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Glass Hat

October 2013, Issue #15

T-Town Peach Christina Lynn

Brandy Smith The Eyes Have It Karie Cox

International Asian Delight Sophia Abella M.O.M.U.A.P. The Smolder

Bikini Body Kris Sayre

Darkness Closes Around Me Katrina Williams


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Photography: Subtle Shades Photography Model: Whitney

Photography: Subtle Shades Photography

Trick or Defeat. Fall season provides many sporadic weather changes for all of us living in Oklahoma. This month, we move into one of the scariest months of the year. “Ladies and Gentleman” Halloween will be here soon, so expect all the local candy stores to be flooded with people. With that being said, make sure you close all your doors at night because I would hate to see your house ambushed by unwarranted ghosts. The title “Trick or Defeat” has a coveted message behind it. The message refers to the GHM maintaining the fighting spirit of a warrior and to not fall prey to any outside deceptions. The world is full of people that have bad intentions and the ability to preserve in turmoil periods is a beneficial skill to obtain. The timing of this letter is in sync perfectly with the month of October because Halloween celebrates trickery and the GHM is not the type of magazine to let its guards down any time in the near future. Please take some time and check us out on Facebook at ( and also tell your friends to visit our website at (www.glasshatmag. com). The warrior spirit flows within me and all the other members of the GHM family. We do not give up and are willing to make huge sacrifices; to make sure when you pick up a GHM you instantly get the superior quality of hard working real people. I endorse the habit of leaving fans with the blueprint of upcoming current events. The Bikini calendar progressing has been phenomenal and we got more tricks up our sleeves to make a magician second guess what our next move is. “The Sky is the Limit” and the GHM is reaching for a new stratosphere, so this is not the time to get scared. Nathaniel Goodwin CEO/President

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Glass Hat CEO/President: Clark Kent COO: Kaylee Michelle Editor: J.Mann Contributing Writers Katrina Williams Nathaniel Goodwin

Contributing Photographers ArtofTyme Photography Lee Baxley Photography QuestionMark Photography Subtle Shades Photography

Model Appearances Brandy Smith (Cover) Christina Lynn Sophia Abella Chanayn Martina Love Lauren Russell Brannan Bell Summer Buckner Trace Matheson Mandie Fogarty


Features Christina Lynn T-Town Peaches

Kari Cox All in the Eyes

Brandy Smith


International Asian Delight Sophia Abella


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Glass Hat

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Christina Lynn T-Town Peach

Edited by J.Mann Photographer By Lee Baxley

Hello there! My name is Christina Lynn, but I’m also known as Peaches or T-Town Peach! I was born and raised here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Pretty much for my entire life, I’ve always wanted to be a model, but my family would not allow it. I had a child at the age of 15, and got married when I was 16, and somehow lost track of my dreams and modeling aspirations along the way. Finally at the age of 27, I decided to go against my family’s wishes, and follow my dreams and get into the modeling industry before I felt it was too late!


Since then, I’ve worked with many great local photographers, including Joseph Garza, Chuck Majors, Bill Richards, and of course, Lee Baxley, who did the shoot featured here. I’ve learned a lot and had a lot of fun! Primarily now I am focused on promotional and print work. I have been featured in 5 different calendars, been on

the cover and centerfold of a print magazine, and I’m excited to be featured in Glass Hat Magazine as well! I’ve been a guest at private parties at the Playboy Mansion, I’ve been a showgirl, do promotional modeling, and I’m a Twin Peaks girl here in Tulsa! At one of my craziest shoots, I did a photo shoot on top of a building while it was lightning and I was holding a big gun. It may have been a scary experience, but we got some great images out of it! The shoot I did for GHM was pitched to me by Lee last year actually. He said he had seen the music video for Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” and thought the car wash scene would be really hot. He asked around for people and I said I’d love to do it, but for whatever reason, we never did it last year. Then he contacted me again this year and said “Hey, remember that shoot idea? Let’s







do it!!” So we finally got together and did the shoot. It was funny because, due to the somewhat risqué nature, Lee and Kimmy (Lee’s partner/ assistant) set up a backdrop to block anyone from seeing up the driveway. A couple of times, it blew over, once almost beaning Lee in the head! But he came away unscathed, we got some great images, and we all had a blast! If you want to see the video Lee did which features some outtake shots from the shoot, check it out on Youtube! http://youtu. be/20J1OJOWNOg And if you want to see more of my work, you can go to my website (http:// or Facebook page (https://www.




