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Hottie Dads

BWLC #5 Reveal Florida Family Road Trips | JUNE/JULY 2015 1

2 | JUNE/JULY 2015 | JUNE/JULY 2015


2 | JUNE/JULY 2015

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from the publisher School is out and summer vacation is here! Sounds like so much fun … right?! In all honesty, I have not one thing planned, booked or scheduled for my boys this summer. That is right; I am walking into summer with an empty calendar and a little feeling of panic. I usually have our summer organized and scheduled in advance. One year, I even made a spreadsheet with each kid’s daily activities for the whole summer. This year… not so much. Our community has SO many wonderful camps, classes and workshops to offer that I am sure my boys will partake in. But it is almost as if I am in denial that this school year is over. It can’t be! It just can’t (insert foot stomping here). That means that my babies are growing, and changing.


perfect for the 4th of July!


In 2 ½ months, our “little ones” go from one grade level to another. One school to another. Maybe even one state to another. In one summer, they change without permission. Just like that. So, if I ignore summer, will they stay little forever? Wishful thinking, I guess. But I am still gonna try it. Or, maybe I am dreading the countless times I will hear, “I’m bored,” “I’m hungry,” “Can we go somewhere?” There is something to be said about the organized, brain-stimulating schedule our schools give our children each day. Now, if they could just send that schedule home for the summer, I would gladly pay good money for that. As I hear my kiddos count down DAILY until the last day of school, I will hold on for dear life to those last days. The last days of organization and schedules and the last days of that chapter of their lives. Just like that, the next chapter is set to begin. But first, I need to plan our family vacation!


Nicole Irving, Publisher

Photo Shoot Fun! Summertime


4 | JUNE/JULY 2015

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Photos by Giggle Magazine. Children photo by Verve Studio.



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9 lifesavers Top 10 Must-Have Instructions for Your

89 family learning

Keeping Your Cool in Heated Situations


90 Homeschool corner

11 the parent life Bonding Through the Great Outdoors

92 in the classroom

Art-Schooling: Beyond the Paint Brushes Summer Learnin'

12 just the two of us

Winning the Anniversary Gift Challenge!


14 two cents Making the Most of Your Return

happy community

18 happy family

115 Extra, extra

The Keck Family 24 grandparents


Spending Time with Your Grandkids Proves Healthy


2015 Father's Day Gift Guide

forks & spoons Hottie Dad photo by Patricia Bishop Photography. Hot dog photo by Giggle Magazine. Children photo by Verve Studio.

37 Lunch box Fun Lunchtime Tableware


All-Inclusive Play Areas Bring Smiles to Our Local Kids 117 Extra, extra

Celebrating the "Cool Kids!" 118 calendar 119 KIDS EAT FREE

conception 2✱ college™

38 in the fridge Tea Time

96 expecting

48 DELISH Blue Ribbon Bites!

98 infant

health 62 get Pretty

Bronzed Beauties! 64 get Healthy

Solutions to 7 Summertime Syndromes 70 get Moving

Hula Hoop Fun

happy home

Preparing for THE Big Day Surviving Baby’s First Day Out


Biting: Why it Happens and How to Stop It

102 early years

Make a Mess with These Fun Crafts!

104 kids

Beyond Toys: Great Gift Ideas That Won’t Soon Be Forgotten 108 tweens

To Censor or Not to Censor ... That Is the Question

113 teens

Our Last Summer Before College

80 make it. fix it. clean it.

Reusing and Repurposing Wipes Containers

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84 organized chaos

Queries from the Curious

2015 Hottie Dads Contest Winners Shades of Summer: 4th of July Party Family-Friendly Florida Road Trips Gear Before You Go: Summer Road Trip Products BWLC #5 Winner Revealed!

happy family • happy communityTM JUNE/JULY 2015 • Volume 7 • Issue 3



pg. 40



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Hottie Dads

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BWLC #5 Reveal Florida Family Road Trips GIGGLEMAG.COM | JUNE/JULY 2015 1

Photo by Verve Studio | JUNE/JULY 2015


8 | JUNE/JULY 2015




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Dad’s Cell

Top 10 Must-Have Instructions for Your Babysitter Dad’s Wo







Every parent knows a good babysitter is hard to find. We’ve compiled a Lifesavers checklist to ensure a good babysitting experience for everyone.


Give the babysitter your cell phone numbers and tell her if she should call or text. Also provide an emergency contact name and number, such as a close neighbor or family member.


Let the babysitter know where you will be. Leave the exact name of the restaurant or theater and the phone number, in case she can’t reach you on your cell phone. Inform her of anyone you are expecting to stop by and your house rules regarding answering the door.

© 2015 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved


Talk to your sitter about your pets. Not just when to feed or walk them, but also if she’s comfortable around them. A friend of mine came home to find her cat locked in her bedroom because the sitter was “creeped out” by the cat’s affectionate nature.


These innocent little angels can be quite the tricksters, so let the sitter know what is completely off-limits, such as video games, sugary snacks or jumping off the furniture. Inform her of rules regarding playing with neighborhood friends outside or having friends over when you’re not home.


Write down your home address. If your babysitter has to call 911, she may not remember the address, so keep it in plain sight.


Boo-boos happen, so show the sitter where the first aid kit is kept. Note any allergies your child has and, if mild enough, let her know how she can treat them (antibacterial ointment, antihistamine, etc.). I also keep sunblock and bug spray close by in case they play outside.



If it were up to kids, candy and ice cream would be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Write down some options for what the kids can (and will) eat and drink.


If applicable, outline the typical bedtime routine. Knowing the right story to read or nighttime snack to serve can ease the transition from silly time to sleepy time.


After a night of relaxation and fun, you don’t want to come home to a complete mess. Let the sitter know any extra chores you’d like her to complete after the kids go to bed.


Even the best babysitters have to face meltdowns. Siblings fighting, milk in the wrong colored cup, or accidentally repeating the same episode of “Peppa Pig” can set off a mood swing. Let your sitter know how to handle it — a hug, a distraction or even a quick phone call to Mom and Dad can help. | JUNE/JULY 2015


10 | JUNE/JULY 2015


the pare n t life

Bonding Through the Great Outdoors by SAVANNA KEARNEY

As Father’s Day nears, mothers and children across the world are scrambling to find the perfect way to show the man of the household how much they love him. Sometimes experiences spent together, as a family, can demonstrate how important our dads are to us. Camping has been a classic family bonding experience for over 100 years. It allows you to appreciate the great outdoors, while being able to spend time with loved ones with little to no distractions. Memories built from a solid family camping trip can last a lifetime. So, what are the steps you need to take to plan the perfect camping trip with Dad?


Camping is not really the type of activity you can do on a whim. Don’t spontaneously pack the family into the car and drive – prior preparation is essential. Start by picking a location. Alachua County has plenty of familyfriendly campgrounds, including Travelers Campground, Kate’s Fish Camp and Payne’s Prairie Reserve State Park. Next, pick a date. Summer is a popular time to go camping, although this is the most crowded season. Winter is a quiet and peaceful season to take advantage of, as long as you are prepared to brave the cold. Fall and spring offer less extreme weather and are not usually as busy as the summer. Check with the campground you’ve chosen to confirm if any large groups will be visiting during the time you are requesting.

© 2015 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved


Shopping for camping gear can seem like a monumental task, but as long as you bring these few essentials, your trip should be a success. Choose a tent large enough to fit the entire family, or multiple small tents for individuals to share. While sleeping bags are necessary, a sleeping pad can provide extra support and comfort, especially for the adults. If the

Giggle Tip!

If it’s your first time camping, try it out in the backyard first so you are in a comfortable setting while figuring out needed supplies and gear.

camping grounds do not have a grill, fire pit or stove, you may need to purchase a camping stove (don’t forget to bring food to cook!). Lanterns provide light, warmth and a sense of safety in an unfamiliar area. There are three types: batterypowered, propane and gas. Choose the one you are most comfortable using. Buying a tarp will protect the family from any weather changes Mother Nature brings your way. A couple of extras to include: extra batteries, folding chairs, shower shoes, sunscreen, bug spray, emergency radio, first aid kit and extra toilet paper.

how to properly use a compass and what to do if they get lost. Children can learn to identify different plants and animals while on a hike around the grounds. They can also learn to treat their environment kindly by cleaning up the campground and seeing how to properly extinguish a campfire before heading out. A scavenger hunt is the ideal way to take advantage of your setting. Make a list of objects that can be found in your natural setting and send the kids on a search! ✽


Camping gives parents an opportunity to teach their kids basic survival skills, as well as a sense of appreciation for nature, all while exploring and having fun. Older children can carry a small survival kit or whistle for the group. Show your kiddos | JUNE/JULY 2015



j u st the tw o o f u s

Winning the Anniversary Gift Challenge! BY DANIELLE MARSHALL

Researching. Thinking. Cramming. Writing. This sounds like someone studying for a final exam, but it is also what a spouse goes through when trying to find the perfect anniversary gift. Each year of marriage has a theme related to it, like paper, wood, lace, etc. So just knowing how long you have been married makes gift giving a lot easier. There is a traditional and a modern list, and both provide numerous unique gift ideas. Here are some fun examples of anniversary gifts from both traditional and modern lists.

Year 1

Year 6

TRADITIONAL – PAPER This gift can be as simple as creating a love letter. The “paper” anniversary gift could be anything from creating personalized stationery to buying an ad in the local newspaper. Perhaps even a handwritten card or a framed print of your wedding vows will do the trick.

TRADITIONAL – CANDY Oh how sweet it is to be married for six years! This anniversary is certainly the one to appease the sweet tooth. The “candy” anniversary gift can range from buying a favorite treat to experiencing new, diverse candies like Turkish delights. Using gummy worms or licorice sticks to spell out a message on a plate could be a fun way to express the emotions the past six years have created.

12 | JUNE/JULY 2015

MODERN – WOOD This anniversary takes marriage back to the roots of nature. Going hiking or building a birdhouse is a great way to celebrate using the modern “wood” gift. Playing the game Jenga together is a fun way to incorporate wood into your special day. Planting a tree in the yard would also be symbolic of the growth of the tree and the marriage simultaneously.

© 2015 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved

MODERN – CLOCKS Time seems to fly by the first year of marriage, so the “clock” anniversary is perfect to symbolize the time you have been together. You could purchase matching watches or get a better alarm clock if “someone” has a tough time waking up in the morning. If you feel like splurging, you could add to your home by getting a beautiful grandfather clock for the living room or den.

Year 10

Year 17

TRADITIONAL – ALUMINUM/TIN Ten years strong is a big accomplishment and should be celebrated as such. Taking a trip to Mexico and buying cute tin souvenirs might be the perfect way to spend this anniversary. Or something on the simpler side like a piece of aluminum jewelry, an aluminum dish or homemade desserts in a tin box would be perfect!

TRADITIONALWINE/SPIRITS After 17 years of marriage, relaxing for a day may be just what the doctor ordered. Sharing a bottle of wine is a perfect way to spend this special occasion. One step further would be to plan a getaway to a winery to expand your palate and learn more about the process of winemaking.

MODERN – DIAMONDS Though diamonds are a girl’s best friend, this anniversary is for both members of the marriage. Buying a diamond ring or tennis bracelet could be on the list, but something simpler, like a glass diamond that has an engraving of the day you were married would be sentimental and sweet. A photo or coffee table book showcasing one of the great American baseball diamonds might be a fun gift for the hubby’s man cave. If your spouse has a great sense of humor, buying diamondshaped ring pops would be a funny way to celebrate!

MODERN – FURNITURE Picking out furniture may sometimes be the most taxing experience, but you can make it fun by looking at the most interesting and eclectic furniture the store has to offer. If you are feeling spontaneous, pick up a crazy accent piece to always remember your 17th anniversary. Or just look to replace that old chair that somehow now only has two legs instead of four.

For a full list of the traditional and modern anniversary lists, visit | JUNE/JULY 2015



tw o ce n ts

Making the Most of Your Return BY SELENA GARRISON

It’s that time of the year! Most of us have received our tax return and are planning how to use it. Getting a tax return of any size can be very exciting and helpful to the family budget, but you want to make sure to use it wisely. Your tax return can do one of two things: give you the opportunity to achieve financial goals or slip right through your fingers.

What do others do?

In the past, a large majority of Americans receiving tax returns have tended to use them for things like vacations and luxury items, but this year things are looking different. According to, 84 percent of those receiving refunds plan to use them for paying down debt (30 percent), saving/investing (28 percent), and everyday necessities like food and utilities (26 percent). In contrast to years past, only about 7 percent of people plan to use their tax refund for a vacation or shopping spree.

What should you do?

How you choose to spend your tax refund is a personal decision that will differ from family to family. In general, there are several good financial options to consider based on your family’s needs and financial goals. 1.

Start or increase your emergency fund.


Pay off debt.


Invest for retirement.

