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Glasriket 2017 The Kingdom of Crystal A free magazine about the SmĂĽland glass region

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From city dweller to forest lover With crystalclear ambitions

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275 years of Kosta


The Kingdom of Children

A new green start in Orrefors

4 From city dweller to forest lover 26 From sketch to perfection 6 275 years of Kosta 29 A hot place with clean lines

38 Pukeberg is a new centre of glass and design expertise

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30 With crystal-clear ambitions

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42 The Kingdom of Children

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glasriket 2017

From city dweller to forest lover


275 years of Kosta On 6 June, the Swedish national day, King Carl XVI Gustav and Queen Silvia will be launching the festivities to celebrate a business that has characterised the Swedish area of Småland since the 1700s. Over the centuries, Kosta Glassworks has played an important role on both the artistic and industrial level. The royal couple will be honouring the glassworks, as will be five of its contemporary designers. These artists are paying tribute to Kosta in their own way in the jubilee exhibition, Homage, inspired by the works of six previous designers at the glassworks. This is an accolade greatly deserved by the glassworks, whose future has appeared highly uncertain several times, but which has risen again thanks to forward-looking managers, creative artists and skilful glass workers. Hats and free beer Anders Koskull and Georg Bogislaus Staël von Holstein were granted the counties of Kronoberg and Kalmar respectively following their wartime efforts for King Karl XII. These two widely travelled gentlemen saw the need for window glass in chilly Sweden, acquired the rights to the village of Dåvedshult and constructed a glassworks. The site was named Kosta after the initial letters of their two surnames: Koskull and Staël. On 26 July 1742, the furnaces were lit for the first time. The glassworks produced window and everyday glass for an essentially local market in Småland and Skåne. The glassblowers came from Germany. To encourage them to stay in Sweden, they were offered privileges – for example, they were permitted to wear a hat and own a dog; rights that had previously been reserved for the rural nobility. They also had the right to free beer at work. The German masters carefully preserved their professional secrets, but towards the end of the 1700s a number of unqualified Swedish workers learned by chance how to blow glass. This became the basis of a workforce of skilful Swedish glassblowers. The forest saved the glass But the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s changed the market and many new glassworks were founded, with tougher competition as a result. Kosta stood on the edge of ruin. It was saved by the forest; by selling timber, capital was raised which was used to modernise the glassworks. In 1888 a narrow gauge railway was opened which connected to the railway network at Lessebo. This was crucial for Kosta’s ability to distribute its products. External influences increased and a growing middle class wanted glassware for the dinner table. This made it possible to also employ experts within grinding and engraving. Chose the exclusive path To boost Kosta’s reputation, in the late 1800s gifted young artists were engaged. Even at this early date, Kosta chose the path of more exclusive glass to distinguish its products from those of its European competitors. National and international business had now been successfully built up. Kosta Glasbruk was a modern industry with around half its production being exported to the rest of Europe and the USA, Asia and South America. Swedish glass was experiencing a golden age. The glassworks has long been the domain of young men, but around this time a certain amount of gender equality began to arise and the unions’ power increased. The glassworks often maintained a tough personnel policy, and many artisans gave notice after conflicts about salaries and working conditions. The company’s attitude became less harsh over time and when the Second World War broke out, the spirit had been transformed into a more constructive dialogue. One effect of the war was that exports ceased. The glassworks survived by moving to the production of jam jars and storage containers for the Swedish market. In the 1950s global purchasing power increased and consumption of both every day and luxury products rose. The designers’ contribution to


glasriket 2017

the glass industry became more important than ever. The competition from rebuilt factories overseas intensified and a new material came onto the global market – plastic. The expression “throwaway” emerged in the 1960s to illustrate a new consumption behaviour; buy cheap and throw the item away when it was used before buying new again. For the glass industry, this had major consequences. High-quality goods with a long lifetime were rejected in favour of poorer quality products. The wild 1960s Ideological and political concerns prevailed in the 1960s, with young people renouncing conventions and norms. This was also the case within the glass industry. Designers within the revolutionary generation worked with new forms of glass design. Erik Rosén became MD of Kosta in 1964. This led to major artistic change. Rosén demonstrated patience and gave considerable freedom to his designers. A new tradition began where the artists lived in the Kingdom of Crystal. Erik Höglund at Boda Glasbruk became the central figure in a dynamic and creative team, with young innovative forces such as Bertil Vallien, Ann and Göran Wärff, Monica Backström and Ulrica Hydman-Vallien. In Boda, everything seen as “elegant” was rejected. In 1976, Kosta and Boda merged, bringing colour and playfulness to the more classically oriented Kosta. Glass tableware and art glass received international attention and sold well during the yuppie 1980s. In the early 1990s, there were 16 glassworks in the Kingdom of Crystal, and the decade can be seen as the second golden age for Swedish glass. In the late 1990s times became more difficult and glass was no longer trendy. In 2005 the New Wave Group, with Torsten Jansson as majority owner and founder, became the new owner. A few years later a global economic crisis had repercussions even on Kosta, and a number of people had to be made redundant. From window glass to the One Million Dollar Boat Today, in 2017, Kosta has set off on the road towards the future by being open to external impulses and letting in innovative designers who are once again breaking the norms. Bertil Vallien, Kjell Engman and Göran Wärff now represent the establishment. Their inheritance can be seen in Kosta’s new products, with young designers such as Sara Persson, Frida Fjellman and Hanna Hansdotter finding their own expression with its roots in design from the 1970s. History is repeating itself, although in a new way and craft glass continues to develop. Kosta Glassworks has an unbroken tradition of manual manufacture since 1742 and the furnace is still burning. The glassworks has survived fires, strikes, world wars, global economic crises and the threat of closure. Thanks to creative artists, skilful craftspeople and responsible management. Thanks to an ability to renew itself. Kosta Glasbruk is a living example of Swedish cultural heritage. Now this is being celebrated with an Homage to some of the designers who have had enormous significance for what and where Kosta Glasbruk is today. A celebration of the past and the future.



Natural assets The natural environment is one of the Kingdom of Crystal’s biggest assets. It’s everywhere, easily accessible and truly beautiful. Forests and lakes invite you to take an active holiday – regardless of what you enjoy doing.

