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Vol 2.8 | August 2016

CAFE CULTURE BEAN TO CUP The coffee roaster putting Kenyan coffee on the map

COFFEE ADDICT Chef Ray sheds light on the culture of coffee in restaurants worldwide

COFFEE QUIZ Win vouchers to a cafe with our coffee quiz


LOVE AFFAIR Cafe culture has undoubtedly swept Nairobi with more cosy cafes popping up every month. Discerning coffee drinkers and global cafe trends have played an instrumental role in this boom. While it’s easy enough to whip up a decent cuppa at home, nothing quite beats the love and theatrics behind a baristapoured coffee or a frothy latte served with a complimentary sugar cookie.


’ve always found the assortment of people encountered in cafes highly entertaining. You have the trendy yogi mum grabbing her caffeine fix to go, the gossiping best friends sharing a gloriously calorific slice of cake and of course, the expat knocking back multiple cups while furiously typing away on his sticker adorned Macbook Pro. In fact, It’s highly likely that you’re reading this in a cafe, and if you’re not, you’ll probably end up at one half way through! My own love affair with cafes blossomed when I moved to Cape Town for University. The city was scattered with trendy little cafes. The familiar smell of freshly brewed coffee, gentle ambient house music and witty chalk

board displays on the pavements were always enough to lure me in. It was inside these cafes that I was introduced to the concept of eating alone. I was fascinated by all these individuals contently sipping their coffees. It sounds silly, but I always thought I’d look and feel incredibly lonely sitting alone at a cafe but it ended up being quite the opposite. The charm and solitude of these coffee shops quickly became a weekly escape and remains to be so today. In this issue there is an inevitable focus on coffee. I recently read that those wondering why such a bitter drink is so coveted are probably just the victims of a bad barista. One man striving to make sure you never have

a bad cup of coffee is Martin Shabaya of Artcaffe who, on page 40, tells us about his recent trip to Dublin where he competed in the 2016 World Barista Championships. In producer to plate we follow coffee from bean to cup on page 26 and on page 38 our coffee quiz will match your personality with your perfect coffee serve. You can’t talk cafes without mentioning pastries, and more importantly bread! We had the pleasure of meeting the Head Bakers of BBROOD, a recently opened bakery which originated in Amsterdam. They let us in on their trusted techniques and share two easy recipes for you to try at home on page 22. Along with our usual columns, I believe you’ll find this

edition the perfect cafe companion. Finally, in honour of this Cafe Culture edition of Yummy, six of the top coffee houses will be offering a free coffee for every coffee bought between August 1st till 14th. Read more on how to get your free coffee on page 35 and share your caffeinated moments with us via Instagram. Enjoy!

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NEWS AND EVENTS Every month we bring you the best upcoming events in Nairobi’s food scene.


BUZZ ABOUT TOWN Susan Wong visits Wasp & Sprout, a Loresho favourite to enjoy great coffee and good food in this quirky cafe.


20 BREAKING BBROOD We get to know David Nderitu and Leander Blom, the two head chefs behind BBROOD.


In this month’s main feature we’ve got 2 for 1 deals on coffee at Nairobi’s leading cafes, a coffee quiz and more!

GOLDEN CUP During her first week in Rome, Italy, Charity Keita finds the best cold coffee in town.

30 COFFEE ADDICT Chef Ray gives us the inside scoop on coffee culture within restaurants and restaurant kitchens.

40 COFFEE MASTER Martin Shabaya has held the title of best barista in Africa for two years. We find out what it takes.


WHEN IN PRAGUE ... On holiday in Prague, Annabel Onyango discovers the Czech Republic's growing wine culture.

50 HOME OF CHAMPIONS Going to Eldoret? We’ve got your guide on where to rest and eat when you visit.



MUMSVILLAGE This month, MumsVillage interview Kamal


Kaur about where her family dines in Nairobi.

Local roastery African Coffee Roasters is putting Kenyan coffee and coffee farmers on the map by exporting shelf-ready coffee from Eastern Africa to Denmark.

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DEAR YUMMY THIS MONTH’S WINNER OF KSH 4,000 WORTH OF VOUCHERS TO LA DOLCE VITA IS RUTH NJAGI. Dear Editor, I always look forward to reading the online Yummy Magazine. The well laid out design of the magazine is a breath of fresh air after looking at project reports while holed up in a camp in northern Kenya. I look forward to the themed weeks such as Nairobi Restaurant Week and Pizza Festival so that I can plan my leave days accordingly. Best, Ruth Njagi

WIN KSH 5,000 WORTH OF CAFE VOUCHERS! Take the coffee quiz on page 38 and write to to tell us whether your coffee personality is an actual match, and you could win Ksh 5,000 worth of vouchers to enjoy with friends

Hi Ruth, Thanks for taking the time to write in to us! We love to hear feedback from our readers. We're happy to hear you enjoy participating in our food events. We'll always announce our upcoming events on social media first so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Hope you have a lovely week! Kind regards, Soni Adriance Ruth's husband John


The Yummy team would like to rectify the "Steak Out" title published in our New Restaurants section of the Pasta Perfetta issue leading some to believe the Steak Out restaurant had opened a branch at The Hub. Eagle Spur has opened a branch at The Hub.


LOVE UMAMI Pan Asian cuisine gets elevated to a whole new level Open at the Concord Hotel in Parklands, the restaurant’s name comes from a Japanese synonym literally meaning ‘deliciousness’. Umami lives up to its name by showcasing meaty, savoury dishes from their Pan-Asian fusion inspired menu which draw inspiration from Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korean cuisines.

LEBANESE PLEASE! Zaater Restaurant brings a fine dining experience to Lebanese Cuisine Ethnic Lebanese food has never tasted better. Zaater recently opened at Garden City Mall serving healthy Lebanese dishes in a fine dining setting. With a wide range of delectable grilled meats and an impressive vegetarian menu, this new restaurant will cater to all palate and leave you craving more! Are you planning on checking them out? We sure are!

RHYTHM N’ FOOD Get your tastebuds dancing at the new Tune Hotel You’re invited to a party! Nestled along Rhapta Road, Westlands, the new Tune Hotel will have your tastebuds dancing all night long. With a blend of continental flavours set to match any pallet and an affordable menu, Tune Hotel is a one man orchestra aiming to satisfy your appetite.



BRAIN FREEZE Lots of Ice Cream and More at Nairobi’s First Creamy Festival Know someone who doesn’t like ice cream? Neither do we! On the 27th of August, head on down to the KWS headquarters on Langata road for Kenya’s first Creamy Festival! There’ll be an ice cream eating contest, a cream-a-thon where you can make your own ice cream or froyo, speed dating for all you lonely hearts and lots of other great activities your family will love. Early bird tickets retail at Ksh 500 and gate tickets at Ksh 1,000.

GRILLIN’ TIME Skip Netflix, Let’s Chill N Grill If you enjoyed the 3rd edition of The DStv Chill N Grill, then this should excite your tastebuds. Happening on Sunday August 14th from 9AM to 6PM at Karura Forest in Gigiri, get your appetite ready, your happy boots on and come down for an epic food-filled time. There’ll be lots of fantastic meat cuts, plenty of drinks and funky music playing to keep you entertained. Tickets retail at Ksh 1,500. See you there!

COLD BREW Cold Brew Coffee comes to Nairobi thanks to Conc NBO Conc Nairobi are proud to introduce cold brew coffee to Nairobi’s ever vibrant coffee scene. Where can you get some? Visit Wasp and Sprout in Loresho or Juniper’s Kitchen off Wayaki Way to get yourself a refreshing bottle of Conc NBO. You can always contact them directly to get coffee delivered to your home.



ArtCaffe Ad

DORMANS KAHAWA DIARIES WE CATCH UP WITH MARK MUITA, THE ARTCAFFE GROUP SALES MANAGER TO CHAT ABOUT COFFEE CULTURE IN NAIROBI AS HE SEES IT. What do you do for a living? I am Artcaffe Group’s Sales Manager, responsible for building key customer relationships and identifying business opportunities for Artcaffe’s new corporate products.

processing of our coffee from farm to cup. We source only the best local coffee beans and use the export grade for our coffee. The distinctive aroma of freshly brewed coffee has become one of the signature features of our restaurants.

What is your morning routine? I wake up at 4:30AM, make some brewed coffee, do some studying and click-clack on the web to see what I missed overnight. I then go to the gym and I do what appears to be a good workout. Then I go into work awake and ready to start my day.

What’s your view on cafe culture in Kenya? I find it quite strange that as Kenyans we don’t really drink coffee, especially considering the fact that Ethiopia (one of the world’s best producers of coffee) consumes about half of the coffee it produces.

What’s your favorite way to have your coffee? I take it black. A double Americano with no sugar to be specific. Tell us a bit about Artcaffe’s cafe culture/ethos Simply put, at Artcaffe we are crazy about our coffee! We are extremely attentive to the

How do you see cafe culture growing/developing in Kenya? It’s still a long road to go before we can produce a very high premium product and stop exporting it. Brands like Artcaffe have an important role to play in getting the Kenyan community to experience the world’s best coffee at local prices.

