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Vol 2.4 | April 2016

CHOCOLATE ISSUE ON CLOUD NINE Exploring the sweetest spots in Nairobi

YUMMY RECIPES Top food bloggers and their favourite desserts

CHOC FACTORY A fun introduction to 1. all things cocoa




CHOC TASTIC It’s not every day that you’re served up the perfect excuse to indulge in numerous chocolatey treats as “research” which, to be honest, was either the best or worst thing that happened to us at EatOut this month. Now I must warn you, if you’re on some kind of diet or claim to not have a sweet tooth, you may feel a little different after this edition of Yummy. When our Editor, Wendy Watta, first announced that we were all required to think of nothing but chocolate for a month, the team took that order very seriously! It’s not every day that you’re served up the perfect excuse to indulge in numerous chocolatey treats as “research” which, to be honest, was either the best or worst thing that happened to us at EatOut this month (glances down at waist line!) I have personally come to terms with the fact that I am a notorious chocoholic. My most recent chocolate escapades include an ongoing affair with Galaxy Ice Cream, usually

purchased and devoured on my way home from work. It’s a futile battle to not give in to eating the whole damn dairy milk slab! Chocolate is like the unassuming diva of ingredients, often playing the starring role in many of life’s moments. Birthday celebrations, cheesy teenage dates, epic break ups and my favorite: that tear-jerking moment when you reunite with a relative returning from their travels with a crisp, white, duty-free bag filled with jewel coloured Quality Street chocolates in hand! This month, you’ll definitely discover a newfound appreciation for this confectionery starting with Katy Fentress’ in-depth look into the world of chocolate right from bean to bar on page 27. We step up our dessert game from page 31, mapping out the

ultimate chocolate desserts around Nairobi, from Sierra Lounge’s sinfully moist chocolate stout cake to Chef Anton’s delicate French creations at dusitD2. For you home cooks, this month’s recipe section featuring Kenyan food bloggers is something else! With that said, Charity Keita gently reminds us that sometimes the best dishes are the ones where you toss out the recipe and depend on your innate ability to create delicious meals, even when faced with the decision to incorporate cocoa powder into a savory dish. Flip over to page 16 for more. Finally for you strange few that need a break from the chocolate overload, we of course have our monthly staples including the travel column on page 50, which takes us to

the lake shores of Kisumu for some wholesome fishy goodness. We also look at a couple of new spots on the culinary scene including Roast, the latest addition to the Carnivore Group, offering perfectly char grilled meat from The Hub in Karen. Finally, because we love to treat you, do write in and tell us what you think of Yummy for a chance to win a dinner for two worth Ksh 7,000 at Artisan Sankara on page 7. Enjoy!

Michelle Slater General Manager


APRIL 2016


NEWS AND EVENTS Check out the latest news and exciting events in the local food scene this month.


LET’S GET SAUCY Charity Keita discovers that Mexico’s most gourmet sauce isn’t so different from what our Ugandan cousins love to eat.



SAVOURY TABLE Chef Ray takes on the savoury side of cooking with chocolate to enrich stews, chillis and pastas, adding complexity and depth


just like a good wine.

In this month’s travel section, we fly down to Kisumu to explore the culinary delights of this magical port city.

20 KAHAWA DIARIES We catch up wtih African Fashion maven, Diana Opoti, over her favourite cup of coffee.


MAMBO SAWA Susan Wong reviews Mambo Italia at Garden City Mall and discovers new favourites off the menu.


WINE CHICK Trust the not-so-sweet-tooth Annabel Onyango to be unable to eat an actual chocolate bar but be able to guzzle a wine called The Chocolate block.

46 HEY SWEETHEART Sweet wine options that can be drunk with or instead of dessert.


BEND AND BRUNCH Power yoga at Tribe Hotel followed by a fantastic brunch buffet


spread may be just what motivates you to get healthy.



Our whisky loving Man About Town Jackson Biko finds himself at a dark Ethiopian bar filled with pretty women.

While he doesn’t have a sweet tooth, Radisson Blu’s Udesh Nalaka sure knows how to whip-up fantastic combination desserts.

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WIN A PAIR OF VOUCHERS WORTH KSH 7,000 FOR THEMED NIGHTS AT ARTISAN, SANKARA NAIROBI! LAST MONTH, WE GAVE AWAY A FABUOUS WINE HAMPER FROM MIA TO DEAN ANINDO WHO WROTE: Dear Yummy, I am an ardent reader of the magazine and have actually gone through all previous editions on issuu. I enjoy reading the travel section and like that you profile cool out-of-town places to check out. I must go on a trip from Lamu to Zanzibar and check out some of your suggested restaurants. I also enjoy columns like Man About Town, Events and Cocktails, although I miss not seeing the mixologist profile. Why was that removed? Finally, kindly advise on where one can pick up hard copies. Regards, Dean.

This month’s winner of the classic Bisquit VS Cognac is Paul Kimuyu who wrote in to express his love for his favourite column. This cognac courtesy of Distell Group Limited is worth Ksh 4,085, and will again be up for grabs this month. Get writing as you might soon be the one sipping this!

Dear Dean, Thanks for being a die-hard fan and always reading our latest issues online. As for the mixologist section, we do read all the feedback that we get and I’m happy to announce that we’re bringing it back! Tell your friends to grab a copy of the magazine at places like The Oval, all Artcaffe and Dormans outlets, Village Market and Corner Shop at Diamond Plaza, but the full list can be found on Enjoy your hamper from MIA! Wendy Watta

Last month we told you to get your beach essentials ready because sunscreen, a bathing suit and flip flops were all you would need when we sent you down to Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort for two nights. We selected a winner, Nkirote Mutisya, who gets to enjoy return flights on Jambojet. Keep reading Yummy for more fantastic prices to be won!









LAMU TAMU Seafood and entertainment at the Lamu Food Festival Lamu is proud to once again be hosting the annual Lamu Food Expo and Festival. Taking place from 15th-17th April, the event will combine traditional cuisines with fresh sea food, quality produce and exciting attractions. With entertainment including a donkey pageant, restaurant competitions and awards, hunger games and a street bazaar, this festival will sure be worth the trip!

FRESH CATCH Select your team for Baringo Fishing Competition Baringo Fishing Competition takes place at Roberts Campsite on Sunday May 1st from 07.30am to 04.30pm, after which a scrumptious BBQ will be held at the campsite along with prize giving. Profits go towards the local RAE clinic, and restocking the lake with tilapia fingerlings to support the local fishing industry. Registration and payments must be complete by April 15th, so book your slot asap!

D-BREW AT D2 DusitD2 Introduces Premium Draught Beer Whether you want a beer with subtle character and a smooth finish or prefer a more bold and distinct taste, Zing Bar at dusitD2 Hotel will be happy to serve you their new very own craft beer! Pop in after work and sample some D-Brew Pilsner or D-Brew Ale.




ROAST CENTRAL Carnivore sets up new restaurant, Roast, at The Hub. It doesn’t get any better than the char grilled succulent meat cuts we’ve all come to love Carnivore for, and their new restaurant, Roast, is therefore every meat lover’s dream. Located at The Hub in Karen, head over for an African lunch or dinner from their extensive menu. What’s more, this spot is also very family friendly.

EXTRA SPICY Molecular gastronomy and fusion Indian cuisine at Venom If you love your food extra hot and bursting with flavour, look no further than the new Venom Terrace and Restaurant. Located on the 9th floor of Victoria Plaza in Westlands, this spot specializes in molecular gastronomy and fusion Indian cuisine all presented in a contemporary style. Couple that with their well stocked bar and exciting cocktails and you’re in for an adventure!

LEMON AID Lemon Lounge: When life gives you lemons, start a restaurant. Great Indian cuisine, pub food and fantastic cocktails is exactly what Lemon Lounge is about. Whether you’re up for a steak, burger or their to-die-for lemon twister, your taste buds are going to be in for a treat! Located a few meters after the Spring Valley police station, this new gem is where you need to be for chilled after work drinks and a sundowners.







PARTY DON’T STOP When we learnt that Artcaffe Oval would now open for 24 hours on Friday and Saturday, we instantly knew that we had to check it out with some of our foodie friends. We therefore invited Nairobi’s food and lifestyle bloggers to join us for a 5:00am meal, and in usual fashion, lots of coffee, pastries and laughs were had. Be sure to check out pictures and thoughts on the experience through the hashtag #BlogOutKe on Social Media.



LET’S GET SAUCY Charity Keita discovers that Mexico’s most gourmet sauce isn’t so different from what our Ugandan cousins love to eat


y vision for our Easter meal was clear: this was to be a chocolate-filled affair down in Nanyuki, but I was not getting involved in any bunny business or Easter egg hunt for the kids. The plan was to instead go experimental and cook a smoked chicken in mole, my first ever savoury chocolate dish. According to a book called “The True History of Chocolate”, the pavo in mole represents the pinnacle of sophisticated Mexican cooking tradition. The word pavo refers to the the Mexican-Spanish term for turkey, while mole is a creolised version of the local word molli which means sauce. The origin myth for this dish dates back to the 17th century to a group of Spanish nuns who were awaiting a visit from the Viceroy of New Spain. By some accounts they accidentally dropped a wafer of


chocolate into the sauce and found they did not have the time to start afresh while by others, they added it on purpose to please their guest who was a known chocoholic. Whichever story is true, everyone was instantly hooked and the dish soon became incorporated into local tradition. To put it simply, a mole sauce is best envisaged as a Ugandan peanut sauce but with the addition of cinnamon, oregano, pepper, a generous portion of smoky ancho chilies (which are not easy to source in this corner of the world) and a slab of cooking chocolate stirred in at the end to add richness and complexity. Knowing that there was a well stocked supermarket in Nanyuki, I only packed the spices I needed and planned to acquire the rest on arrival. The chicken was sorted; we had the digits of an exclusive meat smoker in the area who only distributes to fancy

lodges but was willing to give us a small portion of their personal supply. All I really needed was the peanuts, chocolate and ancho chillies. I knew I wouldn’t find the ancho chillies and had already replaced it with a creole mixed chilli powder that a friend brought me from New Orleans. “Expectations are the root of all disappointment” my friend Alicia kept on repeating to her kids all weekend and I should have taken heed. While I succeeded in locating a small pack of unsalted peanuts at the back of the snack section (aren’t we supposed to be able to buy that stuff in bulk around here?) I was crestfallen upon discovering that slabs of cooking chocolate were not to be found in the isles of Nanyuki’s biggest supermarket. In the end I had to settle for cocoa powder but felt cheated and on the verge of tears. How was I expected to impart the creamy

desired richness to my dish if I was using powder? I can’t really complain about the results even if the two most important ingredients - the ancho chillies and the dark chocolate - were missing. By the looks of the empty platter at the end of the meal, neither could the kids and grownups. The smoked chicken wings needed but a brief fifteen minute spell in our cookswell jiko before being cooked to perfection and once the mole sauce had been mixed in, the wings exploded with flavour. I’m sure if I had used the proper stuff it would have been even better but at the end of the day my guinea pigs had never tasted the real deal and were happy with the results. I went to bed smug, content that my meal had succeeded even if not quite according to plan.






SAVOURY TABLE As Chef Ray Cournede writes, chocolate has come out of its proverbial box and made its way into our kitchens, enriching our savoury stews, chillis and pasta dishes, adding complexity and depth, just like a good wine.


he first quarter of every year is always very sweet. New Year, Valentine’s, Eastermolten lava cakes, chocolate truffles, Easter eggs; all these holidays can make even the biggest chocoholic cringe a little. But chocolate no longer need be just confined to the dessert table. Mexico has been adding chocolate to their savoury dishes for hundreds of years, and the rest of the world has finally caught up. Chocolate has finally come out of its proverbial box and made its way into our kitchens, enriching our stews, chillis and pasta dishes, adding complexity and depth, just like a good wine. And just like wine, chocolate has a huge range of flavours and characteristics from fruity to spicy, bitter to sweet. If you let it stand on its own, it becomes an ingredient just like cumin or butter. If you let go of what your preconception of chocolate

is, which for the majority of people is desserts and candy bars, you are suddenly left with an incredible culinary weapon in your pantry. When cooking, I like steering towards dark chocolate which is bitter. You should use it sparingly so that it doesn’t overpower your dish. It can be tricky to balance so make sure you taste as you go along. Try and use 75% for your savoury dishes but don’t go to 100% as this is way too bitter. If you want to start easy, try tossing cacoa nibs or grating dark chocolate over a salad or into a stew. However, don’t boil or cook the dish for a long time as this will burn the cacao solids. With those quick tips, here then is one of my favourite dishes at The Talisman Restaurant that you can easily make in your home kitchen. This bresaola and salted plums with cacao nibs salad recipe serves six, and would perfect for your family or friends.