Action-packed For those who love life in the fast lane, butterflies in their stomachs and want an adventure that’s slightly different. At the activity area at Svartbäcksmåla there are four mountain bike trails. Two of them offer extreme technical challenges and plenty of hills. Or if you prefer to play about on your bike, try out the new pump track, where small hills give you plenty of speed. The aim is get around the track without having to pedal. Runners will be in heaven with all the paths and trails running through the nature reserve’s deep forests. Or if you prefer to go off the beaten path, take an orienteering map and go off trail. In summer the slalom slopes give you the opportunity for hill training! Build your strength at the ten stations of the outdoor gym. At Svartbäcksmåla, more activities are being added all the time for people who love being outdoors. There is a long tradition of cars in the Kingdom of Crystal. Emmaboda was a centre for car sales from an early date, and the first motocross competitions were held 60 years ago in Buemåla. Since then, major championships in motocross, rally and enduro have been organised here. Thousands of enthusiasts come every year to meetings and competitions to enjoy cars and motorbikes. At Emmaboda Airstrip, major events are held, such as the “A Day on the Strip” street racing event and the “Power End of Summer Meet”. Fancy having a go at high-speed activities? Visit the Raceland go-kart track in Hagaslätt near Lessebo and compete against your family or friends. In Emmaboda, you will find Nöjesindustrin in a former industrial building, which now contains activities such as go-karting, a skate hall, golf hall, bowling and boules.


glasriket 2017

Close to the water The Kingdom of Crystal is also the kingdom of water, with magical lakes and winding rivers. Do you have the patience to wait for a bite? Then you’re in the right place! Out in the wilderness where forest meets lake is Ödevata Fishing Camp. Here you will get bites from species including perch and pike. And there are yearround activities, both for families and regular anglers. As well as fishing, the lakes are also perfect for boating or canoeing. Swim, sunbathe and relax at the water’s edge or in the sauna and wood-fired hot tub. Kosta Vildmarkscamp lies next to Lake Läen. The lake is very popular for its zander fishing, but there are also some good pike here too. Rainbow trout can be caught in the lakes nearby and from late summer onwards you can try out crayfish fishing. Skruvs Vildmarkscamping is attractively located, surrounded by lakes Badsjön and Laxsjön. Fish stocks consist of introduced rainbow trout. Other great alternatives for fishing are Trollagärde Vattenbruk with rainbow trout and crayfish, and EmmabodaBygdens SportfiskeKlubb where species include rainbow trout and Arctic char. Ormeshaga Country Club has a fishing camp near Hovmantorp where fishing guides will show you the best waters.

As you glide in a canoe across the shining water, you travel silently and can get close to birds and animals. Canoeing is just one way of experiencing the Småland countryside that gives you space to absorb all of its beauties. The Lyckebyån river, with its narrow waters, is a popular canoe trail. The section from Lindås to Fur is about 30 km long, and on the way you pass Vissefjärda with its attractive church stables which now house a museum and café. You can also enjoy airy deciduous forest and beautiful meadows. Canoe hire and accommodation can be found at several places along the river. The Ronnebyån river runs below the tree branches, through narrow passages and Småland lakes, from Lake Rottnen in the north to Ronneby in the south. That’s 70 km – so there’s plenty of space for all paddlers! Choose between a trip of a few days or a couple of hours in the canoe with a picnic basket. Kosta Lodge offers canoeing and fishing with a wilderness feel but close to civilisation. You can canoe on Lake Orranäsasjön near Orrefors, and there’s a great place to swim at the campsite. The many lakes and watercourses in the Kingdom of Crystal mean that there are plenty of opportunities for swimming – just dive in and cool off!

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Peaceful You walk on a soft, pine-needle covered path, and the forest around you is still and quiet. There’s a fresh scent of resin and wood. Further away you can glimpse the shining waters of the lake. You hear a cracking noise, and suddenly a moose is majestically striding away from you! The forest and lakes await you with peace and quiet to remove all your stresses. Many trails for both hiking and cycling give a wonderful mixture of culture, art and nature. If you decide to hike there are many trails to choose between. They can take you out into the real wilderness if you want, but even the shorter trails bring you into close contact with the forest and the landscape. The Emigrant Route runs through the area where famous Swedish author Vilhelm Moberg was born. It passes places such as Ljuder, Moshult and Duvemåla, which are mentioned in his world-famous series “The Emigrants”. The trail is a circular trip of 100 km which can be hiked or cycled. Some stretches can even be canoed, and accommodation is available along the trail. You travel through deciduous and coniferous forest, but also past meadows, lakes and rivers. Cafés and farm shops provide perfect rest areas. At Gråstensmon near Målerås there is an area of stone blocks with interesting traces from the melting of the last ice sheet. Here you will also find marshland with a rich flora. Along the 7 km hiking trail are remains of houses and barns. The trail has ten stops with detailed information in Swedish, English and German.

“Cafés and farm shops provide perfect rest areas. Örsjö hiking trail takes you through deep forest, over watercourses and through cultural landscapes – all with lakes as your constant companion. The Culture Trail in Lessebo introduces the hiker to an old cultural landscape with remains of charcoal stacks and pits and tar pits. The hiking trail is around 7 km long with signs giving information about things like the “Stockholm Meadow”. Cycling in the Kingdom of Crystal is easy, with a number of cycle hire centres that can also provide you with cycle maps. There are 19 trails to choose from. Tour packages with accommodation and food are an easy way of experiencing the Småland landscape at close range. When you arrive at your accommodation, your dinner is waiting for you, you sleep well, and you can even purchase baggage transport as an option. There are a number of great cycle tours starting at Målerås,


glasriket 2017


Kosta 275th anniversary “Watching the clear glass develop in the hands of a skilful glassblower,

We at Kosta Boda have loved glass since 1742. For 275 years, we’ve heated the furnaces in our glassworks in Swedish Småland to melt ordinary sand into incredible crystal.

slowly finding its shape; that’s magic … over and over again.” Designer of the Year Carina Seth Andersson ELLE Decoration Swedish Design Awards 2017

6 June celebration We’re celebrating these past 275 years in style, in the presence of the King and Queen. Come join us on Sweden’s National Day, the 6th of June. Starting at 9.30 am outside Kosta glassworks. See the programme at

Anniversary party! Kosta in Småland | National Day 6 June

Show, food & celebrations

Sweden’s national anthem, glass show, open house at the glassworks, musical entertainment, special offers in our shops, restaurants and at the Kosta Boda Art Hotel.

Skrufs Glasbruk AB, Kajvägen 4, SE-360 53 Skruv. Telephone: +46 (0)478-201 33


glasriket 2017

trees Hidden in the

Good things to eat Rugstorps lantgård The dairy farm’s café and bakery serves its own lamb sausages and home-made ice cream. bo-pa-hembygdsgard Rössbo Övra Dairy that produces artisan products from milk from its own sheep and the neighbour’s cows. Målatorps Viltrökeri Home smoked game delicacies of moose, wild boar and deer, together with lamb products. Långasjö Lamm Sheep farmer Malin also sells sheepskins, wool throws and soft lambswool shawls. Grimsnäs Herrgård At Mr and Mrs Markmann’s the accommodation and food are excellent, with food cooked using organic and locally produced ingredients. Gullaskruvs delikatesser Isterband sausage using Verner Grönqvist’s popular and long-secret recipe.

