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“Learning today, Leading tomorrow -We make the connection.”

by: ishaGAINES

Bringing the music alive, Pinkney taught song lyrics and Pre-Kindergarten stuhand movements to “America dents pay tribute to the Beautiful” and “This Land Veterans on National is Your Land.” The program Holiday. also included a welcome by “Always be true to yourself Dekota (Pre-K 3E), the Pledge [and] fight for what you of Allegiance, a poem entitled, believe in,” were just two “American Hero”, Parade of of the lessons serving in Veterans, and a prayer by Dean the military taught Miya Walton. Newton. The other lessons The patriotic decorum full of robertWHITE Pre-K students look up during Vet-Day performance are banked in her memory bright reds and blues, sparkled never to be forgotten. on the walls and tables as KA teacher and Roslynn Pinkney, Despite the rain, Newton and attendees were served refreshments Pre-K4 teacher’s assistant. The seven other Veterans came out after the celebration ended. program was held at 1:30 p.m. and to be honored in the annual Newton, dressed in her army was themed “Remembering Those Veterans Day program at the fatigue uniform and boots at the Who Have Served.” pre-kindergarten campus on event, served five years in Germany. Handy said it’s important that PreNov. 11, 2010. More than 20 She had one of her children there, Kindergarten students know about Pre-K4 and Pre-K3 students, although confessing she only knew “our veterans” so they can become who sported American Flag enough German to get by. Newton’s proud Americans. When they see the bandanas, army hats, and veteran’s resume’ would consist of uniforms worn out in public, they other patriotic accessories, 8 years of service that taught her won’t wonder who they are, Handy greeted the Veterans. The discipline and allowed her to meet said. students were a part of a ‘different’ people. Newton enlisted “We’re teaching about community program arranged by Lora when she was 18. helpers,” she said. “They are working Handy, retired employee of to keep us safe. It’s never too early AWBFLA, Carla Butler, PreContinued on Pg.12 to teach them.”


Antoniece Granville, Music teacher for AWBFLA, answers 3 questions about planning the Annual Christmas Progrm


What have you learned in school that prepared you for this task? Practice is everything. The more you practice, the better you'll be! You can't improve or better yourself without practice.


Describe how it has been teaching the students the music? Teaching Music has been both fun and challenging. Fun because it’s what I love and challenging because that’s what comes along with the territory. In Music, there is always something new to learn.

Save the Date:

The Honorable Mentioned: Mini Vets Pay Salute

Annual Christmas Program

A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy

What’s the theme? How did you choose it? I decided to choose music from Motown because Motown is a popular and exciting record label. I have always enjoyed listening to artists from that label. Each grade level will sing one song from Motown.

December 2010

GoldenEagle the

Holiday Edition

Pre-K - 1st grade Dec. 15, 2010 @ 7 p.m. 2nd - 6th grade Dec. 16, 2010 @ 7 p.m. Location: Concord Church 6808 Pastor Bailey Dr. Dallas, TX 75237

Photographer Robert White catch Antoniece Granville, Music teacher, Rev. Brown, CEO, and Musician Rev. Maxx Frank, practicing in the school gym for 2010 Christmas Program.

What’s INSIDE: Spotlight:

Josh Harris, AWBFLA alumni, Nov. ACC rookie of the week.



“Dads at Work” 2010 Daddy Daycare program



Holiday Art: Desarai Hollaway 5D


A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy

A.W. Athleticism: 241 yards and counting

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dorothyGENTRY,4th grade teacher myrondaSOWELL, pre-k 3 teacher

Cartoonist: Desarai Hollaway 5D


Darius Frasure, Javion 4F, Darius 4F, Dominique 4F, Kennedy 4D

Photographer: robertWHITE

“ Alumni Spotlight: Josh Harris ”

Writing Staff:

bjDUNN, 3rd grade student

One of A.W. Brown’s missions is to produce S.E.E.D.S –smart, effective, efficient, disciplined students. According to Josh Harris the school did just that and more. “I am very thankful for the staff of A.W. Brown that was there when I attended,” said Harris. “They were really great and taught me everything I know as a freshman at Wake Forest University in WinstonSalem, North Carolina.” Harris, the son of A.W. Brown teacher Beverly Harris, attended Brown in the 3rd through 5th grades during the years of 2000-2002. Some of his teachers included Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Belton, Mr. Simpson, Mr.

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Oops! We apologize: In the October Issue.. In ‘Threets Thrives in Three-peat’ the story should’ve stated, O.W. Holmes Middle School. On the front page listings of the Homecoming court, KeOndre Choice was misspelled. Under the Spirit Friday photo section on Pg.1, the first photo displays the Pep Squad, not Junior Cheerleaders.


by: dorothyGENTRY

Cynethia Belton, Alex Kurian, Benny Dunn Sr., Marc Morrow

angelaCISNEROS, TA elementary

well, having been named the ACC Rookie of the Week last month for the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. During that game, which was his first career start, he carried 20 times for 241 yards and scored two touchdowns against Virginia Tech. His 241 yards rushing were the most ever allowed by Virginia Tech, surpassing the 239 by Temple’s Paul Palmer in 1986. In addition, Harris became the first Deacon since 2005 to rush for more than 200 yards in a game.

