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Big Weight Loss Challenge

Contestants revealed!

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magazine • dec/jan 2012




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PUBLISHER Nicole Irving ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Alison Walker ART DIRECTOR Leslie Vega GRAPHIC DESIGNER Mark Archer COPY EDITOR Dana Kamp FOOD CONTRIBUTOR Jennifer Cordova CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Wendy Eckhardt, Chris Wilson, Helen Kornblum, Dana Kamp, Kelsey McNiel, Allen Haynes, Tara Massagee, Christina Vila, Sarah Gibson, Kate NesSmith CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Laurel Housden Photography, Verve Studio, Kelsey Lynn Gordon, Shandon Smith with Lifeprints Photography INTERNS Allen Haynes, Sarah Faulkner, Taylor Dixon, Elle Green, Paul Flagg, Sarah Gibson, Lauren Gaddy

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for all the support our readers have shown us this year, so to celebrate the holiday season, we are having a

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DEC/JAN 2010 • Volume 1 • Issue 6

the peace akeeping with the family during the holidays it’s potty training time! creative gift

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giggle magazine

Dec*Jan 2012

happy family • happy community





Professional organizer Helen Kornblum helps us find easy ways to keep our busy family lives organized


Parents helping parents: sharing what works


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The Bosshardt Family 24 LIFE SAVERS

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Picking the perfect Christmas tree 46 HEALTH & WELLNESS

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Reclaiming your identity 57 CONCEPTION TO COLLEGE

58 Expecting | The Name Game 62 Infants & Toddlers | Healthy First Foods 64 The Early Years | Sibling Rivalry 66 Tweens | Teen Skin Care 68 Teens | Preparing for College, Part Two 73 GIGGLE GLIMPSE: LIVING IN GAINESVILLE The Holt Family 74 BEAUTY

Top beauty trends for 2012 76 GIGGLE TRIPS







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features 8 2012 Big Weight Loss Challenge

6 New Contestants Revealed!

12 Giggle Cleanse 17 Oodles of






Holiday Goodness!

• A holiday candy bar!

• Holiday gifts for grandparents • All about candy canes • Personalized gift ideas • Gifts that give back ...and so much more!

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holiday gifts!


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happy family • happy communityTM DEC/JAN 2012 • Volume 3 • Issue 6



picking the perfect


throw a holiday 12

christmas tree





Big Weight Loss Challenge

Contestants revealed!

giftsthat give back


+it's the most

citrusy time of year


giggle magazine • dec/jan 2012 1

Photo courtesy of Verve Studio Special thank you to Dina Saga-Rumley for opening up her home Model: Leah, age 8 Pajamas found at Target Buddah Bowl from


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Letter from the Publisher a new year. . . I am privileged to work in a business where I spend countless hours each day immersed in parenting information. From bottle feeding to tantrums, I have read it all (and experienced a lot). Yet, as a mom of three young sons, I still find myself struggling to be the best parent I can be.

To be the perfect parent. . . is it even possible?

One thing I have found, as I am sure you have, is that there is no formula for being the perfect parent. There is only trial and error. Sometimes you get it right the first time‌ more often than not, it takes a few more tries. And that can be exhausting. Yes, I am tired. But, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I am learning

in our next issue Keep your eye out for our

February*March issue!


& Much more

It is because of that job, giggle magazine came to be. I look back at this year, and all the wonderful stories and articles we have shared through the pages, and I am hopeful that we have touched you and helped you along your journey as a parent. Our mission has been to embrace parenting and all the nitty gritty that comes with it.

So, as the New Year approaches, I challenge myself and you, to step into each day being the best parent you can be.

Embrace your children, laugh with them, and be silly with them. Teach them and learn from them. Enjoy this time. Maybe the truth is that perfection does not exist when parenting... only our best and most genuine effort does. ~

aNicole Publisher

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Congratulations to our staff members, Jennifer Cordova and Leslie Vega on their brand new bundles! Naomi Cordova October 31st 7 lbs, 4 oz.

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giggle magazine

Photo by Laurel Housden Photography

As you know, some days are better than others. Some are filled with tears and dirty dishes; some are filled with laughter and wonderful memories. Some days I wish I could have a do-over and others I wish would go on forever.

to be the best parent I can be. That is the job I signed up for, along with many of you who are reading this. It is the job of all jobs!

Xavier Vega November 11th 7 lbs, 8 oz.

is here! 2012

By popular demand,

the giggle Magazine and Sweat Life Fitness BIG Weight Loss Challenge is back! I am excited and privileged to lead a brand new group of lucky and deserving finalists on a journey that will change their lives forever. Last year’s group of women set a high standard for success. As a group, they lost 171 lbs. of body fat and lost 130 inches from their waist, hips, and thighs over the duration of the Challenge. Our goal this year is to do even better. We are going to challenge our current group of ladies to surpass the standards set last year. In order to do so, they must show up every day ready to work hard.

Over a 14-week period, they will be given the tools to transform their body, mind, and spirit. They will encounter a complete lifestyle makeover. It will not be easy. We will push and motivate them to achieve more than they ever thought possible. We will challenge them physically and mentally. But, in the end, they will have a new body, a new attitude, and, best yet, a new healthy lifestyle. Through a series of proper fitness, behavioral, and nutritional assessments, we will identify the strengths and weaknesses of our finalists. Then we will start building the foundation. They will learn proper nutrition and exercise techniques. They will learn appropriate planning and time management. They will learn how to overcome their weaknesses. They will become strong. You, our friends, fans, and readers, will be able to follow their transformations. You can read their weekly blogs, watch videos, and see progress pictures. You can learn what they learn and implement it into your own life. You too can make a change. -Dan Griffin, Sweat Life Fitness

meet our finalists! Julie Walker, 35

Administrative Assistant at College of Dentistry. Goal: "I would like to have another baby."

Stephanie Jarnol, 37 Nail Technician Goal: “Better health, more energy and feel pretty in my own skin.”

Joslyn Cote, 31 Stay at home mom of 2 children Goal: “Staying healthy for my children, so I can play with them without getting out of breath.”

Danielle Marden, 36 Business Owner, Space Walk of Gainesville Goal: “I want to feel better about myself, be more active and enjoy life more.”

Amanda Birrenkott, 30

Homemaker and mother of 2 Goal: “Being a good example to my kids and feeling good about myself. “

April Tisher, 34

Stay at home mom of 4 Goal: “I want to have more energy, feel better about myself and have clothes that fit!”

Photos by Laurel Housden Photography


magazine • dec/jan 2012



where are

"staying active +

eating healthy!"


2011 has been the best year ever! My life has been turned around for the better! I am now working out regularly, eating clean and healthy foods and participating in races and fitness challenges. My experience in the BWLC and the guidance that I received from Sweat Life and their team has made positive lifestyle changes in mine and my family's diets and well being. I am forever thankful. It is my turn now to continue on with the healthy habits and inspire others that they can do the same. I have been training weekly with Sweat Life and have lost another dress size since the BWLC program ended in April. I am looking forward to losing more and keeping up with this new lifestyle! ~ April Schroeder After the experience of the BWLC, I feel healthier and more energetic. The challenge helped me learn about my body, and what specific and individual workouts would help me acheive goals faster. I'm so grateful to have had the oppurtunity to be part of the BWLC. ~ Elissa Banks

10 giggle magazine

I am so thankful for all the tools and knowledge I received from Dan and his staff throughout the BWLC; they enabled me to continue to a lose a few pounds while moving across the country and going through big life changes. The program helped me realize that it is the small choices you make everyday that add up to a healthier you at the end of the week. The strength and body confidence I gained through BWLC has made me able to participate in all types of outdoors activities in our new city. My daughter and I have joined a mom's group that goes on weekly bike rides and occasional hikes. We have also started participating in stroller aerobics class, and I love that I am able to share all these active pursuits with my daughter. And on the weekend, we make a family affair by taking hikes in the Sandia Mountains and utilizing the vast network of bike trails throughout the city. I am thankful for my ability to participate in the BWLC every day when I zip up my prepregnancy blue jeans and head out the door. ~ Laura Williams

I have continued to train with Sweat Life three days a week. I recruited friends and together we have a fun 1-hour group training session twice a week. The Saturday Boot Camp class helps me kick off the weekend. I'm also training to run the Swamp Dash & Bash, a local adventure race that is raising money for the Children's Miracle Network. I'm happy to report that I have kept off all the weight and I'm staying active and eating healthy. ~ Elaine Almond

"it is the small choices you make everyday that add up to a

healthier you."


magazine • aug/sept 2010


familycleanse the giggle


As the new year approaches, we challenge you to make a plan to focus on areas in your family’s life that might need a cleanse. Choosing to clean out some or many areas of your life will help you begin and finish the year more organized, healthier, wealthier, and, ultimately, happier. Unlike most New Year’s resolutions, we hope you can develop a realistic plan that you can slowly work toward throughout the upcoming year. Make 2012 the year of the family cleanse!

12 giggle magazine


During the craziness of the holidays, it is inevitable that we let our good eating habits slip by the wayside in favor of all the yummy holiday treats that surround us. However, the New Year offers an opportunity to “cleanse” our family’s health and get back to eating the right things, the right way. Cleansing your health doesn’t necessarily mean a quick, extreme diet, but rather it can be little changes that add up to big changes in the long run!

• Make regular meal time a priority again. Time to say goodbye to holiday parties and school holiday programs, and make dinner a family event again. Perhaps bust out some of those cooking magazines and engage the entire family by letting each family member pick out something that looks delicious to them. The young children will love looking at the pictures and the older ones will get a kick out of choosing a meal, and maybe even get excited about helping prepare it. Then, give a shot at couponing to find the ingredients at the best price. Use dinnertime to focus on nutrition and why it is important. Remember, turn off the television during dinner so the family can focus on each other and their food!

• Get fit together. One of the advantages of living in Florida is the fabulous weather that allows us to be outdoors year-round. It is always a good time to find ways to be active as a family and get back to nightly walks or bicycle rides around the neighborhood. Any extra exercise you can get in during the course of a day will make all the difference. Even something as simple as walking your shopping cart all the way back to the store only takes a few extra moments and gets your heart pumping.

