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02 March 2014 / THE ONTARIO BROKER

ownership for these young up-and-comers? All relevant questions have equally important answers. I believe that it takes thoughtful planning, hiring the right people and activating the plan from within your brokerage to ensure its sustainability long into the future.

As I look around this industry, it is apparent the perpetration of the broker distribution channel will rely on the youth of today getting engaged in the business. The accountability that we bear as more seasoned brokers is to make sure that we are giving these energetic, engaged and passionate individuals the opportunities to grow and ensure that the business remains relevant to consumers. It is through organizations like the Young Brokers Council (YBC) that we can activate the youth and provide them with opportunities for networking and professional development. So, as I look at YBC today, it leads me to ask some questions: Are organizations like YBC as active as they need to be? Are we placing the right focus on the perpetuation of our businesses? Do we have opportunities for advancement and

It is hard to create a plan and stick to it; it is easy to fall prey to the commentary heard on the street today: “We can’t compete with the multiples that other firms can pay” or “How do we even make a plan for perpetuation in my own office?” or “My pension is to sell the business to the highest bidder.” I am reminded of the proverb: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Remember, you do not need to do things on your own. IBAO is here to provide assistance. That said, brokers do need to recognize that a plan is required and, then, to act on that plan. IBAO recently produced two helpful booklets to provide some guidance. Both A Guide of What to Look for in a Broker Company Contract and A Guide to Purchasing or Selling a Brokerage are valuable tools that will help you develop a plan. As always, if you need any help, feel free to give the IBAO office a call. We are there to serve.

Business venture So, are all youth looking to buy a business? I think not. In a Maclean’s article on

the future of jobs in Canada, Chris Sorenson noted, and Amanda Shendruk charted, that there are expected to be 28% more job vacancies than actual qualified job-seekers by 2020, just six years from now. That is approaching one in three jobs that will not be filled by a qualified person by about 2021. Simply put, there will be more jobs than people to fill them. How are we going to successfully address this issue? What is needed is that the youth of today regard the insurance industry as a relevant career in which they can advance and make a good living. One challenge, however, is that as a channel, we are still delivering products and services to consumers primarily over the phone or in person. Other competitors are on the fast track to online delivery of services. That does not mean consumers will be transacting all of their business online, never speaking to a live person. However, I do believe consumers will choose the channel of communication with which they are most comfortable. If, as brokers, we are not operating in those channels, then we will be handing our business to our competitors.

Competitive Landscape Rest assured that our competitors of today are not our competitors of tomorrow. The advancements of telematics devices, vehicle intelli-

Whether it is engaging youth in our businesses, preparing for perpetuation or addressing technology advances, if brokers do not get ready, we are going to feel as though we got hit by a truck.

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April 17 Hanover Regional Meeting April 28 Queen’s Park Awareness Day April 30 North Bay Affiliate Regional Meeting

gence and other large nontraditional brands into financial services have already started. Independent Brokers Resources Inc.’s (IBRI) telematics solution helps brokers participate with this advancing technology on scale. The power of our unified voice as brokers will be more and more relevant as time marches forward.

Getting Ready for Tomorrow This brings me back in line with my theme for the year: “We need to get ready for tomorrow today.” Whether it is engaging youth in our businesses, preparing for perpetuation or addressing technology advances, if brokers do not get ready, we are going to feel as though we got hit by a truck. The message here is clear: We have tremendous opportunity in front of us, and yet it will not be handed to us. We have to work smart, work hard and take risks to succeed. Finally, you will also see in this issue information pertaining to the upcoming YBC Conference this June in Niagara Falls. I encourage you to send someone from your office to this worthwhile event, where along with being immersed in professional development sessions, young brokers will have a chance to network with other young brokers, and will have direct access to company CEOs and senior leadership. March 2014 / THE ONTARIO BROKER 03

YBC UPDATE Ashley Hunking Marketing Coordinator IBAO

Young, Proud and Loud Heard of The Young Brokers Council? Sure you have (hopefully), but do you really know them? If there are three things that I want you to know after reading this article, it’s who the Young Brokers Council is, all the amazing things they do to perpetuate the broker channel, and what they will continue to do — if you let them. Let me start by saying that every time

I engage with other young professionals, I always feel energized and inspired to take action, change the world even. It’s an amazing feeling to be surrounded by like-minded people — it seems we all share a common passion for positive change and innovation; we are sure to make $%!+ happen. Enter the Young Brokers Council. You can call them YBC for short, industry movers and shakers, or even the cool ones if you so choose. The best part about them is they’re sure to keep your legacy alive and well, and care a great deal about the broker channel.

