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YUMMY EASTER Vol 3.04 | April 2017

EASTER RECIPES Feeling uninspired? Get some delicious Easter recipes here!

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HAPPY EASTER With Easter just around the corner this will be for many, the first proper break of the year. Whether flying to the coast, trekking upcountry or simply enjoying the few rare traffic-free days in Nairobi, the cornerstone of this holiday should definitely revolve around some well earned downtime and chocolate! The Easter holidays have always signified two major things for me. The first of these is my first annual chocolate coma—I have a particular weakness for any confectionary the size of my face, especially Easter Eggs. Unfortunately the tradition of my parents buying us Easter Eggs has unceremoniously dwindled with age because apparently we’re actually not a kids anymore. I however still make a point of indulging in a little chocolatey goodness and last year treated myself to handmade chocolate eggs from the Sankara Deli. I remember how the delicate eggs hung beautifully from gold ribbon tied on a faux tree besides the artisanal cakes; they caught my eye midway through what was supposed to be a very important meeting and I promptly left with a whole box. This year, the Yummy team sampled

another chocolatier’s home creations and we were not left disappointed. Read all about Tasnims’ passion project on page 38. The other thing Easter signifies is family time. I recently fractured my ankle and had to move back in with my folks thanks to a very frustrating cast and crutch situation. As frustrated as I was, the funny thing is that it’s ended up being a little preamble to Easter. I’ve spent most evenings on the sofa with large plates of mama’s cooking happily indulging in long and drawn-out gossip sessions. We working folk get so caught up these days that we often forget how healing family time is, so I do hope you make time to laugh and eat with yours this Easter break. If you’re happily staying home and feel inspired to celebrate Easter and fancy a spot of cooking, we have

a few recipes for you to whip up including succulent lamb chops and some foolproof hot cross buns. But for those of you that desperately need an escape but have left holiday plans to the last minute, flip over to page 36. Our camping guide provides cheap and cheerful options with destination that of course have a yummy foodie tip attached! Our monthly staples offer up some Easter cheer, starting with Charity Keita’s account of a traditional Italian Easter feast which is sure to leave your mouth watering on page 27. Our restaurant review takes us out to Karen, where Susan Wong enjoys a hearty meal at the family friendly Purdy Arms. Read about our first pop up restaurant out at the Tigoni Lake House, where guests were treated to a magical meal under the stars on a floating barge!

Now, before I sign out, if you hadn’t already heard, The Nairobi Burger Festival is just fast approaching! Yes, this May two for one offers on the juiciest burgers will sweep through the city with more than 80 restaurants expected to participate for a whole week. So be sure to stay tuned to Yummy for all the details. Have a wonderful Easter break. Lots of Love,

Michelle Slater General Manager

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APRIL 2017



Chef Dario reminisces on Easter in Italy, visiting the local fishermen and enjoying a negroni (or two).

EASTER ESCAPE Looking to get out of town this weekend? In collaboration with newly launched Nomad Magazine, we have a collection of getaways that are just a few hours drive from Nairobi.


KAHAWA DIARIES We catch up with Muthoni Ndonga to learn more about her love of live performance, events and need for caffeine.


HOME AWAY Charity Keita befriends a caretaker who tells her a surprising story of her hometown and how she plans on spending Easter.

30 UH HUH HONEY We’re on another adventure with Fearless Chef Kiran Jethwa as he sources honey from the foothills of the Himalayas.


FAMILY FUN Susan Wong rediscovers Purdy Arms in all it’s relaxing charm and enjoys a meal with her friend Tatiana.


SWEET ART Yummy visits Sweet Art Creations a specialty chocolate maker to learn about her journey and the science of making chocolate.

44 EASTER RECIPES We’ve got some delicious recipes for you to add to your Easter menu. Make mushroom quiche for guests, a rack of lamb for the family, or enjoy a delicious hot cross buns!

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SAIL AWAY Sail The High Seas This Easter on The Musafir! Up for an adventure? On the 13th of April, Musafir will hoist the sail once again and head up North with the Kusi winds in an epic trip across the Kenyan coast. Their first stop will be in Kilifi to celebrate Easter at Distant Relatives before sailing off to Lamu on April 21st. For a chance to be surrounded by nothing but good vibes, ocean fish and salty air, contact the musafir team on


Take a break from the office and celebrate Labour Day in style! Not planning on spending Labour Day in the office are you? Be Distinctive returns for its 3rd edition of their Labour Day pool party series in conjunction with the stunning Swahili Beach Hotel. With amazing room rates for the weekend, one surprise international act, and Kenya’s best DJ talents on show, Be Distinctive is back and ready to make some noise. Follow their Facebook for more details.

KENYA NIGHTS Need someone to lean on? Diplo has got you covered! After a ground-breaking performance in Nairobi in 2014, it’s time to welcome back badman DJ, Grammy award winning producer, and the main man behind Major Lazer, to Kenya on April 14th at the Carnivore grounds from 9PM! Supported by Wankelmut, Blinky Bill, DJ Kace and Suraj, this promises to be an event you wouldn’t want to miss. Advance tickets are available on Mookh at Ksh 3,000, gate tickets at Ksh 5,000 and VIP at Ksh.10,000. See you there!



SHAWARMA KINGS Get your shawarma hot, delicious and express at Shawarma Xpress! Need a quick, delicious lunch on the go? Shawarma Xpress is exactly what you need. Set up in the food court at Sarit Centre in Westlands, this new restaurant promises all the flavour of a delicious shawarma and then some all at an affordable price. Perfect for those situations when you’re in a rush, you’ll experience the difference at Shawarma Xpress.

FOUR IN ONE A Cafe, Sports Bar, Garden Restaurant and Conference. What can’t The Node do? Nestled along Woodvale Close, Westlands, opposite to the Jacaranda Hotel, you’ll find The Node, a delightful restaurant that features a cafe, sports bar, garden restaurant and conference facilities all in one. With an expansive continental menu that caters to all, swift service and serene ambiance, The Node is ideal for a romantic night out or a quick business meeting over coffee.


The Big Elephant Cafe - Where you go when you have a big appetite Recently open at the Valley View office park, along City Park Drive, off Limuru Rd, The Big Elephant Cafe is modern metropolitan cafe with a retro ambiance and an eclectic multi-cuisine menu that will have your taste buds yearning for more. Whether you’re out on a date with your favourite person indulging in their cornish hen broth or in need of their signature berryjito, The Big Elephant is ready to take on your cravings.




The One Star House Party project kicked off in 2016 when a team of chefs (Noma, Copenhagen & The Ledbury, London) decided to travel the world setting up 20 pop up restaurants in 20 countries over a period of 20 months. After 3 weeks of traveling and learning about food in Kenya, the Nairobi edition of OSHP kicked off at the Lake House Tigoni where a floating barge had been custom built to serve 300 diners over 7 nights. Brew Bistro was on hand to serve their “Enkare� brew crafted in collaboration with Jameson, along with gastronomic cocktails and perfectly paired wine.




TUNA GALORE Chef Dario Aloisio gets nostalgic as he casts his mind back to Easters in Sicily, the southern Italian island where he was born. Every Sicilian chef needs a friend in a fish market, never more so than at Easter. You see, while in Italy it is traditional to eat lamb on Easter Sunday, on the island of Sicily we have a bountiful sea and Ventresca (juicy tuna belly steaks) is an equally popular dish. Nothing beats a shiny 300kg tuna, ready to have its best parts sectioned off, lying on the fish monger’s table like a diamond ring waiting to be selected at the jewellery shop. Easter to us Sicilians signals the arrival of spring. It is a time that everything is changing and the markets turn into a kaleidoscope of colours and scents. It is the season of peas, broad beans, asparagus and fennel, of strawberries and cherries, of carrots and of those brave survivors from the cold season: the march mandarins, proudly on display on the greengrocer’s’ shelves with their concentrated flavours and deep orange hue. Just imagining all this

beauty makes me feel overwhelmed. When you are there it is so easy to allow your senses to get swallowed up by it all. Back in the day when I was working as a chef in Palermo, the capital of Sicily, I had a bit of a personal tradition. On the day before Easter I would head down to the Vucciria neighbourhood fish market at around 8am. Giuseppe, my fish monger friend, would then help me select the juiciest slices of fatty red tuna and would slice off a chunk for me to eat there and then. With the taste of raw fish still fresh in my mouth, we would then head off to the bar for a early morning aperitivo, most often a Negroni (ed. a campari, vermouth and gin cocktail). This early morning tipple made the rest of my shopping easy and I would spend the next hour gliding through the market falling in love with punnets of wild strawberries, braids of red onions, large shiny yellow peppers and heaps

It is a time that everything is changing and the markets turn into a kaleidoscope of colours and scents. of the freshly salted capers that grow on the walls of crumbling building on the outskirts of the city. By the time I had completed my shopping, Giuseppe would be about ready for his second aperitivo and as soon as

he spotted me would start calling out my name. At that, I would have to make a swift exit through the back of the market, to avoid getting entangled in another session at the bar. Back in the kitchen I would set to work. Apron, knife, chopping board and a wisely prepared charcoal grill is all I needed for my “Ventresca with Strawberry Peperonata”. This is a dish directly inspired by this wonderful time of the year, a dish that, as my friend and Chef Carmelo Chiaramonte comments in his book “A Tutto Tonno” (Everything Tuna), is perfectly suited for a warm evening at the beginning of spring. Watching groups of friends or families sit down for their meal and delight over my special celebratory fresh tuna dish, would always make me smile. This was my Easter and the little pleasures I would get from spending time in the kitchen of the restaurant and not, like so many others, with my family and friends.