Dressing: 1 shallot (peeled and very thinly sliced), sherry vinegar (enough to cover the shallot), ¼ cup each of grape seed oil and extravirgin olive oil, pinch of both sea salt and sugar. Salad: 2 bunches rocket (washed and trimmed), 12 thin slices bresaola, 3 halves of thinly sliced pickled salted plums (recipe below), ½ cup cacao nibs. Pickled Salted Plums: 12 plums (halved and pitted), ¾ cups salt, 2 cups sugar.

PREPARATION Place plums in a large bowl then toss with salt and sugar. Let this sit in the refrigerator overnight. For the dressing, cover the shallot in vinegar and add salt and sugar then let this sit for 30 minutes. Slowly whisk in the oil to finish. Adjust seasoning as preferred and reserve. To make the salad, dress the rocket, season with salt and divide between individual plates. Drape a couple slices of bresaola over the rocket then garnish with plums and cacao nibs. Enjoy!




DARK MOON COCKTAIL Ingredients: • • • • •

1 ½ cups cold-brew coffee ½ cup coffee liqueur ½ cup spiced rum 1 bottle 300ml coke ½ cup whipping cream


Method: Combine coffee, liqueur, rum and coke into a large jug. Pour cocktail in eight glasses filled with ice cubes then add cream. Enjoy!

Following the successful completion of the second edition of 100 Days of African Fashion, Diana Opoti’s name has come to be almost synonymous with African Fashion. We caught up with this busy fashion maven over her favourite cup of coffee. How do you prefer to take your coffee? I love a cappuccino with double or even triple espresso. Whenever I need a quick pick me up, I will of course just go for an espresso. Favourite pastry? Almond croissant. How many cups of coffee do you have in a day? I wake up quite early so I am on my third coffee by 10:00am. What projects are you currently working on? I’m working on a few brand launches and special editions of 100 days of African fashion including a summer/beachwear and a safari edition. The most exciting project for us right

now is the Designing Africa Collective with Store 66. This partnership means that select African brands will have the opportunity to stock at the store’s various outlets across the city. What’s the best part about your job? I enjoy seeing ideas come to life. The excitement leading up to an event or announcement and then seeing our vision come to life is quite rewarding. Getting consumer feedback after purchasing these brands is also incredibly fulfilling to me. What drew you to fashion? I just love beautiful clothes. What made me stay in fashion is the big question though. I wanted to make other consumers aware of the amazing African brands I encounter daily. My passion is publicizing these brands well enough to make their desired commercial success a reality. Life mantra? Support local enterprises and buy African fashion.

Drop by your nearest Dormans Coffee Shop at Junction • Village Market • AirKenya • Westgate Like us on Facebook @DormansCoffeeShops






MAMBO SAWA Susan Wong indulges in authentic Italian dishes at Mambo Italia and discovers new favourites, ultimately falling in love with their artisan gelato which comes in 16 enticing flavours.


t the spacious covered outdoor patio which feels like a bit of a secret nook at Mambo Italia’s Garden City Mall location, I hide my face in a plate of Grilled Prawns. It’s heading towards 2:00pm and the restaurant is quickly filling-up with children happily playing in the water park – their screams barely audible thanks to a glass fence dotted by lush ferns that encloses the first floor al fresco space. Around me are tables, chairs and light fixtures crafted from approximately 40 reclaimed canoes from Watamu. Every piece is uniquely built by a skilled carpenter - who I’m told has sadly sold his business - to perfectly merge the old weathered wood with the new, colourful metal hairpin legs. A long bar that can comfortably sit eight to ten anchors the outdoor patio with Edison-style light bulbs hanging from the ends of repurposed canoes. During the brief moments when I would take a break from the prawns, I catch myself thinking about dessert - artisan gelato - thanks to my earlier tour of the restaurant, which ended with me staring-up in awe at a gigantic bag of Belgian chocolate in the pantry. The best thing about dessert is that you have to wait. After all, some things in life are worth waiting for. I lower my head back towards the deliciously moist prawns and the rest of our starters; not before I notice the doting elderly gentleman with two young grandchildren, a young couple making plans for their evening, and

a large family group of ten tucking into their dishes at a communal table. The restaurant is almost full with the Saturday afternoon rush. Our starters included Zucchini Fries, Smoked Sailfish, Grilled Prawns and Fish Balls. The Zucchini Fries surprisingly hit all the salty, crispy and savoury notes that deep-fried and potato-loving diehards usually crave. Definitely more virtuous than traditional French Fries (because Nairobi is suffering from a heat wave and it’s swimsuit season), the Zucchini Fries arrived coated with a light and well-seasoned batter, tender not soggy, and fried to golden perfection. The Smoked Sailfish tasted just like the ones I so fondly enjoyed during trips to the Kenyan coast and the Fish Balls, I imagine, must be a favourite among children given the crispy breadcrumb crust. The winner was the prawns, three of them, jumbo in size, grilled with the shells and heads still on, giving the delicate meat a ton of flavour that was accentuated with a lightly charred smokiness and lifted with a squeeze of fresh lemon. The tender Grilled Prawns burst with a decisive snap in my mouth, all with a spicy, slightly sweet, caramelized and charred crisp shell. “Are you enjoying your meal?” George, our mild-mannered waiter dressed in a pressed blue shirt with red trim, discreetly asked with a smile you couldn’t fake. Much like the restaurant’s atmosphere, the service was warm and passionate. George had been serving Mambo Italia customers since the flagship Lavington location

opened nearly a year and seven months ago. There is the classic Pepperoni Pizza with spicy salami, with plenty of melted mozzarella nicely sauced on a thin crisp crust. A pizza with hot and spicy minced beef, red onions, green peppers, jalapenos, mozzarella and tomato sauce – called Mafioso – satiated chili and carnivorous cravings. Finally the Vegan Sun surprised the meat-eaters at the table with bold flavours and was every bit satisfying from the black olive spread, artichoke chunks, green peppers, chili flakes, roasted garlic and red onion. For dessert there were a handful of options, but there was really just one: artisan gelato. With about 16 flavours of gelato and sorbets, with some only available as special editions, all of which would make a perfect ending to a rich and flavour-packed meal. There’s a perfectly balanced Chocolate Chili Cinnamon which delights your palate in three stages: first, the dark chocolate coats your mouth in a semi-dry roasted and rich finish, then the chili leaves your taste buds tingling with excitement, and finally the classic combination of cinnamon and chocolate that always leaves you wanting more. There’s also a killer Ndali Vanilla that features the aromatic vanilla beans from Uganda, where reportedly the plantation air smells like earth after rain with a twist of an unknown, dangerous aphrodisiac. After gelato, everything else is utterly bittersweet. No wonder desserts are meant to be eaten last.

Location: Garden City Mall, Thika Road Cuisine: Italian Opening Hours: 7:30am to 10:00pm daily Menu Picks: Mains: Zucchini fries - Ksh 350 Mafioso pizza - Ksh 700 regular - Ksh 1350 large Pepperoni pizza - Ksh 700 regular - Ksh 1350 large Gelato: Chocolate Chilli cinnamon Ndali Vanilla Coconut and Lime - Ksh 250 per scoop Shakes: Espresso shake - Ksh 450 Vanilla Brownie - Ksh 500 For more info, visit




PASTRY KING While he confesses to not having a sweet tooth, Radisson Blu’s Udesh Nalaka sure knows how to whip up fantastic combination desserts.


ith more than 260 upscale hotels across Europe, Africa and Asia, you’ve probably heard of Radisson Blu by now. Just recently, the hotel was launched in Nairobi at a grand affair full of pomp and circumstance, complemented by a delicious array of food at the all day dining Larder Restaurant and Al fresco Pool Bar and Grill, all crowned by an energetic performance from Sauti Sol. Set in the buzzing business district of Upper Hill, I have since popped in twice, once to check out the stylish recently opened steak house, The Chop House. Udesh Nalaka is the talented Executive Pastry Chef behind the decadent creations at the hotel. Originally from Sri Lanka, the 5 ft 4 chef’s resume paints quite the geographical map. He has worked at five star hotels


in 10 locations in the 15 years he’s been whipping up pastries. Udesh’s journey reads: Crowne Plaza Dubai, Four Seasons Saudi Arabia, Grand Hyatt followed by Monarch Hotel Dubai, Crowne Plaza Bahrain, Oryx Rotana in Qatar, Kempinski Seychelles Resort, InterContinental Doha, and finally, keen on moving to Africa, got his current job in Nairobi. His passion to travel comes from wanting to experience different locations and their cuisine firsthand rather than just reading about them online. All this was however kickstarted by a four month Diploma in Pastry and Bakery back in Sri Lanka, followed by hands on training in the kitchen. Now at 35, he has never looked back and can’t imagine himself doing anything else. Going through the dessert menu, it is clear that the chef favours combination desserts where two or more

items are layered to create the perfect tasty treat. The raspberry and ginger mousse not only packs a visually artistic punch, but the contrast of sweet and sour on the palate makes it an instant hit. The hot and cold ginger cake from the menu at Chop House is not only a combination but also plays around with temperature for the ultimate explosion of goodness in your taste buds. You must also try apple crumble with ice cream which has the crumble, apple jelly and apple sauce. As expected, the chef is also adept at making the very basics- like macarons. Having worked at various hotels and been part of a few pre-opening phases, Udesh is no stranger to adapting his menu to suit the local market. This being the first dessert menu at Radisson since its launch, he has been taking note of what patrons don’t like

and will later replace those with popular choices. So far, for instance, he has observed that Kenyans seemingly steer towards dry cakes. Chef Udesh’s confession to being not so-sweet tooth comes as a bit of surprise, especially given that he’s around sweets all day. This may also be the reason why, as he can’t enjoy them the way patrons who come in only every so often would. He does however indulge in the occasional Indian sweets like Ras Malai and Ras Gulla. Away from the kitchen, Udesh is big on sports which he unfortunately hasn’t been able to take part in since he moved to Nairobi. Chalk it up to being in full time operations since the hotel opened. It is however not all work and no play, as the chef still gets to enjoy down time with his wife who he married only one and a half years ago- after six months of dating.

Going through the dessert menu, it is clear that the chef favours combination desserts where two or more items are layered to create the perfect tasty treat.






nce the exclusive preserve of aristocrats and elites, chocolate was for centuries a symbol of decadent deliciousness that every common man and woman aspired to taste at least once. Over the centuries, the cocoa bean was democratised for mass consumption throughout Europe and the United States and a massive global industrial chocolate industry was born. The day when African chocolate is consumed by Africans has, however, yet to see the light. In Kenya, which unlike its West


African counterparts is not a cocoa producing nation, manufacturing chocolate for local consumption has long been a complicated affair. For years Kenyans have been limited to consuming the biggest of the global commercial brands. Yet a 2015 report noted that rising disposable incomes and a significant growth in Nairobian middle income consumers has helped bolster the development of small-scale chocolate confectionary artisans. As incomes rise and people look for more luxury items to spend their hard earned cash on, a bar of big brand chocolate no longer suffices

to quell our appetites for the finer things in life. “Nairobians come to the Fairview Hotel exclusively to taste my chocolate treasure boxes� beams Lucas Mwaore, who has worked at the hotel as a pastry chef since 2005. The trend is there and can be viewed in the rise of establishments such as Les Artisans Chocolatiers which recently opened at Village Market. Yet despite these encouraging developments, Kenya is still heavily reliant on global brands for its raw cocoa and the West/East Africa chocolate connection has still not been born.