Did you know? • YBC is comprised of 693 brokers from across Ontario (which is not nearly enough); • YBC members actively recruit tomorrow’s top talent at college career fairs hosted by most major institutions that offer an insurance program;

“Get all the riGht connections!”

2014 Ontario Insurance Directory This outstanding directory is your personal address and telephone book dedicated solely to the Ontario Insurance Industry… find the company contacts you need immediately! Used on a daily basis by all segments of the Industry — the O.I.D. is the Undisputed Source for Insurance professionals to make contact with companies quickly and easily.

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• Rehabilitation Services • Restoration Services • Lawyers / Dispute Resolution • Engineers / Accountants

Completely Updated for 2014– over 10,000 changes!

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• YBC is holding its 10th annual education and networking conference June 11-13; • YBC Team Leaders hold a café at the IBAO Convention, and do a heck of a lot of work behind the scenes to make the IBAO look great during all the chaos; • YBC members are highly engaged and respected in their communities and at the affiliate level; and • YBC is the voice of all future generations in the insurance industry. IBAO calls on our YBC Team Leaders from across the province to advocate for the broker channel at our annual Queen’s Park Awareness Day, where their elbow-rubbing with key political decision-makers would quite honestly make you proud. IBAO’s goal is to take these talented, passionate and forward-thinking young professionals and give them unbeatable education and networking opportunities that drive them to their maximum potential. Ask any YBCer about the council and they will confidently share the role it has played in their personal life and career.

Let us know

The coil bound O.I.D. contains: • Insurance Companies / Wholesalers • Brokers • Independent Adjusters • Appraisers

Ask any YBCer about the council and they will confidently share the role it has played in their personal life and career.

So you know that hard-working employee who is under 40? Yeah, we want them. We promise that we’ll return them, and know you’ll be pleased with the wealth of knowledge they’ll bring back to your brokerage and share with the rest of your employees. Principals, it is your job to invest in the future of the broker channel, so I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and help IBAO shape the future leaders of our industry. Send your young brokers my way! Need more info first? Call me at 416-488-7422, Ext. 108.


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EDUCATION UPDATE Lola Thake Director of Education IBAO

Investing In Young Professionals “What If we train our people and they leave?” “What if we don’t train our people, and they stay?” This popular quote has recently been abuzz on our social networks, and carries great significance for any business — especially in today’s economic environment. The right employee training, development and education provides big payoffs for any business: increased productivity, knowledge, loyalty and contribution. It seems simple — invest in your staff and they, in turn, will invest in your clients.

Where to start? A principal broker or manager likely has a good idea which employees have the appetite to further their knowledge, and

Our Recommended List of Courses for Young Professionals

(SEM), Content Strategy, and LinkedIn. • Keep Your Eye on the ROI: All customers are not created equal! This interactive workshop will help brokers understand that every conversation you have with your customer is an opportunity to retain, upsell and/or cross-sell. Using case studies as the foundation, this seminar will help participants develop successful strategies that increase your ROI while communicating with your customer in the most effective way. • Developing a Leadership Mindset: Boost your business by improving the leadership skills of high-performing employees. Participants in this program will learn to harness their natural talents through self-awareness and personal development. They will discover the powers of influence, and how they apply in the workplace. All successful professionals can attest to having at least one person who truly invested in them. Principals and managers, are you paying it forward?