There are few things in life that are certain, but one thing is for sure: emergencies happen. Whether it is a blown tire on the interstate, an A/C unit that gives out on the hottest day in July or an unexpected job loss, being prepared for emergencies is incredibly important. Experts tend to suggest having six months or more worth of necessary expenses saved in an easily accessible, interest-bearing account. Putting aside that kind of money can take a long time if you are chipping away at it little by little, but using your refund to make a large deposit can put you ahead of the game.

Studies show that Americans are woefully underprepared for retirement. Using your tax return to invest in a ROTH IRA or other retirement account is a smart idea. Plus, investing in a ROTH IRA this year is a tax deduction for next year!

14 | JUNE/JULY 2015

© 2015 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved

If you have any significant amount of high-interest debt, this is the time to pay it off. Debt costs money and causes stress that can lead to physical issues. Make your refund work for you by paying off any high interest debt like credit card balances, payday loans, title loans, debt-consolidation loans, etc. Your budget and your body will thank you.


Prioritize your needs.

Is there something that you (or a family member) have been needing? Maybe you have been having car trouble, need a new dryer, or have been putting off that root canal because of lack of funds. Using your tax return to pay for these kinds of needs can really be helpful. While all of these options are just suggestions, using your tax return wisely can set you up for great things financially. Of course, if you have used your tax return for all of these options and still have some left for a weekend at the beach, have fun!

For Thought: Regardless of income level or financial situation, experts say that people have one thing in common: they view their tax refund as a gift from Uncle Sam. In reality, this is money that you have worked for and earned. If you receive an exceptionally large tax return, you may want to consider adjusting your withholdings so that you receive that money in your paychecks throughout the year instead of one lump sum in the spring. Think about which scenario would be best for your family’s needs. ✽

Giggle Tip: If you want to share a portion of the return with your children, this could be a great learning moment. Discuss the “save, donate, spend” way of wisely using money and let them practice with this monetary gift. | JUNE/JULY 2015


16 | JUNE/JULY 2015




happy fa m ily

Favorite sports to play/ extracurriculars to do: Trails, walking and exploring are some of our favorite things to do on a lazy day. Taiko loves Ms. Espe’s Gardening class at school (O2B Kids!) as well as taking classes in dance and computer. We have a room (or two) in the house filled with musical equipment: drum sets, marimba, congas, djembes, you name it! He loves to put on some of his favorite music, like Green Day, 311, Bruno Mars and even Paul Simon, and sing, dance or play drums with the music.

The Keck Family { Paul, Kimmy and Taiko (5) } Occupation(s): Paul – Professor of Instrumental Music at Florida Gateway College and Florida Drum Line instructor, Gator Band at the University of Florida. Kimmy – Program Calendar Manager (Education/Curriculum/Training) at O2B Kids!, Dance faculty at University of Florida and Contemporary teacher at Pofahl’s Dance Studio / Next Generation Dance. Taiko – “I’m just a superhero.”

Favorite date spot: When we get the chance, we love going to Embers. So relaxed, quiet and delicious. It’s nice to take time and not rush.

18 | JUNE/JULY 2015

Movie in our DVD player right now: “Madagascar” – or as Taiko calls it, “The Move It, Move It movie.” Your child’s favorite books: “Goodnight Moon” is one we’ve read since he was a baby. Other favorites are: “Click, Clack, Moo – Cows that Type” and anything by Dr. Seuss. Mommy’s and Daddy’s favorite TV shows: “Survivor,” “NCIS” and “CSI.” Websites we love: Pinterest and Fun4GatorKids.

Pets: We have an Italian greyhound that is 13 years old, Chewy. Favorite vacation: We asked Taiko and he couldn’t decide between the same two we were thinking of: The Disney Cruise we took in 2013 and the family vacation we took “with Gigi and Papa to the mountains” (Gatlinburg, Tenn.) this New Year’s. The Disney Cruise was hands down one of the best customer service experiences we had ever encountered and would likely choose that over a normal park visit in the future. What makes our son laugh: Slapstick comedy. He’s a 5-yearold little boy, so he loves anything ridiculous or silly. He likes to have us film him being silly (dancing, singing, drumming) and then watch it back and laugh at himself.

Photos by Lifeprints Photography

Favorite family meal: Taiko loves to help cook; he loves to pretend he is a “Master Chef.” Our favorite meal is spaghetti and meatballs.

Our family is most like: A constant, colorful life-learning experiment. Learning, discovering (and rediscovering) each other and the world through different lenses and Taiko's eyes is the reward that “family” brings.

Favorite sports to watch: Since Paul and I met in Gator Band at the University of Florida – he was on the drumline and I was a Gatorette (batons) – we have a special place in our hearts for Gator football. Now that Paul is on staff with Gator Band, we’ve gotten to share this experience (games, parades, bowl games) with Taiko every season since he was 5 months old. He’s probably been on Florida Field more in his five years than most will in their entire lives, and that’s super special since this is where our story started. Ironically, my (Kimmy’s) parents met in Gator Band too … “in the dark ages” as they call it. We also love Sunday “Family Day” at UF baseball games.

... we both love the small town charm with the constant influx of progressive and educated people that this university town brings in. It’s a great place to raise a kid. | JUNE/JULY 2015


Why we love living in Gainesville: When we think of “home,” Gainesville is what home feels like. Although we’ve lived in other places after meeting here in the late ‘90s/early 2000s, Paul grew up here (attended Ft. Clarke Middle School, Buchholz High School, Santa Fe College and UF) and we both love the small town charm with the constant influx of progressive and educated people that this university town brings in. It’s a great place to raise a kid. Favorite day trip: St. Augustine. We love it there. As well as local digs: Lake Wauburg, Rogers Farm for the pumpkin patch or strawberry picking, the springs and local arts festivals. Favorite picnic spot: Ring Park – it’s quiet and serene there. Afterward we will usually walk the trail to the end, take off our shoes and walk the creek back up the trailhead. Taiko brings his magnifying glass and likes to go exploring for sharks’ teeth and animal prints. There are lots of great trees to put our hammock up in and watch him as he plays in the creek. Favorite family activity: Gator football in the fall and Gator baseball in the spring. Sunday home games at the ballpark are “Family Days” and Taiko loves going on the field for the National Anthem or running the bases with Albert after the game. First word you think of when we say “family”: Us. ☺ Must-have item(s): New adventures with each other! Three words/phrases that describe our family: Colorful, Laid-back, Artsy/Musical. ✽ | JUNE/JULY 2015


22 | JUNE/JULY 2015 | JUNE/JULY 2015



gra n dpare n ts

Spending Time with Your Grandkids Proves Healthy BY ALLEN HAYNES

There has been a lot of talk about how staying busy and active with your grandchildren can help prevent Alzheimer’s, heart and other diseases. But is there any scientific proof behind these theories – or is it just a matter of “play young, feel young?” According to, Medical News and several other medical journals and experts, the answer is yes, spending quality time with your grandchildren can, in many cases, prevent or slow down some diseases.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s

The Women’s Health Aging Project in Australia recently conducted a survey of 180 women who cared for their grandchildren. According to the report, grandparents who spend one to two days a week caring for or spending time with their grandbabies had lower risks of developing dementia. Grandparents can also utilize that quality time with the kiddos to do puzzles, crafts or drawing for a brain-stimulating bonus. Staying cognitively active is associated with a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

Coronary Heart Disease

makes my brain tick. And Debra, 2, is still finding her way and discovering the world. She likes to run around out in the yard, chasing lizards and butterflies and have me chase her. I don’t know about any of this science, but spending Saturdays with my babies sure does make me feel young and jubilant.”

What Do Real Grandparents Say About These Studies?

“We have always believed in being an active family,” says Catherine Simmons, 57, grandmother of Casey, 10, Stephanie, 8, and William, 5. All of the grandkids play sports whether its soccer or little league, so my husband, George, and I are always practicing with them in some way. We also got them all new bikes for Christmas. Whenever they come over, we get to take little neighborhood bike rides. Well I do. George usually sits on the porch and watches.” ✽

It’s easy to look at health reports and say, “That makes sense. We should be doing that,” but what practical activities can grandparents do with their grandkids to stimulate their minds and bodies? We spoke with a couple of grandparents in the community to get their take. “Dawson, 7, loves puzzles,” says 60-year-old Arlene Lange, grandmother of Dawson and Debra. “That really

GIGGLE-APPROVED GRAND ACTIVITIES • Card games • Backyard fun like bocce ball or croquet • Nature walks 24 | JUNE/JULY 2015

• Letter writing – it stimulates the mind and also helps them work on penmanship • Museum visits

© 2015 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved

When it comes to improving cardiovascular health, the best thing to do is move. According to the Center for Disease Control, grandparents who are physically active with their grandchildren a mere 7 hours a week have a 40 percent higher life expectancy than those who are active less than 30

minutes per week. And being physically active doesn’t mean sending Grandma down the street on a skateboard, but it does mean the intentionality of movement. This means playing catch, chasing around the toddlers in the living room, or simply going for a walk or bike ride with your grandchildren. | JUNE/JULY 2015




G iggle sta m p ™

Don't Forget Dad!




Whether he is into technology, travel or sports, we have some incredible gift ideas to honor the special dad in your life.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver & Golf Balls Up Dad’s game with a new driver featuring an advanced aerodynamic shape and a new and improved Speed Pocket. $299.99; TaylorMade golf balls starting at $19.99; Play It Again Sports.

Personalized No. 12 Tie Case Handsome travel accessory to keep neckwear neat and wrinkle free; holds up to a dozen ties. $153,

What I Love About Dad By Me Book 50 sentence starters for your child to fill in and give as an unforgettable pocket-sized gift. $10,

illy Y5 Duo This sleek, innovative machine serves up both espresso and coffee at the touch of a button. $299,

Ergo Chef My Juicer™ A healthy dad is a happy dad. The Ergo Chef’s My Juicer™ is a must-have for quick healthy drinks for the dad on-the-go. $44.99,

Cheese & Crackers Serving Board Made in Dorset, Vermont, this cheese and cracker serving platter is perfect for the dad who likes to cook, entertain and celebrate with friends and family. $48,

The Smartphone Charging Cable Pen The Smartphone Charging Cable Pen is pocket-sized, convenient and ready to keep Dad's phone charged while he is on-the-go! $29.95,

Rollors Invented by an Air Force Officer, Rollors combines bocce, bowling and horseshoes into one fun and challenging game. Whether you are going to the beach, park or hosting a BBQ in the backyard, this game is perfect for the dad who is still a kid at heart. $49.95,

ShaveTech USB Rechargeable Travel Shaver For the dad who logs in lots of miles, the ShaveTech Shaver uses USB power to charge anywhere. With it’s sleek and lightweight design, this is a great gadget for the tech savvy dad. $29.99,

Bulova Accu-Swiss A-15 For the dad that has everything, this Bulova Accu-Swiss watch goes perfectly with his work attire and Saturday family day wear. $1550.00, Lang Jewelers.

Bobine: The World’s Most Flexible iPhone Dock Cable, tripod and stand all in a flexible dock small enough to fit in your bag but strong enough to hold your iPhone in difficult places and positions. $35,

The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Man Skills Extensive collection of instructions to help him prepare for situations that could result in accidents or problems. $19.53,

Don’t Quit Your Daydream Paperweight This paperweight calendar is a perfect little reminder for dads to always shoot for the stars and conquer those dreams, no matter what! $42,

Personalized Leather Wallet with Stainless Steel Money Clip Uniquely designed wallet with slots on the inside for credit cards and a money clip on the outside to stash cash. $44.99,

Dollar Shave Club Subscription-based company that sends high quality razors and grooming products to your door for a few dollars a month. $3 per month and up,

Morph Battery Mug Add your favorite hot beverage and watch the mug morph right before your eyes. As it cools, the graphic changes back to original state. $10,

28 | JUNE/JULY 2015 | JUNE/JULY 2015


Meet our Hottie Dads 2015 winner, jarvis cook! In the words of his wife, Lakendra : "Jarvis is a man of great character with strong morals and family values, and of course a sense of humor. After a long day at work, he helps with homework, goes outside to play with the kids, and will do dishes if I didn't get to them that day. Not only is he there for our family, he is also a great friend. Whether a friend calls to ask him to change the oil in his car, repair a computer, or just needs some sound advice, he is there. I appreciate everything he does and all that he is and will be. We became college sweethearts after meeting on the track and field team, and my Hottie still makes my heart race!" 30 | JUNE/JULY 2015


DADS 201 5 What is the hardest part about being a dad? Although it is a joy watching them grow and reach milestones in life, the hardest part is knowing that one day they are going to leave the nest and enter adulthood.

Photos by Patricia Bishop Photogra


» Jarvis Cook

Law Enforcement Officer at the Gainesville Police Department, dad to Jarvis Jr. (7), Landon (1) and Lailyn (arriving in July 2015) What is the best part about being a dad? Being able to come home from work after a long, sometimes stressful day and be around the pure innocence of my children, and seeing them run to the door to greet me.