© 2011 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved


Many families feel the drain on their bank accounts after the holidays. This may be the perfect motivation to jump on the coupon train to save your family a few extra dollars. As hard as it is for busy moms to plan, the benefits of planning your meals ahead of time will more than pay off by reducing the stress associated with the never-ending question of “what’s for dinner tonight?” Try websites like for simple, family-friendly meal plans that are based on the week’s grocery store sales. All the planning (which is the hard part) is done for you and you get to enjoy the fun part – shopping! If you do not anticipate an increase in the family’s income, then the only way to save money is to cut expenses. Use the after-holiday down time to review your monthly expenses and budget and make a list of things that can be cut. It may be as small as eating lunch or dinner out one less time per month. Over the course of a year, it will add up. Brainstorm ideas with you children as well. Consider canceling your monthly movie rental fee and commit to making weekly family outings to the library to rent movies for no cost.


is where the heart is… and sometimes everything else! Have you found that your home has become a storage unit for everything old and new? Do you see piles of paper, school projects, bills, receipts and everything in between creeping into every corner? Are the toy bins, book shelves and video games taking over? If you are just like the rest of us, then 2012 is a perfect time to take on a very special, and probably very needed, cleanse… the “home clean se.”

A The Toy Cleanse: Take a full examination of your children’s toys. Are there toys they have outgrown, no longer connect with or that are broken? Cleanse them. Donate or yard sale good toys, throw away broken ones and keep only what they use. giggle tip: Have children help cleanse by having them go through toys with you. Show them the value of donating to charities, or how to appreciate money by hosting a garage sale and allowing them to keep the money they earn by selling their toys. AClothes Closet Cleanse: As much as we want to

believe those clothes from ten years ago may come back in style, they probably won’t. Unless it is your wedding dress, a family heirloom or the outfit your child wore home from the hospital, chances are you can part with it, and probably should. Start by organizing what fits, what’s in season and what can be handed down. Clean out stained, torn, ripped or holey clothes. Organize your closet by color and season. Do the same for your children’s closets. Garage sale or donate the rest.

giggle tip: Store seasonal clothes in bins under your bed. Switch out as the frost goes away and the beach calls your name! A Kitchen Cleanse: The kitchen often seems to be the gathering place for the family. This could be why giggle

magazine • dec/jan 2012


it is also a magnet for all things clutter. By cleaning out, organizing and cleansing each area, it will bring a sense of calmness to the family. Counter: If your kitchen counters have become the home to endless stacks of paper, then you need to cleanse! Create separate bins for homework, mail and bills. If they do not need to be in the kitchen, then move them to the proper area. Sort daily to stay organized. Keep only what is necessary! Family Cork board: Create a family cork board in the kitchen area to post important info, recipes, daily menu and phone numbers. This will clear up counter clutter. Tupperware overhaul: Have bottoms with no lids, lids with no bottoms? Play the matching game with kids. Make sure each lid connects with a bottom and get rid of the rest. Organize by size/shape. Baby Gear: Is your baby actually going on 10? Then chances are you do not need baby forks, spoons or even bibs around. Make sure to alleviate kitchen clutter with unused items. More items for donation or a garage sale! Food Pantry: Don’t forget to cleanse the pantry. Check expiration dates and rotate food accordingly. If it has expired, discard it. If you have food you know you will never use, donate it to a soup kitchen.

refreshing your inner self...

giggle tip: On the inside of the pantry door, hang a dry erase

A Start a prayer journal. Writing down your thoughts and daily

A Home Office: This can be an area where any normal person can become a complete paper, office equipment or electronic hoarder.

A Take time to meditate. Taking 5-10 minutes to be still, clear

board to keep shopping lists and meal ideas within reach.

Separate and file: Create files/bins for each bill, project or need. Label and clean out weekly. Paper overload: Switch to electronic billing. Keep a shredder in the house to shred old receipts and confidential paper work. Keep only what is necessary and discard the rest. Consolidate note pads, phone books and calendars into one. Donate old equipment: If you find you have extra phones, printers, computers or office equipment adding up, donate it


While a spiritual cleanse can mean different things to different people, the result is a feeling of rejuvenation, healing and renewed strength in your faith. Whether you need to rid your body and mind of negative feelings, have gone through a difficult life experience, or just feel ready to accept spiritual guidance, this type of cleanse can be a wonderful step in refreshing your inner self. There are several ways, even with a busy lifestyle, you can move toward having a deeper spiritual relationship in your life.

prayers can be a positive personal experience, or something the whole family can do together. your mind and allow prayer and response to freely happen is a great way to start (or end) your day.

A Join a small faith group at your place of worship or start one with your friends. Having a small support group where you are able to share your burdens, as well as your joy, and know you are praying for each other, can be beneficial for all involved.

A Take your family on a retreat. Even just a weekend spent

together, away from the stress of everyday life, can give your family the fresh start they need to walk together in your faith.

A Partake in a fast. Many churches do 12-hour fasts (drinking

clear liquids, no food) together as a time of deep prayer, reflection, sacrifice and spiritual rejuvenation. This should only be done if you are healthy and know you are able to sustain with only liquids for a 12-hour period.

A Meet with a pastor/priest/rabbi and ask for their help. They

are there to help guide you in the right direction for your life and this can strengthen the bond between you and your church leader.

A Listen (and sing along!) to spiritual music. Whether in

your car, kitchen or shower, singing praise songs (and really listening to the words) can bring a smile to your face, joy to your heart and weight off your shoulders! b giggle

magazine • dec/jan 2012


oodles of

holiday goodness inside our holiday section

• giggle holiday goodness •


a festive TREAT BAR

By TAYLOR DIXON Photo by Verve Studio, Styling by Nicole Irving and Alson Walker

Whether you’re having a family dinner or a friendly brunch, you can spruce up any holiday party with your very own holiday bar for everyone to enjoy. This is a wonderful way to add some festive décor to your celebration while also treating your guests to some goodies. To replicate this look, start by choosing your favorite holiday color palette. We chose red, green and brown and went to town building this family-friendly holiday bar.

Don’t forget to throw in classic holiday flavors like these yummy peppermint candies.


Bring holiday cheer to any bathroom with these festive holiday soaps.




Whether it’s Grandma or your own children, these holiday wish lists are sure to bring out the kid in everyone. Print out any wish list design online, cut it out and paste it onto a piece of matching construction paper. Alongside this crafty jar, fill a bowl with crayons tied up with pretty, polka-dot ribbon.

You can also garnish this holiday bar with your own mementos. Rummage through the attic, and fill up a jar with some of your old Christmas ornament balls that match the display.


You’re never too old to enjoy some kidfriendly munchies like these favorite holiday Goldfish crackers. Stuff another jar with holiday Oreo cookies to satisfy that sweet tooth.

• giggle holiday goodness •

• giggle holiday goodness •


gives back

here's y


throughout the year...

How to give: marchofdimes. com


re you struggling to find the perfect gift for a family member, friend, client or teacher? This year consider giving a

gift that gives back

What they do: Help moms have full-term pregnancies and research the problems that threaten the health of babies.

by making a donation

to a charity in someone else's name. Giggle magazine is a proud sponsor of several organizations that provide wonderful services to our community throughout the year. Consider these nine worthy causes that have a direct impact on our community: What they do: Offer foster and adoptive services, therapy and counseling to ensure more children are safe, healthy and prepared for life. How to give: What they do: Work to meet the blood supply needs of hospitals in each of the communities we serve by providing the highest quality blood components and services. How to give:

What they do: Meet the abundant needs of abused children in our community. How to give:

What they do: Serve children ages birth to 5, and their parents, to provide excellent early care and education opportunities, recognize parents as teachers and meet special needs in order to assure that children are ready for school. How to give:

What they do: Invest in the future of Alachua County's students. How to give:

What they do: Advocate and fundraise for a full service, state-of-the-art children’s hospital in Gainesville, Florida, while promoting excellence in patient safety and insuring that all families are treated with compassion, courtesy and dignity. What they do: Committed to making positive changes for women and children and making our community a better, safer and healthier place to live. How to give:

How to give: What they do: Improve people's lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities. How to give:

For more information on these and other organizations that partner with giggle magazine, visit

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• giggle holiday goodness •



Hanukkah with the Bosshardt Family BY TARA MASSAGEE, Photos by Laurel Housden Photography


hrough the window the lights can be seen shining and the children and adults can be heard laughing. Inside, an antique silver menorah and its eight tall slender candles set the scene for the reason why everyone has come together to celebrate. Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, takes place for eight nights each year and is celebrated in remembrance of the dedication of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem and their victory over the Syrian-Greeks. This year the celebration begins at sundown on Tuesday, December 20. For Kimberly and Aaron Bosshardt, and their three children, Jack, 8, Cosette, 6, and Rose, 3, Hanukkah is a time of family togetherness and happiness. Let’s take a look as they invite us into their home, sharing their unique traditions and celebrations of this special holiday.

22 giggle magazine

The Bosshardt family celebrates the traditional Jewish holiday by baking latkes, frying jelly doughnuts, playing the dreidel game, lighting the menorah and attending temple. But spending time together as a family is the tradition Kim Bosshardt cherishes the most, she said. Carol Bosshardt, the children’s grandmother, said a typical Hanukkah night includes everyone sitting down to a nice dinner, after which the menorah is lit and blessed. Sometimes the children will recite stories they have learned or sing songs. Carol said lighting the menorah is her favorite part of the holiday, because she loves seeing the children’s faces as they enjoy the tradition of lighting the candles. “It’s a happy time,” she said.

Kim said she and her husband always remind their children of how fortunate they are, being able to celebrate and receive gifts, because not everyone is able to so. The family also donates to organizations in Alachua County that provide gifts to children in the community, or sometimes they adopt a family who might not otherwise have a Christmas or Hanukkah. Kim said she likes to take fresh-baked latkes to the children’s school when the Christmas season is going on at the same time as Hanukkah. She does this so the children do not feel left out, and can celebrate the holidays with their peers. b


Brisket Recipe Brisket

Submitted by Carol Bosshardt

1 brisket, trimmed, but some fat is ok (It will probably be more tender if you cook it with fat.) Garlic to taste Onions Green pepper (optional) Paprika (secret ingredient but optional) Salt and pepper to taste No carrots (makes it too sweet)

"It's a happy time" - Carol Bosshardt

Directions: 1. Brown the brisket, in oil, in a roaster on top of the stove for 3-5 minutes. 2. Salt it sparingly and use pepper and fresh garlic. Make tiny slits (cuts) with a knife in the brisket and stick pieces of garlic in the cuts. After browning it I use some paprika on the top side. Remember that the fat side is up. 3. The brisket can be on a small rack in the roaster or not. 4. Put water in the bottom of the roasting pan. 5. Cook the brisket at 350 degrees at 30 minutes per pound. Turn up the heat to 425 degrees for the last 20 minutes and leave it in the oven at this temperature.

preparing our


7. At the end of the time, lift the brisket out and leave any juices in the pan to make gravy for your kasha and brisket. Tip: The brisket is even better if you take it out and wrap it in foil and refrigerate it overnight. Then unwrap it and cut it across the grain. It slices perfectly. Heat it up in the gravy you made the day before or use it for cold brisket sandwiches. If you make it the day before you can skim the fat off the gravy as well.


magazine • dec/jan 2012


• giggle holiday goodness •

6. You never cover the roaster.



















great gift for dad Buddah Bowl

iPad 2

Enjoy a moment of peace with the handmade Buddha Bowl. This bowl is designed to fit naturally in the palm of your hand while you eat or drink.