Bratcher, and Coach Carter. “These were really some of the best teachers there,” said Harris, who graduated last year from Duncanville High School and ran track while at AWBFLA. “Coach Carter and I spent the most time together during my years at A.W. Brown.” “He taught me the importance of physical and mental toughness and how to properly warm my legs up before an athletic event,” Harris said. “Prior to every game this year, I go through a routine of stretches and warm-up drills that I learned working with him.” No doubt those warm-up drills learned from Coach Carter are helping Harris while at college. At Wake Forest, Harris is excelling not just academically but athletically as

His 241 yards were the secondmost ever by a freshman at Wake Forest since 1976. Harris had plenty to say when asked how A.W. Brown helped prepare him for college life. Continued on Pg.12

The Eag

Former NBA star Mark Aguirre explains his vision for the Mark Aguirre Basketball Camp to Dallas City Councilman Tennell Atkins and Ms. Brown. The camp trains high school athletes in basketball fundamentals and in leadership skills.

le V.I.P

. Scrap



Dallas Maverick Jason Terry joined A.W. Brown Fellowship school administrators this summer during the Mark Aguirre Basketball Academy.

Willis Johnson, morning show host of The Willis Johnson Morning Show on KKDA-AM (730) recently took a tour of A.W. Brown Fellowship and stopped to chat with Brown administrators.

A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy

Briefs and Did-U-Know’s by angelaCISNEROS

2011 Literacy Fair: Attendees at this year’s Reading and Literacy Fair will spend the day visiting Europe, Asia, Africa, and other countries as they take an educational trip through the literature of different cultures. Staff from both campuses will dress up in attire from different countries and expose students and their parents to diverse cultures, books, and other forms of literature from Scandinavian, the Middle Eastern, and the United Kingdom to name a few. “Reading Around the World” is the theme of this year’s fair, scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 8, 2011, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Fair, an annual school-wide favorite with students and parents, desires to promote reading, and to review specific TAKS reading objectives via games and activities. In addition, this event aims to create an appreciation for diverse cultures and help raise up a generation of global learners interested in a world outside their own. Be on the lookout for announcements, flyers and more information about the fair; bringing the world to you, one book at a time. -Gentry

We’re SO Fancy

Admin spotlight:

photos by: robertWHITE

Ms.Key, Elementary Office Manager showcases self-designed earrings in her office, while Ms. Royal, Campus Registrar displays a shiny pair of pumps -something she’s ‘famed’ for.

Multiple trucks driven by AWBFLA staff deliver can and food products to the North Texas Food Bank.

This holiday season at AWBFLA, we’ve collected hundreds of items for those in need. Twanna Mead, 6th grade teacher gives us the scoop on the Food Bank drive and the great results...

Can & Food Drive: Ms. Mead, what is the food drive and it’s purpose? The food drive is a yearly event hosted by Senator Royce West and his staff. Schools in the Dallas area compete to be the 1st place winner of the city-wide competition.  The drive began October 19th and ended November 16th.

How much did A.W. Brown collect? We collected 4,556 pounds of food that was delivered to The North Texas Food Bank on Saturday, November 20th. How did you get so much support? In order to get results like we do, we make it a school-wide competition and the winning classes on both campuses will win a pizza party. Students simply bring nonperishable food items to help their class win the party.  The collected items are gathered each week by the Student Council members and tallied.  The treasurer, Tremayne Bell, kept records of how much food each class donated.  Volunteers like Mr. Anthony Mead, Mr. Belton, Mr. Bell (Tremayne’s father), Mr. Brian Carroll, Mrs. Belton, Mr. Dwain Thompson and I loaded the items using several SUV vehicles.  It took two hours and three trips to get the food to the bank. ...Continued pg.12

Eat Mor Chickin H.E.R.O.E.S. sponsor, Marc Morrow, joined together with a local ChickFil-A restaurant, Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. for AWBFLA “Spirit Night”. The AWBFLA step teams, chess team, cheerleaders, pep squad, came out to provide entertainment for the customers that night. For every meal purchased by supporters, the H.E.R.O.E.S. program received a percentage. The H.E.R.O.E.S is a once-monthly mandatory volunteer project for fifth and sixth grade students. The program raised approximately $350.

