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Le Reve by MONTE Durham

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GLADYS Magazine was established in 2009 as a full service creative magazine within the fashion industry.

GLADYS Magazine is built on the belief that fashion should be shot beautifully and supplemented with exclusive interviews, groundbreaking editorial features and powerful journalism.

Our magazine is a place for all creatives to express their thoughts and ideas. We showcase the best of beauty, haute couture, jewelry, celebrity, travel, design & exclusive events.

Photographers, designers, models and creatives from different parts of the world, help us in producing four print editions a year and we are distributed Nationwide and Internationally.

In our 16th year of publishing in 2024, GLADYS attracts passionate readers from different parts of the globe and we are highly regarded for our editorial quality and features.

Named after our Editor-in-Chief’s Mother Gladys Patrick, our magazine hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams and never give up.

MAY 2024!
2024 - Love, Fashion, Beauty, Inspiration Gladys Magazine Spring Issue 2024 Inspiration For Life gladysmagazine.com YourSourceforInspiration&Fashion gladysmagazine.com$9.95 SpringIssue2024 Gladys SpringThe Gladys Magazine Spring Issue 2024 Inspiration For Life gladysmagazine.com Your Source for Inspiration & Fashion gladysmagazine.com $9.95 Spring Issue 2024 Gladys Fashion & Beauty Picks NEW SEASON 219 SpringThe Gladys Magazine Spring Issue 2024 Inspiration For Life gladysmagazine.com Your Source for Inspiration & Fashion gladysmagazine.com $9.95 Spring Issue 2024 Gladys Fashion & Beauty Picks NEW SEASON 219 SpringThe Gladys Gladys Magazine Spring Issue 2024 Inspiration For Life gladysmagazine.com YourSourceforInspiration&Fashion gladysmagazine.com$9.95 SpringIssue2024 Gladys BeautyFashion& Picksforthe NEWSEASON 219 Issue SpringThe IssueSpring OUT NOW!

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Gladys is a quarterly high end, luxury lifestyle, inspirational magazine showcasing the best of haute couture, jewelry, celebrity & exclusive events. Gladys can be found at upscale booksellers like Barnes & Noble, sophisticated retail outlets and select newsstands throughout the country. With each issue, Gladys brings you the best goods, services, and trends in today’s industries; reflecting upon unparalleled understanding of the passion and pursuits of its discerning readers. We are focused on providing our Advertisers with the quality of exposure expected to successfully market their fine goods and services. Kudos! Our 2013 Holiday 5 Year Anniversary Issue was honored with“The Silver Award” at the 2014 Print Excellence Awards! Celebrating 16 years of publishing GLADYS in 2024!!

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Gladys Spring Issue 2024 5 CONTENTS
2 Contents 4 Editor’s Letter, Walking into Spring 5 Gladys At the Covershoot 6 Staff 7 10 Ways to Take Care of YOU, 2024 8 Contributors 10 Club Med, by Karen Holly Berliner 12 She’s So Couture, Photography by Greg Alexander 18 Gladys Events, Velvet Gala
112 20 She’s Bold, Beautiful & Confident 28 Gladys Event, London’s Tribute to Coco Chanel 30 She’s on Top of the World 36 She’s So Chic 40 She’s Gone Country 46 She’s a Rebel 49 Jenny and the City, Master Class 50 Gladys Beauty, Spring Hair Products 51 Jenny and the City, Luxury Lounge 52 Monte Durham, For Elissar Bridal 56 Gladys Beauty, Spring Skincare 58 Celebrity Star Beauty 62 She’s A Legend, Diane Von Furstenberg 66 Andrea’s A-List 67 The Jewel Box 68 Gladys BOSS 90 Gladys Exclusive Interview, Wendy Neely 92 Inspirational Mothers & Daughters 98 Gladys Featured Designers 100 Jenny and the City, Chef Sergio Corbia 102 Gladys Featured People 112 Gladys Dream Stars 118 Gladys Dream Star Finalists 119 Gladys Girl Finalists 120 Gladys Girls 126 Future Dream Stars 128 Faces to Watch Summer 2024 120 20


Spring Into

I’m walking into Spring with confidence & excitement! As the world starts to bloom again, I’ve been reflecting on how a new season often inspires us to embrace change and growth. If you’re feeling that spring energy too, you’ll love this issue of Gladys! From Spring Skincare Tips to Fashion Inspiration we have you covered! Our GLADYS BOSS feature highlights savvy entrepreneurs & role models whose remarkable achievements serve as a testament to the power of believing in yourself and taking bold leaps of faith! See who made it onto our list starting on page 68.

My dear friend and talented artist, Djordje Bukvic, shot our Spring Cover. It’s a Refection of why we love spring and the bold, strong confidence we all need to start a new season with optimism and positivity.

And,we have a very special feature highlighting some incredible Mothers & Daughters, just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day on page 92.

She’s So Couture, She’s On Top of the World, She’s So Chic, She’s Gone Country, She’s A Rebel, She’s a Legend AND She’s’s Ready to Walk Into a Fabulous Spring! I hope you Enjoy!

Editor'sLetter ladys G She’s So Couture, She’s On Top of the World, She’s So Chic, She’s Gone Country, She’s A Rebel, She’s a Legend AND She’s’s Ready to Walk Into a Fabulous Spring!

Behind the Scenes of

Cover Credits

COVER MODELS: Sanja Radulovic, Tijana Milutinovic, Maja Mihajlovic


ASSISTANTS OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Marijana Suvacarovic, Nemanja Belusevic

MAKE UP ARTISTS: Ivana Canic, Sara Jovanovic

HAIRSTYLE: Hair Studio Richy


WARDROBE: MONA, Amina Hasanbegovic, Sacreevictoire, Calzedonia


Gladys Spring Issue 2024 7 At the Cover Shoot ladys G
Gladys Magazine Spring Issue 2024 Inspiration For Life gladysmagazine.com Your Source for Inspiration & Fashion gladysmagazine.com $9.95 Spring Issue 2024 Gladys Fashion & Beauty Picks for the NEW SEASON 219 IssueSpring The
Gladys Magazine Spring Issue Cover Shoot 2024! Behind The Scenes photos shot by Photgrapher Nemanja Belusevic


a magazine dedicated to anyone who has been inspired to pursue their dreams by someone they love.

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International Director of Photography DJORDJE BUKVIC

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Staff Gladys
Gladys Spring Issue 2024 9 Take Care of YOU ladys G To take care of YOU 10 ways 2024 ADORAtherapy Chakra 4 Aroma Perfume adoratherapy.com ADORAtherapy Roll-On Chakra 4 Perfume Oil adoratherapy.com TEA FORTÉ Wellbeing, Herbal Retreat and Lotus,Tea Forté has a wellness collection for every taste. teaforte.com ADORAtherapy Light a Chakra 4 Candle adoratherapy.com BABE ORIGINAL Good Morning Babe Gummies, babeoriginal.com FLUTTERHABIT DIY Faux Lash Extension The Bestie $29.99 flutterhabit.com TEA FORTÉ Cold Brew, Elderflower Rose, Watermelon Mint and Pomegranate Vanilla from teaforte.com SENEGENCE LipSense® HydraMatte Lip Color $32.00 web.senegence.com SENEGENCE LashSense® FiberExtend Mascara $33.00 web.senegence.com Step into Spring with these Gladys Favorites!

Djordje Bukvic

Known For: Numerous international

projects, creating romantic, luxury content for the companies & working with some of the biggest celebrity & fashion names in the industry.

Inspired By: Fashion inspires me very much, it’s definitely a big part of my everyday life. I’m inspired by clothes, bags, unique & vintage pieces. Anything luxury is eye-catching to me. Recently, i’m thinking a lot about my future house, so interior & what Ralph Lauren is doing for his Home Collection truly excites me.

Social Media: @djordjebukvic @georgebookstudio

See his Cover Story on pg 20

Known For: CEO of leading French production company Mephistopheles.

Inspired By: Art, clouds and skies.

Social Media: @gtegalexanderofficial

See his editorial images on pg 12

Known For: Being a producer of fashion shows, an associate director of Gladys Magazine, a model and a professional actress, a serial entrepreneur and a passionate philanthropist.

Inspired By: Every person who is turning their dreams into reality.

Social Media: FB: Olga Konstanzia, IG: olgakonstanziashowtime

See her Events/Interview on pgs: 18, 38 & 100

Gladys is a quarterly high end, luxury lifestyle, inspirational magazine showcasing the best of haute couture, jewelry, celebrity & exclusive events. Gladys can be found at upscale booksellers like Barnes & Noble, sophisticated retail outlets and select newsstands throughout the country. With each issue, Gladys brings you the best goods, services, and trends in today’s industries; reflecting upon unparalleled understanding of the passion and pursuits of its discerning readers. We are focused on providing our Advertisers with the quality of exposure expected to successfully market their fine goods and services.

Kudos! Our 2013 Holiday 5 Year Anniversary Issue was honored with“The Silver Award” at the 2014 Print Excellence Awards!

16 years

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10 Gladys Spring Issue 2024 She’s So Couture page 12 page 28 page
page 10 Contributors Gladys
Travel- Club Med
London Tribute to Coco Chanel
Greg Alexander
Gladys Magazine Spring Issue 2024 Inspiration For Life gladysmagazine.com Your Source for Inspiration & Fashion gladysmagazine.com $9.95 Spring Issue 2024 Gladys Fashion & Beauty Picks for the NEW SEASON 219 IssueSpring The
Cover Photographer Contributing Photographer Olga Kwasniewski Associate Director of Fashion North East Coast
She’s So Chic
Photography|Nemanja Belusevic

Gemma Azzurro, founded in 2014 by Persian designer Sara Arbabha, is a luxury sterling silver jewelry line founded on the idea of creating ‘evil eye’ jewelry for the U.S. market! Inspired by her travels throughout the Mediterranean such as the Amalfi Coast and Greece along with Middle Eastern cultures and patterns, Sara created Gemma Azzurro (the Italian translation for ‘Blue Gem’)! A signature of Gemma Azzurro is the “Evil Eye” collection– an ancient talisman, which has been worn for over hundreds of years across many cultures to ward off evil and protect against it.

Gemma Azzurro’s unique and fun designs are a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection and make for a great gift too!

Pau Torres is a hugely successful YouTuber and TikTok star. Torres has reached millions of followers on her social media channels thanks to her mix of vlogs, story times, and more! Her pleasing appearance, agreeable persona, and lively personality make her extremely relatable. Torres is also a huge influencer in the body positivity community. She strives to make her supporters laugh and feel comfortable in their own skin daily! liveglam.com

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 11
Sara Arbabha, Founder of Gemma Azzurro

Yes! This IS Your Grandma’s Resort — and So Much More!

The Latest on the Timeless Club Med

Club Med is the original pioneer of the all-inclusive concept and is the first successful of the exclusive all-inclusive resorts, trendsetting the bar high since its inception and featuring about 70 premium resorts in spectacular locations around the world, including North and South America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean.

Founded in 1950 by Gérard Blitz, each Club Med resort features its own unique and local- centric style featuring upscale accommodations, superior sports programming and activities, enriching children’s programs, gourmet dining and top notch service, delivered consistently by its world-renown staff.

Despite operating in 40 countries spanning across 5 continents, Club Med maintains consistent and authentic Club Med spirit and continues to grow and adapt to each market with three to five new resort openings/renovations per year, including a new mountain resort annually.

Club Med announces a variety of new developments including 3 forthcoming international resorts — the brand’s first resort in South Africa and the first Exclusive Collection (5-Star) resort in South America. In addition, this sublime and timeless brand continues to build on its Happy to Care corporate social responsibility program with a new environmental certification at Club Med Tignes and additional developments in North America.

Club Med is also proud to announce major renovations to its popular Club Med Cancún. This resort will undergo extensive renovations with enhancements to its Family Oasis and the addition of a Sports & Wellness Island. Set in a naturally preserved environment, three private white sandy beaches surrounded by a natural lagoon, provide great opportunities to enjoy water sports and at the same time, experience Mexico’s rich Mayan culture. Guests can look forward to a Sports & Wellness Island with highlights to include a new palapa for yoga, archery, bocce ball, mini golf, multi-sport courts, and a circus complete with a real trapeze.

Slotted for 2026, Club Med will proudly open Club Med Tinley, an unprecedented beach and safari resort and the brand’s first-ever location in South Africa. Situated in KwaZulu-Natal, a province resplendent in natural beauty and year-round warm weather, Club Med Tinley will feature a surf-lifestyle concept, as well as the opportunity to stay on a Big Five Game Reserve and embark on a true safari experience. The resorts interior design, gastronomy and entertainment offerings will showcase the unique style of the African continent, drawing inspiration from the location, climate, and cultures of Southern Africa. Three hours away in Northern Natal, guests will also be able to enjoy the same all-inclusive experience at the 80-room game lodge, with access to the wonders of the animal kingdom through a complete safari adventure. Providing a 5-Star resort experience this Club Med resort will feature a spa, a fitness center, a yoga school and an adults-only Zen pool and bar. Club Med Tinley will also offer an array of land and water sports including the very first Surf School at Club Med. In keeping with brand’s dedication to corporate social responsibility, the resort will lead in environmental stewardship through its Bye Bye Plastic Program, Green Globe sustainable tourism certification, and eco-certified construction.

Club Med has also announced the development of Club Med Gramado, its first Exclusive Collection (5-Star) resort in South America and the fourth resort in Brazil. The resort will open in 2025 in Rio Grande do Sul, a region known for its picturesque canyons, gastronomy, wine, and lively local culture. The climate is warm in the summer and snowy in the winter offering the best of both weather conditions for optimal vacationing.

In addition in Kota Kinabalu, Club Med Borneo opening in 2025, will offer a pristine paradise where the jungle meets the white sandy beach and sparkling water. Club Med Borneo will be both BREEAM and Green Globe certified, furthering the brand’s commitment to low density, sustainable development.

12 Gladys Spring Issue 2024 JetSetladys G

Situated in the urban region of Nanjing China, Club Med just recently opened the world’s first urban oasis resort, Club Med Urban Oasis Xianlin Nanjing. The resort is located near the local railway station, making it the world’s first metro-access Club Med resort, and among Nanjing’s four major scenic areas – Purple Mountain, Quixia Mountain, Tangshan Mountain and Yanziji – with breathtaking natural surroundings and nearby activities. The resort features an indoor heated water park, outdoor water screen light show, outdoor explorer park and a vast variety of sport activities.

These added resorts and renovations on the brands existing resorts will continue in chorus, to provide the ultimate all-inclusive destination resort experience. clubmed.us

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 13
All Photos Courtesy of Club Med Jetset ladys G


Photography by GREG ALEXANDER Photo Greg Alexander @gregalexanderofficial, Art director Sébastien Vienne @sebastienvienne Hair Isabelle Luzet @isabelleluzetparis, Makeup Carine Larchet @carineparisparis Assistant Emeline Yalaz, Production @mephistophelesproductions Special thanks to Musee des Invalides, All dresses apart the blue one are Lena Erziak Haute Couture The blue one is Caviar Haute Couture

Opulence of Velvet Gala in Honor of the Best Designer of 2023 Melina Cortes - Nmili

Melina Cortes-Nmili is not a stranger to readers of the “Gladys” magazine. In 2018, she was featured in Influencers Issue and won a title “Women of Influence”. Watching Melina’s journey since then is simply inspiring. In 2023, one of the most prestigious Boston medi publications, “Boston magazine”, named Melina Cortes-Nmili as the Best Clothing Designer of the Year of 2023.

What makes Melina’s design stand out? Every collection is dedicated to a motto: “Beauty that transcends the trend”. Melina’s brand “Lalla Bee” was launched in 2016 and since then every woman who wears a piece of the collections tells a story of strength, effortless beauty, and unveiling confidence. January 17 of 2024 was marked as a date of an official tribute to Melina”s Award as the Best Clothing Designer of 2023 and it took place at the historical world famous Isabella Stewart Gardner museum (Boston, MA).