For the history buff Rostockaholme On an isthmus between two lakes lies Rostockaholme, with the ruins of a medieval farm. rostockaholme Amerikarummet In the Sockenstugan in Ljuder you will find memorabilia, registers and information about the emigration to America.

46,000 people live in the Kingdom of Crystal, in the municipalities of Emmaboda, Lessebo, Nybro and Uppvidinge, and the area has over 300,000 hectares of forest. Hidden among the trees are the glassworks, but of course there are also many other places worth a visit.

Kyrkeby Bränneri Now a museum, but at Kyrkeby Gård brandy was distilled from the 1770s to 1971. sevardheter/kyrkeby-branneri Skrufs traktormuseum Tractors from the 1950s and mopeds from the 1970s, the majority in original condition. skrufs-traktormuseum Glasrikets skatter The historically valuable glass from Orrefors Glasbruk is now in unique collections at Orrefors Museum and Orrefors Archive. Madesjö hembygdsmuseum The Church Stables contain more than 7000 objects presented in different environments which show the history of the area, including a village shop and a photography studio. madesjo-hembygdsmuseum

Old and new Family House Chain store with clothes for the whole family. More than 50 different brands give a wide choice of clothes, shoes, jewellery and accessories. Magazine Lou This friendly shop in Nybro has filled the wardrobes of fashion conscious women for 30 years.

Emmaboda Möbler Design furniture and decoration from the best Swedish and international brands. Reusing items is bang on trend! At the Kingdom of Crystal’s many flea markets (loppisar) you will find objects that are new to you. Here are a few tips. Hatterians pinaler Leroy loppis & antikt Loppis i Skruv 25:an loppis Norrbygdens loppis

On a voyage of discovery Guides from Kalmar County Administrative Board Wonderful walking trails with information about history and culture from 11 glassworks areas. Available for download from Kalmar County Administrative Board’s website. Utvandrarbygdens fågeltorn See if you can spot common snipe, tawny owls or cranes at Lake Videsjön. Areas of natural beauty Tikaskruv, Lövsjö ängar, Skärgöl, StocksmyrBrännan, Tiafly and Bielkeleden are just a few examples of beautiful areas in the Kingdom of Crystal.

Margaretas eftr. Personal blend of decoration and presence in old-fashioned, rural style in Hovmantorp.


Shop till you drop Bargain hunting in the many glass shops is perhaps the main reason for the shopaholic to visit the Kingdom of Crystal. The glassworks have shops and exhibitions with unique objects that can only be bought there. And the factory sales outlets offer quality goods at low prices. The Kingdom of Crystal also contains a wide range of interior decoration, lighting, metalwork, leather products and other crafts, many by skilled designers and available for very reasonable prices. Traders from all over Småland come to the Christmas and autumn markets with their handicrafts and local delicacies. Nybro has a market every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and Emmaboda’s square fills with traders every Wednesday and Saturday. Around the region there are flea markets, antique shops and farms selling unique items. In the Kingdom of Crystal there are many ways of satisfying your shopping urge!

Stuff & Mind A former village shop in the forest between Lessebo and Kosta now houses a flea market and retro shop. Here you can find unexpected hidden gems or that special item you’ve been looking for.

Vintage in the countryside Butik Norregård is the perfect place if you like a bohemian vintage style. In this charming, rustic shop you will find home decoration, jewellery and clothes, both old and new. During the summer you can also take a coffee break here.

60-talet Do you love Danish design classics? 60-talet in Lessebo is an interior design shop with Danish furniture, lamps, pottery, porcelain and a range of present ideas – all from the 1960s. The shop owners regularly travel to Denmark to collect new items which they lovingly restore for sale.

Hand-painted items for children and adults Located in an idyllic setting in the countryside, surrounded by meadows and fields, is Ateljé Vidagård. Here you will find hand-painted children’s furniture and other unique objects for your home. The café serves home-baked treats and coffee.


glasriket 2017

Art for everyone With its motto “Everyone has the rights to a beautiful home regardless of budget”, Emmaboda Konst offers more than 3500 paintings by 400 artists. Sweden’s biggest art shop has a department with modern art, one with classic art and one with graphic design. Here you can also buy art and collectible glass from Målerås Glasbruk. If a painting doesn’t work in the space you intended, the shop has a full five-year guarantee.

Cure teddy – or buy a new one Margaretha’s Doll’s House sells dolls, teddy bears, doll’s houses and miniature furniture. The shop is located in the former bank in the centre of Kosta, and also acts as a doll and teddy bear hospital, curing patients of a variety of ailments – a loose head or a lost arm are no match for the teddy bear doctor!

Bargain-hunting in Kosta Outdoor furniture, a waffle iron or a new coat? Kosta Lågprisvaruhus has most things, from home decoration and cleaning products to tools, toys and clothes. Here you can find bargains for next to nothing!

A family firm in leather Is a leather apron on your shopping list for this summer’s barbecue parties? Or perhaps a pair of elegant moose skin gloves? Målerås Läder has been making high-quality bags, wallets and belts from the softest leather since 1947. From the shop you can see straight into the manufacturing area and you are welcome to watch how the work progresses.




Swedish art glass Unique • Caratechnique Summer Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10-18 • Sat-Sun 10-16 Phone. +46(0)70-880 88 87

Welcome to the largest art shop in Sweden. Everyone is entitled to a beautiful home regardless of wallet. On Emmaboda art will find more than 400 Swedish artists and 3,500 paintings, including art glass.

Nygatan 24 Emmaboda tel 0471-137 60


Open: Mon-Fri 13-18. sun 13-18. Welcome!



Music, Motor and Moberg!


glasriket 2017

Transjö Hytta

Transjö – a masterclass in idyll surroundings The village of Transjö is the epitome of a Småland idyll, with red wooden buildings and grazing sheep. The glass studio is down by the river, under leafy trees. Visitors are met by a glass face floating freely over the river. Glass balls in cheerful colours are strewn around in the water. When I open the door to the beautiful old wooden building that houses the blowing room, I am greeted by a delighted puppy. The inside is bustling with activity, and in the heat from the furnace Jan-Erik Ritzman and Sven-Åke Carlsson are blowing glass assisted by Dan Clausen and Lars Skulberg. Two older, renowned masters and two apprentices. Sven-Åke and Jan-Erik are internationally recognised glassblowers who have exhibited at galleries and museums all over the world. “We learned a great deal about creativity by working with several of the world’s foremost designers and artists”, says Sven-Åke.

Jan-Erik Ritzman and Sven-Åke Carlsson aren’t new to this game. Together, these two masters have 105 years of shared experience of glassblowing; a significant store of knowledge that they share from their base in beautiful Transjö.

the world of glass led straight from school to the glassworks. As a 19-year-old he started his own company with a friend, something which was extremely uncommon at the time. “We started a glass studio in Åhus, but after a few years I was homesick. So I returned to Kosta and ended up in Jan-Erik’s team.” They shared the dream of a business of their own. They bought the old blowing room in Transjö and spent their evenings after work renovating it. In 1982 they were ready to light the furnace. “We chose our route and invested everything in art glass where each object is unique. We realised at an early stage that we had to create products that distinguished us from mass production”, says Sven-Åke.