Do you have any special “dad” routines? In addition to our special handshake, we watch WWE wrestling on Mondays and Thursdays. Our favorite wrestler is John Cena, because his motto “Never Give Up” can be applied to everyday life. What part of parenting scares you the most? The part that scares me the most is knowing that I can't be there every moment of the day to protect and guide them through life's daily obstacles. What is your most memorable “dad” moment? My most memorable moments have been touching my wife's stomach while watching my children make their first movements. Who was/is your biggest influence on your parenting style? Although I carry a lot of morals and values from my childhood, my biggest influence would be my wife. We compliment each other’s parenting style and let each other know what area needs attention and the areas we admire. Which TV or movie dad is the most like you? Phil Dunphy from “Modern Family.” He's goofy and caring at the same time. My son and I like to share our most goofy moment of the day and act it out! What has been the funniest parent moment so far? On a recent visit to the Jacksonville Zoo, while we were admiring the elephants ... the birds decided to give me a warm welcome by dropping a few "gifts" on me! Jarvis Jr. and my wife laughed for the rest of the trip! | JUNE/JULY 2015


» Jake Michaelson Product Manager at RTI Surgical, Dad to caroline (10 months) What is the best part about being a dad? Witnessing all the “firsts” Caroline experiences. It still amazes me to think that everything we perceive as intuitive had to be learned at some point in our lives. What is the hardest part about being a dad? Feeding her is always an adventure. Factor in two opportunistic dogs and it becomes madness. Do you have any special “dad” routines? I’m responsible for getting Caroline dressed most mornings and playtime right before her bath. Other than that, there’s no such thing as “routine” with a baby in the house! What part of parenting scares you the most? Quite simply, the part of parenting that scares me the most is being responsible for another life. Who let me leave the hospital with this child?!?! What is your most memorable “dad” moment? Caroline has a great belly laugh. The first time I heard it I nearly died. But, the first time she smiled at me my heart melted. So it’s a tie. What has been the funniest parent moment so far? For most parents, these stories usually involve overflowing diapers of some sort … my stories aren’t really any different. Although giving her lemons has been a good source of entertainment!

32 | JUNE/JULY 2015

» JAMES BLYTHE Principal Architect at Content Design Group, DAD TO Knox (5) and Reese (4 months) What is the best part about being a dad? Getting the chance to have a primary and permanent impact in shaping whom my sons will be, now and in the future. I basically have a VIP front row seat to the greatest show you could imagine! The smiles, laughs and super goofy moments I have with Knox and Reese make my job much easier. It’s beyond rewarding to see your children becoming more independent, as tough as that can be, and knowing that you were able to personally teach/show/live the example that helps them to achieve that success. Do you have any special “dad” routines? Getting both boys ready in the morning and having total guy time with them on the way to both schools! Reese is all smiles, as he loves moving and seeing new things, so for him the ride in the Jeep makes his day. Knox and I spend the drive talking or playing some game usually, and pretty much every day I find myself looking over at him and feeling like I’m hanging out with my best friend, who is 5, and loving every minute of it. Which TV or movie dad is the most like you? Chip Gaines on the show “Fixer Upper” is quite a character. He’s a real person that’s goofy, not afraid to show his kids and wife love and affection, is professional when necessary, and does the right thing even when it’s the tough choice. Granted it’s a TV show, but I do have an appreciation for a guy that has a ton of respect for his wife and loves to make her laugh no matter what it takes!

» stephen balkcom Sleep Professional at Sleep Number, Select Comfort, dad to Parker Quinn, 6 months What is the best part about being a dad? Getting to see the daily changes in my daughter. Her intelligence and ability to learn so quickly makes me laugh and puts me in a state of awe. I can’t believe such a little person is doing the things that she is. It’s always exciting to see what she will do next. Do you have any special “dad” routines? Every day when I wake my daughter up, when we are driving to school and when I give her a bath, I play the Disney station on Pandora. She loves it! I am a horrible singer, but she doesn’t care. She just smiles and has just as much fun as I do. What part of parenting scares you the most? Not knowing whether what I am teaching her or the interactions I have with her are right. I think about things that may come up in the future and wonder how I will face them. I have seen friends come from broken homes and turn out fine, or even friends who grew up with a “silver spoon in their mouths” and turn bad. All I can do is set the best example I know how based on my life experiences. What is your most memorable “dad” moment? The day Parker was born. I was overwhelmed with emotion and tears of joy streamed down my face as she first appeared. When she was placed in my arms I couldn’t stop smiling, and at that moment I knew my life was forever changed for the better. She is my world!

34 | JUNE/JULY 2015

» rob kade Chief Marketing Officer at Shadow Health, Dad to Brennan (11), Matthew (9) and Lexie (7) What is the best part about being a dad? All of it really, but when I walk in the door and hear a chorus of “Daddy!” ring out, that’s still pretty sweet. What is the hardest part about being a dad? Having three active children puts a constant strain on life’s most precious resource: time. I have never regretted sharing a single second of mine with them; I just wish I had more of it to go around. Do you have any special “dad” routines? Nightly devotionals. I had actually slacked on this a little bit and my boys called me out on it the other day. It’s nice to know they missed it! What part of parenting scares you the most? That I let my dreams for them compete with their dreams for themselves. What is your most memorable “dad” moment? The day I met each of them for the first time. I can remember with our first, Brennan, not knowing what to do and just counting his fingers and toes and being completely overwhelmed by the gift God had given Jaime and me. What has been the funniest parent moment so far? Not sure about the funniest, but the most fun is coaching the kids’ various sports teams and the time it provides for us to be together. Followed pretty closely by pushing them on the backyard swing … the giggles will stay with me forever. | JUNE/JULY 2015


36 | JUNE/JULY 2015

forks & spoons


Fun Lunchtime Tableware BY CRESONIA HSIEH

1. Mess-Free Eating

This summer, bring a little fun to the table (or picnic blanket). We’ve compiled a list of innovative and creative tableware sets that were made with little mouths in mind.

2. Chugga Chugga Zoom Zoom

  

Photos by Giggle Magazine. Boon product image courtesy of Boon. Rocket utensils courtesy of Fred & Friends.

Need an extra hand? No worries! These little gadgets can help. The BPA-, phthalate- and PVC-free utensils allow you to put baby food in the handle, pop on the top and push food into the dispenser. Boon PULP Silicone Feeder, $6.99. Boon SQUIRT Silicone Baby Food Dispensing Spoon, $8.99.

Make feeding time a fun time with these playful, BPA-, PVC- and phthalate-free plane and train spoons. The soft silicone pieces are easy to grip, food-safe and quiet if dropped. But we can’t say they won’t come with sound effects – Zoom, Zoom! Oogaa Planes & Trains Silicone Mealtime Set, $16.99. Placemat sold separately.

3. Shovel It In

Your child can now construct his perfect meal with the building fork and spoon, and there’s even a “pusher” utensil so he can shove smaller foods onto his spoon. This set is dishwasher and microwave safe, FDA approved and paint-free. Constructive Eating Set of Utensils, $19.95. Constructive Eating Plate, $14.95.

4. Fuel Up Be prepared for an out-of-this-world experience with these fun rocket utensils. Your child will be counting down to mealtime with the retro blue and red rocket designs. Fred & Friends 3-2-1 Lunch! Rocket Utensils, $14.99.

5. Easy Being Green

Mealtime prep just got easier … 

BiteSizers Mealtime Scissors are designed to cut food horizontally and vertically, right in your child’s bowl. Toddlers+ can enjoy fruits, veggies, pizza, and anything you are eating, with the built-in sizer guide, which ensures food is cut into the proper morsel size. $19.95; and

This adorable frog set is perfect for toddlers. The suction-ringed bowl ensures that no food will leap away, and the lid’s cup is designed so kids won’t have to lean their head back while drinking. Mata 4-Piece Dinnerware Set, $2.99.

6. The Perfect Peck These bendable utensils, slip-resistant plate and bowl, deep-pocket bib and smiling cup won’t ruffle any feathers. All the items are easy to grip, BPA-free and microwaveable. We’re sure this set will fit the bill (pun intended). Toddler Feeding Gift Set, $29.99. | JUNE/JULY 2015


forks & spoons

i n the fridge

Tea Time

Green tea is a great tea to drink for its health benefits.


According to legend, a Chinese emperor in 2737 B.C. discovered tea when a dead tea leaf fell into a pot of boiling water. Whether the story is myth or fact, it’s true that people have been enjoying tea for thousands of years. Let’s take a closer look at this popular drink!

There are several different types of tea to choose from and they all have different tastes and health benefits. Check out these quick descriptions to find the perfect brew for you!

True Teas

Herbal Teas

Easy Fruit Iced Tea

White Tea - White tea is the least processed of teas and therefore considered one of the healthiest. It is high in antioxidants and amino acids that promote relaxation and boost your immune system. It has a lightly sweet flavor, so drink up!

Peppermint Tea - This is a wonderful tea to drink before bedtime to relax. Naturally caffeine-free and full of flavor, peppermint tea can also soothe a tummy ache, aid in digestion and cut down on heartburn. This tea can be served either cold or hot and can be combined with other teas for a rich flavor.

Submitted by Linda O’Leary

Green Tea - Green tea is a great tea to drink for its health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants, promotes weight loss and is believed to fight aging, heart disease and cancer. The flavor of green tea varies by type, so experiment to find the tea that best suits your taste.

Black Tea - Black teas are rich in antioxidants that help to lower cholesterol and aid in cardiovascular health. Black tea is oxidized the longest of all the teas, causing it to have a stronger flavor. If you’re a new tea drinker, you may prefer to start with a lighter type.

38 | JUNE/JULY 2015

Chamomile Tea - This tea is well known for its calming properties. Many drink chamomile to ease PMS pains, relieve headaches, reduce stress and aid in achieving a peaceful sleep. Chamomile is a floral tea and often served with lemon and honey.

Ingredients: ½ gallon of water 6 black tea bags 4 Celestial Seasonings Wild Berry Zinger Tea bags ½ - ¾ cups sugar (or 6-8 packets of sweetener) Berries or sliced fruit of your choice Boil the water and pour into a pitcher (glass is best). Steep the black tea bags and Wild Berry Zinger Tea bags together for about 15 minutes. Add in the sugar or sweetener and adjust to your taste. Refrigerate so that it is cold before serving. Serve with ice and fruit of your choice.

Sweet Tea vs. Unsweet Tea

It’s the great tea debate: Is tea better sweetened or unsweetened? Although the two are both made from black tea, most tea drinkers have a strong opinion in this argument and are very particular about which one they will drink. More often than not, your stance on this tea debate can be determined by your location. Sweet teas are more common in the South, while unsweetened tea dominates in the North. Do your tea preferences fit in with your region? ✽

*Please consult your doctor if you have any questions regarding herbal teas and health benefits.

© 2015 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved.

Oolong Tea - Research has connected the consumption of oolong tea with lowered cholesterol levels, increased metabolism, weight loss and reduced amounts of plaque in arteries. There are several varieties of oolong with flavors ranging from light to robust, so there’s sure to be an oolong out there for you!

Rooibos Tea - Rooibos tea shares many antioxidants with green tea, but unlike green tea, is caffeine free. This tea is also reputed for its ability to promote relaxation and skin health. It has a full-bodied sweet flavor.

This quick and easy recipe makes a half-gallon of tea. | JUNE/JULY 2015



With a summer color palette that goes beyond the traditional red, white and blue, we are sharing our favorite Fourth of July traditions and tips to help your family enjoy the holiday food and fun before the fireworks even begin.



While the traditional red, white and blue are the staples for Fourth of July decor, you can add a bright touch of color to your table spread with simple flowers and fun pieces of dishware or display pieces. Label each food and drink with place cards to help guests choose what they'd like to try. Add playful straws for bit of fun!

SWEET SIPPERS Cold lemonade served with fresh fruit is the perfect thirst-quencher for a hot Florida summer celebration!

42 | JUNE/JULY 2015

MAKE IT YOURS Decorate simple mason jars with colorful paper circles on the lids. Avoid mix-ups by adding a name to each lid with a permanent marker.

FRESH FRUIT FLAG Arrange blueberries, strawberries and slices of cheese to create a tasty, edible version of Old Glory! | JUNE/JULY 2015


Relay games are easy to prepare and fun for all ages! Think elementary school field days: Burlap sack races, balloon tosses, jump roping, tug-of-war and hula hooping are all favorites that will add some excitement to your summertime gathering.

44 | JUNE/JULY 2015

DIY PINWHEELS Check out our how-to guide on for an easy craft that doubles as cute table decor!

SAFETY FIRST A great parent-to-parent safety tip for July 4th fun: Use a Solo cup to protect little hands when celebrating with sparklers. Remember, always supervise kids with any type of fireworks!