Isabella Stewart Gardner was a pioneer of transcending traditional societal norms of her gender and class. She created and cultivated her own identity through art, fashion and photography. It was given to debut Melina’s first Velvet collection at such an amazing landmark of history, art and fashion.

Over 400 guests attended the “Velvet Gala”. The cocktail reception was accompanied by a life violin performance of Frederick James Woodard III. Two ballet dancers, Polina Asanove and Andrea Gutierrez were greeting guests on a staircase, dressed in Lalla Bee’s newest collection of dresses that were a combination of velvet, taffeta and silk in a silhouette of the ballet tutus. Polina Asanova and Andrea Gutierrez, professional ballet dancers, added grace and poise to the event. From the reception area, guests were led through a glass corridor that was transformed into an alley of rose sculptures, created by JNG Event Consulting. The fashion show started with beautiful remarks from Peggy Fogelman, Norma Jean Calderwood Director of Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and from the Honoree of the event, Melina Cortes-Nmili. DJ Freddy Fontaine aka DJ Backspin was curating the whole evening with dynamic and eclectic music, which created an unforgettable vibe and atmosphere of the event.

The Velvet collection was presented by professional models: Akou Diabakhate, Erwin Dimagiba, Shweta Rawat, Andrea Gutierrez, Kristina Ksander and Olga Kwasniewski. Each model was walking down the alley of the court garden accompanied by a specifically designed music composition. Each dress had a story, a meaning. The presentation of each dress was theatrical and dramatic. Models were creating beautiful choreography on a runway. The collection’s finale was a gown presented by model Olga Kwasniewski.

20 Gladys Spring Issue 2024
Ballerinas Polina Asanova and Andrea Gutierrez modeling in Velvet collection of Lala Bee during cocktail reception A production team of the Velvet Gala from left to right: Model Kristina Ksander, Model Olga Kwasniewski, Hairstylist, Tatyana Kovaleva, Makeup Artist, Janell Akou, Designer of Lalla Bee, Melina Cortes-Nmili, Makeup Artist Jeremy Anaya, Model Shweta Rawat, Model Andrea Gutierrez.

As Melina described: “I had never had an incline to work with Velvet so this was a perfect opportunity to play with something new. this was an amazing opportunity not only to showcase my designs, to work with friends and to create!This collection is very romantic and close to me - all of my collections are close to me but in the past I was very cognizant about people’s taste and I would squeeze in my desires and in all honesty for this show I did what Melina wanted....period. I was not designing for anyone I was designing purely for the sake of showing the audience who I am and what my brand is about: authenticity. Roots. and Perseverance. and it was all so well received it was music to my heart!

Probably one of the most special dresses of the night is the strapless full skirt with a split. It is an ode to my grandmother: a Matriarch and really the woman who taught me to walk with my head held high despite the circumstances. I was raised by my grandmother so that my mother had the time and quite frankly the chance to go to college. My grandmother, Doña Maria was a self taught seamstress but she did not do it professionally. She made all of our uniforms and party dresses. She always made herself dresses that looked very different from what the other ladies were wearing... ruffles, color, print you name it. I did a fashion show years ago and asked my friend Juan Miguel Guirado, a verytalented painter, to make a picture of my childhood. I sent him several images and he made a collage and painted what I believe is a fantastic representation of who I am. I had his images printed on fabric and by the time everything was set and done there was not enough time to include it on the show. years later here we are... This dress is so very special as it is the result of pure collaboration by different artists and worn by none other than my dear friend Olga. It was definitely a highlight to close the show with this dress. Doña Maria would be proud”.

Producing a unique presentation of each dress would be impossible without the talent and dedication of top makeup artists Jeremy Anaya and Janell Akoi. Exquisite hairstyling was done by the amazing Tatyana Kovaleva. Beautiful images of the behind the scenes and during the fashion show were taken by photographers Andrew Dunne and Micah Holder of Bash _pics. Thank you to these photographers for their dedication by working under harsh and restricted conditions and still being able to produce moments to remember. A heartfelt gratitude goes to Peggy Fogelman, Norma Jean Calderwood Director of the museum, for curating the “Velvet gala” and Mary Thompson, who helped enormously during production of this event. The staff of the ISGM were going a mile ahead to make sure the event’s flow would be nothing but perfection.

This grand event would be not having astonishing success without hard work for months of Abdou Nmili, a music curator, Florence Flanaggan, a dressmaker, Olga Kwasniewski, a consulting producer of the event.

“Win as though you were used to it, and lose as if you like it”

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 21
Model, Shweta Ravat in a dress of Lalla Bee.
Eventsladys G
Model, Andrea Gutierrez on the runway presenting a piece of the Velvet collection by Lalla Bee. Olga Kwasniewski, a model and a fashion director Gladys magazine is posing dressed in Lalla Bee signature gown,posing in a front of floral installation created by JNG Event Consulting. Model, Kristina Ksander, in a sultry black velvet gown of Lalla Bee. Designer of the Year, Melina Cortes-Nmili with Peggy Fogelman, Director of Isabella Stewart Gardner museum and Olga Kwasniewski, Fashion Director of Gladys magazine.



Photography, Creative Direction and Styling by DJORDJE BUKVIC Photographer, Creative Direction & Styling|Djordje Bukvic Assistants of photography|Marijana Suvacarovic, Nemanja Belusevic Make up artists|Ivana Canic, Sara Jovanovic, Hairstyle|Hair Studio Richy Models|Sanja Radulovic, Tijana Milutinovic, Maja Mihajlovic Flowers|Flowershop IVONA, Wardrobe|MONA, Amina Hasanbegovic Sacreevictoire, Calzedonia, Jewelry|NATINAKIT, Moa Manik

“London’s Tribute to Coco Chanel”

Coco Chanel... This name became iconic from the early years of the twentieth century and remains an untouchable fashion style even today in a century of technology and artificial intelligence prevalence. Coco Chanel (born August 19, 1883, Saumur,France—died January 10, 1971, Paris) was a French fashion designer who ruled Parisian haute couture for almost six decades. Her elegantly casual designs inspired women to abandon the complicated, uncomfortable clothes—such as petticoats and corsets—that were prevalent in early 20th-century dress. Among her now-classic innovations were the Chanel suit, the quilted purse, costume jewelry, and the “little black dress.” She also was known for the iconic perfume Chanel No. 5.

On 16 September 2023 , “Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto” the first-ever UK exhibition dedicated to the work of French couturière, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, launched at the Victoria and Albert museum. Given that Chanel was one of the most influential designers of the 20th century, it has never been a showcase of her work in the capital of Great Britain. “Gladys” Magazine was delighted to accept an invitation from V&A museum to visit this unique exhibition. “Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto” arrived in its latest iteration in London following its premiere in Paris in 2020, and then further stints in Tokyo and Melbourne. V&A museum were re-imagine the traveling exhibition with over 100 new objects including 60 new looks. It is the first exhibition in the UK dedicated to the work of Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, and charts the evolution of her iconic design style and the establishment of the House of CHANEL. Visitors were indulged with 200 looks seen together for the first time.

The exhibition was not displaying only signature collections but jewelry, handbags and shoes that Coco made revolutionary as well. We are all familiar with sling-back, a shoe that mixed comfort and elegance with its black toe to protect from wear and tear, moderate heel height and asymmetrical strap, which kept the footwear in place. Even Chanel’s perfume range went some way to democratizing fashion and beauty; when she launched Chanel No.5 in 1921 she reportedly charged perfumer Ernest Beaux with creating a scent that would make its wearer “smell like a woman, and not like a rose”.

The exhibition had eight themed sections, each of them exploring Chanel’s innovative approach to fabric, silhouette and construction. Every piece, created by Gabrielle Chanel, was a carrier of her philosophy in fashion: “Always dress to make yourself feel young – this means being free and easy and unpretentious in your clothes. You have to breathe and move and sit without being conscious of what you’ve got on”.

30 Gladys Spring Issue 2024
Eventsladys G
Gladys Spring Issue 2024 31 Eventsladys G

WORLDShe’s on Top of the


Azazie is the leading DTC e-tailer for bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, special occasion wear and accessories, offering high-quality gowns at affordable prices. Based in the tech capital of Silicon Valley, Azazie is disrupting the traditional bridal industry while garnering high ratings from customers and review sites alike. With 200+ bridal gowns and 400+ bridal party dresses in over 80 colors, Azazie is committed to body-positive fashion, offering all dresses from size 0-30, cut and sewn to order like expensive bespoke designs. azazie.com.

Azazie azazie.com


The Roxie Dress is crafted from sequin and tulle that flows beautifully with every step. $195


Alanis is a stretch crepe midi dress with exquisite 3D Calla Lily bell sleeves. $305


Our Joanna Dress is giving ‘it girl” vibes with a stunning stretch satin bow on the back of this velvet corset mini. $225

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 37 Fashion Gladys
is the perfect mix of elegant and flirty. $245 EVA WHITE FLORAL DRESS azazie.com VIRGO BLACK AND WHITE POLKA DOT GOWN Virgo is our bold polka dot empire waist gown. $495

Chic She’s So

SS24 collection from Woodys Eyewear, COLORADO. A fashion-forward desert-themed campaign featuring free-spirited individuals who embrace their unique style with exclusive designer eyewear. The collection’s main emphasis lies in the use of unique color combinations and premium materials like Italian acetate, German hinges, titanium, and Carl Zeiss lenses. In addition, the brand prioritizes sustainability by incorporating recycled and eco-friendly materials in over 40% of its frames. woodyseyewear.com


Amanda is a square-shaped model made of nickel-free metal with Italian acetate rims with triple lamination. The rectangular shaped temples have acetate terminals with colored lamination and our wood inlay.


Acetate frame with milled TV effect and metal inlay with relief on the heels. CR39 high gamma polarized lenses produced by Carl Zeiss with anti-reflective coating provide maximum UVB and UVA protection.


Miranda is a sunglasses model designed for women made of high quality laminated Italian acetate and German five-axis hinges. Its CR39 degraded lenses offer maximum UVB protection and great visual comfort.lamination and our wood inlay.


Introducing our Godard model made of high quality Italian acetate. Its straight lines front gives it freshness and personality. Milled rods with German five-axis hinge.

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 41 woodyseyewear.com


Karina Brez Cowgirl LUV Collection:

A Celebration of American West Spirit & Style

Cowgirl LUV Collection, is a tribute to the untamed beauty and spirit of America’s majestic mountains and Western charm. The Cowgirl LUV Collection embodies the essence of the American West through its stunning pieces. It captures the rugged yet elegant landscapes of the USA, paying homage to iconic mountain ranges such as the Sierra Nevada, Denali, and Mount Whitney. Each ring in the collection symbolizes a mountain range, presenting a unique blend of sophistication and the wild, free spirit of a cowgirl. The hoop earrings pay homage to Western cities like Montana, Aspen, Dakota, Sedona, and Dallas. The combination of turquoise, pink sapphires, and diamonds adds a touch of authenticity and luxury to each meticulously crafted piece. What sets this collection apart is not just its exquisite design, but also the story it tells. Through Dre Joseph’s lens, the model images vividly showcase the collection’s elegance and boldness, perfectly resonating with the spirit of the Cowgirl LUV Collection. This collection is tailor-made for women who embrace the cowgirl spirit—those who exude strength, resilience, and confidence. karinabrez.com

Good Morning, Babe and Good Night, Babe Gummies

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 47
available on
BabeOriginal.com and

REBEL She’s a

Forget the Glass Slipper, this Queen wears Cowboy Boots.

Fashion Gladys

Get ready to make your way to the mainstage in one of Nasty Gal’s outfits for music festivals. Their festival outfit ideas include; dancing sundown ‘til sun up in one of their rave festival outfits. Why not opt for one of their must-have metallic fringed festival jackets—style yours with the coordinating festival shorts, fishnet tights, and chunky biker boots. Or keep things a little more low-key and dial up a slinky cut out wrap top with your trusty denim cut offs. A minimal effort funky festival outfit with maximum impact. We’ll see you in the crowd.

If you’re heading on a weekend festival break, parade down to the desert in an easy breezy bohemian sundress. Complete your look and style with a fringed leather jacket and western cowboy boots. Bask amongst the wildflowers in women’s festival clothing and style a crochet cropped festival top and matching pants with a bikini and chunky sandals. From flower crowns to fedoras, swing by their range of festival accessories to add the perfect finishing touches to your music festival outfits. Oh, and don’t forget a faux leather fanny pack… nastygal.com

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 49 Fashion Gladys

Fashion Gladys

Jenny and the City

Empowering Women


I love being part of an empowering culture of women who uplift and embody strength yet remain delicate and sophisticated, humble and elegant, and versatile and can share their success stories and discuss real issues that every woman has. The simple yet complicated truth that makes us women.

So it begins as a master class, yet it’s more of a lifestyle and the initiation of a new era for this dynamic trio.

Meet Alena Romaskaya, she is a psychologist and she owns a tremendous assertive balance with life and style, her voice is so calming.

Galina Sobolev,a fashion designer, a friend, a joyful soul and she is always making something happen, so she will talk about success and what does success really mean. You also know Anahit Ghazaryan who is a fashion designer and will talk about style, but not just clothes but more about how you carry yourself and live strongly.

The master class took place with a very selective and yes EMPOWERING group at Anahit’s Atelier in Beverly Hills. We enjoyed bubbles from Patland State and we were graced by the Lucky Graze charcuteries that fits right in the moment, as strong women founded it. The class was well balanced, more of a friendly conversation with the highest energy that everyone brought, as we are all magnets and attract our energies.

One of the “A-Ha” moments for me was an exercise that Alena had us do. She asked us to go back 15 years and see how we were and what we were doing and come back to where we are now and owning our own decisions. It brought me back to just taking that time to know where we were and where we are. We all want 2024 to be a transformative year with prosperity as we all have been challenged with the past years of turbulence. So we all have to be strong and keep going and discover our inner warrior and believe in ourselves.

Grateful to have been part of this moment and Congrats to our Master Class leaders.


Jenny and the City

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 51
Eventsladys G
From Left to Right: Galina Sobolev, Jenny Leeser, Anahit Ghazarya and Alena Romaskaya From Left to Right: Alena Romaskaya Galina Sobolev, and Anahit Ghazarya


Vitabrid C12

Scalp+ Shampoo$32 saksfifthavenue.com

Looking to breathe new life into your spring hair regimen?

Check out these haircare products and you’ll have flawless hair all spring long.


Icy Blond Shampoo $26, Icy Blond Conditioner $28

Icy Blond Toning Spray $15 milkshakehair.com


Heat Protectant Spray ($20) in the scent

Coastal Coconut. BondiBoost.com


Infrared Bounce Brush ($98)


CHI Vibes “XL Colossal ”Curling Wand - $99.99 from ulta.com

Curl Passion PerfectionistPARABEN FREE - styling cream for curly hair milkshakehair.com


milk_shake deep detox shampoo $26 from milkshakehair.com

52 Gladys Spring Issue 2024

Jenny and the City

Luxury Lounge Presented by LA Smile & GBK Brand Bar at the Iconic Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Award Season is always a great time in L.A. because of all the events happening all at once and all the stars are shining with The Hollywood Glamour and needless to say I feel very lucky to have been invited because last year it was very tough with the strike. So this year everyone is out and about and cheering for each other.

This event so fun because they had an amazing DJ and everyone was socializing with each other. They had different drink choices so I actually met Rosalin Manoogian who owns Fog Crest wine and we had a wonderful conversation. She was very knowledgeable and I tasted different wines and I must say the Chardonnay was top of the line. I also enjoyed a tequila tasting from El Cristiano Tequila and it’s hard to say which one was my favorite as they were all excellent.