Dad will love this tech-savvy gift. The iPad 2 comes with two cameras for FaceTime and HD video recording and a dual-core A5 chip, making it the fastest iPad yet. Have fun, Dad!

Zak! Confetti Cupcake Tray

These fun cupcake trays are perfect for any celebration!

Winter baby hat “Grand Camp- Here We Go!” storybook

Can you say “too cute” ? This warm, soft and cozy hat is perfect for the cold days of winter.

Snoozi Slippers

Caterpillar Gear Toy by Melissa & Doug This bright and fun gear toy is hands-on fun at any speed. Perfect for little hands.

Snoozies are in between a sock and a slipper. They are lined with soft fleece to keep your feet warm and relaxed.


magazine • dec/jan 2012


• giggle holiday goodness •

Photos by Laurel Housden Photography and Mark Archer

Grandchildren will fall in love with this fun, exciting and heartwarming book. The book comes to life as Grammie, Papa and their three grandchildren embark on a crazy adventure!



mamma haynes'


Ingredients: 1 box Nestle Quick chocolate mix 2 16oz containers of French vanilla or hazelnut non-dairy creamer 1 lb powdered sugar 8 packages of powdered milk Directions: Mix all ingredients into large plastic container with resealable top. Use approx 1/2 cup of mix per mug of hot water. Mix in more to taste. Top it off with whipped cream and sprinkle cocoa on top for complete hot cocoa experience.

• giggle holiday goodness •

fun and easy

for the kids this year!

26 giggle magazine

made easy for kids SUBMITTED BY MARK ARCHER

(my great grandmother’s recipe from early 1900’s!) Start with shelled almonds (with skins on). Blanche them in boiling water for about 5 minutes, drain on paper towel and “skin” them. Spread them on cookie sheet and sprinkle with 2 -3 tablespoons of olive oil. Roast in 400 degree oven, stirring several times after they start to brown. Roast for 10- 15 minutes until toasted brown but watch carefully – they can quickly go from “just right” to burned! Drain on paper towel and salt to desired taste. Let them cool completely before serving or storing them. gigg

favorile te


Learning Tower

Does your little one like to help cook in the kitchen? The Learning Tower provides a safe and sturdy height platform. Adjustable for kids of all ages

Above photo by Verve Studio, Learning Tower photo by Mark Archer

make holiday baking

Roasted Almonds

magazine • dec/jan 2012


• giggle holiday goodness •



Professional organizer Helen Kornblum helps us find easy ways to keep our busy family lives organized.

the right toy

at the right time

Holiday shopping season is upon us. Have the kids been telling you since last Christmas what they want to find under the tree this year? If you agree with their choices, you may have an easy time making wishes come true. If you want choices that are more developmentally appropriate for their age or interests, linger here a moment to consider how to find toys that encourage learning and fun.

To get started... Visit and check out the Age by Age Playtime Guide, which outlines the characteristics of child development to age 5. Under each age group, for exapmle 18-24 months, the pages offer an overview of how your child plays now, with a list of the skills they are developing. You will see suggestions for toys that further develop these skills. Articles about child development and parenting are threaded throughout the various sections. The section covering children with special needs emphasizes play stages, not ages, because all children develop at different rates. These stages include experience, discovery, and use of imagination. At, you will see rich offerings for developmental toys for kids 1-7 and 8-12. Grandparents will find ideas in a special section called “Great Gift Ideas.” There’s an easily accessible list of articles, such as “It’s All in the Hands—Ways to Develop Fine Motor Skills.” You might want to tuck away some ideas for holiday fun.

“Toys that stimulate fundamental learning skills”

is the tag line for, where you can explore pages listing toys for cognitive, emotional, language, motor, and perceptual development. Menus show award-winning as well as best-selling toys. Bright Tots ( caters to parents rearing children with autism, but its advice is universal. “Educational toys should challenge a child's interests and abilities and match closely his/her skills and maturity level. Both solitary and social play is necessary for a child's development. A child can play with a building toy alone and, in the process, develop independence, self-sufficiency and persistence. Playing with the same toy with others, he/she acquires social skills such as sharing, understanding and cooperation.” Although these sites (and hundreds of others) want you to buy from their inventory, shop first for guidance to understand how your child will benefit from your selections. Armed with this knowledge, you will have a great time finding the right toys wherever you choose to go shopping. It will be the perfect “play date” to get you started! b Helen Kornblum is a professional organizer in Gainesville, FL. She owns

28 giggle magazine

© 2011 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved

• giggle holiday goodness •


heading p


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accessories make the perfect holiday gift.



trendy and affordable purses, totes and





Some of the best gifts are the kind with an extra special touch that makes anyone feel special during the holiday season. Add one of these personalized gift ideas to your list to make some feel extra special this year. PAPER LOVERS The perfect personalized gift that everyone can use. These fun tumblers, pens and stationary are great for everyday use.


stationary Create a personalized scrapbook! Perfect for those year long memories.

cute + personal

PERSONALIZED FRAME Embark on a scavenger hunt with your children to find all the letters of the alphabet using objects and places that surround your family on a daily basis. Then, pick out the letters you need to spell a family member or friend's name and put each photo in its own frame. Your children will love pointing out what each of the letters are in the picture... for example, the corner of the dining room chair formed the letter "L" or the frame of the mailbox was used for the letter "A." You can mat and frame all the pictures into one frame or find smaller frames and glue them together for a different look.

scrapbook Photos by Mark Archer

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creation of the

candy cane BY ALLEN HAYNES


he red and white striped candy cane is one of the most popular and endearing symbols of the holiday season. They are used as ornaments and stocking stuffers, and miniature versions are often taped to the inside of holiday cards. Although we traditionally think of candy canes as peppermint, new flavors are added every year. What was once just a stick made of sugar is now available in flavors like root beer, butterscotch, bubblegum, cinnamon and even piña colada. This traditional Christmas treat has been a December staple for more than 350 years, so let’s take a closer look at how they became such a popular holiday candy.

the history of the candy cane Most historians agree that candy canes were originally hard sugar sticks completely white in color until about 1670. That’s when the choirmaster at Cologne Cathedral in Germany curved the sticks to represent a shepherd’s staff, and gave them to fidgety children participating in the church’s living nativity scene. It’s nice knowing even kids in the 17th century couldn’t stand still for long periods of time without sugary motivation. It wasn’t long before this idea of giving candies out at Christmas services caught on and spread throughout Europe. However, the first candy canes didn’t come to America until around 1847, when a German-Swedish immigrant named Augustus Imgard decorated his Christmas tree in Wooster, Ohio, with the staff-shaped treat.

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stripes + flavors No one knows for sure when the stripes became a part of the cane, but we do know it happened in the 20th century, about 50 years after they made their way to America. According to, a website dedicated to all things candy cane, Christmas cards before 1900 showed only all white candy canes, but depicted the red and white barbershop-pole versions we know today after the turn of the century. It was also around this time that peppermint and wintergreen flavors were added to the candy.

other fun facts! • According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s largest candy cane is over

36 feet long, and was made by Fabiano's

Chocolates and Ice Cream at the Lansing City Market in Lansing, Mich. on December 5, 1998. • National Candy Cane Day is December 26, the day after Christmas.

© 2011 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved

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mass production Bob McCormack, a candy maker in Albany, Georgia, in the 1920s, made canes as special Christmas treats for his family and friends, however the candies were difficult to mass-produce. That is until Bob's brother-in-law, Gregory Keller, a Catholic priest, invented a machine speeding up the cane-making process in the 1950s. Keller’s machine made it feasible for Bob to mass produce, ship and distribute the canes, making Bob’s Candies the world’s largest candy cane maker and supplier. According to, more than 1.76 billion candy canes are produced each year and most of them are purchased in the four weeks leading up to Christmas and Hanukkah.

"this traditional Christmas treat has been a staple for more than

350 years!"

hile you are W combing through department

stores searching for the perfect gift for the grandparents, you may want to avoid the “We heart Grandma!” t-shirts and the “My Grandkids walk all over me” coffee mugs, and consider instead something more personal. Help your kids bring their grandparents holiday cheer in sentimental ways that are also practical.

gift ideas for


We asked a few grandmothers which holiday gifts melted their hearts and what they’d love to receive. Here is what they had to share: "I would love to unwrap a book they had written and illustrated of their favorite memory- making experiences with Granddaddy and me.” -Suzie W.

“My favorite grandmommy gift was a picture book my daughter made of me with my first born grandson. I have read that book over and over and just bask in the joy of the love I share with him.” -Donna R.

“Parents/grandparents just relish time spent together as the best gift ever!” -Pidge B.

idea s!

for grandma + grandpa 1. Photo books or photo calendars are always a hit! You can create short captions to go along with the pictures for an added touch! 2. A collection of art created by the grandchildren throughout the year will surely be added to the coffee table collection to be admired for years to come. 3. For a fun art project with the kids, bring them to a paintyour-own-pottery shop. Give the kids a chance to be their imaginative, messy selves as they paint dishes, frames or ornaments for their grandparents. Grammy and Papa are sure to proudly display these masterpieces in their home or show them off at work. 4. Buy grandmother-granddaughter matching aprons for those days of baking at her house, around the holidays and throughout the year! 5. If they are avid readers, consider getting them an electronic book reader pre-loaded with some of their favorites! 6. Grandma will love showing off a personalized charm bracelet with unique charms representing each grandchild. Older children would have fun selecting their own charm for the bracelet. 7. If you want to go big this year for the grandparents, why not give them a vacation they’ve never had? Find out where they have always wanted to go but never had the chance, and make it happen for them. 8. Regardless of whether they live in town or across the country, buying a webcam and setting up a Skype account can allow Nana and Granddad to connect with their grandchildren on a daily basis!


the perfect gift for Grandma and Grandpa derives from the interests and passions they have. If you want to avoid the cliché gifts that every grandparent already has, give them something that shows them you know and appreciate who they are.

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“From the school Christmas store, my seven-year-old grandson got my mom a bell and wrapped it in Christmas paper with a note telling her that if she ever needed him, to ring the bell and he would come help her. She was 85 and terminally ill with cancer and living with us and he came over often with his dad. I still have the gift and the note. My mom died in 2008.” -Jan W.

othe r

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picking the

for dads. by dads. p


christmas tree BY CHRIS WILSON


our house has already been beautifully decorated with all the elements of the holiday season. Silver bells, mistletoe, and stockings are all in the right spots. What your home is missing is a Christmas tree, so the whole family has piled into the roadster to hunt for the perfect tree. Guiding the family toward the perfect tree can make any dad a holiday hero.

don't forget enough

bungee cords + rope!