• Attracting Quality Prospects through Online Presence: This hands-on course will help you understand the different components of Digital Marketing and how they should all work together to generate leads. Some topics covered include: Search Engine Marketing

Register someone from your team for one of IBAO’s quality education offerings, and start reaping the rewards of your investment today. Visit us at ibao. org/education for a full list of upcoming courses, seminars and webinars.

that is a great start! There are a number of ways principals and managers can decide which employees to send to us. Remember, most young professionals crave new information and knowledge, and IBAO has many great programs to satisfy their interests and needs. IBAO recognizes the ways in which insurance is changing. Technological innovations and advancements are challenging the broker business model, and these advancements can be directly linked to the changes in your customer’s expectations. It is for this reason that continuing education continues to be of such vital importance in the sustainability of your business, and the broker channel at large. We have developed several education programs to help equip brokers with the tools they need to successfully tackle both technological advancements, and changing consumer expectations.

BROKERS – looking for markets for your specialty, niche and non-standard risks? Find them in the Insurance Marketer! We’ve got you covered in the… Published annually in July by Canadian Underwriter magazine, the extremely popular Insurance Marketer is used daily by brokers across Canada. Both in-print and online at, the Insurance Marketer is The Source to assist you in finding a market for even the most unique risk!

06 March 2014 / THE ONTARIO BROKER

Published by:

PEOPLE MATTERS Darrell Keezer CEO Candybox Marketing

she would be interested in a job. Her response was priceless: “Sorry, I’m not looking for a job, but I’ll take you on as a client!” How embarrassing for this business trying to be “kid/Millennial friendly.”

They aren’t who you think they are

Why Millennials Don’t Work For You Having trouble attracting new talent? Finding Millennials frustrating because they are lazy, incompetent and never able to focus on a single task? If you feel this way about hiring 20-somethings, I have the answer to your problem.

Calling Millennials kids does not make Millennials feel good. Just like most Boomers do not like being called “old guys” — even though they are on the way to retirement — if not already.

They want purpose, not a job Millennials are certainly a new generation who act, think and live differently than their parents. From my experience, they strive for purpose above pay cheques, values above window desks, and relationships over positions. If you try to attract Millennials with a bit more money than their current job — or your corporate “brand” on their

resume — you may not get the response you want. If they can see through the job description and see a meaningless, pointless job, they are out of there. Are your hiring strategies taking their interests into account, or are they focused on things you believe Millennials want? Salary, title and commute time are not what Millennialfocused companies are coming out of the gate with. Take a look at how the job is being marketed, and ensure you are fulfilling the candidate’s purpose and passion, not title and salary expectations. Millennials are the future of every industry. Want to do business with this forwardthinking professional? Darrell Keezer is the CEO of Candybox Marketing — IBAO’s newest Affinity Partner. Give Darrell a call at 416-479-0177, Ext. 200 to discuss all of your digital needs.

They don’t like you If you share the perception noted above — that Millennials are lazy and terrible workers — you are one of many people who do. The problem with sharing this perspective, however, is that you bring it with you into every interview, every meeting, every opportunity with Millennials. But be aware. Millennials are one of the most marketed-to generations of all time — and they know a fake when they see one. I recently attended a social media conference where the vice president of a large tech firm talked about the company’s problems hiring “kids,” referring to Millennials. I had the opportunity to address him — and his audience — publicly about the issue by first introducing myself as a Millennial and telling him about my life situation. Yes, I am married. I own my house. I have four kids. I run a digital marketing agency. I am attending this $2K, two-day conference. And, no, “I’m not a ‘kid’.” Another Millennial — who also runs a successful social media business — also spoke up. The best part of the exchange was when he asked the young woman to e-mail him her credentials to see if

W rap U p Liability TIG (Totten Insurance Group) is a leading MGA provider of Wrap Up Liability with limits to $100MM. Designed for the full range of Construction Projects including a broad range of Civil Engineering Projects large and small, as well as owner and contractor controlled.