I then grabbed a delicious sandwich with Ike from Ike’s Sandwiches. He is such an iconic person and all of his sandwiches are fabulous and the names are so catchy. The lounge was filled with a lot of stars including Mira Sorvino, Angela Basset, Constance Marie amongst others.

So as you all know I love pets and this day my heart was filled because there was a lot of focus on products for the little muffins. Pooph’s is the #1 best selling pet odor eliminator on the market that is safe and non toxic, fragrance fee and works instantly. I was super excited to get some of their products that work like magic and they also donated a year’s supply in the name of each celebrity to the pet shelter of their choice so that speaks highly of them.

I also was introduced to Glow Pup, which has designer bowls, leashes and toys so my little sweetheart got a pup gift bag and was very happy with her pink bowl. I received a luxurious vegan candle from Milena and was introduced to a luxury athleisure brand called Rear-ended and healthy energy vitamins and supplements from Roots.

The list is endless and the nominees scored $50k gift bags that included luxury travel destinations, experiences and fabulous products. We love award season!


Jenny and the City

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 53 Eventsladys G
Associate Director of Fashion West Coast, Jenny Leeser Mira Sorvino with LA Smile Angela Bassett w/ Michael Todd Beauty Jenny Leeser with Ike Shehadeh founder of Ike’s Sandwiches

Le Rêve Collection embodies sophistication and the Elegance of the Past, while looking to the future. Luxurious fabrics and a tailored fit create a timeless look that will have you saying “YES TO THE DRESS” ~ Monte Durham

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 55 GINGER LINDA
ROSE LEE KAY MICKEY Shot on Location at the St. Regis Hotel, Washington DC by Photographer Steve Johnson, Stevejohnson.photgraphy

About Beauvince Jewelry

Beauvince Jewelry seeks to cherish the dreams, desires, and strengths of jewelry lovers through diamonds, the strongest substance found in nature. Beauvince believes that all individuals are beautiful and unique, and the company strives to create designs that meet specific client needs. Conceptualized as modern heirlooms, to be passed down through generations, each piece of Beauvince Jewelry is timeless, merging the creativity, quality and value the company is renowned for. Beauvince has a presence in New York and London, arranging viewings by appointment. beauvince.com


Silhouette Blossom

Fine Jewelry collection

Silhouette Blossom presents precious but everyday must-have pieces, set with diamonds or full pavé diamonds. The collection features 11 pieces in 18k rose gold and followed by 18k white gold. The pieces range from delicate and stackable rings and pendants, to an audacious overlap hoop and oversized earrings. Silhouette Blossom plays with daring volumes, sizes, and textures, unlocking the imagination to create different looks for a host of moods and occasions. The collection interprets the outline of the Maison’s Monogram star-shaped Flower, its openwork design bringing a daring but organic look with new volumes and size for the ultimate in versatility and self-expression. louisvuitton.com

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 57 ulosangeles.com
Silhouette Blossom Fine Jewelry collection with actress Ana de Armas.


Clinical Strength + Clean Microbiome-Friendly Complexion Perfecting Serum $95 hhscience.com

58 Gladys Spring Issue 2024
Naturally adamaminerals.com
adamaminerals.com BeautyGladys BOTNIA SKINCARE Well Serum, Skin Type, (for most skin types) botniaskincare.com
ZION HEALTH Age Reversal Resurfacing
Mask: Radiant Skin,
Fine Line & Wrinkle Reducing Serum: Your Skin’s Fountain


Clear Skin Vitamins™ - $26.99 hhscience.com


Kale Mask, $7 botniaskincare.com


Healthy + Happy Essentials™ Clarifying Facial Serum $15.99 from hhscience.com


Perfect Night’s Sleep Magnesium Bath Milk

$48, Perfect Night’s Sleep Magnesium Body Butter $41 us.neomwellbeing.com

LAPCOS Rollagen Rolling Ampoule ($36) lapcosusa.com


Well Serum, Skin Type, (for most skin types) botniaskincare.com


Clinical Strength + Clean Microbiome- -Friendly Nourishing Cream $89 hhscience.com

Skincare Spring

Check out our Ultimate Skincare Guide to have healthier skin this spring.

Spring is here—goodbye cold, dry air and hello sunshine and humidity!

Making a few tweaks to your spring skincare routine will help rejuvenate your skin after the harsh winter months and prepare it for the summer sun.

“Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be.”


Pore Control Cleansing Oil$19.90 from amazon.com

HH SCIENCE + Clean Pre-Cleansing Oil Infused with Pre + Postbiotics $48 mhhscience.com

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 59


Get the Look Celebrity Beauty Star - “Good

Scheana Shay

Scheana Shay appeared on Watch

What Happens Live with hair courtesy of celebrity stylist and VOLOOM Ambassador Julius Michael. With volume on trend, he created the Miley/ Scheana 2.0 for the live appearance, drawing inspiration from Miley Cyrus’ uber sexy Grammys hair using the VOLOOM 2.0 Classic Hair Volumizing Iron ($139.99) voloom.com

The inspiration for Scheana’s look last night was the Grammys and Miley Cyrus’s sexy voluminous hair. I was obsessed with her hair and we are calling our take on it the Miley/Scheana 2.0. I’ve never created such volume without adding extensions and needing to tease the hair. I absolutely love that this was all done with no extra stress on Scheana’s hair. It just takes a few seconds to add as much volume to the hair as you want with a VOLOOM iron.

I used my VOLOOM 2.0 Classic Hair Volumizing Iron set on 315 degrees. I added tons of volume to her roots and mid shaft, by pressing the iron’s plates in the underlayers of her hair. I then used a ¾” curling iron to add soft curls and waves to create the Miley 2.0. I wanted to add a smoothness and definition to her hair. And, this type of wave will also make your highlights pop.

I would never be able to safely achieve all of this volume without my VOLOOM. Normally, I would have to use heavy products and tease which can be very damaging to a client’s hair. Scheana has very fine hair and she did not want to add extensions for her look so my VOLOOM saved my life. I set her look with a combination of VOLOOM’s Very Airy Low Residue Dry Texturizing Spray and a flexible hold hairspray. The result was just incredible and one of my favorites of 2024 so far.

Ariana Madix Vanderpump Rules

The look is called “Good As Gold” which is an iconic phrase all VPR fans will know,” reveals Julius. “Ariana is crushing it on Broadway right now and her star is shining brighter than ever. Plus, her hair color is a gorgeous golden honey.”

“I created this look by adding lots of texture with my VOLOOM 2.0 Classic Hair Volumizing Iron. I started by rough drying Ariana’s hair with my hands and dryer, then adding lots of volume along the sides with my VOLOOM. For the crown area, I VOLOOMED small slices of hair to create lift, texture and endless volume while showing off her shorter layers. Thanks to the iron’s patented checkerboard-design ceramic plates, your layers will swing with more volume and style definition. It will create a more flattering, fuller silhouette on virtually any layered cut. Used in the under-layers of hair, VOLOOM’s special plates create hidden “volume pockets” that lift the top layers up and away from the scalp. As a result, this amazing and unique styling tool creates double or even triple the amount of volume that lasts until your next shampoo. Because hair is lifted up off of the scalp, this separates and shows off your layers, accentuating them for max volume and even more bounce. No teasing needed!”

“I finished the style with a 3/4 inch curling iron to create soft waves. I wanted to show how versatile, sexy, feminine and fun short hair can be. I always tell me clients - Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair. I love using my VOLOOM on the ends of my client’s hair too to create texture. I also embrace flyaways. It keeps the hair naturally beautiful and not so frozen and stiff.”

60 Gladys Spring Issue 2024
Image Source = Julius Michael Image Source
= Julius Michael What Happens Live with Hair Courtesy of Celebrity Stylist and VOLOOM Ambassador Julius Michael. Image Source = Julius Michael

Kyle Richards

Real Housewives

Celebrity Beauty Star

Whitney Rose

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Kyle Richards appeared on Watch What Happens Live with hair courtesy of celebrity stylist and VOLOOM Ambassador Julius Michael. With volume on trend, he created a “Malibu Kyle” look for the live appearance. He used the VOLOOM 2.0 Rootie Hair Volumizing Iron ($139.99) which has 5.1k reviews on Amazon! voloom.com

Meet the Viral TikTok Hair Tool Behind These RHOSLC Reunion Hairstyles

Celebrity hairstylist Julius Michael (@juliusmichael1) used the VOLOOM 2.0 Hair Volumizing Iron on Whitney Rose he created The Julius Michael PowerPony and Angie K. he created The Salt wave City Beach Wave both from Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Julius, VOLOOM’s brand ambassador, ($139.99 each; Amazon) voloom.com


Fans of the brand include Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Adele, Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Taylor Swift, and more! Lilly Lashes Paris $30, lillylashes.com

62 Gladys Spring Issue 2024
Image Source = instagram.com/p/C3omtolsHkS
Photos: Courtesy of Instagram
Khloe Kardashian LILLY
of Beverly Hills
Photos: Courtesy of Instagram
Beauty Gladys
Housewives of Salt Lake City
The Julius Michael PowerPony The Salt Wave City Beach Wave

Celebrity Beauty Star

Sheryl Lee Ralph

Sheryl Lee Ralph stuns wearing Daniel William at the Golden Globe Awards on January 7, 2024, at the iconic Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, CA. Dozens of Hollywood stars graced the red carpet at the 81st annual Golden Globe Awards, however ‘Abbott Elementary’ and Emmy award winning actress, Sheryl Lee Ralph wowed us all with an unforgettable red carpet entrance. Styled by her daughter, Ivy-Victoria Maurice, Sheryl wore a beautifully structured black and chartreuse gown, paired with a Daniel William Diamonds 14K white gold tennis necklace.

Daniel William Diamonds is family-owned and has operated in the diamond and jewelry business for over four decades. With the use of modern technology and focusing on ethically-sourced, certified GIA diamonds, Daniel William produces high quality jewelry that exceeds the industry’s standards. Consumers can have a peace of mind knowing that their jewelry will not only last a lifetime, but is also certified conflict-free and in compliance with United Nations Resolutions. Customers have the ability of purchasing fine jewelry directly from a diamond importer and jewelry manufacturer, cutting out all middle men. danielwilliamdiamonds.com

Photos|Juan Veloz, Getty Images, Amy Sussman, @jveloz @gettyimages @asussmanphoto, Stylist|Ivy-Victoria Maurice @ivycoco23, Hair|SheriAnn Cole @therealritabee, Makeup|DeMario Ward @marquiswardbeauty, Daniel William Diamonds Assets|danielwilliamdiamonds.com, Instagram|@danielwilliamdiamonds

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson Looks Pretty In Pink Wearing Jovani!

LOS ANGELES, CA - Hudson wore Jovani while hosting The Jennifer Hudson Show! The Oscar winning actress looked stunning in Jovani Fuchsia Cap Sleeve Sheath Tea Length Evening Dress (Style Number 23856). The brand is available to shop via Jovani.com and Neiman Marcus

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 63
Photo of Jennifer Hudson courtesy of The Jennifer Hudson Show Jennifer Hudson Looks Pretty In Pink Wearing Jovani!
Fashion Gladys
Legend Diane Von Furstenberg Unveils Limited Edition Collection Celebrating 50 Years Of The Iconic Wrap Dress. dvf.com
She’s A
Fashion Gladys
Fashion Gladys

The exclusive Wrap 50 capsule includes sixteen pieces, six of which are updates of the classic wrap jersey silhouettes that showcase a special 50th-anniversary black and white crossword puzzle design spelling out different DVF brand mantras. In addition to the ready to wear styles, Diane collaborated with magician & NY Times crossword puzzle constructor David Kwong to design a custom crossword who’s completed puzzle appears as a print on a 100% silk scarf in the collection. dvf.com

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 67 Fashion Gladys
DVF Abigail Dress Crossword DVF Pia Dress Six Sister Camo/Python Brown DVF Bobbie Top Crossword Black DVF Michele Jumpsuit Python Brown DVF Drew Dress Six Sister Camo/Python DVF New Julian Two Dress Python Giant Brown DVF New Julian Two Dress Crossword DVF Darlene Reversible Skirt Six Sister Camo/Python


Retail prices range from $38 to $158.BetseyJohnson.com

Zadig & Voltaire’s highly anticipated Spring/Summer 2024 collection has made a bold statement in the world of fashion with the introduction of two new drops that are set to redefine contemporary style. The SS24 collection seamlessly blends the brand’s signature rock ‘n’ roll edge with a fresh and modern aesthetic, reflecting the spirit of the times. To see full collection go to: zadig-et-voltaire.com

68 Gladys Spring Issue 2024 DreamProducts Inspiration for Life list products you can’t live without. Gladys Magazine A
of Gladys
Patrick Forte
Andrea's A-list picks ladys G Inspiring Hand Bag Pick fromA ndrea Inspiring Accessories Pick from A ndrea Inspiring Accessories Pick fromA ndrea
Grande Peony Paradise freshcutpaper.com Cherry Blossom freshcutpaper.com FRESHCUT PAPER
Rocky Eternal Bag Ecru smooth leather clutch with double leather and chain shoulder strap.

Jewel Box

Be like a butterfly and a flower - beautiful and sought after, yet unassuming and gentle. These gorgeous pieces are your perfect Spring jewelry wardrobe additions!


Studded Flower stud Earrings zynniacollective.com


Bracelet, ivy-jewelry.us


Sterling Silver Large Emerald Cut Paraiba Ring$83.00 gemmaazzurro.com


“Maldives” Sterling Silver Large Pear Paraiba Necklace gemmaazzurro.com


Tresore Ring hulchibelluni.com


Turquoise Butterfly Necklace with Crystals $115 kamaria.com


Lightweight Diamond Butterfly Huggie in 14k $270 kamaria.com

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 69 The Jewelry ladys G
nursanfrancisco.com NÜR Colette
a textured twist to our best selling gradient hoop $45.00

Models Who Inspire Influencers



Titleholders Leading the Way


Models Who Inspire


Our GLADYS Boss feature highlights savvy entrepreneurs & role models whose remarkable achievements serve as a testament to the power of believing in yourself and taking bold leaps of faith.