Apprentices to the best Once they had settled down in their idyll, they chose to start inviting All of their glass is designed and made by hand in Transjö, with a style students, both Swedish and international, to learn from them. An apprenbased on techniques from Swedish glass tradition. And the desire to create ticeship system which is now 35 years old. One of many who developed beautiful glass objects remains. his glassblowing talent in Transjö is American Josiah McElheny, today a “Glass should have a line. You should be able to see that it’s from Transjö. recognised glass artist who this spring will be exhibiting at the prestigious White Cube in London. Mikael Jacobsson is another former student, There’s a lot of colour and genuine craft. We’re very quality conscious – our glass is produced in limited editions and only sold and he has recently returned to Boda after many years in blowing rooms here in our own glass studio”, says Jan-Erik. abroad. “Jan-Erik and Sven-Åke are Sweden’s best glassblowers, Transjö is a fantastic place and I learned an enormous amount there. Despite the fact that Straight into the I was an experienced glassblower when I arrived, it was like starting again blowing room from zero and learning a completely new way of working. They had high Jan-Erik has worked expectations and standards for me, but at the same time we really had fun!” with glass since he was 14, and became Dan and Lars also came to Transjö as apprentices. Now they have been a master at the age of just 20. For here for seven years and have started their own company, Magma Art Glass, creating their own glass in the blowing room when it’s not in use. Sven-Åke too, “Yes, they were our final students”, says Jan-Erik with a broad smile. the path into




All laid out for a party


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The glass makes the party








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Well-designed glass brightens up your everyday life

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Orrefors Park

A new green start in Orrefors Things are moving in Orrefors again. Orrefors Park opens on 1 July, with a blowing room built of plants in the park belonging to the factory. This is a first step towards its resurrection as a centre of glassmaking. Glass has been manufactured in Orrefors since 1898, with tinkling crystal heard across the world. The glassworks was shut down in 2013, leading to gloomy newspaper headlines and lost jobs. But hopefully this was only a four-year gap in its history. “Orrefors deserves to be resurrected – it’s part of our Swedish cultural heritage.” Jeanette Lennartsdotter, MD and creative manager, is standing in the garden of the factory manager’s house, discussing the park with a landscape architect. On 1 July a blowing room will be opened here of a type that has never been seen before: an outdoor space with walls of climbing plants. “The summer blowing room will be a green oasis where the visitors can enjoy glassblowing. Guest artists and glassblowers with links to Orrefors will come here to make art glass inspired by history, but with a new twist.” Green in more than one way Sweden’s first phytoremediation park will be created around the summer blowing room. The park will be a demonstration facility to show how plants such as sunflowers and pussy willow can absorb things like heavy metals and thereby clean the soil. An interdisciplinary project in which Orrefors Park is collaborating with Linnaeus University, Nybro Municipality, Atrio Arkitekter, Outside in Kalmar and the environmental company PhytoEnvitech. “We hope to be able to provide inspiration and good methods of dealing with the dirty environments around the old glassworks”, says Jeanette, who is a designer and glass artist with Småland roots.


glasriket 2017

Strong local support This summer’s activities are the first step in the development of Orrefors Park. If everything goes according to plan, a permanent blowing room will be inaugurated in 2018. The project was initiated by Ingemar Andersson, the owner of the Liljas Group. “I was born and grew up in Flerohopp and I’m passionate about the Kingdom of Crystal – and I see Orrefors as its crown jewel. Now I want to give back to the area where I was born, and I’m hoping to generate new job opportunities”, says Ingemar. And the idea is very popular. Jeanette is pleased by the engagement shown by Orrefors residents. “Everyone has been incredibly active and helpful. The Swedish National Pensioners’ Organisation will be running the café and Järngänget, another pensioner’s group, will be running the hammer mill in the summer, entirely on a non-profit basis. The park will blossom Orrefors Park includes the summer blowing room, the café, hammer mill and Orrefors Museum. In the summer blowing room, everybody can try their hand at glassblowing and design their own glass. Former masters from Orrefors Glabruk, together with some of Sweden’s best glassblowers, will be making guest appearances at the blowing room. Confidence in the future is strong. “Literally and figuratively, spring is breaking out all over the Kingdom of Crystal just now”, says Jeanette, indicating a sprig of lilac.



OPENS JUNE 10, 2017


A week of art and handicraft During July 8th - 14th Johansfors will open up with glass, painting, smithery, textile, leather, wood art and dolls in a historical glass environment with a painting museum, mill and tannery. Café and guided tours each day. More information on and




YE 275


Möckelsnäs Herrgård



46 rooms and 7 meeting rooms First-class restaurant Terrace with lake view

Möckelsnäs 1, 343 71 Diö (Älmhult) T 0046 (0) 476 532 00

Smålands Museum, The Swedish Glass Museum and The House of Emigrants Read more about Kulturparken’s venues and opening times: or call us at +46470-704200










Malmö Köpenhamn



Målerås 28



Orrefors refors





Åfors Eriksmåla











Emmaboda 120 12


20 km 120

Shop smarter with the Kingdom of Crystal pass The Kingdom of Crystal pass is a privilege card that gives you a

10 % reduction in selected glass shops*. Buy the pass for just SEK 100 and then use it as much as you like throughout the year. The pass can be purchased in all member glassworks and blowing rooms. Read more at *The discount applies to purchases over SEK 700. Exceptions may apply.


glasriket 2017


Discover the kingdom of Crystal

Glassworks and blowing rooms are scattered throughout the Kingdom of Crystal, each with their own unique character. Here you can find everything from small one-man firms to larger industries, from factory glass to world class art.