March 2014 / THE ONTARIO BROKER 07

Scott Sleightholm, IBAO’s Young Broker of the Year, loves a challenge. Scott regards the time and effort necessary to clear these hurdles as an investment in self that, ultimately, pays dividends. BY ANGELA STELMAKOWICH

COMPETITIVE EDGE Scott Sleightholm has plenty of plans — some relate to being an independent insurance broker; some do not. But all are meant to challenge and grow. “I want to embrace life and every opportunity that comes my way,” says Scott, a commercial lines account executive at Smith Petrie Carr & Scott Insurance Brokers Ltd. in Ottawa. “To me, the best way to overcome fear is to embrace it and tackle it head on.” Last year, IBAO’s Young Broker of the Year recipient — an honour that Scott says “was absolutely amazing, a great feeling” — did just that. A firm believer in the benefits of travel, being physically active and continual learning, Scott last year travelled to Peru and climbed Mount Machu Picchu. There have been other challenges to overcome, of course, including switching from personal lines (he set a personal high for the brokerage by writing more than $500,000 of personal lines business in 2012) to commercial lines. “I wanted to give myself a new challenge,” Scott says, admitting he had “no experience with commercial whatsoever.” But Scott suggests that the time, commitment and support needed to make the switch has been well worth it. “No two businesses are alike. They’re all unique in their own special

way, which I really enjoy. I love being able to connect with a business owner and really help them out and see that support face to face,” he notes. “People are becoming a lot more entrepreneurial these days, so there’s a lot more businesses popping up that need support, need help with insurance,” Scott says. “There’s definitely a huge growth opportunity aspect there.” And potential is always good. “I want to be stepping up my game one by one with new education, pushing my level to attract new clients, larger clients, larger companies, and building up my book of business,” he says. Ultimately, Scott says he would like to be a partner or be involved in ownership at some level within a brokerage.

Education’s many forms For now, Scott will continue to focus on educating himself, whether that education is through work or off-the-job experiences. Having both his RIBO and CAIB designations, he touts the value of education. Insurance — sometimes a convoluted, confusing industry with various jargon terms, conditions, inclusions and exclusions — is changing on a daily basis, Scott says.

EXPERTISE… CG&B offers a complete line of asset protection for your brokerage.

The Insurance Broker’s Insurance Broker™ 800.267.6670 •

We are the Professional Liability Program Administrator for IBAO and IBAN.

08 March 2014 / THE ONTARIO BROKER

Photography by Teckels Photo

“Education in everyday life is important to try to keep up with what’s going on, keep your mind active and keep you young,” he suggests. But in relation to insurance, “education really helps you to connect and to explain what is a very confusing thing to our end-consumers.” Completing those courses often requires the support of the brokerage and its management, Scott says, but adds that support can end up paying dividends. “On an individual basis, you gain that knowledge and that understanding to differentiate yourself in the industry,” he says, thereby gaining a competitive edge. “At the same time, that also helps to build up and expand on the brand and the image of the company that I work for.” Remaining competitive is critically important. “As probably any broker can attest, it’s an evolving industry,” Scott says. Consider, for example, the influence of online interactions and what promise that may hold for independent brokers. Scott was involved in the work done on Smith Petrie Carr & Scott Insurance Brokers’ website, efforts around which are ongoing to ensure the site remains current and relevant. As more people continue to migrate online — whether for information about insurance, to get a quote or to do research — a website must attract the consumer, provide that person with the resources he or she needs and guide the individual to then make contact via online or by phone, Scott suggests. A more educated consumer, he says, demands a more educated broker. “We’ve passed the times when someone’s calling up and they don’t know anything about insurance,” he relays. “Now we’re getting calls from people and they know what they’re talking about, they know what they need, they know what they want.”