Miracles on the Run

Our brother and sister duo, Marc Morrow, ESL and Character Education teacher, and Melynda Morrow, Kindergarten B teacher, have teamed up another year to help raise money for 17 orphans in Chiapas, Mexico. The second annual Marathon of Miracles was held on Dec. 5, 2010. “Doesn’t matter the amount,” Melynda said. “Anything will help. Hey, and it’s a tax writeoff!” The duo has a background of running long distances. In 2009, Marc Morrow ran a marathon (26.2 miles) and Melynda Morrow ran 5 miles as part of a 5-person relay team.“Training for a full marathon takes many months and lots of early morning runs at longer and longer distances,” Marc Morrow said. “Similar to the way mountain climbers attempting to summit Mt. Everest have to allow their bodies to acclimate slowly to higher and higher altitudes, so a marathon runner must build up endurance slowly, but surely, over many months.” Last year the duo raised around $4000. For contributions for the 2010 run, log on to http:// or melyndamorrow. Donations will be accepted through Dec. 31, 2010.


We house Santa: It is no secret how wonderful the A.W. Brown Christmas programs are every year. Staff, students, and community all come out to enjoy the students bringing in the holiday joy and cheer. We always get a little help from… you guessed it, Santa Claus. Who is the A.W. Brown Santa? Why it is Coach Lonnie Carter, Physical Education Teacher! He has put on the suit for the past seven or eight years. Last year (2009-2010 school year) was the first time Winfred Dalcour, 3rd grade teacher, took on the role and gave a comedic Santa performance. We Begin with the End in Mind: On average, there are well over 200 coats and jackets left in the lost and found every school year. Not only that, but there have been various clothing items, lunch kits, and even school binders just sitting in the lost and found. There are four large gondolas (bins) placed in the Valerium just for our lost and found needs. ”[There are] at least two to three hundred coats every year,” Reverend Clenard Holmes, Building Maintenance Supervisor, said. The ones left over and never recovered are donated to a local charity at least twice during the school year. So parents and students, thanks for your donations and helping those in need!

We are “Geeked UP”: Benjamin Solomon, Technology Director, hosts a little big something call Tech Tuesday. Every Tuesday, AWBFLA teachers can attend on their planning periods. This is a great way to get trained and stay in touch with all the new and latest technology advances at A.W. Brown. This is available to all A.W. Brown staff - not just teachers. So come on to the conference room on the elementary campus, and get your “geek” on! You can find out video information about varies technology topics, troubleshooting, school news and events, general education, inside your staff email. Just click on MORE...then go to VIDEOS.

A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy

PUMPED for Success, letting shoes savings do the talking

Pg. 4

by: dorothyGENTRY

FEP manger creates 28-day Financial Freedom challenge.

Known by the tap of her 4-and-a-half-inch heels and frequently spotted at the most casual of events in arch-provoking pumps, Pre-K Campus FEP manager Takiyah Murphy, has no trouble getting where she needs to go. Driven by the notion that those who wear pumps are making a statement without saying a word, Murphy’s splurge of choice is pretty obvious. “Busted shoes are not the move,” she said. “They make a statement without being over the top. [Busted shoes] will null and void [your entire outfit].” Though seemingly knowledgeable about the art of “elevation,” how many pairs does one actually need to prove this point? Not long ago, after a shopping spree “for no reason” resulted in purchases worth hundreds of dollars, Ms. Murphy had a crowning moment. She decided to take everything in her trunk back to the store - not because she didn’t have the money, but as a mother of four, the purchases were not “merit-based.” There had to be a purpose to this madness.

Murphy seriously reverted back to this purpose after the ”shopping spree.” After losing everything financially a few years ago, Murphy “realized [she] needed to truly start saving.” That monumental decision turned into a personal vow: “I will not buy any shoes for the next 28 days! Not for me...not for the kids... not even for my mother!” Ms. Murphy exclaimed. And, she put the money away in savings. This vow gleaned from financial articles she had read and saved. As her savings began to grow, she decided to share the information with her A.W. Brown friends and co-workers, some of whom do not receive salaries during the summer months. “I was able to do it (start saving), so I decided to help them get started,” she said. She suggested that those interested take the 28-day challenge themselves with whatever amount and for whatever reason they wanted to get started. Her suggestions included putting up income tax money in CDs (certificate of deposits) or in a dormant bank account and giving her the money they would spend on lunch, coffee, etc. She would serve as their “personal bank” and put it in an envelope for them. Out of sight, out of mind. They are issued a receipt and “whenever they are ready, I give it to them. They can get it at any time.” The goal, Ms. Murphy said, is for them to “just see if you can turn it [the money] into something.” Tammy Davis, Pre-K building TA, plans to save $1,000 by May