Darkness Closes Around Me By Katrina Williams

Darkness closes around me Not the black of a starless country night Rather as if the artist used charcoal To caress this page of my life Leaving smudges to tease my sight Whispers sweep along the nitrogen rich air Too quiet to distinguish the voices Too loud to ignore and push from my mind They tickle the hairs on their journey Gathering in mass to land as a heavy thump on my drum The stench of the dead wraps its tentacles through me Making me long for skunks and sulfur The moment my olfactory glands begin to adjust A whiff of coffee snakes up my nostrils Cleansing them, allowing the putrid stink to stake claim once more My tongue has become an artist’s easel Salted, withered soil - the paint absorbing every vapor of moisture Fish brine - the water used to rinse the tools That transfer gravel onto my tender organ I try to pretend it is honey and wine with no luck Feet sliced by bone shards oozes blood Hands grasp for any solid object only to feel ghostly webs Fire races along my raw sensitive flesh No matter how hard I swat, never extinguished Leaving me in the melted chaos my mind can not escape





Glass Hat It is Fear By Katrina Williams

Get out of the norm... And get with a magazine That helps build your exposure!


Model: Brannan Bell Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography


Karie Cox The Eyes Have It

Edited By J.Mann Photography by Subtle Shades Photography

Karie has loved the beauty industry for as long as she can remember. When she was young, she could see her future clearly: helping people feel more empowered through sharing her passion with the people around her. Karie wants to be a positive force in the beauty industry by creating through her passion in life, hair styling and makeup artistry. When she took her first steps towards her future career, she was 15 and in her first beauty college. 18 years later, with many trials and triumphs, and with god’s

blessings, she is now a licensed cosmetologist. This allows her to cut, color, style, and apply makeup in the state of Oklahoma. Born and raised in Oklahoma, her dreams are as big as the Big Apple. When she completes her master instructor’s license, she plans on having her own salon and working toward becoming a platform artist, doing hair shows and runway in N.Y. She picked up her passion for hair and makeup again in 2011 with her first group shoot. Since then, she has worked with many photographers and models; some as clients and some just for fun.

She will be working in the charity fashion show for Sak’s 5th Avenue in October 2013. Some of her work has appeared in Glass Hat Mag coupled with Kris Sayre, Cici Steel, Brooklyn and photographers such as Tyme D Cich and Terrell Sanders. When she can, she will provide her work for free as a “give back” kind of thing. Karie has the most fun doing glamor and high fashion, but has done weddings, vintage, boudoir, and seniors. Karie hopes to do a wide variety, as well as editorial.


Model: Summer Buckner Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography


“When you love something, make it your passion.�


Model: Lauren Russell Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography


As a stylist, Karie thrives to give her clientele professional service, advice, and education so they can achieve the look they desire. Up until now, she has done some dabbling in and out of this industry; keeping an open mind and always accepting new education with the newest trends in makeup and styling techniques.

From chic and contemporary to over-the-top glamorous, Karie creates clean, breath taking, timeless looks that photographs beautifully and leaves the model still feeling like herself. Karie prides herself on being hard working, friendly, personable, professional as a business woman, detail oriented, creative, elegant and

a visionary as a hair and makeup artist. Her philosophy on life is “to let life flow the way it goes,” which explains her contemporary, yet mysterious, artistic style because anything is possible with makeup. Dreams are never impossible with the right combination of style and

beauty. Karie’s glamorous visions and signature looks will leave you glimmering. When you love something, make it your passion.