All about cocoa If beauty, flavour and creativity are what you value in a piece of bespoke chocolate, welcome to a new Nairobi era.


During his fourth voyage to the “New World” in 1502, Christopher Columbus was surprised that the local Mayan population used a strange bean as currency. Locally known as Ka’kau, Mayans had at that point been farming cocoa beans for well over two millennia and used cream of cocoa to cure wounds, as a medicine and also loved it as a drink which they consumed daily without sugar but with chilli and a lot of froth. Upon his return to Europe, Columbus brought some of these beans with him but found that people didn’t like them. An Italian writer from the time famously described a cup of cocoa as a “drink for pigs”. It wasn’t for at least another couple of decades, when people discovered the taste could be modified by adding sugar and spices, that interest began to pick up. In the two centuries following its discovery, large-scale labour-intense plantations were set up across South America. As the local populations succumbed to the diseases, slaves from the West coast of Africa were transported over to work the plantations that were feeding the growing European appetite for this exotic drink. Latin America maintained its dominance of the chocolate market until the twentieth century when it was surpassed by producers from Ivory Coast and Ghana. Today, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria are respectively the 1st, 2nd and 4th cocoa producing countries in the world with Indonesia occupying third place. In 2014, the Guardian newspaper reported a decline in the global output of cocoa. This was due to rising incomes in emerging Asian economies, combined with the economic recovery of the global North and low productivity of cocoa farmers. The report highlighted how poverty in the small scale farming communities that produce 90% of the world’s supply of cacao is endemic with farmers employing outdated farming methods and lacking resources to invest in fertilisers or

to replace ageing trees. The world’s chocolate industry today amounts to about $98 billion a year. Indonesia is one of the biggest chocolate processing countries of the world and 45% alone of its cocoa comes from Ivory Coast. From Indonesia the processed cocoa is transported to Europe or the USA from whence it makes its way to Kenya, coming almost full circle, half a continent away from where it was originally grown.

Bean to bar In order to reach a comestible form, chocolate has to undergo a series of stages. Cocoa trees grow most favourably in the hot and humid tropical temperatures of South America, West Africa and Southeast Asia. Despite technological advances, cocoa must still be harvested manually after which, pods are selected, opened and beans are extracted and put into trays where they are left to ferment. After fermentation the beans turn brown. They are then dried for a week before they can be shipped to a processing plant for mass production. In processing, the first stage is roasting the beans which helps develop colour and refine the flavour. At this point the outer shell is removed and the inner meat is broken down into small pieces commonly known as “nibs”. These are then ground and passed through a series of sieves in a process called “winnowing”. The grinding process generates heat and the dry granular consistency of the cocoa nib is transformed into a liquid as the high amount of fat contained in the nib melts into something known as “cocoa liquor”. This is then mixed with cocoa butter, sugar and, depending on the end product, milk and vanilla. After blending is complete, moulding is the final procedure for chocolate processing. This step allows cocoa liquor to cool and harden into different shapes depending on the mould. Finally the chocolate is packaged and ready for distribution around the world.

Chocolate in Nairobi Over the past decade Nairobi has witnessed a gradual increase of chocolate artisans who take great pride in creating beautiful chocolate assortments, creations and ice cream. Chef Mwaore, whose beautiful assorted chocolate bonbons are as elegant on the eye as they are delicious in the mouth, tells us that there are a few big chocolate distributors in Kenya and that for him it was just a question of sitting down and sampling different types until he could find one that was suitable for his needs. In the end he settled on Barry Callebaut, a Swiss/ Belgian company that distributes the chocolate for one in five of the chocolate brands that exist in the world. Yet focussing exclusively on expensive distributors isn’t a must. According to Domenico Pellegrino, who runs the Italian ice-cream parlour Gelsi in Parklands, he originally would import his chocolate all the way from Italy until he discovered that the Kenyan brand Raha was perfectly suited to his needs. Mwaore and Pellegrino both hold one thing in common: they don’t know where the beans for their chocolate originate from. Unlike with coffee, where provenance is held in the utmost esteem, it is still difficult to find chocolate that can be traced back to its source. Mwaore isn’t concerned, for him the most important things is employing a chocolate that can suit his artistic needs. Pellegrino values taste above all else and doesn’t feel consumers are interested in where chocolate comes from. So if beauty, flavour and creativity are what you value in a piece of bespoke chocolate, then welcome to a new Nairobi era. But if locally produced chocolate that you can trace back to its origin is what you are after, do not expect to see it for sale in Kenya any time soon.






ON CLOUD NINE We round up nine of the top spots to check out for fantastic chocolate desserts in Nairobi.


esserts make the world go round, and since we at Yummy are utterly obsessed with chocolate, we are constantly raving about our latest favourite brownies, eclairs and much more in the office. Whenever we go to check out a new spot as a group, sometimes we shamelessly skip the main meal and head right for the dessert, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! While being totally free to experiment and play around with the rules, I am particularly fond of places that adhere

to the fundamental commandments of creating with chocolate. You knowthou shall create fantastic ganaches, thou shalt be true to the cocoa bean, your mousse should have the perfect balance of richness and creaminess, your glazing should be perfect- the works. As a result, what gets to my taste buds should be good enough to make even Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson weak at the knees. We scoured the city to bring you nine spots in Nairobi that you should definitely have on your radar, because you just never know when the craving

will strike. You will discover an inevitable overlap in some of the menu items which is not necessarily a bad thing as we all love macarons and brownies and would like to be able to get these at whichever restaurant we choose to check out. A lot of these establishments also favour Belgian premium chocolate brand Callebaut which still uses the original whole-bean roasting technique that allows for the preservation of aromatic oils and flavours contained in the cocoa husk, fully releasing them in the chocolate. This

couverture chocolate also has a high cocoa butter content, making it a darling among culinary and gourmet experts worldwide for its easy workability and consistent taste. Used correctly in desserts, the decadent results are what keeps us going back to spend our hard earned money to get our chocolate fix at certain spots (and not others). The following then are some of the restaurants and patisseries which seem to have an uncanny grasp of what Nairobians like at the moment.



DusitD2 Sometimes I will get desserts delivered to me in an unlabeled box. That excites me- it is almost like getting flowers from a secret admirer and trying to guess who it is. Even if I was blindfolded, however, I could taste a dish from the menu at DusitD2 Hotel and tell you where it was from. Executive Chef Anton Gasnier excites not by the rarity of ingredients or unusual combinations but by his sheer flawless demonstration of tech-


nique. When it comes to desserts, it is this that sets him apart from those that just pay lip service to the craft. Besides, French cuisine is responsible for a plethora of the desserts that we’ve all grown to love, and Anton is French so go figure. The menu features classics like operas and modern items like the dark chocolate eclair. You can tell a lot about a restaurant by how they execute the basics. I generally love brownies and

nuts, and therefore find the all nuts milk chocolate brownie a sure winner. The Kenyan palate profile is generally sweet, and it is no surprise that the strawberry and white chocolate mousse is the most popular item off the menu. Personally, sometimes I like my taste buds to be jolted, and the white chocolate and black berry entremet is both as satisfying to this need as it is pleasing to the eye. In September 2015, Anton went for

training at Callebaut’s Dubai Chocolate Academy and swears by their products. He is also keen on educating patrons on good quality chocolate that can be used in home cooking, and they stock some for retail. Just earlier this year, Dusit hosted a chocolate festival with about 50 desserts made using seven different chocolates on buffet. Look out for the 2017 edition.

14 Riverside Drive, Riverside 020 423 3000


Fairview Hotel Placed before you, dessert plates at Fairview Hotel in Upper Hill look grand. So grand, in fact, that they are almost operatic, and some patrons like that kind of panache in fine dining. The classy presentation fits right into the ambiance, as with its underground wine cellar, quality service and overall decor, this makes for the perfect spot to celebrate a special occasion. Pastry chef Lucas Mwaore’s mantra is to go a step beyond what’s

offered at other establishments, and peeking into a packed Pango Restaurant during lunch or dinner might be testament to being on the right track. Lucas has been with the hotel since 2005, and in all that time, his face still lights up and he talks with the relish of a man who evidently enjoys creating with chocolate for the versatility it allows in his desserts. Watching him expertly plate the raspberry rhubarb with white chocolate parfait in the

kitchen before letting it be presented to a patron by a waiter, I can’t get over how palpable his passion is. Unlike many foodies and industry insiders who may look down on white chocolate terming it ‘a big fat lie’ because it actually doesn’t contain key ingredients like cocoa solids, Lucas adores this derivative and it is actually his personal favourite. A sure crowd pleaser off the Pango menu is the chocolate fantasy. You

will experience it in layers of white, milk and dark chocolate with a light base of cocoa powder, garnished with a thin flat biscuit for an added crunchy texture. If you do however prefer something with a slightly sour zing to counterbalance all that sweetness, just order the chocolate sponge with passion cream and sit back to enjoy.

Bishop Road, Upper Hill 020 288 1000



Mama’s Patisserie This is a quaint and colourful Parisian-themed cafe, a darling among dessert lovers in Nairobi. Walking into the space, dramatic chandeliers hang from the roof while striking vintage French film posters adorn the walls. The decor is characterized by pink accents and large windows which wash the black granite floors with an ethereal natural light; the European charm here shines through in everything from the decor to their


traditional French baking methods. This patisserie is known for their lovingly crafted cakes and pastries as well as fresh breads, light meals and delicious smoothies. Looking through the glass display, chef Shazia Deen’s spongy chocolate cake instantly attracts the eye, as does the delicate pear tart which comes complete with a custard and almond base. When the spongy dark chocolate truffles get to your table in bold blue plates, just

know you’re in for a treat. Mousse de fraises, also known as strawberry mousse will come as a pillowy rectangle in a beautiful light shade of pink and will taste of lazy summer afternoons. The passion fruit cheesecake will look nothing short of exquisite, and best believe it has the flavours to match. The individually-sized pastries offer gourmands a taste of the good Parisian life in Nairobi whilst showcasing the finest

seasonal ingredients from the region. If you’re strictly out to get your dark chocolate fix while still tasting a tangy freshness and sweetness that can only come from good quality fruits, just get the strawberry tart and perhaps a slice of chocolate cake, then settle in to enjoy the rest of your afternoon. These perfectly shaped round balls of goodness are dense, dark and rich, and yet all sweet and creamy.

ABC Place, Waiyaki Way 0738 477 777


Sierra Brasserie When it comes to desserts at this modern brasserie, the love list is endless. My favourite is the chocolate stout cake with ice cream which is a simple choice and yet the idea behind it is just so brilliant. Sierra has its own state-of-the-art brewery on Mombasa road and they therefore make their own stout beer. Stouts have a flavour profile that tastes remarkably like chocolate, and using it to make the cake for this dessert was a no-brainer.

Executive Chef Alan Murungi however gives all the credit for the recipe to his sister. Speaking of chef Alan, his personal favourite and one which I would also recommend is the salted caramel ice cream with crushed oreo cookies which comes served in a wine glass for that extra touch of extravagance and elegance, a theme echoed in the ambiance of the brasserie. Besides, oreos just make everything taste bet-

ter and their addition to this dessert just works. In the thread of supporting local enterprises, I like that they make all their ice creams in-house with cream transported in fresh from Naivasha. Sierra will be marking its 10 year anniversary, and to celebrate that, there will be a special menu designed to thank its loyal patrons - from April 21st to May 31st. One item sure to sit well with dessert lovers is the white

chocolate panna cotta with poached apples, grape and red wine syrup finished off with shaved white chocolate for garnish. The food world has a lot of fantastic combinations, and this is just one of them. The panna cotta was selected by the restaurant’s pastry chef who has also been with Sierra for a decade. Be sure to pop in for a culinary experience unlike any other in the city.