Measure: Upon arrival at the lot (or tree

farm), tons of trees are in plain view--big trees, small trees, thick-and-hearty trees and skimpy, balding trees. This time Dad has come prepared by having already measured both the area and ceiling height where the tree will stand in the house. This year the tree will be in a place that has less foot traffic than the spot where it stood last year. Dad has also remembered to measure the diameter of the tree stand that will have to hold the tree trunk in place. Dad also has his trusty tape measure for the voyage to the tree lot to measure the height of the tree and the diameter of the trunk.

a struggle it was last year when he had half a Fraser fir hanging out of his trunk. This year, he remembered to bring enough bungee cords and rope to tie the tree to the top of the car, which is the easiest thing to do if you don’t own a truck or large van. By centering the tree on the vehicle’s roof and repeatedly wrapping the rope around the tree, through the car windows and finally tying it securely, the trip home this year is a holiday breeze.

Fresh Cut: Sometimes about a half inch or more is shaved off the bottom of the tree trunk at the lot, so that the tree can get plenty to drink. Since it was more than four hours after leaving the lot before the tree was set in the stand, Dad remembered to shave the bottom of the trunk again before placing the tree in the stand. He actually had to remove a good six inches to give enough room between the tree top and the ceiling for the top-of-the-tree ornament. Setting It Up: Luckily, the old man remembered to lay down some plastic so that any spilled water does not stain the living room floor. The tree is standing straight and

Watering: The first few days a tree is at home it needs a lot of water. It may even need to be watered several times a day. After a few days or a week, the tree’s water consumption will slow down, but the water should be checked at least daily and it should be kept full to prevent the tree from drying out. Some folks believe in adding sugar, corn syrup or even soda to the water, but there is a lot of evidence that sweet water is unnecessary. Sap: So the tree is up and decorated and now it’s time

for Dad to clean himself up before enjoying some delicious eggnog. But, how can he get all of that sap off his hands? There are several methods to avoid using harsh chemicals. Rubbing mayonnaise, Crisco or bacon fat on the hands and then washing with grease-cutting dish soap, such as Dawn, is one way to bust the sap. But, Dad’s preferred method is to make a paste by pouring a handful of baking soda and a generous squirt of baby oil on his palm and rubbing his hands together. After rinsing away the paste under warm running water and then washing his hands with soap to remove the greasy film, Dad will be able to grip that eggnog without sticking to the cup. So, by the end of the day, the Christmas tree is up and the lights are on. The stockings hang in a peaceful home and the holidays have officially arrived. Have a fun holiday season! b

Note: Information used for this article comes from the University of Florida/IFAS Extension, the National Safety Council (, and


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© 2011 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved

Transportation: Luckily, Dad remembered what

ready for decoration. Of course, Dad purchased indoor lights that were UL Listed for the tree to avoid fire hazards. Dad always remembers and reminds everybody else to turn off all lights on the tree at bedtime or when leaving the house.

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1. Always turn lights off when you leave the house and go to bed at night.


2. Hang all glass ornaments high to keep them away from small children and pets. 1

3. Make sure you have the right size Christmas tree stand. 4. Position your tree far away from a fireplace or other heat source. 5. Make sure the tree topper is firmly attached. 6. If you are going out of town for an extended period of time over the holidays, consider taking down your tree. 7. Make sure you check the water level every day to ensure the tree remains well hydrated.

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Between 2003-2008, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 260 home fires that started with Christmas trees per year. These fires caused an average of $13.8 million in direct property damage annually. Thirty-six percent of Christmas tree-related fires occurred on the ten days between December 24 and January 2. Christmas tree fires are not common, but when they occur, they are likely to be serious. It can take as many as 15 years to grow a tree of typical height (6 - 7 feet) or as little as 4 years, but the average growing time is 7 years. For every real Christmas tree harvested, 1 to 3 seedlings are planted the following spring.


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it's the most citrusy time of the year! BY ALLEN HAYNES, Photos by Verve Studio

Fresh fruit is rarely the first thing we think of when the holidays roll around. In fact, the only fruit I remember being in my house around the holidays was the orange my mom put in my stocking every year. I never ate those oranges. Instead, I saw them as potential ammo in case a family food fight ever broke out. Sadly, that never happened. Now that I’m older, I get excited for those oranges, and you should too, because winter is when most citrus fruits are in season. Oh, by the way, we just happen to live in the state that ranks number one in citrus production and second, behind California, in terms of economic value, according to the Citrus Research Board. We should note that oranges make up the majority of our production, but we are also the world’s leading grapefruit producer, according to, the state’s official tourism website. Granted it’s easy to find citrus year round, but right now is when they are at their peak, and with it being cold season, we could use the extra burst of vitamin C. Here are a few easy tips on picking out citrus, and a list of what’s in season.

Hold the fruit.

The heavier the fruit is, the more juice will be inside. If the fruit feels light, pick another. The juice has likely dried up.

Check for smoothness.

You want a firm, smooth skin on your fruit. The thinner the skin feels, the better, because that means more fruit for you.

Avoid mushiness.

Fruit should be firm, so if your light squeeze is going to

40 giggle magazine

cause a clean up on aisle three, it’s probably bad. Simply put, if it feels mushy, put it back.

Smell it.

Fruit should smell sweet. If it doesn’t, or makes you turn your head immediately upon sniffing, there’s a good chance you won’t want to eat it either.

A Fruits in season: • Grapefruits: Texas Rio Star & Pummelo • Kumquats • Lemons • Limes • Tangelos • Oranges: Navel, Blood & Cara Cara Navels • Tangerines: Honey, Sunburst, Clementine & Satsuma


in the kitchen



There’s nothing like a wholesome, healthy breakfast to start your day off right! However, with all that goes into getting the day started, it can often be harder than anticipated to pull together a healthy breakfast on the go. That’s when it’s tempting to turn to sugary cereals or the drive-thru. Unfortunately, these easy options are not the healthiest choices - they are often full of sweeteners, preservatives and unhealthy fats - and the resulting sugar crashes and grease-overloads are not the ingredients for a morning full of energy and vitality! Here are some quick and easy choices for a healthy breakfast on the run - delicious and kid-friendly, these are sure to become the popular go-to morning options for the whole family! Most of these just take a few minutes the night before or the morning of to pull together - and you’ll reap the health benefits throughout the day!

? Parfait

Layer your favorite fruit with yogurt, granola and a touch of honey in a portable container for a sweet start to the day that’s easily eaten on the run! This is a great way to get in a good dose of probiotics, fiber and all the goodness of fresh fruit.

?Homemade Trail Mix

A great choice, especially for those of us who don’t wake up ready for a big breakfast. Make your favorite combination of dried fruit, nuts and a few dark chocolate chips, for a snackable breakfast. Just a few handfuls can provide a great source of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants!

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smoothies to go!

Easily made the night before to grab-and-go, smoothies are a fantastic way to get all sorts of healthy goodies in one deliciously convenient package! The thorough blending of all your smoothie ingredients breaks down the cell walls of the fruits (or veggies!) that you put in it, so your body is already absorbing the health benefits of your smoothie as you drink it! Green smoothies are a fabulous way to get a dose of greens - the sweetness of the fruit masks the veggie taste, so you’re left with a beautifully colored smoothie with only the taste of fruit. One handful of fresh spinach can provide a huge nutrient boost to your smoothie, adding loads of antioxidants, fiber, iron and folic acid!

Berry Green Smoothie Makes 2 servings

1 1/2 cups orange or pineapple juice Large handful of spinach 2 Tbsp. honey (optional) 1/3 cup plain yogurt 1/2 cup frozen blueberries 1/2 cup frozen strawberries 1 banana Combine all ingredients in a blender and process until completely smooth.

heart healthy!

? Baked Oatmeal Squares

A nice, filling option that is also a good accompaniment to eggs and fruit, for those mornings when you have a bit more time. Full of fiber and whole-grain goodness, this is a hearthealthy breakfast that’s also great for your cholesterol! Make it ahead - during the weekend, or whenever you have time - and store it in the refrigerator for easy access. For a super quick option, pre-cut into servings and have them wrapped and ready to go for a quick, portable breakfast. Makes 9 servings 3 cups rolled oats 2 Tbsp. lemon juice (optional) 1/4 cup melted coconut oil or butter 5 eggs 1/4 tsp salt 1 1/2 Tbsp. cinnamon 1/2 tsp. nutmeg 1/3 cup maple syrup 2 cups whole milk

Optional: In a large mixing bowl, mix the oats and lemon juice with enough water to cover completely. Cover with a clean towel and let rest at room temperature overnight (12-24 hours). Once soaking is complete, preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Lightly grease a 9 x 13 baking dish. Drain the oats in a finemesh sieve; rinse out the mixing bowl. In the mixing bowl, whisk together the eggs, salt, and spices until well blended. Slowly whisk in the oil, maple syrup and milk until completely incorporated. Stir in the oats, and pour the mixture into the prepared baking dish. Bake for 45 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. giggle

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health & wellness

Regaining your pre-pregnancy

"normal" in all the right places BY MELISSA CERE, PT, DPT


espite the heart-warming joys of pregnancy and motherhood, all moms would probably agree that pregnancy and motherhood have taken their toll….especially on their bodies. More often than not, moms will accept weak abs, a less than taut pelvic floor, and back pain as their “new normal” – an indispensible result of pregnancy and delivery. Take heart, however, in knowing that it doesn’t have to be that way! During pregnancy, as the abdominal muscles gradually lengthen over the growing uterus, they have more difficulty producing a forceful contraction, leading to weakness over time. A similar scenario also develops with the pelvic floor musculature, as they begin to stretch out under the weight of the baby in utero and are further extended during a vaginal delivery. The consequences? Increased difficulty in lifting, carrying and even holding in urine when you cough, laugh, squat or lift. Back pain is also a common complaint during pregnancy as your joints try to adapt to general weight gain, abdominal and pelvic floor weakness, and the loosening of the ligaments surrounding your joints, particularly in the pelvic region. Many moms experience more back pain post delivery, as breastfeeding positions, carrying a child, and toting around baby accessories can lead to additional postural strain to the back.

back pain 46 giggle magazine

good-bye to

pelvic pain

© 2011 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved


the good

By implementing just a few tips, you can work on regaining your pre-pregnancy “normal”!


