home

Photo by I’sha Gaines

Let It Shine

By: Ebony Kennedy

Pg. 4


Still Seeing Stars By: dorothyGENTRY, News Editor

AWB Students take the STAARS for the first time.

The 2011-2012 school year for students all over the state carried with it a giant elephant in the room - the unknown impact of the allnew STAAR Test – the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR™). The STAAR, designed as a new and more rigorous assessment system of public school students, replaced the previous Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). State leaders phased out the TAKS in hopes that the new Student Opinion

assessment would provide the foundation for a new accountability system for Texas public education. In an effort to ensure students were as well-prepared as could be for the unknown, teachers and administrators went all out, giving of their time, efforts and energy on a daily basis. AWB students in grades 3-6th prepared for the test by attending half-day Saturday school sessions that started in January and ran to April 21. Students and teachers also participated in hour-long after-school tutoring sessions three days a week to refine and master skills learned during the day. The day before the STAAR a pep rally was held to interject some fun and relaxation into the serious months-long preparation for the test. Various AWB extracurricular groups

such as the Pep Squad, Cheerleaders, Honor Choir, Lovely Ladiz and Golden Eagle Steppers performed for the students while Mr. Solomon and Mr. Dalcour entertained the students and the audience with songs, chants and dancing. Students took the STAAR – fourth grade writing and fifth grade reading in late March, and third, fourth and sixth grade Reading and Math and fifth grade Science. State leaders hope the new assessment and accountability systems will focus on increasing college and career readiness of students and making Texas students more competitive with other students both nationally and internationally.

Pg. 5

Lovely Ladiz step in STAAR Pep Rally.

Student Cartoonist

Shifting to New Levels By Iyonia Smith, 4E


My fourth grade year was

I got to make new friends and meet terrific teachers. In a way I hate to leave it because I have loved this year. My classroom/homeroom – 4E - is one of the reasons I don’t want to leave. My classmates are smart, funny, and always keep me happy. We had some ups and downs but at the end of the day we cared for each other. The teachers are another

reason why I don’t want to leave fourth grade. They always come to school and teach us something in a fun way, with a smile on their faces. There were a lot of differences between third grade and fourth grade. In third grade I only had two teachers, but this year I had three. That was a little confusing at times. Sometimes I forgot what teachers homework I had to do or even when was due! It took a lot of concentration and juggling, but I just had to study the notes, and it was

pretty hard but I just worked and worked and got it all done. Another difference is that the work load is higher in fourth grade and the teachers continue to expect more of you – which makes sense since we are not in third grade anymore. We have moved up. I hope I will see all my teachers and friends next year while in the halls at school. Because I learned new things, not just for the STAAR test but for life. I can’t wait to see how fifth grade is going to be!

By: Billy Thomas Student Cartoonist

By: Devonte Moore

Student Cartoonist

By: Jeremiah Bodwin

Photo by Robert White

A.W. Brown - Fellowship Leadership Academy

Campus Events

A Crystal Affair By: i’shaGAINES

Photo by I’sha Gaines

Kindergarten team hosts 10th annual Kindergarten Prom.

Kindergarten Teacher, Tammy Williams dances with son while wearing his former crown.


Aveion Deadmon, remembers his prom being very colorful. He remembers dancing and remembered, “a lot of his friends and family helped him to raise money.”

PromCOURT ‘12:


Sometimes change is good. For the Kindergarten team, having an unplanned venue change for the Kindergarten Prom served them well. This year’s Kindergarten Prom was held at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, TX. The “Crystal Affair” was one to remember, in that it was the 10th annual Kinder Prom, where the Kings and Queens from previous years were invited & thanked for their contributions to A.W. Brown Foundation in earning their crowns. The courts are chosen by how much money students collect to support their platform. 16 former members returned to the star-studded event on April 20, 2012. Not only did students return, but their parents as well. The parents of the former winners expressed vivid memories about how they raised monies and searched for prom dresses “fit for a little girl.” Myrna Larzaia, parent of


Jalen Massey, 5B said he also remembers dancing and the prizes he received when he was crowned. His advice to future prom kings was “I hope you raise a lot of money and get a lot of gifts.”