PIE OH MY! Enjoy a festive dessert with a twist – organize a pie-eating contest for the little ones (and the big ones who want to join in the messy fun)! | JUNE/JULY 2015


46 | JUNE/JULY 2015 | JUNE/JULY 2015


forks & spoons


Baked Potato • Bacon • Sour cream • Cheddar cheese • Chives Serve with a side of ranch

Caprese Salad • Mozzarella cheese • Heirloom tomatoes • Fresh basil leaves Apples & Cheese

Top with a splash of balsamic vinaigrette

• Brie cheese • Granny Smith apple • Bacon crumbles • Honey mustard

Spicy Southwest • Salsa • Monterey Jack cheese • Avocado • Jalapenos • Tortilla strips 48 | JUNE/JULY 2015

Giggle Tip: Create a slider

bar! Set out a variety of toppings at your party and let guests create their own delicious combos!

Inspired by Italy • Mozzarella cheese • Marinara sauce • Grilled mushrooms





Try these other tasty combinations! • BBQ sauce, fried onions, Swiss cheese and bacon • Pesto and Parmesan cheese • Buffalo sauce, onions and blue cheese • Fried egg and bacon • Grilled pineapple, lettuce and smoked bacon • Strawberries, onion and blue cheese dressing

Spice up your traditional Fourth of July barbecue with a creative twist, and enjoy endless topping options for your hot dogs and sliders!

• Avocado, Swiss cheese and sprouts | JUNE/JULY 2015


50 | JUNE/JULY 2015 | JUNE/JULY 2015


Dress Up Your Dog! Beans & BBQ Dog • Baked beans Hula Hot Dog • Diced pineapple


• BBQ sauce • Red onion

• Sliced red onion

• Cheddar and Colby Jack cheese

Add a splash of teriyaki sauce

• Yellow mustard | JUNE/JULY 2015

Giggle Tip: No time

to fire up the grill? A countertop electric grill is a great alternative for those times when you are in a hurry.

Try these other tasty combinations! Southwestern Corn Dog

• Refried beans, cheddar cheese and pickled jalapenos

• Bacon, avocado and chipotle mayo

• Buffalo mayo, hot sauce, celery and blue cheese

• Peaches, jalapenos and cilantro

Philly Dog

Cha-Cha-Chili Dog • Prepared chili

• Yellow corn

• Grilled onions

• Red peppers

• Grilled green peppers

• Black beans

• Provolone cheese

• Diced tomatoes

• Diced onion • Diced green peppers • Cheddar and Colby Jack cheese • Sliced jalapenos | JUNE/JULY 2015


54 | JUNE/JULY 2015 | JUNE/JULY 2015



will want to be an astronaut in no time! With several attractions planned specifically for kids, it’s a great family road trip stop.


3. Egmont Key Located just south of Fort De Soto Beach and in the heart of Tampa Bay, Egmont Key is the perfect mix of gorgeous beaches and fun history lessons. Accessible by ferry, the key has three different ruins from the late 1900s and a working lighthouse from 1858 to explore. It also has a wildlife reserve and sunken ruins for snorkeling. Egmont Key is perfect for leisurely Florida exploration.

4. Fort Myers

by ale russian & nicole irving

Florida is considered by many as the number one vacation destination for families, with numerous theme parks usually taking credit for that. But Floridians know that’s not all our beautiful state has to offer. Florida is one of the best states for exciting road trips. A few hours of driving can take you to beautiful beaches, lush swamps and fishing piers, or old historical sites. Stay off the beaten path with these alternative road trip destinations.

1. Pensacola The city of Pensacola is perfect for a family vacation, with spots for everyone to enjoy. The National Naval Aviation Museum boasts over 140 restored aircraft from various branches of the military. Nearby is Fort Barrancas, a structure completed in 1844 to protect the US Navy before the Civil War. Take the family to the Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum for an incredible experience! After climbing 177 steps, you’ll be able to see the whole city of Pensacola, including the various forts built to protect the city after the War of 1812. Pensacola is an amazing historical destination right here in Florida.,

2. Cape Canaveral Cape Canaveral is a fun and educational destination for the whole family. Spend a day in the Kennedy Space Center and your child

56 | JUNE/JULY 2015

Fort Myers hosts the side-by-side winter estates of famous inventors and lifelong friends, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Surrounded by the natural fauna that has been kept alive since they resided in the area, the extensive estates offer a peek into the lives of two of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century. Spanning 20 acres, the sites include a Ford museum and part of Edison’s research lab, making Fort Myers an educational and historical destination.

5. St. Augustine The oldest city in America is right here on the east coast of Florida! St. Augustine is a popular destination where you can tour the old town once occupied by Spanish explorers. Your kiddos will have a blast looking at some amazing history at Fort Matanzas and the Castillo de San Marcos. The St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum are “must-have stops” during your visit. Of course, there are the miles of beautiful beaches and restaurants to enjoy as well. Immerse your family in one of the greatest historical attractions Florida has to offer.,

6. Sarasota Sarasota is not only home to some of the country’s best beach destinations, but also The Ringling Circus Museum and the Aquarium at the Mote Marine Laboratory. Between the water, natural wildlife and attractions, this is a must-visit on the west coast for the whole family.,

7. Everglades The largest subtropical wilderness in the United States is just a few hours south! Head to the Everglades to see all the different species that live in the national park while also learning about what makes Florida special. The airboat tours will take you into the heart of the glades where you will probably spot more than a few gators.

12. St. Marks

12 5

8. The Florida Keys


Snorkeling, fishing, bike riding and key lime pie are just some of the many perks of visiting the Florida Keys! Make it all the way down to Key West and you can take a picture at the famous marker of the southernmost point! If you see a lot of stray cats around, don’t worry; you’re probably just close to Ernest Hemingway’s house, where the famous Hemingway cats live. Eat delicious lobster and fresh seafood while watching the breathtaking sunset. Sounds like a great family vacation!

St. Marks is an attraction for boaters, fishermen and seafood lovers. Located just 25 miles south of Tallahassee, St. Marks is the home to the Tallahassee-St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail, a paved 16-mile bicycle and equestrian trail that ends right at the St. Marks waterfront. While here, visit the Natural Wildlife Refuge, which is a home for wildlife, natural salt marshes, freshwater swamps, pine forests and lakes. At the Wildlife Refuge you can embark on an adventure of fishing, hiking, paddling, and bird and butterfly watching. You will also have an opportunity to see the historic St. Marks lighthouse on the Apalachee Bay.

2 Discover More … Visit Explore/Discover-MoreFlorida-Northwest for more information about Florida’s historic and heritage tourism spots. #DiscoverNWFL.

3 6

9. Jupiter

Cut on dotted line and tape together.

Around every corner, you will find something fun for the whole family to do in the town of Jupiter. Located on Florida’s east coast, this beach town is the home to the Jupiter Lighthouse, the Loggerhead Marine Life Center, Busch Wildlife Sanctuary and miles of beautiful beaches and countless golf courses. Nestled just 30 miles north of West Palm Beach, Jupiter boasts golfing, snorkeling and fishing all year long.,,

9 4

10. Mexico Beach White sandy beaches and the emerald green waters are the main attraction in this beautiful northwest Florida town. Mexico Beach has wonderful fishing spots, quaint local dining and eclectic shopping, perfect for everyone in the family.


11. Cedar Key This historic town sits just 50 miles southwest of Gainesville, Florida, along the Gulf of Mexico. If sunsets, fishing, kayaking and relaxing are what your summer plans call for, then a weekend trip to Cedar Key is a must.

8 | JUNE/JULY 2015


58 | JUNE/JULY 2015 | JUNE/JULY 2015


Gear Before You Go by ale russian

You’ve packed your bags, confirmed your reservations and are counting down to vacation. Before you load the family in the car, check out these fabulous products that will enhance everyone’s road trip experience!

60 | JUNE/JULY 2015

2 1 3

A comfortable car seat that easily deflates and folds flat for storage, making it perfect for traveling or vacations. $30,

Trunki Ride-On Suitcase

Self Seal Dry Bag+

A wheeling suitcase that doubles as a ride-on toy that is great for vacations and on-the-go situations. $40,

The Self Seal Dry Bag is the ultimate road trip lifesaver. From electronics to clothes, your valuables will stay safe and dry. $22,

Photos courtesy of the manufacturers. Trunki photo by Giggle Magazine.

7 Products to Make Every Road Trip a Little Better

Bubblebum Inflatable Car Booster Seat

i-Hide™ Car Seat Organizer with Tablet Viewer Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest The helpful headrest that gives your children more head support by keeping them comfortable and safe on long car rides. $50,

4 6

Your solution to a messy car and a bored kiddo. Pack everything into easy storage with a slot for your tablet to keep the kids entertained. $24.99,


White Hot® Sun Safety Shades - 2 Pack

Keep your little ones cool with this sun shade that doesn’t block the view. $14.99,

Snack and Play Travel Tray

A comfortable lap tray to keep your little one’s toys from falling on the floor during short or long car rides. It also includes mesh pockets on the sides. $28, | JUNE/JULY 2015



get pretty

Bronzed Beauties!

 LUSH Latté Lip Tint Powdered coffee, icing sugar and vanilla give the tint a creamy, latte flavor to compliment the paler, subtler coffee color. $7.25,

by chelsea stromfeld

 jane iredale Tantasia Self Tanner & Bronzer Pleasantly scented, streak-free formula that instantly works as a bronzer, develops as a gradual tan and provides natural hydration. $36,

Are you looking for that sun-kissed glow, but don’t want the skin damage from an unprotected day in the sun? Look no further! We have picked some of our favorite body tints and bronzers to moisturize your skin while providing you with a touch of healthy color.

 L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Serum Long-lasting tan for up to two weeks, quickdry and streak-free. $10.99,, mass market retailers.  LUSH Black Stockings Body Tint Spicy pimento berry oil, cinnamon and a hint of sweet orange oil give the Caribbeaninspired body tint a warm, deep fragrance like a tropical beach with a sun-kissed glow. $10.95,

 

 LUSH Charisma Skin Tint Bronzing tint that nourishes and moisturizes with oatmeal decoction, cocoa butter, jojoba and almond oils to give a glowy, natural look. $18.95,

 Bobbi Brown Face and Body Bronzing Duos Amazing for getting a natural-looking, long-lasting glow in an instant; perfect for a beach trip or night out! $48,

 

62 | JUNE/JULY 2015

 LUSH Lustre Body Powder Dusting powder with a gold shimmer and seductive jasmine perfume leaves give your skin a subtle glow and sexy scent. $15.95,  Colorescience Pressed Mineral Bronzer Provides a healthy, sun-kissed glow adding richness and warmth to your complexion. Available in Mojave and Santa Fe shades. $49, Gainesville Dermatology Aesthetic Center.

Photos courtesy of the manufacturers. LUSH, Golden Shimmer and Colorscience photos by Giggle Magazine.

 jane iredale Golden Shimmer Face and Body Lotion Formula enhances honey-hued limbs and creates a subtle veil of shimmer to warm and smooth natural complexions. $32, | JUNE/JULY 2015



get healthy

Solutions for 7 Summertime Syndromes BY SAVANNA KEARNEY

The dog days of summer are in full swing, and families are out and about enjoying the weather. Along with blue skies and a shining sun come an assortment of ailments that are prevalent during the summer. With the help of, we created a guide to treating and preventing those common maladies so you and your kids can get back to what’s important ¬ having fun!

Giggle Tip! Add aloe vera gel, calamine lotion and antihistamine pills to your first aid kit, car or purse so you always have a quick solution to pesky summertime problems.

Sunburn Sunburn is one of the most common problems parents see during the summer. While the obvious measures of prevention are to use sunscreen (at least 30 SPF), there are ways to treat sunburns after they happen. Pressing a cool compress on the burn will help to soothe the heat, while over-the-counter pain medications can help to ease pain. Aloe vera gel or lotion is the best treatment because it soothes, heals and prevents peeling later. Also, drink plenty of water to rehydrate skin.

Heat Rash Heat rash is a prevalent summertime condition, especially in the humidity of Florida, because it develops when perspiration gets trapped inside sweat ducts. Although it usually clears on its own, heat rash can be treated by removing or loosening clothing from the skin and resting in a cool, dry environment. Let skin air-dry without using towels, and avoid heavy creams and lotions that could irritate skin.

Sea Lice

64 | JUNE/JULY 2015

Poison Ivy/Oak Although poison ivy or oak rashes usually heal within a few days, there are treatments to alleviate pain and quicken the healing process. Immediately rinse the affected area with lukewarm soapy water, and wash clothing to avoid causing another rash. If the rash is itchy, do not scratch it, or it may become inflamed. Instead, apply calamine lotion or cool compresses to skin, and take short, lukewarm baths. Taking an antihistamine can also reduce itching.

Bee Stings If a bee stings you or your child, carefully remove the stinger and wash the area with soap and water. Applying cold compresses and an ice pack to the skin can ease pain and relieve swelling. If the redness and swelling increase, apply calamine lotion or cortisone cream to the skin and take an antihistamine. If the bee sting creates a more severe reaction, consult your doctor.