Drop by your nearest Dormans Coffee Shop at Junction • Village Market • AirKenya • Westgate Like us on Facebook @DormansCoffeeShops


BUZZ ABOUT TOWN When Susan Wong visits the popular Loresho cafe Wasp & Sprout for brunch she finds comfort in their rustic charm and quirky vibe.


he very best cafes are movie sets in which guests enjoy their roles as both cast and spectators. Whether you’re people-watching as you sip on a Flat White, or you’re dreaming-up your next big idea; at Wasp & Sprout, it’s easy to get pulled-in and lose track of time in this quirky café. Chris and Angela Neale have turned their bespoke furniture store into one that first served coffee, then by popular demand grew to serve brunch on the weekends and now is a quaint restaurant that will soon host a three-course Date Night meal. Opened in late November of last year, Wasp & Sprout has built a dedicated following from the Loresho community and beyond. Located above a former VHS rental store on the ground level of a gorofa known as Old Loresho Shopping Centre which looks slightly tired from the outside, is this hidden gem - a Fair Trade home décor furniture store and café nestled towards the rear of the building. A small beer garden leads you up to the café, past high bar stools upholstered with recycled sisal coffee bags and into the charming interior of


Wasp & Sprout. A giant hand-carved wooden wasp hangs above the barista counter area, its façade finished with raw oriented strand board giving the space a beautiful sense of an effortless and natural aesthetic. The style is echoed throughout the space: exposed concrete and Edison-like light bulbs with draped cords. Small vividly painted earthen pots of cacti serve as table numbers and add pops of colour. The dining space is airy, with generous natural daylight that seamlessly flows into the homeware showroom where you’ll find repurposed furniture pieces, chopping boards, garments, artwork and even jewelry. The ease of the space is echoed in the simple and honest food featured on the clipboard menu - plates of ingredient-led food. The owners’ conscious effort to support local businesses and suppliers is obvious. During my most recent visit, my friends and I enjoyed the popular Breakfast Panini with soft and fluffy scrambled eggs, bacon and melted cheese. The good bread is slightly crisp on the exterior and especially crisp on the bottom, making this

substantial plate fundamentally satisfying. Healthy rolled oats and grains may not necessarily sound appetizing, but the Bircher Muesli with apples, raisins, yogurt and honey finished with a sprinkling of almond flakes and pumpkin seeds will change your mind. Every nibble is packed with anti-oxidants, dietary fiber, vitamins, delicious sweetness from the honey and the interesting textures of mush from the soaked oats paired with the crunchiness of the seeds and almonds. It tastes a little like raw dough and that’s probably why I like it so much! Then there was the breakfast salad of spinach, bacon, caramelized onions, cherry tomatoes with a special house dressing and topped with a beautiful poached egg that oozed freely once pierced by my fork. Glorious, full, luscious green and medium-sized spinach leaves from a nearby organic garden are carefully arranged on the bottom of the bowl. The joy of cutting into these tender leaves is accentuated by the spinach’s distinctive crisp texture thanks to its recent harvest. This cold bowl of

greens, transformed into a light morning feast topped with warm ingredients will definitely get you excited first thing in the morning if a bowl of oatmeal seems boring or if you’re feeling sluggish. Pretty as a picture, I’d love to have this everyday if I could. Having a healthy salad or grains means more allowance for a sinful dessert, right? Though the brownie tasted and smelled exceptional, the texture was crumbly on this occasion rather than cakey, chewy or even fudgy. As for the Scone with Jam, if you’re looking for feather-light texture, this version was definitely denser, crumbled deliciously and wasn’t too oily or sweet since you’re meant to slather butter and jam on it when you eat. The extensive tea collection and decent baristas make Wasp & Sprout one of the better start-up cafes in Nairobi. It’s a place that I look forward to spending time at. Perhaps it’s their rustic charm or their commitment to supporting suppliers found in their immediate area; Wasp & Sprout just makes you feel a little better about the world one meal at a time.




BREAKING BBROOD We meet with Head Bakers David Nderitu and Leander Blom of BBROOD; a newly opened bakery originating in Amsterdam. David and Leander tell us a bit about what it takes to bake their delicious breads.


rom the minute you walk into BBROOD’s Magadi Road branch, you can tell it’s not your ordinary baked goods mill. Machines whir and pastry chefs move about their tasks gracefully, a harmonious part of the tableaux of this open-plan bakery. Displayed behind a large glass counter, an array of eye catching pastries court your eye. Clients pop in and out for their daily breads and savouries, or sit and catch up over a steaming coffee and pastry. Brood, Dutch for bread, is a company keen on changing the bakery scene in Nairobi one slice at a time. Founded in Netherlands in 2008 by Renee Pater, Johan Pater and Rin van der Molen, BBROOD has spread across East Africa with stores in Kampala, Kigali and now Nairobi. Their aim is to provide their clients with fresh, healthy, artisan bread made with high quality ingredients.

At BBROOD, bread is prepared according to traditionally-inspired recipes, carefully crafted by their founder Renee Pater. Variations to the original Dutch recipe, cater to the difference in temperature and altitude between Netherlands and Kenya. Unlike other bakeries in Kenya, BBROOD doesn’t use yeast to raise their bread. Instead, BBROOD opts for the sourdough process. While yeast takes around 3 hours to develop, the sourdough process takes close to two days - a slow but rewarding process that allows for the development of flavour and aroma. Once the dough has risen, they mould it by hand, put it in a cloth for proofing and bake it in a stone-floor oven to get a crispy crust and a delicious rich taste. The Nairobi team is led by Head Bakers Leander Blom and David Nderitu, a dynamic duo who churn out over 180 of the BBROOD’s signature sourdough loaves every day. The

two share similar stories of how they got into baking. David, 40,credits his journey to his father, also a baker, who every morning for breakfast would treat his family to warm and aromatic loaves of fresh bread. As a child David enjoyed learning from his father and after completing college, decided to take up the craft and become a full-time baker. Leander’s grandfather and father are both pastry bakers in the Netherlands and greatly inspired his passion for baking. Soon after he graduated from high school, he joined a baking school where he honed his skills as a baker. After working at a few bakeries, Leander settled at BBROOD in 2013. Leander later moved to Kenya early this year, teaming up with David as Head Bakers of BBROOD’s newest location. While working at BBROOD, the two bakers have had the chance to discover new bread-making techniques. David tells us his favourite bread is

their spelt bread, made from special spelt that is rich in fiber, packed with nutrients and has an unbeatable taste. Leander instead, confesses he can’t get enough of his delicious sourdough cornbread which, he tells us, tastes amazing with some excellent cheddar cheese. Both David and Leander agree that despite the hard work and odd hours, baking is their greatest aspiration. They describe how when it comes to baking no day is the same, a constant challenge to maintain consistency while churning out high quality, great tasting loaves. Seeing BBROOD's bread come to life and have a place in the homes of Nairobians, is David’s and Leander’s pride and joy and drives them to push harder every day. As such, we asked them to share a few of their delicious bread recipes for us to try at home. Be sure to check these out on the following pages.


BBROOD BAGUETTE WITH PESTO AND GOUDA CHEESE Serve this recipe as a side dish to a pasta dish or on its own as a canapĂŠ

INGREDIENTS 1 BBROOD baguette, white or multigrain 50g BBROOD red pesto 50g butter Mature gouda cheese Variation tip: you can also use goat cheese

METHOD Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius Cut the baguette into 1 inch slices, not all the way through, making sure to keeping the baguette in one full piece Spread butter, pesto and mature gouda cheese between each slice and wrap the baguette in aluminum foil Bake for 4 - 5 minutes in oven and serve while hot


BBROOD PISTOLET WITH GREEK SALAD This recipe is a great for a light snack, picnics or served as a side dish with dinner

INGREDIENTS 1 ciabatta olive or spelt/multigrain pistolet 1/4 cucumber, 1 tomato, 3 black olives 40g feta cheese 1 spring onion Fresh black pepper Some olive oil

METHOD Dice the cucumber, tomato, black olives, feta cheese and spring onion Mix the chopped ingredients with the olive oil and pepper Cut the ciabatta/pistolet and spread the salad over it


THE CAFE CRAZE The robust and richly flavoured coffee bean that grows in Kenya is one of the country’s most profitable exports. We all love our morning chai and we’re slowly learning to love our morning cups of coffee. With this growing appreciation of coffee and cafe culture, we’ve compiled some great stories for you. From a coffee roastery that's putting Kenyan coffee beans and coffee farmers on the map, to a quiz to find out which caffeinated beverage best suits your lifestyle. Grab a warm cup of your favourite caffeinated beverage and enjoy!




BEAN TO CUP Stephen Vick has over 15 years of coffee experience and is putting his knowledge and expertise towards African Coffee Roasters, a company that exports shelf-ready coffee from Eastern Africa to Denmark. “Would you like some coffee?” Stephen Vick asks. My colleague and I look at each other and smile as we say “Yes!” in unison. We have just arrived to Athi River, an hour outside of Nairobi, to talk to the Danishowned African Coffee Roasters (ACR) that export shelf-ready coffee from Eastern Africa for the sophisticated Danish market. “This coffee was roasted four days ago in Copenhagen,” Stephen, the Procurement and Quality Manager says, as he feeds beans into a manual coffee grinder. “Not all of our equipment has arrived yet, although we should be fully operational from mid-August. It will be top-quality roaster, as good as any of the ones back in Europe”. As Joan, the first Kenyan employee, sets up a presentation to give us the details of the process, Stephen pours coffee from a French press. For a moment, the aroma takes me back to the image of my mother’s kitchen, watching her pour strong brews from the Ethiopian djebena pot. Coop the largest consumer retail outlet in Denmark, has an annual revenue of $7.4 billion and 36,000 employees, is celebrating 100 years in existence with a major rebranding campaign that starts this October. This revitalisation will put Kenyan coffee

in the spotlight. Currently made up of 1.6 million members, Coop stocks their own private labels of products from bread to furniture. Kenyan coffee in Coop outlets account for 14 of the 22 brands the outlet carries, all supplied through ACR. Denmark, with an annual coffee consumption per capita of 8.7 Kg (Kenya stands at 0.1 Kg per person), presents African farmers a great opportunity. In 2015, Kenya produced about 40,000 tons of coffee. This accounts for less than half its output compared to a decade ago, as small scale farmers have uprooted their coffee bushes for better returns from real estate. At ACR, small scale farmers and their end consumers are prioritized by the cooperative through a system which successfully eliminates the middleman. “In five years, we want ACR to be owned by the farmers,” Stephen says. “In those five years, we also want to produce at a capacity of 2000 metric tons annually, exporting $10m worth of roasted coffee and adding $1m of value to the coffee chain of East Africa”. “We pay the farmers 10% higher than the auction’s average price for that specific grade,” Stephen says. 90% of Kenyan coffee is sold at the Nairobi Coffee Exchange, an auction

house. The ownership of coffee is handed over to the coffee millers and marketers early on in the value chain and the farmer has little say in how much they get paid. As we sip our coffee, the heavily bearded, fashionable Stephen tells us how working once a week in the first Zoka Café in Seattle, while in school studying engineering, changed his career path. He ended up becoming an international judge after he came in third at the US Barista Championship in 2003. In less interesting times, he worked at the Microsoft Help Department, but when the 2008 financial crisis hit, he moved to East Africa and ended up working on coffee-related projects and met his other love, his Kenyan wife. The ‘master of coffee,’ as his peers call him, has now been working in coffee for the past 16 years. “We will plant over 600 coffee bushes behind here and put a café outside for visitors,” Stephen proudly tells us as he walks us to the factory where the majority of installations are underway. He points out the Loring and informs us that it is “the ‘Ferrari’ of coffee roasting machines. It costs $220K, and we have two of them”. The Loring heats the coffee by convection, unlike older roasters that use conduction of the roasting drum.

