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14 The 'Work' in Working Out

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FITNESS 16 Fitness Philosophies 18 Staying Active Through the Years

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30 What's in My Food? 31 Make Your Summer Sweet

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FINANCE 36 A Penny For Your Squats


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38 From Homebody to Gym Body

39 End the Stigma

53 SPOTLIGHT360: Meet Lily Prado

Former kindergarten teacher turned personal trainer runs for others while keeping healthy and continuing to inspire others.


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Editor's Note

strong and fit: from the inside out While on a trip to Las Vegas last year, I found myself sitting through Cirque du Soleil with a migraine. The kind of migraine that would send anyone straight to a dark and cold room and beg for relief until the cows come home. Instead, I swallowed all those nauseous feelings and joined my friends at In-N-Out burger. What I didn’t know until four days later at work, was that it was the beginning of 2 ½ weeks of being sick. And I mean super sick. The following Wednesday I left work early with the flu. I should have known better not to give a handshake test during flu season to 70 students at the University of Florida. I spent a week and a half in bed recovering. I felt better after that, except that every time I would cough I felt a horrible sharp pain on the left side of my stomach. After two days of that, I was convinced I had torn my stomach muscles apart while sneezing. However, one night the pain was so bad it felt almost like labor pains (those memories never truly go away!). I literally busted out my Lamaze breathing techniques and drifted off into the darkness of sleep. But, when I awoke I realized that I was quite sick. I could barely stand up straight and there were noticeable traces of blood in the toilet. Something was not right.

After talking with my dad, I found out that members of my family also have had bouts with it. Bummer! So, with some good ole antibiotics and lots of fluids I was on the mend. So, how do I feel today? Better! Much better! I am trying to keep my intestines Strong and Fit! It has been over a year and I haven’t had any more recurring symptoms or episodes, but it is always lingering in the back of my head. I try to eat fruits, veggies and drink lots of water and am vigilant about knowing the symptoms. Since one third of Americans suffer from this persistent little issue and we wanted to keep you all informed about Diverticulitis, we added it to our lineup this issue. Visit page 11 for “Dealing with Diverticulitis.” So, you’re welcome! I hope your intestines stay happy, strong and fit for years to come!

After an emergency trip to the doctor and a lot of painful poking, I didn’t have quite the diagnosis I had assumed. I had Diverticulitis. Come again? What? To be certain, I was sent for a STAT CT scan to confirm. And there it was. Little bulges of my intestines were infected. The cause? We aren’t quite sure. Maybe not enough fibrous veggies? To much meat?



Nicole Irving, Publisher, EIC



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Most people know that they must stay hydrated when outdoors or participating in any physical activity. Without the right amount of hydration, someone can become thirsty, fatigued, dizzy, experience a headache or start vomiting, and some may not know how much water they should be drinking to maintain proper hydration.

drink because they also have electrolytes, carbohydrates, sodium, potassium and amino acids.

Dr. Seth Smith, clinical associate professor for UF Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute, said there are two rules to live by: matching your fluid intake with your fluid loss and keeping your urine light yellow to clear in color.

Smith also warned people to not rely solely on the heat index to determine how hot it truly is outside. The heat index is typically taken in a shaded environment, he said.

“We use our thirst as a mechanism,” Dr. Smith added. Listen to your body. If you are thirsty, drink.


If you can, try to avoid being outside during the hottest part of the day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., but if that’s not possible, make sure you take a break every 30 minutes under shade or somewhere with air conditioning. Also, make sure you have free access to water. WELLNESS360 | JULY/AUGUST 2019

For most people, water will quench their thirst just fine. Doctors recommend at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. If you are exerting yourself for longer than an hour, Smith suggested they use a sports

“It can underestimate the heat experience they would be dealing with,” he added. Ultimately, every person has a different sweat rate depending on their circumstances or health conditions, Smith said. All should use common sense and do their best to stay hydrated when outside or working out.

80% of plastic bottles never

get recycled. Save the planet and drink from a reusable bottle.


Make sure to keep your weight close to its normal amount, not drinking too much water to make it increase drastically and not drinking too little to let it drop below normal, Smith said.

Some early signs of dehydration could also lead to more severe symptoms, such as heat stroke, which can decrease a person’s mental status, Smith said. There are two types of heat stroke: classic and exertion. Classic typically involves older people or those with underlying medical conditions that may prevent them from removing heat from their body. Exertion heat stroke occurs in athletes who are overexerting themselves and can’t sweat their heat off. This can affect their kidneys and liver and can also have significant changes in their mental behavior, he added.

“Water is appropriate for most people,” Smith added.

Health become serious and require immediate attention. Diverticulitis can range from a small abscess, to infection, to bowel perforation. As the diverticula become inflamed and irritated, the symptoms, such as severe pain, fever, nausea and loss of appetite, begin to worsen. Diverticulitis can be acute or chronic. Some individuals only experience a flare up here and there, and for some, the symptoms and pain never completely subside. If left untreated, diverticulitis can lead to scarring, fistulas and severe bleeding. The good news is that diverticulitis is largely preventable if caught in the early stages, according to Mayo Clinic. Unfortunately, since these conditions are not commonly known, many people find out when the diverticula are already inflamed.

Most individuals who develop the condition are


because there are

very few symptoms.

Dealing with Diverticulitis BY CAROLINE STROGIS

Diverticulitis is the infection and inflammation of small pouches or bulges, called diverticula, along the walls of the colon. Most commonly found in the sigmoid colon, the narrowest part of the large intestine, diverticula formation is increasingly common. The presence of diverticula is known as diverticulosis and is not well-known due to mild symptoms.

Diverticulosis is relatively benign, and most individuals who develop the condition are unaware because there are few symptoms,

most of which are painless. Individuals with diverticulosis experience symptoms such as gas, cramping, bloating or upset stomachs and frequently overlook the situation, attributing it to something they ate. Although diverticulosis is uncommon under the age of 40, according to Harvard Health, one third of Americans develop diverticulosis by the time they reach their 60’s and two thirds by the time they are 85. That’s a large number of people developing a condition many have never heard of. Awareness of diverticulosis is important, because progression to diverticulitis can

Often, individuals who find diverticulosis before it progresses are at the doctor for other reasons, such as getting a colonoscopy. According to Medline Plus, the recommended tests for diverticulosis diagnosis are an abdominal and pelvic CT scan, a colonoscopy or a lower GI series. The formation of diverticula is new to the United States and is very uncommon in developing countries. This is due to the primary cause being a poor diet lacking in dietary fiber. According to Harvard Health, diverticulosis and diverticulitis are “conditions of western civilization.” Other causes are an inactive lifestyle and high consumption of fat and red meat. Dietary fiber is most commonly praised for its ability to relieve constipation, and is found in fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. The American Heart Association recommends 25-30 grams of fiber in a healthy daily intake. Fiber draws water into the feces, preventing constipation and relieving stress on the colon. This is important in preventing diverticula because the pouches are created when the colon is forced to contract and work with extra force. This pressure on colon walls is worst at the narrowest point of the colon, the sigmoid where diverticula are most common. Prevention for diverticulosis includes an active lifestyle and a high-fiber diet. Not everyone who develops diverticulosis gets diverticulitis, but for those who do, treatment includes antibiotics for inflammation and often bowel rest with a liquid diet. WELLNESS360 | JULY/AUGUST 2019



Pushing through an injury can make the situation worse and may require surgery.

Muscle Soreness or Muscle Injury? BY TAYLOR MCLAMB

For those who are dedicated to the gym and live to exercise, waking up sore after an intense workout can evoke a sense of pride and accomplishment. If there’s no pain there’s no gain, right?

of the norm for you, there’s a chance it could be something more. “Usually with a muscle injury, there’s an event, there’s a thing that occurred, such as a pop or a snap that you may have experienced,” Walser said.

Matt Walser, a physician's assistant at the University of Florida and former associate head football athletic trainer for the Gator’s football team, said that this common locker room motto isn’t one to live by.

If you suspect you may have a muscle injury, there’s usually a cause and effect, such as running on the sidewalk and tripping over a curb. Walser describes a muscle injury as "sharp, knife-like, fire-poker pain," which is usually directed in one area and may contain swelling.