To Scott’s mind, that makes broker education all the more important. “Having staff members who are educated and up to date with what’s going on in the industry really helps to build on that customer relationship and takes it to that whole new level,” he suggests. “And the longer the conversation goes on, the better the relationship is built,” Scott adds. Still, the broker channel faces some challenges, including attracting young people to the industry. Scott, who currently serves as director of the Ottawa Insurance Brokers Association, is looking to do his part by working with the Insurance Institute of Canada’s ambassador program. Ambassadors attend high school career study classes, post-secondary education nights, career fairs and adult learning events, among other events, to spread the word that — unlike what some may perceive — insurance is not boring and offers a place regardless of an individual’s particular area of interest. That has certainly been true for Scott. “In my opinion, one of the greatest roads to success is investing in yourself,” he says. In the end, the investment of time and commitment “sets you apart” and “really helps to build a successful career in the insurance industry,” he adds. “Life to me, it’s no fun sitting back and watching everyone else out there,” Scott says. Trying new things, embracing learning (whatever form that may take) and always challenging one’s self helps to build character, knowledge and interpersonal skills, he suggests. And being well-rounded, Scott emphasizes, has given him the means and confidence that he will find success “in being a broker and whatever the future holds for me.” March 2014 / THE ONTARIO BROKER 09

CONNECTING WITH YOUR CLIENTS Norah Black Marketing Coordinator IBAO

Hey Robot. It’s me — your customer. This is sometimes how I feel after I receive less than stellar customer service (and before I dump the provider for someone better.) Harsh? Maybe. But why don’t I deserve exactly what I’m looking for? It definitely exists, and I am willing to take the time to find it so that all the relationships in my life are great ones. Let me back up. What is stellar customer service, and

what exactly am I looking for? Thanks for asking! For me, it is efficient, friendly service that gets straight to the point. Whether that service is over the phone, when I walk into your business or after receiving your newsletter — which, if awesome, I’ll share with my network — I want to feel like you care about me and I want the interaction to reflect that. At the same time, I do not want to waste my time. If it is not helping to move things along, leave it out (unless, of course, it’s a joke, because jokes make my day). I know, I’m picky; I’m also your typical customer. And there are so many other typical customers out there. Take my dad, for instance. He is the customer who walks into your business, learns everything about you, including where you were born, how long you have worked at your brokerage and how you came into the

Introducing insBlogs



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insBlogs brings together commentary Insurance Blogs hosted Canadian Underwriter and insight from a by variety of individuals from throughout the property and casualty insurance industry.


Insurance Blogs hosted by Canadian Underwriter Insurance Blogs hosted by Canadian Underwriter

10 March 2014 / THE ONTARIO BROKER

industry. He genuinely cares about these fascinating details of your life, and really appreciates the time you take to share them with him. If you treated him too efficiently, he would feel rushed (and I love him for it). So how do you know who your customers are and what they are looking for? To start, show them you care. Ask them how they prefer communicating with you — whether that is by e-mail, getting a phone call or a text update, or meeting in person. Ask them whether or not they enjoy attending events, then make a point of inviting them to the next one in your calendar. Ask when their birthday is because you would like to send a card. Enter the date into your Broker Management System so it is never forgotten (and set up a reminder so the opportunity does not pass you by). Whether you are a customer relationship pro or need some guidance, we have a new tool to help you engage with your clients and build meaningful relationships. CONNECT is a suite of effective marketing tools that include custom materials and print newsletters — the popular Staying in Touch newsletter — and the exciting addition of e-mail newsletters. Choose between two options: for those wanting zero effort, the Full-Service Plan creates e-mail newsletters and manages everything for you; if you would prefer adding your personal flare, you can create and manage your own with the Self-Service Plan. The best part is there is lots of content to steal, and your options will continue to grow as new and relevant pieces are added for you to engage your customers. Watch our video, download our cheat sheet and sign up for CONNECT to engage your client base. We are even creating a new course offering to help you take it to the next level. So start things off at And if my dad strolls into your brokerage, make sure to share its full history and introduce him to everyone on the team (and tell him I say hello, of course).