Yaya Center, Argwings Kodhek Road 020 806 8593



Tiramisu If you’ve never been to Tiramisu, go away. Just kidding. But really, you should check it out. Tucked at a corner in the Village Market food court, this is hands down one of my favourite bakeries in Nairobi. Part of its charm is in the ambiance which owner Harveen Jandu says is inspired by the small coffee shops in Italy which made a lasting impression when she visited. The buzz is always cheerful but not too loud, and I get their rye


bread and perfectly salted pretzels every time I go. I recently discovered their rich hot chocolate which comes topped with whipped cream, and is almost emblematic of the chocolate desserts you will find there. The Callebaut is dense and dark and hits the palate with some aplomb, and yet the cream gives it a touch of sweetness so it’s not too overpowering. Other favourites are the chocolate mousse, volcano and rich chocolate cake

glazed with a thick layer of ganache for the perfect Parisian finish. Harveen was only four years ago baking muffins and cupcakes at their sister company Zucchini before embarking on this passion project. Today Tiramisu is not only known for the coffee-flavoured dessert after which it is named, but also for fresh smoothies, coffee, breads, pastries and new additions like piadinas. While the inspiration is distinctly Italian, some

items like the now popular red velvet cake have been Americanised to adapt to the Kenyan market. Unlike establishments that just put items like brownies and mousse on their menu because that’s what they’re supposed to do, these guys actually know what they are doing, and that’s exactly why any dessert ordered here will make you weak at the knees.

Village Market, Gigiri 0702 993 254

About Thyme


Eldama Ravine Road, Westlands 0721 850 026 From the decor to the soothing background music, the ambiance here could make you get lost in time. Everything on their menu is prepared in-house with only the finest ingredients, fresh cream and 100% pure butter which is why since opening in 2005, they have earned something of a reputation for their desserts. Finish your meal on a sweet note with their extensive selection of sweet treats coupled with a fresh pot of tea or coffee. Try their irresistible old fashioned sticky date pudding served piping hot smothered with thick toffee sauce and walnuts, and served with fresh pouring cream. You won’t know what hit you! Another instant favourite is the warm and gooey wicked chocolate brownie with macadamia nuts topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with a rich hot fudge sauce. If you do however want a bit of everything, go for the dessert trio. It offers a sampler selection of the banoffee pie, wicked chocolate brownie and strawberry cheesecake. The pie made from toffee, milk and bananas on base of crumbed biscuits and butter takes the flavour of the trio to that next level.

Suite 101 Tribe Hotel, Village Market 020 720 0000 Walking into Suite 101 is like stepping into every dessert lover’s dream. With high standards of presentation, your chosen guilty pleasures will look so good you won’t even want to take that first bite. Indulge in the usual array of goodies like cakes, cupcakes, tarts and pastries, but be sure not to miss out on their very own cold-slate ice cream service. Every Sunday, Jiko Restaurant hosts a fabulous brunch buffet with a cooking and grilling station, bottomless mimosas and an array of Suite 101 specialties including novelty cakes, strawberry tarts, decadent macarons and an assortment of Italian homemade gelatos and ice creams (with flavours like mint chocolate and apple pie vanilla). This spot offers house made chocolates which come in a variety of flavours like pistachio, mocha hazelnut, orange, almond, tea masala, lemon and raspberry. You can also get chocolate lollipops, animals and squares, which can be personalized to make the perfect gift box. The signature dessert of the moment is the big time chocolate which looks every bit like a volcano and therefore packs the surprise of being hot outside with a cold liquid filling.

Venom Terrace & Lounge Victoria Plaza, Westlands 0722 708 016 You might know Venom as the popular club which has been serving world class cocktails in Nairobi for the past five years. This past month, however, it expanded to include a warm, spacious, well lit, rooftop restaurant specializing in fusion Indian cuisine presented in a contemporary style. The international chefs brought in from India also make a play at molecular gastronomy with results that do not fail to impress. Kids are however not allowed at the restaurant past 11:00pm only on Friday and Saturday, as the establishment still seeks to cater to its regular party-loving patrons. To complete your dining experience, try their signature thickly glazed German chocolate cake for an induction into the type of desserts this spot has to offer. If you are however experiencing an acute craving for chocolate and are all out to indulge, the chocolate blood bath will hit all the right notes. It’s like all your favourite chocolate desserts thrown together into one super item: cake, mousse, brownies, truffles and fudge layered and topped with a delicious scoop of ice cream. Boy does it also pack a visually pleasant punch! Chocolate fanatics will go nuts about this, waistlines be damned.

Wet Lounge Royal Orchid Hotel, Westlands 0733 816 007 This chic and classy lounge with its eclectic decor is the perfect setting for a night out with friends, family or business associates. The chef’s table which costs Ksh 9,000 for a nine course meal will be one of the best dining experiences you will have all year, with items like the chef’s signature dessert which has rosemary and white chocolate kulfi, dark and white chocolate cigar with baba au rhum. It tastes nothing like it looks, and this element of surprise is a clear theme throughout the experience. Executive Chef Prashand Penkar who came in from Mumbai has been at the helm of the kitchen for about eight months now, and is the brains behind the current menu. Items which show off his technique include a chocolate olive oil cake with ganache, vanilla ice cream and vanilla sauce. You must however try the obrama, which is unlike anything offered in Nairobi at the moment. It has five components, all with different flavours; brownie, chocolate cigar, white chocolate pannacotta, white chocolate and orange peel rounded off by a dark chocolate fudge, all these coming together to create what may well be the perfect combination dessert.




BLOG AWARDS Kenya’s top five food bloggers nominated for this year’s BAKE Food Blogger of the Year awards give you a peek into what their individual blogs are all about, with a delicious and chocolatey twist.


ika, Jean, Kaluhi, Meera and Sandy are the five fabulous foodies nominated for the prestigious BAKE (Bloggers Association of Kenya) Food Blogger of the Year 2016 award. This month, Yummy Magazine challenged them to give the readers a peek into what their individual blogs are all about, with a delicious and chocolatey twist. I got to go around to all their kitchens on assignment to photograph their recipes, and that came with the perks of tasting each dish. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed when you recreate these


women’s delicious recipes at home! This year’s Food Blog category is sponsored by EatOut Kenya, who are seeking to recognise the hard work that has been put in by these foodies. While all their blogs have a shared love for food, the content is just so different. Aika is the go-getting super-mum who takes pride in providing fellow mothers with well-balanced and tasty meals for the whole family. Jean focuses on everything wine related as well as restaurant reviews, in a bid to inspire readers to go out and experience the flavours for themselves. Kaluhu strives to use local

ingredients to give traditional Kenyan food a facelift with an international twist, while Meera prides herself on creating healthy recipes that are glamorous and full of flavour. Sandy will on the other hand take you on various culinary adventures in a quest to put Kenya on the global map. I am most excited about the opportunity that the winning lady will get to fly on assignment to the coast courtesy of EatOut! Remember to vote for your favourite foodie online and keep an eye out for the winner who will be announced at the award ceremony on 7th May.

Meanwhile, get your gloves out because these recipes are definitely worth getting messy for! As for me, I am a twenty-something Nairobian entrepreneur with a passion for food, travel and capturing the world from behind the lens. After getting my degree and fulfilling some of my wanderlust, I returned home to Nairobi in 2014. Realising the need for affordable, quality photography, I established Vanessa Knight Photography and presently cover everything from food to real-estate, architecture and everything in between.

Kaluhi Adagala

Kaluhi is all about tradition. No, not the monotonous kind but more like the “spontaneous and using local ingredients to give traditional Kenyan food a facelift with an international twist” kind. 17 months later, her blog has gone from a personal project to a funky fresh foodie platform. South Africa’s Siba Mtongana and other bloggers are Kaluhi’s inspiration. Her recipe this month features rich, galaxy speckled, decadent balls of heaven, and she’s obsessed with them!

White Chocolate Truffles INGREDIENTS ½ packet Marie biscuits, ½ cup desiccated coconut, 3 tbsp crème liqueur , 1 cup heavy cream, 100g white chocolate METHOD Crush biscuits until they resemble breadcrumbs then add coconut and mix. Add the heavy cream, a little at a time, until the consistency resembles plasticine. With a teaspoon, scoop out bits and roll into spheres with your hands. Set them aside. In a small bowl, melt your white chocolate in a microwave for about 30 seconds. Add crème liqueur and ensure it is evenly mixed. Finally, coat the biscuit balls with the molten white chocolate, garnish with some coconut and pop in the freezer to dry and set.


Aika Grace Aika returned from the US 4 years ago to a blogosphere that was only just emerging. Struggling to find quality content, this go-getting super-mum decided venture into the world local online content creation. She takes pride in consistently providing her family and friends with well-balanced and tasty meals. Her childhood is her biggest source of inspiration as mealtimes were always a social affair. Aika’s deliciously decadent chocolate cake is an all encompassing slice of home with a real citrus zing.

Mama’s Moist Chocolate Cake Cake: 2 cups flour, ½ cup liquid oil, 1½ cups sugar, 1 cup sour milk, 3 eggs, ½ cup cocoa powder, 2 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda, 1 tsp salt, 1 cup hot water. In a large bowl, mix the oil, sugar and cocoa. Add the eggs and mix, then add sour milk and continue mixing. In a separate bowl, combine remaining dry ingredients then add to the wet mix in two portions, mixing until smooth. Preheat oven to 180°C. Add hot water to the batter and mix. Split this into two same-sized greased pans. Place in oven and bake for 30-40 minutes then place on cooling rack. Lemon Glaze: 4 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp sugar. Place ingredients in a small pot and bring to a boil while stirring. Let simmer for about a minute. Brush generously onto cooled cakes before layering. Lemony Cream Cheese icing: 250g cream cheese, 3½ cups icing sugar, 2 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tsp vanilla, 2 tbsp lemon zest, pinch of salt. In a mixing bowl, combine cream cheese, lemon juice, vanilla, zest and salt. Add the icing one cup at a time and mix until smooth. Use generously when layering the cakes.


Sandy Thethy

From cooking in Timau to stirring up a storm at Naibor Tented Camp, Sandy will take you on various culinary adventures. Her recipes will remind you what everyday gourmet is all about. This cheesecake plays around with its complementary flavours and is an intricate slice of heavenly delight guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake INGREDIENTS 1kg fresh cream cheese, 500 ml fresh yogurt, 2 eggs, 1 cup icing sugar 1 tbsp vanilla essence, 750gms white chocolate, 2 tbsp cocoa, 3 tbsp drinking chocolate, 2 tbsp Grand Marnier, 3 tsp orange essence, 2 packets orange crunch biscuits ( approx 24 small biscuits), 3 tbsp salted butter, 8 milk chocolate Ferrero chocolates, 3 piece meringues, 2 packets fresh raspberries. METHOD Crush biscuits and add 2 tbsp drinking chocolate. Melt butter in a pan and add the mixture above, stirring until combined. Add to a greased cake tin, pressing lightly to create an even surface. Place in the freezer. For your cheesecake filling, beat the cream cheese then add icing sugar, egg yolks and yoghurt and continue combining. Beat egg whites separately then add to the mixture. Divide evenly into three bowls. Bowl 1: mix orange essence and Grand Marnier. Bowl 2: melt white chocolate and as it is cooling, add together with the vanilla essence. Bowl 3: add remaining cocoa and drinking chocolate. Place raspberries into the base of cake tin. Add a layer of bowl 2, spreading evenly over the raspberries. Place in freezer for 10 minutes then add bowl 3 and spread gently. Place back in freezer for 10 minutes. Crush the ferreros and meringues into rough chunks then add a thin layer to mixture. Finally, add bowl 1 and chill for 4 hours or overnight. Garnish as desired and serve.

Meera Vadgama

After 18 months of blogging, Meera prides herself on creating healthy recipes that are glamorous and full of flavour. Her chocolate chia parfait is perfect any time of day. “The chia seeds and nut milk provide a hit of protein, the fruit packs in good carbohydrates and the dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and minerals such as iron, magnesium and copper”. Join this Fit Fab Foodie on her journey as she whips up smoothies, doughnuts and more, all with a side of guilt free pleasure.