What do you do for a living? I am a recording and performing artist. I am also the Creative Director at GoodTimes Africa responsible for two festivals - Blankets & Wine and Africa Nouveau as well as the African Dance Party series. What inspired the concept of Blankets & Wine? The need for a platform for myself and other artists creating alternative/emerging/out-ofthe-box Urban African music. How do you choose which artists perform? We are constantly exposing ourselves to the sounds that are interesting/emerging/ rising on the continent, then think who best represents some of those ideas live and which demographic would be best served by these ideas. We then compose the best variety possible at any one given event so we create a line-up that #issavibe What has been your experience of taking Blankets & Wine outside of Kenya? It’s been a steep learning curve. While East Africans are essentially the same people, the talent in each country creating alternative/ genre defying music varies greatly. This is the greatest variable for us as the vision was to ensure each market works to serve its own music industry before exporting artists from


the rest of the region. Coupled with this is the difference in consumer habits/corporate culture/tax regimes and general understanding of “dopeness.” What’s the best part of your job? I’m always creating something- a song, a performance, costumes, a business opportunity, a proposal, a new way to do something bettername it. I am in permanent creation mode. It’s exhilarating. I almost always experience myself as being creative, powerful and purposeful. What’s your morning routine? Study my spiritual guide (currently studying A course in miracles) meditate, dance work out, breakfast with bae. Start “work” at 9:00am. How do you take your coffee? Black. With a very tiny dash of cold milk. Favourite pastry? Pain au Chocolat What else can we expect from the Blankets & Wine team this year? Africa Nouveau, our 2 day,3 night festival is on. We did the trial version in September 2015, and this year it’s back to celebrate the DIY, Afro-centric, Createprenuers in Africa and its diaspora. This year we are making a camping festival. It’s going to be pretty epic.


HOME AWAY Charity Keita finds out that the tragedy of the earthquakes that have been rocking Italy for the past nine months is closer to home than she thought. I have a friend in Rome who lives in an old Renaissance building with an entrance so large it reaches the first floor. During the day, visitors must stop and announce themselves to an elderly lady who sits behind a glass window. This is Armida and she is the “portiera”, a caretaker whose job it is to usher people to their intended destinations and sort through the post. Many buildings in Rome still employ a portiera, though her role is little more than ceremonial. Since I have been in Italy, I have often stopped and chatted with Armida who loves nothing more than talking about food. I listen intently as she waxes lyrical about the trials and tribulations of preparing homemade hams, cooking artichokes the Roman way and making pasta sauces exactly like her grandmother once did. Sometimes she even puts aside special morsels for me, just so she can smile as I

bite down, roll my eyes and groan in ecstasy. The other day I asked Armida where she planned to spend her Easter. “Not at home” she answered, her voice sad. Turns out Armida is from a village near Amatrice, the city that was flattened last August by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake. Armida was home for the holidays when she was woken at 3am by a violent thud. She jumped out of bed, looked down and recalls that the mattress seemed to be writhing like a snake. She dressed and raced out into the square where people were wandering around in shocked silence. The rest of the night was spent being shaken about by aftershocks while huddled with her cousin in a parked car. None of the buildings in Armida’s town suffered any damage on that night in August but in January this year, another earthquake struck, this time flattening four fifths of the town.

Worried I may have spoiled her mood, I change subject and ask Armida about her Easters as a child in the post-war years. She visibly brightens up: “Easter was a time for new dresses! My mother would get the local seamstress to make me a new dress [...] she would give it to me on Saturday but I wasn’t allowed to wear it as this was the day we were supposed to go to the bakery to bake our festive cakes”. “To the bakery to bake cakes?” I ask, confused. Turns out that no one used to have their own oven, so any baking involved getting in line at the local bakery and awaiting one’s turn. Armida’s tales of the traditional Easter Sunday meal sound similar to much of the food people have told me is consumed up and down the Italian peninsula. For a country obsessed with milky coffee and a sweet bun for breakfast, I was surprised to

hear that the day would have started with a savoury breakfast of artichoke omelette, homemade mortadella ham, cheese focaccia and boiled eggs. The main meal would have been made up of roast lamb, roast potatoes, lasagna and fettuccine. The lamb, which had been slaughtered by local shepherds the previous day, would last until Easter Monday when the offal would be fried up in an omelette which would be wrapped in cloth and brought on a picnic and consumed on the Gran Sasso, the mountain Armida could once see from the window of her home. The Gran Sasso still stands proud but it may be years before Armida or any of her neighbours can once again admire its snowy peaks from the windows of their homes.





Yummy sits down with Chef Khot, the executive head chef at The Concord Hotel in Nairobi and learn of the journey that brought him here. As I sit and wait to start my interview, what sounds like Billboard’s Top 100 hits play softly in the background of the Bonhomie restaurant at The Concord Hotel. The hostess gestures towards the breakfast buffet telling me to feel free to grab a bite and order a drink as I wait. I sip on my double cappuccino and take note of how orderly the hotel is: staff quietly busy themselves cleaning up every crumb left by hungry hotel guests, wiping down windows and cleaning floors. After a few minutes, Chef Vasant Anil Khot, the new Group Chef at The Concord Hotel, steps out to introduce himself. Wearing his decorated chef coat, he offers to make me a meal: whatever I want, on or off the menu. I explain that I have just eaten, so with a polite smile he leads me to a quiet lounge outside of the penthouse suite. Chef Khot grew up in Mumbai, India where he attended St. Anthony’s Covenant School for secondary school and later studied catering at Kharmats Institute, one of the best government affiliated hospitality schools in Mumbai. In 1999, Chef Khot got his first job working at the Ramada Group Hotels and shortly thereafter, at Paramount Hotel. After three years at the latter hotel, he began his work as a pastry chef on a carnival cruise line in Miami. For the next three years, Chef Khot would work on three different cruise liners all out of Miami: the Fantasy, Destiny and Victory. The names of the ships reflected the stages of his personal life at the time. When he first

got to Miami to be a pastry chef on the Fantasy, he remembers feeling an acute culture shock: “When I started [on Fantasy], it was just after the World Trade Centre crisis and I was so young. I was a 21 year old boy from Mumbai going to the airport. In Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, they removed everything on our body and they checked us… My mom had given me homemade pickles and I had to throw them away at the airport.” Vasant laughs at the memory. Working on the cruise ship required a lot of stamina, often he would work 12 hour days in the pastry kitchen. Chef Khot returned home at the end of his nine month contract. Two to three months later, Chef Khot landed another pastry chef job, this time on the Destiny. Seven months into his Destiny cruise, Chef Khot received a call from his girlfriend who said her parents wanted to set up an arranged marriage. They were both 23 at the time and from traditional families, this was not out of the ordinary. Chef Khot booked a flight, left his belongings on the cruise ship and returned to Mumbai where he and his girlfriend had a civil ceremony wedding. Although his wife’s family was against it, Chef Khot returned to the Miami cruise line business for one last stint, this time as a pastry chef on the Victory. Chef Khot quickly got a promotion which included a leadership development training course at a pastry college in Tampa, Florida. Here, he received his Cordon Bleu pastry

chef certification. One day while spinning sugar on the Victory, he spilled a scalding hot piece of molten sugar which burned right through his arm. “The sugar was 140 degrees celsius. Water boils at 100 degrees so it was like an acid,” says Chef Khot gesturing at an large scar plainly visible on his right forearm. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was told that he’d never be able to use his hand again. The cruise ship gave him a cheque and he went home to Mumbai. A religious man, Chef Khot prayed for his hand to get better. He prayed for months and then one day when he was making a 250KM walk to the Saibaba temple, his hand began to regain mobility. “My hand started working again, it was a miracle” he

tells me, shaking his head in disbelief. After getting his hand checked and cleared at the hospital, Chef Khot returned to the Victory for a final stint working on a cruise liner. After drawing a close to his days at sea, Chef Khot spent the next few years working in different high-end hotel kitchens in Mumbai, gaining experience in restaurant and hotel management. One day, he was approached by a friend living in Nairobi and asked to be the Group Chef of The Concord Hotel. He took another leap of faith and has been in Nairobi for just over a month. This Easter, Chef Khot plans on decorating the hotel in an Easter theme and making a special Easter menu for Bonhomie restaurant.




UH HUH HONEY In this episode of The Fearless Chef, Chef Kiran Jethwa travels to the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal to source red spring honey. Through rough terrain, an angry swarm of bees and rappelling 200 feet in the air, he manages to successfully source this delicacy with the help of Nepalese locals. Hanging from the cliff face so close to the beehive sends a rush of adrenaline through my shaking body. I am about four feet from the hive, dangling from a rope, petrified. The buzz in my ears is almost deafening. I am here to rob the bees of the proceeds of their hard work and judging by the swarm that is congregating above my head, they know it. If it’s true that bees can smell your fear, I must really reek right now. For the latest episode of the Fearless Chef, our team travelled to the foothills of the Himalayas to take part in one of the most dangerous harvests on earth. This colossal mountain range that stretches from Pakistan in the west to Bhutan in the east, is home to nine of the world’s ten highest peaks including the highest of all, Mount Everest. To get to where the honey hunters dwell we must travel to the Lamjung District in Nepal, by way of the capital Kathmandu. My mode of transportation for the 190 km trip is a 125cc road bike, a popular means of transport here. As we exit Kathmandu, we pass fertile slopes that are terraced to make room for rice paddies and other crops. The further we ascend however, the harsher the terrain becomes and the more my 125 struggles. “Come on!” I shout as it as the motor splutters and eventually groans to a halt. I am


forced to dismount my trusty steed and after various failed attempts to get it going again, continue the journey on foot. Three days later our bedraggled caravan eventually pulls into a little village that lies in the shadow of Mt. Manaslu, the eighth highest peak in the world. In this steep labyrinth of pathways and houses live the Gurung Honey Hunters. The Gurung Honey Hunters follow an ancient form of harvesting that goes back centuries using handcrafted instruments: long bamboo sticks with spatula-like tips to scrape the hives off the mountain, rope ladders made of sisal and wood, and hand-woven baskets to collect foliage for burning. Traditionally, harvesting could only happen in the Autumn or Spring when the wild hives produce around 60kgs of honey at a time. On the day of the hunt, there’s a sense of anticipation in the village. It takes many people to bring down a hive and we split into two teams. Team A heads to the bottom of the cliff where they smoke out the hive with burning foliage. I’m part of Team