2011. She decided 28 days just wasn’t long enough. So through the holidays and her passion for boots, she’s deciding to hold tightly to her cash. “[This challenge] kept me from spending $10 on lunch,” she said. “Feels good to save money. [When it’s over] I’m just going to divide it up and put it into my kids’ saving accounts.” Ms. Murphy is pleased with the support and encouragement the 28-Day Financial Plan has gained, including from Pre-K Dean, Tammy Benson. “Although I have not fully committed to participating, I have adopted several of the strategies. For example, I am bringing my lunch more, making coffee at home instead of buying it every day, carrying minimal cash, and mentally tracking my spending,” she said. “I think it is a great idea.” Ms. Murphy is continuing to follow her own rules, having gotten rid of her credit cards, keeping a “low overhead” and continuing to save. When asked why she is doing this, her reasons are simple: “I’m doing this out of love for myself, my family, and my love for sisters,” she said. “I am not a financial guru or anything,” Ms. Murphy continued. “I am just keeping it real simple and sharing some of my techniques,” she said. “It is sisters helping sisters…more of an empowerment thing.”

On November 19th, AWBFLA showed their Greek pride by wearing paraphernalia. Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity are shown above.

Poetry in Motion Jesus is the Reason By: Rikeisha 6D

His eyes sparkling in the moonlight His face glowing in the sunlight His body moving like the silent wind Jesus is the reason for the season beyond pain above all sin against the devil’s work across the path of righteousness towards victory

My Dream Christmas

By: Kentavea 6D For my next Christmas I want to soar from cloud to cloud to view the people laughing to hear the Carolers sing to open my favorite present All of my dreams will come true photos on Pg.4 by: robertWHITE

Happy Holidays from your friends at A.W. Brown

A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy

A Few Good Men by: angelaCISNEROS

Over 150 dad’s steal the show, at least the classroom for a day.

dads in the event’s history. There’s even a group of veteran dads who return every year to help the new participating fathers find their groove. “The dads are having the time of their lives,” Annette Bradford, 4th grade teacher said. “The most common question has been – ‘What do I do next?’” “Next” for one volunteer means discovering the ‘actual’ workload of everyday teachers. High School Principal, Mene Khepera, said he realized the difficulty in developing and teaching students are the same. “Given the different personalities inside the classroom, [teachers must] find a balance to provide quality instruction.” Khepera jokingly goes on to say, “I’m glad I’m not in a classroom anymore.” For Human Resource Director Bobby Griffin, the experience was rewarding. “…And challenging all at the same time,” he said. “You’re trying to do multiple things at one time; trying to gauge the different levels of each student.”

Could you go one Christmas without presents?

and give to others, because we have already received the greatest gift that man on earth could ever receive. It is also better to give sometimes than to always receive. Another reason I would be very thankful if I didn’t receive presents, is because no matter what, I would still have my family. My family loves me and makes me happy. Just by having my parents and sister I can be joyful and jolly. It is a blessing to be able to give lots of hugs and kisses and have fun with the people I love.

Opinion Section

It was eight years ago when William Holmes, Kindergarten A teacher, had a bright idea. He wanted to create an A.W. Brown classroom tradition that got dads more involved in school affairs. “You see the moms interacting with the kids all the time,” Holmes said, “It was time to see the dads.” In 2003 he decided to share the daddy love. Holmes’ idea of having daddies run his classroom for a day became a Kinder event. His team of six headed the daddy take-over. Daddy Daycare, the official name, is a day where fathers of AWBFLA students become teachers for the day. Overwhelmed, some dads have left before the 11:00 a.m. lunch hour after attempting to discipline a class of 25 students. Others, finger painting the hours away, have proved worthy of the I Survived Daddy Daycare souvenir tee shirts. This one small event involving 20 to 25 dads has now expanded to both the elementary and prekindergarten campuses. 160 dads attended the event on November 4. This was the largest number of

Yes, I could go one Christmas without receiving presents, because of the true meaning of Christmas. Here are some reasons I don’t have to get presents at Christmas. Christmas is about Jesus being born and his love for the world. He was a gift from God to this world. We should love one another

Pg. 5

Dad’s visiting for a day bow heads for a morning prayer as their Daddy Daycare program.

photos by: robertWHITE

On-the-Spot questions: About Daddy


...and their answers were...

What is your favorite part of Daddy Daycare? “Watching the dads try to discipline the kids,” Felicia Harrison, Kindergarten D teacher said humorously. “When one [student] asks to go to the bathroom…all of them start asking. The [dads] look like they don’t know what to do.”

What are your thoughts about teaching? Paint and body auto worker, Jesus De La Rosa said. “It’s hard and too much patience [is needed].” Tony Harper, barber, father of Tyla, KE, and Toni, 1C, says, “It’s quite an experience. I enjoyed it and might consider [teaching as a career] next.”