Entrepreneurs Influencers


Business Owners


Business Owners Models Entrepreneurs

Business Owners

Models Who Inspire

Titleholders Leading the Way


Business Owners

Titleholders Leading the Way



70 Gladys Spring Issue 2024
BOSS ladys G
Business Owners Business Owners
Titleholders Leading the Way Influencers Influencers Business Owners
Business Owners
Entrepreneurs Models Who Inspire Entrepreneurs Models Who Inspire Influencers Titleholders Business Owners InfluencersEntrepreneurs Business
BOSS ladys G

Jules Robinson

KNOWN FOR: Author, Ask Jules, TV Personality, Business Owner, Entreprenuer, Podcaste

SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: @julesrobinson82

Jules Robinson shot to fame following her appearance on Married at First Sight where she met her now ‘real’ husband Cam Merchant. Cam and Jules proved incredibly popular with the Australian and UK public, largely due to their authenticity and genuine love for one another which saw them marry in real life once the show wrapped. The two have a child together. Since MAFS, Jules has launched her shapewear brand Figur, fashion label Moira Muse, and hair and makeup bar Status Co. She is also co-host of The Juggling Act podcast.Ask Jules will be available in bookstores and online simonandschuster.com.au

Way BOSS ladys G

Morgan Richard Olivier

KNOWN FOR: Author, motivational speaker, mental and spiritual advocate

SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram (173k followers): instagram.com/modernmorgan, Instagram (388.9k followers):tiktok.com/@morganrichardolivier

Morgan Richard Olivier is an acclaimed American best-selling author, motivational speaker, and mental and spiritual advocate. With a passion for writing that serves as a form of therapy for both herself and her audience, Morgan’s outlet for expression fosters and supports conversations that are needed to stop stigmas and support healing, self-acceptance, and personal growth.Morgan’s literary debut, “Questions, Christ, and the Quarter-Life Crisis” (2020), marked the beginning of her profound impact. This was followed by her best-selling introspective poetry and prose collections “Blooming Bare” in 2021, and “The Tears That Taught Me,” in 2022 which further cemented her status as a source of empowerment and encouragement, resonating with diverse audiences globally. 2023 saw the release of two more significant works: “One Still Whisper” and “The Strength That Stays.” These collections continue Morgan’s mission of insightful, heartfelt poetry and prose, delving deeper into the complexities of resilience, personal growth, and the enduring power of purpose. Through empathy and wisdom from lessons learned, she enlightens and inspires others to find the greater purpose in life’s pains and pressures. Morgan’s goal is to crush the image and pursuit of perfection by captivating the raw beauty of sincere progress. As Morgan continues to write and speak, her vision for the future includes expanding her reach, touching more lives, and continuing her advocacy work. Her journey stands as a testament to the power of words in changing lives and shaping a more empathetic world one page at a time. morganrichardolivier.com

BOSS ladys G
Photographer|Lori Lyman

Chelsea Jubilee

KNOWN FOR: Co-Founder & CEO, Energized Health

SOCIAL MEDIA: @energized.health @chelseajubilee4

Chelsea Jubilee is the visionary and driving force behind Energized Health, a California based company dedicated to helping Americans optimize health at the cellular level. Her dream of developing a company to help people across all walks of life get healthy in body, mind and spirit has become a national success. Working alongside her husband and Co-Founder John Jubilee, Energized Health is disrupting the health industry utilizing a proprietary protocol proven to reduce the need for medications, reverse ailments, prevent diseases and energize people at the cellular level. A highly driven professional with over 20 years of experience owning and operating businesses, Chelsea is responsible for the overall image and success of the company. Her guiding principle is a commitment to make America healthy again! She is a native of Southern California and resides in Orange County, California.

Emily Sanchez Catherine Bradley



KNOWN FOR: Founder of Classy Casita

SOCIAL MEDIA: IG @classycasita, TikTok @classycasita

Born and raised in Southern California, Emily’s roots in rich cultural influences and the guidance of her immigrant parents shaped the essence of Classy Casita. Initially launched in 2019, Classy Casita quickly evolved from a personal blog, expanding into plant care, travel, and healthy living lifestyle. Today, it stands as a thriving community and a testament to the success of a small Latinx-owned brand that is ever expanding. From local markets to major retailers like Home Depot, Walmart, and Amazon, Classy Casita has made its mark, bringing style and happiness to homes far and wide. classycasita.com

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 73
Warwick BOSS ladys G
Photography|Nicole Photography by Lindy Lin FOR: Actress on both Broadway and Television, Promotes Rebel Girls a global nonprofit organization creating a world free from illiteracy and gender inequality MEDIA: IG: catherinebradley_

Jillian LaFrance, M.S BOSS

OCCUPATION: PhD Candidate, Forensic Psychology and Forensic Intensive Case Management

SOCIAL MEDIA: facebook.com/msjillianlouise, linkedin.com/in/jillianlafrance


My name is Jillian LaFrance. I’m a 36 year old single mom living in Maine. I have a beautiful and intelligent daughter and two precious fur babies. I work in a county jail with inmates with severe and chronic mental illness and substance use disorder. I am studying for my PhD in Forensic Psychology. I have finished my course work and I am currently in the final stages of my dissertation. I am a strong mental health advocate and have dealt with mental health illness for several years, personally and professionally. I have a passion to help people, especially those who have not experienced the best life. I pride myself in my ability to hold no bias with the forensic population and seeing them as human beings that need help. I accept that everyone is capable of receiving forgiveness. It’s a fulfilling feeling to see these individuals release into the community and become successful. I have made a positive impact on so many individuals who have walked out the facilities doors. To see the smiles on their faces and tears of happiness when you do whatever it takes to make them successful will always warm my heart.

Most Rewarding Experience: I would have to say a lot of my rewarding experiences surround the work that I do. I enjoy helping these individuals get their life back on track and become successful; to see them overcome addiction and address their mental health. When these individuals come to jail, they are often at the lowest point of their life. Helping them dig their way through the rubble to reach the sunlight sums up how rewarding this kind of work can be.

Secret to my Success: My willingness to think outside the box. To think with a new perspective, differently, and unconventionally. I tend to go against the grain and am not afraid of failure. I constantly look for new ways to improve myself and the work I do. Elon Musk once said, “When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor”.

My Life’s Mission: To create social change regarding mental health. Social change is referred to as “changes in human interactions and relationships that transform cultural and social institutions”. There is still quite the stigma on individuals who have mental health, specifically Schizophrenia and Bipolar. Individuals are often treated negatively because of their mental health. Unfortunately, this negative behavior towards these individuals can worsen an individual’s mental health or stop the individual from getting the help they need. Mental health is not a choice. More awareness and education needs to be brought to mental health. It’s time to talk.

Three Words to Describe Me:

Three words to describe me are ambitious, empathetic, and authentic.

My Inspiration: My inspiration is my daughter. She reminds me what it is like to be a worry free kid again. We have faced many obstacles together and she is always coming out stronger. She holds no judgement. She reminds me to take a step back and breathe; to look at life in different perspectives and appreciate what is around me. She is my biggest supporter and keeps me motivated to be the best I can be for her.

74 Gladys Spring
ladys G
Photography|Kendra Herbest facebook.com/herbestbodyboudoir, kendraleigh.photography

Erica Hubbard

KNOWN FOR: Humanitarian, founder of The Erica Hubbard Foundation, Actor SOCIAL MEDIA: theericahubbardfoundation.com

Erica Hubbard is an award-winning television, film, stage actress, writer and producer who has several projects that are streaming on Netflix, BET, Starz, Prime Video, HULU and more. Her major producing credits include Perfectly Single, Black Coffee, Professor Mack and The Last Fall (which screened in South By Southwest Film Festival) Directed by Academy-Award Winner Matthew Cherry. Erica Hubbard has starred in countless studio films such as Save The Last Dance, The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants with Blake Lively, Akeelah and The Bee with Keke Palmer, Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne and A Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff streaming on Netflix. Hubbard has also appeared on hit television shows such as CSI: Miami, Cold Case, Everybody Hates Chris, ER and Chicago Med on NBC. Erica Hubbard most popular characters are from her series regular roles on the popular television series. Let Stay Together streaming on BET and Lincoln Heights currently streaming on HULU. Erica Hubbard is a member of the Producers Guild of America. Recently, she has written a holiday love-story, Holiday Mistletoe which is in production. In her spare time she promotes her children books: You, She, Her, Him (Volume 1 & 2) and oversees her 501(c)3 Non-profit, The Erica Hubbard Foundation as Executive Director mentoring at-risk youth and giving away scholarships to college students. Hubbard is a graduate of Columbia College where she received a degree in Communications. Erica Hubbard can recently be seen as a leading-lady in the hit film, My Perfect Wedding streaming on BET Plus and Prime Video.

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 75
BOSS ladys G Gladys Magazine Gratitude Issue 2021 Inspiration For Life gladysmagazine.com Your Source for Inspiration & Fashion Gladys gladysmagazine.com $9.95 MOST Beautiful PEOPLE 20 Elena Scaplen Business Woman YEAR of the Cynthia Bailey Diana Ross, Gilles Marini, Elena Scaplen Shana Orczyk Sissel, Chrishell Stause, Hailie Sahar, Sai Sankoh Robin Harris, Taynara, Jasmyn Wilkins, Vivienne Jonas Samantha Lockwood, Melissa Niece-Smith, Cassie Scerbo Debbie Matenopoulos, Aisha McShaw, Frenchye M. Harris Kendall Reynolds, Anna Kathryn Kovach GRATITUDE 2009 Gladys Magazine Spring Issue 2024 Inspiration For Life gladysmagazine.com Your Source for Inspiration & Fashion gladysmagazine.com $9.95 Spring Issue 2024 Gladys Fashion & Beauty Picks for the NEW SEASON 219 IssueSpring The Issues Gladys Spring 2024 gladysmagazine.com inspiration ~ fashion ~ beauty ~ dreams

Lilly Ghalichi

KNOWN FOR: Founder of Lilly Lashes, Reality TV Star

SOCIAL MEDIA: lillylashes.com

Lilly Ghalichi celebrated 10 years of Lilly Lashes and National Lash Week with an intimate Lilly Lashes glam-haven event at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills on February 22nd. VIP Guests include Selling Sunset star Davina Portratz, beauty influencers Elnaz Golrokh, Emma Nortion, Madina Shrienzada and Makeup Artists Gabriel Zamora, Jill Powell, Jamie Greenberg, and more were treated to custom lash wardrobe engraving, lash applications, hand massages and more to celebrate.

About Lilly Lashes

Developed in 2013 by reality TV star Lilly Ghalichi, Lilly Lashes revolutionized the world of false lashes by creating the 3D lash concept with a promise to deliver on inclusivity, quality, and innovation. Lilly Lashes has grown to be the most trusted false lash brand in the world. The brand continues to provide long-lasting, easy-to-wear lashes in a variety of materials (mink, faux mink, synthetic) with unparalleled styles. Offering the largest selection of handmade lashes carefully designed to cater to all eye shapes, ethnicities, and levels of drama, Lilly Lashes continues to lead the lash category by innovating high-quality lash collections and beauty products that cater to a diversity of eye shapes and price points.

BOSS ladys G
Photos Courtesy of Mara Friedman Photography

Talia Boone

KNOWN FOR: Founder of farm-to-table fresh flower purveyor Postal Petals SOCIAL MEDIA: IG: taliaboone

Talia Boone is the founder of farm-to-table fresh flower purveyor Postal Petals. Talia is making floral industry history. She’s on a mission to change how people think about and interact with flowers. She says, “Flower bouquets are not just a finished product. They’re an experience. Flower arranging is a process and a journey. I want people to think of flowers as not just a product used to beautify your personal space, but an interactive experience you can use to calm the mind and express yourself creatively.” In addition to delivering fresh cut flowers directly to homes across the country, Postal Petals offers online workshops in flower arranging too. For more information go to postalpetals.com

Nicole Kotler

KNOWN FOR: Head of Marketing and Talent Rep at Grady Sports Agency SOCIAL MEDIA: @nicolekotlerr

Nicole Kotler, Head of Marketing and Talent Rep at Grady Sports Agency, is a pioneer behind navigating the new wave of NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) deals for college athletes and a trailblazing woman in a male dominated sports industry. With her strategic prowess, Kotler is empowering student-athletes to harness their personal brands, redefine collegiate sports, and pave the way for a new era of opportunities. Nicole started in Finance valuing multi-million and billion dollar companies, later pivoting to work in sports. She graduated from American University with a Master’s of Law Degree, has closed almost $1 million in endorsement deals for clients in just 2 years, and will be an NFL agent in July 2024. Not only has she executed multiple large NIL campaigns with Fortune 500 companies, she has closed endorsement deals for NFL, NIL, and Influencer clients with companies such as Raising Canes, GlassDoor / Fish Bowl, Lululemon, Champs Sports, UberEats, Bath and Body Works, etc.

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 77
BOSS ladys G
Photography|Kulture Vision

Christina Macro

OCCUPATION: President Mid-Atlantic Douglas Elliman Real Estate, LLC

SOCIAL MEDIA: @thebrainybroker (FB, IG, X, Google, Linked In)

Christina Macro is a highly accomplished and multifaceted professional with a diverse background spanning various industries. With over 22 years of experience as a licensed broker in the real estate sector, Christina has established herself as a prominent figure known for her excellence and expertise. Her impressive credentials include a master’s degree in international real estate from Florida International University, along with several notable certifications such as ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative), GRI (Graduate, REALTOR® Institute), CIPS (Certified International Property Specialist), and SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist). Additionally, Christina is a candidate for the CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) designation, further demonstrating her commitment to professional development and mastery in her field.

Prior to her successful career in real estate, Christina gained valuable experience working in branding and marketing within the hotel industry, as well as in software engineering in the IT sector. Her diverse background undoubtedly contributes to her well-rounded skill set and strategic approach to business.

Christina’s achievements extend beyond her professional endeavors, as evidenced by her status as the author of three internationally best-selling books. She has been recognized for her influence and impact, receiving accolades such as the International Association of Women’s Influencer of the

Year award. Moreover, she has been honored alongside esteemed figures such as Mario Lopez, Jon Elway, and Kathy Ireland as one of GLADYS Magazine’s Top 15 Most Inspiring People of 2021.

In addition to her widespread recognition and accomplishments, Christina’s licensing in five states across the Mid-Atlantic Region underscores her broad geographic reach and extensive network within the real estate industry. With her wealth of experience, advanced education, and impressive track record of success, Christina continues to set the standard for excellence in the field of real estate and beyond.


A typical day in my life includes:

My day includes getting up at 4am to set the tone. I start my day with yoga, meditation, reading, journaling, and setting a foundation for success. I have a pretty scheduled and demanding workday, so I spend free time with friends, reading, outside with my two floofs, or exploring great haunts in DC. Whenever I can, I get home to Cape Cod to visit family and friends. I also love Italy – so I make it a priority to visit at least 1-2 times a year to practice my Italian language skills!

78 Gladys Spring Issue 2024
BOSS ladys G

Most Rewarding Experience:

The experience of orchestrating positive change in a leadership role is beyond fulfilling and rewarding for me. The most gratifying experience in my career so far has absolutely been taking on the challenge of my current role in a startup environment as a new region for our organization.

My passions are steeped in enthusiasm for collectively creating an environment of abundance.

I have this inherent obsession for empowering and inspiring others. I possess this deep-seated passion for encouraging others, to consistently bring out their best selves, with the aim of catalyzing positive cultural change – I often call myself a positive change engineer. I genuinely exist to help others succeed at the very highest level with an optimistic enthusiasm for their success in life and work.

I accomplish this through strong values that are clearly defined within four pillars of building a great organization: collaboration, communication, clarity, and culture.

Secret to my Success:

Where do I begin? First and foremost living and breathing to inspire others every single day. Knowing that I have the ability to change lives through listening, educating, and empathy, which when translated means that I have a responsibility to help others succeed through my ability to create clarity and foster an abundance mindset. It doesn’t hurt that I am also smart, focused, hardworking, energetic, and exceedingly driven.

What female leader inspires you and why?

Queen Elizabeth II inspires me. She lived to serve others and gave of herself in a role that required grit, tenacity, kindness, love, and commitment to reign successfully. She is known for her grace, poise, and dignity in representing the monarchy. Who doesn’t want to be remembered as this kind of human?

My Life’s Mission:

My life’s mission is to cultivate kindness and compassion wherever I go, making a positive impact on individuals and communities; to support others in their journey of professional and personal growth, self-discovery, and self awareness.

Three Words to Describe me are:

Inspirational, Magnetic, Passionate

What advice would you offer to your 16 year old self?

Start with clarity and believe in you. Without question.

My Inspiration is:

Every day showing up a better person than I was yesterday. This inspires me.

What’s Next for you?

Successfully leading the vision for our region to completion, then expanding our footprint and creating an incredible organization in the Mid-Atlantic. Growing my role into a high level leadership position with my firm.