B and we are tasked with heading up and around to the top of the cliff from where we must descend rickety rope ladders to begin the harvest. As soon as the bees catch a whiff of the smoke they attack Team A which, alongside some of our crew members, is forced to take temporary shelter. Meanwhile Team B has made it to the top of the cliff and begins to rig up the ladder and safety equipment. The thick smoke, lack of visibility and steep terrain makes our job particularly hazardous. For this harvest to be a success, both Teams A and B have to work in absolute union but the onslaught of the bees and smoke makes it almost impossible to remain composed. I begin to understand why it is that at least four hunters in recent years, have lost their lives while attempting this. “Don’t look down!” I think. All I can see is the 200 foot drop into the thick smoke, and Songinrum, my guide disappearing into it. He makes his way safely down his rope ladder into

the cloud of bees. I’m not far behind but it’s a grueling descent with some unsure footing and a tiny ladder that can barely fit both my feet. The next part of the operation involves Team A sending up a chisel and a pole to remove the hive. Songinrum pushes a hole through each hive and then puts a toggle through that’s attached to a string. As he starts pulling on the hive, the swarm explodes into a frenzied attack, consuming us in a wave of stings. I’m getting peppered everywhere, despite wearing no protective clothing, Songinrum withstands the attack unscathed. The job is done, the hive is off and we lower it to the ground. Finally, I get to taste it and it is indeed exquisite: sweet, strong syrupy and warm. The taste almost justifies the madness it takes to harvest it. It’s time to create a meal that reflects this place, these people and their ancient customs. I find a beautiful spot in the middle of the village overlooking the mountains and prepare a Yam paratha stuffed with red spring honey, chicken and served with a bitter carilla salad for all my honey-hunting friends to enjoy. Looking at their faces as they bite down on my humble fare fills me with pride. I know it was worth the epic journey here just to experience this little slice of magic.

Kiran Jethwa is the Chef & Co-Owner of Nairobi’s award winning Seven Restaurant. His TV show, the Fearless Chef, has aired in over 100 countries on National Geographic & now on Channel 4 in the UK.

FAMILY FUN Susan Wong visits Purdy Arms in Karen and rediscovers this quintessential chill-out spot that’s so perfect for people both young and old. “Can’t wait to meet her!” I messaged Tatiana when I found out she could join me for lunch with her young daughter. I was going to meet Olive. “Aunty Susan :)” Tatiana sent quickly. This would be Olive’s first restaurant review and photoshoot. And what better place to meet her than at the Purdy Arms, a popular


outdoor dining restaurant and Karen watering-hole, frequented by both adults and children. Tatiana was late, which was very uncharacteristic of her; but with her young daughter in tow, it was totally understandable. The colourful birds in the garden kept me company. One by one, they flew closer to me and perched on different branches,

these beautiful resident yellow birds chirped and sang. It sounded like a lively banter between family members. Purdy Arms, located on Marula Lane in Karen, is a relaxed oasis with warm and homely service that sometimes requires a bit of patience. This is definitely not a place where orders fly-out of the pass with incredible

speed. Rather this restaurant, set upon 23 luscious acres, inspires you to lounge and linger; sometimes waiting a few extra minutes when you’re enjoying yourself is perfectly fine. The effect, courtesy of a spacious al fresco dining area that flows down towards the jungle gym and features colourful kikoy-wrapped cushions and wooden tables shaded by umbrellas,



is more welcoming than you might imagine. Often, you’ll wonder where did the time go as you gaze at the last rays of the hot sun before it dips past the Ngong Hills, leaving the sky in vivid shades of purples and fiery corals. Sipping on a cold Tusker, perhaps after some shopping at the weekly organic market or a visit to one of the shops on the property, you can hear your kids make the most of their fun at the jungle gym before you beckon them to join the adults for a meal. They will indulge in their own menu that features favourites such as Fish Fingers, Sausages, Spaghetti, Chips and even some healthy Carrot Sticks with Hummus. The straight-forward menu here has a touch of many influences, but mostly features what people would generally enjoy when watching a big rugby match on their big screens paired with a cold brew. There’s also a pizza and Indian menu for those looking to diversify. With Olive fast asleep and happily fed, we tucked into the Prawn, Feta and Coriander Samosas with Sweet

Chili Jam, the Homemade Fishcakes with Dill Dip, and the Bacon, Blue Cheese and Seared Fillet Steak Salad with Ranch Dressing. First, there were crispy but soft discs of fish cakes, their contents so soft and creamy you wouldn’t know whether to devour them or sleep on them. Laced with dill, these crispy fish cakes were complemented well by the pillow of dill crème fraiche and a vivid green dip that had a subtle sweetness. The samosas had a slight kick to them thanks to a few green chilies that softened the fishiness of the prawns and the combination of the filling contained just enough drama to keep these deep-fried parcels interesting. Overall, the samosas were quite popular at our table. The last starter, the one fail, was a tangled pile of salad with carefully arranged thin slices of seared fillet steak, which were quite dry and bland. In fact, the salad in general was very dry. Ranch dressing that’s super thick and overpoweringly sweet, can’t be anyone’s idea of a wonderful time. Perhaps a thin and simple vinaigrette

In a restaurant world full of hype and sometimes bluster, it is heartening to discover that sometimes, if you simply open your doors and let the food and experience speak for itself, people will come. would be a better option for the flavour-intensive bacon and blue cheese. Sizeable sausages, well-seasoned with a coarse-ground pepper, stuffed into natural casings, made the Homemade Safari Sausage with

Onion Gravy and Mash Potatoes. Thick slices of Gammon, cured hind leg of the pig, were grilled and served with Apple and Pineapple Chutney. Not overwhelmingly salty, the Gammon was a majestic pink and paired incredibly well with the sweetness from the chutney. The Classic Battered Fish was moist, tender and flaky. Encased in an incredibly delicate, crispy and thin batter, I would go back and brave the weekend crowds just for the Fish and Chips. In a restaurant world full of hype and sometimes bluster, it is heartening to discover that sometimes, if you simply open your doors and let the food and experience speak for itself, people will come. Even so, Purdy Arms doesn’t give the slightest hint of its ambition to be the quintessential chill-out spot in Nairobi, for both young and old. With its boutique accommodation, collection of shops, organic market, paintball, archery, climbing wall, nature trail, buzzing bar and popular neighbourhood restaurant – the Purdy Arms’ story is only getting better.



EASTER ESCAPE We all know that sinking feeling: Easter is coming up, but everything’s booked, not to mention the inflated holiday rates. Well, why not gather some friends together, scoop up the kids, and brush the dust off that old tent festering somewhere in a cupboard, and go camping. We bring you our five favourites spots around Kenya.

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NGARE NDARE FOREST, NANYUKI Four hours from Nairobi Perhaps the most magical camping spot in Kenya, a night in the Ngare Ndare Forest involves sleeping on a tall wooden platform beneath the shelter of rustling treetops. At ground level, there’s a huge tangled tree with a dug-out space for campfires, and adjacent to the platform is a canopy walk suspended high above the ground. During the daytime - as you wobble your way along it - you might catch sight of the forest’s wildlife, including elephants. At night, if you walk far enough, you’ll escape the tree cover and be greeted by a universe of twinkling stars overhead. Bring all your own kit and supplies, and be sure to do the hike to the plunge pools during your stay for a swim. Contact: Call +254 722 886 456 or +254 700 412 532 in advance to book. For directions and more info visit Price: Camping costs Ksh 2,000 per person per night. You’ll also need an armed ranger for Ksh 1,000 for camping. The hike guide is an additional Ksh 1,000 per group. Yummy Tip: Stop by Chuckie’s Chips on the way to Ngare Ndare for some delicious fresh chips made from kisima potatoes and kisima canola oil. MOUNT OLOLOKWE, ARCHER’S POST Five-and-a-half hours from Nairobi At 2000m high, Mt. Ololokwe dominates the skyline in Samburu with its distinctive table-flat top. Reaching the summit of this mountain is no mean feat: it’s a three-hour pretty much vertical ascent on tracks carved out by elephants to the top. Pitch your tent at the top of the mountain and savour the sunset over

Northern Kenya with your Samburu guide. At the base of the mountain on a seasonal riverbed is Sabache Camp, a good place to overnight if you want to start your hike before the heat gets too much. You’ll need to bring all your own supplies. Contact: Mark (+254 726 991 597) is a recommended guide. Email info@ to book a night there. Price: Camping on the summit of Mt Ololokwe costs Ksh 1,500 per person per night; conservation fee is Ksh 1,000 per 24 hours. A guide costs Ksh 1,000 per group, and porters are also available for Ksh 1,000 per person. Yummy Tip: Stop by Sabache Camp and dine at The Elephant Walk restaurant for a delicious meal off their traditional African and international menu or a cool drink. CAMP CARNELLEYS, NAIVASHA One-and-a-half hours from Nairobi Set on the shores of picturesque Lake Naivasha, Camp Carnelleys is a laid-back, easy option for a camping weekend. Naivasha is filled with lovely things to do, from hiking the Mt. Longonot crater to cycling among the zebras and giraffes in Hells Gate National Park. You can either book into one of Camp Carnelly’s simple but comfy bandas, or pitch your own tent on their grassy lawn leading down to the lake. There are showers, picnic tables and toilets on site, plus a relaxed restaurant with big chunky kanga cushions and a huge central fire. The restaurant serves hearty meals and has its own pizza oven.

This is a great spot for a family, with its own volleyball court, ping pong table and room to run and play. In the late afternoon, head down to the jetty with a couple of beers for a sunset sail around Lake Naivasha. Contact: For more info and to book call +254722501952 or visit

a hammock to sling up between the trees. A hike to the peak and down into the bat-filled caves is also a must-do. Contact: Jeremiah is a recommended guide on +254 712 244 583. Price: Conservancy fee is Ksh 3,000 per person per day, camping costs Ksh 500 per person and it’s another Ksh 500 for a car.