Model: Chanayn Martina Love Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography


Models: Trace Matheson, Mandei Fogarty Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography


Mistresses of Mayhem Unique Artistry and Promotions

The Smolder By Trace Matheson Photography by Subtle Shades Photography

I call it the “Smolder”. It is a look my good friend and model, Mandei Fogarty possesses when she does shoots. It’s a beautiful look that has thrown her into finding new approaches. I personally find it alluring and powerful, but after attending a few casting calls and working more regularly with different photographers she strived for a different expression and to appear “softer.” Each new face she skillfully crafted still had bits of the original “smolder” foundation. My inspiration for writing this piece is the evening; for one glorious shot. I had managed to “smolder” and understood exactly where it came from. Most people express thoughts, feelings, and reactions in their face. The sad pout, the love struck puppy eyes, the excited bursts of blush that cascade across an individual’s face are part of what makes interaction amongst human beings so meaningful. I have a problem, if you want to call it that, with concealing what’s really going on in my head from my face. The poker face dilemma is something Mandei also has. If Mandei is enraged it will pour from her eyes and down her face like floods of Spartans storming toward their next conquest. It can be rather frightening. If I am heartbroken and in pieces, every deep thought seems to seep through my pores till the name of the person responsible can be read across my face. This is just how emotionally in tune we both are. We have known and respected this about each other since we were young. I remember the phone call from Mandei that began our working relationship in developing Mistresses of Mayhem Unique Artistry and Promotions. I personally was drawn to the public relations aspect, never thought myself a model - still don’t. I prefer to think of myself as a character to be used in whatever way needed for M.O.M.U.A.P.


Our shoots have matured over the last year, including Mandei’s modeling & business approach. With several happy local bands and businesses enjoying our support and promotions, our hard work didn’t come without personal trials. Mine took turns I didn’t expect. My self-esteem drained, trying to impress one person in particular, I found myself a part of the group - but no longer a character.

positioned myself onto her couch in a totally predictable pose. Feet up, head hanging slightly. I am 5’3 and 138 pounds, any length I take away from myself is not good so with a few adjustments and a tip or two from the one I have crowned the Queen of poses, we were ready to start shooting. The first few shots were your normal, “You’re taking yourself too seriously, let’s try it again,” type shots.

After the final blow and the abandonment of that one person in my life that I worked so hard in all aspects to impress and loved without equal reciprocation, I fell hard on myself. In the process of mending myself, I ended up at Mandei’s for a visit. Kids were settled down at play when Mandei told me that one of our M.O.M.U.A.P friends was coming to practice some shots. I asked if I could practice as well. I figured if anything it would pull my mind out of my heart and there’s nothing more therapeutic than a girl feeling pretty, even for a moment.

With confusion, anger, and heartbreak fueling my every thought, something inside me clicked: to make a change, to make a stand that I am not broken but born again, I am alive, I am beautiful…I am Me.

We played in make-up, tried on hats, styled hair, and dug through Mandie’s closet. Mandei has always been a selfless person in knowing what a hurting friend needs to cheer up. The time came for us to set up a few places within Mandei’s living room to create backgrounds. I went first and in my awkwardness I


Confidence slowly dripped out until it came in waves and with every shot I opened myself up a little more and dared to do things I hadn’t before. I silently like to think that Mandei was proud me that evening. Then, the smolder came. Mandei had told me to hold what I had just naturally done at rest. The camera clicked. “Perfect,” she said, going back to the shot to show her fiancé. “She made my face.” She giggled. I looked away, my heart skipped, and for a moment I felt a reassurance I hadn’t in a while.

She turned the camera to me and there it was…The smolder. That exact moment while at rest was a moment when my subconscious was at work. My emotions took over my face and it was then my entire being at that moment was born of a crack in my foundation that was starting to fill itself to make me whole again. Mandei and I have seen things in our lifetimes. The great and the not so great. The difference between us is, Mandei had concluded early on - “Enough is enough.” In her face you can see “Never again, I refuse to be a prisoner.” Look at her and try to find any sign of weakness or vulnerability; good luck finding it without a map. My inner self in that second of being relaxed told me, “You know what? Never again. Enough is enough, now bring me that horizon.” Next time you flip through a magazine or catch the eye of a woman expressing the smolder, keep in mind that when it looks as if villages burn with the inhabitants of those who have broken her, when blood seems to pour from her lips, it’s because she has had to learn that life is not pretty and that is the look of a woman who has become wiser for it.