King - Branden Bowers ($3,791) Prince - Jeremy Pittman ($3, 256) Duke - Caden Bacey ($764)


Only Time Will Tell By: i’shaGAINES

6th Grade students end Investment Club semester on top.

Students from the investment club A.C.E team ranked 37th out of 268 teams in Texas who played the stock market game. As a part of the investment club, Breian Stewart, Daria Stewart, and Jordyn Looney learned to invest in the stock market, learned the benefits of investing money, and learned that they have all the TIME in the world to do it! The overall group of 16 students participated in the investment club from February 3rd up until May 10. Upon finishing the course, students received a scholarship from the AWB Education Foundation called the 529 Saving Plan through Morgan Keegan bank - where students can invest money for their or for their future children’s

Knight - Miles Johnson ($720) Mr. Red and Gold Erin Holmes ($565)

education. “It depends on how much they earn in the class for their savings plan,” Mrs. Cami Martin said. “It can only be used for education. It’s up to them to invest monthly or every other month. We show them that they have money to invest.” The A.C.E. team was one of 268 teams who competed in the stock market games. Their team received $100,000 of pretend money to invest in the real stock market. Possibly using “The Oprah Winfrey” method, the team ranked high for a 6th grade team. Playing the game for 6 weeks, the nationally played game, is frequented more by middle school aged students than 6th graders. “We have one of the youngest groups that participate [in the stock market game],” Martin said. “They do actual transactions in the stock market. So every transaction they did was absolutely real, but no real money was used. “ Breian Stewart, 6C, said

Aliyah Larzaia, said Aliyah received international support from family and friends in Canada, the Caribbean and New York. The mother of four daughters said she has had a princess, duchess, and Queen to serve on the Kindergarten court “[and] I have one more to go,” she said smiling. Like most women, Mrs. Larzaia loves to shop and personally still enjoys raising money and shopping for dresses for her daughters. “It’s fun, the girls look forward to it, “ she said. “Once you start you have to do it for all of them. It’s something they all look forward to.” But it’s not only the parents who do all the work; students get their hands dirty too. Michelle Alexander mother of Alexander Ellison said together Alexander and family raised $3,300 from selling goodies like candy, chocolate and pickles. Before the 10th annual


Cavalia Johnson, 2A, said I was so happy that I won! It was special to me. I didn’t know I would win and I did.”


Queen - Kennedy Arnold ($2,000) Princess - Kyah Whitten ($1, 500) Duchess - Taylor Gardner ($1, 400)

she’s learned to invest in different businesses. The A.C.E team member wants to be a pediatrician that not only preserves dying generations, but one that gives back to the community. “You should invest and build a business,” she said. “Give people jobs instead of giving people money. Now I’ll know not to spend all my money on “this” & to save it – put it in my piggy bank or something. It makes me feel happy. [My motto is to] make today the day you decide to love your [future] children.” Daria Stewart, 6D, said she feels it’s better to invest because the banks keep most of your money. She said teammates agreed researching and reading books like “The Millionaire Next Door” a book gifted to them Rev. Armond Brown, helps them to realize how the real world works. Stewart who wants to start a school like AWB said she has taught her mother about investing. She said she wants to start a school because,

Pg. 6

Kindergarten court was announced at the reunion, Alexander had raised the highest amount ever raised in prom history. “He actually got out there and sold candy, “ Michelle said. “He went to the neighbors himself. After he said “mama I want to be King. He really worked hard for it,” she said. In the past 10 years, the Kinder team has raised over $300,000, from working hard. And for their efforts, winners are adorned with gifts and have the “luxury” of wearing their crown for an entire year. Topping off the 10-year reunion at the Hilton Anatole was icing on the cake. Whether teaching students to dance the waltz for the first time or showing them how to place their crown – change is good. Especially this year, change was real good.