Chocolate Chia Parfait Chia layer: 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp cacao powder, 1 tbsp maple syrup, 100ml nut milk (or regular milk). Mix all ingredients into a glass jar, whisk well, cover and refrigerate overnight. Chocolate smoothie layer: 1 frozen banana, ½ chopped orange, 1 date (pitted), 1 tbsp coconut flakes, 100ml nut milk (or regular milk), 1 tbsp cacao powder. Blend all ingredients until you are left with a thick smoothie with a mousse like consistency. Refrigerate until ready to use. When you’re ready to eat your parfait, simply add alternate layers of the chia and chocolate smoothie, drizzle some molten chocolate (optional) and top with orange zest.


Jean Wandimi Jean’s passion for entreés and delicate wines, paired with a hint of wanderlust are the driving forces behind this foodie and her tasteful reviews. In 2013, her blog focused primarily on wines, giving a background on the industry while aiming to promote a wine-drinking culture. The blog has since evolved to incorporate food, restaurants and travel, inspiring readers to go out and experience the flavours for themselves. The featured recipe is one of her favourites.

Chocolate Pudding With Berries INGREDIENTS 1 espresso shot, yolks from 3 eggs, ½ cup sugar, pinch of salt, cocoa powder, 2¼ cups whole milk, 1 tbsp cornstarch, 1 tbsp vanilla extract, whipped cream and berries. METHOD Bring 2 cups milk, sugar and cocoa powder to a simmer over medium-high heat on a saucepan. Remove from heat after a minute. In a medium bowl, whisk the cornstarch, egg yolks, remaining ¼ cup milk, vanilla, salt and espresso. Whisk in half of the warm milk mixture into the egg mixture. Transfer the egg mixture back to the saucepan (with remaining milk mixture) and cook over medium heat, whisking constantly, until the pudding comes to a boil. Reduce the heat to a simmer to thicken the pudding, for about 3 more minutes, whisking often. Move the pudding into a big bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving. Serve with whipped cream and choice of berries.




SWEETEST TABOO Trust Wine Chick Annabel Onyango to be unable to eat an actual chocolate bar but be able to guzzle a wine called The Chocolate Block.


ive me the choice between a platter of cheese and a box of luxury chocolates, and I’ll invariably pick the cheese. Brie, camembert, gouda, goat’s, Swiss, stilton, blue, cheddar, anything smoked. I’ll eat cream cheese with a spoon out of the container. Add some apple slices, a handful of figs or grapes, and, of course, a generous glass of wine, and I’m in heaven for as long as there is cheese to cut on that board. While so many crave sweets, desserts, decadent puddings with cream


and custard toppings, I can easily pass on all of it. I just don’t have a sweet tooth. My palate tells me that savoury always wins over sweet. My tea is drunk neat – just the teabag, hold the sugar. Even during hormonal spikes, I’ll reach for a heaping bowl of pasta over any flavour of Haagen-Dazs ice cream. At the end of a big meal out when the waiters coyly begin to suggest the possibility of a final sweet treat, I’m ready to order more of The Goose Sauvignon Blanc (SA) instead. Why not end a good meal with more wine? Dry, not sweet, thanks.

Not even dessert wine appeals to me. Much like my personality, I’m not partial to sweetness. Unless it’s The Chocolate Block. It’s made by Boekenhoutskloof in Franschhoek in the Western Cape. Unsurprisingly, it’s a dark red wine, with a lot of depth, and according to the books, is best paired with a fat steak. But because I’m vegetarian, I’ll drink it with (wait for it!) cheese. Wine and cheese are a match as seasoned as ice-cream and chocolate sauce. According to the winemaker’s notes, The Chocolate Block is a blend: Syrah,

Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache Noir, Cinsault, and Viognier, with “bursts of raspberry, allspice and grapefruit”. And that’s where the sweetness comes in - not syrupy sweetness, but fruity goodness. Trust me to be unable to eat an actual chocolate bar but be able to guzzle a wine called The Chocolate Block. I am the Wine Chick after all. But in truth, the reason I like this wine is because it tastes more like an exotic bitter dark chocolate purchased on a faraway trip than a Mars Bar picked up from the corner store.




HEY SWEETHEART Here are some sweet wine options that can either be drunk with or instead of dessert.





BOSCHENDAL VIN D’OR South Africa Price: Ksh 1,059


Nose: A slight honey character with rich aromas of dried fruit.

Nose: Lovely aromas of honey, tangerine, apricot and dried peach.

Nose: Fresh, clean and floral

Nose: Fruity with hints of ripe berries.

Nose: Dried fruits, crystallized orange peel and black pepper.

Palate: Lovely sweet palate with pineapple, apricot and raisin flavours supported by a fresh acidity.

Palate: A subtle balance between acid and sugar with dried fruit and vanilla spice notes.

Palate: Honeyed, gentle grapey sweetness with tropical fruit salad flavours.

Palate: Fruity and soft with smooth sweet cherry and ripe berry flavours.

Nose: Tropical fruit aromas, hints of apple and citrus trimmed with some honey.

Food pairing: Excellent on its own or with preferred desserts.

Food pairing: Excellent on its own or with preferred desserts.

Available from MIA Wines & Spirits

Available from MIA Wines & Spirits

Food pairing: Can be enjoyed on its own or with preferred desserts. Available from Chandarana, Nakumatt, The Wine Shop, Vintage Cigars, Haven


Food pairing: Blue cheese, cakes, pastries, tarts and other desserts Available from Chandarana, Nakumatt, The Wine Shop, Vintage Cigars, Haven.

Palate: Tremendous fruit core, lots of concentration and good balance. Food pairing: Crème brulee, apple strudel, pastries or crumbles and custard. Available from WOW Beverages, Kileleshwa

Palate: Rich and layered with dried plum, baking spices and dark chocolate flavours. Food pairing: On its own or great to pair with dark chocolate, mature cheese and fruit desserts. Available from WOW Beverages, Kileleshwa



We all know what it takes to be healthy, but sometimes still just can’t take the necessary steps. What motivates you? For Soni Adriance, it just might be the instant gratification of a fantastic brunch spread after power yoga.


’ll go to the gym tomorrow”- that’s basically my health regimen. Sometimes I’m dedicated and end up going four or five times a week for a few months. Then one day I decide to take a day off, which turns into two days off, eventually snowballing into four months of “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow”. We all know what it takes to be healthy. A simple Google search will give you dozens of ideas that can suit your lifestyle. Start small. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Get out of bed and exercise for 20 minutes, it’s better than doing nothing. Eat vegetables and fruit; be mindful of your carbohydrates, sugar and junk food intake. Don’t smoke or drink in excess. We get it. I am very much aware of both the long and short-term benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Long term heart, lung and mobility benefits as well as short term increase in attention span, productivity and an overall feeling of accomplishment. I just can’t seem to do it. At least not in

its entirety. In a society that thrives on immediate gratification, what if we got the healthy ball rolling with some exercise and immediate reward? It’s a start, right? It was with this mentality that I headed to Bend and Brunch on a sunny Sunday at Tribe Hotel. Cheloti of the Africa Yoga Project was the instructor that day who took us through an hour of Power Yoga. I’ve practiced yoga before, the longest stint being for about a consecutive year, but now, after six months of living like a sloth, this was intense. Cheloti guided us through various poses and a variation of sun salutation which got the blood flowing and sweat dripping within 10 minutes of the word “go”. As he squared my hips and lowered me further into warrior one, my chest burned with anger. In that moment, I hated him. I hated him for thinking he knew better than I did what my body’s limits were. Every time I thought we were close to wrapping up, we’d be in

the next position, targeting a different set of muscles. “Lie on your back, lift your legs, bend your knees towards your ears, grab your big toes and come into happy baby” Cheloti gently instructed. “Breathe deeply into the pose, and thank your body for its strength and work today”. I was incredibly thankful our workout was over but as I lay there, knees by my ears, I gained a deep appreciation for what I had accomplished. Cheloti was right, I could stretch deeper and go further into the pose than I initially believed. It’s an incredible feeling to walk away from. A sense of strong accomplishment and strength. I immediately began mentally planning my next workout. As we walked out of the studio, I knew I deserved the brunch spread and cocktails that awaited me. I bee-lined for the desserts: mocha mousse, chocolate chip cookies, macarons, cakes and more. After a plate of desserts washed down with

a mimosa, I explored the rest of the brunch offering. There was a salad bar, soups, hot plates with main dishes from pastas to spare ribs, and an outdoor grill with shrimp and tandoori chicken. It was glorious. If this is what it means to work out, count me in. I now know what motivates me (delicious food and drinks) so I’ll work on incorporating it into my workout regimen tomorrow. What motivates you?



ADDIS BY NIGHT Jackson Biko, is a lover of whisky and people watching. He likes to walk the shadows of the city at dusk, picking conversations of a people spurred by the night and by their drink.


here was this time I got bored of sitting in my hotel room in Addis Ababa. The trip had a bunch of stiffs who didn’t want to catch a pint in the evening after the conference and prefered to lock themselves up in their rooms and watch National Geographic. So I wore my shoes, rode the elevator down and walked out of the hotel. It was 10:00pm. I didn’t know my bearings so on my way out, I asked the bellhop which places I should avoid. He pointed East and said, “Don’t go further in that direction... no street lights and you never know.” So I walked West, through a rough road, past those ugly blue taxis that Russians lent the Ethiopians


and refused to take back, past the cranes hanging over dark unfinished buildings now looking like the set of a low budget horror movie, and into the bustling main road, where I turned right and walked around aimlessly, followed by a tattered beggar with a sad looking toddler strapped on her back. She kept saying something in Amharic which I wanted to believe meant, “take this child off my back for two cigarettes.” I ignored her for three blocks because I didn’t have any cigarettes to spare, but eventually handed her 40 Birr. Of course I ended up in this dark bar (most bars in Ethiopia are seemingly so dark) where I sunk in an unoccupied leather seat. A fan whirred overhead. They played their

songs. They only had Jack Daniels on their whisky menu. The rest were dreadful whiskies that can turn a man’s tongue blue. Even a black man like me. I dropped two ice-cubes in my short-glass and sat back. Across were three girls on a girl’s date. They were all very pretty. Most Ethiopian girls are very pretty. It’s unfair. God gave them Haile Selassie, weed and pretty girls. Ugandans have Besigye, a political punching bag that helps with the self esteem of its neighbours. Tanzanians have a national jealousy and paranoia that Kenyans will sneak through their borders and steal their Zebras from Serengeti. South Sudan has boreholes. Sudan has the janjaweed. What did we get apart

from Thika Road and lions that roam our highways in broad daylight? I stared at the girls like a creep. At the table at the corner a man cosied up with his date, another stunning beauty with long hair and eyelashes I could have hung my clothes on. She giggled and he nudged her neck playfully. They disgusted me. The waitress, another waif beauty with broken english asked if I wanted a refill. I didn’t see why not. Because I was miserable, I ordered a chicken pizza and what came looked like a bloated sea animal. I ate one slice, paid my bill and walked back to the hotel where I stripped down to nothing and jumped into bed, but just before I slept, I wondered if the beggar’s child was warm and well fed.



LAKESIDE BLISS Yummy Editor Wendy Watta flies down to Kisumu to explore the culinary delights of this magical port city.





