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August 2013, Issue #13

Kayla Self Sexy-at-Law

My Eyes Glimmer in the Light Stephh Williams Miss Brooklyn Dangerous Dames Autumn in Summer Autumn Hill


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Photography: Subtle Shades Photography Model: Caitlin

Photography: Subtle Shades Photography

A Tidal Wave of Certainty The month of August represents a turning point for the Glass Hat Magazine. When I say turning point, I mean one year ago the magazine was focused on being a conservative business magazine. Each strategic move the magazine made was geared toward trying to appease everyone. This year, the mentality of the magazine has changed and we now are the heavy weight champ, who is waiting for a contender to attempt to knock us off our throne. The magazine has decided to take a less conservative approach to content and we now are showing more skin. I am sure many of our male supporters will be ecstatic about the new changes because that means we will have more beautiful ladies in bikinis in the magazine. For all the ladies that subscribe to the magazine, I assure you we have a special surprise for you too, we are an equal opportunity magazine and we take pride in satisfying both genders! A tidal wave is defined as an enormous and destructive ocean wave caused by extremely strong winds, seaquakes or earthquakes. I decided to use the title because of the magazine’s new direction and I am confident the surge will cause some excitement in the state of Oklahoma. Please take some time and check us out on Facebook at (!/ glasshatmag?fref=ts) and also tell your friends to visit our website at ( The right time is now and you don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity and get splashed away from the magazine’s greatness. In conclusion, I have a special announcement that I want to address to all the Glass Hat Magazine followers. MidTown After Five is a new upcoming professional organization in Oklahoma and we have decided to collaborate with the group, so in essence, we are making big moves and we are going to turn the state of Oklahoma upside down like an upside down cake. Check out future issues to see how this collaboration will benefit our readers. Nathaniel Goodwin CEO/President

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Glass Hat CEO/President: Nathaniel Goodwin COO: Kaylee Michelle Editor:

Contributing Writers Nathaniel Goodwin Katrina Williams Daniel Shirley

Contributing Photographers Allan Cich Mark Gunter Photography ArtofTyme Photography Terrell Sanders Model Appearances Miss Brooklyn Kayla Self Autumn Hill Stephh Williams Contributing Makeup Artists / Hairstylists Karie Cox


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Nathaniel Ray Goodwin

5. Credits 7. Upcoming Special Guests 8. My Eyes Glimmer in the Light Stephh Williams 15. The Man I See Today 18. Sexy-at-Law Kayla Self 26. Heroes Aren’t Born, They are Made 28. Dangerous Dames Miss Brooklyn 30. Kari Michelle 7 Deadly Sins

Katrina Williams Daniel Shirley Nickoli Jean

36. Hands of Creation

Katrina Williams

38. Autumn in Summer

45. Dusk on Bald Mountain


Daniel Shirley


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Stephh Williams My eyes glimmer in the light Edited by


My eyes glimmer in the light, producing stars in every image.. My body flows of silk, portraying silk curtains in the wind. My personality brings light to each session, replacing the lighting from each photographer.. My name is Stephany, and I am an aspiring model. I have multiple goals in my modeling career, such as: inspiring mother all across the world, giving faith to those who think they cannot get far, and teaching women AND men, that their body type is up to THEM. I have come far in my life, and plan to go far in my modeling career. I am the mother of 3 beautiful children, and work hard for all of us each and every day. Modeling is not a job, it is a GIFT. Those who abuse it, need treatment‌Those who use it, have good results. Expectations have a different result than goals. Expecting the best, always has a better result than hoping for the best. I know what it is like to be down, and I know what it is like to be happy. I am ready to do something I am good at, and something that will take me far. Modeling has been one of my goals for as long as I can remember. I have always pushed


Model: Stephh Williams Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography

my way into the spot light, and worked it well. I used to dance when I was younger, and put my heart and soul into it, such as I have done with my modeling. Cheerleading in highschool was one of my favorites. I was scouted by college recruiters my freshman year, and definitely impressed those who paid


attention. It’s never taken me long to learn a dance or a cheer, or for that matter, how to pose. In my opinion, Modeling expresses REAL emotion, and can be portrayed by each and every photograph. I am able to express emotions either implied by the photographer, or by what they would like me to express.