Roasting is ideally done around 250 degrees Centigrade, with air heating, which gives the roaster better control. “The quality of coffee depends on the freshness of the beans, the size of the beans and the appearance of the beans,” Stephen says as we watch Malcolm Quareleri, the installation engineer, give the new installation a run. “The European market is very sophisticated and particular. They will tell you exactly what they want,” Stephen says. “You can make good grade coffee taste bad with bad roasting and you can make bad grade coffee taste better by good roasting,” Malcolm explains. “You can adjust the sweetness, acidity, sourness and all the flavours while roasting.” According to World Coffee Research, there are 110 coffee flavour, aroma and texture attributes present in coffee ranging from fruity, nutty to leathery. Stephen’s ambitions to have Africans preparing the best coffees for shelves in cafés and homes across the world, with tales of their origins, will be the new wave of the growing coffee culture. The American champion barista with his hipster looks would make Kaldi, the Ethiopian goat herder who discovered coffee in 850 AD, proud.



GOLDEN CUP During her first week in the Italian capital of Rome, Charity Keita enjoys getting under the skin of the city’s tourist-packed historical centre and has some suggestions regarding where to get the best cold coffee in town.


he cobbled alleys of the centre of Rome bustle with the humdrum of a thousand foreign voices. Dress and shoe boutiques, made in China souvenir boutiques, couture stores, bars, tourist bars, slice pizza joints, century-old pizzerias, new wine bars posing as old ones, Irish pubs, overpriced fish restaurants, mini markets, tour agencies and street vendors selling useless niknaks and roses, all cry out for the attention and purse of the many passers by. During the day, dense packs of tourists walk five abreast, forcing the locals to weave around them, starting and stopping in a never ending arhythmic dance through the uneven surfaces of these ancient streets. At night, hoards of drunken eighteen to twentysomething Americans (and others but Americans are a firm majority) descend on the many dens of

inebriation the area has to offer and make merry. One wonders how the locals ever get a wink of sleep. In the midst of this colourful overcrowded living museum, hiding in plain view, are nuggets big and small that hark back to a less brash and plastic time. A family-run baccala (salt-cod) trattoria that has yet to refurbish according to the panEuropean hipster trends of the day, a bakery that despite catering to hundreds of clients each day, has preserved the original recipe of its delicious sourdough loaves, cafes where the same wizened man has been making espressos for close to half a century, an old fashioned framer’s shop, a struggling artist that every month only just manages to make rent. One such place is the Tazza d’Oro, one of the only bars in Rome that since 1947 has been roasting the beans that go into its

secret blend of coffee. Tazza d’Oro, which means Golden Cup, is situated on the corner of the square that hosts the majestic structure that is the Pantheon, an ancient Roman temple that was transformed into a Catholic Basilica. On the sign that hangs outside this large and bustling coffee shop, the stylised silhouette of an Eritrean woman sows coffee beans, an outdated and nostalgic symbol of Italy’s failed colonial enterprise. Tazza d’Oro proudly boasts that its coffee is the best in the city. This is up to debate as right round the corner, lies another equally famous but somewhat more understated bar which also, stubbornly, refuses to give up the crown on the best espresso in Rome. One thing the Tazza d’Oro does, however, is make one of the best granita di caffe con panna the capital of Italy has to offer. Imagine litres and litres of sweetened

espresso frozen and then churned for hours; imagine the softest and most fluffy unsweetened whipped cream you’ve ever tasted; now imagine layering these two elements on top of each other. In your mouth, the sharp cold crystals of the bitter sweet coffee wrestle with velvety rich dunes of dairy, the contrasting and complementing flavours and textures sending electric shocks through your brain’s pleasure receptors. When in Rome there are a million different things that you absolutely must try and listing them is beyond the scope of this column. That said, if I were to suggest one coffee shop to visit on a hot summer’s day when dodging German tour groups as they lumber around on Segways gets a bit too much, then Tazza d’Oro would have to be it.



COFFEE ADDICT Chef Ray, a self-proclaimed coffee addict, discusses the coffee culture within restaurants and restaurant kitchens.


sk any chef what keeps of those proverbial thorns in the them going during a 16 side. The coffee and food world are hour, back breaking, heart (sometimes frustratingly) separate, attack inducing shift and even though they hold the same pretty much all of them beliefs and techniques, the same will tell you…. Coffee, lots and lots of passion for quality produce and coffee. I confess, I am a coffee addict. innovation. The reality though, is that After finishing culinary school, I was quality coffee can be an investment of holding 3 jobs, working 20-hour days time and money that doesn’t bear all and fuelled primarily on 12 cups of that much in returns for a restaurant. perfectly brewed espresso a day. I There is a golden rule, long would disapprove of inadequately cherished in the business, poured espresso shots pulled by an for determining whether an inexperienced barista if the taste was establishment is viable: make your a little too bitter, the crema a little too rent in four days, break even in a thin. Espresso really is a testament to week; if you haven’t made the rent great coffee. The product of genuine within 3 weeks, close. The logistics of craft. Water temperature, pressure, selling only the finest, single origin, timing and exact measurements, all locally roasted coffee are sadly play a role in the perfectly pulled unrealistic. You could serve 400 cups espresso. of coffee in one day and still not However, when it comes to the make enough to cover your wages for restaurant industry, coffee is one the day. If you start overcharging for


coffee, you might as well get ready to join the witness protection program and flee the country. Australian Chef Shannon Bennett was heavily criticized recently when an article was published about his $10 coffee. The article went viral and people started abusing him on social media and in the streets. Someone even threw a $10 bill in his face. Only the subject of coffee could create such anarchy. Yet the average coffee drinker can be known to nurse his cappuccino for upwards of 30 minutes. Don’t get me started on people with laptops that occupy a table literally all day, making their lukewarm latte last for hours. When you only have 20 tables, all these things make a big difference to the bottom line. Coffee nerd consensus has long held the belief that restaurant coffee is generally lousy. It is a

sad truth that a lot of restaurants worldwide don’t pay attention to coffee because it just doesn’t make money. Ultimately, I believe in top quality produce throughout my kitchen so why not for coffee too? It is common sense that a restaurant should consider every aspect of a meal, which can be ruined by a bitter, pungent, watery concoction. I feel that coffee should be an extension of the dining experience and not just an afterthought. So yes, coffee can be fussy and coffee people can be pretentious. Yes, you will pay more for good coffee. Yes there are lots of reasons to say no to the cost and work involved, give up and drink Diet Coke for that daily caffeine fix. But then again the same can be said about food.



BAKE BREAK Artcaffe's ArtBakery has been churning out delicious breads and pastries for eight years. We get an inside look at their operations.



t’s safe to say the employees of EatOut Kenya are fueled by food both literally and aspirationally. We will go great lengths for a good meal. At lunch, we sit around a wooden table eyeing each other’s meals and occasionally sharing a scoop of avocado or a warm bite of lasagna. You can’t work at EatOut if you don’t love food. One cold July morning while we were sipping our morning coffees, there was a light knock on the office door. Standing in the doorway was the silhouette of a rider so layered in clothing his frame filled the entire space. In his hands he held four tiffany blue coloured boxes which we immediately recognized as the ArtBakery colours. “Delivery!” Winnie exclaimed, as she sprung from her seat. Artcaffe had surprised us with an office delivery of mini pastries straight from their oven: muffins, croissants, cinnamon rolls and spin-

ach and cheese puff pastries. Turns out that Artcaffe has a corporate delivery service which can be set up for bi- or tri-weekly deliveries. On this occasion, they had decided to give us a taste of what they had to offer; the note that accompanied the delivery, informed us that their pastries are baked fresh daily. The office descended upon our unexpected gift and within seconds all that remained was a few forlorn crumbs at the bottom of the boxes. For 24 hours a day, the expert bakers at ArtBakery churn out some of the best fresh baked goods to be found in the city. From 8AM - 5PM, dough is prepared and proofed and from 6PM to 5AM, the rich smell of cooking breads wafts out of state-ofthe-art ovens. Later, these fresh baked goods are dispatched to the transport department for daily delivery. Safe to say that a spread like this can really break the monotonous samosa,

mandazi and sausage options that are so ubiquitous at meetings, trainings and events. Artcaffe encourages customers to try their ArtBakery goods with free samples at their in-store stands. These samples often correspond with the daily bread offer for the day. From Monday to Friday, the instore ArtBakery has special offers on anything from pesto and rye bread to focaccia and baguettes. Every morning between 7:30AM to 9:30AM you can enjoy a special early bird offer of any coffee or tea and any pastry for Ksh 350. The almond croissants, buttery layered pastry with the perfect amount of flake are to die for: a delicate balance of nutty savoury and cinnamon sweet. ArtBakery recently introduced a line of gluten free cookies available in-store at all Artcaffe branches. Along with Artcaffe Grand offering a newly launched vegan menu, this is

just another way in which Artcaffe is trying to meet the increasingly varied requirements of their cosmopolitan customers. Artcaffes are some of the best go-to restaurants for convenience, consistency and development in service, food and ambiance. With great happy hour offers, entertainment nights and specials on ArtBakery products, Naiorbians continue to visit and love the Artcaffe brand. Any chance we can get some more pastries now?

For 24 hours a day, the expert bakers at ArtBakery churn out some of the best fresh baked goods to be found in the city.




HAVE A CUP ON US We worked with some great cafes around Nairobi to bring you 2 for 1 deals on coffee drinks from August 1st to August 14th! Simply visit to download your coffee voucher at any of the participating cafes on the following pages. Keep warm and coffee on.


Kafe Afrikana The Mall, Westlands Ananas Mall, Thika Park Suites, Parklands Kafe Afrikana is a modern cafe inspired by high quality Kenyan coffee that offers delicious bitings alongside classic espresso based drinks. The chain of ‘grab n go’ gourmet coffee shops also serve great tasting pastries and meals in cozy, relaxing and warm spaces that smell of freshly brewed coffee. Kafe Afrikana also has great happy hour coffee deals on weekdays that are great for a catch up with friends.

Leaf & Bean Limuru Road Parklands With over 75 premium leaf teas and a variety of coffee beverages, Leaf and Bean is growing a unique aspect of Kenya’s cafe culture: tea. The tea menu at Leaf and Bean may seem intimidating but each item comes with a serving suggestion (with or without milk, iced) and the staff are happy to help guide you through it.