“If you have an injury and you push through the pain, most of the time it gets worse and sometimes it gets significantly worse, where you require surgery,” Walser said. Feeling sore seems to go hand-in-hand with working out, so it can be tricky to distinguish between regular muscle soreness and if you have something more serious going on, such as a muscle injury. It’s important to listen to your body. If you exercise regularly and you experience extended muscle pain that is out



Muscle soreness is usually something that is a slow onset. It’s normal for your muscles to feel achier on the second day after a workout than the first, or maybe even 48 hours afterwards, which is called delayed onset muscle soreness. While the tight sensation of sore muscles can be annoying, it does eventually go away. “If you had a hard workout, the soreness is usually at its worst around day two or three

and then it gets better after that,” said Walser. “But if you had continued muscle soreness, that’s a little bit of an issue. Muscle soreness that doesn’t go away is concerning.” If you do have a muscle injury, the recovery time depends on the individual and the injury they experienced. According to Walser, a muscle strain might take a week or two, while a more serious injury where you’ve pulled the muscle off the bone could require surgery and take months to fully heal. While you may be injured, there’s no reason to stash away your workout gear, there are other ways to break a sweat without hurting yourself more. “If you hurt an arm, you can use your other arm to lift weights, you can squat, do stuff with your legs or go on an exercise bicycle,” Walser said. “In all my years in sports medicine, I’ve never told people to stop working out because I think it’s important to continue to be active.” In order to help prevent muscle soreness or a muscle injury, it’s important to be realistic about our exercise regimen, be in sync with our body’s needs, stretch, drink lots of fluids and eat well-rounded, healthy meals. * Always see your doctor with any questions.




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The ‘Work’ in Working Out BY GEORGINA CHONG-YOU

When you first make the decision to begin a workout routine, the initial excitement of the thought of flat abs, protruding biceps and a well-maintained physique make you feel invincible. You commit 100% to doing the work. You are so committed that you hit the gym every day for the first week, only to find yourself sore, aching and tired the following week and lacking the results you thought you would see immediately. But, it’s still attainable with the right advice to help you get the most out of your workout routine.


“If you want your muscles to grow, you must give them some rest,” says Sherman Merricks, owner of Gainesville’s Dynasty Crossfit. Merricks enjoys the time he gets to spend in his gym building muscle, but he wants his clients to understand how important rest and nutrition are to getting the exciting results they craved when they first stepped into a gym. According to Men’s Journal, “A lack of proper recovery can lead to overtraining, otherwise known as under-recovery or overreaching. Exhaustion can ensue if the training stimulus is too high or too frequent. So, maxing on your bench every week is a big no-no! Worse yet, Overtraining Syndrome can develop if fatigue is not addressed, which can lead to a host of physiological and chemical changes.” Not only is rest after a workout important for your muscle growth, it is also important for your peace of mind. Exercising relieves stress in our minds, which is beneficial for optimal health. After a workout when our bodies are in recovery mode, resting our minds during recovery mode helps us to release the worries of the day and ease into a restful night’s sleep. This, in turn, will equip you to face the responsibilities you have for the next day.



What you put in your body is just as important, arguably more, as the exercises you do for your body. Exercising produces great results, but those results can only be measured alongside the foods you eat. Nutrition is paramount to an overall successful workout program. Alongside adequate rest/recovery after a workout, the foods you eat before and after a workout are paramount. Before a workout, Merricks recommends a plate of protein, carbs and fat about 90 minutes before intensely exercising. Then after a workout, he recommends eating protein and carbs only and no fat because the fat will deter the muscle-developing process. Although experts say there's no one meal that can be recommended as a pre workout meal, there are some suggestions like a grilled chicken sandwich or a slice of cheese pizza and plenty of water. After your workout, a hard-boiled egg, a glass of chocolate milk or a whey protein shake will solidify your workout and maximize muscle growth.

In the end, all the effort that you put into your exercise and workout routines comes from having a goal for better health. With the right combination of nutrition, rest and exercise, those goals are reachable!


Muscles are made outside of the gym after a workout, and not during a workout. Working your quads, hamstrings and abs by lifting weights is stressful on the body, even though it produces great rewards. Yet, the intensity of burn in your muscles after a workout is not where your muscles will be built.









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Fitness Philosophies: Changing Outlooks Through the Ages BY JULIE WALTER

Whether you are a fitness fanatic or you’re just managing to make it to the gym every once in a while, having a fitness philosophy can provide you with motivation on even the toughest days. Fitness philosophies are the reasons why we exercise; they are our thoughts and perceptions towards the importance of fitness. Most professional athletes have one. Serena Williams’ philosophy is that luck has nothing to do with success. She says that her success comes from the countless hours she spent training on the court. Everyone’s fitness philosophies are different and tend to change as we get older, adding in work schedules, families and other responsibilities. See how people of different age groups view the importance of fitness and how their fitness goals have changed over their lives.






Michael’s favorite ways to exercise are by running or working out in group settings. Growing up, he wasn’t very interested in fitness or sports, but then he found a love of running stadiums in his time off work. He is currently exercising at a local CrossFit center, B3 Gym. He recently was named one of the most consistent members and enjoys the diverse workouts in a community setting.

Each person has their own direction, for me, my goal is to continue improving. Each day I give my 100%, but I know that my 100% is different on any given day depending on what my body is telling me. Rick has been an avid runner for the last 40 years. He said he began running because it’s an activity that gives him energy, helps him get in shape and makes him feel and look good. Rick believes fitness is essential because it allows people to do all of the things they want to do in life in terms of vacations, work and maximizing their own lives as they grow older.

Kaileya is a senior at the University of Florida and did organized sports throughout her childhood. She said as a child participating in sports, working out was mindless, but as you get older, you have to be more intentional about the time you allocate to fitness. For Kaileya, creating a schedule has helped her stay motivated in the gym.

I work out to improve my self-confidence and stress management.

Denise said she is stronger right now than she has ever been in her entire life. She has been focusing on improving her general fitness through strength training, endurance and nutrition. She loves competition, and her favorite way to exercise is through ultimate frisbee. Seeing her progress and her abilities improve motivates Denise to keep exercising.

I focus on stamina, endurance and strength achieved through moderate strength work and running. Fitness for me is not only a physical quest but also a mental and spiritual one.



For me, it’s important just to stay active. The older I get, the harder it is, but I just try to find some time every day to get my heart rate going.

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Staying Active Through the Years

In the Gainesville area, there are several opportunities for involvement in competitive sports, from highly active to lower impact events. Options include adult softball, tennis, racquetball, pickleball, golf, swimming and basketball.


When thinking about competitive sports, you might picture professional athletes in high impact sports like football, basketball, soccer or baseball. These athletes are usually in peak physical condition and are rarely performing professionally past their mid-forties. Many older adults may think that their days of playing competitive sports are behind them, but in reality, there are many benefits to continuing on in athletic endeavors.

Billy Marcantel, Recreation Manager for Parks, Recreation and Cultural affairs in Gainesville says that while involvement in competitive sports provides the obvious benefits of improving participants’ physical and mental well-being leading to better health, one of the greatest benefits is community. While sports and recreation play a strong role in developing the psychomotor, cognitive and affective skills in children and adolescents, most adults have already developed these skills, and they engage in sports for health and social benefits. “I have seen several instances where individuals have either relocated or, for one reason or another, have lost or



been removed from their social groups,” said Marcantel. “In these cases, engaging in different team or even individual sports has given them an opportunity to be part of a new community which allows the participants to build new support groups.” He believes that when people have opportunities to stay actively engaged in something they enjoy, most other aspects of their lives will typically improve, as well. In the Gainesville area, there are several opportunities for involvement in competitive sports, from highly active to lower impact events. Options include adult softball, tennis, racquetball, pickleball, golf, swimming and basketball, just to name a few. “While the Recreation Division of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs only manages or operates a couple of these options, several of them are played or take place at our facilities,” Marcantel said. “USTA Florida assumed the role of the City's tennis provider this year, and they offer lessons, programming, and activities through the four courts they manage.” According to Marcantel, pickleball has also picked up a lot of momentum in the past couple of years, and is becoming an extremely popular sport across the state.

“Most weekday mornings you can find groups playing inside of the Martin Luther King Jr. Multi-Purpose Center, and they are extremely welcome to teaching any newcomers interested in learning about the sport,” he said. “One exciting opportunity for the future will be the Rotary Generational Playzone that has been designed and slotted for construction at Northside Park in Gainesville,” Marcantel said. “Through a combination of Wild Spaces and Public Places funding and a generous donation from the Rotary, we will be renovating the park to include several activities such as pickleball courts, bocce ball and petanque courts, new racquetball courts, and several different table top games.” Some areas of the disc golf course will also be seeing improvements with the new updates. “Seniors are fast becoming one of the larger groups of active sports and recreation participants, and I think it is an exciting time to be able to see new opportunities being provided for them here in Gainesville,” Marcantel said.