With every model, AND photographer, there will be demands for different emotions. My expertise, is that while questioning what to do next…I just do it. Some may say I am cocky, while I just correct them and say “I’m confident.”

Model: Stephh Williams Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography

Height: Weight: Bust: Waist: Hips: Cup: Dress Size: Shoe: Hair color: Eye color: Skin color: Shoot nudes: Experience:

5’ 3” 110 lbs 34” 22” 0” B 1 7.5 Red Green Tanned No Very Experienced



Model: Stephh Williams Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography



The Man I See Today By Katrina Williams THE MAN I SEE TODAY Orbs of cerulean fire Exposed and fragile Secrets kept no longer LAID FORTH BARE A ruby pump Soul strobing soft strikes Weathered leather cracked IS NOT THE SOUL I MET Strong, sturdy, steadfast Head held high Moving mountains, calming cries ALONG

THE DUSTY ROAD Rocks crumbling beneath heavy steps Dust only palatable aroma Water absent miles wide

OF THIS VOYAGE CALLED LIFE Whitewaters rapid A darkened camp Bubbling creek picnics




Kayla Self Sexy-at-Law

Edited By

Photography By: Subtle Shades Photography LLC


My name is Kayla Lynn and I am a born and raised Oklahoma girl. I enjoy the typical things any 21 year old girl does such as soaking up the sun at a lake with friends, a night out on the town dancing, dinner and drinks with the girls or riding my Harley with the sun beating down on my shoulders. Modeling has been something I have enjoyed since I was a little girl. Dressing up in my mom’s heels and jewelry with bright red lipstick smeared on my face was one of my favorite pastimes as a child. I realized then how it felt to be comfortable in my own skin. I found a passion for gymnastics at the age of 4 because the cute leotards and tutus were perfect for my love of anything girly. I continued to pursue my love of gymnastics throughout high school but I eventually stopped to follow my dreams of becoming an attorney. I am a very goal-oriented woman with the ambitions to someday work as an advocate for abused women and children. I know I will not be able to change everything for everyone, but I will change something for someone. Being dedicated to my studies comes natural because I know in the end, I will make a difference in my

Model: Kayla Self Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography 19

life and the lives of those around me. I truly enjoy the challenges I’ve faced thus far in my college career. I’ve been independent since before I even left the walls of the local high school in my hometown. While some enjoy being able to rely on others, I would rather grab the reins and do things on my own. The ability to balance life, school, work, friends, modeling, and me time has been something gymnastics helped me master. Trusting yourself to do flips and perform on a balance beam is a subconscious life lesson that teaches you to trust yourself in all that you do. I know that if I don’t believe in myself, no one else will either and I would not succeed in any aspect of my life. To believe in oneself is the greatest thing a woman can do for herself. Regardless of anything else, confidence in oneself is mandatory to thrive in all that someone does. I have learned that the only way to grow as an individual is to always be willing to step out of your comfort zone and that would be impossible without self-confidence. This has shown to be especially true in regards to the modeling aspect. I am very flexible and versatile when it comes to doing a photo shoot. I love new ideas and am eager to go places no one has gone. I have never been very “cookie cutter” because I like to have something extremely original and unlike anything else. Achieving something new has such an exhilarating feeling and it blows my mind some people never take the opportunity to get out and experience new and crazy things. Although I don’t believe that outer beauty is everything, my body has become a canvas for art. I feel there is no better way to express yourself than through the art of tattoos. My tattoos tell a story unlike any other. Tattoos are an unwritten diary that takes time to