OSAID UPDATE Monica Dale Director OSAID

Smart Choices Can Prevent Tragic Headlines Do you know of anyone who has been involved in an accident caused by impaired driving? Perhaps alcohol, drugs, distraction caused by texting, fatigue or excessive speed was part of the story? It is for precisely this reason the Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving (OSAID) organization was created, and continues to be an invaluable resource in the province today. For a number of years, IBAO has been a proud sponsor of OSAID, a youth-driven organization that has made a major contribution to safety on our roads for more than 25 years. The key to OSAID’s success is the simple fact that it is run by young volunteers who are still in high school, thereby allowing them to be completely and intimately connected to their target audience. OSAID provides engaging education and prevention programs that do not preach; rather, they promote the principles of making smart choices. Showing the often-tragic consequences of poor choices, and the impacts that these events have on family and friends, is part of the package. IBAO’s annual support helps OSAID reach 300,000-plus students annually through 400 chapters served by 5,000 amazing volunteers. School-based chapters are supported by adult and youth advisory councils across the province. The most exciting opportunity each year is the high-energy leadership development conference for students: the event provides a source of training,

networking and inspiration for all. The conference offers a broad spectrum of workshops and impactful speakers who, among other things, share the stories of those who have been affected by impaired driving. This provides everyone with motivation to make a positive difference. Over the past decade, 20,000 youth leaders have graduated through the OSAID program and now live, work and drive in every community in Ontario. Team leaders gain invaluable life skills, like self-awareness and networking, leadership, communication and presentation skills. Volunteers also take on public speaking assignments and are able to approach new situations with confidence, and grow further as a result. OSAID addresses an issue critical to all of us — safety on our roads — while developing future leaders who will make a lasting contribution to our communities.

The conference offers a spectrum of workshops and impactful speakers who share their stories of those who have been affected by impaired driving. I have had the opportunity to work with this group over the past couple of years, and I look forward to every minute of it. The enthusiasm and motivation of these students working to make a positive change in their communities is absolutely inspiring. So, as a broker, have you thought about how you can make a difference? You, too, can help prevent a tragic headline. Sponsor a student, donate or volunteer today! For more information, visit Our new website is coming May 2014!

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MEMBER SERVICES Don Purchase Business Development Manager Stage2Data

Old School, New School: Data Backup Old School Data Backup: Swapping out tape drives. Forgetting USB drives at home. Leaving backup media exposed to theft. Missing backups. Crossing fingers. New School Data Backup: Secure cloud solutions. Automated backups. Remote disaster recovery plans. 24/7 local support. Fully Compliant. Peace of mind. This is The Youth Issue, so there is no better time to challenge old school data backup thinking! Let’s face it. When it comes to securing your data, there are two choices: Go Old School or New School. In a nutshell, “old school” is manual backups and “new school” is automated, set and forget, off-site and secure. The evidence proves that secure cloud backup is the way to go.

Old and new What are the differences between old school and new school backup? • Old school relies on people. People

forget where their car keys are. Imagine how often they forget to swap out tapes or drives. • New school is 100% automated. Human forgetfulness is not part of the equation. • Old school often relies on tape. Tape has been proven to fail more than 50% of the time when it comes to restoring lost data. • New school relies on the cloud. It does not wear out, lose viability or get ruined when coffee spills on it. • New school ensures your brokerage meets compliance regulations while old school tape and USB backups can leave your brokerage vulnerable to audits and data loss. • Old school has full system backups that run on weekends. Data access is unavailable until the backup is complete. • New school has ongoing backups with performance and bandwidth control. Data access remains available and there is no downtime from backups.

Know the facts It is important for brokers to know the facts about cloud backup so that they can make the right decisions moving forward: • Fact: Secure cloud backup is the leading trend in small and medium businesses (SMBs) and is now the norm in many industries. • Fact: Secure cloud backup has proven itself over the last decade as the most economical, efficient and reliable way to ensure data recovery and business continuity.

Secure cloud backup has proven itself over the last decade as the most economical, efficient and reliable way to ensure data recovery and business continuity. Your broker deserves the very best. • Fact: With millions of businesses worldwide trusting the cloud, it is no longer billed as the New Kid on the Block technology. It is blue chip. Your brokerage deserves the very best, economical, automated and compliant solution for data backup. The cloud is it.