Moca Loca Garden City Mall Thika Road Moca Loca or “Crazy Coffee” brews delicious coffees and serves fresh, flavourful meals all day. Located on the first floor of Garden City Mall, this cafe incorporates black and white vintage art, big black upholstered seats with accents of red in chairs, centerpieces and doors into their decor. With live music on the weekends and an eye-catching 12 foot bar serving world class cocktails, this cafe, restaurant and lounge has a little something for everyone to enjoy. KAFE AFRIKANA

Pointzero Coffee Nairobi Gallery Next to Nyayo House CBD A new comer to the coffee scene, Pointzero Coffee offers an al fresco café experience with gourmet Kenyan coffee. Pointzero Coffee aims to play a key part in growing Kenyan coffee culture by offering great coffee, brewed with passion and paired with delicious sweet and savory snacks to compliment the flavours of your ordered drinks.

Tiramisu Village Market Gigiri An Italian-inspired bakery and coffee house, Tiramisu uses Kimbo coffee beans from Naples, Italy for their brews. Kimbo sources beans from all over the world, Kenya included, and Tiramisu is in the process of creating a special branded blend unique to their outlets. Recently, Tiramisu introduced Frappes adapted from the original Starbucks Frappuccino: a sweet blended iced coffee drink.

Wasp & Sprout Loresho Shopping Centre Westlands Wasp & Sprout has put the Loresho Shopping Centre back on the map. This quaint cafe with all it’s quirks and rustic appeal is quickly growing in popularity and fame. Wasp & Sprout is growing Kenya’s cafe culture by offering unique coffees such as their Flat White and Babychino. Be sure to read Susan’s review on page 18 for all the delicious details.

WIN WITH OUR COFFEE QUIZ Take this quiz to find out which caffeinated drink best suits your lifestyle! Write to, tell us whether your coffee personality is an actual match, and you could win Ksh 5,000 worth of vouchers from a featured cafe.




Social media




Stay in

Go to party



Best friend


Start immediately

Wait and brief team tomorrow

Wine tasting

Picnic in the forest



Black Coffee




You enjoy the comfort of family and your relationships

You’re straightforward and live a minimalistic lifestyle

You are a natural born leader with a get-it-done attitude

You’re a sophisticated and sociable individual

You’re laid back and don’t over analyze situations

You’re sweet just like your drink, very 38.upbeat and cheerful




COFFEE MASTER Kenya’s best barista Martin Shabaya speaks about the World Barista Championships and what it’s like to compete internationally.


artin Shabaya sits patiently across from me at Artcaffe Oval, warming his hands on a chai latte. I have never had the opportunity to meet Martin before, but his accomplishments in the 2015 and 2016 World Barista Championships mean he has a reputation that precedes him. In the five years since he graduated from high school and was hired as a barista at Artcafe, Martin has worked his way up the establishment’s ladder and made quite a name for himself along the way. In the 2015 World Barista Championships, Martin arrived 43rd out of 62 participants, while this year he


finished the competition 24th. “In 2015 I travelled with my own blend of roasted coffee but feel the pressure and climate affected my beans” he explains. “This year, I brought my own green beans to Dublin and managed to locate someone who owns a small kiosk selling takeaway coffees and has his own coffee roastery.” The competition is held in two stages: a nation-wide competition and an international event held in a different country across the world each year. Here in Kenya, which has been part of the Championships for the last 15 years, the competition is sponsored by the Kenya National Barista Championship. The competition starts regionally where any

hotel, cafe, or restaurant is able to put forward a barista to compete; twelve winners from each region are invited to compete for a spot in the world championships; six people are chosen from the regional competition and finally one person goes on to compete internationally and represent Kenya. For two years in a row, this person has been Martin Shabya. One of the biggest learning points for Martin after the 2015 competition was the need to understand the coffee making process from bean selection to the cup. Upon his return in 2015, he worked with Artcaffe to learn about the coffee making process. Martin took factory and farm tours, selected coffee from farmers

and tasted different coffees under the guidance of professional cuppers (individuals trained in differentiating coffee from its origins and roast profiles through a specific tasting method). Martin feels this training gave him an additional edge in the 2016 competition and a further appreciation for being a barista. As Head Barista of Artcaffe he now organizes for other baristas to do the same. Every year, the competition gets harder. “Whatever happens I feel this will be my last time” he says, wistfully of the 2017 World Barista Championships. noting that it’s time to leave space to the upcoming talents.



COFFEE CURIOSITY Ever wondered how much caffeine is too much caffeine? Or which is better for you, decaf or regular? Well, we've compiled 10 coffee questions and answers that should help you better understand your beloved beverage. What is the best way to store coffee beans? The best proven way to store coffee is in an airtight glass container in a cool dry environment. Freezing the beans is not advised since the moment they are out of the freezer, the container will sweat hence exposing the beans to moisture. Coffee beans usually have a life for 1-3 years (depending on the type of coffee) if they are stored in adequate conditions. However, they can go bad. Usually, you’d be able to tell when the coffee is bad; it would smell weird, and probably taste like gasoline. Bad coffee doesn’t usually cause any harm to the body so long as the bad coffee consumed has no mould on it. Which one is better for you? Regular or decaf coffee? We should start by saying decaf coffee still contains caffeine just significantly less of it. Whether decaf or caffeinated coffee is better for you depends on how much coffee you consume in a day. If you consume more than 4 cups of coffee a day, decaffeinated coffee should be consumed as high levels of caffeine

can lead to side effects such as restlessness and rapid heart beat. What are the long term effects of drinking coffee on cardiovascular disease? Researchers found 36 studies involving over a million participants that showed those who consume 3 - 5 cups of (black) coffee a day were at low risk of cardiovascular problems. Those who consumed more, were at no higher risk than those who consumed none. Does coffee help prevent Diabetes? Coffee promotes the production of the sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone) which play an essential role in the development of type 2 diabetes. Therefore, the increase in the production of these two hormones would definitely help prevent type 2 diabetes. How much caffeine is too much caffeine? One cup of regular coffee contains more caffeine than an equal amount of energy drink (what makes energy drinks bad for you are the additives).

One standard cup (6 oz) of coffee contains about 95mg of caffeine while an energy drink has 74mg. Any more than 400mg of caffeine a day could cause side effects such as insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, irritability, stomach upsets, a rapid heartbeat rate and muscles tremors. Is caffeine addictive? Caffeine is addictive but the amount of damage it causes isn’t as bad as drugs. Unlike addictive drugs, caffeine does not threaten your physical, social or economic health. It is slightly difficult to stop consuming caffeine, although it wouldn’t cause any significant withdrawal symptoms such as severe depression. Does coffee dehydrate you? This again depends on the amount of coffee and water you consume. The more coffee you drink and the less water you drink, the more dehydrated you’d be. However, on average, coffee does not necessarily dehydrate you. Should you drink coffee before or after your workout? Ordinarily, coffee should be drank

before your workout. This is because coffee helps with blood circulation thus improving your workout. The energy that coffee provides serves as a fuel to your muscles during your workout. This ensures that the workout does not cause fatigue you due to your body not having enough energy. I’ve heard coffee has a lot of antioxidants, what do they do? Coffee is the largest source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are believed to be protective against aging and many diseases that are partly caused by oxidative stress, including cancer. Generally, they help in living a healthier life especially since they are considered to be very beneficial in long term health. I don’t drink coffee, are there healthy alternatives to using it? Besides drinking coffee, there are a bunch of other purposes that coffee can serve. For example, coffee scrubs for the skin, face and hair. These scrubs are especially beneficial due to the amount of antioxidants they comprise of.



WHEN IN PRAGUE On holiday in the Czech Republic, Annabel Onyango tastes wine from a traditional winesman and a nameless 2015 Riesling


scaping from Kenya in July is the only way to survive our winter. Every year, my husband and I migrate North to sojourn in Central Europe to lose ourselves in eating, drinking and making merry. The Czech Republic is undeniably beer country. Its long and well-honed tradition of brewing premium and internationally-renowned beers (Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser Budvar) makes it one of the top producers in the world. As such, wine takes a back seat. As much as I enjoy a freshly poured draught beer (pivo) with a frothy head of foam, cultural and geographical limitations do little to curb my endless quest for wine. At my father-in-law’s country cottage, he serves us a nameless 2015


Riesling from the village of Bavory in the modest wine-making region of South-Eastern Moravia. It’s a dry wine that’s been made there for thousands of years. This particular bottle is from a private wine-maker who sells very cheaply (the equivalent of Ksh 150 per litre) but only to family and friends, dispensed in non-descript bottles with no label. It’s good though. We visit fancy countryside neighbours who unleash pricey-looking bottles of French and Italian wines as early as 11AM, a chaser for their morning coffee. It’s a summer lifestyle I could get used to. At dinner, a shot glass of whatever bottle is on the table is offered to our 7-year-old niece. She sips it like a pro, asking politely if tomorrow she can sample something red instead.

Sticking with the country theme, we pile into the car to visit Staňa – a greying old man, hunched over, with dirty jeans and weathered hands. He is a small-scale traditional winemaker in the village of Vracov specializing in frankovka, a red Czech wine. Unusually, his wine is stored underground in shared cellars that supply local restaurants and compete in local contests. In his grubby cellar, Staňa conducts an ad hoc wine tasting for us, using traditional methods, recounting stories about his long (but clearly unprofitable) career as a master winesman. The whole scene is so provincial and charming, it’s surreal. Czech wines, white and red, are dry. The Northern hemisphere doesn’t get the long summers typical of more southern parts of Europe, so the

grapes don’t develop the sugar content typical of warmer climates. What you get is a tart wine, fresh and crisp which is perfect for summer. Then we are in Prague, the stunning and historically-decadent capital of the Czech Republic where wine pairing is becoming mainstream now. But even here, wine can seem a little elusive. Amongst countless worldclass bars and restaurants offering food from every corner of the world, servers at the more traditional Czech pubs will scoff in your face for ordering wine instead of their beloved beer. Thus is the way here. Chasing wine on the road is the best rest and relaxation I could ask for. Travelling only feeds the addiction, opening my palette to new tastes, textures and experiences.


RISE AND WINE Do you love coffee and wine? We've selected wines with notes of coffee and easy to drink wines for this month's wine picks.



CONDE DE VILLAR Portugal KSH 1,695



Tasting notes: Rich and full bodied with plenty of sweetness. This is redolent with chocolate, ripe black berried fruits and raisin. Smooth tannins support a luscious mouth feel.

Tasting notes: This Vintage boasts the expected mocha and coffee notes but the character is complex with meaty , black cherry, raspberry and slightly candied aromas on the lush and full palate.

Tasting notes: Soft minerality, well balanced and medium structure. Fruity with interesting floral notes on the nose.

Tasting notes: Dry with medium acidity. Fruity character with intense flavours of cherry and plum integrated with vanilla and chocolate from the oak.