I can imagine heading to the pier and casting your fishing rod over breakfast, and as you leaned forward to take a sip of your virgin sunrise, feeling the gentle tug of the fish that the chefs would then be frying up for your lunch.




riday evening had all the markings of being perfect, and had started with me heading to my favourite wine store to pick out the best bottle of Chardonnay, which currently sat chilling on an ice bucket on my kitchen counter. I had also spent the better part of half an hour making Gordon Ramsay’s mushroom, leek and tarragon pasta following a video on his Youtube channel, and was just settling down to watch a movie. 10 minutes in, I get a call from my friend Melisa saying she’s heading down to Kisumu that night and asking if I would like to go. Let’s just say that an hour later, she’s picking me up from my apartment and we’re speeding off towards the airport trying not to miss our Jambojet flight. I have been to Kisumu enough times to consider myself quite the expert on this port city. My first ever Chinese restaurant experience was actually at Oriental on the first floor of Al-Imran plaza. I clearly remember my teenage self almost having a heart attack when the chef began to flambé our chicken at the table. When at the lakeside, eat as the locals do, and that means a variety of fish like tilapia, nile perch and silver cyprinid. With a lot of restaurants being lined up along Lake Victoria, I also have fond memories of Tilapia Beach which used to have some of the biggest tilapia I have ever seen. You get to choose the size of fish and how you want it cooked, and minutes later it gets to your table with a side of indigenous vegetables, ugali and kachumbari. The views were also always breathtaking, although there was the matter of water hyacinth threatening to mar this. International tourists have since discovered Tilapia Beach and I think the price of fish may have shot up because of this. On my most recent visit, the weather was far too hot to inspire much daytime action . However, after being cooped up indoors all morning, I was ready to crawl out the house and make my way to the West End Shopping Mall, one of the newest additions to Kisumu’s architectural facelift. A sign reading ‘Nairobi Java House’ drew Melisa and me to the familiar, although the ‘Nairobi’ in the brand name struck me as quite odd given the location. Two hot cups of cappuccino later and we were ready to explore the culinary delights of this lakeside city and identify the best place to sit down for a nice leisurely lunch. As we explored our options, I was pleased to learn that restaurants like Habesha (Ethiopian cuisine) and Haandi (Indian cuisine) have both set up outlets here. Imperial Hotel, located in the Central Business District and one of the oldest establishments in the town, houses the Palms Coffee Shop and Victoria Terrace. The latter offers continental cuisine and is known for its burgers and freshly

cooked traditional fish. We briefly considered going to Sunset Hotel in Milimani but given the fact that it was a weekend, it would have been too crowded with families what with kids running wild and jumping in and out of the pool. Instead we ended up having lunch in a serene garden at Clarice Guest House and our choice of Molo lamb racks and fish in thick coconut sauce hit the spot. The next day we woke up bright and early and headed off to Kiboko Bay Resort in the Dunga area of the city. On the way we passed the Impala Park Sanctuary, and regretted not deciding to spend a peaceful and relaxing day taking in the park’s natural beauty and trying to spot impalas, Situnga antelopes, giraffes, buffaloes, big cats and more. The sanctuary has five campsites and activities include nature walks, bird watching or taking a glass bottomed boat ride on the lake. I hear there is now an eco-lodge with a spectacular floating restaurant which I am dying to see next time I’m around. As we approached Kiboko Bay Resort, we could hear Benga music blasting from a nearby restaurant. This was Dunga Hill Camp which looked sweet and very child friendly. Next we made a pitstop at La Pearl Breeze Point, a new lakeside establishment. The owner took pains to explain that the wall separating the lake from the restaurant was a necessity as the waves would sometimes get so strong that the water would come right up to the tables. Still, she told us, one can choose to have a table set up right on the water line. Eventually we managed to pass Hippo Point and, too famished to even make conversation, reached Kiboko Bay. Kiboko Bay is the one spot you should definitely check out when in Kisumu. Stay at one of their cottages if you can. It hits all the right notes: stunning views - especially of the sun as it sets over the lake, fresh fish as well as a variety of other options on their continental menu, a swimming pool (because you might get swallowed by a hippo should you decide to go dip in the lake), indoor and outdoor seating, activities like boat rides and bird watching for enthusiasts. Last year they had a dining area set up on a pier so patrons could enjoy their meal over the lake. I can imagine heading there and casting your fishing rod over breakfast, and as you leaned forward to take a sip of your virgin sunrise, feeling the gentle tug of the fish that the chefs would then be frying up for your lunch. Unfortunately on this occasion the pier had collapsed, so we hope they refurbish it as it was a really cool addition. Intact however was the jetty with little lanterns lined up along it. This is the perfect spot to view the sunset or just take pictures to remember your time at the lakeside.


When at the lakeside, eat as the locals do, and that means a variety of fish like tilapia, nile perch and silver cyprinid. With a lot of restaurants being lined up along Lake Victoria, I also have fond memories of Tilapia Beach which used to have some of the biggest tilapia I have ever seen. You get to choose the size of fish and how you want it cooked, and minutes later it gets to your table with a side of indigenous vegetables, ugali and kachumbari. The views were also always breathtaking, although there was the matter of water hyacinth threatening to mar this.








Artcaffé Brasserie

La Dolce Vita



The Village Market, Gigiri Cafe 0717193895 An elegant and simple style gives Artcaffe’s Café Brassiere at the Village Market a distinct class. It is the main bakery for all their cafes and serves an extensive menu through- out the day.

Muthaiga Shopping Center Italian 0203749945 This restaurant subscribes to the three R’s that make Italian food great: rustic, robust and reasonably priced. The interior is bright and airy with art work from the Federico Fellini film creating a stylish space.

Villa Rosa Kempinski Pan Asian 0703049000 Here you are taken on a culinary journey through Asia. Admire gastronomic artistry from within the theatre kitchen as you watch the restaurant’s master chef prepare your favorite dishes.

Zen Garden, Lower Kabete Rd Pan Asian 0717542017 Bamboo is a fine dining restaurant offering the finest fusion cuisine. You can enjoy a combination of Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine, set in an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

Cake City

Lord Erroll

About Thyme

Big Square

Warwick Centre Bakery & Juice Bar 0732444111 This spot uses traditional recipes to make delicious treats that feel home baked. Cake City will always be there to deliver carefully created cakes and pastries exactly as desired.

89 Ruaka Rd French 0721920820 Evergreen gardens, a mouth-watering selection of gourmet treats and serene environment make this the perfect place to catch up with friends and family as you sip on cocktails.

Eldama Ravine Road Continental 0721850026 Offers a well-prepared menu and beautifully presented dishes from around the world. Enjoy an intimate dining experience in a leafy area of Westlands.

The Oval Burger, Fast Food 0714781351 Visit Big Square’s new branch at The Oval, Westlands and enjoy juicy succulent burgers, creamy milkshakes as well as a fun kiddie corner. Let’s make a square mess!

Big Square



Brew Bistro

UN Avenue, Gigiri Burger, Fast Food 0714782380 This branch is located at the corner of United Nations Avenue and Limuru Road. This is the perfect spot to eat, work and chill with either friends or family.

United Nation Ave, Gigiri Italian 0705269841 It is evocative of an Italian villa capturing Italian love for dining from their traditional specialties of seafood, pasta, meat and wood oven baked pizzas with exclusive selection of wines.

Rhapta Rd, Westlands Indian 0734320330 For a fantastic Indian meal featuring classic curries like jalfrezies and tikka masalas in a warm and inviting ambiance, this restaurant never fails to deliver.

Fortis Tower Lounge 0705466836 This spot reaches new heights of luxury with an expansive lounge and exquisite outdoor terrace where guests can feast on delectable bites and sip specialty brews and cocktails.


Suite 101


Budhaa Bar

The Village Market, Gigiri Cafe 0205006662 Aside from your favourite cup of coffee, this latest branch of Dormans boasts a new menu including a wide selection of salads, delicious sandwiches, pastries, cakes and cookies.

Tribe Hotel, Gigiri Bakery & Patisserie 0207200000 Get all your custom cakes, novelty cakes, freshly baked pastries, gourmet chocolates, authentic Italian homemade gelatos and much more, all at Suite 101 at Tribe.

General Mathenge Lane, Westlands Eritrean 0721948020 A modern and friendly dining atmosphere with fresh, authentic Eritrean and Continental cuisine. They also have an extensive alcoholic beverage selection and children’s play area.

Delta Corner Complex Lounge and Cafe 0736604121 Head here to relax at their upstairs, rooftop “VIP” lounge and glowing circular bar with a welcoming lounge area that provides a 360 degree view of the Westlands area.





United Nations Crescent, Gigiri Ethiopian 0725869955 Reknowned for its authenticity in Ethiopian cuisine, Habesha offers a wide array of traditional, hearty Ethiopian cuisine served in a rustic and homely atmosphere.

The Village Market, Gigiri Continental 0207124005 Casual trendy atmosphere ideal for coffees, lunch and dinner. The restaurant’s exciting menu offers a delicious selection of light salads and gourmet dishes.

The Oval Café 0717193895 Distinctly chic style with creative décor including the largest balcony space among the Artcaffe outlets. The ArtBakery serves freshly baked homemade breads, pastries and desserts.

Villa Rosa Kempinski Cafe 0703049000 This spot is an ideal destination for an international dining experience. Whether it’s a taste of home or something rather different you are after, Cafe Villa Rosa is the place to be.


360 Degrees


Cake City

Tribe Hotel, Gigiri International,Formal Dining 0207200000 Jiko is glamourous yet sophisticated whilst maintaining the warmth and personality of Kenya. Its contemporary cuisine focuses on fresh ingredients.

ABC Place Italian - American Fusion 0700360360 Upscale casual restaurant known for serving authentic neopolitan pizza in a warm and lively modern atmosphere. The brunch here is the perfect way to spend any weekend.

Sankara Hotel, Woodvale Groove International 204208000 From the outdoor terrace to the private dining room, Artisan is designed to reflect a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Diamond Plaza Bakery & Juice Bar 0734265718 Using traditional recipes to make delicious treats that feel home baked, Cake City will always be there to deliver carefully created cakes and pastries made just like you like them.

List your restaurant for only Ksh 5000 per month. Email 57.



Cake City

Darwar Restaurant


Ocean Basket

Next to Soin Arcade, Westlands rd Bakery & Juice Bar 0732444111 This spot uses traditional recipes to make delicious treats with a homebaked feel. Cake City delivers carefully created cakes and pasteries made as desired.

Apic Center, 1st Floor Indian 0722 520786 Darwar Indian Restaurant and lounge offers Special Indian, Chinese and Tandoor Cuisines with an amazing ambiance taking you to next level of Yummiest Treats

The Mall, Westlands Indian 0774157034 Haandi - the ultimate name in quality North Indian Cuisine. They offer a bespoke menu and a large selection of wines & beverages that will satisfy any discerning patron

The Oval Seafood, Sushi 0786227538 Here you’ll find people who share a love for delicious seafood served hot. You can expect quality seafood, a cool relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and great value.

Cake City


Jade Tea House

Pizza Inn

Sarit Centre Bakery & Juice Bar 0770 808451 Using traditional recipes to make delicious treats that feel home baked, Cake City will be there to deliver carefully created cakes and pasteries made exactly to your liking.

Ring Road Parklands Japanese 0722488706 Furusato specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine and friendly service that will make your dining experience unforgettable. Now with 6 Teppanyaki tables and a Sushi Bar.

Zen Garden, Lower Kabete Rd Multi Cuisine 0724288791 Overlooking the beautiful Zen Garden, Jade is a beautiful venue, situated in the heart of Spring Valley. The food quality and high level of service, attracts customers to this area.

Oil Libya, Waiyaki Way Fast Food 0723971417 Pizza Inn continues to deliver some of the best pizza made using the freshest ingredients. Enjoy their contemporary interior design as you indudlge in a hot and yummy pizza of your choice.


Fogo Gaucho

Lemon Lounge


ABC Place Contemporary American 0716663463 The warm, inviting ambiance and relaxing atmosphere here is perfect for a quick bite, business lunch or celebrating special occasions with friends. The service is also really great!

Viking House, Waiyaki Way Brazilian, Steak House 0729 243 202 Fogo Gaucho Churrascaria will serve you more than a dozen cuts of meat and 20 different salads prepared by Brazilian cuisine experts in an elegant South Brazilian ambience.

Next to Spring Valley Police Station Indian, Pub 0721738570 Set in the leafy suburbs of Spring Valley, Lemon Lounge has a breathtaking view with an all day menu of both Indian cuisine and pub food, not to mention an amazing happy hour.

Matundu Lane, Off School lane Japanese, Lebanese 0716161011 The Phoenician is a fabulous restaurant which serves sushi, Lebanese and Teppanyaki courses. The Phoenician has a delightful ambience, children’s play area and good service.

Chicken Inn


Lime Light


Oil Libya Service Station Fast Food 0734265718 The design and layout of Chicken Inn is inviting and colorful, appealing to the whole family. Their menu has something for everyone from roasted rotisserie chicken to children’s meals.