Learn how to contract your transversus abdominis (TA) muscle. This muscle is the deepest abdominal muscle and lies across your lower abdomen. You can activate this muscle by drawing your belly button in, as if you were trying to draw in your stomach to button a pair of tight pants. Just be careful not to hold your breath as you do it! Try performing these TA contractions, holding for 5 seconds and performing 10 repetitions at a time, throughout the day. It is especially important to implement this TA contraction when standing, walking, lifting and carrying to decrease the strain to your lower back.



Learn how to contract your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles form a sling under your pelvis and are the muscles at work when you attempt to stop urinating midstream. To properly contract your pelvic floor muscles, try lying down or sitting and think about drawing your pelvic floor up and in. Try not to tighten your abdominal or buttock muscles and avoid holding your breath as you contract your pelvic floor. Work on holding the contraction for 5 seconds and then gradually increase up to 10 second holds. Strive for doing 3 sets of 10 repetitions during the day.


Practice good posture! When sitting, sit all the way back in the chair and be sure to use a chair that supports along your back. Keep your weight evenly distributed between your hips. Don’t slouch, but don’t over-arch in your low back either. Find a neutral position between these two extremes and use a TA contraction to help hold this neutral position. When breastfeeding, be sure you have adequate pillows on your lap to help support the weight of your baby, so that you do not strain your neck and upper back. Sitting in a chair with arm rests may also help. If you continue to have back or neck pain when sitting to breastfeed, try lying on your side, with your baby sidelying facing you. For women who have lingering pelvic pain, back pain, or incontinence post-partum, seeking counsel from a physical therapist is very beneficial. A physical therapist can more thoroughly evaluate joint and muscle function, posture, and the condition of the pelvic floor. They will also establish a treatment plan that may include joint mobilization, massage, core stabilization training for the trunk and pelvic floor and postural and body mechanics education to improve daily functioning. You can find a physical therapist near you by going to www.moveforwardpt. com b

Melissa Cere, PT, DPT, is a doctor of physical therapy and co-owner of Kinetix Physical Therapy near the Haile Publix Market Square. She has nearly 10 years of experience as a physical therapist, specializing in pre- and post-partum pregnancy rehab, orthopedics, TMJ dysfunction, and manual therapy.

f r e s h

p h o t o g r a p h y

f o r

t h e

m o d e r n

f a m i l y

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ladies’night out! gainesville moms take a break.


his month, we took our LNO to the Gainesville Community Playhouse at the Van York Theater, for an amazing night out on the town. One of the oldest community theaters in the state of Florida, the Gainesville Community Playhouse has a schedule full of wonderful shows with all the glitz and glamour of a big city packed into their lineup.


catch a with the ladies!

As we sat back and watched the performance, which was nothing short of stellar, we were in awe of the extraordinary talent that our own community has. With an incredible live band, the singers and dancers were in perfect sync the entire time. As the curtains closed, a standing ovation ensued as the actors exited the stage and, to our surprise, they formed a line for us to shake their hands and mingle with them. It was a wonderful night and we can’t wait to go back!

a night out at the theater A Christmas Carol Nov 25-December 18


Thoroughly Modern Millie March 23-April 15

4039 NW 16th Boulevard, Gainesville, FL 32605

Photos submitted by Gainesville Community Playhouse

Intimate Apparel January 27-February 12

upco shoming




giggle dollars

your identity: An Identity Theft Victim's Guide



he holidays are a perfect time for thieves to collect personal information, targeting those too busy to notice with all the shopping and wrapping madness going on. And with all the responsibilities of Santa Claus on your shoulders, you don’t have time to check your credit score. This is the most important time of year to make sure you don’t become a victim of identity theft. Unfortunately, it can happen. Here’s a guide to setting aside the Scrooge and getting your life back in order. The Federal Trade Commission defines identity theft as an incident when someone uses your personal information, like your name, Social Security number, or credit card number, without your permission to commit crimes such as fraud. They estimate that as many as 9 million consumers fall victim of stolen identities each year.

© 2011 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved

According to a report released by the FTC in March, almost 251,000 identity theft complaints were received in 2010, holding the number one spot in consumer complaints for 11 years in a row. In 2010, the Identity Theft Data Clearinghouse report for 2009 ranked Florida first in identity theft complaints by state per 100,000 people. People in the 20-29 age group constituted the highest percentage of those complaints. The first thing you should do when you notice your identity has been stolen is place a fraud alert on your credit reports. The FTC names TransUnion, Equifax and Experian as the three consumer reporting companies to contact in this case. You only need to call one, since whichever company you call is required to contact the other two. Once you place the fraud alert, you are entitled to one free copy of your credit report from each of the three companies. Review these carefully to find out what kind of damage has been made to your accounts. Continue checking your credit reports for at least a year after the fraud occurs to make sure there is no new activity. The next step you should take is closing any accounts you know have been tampered with or opened fraudulently, even those you only suspect have been harmed. Speak to someone in the company’s fraud or security department, and follow up these conversations in writing to help you document the conversations. When opening new accounts, use new PIN numbers and passwords, avoiding anything easily accessible like

The 20-29 age group has the largest percentage of victims. your mother’s maiden name or your birth date. The third step you should take is filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. By filing your complaint with this national agency, you can provide important information used to track and stop identity thieves. Using their online complaint form in conjunction with a local police report can constitute an Identity Theft Report and entitle you to certain protections, including placing an extended fraud alert on your credit report. Finally, you should file a report with your local police department or the police department in the community where the fraud took place. If you can’t file the report in person, ask if you can file over the phone or on the Internet. If the department refuses to take an identity theft report, ask to file a “Miscellaneous Incident” report. Be sure to bring along a printed copy of your FTC ID Theft Complaint form and supporting documentation. There’s no good time to learn your identity has been stolen. Protect yourself by being a smart consumer during the holidays and all year round. For more information on how to “Deter. Detect. Defend.” your identity, visit the FTC’s site at b


ph oneers b num

TransUnion: Equifax: Experian:

1-800-680-7289 1-800-525-6285 1-888-397-3742

FTC’s Identity Theft Hotline: 1-877-ID-THEFT (438-4338) Gainesville Police Department: 352-393-7500


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heading life


kids' 6 books for a great transition BY DANA KAMP

ew experiences are around every N corner when you’re a child. Your days are filled with “firsts.” They can

be small, like your first time eating a new food, or more significant and baby book-worthy, such as your first day of preschool. Some first moments will come and go without any hesitation. Others may cause quite a bit of trepidation, and that’s where our Lifesavers list comes in. These books are all useful in helping children move through the fear and worry associated with transition, change and new experiences.

”Wings of Change” by Franklin Hill, Ph.D. This charming story about Anew, a sweet, happy caterpillar, and his snail friend, Faith, is a beautiful book for children of all ages. Faith helps Anew overcome his fear of change as she prepares him for the wonderful future ahead of him-becoming a butterfly. She shares with him that "As the world turns, so do you. When you change for the good, you change the world too."

”This Next New Year” by Janet S. Wong

The Chinese Lunar New Year is celebrated annually in late January or early February, and this festive book shares the hopeful goals of a young, spunky Chinese-Korean boy who is excited to start fresh. He tells of how his friends (a German French

52 giggle magazine

”The New Baby” by Mercer Mayer

Mercer Mayer has a book for almost every situation in a young person’s life, from potty-training (“The New Potty”) to learning independence (“All by Myself”), but this amusing story of Little Critter’s life with his new baby sister is one of my favorites. Bringing a new baby home can be one of the most life-altering changes in your child’s life. Mayer realistically portrays how life with a baby can be frustrating for an older sibling when the new baby cries, doesn’t pay attention to Little Critter’s funny faces and isn’t able to play with him. Little Critter finally learns what he CAN do with his new sister and becomes a great big brother.

”Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You” by Nancy Tillman

“You are loved” is the core message in each of Nancy Tillman’s books. This beautifully-written book explains how your love will stay with your little one as she grows and experiences the ups and downs of life. With encouraging and uplifting words, Tillman restores confidence when taking that first step toward a new experience might cause angst. “So hold your head high and don’t be afraid to march to the front of your own parade.”

“The Complete Book of First Experiences”

by Anne Civardi This collection of nine of Anne Civardi’s First Experience stories covers going to the doctor, going to school, moving to a new house, going to the dentist, getting a new puppy, going on a plane, having a new baby, going to the hospital, and going to a party. It is an excellent source for showing your child what to expect in each of these new situations with charming illustrations and kid-friendly language. b

Other Favorites: “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn,

© 2011 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved

”First Day Jitters” by Julie Danneberg A light-hearted book with a funny, surprise twist that will prove to be a nerve-soother for little ones and adults alike! Sarah Jane is starting a new school and has to be encouraged to come out from underneath her covers, eat her breakfast and get in the car, so she can be introduced to her new class-as their teacher! Her apprehension reassures your little ones that they are not alone in their anxieties about new situations.

boy and Hopi Mexican girl) like to celebrate as well, in their own ways. It is a funny, engaging story about courageously choosing to do something different or start a new chapter in your life, no matter your age.

“Splat the Cat” by Rob Scotton, “Squirrel’s New Year Resolution” by Pat Miller

p the parent


KEEPING YOUR CHILD IN BED AT NIGHT: It's 10:00 at night and you feel it again... that quiet presence sneaking up behind you. It's your child! Getting up for the 7th time tonight to tell you something, ask a question, or ask for a drink of water! You have tried everything you can think of and you are at your wit's end! What can you do? HERE ARE SOME PARENTS’ ADVICE ABOUT WHAT THEY HAVE TRIED AT HOME...AND SOME SUGGESTIONS TO HELP YOU GET PAST THE NEVER-ENDING BEDTIME BATTLE:


bee cause we all need a little help from our friends! 

what the experts suggest

• Establish a bedtime routine. • Make your child's room appealing to them. • Make your child go to the bathroom right before bedtime. • Make no exceptions - don't weaken to crying. • Only stay a brief time in your child's room don't sleep with them. • Walk your child back to their room immediately if they visit you in the middle of the night.

REAL MOM ADVICE "I lay with my daughter till she falls asleep." - Jill W. "If it's a weekend, I'll pick my battles. I will allow them to fall asleep where they are. I give them some freedom on the weekends to choose their sleeping area." - Nickie B. "It is a constant. It is something that you have to repeat over and over again. I walk them into their room and make them lay down each time they walk out of their room." - Tracy N. "I always give both of my boys their hugs and kisses for the night. Then tell them if they stay in bed I will come back in their room in about 20 minutes to give them extra kisses. Works 90% of the time. I don't know if it is just their way to relax, knowing that I am coming back in awhile. But I do know it works!" - Carrie S. "I would suggest a nice bath, lavender lotion, soft music, ocean waves playing (oh wait, that's me)...but really it can work for kids too!" - Sharon J.