Tasting notes: Vibrant plum and ripe berry fruit with an intense aroma of roasted coffee beans

Food pairing: Goes well with most meaty meals either grilled or roasted.

Food pairing: Pairs well with pan fillet, a range of barbecued meats and spicy Indian curries. Also delicious with dark chocolate!

Available from MIA Wines

Food pairing: Fish meals, seafood salads and poultry. Perfect for a picnic. Available from Wines of Porto

Food pairing: Meat based dishes, sausage, cheese and several tapas. Available from Wines of Porto

Food pairing: Pairs with hearty red meat dishes such as osso bucco, lamb, barbecues and curry Available from Slater & Whitaker Wine Shop

Available from MIA Wines




BEAR BRAWL When it looks like friends are about to get into ‘fisticuffs’ with strangers, Jackson Biko defuses the situation the best way he knows how: sending the man a drink.


he Big Bad Bear stood shaking a large fist and growled: “Bro, don’t mess with me, I will cave in your head”. His nostrils were inflated and the hair in them bristled like wild weed as he bellowed. The person he wanted to dispatch was a small fellow with a rabid tongue—small fellows are always trying to cause a ruckus. The small man in question was my pal; I like to drink with small men because you just never know when you will need someone to go through an air ventilator or a small window to save the day. In this case, however, the small man was in the wrong. The thing is that we are all adults and have children, so it stands to reason that we can’t be throwing

people out of windows in a bar, brawling and causing a brouha. That and the fact that the last time I decked someone was in high school and I walked away from that fisticuff with a swollen forehead. So yes, safe to say that peace to the world is a motto I live by. But Big Bear was spoiling it and he was drinking beer, which isn’t a good sign because beer guys can get very testy after midnight. Something to do with all that froth I presume. Personally I am a diplomat, I believe that there is nothing that a conversation can’t solve. So I stood between Big Bear and small man and said, “Easy big guy, easy now, let’s try and fix this”. I think big men hate being called big men. Either that or when you acknowledge their size you end up fuelling them, they get all

frothy in the mouth and strain against their leash. I understood him though, he was defending his woman’s dress and honour and I admire that. Plus I didn’t want anyone bashing my forehead again. There is only so much a forehead can take. Small man couldn’t shut up, mostly because Big Bear called him a name that I can’t write here because my mother wouldn’t approve of that language but let’s just say it involved anatomy. Incensed, he brushed me aside like I was made of feathers, grabbed small man, raised his club-like fist in the air and as he brought it down, microseconds before impact, one of my friends (the one with untouched foreheads), locked the raised arm midair. We were five of us, they were two. No, make that one of them,

because his girl wasn’t going to throw a punch. Somehow his fist never dropped. There was a small skirmish where we tried to put distance between him and small man who couldn’t shut up and when he was calm enough, he stared at small man for so long and hard, I thought small man would collapse from the stare. He didn’t. Small men are like weed, they never go away. When calm and reason descended, we sent Big Bear a drink and his woman a bottle of wine and he grudgingly accepted our apology and raised his glass at us. He was a big man. Make that the bigger man. Later, as he left, he even stopped at our table where we made them shake hands. Nobody needs to fight over spilled drinks. That is so 1980.



HOME OF CHAMPIONS Going to Eldoret? Iten town and Eldoret have renown training grounds for Kenyan runners. With the Olympics coming up, we explore Eldoret to bring you a list of places to stay and eat when you visit.






Whether you’re looking for a sit down meal with the family or a quick on-the-go stop, we’ve got a few restaurants as well as meal suggestions.

If you’re in Eldoret en route to your final destination or hoping to explore the town and looking for a place to rest, here are some of your options.

Baker’s Point

Paul’s Bakery

The Well Irish Pub & Bistro

Hotel Baron

Zion Mall, Eldoret 0723 577 000

Malaba Road, Eldoret 0700 884 784

Saito Centre, Elijah Cheruiyot, Eldoret 0756 207 207

Moi Street, Eldoret 0724 177 000

Located in Zion Mall about a kilometer from the city center is this little bakery with great bitings for if you’re on-the-go. Try their black forest or red velvet cake if you have a sweet tooth. Or, if you’re in the mood for a meal, grab a burger and fries and wash it down with an ice cold coke. This holein-the-wall shop at Zion Mall has your quick meal needs covered.

Anyone in Eldoret who loves fresh baked bread knows Paul’s Bakery. Grab a fresh loaf and smother it in butter and jam. Paul’s Bakery is also known for their delicious chocolate chip cookies. Fresh bread and cookies are definitely a must-try however Paul’s Bakery offers a variety of baked goods from custom cakes to cupcakes.

Grab a drink with friends at this Irish bar in Eldoret. With a variety of Irish whiskeys available and flat screen TVs for viewing sport matches this is a great place to catch up with friends. The well stocked bar is a great place to kill sometime with a solid free WiFi connection. Grab some friends and head down to The Well Irish Pub & Bistro for a casual night out.

The Hotel Baron is located in Eldoret’s bustling business district. This is a good place to stay for young individuals looking to explore Eldoret and get to know the night life. With affordable rates, good food and a small bar, this is a good hotel for someone with a quick stop over.

Mamma Mia’s Restaurant

Pizza Bistro

64 Resort & Sporting Club

Ramogi Drive, Elgon View, Eldoret 0731 363 737

EldoCentre, Eldoret 0721 261 717

Old Nairobi Road, Elgon View, Eldoret 0733 740 333

Mama Mia’s restaurant is set in a quiet garden with indoor and alfresco seating options. Their menu has both Continental and Indian cuisine featured but we suggest you come here for some delicious pizzas. Try their spicy tikka pizza over happy hour from 5:30PM - 8:00PM when local beers are Ksh 180.

Don’t be fooled by the name, Pizza Bistro offers a wide range of continental cuisine. Pizza, burgers, sandwiches and Chinese food are all available on their menu but we suggest you try the chicken shawarma. For only Ksh 550 you can get a chicken or lamb shawarma straight off the spit. However, if you are in the mood for a medium crust cheesy pizza, you can’t go wrong at Pizza Bistro.

Sunjeel Palace

64 Resort and Sporting Club opened in 2015 with three dining options: Wild Bean Cafe, Skylux Lounge and Koroga Bandas. Their different restaurant options offer a variety of meals for just about any occasion. With a play area for kids and a kiddie menu, 64 Resort offers a great family environment. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for weekly events from live performances to DJ nights or stop by during happy hour from 4PM - 8PM for specials on cocktails and beers.

Kenyatta Street, Central Business District, Eldoret 0720 554 747

Boma Inn

Nova Cafe Uganda Road, Behind Zion Mall, Eldoret 0719 249 439 The Nova Cafe menu has food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We’d suggest you come here in the morning for your cup of coffee or tea. With several variations of caffeinated drinks from their Mexican Cappuccino to their Nova Ginger Tea, you’ll warm right up with a hot drink and some fluffy pancakes. If you find yourself at Nova Cafe for lunch, try their fried fish or sweet chicken lollipops.


Sunjeel Palace specializes in Indian cuisine with great service. This top rated Eldoret restaurant on Trip Advisor has great vegetarian dishes as well as popular favourites such as butter chicken and chicken tikka. Grab your favourite go-to Indian dish but definitely try their fluffy light naan and chicken lollipops.

Ramogi Drive, Eldoret 0719 025 500 The Boma Inn extended their chain of business-class hotels to Eldoret. The Boma Inn is a fantastic choice when looking for a place to stay or eat. They have an ambient in-house restaurant and well stocked bar where you can enjoy a wide variety of drinks.

Hotel Winstar Sosiani Street, Eldoret 0726 295 979 This is a good budget hotel for someone staying in Eldoret for a business trip. The continental restaurant has a great breakfast spread with excellent service and friendly staff. If you choose to stay here, we suggest you snag a room with a view of the Sosiani river.

Poa Place Resort B54 off Uganda Road, Eldoret 0707 394 384 Poa Place is a peaceful resort to stay in away from the hustle and bustle of Eldoret town. With three restaurants: Main Restaurant, Rocky Bay Restaurant, Rocky Bar, Poa Gardens and the Floating Restaurant. Each restaurant has a unique menu to showcase the chef’s culinary skill set. The Floating Restaurant is ideal for dinner parties and special events as it’s located in within the cottage compound.

For more information on these listings visit


CAFFEINATED PERSPECTIVE Payal & Shivani Radia are the owners of Zen Garden, both fashionable foodies who love to travel and draw their inspiration from world trends! Payal is an Interior Architect by profession and is also the founder of her own lifestyle brand - KOI By Payal. Shivani, is the young entrepreneur, whose Business & Marketing background have been instrumental in building the Zen Garden brand! The two sisters, with their diverse backgrounds & own unique style share their inspiration through



Today, however, much as with the rise of interest in craft cocktail and microbrewery beer establishments, boutique coffee and tea shops are increasingly sought after by gourmet Nairobians who won’t settle for any old cup of joe.

Payal and myself are avid travelers and wherever we go, we’re always looking for a great coffee shop. One thing that we cannot live without is coffee. Luckily for us, good coffee is something that is increasingly available worldwide and there always seems to be some great coffee shop within a five-mile radius of wherever we might be. While Kenyan coffees are highly prized and renowned across the world, our coffee culture scene has been a bit slow to catch up. Until recently the large percentage of Kenyans primarily consumed large quantities of tea and popping out for an espresso or a latte at the neighbourhood coffee shop was all but unheard of. Today, however, much as with the rise of interest in craft cocktail and microbrewery beer establishments, boutique coffee and tea shops are increasingly sought after by gourmet Nairobians who won’t settle for any old cup of joe.

Given the fascination both Payal and I have with international trends, we decided to compile a list of new coffee developments that we look forward to seeing on our favourite Nairobi baristas’ coffee bibles. •

Nitro Coffee - cold brewed coffee infused with nitrogen gas straight from the tap! This is a phenomenal revolution as there is absolutely no heat involved

and the coffee tastes like silk. Matcha Tea – this new kid on the block is here to stay. Packed with three times as much caffeine but equally propelled with antioxidants and healthy attributes, this version of green tea is increasingly popular with gym junkies and becoming a great alternative to coffee! We recently tried heaps of Matcha variations in Japan, it’s packed with flavour, but still not on our top list of favourites. Alternative milks – it seems every other person we’ve met recently is either dairy or gluten intolerant. Gone are the days where skimmed or whole milk were the only milky options to grace our supermarket shelves! Cafés should start stocking non-dairy alternatives such as soy, coconut and almond milk to keep up with the increasingly discerning Kenyan demand. #Joffee – this contemporary new rival to cold coffee will

soon be trending on every instagram account worldwide. The rise in crazy flavoured coffee has resulted in this juice and coffee hybrid! 2015 saw the infusion of flavours that ranged from lavender lattes to maple walnut coffees. We wonder what other crazy concoctions will be devoured this year! Babycinos – our kids today are growing up in a world drenched in coffee culture. Modern coffee shops have already caught onto this trend featuring items such as Cotton Candy Frappes to Red Velvet Lattes!