Ringworm Keeping your body clean and dry, not sharing towels or sports equipment, and wearing sandals in locker rooms can help prevent contracting ringworm. Once you see a ringworm rash on the skin, wash the affected area with soap and water, and dry thoroughly. Apply an antifungal cream around the edges of the rash. If it doesn’t go away in two weeks, contact your doctor.

Chigger Bites Chigger bites are similar to mosquito bites – irritating but not threatening. Wash the bite with soap and water vigorously to make sure there are no chiggers still attached to the skin. Do not scratch the bite because it can become infected. Pressing a cool washcloth or applying calamine lotion to the skin can relieve itching. ❉ *Always consult your doctor for care regarding your family’s specific needs.

© 2015 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved.

Sea lice stings can be difficult to prevent since they are nearly invisible in water. Watch the lifeguard flags and stay out of the water if warnings are posted (purple flags indicate dangerous marine life). If you do go in the water, avoid wearing extraloose fitting clothing. After swimming in the ocean, immediately rinse off with cold, fresh water and change out of swimsuits. If you are bitten, avoid scratching and take an antihistamine and apply calamine lotion

to the affected area. Oatmeal baths are also great for soothing itchiness. | JUNE/JULY 2015


66 | JUNE/JULY 2015 | JUNE/JULY 2015


68 | JUNE/JULY 2015 | JUNE/JULY 2015



get m o vi n g

Hula Hoop Fun

Hula Hoop Exercises


Using a weighted hula hoop can be a great way to stay in shape. After you’re done playing with the kids, keep your hoop out and try one of these quick workouts!


It’s summertime! The perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy the sunshine with your kiddos! Need some fresh outdoor play ideas? Break out those hula hoops and get ready to have fun with these five activities.

Hula Hoop Hopscotch

Set up your hula hoops in a pattern on the driveway or in the grass and play hopscotch! If you’re playing on the driveway, you can use chalk to number the hoops, just like in traditional hopscotch.

Hula Hoop Jump Rope

Two classics combined for one new fun activity! Trying to use a hula hoop to play jump rope is more difficult then you might think, so be sure to play in soft grass or sand and in an open area.

Hula Hoop Obstacle Course

Hula Hoop Toss

This version of ring toss makes it easier for your kids to play with larger rings to get over the targets. Set up the yard with different targets, such as empty milk cartons or shoes, and assign each target a point value. Then get ready to have fun!

Bonus Game: You can also play hula hoop ring toss using your family members

themselves as the targets! If you’re playing this way, be sure to use lightweight hula hoops and wear helmets to prevent injuries. ✽

70 | JUNE/JULY 2015

This twist on a traditional lunge engages your upper body in the exercise as well. Simply raise one arm above your head and rotate the hula hoop around your wrist while doing lunges. Remember to switch arms to get an even workout!

LA SQUATS HU Start off with classic hooping, then try doing a set of wideset squats. Keeping the hoop going while you squat will be difficult, so be sure to keep your core muscles engaged throughout the exercise!

© 2015 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved.

Set up an obstacle course in the backyard! Have the players crawl through vertical hoops or lay down hula hoops across the yard so they have to jump from hoop to hoop to get from start to finish. Add in stations where they have to stop to do some of the above listed activities (hula hooping or jump roping) and you’ve got yourself quite the obstacle course!

Aside from being a fun activity to enjoy with your children, hula hooping can be a great exercise. Use a hula hoop specifically made for exercising, otherwise it might be too light and not give you results as quickly.


Classic Hula Hooping

There’s a reason the hula hoop hasn’t gone out of style after over 50 years of production. Grab a hoop for everyone in the family and have a competition to see who can keep their hoop going the longest. Or spice things up by trying different tricks, like standing on one foot while you spin the hoop around your waist.



72 | JUNE/JULY 2015



WINNER IS... Photos by Lifeprints Photography | JUNE/JULY 2015


to this year's winner,



u t a latio r g n o Christina Copti!


Christina copti mom of 4 • Lost 23.75 inches • Lost 32.2 pounds of body fat (16.02%)

MY NEW LIFESTYLE Going to the gym is now like second nature. I either go to a class or do 2030 minutes of HIIT and weight training. This takes the place of rest/cleaning time at home, but it all gets done in the end. I now love Dale bars and Ezekiel bread with 1 tablespoon of almond butter. Before the challenge I had never had these and now they are great go-to snacks.

74 | JUNE/JULY 2015

"Training with Dan and Paggie has been a life-changing experience. They knew how and when to push me, and I no longer have cravings for unhealthy food now that I have learned you don't need to just eat plain boring chicken to lose weight. Earn it, Live It. Eat clean, train dirty!"

1st Runner-Up before

2nd Runner-Up before

Nicole McDonald


mom of 4

mom of 4

• Lost 21.75 inches • Lost 26 pounds of body fat (10.57%)

• Lost 19 inches • Lost 20.1 pounds of body fat (10.20%)



The biggest change in my routine has been making exercise a priority. I now think of what I can shift or delegate to get a workout in that day. My husband, Andrew, has been a huge support … even using his lunch break to be with our 2-year-old while I exercise. As for new foods, I'm a recovering pastaholic. I've replaced rice and pasta with veggies like spaghetti squash and cauliflower, and have found I don't crave the starchy stuff much anymore.

Our eating habits have changed and my energy has increased immensely. Seafood, zucchini and many other veggies are now a staple in our diet. We always have fresh fruit and vegetables to snack on and we rarely eat out. After dinner, we try to take a family walk or bike ride. My children want to train with me! I love that they want to make healthy choices. After completing my first 5k during the challenge, I can't wait to do another and improve my time. | JUNE/JULY 2015






mom of 1


mom of 1

• Lost 11.25 inches • Lost 20 pounds of body fat (7.70%)

• Lost 16.5 inches • Lost 17.1 pounds of body fat (7.04%)



Even though there was a lot of strength training incorporated into our circuit training at Sweat Life, I added up to two additional strength training sessions per week into my training plan because I enjoy it and because having more muscle helps torch calories. My day is now not complete unless I include a serving of non-fat plain Greek yogurt. My new favorite vegetables are raw red bell pepper and roasted broccoli.

My husband and I have enjoyed learning how to turn our favorite meals into healthy clean meals – sautéed Brussels sprouts is our new favorite veggie! Also, I have found my love for exercise again and I strive to be active in some way on a daily basis! I have learned that I love participating in 5ks and look forward to running in the future! | JUNE/JULY 2015


Congratulations to our BWLC #5 ladies for losing a total of 130 pounds of body fat and108.25 inches!



As with each Big Weight Loss Challenge, there has been sweat, determination and even some tears. New foods have been tried, and never tried again. Some have become new favorites and added into a yummy sauté with a side of protein. Waists have shrunk and muscles have grown. But, more important than new foods and smaller waistlines are the self-esteem boosts, positive outlooks on health and fitness, and newfound relationships with exercise and diet. These are things that are more dear to their bodies and minds than anything, and will stay with these girls forever. I am so proud of these six strong, amazing women who have battled the cravings, fatigue, soreness and Dan’s intense workouts, all while having their journey seen by thousands. Look at the results! You all are ROCK STARS!! ~Nicole Irving, Giggle Magazine Publisher

mom of 2 • Lost 13.75 inches • Lost 14.1 pounds of body fat (6.80%)

MY NEW LIFESTYLE My new workout is always HIIT now. I had never done interval training before my time at Sweat Life, and I find I really enjoy it! I'm finding the time now, in between family obligations, to make time for myself to get it done! I also really enjoy a good chocolate-peanut butter protein smoothie in the mornings for breakfast. My new favorite go-to!

As is the case every year, this was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and my career. It has been amazing to see these six women persevere and overcome obstacles to reach, and even exceed, their goals. They began as strangers and came together to form a close, supportive group of friends who motivate and encourage each other. Each of these ladies has broken through her individual barriers and now has the tools to influence others as she continues on the journey of health and fitness. They are all winners in this challenge! ~Dan Griffin, Owner of Sweat Life Fitness | JUNE/JULY 2015



lifeprints P H O T O G R A P H Y

Gainesville Dermatology Aesthetic Center


nann agency



happy home

M A K E I T. F I X I T. C L E A N I T.

Reusing and Repurposing Wipes Containers BY DANA KAMP

Wondering what to do with your baby wipes containers now that your young one has graduated from diapers to big kid underwear? Don’t just throw them away ¬ reuse them! Check out some of our favorite ways to repurpose these handy boxes!

PIGGY BANK The pop-up tops make these great piggy banks for your little ones. They can open the tops themselves and stash their allowance, while also being able to easily retrieve the money without having to smash their precious piggy.



Her miniature ball gowns, swimsuits and sundresses fit perfectly in these lightweight containers. They make great little "dressers" for doll clothes and tiny doll shoes and hats. For even more organization, use a container for clothes and another for accessories.

The size of these boxes is wonderful for holding just the right amount of blocks to assemble a few fun creations. They are perfect to take along for waiting rooms, restaurants or visiting Grandma's house. They're also great for protecting an unfinished or ongoing building project.


80 | JUNE/JULY 2015

Check out these other great uses! • Colored pencils • Toy cars • First aid kit for the car • Stickers and craft stamps • Toiletry samples in guest bathroom

• Flash cards and card games • Vacation/summer camp mementos • Nail polishes • Plastic grocery bag holder/dispenser

Photos by Giggle Magazine.

These containers are fantastic additions to your arts and crafts table. They can hold several boxes of crayons, are easily opened by little hands and are portable, so you can take them along anywhere you need a quiet activity for your child. | JUNE/JULY 2015


82 | JUNE/JULY 2015 | JUNE/JULY 2015


happy home


len... e H r a e D


• Most of the summer fun ideas can be adjusted for preschool, elementary and tween needs. Remember that older kids are great helpers for younger kids and usually enjoy preparing materials for games and crafts.

• Many parents work with recurring themes, such as

Move It Monday, Thinking Tuesday, Wet Wednesday, Trip Thursday and Fantasy Friday. Within these or other themes that you select, are the crafts, games, local trips and chores that fit.

• Crafts are a hit with most kids. Even if you don’t

like doing them, fake it til you make it with templates for projects that go easy on preparation and cleanup time. Craft stores like Michael’s have classes designed for kids. Local pottery and art studios are another resource.

• Look up Lego® Challenges for themed play that includes Build a Pet, Blue Bricks Only, Flags, Birthday Cakes, Ornaments, Cars and Things in the Sky.

• Activities that ward off brain drain during the

Queries from the Curious BY helen kornblum

Q. I want my children to have a fun summer with lots of activities, but with some “lazy” time, too. How should I schedule this so that everyone gets both this summer?

summer can involve trips to the library. The public library system has enticing and fun programs for teens, tweens and younger kids. You can also introduce the family to the fun of audiobooks. Read aloud, perhaps acting out favorite scenes.

• Infuse new learning through science experiments,

money games and card games. Everyone can learn a new skill together at an appropriate level. Can you juggle or use a hula hoop? Ask the kids to teach you. Ask the tweens to teach Grandma and Grandpa to use Skype.

A. Creating summer schedules and routines that meet everyone’s needs – including yours – is a daunting task. Thanks to ideas from the Internet and community resources, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to keep the kids busy, intellectually stimulated and happy.

• Use teamwork for household chores, assigning tasks

Start with an account of your family circumstances: Single mom? Work-from-home mom? Work-outside-the-home mom? Stay-at-home mom? Dad’s availability? Access to sitters and drivers? Available budget for summer activities? Ages and interests of the kids?

• Build quiet or unstructured time into each day

To spark your creativity, head off to Pinterest or just google “schedule summer fun for children” or a similar phrase. You will find a delightful selection of free printables and templates. Start with “A Mom with a Lesson Plan.”

with blowing bubbles, reading, doing puzzles, or playing dress up and board games. Screen time belongs here, too.

• Creating playgroups with other families may help you target one age group for an activity with a particular appeal and skill level.

• Schedule your own free time by hiring a sitter. You don’t want to have crazy days of summer, either. ✽

 Helen Kornblum is a life coach and organizer in Gainesville, FL. Find her at Her specialty is coaching teens and young adults who have ADHD or ADD.

84 | JUNE/JULY 2015

© 2015 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved.