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 79
BOSS ladys G
Photographer|Roslyn Honsberger “40 over 40 photo shoot
BOSS ladys G

Tim Dodd

KNOWN FOR: Founder and Chief Growth Officer of PEMA,io SOCIAL MEDIA: instagram.com/timissocial/?hl=en

There is no doubt that Timothy “Tim” Dodd has made his mark on the entrepreneurial world. As Founder and Chief Growth Officer of PEMA, Tim has become a master of the world of outbound marketing and business growth, focusing on increasing sales and clients for your business. From a young age, Tim has always had a passion for building things. Whether it be fixing up classic cars or building up companies for his clients; he still applies the same amount of energy and finesse into his work. Having run an SEO agency for over three years, Tim found a new passion in creating outbound systems for other companies to receive more leads, and larger revenue. Taking this passion with his business partner and wife, Cindy Makita-Dodd; they created their company, PEMA.

Based out of Miami, PEMA’s goal is to end entrepreneurial poverty by flooding great businesses with dream clients. Tim takes this mission statement to heart, as he visualizes his goals every morning. Motivation for success is what drives Tim to take PEMA to the high heights it has been able to achieve today. To Tim, life is too short to settle for average, so you better be the best! PEMA has had the pleasure of being featured on FoxNews, Business Talk Radio, NBC, CBS, and WGN-TV Chicago; and with partnerships with global brands such as NexStar Media Group, LinkedIn, Lunchclub, Bacardi and more. In the face of adversity, Tim refuses to let that hold him back. Challenge motivates him to see past the difficulty, and find an equivalent, or better opportunity.

When Tim isn’t busy raising others to the success they strive, he enjoys the challenges of physical fitness, and snowboarding. The rigors of physical activity he enjoys, are also balanced out by his love of human psychology. Understanding why people carry themselves the way they do, is a fundamental step in unlocking doors and paths where others could not see. Thus, allowing Tim to do what he loves best, building businesses to where they deserve to be.

Cindy Dodd

KNOWN FOR: Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of PEMA.io SOCIAL MEDIA: instagram.com/cindymakita/?hl=en

Cindy Dodd takes being an entrepreneur to a new level as Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of PEMA.io. Cindy is an outbound marketing expert, who specializes in building business teams, operational structures for business, and company culture. Running a seven figure company and being an influencer with global speaking engagements isn’t simple, but Cindy makes it look like second nature. After founding Hired Institute, a career coaching company that enables professionals to reach the levels and careers they desire, Cindy would notice a common thread amongst those as an entrepreneur: a business without any new leads is unsustainable.

Cindy has a passion and desire to win at anything she puts her mind towards. By striving to push the limits on what anyone thinks is possible, Cindy takes her God-given purpose of making an impact on this world seriously, by helping others hit their goals. Taking this passion for helping others, especially those struggling in the entrepreneur world; Cindy alongside her husband Timothy Dodd, would found PEMA.

Based out of Miami, Cindy motivates PEMA towards its primary mission of ending entrepreneurial poverty, by flooding great businesses with dream clients. PEMA takes your struggling business and helps you build outbound systems, allowing for more consistent leads and continuous revenue flow for you. Once Cindy sets her mind towards something, she becomes absolutely unstoppable. Even when disaster had struck, Cindy and Tim pulled their company from the ashes into an even more successful business, today. With features from FoxNews, Business Talk Radio, NBC, CBS, and WGNTV Chicago; along with partnerships with famous global brands such as NexStar Media Group, LinkedIn, Lunchclub, Bacardi and more; PEMA is at the forefront of changing and improving the entrepreneurial world.

When not assisting PEMA’s high end clientele, Cindy still aims to reach her fullest potential in everything she does. With a passion for public speaking, weightlifting, and expanding her library; Cindy is still able to find joy in the tranquil presence of the ocean. Through spreading her knowledge and insight to others, she continues to lead and inspire. Cindy and her husband Tim, aspire to see PEMA become, “the best in outbound systems” in a global setting.

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 81
Business Owners BOSS ladys G

Fernanda Ralston

Brazilian hotelier, entrepreneur, and creative visionary Fernanda Ralston has been widely celebrated for her transformative work at the internationally acclaimed Botanique Hotel & Spa in Brazil. After selling the property to one of her most devoted guests, Fernanda began to explore her next venture, one defined by her beliefs in the Aprés-Luxe movement, ultimately launching her newest brand – I am Creation®. Through her Aprés-Luxe movement, Fernanda redefined modern luxury, emphasizing that it resides in places, moments, and experiences. Breaking free from excess, she elevated luxury by embracing discernment, quality, and elegance in the heart of the Mantiqueira Mountains in Brazil. This philosophy is encapsulated in a seal, representing carefully curated elements within the pillars of exclusivity, beauty, and value. This seal is part of a platform designed to spread the principles of Post-Luxury Culture. After a two-year sabbatical from the demands of high society, Fernanda, along with her family, found solace in the laid-back lifestyle of Southern California. This transition birthed the I am Creation® vision, seamlessly evolving from avant-garde solutions for contemporary luxury to more intimate experiences of finding elegance in oneself. In a world where the promises of luxury often fall short, Fernanda’s mission with I am Creation® is clear – to reignite the true essence of luxury. A luxury that is uniquely accessible, honoring the precious resource of time through inspired artistic experiences. In collaboration with Kimberly Garner, a pioneer of NeuroSpatial Linguistics, I am Creation® introduces the Language of Home Collection. This innovative collection is comprised of five distinct short films infused with knowledge, each dedicated to a specific room - the entry, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Each package includes a philosophy film and a comprehensive guide, providing actionable insights on living intentionally within that space. Additionally, the entire collection is united by an overarching philosophy that transcends individual rooms, creating a harmonious living experience throughout. Continuing its commitment to curated excellence, I am Creation® introduces its Home Rituals, a meticulously crafted ensemble of eight objects designed to elevate spiritual and sensory experiences. These Home Rituals, including items such as polished crystals, candles, soaps, incense, and other meaningful objects, offer a unique blend of elements to enhance the ambiance and energy within your living space. With a distinct ritual for each room—Bedroom Home Ritual, Entry Home Ritual, etc.—this collection adds a personalized touch to your home sanctuary. For more information on I am Creation® visit iamcreation.com

82 Gladys Spring Issue 2024 BOSS ladys G
Embarking on a Transformative Journey, Fernanda Ralston Redefines Luxury with I am Creation®

Students Who Inspire

Aashmika Varma

OCCUPATION: Psychology and Marketing double major at Singapore Management University

SOCIAL MEDIA: IG: @amikaukulele

Youtube - @aashmikavarma

I am Aashmika Varma, a 20 year old undergraduate student at Singapore Management University, pursuing a double major in Psychology and Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources. Beyond academics, I have a passion for music, playing the ukulele, bass and singing. My journey into the world of emceeing began with a triumph in the ‘Voice Personality Hunt,’ the largest emceeing competition in Singapore, leading me to establish a new side hustle. I started a music page during the pandemic which eventually took off as I continued growing my brand as an artist. While I am still exploring post-university career options, my commitment is clear—I aspire to return to India, and contribute to the betterment of my hometown, Bangalore.


Most Rewarding Experience: I cherish the small joys in life and find fulfilment in acts that make a difference, big or small. Life is more than just financial gain and career advancement; it’s about giving back, looking after one another, and creating worthwhile memories along the way. Knowing that I could brighten up someone’s day with music or my goofy energy brings me unparalleled joy!

Secret to my success: I credit my triumph to my willingness to face failure. Whether it was running for student council amidst stiff competition, moving to an unfamiliar country for my studies, or participating in inter-university competitions, I refused to let the fear of failure hold me back. This helped me build confidence and resilience which propelled me forward. I don’t think anyone ever ‘ fails’, the only failure is not trying at all.

My life’s mission: From a young age, I’ve been instinctively drawn to the paths less traveled. Whether it was pursuing humanities or picking up the ukulele and bass, I’ve unconsciously always been drawn to the less-trodden avenues. I hope this trend of challenging the status quo continues while avoiding the redundant rat race. I aspire to make a positive impact on my beloved city of Bangalore by engaging in initiatives that would help the city shine as it was always meant to be.

Three words to describe me: Bubbly, Ambitious, Hardworking

My Inspiration is: My parents have always been an unwavering source of inspiration in my life. Despite their humble beginnings in small towns and the numerous challenges they faced, they persevered and achieved success while staying grounded and humble. They’ve always been extremely encouraging and generous, not with just me, but even our helpers and housekeeping staff. They have instilled in me strong values and a commitment to lead a grounded life rooted in kindness and generosity.

BOSS ladys G
Photographer|Neeraj Varma (my father)

Titleholders Leading the Way


Kirsten Gackowski

International Ms Philippines 2024

(Previous Title was Mrs Hawaii USA Earth 2023)

SOCIAL MEDIA: FB: Kirsten Gackowski, IG: @kirsten.gackowski


Most Rewarding Experience: The most rewarding experiences for me are when I was hired for my current job, which is working in Public Safety. Being able to give back to my community in such a selfless way means everything to me. Additionally, the other most rewarding experiences for me have been when I was crowned Mrs Hawaii USA Earth 2023, and now International Ms Philippines 2024. With these crownings, I am able to represent my family history, bloodlines, heritage, and culture. I am a proud mixed kid and my Mother is the 1st generation here in the US from the Philippines. I am part Filipino, Pacific Islander, Japanese, Spaniard, French and English on my Mother’s side of the family, and I am part Polish and Sicilian on my Father’s side of the family. With my titles, I will be able to be a champion for ethnic diversity and cultural awareness, as well as a champion for women empowerment.

Secret To My Success: My favorite saying is “Work hard in silence, and let your success make the noise”. I’m always striving for more and always striving to reach the next level in anything that I do, but I do this quietly. I center myself and focus my energy on that one specific goal. My Mother would always say, “Sweat Equity”. What this means is that what you put into something, is what you will get out of it in return.

My Life’s Mission: To inspire the next generation and to help usher in the next generation of those working within Public Safety, and to be an advocate for more diversified individuals working within my field. To mentor and teach these individuals so that they will be able to effectively serve the community with the same level of dedication that I do long after I am retired. I work to inspire young women to become the women leaders that they aspire to be. I stand as a real-life representation of ethnic diversity and women empowerment.

Three Words To Describe Me Are: Brave, Driven, and Persevering.

My Inspiration Is: World-Renowned Pianist and Composer - Yanni, Author and Political-Activist - Gloria Steinem, Supreme Court JusticeRuth Bader Ginsburg. Yanni, for his advocacy towards acceptance and inclusivity of others and the coming together of people through music and its ability to transcend language and cultural barriers. Gloria Steinem, for her advocacy towards women’s rights and women empowerment. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for her advocacy towards women empowerment. In many ways, she was the first of her kind and paved the way for women working in the Criminal Justice System.

ladys G
Photographer|Edgar Torres, Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist|Eliana Gomez Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Assistant|Aracely Rodriguez

Titleholders Leading the Way

Veronica Bunch

Ms. Black United States West Virginia 2024

OCCUPATION: Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and Behavioral Health Specialist for Thomas Health Systems

SOCIAL MEDIA: FB Veronica Clay-Bunch, IG: veronicaclaybunch

MOST REWARDING EXPERIENCE: My most rewarding experience is accomplishing the magnitude of goals I’ve set for myself as a single mother of four young ladies, with limited support. Entering into roles to not exclude being trusted as the elected President for a new network in the state of West Virginia, which allowed me to gain support I needed with my kinship experience, while engaging and supporting other families whom are entering or have been involved with foster care, kinship, and adoption. It has been rewarding with every life I’ve touched by being able to be supportive to individuals with disabilities as I’ve traveled around the state providing information to minorities and under-served communities, while being able to witness success in my efforts to increase knowledge related to resources and services, not to exclude my role with those struggling with mental health. The sight of CHANGE brings me so much joy, especially while continuing to meet the demands of my dayto-day lifestyle that surpasses your average 9-5, without wavering. I end my day with a round of applause, as I accept the reality of being a pageant winner at the tender age of 44 years young, one selected to represent and introduce to my state a new pageant system, most importantly. To not be afraid to be a trendsetter is part of my being pretty impressive. I’m also a divorced mother and a community worker and ambassador, an active and devoted, supportive

friend, and someone who may appear to be the underdog, as I do things with little recognition, and never a large audience. Nothing has been handed to me without work, and I’ve taken the road less traveled a lot to challenge insecurities. My circumstances could have defeated me, but it has pushed and humbled me. I’m a testament to anyone who needs encouragement.

SECRET TO MY SUCCESS: The secret to my success has been contributed to my faith in God. Growing up and having to break so many generational curses has been a goal of mine. My children have given me so many reasons to stand on my faith as they’ve reminded me that doing better is first knowing better.

MY LIFE’S MISSION: My mission is to inspire and encourage others while providing services in my community that will reinforce changed mindsets. I have a desire to foster into the passions of others while helping them eliminate barriers or obstacles, as a walking testimony to character and grace. I’m generous with my time and resources, which my goal is to never change no matter where this life takes me.


Energetic, Positive, Amazing

MY INSPIRATION IS: My inspiration are my children. In having them witness me make hard decisions, I knew the way they would view the world and adjust to adversity, would be solely on the examples in which I’ve exposed them to. They have had the opportunity to see strength beyond comprehension. In helping others around me, I continue to concern myself with situations that bring me joy as first a healthy person. Even in all the roles I adjust, I know that focusing on and creating opportunities for them, is an infectious way of thinking.

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 85
Gretchen Pingley Photography
BOSS ladys G

Titleholders Leading the Way

Jennifer Fortin

OCCUPATION: Middle School Science and Math Teacher; Bartender

SOCIAL MEDIA: IG: @mrsyorkcounty2024

Q&A Mrs. York County 2024

Most Rewarding Experience: I am fortunate to have lived a life filled with beautiful experiences; however, being a parent (and grandparent) has proven to be the most rewarding. As challenging as parenting can be, witnessing my children’s many stages of growth is beyond what I could have imagined. They amaze me with their excitement for learning, empathy shown to others, and witty one-liners!

Secret to My Success: Perseverance and hard work. I continually push myself outside my comfort zone to become a better person. A strong work ethic and the determination to achieve my goals have helped me succeed both personally and professionally.

My Life’s Mission: To raise and teach human beings who share kindness and act selflessly for the betterment of all.

Three Words to Describe me are: Personable, Energetic, Compassionate

My Inspiration is: My inspiration stems from the many optimistic and successful people I have crossed paths with over the years. I am thankful to know individuals from all walks of life whose combined unique qualities inspire and motivate me differently. Building healthy relationships with others is crucial to opening new doors and opportunities.

SLICC Ambassador, Miss/Ms/Mrs

OCCUPATION: Executive Assistant

SOCIAL MEDIA: FB: SLICC Ambassador Miss/Ms/Mrs Divisions

FB: Jennifer K Fortin


Most Rewarding Experience: Being crowned the National SLICC Ambassador in July 2023. SLICC stands for Success through Leadership, Integrity, Character, and Confidence, a community service title

Secret To My Success: I embrace the possibility of failure because those setbacks have molded me into who I am today.

My Life’s Mission: Provide advocacy and support for those affected by sexual assault.

Three Words To Describe Me: Ambitious, empathetic, and personable

My Inspiration Is: To show my children the importance of volunteerism and how it can make a significant impact in the community.

86 Gladys Spring Issue 2024
Kerra Harmon Susan Costa Photography
Gondek Photography
BOSS ladys G

Titleholders Leading the Way

Rebecca Michelle Doggett Crown of Maine Miss 2024

OCCUPATION: Behavior Health Professional (BHP) Pageant Queen, Independent Model, Full-Time College Student

SOCIAL MEDIA: IG:@properinpink, TikTok: @properinpink, FB: Crown on Maine Miss 2024 & America’s Civic Miss L.A. 2024


Most Rewarding Experience: Working with the children as a BHP to help them achieve their goals and better themselves.

Secret to my Success: The secret to my success is always believing in myself and looking for the positive in everything.

My Life’s Mission: My life’s mission is to make a positive impact on this world by helping those I can, volunteering and being the best family member and friend, I can be.