Oil Libya Service Station Fast Food 0733 485 855 They offer authentic flame grilled chicken with Lemon and Herb, Mild, Hot or Extra Hot as per the preference of the customer. Many of their patrons have termed it unmatched.

Hotel Royal Orchid Azure Multi-Cuisine 0736277170 This is the main restaurant that offers buffet set-up and seats both inside and outside set on the large veranda overlooking the swimming pool giving a relaxed atmosphere.

La Maison Royale, 9 Mogotio Road Continental 0729769253 Offers an exhuberant environment that incoporates french cuisine in its very essence. Their wide array of delectable dishes will satisfy your food cravings and keep you going back.

Clay Oven

Golden Spur


Royal Kitchen

Fuji Plaza, Ground Floor Indian/Coffee Bar 0708778877 Experience pure North Indian cuisine prepared by their chefs brought in directly from the heart of India. Has a modern setting and coffee bar.

Southern Sun Hotel, Parklands Rd Steak House 0203740249 Offers delicious specialty steaks, burgers and a wide range of exciting salads. This classic family restaurant also has an activity area for children.

Villa Rosa Kempinski Italian 0703049000 A popular spot for family brunch on Sundays with a wide range of Italian cuisine, live entertainment, children’s play area and a fantastic mini-buffet.

Pride Inn Hotel, Westlands Rd Continental 0728224595 Lovers of authentic Indian or Chinese cuisines are in for a treat at Royal Kitchen. Customers are guaranteed of genuine and tasty cuisines.





West End Towers, Waiyaki Way Italian 0791496894 Their contemporary restaurant makes for a perfect meeting point with friends or family. Their authentic Italian cuisine is made with the freshest ingredients. A slice of Italy.

Sankara Hotel, Woodvale Grove Steakhouse 0204208000 Enjoy aged beef, succulent seafood, and classic steakhouse dishes exquisitely paired with an eclectic wine and whisky list featuring some of the finest producers in the world.

9 West Plaza, Ring Road Italian 0725547800 Mediterraneo has a modern back drop to the best Italian fine dining in the city, from their mosaic pizza oven to home made pastas, seafood dishes and Italian ice creams.

Sankara Hotel, Woodvale Grove International 0204208000 Enjoy sweeping views of Nairobi in this exclusive rooftop location as you try expertly made cocktails. Note that the age limit after 6pm is 25 years and above.

Fantastic discounts at your favourite restaurants. 58.






Saravana Bhavan


Venom Terrace


2nd Flr, Victoria Plaza, Parklands Rd Indian Vegetarian 0704182222 The world’s largest vegetarian chain now has a branch in Nairobi, and with chefs directly from Chenhai! Swing by for tasty, organic, purely vegetarian South Indian cuisine!

dusitD2 Hotel, 14 Riverside Drive Thai 0204233000 SOI brings world-renowned Thai street food with a modern twist to your plate. SOI also features a communal table and an enclosed space with its own terrace for more privacy.

9th Floor, Victoria plaza Mordern Indian Fusion 0733678153 Specializing in Indian Fusion Cuisine with a twist of Molecular Gastronomy. First of its kind in Kenya. Exotic Indian food served in a contemporary style, delightful ambience and good service.

The Junction Mall, Ngong Rd Café 0202327799 Bright, light- filled café famous for its roasted coffees,hearty dishes and mouth watering deserts. It is the ideal spot for postshopping coffee and cake, breakfasts and leisurely lunches.

Secret Garden



Big Square

14 Riverside Drive Cafe 0708800847 Conveniently located in the new office blocks at 14 Riverside Drive, they strive to keep their food simple, fresh and natural. Secret Garden is one of Nairobi’s must-try healthy restaurants.

dusitD2 Hotel, 14 Riverside Drive International 0204233000 Soko offers a private dining roundel and a sublime terrace perfect for an upscale business lunch, a get together or a romantic dinner completed with an international and eclectic menu.

Junction of Karuna Rd & Lower Kabete International 0737555999 Upscale gastro-pub with an eclectic mix of jazz fusion. Enjoy simple heartwarming comfort food and slightly more unusual dishes.

The Junction Mall, Ngong Rd Burger, Fast food 0714781351 you are guaranteed to enjoy the ambiance as you eat your favorite fries, the famous square burger, crunchy onion rings and juicy ribs marinated in Big Square’s secret sauce.




Brew Bistro

ABC Place, Waiyaki Way Seafood 0737776677 Offers a sumptuous selection of the finest Indian Ocean seafood. Indulge in one of Seven’s decadent desserts to complete Nairobi’s most unique and sought-after dining experience.

Villa Rosa Kempinski Levant Cuisine 0703049000 An intimate rooftop lounge, bar and restaurant with a striking decor, exceptional Shisha, authentic levantine cuisine and electrifying performances by belly dancers.

Hotel Emerald Multi-Cuisine 0729418241 Enjoy Indian, Chinese and Italian specialties in a serene setting with a great view from the 6th floor of the Hotel Emerald making any evening out special and unforgettable.

Piedmont Plaza, Ngong Rd Bistro 0771152359 Fine dining section complimented by a centralised open kitchen which serves Pan-Global cuisine, incorporating a fusion of French, European, Asian and classic Kenyan flavours.


Taste of China



Diamond Plaza New Wing Chinese, Indian 0773868497 Delicious Indian & Chinese Cuisine prepared by highly experienced chefs in their tastefully decorated interior. Home deliveries and catering for your special events also available.

VIP Plaza, Westlands Rd Chinese 0202117172 This is a modern bar and restaurant serving Indo-Chinese food complemented by an extensive alcohol menu. The dining room has a tranquil colour scheme with ambient lighting.

Raphta Rd Continental 0772322270 Great atmosphere during the day and an exciting nightlife that can only be described as the best “pre-game and after party spot”. Coupled with fantastic meals and cocktails.

101 Manyani East Road Japanese 0717700666 The only Japanese restaurant actually owned by Japanese in kenya. Try authentic meals including sushi, noodles, a variety of seafood specials and imported sake from Japan.


The Tandoori Patio

Wet Lounge

Chicken Inn

Apic Center , Westlands Chinese, Indian 0707030338 Authentic Chinese and Indian cuisines dishes are offered with a pleasant, cozy dining experience in a perfect setting ideal for couples, small groups or flocks of family and friends

Junction of Lower Kabete & Peponi Indian Cuisine 0702018709 A hidden gem with an upscale patio style set up that is serene and pocket friendly serving hearty meals for healthy eaters. Best for hot naans, Curries and Tandoori bbqs.

Hotel Royal Orchid, Westlands International 0733 816 007 This is a chic yet classy lounge perfect for a night out with friends. It boasts of an eclectic ambiance with an impeccably designed VIP room where you can have private parties.

Milele Mall, Ngong Town Fast Food The design and layout of Chicken Inn is inviting and colorful, appealing to the whole family. Their menu has something for everyone from roasted rotisserie chicken to children’s meals. – We all “Luv dat Chicken”

Snack Attack

Tiger Trail


Creamy Inn

Sarit Centre Fast Food 0700377777 Snack Attack Kenya at Sarit Centre is a quick serve restaurant franchise from the UAE and the first restau- rant in Nairobi to bring you “Loaded Chips”, made using their own unique recipe.

Hotel Royal Orchid Azure Indian 0716079305 This is a fine dining restaurant that serves fine Indian cuisine from a delicate balance of succulent food, featuring an authentic ambiance and personalized service from experienced staff.

Lavington Curve Mall, James Gichuru rd Portuguese 0723111999 Adega is an upmarket Portuguese restaurant catering to a variety of tastes and styles, including a Halal menu; a combination that will leave you wanting more.

Milele Mall, Ngong Town Fast Food 0734529478 Creamy Inn promises to tempt you with that special sweet something that makes life worth living. Their ice creams are really popular and upon trying some, you will realize why and get more.

List your restaurant for only Ksh 5000 per month. Email 61.



Double Dragon

Mama Ashanti


Sierra Brasserie

The Junction Mall Chinese 0722 739143 Double Dragon is a Chinese restaurant located at The Junction Mall. The location offers great service and authentic Chinese cuisine to its customers.

Muthangari Gardens West African 0736222324 Mama Ashanti prides itself in providing authentic West African meals in a calm serene environment. Their menu includes the famous jollof rice and goat pepper soup.

Thompson Estate, Kingara Rd Brazilian, Steak House 0727785302 Pampa is a haven for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. The restaurant encompasses an authentic Brazilian rotisserie steak house and fantastic buffet salad bar.

Hurlingham, Yaya Centre Continental 0208068594 Sierra Brasserie is a modern interpretation of a classical French brasserie serving simple yet elegant food using the best ingredients available and with fast and friendly service.

Fogo Gaucho

Mambo Italia


The Steak Out

Kilimani, Galana Rd Brazilian, Steak House 0715414141 Brazilian Steakhouse with a set price for all you can eat, magnificent buffet professional baristas and specially selected wine list. Beautiful ambience with outside terrace seating.

Lavington Curve Mall, Lavington Italian 0719468885 Mambo Italia is a casual Italian restaurant and café specializing in gourmet pizzas, pasta, salads and more. Enjoy thin-crust pizzas, home-made gelato or coffee on their fabulous terrace.

BEST WESTERN PREMIER NAIROBI International 0202927000 The menu here encompasses a wide variety of international cuisine, from Asian dishes to Italian pastas and pizzas. Sit either indoors or outside and be sure to be spoilt for choice!

102 Manyani Rd. Off James Gichuru Multi Cuisine 0726211443 The Steck Out is an elegant and urban steakhouse serving creative foods for all palates in a comfortable ambiance ensuring a memorable dining experience.




The Arbor

Galana Plaza, Galana Rd Japanese 0708333999 Ginza serves hearty and authentic Japanese meals from fresh sushi, delicious desserts, salads, stir fried and Teppanyaki dishes and more, all prepared by their able chefs.

The Junction Mall, Ngong Rd Italian 0734845077 An Italian experience set in its family like atmosphere with a variety of traditional Mediterranean specialty of seafood, grilled meat, home made pastas and Sicilian ice cream.

Junction Mall Japanese, Lebanese 0203741524 The Phoenician is a fabulous restaurant which serves sushi, Lebanese and Teppanyaki courses, in an al fresco atmosphere, a delightful ambience and good service.

House 904, James Gichuru Rd Café 0729400291 The Arbor is an eco-friendly garden cafe with an eclectic selection of food and as well as a marketplace in a tranquil garden setting in the heart of Nairobi.


MEZZE on the deck

Pizza Inn

The Wine Shop

Argwings Khodek Rd, Hurlingham Ethiopian 0733730469 Renown for its authentic Ethiopian cuisine complimented by great hospitality, Habesha has continued to win hearts around Nairobi and is set in a warm homely atmosphere.

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Middle East & Mediterranean 0202927000 For traditional Arabic hospitality, food, an exotic array of sheesha flavours and a breathtaking view of the Ngong Hills, Mezze on the deck is ‘the’ place to dine in Nairobi.

Milele Mall, Ngong Town Pizza 0734529478 “It must be the Pizza!” This popular pizza outlet makes some great tasting pizza, all made using only the freshest ingredients, hence their popularity with patrons around the city.

671 Piedmont Plaza, Ngong Rd International 0718003302 The Wine Shop encourages you to explore your palate and experiment either by the glass or bottle. They also offer a selection of delicious complimentary dishes for your wines.

Jiweke Tavern

Monikos Kitchen

Pizza Mojo


Ngong Rd African Cuisine 0728333985 Offers an exceptional Kenyan dining experience. The charming old fashioned interior with a luscious garden and outside sports bar. Ideal for family lunches and fun nights out.

Lavington, Valley Arcade Continental 0737032064 Inspired by the abundance of fresh and organic produce in Nairobi and across the country. Offers guests a delightful menu and tranquility at the heart of the shopping center.

Adlife Plaza, Kilimani Pizza 0729918435 This spot has a perfect classic pizzas menu and more available on a ‘Two for One price’ being served in a stylish ambience perfect for creating memories and capturing moments.