Great books to read with your child:

Just Go To Bed Author: Mercer Mayer The Sleep Fairy Author: Janie Peterson Co-Author: Macy Peterson

The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Gentle Ways to Stop Bedtime Battles and Improve Your Child's Sleep Author: Elizabeth Pantley

54 giggle magazine

"Crib tents for the twins!!! And we totally lucked out with our daughter-- she stays in on her own!" - Kate C. "I never had a problem with my son, but my daughter is 7 and still gets out of bed often. I make deals with her. If she stays in bed for the week I will take her to get ice cream Friday afternoon. I have bought her a Builda-Bear after 2 weeks. I am hoping she will grow out of it someday." - Natasha E.

Do you have other solutions? Share them along with your other questions at giggle magazine

© 2011 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved

A great book for you:

"We do book time. They can read in their bed for a few minutes before going to sleep. If they get out of bed, no more books. The boys love their books." - Alyson H.


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Starting Your Baby On Healthy First Foods

Sibling Rivalry

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thename game



ne of the most wonderful, and sometimes daunting, tasks on your pregnancy to-do list is choosing a name for your baby. Some of us have been keeping a list of names for our future babies since we were little girls, while others have no clue where to begin. There is so much pressure to pick the “perfect” name; it can become overwhelming. Try not to think of it as a chore, but as a fun project for you and your spouse to do together! After accepting that there is going to be some compromising, let us help get your name game started with these ideas.

Your family tree can give you a plethora of names to choose from and a meaningful reason for your decision. This can also be where you may feel the most pressure from others. Keep in mind that ultimately this is your decision and not your family’s. If you decide to honor your beloved grandmother by giving your child her name (whether it is her first, middle or last name you choose to pass along), it is a loving gesture that will help you, and your child, remember this great person. If you don’t fall in love with any of the names, you may find a variation of one of the names that better fits your style.

Favorite Memories

Many mamas get inspiration from a place that is extra special to the expecting couple (i.e., city where they met, restaurant from their first date, beach where they honeymooned), and use some part of the

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Deeper Meaning

Kerrin, Mirabelle, Tabitha, Apollo, and Lilian are all names that mean “beauty.” Angus, Ryker, Audreana, and Karly all mean “strength.” If you want to find a name that has a specific meaning, check out You can type in any attribute and a list of names will appear whose definition is the meaning you chose. You may also type in the names you are considering and the site will give you the meaning of each name. Many people wish to bless their child with a name that has a special meaning, such as beauty, strength, kindness or knowledge. It may also help you narrow down your choices if a name has a particular meaning that you don’t care for. Continued on page 60


A Say the first, middle and last name of your child out loud, several times, to see how it flows. A Check that the initials don’t spell something inappropriate or embarrassing. A Choose the spelling of the name carefully. There are many ways to spell some names and particular spellings may make the pronunciation of the name confusing. A Run through the list of possible nicknames that could be derived from the name, and make sure you’re ok with them. A If you have other children, say all the names aloud and decide if they “fit” together. A Look at your precious child and say the name you’ve chosen. If you smile and feel like that is the perfect name for your baby, sign the form and don’t let anyone change your mind!

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place’s title for their little one’s name. Several celebrities have used this technique. U2’s front man, Bono, and his wife, Alison Stewart, named their daughter Memphis. Kingston is Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s firstborn. David and Victoria Beckham named their oldest son Brooklyn, and giggle Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger chose Ireland for their daughter’s name. This method is wonderful if you are trying to come up with a Before signing your name on the birth certificate very unique and personal baby name.

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If your family has roots in Italy, you may think about choosing a name with an Italian origin, such as Gianna or Antonio. Using your lineage to find a baby name is a beautiful way to honor your family’s origin and carry on a traditional name. If you want to modernize the name, you can always choose a trendy middle name, change the spelling of the name, or use a nickname for your baby and allow him the choice of the nickname or full name when he is older.

a From conception to college

Celebrities From Apple and Moses to Phinneus and Hazel, celebrities know how to throw us all for a loop with their baby names. While some may seem completely uncanny (Jason Lee’s son, Pilot Inspektor), others are unique but sweet, and eventually grow on us (Courtney Cox’s daughter, Coco, or Isla Fisher’s daughter, Olive). You can look to movie stars, musicians or professional athletes for fresh name ideas. If their

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children’s names are a little too peculiar, but you are inspired by the celebrities themselves, choose the first or last name of a favorite celebrity for your little one.

Top 100 List Each year several websites post a list of the top baby names for the previous year. This is a great way to see the current trends and

find a name you may not have considered. I always wanted a unique name for my babies, so I checked the list to make sure the name wasn’t in the top 25. You can use this list for name ideas or for deciding if you care at all that the names you like are popular with others as well. b

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infant/toddler | Ages 0-3

starting your baby on


first foods!


Your baby has gotten all her nutrition from breast milk or formula for these first six months or so. Now her tummy is mature enough for more, and she knows it. She may seem unsatisfied after her feedings and is probably beginning to show interest in your food by leaning toward or reaching for it. If this sounds like your little one, it is time to add solid foods to her menu. But, how do you begin this new adventure? Which kinds of foods should you start with?

How to begin solid foods

When choosing a first fruit or vegetable to introduce, look for the label "1st Foods" on the baby food jars or containers. These have been prepared so that they have an extra smooth texture and can be swallowed easily. They will also contain one food in each container, rather than several mixed together like some of the 2nd Foods. If you are preparing the food yourself, be sure to puree the food in your blender or food processor so the texture and consistency is easy for your baby to manipulate in her little mouth. There is no need to add sugar or salt to the food. This ensures your little one is getting the simplest, healthiest version of these foods. If your baby is enjoying her cereal, you may want to mix in

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Healthy favorite first foods

Now that you have decided it is time to add foods to your baby's meals, have fun with it! Make a list of healthy starter foods (or use our list of favorites below), head to the grocery store and choose your baby's first food. Take it slowly and let your baby enjoy this new experience. And be ready with the camera. That first spoonful of peas could provide the most memorable photo to date!


first s food

These are all vitamin-packed, healthy first foods that are easy to prepare and easy for your little one to digest. • Rice Cereal • Barley Cereal • Oatmeal • Bananas • Apples • Pears • Peaches

• Avocados • Prunes • Carrots • Sweet Potatoes • Squash • Green Beans • Peas

{giggle tip!} Set up your feeding station before beginning to ensure a smooth feeding experience. Be sure to have napkins or wet wipes, a small baby spoon, the prepared cereal or food and a baby bib within your reach. Make sure your baby is secured in a high chair/booster seat and cannot reach anything he can knock over or pull down. b

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a From conception to college a From conception to college

Remember that these foods are an addition to her diet, not a replacement for her formula or breast milk. Therefore, starting with just a few teaspoons of rice or barley infant cereal is a great way to begin the introduction of solid foods. Mix the dry cereal with formula, breast milk or water and offer it to her using a clean finger or a soft baby spoon. As she learns how to move the food to the back of her tongue and swallow, there will be more actually making it to her tummy and less dripping down her chin-I promise! When she's ready for a thicker consistency, infant oatmeal is an option. Try one cereal or food for a few days, before moving to the next one. This way, if there is any kind of allergic reaction, it is obvious which food is the culprit.

a little bit of baby food with her cereal. As long as you wait a few days before introducing another food (I've always served one food for 3-7 days before trying another one), so you can be sure there isn't an allergic reaction, you can mix the food into her cereal or serve it on its own. Slowly increase the amount of food you offer and soon she will be finishing the whole container at each sitting.

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early years | Ages 3-7

sibling rivalry Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better BY CHRISTINA VILA

It can really take a toll on a parent: the fighting, the hitting, and the eternally long list of complaints about siblings. Moms and dads may feel like they are doing something wrong. “Surely nobody else’s kids fight like mine do?” Fear not! It’s a totally normal stage of life, one that may take a while to get through. Dr. Michele Borba, child expert and author of more than 20 parenting books, states in her article “Disbanding the (Sibling) Fight Club” that children need firm boundaries and clear-cut directives instead of a wavering “You kids stop your fighting.” Enforcing certain rules can help parents maintain the peace at home. Borba suggests instilling a “vow of yellibacy” at home. Yelling doesn’t solve any problems and often leads to bigger fights. By using calm voices at all times, family members can peacefully discuss what is bothering them. If kids need a minute to cool off, allow them to do so.


Parents should also have a policy to deter hurtful behaviors. Kids have enough stress to deal with at school, so home should be a haven for them. Urge children to be nice to one another and not put each other down. Don’t tolerate bullying, name-calling or hitting. Loss of privileges or time-outs can help you get your point across. Although it may seem like the easiest thing to do, sometimes you need to stop yourself from stepping in. Allow children

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Most importantly, parents need to understand where this animosity is coming from. It’s a big life change welcoming a baby into a home. Toddlers are just beginning to learn to assert their beliefs and therefore might react aggressively to other children. And teens have a mind all their own. Change won’t come over night, so brace yourselves for constant mood swings. Siblings might teeter-totter between detestation and adoration, but eventually they’ll realize they can’t live without each other.

Books About Sibling Rivalry Sometimes it takes a little show-and-tell for children to see their issues in a new light. These books offer kids a chance to relate to characters who know exactly what they are going through and how they are feeling. • “Mine!” by Shutta Crum: A toddler and an infant are up against each other in a world of playthings and finally discover how to set aside sharing rivalries and have fun together. • “The Twins’ Blanket” by Hyewon Yum: When five-year-old twin girls want their own space while wanting to stay together, tension and affection between the peers is explored. • “My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother” by Patricia Polacco: Tired of constantly being outshined by her older brother, a little girl makes a wish upon a star to gain an advantage over him once and for all.

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a From conception to college a From conception to college

"no taking without

A major problem between siblings comes with having to share. By instating a “no taking without asking” rule, parents can save themselves from some major headaches. When little ones come running up, upset that a sibling took their stuff, ask if permission was granted. This makes it easier to know who broke the rule.

to settle their own arguments. If you can’t be impartial because you didn’t see what actually occurred, don’t expect to get the truth from your children. There are two sides to every story, and honesty is a term used lightly with young children. Tell them that if they don’t settle the fight on their own, you will take away whatever they are fighting over. Sometimes the threat of punishment works better than a time-out.

Give your child a head start

on a lifetime of healthy, confident smiles.

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| Ages 8-12


skin care: Tips for Blemish-free Skin

One of the most important things to remember about teenage skin and acne is not to wait too long to seek professional treatment.



e all want to help our children through that difficult transition through the teenage years. One thing that makes the tween and teen years difficult is acne. In my practice, we see acne as early as 8-10 years old. So when I’m asked, “When is the best time to teach my child how to care for their skin?” the answer is “Now.” 85% of all Americans will suffer from acne in their lifetime. The most common time for this problem to start is in the teen years. Let's focus on a few issues that can help you and your child make it through the teenage years unblemished.