Another reason I could go without presents is some other kids do not have many things or get to have Christmas presents. I could take some of the toys that I already have and give them for presents to some other kids that never get any toys. I think that would make them feel happy at Christmas time. Christmas is very joyful and delightful time to enjoy and always be thankful for what I already have. When I give to other kids, I can share presents and joy with them. Hopefully this will

help bring Christmas cheer to them and help them know what Christmas is all about. This could help make Christmas a happy time for everyone. These are a few reasons why I could go one Christmas without receiving presents. I would rather share and give so everyone could have love and happiness during this holiday. - Kennedy 4D

A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy

A Family Affair: New Spin on 2010 Contest by: dorothyGENTRY

Brothers and sisters compete in 2010 Oratorical Contest at different grade levels.

“Making Your Dreams Come True” was the theme of this year’s Oratorical Contest. It should have been, “It’s A Family Affair.” A number of participants were family in the real sense of the word. Three sets of siblings participated in the 11th annual contest held October 28 on the elementary campus. The contest held in the gym, featured the A.W. Brown praise dancers, Golden Sigma Step Team and Honor Choir. The colors black and baby blue were wore by the committee headed by William Holmes, Kindergarten teacher. The committee escorted little bodies up the stage and to the microphones lowered for their reach. The contestants stunned the judging panel, administrators, and gym-full of attendees with their oratorical skills. “When we found out we both won for our classes, we were excited,” said Jordan McNeil (3D), about

him and younger sister, Alondera, a student in Kindergarten section D. “We would practice together in the car on the way to school and at home. I am excited we were chosen.” Da’Raja Medlock from 5A is no stranger to A.W. Brown’s Oratorical Contest, having represented her class on six different occasions beginning in Pre-K, and winning school-wide four of those times – including this year. Her baby brother Darian joined big sister on the stage this year, representing his Pre-K-4D class. “I was proud of my little brother, seeing him up there competing,” she said. “Once we found out we both were participating, we were at home practicing real hard. I told him that while it would be nice, it is not all about winning, it’s about having fun in the process,” she said. “And if you lose, you have to lose with dignity.”

Taylor, Pre-K4 A contestant walks off the stage after reciting her poem at the contest.

Pre-K 3: 1st Place – DeKota Ellis 2nd Place – Chase Easley 3rd Place – Jade Edwards Pre-K 4: 1st Place – Terry Brock 2nd Place – Aliyah Goins 3rd Place – Mario Perry

Kindergarten 1st Place- Jaxon McCowan 2nd Place- Noah Gardner 3rd Place – Zakiyyah Kennedy 1st Grade 1st Place – Amaria Hubbard 2nd Place – Elisha Burrell 3rd Place – Christin Smally

...And the winners are:

I would be fine without presents on Christmas. If I didn’t get any presents on Christmas, I would just spend time with my family because Christmas isn’t about getting presents or receiving (sic) gifts underneath the tree. It is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Some people are ungrateful with the old things they have, so they think Christmas is the day where you get to replace those things. A few months later, they wouldn’t even play with them! I think that people should be okay with no presents, because you have a family that loves you. Instead of presents I think the world needs more love!!! - Javion 4F

2nd Grade 1st Place – Elexia Reed

Could you go one Christmas without presents?

Opinion Section

Pg. 6

How would you feel about a Christmas with no presents? What would you do instead? We ask these questions, but do we really know the answer? If you’ve been living with presents all of your life, you wouldn’t know the answer. If you didn’t have presents, you would know. Thank God that you have presents and you don’t know what that feels like. If you still want to know, ask somebody who doesn’t get presents. You probably think that’s

2nd Place – Reice McGowan 3rd Place – Zariah Ross 3rd Grade 1st Place – Gianni Bowie 2nd Place – Morgan Pace 3rd Place – Iyonia Smith

4th Grade 1st Place – Jabari Khepera 2nd Place – Kyla Thomas 3rd Place – Jordan Mosley

5th Grade 1st Place – Caleb Young 2nd Place – Jayla Richards 3rd Place – Da’Raja Medlock 6th Grade 1st Place – Ontario Brown 2nd Place – Reagan Leslie 3rd Place – Ina Collins

hard. Believe it or not, there are people out there somewhere that don’t get presents. When you get mad because you don’t get what you want, they would be grateful for whatever they get. You should get them something and watch how they act. You should learn from how they act. If you do what I told you, you will be grateful and it should answer your question. - Darius and Dominique 4F

Walking in a... If you were alive at the time Jesus was born, what gift would you have presented him and why? Summer, 3B “A flower, because he is God!”

Raven, 3A “[A] jewelry box,” she said. “He could put his private things in the box.”

Jazmyn, 3C “Anything he want[s],” he said. “He is God and he earned it.”

Mya, 4B “I would have presented Jesus with food mostly,” she said. “I think that if you’re going to give Jesus something, it might as well be something he can eat.” Synia, 4C “I would have presented him with gold and money,” she said. “So they could have enough money to travel places and stay at the inn.”