Price: Camping costs Ksh 800 per person per night with your own tent. A two-person en-suite banda starts from Ksh 8,000 per night, including breakfast.

Yummy Tip: Stop at Sahara Coffee House for bitings, fresh juice and a quiet moment in the garden.

Yummy Tip: Eat at Lazybones, the restaurant at Camp Carnelly’s, and order one of their pizzas straight out of their pizza oven!

HAVILA RESORT, SAGANA Two hours from Nairobi

MOUNT SUSWA, NAROK Three hours from Nairobi The best part of camping at Mt. Suswa is waking up. In the early morning on a sunny day, the blades of grass surrounding the huge volcanic crater are covered in glistening dew. Down in the lush green basin, geysers pour warm steam into the air, a reminder that the volcano is still alive beneath your feet. The final part of the drive to the crater rim is pretty tough, so you’ll need a decent 4x4 vehicle. Meeting your guide in the nearby town is recommended as he can direct you inland on the dirt tracks. Being hard to get to does have its benefits though – this campsite on the crater rim is one of the most beautiful in Kenya and, on most days, you’ll have the place entirely to yourselves. Bring ball games to play on the big stretch of grassy campsite, books and

Occupying a pretty location on the banks of the Tana River in Sagana, Havila Resort is another easy camping option for Easter weekend. The campsite lies next to the river, with showers, toilets and picnic tables available. There’s also a restaurant serving a range of dishes from pizzas to burgers. Havila offers a number of activities, from treks along their many nature trails to yoga lessons next to the river, but the most exhilarating option by far is the white-water rafting. If that’s not quite your thing, lazing around the grassy campsite with a good book and the sound of the running river in the background makes for an idyllic alternative. Contact: Advance booking is necessary. Call +254 719 519 752 or email Price: Camping costs Ksh 2,000 per tent per night. White-water rafting is Ksh 7,000 per person for a day. Yummy Tip: Enjoy a leisurely meal at Havila Resort, dine al fresco on their balcony overlooking the scenic view below.





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SWEET TREAT We visit Tasnim Manji, founder of Sweet Art Creations and learn a bit about her process and transition from working as a pharmacist to entering the scientific world of chocolate making. The Sweet Art Creations kitchen is filled with all the trappings of delicious chocolate making. On the far left stand two jumbo-sized glasses filled with pretzels and marshmallows. Two bowls brimming with molten chocolate are on the white countertop, next to a champagne glass of white pellets made of cocoa butter. Shelves behind the table counter are home to bottles of condiments: edible gold dust, rainbow sprinkles, desiccated coconut, food color and spices, all crammed side by side like medicine bottles. If the scene feels more reminiscent of a chemist lab than of a pastry kitchen, this is not coincidental. Until five years ago, thirty-eight year old Tasnim Manji worked as a pharmacist: “[Being a chocolatier] was just a dream in my head,” she says. While on a trip to Edinburgh for a palliative care conference, Tasnim decided on the spur of the moment to complete a course in working with chocolate. “I had already thought about it [...] and was just waiting for the opportunity. I discussed it with my husband and my mother in law both of whom encouraged me to: ‘Go and do it’”. As a follow-up, Tasnim decided to undertake further training in Cape Town and at the Chocolate Academy

in Dubai. As she continued to build her chocolate side-hustle in Nairobi, she kept her pharmacy practice running. Today, Sweet Art Creations sells a variety of chocolate to both individual and corporate clients. On the day before our visit, Tasnim has come from a trip to Naivasha, where she was in charge of creating a dessert table for a corporate client - complete with a chocolate fountain accompanied by marshmallows and pretzels for dipping. As she tells her story, moves nimbly across her kitchen moving through the steps of the chocolate making process: from the counter to the microwave to melt the chocolate, back to the counter, the vibrating machine (for getting the air bubbles out of the chocolate before it sets), to the refrigerator to cool the shells, back to the counter to pipe a soft filling and add the bottom chocolate shell as a base. Gradually, the white counter takes on an entirely different appearance as it is covered with streaks of brown and white chocolate, coconut and pretzel crumbs. “If you see the color of my towels... ” Tasnim says, laughing at the mess, “when we’re busy, this entire place looks brown.”

When crafting her chocolatey creations, Tasnim prefers to work with a substance called “couverture” which is a shiny high quality chocolate mass containing more cocoa butter than regular eating or baking chocolate. Tasnim must then temper the couverture, a heating process which results in her chocolate treats having a shiny glint to them. However, if tempering is not done properly, unappetizing white streaks known as “bloom” will form on the surface of the chocolate. Traditionally, tempering is achieved by placing the molten chocolate on a marble slab and stirring with a spatula to allow it to cool. Seeding is an alternative method (and one far less messy), in which the chocolatier melts small pieces of solid chocolate until a smooth liquid is formed. The melted chocolate is then cooled and more solid pieces of chocolate are slowly added until they melt and the mixture is at around 31 degrees Celsius. This ensures that the cocoa butter is properly crystallized and the final product is smooth and glossy. Today, Tasnim is working with a blend of chocolate from various parts of the world. She explains that the science of chocolate is as serious as that of wine, “[there is also] single

origin chocolate, grown in a certain country, in a certain region, and sometimes even in a certain farm.” Tasnim pulls a bowl out from the microwave, inside the chocolate nibs have changed into a sticky mixture that glistens in the light from the windows when scooped out with a spatula. She moves back to the counter and begins to stir: “I have strong arms,” she jokes, stopping to place a thermometer in the bowl to check the temperature. After this, she adds a handful chocolate chips to seed the chocolate. Once the mixture is at the right temperature, she pours it into a mold, before turning the mold upside down and letting the chocolate flow out so that a thin shell will be left once the chocolate has cooled down and solidified. During high seasons such as Valentine or Easter, Tasnim can work fourteen hour days, going through up to 200 kilos of chocolate treats for clients. In addition to handmade hard chocolate, Sweet Art Creations also makes and sells truffles, soft filling chocolate, bars and hot chocolate spoons, and sometimes organizes wine and chocolate tastings as well as beer and chocolate tastings.





We especially recommend trying pour-over brewing with bright coffees that have fruity and floral notes such as Dormans AA Blue Mountain. This method allows its natural sweetness and subtle chocolatey flavors to shine through. WHAT YOU’LL NEED Hario V60 dripper V60 paper filter 21 grams (3-4 tbsp) Dormans AA Blue Mountain Coffee (Beans or Fine Grind) 300 mL water, plus additional for rinsing A goose-neck kettle with a thin spout (the thin spout provides the control you need to perfect this brewing method) Timer Mug Burr grinder (recommended) Scale (recommended) BREWING Place the paper filter in the Hario V60 and rinse it with a stream of almostboiling water. This will rinse out paper flavor and helps the filter cling to the brewer. Weigh out 21 grams of fresh-roasted coffee and grind (we recommend fine-to-medium or drip grind) Pour the coffee grounds into the filter and make a small indentation in the middle. Starting in the middle of the indentation, pour just enough water to wet the grounds. Let the grounds sit for 30 seconds to “bloom” as the fresh coffee swells and releases carbon dioxide. Slowly pour in the remaining hot water in concentric circles, moving from the indentation outward. Don’t allow the water to rise above the coffee grounds, and try not to pour over the filter at the very edges. You can stop and start pouring as long as the grounds remain consistently wet. The pour – and brewing – should take two to three minutes. When you’re finished pouring, the remaining grounds should be flat and evenly distributed around the edge of the filter. Enjoy!


For the past six years, Jesse Wambugu has been the Head Barista at Sankara Nairobi. We meet with Jesse to learn about his 13-year-old career, what he loves about coffee and more!

How did you get interested in and begin your journey as a barista?

What is your favourite blend of Dormans coffee and why?

I didn’t know anything about coffee; I was more of a tea drinker. My journey started when I visited a local coffee shop for the first time about fifteen years ago. I was with a colleague and as soon as I set foot inside, I was struck by the coffee aroma. During the time I about coffee. Someone, whom later came to realize was one of the founders of the facility was also at the coffee shop. He probably thought I was a complaining customer so came to our table to find out what was going on. I took the opportunity to ask for a job in the shop. He came back later and told me to go back the next day at 9AM and that is where my journey to become a barista started. I worked with them for about a year and later moved to Dormans Coffee where I continued with my training as a barista. was there I couldn’t help but look at how the servers made coffee cups for customers, the art of making coffee intrigued me so I approached one of the servers and started to ask questions

The Dormans AA Blue Mountain blend which is grown in Kenya and Jamaica. I love its fruity and chocolatey flavour and the sweet tart acidity.

The pour over drip coffee which is an old Japanese style of making coffee using the Hario V60 coffee dripper. I love it because it is easy to make and it creates a uniquely smooth cup of coffee.

some flavour to such as hazelnut, butterscotch or vanilla for a lady and probably caramel or coconut and a little sugar for a man. This would help the person get the real taste of coffee with the flavours adding some sweetness. Here at Sankara, we often have guest training, where customers and those curious about coffee come to be taken through the different kinds of coffee. Customers who come in as non-coffee drinkers gradually end up loving coffee once they understand how best to take coffee.

How do you take your coffee?

How will you be spending your Easter?

What’s your favourite coffee drink to make?

Black, no sugar What is your coffee pet peeve?

It pains me when I visit a coffee shop and they serve me a cup made from recycled coffee and also when servers don’t ask me how I prefer my coffee before going ahead to make a cup. If someone is not a coffee drinker, what drink would you make to introduce them to coffee?

I would make them a mild cup of white coffee which I would add

I will be here at work making Easter themed special coffees such as the Cappuccino Easter Bunny and fun smoothies for the kids.


EASTER FEASTER For some, Easter represents a time of rejoicing, renewal of spirit and rekindling of faith. But for most, it’s simply an opportunity to take a break and enjoy quality time with friends and family. Cooking is an great way to get the family together, even if most of them are simply devouring the end product. So get your apron on, use our recipes for some inspiration and serve up a delicious Easter feast.