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Stop the Excuses! Start Now! BY CHRIS PREGONY

Time and money. Two things we often use to avoid exercise. In truth, they are just excuses. Things we tell ourselves because we aren’t willing to do what is necessary to get in shape. When people want something bad enough they find a way to make it happen. The drive must come from within. Saying you don’t have time is a lie to yourself. You can carve out 30 minutes of your day and dedicate it to your body. Lacking the funds to exercise? No such thing, you don’t need money to get a killer workout.

Body weight exercises are more than enough to get you in great shape. It takes time to go to a gym, I can’t argue that. Time to drive there, change, warm up, workout, cool down and drive home. A 30-minute workout can easily take 1-2 hours of your time. With body weight exercise routines, you can eliminate the excess time it takes to go to a gym, as well as the cost of a membership. Now that I have eliminated the two biggest excuses people come up with, let’s get



down to how you can use your body as a tool for exercise. Pushups, planks, pull ups, chin ups, squats, lunges just to name a few are fantastic. Not to mention, walking, jogging, running or sprinting. Combining these together can give you everything you need for a total body workout. You can do most of this at home or close to it. This maximizes the time you dedicate to exercise by eliminating the trip to the gym. I don’t want to diminish the value of a quality gym. Gyms represent a sacred place where we can go to give the body and mind what it needs. What I am saying is that not being able to go to one shouldn’t be the reason that you aren’t working out. For some people, the gym can be an intimidating place. In that case, working out with body weight exercises at home is a great way to get you to a place where you feel comfortable going to one. One of the best body weight centered disciplines is yoga. Entire routines require nothing but a mat. It can work just about every muscle in the body and videos are easy to come by.

The bottom line is that in a world of convenience our health is suffering, we must make a conscious effort to maintain adequate bodily function and exercise is the solution! You are your ultimate home gym!

SAMPLE 1: Pushups Squats Lunges Planks Jumping jacks

SAMPLE 2: Burpees Mountain climbers Crunches Jump squats 100M sprint

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How Do You Measure Strength? BY TED SPIKER

Strength—like beauty and perfect guac—is in the eye of the beholder. After all, one person’s strong is another person’s weak. Sure, there are universal standards for some medical categories (blood pressure, cholesterol, and the like), and those benchmarks serve as one data point that can reveal something about our overall health and risks. But strength? How do you measure the fortitude of a person? Strength—physical or mental—is relative to you and your ability to improve over time, not compared to anyone but yourself. With full understanding that strength means different things to different people and that my strength is different from your strength, isn’t it time to come up with some standardized testing? WHY YES IT IS.



YOU CAN... Do more pushups right now than you could this time last year Climb three flights of stairs without breathing hard Resist smashing the scale with a sledgehammer after stepping on it

Feel secure enough to go ahead and cry after watching one of those great Publix commercials that tugs at your heart Feel secure enough to go ahead and cry after ordering one of those great Pub Subs that tugs at your tongue

Order two tacos instead of three or eight

Hold a plank longer than it takes to watch one Instagram video

Avoid—despite a very compelling urge to do so—making insane Facebook posts

Get out of bed in fewer than four “snooze” taps

Avoid—despite a very compelling urge to do so—mocking insane Facebook posts

Show continued resilience and grit until the damn Wawa gets to Gainesville

Pour a true serving size of wine

Choose grilled over fried

Lift your dog/kid/bag of mulch bending at your knees, not at your back

Walk tall knowing that, no matter how far you have to go to get where you want, you will keep going




Ted Spiker (@ProfSpiker) is the chair of the University of Florida department of journalism, as well as a health and fitness writer. He is the author of DOWN SIZE, a book about the science and soul of weightloss and dieting.

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Style + Gear


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Strength doesn’t have to be limited to lifting as much weight as possible. Being strong can mean many different things, including having great physical and/or mental power. It’s a definition that differs for each person and is constantly evolving. You are stronger than you think, and it’s time to find out just how strong you can be!



2-4 times a week

Are you going to do cardio? yes

4+ times a week

Do you use protein supplements before working out? Protein what...?

Of course!

no Great start, but try adding a few more days to your routine!

Do you have a favorite piece of equipment? Try to add cardio in a few times a week.



Try one you haven't before!

How often do you use protein supplements? Whenever I feel like it.

Same time every day.




You’re new to this whole fitness thing, which means you’re in the perfect place to get on the right track. Check out our beginners’ guide to exercising at home to get started. Good luck, and go get your sweat on!

You’ve been working out for a while and definitely have gotten into a groove, but it might be time to take it to the next level. Protein powder could be the boost you’re looking for. Check out our protein powder guide to find one that’s right for you!

You’re the person in the gym everyone admires. You have a favorite locker and time to workout. But remember, there is always room for improvement. Mental strength is essential to completing all of your fitness goals. Check out our tips for strengthening your mind!


BODY LET'S GET PHYSICAL What if we told you purchasing a gym membership isn’t the only way to improve your fitness? Surprise! There’s a way to increase your strength from the comfort of your own home. At-home exercises can save you money, build F IT N E SS LI N G O : your confidence and get the results A se t is a gr ou p of you’ve dreamed of. Here are six re pe ti ti on s (r ep s) at-home total body movements . A re p is on e m ov to get you stronger...faster! em en t of an ex er ci se .

Complete three sets and 12 reps of each movement.


Tip: Make sure your knee doesn’t hit the ground and your hips are in one line.

TRICEP DIPS WITH A CHAIR Tip: Create a 90 degree angle with your arms.


Tip: Lie on your back and place your arms out to the side to stabilize yourself.

Yoga mat Water bottle

Tip: Squeeze your glutes at the top.


Tip: Keep the movement controlled and touch the floor on each side.


Tip: Make sure your chest goes all the way to the floor and your back and hips are aligned.


Simple Habit is a meditation app that is designed for people on the go with its five-minute meditations specific to your mood.


Towel Chair


STARTER KIT: Yoga pouf Simple Habit App Journal



Having a positive outlook on your fitness and health goals is key to having a stronger mind. Finding the positive in each day will keep you happier throughout the week. When a negative thought pops into your head, transform it into a loving and kind message to yourself. “I’m inadequate” becomes “I’m capable and accomplished.” Being around people who have a similar outlook on life is another great step towards positive thinking, their positivity will be contagious!



Reflection meditation is a crucial way to gain insight into our lives. During reflection meditation, a theme, question or topic of contemplation is chosen. Throughout a 10 to 20 minute period of silence, we must focus on the selected topic and guide our mind back when it begins to wander. Reflection meditation helps us focus our mind on a problem and gives us the space to develop creative solutions. Reflection meditation can also be done by writing about the chosen topic in a journal.

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present in where we are, what we are doing and not overreacting or becoming overwhelmed by our surroundings. Mindful meditation asks us to focus on our breath, forget our natural curiosity and interrupting thoughts and approach the experience with warmth and kindness to ourselves and others. When practicing mindful meditation, set an allotted time in a quiet, comfortable space. Make sure to observe the moment by feeling your breath and be kind to yourself when guiding your wandering mind back to the breath.




When you see the word "strong," the first part of your body that pops into your mind is probably muscles, but having a strong mind is just as important. Meditation is a common way to strengthen your mind because it involves having a healthy perspective, a perspective that often people have to work for. Similar to how it takes time for your muscles to get used to exercising, it takes time for your brain to get used to meditating.



Do you think that protein powder is just for bodybuilders? Well, think again. Protein powder can be used by anyone, and it’s best to choose a protein powder based on your fitness goals and dietary needs. Protein powder can originate from a variety of sources, so whether you’re lactose intolerant, vegan or have no dietary restrictions at all, there’s a protein powder that will work for you. CASEIN PROTEIN VERSUS WHEY PROTEIN

Whey and casein are the two proteins derived from cow’s milk. Casein makes up 80% of milk’s protein and is digested slowly. It is best to drink casein before bed to aid in muscle recovery while you sleep. Whey protein makes up 20% of milk’s protein and is digested quickly. Most athletes prefer whey protein because it gets to the muscles faster. However, it’s easier for the body to breakdown and absorb the protein from casein. So, while whey is preferred for gaining muscle because it digests faster, casein provides more overall protein to the muscles.