Deion White, 3D, said winning was good because he won a bike. I got to sit down and relax “so I could get ready for the announcement of who was going to be King. I was proud of myself – “ really proud.”

Maiden - Shiloh Brooks ($1,000) Ms. Red & Gold Zinnia Deloach($520)

Photo by I’sha Gaines

A.W. Brown - Fellowship Leadership Academy

The A.C.E team sit in the elementary conference holding up their team hand-sign.

“I like kids and it’s fun,” she said. “I baby sit my baby brother all the time.” Jordyn Looney, 6B, said she’s up in the air about starting a business. However, she said she is confident that if you invest in the stock market now, you make smart decisions when you grow up. “When you have a little boy and he asks you can I go to movies you will be able to say ‘yes’ - because you made smart decisions when you were younger,” Looney said.

A.W. Brown - Fellowship Leadership Academy

AWB begins district wide bullying campaign & program

Bullying has taken this nation’s school system by storm.

* According to the U.S. Justice Department, every seven minutes a child in America is being bullied.

* According to the National Association of School Psychologists, approximately 160,000 students stay home every day in America because they fear being bullied.

And media outlets across the nation continue to report on the most serious – and final – consequence of bullying; suicide on the part of those being bullied. Schools all across the nation are stepping up efforts on their campuses to take a stance and tackle this heart-wrenching national issue. And thanks to a handful of its student, A.W. Brown has joined in the efforts. The A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy Anti-Bullying Prevention program – ‘Stop the Bullying – We are Family’ - was officially launched at a fun, festive and energy-filled rally in the school’s Auditorium last month. What is special about this program is that was conceived by students and is led by a core student leadership team. A group of 5th graders came to Brown Principal Ms. Paula Brown with a proposal to try to help stop the spread of bullying on campus. This group of 5th graders is now honorary members of the program. They are: D’aheja Gillis, Diamond Durham, Bryson Green, Ashleigh Ekwenugo, Ariyana Cooper, Chynna Crawford, Darius Durham, Dominique Labbe, Faith Taylor and Donovon Curtis. From that single meeting in Ms. Brown’s office, the anti-bullying program began to take shape. Dr. George W. Banks was added as the sponsor, joined later by co-sponsors and staff leadership team members, Ms. Colleen Ads sponsored by the H.E.R.O.E.S Project, Marc Morrow

To the Left: Students hold up signs for the Bullying Campaign in the Leadership Auditorium. Below: Mr. Alex Kurian dresses in costume for the Bullying Rally.

Photo by Robert White

Mr. Dalcour and DJ BenSolo (Mr. Solomon). Students and audience members learned the definition of bullying, types of bullying and received an outline of the school’s Anti Bullying Discipline Plan. Students were also educated on how to report bullying incidents, how to assist others and strategies to prevent bullying. Character education teacher Mark Morrow read from Matthew 9 in the Bible and talked about the importance of Brown students being peacemakers wherever they go. “When you leave here you have to make choices and decisions that will affect you and others positively.” The Brown Speech and Debate Team, led by Ms. Anderson, performed a skit called “Speak Out and Stand Up.” Students and audience members also sang and clapped to Sister Sledge’s “We are Family.” Special rally guest was speaker, author and writer Sonja J. Bowser. She discussed being a

victim of bullying herself starting in the fifth grade. “No one ever encouraged me to speak up and speak out against bullying,” she said. “So I started to become a comedian to cope with it, giving back to kids what they gave to me.” Ms. Bowser said she immediately realized, “that was not right. It didn’t make me any better than the people who were bullying me. So I started to write to express my feelings and frustrations.” She wrote a book called, “The Adventures of Zolie ‘Miss Chit Chat’ Zi, encouraging kids to speak up and speak out against bullying. The book centers on a girl named Zolie Zi who is happy and loves school until she is faced with bullying by two classmates. Ms. Bowser encouraged AWB students to tell each other that ‘your voice counts.’ “Don’t be a bully or a bystander. The greatest people

Bullying Continued on Pg.8

Kindergarten Grads Continued from (Pg.1)

To the Right: Kindergarten student hugs Principal, Paula Brown during Kindergarten graduation.