HOT CROSS BUNS INGREDIENTS 4 cups plain flour 2 x 7g sachets dried yeast 1/4 cup caster sugar 1 1/2 teaspoons mixed spice pinch of salt 1 1/2 cups currants 40g butter 300ml milk 2 eggs, lightly beaten FLOUR PASTE 1/2 cup plain flour 4 to 5 tablespoons water GLAZE 1/3 cup water 2 tablespoons caster sugar Butter, to serve METHOD Combine flour, yeast, sugar, mixed spice, salt and currants in a large bowl. Melt butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. Add milk and heat until lukewarm. Add warm milk mixture and eggs to currant mixture. Use a flat-bladed knife to mix until dough almost comes together. Use hands to finish mixing to form a soft dough. Turn dough out onto a floured surface and knead until smooth. Place into a lightly oiled bowl then cover with plastic wrap. Set aside in a warm, draught-free spot for 1 to 1 1/2 hours, or until dough doubles in size. Line a large baking tray with non-stick baking paper. Punch dough down to its original size. Knead on a lightly floured surface until smooth. Divide into 12 even portions. Shape each portion into a ball. Place balls onto lined tray, about 1cm apart. Cover with plastic wrap. Set aside in a warm spot for 30 minutes, or until buns double in size. Preheat oven to 190°C. Make flour paste: Mix flour and water together in a small bowl until smooth, adding a little more water if paste is too thick. Spoon into a small zip-lock bag. Snip off 1 corner of bag. Pipe flour paste over tops of buns to form crosses. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, or until buns are cooked through. Make glaze: Place water and sugar into a small saucepan over low heat. Stir until sugar dissolves. Boil for 3-4 minutes. Brush warm glaze over warm hot cross buns. Serve warm!



RACK OF LAMB WITH FRESH HERBS & GARLIC INGREDIENTS 10 garlic cloves, peeled 1/2 cup (packed) fresh mint leaves 1/4 cup (packed) fresh parsley leaves 1/4 cup fresh rosemary leaves (pulled from sprigs) 2 teaspoons coarsely ground black pepper 2 teaspoons herbs de Provence 6 tablespoons olive oil 3 x ½ kilogram well-trimmed racks of lamb (each with 8 bones)

METHOD Combine garlic, mint, parsley, rosemary, ground black pepper and herbs de Provence in food processor. Blend until garlic is finely chopped. Add 4 tablespoons oil and blend until coarse paste forms. Sprinkle each lamb rack generously with salt. Transfer half of herb paste to small bowl and reserve. Spread remaining half of herb paste over lamb racks. Arrange lamb on rimmed baking sheet. Let stand at room temperature 2 hours. (Can be made 1 day ahead. Cover lamb and reserved herb paste separately and chill. Bring both to room temperature before continuing.) Preheat oven to 230°C. Heat remaining 2 tablespoons oil in heavy large skillet over high heat. Place one lamb rack, meat side down, in skillet. Sear until golden, about 2 minutes; return to baking sheet, meat side up. Repeat with remaining lamb racks. Roast lamb until meat thermometer inserted into center of lamb registers 55°C for medium-rare, about 20 minutes. Transfer lamb to platter. Let stand 15 minutes. Mix any pan juices into reserved herb paste. Cut lamb between bones into individual chops. Serve with herb sauce.


MUSHROOM & CARAMELISED ONION QUICHE INGREDIENTS 15mls olive oil 1 large red onion 1/2 tspn brown sugar 120g mushrooms – diced into smallish pieces 140g cheese (equal parts Parmesan, Cheddar and Gruyère cheese) 4 eggs 1/4 cup low fat cream 1 1/4 cups milk 2 spring onions, sliced 2 tablespoons parsley, chopped Seasoning 1 portion of shortcrust pastry METHOD Grease quiche tin and preheat oven to 180°C. For the filling, thinly slice onion and place into small, non stick pan with oil and sugar and bring to high heat, then turn down low and slow cook, stirring occasionally, until browned and caramelised. Set aside to cool a bit. Meanwhile, prep and roll out the pastry to the desired shape, to fit your quiche tin. Lay pastry in quiche tin and press into the base and sides then slice off excess pastry. Prick the bottom of the crust all over with a fork, then line with parchment paper. Fill with dry beans or uncooked rice, ensuring that the beans or weights are all the way up against the edges of the pan. Bake for 15 minutes. Remove the lining and weights. Bake, uncovered, for 8-10 additional minutes. Remove pastry base from the oven and set aside to cool for a few minutes. Coarsely grate cheese, whisk together the milk, cream and eggs then mix in the spring onions and parsley – season well with freshly ground black pepper and salt. Place caramelised onion into pastry base, then diced mushrooms, most of the cheese (reserving some for the top of the quiche) then carefully pour in the custard mixture. Sprinkle the rest of the cheese over the top. Bake for 30-35 minutes, or until quiche has set and is light golden brown. Allow to sit for ten minutes before serving. Serve with a dressed green salad sprinkled with shaved Parmesan.



A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Holidays can mean that you’ve got to cater for a lot of palettes. Well, we’ve picked some white and red wines that have a range of flavour and price points for you to choose from this Easter!







Available from Viva Global Nose: Rich in fruits like cherries and plums with toast and coffee notes. Palate: Strong tannins which end long, elegant and juicy. Food pairing: Red meat, lamb ribs, spicy stews.

Available from Wines of the World Nose: A mixture of herbal notes and fresh tropical fruit. Palate: Balanced acidity that accentuates the fruity mouth feel. Food pairing: Seafood, Indian cuisine, pasta, salads and goat cheese.

Available from Viva Global Nose: Fresh, citrous with peach notes, hints of tropical fruit. Palate: Gentle, round and mouth-filling with crisp acidity. Food pairing: Sea bass ceviche and fresh oysters.

Available from Wines of the World Nose: Aromas of berries, cherries with notes of vanilla and coconut. Palate: Medium-bodied with a fresh mouthfeel, rich, soft tannins. Food pairing: Game meats, beef, lamb, pork and cheese.

Available from MIA Wines & Spirits Nose: Gooseberries, green pepper and asparagus. Palate: Fresh crisp acidity with hints of lemon. Food pairing: Spaghetti with carbonara sauce, chicken shashlik, shrimp salad, fried fish.

Available from leading supermarkets Nose: Melon and herbaceous with fresh gooseberries and figs. Palate: Distinctive tropical fruit with a pleasant lingering finish. Food pairing: Seafood, salads, chicken, veal and other light dishes.




THE BIG BOSS In a bid to help a friend look good with his boss, Man About Town Jackson Biko lends his expertise at the Whisky shop in London’s Heathrow airport I’m at Heathrow Airport’s Duty Free with a muslim friend of mine who I will call Abdirahim because his relatives might read this and excommunicate him. We are looking for booze, single malt whisky to be precise. I will rephrase that; I’m helping him look for booze. His boss had asked him to pick a Macallan and a 12 Year Old Glenfiddich on his way back. Problem is, he’d never heard of these drinks. He had showed me the WhatsApp message from his boss. “He even sent you pictures of the drink?” I laughed, “because, what? You might show up with cologne called Glenfiddich?” “I don’t know these things,” he sighed. I handed back his phone and said, “Well, don’t call them ‘these things’, they are fine whiskies that deserve to be addressed appropriately. Anyhow, your boss is clearly a man of fine taste.” We get to the alcohol section and I turn to look at him and he looks like he’s entering

a cave with demons. “You don’t have to touch them if it’s Haram.” I tell him. He says it’s fine, he can make exceptions because it’s work. “It’s work, right?” He asks. I say, “Yeah, it’s work.” We see Macallan first, rather I see her first; a young 12- Year Old beauty. She’s sitting perched on the shelf, looking enticing and acting like we aren’t looking for her and her cousins. I grab her by the waist and stare at her in the eye. “What does that 12 mean?” Abdirahim asks me spoiling my moment with her. “It means you have to be over 12 years old to partake in it” I tell him. He looks baffled. “But that’s illegal.” I laugh and return the bottle to the shelf. Abdirahim picks the very impressive 1824 series, a fine bottle with M on the label. It looks like a rare artefact that has made it to us from the Ancient Roman empire. He looks at the price and his eyes pop out. “Do you have a credit card?” I ask

him. “No, why?” he replies, hesitantly. I tell him, “Then make sure you don’t drop that.” He returns it, quickly putting a good distance between himself and the bottle. The Glenfiddich are on the next shelf, lined up like they were in a beauty pageantry. “I like the green one,” Abdirahim says. He’s talking about the 12 Year Old. “Think of these drinks as luxury cars,” I tell him, picking the black 19 Year Red Wine Cask finish that I had never seen before. “You don’t buy them for their colour.” We buy his boss both the Macallan 15 Year Old and the 12 Year Old. The second is a personal preference although in general I find Macallan too aggressive on my palate. At the till he sees his bill and turns to me with a white face. “Why would you guys spend so much on alcohol that doesn’t do anything to you?” He asks. I’m not looking at him, I’m looking at a

Jack Daniel’s Silver Select and doing some quick math in my head. I’m no bourbon lover but the last time and only time I had the Silver Select was at the Flame Tree Bar at the Panafric Hotel with their then marketing manager called Mr. P. Waweru who introduced me to it. Great host. It was a wonderful night that wore on until 1AM. Therein lies the essence of whisky for me: the moments and the discovery. I don’t care much for the age of the whisky but I will remember when I had it, with who, and what the conversation was about. “Men have spent loads of money on watches that don’t do much to them aside from tell the time. Men spend even more on shoes that they use to step on chewing gum and over puddles of dirty water.” I tell Abdirahim. “Good whisky isn’t about the cost, it’s about the special moments.” I swear I can hear the young Lagavulin nod in agreement.












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The Village Market Cafe 0712143839 An elegant and simple style gives Artcaffe at the Village Market a distinct class. It is the main bakery for all their cafes and serves an extensive menu through- out the day.