Teach your child to gently wash his or her face twice a day with a mild cleanser and warm water. Acne is not about being dirty; it’s about producing excess oil and clogged pores, so scrubbing or over-washing can actually irritate the skin and worsen acne. If your child is already showing signs of acne, choose a medicated cleanser with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. These are widely available without a prescription and easily tolerated. A professional cleansing brush such as the Clarisonic can be a tremendous tool to rid the face of excess oils and unclog pores.

Next, teach your children a hands-off policy. Picking at or "popping" pimples can force

infected material deeper into the skin, creating a more severe lesion and ultimately leading to scarring. Let minor acne spots run through their natural course. If your child has multiple clogged pores or large acne lesions, a well-trained dermatologic aesthetician can remove these lesions and teach your child the best way to treat them. Well-qualified aestheticians can guide you in your choice of acne products or offer procedures such as microdermabrasion to lessen acne breakouts.


giggle magazine

One of the most important things to remember about teenage skin and acne is not to wait too long to seek professional treatment. If your child is getting deep cystic lesions or is developing scarring when lesions heal, seek the professional care of a dermatologist. While many medications and procedures can control acne, acne scars are more difficult and costly to treat. The sooner treatment begins, the more likely we can prevent acne scarring and discoloration.

Close follow-up with your doctor and an aesthetician familiar with treating acne can be very helpful to cement those good skin care techniques in your child’s routine. Acne products can be extremely successful when used properly. The hardest obstacle the physician faces is getting patients to use the medicine consistently. Help your child establish a good skin care routine and use the medicines as prescribed. If there is a problem caused by the medications such as irritation or excessive dryness, speak up. Your professional skin care team can advise you in many useful techniques to minimize side effects and get the best results from your medications. Healthy skin contributes significantly to tweens’ and teens’ self-confidence. Therefore, any effort we make to help our tweens and teens take better care of their skin is an investment in their emotional well-being as well as the appearance of their skin. b Dr. Miranda Whitmer is a dermatologist at Gainesville Dermatology & Skin Surgery. She is Board Certified in Dermatology and a member of the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society of Mohs Surgery.

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aaFrom college Fromconception conception toto college

First, start with some lessons in cleansing.

When it comes to make-up, teach your daughters that less is more. Minimize the amount of makeup she applies to her skin, especially liquid or cream foundations, which can clog the pores. Always choose products that are labeled non-comedogenic, and be sure that your daughter removes all traces of makeup each night.



| Ages 13-18

Getting Ready

For College Part




Q & A with Bill Goodman what to do, when A high school guidance counselor for 23 years, Bill Goodman now gets to corral the entire high school population of Alachua County through the gates of graduation as the supervisor of guidance and student services for the School Board of Alachua County. The advising veteran took a few moments to discuss the best ways to approach applying for college; a process he says should start before high school.

How much of a student’s time in junior and senior year should be devoted to applying to college?

I think what happens is students are entering high school and one of the things that is not talked about as much as it needs to be is a big predictor of course preparation. We need to have more students enrolled in rigorous courses in high school to prepare them for the college setting.

 When should students begin thinking about college admittance exams?

Students should take the SAT or ACT, probably both, by the second semester of their junior year. Certainly if you want to be competitive for admission, you want to have

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 How involved should parents be in the college application process?

What I say to parents is this - if you really want the maximum benefit for your child, you really need to be involved from day one. In almost every case where a bright student has an adult who is knowledgeable and involved, they pretty much get where they’re going. Parents are kind of the insurance policy for their kids.

 What are some of the biggest

misconceptions about applying to college? One of them is that someone else is going to take care of all the business for you. You pretty much get where you’re going based on how much you’re willing to invest in the process, including course preparation, scholarships and the admission process. I think the second myth is that everybody is going to a four-year college to get a bachelor’s degree. The truth is that the majority of high-wage jobs with high demand out there are ones that students can enter with a two-year associate’s degree. Goodman suggests that after taking the electronic personal education plan (EPEP) test in the eighth grade, students and parents

should map out an education plan for high school. Additionally, he recommends visiting the Florida Academic Counseling and Tracking (FACTS) web site, www.facts. org, where parents can follow their child’s progress and future educational options from the minute they enter middle school.

MAKING THE SWITCH: Transferring from Community College to a Four-Year University

A few decades ago, transferring to a four-year college from a community college was a lot easier. But as universities become more selective in their admission process, being accepted as a transfer student has become more difficult to do. “There are a lot more students interested in transferring than there once were and there’s less room for them than there once was,” said Steve Orlando, UF spokesman. “At one time in Florida, if you earned an associate’s degree from a community or a junior college, you could transfer to the state four-year university of your choosing. That is no longer the case. You now have the opportunity to transfer to a state university, but not necessarily any one you choose.” An important part of that is equation is the articulation agreement, which outlines the relationship between state universities and Continued on page 71

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Fromconception conception toto college aaFrom college

I think that the whole college planning process ought to start before the junior and senior year. It’s not just about getting in - it’s about getting the most out of the college setting.

a competitive score early in the game. If you have a special talent, like an athlete, coaches are usually aware of you when you hit your junior year. If they can get a transcript that says you’re going to be NCAA eligible, they have a greater interest in you.

Continued from page 68 public community colleges. It mandates that any graduate of a community college is eligible for admission to a state university if they have completed the prerequisites of their intended major.

“The best thing is for (community college students) to get with their advisors as early on as possible in their college career. They can know what they need to do to have the best chance of being able to transfer into the school they want to go to,” Orlando said. “Know as early on as you can what college you want to get into, and set up your course of study appropriately.” While Orlando’s advice may help some students improve their chances of being admitted to UF or another state university, their best bet for success is already in place. “Part of the thing with Santa Fe College is, they’re right here in Gainesville,” Orlando said. “Their advisors and our advisors are in pretty good contact with each other, and I think that benefits the students that want to transfer.”

test? what test? PSAT – Taken by tenth graders, the Preliminary SAT is an opportunity for students to practice for the SAT, determine where they are in their college readiness and qualify for scholarships by earning National Merit Scholar status. Check with your child’s high school to see the date they have chosen to offer the test. Students register for the examination at their school, and the cost is $14. SAT – Students can take both the reasoning test and various subject tests, though the former is the only one absolutely required by most institutions for admittance. It can be taken multiple times during and between the last two years of high school. The SAT is offered once a month from October through June (with the exception of February). Registration is $49 for the reasoning test and $22 for subject tests. Students must register on a month in advance of their selected testing date. There are also fee waivers available on the College Board site for students unable to afford the cost of taking the SAT. ACT – While it is a good idea for students to take the SAT, a score on the ACT can be sent to some institutions instead. It is offered in September, October, December, February, April and June, and has a $34 fee. Unlike the SAT, which tests students on more theoretical concepts (like analogies and vocabulary), the ACT more closely tests students on the curriculum they are learning or have learned in school. Register online at and must be done so about a month in advance of each test date.

giggle glimpse:

heading p

living in gainesville Photos by Lifeprints Photography


• Who makes up the Holt family? Shane, Cheryl, Sophia (6), and Camden (4) • What is your favorite family meal? Cuban roast pork, black beans, and yellow rice • Where is your favorite place to visit as a family? Crescent Beach/St. Augustine • What do you like to do for date night? Go out to dinner! We have lots of favorite restaurants, but our #1 choice is Dragonfly. • Describe your weekends. Spending time outside with our neighbors and their children- it's like a block party every weekend! The adults pull out some chairs and catch up while the kids play, play, play!

life the gainesville way

the Holt family Shane, Cheryl, Sophia (6), Camden (4)

• What is in your DVD player right now? Disney's "Meet the Robinsons" • Which TV family is most like the Holts? We are most like the Dunphy family from "Modern Family.” • What is your children’s favorite book? “The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear,” by Don and Audrey Wood (both kids have loved this book from day 1 and we still read it before bed nearly every night). • What is your favorite TV show? "Survivor" (Shane even sent in an audition tape several years ago.)

Sophia and Camden enjoy out door time! Bike riding with friends, roasting marshmallows and playing with their puppy are at the top of the list!

• What is your favorite website? Pinterest has been consuming most of my time lately. I find great ideas for my classroom as well as new craft ideas. • Do you have any pets? We currently have 3 pets: 2 beagles, Ginger and Nessa, and 1 frog, Kermit. • What makes your kids laugh? They laugh at complete nonsense and anything that is just plain silly!

Formerly "Why I Love Raising My Family In Gainesville"

• To you, Family=? family=togetherness! giggle

magazine • dec/jan 2012



If the words “sheer” and “mesh” don’t describe anything in your closet, it’s time to add a little something to your wardrobe. Whether it’s a breezy



trends for


Flattering fringe, metallic hues, leather and mesh… no, these aren’t handbag details, these are the fashion and beauty trends for 2012! Fashion Week 2011 gave us a sneak peek at the upcoming styles for hair, makeup and fashion, and we’re sharing the looks with you. With beautiful color palates and gorgeous, flattering styles, why not break away from the mom jeans and boldly step into 2012 with one of these fresh looks?


the top fashion trends for mommy

floral sheer top and a great-fitting pair of jeans, or a vibrant-colored mesh tank (cobalt blue, bright orange and tomato red are all on the radar) layered with a fun tunic and slim pants, these light, feminine looks are a sure-fire hit with women of all ages and sizes. Other must-haves for the upcoming year: 60s inspired A-line dresses and short skirts, collared blouses (alone or under a shift dress), flared trousers, colored denim, and sportswear pieces such as cargo pants or leather jackets. The color-blocking on dresses and tops that is a current sensation will carry over into 2012, as will maxi skirts, ruffled details (on everything from tops to shoes to clutches) and metallic and textured embellishments. It’s easy to freshen up your look with just a few new pieces, and you’ll be amazed at how much better you will feel getting dressed for your next Mommies Night Out.



Don’t put all the trends into one outfit. Try just one or two at a time, such as a leather motorcycle jacket over a sheer top or a ruffled top with slim-fit flared trousers.


From loose braids to imperfect buns, the more natural hairstyle was everywhere on the runway. Severe bobs were gone and a wavy laid-back bob took its place. Layered thick bangs or wispy fringe, whatever you prefer, but bangs are definitely continuing into the new year. Feathers and flowers were intricately placed in braided or half-back styles for a fun pop of decoration. Also in several shows was the forever-classic glossy, long cut (think Gwyneth Paltrow). Overall, the looks were more simple and natural, rather than perfectly polished. Who knew that loose, chasing-a-toddler-allday hair style could actually be a trend?

