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F bagged in 1150, 1000, 50 or 25kg bags. Yara’s control of the entire industrial process, together with the quality of this exclusive deposit, allow us to manufacture and deliver high-purity products that are naturally low in heavy metals. Typical content of heavy metals in Bolifor MCP are detailed in the Table 1. Cadmium (Cd) in particular, is considered one of the most toxic elements in the environment. The Cd content of BOLIFOR® is very low. Yara Bolifor feed phosphates Figure 3: Yara`s Bolifor® feed phosphates product portfolio and its specifications operations add value on top of phosphoric acid in several stages of the be oversupplied and excreted. value chain. Yara has five phosphate bulk terminals in Europe Digestible mineral P sources are very important for the delivery (Brake in Germany, Goole in UK, Brest in France, Budapest in of sufficient levels of digestible P to the animal and to avoid P Hungary and Castellón in Spain), product is send on a regular excretion in the manure, leading to environmental pollution. basis by vessel from either Kokkola or Helsingborg where Yara Bolifor range offer a comprehensive range of high quality Bolifor® feed phosphates are manufactured. minerals suitable for all feed production. The terminals are located in strategic regions to satisfy local Our products provide high-digestible macro minerals with demand. guaranty of purity and low levels of heavy metals. The Bolifor® From those terminals the market demand is satisfied either by bulk or bagged material. product range of feed minerals complies with the modern, highKokkola and Helsingborg also export product to markets in yielding production and remains the preferred choice to obtain Latin America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Yara South the highest animal performance. Africa is also producing feed phosphates in Durban to attend the local market. An overview As an overview, the unique benefits of Yara’s inorganic phosphates are: Bolifor® feed minerals • Yara-owned high quality source: its phosphates are of a Macro-minerals, such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and consistently high quality because they are from very a clean sodium, are essential elements to sustain healthy and productive volcanic deposit in Siilinjärvi, Finland animal growth. They are part of many biological pathways such • Reliable supply: continuity of supply is guaranteed not only as bone and muscle formation or the energy cycle. because Finland is a stable democratic country but also Inorganic feed phosphates and magnesium supplements, because Yara owns the apatite mine and phosphate production supplying those macro-minerals, are essential ingredients in feed facilities in Siilinjärvi and so controls its whole phosphate diets in order to meet animal requirements. production. Yara is dedicated to the animal nutrition and has Phosphorus in particular plays an essential role in animal been active in the sector for half a century nutrition, only Ca is required in higher quantities. All organisms • Consistency: Yara’s inorganic phosphorus products must have access to sufficient phosphorous to survive and grow. are consistent over time in composition and physical Aproximately 75 percent percent of phosphorous is stored in characteristics. Therefore, they are utilised consistently by bones and the remaining 25 percent takes part of high biologic animals, eliminating under or over formulation to a large value molecules such as DNA, RNA, ATP and phospholipids. In extent, thereby ensuring the animal gets enough of the addition, phosphorus is involved in many biological functions appropriate nutrients at the appropriate time such as cellular metabolism, including storage and transport of • Digestibility and cost-effectiveness: Yara ensures a high level energy (e.g. ATP production), in cellular regulatory mechanisms, of digestible phosphorus, meaning higher absorption rate, that and in bone mineralisation. avoids P excretion in the manure, leading to environmental In plant materials, about 65 percent of phosphorous is present in pollution and making these feeds cost-effective the form of phytate. • Environmental benefits: because less unutilised phosphate is Monogastric animals lack phytase, the enzyme necessary to excreted out into the environment, Yara’s mineral feeds are degrade the phytate, resulting in a low P-digestibility of feed more environmentally friendly and can help farmers meet ingredients of plant origin. The addition of highly digestible environmental regulations. Unutilised phosphates can pollute inorganic phosphates to the diets is needed to fulfill the animal’s the environment, especially in areas with a high concentration P requirement. of intensive animal farming Inorganic digestible phosphorus inclusion in diets requires • Homogenity and easy to handle: We produce different sized adequate attention because of the physiological requirements granules suited to different applications. We offer a constant of the different animals and the currently limited phosphorus and homogenous particle size reserves in the world, the cost of the diet and the excretion of Our branded feed minerals are designed to reach criteria of phosphorus into the environment. superior quality, excellent nutritional value, high digestibility and Optimisation of the available phosphorus content in the diet traceability. requires reliable and up to date knowledge of the content and In a world of generic commodities, the Bolifor® brand is a fine digestibility of phosphorus in the feed ingredients, otherwise the supply to the animals may be compromised or phosphorus may source of high quality products. 46 | July 2016 - Milling and Grain

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