To the Left: Kindergartners sing during graduation.

Photo by Robert White

By: dorothyGENTRY, News Editor

Pg. 7

Photo by Robert White

Bullying Campaign

Robinson, Mr. Dwain Thompson, Ms. Chavalla Arnold, Ms. Anika Maiden and Ms. Gina Shaw. In keeping with its inception, the Stop the Bullying program is entirely student-led with the selection of the Core Student Leadership Team, compiled through a process of recommendations from teachers of grade levels (3rd thru 6th). They are: 3rd grade - Morgan Davis, Jeda Harrison, Jeremiah Bodwin, Collin Smith, Jayla Webb. 4th grade Micayla Glover, Alycia Sterling, Gianni Bowie, Morgan Pace, Arthur Mcknight, Zachary Lane. 5th grade - D’Aheja Gilles, Bryson Green, Ashleigh Ekwenugo, Ariyanna Cooper, Chynna Crawford, Jeffery Yarborough. 6th grade Madison Shaw, Jordyn Looney, Emil Price, DaRaja Medlock, Decoreyon Green. This core leadership team is going thru follow-up training with sponsor Dr. Banks and the staff team as they prepare to help make A.W. Brown a bully-free environment. “We believe our campus can be free of bullying,” said Dr. Banks. “We are grateful and thankful for the five students and for their leadership,” Ms. Brown said during the rally. “We can stop some situations by not participating in it. You will be the ones to start this movement here but that will be felt worldwide,” she said. “There efforts are a testament that you don’t have to wait until you are an adult or older to make a difference.” The purpose of the “Stop the Bullying” program is to initiate awareness of the seriousness of bullying and its effects on its victims as well as the bully. It designed to prevent bullying and protect students and staff from the abuse of negative behavior, inclusive of the physical and verbal acts. Students will be positively engaged through peer mediation sessions that help them learn to resolve conflicts without violence. Brown offers mentoring as a resource for students who might need more individual support. In addition, the anti-bullying program features character education with a focus on teaching respect, responsibility, integrity, initiative and commitment. During the Stop the Bully launch rally, students and audience members were treated to music, singing and performances from groups such as the Honor Choir, Cheer and Pep Squads, Lovely Ladiz and Golden Eagle Steppers, and lively bantering from MC

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Campus Initiatives

A.W. Brown - Fellowship Leadership Academy

In Our World: Dallas Children’s Adventure Garden to Open in 2013! By: marissaMOORE, Staff Reporter

The Dallas Arboretum has partnered with SMU’s School of Education to design the largest science education garden in the country. Education students have ensured that the hands-on concepts correspond to state and national standards in Earth Science and Life Science for Pre-K through Sixth grade. This would be an amazing place to take the students of A.W. Brown on a field trip and connect science to the real world in a meaningful way. The plans have been unveiled and this 50 million dollar expansion is sure to become a national attraction. The 7-acres will be transformed into 15 indoor and outdoor classrooms, each geared toward a specific age group or science concept. The “First Adventure Garden” is designed for infants and toddlers. It will feature a “plant petting zoo”, mockingbird nest that children can sit in, a tree-house, a crawl-through log, a potting shed for “pretend” gardening, and turtle creek with turtle eggs to climb in. “Plants are Alive” is the garden for grades K-2. Imagine a “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” world where everything is gigantic! Central to this garden is a 15-foot tall exhibit called “The Works” which will demonstrate photosynthesis. Additionally, you will find 12 other interactive exhibits teaching that plants are alive and have parts, each with their own job. Next enter “The Kaleidoscope” which is rumored to be the most beautiful of the new gardens as it merges math, science, and art. Students in grades 3-6 will be able to learn about patterns, shapes, and geometry in the natural world and participate in creating plant art. Central to all the new gardens will be the “Discovery Center”, a 9500 square foot facility with the latest At-Home Projects