You don’t have to build an Excel chart, although you will need documentation to keep track of comings and goings. The critical ingredient is enough daily structure so the kids aren’t frazzled by their activities or understimulated by long, boring days. (Boredom in small doses, however, often stimulates creativity.)

according to abilities. Put on music or play Beat-theClock to boost productivity. Extend teamwork into the kitchen to play “restaurant.” | JUNE/JULY 2015


86 | JUNE/JULY 2015 | JUNE/JULY 2015


88 | JUNE/JULY 2015


fa m ily lear n i n g

Keeping Your Cool in Heated Situations BY KELLY GOEDE

In my 10 years of parenting, I have lost count of the number of times I wished I had a do-over after totally blowing it in public. Whipped around by the winds of frustration, fatigue and mind-numbing whining, I’ve been known to utter phrases straight out of the “non-example” section of most parenting books. As much as I’d like to excuse away my behavior, I know there’s a better way (but I also know I’m not alone). We’ve all been there, right? Our job as parents is to act as a boundary ‒ a guardrail of sorts ‒ and it’s our children’s job to test that boundary. And when we’re out in public, we must have our wits about us, armed with a plan and the knowledge that our children can smell fear and weakness. Without said plan, we are prone to reactivity, and that never ends well. Ever yelled at your child over something relatively minor … in the aisles of Target? Ever lost your cool behind the wheel, forgetting the little ears hanging on your every word? As much as we’d like to pretend that our kiddos are not watching our every move, the reality is they learn more from our example (good or bad) than they do from any other source.

© 2015 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved.

Children are not born knowing how to behave in social situations. They watch, they imitate, they fail or succeed, and we correct. Then the cycle starts over. I find that many times I get parenting mostly right, but small elements of my style (tone, choice of words, volume) are disproportionate to the infraction or the specific behavior I’m trying to coach. A simple tweak would make all the difference. Kelly Vineyard can relate, after her child was not ready to leave an Easter egg hunt.

“The only way I could get him to come out was to loudly proclaim that I was going to start throwing away his Easter candy until he came out,” she recalled, “I was so mad!”

In the heat of the moment we parents may find it difficult to stay objective and calm. Vineyard further added that, “If I had it to do over again, I would have still followed up on the part about throwing out the candy but would have kept my cool.” Her greatest regret was letting her anger show. Sometimes we are blind to our own parenting weaknesses until a situation arises and we are shocked to hear our own reaction. Not to over simplify, but spending some time reflecting on areas of vulnerability in our ability to handle ourselves with decorum would be a beneficial exercise. In short, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you know that trying to get your child to leave something fun is going to turn you into a scary mommy because it frustrates you an extra measure, then you owe it to yourself and your child to plan through that type of scenario to know how you want to respond, so that the example your child is following is one of a controlled and calm parent. ✽

Sticky Parenting Situations … In the car, plan ahead for when you are cut off in traffic. Give yourself a script or choose that moment to take up meditation. Before entering any public place, communicate clearly what your expectations are for your children. They aren’t allowed to talk? Then neither are you. You’ve got to walk the walk. At birthday parties or social events, use a hand signal or code word to calmly tell your child she is out of line and there will be a follow-up discussion/punishment at home. Praise the good you see. It’s hard to use self-control even as an adult and your kiddo will respond to behavior-specific praise. | JUNE/JULY 2015



h o m esch o o l c o r n er

Art-Schooling: Beyond the Paint Brushes BY TARA GRIFFIN, HOMESCHOOL MOM OF 2

My friends joke that our homeschool is really a fine art academy. My kids play instruments and sing all day, and I love art. We do some kind of art every day. I am the kid of an artist. My dad was a painting contractor by trade, but in his spare minutes, he was always tinkering with new brushes, techniques, paints and layers. The smell of the paint store makes me happy. This is probably why I love teaching and making art with the kids so much. As a graphic designer and lover of language, I always add layers to topics, and have found that it’s really fun to go deep in our art studies. Often, we will tie art together with our history lessons, but my kids are really into Surrealism right now (because it’s awesome), so I’ve shared a recent deep art lesson we did on Rene Magritte.

1. We started with an Internet search of Magritte paintings. This included reading a biography and discussing themes, lines, shapes, values, colors and textures. We talked about what we liked and didn’t like. Art discussion with kids is always fun, because they often see what I miss and really add to my overall appreciation of the work. 2. The kids each picked six elements to include in their own Magritte inspired work. I found a really fun game on Pinterest called “Roll-A-Magritte” that used dice and several themes from Magritte’s work (bowler hat, apple, raindrops, umbrella). 3. The kids sketched their ideas in their sketchbook. 4. A final painting was produced on a large sheet of watercolor paper. 5. They took their painting and recreated it in a graphic format with Adobe Illustrator. This gave them the opportunity to explore their ideas in an entirely different medium. We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of using technology to create art.

What an amazing study it was! I learned as much as they did. I think this would be fun to do for homeschoolers or parents trying to come up with things to do over the summer. There are millions of artists to choose from. Find one you like and go for it. Happy Schooling! ✽

90 | JUNE/JULY 2015

Photos provided by Tara Griffin.

6. They wrote poems about their paintings and published all of it to their blogs. | JUNE/JULY 2015



i n the classr o o m


You did it! You’ve made it through another school year! Now that summer is here, the fun can begin, but that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. Looking for ways to keep your kiddos academically engaged? We’ve got you covered!

Take Your Child To Work

Introduce your teen to the working world by letting him join you on the job. If you work in an office, he can practice his language and math skills. Assign him a few tasks such as writing form letters or updating a spreadsheet. Do you work in healthcare? Have your teen research a diagnosis and possible treatments. Experience is a wonderful teacher!

Libraries Aren’t Just For Reading

Smart Camping

Our community offers specialized camps to engage your child’s interests and his brain. If you have a “Big Hero 6” fan in your home, check out a robotics or other science-themed camp. If your daughter wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up, enroll her in a camp that focuses on caring for animals. Learning a new skill, such as a foreign language or photography, can also stimulate their young minds.

Schoolwork At Home

Day Trips

Florida is great for day trips – so many of our state treasures are just a short drive away. Take a trip to St. Augustine, the oldest city in the US, to learn about Florida history. Tour our state capital to learn about government and politics. A quick trip to a museum, aquarium or zoo gives another opportunity for kids to learn.

92 | JUNE/JULY 2015

Teachable Moments

Last, but definitely not least, take advantage of those teachable moments. If you are taking a vacation, engage your child by learning five facts about your destination. Celebrate the 4th of July by creating a trivia game about the USA. Practice math while measuring ingredients for that summer cookout. Let chores like laundry and cooking teach lessons in home economics and food science. Even pet care can become an experience in veterinary skills. Enjoy your time this summer with your kiddos, and all there is to learn as you go! ✽

© 2015 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved.

If your child struggled this past year with a specific subject, visit your local bookstore to pick up some materials to give your child a head start for the new year. Workbooks for math, reading and science are readily available at a reasonable cost. There are also plenty of online programs to make schoolwork over the summer fun.

Libraries offer interesting resources for both children and adults. Give your child a library card to check out books on his summer reading list. You can also sign your child up for a book club or a creative writing program. Other classes teach kids computer skills, gardening and animal facts at no cost to parents! Check out the great programs at the Alachua County Library at | JUNE/JULY 2015


94 | JUNE/JULY 2015

conception2college™  expecting Preparing for THE Big Day

 infant | 0-1 Surviving Baby’s First Day Out

 toddler | 2-3 Biting: Why it Happens and How to Stop It

 early years | 4-5 Make a Mess with These Fun Crafts!

 kids | 6-9 Beyond Toys: Great Gift Ideas That Won’t Soon Be Forgotten

 tweens | 10-13 To Censor or Not to Censor ... That Is the Question

 teens | 14-18

Photo by Little Marie Photographie.

Our Last Summer Before College | JUNE/JULY 2015




preg n a n cy

Preparing for THE Big Day BY APRIL TISHER

When you find out you are pregnant, you’re bombarded with information. Yet one of the biggest questions remains: “How can I be ready for labor?” It is hard to fully prepare for the unknown, and everyone has opinions on what you must do before delivery day. Remember, it is different for every mom and every pregnancy. Here are a few important things to think about while you are planning for your big day: Where will the birth take place? If you are new to the facility, make a practice run to find out where to park, what entrance to use when you are in labor, and which floor of the building is for labor and delivery. It’s also a good idea to make sure all insurance and billing issues are handled early so you don’t have surprise paperwork to deal with in the moment. Whom do you want contacted when you go into labor? Whom do you want with you in the delivery room? It’s best to hash this out ahead of time so you don’t end up forgetting to notify someone or an argument erupts between your husband and sister when she wants to be in the room for the birth. Keep a contact list handy, so either you or a designee can send a text, update your social media or call those you want to update. What is on your birth plan? Think of this as your wish list. You may feel very strongly about not having an epidural or wanting the whole family present for the birth beforehand, but things can change during labor. It is OK to deviate from what you think you wanted. The most important thing is the health and safety of the mom and baby. Share your wishes with your doctor or midwife and your spouse, so things can go as close as possible to your vision.

Giggle Tip: Have someone bring a blanket the

baby has been wrapped in to your pet before you bring the baby home, so he can learn the baby’s scent.

96 | JUNE/JULY 2015

Note from the Doctor: While there is a lot to think about and plan during this time, Dr. Kay Roussos-Ross, an OB-GYN with UF Health, advises her patients to just “enjoy this time with your partner; go to dinner and spend time alone together. Your family dynamic is about to change so take advantage now.”

© 2015 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved.

If you have other children or pets at home, make sure you have a plan and a back-up plan in place for their care when you go into labor. Remember, you may be in labor for 5 minutes or 24 hours, so make sure you plan accordingly. You might need someone to pick up older children from school or stay overnight with them. Will someone bring your children to the hospital to visit or wait until you come home with the baby? Is there someone who is comfortable with your pet and can take care of him while you’re away?

When packing, remember you need a bag for you, your coach/spouse and your baby. It’s best to start packing these bags several weeks before your due date, to help you feel prepared and so that you have time to add things as you think of extras you might need. If you want some of your own comforts from home, go ahead and pack them or write them down so you remember to grab them on your way out the door. If you want a special outfit for the baby to wear home or for photos, be sure to bring it. I also found that bringing a focal object helped me during active labor. Your favorite music, a birthing ball or essential oils could also aid you in the labor process. Don’t forget the baby’s car seat or feeding supplies (this includes your nursing pillow). ✽ | JUNE/JULY 2015




ages 0 - 1

Surviving Baby’s First Day Out BY OLIVIA K. PITKETHLY, MA, LMHC


gle Tip Gig

It’s OK to le a a full shop ve ping cart and h e home if ne ad ed be. Trust us, w e have all done it.

wipes, a changing pad and an extra plastic bag to hold dirty diapers and/or clothes. Instead of trying to handle a bulky stroller through crowded stores, keep your baby close. “Baby wearing is great,” says Annette McNally, mommy of two. “You still have two free hands to take care of yourself and baby.”

Out To Eat

Not ready to leave baby with a sitter? Take her with you to the restaurant, preferably one that is kid-friendly so if your little one starts to cry, she won’t disrupt other customers. Bring the infant car seat into the restaurant and request a booth. Baby can sit close to you in the booth (and she may even sleep through dinner). Again, bring lots of wipes to clean off anything she may touch, and a blanket to help her feel comfortable in an unfamiliar place. Feed her before you get to the restaurant and bring along extra. ✽ It’s a day that can bring even the most confident parent to break out in a sweat: the first time we take our infants out into the real world. We try to foresee every possible catastrophe and we squeeze every item we might need into an already overstuffed diaper bag. Here are a few tips to make those first trips a little easier.

Driving Alone With Your New One

A Day At The Park

Your infant is too small to enjoy the slide or the swings, but you still want her to

98 | JUNE/JULY 2015

Francys Martin, mommy of two, can speak from experience.

“After a very messy and traumatizing situation, we consistently carried a clean towel, bottled water and soapy towelettes so that we could clean up any situation and give them a mini bath in the backseat,” she advises.

Shopping Excursion

To prevent isolation, new parents need to be around other adults, even if it’s just in passing while strolling through the mall. Most malls are equipped with family bathrooms, nursing areas and a clean changing station, but you will still want to pack lots of

Taking care of yourself! Hope for the best, expect the worst. Not every experience with your new baby is going to be magical, so don’t expect outings to run perfectly. Breathe. Breastfeeding mamas should pack an extra shirt because leaks aren’t reserved for diapers and burp cloths can’t catch everything. Pack a snack for yourself. “I would underestimate how long things would take,” says Sabrina O’Malley, mommy of two. “Things can get more frustrating and overwhelming if you’re hungry too!” Wear clothing with pockets. You need a place to stash your phone, keys and money that is easily accessible, even if your hands are full.

© 2015 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved.