Naked Nutrition: Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder, 5lbs: $71.24




XTEND Pro Whey Isolate: Vanilla Ice Cream, 1.78lbs: $27.99


Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein Protein, 2lbs: $34.99

Orgain Organic Protein Plant Based Powder

TM, 2.03lbs: $29.99


Both pea protein and rice protein are ideal for people with specific dietary needs, including vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and hypoallergenic (you can still use it if these don’t apply to you!). Pea protein is made by ADDING PROTEIN POWDER TO extracting the protein found in yellow peas. YOUR DIET WON’T DO ANYTHING Studies have shown that the muscle-building IF YOU DON’T EXERCISE, TOO! powers of pea protein are similar to whey protein, according to Healthline. Pea protein powder can also decrease your risk of heart disease. Although rice is typically known for its amount of carbohydrates, it actually has a large percentage of vegan and gluten-free protein. It is made by treating brown rice to separate the carbohydrates and protein, creating high quality, 100% plant-based protein powder. Sometimes rice protein and pea protein are combined to supply you with the protein you would receive from eggs or dairy, but without the allergies or intestinal problems. * Always check with your doctor before adding supplements to your diet.

Nutrition farmed. Farmed salmon does not give you the benefits that you are craving when eating salmon. In regards to beef, she said look for antibiotic-free and hormone-free sources.

What's in My Food? The Dangers of Added Hormones BY JENNIFER JENSEN

While the food industry relies heavily on growth hormones to increase the growth of livestock and milk production, health professionals are urging people to be wary of these practices. While these added hormones increase the size and output of animals, they can have adverse effects when consumed by humans. According to Traci Pettigrew, acupuncture physician and owner of Gainesville Holistic Healthcare, using injections and implants in cows and genetically engineering salmon produces higher levels of growth and sex hormones in those animals. These added hormones found in beef and dairy products have been linked to higher rates of breast, prostate and other cancers, she added. “Additionally, sex hormones in dairy products are linked to early onset puberty in both males and females,” Pettigrew said. The most common hormones injected into cows, include synthetic estrogens and testosterone. Recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) increases the amount of milk dairy cows produce. The best way to rid yourself of these hormones and their possible side effects is to cut out dairy altogether, but Pettigrew said that isn’t always the easiest route.



“If you can't give up dairy, go with organic hormone-free sources,” she added. She said to stay away from fat free or low-fat dairy products because they typically contain chemical additives and remove healthy fats — the one benefit — from the product. Additionally, dairy products can create inflammation in the body, which is another good reason to cut back or eliminate them altogether, Pettigrew said. Hormone-treated meat has long been suspected of contributing to early puberty in children, but has not been proven. Experts say it’s hard to study the effects of these hormones because they are already naturally present in our bodies and our food, and the effects could be subtle and take years to show up. Besides dairy, Pettigrew said people should try and buy wild-caught salmon rather than

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USDA), recent scientific research has demonstrated that the use of antibiotics in food-producing animals, which leads to antibiotic resistance, does impact human health. Animals raised on organic-farms are given no antibiotics or growth hormones, must be fed organic feed and be given access to the outside. Farmers can use vaccines on the animals, however, when antibiotics must be used to treat an animal, that animal must be clearly identified and can no longer be sold as “organic.” The USDA said avoiding the use of antibiotics helps prevent antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which is best for human health in the long run. The European Union (EU) has banned all use of hormones in beef, and Japan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have banned rBGH. According to a paper published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, during the last couple of years, there has been evidence that certain hormones in dairy products, such as estrogens and insulin-like growth factor-1, have initiated or caused breast, prostate and endometrial tumors.

Added hormones found in beef and dairy products have been linked to higher rates of breast, prostate and other cancers.

Special concern should be paid to the effects of these hormones, which may occur during certain and sensitive time points, including perinatal and pubertal periods, the paper continued. Needless to say, there are dangers with ingesting these hormones in large amounts, but more research must be done to determine its impact on overall human health.


Make Your Summer Sweet with

Blackberries BY MORGAN HILL

Berries are a beloved summer treat, but have you been giving each type a fair chance? From smoothies to salads, blackberries ripen just in time to be an essential item on your grocery list this summer. This juicy fruit is low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals that will keep your body healthy all summer long. In just one cup of blackberries, you receive 42 mg of calcium and 7.6 grams of fiber, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Calcium keeps your bones and teeth strong, and fiber is critical for good digestive health. Both calcium and fiber boost your immune system, keeping you healthy for your summer adventures. Blackberries are an extremely versatile fruit and can be mixed into yogurt, frozen or baked into a pie, muffins or a blackberry cobbler. Get your kids active in the kitchen by making jam for their sandwiches, too! For an adults-only treat, try blackberry-rosĂŠ ice pops after a long day at the beach. The shinier and more plump the blackberry looks, the fresher it is. Blackberries are also rich in antioxidants and magnesium, essential for healthy brain function, according to the book Nutrition and You. Xylitol, a low-calorie sugar substitute, is also found in blackberries and helps regulate blood sugar levels. Pick up some blackberries at your local neighborhood farmers market or grocery store.




On the Menu:


Sit down to a plate of delicious zucchini pancakes with bacon and chives for breakfast; an appetizing turkey cobb salad for lunch; and a hearty plate for dinner made up of apple cider pork roast with honey maple glazed carrots. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? This is a normal meal plan for a cave man cuisine. You may notice, however, that there are some other food groups that are missing.

The days of the hunter-gatherers or cave men were vastly different than they are now in many ways, especially when it comes to food. Nowadays, we do not have to hunt for our food, so our plates do not look as they did during the times of our prehistoric ancestors. Yet, this meal plan made up of wild fruits and vegetables and animal-based fat and protein is the ideal fuel that humans need. So what exactly does it mean to eat like a cave man? Well, there are some do's and don’ts. The idea is not to exactly replicate what actual cave men ate, but to come very close. Our prehistoric ancestors regularly ate high-protein, high-fiber meals. This method of eating kept them lean without causing a significant loss of calories. The foundation of a cave man meal is meat, seafood, starchy vegetables, fruit, nuts (no peanuts), seeds and water. The food our ancestors ate during cave man days comprised whatever was easily accessible or able to be hunted. No wheat, corn or grain is incorporated into the cave man cuisine. In fact, cave men had no access to these types of food, therefore they only ate what was available on the land. Normal carbohydrates that we think of like bread, pasta or rice are replaced with



healthy carbs like fruit when eating like a caveman. There are other no-no's on the list for the cave man cuisine. Items such as dairy, refined sugar, potatoes, salt and refined vegetable oils, such as canola should not be consumed. Eating like a cave man is strict and adheres to a rule of not consuming any grains or processed foods—just as these foods were not available to the men and women of this time. Yet, the health benefits it produces are none to argue with. According to the Mayo Clinic, enough tests have not been conducted to determine the long-term risks of eating meals packed with lots of protein, fruits and vegetables, but not a lot of grains or legumes that contain the fiber our bodies need. There may be a variety of reasons why someone would want to subscribe to the meal plan of their prehistoric ancestors. Some may choose it because of a desire to lose weight. Others may choose it for health reasons because they have been warned of a predisposition to diabetes, heart disease, cancer or other health problems. Whatever the reason, paying close attention to the types of food we are ingesting may be an effective way to ensure a healthy and long life…perhaps long enough to still be talking about the foods of our prehistoric ancestors.

DO EAT Meat Fish Eggs Vegetables Healthy fats/oils Seeds Herbs Spices Nuts

DON'T EAT Refined Sugars Grains Legumes Dairy Trans Fats Artificial Sweeteners Highly processed foods - HEALTHLINE.COM * Always check with your doctor before trying a new diet.

(352) 380-0901 3545 SW 34th Street Gainesville, FL 32608 WELLNESS360 | JULY/AUGUST 2019



SUPERFOODS & WHERE TO START A popular buzzword when it comes to nutrition is superfood. Superfoods are known for the numerous nutrients and health benefits they provide. All fruits and vegetables have their place in a well-rounded diet. However, if you don’t know where to start with adding fruits and vegetables into your diet, these popular produce picks are famous for their extra benefits:


are packed full of calcium, iron, magnesium, folate, zinc, vitamin C and fiber. Numerous studies have shown their ability to reduce the risk of chronic illness, and darker leafy greens are also highly antiinflammatory.