technology. Inside there will be a plant lab designed as a soda fountain, sure to delight children! There will also be a 3D theater. Located right outside are a large plaza, rooftop garden, and a green roof demo. Another area will be called the Habitat Learning Gallery” and its focus is to show the interconnection between people, plants, and animals. What better way to discover this than by climbing inside a 32-foot tree and crossing the adventure bridge and canopy walk. The teaching area here is built as an eagle’s nest! Even the picnic area features interactive exhibits. Named the “Incredible Edible Garden”, it will feature planting areas of vegetables and grains to help urban children understand that their food comes from plants. Another unique feature is the “Circular Maze”. Children must answer questions along the way to solve the maze. Removable panels allow for changes in difficulty level for different age groups. There will also be fun stops with dance chimes and periscopes. In the “Earth Cycles” exhibit there will be a cave with stalactites and stalagmites and also a running stream water table. The “Energy Gallery” is an area designed as several interconnected islands. Each island is devoted to discovering a different energy source: wind, sun, and water to name a few. There will also be a 4-acre “Wetlands Gallery” to explore with boardwalks, a blind, and an island exploration station for aquatic studies. From the gardens, to the treetops, to the caves, to the wetlands, the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden is sure to delight, educate, and entertain children of all ages! It is expected that the annual number of visitors to the Dallas Arboretum will climb over 1 million after the new gardens open in spring 2013.

Sowell’s Sizzling Science By: myrondaSOWELL

Turn Mentos candy and Diet Coke into a SUMMER gusher of fun! Visit http://www.stevespanglerscience. com/experiment/mentos-geyser-science-project for all the SIZZLING details.

New Web Site Sure to Benefit A.W. Brown S.E.E.D.S. By: marissaMOORE, Pre-k 4 Teacher

A.W. Brown strives to produce smart, effective, efficient, and disciplined students. We use the acronym S.E.E.D.S. to describe them, and these are exactly the type of students that colleges look to admit into their incoming classes each year. All students should be encouraged to further their education, especially with the nature of the job market these days. Possessing a degree gives one an advantage over other applicants. Many people think that college is not an option due to finances, but there are financial aid programs, grants, scholarships, and work study programs. You just have to know where to look. A new website called www. is helping students find scholarships by adding a brand new opportunity each and every day. The website is operated by the National Online Directory of Scholarships, and they ensure that each opportunity is legitimate. While BULLYING Continued from Pg.7

bullying and its effects on its victims as well as the bully. It designed to prevent bullying and protect students and staff from the abuse of negative behavior, inclusive of the physical and verbal acts. Students will be positively engaged through peer mediation sessions that help them learn to resolve conflicts without violence. Brown offers mentoring as a resource for students who might need more individual support. In addition, the anti-bullying program features character education with a focus on teaching respect, responsibility, integrity, initiative and commitment. During the Stop the Bully launch rally, students and audience members were treated to music, singing and performances from groups such as the Honor Choir, Cheer and Pep Squads, Lovely Ladiz and Golden Eagle Steppers, and lively bantering from MC Mr. Dalcour and DJ BenSolo (Mr. Solomon). Students and audience members learned the definition of bullying, types of bullying and received an outline of the school’s Anti Bullying Discipline Plan. Students were also educated on how to report bullying incidents, how to assist others and strategies to prevent bullying. Character education teacher Mark Morrow read from Matthew 9 in the Bible and talked about the importance of Brown students being peacemakers wherever they go. “When you leave here you have to make choices and decisions that will affect you and others positively.” The Brown Speech and Debate Team, led by Ms. Anderson, performed a skit called “Speak Out and Stand Up.” Students and audience members also sang and clapped to Sister Sledge’s “We are Family.”