Bergdalahyttan / Bergdala

Mickejohans Konstglas / Örsjö

Skrufs Glasbruk / Skruv

Attractive industrial environment with red wooden buildings and a shop offering exciting glass art. Tel. +46(0)478-101 53, +46(0)70-514 36 30

The master creates world class art glass in the blowing room on his farm. tel. +46(0)481-124 09 +46(0)70-922 87 86

Stylish glass that has made a big name for itself in the design world, not least through the collaboration with Svenskt Tenn. tel. +46(0)478-201 33

Carlos R Pebaqué / Gullaskruv

Målerås Glasbruk / Målerås

The Glass Factory / Boda Glasbruk

Carlos R Pebaqué has created his own technique for art glass; CARA, which is a way of painting glass during the blowing process. Tel. +46(0)481-321 17 •

Highly artistic blown and cast glass. From sketch to finished product – everything is created on site. tel. +46(0)481-314 01 •

Museum and studio blowing room where exciting young artists and designers have the opportunity to experiment. tel. +46(0)471-24 93 60 •

E22 E 22

Ö ÖLAND Erikshyttan / Eriksmåla KALMAR K KAL LMA MAR R

E22 E 22

Nybro Glasbruk / Nybro

Transjö Hytta / Transjö

Three glass artists try out new techniques and shapes in their own blowing room. tel. +46(0)471-413 00

Our speciality is colourful factory glass which is hand painted in Nybro. Buy affordable presents from our shop. tel. +46(0)481-428 80 •

Internationally renowned glass artists Jan-Erik Ritzman and Sven-Åke Carlsson have their blowing room in idyllic Transjö. Art glass at its best. tel. +46(0)478-507 00 •

Kosta Glasbruk / Kosta

Pukebergs Glasbruk / Pukeberg

Orrefors Park / Orrefors

Glass art from our best known artists, plenty of shopping opportunities and activities all year round. tel. +46(0)478-345 00 •

Traditional glass industry site with attractive brick buildings. In the shop you will find colourful, playful glass. tel. +46(0)481-169 00 •

A summer blowing room made of plants in the attractive park surroundings. Here, art glass is blown in small series. tel. +46(0)70-999 60 40 •

Opening hours for the glassworks

Key to symbols Glassblowing

Display/ Gallery/museum


Pass offer

Monday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm, Saturday 10 am to 4 pm. Sunday 12 am to 4 pm These opening hours apply to most glassworks. Exceptions may occur. Glassblowing takes place at most glassworks every weekday. At some of them, there is also glassblowing at the weekend. The blowing rooms are open to visitors. For more information and opening hours, see


Engraving “I add the final touches to the glass with details like eyes and fur.� Birgitta


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Casting “Glass lives its own life; it can have bad days without there being any obvious reason.” Petter

Blowing “There are four of us in the blowing team. It’s all about finding the rhythm in the work.” Johanna

Painting “Both stippling and spray painting are done by hand in several layers.” Addo


Upplev Sveriges störstalargest Experience Swedens konstglassamling påcollection glasmuseet art glass i Boda glasbruk! in Boda glasbruk! Glasblåsning i hyttan! Shopping! Glassblowning in the HotFika! Shop! Shopping! Café! Storgatan 5 , 360 65 Boda glasbruk 0471-249360, Storgatan 5 , 360 65 Boda glasbruk 0471-249360,

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An exciting experience for the whole family! Directly off the E4, 10 km north of Ljungby (Småland)


An elk park where you can get really close to the majestic elks, which are happy to be photographed and fed with leaves and apples. The exhibition “Mooseum” tells the story (in Swedish, German and English) in words and pictures of a year in the life of elks. Entrance via Laganland Sweden Shop. During the tourist season, the opening times are the same as for Sweden Shop. The elk park is closed from November to March. Open Christmas and New Year. See the home page at

SOUVENIRS AND HANDICRAFT ELKS! A wide range of souvenirs, handicraft, soft furnishings etc with ELK themes.

INDOOR PLAY CENTER Cafeteria for children and adults

Tel. +46 (0)372-352 00


Hunting & Fishing, Forest & Garden Tel +46 (0)372-301 18


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• ”King of the Forest” Exclusive products made from elk leather • Trolls and gnomes, Vikings, Dalecarlian horses • Swedish glass, pottery, knives and axes • Elk antlers, elk hides, elk meat, elk sausages, etc • Pippi, Findus, etc See the product gallery at

Cottage Reservations Småland Laganland Turistbyrå/NOVASOL • Tel +46 (0)372-308 80 • SE-341 50 Lagan • • OPEN: June-Sept daily 9 am-6 pm. April, May and Oct daily 10 am-5 pm. Other times, Mon-Fri 10 am-4 pm and limited opening on public holidays. Extra opening times Christmas and New Year.

MOTEL DIRECTLY OFF THE E4 Reasonably priced comfortable rooms • Restaurant and Tavern. Speciality: Elk casserole à la Småland • Statoil service station Motell Lagan, E4:an, SE-341 50 Lagan Tel. +46 (0)372-352 00,

GOLF FOR EVERYONE! Pay & Play and driving range by Laganland.


Skrufs Glasbruk

A hot place with clean lines

“Come into the blowing room and see the work!” The challenge is issued by Kent Elm, MD and owner of Skruf Glasbruk. And he continues: “When you see what’s involved in creating a vase or a carafe, with all the phases that the object goes through and all the manipulations required, then you also understand the craft involved in our glass. One example is the vase Dagg – we can make no more than eight of these in an hour.”

and employ more people, it’s fantastic to be able to give work to the Swedish art industry.”

Designer of the Year 2017 Dagg is one of the many modern design icons produced by the glassworks. It was created by Carina Seth-Andersson for Svenskt Tenn and manufactured in Skruv, like many other popular everyday objects in clear glass for which she is also responsible. Carina Seth Andersson was named as Designer of the Year 2017 by Elle Decoration magazine, and the jury said of her work: “With perfectly balanced lines and attention to the characteristics of different materials, she creates beautiful everyday objects. She is the champion of low-key perfectionism.”

Young and conscious glass buyers Skruf’s craft is appreciated by a quality conscious audience, and in recent years the glassworks has seen its target group getting younger. “Now it’s people from 20 years and upwards who buy our products. A lot of this is thanks to Carina’s design. We are very satisfied and happy to be working with her, and in 2017 there will be new products in her Balja series”, says Kent Elm.

Carina has been collaborating with Skruf for many years. She emphasises the benefits of being able to work in proximity with the glassblowers in the blowing room, and the importance of allowing the craft to take the time it needs. “It’s thrilling to produce an object that can be created with respect for the craft involved and in collaboration with a skilful professional. And if the product is as successful as Dagg, so that a glassworks can buy a new furnace

How important is the actual craft to you? “It’s everything, it’s absolutely crucial to know that there’s a craft process involved. It gives another dimension which makes the products feel credible.”

Skruf Glasbruk has manufactured glass for 120 years, and quality requirements are high, both in terms of craft and design. “We are a small, independent glassworks with the opportunity to have control of the entire production chain and to ensure that manufacturing takes place in an environmentally friendly manner and under good working conditions. Skruf represents stylish glass. We are very careful to maintain that high level and to make all of our glass here on site. This means that we can explain in detail how a product has been made, which creates enormous professional pride!”



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“We want to create a comfortable feeling that makes our guests want to come back� Edin Dzemat


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B&B & organic restaurant – We cook with love & care


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Something for everyone Vilhelm Moberg and Bruno Mathsson, James Bond and Hönsalotta Museum of Tramps. The range of cultural activities on offer in the Kingdom of Crystal is extensive. A large number are related to glass, but there’s something for absolutely everyone here!