The Fruits of Your Labor: Get the Most Out of Your Diet BY JENNIFER JENSEN

When it comes to health and getting in shape, nutrition takes priority. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain or overall health, your lifestyle and training regimen are nothing without a solid diet to back them up.

Micronutrients and macronutrients are an important part of keeping our body running optimally and reaching our fitness goals. Micronutrients are those we need in smaller amounts, our daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Macronutrients are nutrients we need in larger amounts, our fats, carbohydrates, protein and fiber. Fruits and vegetables are a great source of carbohydrates and fiber. They are full of micronutrients as well. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is a great way to prevent nutrient deficiency. The fiber in fruits



and vegetables aids in digestion and helps keep you feeling fuller, longer. The nutrients found in fruits and veggies have numerous benefits, including protecting against certain types of cancer and reducing the risk of heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Fruits and vegetables are also a great tool in any weight loss goal. The fiber found in whole fruits and vegetables keeps you satisfied longer than processed foods that digest more quickly. Fruits and vegetables are a lower calorie option as well, meaning they can be eaten in a greater volume with less damage to your total daily intake. The American Heart Association recommends four servings of fruit and five servings of vegetables per day, based on the average healthy individual and a 2,000-calorie intake.

BERRIES, such as blackberries,

blueberries and raspberries, are known for being a great source of antioxidants. This antioxidant capacity is linked with a reduced risk of cancer and heart disease.

AVOCADOS are a great source of

healthy fats. Monounsaturated fats are an important part of the diet for reducing inflammation and risk of metabolic syndrome. Fat also helps the body absorb nutrients, so healthy fats like avocado are great to eat along with other fruits and vegetables to get the most benefit.

When it comes to eating your servings of fruits and vegetables, the most important thing is to get the proper amount. How you eat them, however, can affect their health benefits. For example, whole fruits have more nutrients and fiber than if you were to juice them. Juicing fruits and vegetables takes away the fiber and nutrients from the skin and pulp and leaves a lot of sugar. The best way to eat fruits and vegetables is raw, but other forms of cooking like steaming or grilling can add taste and make it easier to get enough servings in the day.

Lubee Bat Conservancy PRESENTS


Love our bats WATCH THEM LIVE

24 / 7 / 365!


Love Our Bats is a national campaign designed to raise awareness and promote action for bat species locally and globally. Through our partnership with, Lubee will introduce individuals around the world to our beautiful bats via cameras placed in their habitats. We believe that direct observation of the bats playing, socializing and raising their young will be an endearing way to delve into the lives of these gentle yet misunderstood mammals.

GUM GRAFTING. Instead, the entire procedure is done through one or more small pinholes made in the gum in a process that takes just minutes. The pinhole quickly heals and most patients report little or no pain and experience virtually no downtime. Gary I. Altschuler, DMD BOARD CERTIFIED PERIODONTIST


1309 NW 192nd Ave. Gainesville, FL 32609

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A Penny For Your Squats BY APRIL TISHER

Physical fitness and working out is a different journey for just about everyone. We all know it is important, but some are more excited about it than others. For many it is a part of their everyday life; they enjoy it and need it. For others, it seems like torture and finding motivation is very hard. Still, others fall somewhere in between. Figuring out what motivates you is key and the truth is that money can be a great motivational tool! But, are people really motivated to workout for cash?

Dr. Neel Choksi, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine in Cardiology Studies and the Medical Director of the Penn Sports Cardiology and Fitness Program said the answer is “Yes.” His 2018 study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that participants wearing fitness trackers paired with a “little cold, hard cash" might give people that push to start a regular exercise routine. The trial involved 105 subjects wearing step trackers for 24 weeks. Payments were given and taken away based on whether their daily step goals were reached or not. One group (the control) was not offered money for reaching their step goals, the other group was. Over the six month trial, the group that received money totaled about 100 more miles on average than the group that received no financial rewards. The researchers found that the combination of financial rewards with personalized goal setting was effective. Interestingly enough, the group that was offered financial incentives still averaged more steps per day even when the rewards were taken away over those who were never offered the cash.

Many insurance companies have caught on as well, United Health Care and Cigna offer financial incentives, or “healthy rewards” to their customers who meet certain criteria; such as getting their annual well check, mammogram, taking part in their healthy weight programs, having annual lab work, being a non-smoker, etc. These values add up in your personal health account and can often reduce your out of pocket expenses or can be redeemed for gift cards.

Many workplaces are also joining in the fun. Employees at UF Health can earn accolades for fitness in their walking challenge. Teams from different departments at the University of Florida keep track of their daily steps and compete against each other. The winning teams have their name added to a trophy and of course earn major bragging rights on campus. “It motivates me to get my steps in because I’m accountable to my co-workers,” said Susan Barefoot, an RN with UF Women’s Health. “We were the winners last fall and Team Ova-Achievers wants to keep the trophy!”

COLD HARD CASH is an enticing offer for many, but it doesn’t have to be just cash. Any incentives can improve one’s desire to get up and go! The most important thing is to find what works for you and get moving!



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The latest TRX Suspension Trainer uses only your body weight and is ideal for home workouts or road trips! Included with purchase is premium access to the TRX app.

From Homebody to Gym Body! BY NICOLE IRVING


The Bowflex® SelectTech® 552 Dumbbell set is perfect for the home gym. This compact strength training system replaces 15 sets of weights and allows you to adjust them between 5 to 52.5 lbs.


TRX Slam Balls are perfect for all fitness levels and can be easily stored in your home gym. With its rugged, textured grip and ultra durable rubber shell, the TRX Slam Ball shell absorbs impacts easily and is bounce resistant.


The GoFit UltraFin Core Massage Roller can help improve blood circulation throughout your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Perfect for muscle massage and stretching before or after workouts.


Plus $39/mo subscription to stream unlimited live and on-demand workouts! The Mirror is the perfect home partner for your daily workouts. Participate in classes, exercise with friends or alone and get personal shout outs to keep you motivated with the Mirror's sophisticated workout system.



Creating your own workout space at home can take the pressure off finding extra time in the day to get to the gym or that spinning class. Roll out of bed and get the blood flowing with these sleek and space saving options in the comfort of your home gym.


End the Stigma: Why Mental Health Matters BY TRACY WRIGHT

I suffer from anxiety. Much like a physical condition, it is something I grapple with every day. Sometimes I can pinpoint the exact reason for my anxiety, but more often than that, it comes at me without specific cause or reason. Looking back over my life, I realize I have always suffered from it on some level, but the birth of my first child is what really kick started it in my adulthood. At the time, I thought I was suffering from postpartum depression, but it was most likely postpartum anxiety. I sought help at my six-week checkup, but I stopped the medication once I felt better and got more sleep.


After enduring an extremely stressful set of years and a toxic workplace at my previous job, my anxiety once again came back in full force. This time, it was here to stay. I knew I needed more than just a brief respite of medication. So now, I see a therapist, take medication and incorporate breathing, meditation and prayer to deal with my anxiety. According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI), one in five Americans experience mental health issues equaling more than 40 million adults a year. The stigma behind poor mental health has held many people back from seeking needed help. Why is there such a stigma? Many people believe that if they admit to having issues with mental health, they label themselves as crazy, unstable or weak. Mental health conditions are often blamed on poor life choices or an individual fault. The Mayo Clinic encourages people to acknowledge their condition without shame. “Others' judgments almost always stem from a lack of understanding rather than information based on facts. Learning to accept your condition and recognize what you need to do to treat it, seeking support and helping educate others can make a big difference.” In addition, there has often been a disconnect between traditional health care and mental health care. Many health insurance carriers see mental health as outside of typical coverage, thereby making affordable mental health out of reach for many.