UN Avenue, Gigiri Italian, Sea Food 0705 269 841 Evocative of an Italian Villa capturing Italian love for dining from their A la Carte & Chefs Special menu reflecting traditional specialties of Sea food, Pasta, Meat Pizzas.

General Mathenge Lane, Westlands Eritrean 0721 948 020 A modern and friendly dining atmosphere with fresh, authentic Eritrean and Continental cuisine. They also have an extensive alcoholic beverage selection and children’s play area.

The Concord Hotel, Parklands Italian and Continental 0709 466 444 For a tantalizing array of contemporary Continental gourmet dishes paired with a superb range of fine wines and beverages. An italian dining experience like never before.

Cake City

Suite 101


Brew Bistro

Warwick Centre Bakery & Juice Bar 0715 991 879 This spot uses traditional recipes to make delicious treats that feel home baked. Cake City will always be there to deliver carefully created cakes and pastries exactly as desired.

Tribe Hotel, Gigiri Bakery & Patisserie 020 720 0000 Get all your custom cakes, novelty cakes, freshly baked pastries, gourmet chocolates, authentic Italian homemade gelatos and much more, all at Suite 101 at Tribe.

The Oval Café 0717 193 895 Distinctly chic style with creative décor in cluding the largest balcony space among the Artcaffe outlets. The ArtBakery serves freshly baked homemade breads, pastries and desserts.

Fortis Tower Lounge 0705 466 836 This spot reaches new heights of luxury with an expansive lounge and exquisite outdoor terrace where guests can feast on delectable bites and sip specialty brews and cocktails.


Urban Burger

Artcaffe Grand

Cafe Vienna

United Nations Crescent Ethiopian 0725 869 955 Reknowned for its authenticity in Ethiopian cuisine, Habesha offers a wide array of traditional, hearty Ethiopian cuisine served in a rustic and homely atmosphere.

Village Market Café 0205006662 With flavours that pack a punch, Urban Gourmet Burgers bring a whole new level of quality to the humble burger. There’s bound to be something for everyone on our menu!

Westgate Mall Café 0725 202 020 A warm and inviting space filled with freshly baked breads and patisserie, the heartwarming scent of fresh coffee and relaxing music; Artcaffe Grand is a haven from hectic city life.

Nakumatt Ukay Ground Floor Cafe 0708 877 811 Open for 24hrs,we have an authentic,sophisticated and rustic ambience. Famous for the legendary Dr. Oetker Pizzas,glorious breakfast selection,soups and love-filled desserts.




Brew Bistro

Tribe Hotel International, Formal Dining 020 720 0000 Jiko is glamourous yet sophisticated whilst maintaining the warmth and personality of Kenya. Its contemporary cuisine focuses on fresh ingredients.

Golden Tulip, Muthithi rd Westlands Indian, Chinese 0733 888 068 Nestled at the top of the Hotel the restaurant offers an exotic blend of the best Indian and Chinese Cuisine.

Sankara Hotel, Woodvale Groove International 020 420 8000 Located in Sankara Hotel, from the outdoor terrace to the private dining room, Artisan is designed to reflect a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere. Perfect for sun-downers!

Fortis Tower Lounge 0705 466 836 This spot reaches new heights of luxury with an expansive lounge and exquisite outdoor terrace where guests can feast on delectable bites and sip specialty brews and cocktails.

La Dolce Vita


Artisan Coffee


Muthaiga Shopping Centre, Limuru Rd Italian ​0722 624 100​ Nairobi’s La Dolce Vita Restaurant has a bright interior filled with artwork, creating a stylish but unpretentious space for lunch or dinner.

Villa Rosa Kempinski Pan Asian 0703 049 000 Let them take you on a culinary journey through Asia. Admire artistry from within the theatre kitchen as you watch the restaurant’s master chef prepare your favorite dishes.

Lower Kabete Road, Spring Valley Petrol Station 020 420 8000 Pick up a bag of beans or ground coffee to carry, or sample the straight from the oven pastries at this newly opened cafe. You’ll definitely be coming back for more!

Villa Rosa Kempinski Cafe 0703 049 000 This spot is an ideal destination for an international dining experience. Whether it’s a taste of home or something rather different you are after, Cafe Villa Rosa is the place to be.

Lord Erroll

About Thyme


Cake City

Runda Ruaka rd No 89 French, Continental 0721920820 Seeking to create memorable experiences, establish an emotional connection and to develop a lasting relationship with you because you are our raison d’etre.

Eldama Ravine Road Continental 0721 850 026 Offers a well-prepared menu and beautifully presented dishes from around the world. Enjoy an intimate dining experience in a leafy area of Westlands.

Zen Garden, Lower Kabete Rd Pan Asian 0717 542 017 Bamboo is a fine dining restaurant offering the finest fusion cuisine. You can enjoy a combination of Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine, set in an elegant atmosphere.

Next to Soin Arcade, Westlands rd Bakery & Juice Bar 0709 729 000 This spot uses traditional recipes to make delicious treats with a homebaked feel. Cake City delivers carefully created cakes and pasteries made as desired.

List your restaurant for only Ksh 5,000 per month. Email



Cake City


Jade Tea House


Sarit Centre Bakery & Juice Bar 0770 808 451 Using traditional recipes to make delicious treats that feel home baked, Cake City will be there to deliver carefully created cakes and pasteries made exactly to your liking.

Lotos Suites, Next to Oshwal Centre Chinese 0702 874 571 Enjoy authentic Chinese Cuisine at the roof top in the heart of Westlands with a magnificent view of Nairobi Skyline.

Zen Garden, Lower Kabete Rd Multi Cuisine 0724 288 791 Overlooking the beautiful Zen Garden, Jade is a beautiful venue, situated in the heart of Spring Valley. The food quality and high level of service, attracts customers to this area.

9 West, Westlands Italian, Sea Food 0725 547 800 A new modern drop back to the very best Italian fine dining experience; from their Mosaic Pizza Oven to Mediterranean Seafood dishes and Handmade genuine Italian Ice creams.


Golden Spur


Ocean Basket

ABC Place Contemporary American 0716 663 463 The warm, inviting ambiance and relaxing atmosphere here is perfect for a quick bite, business lunch or celebrating special occasions with friends. The service is also really great!

Southern Sun Hotel, Parklands Rd Steak House 0724 253 804 Offers delicious specialty steaks, burgers and a wide range of exciting salads. This classic family restaurant also has an activity area for children, with a kiddy menu and playground.

Woodvale Groove Fast Food 0708 515 168 KFC is the largest international chicken franchise serving the world famous Colonel Sanders secret recipe for over 60 years. Enjoy dining-in or order-in through the delivery service.

The Oval, Westlands Seafood, Sushi 0786 227 538 Here you’ll find people who share a love for delicious seafood served hot. You can expect quality seafood, a cool relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and great value.

Cloud 9

Grab & Go Coffee



Clarence House, School Lane Continental 0725 894 477 A hidden Gem, in the heart of leafy Westlands. Enjoy rooftop experience, with a fusion of cuisines & artistically prepared Mocktails & Cocktails.

Tune Hotels, 155 Raphta Road Cafe 020 5147500 The place to enjoy a unique selection of gourmet coffee, sandwiches, salads, freshly baked pastries and a wide variety of juices, smoothies and milkshakes.

Westgate Mall Fast Food 0722 532 532 KFC will cater to all taste buds, from the little ones to the oldest in the group, there’s something for everyone. Friendly staff will ensure your order is out in a few minutes.

Off School Lane, Westlands Japanese, Lebanese, Sushi 0716 161 011 The Phoenician is a fabulous restaurant which serves sushi, Lebanese and Teppanyaki courses, in an al fresco atmosphere at the Junction.

Curry Flavours



Royal Kitchen

Concord Hotel, Parklands Indian 0709 466 700 The restaurant offers an authentic Indian cuisine with an eclectic mix of rich Indian dishes expertly prepared, plated and presented with the contemporary modern flavors.

Sankara Hotel, Woodvale Grove Steakhouse 020 420 8000 Enjoy aged beef, succulent seafood, and classic steakhouse dishes exquisitely paired with an eclectic wine and whisky list featuring some of the finest producers in the world.

Limuru Road Fast Food 070 8515 168 Situated on Limuru road, with ample parking and quick service, KFC will cater to all your chicken cravings with a wide range of menu offerings. You can dine-in, take away or get delivery.

Pride Inn Hotel, Westlands Rd Continental 0728 224 595 Lovers of authentic Indian or Chinese cuisines are in for a treat at Royal Kitchen. Customers are guaranteed of genuine and tasty cuisines.




The Node

Ring Road Parklands Japanese 0722 488 706 Furusato specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine and friendly service that will make your dining experience unforgettable. Now with 6 Teppanyaki tables and a Sushi Bar.

The Mall, Westlands Indian 0736 651 933 Haandi - the ultimate name in quality North Indian Cuisine. They offer a bespoke menu and a large selection of wines & beverages that will satisfy any discerning patron

Villa Rosa Kempinski, Westlands Italian 0703 049 000 A popular spot for family brunch on Sundays with a wide range of Italian cuisine, live entertainment, children’s play area and a fantastic mini-buffet.

Opposite Jacaranda Hotel, Westlands Continental

Fogo Gaucho


Mama Rocks

The Tav

Viking House, Waiyaki Way Brazilian, Steak House 0729 243 202 Fogo Gaucho Churrascaria will serve you more than a dozen cuts of meat and 20 different salads prepared by Brazilian cuisine experts in an elegant South Brazilian ambience.

Woodvale Grove Continental 0729 864 511 The restaurant at Havana is taking ‘bar food’ to the next level with a latin inspired menu featuring fresh local ingredients with weekly chef’s specials.

Inside the Alchemist Bar Food Truck 0705 801 230 Enjoy African-inspired gourmet burgers and sides. With a range of gourmet burgers, wings, fries, milkshakes and artisan ice creams this fun food truck will satisfy your craving.

Sankara Hotel, Woodvale Grove The Mirage, Chiromo Road 0726 848 444 A rustic but modern Pub with an Irish flair offering a vibrant experience with tastefully executed meals and an array of local and international beverages.