Model: Mandei Fogarty Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography


Loyalty and Faithfulness Tested By Katrina Williams

Loyalty and faithfulness tested The miles stretch long and endless Never traveled, always separate Like two prisoners in life’s jail Love, happiness, and joy promised if Ever the two shall meet Time ticks and nothing changes Stuck in an endless loop, endless loop Feelings bloom like flowers for a season Hard to make last for the year Another comes and offers the here and now Tempts with the candy one craves Hard to resist over and over when The longing to be held, to be kissed, To be caressed can be within reach War erupts in the mind and spares nothing Doubts are weapons utilized by the enemy To make you give in to the temptation “They aren’t coming,” “You are being made a fool,” “What will it hurt,” “Only pleasure awaits” Wall of defense are strong and persistent, but Thoughts still churn and simmer Longings swell day by day Walls crack like weathered leather Knowledge that to give in and taste the candy Means only ruination and loss of all established For one taste will not quench the desire, Rather make it grow more feverish Today the no is a no - hopefully tomorrow Finds not the no renounced into a maybe


Model: Kat Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography


My name is Brandy and I was born November 21, 1983 in Oklahoma to Ronda and Freddie. I have two older siblings. Growing up, we lived in a small town Newalla, OK. I attended Choctaw Schools all my life; class of 2003. After school, I went ahead and started a family at an early age. We bought our first house when I was 21, and we were married for 5 years and then divorced. From that marriage I had 3 kids. Tragedy struck our family in 2010 when we lost the kids’ father and a great friend. The whole family was shocked, but it has also brought us closer on both sides. Currently, I’m engaged to my best friend Nordwind. He has guided me and supported my dream of pursing my goals. We have one child together, but he is a dad to all of them. We’re very lucky to have him in our lives. I first started with modeling at John Casablancas. I satisfactorily completed the course of instruction in

Brandy Smith Photographer QuestionMark Photography Lamborghini Owner Dr. Bruce Thompson Edited by J.Mann


Female Modeling at the age of 13. My mother started me out with a few local companies. I did in-store freeze modeling. After I did a few of them, I decided this was what I’m going to do in life. I went on to runway modeling for John Casablancas. It was so easy to learn the ways to walk, the pose at the end of a walk, even walking with three runway models going down the runway, and one of us splitting the runway and all coming back as three runway models on stage and leaving the stage with our heads held high. I also did some work for David’s Bridal. Every year they hold an annual bridal show at the state fairgrounds. I got to walk the stage four different times, with four different big dresses, and I would tell myself, “I have to change before I’m up again, I think there are seven girls in front of me, so I can do this,” and of course I did it. After being on stage and seeing camera flashes, it was amazing to me


that some women out in the audience loved the way the dress looked and they were interested because I made it look so pretty wearing it. I enjoy sharing my past photo shoot images with my daughters now. I was only 13 and seeing how young I was and missing what I did. After growing up, I also wanted a family so I put modeling on hold, but in my head I knew I would someday get back at it and never get out of the modeling industry again. I recently started back into modeling this year, June 2013. My first photographer was a nice man named Kyle that I met through a mutual friend. My first photoshoot, I arranged myself and took control of what I was going to do. My longtime friend let me borrow his indoor pool for a few hours and in front of the camera I felt so great, that missing feeling of modeling came out of me! I felt so amazing about myself! After that feeling I saw a post about an open casting call and said to myself, I am going to this. Knowing more experienced models may be there didn’t even push me away. So when I