Mental health is important because it’s a vital part of people’s lives and impacts thoughts, behaviors and emotions. Having positive mental health can promote a productive and nourishing life. It makes people more successful at work, school or home. Good mental health gives people strength in their relationships and can help us cope with adversity. When people struggle with their mental health, physical health is also affected. Depression can cause severe exhaustion, and anxiety raises heart rate and blood pressure. Mental health disorders often lead to people paying less attention to their own general wellness. Without help, many people suffering with mental health conditions also may turn to drugs, alcohol or dangerous behaviors as a coping mechanism. If you begin to see your mental health decline, start with at-home behaviors that can make a difference—a nutritious diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep can do wonders to improving mental health. Taking time for a break and talking to individuals in your life can also help. Learning more about mental health from trusted online resources like Psychology Today (, National Institute of Mental Health ( and Anxiety and Depression Association of America ( If this doesn’t do enough, it may be time to reach out for help. You can talk to your primary care doctor who can refer you to a mental health professional in your area or pursue virtual psychological assistance where you can speak to a psychologist online or via phone. Consider friends, family or clergy as a source of referrals, and be open to selecting among several providers to find the best fit. Once you have made an appointment, go to your first visit prepared to discuss your mental health and how it relates to your life. The therapist will want to know about your life and your mental health problems. This information will help the therapist to assess your situation and develop a plan for treatment. A plan may include medication to deal with symptoms and recommendations for ways to cope with your condition. Therapists may also have recommendations for alternative or herbal medicine that can be beneficial. Peer support can be an important complement to therapy. Support groups are designed to bring together people with similar mental health conditions. Typically, your local community will also have other types of peer supports, including drop-in centers and training courses in wellness and recovery. “If you or a loved one is experiencing mental illness, the best thing you can do is get treatment now. Not tomorrow, not next week, but now,” said Mary Giliberti, the CEO of NAMI.

LOCAL RESOURCES FOR MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT For support groups, crisis assistance and local training programs:

The Alachua County Crisis Center:

UF Department of Psychiatry Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic:

Free Therapy Night hosted by UF HealthStreet: CSS/CrisisCenter.aspx 352-264-6789

Springhill Clinic location: 4037 NW 86 Terrace, Gainesville 352-265-4357

2401 SE Archer Road 352-325-1775



Ask the Expert

Ask the Pilates Instructor BY MAGGIE KATHRYN DILL

I started in this industry at the age of 18 on an island in south Florida. I was a live-in nanny at the time and knew I had to find a job fast. I was extremely lucky to have exceptional mentors who took me in and helped me become certified in Pilates. It was my first job outside of being a nanny and I absolutely fell in love with helping people live a healthier lifestyle. I lost my father to ALS (or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease), therefore I enjoyed being a part of preventative care. Anatomy really interested me, and learning about how to help people with either a medical issue or a sports injury kept me excited about this career. I’ve been able to travel with this job and live in some beautiful places. After a knee injury in Telluride, Colorado, it brought me back to Florida where I currently teach Pilates at Gainesville Health & Fitness.

What exactly is Pilates?

Pilates, to me, is a form of exercise that anyone can do! It focuses on alignment and learning how to use your muscular system properly.

„ What would you say to someone to get them started in Pilates?

I would recommend a private lesson first to fully understand the equipment and have an expert’s set of eyes on you. It’s a form of exercise that uses both your body and mind. There are a lot of new things to learn when you start doing Pilates, and like all new things, you have to learn the basics first in order to give it an honest try.

„ I am not very flexible, is Pilates still a good option for me?

That’s exactly why you should do Pilates! The Pilates equipment was specifically made for people wanting to increase their flexibility, who needed more assistance. If you’ve had a muscular tear, trouble reaching your toes or limited range of motion in any joint of your body, you are perfect for Pilates!

„ Can I do Pilates at home if I can’t get to the gym?

Mat Pilates is an excellent on-the-go form of exercise if you have a hectic schedule. Scheduling a private session with an instructor helps to create a routine that you can take anywhere. There is also a Netflix-like website for Pilates called PilatesAnytime that has tons of videos to choose from!



„ My 13-year-old daughter wants to get involved with Pilates, is that something that would be beneficial for her?

to achieve weight loss to incorporate cardio before or after their session while they are still learning about Pilates.

It is. I firmly believe understanding posture and learning how your muscular system functions are the best things you can do for that age. I can’t tell you how many times I hear in a week from women and men asking “Why isn’t this taught in public schools?” or “I wish I would’ve started this so much sooner.” It’s also a much safer form of fitness for developing bodies. However, you have to be cautious not to overload the joints at a young age because they are still developing. Another reason is that it creates body positivity. Instead of using exercise as a form of punishment, it promotes exercise as a form of learning and excitement.

„ I have horrible balance. Will I benefit from doing Pilates?

„ Is Pilates good for burning calories or muscle building?

„ Can you do Pilates in addition to other workouts?

There is a piece of Pilates equipment called the jump board that is a cardiovascular workout. However, Pilates primarily promotes strength and flexibility. To achieve a cardio workout in Pilates you really have to know what you’re doing and be in the right class (jumpboard or a barre class for example) or with the right private instructor. I recommend beginner clients who are trying

Again, that’s why you should do Pilates! It depends where you’re at in your overall fitness level to determine how you should approach your exact Pilates regimen, but work on it. That’s the only way for your balance to improve.

„ How often should you do Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise that doesn’t require a significant amount of recovery time due to not pushing the muscles to the point of breaking down the muscle tissue. Pilates focuses more on long lean muscles versus bulking on muscle mass. You can do Pilates up to six times per week. However, I recommend giving yourself a small goal of twice a week and add on additional days when you are ready.

If you look at the media of Pilates lately, you’ll see a multitude of professional athletes, Olympic athletes and college athletes taking advantage of the Pilates equipment to use it as a form of cross training. It can be used as a form of recovery for any other sport/training you may be doing.



Achieve balance in your life and health



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Embarking on the adventure of living a strong and fit lifestyle is different for anyone seeking it. Mental strength, physical strength, fitness levels‌the goals for each are as vast as the paths that take you there. For Jade Hale, Mariela Mason and Kevin Lancer, their own personal determination, goals and inner fight has focused their pathway to living a strong and fit lifestyle. WELLNESS360 | JULY/AUGUST 2019




JADE HALE One must have a strong and healthy mentality (especially in bodybuilding) and be willing to put in the work, time and sacrifice to reach ones physical goals. -JADE HALE

For 26-year-old Gainesville native Jade Hale, being strong and fit goes beyond just working out and lifting weights. “It is a mindset,” according to the professional natural body builder. Hale, who started training for her first bodybuilding competition in June of 2017, has propelled herself from beginner to award winner in no time. Recently she has won first place open at NPC Paradise Coast; first place novice NPC Paradise Coast; Novice Overall at NPC Paradise Coast; first place open and overall Bikini Champ at NPC Ocala Cup Classic; first place open and Overall Bikini Champ OCB Georgia Natural (pro card awarded); and first place open and Overall Bikini Champ at NPC Southeastern USAs. She’s currently training and preparing for her OCB Bikini Pro debut and believes that to be strong and fit, “one must have a strong and healthy mentality (especially in bodybuilding) and be willing to put in the work, time and sacrifice to reach ones physical goals.” Her launch into living her strong and fit lifestyle was elevated when she met her coaches, Torye and Nick Seidler. “They believed in my potential and taught me how to love myself and my body at every stage. I believe that is extremely important,” according to Hale “You have to be your biggest cheerleader sometimes.” Today, Hale says her lifestyle is a bit more intense as she is in training mode for her third bodybuilding competition of the season. What does an average day of training look like for Hale? Hale says her day consists of, “cardio, stretching, posing practice, weight training, eating 5-to 6-meals a day and measuring my water intake.” In addition, Hale says that she has weekly check-ins with her coaches at Seidler Fitness; does her grocery shopping and meal prepping; and takes time for self-care.





Originally from Venezuela, Mariela Mason always had a love for the outdoors and living an active lifestyle. With her dog Kush by her side, she would walk 10 miles a day, kayak, garden and do yoga. However, after a tragic motorcycle accident on April 13, 2018, Mason lost her left leg. Her world was changed forever, but she’s learned to adapt. Today, Mason thrives on her positivity, faith and her continued love of the outdoors to keep her spirit and body strong and fit.

MARIELA MASON After a life changing accident, Mariela Mason made the decision to continue living her life to the fullest one step at a time. She now challenges herself and others to live life strong and fit.