Most trips start with a ride in the car. My son hated, I mean hated, riding in his car seat. A quick trip to the bank or store often turned into a 90-minute ride because I would pull over every few minutes to quell his uncontrollable crying. Make sure your little one has a full belly and a clean diaper before heading out. Pack a favorite toy or a mirror to hang on the back seat for your baby to see her reflection. Other mommy friends have also suggested a white noise machine or app to help baby relax.

experience nature and fresh air. Prepare for any weather by packing age-appropriate sunscreen, citronella lotion or stickers (to ward off mosquitos) and an umbrella. A large towel or blanket becomes an on-thego play mat. A change of clothes can come in handy too if you are caught in a rainstorm or worse, baby’s diaper explodes. | JUNE/JULY 2015


100 | JUNE/JULY 2015



ages 2 - 3

Biting: Why it Happens and How to Stop It BY COLLEEN MCTIERNAN

How NOT to Stop Biting

Dr. Kelly discourages parents from biting their child back after she has bitten someone. Although it may seem like an effective way to prevent further biting, pinching and hitting are also discouraged. “You really want to avoid physical punishment in general because it never works,” she said.

What if Your Child is Bitten?

This problem can be just as frustrating, if not more, as having a child with a biting problem. More often than not, these bites tend to happen in playgroups or daycare. Because of how common biting is among young children, it is expected that your child might be bitten while in these play settings, but it should not be tolerated behavior. When your child graduates from baby to toddler, the changes she undergoes can be exciting. But this growth can also be accompanied by more outbursts as your child tries to find ways to express herself. One of the more difficult expressions your toddler may turn to is biting. Although biting is relatively common among young children, it is important to teach your child that it is not acceptable under any circumstances.

© 2015 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved.

Why Toddlers Bite

There are a few reasons why your child may be biting. In infants and younger toddlers, biting is common during teething to soothe their pain. In older toddlers, biting may be used as a method of communication when they don’t know what else to do. If they feel they are not getting the attention they need or are upset about something, toddlers may bite a parent or other caregiver to let them know. They may bite a sibling or other toddler when they don’t know how to properly settle a dispute over a favorite toy or how to express what it is they want.

“Maybe they’re frustrated and they don’t know how to communicate that they’re unhappy, so sometimes they will bite as a means to communicate those feelings,” said Dr. Maria Kelly, a pediatrician at UF Health Pediatrics.

How to Stop Biting

Try to discover what is causing your child to bite and anticipate that behavior. If her biting is a result of teething, ensure that your child has a teething ring or cool washcloth to help soothe her. If your child’s biting stems from frustration, try to avoid having her in a situation that makes her upset. “Lots of times parents know their kid is getting frustrated and know that they bite, so at that point of frustration or irritability, you want to take your child aside and remove her from that situation where she is about to bite,” Dr. Kelly said. Make sure your child understands that biting is not an acceptable behavior. Never laugh at your child when she bites, even when she is an infant. It should be reiterated from the beginning that biting is not okay.

“As a parent you have to assert yourself, either with the childcare setting or with the parent of the child that’s biting, and just make sure you feel comfortable with the consequences that are happening to that child for this behavior,” Dr. Kelly said. Although most bites do not break the skin, if this happens to your child you should clean the bite with anti-bacterial soap and contact your pediatrician for advice on further treatment. ✽

Giggle Tip: Share the book “Teeth Are Not for Biting” by Elizabeth Verdick with your child for an upbeat, childfriendly way of preventing biting and teaching positive alternatives. | JUNE/JULY 2015



early years Make a Mess with These Fun Crafts! ages 4 - 5


It’s finally summer, and it’s time to make a mess! With the summer sunshine comes the opportunity to try out new messy crafts and games without worrying about the cleanup process. Everyone will love these fun, outside-only activities, and when playtime is over, all you have to do is hose down the driveway ¬ and the kids!


What kid doesn’t love being allowed to paint with his hands? Bring out some paper and washable tempera paints, and help nurture your child’s artistic interests. For a fun twist, provide different homemade stamps like sponges or apples cut in half.


Making your own bubble solution is easy and cheap ¬ two cups water plus two tablespoons dishwashing liquid ¬ and it can provide endless entertainment for kiddos. Search the dollar stores to find different bubble wands, and let the kids compete to see who can make the biggest bubble.


With so many summer birthday parties to attend, you and your child can create art that is both beautiful and practical. Use long sheets of white or solidcolored wrapping paper, and have your child step onto paint-filled sponges and

Giggle Tip! walk all over the paper. If your little one is having fun, you might as well get a head start on your holiday gift wrap!


Forget boring sidewalk chalk! We have a recipe for sidewalk paint that your kids will love to use. Drawing with chalk can be tough because of its rough texture, but this paint glides on smoothly, and the best part is that you can spray it away, just like traditional chalk.


Playing with our food can be fun! Fill a bin with different colors of Jell-O

Outdoor fun provides a great opportunity to enjoy popsicles, everyone’s favorite summertime treat, without the sticky mess in your kitchen!

squares, and watch as your child experiences the squishy texture of the gelatin. You can also change up the contents of the bin – try pudding, ice cubes or different kinds of fruits. Make sure to set aside some of this craft for an afternoon snack. ✽

Mix equal parts water and cornstarch to make your paint. Two cups of each makes a large batch. Divide the paint into smaller containers ¬ small Tupperware pieces, bowls or muffin tins ¬ and add 2-3 drops of food coloring into each separate one so you have a variety of fun colors. Give your little ones (and yourself!) several paintbrushes, sponges, pinecones, etc., to create a beautiful summertime picture on the driveway or sidewalk. 102 | JUNE/JULY 2015

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Easy Sidewalk Paint | JUNE/JULY 2015




ages 6 - 9

Beyond Toys: Great Gift Ideas That Won’t Soon Be Forgotten BY ALE RUSSIAN

Picking the perfect gift for your child, or one of your child’s friends, is always a process. You know he’d be happy with a toy, but you struggle with wanting to get him something that is also nurturing, educational and unique. An easy solution to this problem is investing in alternative gifts. These are gifts that will keep your child’s interest longer than a toy can and often encourage healthy development in some way. This could be anything from a planned road trip to karate lessons. It will help your child appreciate non-material gifts, and keep you from adding to the toy clutter that is threatening to overtake your home. Keep some of these alternative gift ideas in mind when the next birthday or holiday rolls around.

Music classes

Learning how to read music and play instruments is a great way to help with your child’s reading skills and give them a new appreciation for music. Knowing how to read music develops parts of the brain that help with critical thinking and leads to greater discipline. Starting your child in music lessons for instruments like the guitar or piano is a fun and educational gift that will have great payoffs in the future.

Theme park passes

With major tourist attractions in Orlando, Tampa, Winter Haven and Valdosta, investing in theme park memberships is a great alternative gift! There are many options, so think about which park would be most exciting and developmentally appropriate for your child. Plan ahead and let him know when you’re going to be able to make your first visit together; it’ll be a gift he never forgets!

Photo album and disposable camera

Magazine subscriptions

Choosing a developmentally appropriate monthly magazine that covers one of your child’s interests is a great gift that lasts year

104 | JUNE/JULY 2015

round! Your child will anxiously wait for his mail every month, and will love learning more about his favorite subjects. Sitting down one-on-one with him to read the articles together and discuss them will create a nurturing environment around reading that can help him grow a passion for it. It really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Concert/Event tickets

Amazing experiences are some of the things we all remember from different times in our lives. If there is a particular music artist or sporting event your child would love to see live, look into the upcoming schedules and make it happen! You might want to include the photo album and camera with this gift – it’s sure to be one of those moments worth documenting. ✽

© 2015 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved.

This sweet and simple gift will allow your child to document a moment in his life that he feels is important. It may just be a single day or several spaced out throughout a week or month, but letting him decide which moments are worthy of documenting will give him a sense of independence. Once he’s taken all the pictures, work together to put them in the album and help him write the captions to reflect why he thought the moments captured are important. This is a timeless gift that can become an exciting project and a forever keepsake.

Giggle Tip: Think locally when choosing an alternative present. You don’t have to travel far to find amazing experiences to gift.

parent app!

Pitched In

If you’ve ever gone in on a gift with a group of people, you know how stressful it can be to collect all of the money. Well, say goodbye to awkward money collections and hello to Pitched In! Pitched In is a mobile app designed to make gathering money for group purchases easier. One user simply creates a campaign on the app and invites people to pitch in. Contributors can submit their money, which will be deposited into the creator’s bank account to make the planned purchase. How easy is that?

What would you do if... your child didn’t get invited to a close friend’s birthday party? I would explain that sometimes being left out is because the friend attends a different school or class and sometimes they forget their friends outside of class. Sometimes it's OK to share birthdays with other friends. We have done that and it helps her to handle looking at friends’ party pictures that have been posted to Facebook. –Kathy Anderson, mom of 2 I would just try to explain to him that we don't always get invited to everything, and if it really hurt his feelings I would suggest he talk to his friend about it. Maybe they could just have a playdate or a fun birthday lunch together to celebrate. –Sarah Kotranza, mom of 1 | JUNE/JULY 2015


106 | JUNE/JULY 2015 | JUNE/JULY 2015




ages 1 0 - 1 3

To Censor or Not to Censor...That Is the Question by REBECCA VITKUS

It’s a miracle! Your child has traded in his video games for an old-fashioned book, filled with pages of words that will transport him into a world of endless adventures. It’s often stressed that reading to your child is important for his development, and it is exciting to witness his desire to read on his own. However, this transition can be a bit complicated as he gains a new sense of freedom. Do you know exactly what your child is reading? As busy moms and dads struggle to keep up with their own hectic schedules, throwing in the task of reading an extra novel each week is easier said than done. Books written for children often contain mature themes, and it’s up to you as a parent to determine how to introduce your child to controversial issues. Many schools and libraries have censored books and removed them from their inventories due to provocative themes and parental complaints. Some of the most commonly banned books for children and young adults may surprise you. The long list of books that have been put on censored lists includes the Harry Potter series, Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax,” multiple Shel Silverstein poetry books and “James and the Giant Peach.” Even “Where’s Waldo?” has met its fair share of critics advocating for its removal from bookshelves.

“There’s a lot of research in educational studies that show the benefit of anything that challenges children intellectually and socially,” said Dr. Kenneth Kidd, associate director of UF’s Center for the Study of Children’s Literature and Culture, as well as professor and chair of English.

108 | JUNE/JULY 2015

“There’s a lively debate about age-appropriateness, of course, and I don’t think anyone would recommend just any book to just any kid. It’s all about context, including age, reading level, personal and cultural situation, and so forth,” Kidd added. As a parent, you have the responsibility of raising your child to become the best person he can be. You long to shield him from the less-than-perfect aspects of humanity and fill his impressionable mind with only the best images and ideas. You want to ensure that he understands the difference between right and wrong. On the other hand, these “tweenage” years are instrumental in gradually introducing your child to the world around him, even when his questions are difficult and conversation is uncomfortable. Books can act as a safe space in which you can present these topics to your child, enabling him to learn about life’s tough lessons through stories rather than through his own experience. “Very few people want to censor, but most parents want to make good choices for and with their children,” Kidd said. “That’s why a lot of the work of librarians (and teachers) is about identifying good books for kids, and promoting those books, rather than slamming or condemning ostensibly bad books. But of course, none of this is simple or easy, since no one’s quite sure what a good book might be. It might be many things, after all.” ✽

© 2015 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved.

The stories above are just a few examples of stories that introduce kids to the world of reading, sparking their imaginations and often creating a lifelong love of books. So what is a parent to do when the issue of censored lists arises? Should you censor each one of your child’s books, and if so, at what age should you allow your child to choose for himself?

“Very few people want to censor, but most parents want to make good choices for and with their children,” Kidd said.

Picture your child’s perfect, healthy smile! We specialize in orthodontics for children, teens and adults utilizing state-of-the-art technology to create healthy, beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime.


Reid W. Montini DMD, MS, PA Dr. Reid W. Montini attended Florida State University for his undergraduate studies, received his dental degree from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and completed his residency in orthodontics at the University of Florida. Dr. Montini is an active member of numerous professional organizations and is dedicated to staying current with the latest advances in orthodontic treatment and technology.

At Cohen & Montini Orthodontics, our top priority is to provide the highest quality orthodontic care in a patient-friendly environment.

7520 W. University Ave., Suite C • Gainesville

352-332-7911 Call today to schedule your complimentary consultation


110 | JUNE/JULY 2015 | JUNE/JULY 2015


112 | JUNE/JULY 2015



ages 1 4 - 1 8

Our Last Summer Before College BY LISA KATZ

As parents, we can easily get caught up in the excitement of our child’s college acceptance letters. Then as the summer approaches, we realize our baby will be leaving the oh-so-comfyand-safe nest. Time to face it and prepare for the next phase. So, what should be on the must-do list for the last summer with your teen under your roof? A special vacation? Extra family time? A crash course in independent living? Some heart-to-heart conversations? Yes to all of these.

Let’s Chat

There are a handful of conversations to have with your child before his college life officially begins. Of course parents know their child wants to have fun away at school, but remind him that you have academic expectations for him as well. Being responsible for one’s belongings and being respectful of a new roommate are good topics to review. By this point in your child’s life you have probably had most of those all-important conversations. Although your child may roll his eyes, this is the time to review some of those harder talks one last time – alcohol, sex, parties, buddy system, honesty and safety (of all kinds). Afterward, take a deep breath and sigh with some relief. Remind yourself; you’re a good parent.