Owner of Lamborghini Dr. Bruce Thompson


went to this casting call and I met some beautiful models as well as awesome photographers: Court Duncan-Photography, LAJ studios, Subtle Shades Photography, Billy McGill, Greg Cary, Raphael Pozos, and Mark Gunter. The open casting call is called Glass Hat Magazine. I also got to meet Nathanial Goodwin, the CEO. I felt so good after doing this with Glass Hat Magazine, I wanted to be part of everything they were doing. I jump in all the open casting calls, really get to know these photographers, great models and become part of Glass Hat Magazine. After talking to Nathanial, I was reading his bio the very next day of an open casting call he was at, and from his motivation to keep pursuing your dreams and with the help of my fiancée Nordwind, I knew this was my chance to pursue my long-time dream of being a model and to keep doing what I love to do! That day it was June 20th, 2013. After that casting call with GHM I also went to another open casting call: The Edge. When I walked in the store I fell in love with what I saw; all the hot bikinis, heels and more. When speaking with the owner, I was already excited about everything they do: a lot of promotional work, bike wash, ring girls for fights! I knew I wanted to become part of them so, every Friday night we have a small group of girls that wash bikes at bike night at a local bar in our bikinis, right outside. Just the atmosphere is a great feeling to be in. I thought to myself this isn’t called work if you’re having fun doing it, and if you want to call it work, make sure to say it’s your dream coming true!


My goal is to teach others that no matter what your dream is or if it is an old dream, no matter how old, bring it back into the light; the sky is the limit. Have faith in yourself, don’t ever give up. If you do give up then everything you have done is for nothing. So my goal is to get back into modeling, and pursue my goal in becoming a famous known model. After having 4 kids, and loving support of family and friends, especially support of my fiancée Nordwind, the reason why I decided modeling is what I am going to pursue is because the feeling I got when I took my very first recent photo. That feeling of, ‘this is so natural to me, and fun. That this is who I am, and this is what I want to become in life.’ I have also had some people look at me differently when they ask what do you do, as I say, “I’m pursuing a dream of mine.” I tell the people that say that I’m too old or you’re a mom, you don’t want any of your children seeing these photos when they get older, “That is why I’m not in nude, I respect myself as a mother, a daughter, and a soon to be wife. If you notice, I do bikini modeling.” By the end of a conversation, the person seems to understand why I want to pursue modeling and they tell me ‘good luck.’ I just say thank you, and go on with my day! Don’t let anyone stop your dream. Only you can stop it. Always remember if you stop it, then it was all for nothing, so the sky is the limit, don’t ever give up!


International Asian Delight sophia abella Photographer: Dale Bacar W e b s i t e s : h t t p : // w w w. d a l e b a c a r. c o m / h t t p s : // t w i t t e r. c o m /d a l e b a c a r

Bindass model, hot and sizzling describes me best. I am an outrageous package of boldness, wisdom and glamour. I’m always hungry for the Playboy publicity stunt, as a sexy siren of yesteryears, with a nude-series backing me up. This artistic photography is sure to rock the younger generation. I live my life as an athletic damsel, always doing new photo shoots and working on future projects. The “dream cover” I am talking about is the one, which is created effortlessly. It’s the kind that makes you yearn to be a signature model, when you don’t think about eating, sleeping or doing anything else. There are a lot of younger, daring and sexy models coming up in the ranks, but I don’t see them as a threat.


Concept and Accessories: Sophia Abella

Excellence is defining and so I’ve to be “WOW” all the time. Always striving to be better than the competition. I have been working on my portfolio from the past two years and it had been a painful experience for me. Quite a number of scenes had to be cut and failed auditions due to my sexuality. But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming, though on the other hand, I am happy because earlier in my career, my work was mainly for adults and but now it is opening to everyone. Thanks to all those criticisms, they made me who I am, and my fans love me for it. Yes obviously. I never wanted my book to be a bachcha stuff. I worked really hard on it and my target audience is professionals, not amateurs.