Three Words to Describe me are: Determined, Energetic, Compassionate

My Inspiration is: My inspiration is my nana. She meant so much to me during my childhood and is my role model, bestowing in me my work ethic and set of beliefs.

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 87
BOSS ladys G SOCIAL MEDIA: IG: kendalltucker06 FB: kendall.tucker.96930 Kendall Tucker Teen West Virginia All-Star United States 2024

Models Who Inspire


OCCUPATION: Middle School Student

SOCIAL MEDIA: IG: @rosalba_victoria__, FB: Rosalba Dumont-Carrion

Most Rewarding Experience: Exploring the world has opened up incredible experiences for me. I’ve been fortunate to live in Japan, travel to South Korea, and work as a model in cities like New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, London, and Paris.

Secret to my Success: The key to my success is giving my best effort and working hard to achieve my goals. I enjoy the challenge when some

one doubts my abilities because it motivates me to prove them wrong and show myself that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

My Life’s Mission: I will spend my life making the world a better place for everyone. I want to see a world where everyone is treated fairly and has equal opportunities. To make this happen, I will help those who need it and empower those around me with knowledge and kindness.

Three Words to Describe me are: Sweet, strong and determined!

My Inspiration is: Finding inspiration in the arts, from performing on stage to gracefully moving through an aerial performance and displaying creative designs on the runway, allows me to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us in countless forms.

Rosalba Photography|Amber Snow Photography, Designer|Adrianna Ostrowska, HAMU|Courtney Boggs
ladys G

Models Who Inspire

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 89 SOCIAL MEDIA: FB and IG: Annakate Jolly
Antonietta Brownell SOCIAL MEDIA: IG: @antoniettabrownell Photography|terencia.michal, Makeup|madelinecoveymua
Annakate Jolly
SOCIAL MEDIA: @jordyn_nicolosi Jordyn Nicolosi BOSS ladys G Tyl-Elle Photography|@granimostudios Lisa Weaver Photography SOCIAL MEDIA: @tyl-elle

G Models Who Inspire


Aubrey McIntosh

OCCUPATION: Full time student and founder of Aubrey’s Traveling Totes Foundation

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook.com/aubreystravelingtotes Instagram.com/Aubrey_mcintosh2022


Most Rewarding Experience: I won several pageants and was asked to walk in Paris Fashion Week for Mila Hoffman Couture. My favorite subject in school is history, so you can imagine how excited I was seeing the lessons from school in person. I’ll be strutting the cat walk for Drisha Closet LAFW show in March. I’m hoping to walk in the Drisha Closet fashion show in Milan, Italy this year. I’ve asked my mom if she will take me to Italy for years and she said “Yes, so long as it doesn’t affect school.”

Secret to my Success: most of my success goes to my mom. She is always looking for opportunities for me while letting me make the final say. I make homemade products to sell like; body scrubs, lip glosses and slime to fund the foundation. She listens to my input on things and we compromise when needed. For instance, I’m a huge Lululemon fan but it’s not cheap. Whenever we go to get me new clothes we always leave with extra bags for the foundation. Lululemon has been a tremendous help on accessing bags when I’m short of my goal. Creating my foundation has taught me so many things as well as pageantry and modeling. I’ve learned to master public speaking whether on stage or behind a camera (Blab TV), interview skills, time management and saving money through coupons, etc. We’ve been working tirelessly to get our website up and running so others can help me deliver more totes.

My Life’s Mission: I want foster kids to know that they are thought of and can change their life for the better regardless of how it started. The foster youth can be successful and live happy lives if they choose to. They need love and support to show them anything is possible. My mission is to provide a decent tote or suitcase for them to carry their own belongings in when transitioning through foster care. The totes are appreciated, plus it gives them a sense of confidence and ownership when they travel to new placements.

Three Words to Describe me are: Amiable,

Inquisitive, Generous

My Inspiration is my family. My family near and far are always following my social media pages, calling and writing to see what the next event is I’ll be a part of. My mom has lived a difficult life but always puts us first and loves us with all her heart. She could write a book from all the stories she’s told me of growing up. She works with abused children reading reports, seeing what foster children have gone through before being supervised by the courts. She’s taught me to stand up for others, always go for my dreams even if they seem a lifetime away and life skills not taught in school. I have (3) amazing sisters that all love me unconditionally. Yes, you heard that right, my mom had all girls. We’re all very close even though we are 13 years apart. We talk about boys, social media, my education and what it’s like living on their own.They tell me to do the right thing and always be myself, cause everyone will love me as much as they do. My father has his own business and comes home telling funny stories about work quite often. He says “always treat others right, never let greed get in the way!” He always makes me laugh, reminding me to never lose my sense of humor.

90 Gladys Spring Issue 2024
Photographer|Kate Treick Photography HMUA|Hayley Gurney - Gulf Coast Glamhouse, Wardrobe|SHEIN dress, Heels|Akira

Models Who Inspire

Paige Searless

SOCIAL MEDIA: @paigesearles


Jovana Nikoli

SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram : _elizabet99

Hi, My name is Jovana Nikolic, and I began working as a model in March of last year. They sent me the information after I applied for a photo shoot. It was enchanted. Ever since, I’m completely smitten with it. I’ve never known what I wanted to do with my life, but now that I’ve accomplished something amazing, I realize this is my actual calling. As a freelance model, I always discover and handle projects on my own, and I have never felt more content than I do right now. I’ve been contacted by a fashion director for commercials, magazine covers, photo sessions, fashion shows, and casting calls. I’m really appreciative of every chance. I’ve met one of my friends through this wonderful adventure.

Falyn Holcomb

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 91
Photographer|@aliuomoakin, Designer|@tmlbespoke, Make up and hair|@makeupbyspells
IG. @rachelashleyjohnson Rachel Ashley Johnson
Photography| Michael Kluch Photography|@granimostudios Photographer|Isis Mayfield, @theeyeofisis
BOSS ladys G
Photographer|Captured by Kammi, HMUA|Shanaya Griffin Wardrobe|Tennile’s Boutique and Formals, Floral Artist|Rosewood Florist

Wendy Neely

OCCUPATION: Founder and CEO of Fit America PA and Butt Naked PGH

Company(s): Fit America PA and Butt Naked PGH

SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM/FACEBOOK: @fitamerica & @buttnakedpgh


After working for 17 years in a weight loss center, I spent the next 3 years working for a medical weight loss center that introduced non-invasive body contouring options without a weight loss program. From there, I had the inspiration to combine both approaches to helping people love their bodies, and Fit America PA was born! As the business struggled to survive through the Covid-19 pandemic, our faithful community returned as we reopened, along with a plethora of new faces! After the pandemic, there was a large amount of individuals unsatisfied with their bodies that needed help getting back to their healthy routines, and we were here to help!

During that season, I saw an enormous need for an esthetic spa in our area. We lost so many seasoned workers because of the long term 8 month shut down in the industry. I believe God placed it on my heart to open a place very similar to our holistic weight loss spa. So, at Butt Naked PGH, we focus on finding a natural and holistic approach to healing the skin.

92 Gladys Spring Issue 2024
Exclusive Interview ladys G
Interview by Anna Kathryn Kovach

WHAT MAKES YOUR COMPANIES STAND OUT FROM OTHER BUSINESSES? I believe there are two very specific, core ideas that make us stand out in our industry. First, definitely our level of old school, level-10 customer service. I believe businesses thrive when people feel loved and cared for, so at Butt Naked PGH, we aim to create a relaxing and welcoming environment for all! Secondly, our branded services/product lines are completely different and unique in the industry. Opening up our weight loss supplement line, along with our Vegan/Organic skin care line nationally via becoming available for shipping has expanded our reach to people who really are searching for results based organic/vegan skincare and holistic weight loss options.

WHAT ARE THE MOST POPULAR SERVICES OFFERED AT BUTT NAKED AND FIT AMERICA? Our most popular thing here at our spa is our Butt Naked skincare line, but if you want talk services, definitely our facials. Specifically, our most popular facial here at Butt Naked PGH are our Cryoskin facials, which are a noninvasive treatment that involves no needles, no downtime, but will result in an instantaneous face lift!!


As a single mom of four daughters, opening both businesses has allowed me to have a better work/life balance. I opened the doors to both of these businesses with my priorities in the right order: God, my family, and then the business. I honored those values and I think people really respect that. Being the owner of both of these companies has changed my life and my family’s lives, and I could not be more thankful for them!

HOW HAVE YOUR BUSINESSES IMPACTED THE LIVES OF YOUR FAMILY, STAFF AND CLIENTS? Opening this business has impacted my family in such positive ways! I believe my kiddos learn by example and they have had the opportunities to watch entrepreneurship: both the high-highs, and the low-lows of it! But, I believe it has impacted each one of my girls positively in different ways. At Butt Naked PGH, we re-define and help educate each person on how to get healthy skin.

Over at Fit America PA, we continue to heal people from the hardships that they have surrounding foods, along with helping them to maintain a healthy and sustainable diet. Throughout both of the businesses, our main goal is to help people find their spark of confidence again, through a holistic and natural way.

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR MOST REWARDING EXPERIENCE? On a personal level, my most rewarding experience has been the ability to have a healthy work/ life balance. As a single mom of four girls, it is really important for me to be as present in each of the girls’ lives as much as possible. The most rewarding experience professionally thus far has been seeing our members’ lives change. When you take the time to pour into yourself, your confidence cups get filled, and you begin to live differently! Healthy looks SO good on you!


WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED EVERY DAY? What keeps me motivated every day is— at the end of the day— me! I believe it is my responsibility and I truly do believe it’s a choice! Everyday everyone gets the same two choices, and I am going to choose to be positive and motivated! Isn’t it so powerful to realize that this decision is yours?!

HOW DO YOU STAY PRODUCTIVE AND WHAT IS THE SECRET TO YOUR SUCCESS? My work ethic allows me to be productive each day. I also believe it’s a mindset choice. If something isn’t working…pray for solutions and don’t stay paralyzed.

WHAT’S ONE THING EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT BEING SUCCESSFUL IN HER CAREER AND LIFE? It’s important to stay very clear about what your vision is for your business. In this industry, it is very easy to get distracted and/or filled with negative self doubts when people are always presenting their opinions, or telling you what they think you should be doing. God really created you so uniquely with your own spiritual gift and talents— and when you are aware of them—you shine!

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 93
Exclusive Interview ladys G Photos|MEDIAThe Creative Agency



She’s An Inspiration

It’s a special bond that spans the years.

Through laughter, worry, smiles and tears.

A sense of trust that can’’t be broken.

A depth of love sometimes unspoken.

A life long friendship built on sharing, hugs, kisses, warmth and caring.

Mothers & Daughters, their hearts as one. A link that can never be undone.

We asked some very special Mothers & Daughters what inspires them about each other and the best advice they have ever been given. Their love is bouncing off our pages!

94 Gladys Spring Issue 2024
Inspirational MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS ladys G
We hope you enjoy this very special tribute on

Kylee & her Mom Arron Q&A

Kylee: My mother inspires me because… She’s always kind and understanding.

Mom: My daughter inspires me because… Kylee is so unique and comfortable being just her.

Our favorite thing to do together is… Everything but if we had to choose just one it’s playing in the waves at the beach.

Kylee: The best advise my mother has given me is to just be yourself and don’t let people’s negativity effect you.

Inspirational MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS ladys G
Photographer|Sarah Shamblin Photography, HMUA|Arron Copen



to describe my Mother would be:

Kind Passionate Thoughtful

Julia Yock


My Mother Inspires me because… She is very loving and respectful of my feelings and she inspires me to be the very best version of myself. The Best advice my Mother has given me is: To always have courage and be kind. To be myself and to have confidence.

My favorite memory of us together is: I really loved when I was little and we used to go to the American Girl doll store together.

The qualities I admire most about my Mother are: I love her work ethic and the unconditional love and affection she shows me

PAGEANT TITLE: Miss Teen Greece International 2024

words to describe my Daughter would be:

My Daughter Inspires me because… of how hard she works and how dedicated she is. Her endurance and perseverance in everything she does is amazing and unlike anyone I know.

My favorite thing to do together is: go to concerts and go to lunch together when we can since we don’t get a lot of free time together so this alone time is extra special.

The qualities I admire the most about my daughter are: Her open mindedness, her commitment, her kind-heartedness.

Kind Thoughtful Courageous
Inspirational MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS ladys G
PAGEANT TITLE: Mrs. Greece International 2024 Q&A Photography|@magicdreamsproductions HAMU|@constantine_james

Aubrey & her Mom Jennifer

My Mother Inspires me because…

Aubrey: My mother inspired me because of her perseverance with anything she takes on. She says never quit because they want you to.

My Daughter Inspires me because…

Jennifer: My daughter inspires me because she is an advocate for others who don’t always have or share their voice.

Our favorite thing to do together ... Is traveling to new cities and countries while she models.

Blair, her Mom Brandi & Grandma Connie

My Mother Inspires me because…

Blair: My Mother Inspires me because she helps with all the activities that I am in.

Brandi: My Mother inspires me because she showed me the importance of family.

Connie: My Mom was a positive and caring role model.

My Daughter Inspires me because…

Brandi: My Daughter Inspires me with her ability to communicate to others through her work in pageants and community service.

Connie: My granddaughter Blair has such a genuine kindness to others.

My favorite thing to do together is:

Blair: My favorite thing to do together is baking with my Mammaw! I love having girl time getting my nails done with my mom and going to pageants. Our best trip was when I did New York Fashion Week.

Brandi: My favorite thing to do together is watching her enjoy all the fun things in life!

Connie: We love to bake together making cookies, cupcakes and all kinds of treats! We love getting mani/pedi together for some girl time!

The Best advice my Mother has given me is:

Blair: Always try your best.

Brandi: Try your best and never give up.

Connie: My mom said, “Don’t let your dreams remain just dreams. Make them your reality.”

98 Gladys Spring Issue 2024
ladys G
Q&A (Mammaw)
Photographer|Kate Treick Photography, HMUA|Hayley Gurney - Gulf Coast Glamhouse Wardrobe|SHEIN dress, Heels|Akira

Taylor & her Mom Sarah

My Mother Inspires me because… She pushes herself to be the best she can be. She may be navigating a dark season, but still continues to show up for me. She has taught me the word of Jesus, how to be a future wife and mom, to put my faith over my fears, and ultimately formed me into the woman I am today.

My Daughter Inspires me because… She is always looking out for others. She cares about her community more than most. Always looking for a way to make others smile and spreading kindness. She shines so bright inside and out, marches to her own beat often taking the road less traveled by others. She is simply amazing with the little ones in the community that look up to her. She has helped me grow as a woman and mother. I am honored to be her mom.

My favorite thing to do together is: Make Energy Teas or attend pageants.

The Best advice my Mother has given me is: To stay true to myself, even if it’s the “Road Less Traveled”.

Falyn & her Mom Danicka Q&A

My Mother Inspires me because…

Because she is brave and outgoing.

My Daughter Inspires me because… She is so driven to reach her goals in all aspects of life, she always has a smile on her face and has an amazing attitude!

My favorite thing to do together is: Going to the racetrack!

The Best advice my Mother has given me is: Don’t let anyone take you for granted.

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 99
Inspirational MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS ladys G
Photographer|Jessica von Photography, MUA|Courtney Porter Hair Stylist|Hair by Michelle, Floral Artist|Art’s Flower and Gift Shop Photographer|Captured by Kammi, HMUA|Shanaya Griffin Wardrobe|Tennile’s Boutique and Formals, Floral Artist|Rosewood Florist

officially unveiled


swimsuit collaboration


. This collection boasts a range of essential pieces, including swimwear, slip dresses, micro and tennis skirts, button-downs and retro corset tops.