We definitely fall under the OCD category (Obsessive Coffee Disorder) and both start our day with a cup of coffee. Payal’s first choice is our Zen Macchiato although she constantly dreams about having a Vietnamese iced coffee. My new obsession is a mug of freshly brewed black coffee, although I can’t wait to try nitro coffee and hope it lands in Kenya soon!



Every month MumsVillage is highlighting a different celebrity mum who will give you the inside scoop on where she likes to eat with her family. This month, meet Kamal Kaur: mum, media personality, writer, columnist, Instagram addict, enthusiastic procrastinator, hoarder extraordinaire and a Bollywood retro hits fan. MumsVillage sat down with Kamal to learn about some of her favourite spots around Nairobi with family. Here are five of her favourite restaurants in Nairobi for ... Sunday brunch with the kids The River Café when it was on Limuru Road was one of our favourite family brunch restaurants. Now we enjoy going to Artcaffe at the Village Market simply because we love it there and it is near home, too.

Girls’ night out Oooh! I definitely enjoy going to Caramel! I’ve been there for several girls’ nights out and we LOVE the place. Great food and excellent drinks, especially on ladies nights on Wednesdays!

Date night without the kids My partner and I both enjoy Japanese cuisine so we usually go to Furusato, Tokyo or Phoenician.

Sinful desserts We love the treats from Tiramisu at Village Market. Generally speaking, I am yet to fall in love with a restaurant that does decadent desserts but Artcaffe is quite lovely for the occassional indulgence.

Ordering in with the family Pizza is always easy and appreciated by the kids so it’s Dominos for us when I’m not into cooking. We also enjoy chicken tikka from Nargis.





About Thyme


The Village Market Cafe 0717 193 895 An elegant and simple style gives Artcaffe at the Village Market a distinct class. It is the main bakery for all their cafes and serves an extensive menu through- out the day.

Tribe Hotel International, Formal Dining 020 720 0000 Jiko is glamourous yet sophisticated whilst maintaining the warmth and personality of Kenya. Its contemporary cuisine focuses on fresh ingredients.

Eldama Ravine Road Continental 0721 850 026 Offers a well-prepared menu and beautifully presented dishes from around the world. Enjoy an intimate dining experience in a leafy area of Westlands.

Amee Arcade, Ground Floor Chinese 020 375 1312 Offers cozy atmosphere with retro style of ambiance with traditional Chinese cuisine. The restaurant specializes in seafood and signature dishes from Chinese cuisine.

Cake City

La Dolce Vita


Big Square

Warwick Centre Bakery & Juice Bar 0715 991 879 This spot uses traditional recipes to make delicious treats that feel home baked. Cake City will always be there to deliver carefully created cakes and pastries exactly as desired.

Muthaiga Shopping Center Italian 020 374 9945 This restaurant subscribes to rustic, robust and reasonably priced. The interior is bright and airy with art work from the Federico Fellini film creating a stylish space.

General Mathenge Lane, Westlands Eritrean 0721 948 020 A modern and friendly dining atmosphere with fresh, authentic Eritrean and Continental cuisine. They also have an extensive alcoholic beverage selection and children’s play area.

The Oval Burger, Fast Food 0714 781 351 Visit Big Square’s new branch at The Oval, Westlands and enjoy juicy succulent burgers, creamy milkshakes as well as a fun kiddie corner. Let’s make a square mess!

Big Square




UN Avenue Burger, Fast Food 0714 782 380 This branch is located at the corner of United Nations Avenue and Limuru Road. This is the perfect spot to eat, work and chill with either friends or family.

United Nation Ave, Gigiri Italian 0705 269 841 It is evocative of an Italian villa capturing Italian love for dining from their traditional specialties of seafood, pasta, meat and pizzas with exclusive selection of wines.

The Oval Café 0717 193 895 Distinctly chic style with creative décor including the largest balcony space among the Artcaffe outlets. The ArtBakery serves freshly baked homemade breads, pastries and desserts.

The Concord Hotel & Suites Italian and Continental 0711 111 333 For a tantalizing array of contemporary Continental gourmet dishes paired with a superb range of fine wines and beverages. An italian dining experience like never before.


Suite 101

Artcaffe Grand

Brew Bistro

The Village Market Cafe 020 500 6662 Aside from your favourite cup of coffee, this latest branch of Dormans boasts a new menu including a wide selection of salads, delicious sandwiches, pastries, cakes and cookies.

Tribe Hotel, Gigiri Bakery & Patisserie 020 720 0000 Get all your custom cakes, novelty cakes, freshly baked pastries, gourmet chocolates, authentic Italian homemade gelatos and much more, all at Suite 101 at Tribe.

Westgate Mall Café 0725 202 020 A warm and inviting space filled with freshly baked breads and patisserie, the heartwarming scent of fresh coffee and relaxing music; Artcaffe Grand is a haven from hectic city life.

Fortis Tower Lounge 0705 466 836 This spot reaches new heights of luxury with an expansive lounge and exquisite outdoor terrace where guests can feast on delectable bites and sip specialty brews and cocktails.

Emerald Garden




UN Avenue Thai 0710 886 688 Serving authentic Pan Asian cuisine with flare, the Emerald Garden provides an intimate setting and offers great space for events or private dining.

The Village Market, Gigiri Continental 020 712 4005 Casual trendy atmosphere ideal for coffees, lunch and dinner. The restaurant’s exciting menu offers a delicious selection of light salads and gourmet dishes.

Sankara Hotel, Woodvale Groove International 020 420 8000 Located in Sankara Hotel, from the outdoor terrace to the private dining room, Artisan is designed to reflect a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere. Perfect for sun-downers!

Villa Rosa Kempinski Cafe 0703 049 000 This spot is an ideal destination for an international dining experience. Whether it’s a taste of home or something rather different you are after, Cafe Villa Rosa is the place to be.




Cake City

United Nations Crescent Ethiopian 0725 869 955 Reknowned for its authenticity in Ethiopian cuisine, Habesha offers a wide array of traditional, hearty Ethiopian cuisine served in a rustic and homely atmosphere.

Villa Rosa Kempinski Pan Asian 0703 049 000 Let them take you on a culinary journey through Asia. Admire artistry from within the theatre kitchen as you watch the restaurant’s master chef prepare your favorite dishes.

Zen Garden, Lower Kabete Rd Pan Asian 0717 542 017 Bamboo is a fine dining restaurant offering the finest fusion cuisine. You can enjoy a combination of Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine, set in an elegant atmosphere.

Diamond Plaza Bakery & Juice Bar 0701 671 891 Using traditional recipes to make delicious treats that feel home baked, Cake City will always be there to deliver carefully created cakes and pastries made just like you like them.

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Cake City




Next to Soin Arcade, Westlands rd Bakery & Juice Bar 0709 729 000 This spot uses traditional recipes to make delicious treats with a homebaked feel. Cake City delivers carefully created cakes and pasteries made as desired.

Ring Road Parklands Japanese 0722 488 706 Furusato specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine and friendly service that will make your dining experience unforgettable. Now with 6 Teppanyaki tables and a Sushi Bar.

Woodvale Groove Fast Food 0708 515 168 KFC is the largest international chicken franchise serving the world famous Colonel Sanders secret recipe for over 60 years. Enjoy dining-in or order-in through the delivery service.

9 West Plaza, Ring Road Italian 0725 547 800 Mediterraneo has a modern back drop to the best Italian fine dining in the city, from their mosaic pizza oven to home made pastas, seafood dishes and Italian ice creams.

Cake City

Fogo Gaucho


Ocean Basket

Sarit Centre Bakery & Juice Bar 0770 808 451 Using traditional recipes to make delicious treats that feel home baked, Cake City will be there to deliver carefully created cakes and pasteries made exactly to your liking.

Viking House, Waiyaki Way Brazilian, Steak House 0729 243 202 Fogo Gaucho Churrascaria will serve you more than a dozen cuts of meat and 20 different salads prepared by Brazilian cuisine experts in an elegant South Brazilian ambience.

Westgate Mall Fast Food 0722 532 532 KFC will cater to all taste buds, from the little ones to the oldest in the group, there’s something for everyone. Friendly staff will ensure your order is out in a few minutes.

The Oval Seafood, Sushi 0786 227 538 Here you’ll find people who share a love for delicious seafood served hot. You can expect quality seafood, a cool relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and great value.


Golden Spur



ABC Place Contemporary American 0716 663 463 The warm, inviting ambiance and relaxing atmosphere here is perfect for a quick bite, business lunch or celebrating special occasions with friends. The service is also really great!

Southern Sun Hotel, Parklands Rd Steak House 020 374 0249 Offers delicious specialty steaks, burgers and a wide range of exciting salads. This classic family restaurant also has an activity area for children, withh a kiddy menu and playground.

Limuru Road Fast Food 070 8515 168 Situated on Limuru road, with ample parking and quick service, KFC will cater to all your chicken cravings with a wide range of menu offerings. You can dine-in, take away or get delivery.

Matundu Lane, Off School lane Japanese, Lebanese 0716 161 011 The Phoenician is a fabulous restaurant which serves sushi, Lebanese and Teppanyaki courses. The Phoenician has a delightful ambience, children’s play area and good service.

Clay Oven


Kafe Afrikana

Pick n Mix

Fuji Plaza, Ground Floor Indian/Coffee Bar 0708 778 877 Experience pure North Indian cuisine prepared by their chefs brought in directly from the heart of India. Has a modern setting and coffee bar. With in-door and outdoor seating.

Sankara Hotel, Woodvale Grove Steakhouse 020 420 8000 Enjoy aged beef, succulent seafood, and classic steakhouse dishes exquisitely paired with an eclectic wine and whisky list featuring some of the finest producers in the world.

The Mall, Westlands Cafe 0700 592 028 Kafe Afrikana is an authentic Kenyan brand, serving Premium Kenyan Coffee brewed to perfection and accompanied by great tasting snacks.

Westgate 2nd Flr Salad Bar 0734 445 336 Pick and mix your choice of organic and fresh vegetables, fruits, beans and meat for your wide selection of salads, sandwiches, wraps, juices and smoothies.