Handmade paper Experience the luxurious feeling as your pen glides over handmade letter paper. Lessebo Papermill has been producing handmade paper since 1693, and not much has changed in the actual production process. Visitors can see it being manufactured and buy paper, envelopes, cards and prints. In the summer, guided tours are also on offer.

Vilhelm Moberg’s birthplace The world-famous author took inspiration for many of his characters and locations from the Kingdom of Crystal. Visit Duvemåla, Klasatorpet, Korpamoen and his native village of Moshultamåla. Imagine what it felt like for the people walking the Emigrant Way to leave their homeland and travel to America. mobergs-fodelsebygd

Wire crafts and tramps Tramps have always been part of the history of the Kingdom of Crystal. At Hönsalotta’s Tramp Museum in Boda their stories are presented through glass, paintings, photographs and the wire crafts produced by the tramps themselves. Tramp shows with Snacke-Per and Hönsalotta on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Agent 007 at the museum Gunnar Schäfer loves James Bond. He has collected hundreds of objects from the films in his James Bond 007 museum in Nybro. These include cars and other vehicles seen in the films, such as a snowmobile from Die Another Day and a motorbike from Tomorrow Never Dies.


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Best of Kosta Boda World-class art glass is presented at the Kosta Boda Art Gallery, in a space designed by Bruno Mathsson. The unique collection shows the best of Orrefors Kosta Boda’s foremost glass artists, including Bertil Vallien, Göran Wärff and Åsa Jungnelius.

Mathssons Glass house Bruno Mathsson is famous as one of Sweden’s foremost furniture designers. But this native of Småland has also made his mark within architecture. The Glashusen buildings in Kosta were built as housing for workers at the glassworks. They were completed in 1956 and at the time were called ultramodern experimental buildings, with innovative features such as arge windows, glass mosaics and Perstorp decorative laminates.

The first industry in the Kingdom of Crystal Iron was manufactured using the impressive hammer mill in Orrefors from 1726 to 1914. Volunteers from the Järngänget have restored the hammer mill and it came back into use exactly 100 years after it shut down. Now you can experience how the waterwheel turns, the blowing machine groans and the hammer thunders.

Experience a little KulTur

You’re bound to find new favourite places along the 140 km long winding and beautiful KulTur trail. Choose your theme: The Landscape, Culture & History, Form & Design or Experiences. Here you can discover the tracks of the last ice sheet and industrialisation. Here are tall tales, murder and magic. And here is the sighing of the trees or the rumble of the glassworks. Take your car or bicycle and experience the Kingdom of Crystal!


The Glass Factory


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Where there’s muck, there’s money In the old days, producing glass generated waste that was hazardous to the environment. Arsenic and toxic heavy metals were used in production. These days, people are very environmentally aware and researchers work together with glassworks to reuse the materials that ended up in tips over the years. Almost all glass contained toxic substances such as arsenic, lead and cadmium. As in many other industries back in the day, glassworks were careless with hazardous waste, which often ended up on a tip outside the works. Harmful substances then spread out into the surrounding natural environment. Over time, an increasing awareness of the impact on health and the environment led to more stringent regulation of glassworks. Researchers developed lead and arsenic-free recipes for glass in the mass that have become standard in today’s Swedish glass industry. However, there are still places around the Kingdom of Crystal that need cleaning up. In our project Glass waste – from muck to money, the Research Institutes of Sweden’s Glass Division (formerly the Swedish Glass Research Institute), is collaborating with Nybro municipality and the Målerås Glasbruk with the aim of developing a method of reusing discarded crystal glass. “We’ve developed a new technique whereby waste glass is melted down, a reducing agent is added and heavy metals like lead are precipitated out and taken care of. The glass can be made into new products and the metals can be sold. Unwanted waste becomes a useful resource,” says Christina Stålhandske, departmental head at RISE Glass. The researchers have managed to reduce the lead content in the glass from 30 per cent to 0.1 per cent. The process works on a small scale and will now be tested in a larger furnace. Ultimately, Christina is hoping to see an industrial facility operated by a company. “This opens up completely new business opportunities, and there are

many channels to develop. One suggestion is for recycled glass to be used in new construction and interior design products.” Plants do the cleaning Together with his colleagues, Professor William Hogland at Linnaeus University floated the idea of Phytoremediation: cleaning contaminated soil with the aid of plants. So-called phytoplants such as sunflowers, milfoil, sea thrift and sallow are able to absorb heavy metals. An interdisciplinary project is underway in Orrefors Park where a demonstration installation is currently under construction. “We hope to inspire good methods of cleaning up the polluted areas around the old glassworks. What’s more, we will create a beautiful parkland setting,” says Jeanette Lennartsdotter at Orrefors Park. The glassworks and the environment today Today, work at the glassworks is characterized by respect for the environment. Glass in the mass no longer contains any heavy metals. Waste is re-used in the production process and painting is done mainly with organic paints. Other examples of measures at the various glassworks are furnaces fired using electricity from renewable energy sources instead of LPG, while waste heat from the kilns is supplied to the district heating network. “Sustainable production with low environmental impact and a good working environment are crucial for us,” says Martin Robertson at Målerås Glasbruk.


Pukeberg is a new centre of glass and design expertise Since the 1700s, glass from the Kingdom of Crystal has found a place in millions of homes and public environments. By combining
tradition with renewal, glass craftsmanship has successfully held its ground. The Kingdom of Crystal has developed into one of Sweden’s strongest brands in the international arena. However, changes in consumption habits and competition from foreign mass produced glass have led to major challenges for the Småland glassworks. By government appointment In 2012, the government gave local authorities the task of working to reinforce the glass and tourism industries in the Kingdom of Crystal. A principal aspect of the assignment was to find ways of utilising the area’s unique knowledge about glass and glassworking. As one step in this process, Kompetenscentrum Pukeberg, a centre for skills development, was created. In the former factory area there is now a centre for design, glass craftsmanship and glass art. Since 2014, the National School of Glass has also been based in Pukeberg. Designarkivet, the archive that documents the creation of Swedish form and design, is also located in Pukeberg. Since 2016 an EU project has been underway, based on industry’s needs. The aim is to develop new companies, goods and services through the use of traditions and joint expertise in the areas of design and craftsmanship within glass, wood and other materials. The project is being run as a collaboration between Nybro Municipality, Linnaeus University and the Regional Council.