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0711 089541 The Node a four in one restaurant that offers a cafe,a garden restaurant, a sports bar ,conference and meeting facilities in westlands-opp jacaranda hotel.




Spring Valley Oven



La Maison Royale, 9 Mogotio Road Continental 0729 769 253 Rendezvous offers an exuberant environment that encapsulates the very essence of French cuisine. Their wide array of delectable dishes will satisfy your food cravings.

Lower Kabete Road, Spring Valley Continental 0711 557 272 Located in the leafy suburbs of Spring Valley, this restaurant serves as a great place to catch your morning coffee or grab lunch with some mates.

The Concord Hotel, Parklands Pan Asian 0709 466 400 The restaurant's name means 'deliciousness', It signifies an induced meaty and savory taste sensation originating from our delectable Pan Asian inspired fusion restaurant.

The Junction Mall, Ngong Rd Café 0708 906 504 Bright, light- filled café famous for its roasted coffees,hearty dishes and mouth watering deserts. It is the ideal spot for postshopping coffee and cake, breakfasts and leisurely lunches.



Upendo Pizza


Sankara Hotel, Woodvale Grove International 020 420 8000 Enjoy sweeping views of Nairobi in this exclusive rooftop location as you try expertly made cocktails. Note that the age limit after 6pm is 25 years and above.

Villa Rosa Kempinski Levant Cuisine 0703 049 000 An intimate rooftop lounge, bar and restaurant with a striking decor, exceptional Shisha, authentic levantine cuisine and electrifying performances by belly dancers.

The Alchemist Pizza 0728 451 383 Upendo Pizza is where you can enjoy the original oven baked Italian Pizza and a lots more... Make pizza, not war!

Lavington Green Mall Café, Continental 0700 037 059 Artcaffe ensures a warm and welcoming environment. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee, delicious pastries, cocktails and a full menu. Enjoy great happy hour offers and delicious food.

Secret Garden

Tandoori Patio

Urban Eatery

Brew Bistro

14 Riverside Drive Cafe 0708 800 847 Conveniently located in the new office blocks at 14 Riverside Drive, they strive to keep their food simple, fresh and natural. Secret Garden is one of Nairobi’s must-try healthy restaurants.

Junction of Lower Kabete & Peponi Indian Cuisine 0702 018 709 A hidden gem with an upscale patio style set up that is serene and pocket friendly serving hearty meals for healthy eaters. Best for hot naans, Curries and Tandoori bbqs.

PWC Towers, Westlands Multi Cuisine 0709 815 000 Offering an energized atmosphere in the heart of Nairobi,consisting of four different kitchens; a frozen yogurt counter and a signature bar.

Piedmont Plaza, Ngong Rd Bistro 0771 152 359 Fine dining section complimented by a centralised open kitchen which serves Pan-Global cuisine, incorporating a fusion of French, European, Asian and classic Kenyan flavours.





ABC Place, Waiyaki Way Seafood 0737 776 677 Offers a sumptuous selection of the finest Indian Ocean seafood. Indulge in one of Seven’s decadent desserts to complete Nairobi’s most unique and sought-after dining experience.

Golden Tulip Hotel Multi Cuisine 020 403 4200 Tulip Restaurant serves multi-cuisine fine dining delicacies. Be it lunch or dinner with family, friends or business colleagues there is a cozy ambience and warm service.

Tune Hotels, 155 Raphta Road Continental 020 514 7500 Utamu provides a young, vibrant and informal setting. They serve a fusion of international cuisines and daily specials at a pocket friendly price with high service levels.

101 Manyani East Road Japanese 0717 700 666 The only Japanese restaurant actually owned by Japanese in kenya. Try authentic meals including sushi, noodles, a variety of seafood specials and imported sake from Japan.


Sky Bar


Double Dragon

dusitD2 Hotel, 14 Riverside Drive Thai 020 423 3000 SOI brings world-renowned Thai street food with a modern twist to your plate. SOI also features a communal table and an enclosed space with its own terrace for more privacy.

Tune Hotels, 155 Raphta Road Bar 020 5147500 A classic sports bar designed for watching the latest game and enjoying sporting events with stunning and unobstructed panoramic views across the Nairobi skyline.

Junction of Karunda Rd Multi Cuisine 0737 555999 From whitewashed mahogany tables and brass candle lanterns, to our signature black-lit stained glass window, Ventana’s ambiance is second to none.

The Junction Mall, Ngong Rd Chinese 0722 739 143 Double Dragon is a Chinese restaurant located at The Junction Mall. The location offers great service and authentic Chinese cuisine to its customers.


Urban Burger


Fogo Gaucho

dusitD2 Hotel, 14 Riverside Drive International 020 423 3000 Soko offers a private dining roundel and a sublime terrace perfect for an upscale business lunch, a get together or a romantic dinner completed with an international and eclectic menu.

Westgate Café 0205006662 With flavours that pack a punch, Urban Gourmet Burgers bring a whole new level of quality to the humble burger. There’s bound to be something for everyone on our menu!

Lavington Curve Mall, James Gichuru Rd Portuguese 0723 111 999 An upmarket Portuguese restaurant catering to a variety of tastes, including a Halal menu; a combination that will leave you wanting more.

Kilimani, Galana Rd Brazilian, Steak House 0715 414 141 Brazilian Steakhouse with a set price for all you can eat, magnificent buffet professional baristas and specially selected wine list. Beautiful ambience with outside terrace seating.

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Nyama Mama Xpress



Argwings Khodek Rd, Hurlingham Ethiopian 0733 730 469 Renown for its authentic Ethiopian cuisine complimented by great hospitality, Habesha has continued to win hearts around Nairobi and is set in a warm homely atmosphere.

Yaya Center, 2nd Floor, Food Court African, Local Fusion 020 7 602 066 An unpretentious, fun, modern day African roadside diner. Locally inspired, some of our skillfully concocted dishes include chapatti wraps to Mama’s stews and flavourful sides.

912, James Gichuru Road Turkish & Persian 0795 800 800 Three worlds in one, Toranj serves Persian, Turkish and Italian dishes. Toranj offers a relaxing environment suitable for families, friends, meetings and events.

Ngong Lane, off Ngong Rd International 0709 090 000 Spread out over the first floor, Amber Hotel’s all day dining restaurant offers culinary experience at its best with savory international Cuisines. A great dining experience.

La Salumeria


The Arbor

Big Square

Hendred Rd, Behind Valley Arcade Italian 0796088520 La Salumeria is a hidden Italian gem well worth finding. It has a beautiful ambiance and is an ideal setting for a nice, quiet and intimate dinner.

Junction Mall, Ngong Rd Japanese, Lebanese, Sushi 0717 522 374 Come and get our amazing offer, buy 1 sushi roll get half free, Buy 2 glasses of wine and get 1 free. Get the offer when its still happening!

House 904, James Gichuru Rd Café 0729 400 291 The Arbor is an eco-friendly garden cafe with an eclectic selection of food and as well as a marketplace in a tranquil garden setting in the heart of Nairobi.

Karen Square, Ngong Rd Burger, Casual Dining 0714 781 351 Big Square Karen offers some of the best burgers and ribs that your teeth can sink in to. Features play area for children that has iPads and latest gaming consoles.



The Wine Shop


Lavington Green Centre Continental 0719 142560 We are a Bistro and Bar located on James Gichuru road. Live Music, Live Sports, Open Mic Wednesdays, Networking Evenings , our Yummy BBQ bites & alot more new vibes.

The Hub, Karen Spanish 0714 653355 Specializing in Fine Dining, Gourmet Tapas and Cocktails, we are changing the gastronomy experience in Kenya . Our passion for great wine is evident from our extensive wine menu.

671 Piedmont Plaza, Ngong Rd International 0718 003 302 The Wine Shop encourages you to explore your palate and experiment either by the glass or bottle. They also offer a selection of delicious complimentary dishes for your wines.

Carnivore Rd, Langata African, Barbeque, Kenyan 0722 204 647 Considered as ‘Africa’s Greatest Eating Experience’, the Carnivore serves exotic meats roasted over charcoal and carved in front of the guests’ eyes at their table.


Pizza Mojo


Js Fresh Bar

The Junction Mall, Ngong Rd Italian, Sea Food 0728 855 100 For an Unforgettable taste of true Italian dining set in its family like atmosphere with a variety of traditional Mediterranean Seafood, Home made Pastas and Sicilian Icecream.

Adlife Plaza, Kilimani Pizza 0729 918 435 This spot has a perfect classic pizzas menu and more available on a ‘Two for One price’ being served in a stylish ambience perfect for creating memories and capturing moments.

Karen Crossroads Shopping Centre Café, Continental 0703 216 579 Offers a tranquil setting for work and play, boasting a two-level restaurant space including the famous Art Bakery, a coffee bar, cocktail bar and outdoor seating.

Karen - Opposite St. Christopher’s Continental - British Inspired 0718 607 197 J’s is East Africa’s Café Del Mar, serving fabulous British inspired cuisine in a sumptuous wooden shack; in an informal and cool atmosphere, always with great music.

Mosaic Restaurant




Royal Tulip Hotel, Tigoni Road International 0709 464000 A contemporary restaurant with a world cuisine setup that provides a personalized service and memorable experience to its esteemed clients.

Hurlingham, Yaya Centre Continental 020 806 8594 Sierra Brasserie is a modern interpretation of a classical French brasserie serving simple yet elegant food using the best ingredients available and with fast and friendly service.

The Hub, Karen Café, Continental 0790 124 892 Artcaffe ensures a warm and welcoming environment. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee, delicious pastries, cocktails and a full menu. Enjoy great happy hour offers and delicious food.

The Hub, Karen Fast Food 0708 515 168 KFC is a great place to bring family and friends. From burgers to buckets, KFC will cater to all your needs; be it a meal for one or a group, enjoy Colonel Sanders’ famous recipes.