Pg. 8

many scholarships are offered by the government, others come from non-profit organizations, and still more by recognizable businesses like Burger King and KFC. You can search by scholarship category (for example, business or computer science) or even by deadline. The website is very easy to navigate. Some of the scholarships do not require an essay. Many of them utilize modern technology and cater to the creative arts, asking students to submit a video. You may be thinking, “I wouldn’t even know where to begin when applying for a scholarship. I don’t know what they are looking for in an essay or what is the right thing to say.” The website offers a solution for this by providing tips on how to win scholarship competitions. The website also has many other education resources besides scholarship advice, and best of all it’s free to use. Check it out!

Special rally guest was speaker, author and writer Sonja J. Bowser. She discussed being a victim of bullying herself starting in the fifth grade. “No one ever encouraged me to speak up and speak out against bullying,” she said. “So I started to become a comedian to cope with it, giving back to kids what they gave to me.” Ms. Bowser said she immediately realized, “that was not right. It didn’t make me any better than the people who were bullying me. So I started to write to express my feelings and frustrations.” She wrote a book called, “The Adventures of Zolie ‘Miss Chit Chat’ Zi, encouraging kids to speak up and speak out against bullying. The book centers on a girl named Zolie Zi who is happy and loves school until she is faced with bullying by two classmates. Ms. Bowser encouraged AWB students to tell each other that ‘your voice counts.’ “Don’t be a bully or a bystander. The greatest people in the world have powerful voices. Don’t let anyone take the power of your voice.” Also in the rally, Dr. Banks reviewed the Anti-bully discipline plan – differing levels of consequences if students are found guilty of bullying. These include attending sessions with the Core student-leadership team, phone calls to and meetings with parents and both in-school and out-of-school suspensions. Bullying is harmful and every effort to eliminate it from our school must be considered. We are committed to stop the bullying – we are family. We will be successful if we work together - parents and partners to teach our children respect and tolerance.

A.W. Brown - Fellowship Leadership Academy Extracurriculars


AWB Students Compete in Math-a-Thon

Soon to...Bump, Set & Spike! White Diamonds: 6th - 8th Grade Team 2012 - 2013

Black Pearls: 6th - 8th Grade Team 2012 - 2013

Alternate: Parker, Essynce Nealy, Yasmeen

Alternate: Side, Payge

Durham, Nadia De La Rosa, Destiny Gray, Erica Green, Deaundria Kent, Eliza Mosley, Jordan Payne, Taliah Thomas, Kyla Thompson, Elise Thompson, Madison Team Captain Alternate Bradley, Taylor

Rubies: 4th - 6th Grade Team 2012 - 2013 Cisneros, Paijza Team Captain Dotson, Leila Dillard, Kai Ford, Tiyana Hudson, Deziree Jackson, Majoy Espinosa, Briannah Smith, Kynnedi Sterling, Alicia Miller, Janae Thurmon, Raven Woodberry, Arianna Alternate: Blevins, Deaunee

2012 Literacy Fair RECAP:


My Oath:

AWB Staff Members dressed as super heroes for the 2012 Literacy Fair.

The “My Oath” Boys to Men group visits a U.S. Marshall office in a court house and a Federal Judge in his Dallas Courtroom.

6th grade teachers Mrs. Mead and Mrs. Martin dress in costume for the literacy fair.

Photo by Robert White

Photo by Robert White

The AWB Girls Scouts had their special bridging ceremony on May 3, 2012 that ended a series of activities that introduced the girls to what’s to come in girl scouting. The girls received pins and mementos that symbolized their passage from one program level to another in the AWBFLA valeruim. During the court of awards, girls were presented with awards that they have earned from completing activities and service projects during the year.

A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy’s first Math-a-Thon was held the first Saturday in May and Brown students showed off their math skills in a big way! Brown students competed again students from Harmony Science and Nature Academy and Dallas charter school La Academia de Estrellas in doing math problems and equations.

Photo by Robert White

Girl Scouts

Pure Platinum: 4th - 6th Grade Team 2012 - 2013

Burkins, Marchayla Bush, A’Nia Bryant, Janiiah Ferguson, Delicia Guy, Ragine Pickett, Ashlee Pruitt, Synia Young, Chloe Jones, Essynce Williams Jamelyn Team Captain

Photo by Robert White


Pg. 9

Regina Ingram, 5th Grade teacher, begins new AWB Volleyball team.