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“Pukeberg’s former glassworks has become a place where knowledge about glass and design are developed and preserved. Academia, industry and society collaborate here in an exciting environment”, says Jeanette Madeling, coordinator for Nybro Municipality. Summer exhibition Large-scale glass production no longer takes place at Pukeberg, but new businesses have grown up instead. Actors with art and design as their foundation, both with and without links to glass, can now be found here. 
Designarkivet, Ateljéhus Pukeberg, Kalmar Handicraft Association and Consultants, Zero Belysning, Linnaeus University and the National School of Glass are just a few. Midsummer sees the opening of a joint exhibition involving art, crafts and student projects, together with glass manufactured at the glassworks over the years. Café & Bistro Hos Oss and Hyttsillsmästarna will be offering a range of food and events. The Swedish National School of Glass The Swedish National School of Glass is the Nordic region’s leading glass training establishment, with both upper secondary school and vocational courses within glassblowing and processing, together with vocational courses in design and art glass. The school began in the early 1960s and for a long time was located in Orrefors, but found new premises in Pukeberg when the glassworks at Orrefors shut in 2013. Courses are offered to students from the Nordic region and the rest of the world. The school also works with Linnaeus University, which offers academic courses in glass design. The decontamination of the Pukeberg area The area around Pukeberg Glasbruk is strongly affected by contamination from the glass industry that has been located here for more than 150 years. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has provided more than 58 million kronor to enable Nybro Municipality to decontaminate the factory area, in collaboration with the property owner. The work to excavate glass residues and contaminated soils before restoring the area will take place during 2017. Soon this attractive area with its 17th century buildings will be a clean, idyllic site.







Here you will find the best products from the best known brands. We have everything from clothes and boots, weapons, ammunition and fishing equipment. The shop also has a shooting simulator where you can practice. Our philosophy is to provide products, knowledge, service and inspiration that makes your hunting and fishing experience even greater.

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L NING SUMMER SPECIA KOSTA LODGE’S STUN . 1152 SEK dren Chil s. Adults SEK 2304,

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The package includes Two nights’ accommodation in hotel-standard holiday cottage, free entry to our pools and jacuzzi. Two activities of your choice are included. A two-course dinner at Kosta Lodge (with children’s buffet). Hot shop herring (Hyttsill)– a festive evening with musical entertainment, food and glassblowing in the blowing room. Activities • Entry to Grönåsens Älgpark and a full day’s bicycle hire. • A full day’s fishing trip including motor boat, lifejacket, fishing equipment and fishing licence for Lake Läen. (Additional charge for boat fuel, at cost price.) The boat holds a maximum of 4 people. Extra boat SEK 500. • A full day’s canoe hire for paddling on Lake Läen. • Hire to a value of SEK 700 per party from Kosta RentalCenter. 



Hos Oss Cafe & Bistro Hos Oss is the café and bistro which delivers that certain something. Most of what we serve is baked and cooked from scratch and we want each visit to be a true experience.

Come and browse among prices. thousands of products at fantastic

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The Kingdom of Children The Kingdom of Crystal is a kingdom of children. The majority of activities can be done by children, including trying out glassblowing. And when small bodies get restless, the Småland countryside is perfect for play and adventure.

Help Ebba and Ture at Målerås “Oh, the Inspector is coming – quick, hide, Ebba and Ture!” In Målerås Glasbruks’ new app we follow factory children Ebba and Ture who worked at the glassworks in the 1920s. In a combination of cartoon and video game, children are led on a tour of the glassworks. They get to help Ebba and Ture make a vase to replace the one broken by the factory manager’s cat. An exciting story that takes the form of an educational game. At the glassworks in Målerås and Kosta, and at The Glass Factory in Boda, children can express their creativity in the blowing room. Experienced glassblowers help them to create their own artworks. At The Glass Factory, children have their own section, where they can dress up as tramps and play at being glassblowers in a mini blowing room. They can also engrave and paint their own glass. At Iittala outlet in Kosta, children can paint their own mug which they can then take home. Outside Skrufs Glasbruk are tramp cars, swings and a sandpit to play with. Along the 2 km Trollstigen trail in Målerås, you can go on a troll hunt. Here and there artist Mats Jonasson’s trolls peep out. How many can you find? Towards the end of the Trollstigen you can take a break for refreshments at the swimming area.


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Meet the animals of the Kingdom of Crystal The Småland countryside offers many adventures. For the energetic family, a moose safari and lots of activities await. Canoeing, cycling and hiking can easily be adapted to children’s abilities with slightly shorter trails and more frequent breaks. At Svartbäcksmåla there is a nature playground for children with challenging obstacle courses and climbing frames. More than 2 m tall at the shoulder and weighing 650 kg, coming face to face with a moose is an impressive experience. On a guided safari tour in the Kingdom of Crystal’s moose parks, Älgpark in Nybro and at Grönåsen Älg- och Lantbrukspark, you can meet moose in their natural environment. As well as moose, Grönåsen also has goats, pigs, horses, rabbits and guinea pigs. At Rugstorps Lantgård, children can take a special trip, the Bonnasafari – a guided tour with a tractor and wagon. Here you can meet cows, horses, sheep, dogs and cats. And then there’s the bouncy castle and the sand heap where you can create your own new worlds. The Kingdom of Crystal is full of beautiful lakes with great places to swim. And why not try out fishing too? Indoor and outdoor swimming pools are also available in a number of places.



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Nybro Glasbruk

Tattoos and skulls on the dinner table Nybro Glasbruk has given the Swedish people classics like the Bohus series, with the herring boat that often appears on the table at midsummer. And the glassworks continues to create new favourites for Swedish homes. For example the eccentric skull motif on the Memento Mori series. Today’s Nybro Glasbruk involves a great deal of colour and painted glass. “Painting is our passion. This is where we experiment and play with new motifs and ideas. This is where we create, with air and colour in combination”, says Johan Lindgren, who is partner and marketing manager. Anders Lindblom, the frontman and partner of the glassworks, is one of Sweden’s most skilful glass painters. A few years ago he became interested in tattooing and wanted to transfer it to glass. The result was the Crystal Ink series, whose strong symbols have been a great success. Nybro often paints with a relatively new technique for glass – airbrushing. This is a type of spray painting normally used to paint patterns on objects such as cars. “Parts of the motif are painted with a stencil. Each object also includes some freehand work without the stencil. I do this to give depth to the motif,

for example with shadows. I started playing with an airbrush perhaps four years ago, and now it’s really taken over.” The technique gives endless possibilities to create interesting patterns, Anders explains. It may appear simple, but Johan confirms how difficult the painting technique is and the skill that’s required. “A skilful glass painter has a special feeling for how the paint behaves. We’re passionate about the painting workshop’s craft.” Everyday happiness Of course the ambition is to make glass that the customers like. But Nybro wants more. “We want you to use the things you buy from us! Objects should have a function. In modern life you should dare to use your best things – the things you really like – every day. Give yourself, your partners and your friends a little happiness with a tasty salad on a beautiful glass dish on a Tuesday evening. Not just when you’re celebrating something special”, Johan enthuses. Oriental trend spotting When Johan looks for new trends, he sees blue. “I think that blue glass will come back strongly. It was really big 10 or 15 years ago, but since then it’s completely disappeared. Another trend is the Orient, which is seen in both patterns and colours. Nybro’s Marrakesh series, with its blue, mosaic-inspired patterns, is one example.” He notes that many younger customers have started to buy Nybro’s glass. “They like the colour and form, and I’m seeing glass becoming trendy again”, says Johan, and gives us a little hint that glass with graffiti motifs might be turning up soon.