Jalen, 4D “I would have presented him with God, because that was God’s son.”

Pg. 7

Winter Wonderland

A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy

by: ishaGAINES

It’s Reigning Tots:

photo collage by: robertWHITE

Pre-Kindergarten and schoolers enjoyed an evening of fun at the Tiny Tots Winter Wonderland Christmas fundraiser. As the first year for this program, Takiyah Murphy, FEP Manger, said she made a profit that will go towards the AWBFLA Education Foundation’s Annual Patron Scholarship. In her words: “Hats off to the Pre-k department and other staff volunteers for their creativity and servant’s hearts,” she said. “It was a beautiful experience to see Rev. Brown’s belief: ‘That the incalculable synergy produced by the collaboration of business, school and the home, in an effort to change the lives of our children through education, makes a difference!’ come to fruition”. Considering the loads of giggles, face portraits, dancing, and goodies that reigned the night, Murphy would like to say, “Thank You to the Pre-k, schoolers, and their families for coming out to support this fundraiser. ‘In anticipation of your continued support, I say “thanks” and I pray that God’s favor will rest upon your families’”.

Which holiday song best represents you and why? Miracle, 5E “Not About Us,” she said. “It represents Jesus and we don’t need no fame or fortune to live.”

Jaelon, 5D “Up on the House Top,” he said smiling. “That’s the one I am learning now for the Christmas program.” Devonte, 5D “This Christmas, because it helps me motivate myself.”

Jada, 6A “Silent Night, because of the uniqueness of it,” she said. “You can sing it any kind of way. It’s one of those songs [where] you can change the beat and it’ll still sounds good.”

Brandon, 6B “Jingle Bells, because I’m a great person and it makes me a great person.”

Editorial Cartoon: Christmas at our House

Deaundrya, 6F “I don’t know the name of it, but it goes Christmas time is here. We’ll be drawing near,” she “singingly” said. “It is cheerful!”

A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s....


Pg. 8


...“Waiting for Superman,” a movie review

We all know how, in the movies, Superman swoops down from the sky in his red and blue cape – ready to save the day!

In society today – “Superman” is the ubiquitous, ever-growing charter school and home-school system, and numerous other nationwide educational reforms that are swooping down to save America’s youth from an “evil” public school system that is big, really bad, and must be destroyed. That’s the essential premise behind the movie “Waiting for Superman,” from Academy Award-winning filmmaker David Guggenheim. The film, released this summer, takes a deep look at the current state of our nation’s

by: dorothyGENTRY,

Whether public education or an education alternative, “Waiting for Superman” goes behind the veil of the traditional school system .

public school system and how it is affecting our children. He dissects the problems, or what are perceived as the problems, and offers hope for something more. The movie follows the lives of five kids with different backgrounds and situations - Daisy, Francisco, Anthony, Emily, and Bianca - and the challenges, sacrifices and decisions they and their parents make to ensure their dreams come true.     Their journey through the public school system and its alternatives – charter schools and home schooling  is inspiring, surprising, depressing, unbelievable, and informative. Watching their plight will inspire you in more ways than one to join the education debate in some way and make a difference. At

the very least, the movie will prompt you to ask more questions of your school board, principal and teachers about the education your child is receiving.    What I like most is that “Waiting for Superman” goes further than finger pointing, name-calling, rock-throwing and blaming – it makes you, the viewer, stop, think, and give some real thought to the question, “what can I do to make our educational system better?” It was only time before a movie was made about what has been perceived as our crumbling public education system. Frustrated, over-worked, and under-paid teachers are walking out; dropout rates are higher than there ever, and it seems there’s a whole lot

more going on in the classrooms than learning and teaching. None of this paints an attractive portrait for parents of school-age children looking for a place to entrust their child for 8 hours a day. Enter the charter school/ home school movement to reshape the culture and save the kids from a mediocre system that some say cares little about the type of students it produces.    I won’t give away what the film believes is the true “Superman” – only to say that as the late Michael Jackson sings, “I’m looking at the man in the mirror.” In the mirror. Maybe that’s where real and lasting education reform begins.

Invitational Fall Scholastic Chess Tournament, the Eagles competed with schools from across the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in three divisions: K-3, 4-5, and 6-12 grades. The tournament was held on Saturday, Nov. 6, at the Dealey

Montessori Academy in North Dallas. The Eagles won third place in the K-3 division, and the 6th graders fell a mere half of a point behind Dallas ISD’s Woodrow Wilson in the High School division. In individual play, Donovan

Stiles, 3B, won second place in the K-3 division. Based on the Eagles “Strategies” Coach Darius Frasure said, “If you pay attention, you can

Self Check: Chess team rolls the tournaments along with humility

by: dorothyGENTRY Like the leaves outside on a windy, fall day, the A.W. Brown Eagles Chess Team keeps rolling along at a high speed in area tournament play. In the 2010 Dealey

Continued on Pg. 12

Pg. 9 TWO ways TO make Sweet Potato Pie

A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy

Did we say FEAST:

Some classrooms on the Pre-K campus enjoy a annual Thanksgiving spread... bon appetit!