Royal Kitchen

West End Towers, Waiyaki Way Italian 0791 496 894 Their contemporary restaurant makes for a perfect meeting point with friends or family. Their authentic Italian cuisine is made with the freshest ingredients. A slice of Italy.

The Mall, Westlands Indian 0736 651 933 Haandi - the ultimate name in quality North Indian Cuisine. They offer a bespoke menu and a large selection of wines & beverages that will satisfy any discerning patron

Villa Rosa Kempinski Italian 0703 049 000 A popular spot for family brunch on Sundays with a wide range of Italian cuisine, live entertainment, children’s play area and a fantastic mini-buffet.

Pride Inn Hotel, Westlands Rd Continental 0728 224 595 Lovers of authentic Indian or Chinese cuisines are in for a treat at Royal Kitchen. Customers are guaranteed of genuine and tasty cuisines.

Curry Flavours

Jade Tea House

Mama Rocks


Concord Hotel Pan Asian 020 386 0119 The restaurant offers an authentic Indian cuisine with an eclectic mix of rich Indian dishes expertly prepared, plated and presented with the contemporary modern flavors.

Zen Garden, Lower Kabete Rd Multi Cuisine 0724 288 791 Overlooking the beautiful Zen Garden, Jade is a beautiful venue, situated in the heart of Spring Valley. The food quality and high level of service, attracts customers to this area.

Inside the Alchemist Bar Food Truck 0705 801 230 Enjoy African-inspired gourmet burgers and sides. With a range of gourmet burgers, wings, fries, milkshakes and artisan ice creams this fun food truck will satisfy your craving.

Sankara Hotel, Woodvale Grove International 020 420 8000 Enjoy sweeping views of Nairobi in this exclusive rooftop location as you try expertly made cocktails. Note that the age limit after 6pm is 25 years and above.

Fantastic discounts at your favourite restaurants.



Secret Garden




14 Riverside Drive Cafe 0708 800 847 Conveniently located in the new office blocks at 14 Riverside Drive, they strive to keep their food simple, fresh and natural. Secret Garden is one of Nairobi’s must-try healthy restaurants.

dusitD2 Hotel, 14 Riverside Drive International 020 423 3000 Soko offers a private dining roundel and a sublime terrace perfect for an upscale business lunch, a get together or a romantic dinner completed with an international and eclectic menu.

Lavington Curve Mall, James Gichuru rd Portuguese 0723 111 999 An upmarket Portuguese restaurant catering to a variety of tastes, including a Halal menu; a combination that will leave you wanting more.

Galana Plaza, Galana Rd Japanese 0708 333 999 Ginza serves hearty and authentic Japanese meals from fresh sushi, delicious desserts, salads, stir fried and Teppanyaki dishes and more, all prepared by their able chefs.





ABC Place, Waiyaki Way Seafood 0737 776 677 Offers a sumptuous selection of the finest Indian Ocean seafood. Indulge in one of Seven’s decadent desserts to complete Nairobi’s most unique and sought-after dining experience.

Villa Rosa Kempinski Levant Cuisine 0703 049 000 An intimate rooftop lounge, bar and restaurant with a striking decor, exceptional Shisha, authentic levantine cuisine and electrifying performances by belly dancers.

The Junction Mall, Ngong Rd Café 020 232 7799 Bright, light- filled café famous for its roasted coffees,hearty dishes and mouth watering deserts. It is the ideal spot for postshopping coffee and cake, breakfasts and leisurely lunches.

Argwings Khodek Rd, Hurlingham Ethiopian 0733 730 469 Renown for its authentic Ethiopian cuisine complimented by great hospitality, Habesha has continued to win hearts around Nairobi and is set in a warm homely atmosphere.


Tandoori Patio

Big Square

Mama Ashanti

Diamond Plaza New Wing Chinese, Indian 0773 868 497 Delicious Indian & Chinese Cuisine prepared by highly experienced chefs in their tastefully decorated interior. Home deliveries and catering for your special events also available.

Junction of Lower Kabete & Peponi Indian Cuisine 0702 018 709 A hidden gem with an upscale patio style set up that is serene and pocket friendly serving hearty meals for healthy eaters. Best for hot naans, Curries and Tandoori bbqs.

The Junction Mall, Ngong Rd Burger, Fast food 0714 781 351 you are guaranteed to enjoy the ambiance as you eat your favorite fries, the famous square burger, crunchy onion rings and juicy ribs marinated in Big Square’s secret sauce.

Muthangari Gardens West African 0736 222 324 Mama Ashanti prides itself in providing authentic West African meals in a calm serene environment. Their menu includes the famous jollof rice and goat pepper soup.



Brew Bistro

Mambo Italia

Apic Center , Westlands Chinese, Indian 0707 030 338 Authentic Chinese and Indian cuisines dishes are offered with a pleasant, cozy dining experience in a perfect setting ideal for couples, small groups or flocks of family and friends

Concord Hotel Pan Asian 020 386 0119 The restaurant’s name means ‘deliciousness’. It signifies an induced meaty and savory taste sensation originating from our delectable Pan Asian inspired fusion restaurant.

Piedmont Plaza, Ngong Rd Bistro 0771 152 359 Fine dining section complimented by a centralised open kitchen which serves Pan-Global cuisine, incorporating a fusion of French, European, Asian and classic Kenyan flavours.

Lavington Curve Mall, Lavington Italian 0719 468 885 Mambo Italia is a casual Italian restaurant and café specializing in gourmet pizzas, pasta, salads and more. Enjoy thin-crust pizzas, home-made gelato or coffee on their fabulous terrace.

Snack Attack

Masala Twist

Double Dragon


Sarit Centre Fast Food 0700 377 777 Snack Attack Kenya at Sarit Centre is a quick serve restaurant franchise from the UAE and the first restau- rant in Nairobi to bring you “Loaded Chips”, made using their own unique recipe.

9th Floor, Victoria plaza Mordern Indian Fusion 0733 678 153 Specializing in Indian Fusion Cuisine with a twist of Molecular Gastronomy. First of its kind in Kenya. Exotic Indian food served in a contemporary style, delightful ambience and good service.

The Junction Mall Chinese 0722 739 143 Double Dragon is a Chinese restaurant located at The Junction Mall. The location offers great service and authentic Chinese cuisine to its customers.

The Junction Mall, Ngong Rd Italian 0734 845 077 An Italian experience set in its family like atmosphere with a variety of traditional Mediterranean specialty of seafood, grilled meat, home made pastas and Sicilian ice cream.


Wet Lounge

Fogo Gaucho

MEZZE on the deck

dusitD2 Hotel, 14 Riverside Drive Thai 020 423 3000 SOI brings world-renowned Thai street food with a modern twist to your plate. SOI also features a communal table and an enclosed space with its own terrace for more privacy.

Hotel Royal Orchid, Westlands International 0733 816 007 This is a chic yet classy lounge perfect for a night out with friends. It boasts of an eclectic ambiance with an impeccably designed VIP room where you can have private parties.

Kilimani, Galana Rd Brazilian, Steak House 0715 414 141 Brazilian Steakhouse with a set price for all you can eat, magnificent buffet professional baristas and specially selected wine list. Beautiful ambience with outside terrace seating.

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Middle East & Mediterranean 020 2 927 000 For traditional Arabic hospitality, food, an exotic array of sheesha flavours and a breathtaking view of the Ngong Hills, Mezze on the deck is ‘the’ place to dine in Nairobi.

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Monikos Kitchen

Sierra Wine Bar & Grill Artcaffe


Lavington, Valley Arcade Continental 0737 032 064 Inspired by the abundance of fresh and organic produce in Nairobi and across the country. Offers guests a delightful menu and tranquility at the heart of the shopping center.

Hurlingham, Yaya Centre Continental 020 806 8594 Sierra Brasserie is a modern interpretation of a classical French brasserie serving simple yet elegant food using the best ingredients available and with fast and friendly service.

Karen Crossroads Shopping Centre Café, Continental 0717 193 895 Offers a tranquil setting for work and play, boasting a two-level restaurant space including the famous Art Bakery, a coffee bar, cocktail bar and outdoor seating

The Hub Fast Food 0708 515 168 KFC is a great place to bring family and friends. From burgers to buckets, KFC will cater to all your needs; be it a meal for one or a group, enjoy Colonel Sanders’ famous recipes.

Noah Restaurant

The Steak Out



Eastlands Hotel Multi cuisine 020 386 1005 Noah Restaurant offers an array of delicacies with contemporary fusion of the west and orient, Karaoke and hotpot on griddle tables available in private VIP rooms.

102 Manyani Rd. Off James Gichuru Multi Cuisine 0726 211 443 The Steck Out is an elegant and urban steakhouse serving creative foods for all palates in a comfortable ambiance ensuring a memorable dining experience.

The Hub Café, Continental 0790 124 892 Artcaffe ensures a warm and welcoming environment. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee, delicious pastries, cocktails and a full menu. Enjoy great happy hour offers and delicious food.

Junction Mall Fast Food 0722 532 532 One of the first KFC outlets to open in Nairobi, this conveniently situated location is a great place to enjoy some of your favourite Colonel Sanders recipes.

Nyama Mama Xpress

The Arbor

Big Square


Yaya Center, 2nd Floor, Food Court African, Local Fusion 020 7 602 066 An unpretentious, fun, modern day African roadside diner. Locally inspired, some of our skillfully concocted dishes include chapatti wraps to Mama’s stews and flavourful sides.

House 904, James Gichuru Rd Café 0729 400 291 The Arbor is an eco-friendly garden cafe with an eclectic selection of food and as well as a marketplace in a tranquil garden setting in the heart of Nairobi.

Karen Square, Ngong Rd Burger, Fast Food 0714 781 351 Big Square Karen offers some of the best burgers and ribs that your teeth can sink in to. Features play area for children that has iPads and latest gaming consoles.

Galleria Shopping Mall Fast Food 0700 324 945 Walk in and enjoy a meal in minutes freshly prepared to ensure great quality always. The Colonel Sanders secret recipe will always satisfy every chicken craving.


The Wine Shop


Mackees Burgers

BEST WESTERN PREMIER NAIROBI International 020 292 7000 The menu here encompasses a wide variety of international cuisine, from Asian dishes to Italian pastas and pizzas. Sit either indoors or outside and be sure to be spoilt for choice!

671 Piedmont Plaza, Ngong Rd International 0718 003 302 The Wine Shop encourages you to explore your palate and experiment either by the glass or bottle. They also offer a selection of delicious complimentary dishes for your wines.