Model: Kayla Self

Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography 20

understand and I adore the way strangers start a conversation by asking about a certain piece I have. My tattoos are similar to my modeling preference; I prefer to be unique and a little bit extraordinary. Life is unpredictable and I know the only way to fully experience ones existence is to always be willing to take a leap. I rarely say no to an opportunity presented to me. My willingness to try something new comes from knowing everything can change in an instant. Recently, my hometown became the talk of the state, and quite frankly, even the country, over the devastating tornadoes that tore through our town and ripped apart homes and families. The natural beauty found in an Oklahoman was clear to see minutes after the violent storm stopped when everyday people became unexpected heroes saving lives while risking their own for complete strangers. To be selfless is to be beautiful. Too many times we hear that a woman is only beautiful if she’s a wonderfully tall, stick-thin size zero with flawless skin and a perfect tummy. However, my entire life, I’ve been taught to believe that being kind to every single person you meet and offering the shirt off your back to someone in need is beautiful. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to understand the true meaning behind the saying, “beauty isn’t just skin deep”; beauty truly does come from within. Being caring and compassionate will take your farther than any expensive brand of make-up or hairspray can. Although I love dressing up and having an exciting night out on the town, I also admire the small things in life. Trips on my Harley to little, quiet towns to eat at the local diner is one of my favorite ways to get away and relax.

Model: Kayla Self Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography 21

Growing up in Moore, I have found there is a different type of comfort found in the humbleness of a small town. Remembering where you are from is something I see as important and I will always have the red dirt in my soul. When asked why I enjoy modeling, I would say because I love seeing the way a photographer’s idea transforms into a striking photo, but I would also say because it’s a reminder that you can be anything you want to be. There are no boundaries when it comes to modeling. One moment you can be breathtakingly stunning and the next, be a bit jagged and rough. A talented photographer and a capable model might be the ultimate duo because the art that is produced is unlike anything else. All in all, I’m just a small town girl enjoying every day life while figuring out my place in this wild world.

Model: Kayla Self

Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography 22

“I realized then how it felt to be comfortable in my own skin.�

Model: Kayla Self Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography 23

“Achieving something new has such an exhilarating feeling!”

Height: Weight: Bust: Waist: Hips: Cup: Dress Size: Shoe: Hair color: Eye color: Skin color: Shoot nudes: Experience:

5’ 3” 110 lbs 34” 22” 0” B 1 7.5 Red Green Tanned No Very Experienced

Photography By: Subtle Shades Photography LLC


Model: Kayla Self Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography 25

Heroes Aren’t Born, They’re Made By Daniel Shirley If a zombie apocalypse occurred, I would not be the guy fighting the spreading infection while simultaneously struggling to reconcile with my estranged daughter and learning to accept my irrational fear of enclosed spaces. I would be the guy halfway through Act I, alone in a parking garage, trying to find where I put my keys, when, WHAM. And I would eventually reappear in the opening scenes of Act III, to be promptly blown away by the heroine, who just found a dry box of shells for her shotgun.



Dangerous Dames Miss Brooklyn Edited by:

Hair/Makeup Artist Karie Cox

Photographer Terrell Sanders


Having had a dream of modeling since she was very young, Brooke Smith never had the confidence in herself to model until one Valentine’s she decided to have herself photographed for her husband. It was at this time that she realized that her own images could compare to the beautiful models she had once idolized as a child. Finding photographers to work with garnered the ability to stretch her artistic wings into many genres, such as: glamour shots, pin-ups and Gothic. She found that not only does she have a penchant for being in front of the camera, but wielding a camera herself is also a talent. Her interests have taken her from New England to Florida and now to Oklahoma. Five years after the pivotal Valentine’s shoot, Brooke Smith is going strong; working with other photographers to continue to broaden her abilities as well as working with models. One could say she is a “models’ model.”

Model: Miss Brooklyn Photographer: Terrell Sanders


Model: Miss Brooklyn

Photographer: Terrell Sanders 30

Model: Miss Brooklyn Photographer: Terrell Sanders 31

Model: Miss Brooklyn

Photographer: Terrell Sanders 32

Model: Miss Brooklyn Photographer: Terrell Sanders 33

Photographer: Terrell Sanders A web developer by trade, Terrell Sanders releases her creative juices with photography. Having been involved in photography as a hobby for decades has allowed her to dabble in many different styles, such as: vintage, film noir, and classy portraits. Although most of her work consists of events and some head shots for business clients, having fun and experimentation have been helping her find her niche.