Chef Hudson


BJ Knows...How to Thanksgiving Feast Describing the menu: Turkey, ham, macaroni, corn, mashed potatoes, chili beans, greens, yams (i.e., sweet potatoes), chopped beef that “I used to make a sandwich, but was supposed to be eaten with a fork”, broccoli casserole…“I love my veggies!” Describing what ‘Dressing’ is: “What’s that stuff that granny makes…Oh, dressing. I don’t eat dressing a lot it’s kinda good, kinda not. It has the reddish-violet stuff on it. (i.e., cranberry sauce).” Describing his favorite meal: The best thing on the menu was the chili beans made by my dad! What was to drink? “Soda…Sprite, tea and pink lemonade”

Did you know that BJ makes spaghetti and cornbread? BJ’s family has a tradition where the younger generation cooks, prepares and serves the Thanksgiving meal to the older generation. In preparation for his chance to cook when he get older, BJ has already started learning...

…So we put our staff writer to test…

BJ Rules to cooking spaghetti are as follows: Step 1: “You have spaghetti not cooked and veggies. Step 2: “You boil the spaghetti [at the same time] make sauce and then stir the sauce on the stove. You also cook the ground beef. Step 3: Back to the spaghetti “You pour the water out [of the spaghetti pot]…put it with the and sauce [and meat]… season it.”

Describing what he loves about Thanksgiving: “Spending time with my family and friends. Watching the Princess and the Frog over and over…about 2 or times. I went to my favorite cousin’s [house]. When I was little and my dad was busy she would take care of me and watch me. I would spend a lot of time with her. I don’t see her a lot because she has job.” What is BJ thankful for? “My clothes, dad, family…I’m thankful for everything I have, actually.”

Vickie Hudson, teacher assistant, is well known for her excellent baking skills. Her recipe is delicious to all that have tried it. Co-workers, church members, friends, and family all put in their requests trying to race for the best pie. She wants to share the taste sensation this holiday season with us! Two Pies (store bought pie shell) Filling: Blend 8 oz. cream cheese 1 cup of sugar 1 beaten egg 1 tbsp. vanilla flavoring After you have blended your filling, pour in pie shell. Pie: Blend 3 medium (peeled and boiled) sweet potatoes 1 stick of margarine Nutmeg Cinnamon 1 cup of sugar 1 egg 1 Tbsp. of vanilla flavoring 1 8-10 oz. can of sweetened condensed milk Pour into pie shell and bake on 400° for 1 hour.



Grandma Stevenson, grandmother of Angela Cisneros, teacher assistant, is the best pie maker of her time, at least that’s what her family and friends say! She is well known for how deliciously perfect her sweet potato pies are! She has to make at least 20 pies a year for various family members, church members, and friends that wait until the holidays to beg. One Pie (Store bought shell) Pie Filling: You need 1 nice size [large] sweet potato. Peel it, boil it, and mash it up in a bowl Add a little butter, about ½ a stick Pour Carnation or Pet milk Just enough to make it a little soupy (but not to soupy) A little vanilla flavoring ½ cup of sugar, just enough to make it sweet (have grandchild taste test it for you) A dash of cinnamon and nutmeg (just put a little and see if it tastes right) 1 egg Pour it into an uncooked regular pie shell. Let it cook on 350° for 20-30 minutes. You can look at it and tell. The pie crust will get a little brown. Taste and enjoy!


Which would you have rather been: a pilgrim or an indian? Zyniah, 2E “An Indian,” she said enthusiastically. “They have those hats with the feathers in it!” Christin, 1A “A pilgrim, because they seem nice!”

Treasure, KD “A pilgrim,” she said. “They look sweet on T.V.”

robertWHITE Some students on the elementary campus enjoyed a moment of storytelling, the topic: Pilgrims and Indians!

A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy

2010 Science Fair Winners In October, AWBFLA launched the Annual Science Fair for Kindergarten - 6th grades. We congratulate our winners in how they ‘measured up’ for the win in November! In the words of Dean Walton, “The projects and the creativity that our students displayed was awesome. Thanks again for a job well done.”

Kindergarten 1st place - Tiffanee Alfrod 2nd place - Noah Gardener 3rd place- John Foster

Kindergarten winners

1st grade winners

2nd grade winners

Measuring UP

4th grade : 1st place - Xavier Ross 2nd place - Kendall Levine 3rd place - Ahsley Ekwengu

4th grade winners

5th grade: 1st place - Daraja Matlock 2nd place - Kaleb Davis 3rd place - Sterling Drake 6th grade : 1st place - Nicholos Soloman 2nd place - Ina Collins 3rd place - Jarred Turner

By: MyrondaSOWELL

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

Directions: Place different smelling Christmas items into individual containers or individual clean socks. Prevent children from seeing what’s inside of the containers. Children will smell each container and guess what’s inside.