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James Maskrey (England): The Worst Journey in the World (detail)

Elliott Walker (England): Still Life with Cut Orange

SUMMER 2017 Wed – Sun 11:00 – 18:00

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Unique Holidays as the Kingdom of Crystals Have you heard of the Kingdom of Crystals? This is an exciting area in Sweden where a lot of glasswork is being produced, all very close to our authentic NOVASOL holiday homes. Decide yourself how you want to experience the Kingdom of Crystals and choose from NOVASOL’s range of many exclusive, handpicked holiday villas, cottages and apartments there.


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The Kingdom of Crystal in the wider world Småland glass has long been appreciated across the whole world. This includes glass paterfamilias Bertil Vallien’s giant One Million Dollar Boat recently being sold for exactly one million dollars in the USA. This staggering sum is a record for art class. This is one of many examples of the international interest in the Kingdom of Crystal. Many artists come here to work with our skilful glassblowers. The Glass Factory in Boda has become a centre point for this type of exchange.

Singer Eva Dahlgren and furniture designer Alexander Lervik created the exhibition “Dit ljuset leder” (“Where the light leads”), in which visitors are led through the darkness to encounter sound, light and bright spots of glass. The installation is based on a musical piece by Eva Dahlgren, specially composed on the theme of light. The central glass objects for the exhibition were created in close collaboration with the glassblowers in the blowing room at Målerås Glasbruk. The exhibition is now on an international tour. Målerås Glasbruk has also had the honour of producing the objects included in the IKEA ART EVENT 2018. IKEA asked artists from all over the world to design glass objects for a collection that will be sold globally in selected shops. Småland glass is spreading all over the world, but the world comes to the Kingdom of Crystal too. The Indian ambassador is a regular customer of MickeJohans Konstglas and often visits the little glass studio on the farm in Örsjö. And if we look nearer to home, Carina Seth Andersson designed and Skrufs Glasbruk blew the glass tableware given by the Swedish people to King Carl XVI Gustaf for his 70th birthday present last year. It is now used when entertaining prominent guests who will be offered food and drink. Nybro Glasbruk has produced a special candleholder for the world-famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi and the judges on Let’s Dance have drunk water from stripy Twistglas. Trophies made from glass are popular. The 2016 Eurovision winner Jamala, from the Ukraine, raised a giant glass microphone created by Kosta Boda’s Kjell Engman. And the winner of the Vasaloppet ski race is fêted with a laurel wreath, a kiss from the Wreath Maiden and a glass portal from the Bergdala glass studio.


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Guide to accommodation, restaurants and cafés Accommodation Alsterbro Minihotell & Camping Hindsjövägen 2A, Alsterbro 070-341 01 33

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Bo på Hembygsgård i Kristvalla N Gunnabo 0480-540 38, 540 92

Bo på Lantgård Rugstorps Gård Rockneby 0481-531 31, 070-665 31 31

Bo på Lantgård/Isaksson Norrbäck 103, Gullaskruv 0481-320 72 Dockhuset/Korpaboet Äspet Rislycke, Kosta 070-2430638

Granås Gård Granås, Nybro 073-331 85 00

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glasriket 2017

2017-04-07 10:23

Welcome to us at Boda Glasbruk. Here you find unique facilities for exhibition and trade, carefully renovated in order to preserve the environment and industrial feeling. Right next to it you find The Glass Factory museum and in the works office several artists have their studios. We also have facilities for rent in Emmaboda, Lindås, Långasjö, Eriksmåla and at Boda Glasbruk. Welcome!

Experience the Kingdom of Crystal

There are many ways of making even more of your visit to the Kingdom of Crystal, especially with so much to discover and experience. Here are a few inspirational suggestions from local experts who know the area well. You can see all of the bookable activities at:

Book online

Hot shop herring

A convivial festive evening in the blowing room Warmth from the glass ovens and pleasant company. Singing and curd cake. A hot shop herring in the glassblowing room is more than a meal – it’s a whole historical evening! Once upon a time the ovens in the blowing room were used for cooking after the end of the working day. Work comrades assembled around the warm ovens for a meal and a drink after work. Even hunters from the forests around came along, as did tramps who wanted to warm themselves up and get a little food. In return they provided the entertainment, with songs and storytelling. From this tradition developed a festive evening which is very popular among visitors to the Kingdom of Crystal. Just like then, Småland food is cooked in the blowing room: salted herring, crispy pork, sausages and baked potatoes. And to round off the meal comes the curd cake – so there’s no risk of anyone going home hungry! And today’s hot shop herring evenings still offer entertainment with music and glass shows. You can also try out glassblowing yourself. Book online You can try out hot shop herring here


Be your own glass master You can see skilful glassblowers in action in the blowing rooms of the Kingdom of Crystal. Do you want to know what it’s like blowing through the tube? To find out how tricky it is to shape the red-hot molten glass into an object? Try it out yourself! Several glass studios offer the opportunity to try out the noble art of glassblowing. The Glass Factory in Boda has popular activities for children, and these include visitors being able to blow a bowl under the supervision of a skilful glassblower. Here there’s also the opportunity to try out glass casting and to paint or engrave a glass object. At Målerås Glasbruk and Kosta Glascenter both adults and children can try out glassblowing together with a glassblower. When your bowl or glass ball has cooled you can take it home with you – a memory of the Kingdom of Crystal. Blowing glass is hot, sweaty work that requires concentration, but which gives free rein to your creativity. Most people who try glassblowing want to do it again. Take your family, friends or work colleagues along for a really original craft experience. Book online Try out glassblowing here The Glass Factory • Kosta Glascenter • Målerås Glasbruk

Hyttsillsmästarna i Pukeberg • Wärdshuset hyttan Målerås • Hyttsill Kosta


Accommodation à la carte The Kingdom of Crystal offers accommodation for all tastes and budgets. Here you can find everything from luxury hotels and cosy bed and breakfasts to hostels. If you want to cook your own food, we recommend that you rent a holiday cottage or apartment. The many campsites are often located in beautiful natural surroundings and are very peaceful. The accommodation you’re looking for is always nearby – distances are not large here in the Kingdom of Crystal. Regardless of the accommodation you choose, you will be sure of a warm welcome and a genuine Småland atmosphere! Book your accommodation online at


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Glasriket Magasin 2017 ENG  

Publication with coverage of all the glassworks and tips on attractions in the Kingdom of Crystal.

Glasriket Magasin 2017 ENG  

Publication with coverage of all the glassworks and tips on attractions in the Kingdom of Crystal.