Carnivore Rd, Langata African, Barbeque, Kenyan 0722 204 647 Considered as ‘Africa’s Greatest Eating Experience’, the Carnivore serves exotic meats roasted over charcoal and carved in front of the guests’ eyes at their table.

Galleria Mall 1st flr Fast Food 0715 980 085 For Burgers carrying the Mackee effect, reflected in the distinctive flavour in each of the burgers which are vibrant and Tasty; from cheesy Mackee to Spicy Mackee.


Afghan House

Creative Kitchen

Marula Mercantile

Junction Mall Japanese, Lebanese 020 374 1524 The Phoenician is a fabulous restaurant which serves sushi, Lebanese and Teppanyaki courses, in an al fresco atmosphere, a delightful ambience and good service.

The Hub Afghan Cuisine 0717 781 815 It provides freshly prepared Afghan Food that is made on order and delivered all around Nairobi. They also specialize in Turkish baklava. Middle Eastern cuisine not to be missed!

Wilson Airport (Off Langata Road) Continental 0722 959 552 Creative Kitchen offers an a la carte lunch menu that caters to all palates. Family friendly with a playground for the children, they feature a live band that plays once monthly.

Marula Lane, Karen Modern/International 0706 224 444 Locally-sourced, modern cuisine and innovative cocktails served in a rustic, laid-back garden setting. Bread, pastries, jams, sausages and more all made in-house.

Pizza Mojo


Js Fresh Bar

Matbronze Café

Adlife Plaza, Kilimani Pizza 0729 918 435 This spot has a perfect classic pizzas menu and more available on a ‘Two for One price’ being served in a stylish ambience perfect for creating memories and capturing moments.

Ngong Lane, off Ngong rd International 0709 090 000 Spread out over the first floor, Amber Hotel’s all day dining restaurant offers culinary experience at its best with savory international Cuisines. A great dining experience.

Karen - Opposite St. Christopher’s Continental - British Inspired 0718 607 197 J’s is East Africa’s Café Del Mar, serving fabulous British inspired cuisine in a sumptuous wooden shack; in an informal and cool atmosphere, always with great music.

Hse.2 Kifaru Lane, Langata South Rd. Cafe 0719 204 834 Classy cafe nestled in the serene location of Karen boasting of beautiful gardens and an inspiring bronze art gallery. Enjoy their tasty sandwiches, light grills and wholesome salads.

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Ocean Basket

The Curragh

Chop House

Makuti Bar & Grill

The Oval Seafood, Sushi 0786 227 538 At every Ocean Basket you’ll find people who share a love for delicious seafood. Great dining spot for a seafood lovers with a home-from-home feeling and great value.

Ngong Race Course Pub Food 0706 317 753 Nairobi’s first authentic Irish Pub found at Ngong Race course, with ample free parking and great authentic Irish cuisine.

Radisson Blu Hotel Formal Dining 0704 810 000 Specialising in a holistic dining experience that highlights modern African flare, dining at Chop House is a theatrical event in itself.

InterContinental Hotel, CBD International 020 320 0324 The restaurant is popular among businessmen and other prominent personalities who frequent it for lunch and meetings. Situated by the pool, this is also ideal for families.

Simba Saloon


Flame Tree


Carnivore Rd, Langata African, Barbeque 0722 204 647 A vibrant informal restaurant which fuses a childrens playground and a lively nightclub. You are welcome to for their fine cuisine or a themed night out with your friends.

Gem Suites, State House Crescent Continental with Italian Fusion 020 263 5556 ‘Argenti”, meaning “silver” in Italian, communicates the fine dining and elegance of the restaurant while retaining an air of exclusivity. They also have very efficient service.

Sarova Panafric, Valley Rd International 0709 111 000 Dine at this restaurant overlooking manicured gardens and prepare your senses for an unmatched culinary journey. Their personalized service will ensure a great experience.

Nairobi Serena Hotel Formal Dining 020 282 2000 This restaurant overlooks the pool and offers a fine- dining experience. Known for the excellence of its seasonally inspired menu and extensive wine cellars.

Snack Attack



Mukutan Garden

Adams Arcade Fast Food 0700 377 777 Snack Attack Kenya is your go to source for delicious “Loaded Chips”. Head there and indulge in their tasty menu which offers extensive and rich meals at an affordable price

Crowne Plaza Hotel, UpperHill Continental 020 274 6000 An All-day restaurant on a terrace overlooking the hotel’s main pool. They serve full english buffet breakfasts, contemporary buffet lunches, and an al a carte or set dinner menu.

Mama Ngina Street Fast Food 0722 532 532 This KFC will cater to a quick lunch. Freshly made meals, great quality and finger licking good chicken recipes will leave you coming back over and over again.

Fairview Hotel, Upper Hill Cafe 020 288 1000 The Mukutan Garden Café overlooks the most beautiful water feature in East Africa and is known for its, coffees and light meals such as gourmet sandwiches, pizzas and quesadillas.




Pango Brasserie

320 Ngong Road African, Pan-Asian, European 0733 761 449 Talisman serves up a delightful fusion of European, Pan-Asian and African Creations by their creative chefs. Live music and art exhibitions are available at the Veranda.

InterContinental Hotel, CBD Indian 020 320 0322 Bhandini transports you to Northern India in first-class style with fine cuisine and a sophisticated setting. The Chef works his culinary magic in a glass-enclosed kitchen.

Kimathi Street Fast Food 0708 515 168 Situated in the CBD, this KFC is a great spot to enjoy a quick lunch or bring your friends and family to treat them to some great offers.

Fairview Hotel, Upper Hill Formal Dining 020 288 1330 With its famous underground wine cellar, romantic ambience, quality service and excellent taste, the Pango Brasserie is indeed in a class of its own.

Tamambo Blixen

Big Five

KFC Drive Through

Black Gold Cafe

336 Karen Road Continental 0733 603 065 Relax in the cozy indoor restaurant with adjacent outdoor garden, remodeled with a variety of functions areas set in one the largest and oldest formal gardens in Kenya.

Ole Sereni Hotel, Mombasa Rd Multi Cuisine 020 390 1000 Prepared to savor and relish over the finest of five cuisines of the world as you watch their award winning chefs prepare each order before you with a bonus view of Nairobi National Park

Mombasa Road Fast Food 0705 505 050 Want to grab a quick meal on your way to work or on your road trip? Visit this KFC drive through to enjoy quick service without stepping out of your car.

The Panari Hotel, Mombasa Rd Cafe 0711 091 000 Black Gold Cafe is known for its well roasted coffees, teas, light meals, smoothies and desserts. Its location gives it the atmosphere of a game lodge as it faces Nairobi National Park.

Tamarind Nairobi

Cafe Maghreb


Sikia Fine Dining

Karen Blixen, Karen Seafood 0733 603 065 Tamarind Nairobi offers some of the city’s leading seafood in an ambience of elegance. Enjoy a drink in their bar or a well-prepared meal as a live band entertains you.

Nairobi Serena Hotel, CBD Seafood, Cafe 020 282 2000 An international buffet is served in the Moroccan Café Maghreb, which also features a table d’hôte dinner menu and 24-hour brasserie service.

Radisson Blu Hotel Casual Dining 0704 810 000 Serves local favorites and international dishes with an African twist. The Larder’s cosy ambiance enclaves create a sense of intimacy. In-door and ourdoor seating.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, UpperHill Formal Dining 020 274 6000 The Sikia Fine Dining room is perfect for lunchtime catch-ups or mid-week dinners with friends and family. The modern menu is delightful and the dining room is comfortably elegant.

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Thorn Tree Cafe

Cake City

Moca Loca

Fairmont Norfolk, Harry Thuku Rd Formal Dining 020 226 5000 This restaurant offers flame grilled, aged cuts of high quality meat. The fine dining experience comprises of an a la carte menu and an international range of wines.

The Sarova Stanley, Kimathi St, CBD Continental 020 275 7000 This is a legendary open-air, bistro style pavement cafe most famous for its message board located at the centre of the restaurant. The cafe is the perfect meeting place for friends.

TRM Mall Cafe 0709 729 000 Cake City uses traditional recipes to make delicious treats that feel home baked. Delivers are available and include carefully created, personalised cakes and pastries.

Garden City Cafe & Lounge 0708 084 835 Moca Loca - a cafe, restaurant and lounge serving breakfast, lunch & dinner, as well as coffee and cocktails . Ambiance is central to this new brand which also has a location in Nakuru.

Thai Chi

Artcaffe Garden City


Pizza Mojo

The Sarova Stanley, Kimathi St,CBD Thai 020 275 7000 One of the city’s most elegant dining establishments, The Thai Chi boasts the finest in authentic Thai cuisine. The Thai Chi is a small piece of Thailand in Nairobi.

Garden City Mall Cafe 0709 202 020 A place to rest and relax over great food and drinks made by their passionate team of chefs, baristas and mixologists, to ensure each visit is a memorable experience.

Garden City Mall Cafe 0722 532 532 KFC’s secret Colonel Sanders recipe is finger licking good. Located at Garden City Mall, you can now enjoy great meals at a great price.

Garden City - 1st Flr Pizza 0729 918 435 With a perfect classic pizzas menu and all available on a ‘Two for One price’ being served in a stylish ambience perfect for creating memories and capturing moments.

Lord Delamere

Artcaffe TRM

Mambo Italia


Fairmont Norfolk, Harry Thuku Rd Formal Dining 020 226 5000 Classic, charming and modern restaurant ideal for business executives, families and groups of friends. The menu features robust international and authentic Kenyan cuisine.

TRM Mall Cafe 0709 202 020 Their quietly elegant décor and amazing art provides the perfect setting for the intermingled aromas of freshly baked bread, pastries, cakes and specially roasted coffee.

Garden City Italian 0703 967 149 Mambo Italia is a casual Italian restaurant and café specializing in gourmet pizzas, pasta, salads and more. Enjoy thin-crust pizzas, home-made gelato or coffee.

Garden City Mall - 1st Flr Caribbean 0792 482 042 The recently opened Sugarcane offers Caribbean food in a casual, stylish atmosphere. Favorites like Jerk Chicken, Curry and Roti, tropical desserts and yummy drinks!

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Yummy Vol 22: Cafe Culture  

Cafe Culture has been steadily growing in Nairobi. We're highlighting your favourite caffeinated beverage and giving our readers two for one...

Yummy Vol 22: Cafe Culture  

Cafe Culture has been steadily growing in Nairobi. We're highlighting your favourite caffeinated beverage and giving our readers two for one...

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