Creggett, jade Douglas, Kendahl Johnson, Francheska Mitchell, Danyelle Team Captain Redd, Asia Richardson, Desiree Stewart, Breian Turner, Makayla Waters, Autumn

Math-a-Thon Winners

Mr. Dalcour and Dean Briscoe dress as Batman and Wonder Woman.

A.W. Brown - Fellowship Leadership Academy

The Fellowship Enrichment Program (F.E.P.) is an extension of Rev. Brown’s vision to provide a nurturing and safe after school environment for our students, while making it affordable and convenient for our parents. The program is headed by Ms. Takiyah Murphy and operated by four blessed mothers that understand and exemplify the African Proverb… “It takes a village to raise a child.” Christy Massey, Sharon Owens, Marcella Roberson, and Tersha Thomas are the stewards behind the scenes of F.E.P. Pre-K program providing a holistic enrichment approach to our students. Although this program is a separate entity from the school, it is connected with all grade levels, especially with our Pre-K campus; academically, emotionally, and socially. What is being taught in the classroom is mimicked in the program, reinforcing child development. “The greatest reward is to have our former students come back year after year and share their successes,” states Ms. Sharon. It has been said that when you find yourself doing what you love, it is not a job, but a passion. These women have significantly been living on purpose and it is shown through their fruit. Let us thank them for a job well done!

By:ShimeseFLOWERS, Staff Writer

Pre-K Awards Day 2012

Pre-K students receive awards on rewards day and shake hands of administrators in the Leadership Auditorium.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Recently our school celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a mariachi band, tasty catered Mexican food, and all the festivities that come with a victorious win. May 5, 1862 is the date the Mexican Army defeated the French Troops at the Battle of Pueblo and in remembrance of this Mexican victory, we celebrate their proud heritage. Muchas Gracias to Ms.Maria Arreguin for a memorable day.

Chuckie Took the Tokens?

“Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 students who modeled good behavior all year were rewarded with field trips to Chuck E. Cheese throughout the end of April.”

Yo Gabba Gabba

By:ShimeseFLOWERS, TA Pre-k 3

Yo Gabba Gabba’s D.J. Lance (Officer J. Fitzgerald) made a surprise visit to our campus. He engaged the students by talking about the importance of education. Thanks D.J.Lance!! Spotlighted Business

Parties with a Charm By: i’shaGAINES

F.E.P teachers

Photos from “Pre-K News” taken by Ms. Flowers

Pre-K Teachers work together to complete a 7-Habits poster during staff development.

Parties with Charm is on a “mission to change the face of Desoto” through their tea parties, father and daughter events and summer programs that enrich the self-esteem and confidence of young girls and their families. As a certified etiquette trainer, the owner Sonya Cross has a passion for restoring the lost art of charm and etiquette that used to be a staple in America. “Her idea is not new, it’s just the only time we’ve seen it in our area,” a recent press release stated. On Saturday May 19, 2012 from 2:00-5:00 p.m. Parties with Charm will play host to a free mother & daughter Pampered Princess Fair at 621 N. Hampton Rd. Desoto, TX 75115. This event will include massages, free makeover for mom and a princess

Photo by Marissa Moore

By:ShimeseFLOWERS, Staff Writer

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Pg. 10

Photo by Robert White

Different, but the Same

Pre-K News

Photo by Marissa Moore

Pre-K News

makeover for her daughter. In addition, there will be vendor shopping made available, line dancing, sweet treats. Attendees will have a special visit from Princess Tiana from Disney’s Princess and The Frog movie, prizes and will receive professional advice on hair, skin care, health and fitness.

For more information, please call Parties with Charm at 972-274-3446. This event is for queens and their princesses (grandmother, aunts and sisters) from ages 4-104!!

