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Strategic Plan


Located in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Gogebic Community College expands over 150 acres on the Ironwood campus. Established in 1932, with the most recent addition of the state-of-the-art Skilled Trades Building in 2020, GCC strives to expand student offerings that are parallel with the college mission and the surrounding communities. This includes the Copper Country Center in Houghton, MI, added in 2013 to enhance opportunities for students in the Keweenaw Peninsula region. GCC provides access to multiple unique programs with small class sizes and hands on learning. The Ski Area Management Program at GCC is only one of two programs of its kind in the United States and the only one with a ski hill located directly on campus grounds. Other program areas include Nursing, Forestry, Cosmetology, Welding, Criminal Justice, and more. The beauty and landscape of the area lends one the opportunity to connect with nature and the ability to enjoy all four seasons. Hiking, biking, snowshoeing, skiing, and snowboarding are all part of everyday life in the north. This connection adds to the educational experience at GCC.

Dr. George McNulty President

The 2020-2023 Strategic Plan constitutes stability and progress. The Plan was developed with a clear purpose in mind, an inclusive course of action demonstrating commitment to institutional effectiveness in supporting the Mission, Vision and Core Values and partnering effectively with the communities we serve. We look forward to sharing the measurable results as well as celebrating our accomplishments.

Gogebic Community College is a learning community that contributes to academic, cultural, economic, and social success for our students and region.

Gogebic Community College will be the gateway to empower people and inspire communities to thrive in a global environment through committed staff and innovative programming.

Gogebic Community College will create possibilities by boldly educating, engaging community, and exceeding expectations. Boldly Educating Provide an affordable educational environment that promotes technological competence, free expression of ideas, ethical integrity, and a diverse, inclusive culture. Engaging Community As advocates for lifelong learning and business partnerships, GCC provides educational, creative, and cultural opportunities for economic vitality. Exceeding Expectations We commit to the highest standards in developing programs that lead to enhanced employability, goal attainment, and successful transfer to other educational institutions.

Persistent and systematic planning is essential to the success of Gogebic Community College. The themes and goals of the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan provide the foundation projected to represent growth and development of the GCC community. Implementing the Plan will be accomplished through a strong commitment to operationalizing objectives, strategies, and progress reporting of results. The process is dynamic and the Plan will be assessed annually, which will provide opportunities to adapt to changing circumstances.








Gogebic Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The Strategic Plan aligns with the HLC Criterion Core Components and acknowledges accreditation requirements.

Objectives: 1. Update Lindquist Student and Conference Center. 2. Develop and implement strategies to enhance college infrastructure, facilities, and technology. 3. Develop and implement strategies to enhance a sense of student belonging.

Objectives: 1. Develop and implement a Strategic Enrollment Management plan. 2. Create an online and on ground career resource center. 3. Enhance student services, academic instruction, and student support, that enables distance delivery for students. 4. Engage in research and discovery of programming needs in the region as evidenced by current and projected market demands.

Objectives: 1. Develop and implement an information-sharing plan to promote the College. 2. Develop and implement a comprehensive employee engagement and satisfaction process. 3. Develop and implement a plan to enhance professional engagement and growth. 4. Develop regional partnerships to enhance community satisfaction and engagement.

Glen Ackerman-Behr Susan Beals Mike Boerman Cynthia Brandon-Slocum Stacy Brey Jesse Carroll David Darrow Miranda Heglund Dayle Jackson Charly Loper Rachael Hendges Nicole Rowe Beth Steiger Steve Spets Dennis Svoke Kim Zeckovich

John Lupino William Malloy Timothy Kolesar Susan Beals Thomas Brown Robert Burchell Eric Fitting

Director of Workforce Development Board of Trustees Secretary Director of Lindquist Student Center and Athletics English Faculty - Houghton Director of Off Campus Operations - Houghton Student Representative Vice President of Academic Services Committee Co-Chair/Institutional Researcher Director of Student Outreach and Engagement Community Member Representative Administrative Assistant – VP of Academic Services, Meeting Recorder Director of Allied Health Committee Co-Chair/Business Faculty Director of Computer Services Mechanical Engineering Technology Faculty Director of Admissions, Marketing and Community Relations

Board Chair Board Vice-Chair Board Treasurer Board Secretary Board Member Board Member Board Member

Dr. George McNulty Erik Guenard Jeanne Graham David Darrow

President VP of Business Services VP of Student Services VP of Academic Services

Strategic Plan