1st grade: 1st place - Sean Knox 2nd place - Kourtland Freeman 3rd place - Kade Douglas

3rd grade: 1st place - Demarrion Smith 2nd place - Leilah Smith 3rd place - Briahna Nelson

Sowell’s Sizzling Science Objective: Children will use their noses to guess smells associated with Christmas.

Science Fair Winners by Name:

2nd grade : 1st place - Aubrey Johnson 2nd place - Collin Smith 3rd place - Ashley Fuqua

Pg. 11

5th grade winners

6th grade winners

photos by: robertWHITE

Great smelling items for this activity include: · Peppermint candy · Cinnamon stick · A snip of Christmas tree · Gingersnap cookie · Cloves Book: Scratch and sniff books such as The Sweet Smell of Christmas by Patricia M. Scarry [Golden Books, 2003] can also give children opportunities to use their sense of smell. Extension: Create a science notebook and have children draw a picture of each item. Write underneath the picture what each child says about the item they’ve smelled.

Continued from Pg. 8 actually learn more when you lose. If we won all of the time, or played in arenas that offered no challenge, then arrogance would cloud the kid’s vision, and they would feel like nobody could teach or tell them anything.” “Losing’ really isn’t ‘losing,’ if you are learning about yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, or your opponents strengths and their weaknesses,” he added. “Chess is a game that can be used to teach life skills--especially the habits that are emphasized here at A.W. Brown ‘Leadership’ Academy.”

Frasure said concepts such as “being proactive, empathetic, and being smart, effective, efficient, disciplined students are all a natural part of chess culture. If a ‘W’ [win] Continued from Pg. 2

“Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Belton showed me the importance of obtaining an education. They were both very tough on me to make sure I grew out of being lazy, and they also taught me discipline,” he recalls. “I still use the reading and writing skills I learned from Mrs. Belton daily when doing papers for class.” Rev. Brown also had a hand in “instilling core values I would need

will do that for us then great, but if taking the “L” [Loss] disciplines my morality and sharpens my character, then we can take that in stride as well.” Results from December 4 Gabe P. Allen Chess Tournament: 2nd Place Overall - 6-12th grade division - A.W. Brown 1st Place Overall - K-3rd grade division - A.W. Brown Individual Winners: 1st place - Donovan Stiles K-3rd grade division - A. W. Brown 2nd place - Caleb Gordon K-3rd grade division - A.W. Brown 5th place - Jeremiah Bodwin - K-3rd division - A.W. Brown For more information on the Eagle Chess Team, email chess@

to achieve my goals and succeed in life,” Harris said. Asked about his favorite or fondest memories at AWBFLA, Harris responded, “The entire 5th grade was pretty fun. I actually have many memories of my time there. The Christmas and Black History Month programs were also memorable.” Harris is indeed a S.E.E.D, planted, watered, and growing tall!

Continued from Pg. 3 Word from the Food bank… We have become quite popular with the staff of The North Texas Food Bank. They anticipate our yearly contribution and give high remarks on the amount of food that we donate.  The council members were able to volunteer time working in the food bank this year and were interviewed by one of Senator Royce West’s staff members.  They did a wonderful job orating and were very polite and courteous.  Things were done “The A.W. Brown Way”! Who were the winners of the collecting competition? Myronda Sowell of PreK3D with 1176 items. Chavala Arnold of KE with 310 items.    

Honorable Mention: Chante Threets of Pre-K 4F collected 834 items. Ms. G. Washington of Pre-K 4D collected 536 items. William Holmes on the Golden Sigma Helping Hand drive for the Homeless:

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The Golden Sigma Mini Fraternity collected over 100 items to be donated to the homeless in Dallas, TX. The group, mostly known for their stepping skills, collected socks, gloves, coats, pillows and blankets. Williams Holmes, the group’s advisor, said since the group is modeled after Greek Fraternities they should give back to the community as these groups frequently do. “They need to be exposed to doing some of the things Greek Fraternities do.”

Continued from Pg. 1

Pg. 12

Her most memorable moment about the program was the Pledge of Allegiance. “It reminded me of why I serve and why I decided to enlist,” she said.

Holiday Edition

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A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy

Congratulations to Mrs. Copper for receiving her Bachelors in Communications and Organization. She finished with a 3.67 GPA on November 2, 2010

Happy belated Birthday to Rev. Brown on December 6th

MERRY CHRISTMAS & Happy New Year from A.W. Brown FLA May your families be blessed!!