Pick a partner The next step is to choose a cloud solutions provider who understands the unique ins and outs of brokerage data security. Look for a provider who has proven experience with IBAO brokers, offers multiple secure data centres in Canada and promises a solid team of North American-based support and professional service engineers 24/7. But before class is dismissed, remember it is okay to go Old School when it comes to music, T-shirts and BBQing. Valuable data, however, deserves better. Find out about moving to cloud backup today. Do not wait until your data becomes lost or corrupted. Rest assured that when you choose the right cloud partner, you will save time, money and eliminate stress. I just know that you will feel comfortable, secure and safe at your New School right away. Time to graduate! IBAO is proud to present Stage2Data as its Affinity Partner for Cloud Solutions. Please log in to the members section at for more information, or visit and go to the IBAO tab. The password is IBAOSECURE.

12 March 2014 / THE ONTARIO BROKER

HR UPDATE Alex Gallacher Managing Director ENGAGE HR

Gen Y Reality Check Question: What did brokers participating in the Gougeon Emerging Risks Survey in September 2013 list as the number one risk facing our industry? Answer: Talent and skills shortage. Not surprisingly, the survey showed the number two risk was loss of customers. Here are a few facts to consider: • The Canadian workforce, in terms of the share of the working aged (15 to 64) in the total population, is declining and has been since 2008. There are simply fewer workers as a percentage of the total population. Figures from Statistics Canada tell the story. With the oldest members of the large Baby Boom generation now reaching retirement age, Canada is at a demographic tipping point. Going forward, this share is

expected to decline rapidly, returning close to its mid-1960s levels by 2030. • The insurance industry is not isolated from these shortages. In a Maclean’s article on the future of jobs in Canada, it was reported there are expected to be 28% more job vacancies in the insurance industry than actual qualified job-seekers by 2020. Six years from now, one in three jobs will not get filled by a qualified person. We are nice people. People should want to work with us, shouldn’t they? While most insurance brokerages have strong values, rich growth opportunities and a history of high retention rates, brokers must still make some effort to improve for the future. The reality is that most insurance brokerages are not making themselves attractive to potential employees. This must change — while there is still time. Brokerages need to rethink how they are going to meet the needs of workers both today and tomorrow, or face going without. This does not mean window dressing, Hawaiian shirt day or other superficial fads that everyone has seen before. This means involving your people in your business in a real, meaningful way that meets their needs, those of your customers, and, as such, yours.

Involving employees, particularly Gen Ys, means starting with “why”, moving to “how” and then addressing “what”. In order to create a strongly attractive employee value proposition, brokerages need to solve the drivers of employee engagement. The first step is deciding that you really, really want to change. From there, the rest is hard work, long-tail commitment and having the foresight to ask experienced support teams that surround the channel for their help. The right people are at your fingertips. Before implementing the human capital infrastructure to support the creation and ongoing maintenance of a highly attractive Gen Y employee value proposition, give us a call. Don’t wait — get ready for tomorrow, today. Your ability to attract qualified staff, especially getting the talented Gen Y cohort onboard, is essential to our collective future. Is your brokerage Beyond Best in Class? Sign up for IBAO’s BBiC education program. It is the brokerage makeover you have been looking for. Optimize your brokerage staff and brokerage operations — this program helps you get where you need to be. Cambridge, Ontario: May 6-8 or September 23-24.

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JUST AWESOME I Am Awesome (and I Know It) is a self-esteem and empowerment retreat for young women aged 10 to 14 in Northwestern Ontario. Its first-ever retreat was held in Nestor Falls this past September, attracting 19 young women (pictured above). As one of the Grand Prize Winners of the Aviva Community Fund, the retreat will expand next year to 75 young women who will, again, participate for free. Thanks to Carrie Shouldice of Gillons Insurance Brokers Ltd., a broker sponsor during the competition and a corporate sponsor for the retreat, who had the idea to enter the event into to the Aviva Community Fund Competition.

BMT Insurance Brokers and IBAO presented 80 blankets to Melissa Turcotte of the Timmins & District Victim Services on February 20, 2014 as part of the recent Awareness Day. Expressing thanks for the donation, Turcotte said that the blankets “will certainly be put to good use, and families in need of comfort and warmth will certainly appreciate them, too.” The blankets will be used in the care of victims of crime and tragic circumstances, such as domestic violence, sexual assault, break and enter, fires and car accidents. Left to right (rear): Diane Bergeron, vice-president of BMT Insurance; Cheryl Wojtus, personal lines manager for BMT Insurance; Joel Bergeron, president of BMT Insurance; and (front) Melissa Turcotte, program coordinator of Timmins & District Victim Services.