The Steak Out



Eastlands Hotel, Ngong Rd Multi cuisine 020 386 1005 Noah Restaurant offers an array of delicacies with contemporary fusion of the west and orient, Karaoke and hotpot on griddle tables available in private VIP rooms.

102 Manyani Rd. Off James Gichuru Multi Cuisine 0726 211 443 The Steak Out is an elegant and urban steakhouse serving creative foods for all palates in a comfortable ambiance ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Galleria Mall Cafe 020 233 0772 Their quietly elegant décor and amazing art provides the perfect setting for the intermingled aromas of freshly baked bread, pastries, cakes and specially roasted coffee.

Junction Mall, Ngong Rd Fast Food 0722 532 532 One of the first KFC outlets to open in Nairobi, this conveniently situated location is a great place to enjoy some of your favourite Colonel Sanders recipes.

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Tamarind Nairobi

Black Gold Cafe


Galleria Shopping Mall, Karen Fast Food 0700 324 945 Walk in and enjoy a meal in minutes freshly prepared to ensure great quality always. The Colonel Sanders secret recipe will always satisfy every chicken craving.

Karen Blixen, Karen Seafood 0733 603 065 Tamarind Nairobi offers some of the city’s leading seafood in an ambience of elegance. Enjoy a drink in their bar or a well-prepared meal as a live band entertains you.

The Panari Hotel, Mombasa Rd Cafe 0711 091 000 Black Gold Cafe is known for its well roasted coffees, teas, light meals, smoothies and desserts. Its location gives it the atmosphere of a game lodge as it faces Nairobi National Park.

Kimathi Street Fast Food 0708 515 168 Situated in the CBD, this KFC is a great spot to enjoy a quick lunch or bring your friends and family to treat them to some great offers.

Ocean Basket

After 40

Cafe Maghreb

KFC Drive Through

The Hub Seafood, Sushi 0786 227 538 At every Ocean Basket you’ll find people who share a love for delicious seafood. Great dining spot for a seafood lovers with a home-from-home feeling and great value.

Biashara Street, CBD Continental 0710 500 377 Well known for the international cuisine with emphasis on use of organic and locally sourced ingredients; ensures that every meal prepared is both nutritious and healthy.

Nairobi Serena Hotel, CBD Seafood, Cafe 020 282 2000 An international buffet is served in the Moroccan Café Maghreb, which also features a table d’hôte dinner menu and 24-hour brasserie service.

Mombasa Road Fast Food 0705 505 050 Want to grab a quick meal on your way to work or on your road trip? Visit this KFC drive through to enjoy quick service without stepping out of your car.

Purdy Arms


Chop House


61 Marula lane, Karen Continental 0712 007001 Family friendly british inspired sports bar, restaurant bed and breakfast establishment that beautifully blends quirky with classy menu of continental indian and pizza.

Gem Suites, State House Crescent Continental with Italian Fusion 020 263 5556 ‘Argenti”, meaning “silver” in Italian, communicates the fine dining and elegance of the restaurant while retaining an air of exclusivity. They also have very efficient service.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Upperhill Formal Dining 0704 810 000 Specialising in a holistic dining experience that highlights modern African flare, dining at Chop House is a theatrical event in itself.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Upperhill Casual Dining 0704 810 000 Serves local favorites and international dishes with an African twist. The Larder’s cosy ambiance enclaves create a sense of intimacy. In-door and ourdoor seating.

Simba Saloon


Cin Cin Bar

Makuti Bar & Grill

Carnivore Rd, Langata African, Barbeque 0722 204 647 A vibrant informal restaurant which fuses a childrens playground and a lively nightclub. You are welcome to for their fine cuisine or a themed night out with your friends.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Upperhill Continental 020 274 6000 An All-day restaurant on a terrace overlooking the hotel’s main pool. They serve full english buffet breakfasts, contemporary buffet lunches, and an al a carte or set dinner menu.

Fairmont The Norfolk, Harry Thuku Rd Bar and Lounge 020 226 5000 A classic yet modern upscale exclusive lounge bar with a garden view, personalized service and an exclusive G.H. Mumm Champagne Bar with tapas, canapes and signature drinks.

InterContinental Hotel, CBD International 020 320 0324 The restaurant is popular among businessmen and other prominent personalities who frequent it for lunch and meetings. Situated by the pool, this is also ideal for families.



Flame Tree


320 Ngong Road African, Pan-Asian, European 0733 761 449 Talisman serves up a delightful fusion of European, Pan-Asian and African Creations by their creative chefs. Live music and art exhibitions are available at the Veranda.

InterContinental Hotel, CBD Indian 020 320 0322 Bhandini transports you to Northern India in first-class style with fine cuisine and a sophisticated setting. The Chef works his culinary magic in a glass-enclosed kitchen.

Sarova Panafric, Valley Rd International 0709 111 000 Dine at this restaurant overlooking manicured gardens and prepare your senses for an unmatched culinary journey. Their personalized service will ensure a great experience.

Nairobi Serena Hotel, CBD Formal Dining 020 282 2000 This restaurant overlooks the pool and offers a fine- dining experience. Known for the excellence of its seasonally inspired menu and extensive wine cellars.

Tamambo Blixen

Big Five



336 Karen Road Continental 0733 603 065 Relax in the cozy indoor restaurant with adjacent outdoor garden, remodeled with a variety of functions areas set in one the largest and oldest formal gardens in Kenya.

Ole Sereni Hotel, Mombasa Rd Multi Cuisine 020 390 1000 Prepared to savor and relish over the finest of five cuisines of the world as you watch their award winning chefs prepare each order before you with a bonus view of Nairobi National Park

Mama Ngina Street Fast Food 0722 532 532 This KFC will cater to a quick lunch. Freshly made meals, great quality and finger licking good chicken recipes will leave you coming back over and over again.

Heron Portico, Milimani Rd International 020 272 0740 Mdalasini is a bright new concept for Nairobi featuring a serene dining hall, airy balcony and sunny patio.

Fantastic discounts at your favourite restaurants.



Mukutan Garden


Cake City

Moca Loca

Fairview Hotel, Upperhill Cafe 020 288 1000 The Mukutan Garden Café overlooks a beautiful water feature and is known for coffees and light meals such as gourmet sandwiches and pizzas.

Fairmont Norfolk, Harry Thuku Rd Formal Dining 020 226 5000 Get flame-grilled, aged cuts of high quality meat and a fine dining experience comprising an a la carte menu and an international range of wines.

TRM Mall, Thika Rd Cafe 0709 729 000 We use traditional recipes to make delicious treats that feel home baked. Delivers are available and include personalised cakes and pastries.

Garden City Mall, Thika Rd Cafe & Lounge 0708 084 835 Moca Loca - a cafe, restaurant and lounge serving breakfast, lunch & dinner, as well as coffee and cocktails . Ambiance is central to this new brand.

Ole Pizza

Thai Chi



Ole Sereni, Mombasa Road Pizza 020 390 1000 Now introducing Ole Pizza, the long awaited Wood Fired Pizzeria. Visit us at Ole Sereni Hotel and experience the only love triangle you will ever want!

The Sarova Stanley, Kimathi St,CBD Thai 020 275 7000 One of the city’s most elegant dining establishments, The Thai Chi boasts the finest in authentic Thai cuisine. A small piece of Thailand in Nairobi.

Garden City Mall, Thika Rd Cafe 0722 532 532 KFC’s secret Colonel Sanders recipe is finger licking good. Located at Garden City Mall, you can now enjoy great meals at a great price.

Garden City Mall - 1st Flr, Thika Rd Caribbean 0792 482 042 The recently opened Sugarcane offers Caribbean food in a casual, stylish atmosphere. Favorites like Jerk Chicken, Curry and Roti, tropical desserts and yummy drinks!

Pango Brasserie

Lord Delamere

Mambo Italia

Urban Burger

Fairview Hotel, Upperhill Formal Dining 020 288 1330 With its famous underground wine cellar, romantic ambience, quality service and excellent taste, the Pango Brasserie is indeed in a class of its own.

Fairmont Norfolk, Harry Thuku Rd Formal Dining 020 226 5000 Classic, charming and modern restaurant ideal for business executives, families and groups of friends. The menu features robust international and authentic Kenyan cuisine.

Garden City Mall, Thika Rd Italian 0703 967 149 Mambo Italia is a casual Italian restaurant and café specializing in gourmet pizzas, pasta, salads and more. Enjoy thin-crust pizzas, home-made gelato or coffee.


Road House Grill

Thorn Tree Cafe

Menengai rd, Upperhill Continetal 0720 523000 Enjoy ROAD HOUSE GRILL nyama choma, drink specials and DJ. The perfect spot in Upper Hill to unwind, watch the game, catch up with friends or beat the traffic.

The Sarova Stanley, Kimathi St, CBD Continental 020 275 7000 This is a legendary open-air, bistro style pavement cafe most famous for its message board located at the centre of the restaurant. The cafe is the perfect meeting place for friends.

Sikia Fine Dining


Crowne Plaza Hotel, Upperhill Formal Dining 020 274 6000 The Sikia Fine Dining room is perfect for lunchtime catch-ups or mid-week dinners with friends and family. The modern menu is delightful and the dining room is comfortably elegant.

Garden City Mall, Thika Rd Cafe 0707 175 574 A place to rest and relax over great food and drinks made by their passionate team of chefs, baristas and mixologists, to ensure each visit is a memorable experience.

Soaring Eagle Spur


Eka Hotel, Mombasa Rd Steakhouse 0786101102 Our restaurant offers delicious specialty steaks, burgers, chicken, seafood and Tex- Mex dishes. We are very popular for our ribs and buffalo wings.

TRM Mall, Thika Rd Cafe

Café 0708906505 With flavours that pack a punch, Urban Gourmet Burgers bring a whole new level of quality to the humble burger. There’s bound to be something for everyone on our menu!

0708906505 Their quietly elegant décor and amazing art provides the perfect setting for the intermingled aromas of freshly baked bread, pastries, cakes and specially roasted coffee.

List your restaurant for only Ksh 5,000 per month. Email

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