Model: Miss Brooklyn Photographer: Terrell Sanders

Model: Miss Brooklyn Photographer: Terrell 35 Sanders

Hands of Creations

By: Katrina R Williams

Water is like the hands of the earth, from violent acts to tender caresses. It spawns heartaches of death, warmth of love, Bitterness of betrayal, and renewal of change. Hurricanes sweep across the land beating the earth, ripping away the innocence, Ravaging all life from people to trees To the small aquatic creatures at home in the sea. A bubbling brook offers calm, peaceful movements as it gently journeys Downward allowing one to reflect, becoming centered. It hears hidden secrets, allowing a freedom and release from life. Beautiful and majestic, waterfalls are best treated with care. Distance causes breathless awe to encompass one, A closer view revealing its violence beneath. 36

Hard-working rivers form their course day after day, Molding new forks, spreading them forth. They are often taken advantage of, and their value lost. Canals have led to many a lovers’ kiss. Vulnerable and accepting in their companion’s embrace, They break open emerging safely in trust. Rain is the most giving and essential of all water, Without which nothing can be created, nurtured, or disciplined, With all creation beheld in its hands.


Did someone say small town cheerleader? How about one with a brilliant personality and an entrepreneurship soul? We take our Glass Hat off to Oklahomaborn, Autumn Hill! A girl with a deep southern accent and intriguing beautiful blue eyes; not to mention rockin physique.


You may assume, by appearance only that exclusively dedicated to modeling; however, even though she is very experienced in the industry it’s not what defines her. Raised in Vian, a small town with only one four-way stop, Autumn spent most of her teenage years helping her parents run the family owned restaurant at Lake

Tenkiller. Growing up on the lake no doubt contributes to her love of fourwheelers, boating, and swimming. The perfect weekend for her would include all three activities in the company of those she adores most, her family! Although Autumn loves her leisure time, she still finds a way to nurture her passion for hard work and entrepreneurship; also probably inspired by her time at the restaurant. Combining her experience helping to run the family business, her management experience in bartending, and her degree from Northeastern State University. Autumn has been able to successfully own and operate several businesses at once! Last

Autumn in Summer Edited by: Kaylee Michelle


year she joined a partnership and opened the Brickhouse Saloon in Shawnee, Oklahoma. This Saloon, like Autumn, is far from ordinary. It resides in the historic district and occupies a gorgeous three-story brick building. Live music is as popular at the saloon as the food, beer, and folks who hang out there. Opening this month is her second business endeavor. Bringing her back to her roots, she’ll be the owner and operator of Bell Street Burgers; located just below the Brickhouse Saloon. The burger joint is opening very soon and is expected to be a new town favorite‌it doesn’t hurt that the owner is a model! Through all her hard work Autumn still finds time for her passion for photography. Her third business, Bad Kitty Promotions is result of her vision to combine modeling and mentoring with marketing. With the help of her business partner, Pamela Harjo, who has been with her from the very beginning, Bad Kitty Promotions has hosted over 20 events. Although hosting and



Height: 5’ 8” Weight: 124 lbs Bust: 34” Waist: 25” Hips: 36” Cup: DD Dress: 3 Shoe: 8.0 Hair color: Brown Eye color: Blue Ethnicity: Other Skin color: Tanned

Photography By: Subtle Shades Photography LLC


promoting events is a major part of the company’s mission, what Autumn likes most is how Bad Kitty allows girls interested in modeling to network and grow in the industry. The girls are given the opportunity to build relationships with local venues and individuals significant in the business all while gaining experience in modeling through scheduled photo shoots. It’s amazing through all she does that Autumn still manages time to help aspiring models become successful! Not to blow your mind, but she also happens to be Miss Swimsuit USA, Miss Oklahoma 2011; one of her many competition accomplishments! Most of Autumn’s competition experience revolves around swimwear which naturally lead her to modeling in the same area. More recently she has been working to expand her portfolio to include glamour, fashion, and pin up. No matter what she decides to do next, in business or in modeling, we know we’ll be impressed and inspired!



Dusk on Bald Mountain By Daniel Shirley Dust gathers where I kneel, as the cold rock draws away heat slowly turning my knees to ice. I give what warmth I have to the world and gaze horizonward, watching the sun retreat from the growing darkness. This stillness. It feels wrong, painting for me images of serenity against which my soul vibrates

in dissonant tension, tearing like the skin of a knee scraping stone. Perhaps to lay flat, to close my eyes and embrace the cold, everlasting stone until it leeches away ... everything.


Models: Stephh Williams, Bre Desire, & Rachel Campbell

Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography 46



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