The day she lost her leg, it was a day like any other. Mason was on her usual commute to work at UF Health Shands. She remembers even waving to her then boyfriend, a school bus driver, as she passed him while driving. At the intersection of Williston and Oak Hammock, a car coming from the opposite direction decided to make a U-turn in front of her. The car came right for her. Mason said she saw the imminent accident happen in slow motion and had to make a quick decision. “I thought... go A: to the left or B: to the right,” she said. But, there was no room left. Mason tried to slide into the bike lane, but the car was trying to get around the traffic and was moving too fast. “He hit me directly on my leg.” The collision tragically left Mason an amputee before she could even get off the ground. “When I turned to my left, I saw my leg over there,” she said. “I said ‘God, please, I don’t want to die.’” Thanks to the swift action of her boyfriend, a former EMT, who came up behind her in the bus, along with her medical team and her faith, Mason is on her way to recovery. During her time in the hospital she would say, “I am not going to be in this bed and feel depressed. God let me live, and I am going to keep going.” Today she is a member of Gator Amp, has been invited to Sports Ability in Tallahassee and has challenged herself physically and mentally to continue to be strong. Her current prosthetic leg allows her to do some activities, but she is awaiting a new one with more movement in the knee. Until then, she challenges herself with walking short distances and kayaking -- her true love. Above all, she stays positive, encourages others and gives back. This year, on the anniversary of her accident, she had the opportunity to go rock climbing. Unafraid, Mason looked at the obstacle and decided to conquer it. She started climbing with her prosthetic leg, pulling herself up, refusing to let anyone help her achieve her goal. “I turned around and there were a lot of people around and [my] heart feels like wow… I can do it!” Mason said. And she did. WELLNESS360 | JULY/AUGUST 2019



KEVIN LANCER Kevin Lancer holds many titles. He is a Clinical Psychologist focusing on PTSD and Chronic Pain For Malcom Randall Medical Center and an Aeromedical Psychologist for the US Army/Florida National Guard. Living a strong and fit lifestyle allows him to live his best life. According to Lancer, it means “quality of life to match my quantity, and I get to enjoy the company of my beloved wife and sons, immediate and extended family.”

The catalyst for living a strong and fit lifestyle, in Lancer’s words: “I always loved sports; there was a strong family tradition of baseball, and I grew up playing that. Moving to the West Coast at 10, I started to explore more aquatic sports, like swimming, body surfing, and surfing, along with the more typical high school fare of football and weightlifting. Over time, with experience and education, I became fascinate with the apparent parameters of human performance and began to realize they weren’t what I had been led to believe. That curiosity increased and became motivation to begin exploring that idea from a personal point of view. I started studying martial arts and was very fortunate to work with multiple talented teachers. One suggested I study dance if I wanted to continue progressing in movement disciplines. I ended up finding an excellent Tai Chi teacher, and began to take dance classes, too, starting with modern dance, then adding ballet and jazz. I ended up getting a scholarship to San Diego Ballet, then received a scholarship offer to United States International University, which had a performing arts program. After graduation, I accepted a position with a dance company and performed in Japan. After my return, I continued dancing for 15 years in the US and Mexico, earning my union card and appearing on stage over 2,000 times. I was hired to coach elite level synchronized swimmers, working on some of the more refined aspects of body mechanics and positioning. I met my wife among those swimmers and remained as a consultant with the US team at the 1996 Olympics. Following the Olympics, I resumed my work in psychology and parameters of human performance. I attempted to use myself as an experiment of 1, applying various sports psychology techniques to my physical pursuits. With my background in aquatic sports and running, and having done multiple sports over the years, the emerging sport of triathlon held a fascination for me. Its been 28 years since I participated in my first triathlon, and I still love doing them. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that the variety of sports suits my aging body better than the repetition on just one. I don’t know how many races I’ve donemore than 100 and less than a thousand would be a good guess. Sprints, Olympic distance races, half Ironmans, and finished ten Ironmans so far. The routine keeps me fit, I continue to have the opportunity to test my limits, I have the physiology of a fit person 25 years less than my actual age, and I am able to enjoy active recreation with my sons and wife. Additionally, I still serve in the Army, and deployed to Kuwait and Iraq in 2016-17."


Puzzles for Healthy Minds BY APRIL TISHER

Growing up, my Granny always loved doing the crossword puzzles in the daily paper. She used to say it kept her mind sharp. She was usually right and this is likely no exception. These types of brain teasers are still popular today, both in print and electronically. Many believe that they are important for brain development and in keeping the mind healthy. According to The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, crossword puzzles are the most popular and widespread word game in the world. Originally appearing in England during the 19th century, they were printed in children’s books and magazines. The U.S. made them popular with adults. A journalist named Arthur Wynne is credited with creating the first crossword puzzle, and on Dec. 21,1913, it was published in the Sunday edition of the New York World. The rest is history, and these puzzles, as well as others, are now found daily in publications all over the world. A recent neurosurgery article from UPMC, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, discussed the research behind the theory of brain-training games. “Brain training is the idea that regularly putting your brain to work through puzzles and specially designed online games can help improve memory and other types of cognitive function.” The research has mixed results.



However, there are positive outcomes associated with crosswords and brain health. A 2014 trial funded by the National Institutes of Health found that the benefits of cognitive training for older adults can last as long as 10 years. The researchers recommended that older adults try any cognitively stimulating activity, such as solving crossword puzzles and playing cards. British researchers, including Keith Wesnes, a renowned professor of cognitive neuroscience at the University of Exeter in England, studied the impact of crosswords on attention, reasoning and memory of over 17,000 healthy people. They found a direct relationship between the entire process of solving the puzzle, the speed, accuracy and a varying range of functions including attention, memory and reasoning. People who played crosswords regularly had much better and consistently improving performances compared to others. The tests also proved that playing daily crossword puzzles can reduce the mental age and

improve the vitality of a person by almost 10 years. This can be important in the fight against dementia. A quick search of my app store shows how popular electronic versions of these activities are. The New York Times Crossword app has a 4.9 (out of 5) star rating with over 47.4 thousand ratings. The age rating is 4+ meaning almost all family members can benefit. Another popular brain training application available on your electronic device is Lumosity. Its popularity and ratings rival the NYT crossword offering over 40 free brain training games and puzzles. If you think you are a pro at word games, you can enter the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. Its 43rd Annual Tournament will be held next March in Stamford, CT!

Mind Matters The best way to maintain this schedule is to choose an activity that you most enjoy and setting reasonable and realistic goals. Examine the barriers that may prevent you from completing this activity. Having an exercise partner may help encourage you to keep your goals. If you have an infant or small child, grab your stroller and head outside or encourage your family to walk or jog together. The psychological benefits of being outdoors and in sunlight cannot be understated. In a 2015 study, researchers at Stanford University found that those who walked in nature experienced less anxiety and negative thoughts and more happiness, confidence and self-fulfillment. Being outdoors and active are related to greater self-reported physical functioning and less depression.

Boost Your Mental Health with Exercise!

Before beginning any aerobic exercise program, people should consult with their health care provider. They may have specific guidelines on the best type of exercise for your physical condition and may have specific recommendations on what may best aid your mental health.


When someone is stressed or in anguish, they may take a walk to help clear their head. Well, it turns out that research has shown that aerobic exercise benefits more than just physical fitness—it also can boost positive mental health. Physical and mental health are closely connected. Typically, what is good for one may benefit the other. A 2011 Oxford University study found that regular exercise could work as well as medication to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression with its positive effects lasting for hours afterwards. In addition, a regular schedule of exercise can also have long lasting effects on mental health. Exercise produces endorphins that can act as natural painkillers and contribute to a positive mood and better sleep.

Beyond the effects on brain chemicals, the psychological and emotional benefits of exercise also can help improve mental health. A regular aerobic exercise program can help people gain confidence, get more social interaction and can help people cope with symptoms of anxiety and depression via positive actions versus turning to alcohol, dwelling in depression or hoping it will go away on its own.

Endorphins are natural brain chemicals that can enhance your sense of well-being. A 2018 clinical research study examined two groups-one that completed a 25 minute treadmill activity and a control group--and found that aerobic exercise promotes reduction in anxiety levels.

To see positive effects, a program of regular aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging, swimming or cycling can be accomplished in as little as 30 minutes a day for three-to-five times per week should be a goal. Sticking with this program over the long term helps to maintain the positive effects on mood and mental health.

Researchers at Stanford University found that those who walked

in nature

experienced less anxiety and negative thoughts and more

happiness, confidence and self-fulfillment. WELLNESS360 | JULY/AUGUST 2019


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Spotlight 360


Former kindergarten teacher Lily Prado now runs with passion and purpose to inspire others and give back to those who can't run for themselves.

Tell us about why you started participating in the “I Run4” program.