The launch also marks the brand’s first-ever collaboration.

“As a longtime fan of the brand, I could not be more excited to be launching my first-ever swimwear capsule collection with Montce,” says Olivia Culpo, “Together we have created a beautiful collection that puts a playful twist on classic swim styles and perfectly encapsulates my personal style throughout.” Styles from the Montce x Olivia Culpo collection range from $80 to $240 and will be available to purchase exclusively at the Montce Stores in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and online at Montce.com

100 Gladys Spring Issue 2024
Model, actress and entrepreneur Olivia Culpo has her new with swimwear brand Montce
Olivia Culpo Debuts Exclusive Capsule Collection with Montce Images Courtesy of Montce


Jams’ iconic prints, styles and fabrics are used in their mens and women’s clothing line, as well as home goods (runners, tablecloths, napkins). All garment styles are designed to keep you cool and comfortable in hot and humid weather, while also offering protection from the sun. Perfect for travel, as each piece is made from lightweight, breathable fabrics, which wick moisture away from the body. The many bold and classic prints are perfect for lounging on the sand or playing beach volleyball. After a day in the water surfing, out on Jams for relaxing around the resort, get dinner at a restaurant, or chill at the beach to watch the sunset. Jams are a versatile and stylish choice. The company’s line includes dress styles, collared and t-shirts, mens/women’s shorts, jumpsuits and kimonos. Jams World’s pieces are timeless and perfect for everyone and for all ages! Spring Prints: Flower Song, Eden, Marseille, Cosmopolitan, Tradewinds, & New Solid Colors.jamsworld.com, Macy’s Hawaii, NEX Hawaii, Jams World Stores, Maui Clothing, Boutiques

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 101

Jenny and the City



Sergio Corbia is perhaps best known for the development of the iconic celebrity destination, Mauro’s Cafe inside Fred Segal.

As Co-Owner and Executive Chef of Mauro’s Café, Sergio delighted a wide ranging group of loyal customers from all over the globe.

Chef Sergio has become successful at crafting warm, family-style environments that highlight the fresh, regional Italian dishes that originally inspired him to get into the culinary world. Chef Sergio and his devoted team create our daily specials at Fabiolus - which keeps our guests coming back for more.

Traditional Sardinian Specialties

What is the best way to celebrate any day? Well with great company and with exquisite food and as a food aficionado that I am and of course carb lover I feel so thrilled to share from renowned Chef Sergio from Sardinia, Italy some traditional Sardinian Specialties.


In our opinion, these are the 10 Sardinian top dishes which you should definitely taste during your visit in Sardinia: Fregola, which means breadcrumbs, is a typical Sardinian pasta made of semolina and rolled into small balls. There are plenty of recipes for cooking fregola but the most delicious is definitely a seafood fregola: with clams, prawns and served with some saffron broth and a loaf of crunchy bread. Not everyone knows that Sardinia is a major saffron producer in Italy. This wonderful and very precious spice of intense red color is used in many typical Sardinian dishes and is often called “red gold“ of Sardinia as its delicate threads require long time to be collected and dried and the cost of the final product is similar to that of the gold. Moreover, the saffron flower is characterized by a magnificent lilac color


Those who enjoy raw seafood will fall in love with this dish. The right time to taste this plate is from November till April when the season of “ricci di mare” is open. It is forbidden to take the sea urchins in other periods of the year and it is possible to collect only a limited number of sea urchins per fisherman in order to protect these species.

We advise you to visit Castelsardo, or Santa Teresa di Gallura to try this dish. The perfect wine to match with spaghetti with sea urchins is the amazing Cannonau of Sardinia, a hearty red wine, which emphasizes the intense taste of the sea urchin.

102 Gladys Spring Issue 2024
Wine&Dineladys G


Bottarga is one of the most famous and tasteful delicacies of Sardinia originally coming from Cabras, a small town on the western coast of the island. This dried mullet roe can be tasted in thin slices as a starter, or it can be used to dress pasta, usually spaghetti or linguine.


Culurgiones is a Sardinian first curse arriving from Ogliastra, the wildest part of Sardinia. It is a kind of home-made dumpling pasta stuffed with delicious mint-flavoured potatoes cream. Normally it is served with fresh tomato sauce and basil or with butter and sage.

SINCE 1992

Mauro Cafe is a neighborhood restaurant and Los Angeles destination with Italian roots and Californian influence. As an all-day, European-style cafe in the heart of West Hollywood, we remain committed to supporting local food purveyors offering the freshest ingredients possible to our community of both long-standing patrons and new neighbors.

Equally important to us is continuing to engage with and advocate for organizations that address food insecurity throughout our city through events and pop-ups and the restaurant. maurocafe.com


Sardinian octopus salad is usually served as a starter. The main ingredient of this dish is obviously the local octopus, which is smaller than an Oceanic octopus, and consequently it tastes very delicate. It is usually served with boiled potatoes, celery and is dressed with garlic, parsley, olive oil and lemon.


Catalan style lobster is a typical dish of Alghero, a Catalan town on the north-western part of Sardinia. Obviously this precious crustacean is fished in the local sea on the western coast near Alghero. After being boiled, lobster is served as a salad with fresh tomatoes and onion. We recommend to taste it with a white wine like Vermentino di Sardegna.

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 103
Wine&Dineladys G

Luke Dimyan

KNOWN FOR: Judas in The Chosen

SOCIAL MEDIA: @dimwitted_dimyan Instagram

A TYPICAL DAY IN MY LIFE INCLUDES: Looking forward to the possibility of sleeping in. Accompanied by a schedule of my own making that varies day to day but usually includes some form of physical activity (yoga/gym/running) or artistic expression (writing/drawing/ reading/sculpting/3D printing). Though my days usually end with me playing video games way too late into the night, hence the sleeping in.

WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I WANTED TO BE: I really wanted to be a firefighter when I was in preschool, I’m still considering it. But I was lucky enough to have the twisted and stubborn idea to be a performer around the age of 5 and stuck with that instead. It’s gotten me this far so my parents can’t complain.

THE PERSON WHO MOTIVATES ME IS: Fictional characters in the stories I read and watch. I can’t explain it, but there’s something unattainable about these characters that really inspires me. Because they’re not people, they’re symbols, ideas, and emotions to strive towards. To be like them is impossible. But even if you shoot for the stars and miss, you end up in the heavens.

MY DEFINITION OF SUCCESS IS: Being at peace with yourself in your daily life while still accomplishing your goals. Happiness is something you earn on the path of life and everyone has to learn to define it in their own settings. Because your situation and surroundings will always change, but you remain the same. …Also making a lot of money helps.

YOUR LATEST PROJECT IS: Currently Season 4 of The Chosen is out in Theaters as well as a short film I’m in called “Driving There” is making its run in the festival circuit. I just wrapped another short with Askari Productions called “Red Team” and am looking forward to filming the 5th season of The Chosen this coming spring.

Photographer|Joanna Degeneres

Lolita Milena

KNOWN FOR: “1UP” and TikTok

SOCIAL MEDIA: “LolitaMilena” across all platforms



A typical day in my life would include waking up to my furry friend, my dog Luna before getting up to down a good iced coffee. Working from home for me is best to explore creative options in my field; from coming up with new ideas for my social media skits or dances, to writing a new script or novel.

WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I WANTED TO BE: I wanted to be many things. Though I was writing short stories from the time I knew how to form a sentence, science and literature went hand in hand for me. As much as I loved a good Grimm Brothers fairytale, I adored reading deep into forensics and deep marine biology. Yet, I was addicted to history ranging from the Titanic all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Storytelling always held a deep place in my heart though. Movies, television shows, and books always had me itching for the next adventure whether it be a silly comedy or a dark “who did it” tale.

THE PERSON WHO MOTIVATES ME IS: My father. Being adopted from a foreign country and not having the best luck with my biological father and the foster dad who broke my spine; it left me with a severe case of PTSD in the form of distrusting male figures. My father “Pops” was the most gentle and wise soul I have met to this day. He was careful to gain my trust and took every terrified look and scream in stride. He taught me compassion, appreciation for education and the arts, and he taught me trust. The foundation of who I became as an adult was set by him, and I couldn’t have asked for a better man.

MY DEFINITION OF SUCCESS IS: To live a comfortable life without worry of what the next day could bring. I want a life where my hindrances will no longer be a defining reason as to why I cannot enjoy XYandZ. To know my hard work in my craft can lead me to what I’ve always imagined my future to be.

YOUR LATEST PROJECT IS: Right now, a lot of behind the scenes ventures from literature, to learning the business side of the creative arts industry. I’ve always loved learning new things, so here is to the next.


SOCIAL MEDIA: @imbrandonfarris everywhere

Brandon Farris Q&A

A TYPICAL DAY IN MY LIFE INCLUDES: I usually spend the mornings with my kids and wife. I will head to work around 10 and from there, I do everything from editing my videos, filming, live streaming, or just cleaning up after a mess I’ve already made. I leave around 5 to pick my son up from his therapy and spend the rest of the day with family! We watch TV and just hang out for the rest of the night.

WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I WANTED TO BE:  When I was younger I wanted to be a comedian. It has changed forms a bit over the years, but it’s always been to entertain people with comedy in some form! I think I really wanted to do stand-up as a kid because social media wasn’t an option at the time and that seemed like the only way for comedians to make it back then.

THE PERSON WHO MOTIVATES ME IS: I feel pretty motivated by myself, but when I get low and can’t get to that place by myself, my kids and wife usually are the ones who remind me who I’m doing all this for and I get motivated all over again.

MY DEFINITION OF SUCCESS IS: I feel pretty motivated by myself, but when I get low and can’t get to that place by myself, my kids and wife usually are the ones who remind me who I’m doing all this for and I get motivated all over again.

YOUR LATEST PROJECT IS: Live streaming is what I’m focused on right now! It’s something I need to really put the work into and practice to get good at, but it’s what has been exciting me lately!

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 105
Photography|Te’Aven Roque

KNOWN FOR Gillian. All My Children

SOCIAL MEDIA: @estaterblanche

Esta TerBlanche Q&A

A TYPICAL DAY IN MY LIFE INCLUDES: I’m part of the 5am Club. Haha! Yes I’m an early riser and start the day with celery juice. Then I have to feed all my babies - 5 squirrels, 2 cats and 2 fish! And that’s about where the typical part of my day ends. From there anything can happen!

WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I WANTED TO BE: An Actress. Or maybe a Doctor or a Vet.

THE PERSON WHO MOTIVATES ME IS: My Dad, Rudi, my Godmother and my Brothers.


YOUR LATEST PROJECT IS: A Cancer Foundation with Rudi Rebstein in South Africa.

Ashley Versher

KNOWN FOR Actor, Filmmaker and Writer. Known for Jennifer Lopez’s Amazon Original This Is Me…Now, Law & Order SVU, American Auto, the short film Brief Exchanges and more.

SOCIAL MEDIA: IG: @ashleyversher, ashleyversher.com


A TYPICAL DAY IN MY LIFE INCLUDES: I wake up in the morning and before I open my eyes I do a gratitude practice. After that I’m off to the races. I hit the gym, do a few auditions, grab a cup of tea and work on my scripts. I like to take a mental health break mid-day (if I’m being honest, sometimes it’s a nap). I love to cook and bake, so dinner can be a plethora of things but one of my favorite and healthy options is my turmeric coconut fish curry with bell peppers and asparagus over black rice. Then, I watch a little Real Housewives to wrap up the night.

WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I WANTED TO BE: A Superstar, just kidding. I wanted to be a scientist, a professional violinist and a doctor. I know that’s a lot but a girl can dream, right!

THE PERSON WHO MOTIVATES ME IS: My Mom. She’s incredible and has an endless thirst for life. She inspires me to live everyday to the fullest.

MY DEFINITION OF SUCCESS IS: Living a life full of Joy.

YOUR LATEST PROJECT IS: Catch me in Jennifer Lopez’s Amazon Original “This Is Me…Now” on Prime Video! I play one of Jennifer’s best friends - The Idealist.

106 Gladys Spring Issue 2024 Gladys FEATURED PEOPLE
Photography|Jared Schlachet

Morgane Bensadoun

KNOWN FOR: The Idea of You

SOCIAL MEDIA: @morgben on Instagram


A TYPICAL DAY IN MY LIFE INCLUDES: Standing in line for a new NYC art exhibit, spending every last penny on that theatre ticket, desperately highlighting a nonfiction, making stuff up in my character journal.

WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I WANTED TO BE: a Hannah M per my 5th grade graduation speech, a food critic, because “I always love a good meal.” Still true.


Taryn Simon. Her art has been a strong source of motivation for me recently. She does such a great job weaving unique perspectives and deeper meaning in her art, and that’s what I hope to do in mine.


In a world where success is constantly measured by outward validation I hope my version of success remains staying true to myself and always finding the joy in new creative endeavors.

YOUR LATEST PROJECT IS: The Idea of You, Amazon Prime

Rib Hillis

KNOWN FOR: The Tall Tales Of Jim Bridger

SOCIAL MEDIA: @ribhillis


A TYPICAL DAY IN MY LIFE INCLUDES: A typical day starts off early, around 5:00 AM, involves working out, catching up on emails and work, making breakfast and lunches for the kids, then getting them off to school. The rest of the day is devoted to work. Then nighttime is usually a family dinner all together and off to bed early to be ready for the next day.


THE PERSON WHO MOTIVATES ME IS: My future self. I don’t want to let him down, so it keeps me motivated to give my all each day. He will evaluate my efforts someday!

MY DEFINITION OF SUCCESS IS: Doing what you love with those that you love to be around. For me, that would be creating films and TV with my family and friends. What could be better?

YOUR LATEST PROJECT IS: The Tall Tales of Jim Bridger on INSP Network. I play real life mountain man and historical figure, Jim Bridger. It’s a dream role!

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 107
Photographer|Adam Reed
Photography|Kate Owen

Julia Reilly

KNOWN FOR: Julia is the star in the upcoming series, County Rescue, premiering on Great American Family. She also played the role of Tammy Thompson in the series, Stranger Things.

SOCIAL MEDIA: IG: juliagracereilly


A TYPICAL DAY IN MY LIFE INCLUDES: When I’m not on set, I usually get my day started around 7am. After taking my dog for his first walk of many for the day, I love to get a workout in. Right now, I’m really into Pilates and hot yoga. Once I work up a sweat, it’s time for coffee and breakfast. Then I shift into business mode and get my work done. This includes prepping and taping auditions. Once evening hits, I love staying in for dinner and doing something in the air fryer. I really appreciate home cooked meals when I’ve been on set a lot. I need to wind down before bed, so I’ll watch a good TV show and maybe grab a sweet treat because I have the biggest sweet tooth. If I’m on set, my day looks totally different. I’ll probably be waking up at an extremely early hour, going to set for at least 12 hours, then going home and doing a quick workout, cooking dinner, prepping for scenes for the next day, then going to bed to do it all over again! But I love it!!!

WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I WANTED TO BE:  On Broadway! I loved musical theatre growing up and auditioned for my first Broadway musical when I was 11. I took voice lessons, guitar, and piano lessons, and did all styles of dance classes (my favorite is tap)! I did a lot of community

theatre and dance recitals as well! The film industry started to grow significantly in Atlanta when I was a teenager, so that’s when I started to fall in love with that world!

THE PERSON WHO MOTIVATES ME IS:  My Mom!!! She is my biggest supporter and an incredible human. She has the most amazing work ethic of anyone I know, is extremely smart, motivated, kind-hearted, and always encourages me to look for the positive in any situation. She has taught me so much, and she is my best friend in the world.

MY DEFINITION OF SUCCESS IS: In this industry, success can look different depending on how each person chooses to define it. From an industry standpoint, making a living working in the TV/film business is the dream. However, just to get an audition is a huge win. I don’t mind auditioning. I see it as an opportunity to meet new people, create interesting characters and build relationships. Personal success is getting to the end of the day happy and healthy, holding onto the tight knit group of the people I love, and probably adopting more dogs in the future.