My fans love to see the photos. I have read comments in some of my blogs, stating the emotions I portray in my images are up to mark and expressed uniquely. I tell my followers that some of my work is inspired by famous icons of the 21st century. It feels great to see them supporting me. I feel that I have the potential to do what others did in their lifetime. I am very confident that I will soon make a place for myself in Hollywood. I would never want to compete with any models. I adore Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. There are definitely no insecurities. I would like to ask photographers/medias, what common do you see in both genetic and transgender. How can you compare






Bugatti Vyron with Tata Nano. This comparison is senseless. And still if you make comparisons, you are nothing less than foolish. I am continuing to groom and beautify myself, planning to carve a niche in the industry as a model. Also, I have no godfather in the industry but have incredible faith in Almighty God and myself. I am all set to face challenges. I know, there are big project lined up for me with a great role someday on the big screen. I will keep my fingers crossed until I get my big break. I’m a person who has been through many life experiences, a woman with mundane words and a sultry smile. Tell me what you think! I can take the truth... Fierce and love!


Experience 2013 • Hustler and Playboy “pre-shoot” : Model, Manila, Philippines • Glamcob May 2013 : Cover girl, Mumbai, India 2012 • • • • • •

Crossroads Photography : Model, Singapore, Singapore TransLiving Issue 39 : Cover girl, London, UK Pre-Playboy : Model, Manila, Philippines Playboy the Bunny Revolution : Model, Spain, Philippines Ripping Runways : Cover girl, New York, USA Pick Me Up Magazine : Model, London, UK

2011 • MMS Photography : Model, Manila, Philippines • Classic Nude Artistic with Yvette Brawner : Model, Manila, Philippines • New Magazine : Model, London, UK 2010 • Natural Ambient Nude with Mike Ash : Model, Manila, Philippines • First Nude with Dale Bacar : Model, Manila, Philippines PETA activist, sex and dating coach blogger on Asiance Magazine, LGBT advocate, MARD “Men Against Rape Discrimination in India.

Photographer Yvette Brawner Hair and Makeup By Berny Tia




Photographer: Yvet te Brawner W e b s i t e s : h t t p : // w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / y p b r a w n e r h t t p s : // w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / p a g e s / F A B - P h o t o g r a p h y


Hair and Make - up: Berny T ia W e b s i t e s : h t t p s : // w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / b e r n y t i h t t p s : // w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m /s m B e a u t i f u l


Model: Stephh Williams, Bre Desire, Rachel Campbell Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography




Glass Hat Glass Hat

GHM 2014 Bikini Calendar Coming soon!!!



Credits Cover Image Image courtesy of QuestionMark Photography Model is Brandy Smith “Trick or Defeat” pg. 3 Written by Nathaniel Ray Goodwin Image courtesy of Subtle Shades Photography “T-Town Peach” pg. 8-11, 14-17 Image courtesy of Lee Baxley Written by Lee Baxley Model: Christina Lynn Edited by J.Mann “Darkness Closes Around Me” pg. 18-19 Images courtesy of Subtle Shades Photography LLC “Model in Jail Cell” pg. 21 Model: Bre Desire Image courtesy of Subtle Shades Photography LLC “The Eyes Have It” pg.22-27 Edited by J.Mann Models: Summer Buckner, Chanayn Martina Love, Lauren Russell, Brannan Bell “The Smolder” pg. 28-31 Image courtesy of Subtle Shades Photography LLC Edited by J.Mann Models: Trace Matheson, Mandei Fogarty Written by Trace Matheson

“International Asian Delight” pg. 40-45 Written by Sophia Abella Model: Sophia Abella Image courtesy of Dale Bacar Concept and Accessories by Sophia Abella “International Asian Delight” pg. 46-47, 50-51 Image courtesy of Yvette Brawner Hair and Makeup: Berny Tia Written by Sophia Abella Model: Sophia Abella Trio in Pink Bikini pg. 52-53 Image courtesy of Subtle Shades Photography Models: Stephh Williams, Bre Desire, Rachel Campbell Pink Panties pg. 64 Image courtesy of Subtle Shades Photography Model:

“Loyalty and Faithfulness Tested” pg. 32-33 Image courtesy of Subtle Shades Photography LLC Edited by J.Mann Model: Kat “Brandy Smith” pg. 34-39 Images courtesy of QuestionMark Photography Edited by J.Mann Model is Brandy Smith


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