Kolloh Rd Japanese, Korean 0721485586 Tokyo, a restaurant with over 10 years of experience, serves top class food in Nairobi. It has a wide range and fine selection of sushi and other typical Japanese dishes.


Noah Restaurant

Salt Bar

Afghan House

Radisson Blu Multi Cuisine 0704810000 Serves local favorites and international dishes with an African twist. The Larder’s cosy ambiance enclaves create a sense of intimacy.

Eastlands Hotel Multi cuisine 0203861005 Offering an array of delicacies with contemporary fusion of the west and orient, Karaoke and hotpot on griddle tables available in private VIP rooms.

Junction Mall Bar 0704595818 This is a stylish wine shop and bar with a selection of bottles from Spain and more. They also host regular wine tasting affairs for enthusiasts.

The Hub Afghan Cuisine 0717781815 It provides freshly prepared Afghan Food that is made on order and delivered all around Nairobi. They also specialize in Turkish baklava

Fantastic discounts at your favourite restaurants. 62.







Js Fresh Bar



Karen Crossroads Shopping Centre Café, Continental 0717193895 Offers a tranquil setting for work and play, boasting a two-level restaurant space including the famous Art Bakery, a coffee bar, cocktail bar and outdoor seating

Karen - Opposite St. Christopher’s Continental - British Inspired 0718607197 J’s is East Africa’s Café Del Mar, serving fabulous British inspired cuisine in a sumptuous wooden shack; in an informal and cool atmosphere, always with great music.

320 Ngong Road African, Pan-Asian, European 0733761449 Talisman serves up a delightful fusion of European, Pan-Asian and African Creations by their creative chefs. Live music and art exhibitions are available at the Veranda.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, UpperHill Continental 0202746000 An All-day restaurant on a terrace overlooking the hotel’s main pool. They serve full english buffet breakfasts, contemporary buffet lunches, and an al a carte or set dinner menu.

Big Square

Marula Mercantile

Tamambo Blixen


Karen Square, Ngong Rd Burger, Fast Food 0714781351 Big Square Karen offers some of the best burgers and ribs that your teeth can sink in to. Features play area for children that has iPads and latest gaming consoles.

Marula Lane, Karen Modern/International 0706 22 4444 Locally-sourced, modern cuisine and innovative cocktails served in a rustic, laid-back garden setting. Bread, pastries, jams, sausages and more all made in-house.

336 Karen Road Continental 0733603065 Relax in the cozy indoor restaurant with adjacent outdoor garden, remodeled with a variety of functions areas set in one the largest and oldest formal gardens in Kenya.

InterContinental Hotel,CBD Indian 0203200322 Bhandini transports you to Northern India in first-class style with fine cuisine and a sophisticated setting. The Chef works his culinary magic in a glass-enclosed kitchen.


Matbronze Café

Tamarind Nairobi

Big Five

Carnivore Rd, Langata African, Barbeque, Kenyan 0722204647 Considered as ‘Africa’s Greatest Eating Experience’, the Carnivore serves exotic meats roasted over charcoal and carved in front of the guests’ eyes at their table.

Hse.2 Kifaru Lane, Langata South Rd. Cafe 0719204834 Classy cafe nestled in the serene location of Karen boasting of beautiful gardens and an inspiring bronze art gallery. Enjoy their tasty sandwiches, light grills and wholesome salads.

Karen Blixen, Karen Seafood 0733603065 Tamarind Nairobi offers some of the city’s leading seafood in an ambience of elegance. Enjoy a drink in their bar or a well-prepared meal as a live band entertains you.

Ole Sereni Hotel, Mombasa Rd Multi Cuisine 0203901000 Prepared to savor and relish over the finest of five cuisines of the world as you watch their award winning chefs prepare each order before you with a bonus view of Nairobi National Park

Chicken Inn

Que Pasa

The Curragh

Cafe Maghreb

Shell, Mbagathi Way Fast Food The design and layout of Chicken Inn is inviting and colorful, appealing to the whole family. Their menu has something for everyone from roasted rotisserie chicken to children’s meals.

Karen Shopping Centre,Karen Continental 0728272902 This neighbourhood bar is a stylish yet simple space. Provides the perfect informal location to enjoy a meal, drink or lounge.

Ngong Race Course Pub Food 0706317753 Nairobi’s first authentic Irish Pub found at Ngong Race course, with ample free parking and great authentic Irish cuisine.

Nairobi Serena Hotel, CBD Seafood, Cafe 0202822000 An international buffet is served in the Moroccan Café Maghreb, which also features a table d’hôte dinner menu and 24-hour brasserie service.

Creative Kitchen

Simba Saloon

Afghan House

Flame Tree

Wilson Airport (Off Langata Road) Continental 0722959552 Creative Kitchen offers an a la carte lunch menu that caters to all palates. Family friendly with a playground for the children, they feature a live band that plays once monthly.

Carnivore Rd, Langata African, Barbeque 0722204647 A vibrant informal restaurant which fuses a childrens playground and a lively nightclub. You are welcome to for their fine cuisine or a themed night out with your friends.

Kisauni Rd Nairobi West Afghan Cuisine 0717781815 Afghan House provides freshly prepared Afghan Food which is made on order and delivered all around Nairobi. They also specialize in Turkish baklava, a popular dessert.

Sarova Panafric, Valley Rd International 0709111000 Dine at this restaurant overlooking manicured gardens and prepare your senses for an unmatched culinary journey. Their personalized service will ensure a great experience.

Explorer Tavern

Snack Attack


Makuti Bar & Grill

Ole Dume Rd Continental, Bar 20 5203931 Hidden in the Lavington area, Explorer Tavern is the place that celebrates a wide variety of single-malt scotches and different cuisines. One try and you’ll be back for more!

Adams Arcade Fast Food 0700377777 Snack Attack Kenya is your go to source for delicious “Loaded Chips”. Head there and indulge in their tasty menu which offers extensive and rich meals at an affordable price

Gem Suites, State House Crescent Continental with Italian Fusion 0202635556 ‘Argenti”, meaning “silver” in Italian, communicates the fine dining and elegance of the restaurant while retaining an air of exclusivity. They also have very efficient service.

InterContinental Hotel,CBD International 0203200324 The restaurant is popular among businessmen and other prominent personalities who frequent it for lunch and meetings. Situated by the pool, this is also ideal for families.

List your restaurant for only Ksh 5000 per month. Email 65.





Cake City

Mambo Italia

Nairobi Serena Hotel Formal Dining 0202822000 This restaurant overlooks the pool and offers a fine- dining experience. Known for the excellence of its seasonally inspired menu and extensive wine cellars.

Fairmont Norfolk, Harry Thuku Rd Formal Dining 0202265000 This restaurant offers flame grilled, aged cuts of high quality meat. The fine dining experience comprises of an a la carte menu and an international range of wines.

TRM Mall Cafe 0734265718 Cake City uses traditional recipes to make delicious treats that feel home baked. Delivers are available and include carefully created, personalised cakes and pastries.

Garden City Italian 0703 967 149 Mambo Italia is a casual Italian restaurant and café specializing in gourmet pizzas, pasta, salads and more. Enjoy thin-crust pizzas, home-made gelato or coffee.

Mukutan Garden

Thai Chi

Chicken Inn

Moca Loca

Fairview Hotel, Upper Hill Cafe 0202881000 The Mukutan Garden Café overlooks the most beautiful water feature in East Africa and is known for its, coffees and light meals such as gourmet sandwiches, pizzas and quesadillas.

The Sarova Stanley, Kimathi St,CBD Thai 0202757000 One of the city’s most elegant dining establishments, The Thai Chi boasts the finest in authentic Thai cuisine. The Thai Chi is a small piece of Thailand in Nairobi.

Garden City - 1st flr Fast Food 0734265718 The design and layout of Chicken Inn is inviting and colorful, appealing to the whole family. Their menu has something for everyone from roasted rotisserie chicken to children’s meals.

Garden City Cafe & Lounge 0708084835 A cafe, restaurant and lounge serving breakfast, lunch & dinner, as well as coffee and cocktails . Ambiance is central to this new brand which also has a location in Nakuru town.


Lord Delameres

Chicken Inn TRM

Pizza Inn

Panari Sky Centre, Mombasa Rd Brazilian, Steak House 0722131047 Pampa Churrascaria is a haven for meat lovers and vegetarians alike; it encompasses an authentic Brazilian rotisserie steak house as well as a fantastic buffet salad bar.

Fairmont Norfolk, Harry Thuku Rd Formal Dining 0202265000 Classic, charming and modern restaurant ideal for business executives, families and groups of friends. The menu features robust international and authentic Kenyan cuisine.

TRM Mall - 2nd flr Fast Food 0734265718 The design and layout of Chicken Inn is inviting and colorful, appealing to the whole family. Their menu has something for everyone from roasted rotisserie chicken to children’s meals.

Garden City - 1st flr Fast Food 0702323323 “It must be the Pizza!” This popular pizza outlet makes some great tasting pizza, all made using only the freshest ingredients, hence their popularity with patrons around the city.

Pango Brasserie

Thorn Tree Cafe

Creamy Inn

Pizza Inn TRM

Fairview Hotel, Upper- Hill Formal Dining 0202881330 With its famous underground wine cellar, romantic ambience, quality service and excellent taste, the Pango Brasserie is indeed in a class of its own.

The Sarova Stanley, Kimathi St,CBD Continental 0202757000 This a legendary open-air, bistro style pavement cafe most famous for its message board located at the centre of the restaurant. The cafe is the perfect meeting place for friends.

Garden City - 1st flr Fast Food 0702323323 Creamy Inn promises to tempt you with that special sweet something that makes life worth living. Their ice creams are really popular and upon trying some, you will realize why.

TRM Mall - Grnd flr Fast Food 0734265718 “It must be the Pizza!” This popular pizza outlet makes some great tasting pizza, all made using only the freshest ingredients, hence their popularity with patrons around the city.

Black Gold Cafe

Artcaffe Garden City


Pizza Mojo

The Panari Hotel, Mombasa Rd Cafe 0711091000 The Black Gold Cafe is known for its well roasted coffees, teas, light meals, smoothies and desserts. Its location gives it the atmosphere of a game lodge as it faces the Nairobi National Park.

Garden City Mall Cafe 0709202020 Artcaffe gives customers a place to rest and relax over great food and drinks made by their passionate team of chefs, baristas and mixologists, to ensure each visit is a memorable experience.

Garden City- Grnd Flr Fast Food 0702323323 Galito’s offers delicious and authentic flame grilled chicken, burgers, rice dishes and french fries, and that’s what first comes to mind when you think of this popular fast food chain in Nairobi.

Garden City - 1st Flr Pizza 0729918435 With a perfect classic pizzas menu and all available on a ‘Two for One price’ being served in a stylish ambience perfect for creating memories and capturing moments. Ask for their freshly brewed beers too.

Sikia Fine Dining

Artcaffe TRM

Galito’s TRM


Crowne Plaza Hotel, ,UpperHill Formal Dining 0202746000 The Sikia Fine Dining room is perfect for lunchtime catch-ups or mid-week dinners with friends and family. The modern menu is delightful and the dining room is comfortably elegant.

TRM Mall Cafe 0709202020 Their quietly elegant décor and amazing art provides the perfect setting for the intermingled aromas of freshly baked bread, pastries, cakes and specially roasted coffee.

TRM Mall- Grnd Flr Fast Food 0733485855 Galito’s offers delicious and authentic flame grilled chicken and french fries, and that’s what first comes to mind when you think of this popular fast food chain in Nairobi.

Garden City Mall - 1st Flr Caribbean 0792482042 The recently opened Sugarcane offers Caribbean food in a casual, stylish atmosphere. Favorites like Jerk Chicken, Curry and Roti, tropical desserts and yummy drinks!

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Yummy Vol 18 - Chocolate Issue  

Dedicated to your sweet tooth, the Chocolate issue features sinful dessert recipes, Nairobi's best dessert spots and lots more!

Yummy Vol 18 - Chocolate Issue  

Dedicated to your sweet tooth, the Chocolate issue features sinful dessert recipes, Nairobi's best dessert spots and lots more!

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