YOUR LATEST PROJECT IS:  County Rescue! It is a medical drama that explores love, faith, relationships, family, and purpose to name a few elements. It’s about 3 rookie EMTs, one of them being my character Dani, all competing against each other for one available opening at the county’s EMT station. It was such a joy to work on this project. The entire cast and crew are so talented, and I think everyone who watches will find something or someone to relate to. It is streaming on Great American Pureflix and airing on The Great American Family channel.


Rhoyle Ivy King

KNOWN FOR: CW/Netflix’s All American: Homecoming SOCIAL MEDIA: IG: @rhoyleivyking


A TYPICAL DAY IN MY LIFE INCLUDES: It always starts in the gym, heading to work, and trying to find time in between scenes to work on new creative avenues.

KNOWN FOR: Amazon Freevee/Amazon Prime “Jury Duty” SOCIAL MEDIA: instagram.com/mariaannrussell

Q&A Maria Russell


Getting up at the crack of dawn, and making my special blend of a fruit smoothie then coffee. I then head out for a jog/walk with my doggies, Boris and Natasha.Then off to a barre class, kickboxing class or dance class. When I come home I run lines for a new project that I’m working on. I jump on some calls, do emails, and do some errands. I’ll have dinner with friends, and take a nice long bath and go over lines again. Then it’s bedtime and I get to watch all my Housewives shows.


A singer, dancer, actress, model, choreographer, a cheerleader, dog trainer, policewoman, flight attendant, teacher, Chuck Norris, Elvira, a back up dancer for Prince, and a cashier, of course Haha!

THE PERSON WHO MOTIVATES ME MOST IS My mother. She always pushes me for greatness.

MY DEFINITION OF SUCCESS IS. Living my dreams, good health, travel, and my family and friends with me.

MY LATEST PROJECT IS: A feature film called In Flight.

WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I WANTED TO BE: When I was a child I wanted to be a pilot. At the same time, when my grandmother would pick me up from daycare in Houston I would always be performing Destiny’s Child for the kids and staff. So no one is surprised I ended up in the entertainment industry.

THE PERSON WHO MOTIVATES ME IS: Jesus, and my parents. Artistically I would say Beyoncé & Prince.

MY DEFINITION OF SUCCESS IS: Doing what I feel called to do. Knowing that not everyday it will be easy, but it will be worth it.

YOUR LATEST PROJECT IS: Currently I’m shooting season 3 of All American: Homecoming

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 109
Courtesy of Kingdom Entertainment Gladys FEATURED PEOPLE


Anastasia Olowin

KNOWN FOR: Actress, plays Suzanne in Ben and Suzanne, A Reunion In 4 Parts SOCIAL MEDIA: anastasiaolowin.com

KNOWN FOR: Actress/Social Media Personality

SOCIAL MEDIA: TikTok: @missmercedesblanche, Instagram: @mercedes.blanche, X: @mszrsmerci, Snapchat: @m.mercedessss

Mercedes Blanche Q&A

A TYPICAL DAY IN MY LIFE INCLUDES: I like to start my days with meditation. Then I shoot/audition/collaborate with people, and of course I answer emails and have phone calls all day with my team.

WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I WANTED TO BE: It’s funny, I really wanted to be a vet at some point but I ended up with a Project Management degree and working in entertainment.


MY DEFINITION OF SUCCESS IS: To have the freedom and luxury of time. I want to be so successful that I don’t have to do much anymore and I can spend my time and earnings on my family.

YOUR LATEST PROJECT IS: I’m currently working on a project that I can’t talk about yet. Be sure to keep an eye on my social media for more details.


A TYPICAL DAY IN MY LIFE INCLUDES: Coffee. It’s my only constant. But if I’m not out seeing a friend’s play, or in rehearsal, or working late at my day job, my favorite evening routine is to cook a nice little dinner for myself while listening to music or watching the latest John Oliver.

WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I WANTED TO BE: A veterinarian. But as soon as I started performing, that was it for me.

THE PERSON WHO MOTIVATES ME IS: My mom - she’s always curious about the world around her and learning new things. Her openness to change is very inspiring.

MY DEFINITION OF SUCCESS IS: Making good work with good people.

YOUR LATEST PROJECT IS: Ben and Suzanne, A Reunion in 4 Parts, a feature film having its world premiere in competition at SXSW! It follows a couple navigating their relationship (and Sri Lanka) in-person after a long stint of long distance. It’s a true indie rom-com, and the culmination of a series of short films revolving around these characters which our writer/director Shaun Seneviratne, myself, and my co-star Sathya Sridharan have shot over the past ten years. I’m very proud of this film and our team, and excited to share it.

110 Gladys Spring Issue 2024
Photographer|Storm Santos @stormsantos Hairstylist|Elia Elia @eliaraadelia Makeup|Gina Scarsellato @sunchildbeauty Hair and Makeup Assistant|Dominic Denha @domdenha_ Producer|Lokii Reis de Silva @lokiiproblematic Photography|Luke Fontana

Giavani Cairo Q&A

KNOWN FOR: Actor - The role of Thaddeus in ‘The Chosen’ SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: @gcairo06, Facebook: Facebook.com/gcairo06

until high school and never played competitively. But I wasn’t half bad for pond hockey! To this day I’ve always had a passion for sports though, so if the acting bug never bit me in late high school, I wanted to play professional hockey/baseball or be a sports broadcaster/radio host.

A TYPICAL DAY IN MY LIFE INCLUDES: I always love to start my day with meditation and prayer. It’s really become the anchor of my life and I wouldn’t be where I’m at currently without my faith. After a light breakfast you can almost always find me at the gym! I’ve always been really into health and fitness so that’s a priority for me. Mostly weight lifting and some basketball for cardio. If I’m filming in season, it’ll be a shorter workout before heading to set. Us disciples have to stay fit you know? After the gym, I always try to call or FaceTime with a few loved ones and connect with them. Coming from a big Italian family, I learned early on how important relationships are. I still need to do better keeping in touch with everybody, but I’m committed to making that happen. Then I’ll get to work for the remainder of the day whether that be studying scripts, preparing for auditions, and my personal favorite…getting tax documents in order…I kid. I’ll end the night by watching a new movie/show or reading and also prayer. Not a bad day at all.

WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I WANTED TO BE: If we’re talking early childhood, I was obsessed with Detroit Red Wings hockey, so I wanted to be a professional hockey player. Funny thing is I didn’t try ice skating

THE PERSON WHO MOTIVATES ME IS: My mom hands down. She raised me as a single mom for the majority of my childhood. She did so much and sacrificed a lot for me. Helping coach my sports teams early on, volunteering on school field trips, helping with homework, taking on multiple jobs for our family, supporting my dreams no matter how difficult they were. She gave me the best gift any parent could..unconditional love. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. God truly blessed me with the best mom.

MY DEFINITION OF SUCCESS IS: Being happily fulfilled in all areas of your life. Making sure my relationships are healthy, loving and strong. My career and work having meaning that inspires and impacts so many people throughout the world. Being able to comfortably support my family and loved ones financially. Traveling and exploring new places with who I love yearly. Keep deepening my relationship with God and growing in my faith. That’s success to me.

YOUR LATEST PROJECT IS: We are actually filming Season 5 of ‘The Chosen’. Season 4 is out currently with past seasons available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Go check it out!

Photographer|Nathan Caulford

Laetitia Sam

KNOWN FOR: Singer SOCIAL MEDIA: @LaetitiaSam


A TYPICAL DAY IN MY LIFE INCLUDES: Sports, taking care of my horses and dogs, singing, and achieving my goals.

WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I WANTED TO BE: Definitely an artist but second choice, a lawyer.

THE PERSON WHO MOTIVATES ME IS: Every person I meet inspires me and gives me courage, leadership and humanity.

MY DEFINITION OF SUCCESS IS: Wake up one morning and tell myself: Wow, I did it!

YOUR LATEST PROJECT IS: Just released “My Turn”, a country pop song produced by the amazing producer Hayden Maringer.

Branden Wellington

KNOWN FOR: Playing Tony King on Tyler Perry’s Sistas and CO Jarod Young on Orange is the New Black SOCIAL MEDIA: @b_wellington on Instagram and X


THE PERSON WHO MOTIVATES ME IS: I’m more so motivated by the idea of keeping my promises to myself and fulfilling the affirmative words that people have spoken over my life. I’ve been fortunate to have a really good support system of family and friends who have been there for me through some of the greatest moments of my life as well as the low points. It’s in the low points where a support system matters most because they have the ability to pick you up and see you outside of yourself and circumstances. Love is a powerful emotion, and that is what truly motivates me. I honor those that love me by persevering through tough times and fulfilling the promises I’ve made to myself. It shows people that their support wasn’t in vain and reminds them of the power of their own words.

MY DEFINITION OF SUCCESS IS: To me, success is not just measured by achievements or accolades but by how true you stay to your ideals along the way. Success is also enjoying what you do. If you enjoy baking and you pop some cookies in the oven tonight, you’re a success. Don’t overcomplicate it. Life is long, but the days go fast—make sure you’re filling up the majority of those hours with things that make you feel good. I’d hate to check out of this existence doing things that aren’t uplifting me and others in some way. So, plan like you’ll live forever and live like this could all end tomorrow. Success is somewhere in the middle of those extremes.

YOUR LATEST PROJECT IS: I’m currently one of the stars of Tyler Perry’s Sistas, which is the most watched program amongst African Americans on cable for a few years running. I came in midway through season 6 playing the character of Tony King, who’s an airline Vice President and the new love interest of Danni, who’s played by Mignon. I started out as a guest star on the show during season 6 and was promoted to a series regular for the current season that’s now airing. This show is about single women in Atlanta navigating the complicated world of love and dating. Danni and Tony’s story covers a few topics ranging from therapy, recent breakups, single fatherhood, and the intricacies of essentially dating a co-worker.

112 Gladys Spring Issue 2024 Photography|Hilary Jones
Photography|Russell Baer

Natalie Sideserf

SOCIAL MEDIA: IG: @sideserfcakes, sideserfcakes.com

Hyper-realistic cake artist known for her incredible and lifelike cake creations.

Natalie Sideserf is a hyper-realistic cake artist known for her incredible and lifelike cake creations. Having graduated from The Ohio State University in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in fine art and inspired by hyper-realistic artists such as Evan Penny and Ron Mueck at an early age, Natalie developed skills that would later play a crucial role in her cake decorating career. Natalie’s journey into the world of cake artistry began when she moved to Austin, TX in 2011 to pursue a career in cake decorating. After working in local bakeries to learn the fundamental aspects of sculpted cakes and edible materials, Natalie quickly realized the potential for combining her artistic talents with the world of custom cakes. In 2012, Natalie and Dave founded Sideserf Cake Studio. The studio quickly gained recognition for its unique and realistic cake designs, often featuring lifelike sculptures of people, animals, and everyday objects. Natalie’s ability to transform cake into intricate works of art set Sideserf Cake studio apart in the competitive world of custom cake design. Natalie Sideserf has been featured on various television shows, including Food Network’s “Buddy vs. Duff”, where she competed on Team Duff to help create some of the most ambitious and elaborate cakes the world has ever seen. Her appearances on these shows have further solidified her reputation as a skilled and innovative cake artist. Beyond her work in the studio, Natalie is also an educator, sharing her knowledge and skills with aspiring cake artists through her YouTube channel. Her dedication to pushing the boundaries of cake design has inspired many in the baking and artistic communities. Sideserf Cake Studio continues to thrive as a hub for extraordinary cake artistry, gaining recognition from viewers around the world seeking one-of-a-kind creations and feel-good hyper-realistic cake content. Natalie’s commitment to her craft and her ability to turn cakes into edible masterpieces have left an indelible mark on the world of custom design, making her a respected figure in the industry.

Gladys Spring Issue 2024 113
Photography|Sideserf Cakes Barbie Cake Adidas Sneaker Natalie Sideserf Selfie Cake Axolotl

Dreams Stars Gladys Alyssa

Dreams Stars Gladys
Dream Star Model|Alyssa Smith Photography & HMU by Gretchen PIngley

Dreams Stars Gladys Taylor

Dreams Stars Gladys
Dream Star Model|Taylor Miller Photographer|Jessica von Photography MUA|Courtney Porter Hair Stylist|Hair by Michelle Floral Artist|Art’s Flower and Gift Shop

Dreams Stars Gladys Aubrey

Dreams Stars Gladys
Dream Star Model|Aubrey McIntosh Photographer|Kate Treick Photography HMUA|Hayley Gurney - Gulf Coast Glamhouse Wardrobe|Terani Couture, Heels|Marc Defang, Earrings|Lovisa

Dream Star Finalists

Paige Searles

Bailey Scheel


Emma Stough

Carley Turner

Reagan Peppers


Savannah Goff Photographer|Joe McNemar Photographer|Isis Mayfield, @theeyeofisis Stephanie Guerrero Amy Roseland Photography Kabella Smith Gretchen Pingley Photography LLC Samantha Sewell Photography|Melissa Cosper MUHA by Alicsia O’Connor & Team Cindy Penrod Photography Byrgundy Kathy Whittaker Photography Photographer|Digital Binge, MUA|Sugey Rodriguez Kendrea McVadon Cindy Penrod Photography Stevens Goodwin Photography Errin M .Pitts Photographer|Brittany Gilmore / Bricks x Pixels, LLC Laynee Smith @paigesearles Photographer|Agnieszka Mojsiewicz, @agnieszkam_photography Maggie Sweets Photography

Bartucci IG: @Miabella.bartucci IG: @michaelsullivanphotography2018

Isabella Heath Jenny Lynn at Oktober Hollow Portraiture Haley Barnhart Oktober Hollow Photography Sophie Bailey Photgraphy|HEK Productions Rylee Fauber Lisa Jennings Photography Loretta Rummel Photographer Sonja Wiseman Emily Winningham Photographer|KameoLanephotography Amiyah Grigsby Photography|Amber Snow Peyton Ray Intrepidation Photography Ashley Wilhite photographer
Gladys Girl Finalists
Annabella Stevens Cindy PenrodPhotography Sommer Bradley Photographer|Belinda Keller Arianna Barnett Photographer|Ashley Turner. Giavanna Catapano Instagram: gia_vanna.c Pine and Fable PhotographyJulieanne Browning, Clutch|House of Barretti,m Necklace|Betsy Johnson Miabella

GG Kylee MAY

Gladys Girl Model|Kylee Copen Photographer|Sarah Shamblin Photography HMUA:|Arron Copen


Gladys Girl Model|Blair Ellwein Jenny Lynn Photography and The Shenandoah, both at 100 W Martin St Martinsburg WV. Makeup by Mark (Mark Castle)


Gladys Girl Model|Falyn Holcomb Photographer|Captured by Kammi HMUA|Shanaya Griffin Wardrobe|Tennile’s Boutique and Formals Floral Artist|Rosewood Florist

Future Dream Stars

Age: 22 months

Age: 7


Age: 6

128 Gladys Spring Issue 2024
Clara Belle Rollins Remington Tyson Age: Brooke Thornton Photography Kameo Lane Photography Remington Harper
Ellie Pfeiler
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Model|Tijana Milutinovic, Flowers|Flowershop IVONA

Wardrobe|MONA, Amina Hasanbegovic

Sacreevictoire, Calzedonia, Jewelry|NATINAKIT, Moa Manik

Photographer, Creative Direction & Styling|Djordje Bukvic Assistants of photography|Marijana Suvacarovic, Nemanja Belusevic Make up artists|Ivana Canic, Sara Jovanovic, Hairstyle|Hair Studio Richy
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