MEAT AND GREET The Annual Peterborough Insurance Brokers Association Curling Bonspiel took place on February 26. The tournament, which has been held in Omemee for more than 30 years, provides an opportunity for those who work at brokerages, companies, adjusting firms and restoration companies to have some fun, network and meet/meat. That’s right. The first place teams enjoy the winning taste of steak, while the last place or most improved team settles for hamburger.

The 10th Annual

Young Brokers Conference

June 11 - 13, 2014 | Niagara Falls

14 March 2014 / THE ONTARIO BROKER

Celebrating One Year of Ovation


Insurance as sophisticated as your high net worth clientele Your high net worth customers know time is a valuable commodity. That’s why Ovation from Aviva is committed to delivering fast, hassle-free claims service that preserves the lifestyles of your distinct customers – and drives your competitive advantage in the marketplace. We’d like to thank you – our broker partners – for embracing Ovation and delivering its innovative protection to your most valuable clientele. Ovation is coming soon to all provinces, and is now available in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Talk to your Account Executive to find out more.

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WHAT’S HAPPENING IN APRIL WEBINARS Commercial Umbrella Policy Date I April 10 Time I 9:30 – 11:45 a.m. Accreditation I 2 Technical Hours Fee I $125 (group rates available)

Crime Insurance Date I April 15 Time I 9:30 – 11:45 a.m. Accreditation I 2 Technical Hours Fee I $125 (group rates available)

Information on the use, needs and coverage available for umbrella and excess coverage. Discuss scenarios when options are recommended, the reasons for recommending them and any limitations involved. Examine reasons for choosing umbrella or excess insurance, and learn how it affects discussions with clients. Information on the use, needs and coverage available for commercial crime insurance. Discuss scenarios when options are recommended, the reasons for recommending them and any limitations involved. Examine reasons for choosing different types of crime insurance, and learn how it affects discussions with clients.

Managing Reactions to Change Date I April 17 Time I 9:30 - 11:45 a.m. Accreditation I 2 Technical Hours Fee I $125 (group rates available)

Learn to anticipate and manage people’s reactions to change, and get your team involved in the process. Learn to recognize team members’ ability to adapt, take reactions into account and promote communication, participation and training for transitions.

Managing Difficult Behaviours Date I April 22 Time I 9:30 – 11:45 a.m. Accreditation I 2 Technical Hours Fee I $125 (group rates available)

Social Media 101 Date I April 30 Time I 9:30 – 11:45 a.m. Accreditation I 2 Technical Hours Fee I $125 (group rates available)

Learn how to manage difficult behaviour and minimize conflict while improving working environments and team performance. Lay the groundwork for eliminating the discomfort and conflict created by difficult behaviour; identify the emergence of undesirable behaviour, take action to stop disruptive behaviour and clarify expectations to encourage harmonious relationships within the team. Interested in learning how social media has changed the business landscape? Need to set up social media hubs but not sure how to start? Learn how each of the three major networks (LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook) can help you develop new prospects online and engage current customers.

SEMINARS Errors & Omissions Loss Control Dates I April 22 (Toronto) I April 30 (North Bay) Times I 9:30 – 11:45 a.m. I 1:15 – 4:30 p.m. Fee I $125

In order to qualify for your firm’s Loss Control Credit, and in accordance with the attendance and position requirements, this seminar must be taken every three years if your firm has been claims-free for this period.


CAIB 2 Immersion Date I April 28 – May 2 I Exam May 7 Time I 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Location I IBAO Toronto Fee I $595 I $304 (Materials/Text)

Instructor-led, five-day intensive course consisting of hands-on exercises, practice exams and group discussions. The concise formats helps students prepare to write the final exam scheduled the week following the course in the exam location chosen.

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