I have been a teacher (mostly Kindergarten) for the past 20 years. However, I recently decided to pursue my passion and become a certified personal trainer with the hopes of inspiring others with my own fitness journey. I want to guide others to lead healthier lifestyles and reach their own goals. I began participating in the program “I Run 4” because I wanted to run for a higher purpose. Their mission touched me deeply. Their mission is “I run because I can. When I get tired, I remember those who can’t run and what they would give to have this simple gift I take for granted, and I run harder for them.”

How do you live a 360life?

As a teacher, I started my day greeting my students with a smile and a hug or a high five. We spent the day singing, dancing, and learning not only about academics but social skills as well. As a personal trainer, I now get to spend my days at 807 Wellness Group with an amazing group of massage therapists, physical therapists and personal trainers who I love and who are like family to me. We all want to have a positive impact on the lives of our clients. We support each other because we share that common goal. It is hard to call it “work” since we love what we do and have fun doing it. When the workday is over, I go home to play with my dogs for a little while and then go to the gym to work out and socialize. I love the comradery of exercising with friends. After the gym, I shower (of course), eat a healthy dinner (which is usually easy because I meal prep on Sundays) and usually sit on my porch with a book or listening to music. I used to watch TV every night, but I have gotten out of that habit in the past year.

What do you enjoy most about running for somebody else?

I enjoy the smile on my “running buddy” Taylor’s face when I send her a new medal in the mail. I love to make other people happy. She sends me pictures of herself, handwritten notes and pictures she draws for me, and they are priceless to me. I have saved every single one of them.



Spotlight 360 I now enjoy spin classes, lifting weights, walking, cycling and kayaking. I guess you could say that I am always in training. Exercise is now an important part of my daily life.

Please share your biggest moment in participating in this program. Has it changed you?

What is the most rewarding part of running for someone else? The most rewarding part is knowing that I made a difference in someone else’s life by dedicating my miles to someone who can’t run because of a disability. She has Marfan Syndrome which I had never heard of before being matched with her, so it has also created awareness in me.

How long have you been doing these half marathons? Do you run for the same person each time?

I ran my first half marathon in 2011. However, I didn’t know about the program until 2014 and was then placed on a waiting list to be matched with a buddy. I was matched with Taylor in February of 2015 and have been running for her ever since. I do always run for Taylor. The only race I did not run for her was the DONNA half marathon a few years ago. I chose to run that one for a couple of amazing ladies who are breast cancer survivors and gave them the medals instead. In my opinion, they are heroes who have had to endure much more than 13.1 miles and deserve recognition beyond a medal. One of them was a volunteer in my classroom and is now a cherished friend.

How long does it take to train yourself from start to the day you are ready to compete?

In the beginning, I would run every day in order to train for a race. The number of miles varied. I developed plantar fasciitis at one point and shifted my focus to cross training.

My biggest moment was getting to meet Taylor and spend time with her and her family. The program has changed me in a positive way. It has made me mentally stronger. The body is capable of amazing things, but the mind often gets in the way. I have learned to “quiet the mind” so to speak. When I get tired or something starts to feel tight during a race, I dig deeper because I know I have someone else counting on me and cheering me on. I don’t ever want to take for granted the fact that I have been blessed with good health and the ability to run. I have had setbacks like the plantar fasciitis and a broken wrist, but I think of all of the people who complete races in wheelchairs or with prosthetics and it keeps me going. I have great respect and admiration for people who go the extra mile in all walks of life. I am a very competitive person by nature. However, I have learned that the only person I am truly in competition with is myself. My goal when I wake up is to be better than I was yesterday in some way. I never want to get complacent. I am “running my own race” every day just by living my best life.

What keeps you motivated?

Honestly, seeing pictures of myself when I was overweight, unhappy and out of shape is a very strong motivator to lead an active and balanced life. I now want to motivate others to do the same and hopefully be a positive role model.

What is a goal you would like to complete? I would like to do a triathlon. Swimming is an area I need to improve on.

Does it go just beyond the marathon? Do you have a relationship with the person you run for?

Taylor lives in Minnesota but has family in Florida. Her family came to Gainesville to meet me a few years ago. Last year they invited me to spend the day with them at Epcot.

What do you do when you aren’t working or running a half marathon? I love to spend time with family and friends at the beach and Disney or other amusement parks. I enjoy going to the movies and out to dinner, horseback riding, ziplining and just having fun! I love music so I attend a lot of concerts. I also volunteer with kids at my local church. I would like to travel more since I have an adventurous side. There is a great big world out there that I would like to explore. Some friends and I have talked about running a half marathon in every state. We only have four or five under our belts so far.

For you, what is the best part of participating in a half marathon?

The best part is meeting new friends. I have made countless friends throughout the years at races by starting conversations with people in corrals waiting for a race to begin or after a race while recovering. I like to start conversations with people everywhere I go. I also love making races fun by dressing up in costumes or fun outfits. I own lots of tutus.

What is your usual fitness routine?

I walk 4-6 miles in the mornings as often as I can. I exercise at the gym in the afternoons five days a week. It was challenging to find a balance between cardio and strength training for a long time. I finally found that balance and am just as excited with a PR in a race as I am with a PR doing a deadlift.

The most rewarding part is knowing that I made a difference in someone else’s life by dedicating my miles to someone who can’t run because of a disability.

Spotlight 360 activities with you and hold you accountable if necessary.

What is the most important lesson you have learned from this lifestyle?

I have learned that you CAN accomplish any goal you set your mind to. It will take determination, perseverance and hard work, BUT it can be done. Most importantly, it will be SO worth the effort. I have never had more energy or been happier than I am now.

What is a must-have when working out or running?

Music! I love music! My 80s playlist is definitely a must have. Music is very motivational. When race conditions or a workout is tough, my go to song is “Eye of the Tiger.”

How would you encourage others to start living a 360life? I would encourage others to try different activities and find something they enjoy. Running isn’t for everyone. There are so many ways to lead an active lifestyle. Find a balance between work and play. Also, have a support group that will enjoy these

Is there anything else you would like to share?

It is easy to make excuses! I used to do it all the time. Make yourself a priority! It is not selfish. It is necessary. Love yourself! Take care of yourself and make happiness and health a priority. You can’t take care of or help others if you don’t take care of yourself first.

What is your favorite way to wind down from a busy week? Winding down is a nice Epsom salt bath, a glass of wine, dark chocolate (everything in moderation) and relaxing music. A massage is always good, too.

What is your favorite Food? Do I have to pick a favorite? I love to eat! If I have to pick then I would say give me a nice juicy steak and some shrimp, please!

What is your favorite quote? “All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” - Walt Disney



At Irving Publications, much of our time is spent designing and writing behind our computer screens. Unfortunately some days, our steps logged are closer to the 100’s instead of 1,000’s. So, we challenged ourselves this month to see if we could incorporate small and meaningful workouts through the day to keep our blood flowing and hearts pumping. It wasn’t as easy as we thought, but we did manage to make some meaningful progress to healthy habits during our workday! Here is our review!

Squatting with coworkers doesn't make it easier, but it does make it more fun.


The hardest part was keeping up with it! We kept forgetting every hour to do squats. Also, wearing skirts or dresses to the office made the workout more difficult. The exercises weren’t too hard to complete, which was nice. If we wanted to make it a little harder we would change the amount of reps we did or would bring in lightweights to use.


Some saw positive physical changes, like in their calves and overall felt more toned. It also encouraged bonding in the office, which was great. It is nice when everyone participates so no one felt awkward randomly doing squats by themselves. It was nice to have accountability partners! Many definitely felt better and less grouchy when they did the workouts throughout the day.


Would be helpful to have set reminders on our phones every hour. Plan out your outfits to include pants all month. We edited the rules from lunges every time you go down the hall to only once a day (because we kept forgetting) Need to add an arm exercise like wall pushups or something to tone our arms!


DAILY CHALLENGES: Calf raises while your computer turns on.

Lunges down the hallway, all day, everyday. 10 squats every hour, on the hour. 10 chair ab leg pull-ins before taking lunch.


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***We highly recommend pants for these exercises Find our 30 day challenge worksheet on




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Wellness360 Magazine July/August 2019  

Our 2019 strong and fit issue is here! Meet three amazing Gainesville residents who live a strong and fit lifestyle.

Wellness360 Magazine July/August 2019  

Our 2019 strong and fit issue is here! Meet three amazing Gainesville residents who live a strong and fit lifestyle.