Benita Sparrow Zumba fitness Come join the party! Tues. & Thurs. 7p.m. Thurgood Marshall Rec Center 972-916-1563

A.W. Brown - Fellowship Leadership Academy

6th Grade Graduates

Chase Toluwani A’Lexis Cameron Christien Jazmonae Kyra Marchayla A’Nia Marquaela Taylor Jordan Tyesha Malik Jonathan Symone Emmanuel Edward Jade Brenae Rochelle Tiara Kendahl Kamron Colby Kerrion Destini Kameron Decoreyon Kionna Kiersten Davian Lauren Che’ Tahj Alaja Asia Desarai Antavion Damion Jaelon Jaidon Francheska Kiara Le Darius Terah Kiara

Pg. 11

Congratulations to the 6th Grade Graduates!

Joubert Kemp Kemp Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Knight Lawson Lawson LeBlanc Lockett Looney Lott Martin Matthews Mayshaw McCullar Medlock Mitchell Moore Morgan Mosley Nealy Norris Owens Paige Parker Polk Potts Price Quinn Ransom Redd Rhodes Richards Richardson Richardson Ricks Rubio Russell Sanders Satchell Scott Shaw Shaw Wardlow

Rayven Kirya Tirya Ebony Sa’Maidre Sa’Maiyah Jarrian Adrianna Aundrea TreVon Billy Jordyn Clarke Jacoby Alia Donovan Lichell Daraja Danyelle Kiana Philan Camron Yasmeen Alexandria Tyrah Kiera Essence D’Amber Miracle Emir Steven Brenae Asia Arnethia Jayla Deja Desiree Montrez Ana Rya Joshua Kayla Sasha Madison Roderick A’Lona

Side Simpson Sims Slaughter Smith Starr Sterling Stewart Stewart Tanner Thomas Thomas Thompson Thursby Turner Veals Wade Wadley Washington Waters Watson Webb White White Wickware Williams Williamson Willis Wilmore Wilson Wilson Yeager Young

Payge Ryan Jaquin Zarreia Aaron Rakeem Eryn Breian Daria Christian Aniya Jalen Tatelyn Brandon Makayla Dennis Arianna Shaironica A’ Rayon Autumn LaDasha Ta’Quanisha Christian Robin Kenade Jamelyn Joseph Kayla Myles Jamar’re Tyra Javin Caleb

Photo by Robert White

Albercrombie AyoOlusanya Baccus Ballard Birdwell Bishop Brown Burkins Bush Bussey Calloway Carr Carrington Clear Clerkley Cockhren Coleman Cox Creggett Criss Curtis Dillard Douglas Epting Ethridge Fields Ford Goffney Green Green Griffin Hampton Hatcher Hicks Hightower Hobbs Hobbs Holloway Howard Hurst Jackson Jackson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Jones

Mr. Dewayne Thompson takes a picture with a student at the 6th grade graduation.


....prominent leaders have said it best!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

6th Grade SHOUT OUTS! “Kimora & Kaleb Smith, we are very proud of you for an awesome year!”

“Congratulations Ashley & Jayden Fuquay on an AWESOME school year!”

Love, Ashley & Jayden Fuquay

Love, Mommy & Daddy

A.W. Brown - Fellowship Leadership Academy Advertising

Competitive Baton Twirling, Dance & Flag/Colorguard

From Practice to Performance to Perfection!

Summer Enrollment Begins June 4th Open to young girls ages 5-14 Twirling and/or Dance Experience Preferred But Not Required Must be able to purchase batons, flags and uniforms Fundraising Opportunities Available Parent Involvement Strongly Encouraged

Weekly Field & Performing Arts Instruction Instructors with 20+ years experience Leadership Building * Etiquette Competitions * Community Involvement College Tours and More!

Summer Open House

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Thurgood Marshall Recreation Center 5150 Mark Trail Way FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL (469) 939-8831 OR EMAIL US AT TCTWIRLELITE@GMAIL HTTP://TRICITYTWIRLERSDALLAS.WEBS.COM WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/TCTWIRLERSDALLAS

Pg. 12