Make Some Memories

© 2015 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved

The fun stuff is easy to plan. Any kind of travel or family vacation is a great activity to take part in before college starts. Going to all of his favorite restaurants in town is another. Making a photo memory book of him visiting key spots in his hometown is a fun parent-child activity to help wrap up his childhood years. Updating his wardrobe is also a great way to spend time with your child before he leaves, and probably something for which he’ll easily comply.

Life Management Lessons

Take some time over the summer to touch base on (at least) the basics of this list.

1. COOKING Even if your child will be living in a dorm his freshman year, it is important to show him a handful of easy dishes to cook. He’ll be more interested if you make some of his favorites. Keep it simple! 2. LAUNDRY The soon-to-be freshman should know some fundamentals about how to do laundry. The main thing is being comfortable with a washing machine and all of its settings and buttons. 3. BANKING Your child should know how to write a check, make a deposit and use an ATM machine. Nowadays it is also very convenient to be able to do mobile banking. GIGGLE TIP: Make sure to talk with your child about credit card responsibility BEFORE he applies for one! My favorite list we created together was a list of all the essentials my son would need in his new living space. This list gave us yet another reason to spend time together. Second, it allowed us to banter about needs and wants, and about what life will be like for him away from home. Most importantly, the goal of this list was to ease any anxiety he may be harboring. Granted there is a good chance your child may want to spend more time with his friends over the summer than with you. At least there are a few significant reasons that you should spend some time together. As summer ends and your precious child leaves for school, remember how lucky we are to have cell phones, landlines and video chat to stay connected. It will take some time (some serious time) but you and your child will adjust to him living away from home. Stay strong! ✽

Teen-to-Teen Tip: The last summer at home … “Try to stay busy. Just value your time with family and friends. You can also do some research on what classes you may want to take and any clubs you may want to join.” ~ Jordan K. (college freshman) | JUNE/JULY 2015


114 | JUNE/JULY 2015

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E xtra , E xtra

All-Inclusive Play Areas Bring Smiles to Our Local Kids BY APRIL TISHER

Other Local All-Inclusive Play Spaces • Kiwanis Challenge Playground is located on NW 36th Avenue and is another public playground that provides accessible equipment. There are two main play areas for different ages as well as wheelchair swings to accommodate everyone. • Bouncin’ Big Jr. is an indoor child’s play place developed for children of all abilities ages 6 and under. It features soft surfaces with interactive activities such as a dress-up corner, karaoke center, grocery store front, aquarium corner, kid-powered cars, small ball pits and bouncy slides. They also offer special events throughout the year to encourage brain development. “When I see my daughter giggling and bouncing in a bounce house alongside her brother, nobody see her delays or quirks. She’s just like any other kid having fun,” Adams explained.

Mom of two Melissa Adams feels that it is important to have a place where her 3-year-old daughter, who has autism and a sensory processing disorder, can feel like everyone else. For many years, this has been a needed addition in Alachua County.

Photos provided by Kelly Ping.

About three years ago, Trinity United Methodist Church set out to create a space where people of all ages and ability levels could play together. Funded from donations from the church congregation, Jenn Garrett acted as the creative mind in designing something that the public could benefit from, as well as the church family. The result is a new playground unlike any other in North Central Florida. Although you may not realize at first glance what you are seeing, there are many special pieces thoughtfully chosen for specific needs. There is a disc swing and a spinning cup developed for children with sensory processing disorders. The lower playground, with its ADA standard approved mulch, wheelchair accessible sand diggers and a large Noah’s Ark themed play structure with ground level

features, allows for side-by-side play. The Crooked House Chapel has wider doorways for accommodation and houses a child’s pipe organ inside. There are swings for everyone, including a gondola style swing that combines a bench seat across from a wheelchair seat, allowing them to swing together. The upper playground, geared for smaller children, sports a ladybug steel drum, low mushroom and turtle climbers and specialized artificial turf. All throughout the playground Bible verses can be found inscribed on wooden planks, which will soon include Braille. Senior Minister Dan Johnson shared, “My office is just above the playground and I bring everyone who comes in over to the window to point out the special accessible items. I tell them about our passion to be fully inclusive. They always leave more informed about inclusive play and with a greater appreciation for persons with disabilities.” Trinity’s new playground is open to the public from Noon – dusk each Sunday – Friday and dawn – dusk on Saturdays.

• O2B Kids classes are all open to children with disabilities, including preschool and afterschool programs. The Morning Magic program (for all parents and children) offers a wonderful opportunity for younger kids to interact with each other while the parents can network and find a community of support. • Sun Country Sports offers private lessons in gymnastics, dance and swimming for kids with special needs. Children can work individually with instructors to increase muscle development, coordination or specific skill development. Programs such as Stay and Play, Family Fun Night and Family Swim (activities where the parent can help as well) are open to children of all abilities. IndepenDance Studios, Balance 180 Gymnastics and US Youth Soccer all offer special programs and there are several local programs involving equestrian therapeutic riding. Research and visit our local resources and find the play space or program that fits your child’s needs! ✽ | JUNE/JULY 2015


116 | JUNE/JULY 2015

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E xtra , E xtra

Celebrating the "Cool Kids!" by CHELSEA STROMFELD

When talking about the word “cooling,” many people would think of a hot summer day when it’s just about that time to take a dip in the pool. For the families participating in the “Cool Kids” reunion, the word has a very different meaning. On April 19, the Florida Neonatal Neurologic Network (FN3) hosted the second annual “Cool Kids” reunion in the Founders Gallery of University of Florida Health Shands. The FN3 is an organization created by neonatologists at UF who are dedicated to improving the lives of infants who have suffered brain injury. Dr. Michael Weiss and his team cool babies who suffer from Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE), which occurs in one to three per 1,000 births. The brain dysfunction, caused by a lack of blood flow and oxygen to the brain, has outcomes that vary depending on the severity of the dysfunction. The cooling therapy, which lasts for 72 hours, lowers the baby’s temperature from 36.5 to 33.5 Celsius and helps one in eight babies that are cooled. It is an incredible effort involving doctors, nurses, transport team members and respiratory therapists. The “Cool Kids” are those babies who have undergone the cooling therapy and the reunion is held to celebrate the children’s braveness and recovery. “When you go from planning your life around your own expectations to looking at pictures of your only child inundated with various tubes and wires, you realize that your future is now in the hands of people in white coats and scrubs,” said LaShawnda Swanigan, mother of Jeremiah (Champ), who is one of the “Cool Kids.” Ashlee Hammac, mother of Ryan Michael Jolley and his older brother Tucker, sees the reunion as something different than most. Following the heartwrenching passing of Ryan five days after his birth in October 2013 because of severe HIE, Hammac created Pages

to Memories, a nonprofit in memory of her son. She and her family are now committed to raising awareness of HIE and developing future therapies to improve the outcomes by working with the FN3 team.

“Even though a lot of us who attend do not know each other, we are like a family. We share a common bond of the love for our children and the passion and fight to do anything we can for them,” Hammac said.

The reunion brings together families like these that have experienced this treatment, and gives them an opportunity to catch up and connect with each other and the doctors who have helped them. This year’s reunion included a visit from Star Wars Imperial Storm Troopers, face painting, balloons, crafts, music and great food. Many of the “Cool Kids” now live happy and normal lives, which became evident by all of their smiling faces at the reunion. It was a fun, upbeat event that was also honorable and inspiring. It is imperative that we continue to spread awareness about HIE and honor the incredible children like those at the reunion. “Overall, it is a great day to celebrate the children that we have cared for,” Dr. Weiss said. ✽ | JUNE/JULY 2015


happy community JUNE 3

Last Day of School for Saint Francis High School and Queen of Peace Academy

JUNE 20 – 21


FLMNH Father’s Day Special 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Florida Museum of Natural History

A Little Chaos TBA Hippodrome State Theater

Summer Reading Kick-Off with the Buffalo Soldiers Historical Society 3:45 – 5 p.m.



Fathers’ Family Fishing Day 8 a.m. – Noon 7922 NW 71st St.

4th of July Celebration TBA Horseman’s Park





Last Day of School for Alachua County Public Schools JUNE 4

City of Gainesville Teen Pool Party 3 – 7 p.m. Andrew R. Mickle Sr. Pool

Climb Out of the Darkness Walk 9 – 10 a.m. Kanapaha Veterans Memorial Park events/1452805891678324/

Independence Day




Cedar Key Old Florida Clamfest Noon City Park

Books-A-Million Story Time 2 p.m. 6111 W Newberry Road

World Sea Turtle Day Celebration 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Florida Museum of Natural History

Fourth of July Celebration 3 – 10 p.m. Hal Brady Recreation Complex



Farm to Table Dinner with Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen 5:30 – 10 p.m. Swallowtail Farm

Harn Family Day: Ghanaian Glam 1 – 4 p.m. Harn Museum of Art

Fireworks Over the Matanzas 6 p.m. The All-Star Orchestra 9:30 p.m. Fireworks St. Augustine floridafireworks

JUNE 12 – 13



10 CAN Survival Race 9 a.m. Otter Springs Park and Campground

Shakespeare’s Globe on Screen: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Hippodrome State Theater

Melon Run 8 a.m. Westside Park

JUNE 18 – June 28




Gainesville Restaurant Week 2015

Father’s Day


Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Father’s Day Special 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

Girls’ Tea Party 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. Library Partnership Branch Library- Large Meeting Room (1)


J UN E / J U LY cale n dar | JUNE/JULY 2015



5k Bull Run 9 a.m. – Noon Tioga Town Center

happy community


Kids Eat


& Kid Discounts

EVERY DAY Cici’s Pizza Kids 10 and under eat for $2.99; Kids under 3 eat for $0.99.

Applebee’s Kids meals are $0.99 - $2.99 with adult entrée purchase, after 5 p.m.

MONDAY Ballyhoo Grill Kids eat free with adult entrée purchase.

Limerock Road Neighborhood Grill Kids 10 and under eat free spaghetti and meatballs, 5 – 10 p.m.

Northwest Grille Kids 12 and under eat for $0.99 with adult entrée purchase.

Splitz Kids 12 and under eat free with adult entrée purchase, 5 – 9 p.m.

David’s Real Pit BBQ One free kid’s meal with one adult meal purchase, dine-in only, after 4 p.m.

Copper Monkey Kids 12 and under eat free with adult entrée purchase, 5 – 10 p.m.

Newberry’s Backyard BBQ Kids 12 and under eat for $1.50 with adult entrée purchase, 4 – 9 p.m.

Gators Dockside Kids 12 and under eat free, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

New Deal Café Kids 12 and under eat for $1 with adult entrée purchase, 5 – 9 p.m. Sonny’s BBQ Kids 12 and under eat free with adult purchase.

TUESDAY Gainesville Ale House Kids 12 and under eat free with adult entrée purchase, 5 p.m. – close. I Love NY Pizza: Haile location Kids 12 and under eat free with adult entrée purchase, 3 – 8 p.m. (1 child per adult) Texas Roadhouse Kids eat for $0.99, 4 – 8 p.m.

Beef O’ Brady’s on 43rd Street Kids 12 and under eat free with adult entrée purchase, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. Chick-fil-A Family Night Specials – Check specific locations, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

WEDNESDAY Mi Apa Kids eat free with adult entrée purchase. Blue Highway Pizzeria Kids 12 and under eat for half price Kids Meal pizza with adult pizza or pasta purchase, 4 – 7 p.m. Zaxby’s Two $0.99 kid’s meals with adult entrée purchase, 5 – 8 p.m.

Haile Village Bistro Kids 12 and under eat free with adult entrée purchase, 5 – 9:30 p.m. (1 free kids meal per adult purchase.) Adam’s Rib Co. Kids eat free with adult entrée purchase, 5 – 8 p.m. Bento Café Kids 12 and under eat free from kids menu with adult entrée purchase, 5 – 10 p.m.

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY Steak and Shake Kids 12 and under eat free with purchase of any regular meal $8 or more.

SUNDAY Blue Agave Mexican Restaurant Kids 12 and under eat for $0.99 with adult entrée purchase. Taco Del Mar Kids eat free with adult entrée purchase. Café C Brunch Buffet Kids 8 and older eat for $5.99; Kids 8 and under eat for free, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Stevi B’s Kids eat for $0.99 at the buffet, 4 – 9 p.m. Beef O’ Brady’s on 43rd Street Kids 12 and under eat free with adult entrée purchase, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Do you offer special kiddo discounts? Let us know! Contact to be included on our list.

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120 | JUNE/JULY 2015 | JUNE/JULY 2015


98 | JUNE/JULY 2015

Profile for Irving Publications, LLC

Giggle Magazine June/July 2015  

Summer, Independence Day, hottie dads, Florida family road trips

Giggle Magazine June/July 2015  

Summer, Independence Day, hottie dads, Florida family road trips