“Don’t be afraid

to add sparkle during the day. If it makes you feel on-trend and fashionable, brave against the boring and dull crowd on the streets.” –Celebrity makeup artist Napoleon Perdis

 ruffled clutch A ruffled clutch is an easy, fun way to add the ruffle trend to your wardrobe.

 leather jacket An updated version of the classic leather jacket is a worthy investment for this season and beyond.

keep it natural

make up

Aside from the occasional neon lipstick, the runway models of Fashion Week showcased their natural beauty with barely-there makeup and pouty, glossy lips. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably going to skip the neon and go for the gloss. The upcoming trend is easy (and inexpensive) to try. With matte complexions and pretty pinks and wines on the cheeks, the 2012 makeup preview revealed softer, more natural faces. Bare eyelids with only black mascara and natural, less sculpted eyebrows were also frequently spotted. The trendy smoky eye was still featured for a more glamorous effect, using soft earth tones with the optional metallic shadow on the inner eyelid. Metallic polish was also popular on short, manicured finger nails. I’m excited about the natural makeup trend, as well as the alternative of adding a bit of shimmer for an elegant aspect. Both looks are easy to wear, ultra flattering and simply sexy.

giggle trips

happy tails to you! road trip guide for dog owners



During this long excursion, I compiled a checklist that would have been nice to have before we hit the road. Hopefully these suggestions will come in handy for other puppy people. • DOGGIE BAG – If possible, have food, water, leashes/ harnesses all in the same bag and pack it on top of the huge pile of inevitable stuff in the trunk. When you stop to relieve your

76 giggle magazine

• HOTEL/MOTEL – If you are going to be on the road overnight, it’s probably best to make pet- friendly reservations before you leave home. Some hotels only dedicate a wing or floor to pets and some have size restrictions. Websites like can make booking a room easier. • DOG OF THE ROAD – If your dog only experiences a car ride to go to the vet, it would probably serve you well to take them on short trips before embarking on a long journey. Take him/her on quick trips around town to get them used to being in transit. A trip to a park, friend’s house or a pet store to let them pick out treats may be order. • SUNNY ROADS AHEAD – If you plan on driving into the sun during the afternoon, or just in the Sunshine State, a sunshade might be a lifesaver. Sunshades are typically used to protect kiddos from hot sun in the car. Although my dog typically loves

© 2011 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved, two small photos by Kate Nessmith

raveling with pets can sometimes turn into an adventure in itself. When going on a road trip it can be overwhelming to get all the humans packed, not to mention canine buddies. Being a dog owner most of my life, I have had many puppy traveling experiences. In college my Beagle/Jack Russell traveled with me everywhere. Most of our trips were only a couple hours to visit friends and family. Recently my dad and I made a cross-country trip from Gainesville to Denver to deliver two puppies to their new home.

furry friends you don’t want to unpack the entire car looking for a leash or water bowl.

rolling in the grass in the sunshine, she always has the option to seek shade or come inside when she gets too hot. While we were driving through the hot Kansas sun she didn’t have that option and I felt horrible. • WILD AND FREE – I would highly recommend NEVER letting your dog off his/her leash in an unfamiliar area. This seems like a no-brainer, but when your pup has been in the car for a couple of days, away from his yard, with the closest thing to freedom being a leash and a highway rest stop, you will probably be tempted to let him roam in an isolated patch of grass. Hypothetically, you could find yourself running through a Missouri meadow in flip flops, on the verge of tears, wondering if you just saw your pup alive for the last time. Just saying, I really wouldn’t risk it. • POOPIN POOCHES – Plan on stopping…a lot. Just come to terms with the fact you won’t make the same time as if you were traveling without a dog. Humans can tell you when they have to go, pups can’t. I looked back every couple of minutes to check on my pup, and it seemed like when she had to go she would sit up and wait to lock eyes with me. I might have just been paranoid, but I felt better after we stopped so she could relieve herself. We stopped about every two hours, unless I got the potty eyes. b

le gigg !

Packing for p trips tips giggle Your Pooch

? Food (no new treats or food, might disturb your pup’s digestion!) ? Water and water bowl ? Beach towels ? Pillows/dog beds if possible ? Medications if applicable ? Leash, Collar, Tags, etc (don’t want your dog running around naked around strangers) ? Vet’s phone number just in case ? Plastic Bags (its illegal in some areas not to clean up after your dog)

Calendar of Events December 1 – 4

Just Between Friends Sale

DECEMBER November 25 – December 18

A Christmas Story

Explore the humorous side to family life in 1930s small town America. Young Ralphie Parker desperately dreams of only one thing for Christmas – a genuine Red Ryder BB gun! Can Ralphie achieve his dream or will his mother’s protests of “You’ll shoot your eye out!” prevail? You’ll want to bring the whole family to this stage adaption of the beloved film. Gainesville Community Playhouse November 25 – December 21

This Wonderful Life

Superbly adapted from the most captivating "what if" story of all time. Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings. Visit Bedford Falls for a humorous and captivating staging of Frank Capra’s Hollywood classic. This tour de force production for one actor playing 32 characters, from George Bailey to Zuzu, delivers a witty and moving story that is sure to capture your heart and captivate your spirit. Begin a new family tradition with us! The Hippodrome November 26 – December 17

A Christmas Carol

The play will provide a pleasing holiday treat for the whole family as Jacob Marley unfolds the story of his lost partner Ebenezer Scrooge with the eye-opening lesson which alters the course of Scrooge's life. Along the way, you'll discover three wise spirits, who help deliver Scrooge from years of darkness through a most unusual journey. Audiences of all ages will be held captive by the play's sparkling special effects, gentle humor and an inspiring message from Dickens' classic Victorian story. A treat for the whole family! The Hippodrome

Just Between Friends is the nation's largest children's and maternity consignment, twice-a-year event, with franchises across the United States. The sale offers participants the opportunity to participate as consignors, shoppers, volunteers--or all three. 2305 NW 13th Street in Gainesville December 2 – 31 (Closed on Christmas Night)

Christmas Festival of Lights at Stephen Foster Cultural Center Visitors can enjoy the holiday sights and sounds as they drive through the park to see unique holiday light displays. events.cfm December 2 -4 and 9 -11

Gainesville Christmas Festival The Gainesville Christmas Festival combines music, theatre, choreography, and special effects to become a one-ofa-kind holiday show including Christmas classics, Broadway songs, a retelling of the Christmas story plus Frosty and Santa! www.gainesville christmas

December 2 at 5pm

Light Up the Village NightHaile Plantation

Children and adults are invited to enjoy the spirit of the holiday season with horse and buggy rides, train rides, live music, carolers, children's activities and an appearance by Santa at Plantation Hall.

"All aboard!" December 2 -4

Polar Express Train Show

Bring the whole family to see 3 operating model railroad layouts. The Polar Express Train Show will be running with 5 other holiday trains. The Matheson Museum December 2 at 6pm

2nd Annual Reindeer Run 5K

Haile Plantation Village Center Proceeds donated to Girls on the Run of Alachua County and The Sebastian Ferrero Foundation. December 4 from 12-4pm

Haile Homestead Holidays

Come join us for a Victorian Holiday Celebration at the Historic Haile Homestead. Stroll through the 1856 homestead decked out in an array of traditional greenery and Victorian finery and docents in Victorian costume! Listen carefully as the Homestead’s famous "Talking Walls" whisper their stories of holiday festivities over a hundred years ago. Enjoy live holiday music. Sip hot cider as you browse a selection of home-baked goodies and our very special holiday ornaments. December 10 at 2pm

Alachua Christmas Parade

December 10 at 6pm

Twilight Christmas Parade in High Springs Annual holiday parade

Over 1,000 listings for kids’


activities around Alachua County

Calendar of Events December 17 from 10am-2pm

LifeSouth’s Operation Santa Delivery

December 10 1:30pm and 7:30pm

Danscompany’s Annual Production of Cinderella

In December, The Danscompany presents their annual performance of Cinderella, a full-length ballet. December 10 from 10am-3pm

Merry Melrose Parade and Arts and Crafts Festival

Get into the holiday spirit! Join with hundreds of spectators to watch the Merry Melrose Christmas Parade and then peruse the 10th annual Merry Melrose Arts and Crafts Festival at beautiful Heritage Park in lovely downtown Melrose.


LifeSouth Community Blood Center hosts its 8th Annual Operation Santa Delivery at the North fields of Santa Fe College. Come out to see Santa Claus arrive, not by sled and reindeer, but by helicopter. Santa Claus will arrive by ShandsCair helicopter and then take pictures with the children. Enjoy FREE food and other fun children’s activities such as a petting zoo, hay ride, face painting, bounce houses and much more!

January 1

December 17 from 1-9pm

The entertainment never ceases as jugglers, magicians and a colorful cast of characters fill visitors with laughter and amazement. Watch as royal knights joust on horseback and human chess pieces battle for a win on the Living Chessboard. Indulge your appetite with delicacies fit for a King at the Food Court, and enjoy your day wandering through the marketplace filled with the wares of 150 skilled artisans selling and demonstrating their time-honored arts and crafts of the Middle Ages.

Newberry Festival of Lights and Christmas Parade Santa & Mrs. Claus, local entertainment, food and craft vendors, businesses open late & carriage rides around town. December 17 and 18 at 4pm

Sugar Plum Tea

Meet the Sugar Plum Fairy and her court. Touch a snowflake, tease a mouse, and enjoy a tea that only a Sugar Plum Fairy could present. Have your picture taken with your favorite character. December 22

First Day of Winter

Happy New Year January 3

Fruit Cake Toss Day January 15

Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday January 29 and 30 and February 5 and 6

Hoggetowne Medieval Faire


December 23 from 6-8pm © 2011 iStockphoto LP. All rights reserved

December 16-18

The Nutcracker Ballet

Dance Alive National Ballet presents the all- time family favorite – The Nutcracker! Become entranced by the beauty of the Sugar Plum Fairy and her dazzling court, enchanted by the swirling snowflakes and breathtaking snow, and cheer for the tiny toy soldiers and their leader, the handsome Nutcracker Prince. It wouldn’t be the holiday season without the Nutcracker.

Trinity UMC Live Nativity

See children and animals act out this blessed moment as they play the nativity characters. This free family event includes crafts, hot cocoa, apple cider and cookies. December 25

Merry Christmas!


December 26- January 1

Happy Kwanzaa

Over 1,000 listings for kids’

activities around Alachua County

Happy Holidays! • from the giggle bunch •

Profile for Irving Publications, LLC

Giggle Magazine December/January 2012  

The perfect Christmas tree, family cleanse, gifts that give back, weight loss challenge.

Giggle Magazine December/January 2012  

The perfect Christmas tree, family cleanse, gifts that give back, weight loss challenge.